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Part 1: Adam Rants about Virtue Signaling, LA’s Public Health Department, and #TrumpetGate (ACS June 3)

Adam opens today’s show ranting about virtue signaling and the latest with Trumpet Gate. The guys also break down a video from Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Barbara Ferrer, and discuss whether or not there will be another Coronavirus spike after the dust settles. Later, the guys take calls about restoring GT40s, finding peace in the world during this crazy time, and the non-existent ‘racist retaliation’ strikes. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com TommyJohn.com/ADAM MethodMen.com enter ADAM CoolerShock.com enter ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corolla show on Black one. Well lots of big time Rance about what's going on in the world, to start to show an raise gonna come in after that, but for today about lifelike or on a virus sparked an increase in cyber crime, complaints to the FBI. Like domain name, spoofing ppp vendors scams, promising governmental checks for fake covert charities, man, you gotta, protect yourself, it's two thousand and twenty people's important understand how cybercrime and identity theft, our factoring our lives. Every day we put our lie it will put our identity. I should say out there and we put it all on the internet and people are trying to rip off and you need insurance. You need lifelong. You can buy groceries from home and
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Imagine trying to stay, focused and thought about substantive, slamming screaming instigated firing in the background new episodes every Wednesday on Spotify POD guess, one and apple plaid guests. From girl one studios and one day, I'll California. This views, the atom Corolla, show Yesterday, Madam re, with in a gradual news and Bob Brian on sound of eggs and now, poor yourself, a tall frosty glass of what the fuck is going on Adam Corolla get it. I got to get it on. A choice began a mandate get in return and in thanks for sharing with love that, you good Day Gina Grand, Eddie you hand all Brown yeah yeah
I have a trumpet update in the midst of all the chaos at the owl. This is what the wealthy right now lies another some normalcy out there I went to visit dad on Sunday. My dad does an interesting thing You know, there's a lot of virtue. Signalling going on about now is a notice, but what we were laughing about whether tack who makes a floor match. trucks weighing in on this trying times of unity and forgiveness and I say everybody has do I wouldn't choking about that. As I was Joe you're out that I got home. I have a email from the guy make, who it's a mass grouping. From the guys who make my rowing machine. Normally they that sub
this here's, how many meters you covered last month. This I'm subject black lives matter. We all stand together. This is a company that makes fitness equipment that black Dont use by the way, as in the region for this equipment was to sit in right, So I hear their virtue signalling to me that they're all down with black lives matter movement, hydro. It sent me that it's a pretty thing. It's pretty and of all of you just read their fishery, the top of it does indeed it's funny that we're just about every company and everyone having to climb on board again make a rowing machine. A corn rowing machine, a rowing, easy easy, and this is the jury. The top paragraph dear hydro, recent events have put a spotlight on the daily struggle that people of color live with from the morning. They wake from the moment they wake up every morning. It is beyond
infuriating to see the promise of the United States, Liberty and equal For all the time systematically in the ordinary course of business? And I've heard hydro employees and community about how deeply they have been affected. I now in years past you'd go who's this statement from and go well, it's a group of attorneys that work on cases that have meant that a c o you given that they make work out commitment and they sending that to me. That's how much work and you're signalling, is go on in this this day and age, and you better be scared companies, you all better, be fucking scared I then went downstairs. Do our fire up my wrong machine? Looked at the smorgasbord of instructors they had, who you can train with No people of color highupness. Her curious who talk the talk
you're very concerned. It looks like my high school cancer, and the same person, because I read their fuckin platitude filled virtue. signalling email and the first idea is walk downstairs fire up the rowing machine or take a picture of the screen to see. There's one that has twelve Lilienthal white people on it, there's another one that has sixteen lily white people on it and then I have to out all their instructors? There is one person of color and in twenty who aren't ok the female I couldn't figure out. She could have gone either way, but next time hydro. I priest bad luck. I get it you're, not standing with black lives matter. You didn't hear about likewise matters ten minutes ago, and you don't care about black lives, merit that part. I get your virtue, signalling I get it. I get. What you're doing you know when you get caught up in this thing, everyone has to be
on record. Everyone is scared of being wished into the cornfield. I understand your subaru, you may your cars with love and I'm not What are you making your attack helicopters with vitriol or set with a love as well The law ratios aloft. That's where we're at everybody. I get it without my dad I went to his house and my dad does. I don't know what the opposite of virtue signalling S. Now we are We all know that the item curl show what happened years ago. Thank what happened here. go with my dad. As you know, he never did get his third luxury car least for him, because he wouldn't drive it to my house, even though it was under mileage that I had paid for for the three year late, so he got himself he whose
He was vying for eight years negotiating with me to get him a third luxury car lease. The sixth year was coming up He was going for nine years, but he wouldn't drive the luxury. Car least him to my house, and I told him if he kept driving my step moms I want to see our view to my house. I would be. less inclined to look seven new luxury car and then he drove the they are free over one more time, and I said I just save myself, eight hundred bucks I want this is awesome, so my dad in this trumpet situation I went over to go as you now. It's been an ongoing and ongoing situation. He wanted to trumpet he's been asking for a trumpet for two years. I finally went and I not a trumpet dear said, to MAX Ipad. Who knows this way around instruments? It has many connections. I did, I think, with
think what a logical son would do. As I said, we find a guy get me a good trumpet, not a great trumpet, just a good trumpets, from a nice new trumpet. Whatever aid be six Toyota Camry with a leather interior of trumpets would be, and certainly that'll, be enough transportation. For my dad, He then went and got a trumpet rather twenty four hundred our trump bad. I got a deal on I paid about twelve and change for it. I presented my dad. My dad was not happy with my selection said. didn't like the action in it. and wanted me to return the trumpet to the place where I had the relationship and could get the discount and then essentially did what people do like the worse place, to buy a sport jacket, the men shop at the Caesars Palace right acts since Caesar gives he went to the local,
but store walked in and paid for freight are I paid afraid for now, a thirty five thirty six hundred dollar trumpet, ok. Finally, that had been sent it to him we thought trumpet gate was over in our report for your marriage, when I went some, said passed, and I want to go visit him last Sunday and I said down in the basin only room he has in the house- and I look down and I saw a familiar looking trumpet that had some patina on it that was on the stand at his feet. Meeting that is the trumpet has been using for the last several months is out and on a stand, and then some point. I glanced up, and I saw the expensive case that the trumpet I buy sitting on the table the same place. I dropped it off to
several months earlier and I shed Hey dad is. Is that true down there at the set the new trumpeters at the old trumpet- and he goes that's the old one- said, are you playing the old one, any said yeah and now here's? This is my thing. The exquisite lack of preparation of the meeting had been on the box for to it, like you would do its grandma sweater with Chris recently on, and we have already made. I wear this thing in July don't ever to see me across read somewhere in the record somewhere. If you go with cyber war, so much I soon Adam rears its head and take four minutes and swap the trumpets out at that point but I say and max Here's your homework comes in. I said Dan.
So why is it you wouldn't play the expensive trumpet that I gotcha and he shed you know you gotta, like a break a man a little bit in the case of some brownish, a break in action guy. You know, I think, I think there little fine little pieces of metal metallic, like back the David by new car nude, run it for a thousand miles and change the oil like going to break the motor, and you know little of that. Don't don't don't driver fifty five for the first round, rather than change shadow out several bits of metal in it from the bearings being seated and things like that, so like breaking and saw. Then, of course I go ok. Well, maybe I could hired severance into combined break, it infringed but cost more, but I said well, why don't you break it in then, or why don't you just get used to it? He said
Now it sounds kind of gurgling I could sell it. Doesn't sound good I said: well, what are you gonna do about that said? Well that the trumpet place could like do a vow of our. I dont know some sort of catch well, where the extra break in men. lands up. At this point, I have no idea what he's talking about four shirk. As I said to him, and they said I need to take it to the trumpet place. They need to tune it up for lack of a better term and the trumpet places closed with a covert nineteen shut down. So here we are like I bet they're open enough for you to drop a trumpet off, but also outside. I then said to him: have you ever had to do this with any other trumpet you ve purchase? Anyone know- and I now. We are now too unclear. What exactly is is going on here,
so then told me that he had a dream the night before he died, and then I thought to myself, oh, ever gonna play this trumpet that we argued over four year caused me thirty, five hundred bucks yeah. You think that one of the perks of binding, expensive trumpet is, it doesn't have to constantly be dropped off in red, and now Juno's the Jaguar of trumpets need to over. I want reports and one reply. I accept that as it may, the sound correct anybody, We know what we're talking about well anyway, like that like the guy literally, has six weeks and he's not gonna play this drop patchwork. That's all flowing out too. I used to have this thing: I've eyebrow myself, I selfless are realised. This was like a character. Characters flaw like I'd like change, because if I ever anything nice, especially my poor days. I've got rid us gifted something nice or I came from the radio show. Who knows I would not use it out of like
a thing in my mind. I guess I like others is nice and they say this for the right occasion years, fucking pie, like I got up our example. I got a great set of my first set of like really nice, tell right, white fluffy beauty little nose like okay these in my apartment other than that that does not go to waste years later I moved out about apartment and opened the box and rats and even through the Taos division, your died or to the gets more passiveaggressive, I oh. No, I have a little bit of that is well. If you I, That is well. I think all poor people are formally poor. People have a little better that, in our view, you claim to this thing. You, like, I show you should be using. This is a nice thing. They can improve your life. It's it's for a special occasion that never come the S kind of. I think my dad in in dad's world of never blushing. Anything, it's always about. the journey and never about
result. You know it's like. It was fifteen converse sure about hey man? Do you think you could buy me a trumpet spread out over the course of six years, but it was like hey man him at it. It's an interesting thing: witches people don't like me because I'm so Kurt, unlike how can we get a good fine max? I got in a man, I'll go, I talked to the Tower guy, the tar guy here, Have any answers but but but on I'll go next. What's next here we go but acts in people, don't like it. But my things like I want to get some shit down while I'm alive and I get it the tiles not come, it will go, go the next subject. Other people love the press. Yes and then process for some people they're, not the bottom line, how many people you know who talked about right. a book and never written a fucking Bach screamed we are. What is it just goes on and on and on my feeling is yours
Where's your life because we're goin on your seven. If you talking about writing a screen plane, you ve done nothing just go. Do it will come out shit. No one bite, fine, go right for the love of God. Please now bring it up again right, my family likes the process, and so my dad's processes light- hey what about that Trump bed, and I was thinking about a trumpet. So after five years I give him a trumpet and of course I give him the trumpet, as I got issues with the trumpet right, so the first trumpets a tooth and dollar. Trumpet are fourteen hundred dollar trumpet or whatever it is we got issues will we think about it. Why do I have any issues with the first trumpet? If you don't you're, the dance didn't you know what I'm saying: it's not about working the trumpet and playing the trumpet it's the journey, the journey the dance in the interactions and hey. I could use this and they could use it. So when you get there- Mary and in you actually provided all that they need did they move they move right on.
Right on another journey. Yes, We were all it was persona, run a carogne covered nine in nineteen cover nineteen foam racism pow turn the page we're done here. We go what's next. All right. So I now shore trumpets I second embedded wire about taking it in and having its services hurry you? Maybe he just wanted to talk about trumpet I just want to hear your voice in transposing these kids ass far ass. I can create a bond with just two fold: how get ready when my dad plan- and I somehow thought the balloon like, I would kill my dad. Perhaps there a bride
nobody. I gotta say I've decided we finally have a few ideas on how to download the mood Jaguar AIR Max buried, discuss two days ago, yeah sorry. I don't want people think I just sprung. It now not discuss our logo. I am you all. I M ready. I am ready. I got another. I got an interesting clap one you guys may have heard before, but its cause we were talking. We did a little dive, ended, Denzil Washington and why more people aren't name Denzil how beloved Denzil is and how popular is and how much we all love ham clip from two thousand seventeen. I want all of the two hours see and ends black like me,
Bree than America. What it's like growing up in America is a black man. I saw the two our experts say on that they hit almost every subject, but they missed one small little component, wonder what it is, or here will hear. Denzil Denzil starts on it. proactive in particular. Do you think that we can truly make change, as things are right now, there's while starts in all of the father is not in a home boyfriend, father industries. I saw it in my generation in every generation before me and maybe one since storage in a hole in the streets raise you. Then the judge becomes your mother and you know in Britain becomes you who further A whole two hours do experience growing up black and America. They didn't cover the home and the and the dance part
well, maybe during the next special, perhaps because they really want to fix things and that much we now that's a nice. This way you can say it do like, as opposed to daddy, don't forget a painting, your kids do those most diplomatic way. You could probably get that across the yard. I think he's got some credit and I think we should Listen, the Denzil say some say so Let's see, I also had a crazy clip from my doctor, barber forever. I don't if you guys heard it today, but this chick is full batch shit crazy at this peculiar out director. I would not want her in charge of cleaning cars at an hour move rental agency in San Francisco Airport, much less setting policy and the thing you gotta, listen about with Her- is, as I was screaming about yesterday. We
riots in the streets? How come half of New York police forces not home sick right now? They ve been battling in the streets, New York spin, the hardest hit and these cops battling in the streets with throngs of people. Why are they decimated by this disease, why are they not it's been a week? Why they just not home blue flow, and I mean the Blue oh, but what I mean is the covered nineteen wise. It not impact in LAPD all the major mania plus Wire, all these police department, and we should be hearing stories to third half capacity or the down are they need they need they need. Didn't. National Guard come in because they're down they dont people are all key. Bring down with this thing this virus. So I my my contention is it's been a while
if everyone is getting it and was coming down with it, we would know bout. It there's a very interesting thing that shit is that everyone does if they go now in the next coming weeks, and they like power, lies it you always go hey. We had this big thing happen. words social, distant saying there put their hair so enough coming weeks will now or first off it's not coming weeks. It's two weeks and it's not two weeks- is five or seven days, so we're there, one never to how come no one ever says you mean two weeks: ok, what's the fucking date today? Ok, what is it so? Fifth, ok, so nineteenth we'll be back we'll have you have some data with you, then that will be altogether in the next few weeks. I feel now in the next few weeks the buzz off we're gave you nothing By the way, this pretty easy to do, you could get up there. Let's say I
just listen to this crackpot. Let's listen to the beach! first in and listen, listen, how she couches less Obviously you know when I look and I see people on the beach that are really close to other without face coverings. Are people on a boardwalk that are really close together without face covering or people that are peacefully his royal testing. Without their face coverings, I'm gonna be worried. I parliament should be worried as well, but but protests come after the beach. So she's word about the preach. she's worried about the page zero. information on the beach is worried. She's, work the boardwalk, I don't know what part of why a city she's cover a word about the boardwalk she's right of each and she's word about people peacefully protests. Well, I'm glad she edging towards peaceful, but she should be worried about people who are peacefully protest
She should be worried about people that are getting in each other's grill and yelling at each other faces and putting their hands on them, but she's worried about the peaceful protest, not the uprisings, not what we ve seen on the new she work more about the peaceful people. Nigh would worry less about the peaceful people. Proof who are pro core protein sing because they tend to wear masks and they tend to risk so listen saying so I would worry more about the non peaceful protest, but those are where she's putting her focus in her agenda. Okay, Miss policy person who spoke to be focusing on the nuts and bolts. So we can reopen the economy. Sorry, you can play it out MAX pattern we need to keep the distance ass, much distance from each other when we're out and about, and we need to our face coverings and that's how we get through the pandemic.
So when we see examples where that's not happening, it's a cause for concern and from my perspective it's also a reminder to each of us that we can help other people remember how to be respectful unkind to each other by using their those cost face coverings and so I know that you know it great if we could say- and this is when it's gonna happen- I will tell you in general how we behave today up in our numbers are three to four weeks from now. It'll sharpen our numbers of hospitalizations and it'll show up in our numbers of people who a die, but we do have to wait awhile, because this is a virus that takes fourteen days to incubate and then oftentimes people may have there are no illness or mild illness before they will show up at a hospital. And the numbers we're gonna worry about. The most are what's happening in hospitals cause. That's where we need to make sure we dont lose our capacity.
Take care of everyone. Trouble could not get back to us that so get back Louis, we got fourteen days whatever it is spent a week. Ok, good! Let's get back to us! Keep us up dated tell so those hospitals are doing member you gotta be kind to one another Hearn Alan, that's their battle call. gotta, be kind and falling. I should then she worries about ever tell the harvest nicer than out and she worried about to peaceful protesters out there. But first in order of concern its people on the beach and then its people on the boardwalk and then it's a peaceful protesters? Ok, I don't know, I feel, like she's got a little agenda I feel like we should get someone out that where you know why miss see Everett Coop as we near surgeon general haitian dress, Always, I stress, like captain crunch he's, gotta
he's: gotta Mennonites appeared, yeah rioting spit in truth, she's up their talk about good vibes and hugging. Today, But what are my distance? My grandfather was friends with whom he was this: the pathologist and so a lot of sea ever to talk growing up in our house. Very is he'll, be missed. I'll play one more one minute clamp. I don't know if you know just how racist this disease is, but dad Doktor Barbara forever, who said director, Valet County Department of Health and teach the Tipp of the spear for eradicating this disease. Let's hear who lives here her thoughts, opinions and solutions, still eradicating this disease, especially in our and our african american community, We know that black Americans fear worse and other groups on virtually every measure of health status, and it has become
two common to blame this on individual behaviors, when in fact the science is clear I applaud the root cause of health and I think some of it could be visual behaviour is right, of course, above the science is clear, brine this part of the. She's telling science is clear, it's not about individual behaviour, it's nothing! Not a medical doctor feels like it. We all about three wind. It adds that goes back. The science is clear, it's not about. Individual behaviour can share of health status has become all too common to blame this on individual behaviors, when in fact the science is clear, the root cause of health inequities is racism indiscriminate chicken and how it limits access to the very opportunities and resources. Each of us need for optimal, and while being science.
also tells us that lifetime stress associated with experiences of day acts of discrimination and oppression play in May your role. It starts at birth, with higher rates of black infant mortality and extends to adulthood. When we see black residents in L, a county experiencing earlier onset of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes and earlier death. When I report each, week that we have seen elevated numbers of black death in this county due to covered nineteen- I reporting on the consequences of these long standing inequities was science tells us, it's not about individual behavior, we got this crap deciding when we hit the beach and when I can go up, get some sushi. Everybody look. baby this this chick scarcely she is fucking nuts. Don't ever she's she's, not a medical doctor, reverting frozen, let now she's.
Georgia now, if that, if it clarifies the pic even our sons, and also Cuomo already said these the virus is being attracted when we'll get sick and go back home to quarantine and hunker down and give it to their families. Well, we got all this. The look or do I m excited because James appear forty two from Dallas work done, for G t forty that one Lama lifting gears here, James Forty hinder them down other women, I work on number five over all the gold one that win Lamar come in third place, I thought the story was they all have their problems I remember that history about it. I've number you don't let it out a collector, that in all three win the race crackpot that they cross together. Then they gave the wind
two Bruce Mclaren, and then they gave second place the ten miles and then the car you worked on took third place. I am sorry for being eaten, it didn't win. Lama came in third Lama, which is fine, but it's not seems demonstrators are, though I want my old I'm. The difference between the car that one that Lama and the car that came in third place is proud, wait thirty million dollars in terms of the exact same car and the price that that car would would sell for a James. yeah, I'm looking for. I look it up. I really all that car that car got bought by the Shelby Museum. We saw that car outside a Denver rain,
Remember where was this was going on Y know more about the car you restored is so Kurt. Now yeah. Well, it's called it sold at auction like it Gooding R R M at Pebble Beach. I think, like two years Gower three years ago about anyway sulphur like ten and ahead as third over this third. Over also, Ah, third, over all the me write that down So what do you want? Some courage, you tell him what he did on a car. Well, look it up. At my screen said: help restore the jetty forty that one lama- that's that's the pre honour, the collector back when I was in M42, when I was in high school and working at a restoration shop, doing grunt work in a grinding fiberglass and sit outside and
at any rate in lisbon- oh hi or Iowa, but he kept all the cars next door to this restoration shop in a grave and almost all the cars had racist, three they're all cobras, yet the they Tonia the blue Daytona. Well, he had had a tone of it. That's a nice retreats of these two of the eighty cobras, but they all had racist rear. Those big thing- and he would take about just like you- do in rates I bit his races and they had a reenact man, a dilemma rays of America fiftieth anniversary wide, but that it created up and they took it over to France, would or France and erect it. That's why it had. I think it's no interest the Tories, interesting, because nothing that I've read
in line with anything about should happen, but maybe it was completely destroyed it and bring about a million dollars worth of damage could well again and thank shames sorry for me in a dish trying Times lot of pressure. I wasn't Lastra goes, is the only kind of race you want to talk about a year ago, the beaches sushi. the these cars get banged up and jacket million dollar restorations, but they never fully get destroyed because they're worth so much money that they find a way to put them back. You know, and that's or let what have? Oh, it's it's definitely worth and how our right, let's see, thoughts on finding p in a world right now, so much negativity, brine, you're, gonna say: what are you throw some info just because I looked it up when you mentioned it goes up, I get the footage, can
use, because there are so many rights who, on a somewhat different cities and italian, allay new above the law. I mentioned yesterday one of the reasons you might not see a spike or you fear, rise, whether reasonableness used by other protesters warring mass or at least seventy five. Ninety percent of them I looked up New York Pity riots, twenty twenty- and this is the first picture that came up. throw away the shields the young there were now to what does anyone won't be summoned fractions but maybe maybe perhaps a reason why you wouldn't be a spike in a week or so they have the people there. Talking woman there targeteers not wearing a mask. I dont. I see I think, while her first off, I think the man ask our em what I understand from a mass you wearing a sort of medical grade mask and applying it correctly in being consistent with it is effective.
the way many people where their mass, especially when they're pulling down like taken by their savage and pulling it back up and then wearing it down, underneath their nose and and also the cheap caught one they keep reusing and that can it keep it in your pocket or hanging from your car rearview. I don't think that's that I think a lot of that is window asking, but I think of it is like medically sound and effective. I think people on top of it. Other screaming at the top of the lungs their wearing mass, and I dont think I think I'll I a lot of us where the mask to the event, but once dish it goes down. I feel like somebody mass your flying off or or what have you So it is not a hill I wanted is not here. I want to die on, but to the three people you can see in the picture are worrying, masks the protesters and the cops are building up masks wildly so now we in Germany, where a child in the world,
I understood this could be a broad, reasonable explanation might not see a huge bike. I disagree with that. I think that if you see tons of pictures and I watched all the allay stuff. You see tons of people no mass and going at it, and I think the fuse once a do where mass, I don't think it's gonna prevent. I think all it takes is handful of people not wearing mass to spread it to spread it around. We conceive Emily lots of footage of it. I think it has to chaotic. I think of it was more. If it was more finder. You know if it was more like you stand there all stand there, you wear mask. I wear mask, I think, with IE chaos of it with people running and screaming and on each other like physically. I feel like it just all being spread. I I do think
people wearing mass- and I do think, there's cops with shields and like face shields for probably protection for Molotov pact. but I dont know I don't feel like that- would impact it if, if it was the kind of disease that we think it is like, if we say or the people where in the mass are going to be safe and the ones that don't wear the master, get ok. Well, then, out of the fifty thousand people that hit the streets nl I last night, fifteen thousand would come down with it because it in where the mask more what have five hundred thousand or wherever it is, and also in the coming weeks I watched in news it's like, the coming weeks, the coming weeks and months in years, half the cops I've watching the news licence Down and Van I store owners with guns were half the cops roll up, don't have mask on now and half do and half the
your honor people have had on and the other half does. It is crazy footage, as watch out a van eyes. I was telling you the the writ the way, unfortunately, all this round, where Tom Out still MAR Van eyes get the vat. Those get them actions tell me, go get there and they stand right out for another fuckin store and guess what effective in preventing you your from being looted. Three you guys with shot gun standing in for the store and then and what always does this? Is that really what it has to come down? There was like why, evidently that's what asked the combatants ideas as drew says. Reality on realities turns of USA, giving us Fafnir Box to keep those places if this place a safe in the morning, five hundred bucks and that's a well worth it, the
skies own the store, they're, all standing out front. These looters like pulled up it's so funny how brazen everyone s like the looters like pulled up and there are like the place across the hourly like across the driveway, was goal. Like you know we by gold, we sell gold on the thing, and so the looters pulled up and the looters were like and in the guise of the shot and you're like hey beyond your way and the looters Hey Man says, involve you were doing the gold store and later the guises package like those our neighbours, you're not going to be leading them and there are like hey man does not know your business. I haven't what is kind of discussion about dominated by blackness. They had offended the looters. Those now there's, like I said good day and ignores, came over his shoulder and stop. I hope the role of parlay path, literally telling. buzz off because they chat.
And the letters were like come on we're. losing your liquor store, we're losing the gold plays across the way it a real come station to have. We can see some footage of it out front van eyes? These guys look the cops but the mare merit our said. the cops whatever they would out. No, no don't go in frontier liquor store, don't they liquor store. Is my family business I would not like it smashed to pieces and set on fire. You guys are not gonna effectively prevent that from happening. So I shall get my gun and stand in front of it to be Gunnar said he did have a very viable solution. I believe in a press conference yesterday, He asked the looters to speak to them better angels right, so he
solutions at under are well whether I M so as to an angel the shock cut. We can play the collect by back its fox. Eleven Swatch actually are having a stand off here. I got arguing about why there being allowed to break into the place. Allow the guy you listen to this, so these are wearing off with community membrane, holding weapons on the street. Yes, we're all those counteragents drove past the tree down to the cops jobs, really something here to see those store owners who want to protect their own business, yet there by a business that is so vulnerable. Ok, so is that that's her fan? our european order. You can pass it it's like. I remember that time. I got that gift certificate. Two Barneys in New York and I
for fifteen hundred dollars. I bought fourteen hundred and seventy eight dollars worth of merchandise, and then I wanted the twelve dollars back. It was one of those arguments in the same kind of Ok name thing: we're here to loot. Excuse me not today Why, What we're here to low yeah I know, but this is our store man. Why? God do me that way? What's up what are you behold guys we're here to lose, but they said now you can't lose now again Asia. What did you say? it happened to those poor liquor store owners afterwards. So he comes running up, saying: hey they're, trying to lose their trend and they throw the where's against the wall and and giving them the cow wisely? worse, it was even worse the cops drove past the situation. The The owners of the liquor store and and family members would argue that chick wearing
wife beater, who was gone about. Eighty plus pounds extra honour. I would. I would argue that this probably better attire to run the cops down with, but she she ran than the cops turned around and went like white and they came back and of course all they saw is the Mexicans and the black eyes holding shot guns and they ran right up to them and started putting zip ties on them. Now this is what people don't understand, cops are not in currently smart. They did not know what was going on. There showed up at a scene. They saw some people with no guns, the looters the attempted looters. It were disgusted and went back to their penthouse apartments in Manhattan, but
they had left. The cop show up and all they see is guys basically dress like gang barriers holding shot guns. So if you have a weapon, yearn your job one for the cops. The cops then rushed up to those guys I'll get those weapons down, get em out, was zip tyre and will hear you. Story. After your way and you're out of your hands and your zip tied coarser ones, yet get them we're, not the problem. the looters where that solution. We can porter was the one yelling snow. It's not that by the way she's got to and down at the science of the mass she's got the bandanna over a phrase that it's like pulse it down, thirteen yelling at the cops and pushes it back up again then says: I know I should be wearing my friend like into the MIKE and then pulses down that pulls up again. It's it's, not an exact science, so to be fair to the cops after the the
asked Saddles Lego. Ok, they got who they weren't. They cut off the zip ties and sort of when, as you were, I guess, but those guys protected their stores, not in fear he practically from looting. People showed up to loot and they wore them off. Now. Look you all. I know a lot of people, don't like guns guns in the hands of looters bad guns in the hands of responsible business owners in this case good now, my relationship with guns, not is the gun, good or bad? Are we all go Those guys there's that fire and Van eyes, because those guys stood out front and guarded their stores. Not today responsible pursue, wanted and desire to have a gun could have a gun. I absolutely agree our it will take a break. We got the few more phone calls and race come up and will do that right after
The item Corolla show salutes the winners of the coca, nineteen pandemic. Remember when all we talked about was Tiger King good, times except for Carol, asking. there's a real good chance. She murdered at least one of her husbands and his dead body to a bunch of tigers. Nobody cares any more, in fact, some people, Probably wondering. Can we rent those tigers out because there's a lot of people we'd like to throw in their so Carol? asking regulations you are the winner. Over ninety. That stock do let's see Susie homemaker from taxes, Susie
I had an. How are you doing well, considering all the chaos what's up with you, your voice, everything? Thank you so much for thing to have Tele restored my faith in every sitting, banks, as I think, you're, just the real deal. I've been on twitter today and persons imposed the things in being attacked for no apparent reason, and I think this because I want peace in the world, there is if people are then don't want that, and you know I was raised and of Irish Catholic. How you barely alive it's on the cap, a school girl from Port Lauderdale and born and raised than here in Texas and I've been television that have most dna shows, and I am ready issues as well. And rule this out. I hope it must my whole breyer this about how you see how makers a hundred years old by Brian and the World has raised with Adam, is I didn't see color my mother and father did a great job and raising my brother and sister my eyes.
Nothing racist that? Basically I went to school. My friends were of all race, color creed, but I never really noticed that because it was a natural feeling for me, my mother called it the gray matter to zero. gray because truly is more in the middle. We can everybody's feelings and weakened stand people better. So I've come from this being raised and I'm finding life. very lost in a world of hate right now, because any presidents that I voted for this matter. Democratic Republic. I was that behind that, because that's what I was thought to support, they law abiding and support I mean that we need to do because has whoever is gonna beat up as a democrat republican. There are leaders and if we don't get behind them, learn a lot of trouble and my situation I myself live the gray matter because I like to see Ribeiro sign a bit enough When I read my business that I have issues that my business, I listened to all five.
Yes, I mean you think, but while scared- because I simply posted somebody's toasted flies upside down and I hope it will not size have let me say that for you, I must tell you the people that came after me on line. I was shocked. I had a black people, they were life very nice, does that make wherever I go and come down hold on hold on soussio maker. I had this conversation with a young Peter philosophy? Major earlier today, which is I was saying I'm not a fan per se. of the blog Zhao there air of New York by when the blog says very sensible things like these officers, cannot be put in jeopardy by being blocked in their car and the next I'm you're worried about somebody being hit by a patrol car,
don't surround the patrol car and try to break the windows. I go that guy, who I did ray with many the thing she shares bought on that point absolutely so number one. Why would you throw the baby out with the bathwater Peter said to me, while of course that's the way you think it's a better way to think it. If it actually benefits you, because if you are going to say every single thing, this guy This is wrong, then imagine. me gone. Why don't? I agree with the Plaza YO. So then he says there said I go now. I got a part, a bunch of calories, making a very true statement wrong. Why do than right? Why go? Why not I disagree with a lot of stuff. He says, but not that that we agree on and I've always argued that when people go, the other take some figure
It was my ad do class brother argument when they were talking about Ben Shapiro, because back back when we were just sort of. Doing what we're doing now when marked applause, whether declassed brother said hey bench, prayers, a good guy that he had to retract that statement and ran to basically explained that he disagreed with everything venture prayer said. I thought why. We say that all the time disagree with everything this this person, says are thinks, are, is about that's insane. nobody feels that way. I don't I don't care four spike Lee, but I would never say I disagree with everything that guy says. We probably agree on many many subjects. We certainly have to at least begin with that dialogue and then also, why live a life? Were you have to announce. You disagree with everything this guy says and then, when he says something, that's true, an obvious that
should agree with you. Then reflexively disagree with it depended new corner what what can alike I sent for you, but I have been there the night time So how are turning into the news and that's entertainment when we use the word? Johnny Carson entertain us at night time and with a laugh and have a great time now. I feel like I'm going saying another new station. Thing is when I was being trained for television first away said to me was always stay central Susie They asked me what, if there is one thing you that life and it was simple: what would you say that I dont like dark figure in our policies and never thing you don't like surfing, apostrophise you'll, get a bunch of people come and ask you for I was proud, are firstly as enshrined in recent years, come into this about out here and there may be a move down. The couch AIDS is a week. We got it s neutral. Everyone has to pick allayed ever need to declare major now
twitter winners in the place for new wants commentary till you know what I mean. People often take you know if this or that The thing you are talking about this or that point of view the thing about Johnny Carson, actually, I'm I've always thought about Jimmy Car. But now we can add Johnny Carson on the happy side of that. So it's like I've laughed at Jimmy Carter said Tom. watches CNN. He watches these Saturday and Sunday morning round table had debates. The first guy gets up there. They talk about what a pig trump is and what it is a disgrace. He is and how this guy doesn't represent the office and here he's my surgeon s and abusive, two women, everything else and then the guy on the right side goes well, I mean look at Jimmy Carter and always picture me Carter. Listening it out this,
I've been s, marriage, the same woman for sixty five years. The fat devout Christian, never stop Alan tearing is time never spoke ill of anyone, never use a curse. Word and Jimmy's Godfrey watching like smiling, and he was the worst president we ve ever had and ensuring access pencil lies on right now think about the treatment Johnny Carson is getting because by all accounts, he was an alcoholic who was cold and mean to almost everybody ever met. But it's like now we're like we used to watch JANET. Or should we all got together every night to laugh We are all lie every night we had a great time every night Carson that guy did it I didn't. I didn't know what is politics where all I news we got together. We all had a big old laugh like oak as history, ex going up now in this new world order and looks better Jimmy's while Jimmy's was
heading up and that it always drops right. It crashed right it right at the end right, let's see someone's gotta question about racism, Doug Fifty Arizona. What are they going on does not mind boggling. I guess hey it's when you say idea is it. So it's so interesting were eating dinner. Last night, when I was explaining that tomorrow is your graduation and. Son Home School yeah the zero may do this stupid, sir. It up and see the thing about sunny is all the ceremonial stuff in life that doesn't make sense to him that everyone does. Its oversight Ok
so happy in the debutante picture, though, and I can tell you how to tell you now as Emma Gazillion picture- it's like he real Is there anyone with a pulse graduates in the eighth grade? He realized Is it it's all done from home. He realizes that unites us principal so and so's is gonna, read from Pre prepared, scrap and then just insert kids names and and it for him. It's a big nothing order so is not interested at all. I remember having those thoughts as well to about adulation and stuff like that as like they're, so many people that are graduating what how my defining myself, I'm not on the dean's less, but here with something pretty telling linnet said to sunny. Well, tell me: what you're favoured me, alas, and we'll have your favorite meal for dinner tomorrow night for graduation dinner, and he's like surprise me,
I call on our world caused a fuckin guy guy surf, Inter for every other night right. There's no bloom left on rose. You know forever. Oh my god. It's lazard yeah we're! Having goes on. You know like it, so you get favorite meal. Think about the red meal in what it, what it meant he's eating is every meal, five nights a week he doesn't give a shit about a fair meeting. We have rights, him of his favorite meal, Yes, he's always eating his favorite male, because he's always whatever he wants to eat. We got this a death row. I was actually allows me all son. Don't give a shit drive me. me, hate that so funny that you said that, because when I was a kid every Here I knew I got to have. I could pick anything I wanted and I got to have spaghetti at me balls on my red. Someone is special today, it now law would give a shit about that
was for us. It was you. I was like pineapple upside down cake. That was the one sire you get. You get. What you want cake Adolescents thou Gaia now, Sir there are no more special. Celebration meals every day, because we gave ever one too much too early too often that we kind of burnt them out of that and what then realises in never ending attempt to make everyone happy all the time we just took this when were you want? What's your special meal, you whenever you got no thoughts, we robbed him of that people that what makes what make being special, you don't do it all the time right right, people don't understand that most likely, unlike others, related to graduation, not being that big a deal I was going to mention this, but now it's actually timely. My high school reached out to me
said: hey we're ratio to some notable alumni. Would you re railways, you record a message for graduating class and I thought its eyes under the sum jokers named Tom Brady and lend swine were apparently amongst the other notable alumni know those guys are. Dr Laughter, the I'll look him up. We'll figure do they are their verified or not I channeled my inner Adam Corolla Guerrilla thought. I thought runs counter to this platitude? No hay! Congratulations even to such a tough here, blob alone, and I was like something kind of at least irreverent. If not the funny just is different. Now basically was like listen. Graduation way. Overrated. Here's all I remember about mine, it was high Babylonia, like I must ask them. Gene do they have ever been to me, saw the lyrics from me that one hath kings into Georgia and careless and the sweet.
But never knew I'd, be brutal nursery us then last ignoring the baby to returns Buddha. noooo been, maybe that's a kind of way. They aren't. We blow a king Ben duress backing and I've seen them. to begin with, Dennis the noble burden- maybe you know is that what you're gonna write down somewhat you tell her kids guy, what's paradise so we created about people in places is we'd like them to be. But you know what is, is that
baby you're holding it? It's the man you fought with this morning the same one you're gonna make love to tonight. That's love, that's true the cry, but that should not be my speech. what happened to us. I was now lines one speech, let us and not only those that warrants in advance, does it out. He had bored with his own bear. You know spry and deer in good company because they had some people from care. If I do those as well- and you know somewhere sincere Some were other Conway did one, and he said he I am now whatever find someone just surrender life with people who make you laugh I don't give a shit real advice, no one, no more, no less care care about you, Baron relocked as yours we now we were there. We have Brien's grandma shit like this, the fact that they reached out and then
absolutely then took the time to tell Sonny My someone had quoted me underneath their senior picture. Oh yeah, I was in love with as well, but the plight plan MAX Van them get to that. Let's have it and pondering closet twenty twenty Brian Bishop here from the place. Ninety six. What to say! Congratulations on graduation probably will bomb doubt about not being able to work to the official gallery where's the ceremony walkin, all that stuff tell you graduation is way overrated. All their member of my graduation day was. It was hot. It was early and Mr Kerr only threatened to not give us our diplomas, because we dared to throw captain, the air like they do it every other graduation. So really your numbers and much what's important. you guys are graduates. You're community. Welcome and don't forget, wants a pod, always apply draft regulations. You guys they asked me to send it to you
so is car bony? Still there If you get a big laugh, although a lot of people unfair, my friends are based. What's nice going, I remember that occur body. When Europe is our deplores. Do we have that diversity? Yearbook picture me? Is it a senior friction senior clout to his dad centre, opposed to this online on twitter by we put on our instruments as well is aims Alexander Whitby and his quote: senior quotas. Don't do your best you my best credited to you Adam. I share that was sunny, lies I get kids really I could put for dinner or not. I don't care. I gotta put a cigarette out on his forehead right now. They like he's gonNA, Collins, Unum, I'm talking guess suddenly it takes away from my time riddle. I have one last one. Sorry, where were you there I dug fifty Arizona could gone on. A man can conduct a break their thanks. What's goin on bait? Well, you know, after the last three years,
the unjust- and indeed it was CNN and all the crazy. As now current growth rates as this country is and how heap all the worse person in the world is that the white man and The three hundred million plus guns that we have in the world and just how dangerous it is. In this country via the way that the eight hundred members Jaska yeah. Well, I don't sit on your. Nobody should on your point, about the covered spike, but I would then a b a by ordinary racist attacks right because the country so races and their seen so much of this kind. The inner cities stop going on. It's not sitting, while with people sell, you make the equation all with the inanimate am, I would think then you know here in the next few days or even weeks, there should be some just horrible attack, because people just aren't happy with those people do. However, now never gonna happen high note I get what you're saying Gluck. What CNN does with
the clan and racism is what they do with covered nineteen which, as they take something that exists, and then they turn it into something. That's ubiquitous that we all need to fear. There is a difference between something existing and something that we all need to fear all the time. So, while Covet nineteen exists and that much more ubiquitous, obviously than racism in the clan and whatever, while you need, To have respect for this, it doesn't mean it's the size that it is. I know one person being from cabin in vain. He got it. It pastor on his wife, evidently got it than a factor, and he followed all the rules and still got it that that is not the same as a first rate killer. That's coming for you and that same what the clan and white supremacy its talked about constantly but
your chances of ever really running up against. It are slim tonight. Ok, take a break? Adam Ray is waiting for us. Let me hit a spot here cooler. I love this reusable premium. Ice pack colder than ice via sounds like a foreigner song, but as colder than ice by fourteen degrees. And it's clean, and it's no bacteria laden water left behind in the cooler when another worse than the next day, when I saw melts in its heaviness sloshing around and get all the mill do on it may in the USA Average four point: seven stars on Amazon, with almost seven thousand reviews ready for your freezer when you need it avoids trip the store during quarantine and get in a heavy bags eyes at break open and
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