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Part 1: Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Geragos, and Maria Konnikova (ACS July 29)

2020-07-29 | 🔗
Adam opens today’s show talking about large legal settlements and his inability to get a haircut in Los Angeles. Mark Geragos then joins the podcast to talk about the Nicholas Sandmann payout, and what happens when big corporations have to pay for their mistakes. Jeff Foxworthy then joins the podcast, and Adam asks him about his new show, ‘What’s It Worth?’. They also talk about being born with the gift of comedy, kids revealing their own interests, and fine tuning the craft of comedy. Later, the guys chat with Maria Konnikova about controlling the things you can, making informed decisions, and what you can learn from life while playing poker. Other topics include con men, psychopaths, and how you begin the process of learning about yourself. Before the break, Adam has a conversation with ‘Checked Out Dr. Drew’, and the guys discuss the notion of luck. Please support today’s sponsors: Geico.com Meguiars.com JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond TommyJohn.com/ADAM OmegaXL.com/ADAM or call 1-800-844-4888 MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM
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from Verona one studios and one day, a California. This is the Atom Corollas John Adams, gas. Today Jeff Fox Worthy and New York Times best selling Arthur Maria Conical, over which Jean aground on lose all Brian on sound of acts. Mark Garriga starves by hand cousin Sal joins in on goods boards and now, if you hadn't grown up in California, we might have been a redneck Adam, get it got to get a job opportunities and thinks were killed friend, but that, you're right, Gina, Grad, that's right all right, we're use comedy today, jasmine. I had gurgles last second cause. I've seen some activity on the computer last night and endeavours people turned
figure out that CNN and they settled up with that Nick Salmon and the kid from the Covington. Whatever behind in the elder, the veteran indian guy, on the steps and the thing and now everyone's having to cut him checks, because I guess they cook the video. But there's a lot of speculation. You know how much you know issued forty one and fifty million dollars. That doesn't mean. I don't think it's more probably tell you that day, you don't take a percentage of that. It's just the number, chose in you. Could you could you cannot? I think we make? The mistakes sometimes forego issued for two hundred fifty, if you got half that that's a big payday, that's like you didn't get half that, but but but Mark is pretty you fully qualified two way, and on a few of these things and also. the question is not only what he would speculate that payday. Might be.
Also Why CNN settling? Are they settling because it's a new sense of settling because it would cost more money to go to court? Are they shadowing because during recovery. They found something. So I be curious what he knows or what his insights are for that so well lot. Talk to him in a second and we see is on the way in a b, C and CBS near a time. Rolling stone are some of them. publications, this kids go and after renewed. When lawyer, I guess last March in terms of dominoes, even if I may they feel their right once they see CNN, say fine, maybe they'll all just say fine, because they- to be the one left standing I don't know I don't I, you know that its power, a case by case. I think they were there. The way it out? No, though figure it out, but I don't
I don't know, I don't know if you settle, because during discovery there things that you're gonna find that are going to look worse than than what we have now, which is settling or just a nuisance thing, but on the other hand If you run a business and your business does corrugated tin, roofing materials and it sued, then it's. Just a straight away decision about money and encourage how much a lawyer and costs and stuff like that If your news organization and you get sued, you have to think about reputation when it comes to settling more than just a bottom bottom line cos. because there's a there's, a number mount that could probably be assigned to the reputation part. So I wouldn't think news companies would just be in the business of settling ops, orphan girl. They get sued Republic get sued. Every third story they did on somebody. Someone would be hit him with a lawsuit and get a cheque from them.
I don't know we'll get an all that with him I'll be I'll, be curious. Yes, also, this may be a naive question. Maybe I'm missing something, but why? What is the point of ever having like? He won, undisclosed amount of money. Why? Why don't they? tell us well Think in part of the negotiation is both sides. Don't want you to know. Why number as well- with gas. If you're the eighteen year old kid you, no one ever want to you just got sixty one point: two million dollars like you know when everyone coming be wanting it by a cadillac or whatever. That is, if you're the news outlets or the entity you dont want people, knowing what you say ten million dollars. and you go ten million box. Those guys did a hatchet job on on my story in two weeks ago. That's good for five million, like I only know what I mean, I don't like you want to set a precedent or baseline for for the public go and it also theirs?
the general thing about money like nobody wants anyone to know how much this person has, or whatever, like member how the stated we were when he found out that weird owls network was the same as mine devastating guy over us right. So so that's what I'm saying over nine years for a week as also we gotta get areas come and I got Garriga so get him on. I know how, It Garriga fired up because, cameras- always dodged what and when he went he pops on, but I wished. I want get a goddamn haircut before I went to taxes and then I realized, I can't because the sports glitt play is closed. Where I left with just the hare? Cutting places are just closed, accept or I'm gonna go to allay acts and I'm gonna get on South West light with a hundred and three other people in a two and in an aeroplane that has left
square floating inside of it than the fantastic sports clip place does in lock in the hot up, but for some reason that business is shut down. I did it in Houston: they social distance, everyone they put mask on everyone, they give hand sanitized. They checked your temperature and then you want in and got a haircut six and feet away from someone else. It was getting a haircut. What the fuck mark! Sorry right, you know I was there this morning at the sports club place, couldn't get my airports like just that I block slippers somebody do it here as an attorney? Can you explain to me why South Stay airlines, in LOS Angeles, can put a hundred people on a plane and fly, to Texas Times ten times a day, but the sports Glitt place can't be open, not only in the sports lifespan. Open I've got a wedding, a bed wavered who wants the bullet
weddings outdoors, my jus fifty people or less, and I can't get it attorney general through a greater that number one number to every single piece of guidance. They will get for everything else. We can do our doors. You could do this he's learning fly with all that. They won't do that then, yesterday or the day before yesterday, San Francisco The latter headline something about they wanted to get married and now look what happened, and I was ready to see what figuring it off old, like eighteen people died, the grass but turns out a positive result, like that nobody hospitalized nobody die, but the headline would make you think that the data had a hot cluster slope. You explain to me, you haven't, you can't go to the beach, but you and go indoors furs certain things he gave a loud voice for certain days. I will as soon as somebody would admit that
I have no clue as to the science. I think it would be a lot better. Ok, I I completely concur so, This said Nick Salmon case lawyer. Linwood, do you know Linwood? I talked to in over the weekend back trying to get him to come under reasonable doubt this weekend. I right was announced. I gave him a colander talk to him about it. He will not tell me how much, which is everybody's first question I will tell you having done a mediation recent, where I was awkward nuisance value a nuisance, He was in the eyes of the beholder that's the spectacle should amongst everybody right out that he settled nuisance value would be very low and of us pay out our settlement right. Well,
The final part of what people talk about what they thought about nuisance value is cost of defence. What is going to cause to defend the case and that in very wildly I'd seen people ass they made it could cause a hundred and fifty to two hundred fifty thousand to defend a case. I know but it certainly big firms to defend a cases and a bare minimum, a million and a half to five million dollars to defend the case. Attorneys fees expert things over that nature. So then there's the opportunity cost of whatever it is. It's gonna have to just trial and the role of the dice, as do the cost benefit, houses, saddling brand for a fixed amount is opposed to that. When people say nuisance value. It depends on. I remember, wash them out his own by. I think. Last time I checked the wealthiest made in the world. nuisance value. That might be the sum total of somebody's career. Do they do discovery before
they arbitrate. So is it and people when entities this large saddle up. Is it right to that may be? They found something that wouldn't look good and email? Are something of that nature, that wouldn't look good in court. We talked about member, when I think CNN, saddle and done in fact lead I do so. Why are there for Nick was sane? Man has been getting two on Twitter, some fights with Brian style, driving over CNN Castello, suggest was used while you are, my guess would be a soldier has no idea what it was settled for because, if you did say it was nuisance, value that in itself would problem We violate the confidentiality generally, they don't settle unless those some documents or something that. Exposes them to some kind of Bob liability. So generally, I think we speculated
for with CNN. Would that have been some kind of an internal email with that have been some If somebody remember Adam, I think who played on ass. A young some kind, Somebody was a project artist who Danny Sub Rosa take up. Hocker talking to various people, saying I don't care about this, just we ve got. One mission is about that or an internally mailed. It says I don't care what the other side of you. What this is about. Tat we're gonna take stuff like that. That gets you over the hurdle of ours. shows that there was some other agenda. Going on that could explode You would you think, once first off that would they have any privy to at the information of what the last entity settled for yes, David very well. Could I will give you an example: I'll try to strip it who knew
but I was up against a very large entity very well funded was representing somebody who had the wind it they're back one of the EU. there was basically our whistle and they person has sent over to someone connected with quiet document the explosion, and if I remembered the young Russell whoa Film that sixty, through the press on and they get a movie about. Him replied her yankee inside and cycle manner. That happens quite a bit back. I saw today that the whistle blower in the largest case on a six some odd million dollar of sediment, the whistle blower got trash the check for a hundred and some a million dollars, so bad happens, wide open well, there's somebody inside rather like what's happening and will serve judiciously get the documents. Somebody else whose connected with
the proceedings do you haven't, got a gas on what the amount would be or what would the? What would it be if you represented Nick Sandman? What would you be thinking about or brain a difference. I think eight different affirmed its in the process. I always thought they wanted the pick one off this kind of a domino jerry want somebody, one person settles it set it up for such good settlements. I said before that I thought it The Berlin summit was not what most people think is loosens value and they probably found something discovery. It's pure speculation displacing that on forty years of doing this kind of stuff, my guess what, that you're? Looking at seven seven figures, I don't think: remember, when has got more than enough they would represent famously richer draw represented usually representative Gary pounded, Gary and its white twenty years ago. In writing yourself, you represented,
the giant, I'm gonna, my raising the other families and white while there is made, is that kind of at least had kind of a cottage industry of suing tabloids for saying crazy things about me. so, in other words a media outlets facility, so I'll see where. Would have wanted to just walk away from something. For you know what most people are speculating. I dont believe for a second, but it's too by fifty or a hundred thousand like I've seen on the internet today that just one that would shocked me, I just gave imagine that that would be the case. I could be wrong, but it doesn't make any sense to me here. I think it would be crazy. My guess is that what happened is there was a settlement with the settlement was large enough. Probably the day. waited for sand man's birthday, eighteenth birthday, so they didn't happen.
You would call the miners compromise achieved. I guess I don't have any information, but I don't think it's a coincidence, city eighteen and there's a settlement of some kind because you don't want to have to file with, Fort and tell them how much you're getting it ever judge gonna waivers bless the summit, so you wait until it and then he would suddenly case nuts. I think what probably happen although you'll never get, let alone does not is tightly ones. did he seem like you is in a good mood when he spoke Johnny within a spectacular mode, alcohol fuel battle, accuse them of that. But then about the difference between a company that does structural supply settling and a company that does news saddling. Is there A difference I mean is CNN gun invite more of these
attempts at the that more law suits, or does it hurt the reputation or what? How do you factor that it workers? That's we used to call the roofs theory Rob saw the supermarkets used to use the pay off slip involves the other two thousand bucks. Whatever was twenty five hundred bucks we want to deal with. The figure was cheap the recast of the fence, what they had been seen, those that there was a preparation of was so they. Finally, they got a new general council on one point I think was wives could have been Albert and who knows what the principles the same they what they did is they took a kind of a no settlement policy. took a couple of the trial once they are one or two friends is what they call it. Then people are prop plainest words work, any contingency, wouldn't we're gonna think twice before they brought it. So there is that you kind of conditions, people
what to do. One of the areas of the law right now, where is a lot of tools, are good. These silenced, styled ABA type lawyers who saw because buddy wheeled into a restaurant. In me, your hand, railways, half an inch on the web, and I couldn't each debate clouds so that if you do hey those are, they walked proliferating. I was in my opinion and really does a disservice to the place, this is where there is a legitimate complaint, as opposed to one minute lawyer generated looking for a visa we appreciate shining and Jeff Fox where these on hold so I'm gonna bring it home by Brian, the name of the croatian parliament. If anything is to
Forget mark- please forgive my ignorance and and try to keep her answer short. If you can't fox word is waning, please explain what are these news organisations accused of and what a Sandman suing for? I feel ignorant about those who hold the whole beginnings of this case. They Jen. We saw boy, deprivation or libel, sometimes foreign intentionally them motion of the Sun that's a real stretch generally, because it requires its elements, but there's I it's always that your trusting somebody was called in a false light. So it's very hard those high hurdle. U S as opposed to Britain, which is one of the reasons it John yeah pursuing in Britain there you have to shovel. some kind a mouse. Well, that's why you're talkin about some kind of us? I'm gonna die or internal communication. If it looks like there's an agenda,
there's somebody's carrying water for one side or the other, and you get your able was taken with that. That gets you over what traditionally been this New York, tides, verses, Solomon case, which is the case. establish the high barnyard to get old rights. just an error or mistake, or your rushing to get this video tape on the air by nine. A m then not a whole lot of law suit, their right I'd be glad to make a demand for retraction they'll. Give a rich action that there's a safe harbour where you can go in and get a retract things like that by the time you get through all of that date that traditional dance, its absolute something that gets you over, the bar malice, it's extremely differ- to prevail in those cases, which is one of the reasons why lead has been so successful he's been able there. enable do. I get results in cases that waters would shy away from
I'll give you a plug reasonable doubt best hour in the universe, our apple pie, Cason and Podcast one as well and the book mistrial and inside look at how the criminal justice system works and sometimes doesn't voiced by our own Dawson, that's available and Amazon right now is well. Thanks we'll see each other soon. I hope I helped to buy another why'd, you know I will I told you, he knows things and that's why you know every that's why you go to mark our eye, so are all caught up on that will keep you posted in. We got Jeff Fox worthy of areas hijack how area goodbye. How you I'm doing well, say hideaway, Gina and blot ball brine. here you. How are you that's all that crap winner, the show. What's it were
earth premiers, this Tuesday August, fourth, nine p m on any Jeff you're not gonna, remotely go around the country and that figure out what peoples? elections in staffing and things are worth, I guess, kind of an anti roads. How can a vibrant? low, but in somebody's home, which to me. You know the comic me that made it fine but Unlike I once you, let me in the front door. I want to know the dogs name. I wanna know the story behind the picture on the wall you around couple, we were talking to have a statue in the living room and they're trying to show it to us. Kids are run around screaming and the youngest one decided hey now would be a good time to take my pants off and run up and down the stairs, and you know the small stuff you give every day on tv did the for you
When did the comedy bug by you? Do when did you know you're going comedian at a young age was a party or life where what where No, you grew the blue collar in the pond, but I mean you know they do talk about like they go. Well, a young historian, girl needs to see hispanic women being doktor, so she could understand that one day she could be a doctor and I don't know, maybe you're from a place where a lot of friends and neighbors were were particularly in pay its work in the committee or doing comedy for living. But how you know I mean I. I really think it because I do on me where the cable guy had a radio station on Serious- and I do it- a show called a comic mine where I just talked to colleagues- and my first question always is
Do you think you're born funny, or is it something you learn, and I truly and of the belief, you're just born this way, it's like something they can open their mouth and saying you. You learn early in life. I have this power are you know to make people laugh and so was a kid. I was saved my allowance and I would buy you know God, for bill, Cosby Records and flip Wilson in bomb new hard and then later in a prior and Carlin And- and I would memorize someone I would go to school and do it in I can remember being a kid and my parents would watch that tonight show and I would lay there in bed and listen to it, and if there was a comical now we get out of bed and I would pay through where the door was cracked, because I wanted to watch Bob her George Goble are broad near our whoever sobs, always fascinated by this thing. I just didn't know for a fact. from a blue collar town. That was an option I didn't know that was then you could be when you grow up
so I got a job work in that IBM, Kirin too bad, it's in machines and I was the funny guy work, I the guy that was in the break room, doing impersonation of the boss and the boss would be in the doorway. So when, like I was on the fast track there, but a bunch of guys, I worked with used to go to the local comedy club and they kept coming back to work on Fox words, funnier and these people are. You need to go do this and they actually entered me in a contest not an amateur night, a contest for working comics, and RO five minutes about my family and my first night one that week of the contest- and I knew a minute into it- I'm like hell, I'm quit my job. This is what I want to do. I was scared to death, but it was like what I am. This is where I fear- I agree. I you know we Think we graft too
psychology on two guys with a sense of humour, and we don't do it as always, say always remember I interviewed the great Tommy Lee for Motley crew many years ago on love line radio, and I said what's up with drumming like when you die said when I was five. I was banging on pots and pans. That's what I did I just five years old and when the kitchen about wooden spoon, sister, banging on pots and pans, and we standard for artists, dick endeavours and musical davers and singing and things your even people that, like kids, like working with kids, are like gardening or whenever, but for somehow with comedy we go. Oh, you must have, suffered a lot of trauma. Are you are paid attention to and in in grade school or your mama didn't establish enough. I contact with units like now just a sense of humor, just like a musician once the plane. I don't play the drums, you know, I don't think, there's much
more reason to look at it that way and then look at all these poor countries have all these real problems and not a lot of committee coming out of those places. Now? Are you in your right that theory there should be amby. I remember remember the old cassette tape. recorders em. They were kind of big you'd lay the thing in there and you had the big buttons and I use I think I was probably eight or nine years old, and I got one for Christmas and the first thing I did with it was: I went to get to empty milk, jugs filled and full of water, and then recorded myself with the alarm clock going off me getting out of bed, but the footsteps walking into the bathroom. You can hear the sea going out and then very slowly, I empty one of these things. water and first people are during a low bet, but when it goes on for five minutes there howling, then you have a few drops in it stops and then I
start with the second round of water and yet the adults were howling and I'm like cryptic his power this is This is yet! Oh, I don't know why I'm able to do it. I can even be car about a foot. You know like you, you just know you I can do that. I can't figure out what's wrong with the internet, but if you say to me right me, fifty jokes about aunts and uncles. Unlike ok, I can do that. The thing that's kind, interesting is, if you this step back and why kids, whatever their interest well their interests. Are they just present themselves right so yeah? If, if you think I think of anybody, I had comedy alms. When I was a kid I had like George Carlin Communism's, I didn't hear me, I don't have any money I didn't have anything I would listen to
actor demand dough on Sunday night a year. I think it was God I think it was came. E T may be our Callaway S out here, but I'd listen! The doktor demand dough, religiously. I would record doktor demand over the little cassette tape and literally just hold the unit to the speaker, and I had two, maybe three George Carl, announce that I would just listen to over and over again and if you think about it, whatever that thing your kid and then there are other kids that have no interest. They never bought a comedy out, so young Jeff Fox, worthy in young, Adam Crawler, were listening to Carmody record. So you could have ascertained that that ten year old was very much interested in that's that subject now I get it when your five or six you play cowboys and Indians or something I mean, you're gonna grow up to be a law man, but when I'm saying is, is watch your kid.
The stuff, all just kind of presence? It presents itself Absolutely and in turn to the point minor, both in their mid twenties, but I think back to What they're interested in Ten year olds is kind of what they do now. You know my my own one was always about like kind of the underdog and all- and you know works in a homeless, shelter, yeah? I got a masters degree in works on a homeless shelter and my one was always like drawing and funding, and she played sums on the computer. You know pudding houses together and she send up like a interior decorating place in your. I will tell you she does. She was doing that when she was ten years old, well, yeah I totally agree trying to think if comedy and also I think maybe this helps our argument
How many is not really a family business? I mean they're such a thing, but it's not like just You know hey. This is the business of comedy come join me, not everybody's distillers, young person, Gatt, the I'd, say, you're its do very sort of straight straight type, jobs do and it it's interesting the thing it's interesting to is, if your PA, and have some money the freedom kind of figure out what you want to do. You know you don't have to go work on tuna ship in Alaska. You have some money, you can you don't have to take we think about all those jobs. We all took out a necessity that had no. We had no reason to do them other than pure desperation. Nobody wants to clean carpenter work at Mcdonalds. I think they might give butcher butcher right were an end. I think back at the time that I did that a one Mary
fact I met my wife first night, I went on state, she was there. She was in, and she just done a thing with a guy. That was a comic and they had all down there to root for this guy who I beat in the competition. So I met my wife and my career within two minutes of each other same place same nine. This this person that signed you or are you giving them fifteen percent of every now? I know I'm not that I tell him. Thank you every time I see them, but pretty But if I had been married and had had kids at the time, I probably wouldn't have quit my job at IBM to be a comics. You know what I mean, because Lord knows that mean that that first year I found Adam. Remember the old like that. Look calendars that you would write all your gigs any you would you give people? I found the one from my first year on the road. I did four hundred and six shows an Amber
eight thousand three hundred dollars while so it it wasn't like. I was doing it for the money I just did it cause, I loved doing it, but if I had been raising a family, you know I could have done that. So you know it was. It was having ability and also the opportunity came at the right time in my life. How old were you when you went out? Did that competition? Twenty twenty five? it's funny. It's funny. I was always very conscious. Leave thinking, don't have kids down I wouldn't even by a truck with payment, I would buy cracks in the recycling for eighteen hundred bucks, yo, use, dots and pick up trucks and stuff, and I could always remember people on the on my job side saying go down Open Ford put down a thousand box, make your payment on a new Ranger Ives like if I have a payment. If I kids, if I have a wife, I won't be
but go out at night. In do this, it would be irresponsible for me to spend my money on Groundlings classes when I should be spending on food and insurance and stuff. You need- and I couldn't I couldn't. But my day, job and I'd I'd always thought about that long and hard, and I I wish me People in the United States would think about how that sort of pertains to them. Well yeah because once I did that you know my daughter was asking not long ago. She said what did you and mom have a medical plan? I said yeah, it was dont get sick, you know we may we had no money, but was willing to roll the die. So I was willing to do anything once I found this. I mean you know what we live from women to allay We lived in a studio apartment that you took your shoes off the place was dirty and making him was the smallest and we, that have cared lass because you know
Well we're doing this thing. It was it for it was like an adventure in- and I don't even know back then if I ever really had thought that that we're gonna be successful at it. I just had found something that I loved and I can I could still we and do it the eye. I know it's interesting people it I don't know, there's a weird of theirs a fine balance of planning and then expecting too much like a plan is good, bye, successful people? I know never had a plan and also how it how it, how close to their plan their life have mirrored even now that their successful you know I am. I do casting for living podcasting didn't exist. What can my plan have been
Now- and I always just thought about moving forward, not really really without a plan. I feel like a plan. Sometimes you get tangled up in it. or you know, like my plan when I start out one one of those people they got into it- taken get a sick com or a movie out of this. I just truly loved stand up, and so I mean I did those things, but it was almost by accident, but my plan, I wanted to be on Johnny, Carson before Johnny retired and lucky enough to do that, I called over to the couch and either swear to you. I remember lay in that little studio apartment There are behind the Santa Monica Car WAR stared at the ceiling, goin o crap. I don't have a plan now that was it right, you know, and in so, but but again that was ok. The one thing I did do is I worked at you know like in those early days in the comedy club when everybody else was going out and get drunk
HI. I would come back from a show and I would look at my would take notes in this way Can this didn't work and I was always writing. I was always working at it, so while I didn't know, certainly have a plan, and I look back and so many of the people that are successful. They did work at it, whether rainwater people like you, capital? Who was the house him see at the comedy magic club, but you know he was always kind of grinding and always kind of warning. You didn't whom nobody would have known them. Betty, would end up making movies, but he worked out When I worked at Seinfeld worked at it, I mean so you know there were a lot of people that ended up being successful. And a lot of different things, whether with tv shows or voice overs. Sir, you know
but they weren't you would you worked at and you didn't say this common, but you were always working at your craft Rhine. You got a last question for Mr Fox worthy Jeffrey, reminding me when you said that there are enough to your theory in earlier hypothesis. They know you come out of the room funny and then you can develop it. I remember you and a documentary by ten years ago called I am chronic, and I remember this number so well, because Jeff is not only naturally funny you're also technician you're going on about How- and this is something only you know- the people at the musical mind understand music of evil to comic mine, interesting comedy, you are going on about how there's a rhythm jokes like, but up up up boom or you can have been up up up and then, but up boom or in an area where there is a verbal written that you had in your head is not everyone in your jokes, but it sort of guides. You know how you look at developing common development material and
Yet you know it's instincts, sure it's not even if it becomes very hard to explain its like. How do you know you know, but it's probably no different than throwing A baseball are catching up. Paul, it's just an instinctive cool thing, but and I have a hard time describing it, but there's some nights when I'm on stage, I'm a visual guy. Not just remember, I just think, that record with a needle b and right in the grove and there's some knights. Were it's not right in the group and unlike the hell am. I do- and I might you know me
want to fast to slow what amount and then there's some nice man when it's just so perfect in its just, must be like a ski you're, going down the hill where you're not even think about it. You know it's just you just on in its work and I hope there's no one under forty listening cause. All we ve talked about cassettes and we talk, and I don't get the fuck these guys I haven't heard of it. I don't know either when those analogies, Fox, where the what it's worth its premiers, Tuesday August. Fourth, nine p m on any thanks, Jeff, always good to talk to you, my friend, you too, thanks wherever it may be. Well, you too, another good ones, Jeff Fox riding. We're gonna, do a quick spot here and will bring on Maria kind of Kova first item damn. Madison red miss their working from home, starting staring at your co workers. Gray hair on the video calls thinkin about colouring. It you're, not alone man.
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thing under ten minutes, mass would read rest or right does not gonna Madison RE, Mr Dotcom, that Empty Ireland or even the m, are dot com and use code Adam for ten percent offers free shipping on your first box. Again that code, Adam Adam, also just a heads up anyway wine romance and read the first ten people to enable their receipt will get a signed copy of your new book emails. in the autumn. Curl adapt come here. You have something to do while you let the hare die, sit and work. It's magic. Go awry, a kind of covert rider, psychologist, professional poker player and a very interesting person near tonnes. Bestseller the box and translate into seventeen different languages. One of her book. I don't take a quick I will come back with Maria right after this.
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MIKE from Florida. I know upset about the New York Times and Sundance and all that stuff oscars. But you know what it's a bunch of billboard adults given each other's each other trophy bought them. You not neither that's great. I can keep to your turn. People assessment are met. You can leave us message at eight, eight, eight, six, three, four one, seven, four, four thanks appreciate that in speaking of bugs Ray a kind of covers with us, she's a rider psychology pressure popular in October, about that the book, the guess, Bluff, learn to pay attention for myself and when its available now and Amazon, its exploration of how to use chance and odds to improve our lives are very interested in this nice to meet you so nice to meet you
so. Let's talk about how to use chance and odds to improve our lives talk about it our lives are made of two. or at least so at so I've, come to think their skill there. Things that we control there are the things up? actually have power over and that we can do and then there's chance than words just variant. Noise of the universe is the stuff that happens to us and we don't have any control over that and I really thinking about this seriously. A few years back when I had a run of bad luck in my life and I think that's what happens to most people when things are going well, you don't really think about chance. You're the guy deserve this. I worked hard. You know things are things I arrange. Things are going well when things don't go out. That's when you start suddenly realised that a lot of the things you thought where you were actually
the universe being really nice to be like ok, you're, fine, you know you're you're, you're healthy today, everything's good everything's great, and we should be thankful, but you're not really. Well until the added things things don't go your way well and you sorry now go While I was sort of just thinking, people chalk allowed up to chew, answer locker unlucky. You know, but what percentage unknowable question, but what percentage of car accidents where the person says? I wasn't my fault, I was just drive along the highway, ploughed him. What purse each of those we. Be avoidable if that person, was really doing all they could do if they were really kind of head on a swivel had a full night sleep the night before were looking at a phone or doing anything, what percentage I bet you could cut the had nothing to me. I had not none of my fault. The insurance company serves a hundred percent, the other guy fall. I bet fifty percent of those
be avoidable if person was taking kind of control of their own. What we would call ants in luck, absent they absolutely item, I didn't you actually just nailed it and that's what brought me to this book and that's what brought me to the game of poker, which I had replied before and went from being zero interested it not knowing how many cars, where an attack to actually going pro and winning National titles in doing this for for a few years as part of my journey, but poker. He you how you can tell the difference between the process in the outcome between the things you control the things you control and how you can really focus on the former. So in the case of corrections, obviously, that's not again pokers Gratefuller, what's draw a line and realise that we are learning about things.
controlled environment and a life as much noisier and Meciar and its much different, more difficult to answer your question in poker. You really can tell ok, you know I was this was if I was seventy five percent favorite, so the twenty five years happened and you know you made the right decision and you know what was chance and what was skill and in real life. You can't do that sort of cash, but what you can start figuring out is, lot of the times were poker players are bitching to you and say? Oh, I can't believe this happen. You know, I can't believe this guy. Me and my aces got cracked and not happened. They made a mistake. They made him. decision and it's actually on them and they put themselves a bad situation. They didn't get unlucky, they behaved correctly. They didnt pay attention, they work looking at all of the information they didn't do their homework and that's actually the crucial lesson, not how do you always get lucky. But how do you learn to pit
And how do you learn to focus on yourself on your environment? How do you learn to actually taken the right information so that you can then answer the question. with me or was a chance. Did I a bad decision, or did I get unlucky? Did I get did I a good decision. This assembly people don't ask: where did I get that also happens. Lot sometimes make a really bad choice, a really bad decision. Then we lock out really get I'm a genius. I'm really. This is great. I knew this was gonna happen. No, you didn't you a really bad mistake? You shouldn't do that again in ogre Gaga, was going to brain. Has a question as well. I think I'm gonna say why Much too quick to kind of remove ourselves from the outcome or the event you! Now we go there thing happened to me, you know it's arts as a kid. You know, don't blame me, I wasn't even their out there's a lot of like don't look at me. Don't I could have done
there's nothing. I could have done their work. too many proclamations about there's nothing? I could have done by them there's o almost always something you that person could have done. But why I'm saying why do externalize- that much you're losing control of your life. I mean what, if what, if seventy five percent of what happened to you. You goads, wasn't my fault is nothing I could do about it. Then there's nothing! You can do about. Seventy five percent a year life. Why even put that out to the universe, we'll see you don't wanna externalize said: there's, there's a concept that I read about in the book and that's comes from psychology and it comes from the work of a guy named Julian Rotor and it's called the locusts of control there are two types of August control, internal and external internal is, I am an agent, I do things so I'm kind of I make things happen. turn a locust things happened to me, see switch the framing right things happen to me: it's not my fault, you know it's not. I got unlucky like
happen that happened and it's a very different way of looking at the world in a very different way of describing it. What you should strive for most of the time is an internal locus, so both poker and- internal locus, it's a very stoics game. It's very much of the philosophy of stoicism in the sense that focus on the thing that you can control You want to actually reclaim agency so focused on the process. Focus on you focused on your decisions, focus on your reactions on your actions on your emotions, on how you control your emotions on how you choose to frame events. That's also a choice. Did I do this, or did it happened to me? That's a very conscious choice. That's going to affect how you are well to deal with events and think people who are more successful. People who are more emotionally resilient were able to get through. Things are people with a much more internal locust who actually know how to take even things that happen to them and say: ok,
here's where my agency is so. What I'm saying is it? Oh, you know get rid of that. Seventy five percent, but try to learn to tell the difference, because if you keep focused On the outcome then actually not focusing on the things that you can control, because you can't control the outcome most of the time rated. Something where you made a decision, but the outcome is up to you. There are other factors involved, so if it doesn't go while it doesnt mean that you made the wrong decision, so you have to say: ok, this don't go well, but I made decisions. I should keep doing this and I should do it again and I should try again and I should I should hope for a different, come next time. That's that's what I mean the posted up. Forget it lets. Let's get rid of him Think about just this example that we're all, I hope, we're all super guilty of you think about something you cannot control at all, which is like your genes, you now so
people have a big know. Some people are ball brine. Some people got their modest birthing haps, like idea here now, Every eye, every single time, a proud I have ever seen myself naked in the mirror, since fourteen and a half. I won't look at your mom's big helps, I don't, I don't think I'm a bad person, but I gotta look at that that also people go. I hate this male pattern. Baldness are I hate you? I hate my fill in the blank. They look at them, women, men, everything they look at. They look in the mirror. They see this thing in our negative god. this about me and that's all genetics and it's not you can touch or change. I mean obviously those cosmetic surgery by saying like if your guy, in your short and you just wait up every day, neither gotta Haber every time you stand, Exo guys six, five shit, I mean think of
what we all do just aesthetically, physically with sort of genes. The We really have no control over can't really change, and yet we still data a decent amount of thought to this, thing that you cannot touch. change you know like I have a skinny calves. Everything this time I put on shorts, I leave the house, I looked down, I look at you, you're skinny cast doubt it does. I don't do anything about it and there is nothing to do about it. So its it would seem a waste of time to consider it and pretty rational av and yet all do that, all the time so we're out of you. I heard forward in a weird we absolutely we absolutely are, and I think it's very psychologically healthy to care about those things I mean agency is important and- and I think that it's actually a thing, I don't care about. You know. I can't do anything about this. I don't care about this. In all elements is, is real
I think, just give it giving up way which control? And so we do that, and I think that's totally fine and that's good, because you show you're about yourself and you should. You should figure out yeah. I can't do anything about my genes, but it can care about what I do. I can actually, how I act and voices, I make an that's what I think that one talking about things. We can't control that we share be focusing on its more the things that happen as a result of choices, but that warrant up to isolate. Let's take a very varied Examples of what I am talking about is more about decision making so like, let's say you were put in charge of a company and the you said you were put in charge of a company is because you have a really great track record as a ceo, and so you have this great plan and you really think through it, I'm a man covert happens and that climate change changes completely and all of a sudden, all of the turnaround
that you wanted to make tat can't happen and your number start slipping and the borders like you know what this guy sucks, let's get rid of. Him is every that's not something that is actually based on your performance. But there Jane you based on an outcome that might not that we totally irrational because it had nothing to do with you? And so, when I saying is that outcome in that particular situation does not equal process. It doesnt equal, oh you're, bad seal. The opposite could happen. You be tapped and become a ceo and the company does amazingly well. You may really should he choices, and so you really really lucky, because the industry which is taking off- and you were along for the ride and then another company says hey, you did so well come and run. Are the day and you just and into the ground? Because Europe, see you,
once again you were shut. You are judged on an outcome that had nothing to do with you, it's easier to see it when it's when the example is external and not not. U Rhine and GMO one. If you guys ask away to her, ok, if I'm not mistaken, you you had a pod cast called the Griff right. Yes, that's, ok, I loved it obeyed and I've. I've think I've listened too to all of them, if not most of them, and I I don't know this is answerable, but something tells me you'll you'll provide some sort of satisfying answer, though, when when we talk about, you know, deceit, and manipulation, and things like that. Sometimes those tools can be used for good, sometimes they guy or evil and I'm wondering if you found some sort of a theme
that motivated people to use their powers for evil, for lack of a better way to putting yeah here. I'm so glad that you phrased it that way, because a lot of people are like, oh yeah, you know is it will since a con. You know you're and your lying and then, when I got into poker there like bluffing, it's bad you're lying like way way way. You'd like, let's put things a context where exactly and let's realised that none of these things here inherently have any balance right. It's not like their positive or negative. It's all in the intended. It's in the person who uses them. So is there something that motivates people to go in an evil direction? Yes or no? So what I always say- and I think this is true of most things- that I'm con artists are both born and made and theirs thing that well predispose YO to be a con artists like this is your fate. This is your destiny and you are going to definitely persuade people for evil that doesn't happen. I don't believe in it.
Even psychopaths. Go on to have very productive lives and often don't even other psychopaths. Am I actually met this guy, who was a neuroscientist and who found out that he was a psychopath because he did a brain scan of his own brain numb and saw that turns out that he's a psychopath but he's a neuroscientist stand and had no idea. He just how that's that's one route to suffer. So that's one way to supplement. Well, apparently, his wife was like I'm not surprised at issues where the votes of but yeah so so there's no set the genetics is doubly not destiny and it's not oh, you are someone who's going to be evil. I think that you do need to have a predisposition out, because, if you put to people in the exact same situation, one of them might inclined to start bending the rules a little and sing like how far we can push the envelope and
they can do like you can. I actually you know, get this person to do something and it turns out. Yes, I can own now. Let me put it further. Let me go even further and before you know it, we ve got a con artist. Where's, the other one. It wouldn't even occur to them. Now. I know I just don't do this, so you need both things coming together, and so you can predict necessarily what's going to take place, but I think that you can sometimes stop when when you die have those circumstances but oftentimes con artists, I'll, just after the fact justify what but really like the circumstances came up and like yeah, what I want- and I saw an opportunity exactly one of the guys who I didn't get it sounds to me because he died and ninety one who was one of the greatest con artists of all time, Fernand Waldo, Tamara known as the great impostor Tony Curtis paid him in a movie. and she
I wrote about him and he over thirty years, pretending to be so many different people much more successful than now we all know because of Cuba because of Leonardo Dicaprio catch him. You can, but this guy did it for a decade after decade and he was dead Their lawyer perform surgery founded on religious college that actually still exists. Gotta contract to build a bridge in Mexico luckily never built it, but this guy was a high school dropout and they did so much work about him and so much research and looked at so many files, and he would always say that he a lot of what he was was because he had a dramatic childhood. He came from a wealthy family that suddenly lost their money because their movie theater business went under and then his sister, who was his best friend, died in a freak accident when she skating ends hit her head on the ice and blah blah blind people really felt workable for him, and I put all of this in the book and then it turn.
Out. I had to do some cat checking after the fact when the book already came out, he probably didn't have assessed so I was finally able to get birth records, and so he made up the sister and them The other business did not belong to his family. It belonged to his uncles, family, so teachers finally made up the entire backstory to justify what he did and really he just wanted to use the powers of deception group but vote forgive my question myself when I was doing research on psychopathic sociopath, so I don't know about you, but like the array of personality trades and the components the come together could create Hannibal Lecter or could create like a great sports agent. You and me is like depends on you. Wanna go to go to the evil around in. There is obviously factors involved in there, but these are the same people yeah. We're short flesh and I always say so: there's the so called Dark Triad of trades, which is psychopathy narcissism, Machiavelian.
And I always say that there are over represented in confidence, but there are also represented in over represented in lawyers. Is this man a lot of other professor big, that what you are my actual question? I did a lot of research on Europe, the store I found it very fascinating. As a very, very, very amateur bunker player I was. I was interested in what did you find in your short but intense journey to depression poker? What was more advantageous for you, you're psychology background or actually learning like the game of poker math things like that were deservedly crucial, but what ended up being more beneficial, real psychology I made my last the map. My last not class was a nice girl, and so I knew I mean I count on my fingers. I still can't I'm my fingers, I'm no longer embarrassed to say because now I've written down in the book, so people know about it, but I still do I always knew that I could not compete with math guys on their on their level, but I had you, I mean I had to learn pods.
had to learn the basic problem worse. I judge, but I think, when your leg, for your agent any field. You need to figure out what is actually the stuff where I can excel, where I can be people and I realized very early on that- that's people I mean my background of psychology. That's what Phd than I know. How do I know this science of this and making. I know how to look cattle actually words on what I'm seeing and that's very powerful, because You have mental frameworks for actually sexual rising things. Then it helps you see the world level different. It helps you see more nuance. Instead of black, I you I was just. I think was aware of the dynamics happening at the poker table and, to be perfectly honest, that's also were interested me and I think that somewhere where are your interest, as is often the stuff that you're good at, so that's where I was able to really excel workers.
The question then wait. What would you say don't annexed to the table? Are you talking about literally like betting patterns? Are you talking about the guy? The worst sunglasses had headphones and is kind of out of it. You know is as as like is at stoicism. Who will want? What does the dynamics of the table you're talking, I'm both, but still it would never be wearing headphones and glasses, and the outer he'd be very attentive to the point where you do so you do you do now, and I think that its, I think both other things are important, his betting patterns tell you something about the person I'm especially if you're paying attention to dynamic, so dynamic change. What has changed are they betting more after a loss? Are they betting less after a lot? Are they taking more risks after they win? Are they taking fewer risks after they went what's their risk, taking propensity? What how do they
age. How do they? What things irrationally affects them, because everyone does so there's a word that I learned the poker worlds tilt without much ass, a word and I think that everyone should use it everywhere: life and its letting your emotions until your decision process and every single person tilts. Unless you're, about, then you probably don't there's things they can still angry. So you, the money, important thing is to try to figure out what is this person's behavioral nature behaviour patterns. How do they react to do certain things? Do they taking personally they do. They actually think that you know that guy in the sun glasses and the headphones, whose raising them time are they take it personally? Are they the kind they kind of looking over and saying? Oh, my god, I'm gonna get you well, then they're going to be rational, they're not actually going to be making good decisions that are going to be making personal decisions like you know what my favorite thing in them.
does. When someone looks at me- and it says next time you you ve, been raising every and next time race and going all out of my credit under my friend I I'd like, part about sort of paying attention and trying to in tune in to yourself and tuning that those around you and I there's a lot. I feel like a lot of people don't know themselves most most people the people around them could tell them much more about them than than they know about them themselves, and they deny it doubt they were definitely There were definitely denied. I mean look if you if you went and any sort of office, community and you'd go whose most likely to be late, if we were taking a boss up to the mountain resort or something they all agree on, one guys are one girls name and whose most likely to ensue
stone paying the bill. When we get to the resort. We all go to dinner. That night, then they went all agree on it would be another person most likely, but they all agree on it. We all everyone kind, and kind of knows what everyone else is up to. What, if you had that your little more insightful about yourself and you ve studied yourself, and how does one study them had he begin that process as such. good question and its, I think you ve kind of hit at the heart of why it's often so different pay attention because the first person we need to learn to pay attention to our and we don't that very often I mean how many people actually just sit down with themselves and say: ok, ok, Maria, let's do a self inventory, what's Why didn t you? What motivates you? What things are you afraid of? How do you mean in these situations, but how do you,
in these situations, what's your profile in this in that we don't normally do that, and this is actually a theme that cuts through both con artists and poker, so that the two things we ve been talking about, because the reason that covered us are often able to trick people and sell their version of the world. Is they understand you better than you understand yourself? They figure out. What motivates you had a press, your buttons, and they actually will sell you, the version of the world, not the real version of the world, but the one that you already believe it? They will sell you your biases and what you already wants to be true, and so you just not along and yet again the seems right and when we look at the psychology of self assessment, we see that people I really really bad at doing this kind of thing for them so if you give someone a little quiz, you say frank yourself on these personality trades chances are most people, have him what's called and optimism
or better than average, a fact and so they're going to rank themselves as higher on the good traits like friendly yeah, you know I'm a friendly person, blah blah blah and lower on the bad traits like most likely to be led to one we're leaving on the bus at our friendship. No, no, no not going to be me. Then give that same assessment to their friends there going. actually in a brief with each other, and it's going to be very different from from what you did yourself and the only people for whom this isn't true are clinically depressed. they actually see themselves pretty accurately. They see so on. So you start realising that the sort of blissful- ignorance is blissful, actually help us with psychological help. That said, I think that, A little delusion goes a long way and it's really really important to actually take the time to try to seriously think of. that for yourself, because it matters- and
in situations that matter having a better sense of your own character, stick your comfort levels with risks are women whatever it might be and is going to be incredibly helpful and the the way you do that. I think, is twofold one. You do you actually have to say and do that most people, what must sit down with a patent paper, had actually write down things about them so but I think you do. You actually need to take the time to do this and the way you would do it about someone else saying that you do that about all your friends by you do think about other people more than you think about yourself, and the other thing at least that works for me is a constant mindfulness practice. So actually do meditate every single day, and I think that it teaches you to pay attention. shoe yourself to you breast to your thoughts to your bodies tell you to what your minds telling you think about how often you find yourself.
Thinking about something- and you have no idea how you got there like how what steps it mind take you actually get to this specific thought, I'm having right now, because it's totally unrelated to what I'm doing work proverbial standing in front of an open, fridge and forgetting why you're even there happens all the time. It's not because we are suddenly forgetful. It's because were constantly having the sinner monologue that we're not listening to because we're just used to it and its noise, while it's actually a skill to learn to start paying attention to that internal monologue so that you can trace your thought process back and doing that exercise helps you really. figure out a lot about your mind about how it works about the associations that makes about the things that are important to the memories that are important to it, the way that it Chile jumps from point a to point b and you suddenly start being air of your internal chatter and It tells you a lot about yourself and then you
able to control it better than you able to actually see wait. You know I'm being emotional, but that has now to do with the situation and actually still pissed. At that phone call. I had an hour Ago and not completely clear in my judgment in this situation. That's such weren't insight to have and it's an insight that most people lack about themselves. It's not easy. I mean I'm not saying I'm a brewery doing us like I'm shooting at doing at quite often just because it's much ease to talk about it and to say how important paying attention and being Christmas, but it's hard, it's really hard. It's much easier to just let your mind draft and to be doing a lot of things at once, but always breach of the the better? That's even though I might not always do it of unit asking of actually is focusing on one thing at a time of teaching your mind, the importance of just being present and choosing one thing to do so, not having fifty million tabs open on your browser not acting in on all social media feeds at the same time, but actually just
learning to say: ok, well right now we're just having this conversation, so I dont have my phone. I dont have this. I don't have that unjust focused most the time, we're not doing that most of the time, even when we're talking to a friend were not doing not our minds already thinking about what we're gonna have for dinner and what were had what we're doing next, what we're just waiting to say back to them. We can get our point in exactly and then you're, not listening, because you're you're. Actually, if, if you're thinking about what you're going to say, you're, not listening to what they're saying that's something I picked up from Con artists, Conner know how to listen. They, actually listen when you talk to them because they need it. That's the bread and butter. That's how they're gonna get you a feather mining. You. You can read improvise using remain. They then you're going to get from the from the other mark through the just gonna work, or that can You can always tell when you're too kinda so and if you ever get in the habit of like sometimes all oh, go,
on a walk, oftentimes are gonna, walk and I'll call. Doktor drew and we'll have these really stimulating conversations about? What's going on in the world but if he ever starts checking emails or something on a phone, I can hear it drop. I can it's better, it's almost better than watching you can hear you know it's a little cadence change, little shorter answers. You know that the talk, what like a ping pong game where you just go back and forth, and back and forth, and now it's a ping pong game bar I've hid it four times and around its out it's coming back, and if it is, you can tell immediately just looking each checking. Something is I've sent him a text. You know she wants to know what time at the restaurant tonight and he's just He's it's not even it's not I'm not, and judging it. Although it sounds like I am, I can just hear the disengagement, this immediate disengagement, absolutely absolutely and selling us other the one thing
we that we know about our minds and that this is what you're picking up on our minds are actually incapable of. Multitasking multitasking is a myth. Doesn't exist. What our Mine's know how to do is switch beat in tasks, and so when you think you're multitasking let go you know, I'm just checking my phone and listening to you if you're the moment, you're actually reading that text from spouse urine
listening, you're, not fully engaged, and you can pick up on that. It's it's so funny that you say this, because I have the exact same conversations with my mom, where the where I can tell exactly like our aim. I like what's going on here, you're, not, and she always did. I ask that you like. No, no I'm listening like no you're, not, I could have just told you that you know I'm about to step out and get away in the middle of the highway. You'd billing gap sounds great. Sounds like a great. I thought is not to be listening to you. I let me when we regret that phone call, so it's me going Jesus I said. Ninety degrees outside and Gavin Newsome is shut down. The horse trail behind my house, icon, we're gonna get covered from walking down the horse, trail, ninety degrees and the middle. This summer,
yeah! You damn right arrived. Madame angry man fired up. We can't we can keep this city shut down. This is insanity. People are losing their businesses and losing their livelihoods. Crazy It's it's not it's! because what it is- and I gotta tell ya man- people snapping, I think you'd be a lot of each all anti just this year against the government. I feel, like people start opening their stores. I don't care if there can't arrest. All of us right. yeah Tom cannot apply in about a Texas, I'm gonna get himself what's mine eye or where the mass share out, where the mass that's the rule, but soon as I get that back to remain where that mass and they don't know, if I'm wearing a mask and that's out with we're not inside that seven thirty shove it right right.
the outbreak drew. Are you? Are you focus totally on what I'm saying now area via feel like? Are you Vila gears starin at your phone or detecting with your wife? No now the phone is not tvs that I'm listening to you you you're listening, but it up get these one syllable, I answer for me. I don't feel like you're tuned in that's all. That's all you have to say to my soliloquy and see the threat that surrounds like sounds like going when, when you try to do your podcast with doktor drew and he's in New York. He's Looking at us, his computer, the whole time or or answering tax, that's literally what he would he sounds like he doesn't know it, but his Keynes raoul- sometimes I do say, was sometimes he does not arrive yeah, so I will say that sometimes think about when you were speaking
early on is. my, banning average of stuff that Bad happening to me was. Was higher a different point. In my life there was a lot of. I got another parking ticket and my tools got stolen from my truck and this I can't fight My keys and like all these little some sort of- why me your woe is me: moments were happening quite consistently in my life. and they don't happen very often any more because I'm like when I get If I'm at the airport- and I We go. We haven't waiting for the plane. We have a beer cafe- that we get up, I'm like padding myself down where's my phone where's, my ear but where's my boarding pass. I'm not move on from this table, not just go start tramp, down the terminal, and I I realise that I have eliminated, show many sorted chicken shit.
nuisance is of a fuck. I left my keys back and that where I've I've eliminated So many these things just by having a little protocol like just having a little a little system like just stupid stuff, even when I go to the airport and I park at the air parking lot. I take my Car keys- and I put him on my car tyre quite often because I don't want my keys going with me to Denver and then off too use then, and then coming back, because there may be a point where I'm opening that backpack, when I'm back at Elinor, go fuck, it took the keys out of my way. Looking for whatever in my back back in the hotel and use, then I knew throw em out on the table and I I want to eliminate like forcing just eliminate its much shit. Is you can eliminate if you don't need- your keys for your car in Denver in Houston, do Bring them with you, Denver Houston. Yes, sorry
I think that that's absolutely right. I think that I think that you were to take as much agency as you can to eliminate as much of that little stuff as possible, not all about presence and vigilance and attention. All these things we ve been talking about and their flip side is also true. Theirs study that I absolutely love that was done by the sky, Richard wise men. A psychologist in England and he gathered a bunch of people and some were people who consider themselves lucky and summer. who consider themselves unlucky. So you actually just put out hey like use, do you think of yourself? Is yourselves and so he had these people go through a newspaper. And they were supposed to look at and report back on the number of photographs in that newspaper and the so called lucky. People took a matter of seconds and the unlucky one took multiple minutes and the only difference between them was on the second page, the lucky you
had noticed something, there was some texts, a big letters that start counting and it told them how many photographs there were, In the newspaper and the He wants. You didn't see it because that wasn't even a picture and so day limited what they were being attacked can't you they act limited their scope. There limited their awareness and they ended up missing something really really important, so think what you're talking about his soup? Portland goes both ways right, so you can eliminate as much of a bad stuff as you as you can't and then that same presents the same kind of active mindset can make you quote luckier, because your actually going to spot things that other people mess. He did another study where he had money on the floor and the lucky people actually side, the unlucky people did it and the unlike you re, probably thinking that never happens to me. You know I never find a hundred dollar bill before you're, never looking Europe, you're too much in your head thinking now, I'm so lucky it I'm just yet your
another she's got your that narrative is challenged. You almost don't want that narrative to be challenged, exact exactly. I think it's so important too control of those little things, because the bad shit like the real bad luck, Lake, in God forbid. You know get cancer or really horrible disease that something that, gonna need all of your resources to deal with and not something that isn't like loose your keys. So why don't you try to eliminate all the little stuff and be lucky and all the small ways, because you can't control the really big stuff and better, be that- he has prepared, as you possibly can just in case and hopefully doesn't but just in case something like that does come along. My feeling is there's plenty of stuff theirs kind of a basket. We all have of things. We can truly can't control. You know there, I can control my keys
going with me to Denver, but I can't control an engine catching on fire on South West wide, but there are certain there there a basket of things you can't control, but in that ask it is a bunch stuff. You can control you just don't think you put it in the wrong basket and my feeling is thin that ass get out there. Handfuls of things good and bad? You truly can't control, but let's have it. b as little as possible in that particular basket and you'd be surprised you really analyze things how much of items in that bag, things, you don't you, you thought you, you can't control actual could have made it its way into the basket of things you can control beautifully side. I completely agree, and I think we need to do. We need to work on building a basket of things that were controlling because yeah,
because there are the things that the true that if we truly can't control, let's, let's bring them, to the essentials now I and my book with a toast that my family has that we always say first before we, where we chose to birthdays our holidays or whatever it is, were celebrating its in Russia, but also the english word version. Its may. Everyone be healthy adds that kind of the that's what we always start: every single family gathering and your words, because that something that You can you can control a lot of things about your health and I can have a healthy lifestyle. You can make choices, you can exercise, you can eat while all these things, but then there that the genes, that you and I were talking about and the environmental influences that we don't know enough about that. We truly can't control and I wish to say that first may everyone be healthy and as long as you have that you can control almost everything else. Well,
and there's control within control, even without of things you can control. So Brian has brain tumor than he was in control over whether he got that are not, but he is due Kido diet, any is focusing on medication. Annie's, focusing on real european fiscal, there there's lots with in the thing he can't control in a way, that thing happens to you that you can't control that horrible accident or the brain tumor or what are the loss of a loved one hour, childish someday momentarily falls into the basket of things you can't control. Who could control your kid killed by drunk driver and then goes right back to the basket of things. You can control how you rat what you do with your energy. Yes run,
it's funny, though Marie was talking about people who consider yourself lucky you're lucky I don't like myself is inherently luckier unlucky, but getting diagnose the brain tumor eleven years ago was pretty lucky it s going to mourn. Lucky things you can. Probably you know and spinning wheel on, however, also look myself is incredibly lucky because I was planning new medication at the time and I responded really well to it like, but not a lot of people do and in that respect it's been, you know, there's been some negative to it, but it's also been a great ex. No, I d I've been able to do things because of it that I would never been able to do otherwise and not just the other recovery begging things that has led to opportunities. So in a sense, I guess it was a lucky. You now likely stroke. I think that every that the two of you are saying it's. Oh it just illustrates this. This crucial point of internal locus and actually being able to be an age and take control of things and take control of your mental framing, because nothing
inherently bad. I mean A brain tumor is inherently bad, but then all of the other things it's all in how you react and how you respond and what how you construe it and the south the narrative that you build around yourself around what you were able. and not able to do- and we know that- there's a really strong connection between mind and body and people who are more positive. Who are more optimistic? Who are thinking of things that more constructive framework. Not woe is me for me, but ok. What can I do? What do I Now they have better recovery rights from a lot of things because we able to influence a lot of what our bodies do. I mean I I'm someone who is very against pseudoscience, but this is there so much documented evidence on this. It's really. This is bullshit that that our brain on our body have such a close link, and so I think that what you're saying brain, what use
you said Adam, that's just that's the crucial lesson. Yeah she's gonna happen So how do you respond to it and how do you make sense of it and how do you move on and at what do you do and what do you do with the rest of your life? I think that that's that's the question and that's what distinguishes people and I think it's it's crazy that you're! I mean it's wonderful that you're calling yourself lucky a lot of people are feeling like. I would never call myself again. situation, but that says something a lot about who you are and what you are able to do, and I think that's amazing and inspiring positive note to go out on the book the biggest blast. I learn to pay attention mass myself, and when its available now on Amazon, and you know, maybe this pandemic is maybe taught us anything or give us. Returning to do anything, it's that change change up our patterns, some some of its,
is a goal and sort of mechanical, but much of it is emotional and cycles. You call and if some some good come on this may be. That the good that'll come with of it. We can all get off the hamster wheel long enough to do some real real about real, honest evaluating of ourselves and and as we move forward, take that with us on the rest of life. any website Maria can a is that is where you can go what I was fascinating Maria. I appreciate it Thank you so much for having me. I really enjoyed my my as well all right. Let me a J b well than them. Well, let's take a break and do some news J B. Well, the I why projects to get through want to save money, one of all paying their repairman bigger, small repairs well ordinary houses. Gloves got the word ordinary in you need strong, there's nothing better than J
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