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Part 1: Adam, Bryan and Gina on Trump, Kanye, and Trader Joes (ACS July 22)

2020-07-22 | 🔗
At the top of the pod, Adam tells Bryan and Gina about the rules for Hair and Makeup when you do TV appearances. They go on to discuss Adam’s thoughts on sunblock and showering, and then Adam takes a call from someone who’s worked on the Murder Reduction Strategy for New Orleans. Later, Gina reads news stories about Trump tweeting that wearing masks is patriotic, Kanye West turning on his family during his latest ‘bi-polar episode’, and Coronavirus drones being used to sanitize large areas quickly. Later they discuss how the NFL is getting back to action, restaurants refusing to serve people who do wear masks, and another viral vid of someone going crazy over mask regulations. Before the break, Gina reports on Trader Joes renaming some of their products after cries of racism. Please support today’s sponsors: BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Geico.com SimpliSafe.com/ADAM TommyJohn.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Meguiars.com Lifelock.com enter ADAM
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From guerrilla one studios, Langdale California, this is the atom corrosion Adams yesterday best selling authors and the hosts of no stupid questions, Angela Doug Worth and Stephen Dub nerve, with geographical news, Paul Brian on sound of eggs and Dave damage, exuberant goods, ports and now Conyers Bp Pick Adam Corolla yeah I get it. I got to get it on a choice, better, get Mandy it on return and earn, and thanks for sharing with love that about you, write, Gina, Grad, that's right, and Barbara the people are asking. about my luck before the shall I was explaining. I had made replied to me yesterday by
made Adams. The man who directs CO directs all the while the docks and which was says Slated- do Tucker Karlsson, and hair and make up his very catch is catch. Can these Sometimes there there sometimes there not sometimes there's provide your own and if you guys want to know how life works in general. It works like this. You don't know to where make up, but you do need to wear make up. If the other person you're on screen with it wearing make up, and you don't need your teeth why But you do need your teeth. Whitening you're sitting in between two people who have had their teeth, widened and Euro Kelly refine Rancey Grass Right- and you don't need it publicist unless other people
have Pablo says and are now jockeying to get their people on your show you not on that show. You actually need all these things to ward off and fight other more than you ass, a really need it yourself. It's an arms race, yes, and so, if you where, if you're on tee, mean you don't wear make up. You will look weird because the host has been professionally made up so I was, I was informed, there is no, there was no hair and make up for yesterday's Tucker Karlsson appearance, so Nate, who is I don't know, I don't know you guys, loved this quality in people as much as I, but just a kind of a he just one of these guys that if the cars broken down, he'll jump out start pushing you now he just drop stuff and jumps on stuff, and I just one over the other shop. Ten minutes before I was leaving to the remote studio to do Tucker Karlsson. I said the name
do oars our powder path. And he's like a hold on me down any just like face toward the light, and then he was like Patty, how strong the thing at any cost. men at base at your skin looks good. I said all of Europe and all for a lot of why I look out for what I yes branch, large and just by virtue of things so documentaries and intervening. So many people he's become somewhat adapt. Just by applying make up on the fly just as needed on export, of course, its or the jacket praise Master of non like the guy you're, the guy you wanna hear now. What does the eye aren't? car mechanic for our friend we're onto becoming a hook up the jumper cables or when the car Yoda not arise, a part of this you ll be able to like make a competent. The possible yeah. It is kind of guys like poem your collar and in so doing the lint thing on your lapel cannot straightening out in Poland the shirt down that bunches up in just that guy, so he heap
me up and I am I am I jail. I killed my own hair and was off to a talker. I went now now you have a question you this was yesterday. Yes, well, it's not a question. Actually it's more of a comment. You broke, hard, no female make up rule we have done here. May I rinsed myself my rinsed myself before I went to bed because I am not so much the make up, but the Hare gel I'm when my hair gets jowled up, it feels kind of Crispy why I was better terminal crunchy, and so I did the I did. The warm water rents yes wrath. One subject up, we ve not broken
in terms of your hygiene, nor what you do your skin do. You are some block when, because you do now the beach and although what are you gonna son now now I never use son block, although I do use, I always try to put on like a big brain hat, or something like that before I pour, I hit the at the brakes. I don't not use Son block because fundamentally, against Son block, I'm just too lazy to you Son Bach, although I do believe everything has you know, Having is free, you know you debt. You sprang at all over your kids in them, inhaling it or whatever loan ever whenever chemicals going on to their skin and there's gonna, be something ass, the do with over use of sun block or something there's going to be some vitamin d deficiency or some something that you see
is in doing that. It should be doing. I know dermatologists and doctors of well. They they work nuts about it about fifteen years ago now, they're kind of thought a thread, the needle we're like what you do need vitamin d. You now say after given son a little bad, but you don't overdo it so there they backed off. The accelerator on some block was sort of pedal to the metal. Now there a feathering it a little bad. I was I was told by a doctor. You should have twenty minutes outside in the sun every day, with no sun block for the vitamin d which Remember fifteen years ago it was I dont care for your walking to your mail box. You on that Son block before you leave that whenever a break up produced but on some block Russia teeth with the sun block Airbus is its also its ethical little counter intuitive that the sun is bad for you,
I mean everyone knows too much and in whatever so I just bought a floppy hat with, like that certain, Lawrence of Arabia, flap hanging off the back. You know, and I just put on the floppy- had taken- take a hike. I just got somebody nother article. Just from a doctor turned, I guess, journalists justice put this tweet out interested little more interesting than they normal a you. Don't need shampoo article. I read you guys twice a year this one's a little more in depth, but it's sort of it's on the same subject. Cause he's talk about your skin, some of your skin being a big vital part of your big organ and a big big, vital part of the flora and fauna of your body, but Dawsons eating Whinnying Dawson three on a french bread love. Why
hullo law ended Jack in the box dart out here and I fell into the bag. It's none of my favorite soon, which sounds great, sounds very good, are you're, suddenly quit showering and gave his skin a new lease on life. Some five years go James Hamblin gave up showering guitar Abu air Conditioner. He quit soap altogether, except for handwashing. He stopped using deodorant. Moisturize are excellent and every other personal care. These still himself, for example, after a run and occasion he gets his hair. What, but, for all intents purposes, Hamblin is fucking among us, as an unclean man hamlet determine journalist moved in from L a five years ago and found himself living in a tiny studio apartment as a part of it. existential audit Hamblin, considered all the things he might do without much like our guide. Digestive
our skin is home to trillions of crucial bacteria and the book posits. I guess he wrote a book in grave as new book there we go back, Positive scrubbing ourselves daily with cleaning agents, destroys or upsets that important micro biome that could likely lead towards worse health outcomes. So it's interesting cause. We where we are starting to understand this about the got. You know that we need this variety. going on inside our guide and it needs exposure to things but restart your how's your skin, is where a lot of stuff lives is well and I think we're all kind of learning that it's not the avoid. Of every thing, it's more the exposure, early and often in small doses, the kind of get your body acclimated to it. Sorry keep like you. I, like others earlier that I brought what I've been told the skin and has the largest organ the body continuous, ordered a threat
goes on to say, are increasingly clean way of living washing, often staying mostly indoors eating sterile processed food may confuse our immune system for allergies. Eczema, asthma condition thought to be linked to auto immune disorders could be barley. Old, of not enough exposure to environmental pathogens, especially in infants, infancy, its taboo to be what's not can what's to not be what's considered. Clean but for his part, Hamblin is not advocating everyone. Give up, showering just say, began to question the rituals that are considered a necessity. Others interesting stuff, like your wise. Why so many kids have asthma now and wider? There's more their sorry in that article once you get two dozen, but why so many kids with Asma? I have always said that why you're one of peanut allergies word: all the allergies come from. How is it possible first off its counter intuitive because you go
We are refining our society, we're getting cleaner, we're getting more sterile were spending more time indoors, wire allergies going up, it seems like we have less exposure. Well now do the math as everything the windows, get the triple pained and is the head, but failed there are scrubbing all the air and disappear Alice flying around the. Why are so many kids suffering allergies. Now and when we Kids didn't seem, I barely existed. I never came up. I didn't know also I've always had my sort of homes, experience of all the guys I work construction with, like the poor deeds in a poor deeds. They had no season. allergies, they had no food allergies. I always said you gonna food run, you gonna food run, you don't ask them what they want or if their lactose intolerant around there were tolerant to everything.
there are intolerant to paying for the moon, but it you are paying vat could tolerate anything and you would just bring back wherever and whenever in you would go to Mcdonald and or two about. Whenever didn't matter of theirs cheese did there was nothing there's, nothing just bring it home there. they would all eat it sitting on a pilot drywall. So everyone- and I haven't of you guys about this aspect of my life, but I spent in Cannes. Global amount of my child good. In dirt. I dog I dug forts. I dug like tons of underground forts. I didn't games are video games. Are everything was outdoors doors, there was no air conditioning, so it was too fuckin hot in the in the summer outdoors was no money, but but we could have Dirt Claude fight. So, as a lot of a lot of forts like Underground Ford,
in tunnels and things like that. Lots of, like literally I you get tranche and then put a piece of wood over the top of it and then put dirt over the top of the would not have like a little underground cave pop Warner. Football from age: seven, which is just Do in wind, France, in on your ballet in on your feet, downs up downs in and we used to. Even do you want to know about exposure? We do staying Brian. I don't know if you remember from your coaching days, but we do these is obeying rocking thing, where lay on your belly on the grass. You take your hands in your class them behind you at the small, your back, you kick your feet up in you, literally rock back for, if you run out of time yourselves Hawkeye yourself and you rob tongue of collisions and contact with other dude, sweat flying that started seven. It was all third, no antibiotics. Yes, right
did you and your younger days. Did you ever a practice on baseball and feel because we didn't high school Davy many varsity rags of nice. We seldom we practice from the pocket. Infield dirt yeah, a north. How at high was all dirt like all the time, but a sorry dos and finish your in twenty. Sixteen researchers published a study in New England Journal of Medicine that found in amish community in Indiana had four times lower rates of asthma and six times, were allergies, then a gene? really similar hotter right community in South Dakota. The key Ever since the researchers found was that the amish grew up having day the interactions with animals and soil on the farm, and there could be other best benefits, the University of California. Santiago study found that mice, cleaned of skin bacteria, were more susceptible to skin cancer. Ecstasy and am researchers discovered that they get ward off mosquitoes by Molly
Fine, the bacteria on someone skin or those microscopic, might live in our pours. They probably skin likely helping to exploit this? Is skin biome science is just emerging, but one thing is certain: acceptance will mean overcoming hundreds of years. Of societal messaging about what it means to be clean. God I to watch all those commercials about No more tears lather ran in the kid in them. Tab and I'd see like I would see when my kids were one and a half like that would be slithering on all the moisturize orangist robbing at all. Additives like oh, it's so good for them is like I get it you you are. Brainwash just watching all these commercials. For all this stuff After put on yourself in its by the way? It's like a cave you're, not doing this. Dear kid, you don't love your kid.
you're you're abusing your kid? If you're, not dousing them insults constantly rubbing and robbing and not letting you know, don't go out. There's put that down. Stump. Put that near your mouth or whatever it is turns out. New nature knows, with its day and I think a lot of this it is all about. I think a lot of it. about exposure, and I think there, I think, there's a fish logical exposure and thus also kind of emotional exposure in oh, you need that a bully need to build and negotiate with the Bali needed kind of no the bullies patterns and had a kind of stay out of the way of the Bali, not race, the boy or get rid of the bully or never give the kid the chance. The kind of deal with that had adversity a little bit that that part. Where are you now show up in your new and you're? Not that popular in one of the kids isn't ass?
we have a kind of winning over a little bed and figured out maybe tell a Joker stand. Your brown yes ran my story exactly, except for winning over that's act Ah, I see we have shown mcclosky whose on hold Did you find Shon MAX banner he actually reached at US eyes, and he was involved our high Sean are you? Are you have your where right now shown. I'm in New Orleans, and even working or have been worked well described the project, your working well, so in before you start want to say one thing:
stare civilly crush on you, and I saw you turn now to the problem and said I wasn't on our money across showing you think she's right even proven right. I love it. We always talk about murder. Now so I manage the murder reduction strategy. New Orleans Mayors office here from twin thirteen, twenty eighteen, so for years here and it is a new. Was there their places that are quietly sort of really high and murder, like Saint Louis, maybe Baltimore, where we stand, Chicago in all, but their voices that are per capita higher than should arriving Saint Louis is we bought it more. I don't know nor airlines are. How was it
yeah. So New Orleans has historically been one of the most violent city. So we start a shred of strategy. Two thousand twelve hour murder rate per capita every year from two thousand to two thousand and eleven was the highest of any city in the country every single year. two hundred murders in two thousand and eleven afterglow strategy. Last, Syria, two hundred and ninety murders, the lowest number more than ten years and we have a new seduction of any twenty most violent cities. In there redraw y know this is impossible, but we, live in LOS Angeles and the city with the most traffic in the world guess uttering I live in a nice neighborhood. I would swap those two stats. Just We had a little faster again, I'm not the inner city they re This is something I should be just thinking and not saying so. You reduced at what percent.
yes, we have two hundred murders. When we started with a hundred nineteen last year, the murder, rape, murder raindrops, actually there because neurosis groaned aloud and at times the recurring could train assessment, fifty percent reduction in the murder rate over that time, and how did you that Yes, sir? May I just know not a murderer New Orleans that ninety percent of murder makers are african American. Ninety percent, our males values our guns. Eighty percent of the time the victims are the perpetrators of these are random. And leave her fortune is african american males aged sixteen to twenty five and so we designed strategy of initiatives as Spain, prevention, intervention enforcement and rehabilitation. The civically targeting that group of assisting the twenty five year Old America males. Yes, so you know in this,
new world order were not allowed to talk about such things? It's like, if you'd like to reduce a problem, then you're gonna have to figure out who's in law. with that problem that you want to address. If it happens to be black than it happens, reply but it also happens to be males, though- and it also happens to be males of a certain age, but you have to have that conversations in order to address, while really any problem that you're trying to address nets, it's true. You know black people kill black people and white people, kill white people, that's kind of how it works but I think white people do at a lower rate and that's what we're talking about so you you, you find the group that is doing the most killing or is the most affected by this, and then you focus your attention on that group, which is which make.
He limited resources, limited time, and so we need to focus on the greek attack in Panama, biggest impact and so on Yet we started with prevents you started with intervention force. We literally had to the bleeding but can we really the prevention, because We recognise that not only in the long term reduction is to focus on prevention sets, you parenting your education, rapid rip, recreation. So half of our initiatives are really prevention and drive Also, you mentioned you ever thirty August. Thirty item action list of how to do intervention prevention. What work to our question some of the more successful three bullets You guys insult ended up being, let's say out of it outside the box or even controversial, or you know things that were low unusual. They stared away
when the phrase bullet point they highlighted, but when I get it go ahead. Where the big incites we had on on the enforced inside was that New Orleans actually did arrogant problem people in the think we did, because we don't have structural gangs like the blood, is in crisis, We do. What we have is very small groups outside the tank icy were associated gather and do criminal and her eyes, and so we created a new game. You know specifically focused on them is multi agency with the police, the idea and U S attorney, and we really very sorry reinforcements grew. We and I am getting gangs and a hundred forty individuals from there, but we gave him a chance issues. There change your life and get out of my stallion coordinated and network of service providers to say, and we went to them and said, crack down on you? I know you want to change your life souring, you every
Can you do me a job training, mental health, since it is the poor young country? We had just as many people and they left the lifestyle Gabriel Jobs and be more pronounced in the south? We saw a fifty percent reduction and gang member again violence very quickly from that you know it's it's. When you talk about this stuff at all, feels like land somewhere between no doubt no shit, you trying, I don't. I don't get why these problems so unsolvable for big cities in modern errors. That information is there the dad, as there may be, the political will is in there. Why is it? This is all so Saul solvable? And you know gonna get all of it? You just gonna reduce it. It's always gonna exist. I mean we're no one
live in a society without murder or homicides fire. We live in a society with a very hard high rate of murder. Homicides and you dont want to live in that society. Theirs. I dont over its the same with drunk driving, and you know for TAT these per million miles travelled on the highways. Its gets. Gonna exists. Let's see what we can do to shrink it down a veteran by the way you given this information to other cities as well. Yeah, how other cities came to visit ass, to see how we were doing things and so on Yeah we never notice and destroy them. Random cities, the committee chair over time. It's? Not me, it's not a secret saw. It is now It's not easy. Illegalities allow willpower management solutions.
Yes, some magical solution. I only wait. We know about just bursting and executing awhile and it seems like you, found that perfect balance of carrot and stick saying like wanna keep doing what you're doing work. There's gonna be consequences, and if you want a way out, we can help you with that. He'll. Do your joy that yeah provision is also important because If Europe, these guys, you need to use, more take their place. So the goal of standard for prevention, the CDC Disease Control, the identified thirty one risk factors that more of these risk factors the young person has more likely they are to be avoided. By once, ten of these risk factors are about parenting, so it's these lay low parental along and low emotional cash into parents were really a functioning we're monitoring supervision, children, inconsistent discipline, ass, his hat and so forth.
the way to substantially reduce it over time is you need to reduce these risk factors and young young people? SL grow a lot harder to even out at last. I was there and it yeah. I it's it's. It's vexing may that here we are all these. Years later, because I used to see this cause I had a very unique perspective because I hosted love line for ten years and I just talked is screwed up teenagers at you know for a fact, aid, and so I started hearing about now. They weren't guy, bangers per se are, was a different form of Gang Bang, bang their involvement, but either way every time I heard about all the ills that were coming from these young people. It was always the families were mass, they were broken. There were fraction fractured off there
wasn't around blah blah blah, so I caught early and often it was about the families about the dad not banning abandoned Family family. There was, any racial component to it back then, because They are mostly just white kids, who called then- and I would complain about how she d their families were, and I want to know where their dad was so it wasn't injected with everything everything is now race related by this had nothing to do with that, because it- was you know, we're on K. In our hour, average listener was fifteen year old, chick from Morn County California? So we didn't it was a lot of inner city Urban II, sir that, but it was still there. Same conclusions, apps and ads oaken families of kids going down this path, that we want to avoid, in its the same. the same remedy. It's the same. It's it's like. I always
Die Natur size, but dine exercise. You don't give diet exercise, advice to up young black man or a young white man, but something different to an asian man or hispanic man. Just fuckin diet exercise. I don't I don't get. Why we're not more willing to speak about this as a society or why this is a fucking hate crime when you bring the shit up, but if you don't, then can I have more folks better? super young in dead in the street, and it's a pretty pretty a viable problem Shannon and his team made a drastic reduction in it by a by the way. By the way I buy a balance of being like pro active? in community and carrot and stick as Gina said, Anne showing a strong show, force and consequences it's out one or the other kind of kind of a marriage of both and bake in a marriage
just like the mom and dad started home. You know sorry shall go ahead yeah I mean this is exactly right. I will, I will admit of all the things we did. I think parenting the family is the hardest, maybe the hardest impact Why is there? It is harder it's hard to reach. Parents and people are doing programmes with kids because we know where they are there there in school. We can reach some easily and we had all this data on how they are doing and which ones need the most help. Parents are harder is a reach on the programmes are in her eyes and then it's hard to medicines, take a help, let alone emitted their parents and and the ones you are willing to take. Our now has certainly the ones who need it most time, and so it is that it is hard to do by. This is analyses extremely important, and so we have to do this. It is challenging Sean
I give up plug fer you or your foundation, or your community or of people want to learn more about it. Can I send them some cinema directionless I have it here. Sorry yeah. What is our website. There people a place where people can get more information, Yes, I love. I left the mayor's offers some women last may or left left office in twenty eighteen till then it is a new mayor that do swiftly return lemonade, and so I will just look they met territory or allow the stars. Just look up. neurons, violence, prevention as it does it tons of information, a sort of stories all over the internet about about the work we did while please go full Johnny Apple seed with Europe under Plan new, ah said the message far and wide. Thank you shine, mcclosky. We, shit. You join us skies
You are right. So, let's see you all to a spot, Do the news after the spot right max upon you, no matter I know everyone zooms in, but I feel like the connection is. I think people should just call and then a better connection. We just call in now and it now I feel like when I talk to someone- cell phone? I got a much higher banning average than the zoom. In I mean you don't get the visual part right, but that the Noah, the internet feels can be kind of dicey. I like the audio better on zoom, but if you prefer them, we can to calls its one would you think Sean's was a kind of dicey. Sean wasn't allows with big ceilings. Yeah, to get. I asked them to get in the smallest room could possibly be in by Brian and junior and nice quiet, room we are hearing is a lot of air space.
the rounding where he was but real. I guess The action was a little armed action was a great. I agree, It's a better audio and year over the phone. I did depend them in their turn guesswork. I think it really did help that you Saddam is well yeah. There's a guy on pure audio that I feel like pure audio. I got a better banning average yeah believe that some pretty bad phone lines as well, I think I hear loving for vat incinerate. Thank you took a walk. High ceilings. Boss aren't working from home staring at your coworkers hairs, turn gray, beard, stern and gray. Thinking about colouring and while you're, not alone, Madison said, Mister Grey blending, natural color for your hair and beard and I've seen it before after shots, they look spectacular. No
shoe polish look here, my friends and maybe just went a little more pepper and a little less salt Madison read Mr Mann it easy find, your color match is on the website and work it out. They have all sorts of selections on their quick, easy. Just ply the color jail to the dry hair. Then the activate or wait ten minutes, rents and very Bob, your uncle, you look fantastic right does gonna. Madison read Mr Dotcom: that's Emmy DSL when our Edi am are dog com and use, go to Madam president, our plus free shipping on your first barge again that's code atom, aren't, let's take a quick break, will come back with you. news with bald and Gina right after this.
Ground, breaking all those crazy trot, we must the news with Gina grad speaking of all those crazy trump tweets, president I'll try but called wearing a mask patriotic in a tweet, day. We have a picture we posted a photo of, self wearing one. A basic prick cost can I help exports of course have been urging Mary. To take him, you ask for a while now Trump tweeted, a black and white photo of him. In a mass saying, there is now nobody more patriotic than me. Your favorite president, though he held a rally- entails Oklahoma last month, where basically, nobody was in a mask but from says he's all four masks, even though he does not
and to issue a national mass mandate according to Forbes jumped seem too, a long time want to avoid being seen publicly in a mask. He said: I'm not gonna give the press. You know that kind of field day, but he is wearing one now he wore it for the visit to the Walter, Reed National Military medical center, so maybe get a few, people on board where an uncle SAM outfit, he showed ass. Well, ass, the start right now, just diamond, I dont think you would lose em about, I'm not sure, I'm about but very started dressing like uncle SAM. He should just fuckin dive and right now and do that. I Yes, I think you're and you know what you could do it. You could use a bundle, you could do the mega hat and I can't they didn't. Think of us before a mask of. Password its Donald Trump like Mouth and nose. You have you seen those you can do like smile
now one around, but yeah won't do Uncle SAM's beard, re, ouch or try. He should do. You should do that I am just fix and get on a plane and got a Texas. I'm gonna have my max, how often do you suppose to cycle those masks? I got that the disposable ones. time, do you have like that, like the Lou program, like blue paper, one in Spain on my car seat, for since, as things started, I think actually, that's ok, if it sitting inlet, if it sitting outside the sun, probably help If it sitting on your car seats yeah. Well, it's gonna its. Yes, it did the greatest disinfectant. Sunlight is now hearing my ass. I'm gonna go it's ass, the mask out on a flight to by the way, the it so weird, you know I got up I'm flying with. then I got like Gatt snap on tool thing
do over there and then I'm going to Chicago sorry, then I'm going to Texas Morgan do some live, shows there, but I got a first class tick. two Wisconsin well it's to Chicago, and then you drive to Wisconsin. Unlike united, and I said, Matthew, Andrea who's. Going with me, I said what what's first class like these days and what what? What are we to do with first class? I go out. What are they? What I used to be? they roll out a big cart with champagne and have an ice cream Sunday. You now first client oil glass yeah now it's like, but I the airlines looking for an excuse to cut back in the name of safety, so he was able to figure. Whether they they they they provide a snack but its unclear what that is, and then, unlike drinks, data have drinks for our fly first class were flying a night.
There are now like they are literally ok. He literally called the airline, and he said, do you have drinks in first class and they now in Cannes yeah, quite an answer right so either way, but I don't know they feel I can first class we should have drinks or just I don't know how have I said strangely enough. People aren't anyway, so a little more Conway News- and this is like you said somewhere between no shit. No doubt DMZ reports, economy, West, has turned on family. In the midst of what their told isn't bipolar episode. The Gaza blog says it was to accuse him. A cartel she'd have trying to met him to a mental hospital in a series of tweets Monday, and I did try to get them, but I believe that they be deleted. Kenya revealed his wife's plan to get him help just twenty four hours out of twenty four hours after that bizarre.
At times incoherent campaign rally in South Carolina. He said quote Kim was trying flight Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie get out, because I cried about saving my daughter's life yesterday. You then tweeted out a series of what he calls future fonts, I'd pay. We do have away, I say, saving your daughter's life when she falls out of a Zodiac boat into a raging rivers. One thing saving daughters life by not paying for an abortion, not quite the same that heroes are made a very you not I mean ass. that happened and get out to the firm on flight was causing to get someone now he's just talking. I I'm gonna interpret for Cotonou asked, which is not something I make a habit of, but just being served locked in in a society where people will. Let you be yourself for you know you're sort of hostage to another person's family that I'm alive
eight pairing with even I wouldn't pontificate over the coin toss of aborting, my kids, you know domain just cause out. There now You and your wife it's odd, and can we super happy about it on the internet now arena at some point, our world? Your kid is now they shall be able to understand that there is a decision that was being made and around yeah batted just bandied about little by now, but you know, look and I fuckin mean I've said when people say me. You know Kido a good marriage or long marriage, and I say to tv, shows and a lot of square footage. I fuckin mean it, I there's no doubt, human tinier I mean the over under on those two had to be eleven months they were living in twelve hundred square feet worth of Hartman and Van Eyes, one of em b add by now right
At the other hand, I mean it's a fact that they live in these kind of states, the fat, that they live in it. Twenty two thousand square feet of dwelling it I mean He could he have you, wouldn't even you know when here at home, you don't even know if your partners at home, or not yet the the rush for divorce ate, it takes a little the pressure off the divorce. Nearly eighty a theorize. How often they even under the same roof. Well, if the roof is twenty two thousand square free to home. Then who knows does amount? We have. I mean I've having multiple houses. I have a big fish house and oh I'll, come home and I'll be like in my office, I believe is, is Lynette and sunny. Are then the theatre like watching with? Where are they either way when you hear em when it in- and I have lived in probably
six hundred square foot in Hollywood with a girlfriend and like no better, you know off not having lost the studio apartment. You know everything is so annoying so quickly, every time someone cook something you can smell it while you're lying on your futon? You know everything is like everything is right near GRAIL, the I think they're mould. all residents mix with multiple tons of travel for work, metric tons of square footage, his these to love her it's going as long as they have a tutor, fierce nozzle, we're gonna, yeah you can there's definitely I know that my parents would probably still be married today if they lived in calabash this in one of her car dash houses. It wouldn't be happy but they wouldn't have when you're living
nine hundred square feet. You got it. You gotta, make you gotta shit get off the pot, especially when there's only one pot. So I don't know if you ve, seen or heard about this new drawn, but researchers have developed a new corona virus era, drowned that condition fact an entire sports stadium within hours according to Fox news news, it's the heiress Fog company, and they said that the machine, utilizes electrostatic technology to sanitized large areas by discharging cleaner through its nozzles, which attached to both ground services and underneath seeds and other services like railings. This crop duster magically s scrapped twenty acres per hour. And they say the drone could be used indoors outdoors and can clean any area safely, and it will be disinfected three minutes after it sprayed the company recently tested the drone on Pittsburgh. High marks stadium and expects to have all the required certifications by
So it's? It has a hopper that has x amount of law, where'd you material in. It is probably one of those four bladed ones. Yes to biogas, got the big lifting capacity. And you know it's funny in talking to you guys about it put stock anew beyond Lombard about at which is battery technology enables this stuff I used to fly an electric model play I won't bore you with all the details, but fifteen twenty years the battery pack. For that thing was a break. I was a. It was it worries about the issues, but the very core of carrier right that would form a certain for a tape. A fuckin huge battery The battery was essentially six
seven, maybe even eight- see cell batteries, daisy chain and shrink wrapped. So if you can picture of the half of aid, seashell battery shrink. Rap, that's bears now the planes are electric. All the model planes are electric, as they figured the battery. Sat there much smaller when I first used. Electric tools battery operated power tools they all they had was a drill. Then sorry didn't have routers it and have all the stuff you have now can suggest and have the batteries for it the Drones are now all made possible because of this crazy battery technology in and we're getting. It was with. Cars Well, so it goes up and it does that since grade and tell our Cato the hold of it and fills us with mustard gas, and we go full black Sunday where they in flight yet heard this word
I wasn't a password, it was a collar, see him, I think, on black Sunday or you can look, will look it up. applying the Steelers, maybe in the Superbowl link it was the supervising, maybe endow us and add g two young shows another fuck we're talking about, but the Dallas cowboys. I think there are using actual footage from the Dallas Cowboys playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, maybe in the Superbowl in the Superbowl, but it was the airline Colosseum and so on it. So mad man had like hi Jack, the Goodyear blimp and then we're gonna, the Colosseum with the blimp. I don't know. What do you got? My with venom? The Miami Orange Bull, o Mammy Orange Bull, shit, perverse rule tat. There was there Pittsburgh and I believe doubt yes, and what was the what's the platte line? They say: add? The Robert Shaw was in it. They got the good year blimp, I'm just tell you, everybody all this technology
it's awesome, but it's it's really like it's like a God. It's like in in the hands of a game banger bad times in the hands of a good cop good times. This Chris would go ahead No sir, I thought you were dead replies. God has not gone this this, whether Hopper fall of disinfectant good. Hopper evil of staring gas taken out, though, can stadium. Yes, our guide, a look at the. Every black Sunday, where I sit with the original poster. It's good your blood he over a huge back of Light Sylvia Georgia Ball title as black Sunday tagline. It could be tomorrow don't leave Saturday, that's true, but what do we do works all tomorrow. Occupant Margolotte be black Sunday, is also one of those fucking things ass. They do and Seventys movie posters all the time which I believe should be illegal, which is put on the
stir shit. They never happens in the movie like without their common dear the good year blue eyes and they flew at into the stadium and other like, oh, but they never knocked over the lighting or anything that is in any way the people in very com or the good, your blood being on top of love. They don't see it yet they're watching the plan, the field, why this is gonna turn into black sound, like a perfect certain with football season. There gesture the corner. At this point, the NFL and Players Union have agreed on a daily covert nineteen testing protocol so that training camps could began in a league, I'd memo attained by CNN. The NFL outlines the screening and testing guidelines now in place. Quota virus testing will begin at the start of training camps. Alas, for two weeks, results from those weeks will dictate if they're gonna, say to every other day, which I think they would rather do, but the players wanted every day, oh wait a minute. I guy got a new rich man. Poor man tested repeated
they for corona virus either work at a slaughterhouse for hormonal, unlike our leader, where they ve had a big break out. Or your ball are and then be air. The NFL right. I had the regular again that the middle class guy gets talented once or twice, but it's not like never had not like when you work in the meat packing place and they fuckin been decimated by IRAN. With my. They also offer players union the opportunity to skip all precision games according to a source familiar with negotiations. So you know everything looking a little different but we'll see yet the players are like you know, my wife is pregnant or that you know it's not it's not just bad. It is really throw in the old life excuse around. I think allow these guys. Consumers guys are really pilot on, like my wife and then three bitches on banging got balls, my right, ok, how most active and safe right, sir,
though Gavin news them. The governor here in California said money that hair salons barbershops could offer services outside. Now the announcement provides relieved to be selected. that closed in March, under the stay at home, they were allowed to reopen for the hottest of hot seconds and then closed again During the new shut down orders, the new guidance as outdoor services are permitted. If patrons and stylus, where mass meet other safety requirements, be allowed. Outdoor services include skin care, cosmetology nails, massage outdoor, massage electrolyte tattooing, and piercing are not allowed. This is why the language this could have saved Bob craft. A lot of trouble just move that shit outside we win talk about him right now in autumn in mob, who that's right,
now, just resigned yeah, you know the piper I've I've been into a couple these places they have chairs their six feet apart, everyone's wearing a mask, the kind I went to spread out. I don't know in I get the indoor crowds, the bars, the Honky, tonks or somethin, but dad the way they did when I went to super cuts are fantastic cut. sports clip cuts are wherever the how I did. It was like they everything, spread out, didn't seem like the indoor the outdoor were. That would have been that impact full yes run. I don't I don't reports of no the science, but on the other, the word is that indoors is more dangerous than our doors. Fine. We can agree on that also aerosol rising as a big thing now like of using the Hare dry or the whatever that, whenever getting
the air is apparently a big thing. That's why I've got a physical therapy twice a week on doing exercises and stuff, I'm wearing a mask required by the clinic. Did the the opposition, is going on ass. They everyone has a worm, ask exhaling, your bar, you aimed. Are they doing it, ignores it's a medical facilities, so they take your tempt. Germany come in and they disinfect everything they could do that guy. I know whenever, but luck not on a breezy day, but you're fucked up cut Also again, nothing three zero, there's gonna be a way. story years from now. It's like what happened here: mom killed by a drunk River, oh really where, where was she was getting her hair cut wait worldwide. Jason getting Hotmail by drunk driver gives it did the drive. Did the driver drive in side of a savage note now he was in the parking lot of a gal since the
copper, there's a real estate place there. I promise to follow in the air Now she was getting, she was getting a bob are made You gave your roots died anyway, I should say, died represented. It brings up Germany bad memories, but they arrive the korean nail, lady may have been in a comas while she didn't she didn't escape one arm. Did israeli driver to talk about now. I know you're thinking, blues rather's. Now this guy had one too many after work. He was a union dry, Waller, NAFTA, so mom dad Skinner for your lot. You know, I'm just saying you got kids out there before that her hair cut. You do, Throw up that's right side, though here's a different on the where a masquerade or get out of our establishment. A restaurant in northern California says they won't serve any custom.
who are wearing a mask of his according to multiple posts, in reverse the health and social media, social media users, posted photos of assign currently posted outside the apple beast row. That said, no social conditioning, no oxygen deprivation mask no tax dirty, germ spreader not required here. This may not be for you, I'm sure Applebee's is over the moon, the so called app either. Oh has got us all a fuckin commando with their share yeah therein Eldorado County, third class surveillance policies or plausible listeners, although we haven't because people plus are looking for work and live on a well yeah how dare. You Brian I shall inform you that the Ringwald family- hey, I hope from placer California,
Do you believe had had it least relocated back to Class Orville at some at some point in their career, I'm I'm. Actually we have completely joking possible, so lovely town. I know because my grandparents lived in like ta how they retired there my entire you that I will take many trips are by car back and forth and bear little and flash rules are stop because one thing that made me that kid they there place, I was called doesnt matter there. bear cinnamon rules, I would do. I was a little kid or down the side of my head. You're. Amazing is kind of a spring. thirty, two I'll be dissuaded margin where they criticise it around and as did the Ringwald Hail from Placer realm almost positive, they came from placer bill to North Hollywood. Certain well aware of this great sorrow and how they will buy is via back and placer. Well, I think, maybe you my bidding of rose
well, now does near their and our through them from play. arriving too. She was born in Rosville, Molly Leastwise. Maybe the hospital one rose well or something you ve lived in pious around that, but that work that way really pies is opened. People plush value oversee. Nowhere in the surrounding areas. Get yourself a certain mineral delightful that brine wants. The peak, peacock big, that is so good. I mean Bob- has been known to play the plaster Urville Festival, the Ragtime festival there is a connection. There say why don't? They really should therefore implies Orville bed. I guess I guess that's where it Bob lives and plaster will now
not gay, while its by sharing, but also a strong, can always says. Bob is blind and now listen. Placer veil near rose veil, where he and his wife Adele raised Molly in her too. Maybe they said placer veil, like you'd pick the bigger town that site from North Hollywood may have heard like people it yeah. I guess so as I, but I do know where either one was- and I called it plaster veil, but that's me There are the elder I'd rather Rosa there that, while I blush and when you move to North Hollywood, trying to start a new life where you come from a shithole, but yes, yes, the math checks out hey man, Adele Ringwald, the mob. Speaking of sticky bonds that baked her ass off man, she was a big. I'm Baker and I loved Goin over their house. Could she loved it in other people, s back the people they live with me
the time don't appreciate what they do, but the outsiders like when I fifteen and I showed up at that house and she pull a big strudel out of the oven. Ah, this is its use, actually love that she loved a watchman. Naturally, the shit out of her baking Adele, good old Adele Somalis, smiling best mom Well, it's already have taken a Michigan woman into custody after she allegedly made a scene in sight of a pizza place. So, according to the reports after being asked where a mask this aspect, flipped off the employees and then attempted to leave at that point, you hardly ran over a police officers foot with her pickup truck. This aspect allegedly became upset after one of the restaurant workers asked her to put on the Mask and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whittemore issued a mandate until later that requires residents to wear mask and these indoor places north.
legibly responded to the fate base mass request by sticking her hands underneath the plexiglas barrier flipping off the employees, and she also kicked another customer that attempted to having so laser. How long should? Doubtless she looks look said, I I Kay the luck that a lot of women are adopting with the little stud- that's kind of above on one side, making our facial asymmetrical the little stud in the nose? I don't I don't get it. I look at that and it looks like a piece of luckily on your front tooth when were eating dinner like it yet they long appear thing where I'm Efforts, more would be sense into Crawford, looks great, I presume the gray other people. Well, solving of a sea gull shit on Cindy Crawford's forehead. You go. I worked for her,
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the Bass right, Dawson, Gonna Tom agenda forward time after time. Agenda comes lodge item. Twenty percent off your first order that some agenda com to slash Adam for twenty percent off Tommy Jonah comes Lodge Adam eyes. Do one more Jeanne a grand right You're gonna have to say goodbye to some your favorite things over a trader Jos, or at least the name of some, your favorite things, a traitor now getting rid of product names like trader, Jose Maybe in Jos trader Gmos men are being yet that I am so the fact that was staring at that Taco Box for twenty minutes going what's wrong with the thing it says I was just reading, it is trader, Jos, Tacos, dead, look at and go oh trader, Jose Stock and the trader GEO. Those pizza But why not was a pretty flimsy defence. They do across many product lines like that
like Universe, angular, Treader GEO, those for like their olive oil or stuff? Like that, you four are now all ethnic foods. It was probably acutely gimmick at the time, but you can't do that. They even have chosen for similar Japanese further jewish with a beggar trader. Hosts F, why dont? Why do we have this sterilised society to the point where it's kind of not interesting anymore, and will he won't let companies can not an a wink nod and have some fun. I agree that it is wrong to board if it just for a town in Intuition hispanic guy. What what is that the company said? You know it started. It was just you know. Fun thing we were doing and but guess the age and if you want location for bonus points of the person who is spearheading this campaign as because this is exotic sizing, other cultures, I'm adorned with yourself, then
on with Adele Ringwald Plant or build Fournier age never could be there. What Nineteen year old from the Bay area who's been declared as a rising high school senior and Hugh, and Rights ACT, a law that petitions the trader Jos branding is raises because it exotic sides as other cultures. It presents Joe as the default normal and the other characters falling outside of it? our arabian Joe trader Jose and trigger Joe Son anyway, I learned the process of eyebrows hooray. This isn't a dude, this young person remember reopen S Bodell rowers anyway. Gas hold on brioche is put down
they soon fighter up our next week, side tackle on ravens, no one's got the blind I like brown ass, I looked at it. I want to confirm the aids looked at a couple, different articles and we're right now, but there's a picture of the authorities and minor. Should there Jeanne. I hope the boy- and I hope it's a boy so that we can force him to made with Gretta Fun bird to have the most obnoxious human being The planet will have doubled, give birth to the most obnoxious five year old that was ever plug. It bore precocious God, damn I can trader Jos. They wear like hawaiian shirts, they're kind of fun. It's a cheque for carrying out its She looks like gum like a christian Bell type yeah yeah. She looks just like very
perky blind. You know almost that Tracy Flick in election quality the other day the problem. The problem is, everyone is listening to young people, which I told people to stop doing a long time ago, but they wouldn't fuck and they thought there were the future and whatever like if it, if beery baroness per day says: hey, you know what I find the trader Jos, some of their product names to be problematic. The you shouldn't be. Let me get my steno pad. Tell me all about it. The answer should be cut back. worrying about the prom batch. That should be the answer. Let the adult handle the fuckin naming of products at their own stores, Jesus God, damn Christ, it's all fall for listening to young people in deciding they are the future They don't know yet and by the way, When I was seventeen, nobody should ever listened to me about anything. I don't know shit either by wasn't I'll fuck and follow my like everyone is now our right. Let's bring it home, Gina grant you
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