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Part 1: Dr. Drew Discusses Quarantine Hypocrisy and Re-Opening Beaches, plus Listener Calls (ACS June 2)

2020-06-02 | 🔗
At the top of today’s show, Adam talks about his conversation with Dr. Drew and the ridiculous policies still being instigated at the beach. Dr. Drew then joins the show and shares his perspective on the massive demonstrations, the ridiculousness of still not being allowed to go to the beach, and people misunderstanding the way money works. Adam also takes listener calls about looting, demilitarizing the police, and the general stupidity of the public. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Geico.com BetOnline enter PODCASTONE MethodMen.com enter ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corollas Yo Antoine cast one well doktor drew phones, end of the first half of the show, and we break down this whole mass with everyone out the streets and in collaboration periods of covered nineteen and how? Well you see it's all nonsense, but he'll tell you about the technical side of what's going on out in the streets and then what could be going on hospitals as people spread the disease or not? We also take your phone calls as well. First bet on line not in the bed on right right, bet online has hundreds of events planned and games and props that wage war on they bring Vegas to playing poker and black jack the Braer righty to you online, twenty four, seven by the way, plus venom
I've daily Man NFL twenty simulations stocks, Nathan's hot dog, eating competition- that's coming up NASCAR back on a virtual anymore. They're doing it am. I may vans you see too fifties June seventh. So that's right around the corner stay to do this. Cast your former Mme STAR Jail, sudden and bet on lines. Dave Mason talk about things, all things I should say you see to fit. Including the latest bedding lines as well, but on line are exclusive partner podcast one you sign up for free account with promo code POD cast one and you get a sign up visit, but online dot. Agee, don't forget, is a promo code, podcast one for your sign up, bonus I cast one presents. This is a collect from sing sing. My name is John Jay linen among them for selling drugs and committing
Peter Peter Breastwork, I'm a writer, imagine trying to think both talk about shopping slamming screaming firing. In the background, your new episodes every Wednesday on Spotify POD guess, one and apple broadcasts from Droller one studios, England, they'll California. This is the atom corrosion Adams. Yesterday, Jeff scenario and doktor drill, with geographical news and Paul Brian on sound effects and now breaking down the breakdown Adam Caroling, get it on got to get it on a choice where they get a mandate it at an opportune and in thanks for listening through these very interesting times good day.
Grand good day to you here, Ball Brian What I do now doktor drew should be popping up soon the reason I got up this morning and I want to talk the doktor drew because we're if some people made some mention of quarantining and self quarantining, distancing and social distancing and all that kind of shit, and obviously it's been. Mad house over the last week here in these United States and I'm not sure when the first protest began, but it it's been a week our or close to it. If it has landed only ash- and I guess it's in Minnesota, but we have just conducted little experiment, which we took almost every major city in the United States, took a whole bunch of people. Put him in a very condensed area with notion social did
sensing and some mass but a lotta yelling. And also lot a tear gas which makes a lot of coughing sneezing and expelling in autumn aim drop? Let us agree on so if, if we don't see a massive spike in this corona virus. Now then something's up than than we miss cow violated something or whatever it is. We are telling people to to do or not to do on the beach ought to be null and void in my mind, if, if you can't lie down on the beach than men gatherings or people on physically, on top of each other, putting their hands on each other. Tear gas and coal in each other's faces? If we see something big like now Everyone goes well it's two weeks, it's two weeks, but it's not two weeks. It's like three days to five days. Two weeks is kind of the max. I think we're gonna talk to dry and will probably see eighty, your word if, if
got. Eighty percent of the ship would be- and I think three to five days which were at now, so we It's a big swell, All I know my camera a little funky of this and If we're not, then we have to rethink our policy about the beach. I I do believe MAX. A pat is rebuilding my my camera say guys can see it, I'm not sure if it max bad. Is it go off our house at work? You can yell Wigan here against just goes on. While it just goes off, I guess my lonely. I've color test pattern. Don't worry about the the camera for now Chris with that's boot up, drew and see about this. And although gave ride flag very its thanks, grace and also, What is she had so fucked up and self imposed like I live in a neighborhood there's, nothing going on looters, couldn't find it on a map and so on and so forth inside out
so my son said to me so sunny said to me yesterday. He said the aid you wanna go to carnies and get hot dogs tonight, that's kind of a treat for us, which I love but so said something I haven't done in a while. I shed haven't a hot dog party have on a hot dog party, hold up Andrew First second max sorry I died party. I call the authorities, my daughter was my daughter therewith. She had about three of her friends as as as formerly discuss my daughter's now hanging around with three or four friends in the house ignore all her own policies? None of the boys come over. Go around or have any contact with the girls, it's on boys, nothing are all just sitting alone playing video games in their bedroom. So I said:
girls. Do you want to have a hot dog parted and they said yes, we is he's gonna rephrase the body come on. I get it! It's like the luck and governor talk about tennis ball. So someone your balls dropped. Only not your balls, the balls in I get it. Do sophomores, jokes, I shall do you guys Natalia one year and the girls will again. What do you want? You want the chilly dogs, you find the chilly. I got the hot dog chile. I've told you about not like Chile, Chile, it's not like core melt jellies like hot dog. Chile shall write. I found a few cans of that and blah blah blah, and I said: ok, go, do the pod cast and then on the way home under the swing by the roofs, and they will get their hot dogs in the bonds and that this in that and I come home
to my neighborhood, which is empty and quiet and as it normally is, and I go pulling into the market and the guy standing out front. Like curfew, man, sorry her family, I I have to try to swing into the store on the way home and no dice right, except for who gives a shit gets there's nothing going on in my fucking neighbourhood. Why does this band aid have to cut the entire nation like good curfew, Santa Monica fine, not where I live. There's nothing going on there. Let businesses decide let them it's their store are don't want, be looted anyway. So why not hunger, I think otherwise, where's. The loophole is gonna, be you're allowed to be on the street if you're driving to or from work. So I figured she started. Stay opened his technically they're gonna be driving home from work. So I was hopeful, but now I drew Ah now I dont know, if he's in his car earth, we have. The canadian driving from Orange County Rock. I drew our U American eagerly. I can hear it now. I said
massive massive installations. Over the last five days, at least people on top of each there is nothing in the way of safety precautions. When should we see this giant swell? When are the hospitals gonna be overwhelmed? Are the hospitals over what I'd I'd first point to be. They know that Ozark Pool Party, where everyone knows everything ass, about break up that couldn't wait a minute. What comes and goes you gears contract with their rights and to your point, the fact- and this is all out of doors- makes anything about gathering out of doors null void. If there's gonna be draw break and finally, to your last point, it's three to seven days. Eighty percent part. Yet so at seven days we should see something we probably will frankly say something, but it won't be. Oh, my God, the House, therefore it'll be a little outbreak here and there and that'll be that so
we're going on day six of the demonstrations, as as you guys here, there are seven as you hear that so we don't need. Two weeks we need one way for eighty percent and eighty percent is Chile's. Joy exists to guarantee safety about that one person, but I terms of when somebody guy develop symptoms up they expose eighty percent are in within seven Ok, so are we seeing a uptake hospitalizations or are the hospitals being overrun are overwhelmed, are what we going out and nothing nothing like that. No, in fact,
the numerous you wash em just put out do doubt this weekend and doesn't really strange thing happened in California. Word that the way I'm interpreted in the data looks to me like we actually close down to early. We closed down so early that we pushed infections late in this thing right like right now, and so these demonstrations or right in the middle of where California listing stubbornly static and not turning down so proud. But we will see a little object, but who knows I mean look out well as far as the uptake goes. I don't know what's going on in Minnesota, but they they started this thing six days or go? I mean we are just a big surge Minnesota legs: where does it there's gonna be not being in proportion The fear we all had about going outside the window
and what about the danger in their speeches on tv there's like if someone laced or tell out who's gonna move them, like God, you fucking Idiot your show fucking irresponsible. You show a response. They go. I'm irresponsible your irish muzzle fuck, you you're you're, scaring the shit out of everyone over fucking, nothing, you idiot! Where are they now imagine? Where are they now? I dont know how come you're not just beside themselves. They show why aren't they leave is then I've got the wrong answer. It moved on racism? That's why they're done with this they're moving on to racism. That's the way it goes everyone there trying to make money. Fine, I get it I mean you have to listen to them. That's that's my whole point: it's not their fault there. Trying to make money. They want to sell at space. I get it. Why do we all fuckin echo everything the nuts I say the chicken little saving their fuckin head is on fire all the time. Yes, they go nuts over the
party the ozarks. What was that three weeks, When was that where's the following What happened to your right? Here's our leads story: nutty people, irresponsible ozarks, Pool party good. Now, four days later. Tell us about how the hospitals are being overwhelmed me. The temper there's no follow our. We move on to the next irresponsible case. I dont know if they know doing anyway. The point is this: drove yeah: can we gonna fuck beach and airline. Do we want tat? We now have an walkin Newsome. Is that ok with you this crisis? What else do me did know? Hey man, good vibes and meeting with love from birth, eddies offers and Santa Monica and its I'm just gonna call out I'm busy Fabrizio, I'm not cooling out anymore and want to go the fuckin beach. I'm tired of you, I ll bring in charge.
The poor, either the pool of honor safest places to be because you're dousing yourself in Korea. Essentially, you do you're waiting and blot out of door that chinese data study. They looked at three hundred outbreaks, fifteen hundred cases, the average seven exotic cases were in the home and when they happen at home they essentially affected the whole household age. Thirty percent happened in transportation of vehicles and elevators that sort of thing out of the three hundred cases they track. One was out of doors, and that was it blood drowsy only one there was not a five three to five percent outbreak was one to one, then that was two people having sex outside. So what do you know where your news read the studied you, so you don't like. I was at the mexican restaurant place that I love so much in my neighborhood doing the take out with the bear. Aid of tables in front of me and this in the tape on the floor.
Are you with sprang down the fuckin bag with the lie. So when I brought it in every fuck, all the not just tastes like lysol now and it looks like I say, guy behind the counter. I should die when we opening up here. Like one can I come here? Yes, I enjoy your food, but taking to get food home with a margherita styrofoam cop is not quite the same, is eating their and goodness called on the edge of the glass cop. Any site me maybe next week like may be the let us open up next week that we just walked off and just everyone just open up. We ve opened up. We ve already opened up the rioters open everything force the cops open everything force its open wide open. Just fucking go back to business. Everyone fuck this shit, so you're insane and I have a question you have that I'm Rwanda, Gavin, Newsome, came in here and I would argue with him about traffic when many
I wanna know fucking one day, traveller that traffic raw or that I told I told because I think there may be a Maybe something a foot here atomic spot, a pull that clear, prolongs that club it's couple seconds so that south? I saw a billboard out of the four or five says you're, not stuck in traffic how the hell with it was Emmy says you are traffic which I gotta like with which a kind of life so clever, he doesn't want to here's the thing now. Here's what the deal is, and here I'm starting to believe you think. Well, we have the most traffic in the United States the world, probably here and ally, so the governor of the state that allies in would probably like to solve the traffic problem, The answer is: no. He doesn't want to solve the traffic problem. He wants a traffic round to get worse, so we get out of our car. She s a plane,
There is a stated that the stated goal of b of the Lane diet- people right is part of it. Right now go mark arrogance, just gonna pay, plain put in front of his restaurant ten in downtown, like they just took I too highway, made it till one layin highway and lit You just put a bike lanes directly in front of restaurant think you can find a picture that managed by the point is this: they got a plan in there. Land is in our plan. Their plan is her plan and they want to out of our cars, and I'm wondering how much Gavin a some would like to change our economy. I dont know if he once full control over the economy. I don't know what he wants us to do, but he wants us to do something in this appears to be an opportunity for him to do Otherwise we should have opened up. A month ago, like Texas, in Florida in Georgia,
Should it just opened up? So if we're not opening up than what's going on and then what's behind it and is it the same motivation? That's behind traffic, which is we have a bigger plan then you're wearing I'm not a conspiracy theorists. I'm just saying why doesn't mathematically me, sense. Any more businesses are going under. I can Forgetting my sister has a hair salon. It's not it's over well as a small hair salon into panda, it's her, in her helper shows a clientele there in the middle of two panda. They ve been shut down for three months, she told me a week ago. She's like I'm done, I'm not! Ok, I'm not going back my amount of business that that's it I'm, while I'm under our rights, you're fuckin under their sea up bike lanes that I think in front of a tiny which is this rest? there's the rub, diet right about why? Why
I would agree. I re over the moon. If I saw tons of citizens on bikes in the bike lanes, it's an empty bike like we're. Not this isn't fucking. Amsterdam yeah, sorry drew it something like if we need. If we get more people into our voting board meeting you your dependent on the state and then we just ass the federal government to print bunny. I beg that's what the budget office has said in California, we camped, everybody unite just print money, no big deal just printed handed over, as though I mean what I use the most stunning bizarre thing. I've ever heard what I talked to the German, the budget office. I couldn't believe it reads: it's like what what plan are. We all here were people. You just read money that that somebody works by the way you get trick enormous degree. When I went to blow job. I tell her that she has to talk to the chairman of the economic office and I put my young cat. That's my move.
Quick question for doctors, you an atom because I'm sure you ve heard this phrase before, but the only place I've ever heard it was at the airport and I believe, was from Adam caught over Adam ruins everything a couple years ago, but I think we're seeing it again the phrase security theatre where they say
other car making this up as they go on key? You can open. This is face too, but this is part of face three, but this is always to be, and you don't really know why and there's nothing. That is absolutely absolutely arbitrary yeah. So that's what I've been saved, the beginning think you'd be. They said arbitrary in boys on when we can open up ass, a boy you dont, there is actually no doubt distancing is Jeff Red, then locked down in terms of viral translation. The idea of quarantining healthy people is a new idea. Schools do a high school student science project whose father then Filter computer model off her project published a paper. You put her as a second author on them. Labour and the Bush administration adopted. This policy are I'd ever in his room, every lockdown helping here's. My point: are we pussies or we dumb? I, this is
but a liar policies are dumb. I don't give a fuck anymore. Everyone should just go back to work, there's nothing going on. I want to see cases rolling in I don't. Cases rolling in from all the proper protesting all over the country Everyone in our ones face spitting in fighting, then this, whatever premise was it was false, it doesn't exist. I don't know if you're doing it to fuck with your people. I don't know if you're doing it, because you have a bid to run for press then one day, but whatever it is, I'm done listening, I'm fuckin going about while actually never did listen, If we are to do this, article about gonna, fuck back to work, be our go to the beach for fuck's sake, Jesus Christ, all right! So unless we see something ex ten minutes of hospitals being overrun. Just take up. Wrong. They are about everything constantly about like about all those speeches, how about all this ages? Ah, ten minutes ago, when they work we'll talk about,
Georgia Gonna reopen are Florida gonna those governors have blood on their hands. It's gotta be a killing fields you're, wrong you're wrong about everything. You're always wrong. Now shut up, shut up fuck. It poligized and shut up you should vote could be put in a fuckin time out Nothing else. You'd come out of your fucking mouth, you fuckin imbeciles, you lied or worse. You just don't have the floor going on but shut up blood. Hands shut down, hospitals overwhelm next wave. Second wave. We prepare for the second wave. Fucking it's in. What are you people listening for? What we also fuckin scared for these idiots during the stair bears this it's their business to scare us. Why do we were fuckin, Charlie Brown? for the Football Lucy's hold the fuckin scare ball. Why we Lord every time what
we want our wiring. Yet all what were you there? The lad? The leadership is genuine carried. I can express a bizarre that is out of it, but there is a possibility here that we will see a sector we'll be there. I don't give a fuck it's time to go back and worrying Sometimes we oughta warlike, but the point is, then: why? What's there what's their position, you will love. You allowed this to happen. You you you, you are so you were so responsible. You have blood on your hands out there. You guys I'm letting it let this happen. A second p o my the most vulnerable amongst us. Here we go everyone who died. Look, I said it from the word: go why they keep saying over sixty. Why can't we get age on these people. The Fuckin hippo laws bulls don't say the person's name to same eighty. Seven year old died in a nursing, home and Arcadia. Five instead
another body over sixty don't mention the nursing home, don't mention the age I was on this, the fucking beginning. Why are you telling us from the very beginning we should had to graphs, we should have had a graph that had people over seventy in nursing home, more really open. Diabetes compromised one grand and then another graph just as healthy people under sixty and then the one graph would be fucking, nothing and the one would be one of the twin towers and then we'd have speculative, but we never did that did we we could have done it was easily done, but were there in the scare department or do we have he's got an answer now. True. If we got our marriage, gonna help them can't wait. I are you out there each and every day to help a race The gender inequities that we have, or to embrace our eligibility, Q, brothers and sisters to look at our the brothers and sisters who suffer at his deep,
level as our african american brothers and sisters. This is what this moment should bring us too, not just the screen, but the next day the joining of hands together and figuring out how we walk ass, one aren't so I've I reached out to the native american community at their that all my action? I am less teslas economy that ok drew have you gone down and reached out through the algae, BT, Q plus a community of social justice vomited, I usually hold hands. I got we shouldn't hold hands. If you don't know the balance, we re at a little distance. No, still trying to Russell up a young black man and sit down, and here truth from from they are for me, I'm gonna do that its illicit. Of course, we all want to have unity and get together, to course, were outraged by the situation. Many M was, he has a. She has a society coming apart,
on his hands and he's the one who blocked everybody down the created. All this up. Energy aren't. So this talk about the lot at your hands. Oh my god, she's, fucking Christ. We have a full blown, Percy Running, Mean Geier, forget city. I've told you about this a million times now chicken the come home to arrest aright, so if we we should be hearing about, eighty percent of it is in three seven days so were riding on air and hospital should be overwhelmed and they're. Not so, let's go about our fucking business and for FUCK's sake. Beaches should be wide open. There be no rules on the beaches, add all the shed
it's like, oh you, gonna walk but stay six feet apart, but stay on the wet sand, but not on the dry sand, but don't lay out a town fuck that everyone does go. The beach do where the fuck they want. It's done is probably the best place to go Ellis course. It a little bit of three to seven days. I bet will see a little uptake, but we were not of the whole point of the lockdown was not to overwhelm the hospital system. And you will see that, even with all this exposure, we will not overwhelmed ass, close ass. Well, can I hold a Catholic, I thought of ferrying and you guys to feel free to shoot holes in business. It just occurred to me I just from videos. I've seen what lose, how many, what percentage of people are wearing masks at that the protests? Fifty issue I like here, the south. None of them- is that by the way by allied, say after the ones that were wearing mass did not have it over. There knows by end of it, and virus is transmitted, knows to know
but does it just occurred to me between that and the fact that its a bit of us drew it the self selecting sample like these are obviously people who ten more towards the left and thus I would imagine our gas or stand a reason there. People who would be who observe social Deston saying and quarantining much more seriously than they already person would be a reason why these seed a lot smaller groups and uptake, but a smaller up taking cases as buster Massa right. I word I would separate what they look like. They ve been practicing care for social disaster, may I say I'm whereby more freaked out, but they are on both, but be that as it may
We have just decided remarry there very likely to be a very likely to be a carrier at the big problem. Ok, they're! Really that's the Achilles heel. This whole thing where, when they looked at the homeless populations, something like seventy percent of them worries about error. So, as you get into healthier and help your population than people write about it, an almost are held the observed there. You know they're they're, a sort of adhere to atoms theory about immune systems and asymptomatic here are bound to be in that group, I let me get a plug out. Fur drew Maxwell. We should follow this up as the stuff from Minnesota's gotta be coming in these days now, look it's impossible that there's not an uptake, but a to what we ve been hearing over the last two months. There should be a tidal wave of criticise, a tight
Why? Because there's lots of people who are throwing every every bit of advice to the wind is thousands of people face to face screaming tear gas shouting wrestling. There should just be a wave of this and if there's a little swell of theirs, and it still means everything. They said essential is wrong all right there, the webs as a doctor drew dot com in go. Therefore, all his life stream podcast and all that is well. So what we can check that out thanks for joining drew, I appreciate I shoot em up, right thanks river. Let's see Minnesota health officials expect a spike except where's, the spike. That's what I'm saying spin The period of time has been long enough to get a spike, but well say I will keep it will keep it covered, I'm just saying everyone's gonna fuckin beach and do whatever the fuck there
I'm gonna go the beach and will lay my ballet got. My son put a bottle rocket, my ass and we're gonna fired up into the sky. That's what I'm good at it. All right. Let's see you got a phone call here. What's the difference between this and the ninety two riots, William from my Glinda, wants to know. William. Twenty nine going down am. I just can't stop? Laugh I've been on the phone like a minute you, great I'll, much astronomy, and I say so as not to think about this Adam nine nineteen, thirty two. What was being burned at what was being loaded, ring, Berne and looted back in the day was like
stores in Like south central grocery mark as Jan electronically, whether you know no substantial political union, the Valley Klima, what's not being mooted today, put Klima, yes, rout wise it all the same. He liberals cities, Santa Monica Fair back now rose. Why are they getting wounded and the other places it used to be rooted out? Twenty thirty. Whatever ninety two thirty years, it almost I've been untouched, while it's probably luck. If I'm eluder, homeowner, our business owner with a gun, I'm gonna, keep walking and. Go down but coma and try to do some looting. You're gonna get shot by a dude. In particular I am I who has a gun because Proclaimed is probably God must be eighty percent hispanic at this point.
There's some due to over there who work with their hands and they like their tools and pop up with some of their tools, are God's, so that would be a bad place. The loop what you are talking about this library, the S right was, I think, Adam alluded to it yesterday. I'm pretty sure like the looters can be going to the nicer parts of town and go into where there's no Nike stores in our eyes and bubble bubbled law so that their wits what are they gonna be measured and that there be wise not to go into the nice part. Two towns are while our own. If you're going We are learning, I think, there's pot, I think, there's out yes, yes, they do so. There's no guns in Santa Monica, which makes the lunar gay not here and now again, but look at the outset. What are my camera guy down a road and I was shocked we get out watching the hellenes up and put it in the guy.
The leaders were sleeping trash can with the barricades and asked to give of a demon football whims of today. These are game beggars. These are all those. These are all those people that we saw many too when I got there tat. I was shot millennials either young people either kidding about what's going on and they were not wouldn't or in the navy to open the door to why they asked what thought and their parents are going not not You wanna go Lou, you are the right go somewhere else. I hold on a second. Why am I ever thoughts? Damien Football Williams is the guy that pulled Reginald Danny out of his truck and that took a sinner block and mash his head and then he went to jail and then they were hard to get him out of jail and got out of jail. I think even worked a little bit for Maxine waters for while many, then he killed somebody else, well turns out that one didn't turn out to have such a happy ending and maybe
can jail may be dying jail, but anyway, point is this two things. There there is an interesting combo. All young people have grown up playing video games, In video games, bullets don't care in a flash. Virtual shoot? You nothing. Nothing happens, virtual video games are tons of shooting tons of chaos. Tons of ST fights tons of everything all those things and like I agree- theft auto down and then, when there They go, have a rascal, take a piss and take a nap ok, so you grow up with this world words like no thing ever. I grew up with state in short, fighting and wrestling and cuts in bruises, but there were certain consequences to squaring up what somebody they grow up and virtual world where they have millions of man, hours and woman whores play
game where they never get caught and they have and they ve been telling their teachers to fuck off there's no authority, and they have no respect for the cop. So virtual games, no respect for the cops means. Twenty two year old check wrestling with a cop in the middle of Fairfax Gazprom, member jockey, Jordan Petersen came on our show and extol diverge of wrath play with counting like when there alone, the Tatars and stuff like rough housing and wrestling stuff to establish those mental boundary, is of like over this hurts and that doesn't hurt or you can do this somewhere. You can't learned. Yes, it's the energy, It's, I think it's a combination of both because, like doktor juice, if people have it, lock, literally locked away for three months. It's this pan up restless, leg syndrome, energy that you have to get out and and that with the four you're old, I'm the one who throes of all around and we wrestle and stuff because I'd he craves it and if in Joan adults
we are also told a hunger downward. Ninety days, the that's a perfect storm arose. Let's see we could take a break here. Let's say I want to take a few more phone calls, let's take a break and then we'll le come back. I have some good phone calls up. There will be right back after this It's time to check Adams Voicemail Hey man Jamie already banned Diego. Do we really need coming down the pipe and coming down the pike? What the hell is a pike anyway, get it on. You can leave us a message at eight hundred and eighty eight, six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four yeah we're back up on tax and phone calls. We got a military guy from Virginia interested in MIKE and and
other MIKE both MIKE's hang on and auroras as well and start with MIKE thirty. Eight Virginia might easily and I dont good Haider. I'm doing well tall GINO, I don't hate. I'm excited talk to my khazar solutions which in short, Why, these days, some let's hear it. I saw you know you talk about platitudes, coach, piloted thirteen, social media, a lot of platitudes. Lately, the stately from people have a lot of followers. Let a powerless celebrities and I think a lot of Crete solutions. So with my background in my training, my expertise, I want to offer a couple of things. I hope we that I think will those moving forward. Please and then I want to remember it. I went to circle back after her two hundred figure out why platitudes are so satisfying to so many people like it drives
I have no, you know we're safe. Like pillows you now. I know what I'm gonna scary light when Garcetti says we have to reach out to our native american community and Algae BT community, and I just think that's towns on fire. That means nothing. Why does it feel like something to somebody why do I go? Ok, good good Nevertheless, I had ass good, I'm sorry, my go ahead. There are no problem, and so I have We think ok I'll, say what they are and that if you want to focus on one of them what number one is decriminalize police department on the country number two, did didn't happen, our de Mello Demilitarize, I'm sorry, I didn't decriminalize Demilitarize re militarized and you can talk. Section. Ten, thirty! Three! It with a department of defense gives a bunch of equipment to police departments in we so they can get new equipment in the military, but number two is gonna, be you
community oriented policing that I went to here by narrow criminology student and are somewhat my professors had act to a longitude, no studied at Santa Anna Police Department. Did that focused on these exact things? Officers cracking down on Latinos in and a really worked in its longitude, no study that can be replicated around the country numbered Brown, although many mean cracking down unless he knows that the ants the item like that, I'd like you- and I know that there is a problem with a lot of you, like you, know, gangs, so the implementing things like after school programmes, the empowered community leaders to come into the police department and talk to the lieutenant in the sergeant and the captains and is really fascinating. Long term steady, it really worked. The result to their so allotted departments could look at and say: hey, let's with income,
this community oriented policing model ram, it'll work it then you can repeat it and then the third thing is cops. They into the academy right they go out. They do their probation. They have a pity test. Maybe You a couple times at the beginning of the career. That's about it for pity, and then the qualify on their firearms annually right. They never have to qualifying anything like Jujitsu, ground, fighting techniques, let's get that something where they have to focus on that once a year period. Adrian Tears, apartment alone, pities, physical training, physical training, to do their PTSD Academy of it, though, Standards, can go away in its eventually with these were strained. Take me will it kneeling on the neck and causing the airway to collapse, those things their stolen, other things you can do like arm bars are so many things that are not aid. Oh, I don't have the consequence of being fatal.
Major Police department in this country big area as access to We hundreds of brazilian Jujitsu Dunes, You can get a guy in there and create a programme aground fighting technique program like we had an army Were you learn nonlethal? Hordes of those are my three fails. You are very kind of you wanna, their God. Let me jumpin say bring up a good point, which is when the guys are in the academy their having to do the physical training and the grab rang in that kind of stuff. Get out of there. Now you better the academy for twenty years. You re up your firearms every year, if you ve yet on down and done your training with your firearms. But meanwhile, you put on thirty pounds anymore. Everyone re up your grappling skills or jujitsu scale. So now, when some young scrapped the man of colors common action with a sharp stick which, dear
Are you gonna go to the grappling skills? Are the one you ve been practising for the last twenty years, which is Poland, the piece out in firing that I completely agree Also, I'm not a big. You know, I'm not a big. And of the tea the union's, because I think they're fucking up they fuck up a lot of things like I, I, We have a lot of reasons. A lot of the politicians don't want these charter. Schools is because of the union in their end with the UN's Ababa, police union sound like a bad idea to me, as well maybe police unions and maybe teachers unions. Maybe we shouldn't have those unions. I dont think its I don't think they should lose a powerful while the promise is if they exist there then powerful, because their drawn up their big voting box. Like the teachers unions are not benefiting the kids and
police unions are not benefiting the public, its benefiting them, and I I know if I talk to Garriga about this, he sure surely great, but so yes, that these are simple things which is instead of yes, once a day or so once a year after re up with your firearms and oh yeah. After re up with your physical stuff. I completely agree that that makes total sense and its also it's the kind of thing We should be having a conversation about now. Our problem is, as we would have liked, to conversations rhetoric, a conversation about black people. Having a tie, get on their back because a systemic racism. And then we have another conversation about reaching out to the algae BT community. But our about grappling plan where they go you're right, there's a Jujitsu Jim within or miles of every police precinct cut a deal with those people, those guys
would probably give you a great bargain basement. Rate on having having class and seminars and then on weekends and give the teat give the I some incentive if they get there, the yellow belt. Our brown brow there, whenever you ve gone bubble, gum a bonus whenever and get all those guys good with their hands and not the knee on the neck, which is not really a jujitsu move, but yeah they arm bar the knee bars. The holds a very good. My view run. Use you sound like I'd, be happy if you're my name Well, I don't know my neighbors feel airways better and better yeah I'll just add I did. I would overseas Iraq, Afghanistan, the de Mille radiation part. You don't want to see police in your community, dressed like they're in Iraq and Afghanistan, body armor enforce helmets browsing their pants and their boots. I mean you want to see a guidance,
official, wherein is police uniform that you feel is approachable, irreproachable to go up to guide? It looks like he's about to go and have been lot and read, and I think I I agree. I think about the LAPD in those guys and all their black and all all the way their day. Look like storm troopers. I mean it's, it's a psychological thing. I agree. I dont know exactly what the ants whose, but like LAPD, just the color of their uniform, says back offer. You're gonna get shot thanks MIKE prepared it. Let's talk to all but speak. Uniforms. Mica Lynch did remind me of an idea headman. Years ago. By actually to do so. We did me remind me an idea, and then this my I shall die. I'm always shed. We have a huge problem and allay with the homeless, give them cop uniforms and make it look I could have a crazy presence on the street, those
the town as blanketed in coffee cups, those guys never leave their postal look at up, never punches out, but also be funny MIKE said well yeah, but then what happens when you see the cop looting, the stereo store and, unlike now, just look like he's running in and everyone else would run out when he ran it. You know not conscious put you on the street, today. Two ideas give this. Go on for a long time. Give all those guys give all those homeless guys cop, uniform really have a presence number one number to somebody to me this idea that I forgot about, but God Damn is it true? We were talking to your bill. Yesterday, our Korean Durrant Belly, thereby allowing a liquor stronger right, korean dad was killed working there, Meares ago, Bob LAW, but I always shed down in India. Central now lie in ninety two there's plenty of pictures. A korean
it's on the roof of their liquor, store with Fuckin bolt action, rifles and a cigarette go and don't come near the front of the store. I will shoot your ass and I we shed now we don't have. Of Koreans to go around, but I said, if you have a this is where we have the plastic owl on top years. If so, then, using Ozma had all over the design put my career, with the gun up there. I don't leave out all year. You know what I'm saying I don't think, there's any assembly last year like dope and don't put the owl on top of it. Even if the sequel shit on clearly rulers, the villagers, him. No, you keep it in. You use it sparingly, which is don't put it out for the fourth of July, when the beach crowd is showing up. But when we have one of these big riots, put it out, put it on top light that cigarette Hang it out, like this figure, put the I'll make sure they owl is not on it. Are you going
veterans caraway bunch working people from losing your ten a shoe store. Where are you now We ve come a long way out, because now the pictures going around- and I dont know if they ve made a difference. I haven't seen any of the after all needed before a lot of people putting phone call like me on poster on their store those saying don't lose an emphasis in immigrant on business, so there's a definitely a wide chasm between how we used to do it now. Would you now you have the thing about the immigrant owned is when you're setting targets in Missouri on fire. Everything a sort of owned by the community or at least employed by the community. I don't, I don't think, there's a market of queensberry rule for four. For that I really doubt would be nice if there was. Let's see that
talk to what I like to do to ward off the looters. I put. My co exist bumper sticker out, ok again, so that what that does is it makes everyone realise hates time for clans. You don't know me, together. We need to come together. You do that I put the there's, no room for hate, sign up, that's and then to go elsewhere. My thirty six in Turkey. Yeah go Dad I just wish. I wish my the cart was still on the phone and before I get my question, just Youtube video between Polly almost ten years now, it's titled either never talk to the police or or on. Don't talk to the police like ever. And its leader, we law school lecture about fifty minutes and one of the students is I can inform you that even a police officer and after the law professors,
explaining why it is almost never never helpful for you to speak to a police up. There are at least without an attorney president, because never healthy or only hurt you, and if you watch a video anybody in some situations with these cops because growing But now I don't like you, I've been in situations where you know these countries show up and others like the innocent. The sea, and you know they had no idea. What's happened, they ve been called somewhere in it just like ok, Are you over there? You over here knows don't stop. There. Come back, you know no Bobo, and you know they just start taking control cause, that's what they do, but any I want to get to my point, which was about California. I've read your books. Your NATO, like, I am how like I am totally totally. Almost I've lost all my faith, a little bit and humanity, but sticking to just California in what we do not just
politicians, but also the people and I'll stop this. This word on soon, but I mean how stupid have people really got? from what you'd feel like in general, the popular ok nor anyone else it they say not to engage crazed. Aka. Spain was yes, ok, think about this, I know a lot of intelligent people and I know a lot of educated people. So what word? Who who believe in a lot of crazy shit, which is to say, I don't think it's about do bad as we used to define stupid. You know when I was growing up. Why had one yardstick to measure whether you're stupid are smart and those where your grades, that was your report card and that's the way we spoke about it. We'd! Go that kid. Smart man sit next to them during the text that could stupid. You dont want to sit next step.
I'm Corolla or railed half hour Chris Bohme during TAT example, for example, and so like soup and smart, and we got it and then at some point, people figured out what those other types of intelligence is not all just about being given a good score in USA, TEETH What I realize is there's a lot of people, I know were educated well educated. And they also have a lot of resources have alot formation. They read, they watched a news there on current events and so on and so forth. Also make a lot of bad not decisions like drunk driving, but they they process information in a bizarre way, such as the as I've always told you, my wife's friend, who was screaming that Matt Damon needed to shut up was talking about our Frank, had not rang a rapist in our food
Information is us become too, but the bad conclusions yes and they're, not so bad em, they're educated. So I started to really realize that What we're missing, what were calling stupid is horse sense, common sense, a basic common sense. You know I find I say to people all the time. You know why were so, and so do this are like someone, as I mentioned before, like he'd, say: Mark Zuckerberg, gave six million dollars to malaria eradication in Africa and then somebody does six million. That's nothing and its likeness. That's Emily more and they had before that six million more than you ve ever offered up and please such use some common sense. Some horse sense, like figuring out solving problems so, and so like I was looking at.
Lance Armstrong as watching the lambs, Lance Armstrong, daft everyone hates Lance Armstrong, Why it's Armstrong is raised, could Julian's of dollars for cancer and help can Gillian so people in cancer yeah? But he lied. Ok, fine! What have you done? cancer number one and then number two. Would you prefer that Lance Armstrong was never born. Or that he was born and he worked at a supermarket is entirely right. I am happy that Lancet, Armstrongs Rays and unity, don't computer right, raise, could Chileans of dollars for cancer and save countless lives we're talking about him so much last week I kept thinking about the he's he's look at it? People of our generation because, yes, today, did some despicable things, tat other people, the team raised by law, but LO the strong is a world class organization. I now I've want what I've worked, a cord of sort of way them and been involved in them and late. They do amazing things. An have save many many people,
our broad awareness are done. Whatever kissed, Raise tons of money raised tons of money, invariably millions and millions and billions? Probably okay, so I am happy for Lance Armstrongs birth onto this point. Ah and Matt Damon as well and now frank. So none of those people that we're talking about are stupid, they're all eh. Created, but their missing a horse sense, a common sense and I believe that, common sense is something that needs to be worth dawn and nurtured, insert of water fertilized instead of taken care of like a crop and the second you just go into old digital world. The second you go into your cubicle with air conditioning any start, checking shit on your phone and looking up you're fired. No score on your computer, you ve gotten away from that. We have to go back into this
in a large world where were lit, solving physical problems and killing soil and putting up shelves in your garage. We need some of that, because we're losing our ability, not the smarts department, we're going to have the most educated smartest people on the planet who think in a super unclear and unravel and non linear kind of way, because we ve lost the common kind of horse sense and if you think about it, What's all the education in all the information gonna do for you if you're screaming that Matt Damon needs to shut up So I understand you're up to your between a full circle. I'm very almost new energy, but like get back to the beach help. How good do feel after you, ve been like body surfing or just plain in the ocean and stuff like do you for capturing a file
But here you know enemy is your car one with nature and away sounds very bad now, I'm gonna say but get to the beach and build a sand castle. Where are you ill? I something go there and do something. That's that's the thing you were lost. I am telling you this. I just get the grub hub I bring it by just tap on Amazon and tell them to drive this drop. Everything off at your doorstep. And and or the throwaway culture like whatever the handle breaks on your travel, mugging targeted, tossed away, gotta Amazon get another. There is Things show important about looking at your travel mug with the Boston, handle and thinking whom, what would the best way to men. This, like should I Here's white glue! No, that's, would glue. That's, probably not good. What about a poxy? Maybe that's a little overkill like go down in the garage selected, things I mean TED.
Son just busted the chain on his bike, actually hear him Did he lent it out to US husky friend, an italian everyone went out for bike ride. The other day in the chamber and I said, ok and and sunny. Due to go for a ride, the fall day with their Peter around the rosebud and add the bike had no chain. So first thing I said to the Italian is: where is the chain and their life, I don't know on the sidewalk under the bridge like we abandon the chain, and I said: ok come on Sunday get in the car, it was dark. I said, get your flashlight. Your phone went the underpass, literally drove around, backed out when I found that already boys the chief suddenly, I heard of you, said, tardy boys and not hardy. The tardy boys went out, we found the chain,
I said: ok now we have the chain and I took the chair. And I said ok bring it in with me to the bike shop tomorrow and get a new chain. I thought because I'm old school the length would be an so the following morning, meanwhile, Peters Gonna come over noon and get the thing fix, I said: do I said I won in the bike shop. I brought the chain said: I got the chain, I need the same length chain. They said how many speeds is the bike Oh I don't know, but once you just give me the same length chain, they said: oh, no, there's a difference in chains now and how many speeds I said. Ok, how do we determine that. Just go to the rear. Harbin count, the colleagues how many years of their I go. I don't know so. I called sunny- and I should Sonny. Go to your bike, go count! It said nine. I should count again
and I said very no, I mean yes, I hung up the phone. I went back at nine. The guy got me the right chain. Then said. You know why the chain, maybe a little long, even though the right chain of the length may not be right. I should, while all keep the old chain and all match it up to the new chains. Lank the old chain was kind of bent up said fine. I then give me a chain break because to do this shit. When I was a kid there's, a tool called a chain break its it's basically a little corkscrew where the chain goes through it and little thing pushes the lead bowed it'll push the little rod out, so you can make it the right length. I then brought it home and, like said sunny, turn the bike over and we threaded it through all the cogs in gears and everything cut three More links off it put it back, like put all thing moved it up, and I got my little problem solve on that morning. I had done it.
Many many years enduring time. I wasn't like yelling at the tv sad or screaming at the politicians. We're just trying to get this Jane the right light, but we a certain amount of that we ignored it were now at the point where you go just tell the bike: I'd come over and fix the biker. You drop it off or tell him to come, pick it up and then he'll fix it then we'll just by new bike or whatever it is. And we're losing we're. We're more Educated than wherever were were arguably have much more information it. The common sense, the commons, we're losing an and by the way, that's what this whole pandemic thing. His brought out. Your enemy don't lay on the beach common sense, would fight against common sense. Is that and then you go common sense says don't go in the subway go in the elevator. Don't return p
who are positive to a nursing home but walking on the beach. I don't think so. That's what sense does for us and if we abandon that it's dangerous, yes, I have a drain snake with an ogre coming, I'm so excited Orilla my kids cancelled. My first order. I dont know why but say ordered it again. I've never done it. I can't wait. I think it is those that aspiring will enjoy this monster because when you fuckin, retrieved that thing from the toilet ball and a huge Maxie pad covered with three or require comes out at you. You will not be celebrating while you are what is in the shower, but it could be the same ending also we, you know what you're talking about the analogue versus Digital. I dont know. If you saw the the picture, it went viral actually, video guess who did show up at one of the protests and so I'm one hundred did not get caught up in writing and especially looting. Guess what might grow?
a mighty started as Logan I did get caught up in a very big knows, not not Logan Paul the Amish AU mission with their buttons in their buckles signs and promotes almonds, yep stood quietly and just and just spoke there, silent and polite truth, and I dont think God by diluting the ban, store To watch speak of living on the converse guys right, oh hey aspect, eluding Billy, who owns the liquor store, has a go fuck me page. A few hours ago in its rays and was twenty eight thousand dollars now so please fall Saint reduced liquor on the third street. If you're lookin to Google ad aware there deadline is save the Saint Regis they I don't know, if you guys all saw the footage of the guy in the convertible rolls Royce rolling in town. Did you
She then yeah. Figure out who it was, but I think we know now is that which hung about yeah who Yahoo? Whether I was told afraid, you'd just Munoz. Yes, and he was with my friend- said she figured out it think it was re J was. It That's what I was told, but I didn't that's. We are all trying to figure out because I think it's a as anticlimactic last cholera. Fifty four palm desert as a priority protesters, good, how you doing good you and dad failure, here. For the Indian well, bigger theories last year saw you both of you. You're kind of familiar with the area about win that we live in, and somebody is going to have a protest on our beautiful straightened out his day I'll between the hours of three to five. Today
man, I'm people were talking to each other on Instagram through this, but these people that are going to have this protest and people are hash tagging on Twitter that it's up to say, only have gucci, we love, and I don't see how this is going to end well. A lot of jail, yeah yeah that there already up the windows, I verily stopping through traffic, and you know we have. Our sheriff was going to follow the log in regard to take a walk down. I don't call it acquainting by the way, and if you wanted to start your business, he didn't have a problem with that of sheriff, I'm hoping that help
proactive, but I'm a little frightened. But, as you know, it's interesting the board. The boarding up, I'm so maze. You see these guys, their common at in other than the coming at the these boarded up windows. These gated up places and they appear to have like a walk man in a roller skate. The next thing you know they passed down the steel gate and, like you, I I will. If the devil there do these kids it it's it's it's crazy with. No, you know again so interesting. I haven't seen it by There is a line of battle operated tools. Now, that is in saying that a really effective like you could get up battery, operated. Grinder put it they Madame cutting. We are telling me a small: can Debbie deformity, no molly loops, actually more practical and sprayed on in
getting anything but anarchists, copper, a j in the in the video thoughts and my favorite video the whole week was in the same may lay the scuffle. That was unfair. Facts are going on on CBS television sets. Or whenever it was this one kid you guys are probably all seen it. Keep shocked a water bottle at the security that was, it see me ass, an with in three tents of second of shocking, the water bottle at they nodded the cops with this Dirty was run over by dumpster. Did you guys see see? It's ok he's in the red shirt, because I'd fuckers picks up. I throw it out, I'm like you just get ploughed God, I'm good. I hate to think of myself. Is this guy, but I was watching on God, you you, you ran its security,
You picked up by the way. These are cops yeah. These are immigrant guys, you are. Black eyes and mexican guys you're gettin seventeen box at our Then Brussels knows or non euro passengers and throw things out there trying to keep the CBS off from burning down Enron. Speaking at that, I don't know if you saw CAN Jennings response on Twitter as a guest of of the show. ITALY was made me think of you. It said their showing a picture of it, says the Cincinnati police pulled down the american flag at the Justice Centre and replaced it with thin blue line. Infuriating picture from a friend can Jennings says: let's just go. Actual gear and near unlimited authority to some of the dumber guys from your high school. What could go wrong here for that to recital that, through the cops are sadly I let me hit method man and then will bring Ceasar
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