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Part 1: Eric Stromer, The Love Boat, and The News (ACS July 17)

2020-07-17 | 🔗
At the top of today’s podcast, Adam talks about noticing a pattern of all the Top Books on Amazon, as well as his obsession with watching reruns of ‘The Love Boat’. Eric Stromer then joins the line and talks about his dance instructor dad before answering some home improvement questions. Gina also reads news stories about how the NBA is handling the Coronavirus, the Trump/Goya controversy, and famous celebrities getting their Twitter accounts hacked. Before the break, Adam explains why you can’t fake things anymore, and Gina reads a couple more news stories about officers injured during a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge, and more on the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial. Please support today’s sponsors: Crossrope.com/ADAM HelloTushy.com/ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Geico.com
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on Podcast one wow. We do some home improvement with the great day Eric stronger than we do some news and that's all common. In the first tat, first J B Wild proud sponsor the atom Corolla show Poxy, tease brand used by both prose and die wires trusted for over fifty years. And it's available J bewailed that come retailers everywhere, including home depot and lows, and ATO zone its J B. Well,
from the Corona One studios, Glenville California, this is the Corona Shell Adams. Yesterday, the president of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, Bjorn lumbered with geographical news, Paul Brian, on sound effects, Eric Stroman drops by and Dave damage. Egg is here for good sports and now, due to racism, concerns he'll no longer be masturbating, people be primary, fading Adam, get it on God they get it joined together in many get thanks return it in and thanks for a town of, ran way, love that about you good. A gene grad daddy you pay bye spend years on my hands in that stronger will join him and he join us in a second. Do little home improvement talk at some interesting stuff, too,
share with the all little of boat, daddy MAX a patter. Sorry, somebody should set off the air. I just remembered this story, of the indigenous people of the American. Indians and their ability to work on Sky Square various members that yeah door at the very interesting story in which tried that was and how it works and how they did not have whatever gripping fee the pale face has when you step out onto a high beam yeah, I remember this and narrower splitting hairs, because we couldn't really the figure I know it's almost to virtually the same thing, but do they? possess
fear in their blood or are they so manly and macho that they do? They have the natural fear heights, but just overcome it mixes do anyway they re very spot question. I found out the answer: they real circulate. They found out there were drunk I can imagine those two finding? That's? U S, oil! I resumed jam cameramen, which I wasn't gonna every pretty New England medicine. It was. It was one controversial already. Yes. Well wasn't my study. I didn't commission intuitive. I just remember. Reading it not genomics represents how so I was the reason I'm thinking of that and we in our all circle back that, but the max a paddle find out the tribe or the story, but in its an interesting story about of that group, it sort of like Code Code
lockers wind talkers airlines obey that they would do for World WAR two where they would break the code and that at the german student or the Japanese didn't understand their language. So it is a contribution. It was interesting. One of the things that I noticed when I to the I went to as on and I was looking at the top one hundred box I realise that the top one hundred box- I didn't, go all the way through it, but I just short of looked at the top sex. That's the kind of the ones that pop up on the page is a top Zack than I thought This is the perfect time what we're living in peace well that's good. Now I shared everyone. They go Adam Adams. What's to future. What's the future, I go save spaces and octagon. Those are the that's where we're going half the count. He's going to a safe space, the others go into the octagon at the top,
and that's just what comes up on the page, its Donald You know we hardly knew yet the one written by his his knees. Ever enough white fragility in theirs. I can't read Ribicoff. If you read it do one is it would number one, is too much never enough how my family created the most dangerous man, Donald book by Mary L, tromp eye out of these six, I own two of them by the way the next one. My first learn to write workbook you want to enable beside you run through three. I mean a book or a book for four year olds. Yap rightly rules on big preschool, workbook ages, foreign up right. These are big pictures of Caterpillar How are you hours- and these are kids- these are young kids boxer, that's one
and three four white fragility. Why it so hard for white people to talk about racism, five, how to be anti racist, ex paint my sticker for king, with a little Roger, I heard he recalled both those Brisco. Now litters got one of these four workbooks for tussle little round her fire, those two with two and three. Obviously, when I publish my first book years ago- is some Otto and spy thrillers in other. The whole. That was the whole thing. Maybe the one cookbook would pop up their occasion. We are now just kids box and white fur reality tromp whatever I may. We just. There is no middle anymore It says its kids workbooks in the world to sit right whatsoever. E commerce, safe space, it's crazy right when you
shit, it's literally three and three in the top six of Amazon with us. That's funny visual, pretty much the top six in the war right so that I start thinking. I've been watching the love boat just to see if I can reclaim some of my dignity, and I drew- and I now hope, dongle about- and I This thing about the seventys and even the eighties, where there is and your people. They couldn't saying who did saying it was again. It was like that Merv Gray Fan Dinah Shore. They do all these data tv shows and they'd sing, a song George Burns, who is compulsory Talk to me as Eurostar. You had to thrive. Ginger Rogers, though, that yes ginger right now, thing about the love bowed. Was essentially a Viking funeral first celebrities from the forty five all these brig name,
huge NATO, yes, later like there should set the real fired and arrow filled with kerosene, rags and caught on fire because men, your names heavy hitters from Broadway from the fifties leading men leading women. They were just end up on the love boat some of their last credits before they died, was on the love bowed There is. Ginger Rogers was born in Nineteen eleven died. Nineteen, ninety five, eighty three years of age, marriage, divorce, five times best actress in nineteen, forty, raised in Kansas City, I remember seeing that not quite the same as Jean of close and they she what was? She was an edge Fred, Astaire, Ginger, Rogers Random, either the toast of the town- and I quote that whatever Fred Astaire,
Ginger Roger said backwards in heels right and they also had a God Douglas. Our banks. Junior was on this episode. I mean these you'd have these big names from the gold in the air of Hollywood and they would just end up in bad tuxedos, bad hair and bad whatever anyway night. In seventy nine and Ginger Rogers is going to sing a number. The captain has convinced cause. That was always that that the This story line would be oh you're, the biggest star, nor are they weren't Ginger Rogers. They were a fictitious all fictitious ginger rye bread. Would you honor us with a number and it be like Richards, yes, and I'm gonna. Let I'm just gonna play this for you, it's visual. It's also audible and you gotta hear it and you gonna watch backup, singers integrated member where she from, because she was a
Gus STAR in the forties proudly late, Thirty's early fortys and and here's where she ends up on the love boat, singing captain into me, I'll song, and when I say singing, I use that term. Loosely known for that? Still nine? After this, we can, in nice, I hate that this does not dignified
Love me, Ben Gunn, Green where's, turban watches, John, don't walk,
which one do you just stop? Visuals captivating like mother shams, yes, she's, barely moving the guy's by either, for it is a young you keep some day will be when the other? Ten? U turn and you will have a staggering airy. Whatever does this looking in thirteen in the audience when the washed up when the washed up our dancer- has the butcher captain into nails Certainly they thought about it.
Defied quota to her, I know, but that's why you have to watch love but because all these recognisable names, because the law ass thing is, you know it's a theme we ve caught touch on a few times. No one wants we called old or out of it and you are, I mean when was Ginger Rogers at the height of her powers in a third- and I am already doesn't- do- invest accuracy that but but for dancing when her infrared seventeen nineteen forty are right. This is thirty, nine years later. Rhyme and now it's time to come in and I'm sure they're agent circle in everyone's do in it man, it's a top five show The number one show on ABC show up and do it they had their ten films from thirty? Rita thirty nine rice she worked now. Man, that's right, probably fuckin died penniless.
The. Why you mentioned that era Hollywood, where, if you re star you had to sing at some point, is progressing well could you not you remind me of one familiar worth one revolt heard and seen before you remember that see the snow man special for nineteen? Sixty nine? Do I am I conic tv? No movie, they come down borders, poorer lives. Is rude off from. These narrated by Jimmy Direct Jimmy right right and he sang on unbeknownst anyone why he sings. We do have a clever that guy, I told gross about public funding for us, Does old man right Why not? the great icon mobster. Whenever this is law, this is not as Forte. Now
you had to sing, and sadly the dance a little bit do not even if you dance and he didn't saying ages I do it. It was it was a hold over from vaudeville arrives. It's like mine got given off share. That's that Romania like just go out there and do a low, but a dancing. Could you imagine like I don't know they did- that in awe or breaking bad or something I sad where'd, you say little bit of dancing lies a little bit and setting up We got stronger, who is joining ass. The great dare Eric, Strom, we're gonna talk a little at home improvement with them. Him I know I know He'S- got a few. I think we got a few questions in the Dawson as well strong or what
going on, you know I was just riveted by their dance number and I can't help it imagine. You me ball Brian and, of course, MAX Para back up there in the genie. None knows ones is come on the here gave a lever, and you made your dad own and Dance academy. Bye, dad a ballroom danced each year for a kid seventh and eighth grade kid. So I grew up doing fox, try, box, tat business and really do know how to do it, but You know, I don't use it much, except weddings, but awaiting them flowers. You know I'm talking about how they are really are no more renaissance man, I hereby disagree, would have to agree with you. Judah grid this is strong stance come from what I can do a lot of stuff fair fairly.
Stronger as a very interesting pedigree, alot of song allotted dance. I think, as is well. We know it is dad. Did I think it's mom is an artist I was in earnest and ass. She beheld my dad with business and that you know that line is a geographic, doing the dance and backwards in here. Here. The stair thing that was caught her life she did everything with my dad and they were partners and great at Jesus. I hate my pet so I M beginning to hate him to guide there, the old man with a trumpet. I thought back now, So I stronger is stores a renaissance guy. Then I believe it's pronounce remedies all run as many as these french does, and then God and a building and then he got in a tv, was really honestly resist to good looking to build tat. He could not
I don't know like like, like a waitress working in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. That was just too good. Looking like eventually, some producer was gonna wander into that place and pluck her up. So so I got you referred, it you're using the deck right pronoun of her bidding. Now stronger. Now stronger is been all through the tv male peopled, Meda spit out? We did they tap gear USA pilot together, many years ago you know actually a funny story that told we told the wild, but when worm up and were eating stake in Euro dying next to me. Yes, I want everyone to know that Adam Corolla if my life do
and I was we were all sit in front of the executives having that big dinner at the other night before productions about two began, everybody's feel on each other out, course adamant. I order big piece, a stake work I'm dying. Listening, looking looking around like he does with this perception is laser perception and all of a sudden I realize I've got a big hunker stake stuck in my throat and I'm about to die, and I don't know if I should do You know that international point to my throat sign or now, but I'm embarrassed to do that, but I can't breathe and I can't get the thing out. Just China looks a man it just keeps eating and just looks at me. I wait until maybe I die or not, and I, like you gotta help me. I knew no one at the table. New stronger was choking, but here In me, we eyes locked there. The idiotic to producers like at the end of the table with a glass of wine telling a story about you know working on air
three or something and elements kind of look at them, and I'm looking at stronger astronomers choking plight, but to get up and scream deserted here in the house, because I may pass like he made clear it. Or he might poor guy I got somebody I can call to replace them tomorrow. Didn't get one of those attaboy backs lapse than outcome line our sitting at a table on a high Fullerton producers and stuff, and I didn't I knew it would be embarrassing if I stood up and yelled strollers choking and have one look bad, and so I just kept looking at and while the producer at the other end was holding core and I could see, he wasn't breathing It see it wasn't going down right, but I was give it another like fire Mississippi before I made my move, and we're just sitting there turning different colours and then,
rocking and a certain point. I Sharm clear it like a child ass. I saw coherent and I've thought about God. Thank God get up and make ass at a stronger, and we We spoke again until always on air, and we have not. I was looking out for you. Bye, bye, bye, bye, not looking out for you is, I think, that's I think, Don't want to draw attention to thank you for that it and if I had died, I know you would have told my wife, nice things. Above all, I were members of anyone's bender per hour. If you ve been a program, like you know, you know when you're in guess any see. Those weird off the strap home motel hotels and it's like to dollar anti in black jack or to out or one more nickel slaughtering you dry pass at play. She got caught that sad, like what's going on in there. That says that Europe is,
three or four notches down. Down from their name very says it all right really does is per Rob I think there's a winery there that has maybe the world's worst wine, but I'm not sure I ve told you I wasn't at that. We are at a winery. We add a vineyard vineyard, that's wicked, so I'm argument either Gimme the sad Peron again per romp exact. All you know is, I need an hour's. That's were Heidi Flies raises MC cause. She's there were the thousand parrots south. All right, this segment of brought you buy J B. Well, I should dare tell you guys, and I shall also tell you guys they got me a killer J B. Well jacket. You get your jacket does Stroman you, though there was no joke. Is
It's gotta, be the great installation. Might my daughter commandeered? She won't. Let me have a back any bower by the women's campaigns are wherever and whenever whenever rains, and we got some questions up their max a path yes, oh Martin, in South Saint Louis says, hey ACE and stronger. My house, built in nineteen o two with an old style of gutter will put a pictures. It looks the previous owners tried to patch some holes was some kind of flexible. Then, didn't hold now the war is made it through and is rotting the aphasia any idea how I'd go about fixing this or what to even tell a gutter guy got our guy in other guy, guy will show up in his gutter guy truck in Hilary benn that stuff, oh and mix that stuff up in shape that stuff right.
Right there. Oh you're Tom, I gotta not wait a minute. You said gutter guy stage house what does occur, that that will ensure cinnamon first, but that is from the roof. So you're looking at the gutter, its confusing, as is a sidewalk right there and that's not dimensional, there's other pick we'll go up and it'll make more urgent. I'm sure they all rotting fashion, rotting fashion at its right. At a same coincidentally, I e g, I wonder why is leaking yeah so here's the thing about gutters, you can buy prefab stuff in length and put it up yourself, sort of home depot for eighty or you can have the gutter guy, show up and he's got there now,
where's in their breaks in the bands and hill actually just make it on site Stroman. You must have worked with these guys before our very eyes and in this case, because it so much farther out with trying to repair had got her? I would recommend removing it. Have the gutter guy come bend a new one in four years and then, as far as the faster goes, you can cut peace is usually framing at the end of the rafters that you attach the faster to our just at one of the rafters peace in a new is by do it and put some nice european. Our match up you'll be fine, and I also think that that probably was back flying at some point at all. Looks to me when fascist riding out that you're not cleaning you got it thoroughly, so they back up, went around answer. There's a snow mouth in the spring and waters keep sitting on the face of that fashion starts to ride out on you,
Today we have the gutters everybody clean up the up and get the neighbour kid did. Do it man, everybody. I know who's got a dad. His eaten shit on a ladder up trying to get the gutters, and I mean a lot of guys die that way. Yeah, the widow maker. They call it may do I've. Member talking very Irian Jaya, the Calles dad like took off with doing that for each it is pelvis and suchlike: kind of seems like a joke and tell you fall off eight nine feet long. Half way on drew up. You know a potted plant our work is ribs. Falling off a ladder. Ah live already Lange's dad was fell off a roof. Mozilla Paraplegia, I think, Yanza Earl back and installing a prayer. So let the let the young kids do that or what is it in indian tribe, that has no difficulty mohawks, where the mohawks right
I guess you ever since the other more bring them oxen at least hold the lad variety and repaired tried. I went out, she got there, Dawson J J asks my son, Air unit is on the opposite side of the condo, so for the agency is hot, is a or heat is very weak. The filter is clean. Tunisia solution I'm sure we filter clean its travelling to far so that Nothing is, is its losing compression The doctor not getting to the room, so yeah Sometimes you know aloud, they don't do they don't do solid darting. They do the corrugated stuff, because it is an addition. You mean that really the flag of the flax start. You there's even a little but, as you know,
a worse version of it where it is flex but its key, the name, but it does. Work well and it doesn't transition air from point a to point B. So either a you get a secondary arrogance, I run a new duck somewhere else. Get a window unit, get a swamp cooler or you get new ducking to get that air transferring through the smoothly, dark much much more. I gotta I gotta think I will tell you that if anyone ever goes up in an attic and crawls around and looks at your doctrine, the flexible stuff or the non flexible stuff that duct tape as it is what it was meant for. Over the course of the years when it heat cycles like it gets a hundred, when he five degrees up in your attic and then cools and gets really cool during the winter time and have yet to bring that tape gets like Crispy like it literally loses all its flexibility and you go up there and you fire
the air conditioner and you go up in the attic are under the house or whether it is in you can feel that cold air like just pouring out through the seams. If you have a rigid like sheet metal Doc thing, they make a kind of a silver savants like it's like a rubber eyes. Silver kind of paying the you'd put over all the seems, but of course, that stuff dries out have to understand, sir, calling is what screws everything up like member whenever ones dashboard would get all cracked in their car because it so hot so hot than you did in, and you turn the air conditioning on and then it would cool off then you'd leave it and would get hot again and then you'd park in the garage cool off again site from hot or cold- grooves everything up like it. It's screws up the integrity of everything so like git year, duct tape
also get your metal flex tape. They have metal tape. You can take the metal tape and wrap the metal tape around the seams, whether its rigid or not, but do that also you know we'd. We talked about like the window, Mount AIR Conditioning unit and blah blah blah There is a lot of nice Compaq Low profile like Mitsubishi Wall, Mount units that are heaters an air conditioners and in your life a party or house. It's always cold are always hot. It's like on the other side that whatever is in the air conditioner, not doing a good job. Get a little. One of these Mitsubishi makes him. There's other companies that make em where they're just little Wall Mount units and they work where they are most troll, and they work well I also have their own compressor it, and I just actually did that for a client and in other run was too long
few install one of those and then just cut that doctor block the van and and then pressure or sudden shows up in the rest of the house and then to your point You know the addict is a really aggressive environment. So a lot of times two people forget to insulate in there and if you are going up to examine the ducks and if there are leaks made, make sure you take a moment to see if the attic and itself is insulated, at least cuz you have you cool the attic down the whole house fan, maybe or at least some vance- that air conditioning more of a chance to have the poor deducting work little better you'd, ideally what insulated darting, but it don't have it at least get the attic itself a little cooler by flushing. That era that whole house at that whole House Van fan is a good call. I mean brine, Ergo, rapidly, use one. You just put it right in the middle. The house during the went during the summer crack a window fire that thing up and all the air says it's good when you
cooking or somethin to an old house smells like sardines or something just shocks it all out spitz. Up into the air and the attic right. Those questions were What by our friends over dead, J B Wild ever one day? I why projects to get through when a say some money, one avoid paying prayer. Man, Dawson just fixes computer with J B weld think his reign started pop out on my servers pro. So I got a couple of clamps and a little bit o j. We well know what Tao seal the right up or an imperfect owner, doing it for himself bigger small. Projects homer garage, ordinary household glue? Well, it's just ordinary it ain't strong! You need J B well proud to have as a sponsor. I know the owner he's a good guy accompanying their good. I hung out with them over. It seem I've been around for over fifty years and it's all made in the USA, so toolbox, kitchen drawer. Craft room wide ever would plastic man
and more J be well that available Jamie Weld that come home Depot, Lozada Zone fans out of parts around, Walmart Michael's and more strong murderer. You can find him when we do a song, the house, new episodes, every weaken apple pie, gas bought a fine podcast. One then shoot him a tweet at Eric stronger. As well my miss in anything, stronger That's all you got me confining comfort stronger and how's? Your son people may not know that stronger son is a blue chip, basketball prospect. Yeah he's a is a six six point guard freshman. Got a bunch offers, are ready to play D1 basketball, a downside this what's going on out there, which is really terrible, you know. Why cannot take back control of this, We now have the stuff spread around, but a lot of kids, a break
rules and gone sneaking into gems and scrambled Jane without Mass on, and it just seems like the petri dish from Hell right. So it's tough now for an athlete who's trying to kid continued training when there is no access to any place to train unless you sneak in and break the rules so where we are right to ask, but he's gonna de one school he's got stronger God, one at least one paid for self. I had to pay retail on the first one, but a second one. No dice ain't gonna happen. Third, one she's. If she pays I'm in its you, myself, rules like myself on fire I wonder if my son can get a scholarship for teaching your son play basketball tweeting about it. Is there something for that
That's called a manager at CAA representing athletes in the land of making millions of dollars a year. So yes, there is some thank you or we'll. Take a quick break will come right back with the news right after this. Break all those crazy trot. We must the news with Gina grad. That's just talking about bad. Cabal a few moments ago. Let's start with some basketball news, it seems like some NBA players are taking corona virus precautions very seriously in Orlando, at least some more than others, or their taken snitching seriously Turning to the athletic dot com, there been multiple calls to a hot line, the
be a set up to anonymously report social distancing violations in the little and be a bubble at while Disneyworld that they set up where twenty two teams are currently preparing Teresa the seas and on July thirty first, while inside this little campus Players are not allowed to visit each other's hotel rooms, but they can't socialize under you know: strict restrictions, According to the ringer after teams arrived last replaced mediately quarantine to their hotel rooms for thirty six to forty eight hours until it has negative for corona virus, but they are snitching on each other's. Sometimes it's a prank, sometimes it's not and a lot of people are choosing not to even go at all. Now frank, Frank, though they have to practice together, like aren't they out on the floor together. They're gonna have to be, but that they have to be covered, for thirty six to forty eight hours, so there is very strict quietly
of all mutware contact sport than football on handling. Of course I mean posting up and in defending and touching like lime and, of course, out of the other all over each other, but how when, as a receiver, all over a db like I mean three four Times a game by your boss of all this is a sweaty, its money at it and you're going to act indoors in constant positioning backing- and I mean it's like it's a prolonged contact number number one interesting though community doesn't do a lot of snitching when it comes to the kid getting shot and drive by, but when it comes to the dismal corona thing their gradual running for the phone. I find that kid, yes, throwing all regional someone pause that play off opponent. The herd, Lorraine irremediable abroad, got the corona anywhere Netscape's. Otherwise, do you think he's young guys, and you know like that. You know they.
What millionaires and their what in their early twenties and they're, not true, sit around in their rooms all day. So you know, I would imagine there trying to sneak out for a little while the the whole thing sports is theirs, constantly ban curfews and sneaking out famously your sat. The curfew then everyone goes out. I mean like it when they would have that suit. Ball in New Orleans ever wondered sneak out. On Saturday night and get drunk in our main. There's famous stories. I think one of the most famous stories is how I can recall us but the wide receiver for the colors while others that too, but there the colts widened. Fever and MAX paddock, and may be fine. This Superbowl three or whatever it is a cold swan, but for two or maybe Superbowl one. Yet Don Maynard Don
nervous like us back when gadgets smoke in the locker room- and you know he was- slated. To start, I dont think and he went out and just they now all night drank in and I think it was a packers receiver. I know I want an outward. Maybe wasn't house apply area that I haven't a great game resellers Sylvia was either the preamble packers may be playing the calls as they wasn't slated, starting it we're, in LOS Angeles, in other guys from whiskey, Sidney Anatomy, matching Green Bay and always in LOS Angeles, and he just out drink it and smoke and all night shows up green and hung over the next day and turns out the guy who was starting in, for example, the hammy and he's in that has a spectacular game. So, kids, if you listen but take away copious amounts of alcohol and nicotine the night before the big game is what makes you will get you that lombardy and it makes a great yeah, the
breakfast a cheerful what I was trying to what I was trying to connect one and you guys tell me, I didn't like we ve been trying to you're out since around sport was trying to figure out a way to keep them, she didn't Redskins logo and duty something that was an offensive, but something that was a tipping. Captain the heritage and then the problem you get into warriors and stuff like that as well. You still kind of talk about something kind of aggressive there's another warriors, maybe that's a little whatever, but I started thinking about the Mohawk Indians walking up on the I beams and I thought good com, the Washington, Beam Man or Beam Walker. Are some version of something to do with the building the eye beams. I don't know the girder guy
sorry, that's a good jumping off point generally a lot and I know planet ten. Yes, I hears what you're known for hears, what your heritages here, something we keep it there beam occurs Dream Beam. I don't know, sort of like beam in like Bob Beam and see dollars. All day there called Mohawk Aryan were iron worker iron, who I am guy walkers Sky walkers. I am, I think, Skywalker Side, but how about Washington, iron men and we have thing, and then we tablet story. Oh they were the only ones brave enough to place all the iron beams up up. All the big guy beams up their need. This nation now that's gonna. Let gloves landscape past Skywalker. That's pretty fuckin sweet, although I know what you understand that reference gives a shit about football. I guess Good luck, get not pastor Disney iron man, not iron man. Do iron ran
I, like iron man, you there was a player for the mix Kepler However, this obscure in the nineties named Kenny Walker. He won the dull contest. I want to know what chinese Skywalker Leather, Israel was make sense, so I dont if you ve, seen the pictures, we have them of Donald Trump and daughter posting of beans, but they are making their way around the internet off the news that his Then his niece have sold nine hundred fifty thousand copies. Trot book on. I raise nine seventy five last I'll. I You might be right. I have it at nine. Fifty they both posed for picture with the aid canna beans from that the got the good guy Vs Ie of Goya that perhaps so praise on him and people are wondering if this could be an ethics. Violation for promoting Goya foods.
Social media, and some say it is so basically here's what gotta from to law and crime, dot com the federal law that says an employee shall not uses public office for his own private gain for the endorsement of any product service or enterprise or the private gain of friends, relatives or persons with whom them He is affiliated in a non governmental capacity. The promotion, Came on the heels of you know in bestowing this praise, that's we got into the boycott versus by caught, but there there on board, with the guy people event. Well, I think you'd lavishly, there's whenever pushing against whenever for first things. First, those cans of beans could have been on that mahogany table left over from the last illustration: we down international, let it out and what you do. Did you check the Oval office for Britain is not ok, then even okay? Well, then, if you didn't, Then we'll never know don't do it.
For weapons- or you know- or some sort of you know something harmful beans, but a girl could have been there could have been there Now the previous administration, are we don't fat? I just got off the phone with you have too bad. You know you have to do due diligence to renew their agents, no particular back up That's because I speaking to the furious administration, all I could think of- and I look at those comical mill you is Adam Crawl under Shell- is saying it was on presidential. Went Obama felt how to find bracket. Yes, Slovakia's grocery list on the desk area. What's it called the death on low it's a very it's. It's an official desk, resolute dusk, the resolute Basque Yale. This is a fish on the wall. But to be fair to me, Obama was true. To be the president. You know what I mean a shy, dont, a sharp distinction. I don't think he's trying to be the President
This is this is down the lives, the eye DE. I was listening to an inner they inner viewed. What I Aaron Burnett. She interviewed the Fran. Of the woman who wrote the book. The knees shares that as a gag order for the knees. I guess it has been lifted. I remember it was a gag order for the knees, but not the publishing company, about so her friend, Sir who she wrote the book at her home. So so they say, was interviewed by Aaron Burnett. I think it was and she wanted to know who took the task who took the essay tease for Trump and I was watching at and I thought it's it's two thirty, it's kind of funny
you gotta have a segment producer and I gotta do some fat and crickets. Listen to this interview with this woman, whose her friend cuts are trying to figure out who the guy, who may or may not have the biggest the bomb? Shell was trump, didn't take the essay tease. He had somebody take the essay tease for him and we had to try to figure out who person is and if we can In our view them- and if we could talk down here- is that interview it's out front? I think were there, night present trumps brother, making a last ditch effort to stop the nieces. Tell all book, publishing his lawyers asking the judge to continue a gag or against Mary Trump saying that her personal stories are protected political free speech. This comes as everyone is asking the big question who is Joe.
Appear up, the friend you marry Trump says: took the S eighteen test for Trump front, now Alex Frank Stamp she's married trumps, best friend she speaking out on marries behalf as marries under that gag order. I want to start with this question. Does it's gotten a lot of people talking the allegation in the book and marries book the trumpeters frightened a man named Joe Shapiro to take as eighteen forms of everyone's been talking about this Joe Shapiro? founders, Joe Shapiro, who went to the University of Pennsylvania with Tromp and his wife, the former professional put tennis player. Pay, driver says there's no way it was him. He of course has passed away. Can you clear this up? For us is that the Joe Shapiro Mary is alleging. Did this or does it someone else that's not the Joe Shapiro and timeline doesn't match up and it wouldn't be logical. This Joe Shapiro and marries uncle would have been a pen at the same time. That's the one
tears and they they hadn't even now that you're really common name on the east coast. Yes, reactors, which I think is a fair point to make it is so so what did the White House or claim is absurd completely false? Those are their words is there anything more. You can tell us about this person, and I know it is their justice, so much focus on it. Obviously, because you know she sang this sets up the kind of person that the president was and is you know, there's his is dishonesty and his lies and that it started at this point? Is there anything more we're gonna find out about the Jew Shapiro that she says did this and you know whether, whether he still alive I dont think that there's gonna be more about because really it's part and parcel of composite. I'm saying you gotta get a segment. Predators hurt her head this chick before you put her on the camera witches I wanted, of which Joe
search appear, our weight is, and if its not this one- and we don't know who is and who knows than why we interviewing this- this check There was a strange choice as a weird hyper, but when it, what I'm saying is? Is there do interviews. You know you do pre interviews all the time and they go look we're gonna call. You were going to ask you about this guy Joseph Pair. We want to know what you know and if the answers like yeah that's a different guy, he stared not, but you know the real Joseph apparent not really now that we have to go. You have to move on, and here too I am favorite time our will go on to another and other subjects and by the way that Joseph Bureau conversation was about five to six minutes along that was cut, I told backtrack it's like or go. It's called out front. Figured out. You don't know who jos your parents and I dont over Janshah Perez anyway, but sad about me when I hear about when I hear about
things like people having people take the eighteen for them and everyone Gazelle. My word I got her hair was shut down an action that we can have a smart guy. I wish I could create a remedy the eye, the source, for he certainly better. We pardoning anyone going to jail prison for the college mission scandal. Oh yeah, that's wrong! That would look daddy bad optics sure That sounds so on point right, Trump got. Somebody did take one as a warm activities like white. So when you talk about things, snap out of focus is light from maybe us more guy, like you, may have good business instincts or whatever you can make. That argument here clearly not like you know herbal and, like usually eyes blocks exactly like how this fucking to preserve it, These were not while so, in other words like our luck, I could ways three hours of my day and come up with a laugh
thirty or I could get this Shapiro guided. Do it for a thousand bucks. You get a fourteen. Eighty, like I'm, a business man. I got plenty of money route and I have much and I will do it An air was also during a time when you could fake shit, there's no more ranking shed any more there's a bar code and a rational scan and saliva groundwater is. Is it already illiteracy during the reform of EU walking into the play, not walking out the place. You just can't can't fake. She had any more. What else you get gene Elon Musk Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kanye, West Jeff Bezos, and those are just a few of the notable figures that all had their twitter accounts hacked on Wednesday. The one posted messages. Flooring, followers to send Bitcoin to their account, posing as the public figures. They said they double whatever anyone deposited for the next thirty minutes. Anything specifically summers and use it
a thousand dollars in Bitcoin I'll, send you two thousand. The hackers also targeted twitter account of major figures in the crypto currency world. The accounts have since been secure. I know that a lot of the the real accounts were shut down just to just to put a stop to this, but there's a word on how the hackers got in reports say they made at least a hundred thousand dollars in like a half hour and we're looking at but now I says, I'm giving back to the community. All Bitcoin sent to the address below will be sent back doubled if you send a thousand off act. Two thousand only for thirty minutes. That's on Joe Biden, that's on Barack Obama's and people people did at. I don't know how that works, good news for all of us who have a twitter account because its plausible deniability for the next time you get drunk and call someone a fat ass or something, and then you get the hot water for it. And then you go hey man that could
in some russian bought man. I mean I didn't even do that like now, meat as lots of cases of people asking into other people's accounts, so we have plausible deniability for whatever drunken tweets, we send out yes way. I haven't great idea, and it's actually your idea so think you're gonna, like it, you know when you used to give added Yes, I love line about women, faking orgasms and hold back every three or four. I think this case to get that plausible deniability. Every twentieth, tweet you send, has to be something same Rocco Ignore ACT, so it doesn't just come out of nowhere like It's a pride ongoing thing, I'm working on it the area. I agree the changes password, but they keep figuring out. The odds are good. It's a good I'll say some outrageous and scary and bizarre they, I would never say, and then, when you get drunk and say something you mean when you're drunk than you we held accountable, but either way. This is. This is good at
interesting the whole crypto kind version of this, which is a a literally make money age. Italy were untraceable yeah, I mean there was a famous slowly from a million years ago there was aid, a joke where should be sales like in the fifties or the six. These like did it worry he, like you said he was given. A kid show, is like our kids, if you're all- Ah Chin. I want you, go to your mommy and your daddy's wallet and purse and get a dollar and send it to uncle super sales. It there's a famous store where a much money, came in and it happened. This is kind of a kind of Version of that like iron man. The Washington, iron and tat. I should book no sir. I should point out that I tweet
I saw this on Twitter on a number of our listeners. Let me know that this has happened at the twitter. They got into administrators password very like half these individual accounts. They like like someone. So so I guess the soil cannot eventually, but someone got you re an administrator level and was able to access that's why they access so many different top down. People accounts I am not great. I want a k about cross rope, real quick, rural looking for ways to stay fit there was spent more time at home. Cross rabbits awaited jump, rope system that makes our homework out fund and you get a good work out in, do it in no time and no worries you get a full body. Work out in under thirty minutes combines high intensity, cardio full strength, training. I am telling you this thing is a great product. I use it. I've always told me: I skip rope and its good because
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so, if you're ready for new cardio and full body homework out, visit grass roots, dotcom, Slash Adam, get up to forty dollars off crossroads sets plus free shipping, when you check out today at cross rope Dotcom, Slash Adam that eighty eight crossroad dotcom, Slash Adam what else geographic, a group of protein, doctors and New York City cops clashed on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday, with at least three officers injured by a man who appear to be swinging. A large stick at the officers. According to the video footage, I'll show you in a second the violence occurred. Well, please we're arresting a protest or on the opposite side of the fence is the bridge and, according to a department, spokes and police chief Terence Mama happened was one of the white shorted officers scene. Video and he suffered a hand. Injury he's, like the top guy. A second brawl broke out between protesters and police, not far from the first, a total of thirty seven, we'll arrested, but the footage I'm showing you you're, going to see a bunch of guys standing over some cops and just hit them with sticks as they're trying to arrest somebody
El Kobori saw this its first, it's kind of weird and rough, because you watch news and, like this guy picked up a stick, and unlike is it a guy that it looks like they have upon, and also that means nothing these days. While that means nothing, but also you used to disco, this guy picked up a stick because women didn't in themselves. In these, activities, and now women are in like there on the front line on you. Ve come a long way. Baby you're swing and pool queues at cop The women are in the fray now and when I was kept. Look at it. I was like, I think, that's a woman, but I couldn't tell but there's a very dangerous thing, that's happening witches if a cop or a couple of kids go into a community and ART
trying to arrest somebody here in kind vulnerable position when you're trying to arrest someone your back is sort of to the crowd, and sometimes your struggling with that person. If the committee unity, formerly used to kind of stay out of the way. If the community's gonna get involved, you can have a very deep. Call time arresting that person. If you're trying to arrest the person in ten other people come up behind you and trying to sell to this is scary. It's gonna it's gonna, two things are going happen. Cops are gonna, just stop going in there and arresting any body which is going to cause more people, more more gun, DAS and more more chaos, but also
get some people shot in that that scram. Yet this person wishes whacking these cops over the head with. It was stick, but it's weird cause if it was like a broomstick, it shouldn't have caused a kind of damage. It must have been a piece of metal. It must have been like that peace, a conduit or something, but either way. Diarrhoea is there's a bunch of cops doing their job and you run tour them with a weapon to like the fear factor of cops needs. Go up just a little a little bit. Yes, brand farming for me to sit on your point, but tests It may, in the hand this hand, I'm here with over a little toy broomsticks was about yea long period of three and a half feet that fuckin thing left well for a month and a half by not wealth but like I was arrays almost like assist finally went away like last week, but I'm Tellin you man. If she can do that. Gonna have a three year old. Can the toy on adult? Why
like I was an actual stick is gonna fuck you up well, but tat a lot more up or body than most motor you're, all more fragile, normal share our view, but yeah sat in a what was it a man or woman? I couldn't it said that I can't tell by used to be, the tell by either on or the activity and now they're, both out of the out the window and yeah, either way? Good luck! New York havoc hops are retiring early, everyone's movement out, it's gonna, be a hell scape over there, I'm seeing it was a man may, I have other their news publications. The thing his holding his sticks era Stu, one more Gran, all right, let's just get a little update on the Johnny Depp Court case, rule quack, so more weird stuff. Coming out about this thing, the proper manager, Kevin Murphy, testified in depth. Libel soon that
Amber, heard, told him in December twenty fifteen that he had hit her in the face several times and pulled her hair. But he says there were no marks, no bruises cuts. No swelling nothing. Market leaders, herds, base a bag. Origin nor Is there any area on the head where her hair appeared to have been pulled? Murphy said he shown a photo of her dated the day after this encounter with marks over her face Murphy said they were a hoax, meanwhile Dep, whose the sun newspaper for calling him a wife, beater, allegedly bad mouth, heard in tax to her than assistant where they were getting divorced and said she was a fifty stripper of gold digger and had a flabby behind flow We were higher than she asked. Upon, remember air of him. I passed out eating ice cream, which may you hassle half made.
Kind of respect them like this. Guy was eating ice cream. There's a picture of it he's just past how eating eyes our aim and ice cream? Just Canada dripping down is me and by- and I don't know I couldn't help it was calves, size and earth just melted, but that's tat stuff I just like the idea first off here, it's it's obviously coffee or peanut butter. Some version that I'm trying to figure out what kind of container it's in as it did. It fall over yet its upside down glass. Now it looks like a Sunday ought Hall Sunday Dish and by the mix in its melted. As an expert, I'm gonna say that in the chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream- and it is now maddened melted in his lap- and he ate the cherry- and he doesn't nuts. I hope to have a dark, as this is the best day ever if your
Our task is out and capsize is a Sunday on their lap. That is good year if you're, the family tat also I don't know why she needed take a picture of, but I guess she was mounting a case at this. Well yeah and remember she had hidden video when he was drunk at pissed off in their kitchen and I'm on a little bit and remember they. Also claim that she or one of her friends shat in their bed. This is a volatile relationship from the get go. Crook use the enhanced button or not to see if that calamity ice cream, because that comes in a sort of container like that, Spain, a hunch. It has only I even with the enhanced, but let me let me look at the container are you sure, you're enhancing at I dont here or noise? You did you think you do do nobody! The elegant hang my area.
Anyway. He says he says he was working hard. That's why I passed out the ice cream that passing out with an ice cream on your belly feels like very drunk in activity to me. That feel feels it thinks I'm gonna, go a drunk on that one could have been more, but I'm gonna go from drinking hit, Dag Geico right now, Geico, offering you and extra fifteen percent off credit motorcycle. Our free audio policies, that fifteen percent on top of the money. They are already saving you if you're going with Geico. But if you go with Geico, you get the guy co discount and you get the fifteen percent has never been a better time to switch over to guide us save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October. Seventh, is it Geico dad com and learn more at Geico that can rise good eye? It does look like it selected and on base and strict
off the screw topic as like amazing jar style in both goes to Latvia has a clear, clear, container. Janata resent there is going to leave. You know it's gonna look like when I resent Brian You are missing your calling as an expert ice cream. Witness trot you and you could be frozen garage and please you're, insulting me My fate Haagen does right. Yes, you could be forensic ice cream expert, and at some point you could go. That's not ice cream, thatch overt and the child our objective the prosecution claim there was dryers, but he was from Massachusetts. Wasn't briars try rebel in your gums neapolitan? I don't think so let's re at home, Gina Grand
got it I'm gonna grab and that's the news with junior grad. Ride. Bjorn Limburg is waiting for us on the other line. I will lab bitted dude a ball. The inn jean we'll, take a quick break and be back with the present and the Copenhagen Council.
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