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Part 1: Jordan Harbinger on Student Loan Debt, plus The News (ACS June 11)

2020-06-11 | 🔗
At the top of today’s podcast, Adam talks with Bryan and Gina about putting Sonny to work so he learns what he doesn’t want to do. They also talk about Russell Simmons being another COVID-19 ‘Winner’, and then Jordan Harbinger joins the show to talk about what a waste of money college is when you can put that money into the market. They also discuss the unintended consequences of making police officers out to be evil, the pros and cons of going to college, and Bald Bryan’s fraternity days. Gina then starts the news with a clip of Leo Terrell and Cornel West arguing on Sean Hannity. They also talk about a past connection between George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, HBO removing ‘Gone with the Wind’ from their new streaming service, and Cops/Live PD being taken off the air. Before the break, Gina reads a couple more stories about model Bar Refaeli, and NASCAR officially removing Confederate flags. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Download the Mercari App Geico.com Netsuite.com/ADAM ShadyRays.com enter CAROLLA Lifelock.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale, show on podcast one. Well big long show plan for you guys tonight and today and this morning it's a lotta show tat for Gandhi, the news or intolerable, but my old college girl friend, and tell some stories, Jordan, harbingers going to join us and will talk about the sorority in France days of your oh yeah, I got actions. Also. Second half Leno is spectacular. Interview stick around for that. Remember, I'm going to be a Nashville coming up zanies on tomorrow and Saturday, so I'll come on out and say: hi still, few tickets left for that I'm doing a book, and Saturday and around four thirty five o clock at as well, so the book will be in and the book is dropping on tuesdays a priority
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ex, live dot com and get the live by live app. It's all happening this week, an eight p m Eastern five Pacific. My used and show had over a million views and be stopped. If this one could surpass that number. So we can do that view. That's going to be a great show, make sure you tune in this Saturday. A pm Eastern five Pacific check out live acts, live dot, com or download the live by live at from Verona one studios, England, they'll California, the skills, the atom Corolla, show yesterday, J Leno with
The gradual news, Bald Brian, on sound effects, Jordan, Harbingers Dobbs by an M M, a legend jailed, sodden joints and for good sports, and now no mass can stop him from blowing hard Adam guerrilla. Get it on got to get it on a choice for the mandate, get it on her turn it in and for sharing watching those ratings climb. Thank you good day, gene. Read it daddy, you, that's all My time I get their kid Workin baby, Also I this is this is this is well it's important to find out always talks about like what do you want to do? You know it's career day in the fire happens going to speak to the sixth graders, and what do you want to do? What you want to be when you want to do is equally port and find out what you don't want to do.
Paul, really don't make enough on this. I mean people say like well, you didn't learn anything from your parents. There, your parents, never guided you or instructed you or coach. You are shaped units like Isler. Shit tongue. For my hair, I look out. Yes, I looked at them and when I don't want to do that, I will the opposite of whatever I think they will be doing and you learn a lot about what you don't want to do from doing it and work clean and out my back yard? there's a lower piece of land had a bunch of leaves and whatever and is getting all raked up and hold down and bundled up and put in a hefty bags and pushed the driveway thrown in the back of a duly pickup truck and taken do a dump and
I should say you down: there get down there for a day, get down there for one hour a day, and I don't mean fifty seven minutes. I just for you gotta put in an hour, I'm gonna Peter Clock. You, you can't Pontiac early need. We work in the whole time and he said okay and am I yesterday was pushing a wheelbarrow up. Eight driveway with a bunch of bags in it sweating profusely from the phase explain to me how much is sought- and I It does, and I said the other guys that are down there they're doing at eight hours a day you do in our day I used to do it eight or ten hours a day itself. And then he's like yeah like the work at the target, putting up on the shelves or maybe work for you are native like making films are like yeah, ok, figure out what socks, and then I mean if, if every kid,
just graduated high school and did two years in the military like Israel, they be dying to go to college and then added value would more downloading. I loaned me bill for here for sharing we talk about self selecting group. Some of them would love the military and they're the ones that should be there. The health needs it go on. I hadn't ultimate winner from this cove at nineteen as we ve been doing, it is kind of a goofy now doing our trailer or donor or bets out, but the ultimate winner, Russell Simmons, who now so soon now that's right, she will stop. He just one because you said how so that's that makes him a winner and- Why do you get away with some scandal? There's up? They mean, I don't know what you know, but I like walked in the room. Now you have to understand, I dont go in there and talk about vintage
in racing carts and expect those guys you know what I'm talking about but stuff. That's on Netflix stuff, that's on age! our stuff. That's on show time. I expect a guy Brian or Crasser Garrick tricked US guys to be caught up on that stuff. He I was watching HBO as a few weeks back and it was like a week the train. I think we will run its a minute minute. Ten, second trailer for the rustle salmon situation guide. I didn't tell him many people about what happened with Russell visas. Grabbed me o mine, he's just grab me, oh dear, and I am saying now as reduced to nothing and that moment nothing about anything that makes me who I am matter Astor do you wanna go to the police, she was like no one's gonna. Take me seriously cool,
believe me why women are not believe. What do you think happens of Latin America, Loi, comfortable stories about sexual violence, I don't have a stitch abolished. I would never hurt you're worried as a black woman. Did you say something that will have consequences that you had an anticipated came about. Community will keep my guts. I don't want to let the culture down, however it's a terrible burden to bear to know that you might still be judged as somehow being a traitor. I'm gonna start with little boy. This is just remember in a commercial for who Russell Simmonds authentic yeah he's in all the meditation in the b, as in the incidents in the Hague and of right and Alan Love, dancing, and I gave bill cause. We love crazy, sweaters. Enhancing our pig is a gentle soul. Other point is this: I thought, oh, my god he's gettin me too big times,
this aired on HBO on May twenty seven percent at the weekend right started Why? How much anybody here about this is my alley. Man, I'm here about this. Brian, who we is a media guy who monitors all the projects coming down the pike This isn't on this. This and on a blue tarred tv that you can only use if you have a flip found. This is b o I'm tired, it's, because our matters or are getting to be kind of a these remaining people, know about them and louder Then there are the Zeit guys. I walk there. This building known it. No one knew what I was talking about. While you are the ultimate winner, you even think about it. I'm not kidding being fully was until you brought it I'll, maybe rubbish they had, but but not already have the covert thing.
But the race riots break out that they, like it really is a powerful, no one's heard of it, and now it's got my how crazy right, yes, crazy, that that that that's a winner that's a win bout if you're Russell Simmons, your saving around you know the things on the calendar. You seen this despots. You're well aware of it. You're just counting down to win this new cycle blows up sort of getting a little tired of the whole covert thing. At this point and then riots on the streets, fires, looting, cops black lives matter matter. Not at not a headline, not a still, not a segment debt created on MSNBC? No, you know in our view the survivors of the victims- I'd gone,
and I always know you know people say to me I'll time see. People to people will say to me. Oh well, you didn't get any press. Here's a story from half power from two weeks ago said Alice and I asked Brian I asked Chris. I asked Gary I ass man, no one had heard of You may pull me the online story. Where was technically, it came out, but that doesn't mean I got trapped because everybody I've asked about it I was saying the Chris. I the commercial like a month ago did this and come out yet is out of its area not like. Has it hasn't it that we have enough? It came out. It came as its whose gets crazier. This is directed by Kirby Dirk who I love. You did this pebbles now you're rated by jungle rate document are, as we all enjoy fair right right, right Why? Are you not like this? It's not. I buy, not operation, this field, documentary yeah
He's also now he's the victim ride. I mean rustles, the winner and Kirby. I hope it's not be heard very. Riddick Herbie Zaparos agencies thing is this here: kind of loose or cause. He did this great documentary or a sensibly, I'm sure it was a great document. We know buzz that restocking about him tat this crazy, no traction. Does it come back, I mean, do you like haven't, guess I got Oscar Non Oscar buzzed Amelia comes back, but the you're running get one shot at this. You're bizarre long shock us so many good documentaries, but if it gets an Oscar nomination, for example, like it'll, be back in the public of the guy, can we just we just raise Russell Simmons arm right, now, declare him the winner of this
I mean we have to just write it out to the end of the seas and I'm your buddy. It's at this point like Jerry Rise in the receiving records is so far out of reach. We can just declared the goat because he got the keys, red and the black lives matter in the same week and yeah now this think of all the lock of the draw I mean just think about than slow new cycle. We ve talked about it all the time. Absolutely nothing. You know we do have those dry periods of just now things happening, and sometimes they go on three weeks or somebody could you imagine pre pandemic pre black lives matter H, heading into the dull drums of the summer doing it. On memorial day I mean labour them aware right birthday, nor oral day I mean this could have been a whole thing turns out. Brian, I haven't heard of it and brine- monitor things.
We know about the sums have sort of ashamed, and even if, if there were no riots per se, the like you said the cold the thing was kind of people were already like. Ok, I've heard enough like what else is in the news right and that that that would have been enough, but no literally that day, the ultimate winner speaking of winners and movies and all the idea had this ready. I was prepared for this, and this in comparison to buy nominee, which now we as is its second place or some are farther back- was going to be a pre winner of the The pandemic. Russell Crow Russell Crow. Has a movie coming out July. First, they have not taken a little more than we ve been bombed, backward the begging movement, but back because the covered we called unhinged. Worse, looks very, very aggressively marginal, but it's going to be like first movie when vetoes reopened, their children million dollars worth of belies business ridiculous.
We then no one otherwise would have seen they help. Pat God bless them a million divided a ghostly unhinged. Well it'll be like what people dead. As I told you back in the day, whatever with the theatre. We just wanted some air conditioning in like we just go to their people, going to go to a just to say frightened. I we're going out saying movie and wherever there is there, I join Carbon you're is hang and with us, he'll be brought to you by a net sweet great segment. Today talk a little about the business with him. He's a business extraordinary, join harm jar and brought to you by friends. It net sweet nets. We is the world's number one cloud business system trusted by more than nine thousand companies and it's the last system. You'll ever need to have an intro nets. It presents the wonderful world of business with Jordan Harbinger join. You want to talk
our college and that's good cause. I gotta college professor store, I want to talk about, is well with you, so you first yeah I've been doing the math on a lot of money that have invested in the market, and I look at ok, have invested X Y, see and then look at how much money I spent on law school, which is seven years of account for years undergrad, three years, a grad school and Opportunity cost alone got me just done as path of self flag, nation, where I decided just punish myself by showing how much I've lost by investing money in my area asian, instead of investing in just a straight up in the market, and so the great exercise to do on this. You really just wanna criers, to sleep, but I found that I, like keep it short. I lost a lot of money and the idea of having to go to college was of down my throat like it was shut down the throats of probably the majority of the people listening who actually did go to school. It's just been something
has been done in our parents. Generation was big on it and that got me searching student, long dead and forty five million people in the U S, and these are old stat. So these are a few years old. Forty five billion people in the? U S, arms veer stood alone debt by not doing five grand but allowing the average is two thousand are thirty three thousand dollars just about priorities. Five million Americans narrative, close, very high, feel front sorry we are going to me. You know how to get over barrel like yeah, you want you want to go here. You want to go to college. You want to have this early income potential. Do he'd take this year, only Avenue Falada. Yet twenty two student loans. That is about one point, five, six trillion dollars it's? More than credit card debt for everybody in the whole country wild and ought it's more than Otto on that for everyone in the whole country? And everyone has a car loan for pretty much. I mean right of cars and you need the car to get to work but the degree
the kind of sad joke is most of the degrees that people get the job that you get out, college if you're lucky enough to even get one will get to. That. Second doesn't require the degree even a degree at all, let alone the degree you actually have yeah, I wonder if the blue, as a little off the rose and college. These days like when I was a kid college, was how you operated winners from losers, that one guy is going off to college other guys The work at the mill I gotta construction site or go to the factory or whatever me be a silk. Valleys kind of corrected this maybe there's a lot of guys like I dropped out like everyone is successful, seems to have dropped out and started their own business. There, certainly more hero stories of people dropping out in starting starting a business and also their use it. Just me X, amount of jobs and you
he did a degree to be capable of of of performing accident jobs. I feel like their show many jobs now that nobody really knows if you need degree or not. You right here, actor of your doktor, your lawyer, you're an engineer. Few other professions, you're gonna wanna, go to college but, as I point out to a lot of fellow lawyers that in some I don't really love this, but to bad it's a trade school. We are basic if you're a lawyer, basically just unless handy plumber, less skilled tradesmen, IDA almost rather be a plumber, because then you have a sound skill set. You know where you're going to get work. There is no shortage of work for sealed tradesmen, unfair you discuss down the show lawyers you going negro, please big corporation. Give me a job make copies and checking for commerce and documents until I can shadow someone for three years and become useful and there's only so many those positions right. So also I'm not sure,
going on with college in college campuses, because I heard this story today that you see Allay professor named Gordon Klein has been suspended for the wings and their current they're gone after his job with twenty thousand signatures and all She had because some kid, a white like sent him a letter that said hey with all that's going on. We can fully support the protest and take the final. So can we just make the final like not count. Essentially, you really sorry You gotta do the final, that's the rules, I dont know was black in the army. He was woefully racist. As you say, like I don't know which kids are black and white kids aren't black in the school or which are mixed or which are whatever cause everything's online, but either way Corning New Doktor Martin Luther king you're all equal. So let's all just take the task and get on with it and now
he's a fucking world of heart. I love this new world order. Were nineteen year olds are telling everybody what to do or they get wished out into the corn field. So this kind do you feel, like professor also I When you tell the professor during summer break to go home and he hasn't been on came. For three months, has turned the summer break out. How do you get suspended for three weeks? When? Is it some school from home. Yet even doing all the classes any what now or in the summer. Yes what they did was they took the students from the class and they distributed onto other professors within the field, so that other gonna finish, while there are major randomly asylum, its eyes: baby I got is scary. I dont know let you know hears here's gonna be the problem. First off, as I tell everyone uninformed, consequences, who's, gonna, wanna, be a cop and who's gonna wanna be a professor. In a few years the anatomy le Coeur
attracted to these jobs, where all they do. They get. Your name they posted that whatever they send it to all the heads in your department, it spreads like wildfire. They, massage response a little bed so looks worse than it is actually now there's twenty thousand kids calling for your head. That's that's terrifying ispra. Because a college is already can a hard enough for us the results of college already are enough. Knowledge can be harder, cannot be. That's that's for sure. I think a lot of us want to resorts and a lot of people are going to resorts now what I by that is there the college's now tuition is insane the expensive in state, too she grew by sixty three percent Two thousand and eight to two thousand and two hours to twenty twenty two this year. So if you attend- for all four years. You're looking at over a hundred grand you go to an elite private college. The yearly tuition is about sixty grant so you're, looking at a lot more than a quarter million sunlight that that's a lot more than it used to cost in
That is because culture, colleges and universities are put in their money into amenities to attract in its no longer like this is the best program for this there's some of that, but a lot of it is if three swimming pools that are outdoors at the University of Miami, something something adds to it. It's are people who are not really worried about the academics, but our about their social life kind of understood, level but also a terrible investment Jordan. A resurgence of those up like a special he mentioned the elite universities they have such massive endowments it's crazy that the charge intuition at all, let alone the exorbitant tuition. It's like you're, still a billion dollars or more like it's insane, It is insane, in fact I haven't done a ton of research on how this method work out, but I would imagine that they could. For two if they wanted to- and they obviously do not they could afford to just essentially make tuition, wish very nominal fee or non existent for most, if not every single person that goes there and it wouldn't even dent the principle of the
in their endowment at let I think I'm at first of all, like you said have you so why would they bother? I also think, if you're talking about elite universities, why have we They want a billion dollars. They don't want several hundred million dollars and also, I think it's probably a cachet thing. They don't want to be known as the free school. So there's a good boys any of them to do this. There's no reason that that's unlikely to happen. It just seems they pay a lot of lip service. Like look, we want to include everyone. It's right! You you you do! You want to be known as the schools that include everyone, but really you just want a bunch of rich people who are gonna vastly over pay for their education. Yeah you're on a percent right. It's just that often somebody saying the opposite in all the problem she'll material, Nego, look, we give away so much scholarship money and it's like well great on the other hand you're, making the other students subsidize that it's not like. You are generating this off of your endowment you're, just jacking up the price
other knuckle heads that go there and pay the full amount, which is what action actually find. If that's your business model, that's a rocket behind the veil of that they get away to get an education means higher, educate, higher, trying the name higher education. But it's it's it's it's a money making I the day if we would be different if you gotta afterwards, but forty three percent of people are under employed there first year out of college in two thirds of people, don't have full time jobs after five years. Railway yeah- and this is for the twenty twenty recession right. So that's that data, that's the current data, five years later, two thirds of people don't have full time job that is horrendous, I'm really thinking about the bricks and mortar part of this I mean. Are we just proving I mean think about the concept of like when I Doktor Dro went to Elmhurst Hee hee
the move from Pasadena to I outside of Boston wherever Amherst AIR, wherever that where it is it wherever I am her lesson Massachusetts Western Mass, so at a move from Pasadena there, and I dont know, do physically need to live at the place, you're getting the information from in this day and age, people working from home and zoom in that and production I mean I was kind of like in it too when Kevin and be we're talking about having being moved the Seattle in two thousand and two thousand and three or whatever was everyone's like that's insane, that'll Her work there I morning team. How can you do a morning show with a guy eight hundred, away like he moved next They started and then they did not twenty two years, like, I think it's pretty doable. I dont
see wide have to move across the country and live in a dorm? Now I get there's an experience to it. I'm all ears about the experience, but in a sick, the grand a year, plus whatever housing and meals and Bob Bob, whatever whatever it is. I I feel like if I had a college I'd be I'd, be a little nervous about ten. What's gonna, look like ten years from now it was completely unchanged from zero to yesterday by from this point on I dont know, and there they're doing their own experiment they're sending around home? Yes, I will that I totally We with you. They got greedy and there is, I think we can all the brain and in Jordan. Even if you finished her didn't finish. If you experience college at all, you can absolutely say there are super, Barton reasons to leave them and go live in this control, semi controlled
the independent environment, its awesome, I wouldn't have traded it for the world, I'm so glad to get to experience it. Given that you know, like you said that not enough but you know how much it it to which end wishing has jumped what sixty five percent they got, greedy, their shooting themselves in the foot and as Adam realized, you crunch the numbers ego well yeah, I get it it's fun and there are some things learn, but you really don't have to go and we really can't afford extra. Oh, how about we start a chain of private France. It's a frat environed listening were you want that Brad House, but you don't have to move across the country. Whatever we print, we do, you can do stands will get. It will be a little a day re, but ones that can be something we really focus on. We'll have the guys living together will have the sort of blue tar ski type and will have the nerds type, and you can really get that experience
once a wild is higher and act or to be them the mean Dean who shows up in pounds at the door at the Frat House, where you can get the experience for that physically having a move to campus grave. What for were you in brine pike amplify by cap and wit? Your first choice actual both know what's funny, so you appreciate this what's funny, as I did joy na fraternity didn't because for me I didn't really enjoy the experience during Russian. I can just set out and then a recruiter from Pike up thy National came to you. I see there was like hey we're starting a chapter here who must help found that's right among others. Like a really cool, unique opportunities. I did it and it was very very pardon not rewarded in terms of attention from girls, but it was he who is very gluttons glided. I would never changes. Are they he'll going USA, they ve been
often on due to violations of various sorts or, as I know, they're still there, the pretty big other big and the south, especially of Europe and the College of Charlotte. You did the first one at you. I see the charter, the chapters pretty awesome. It's cool expert. It is not like joining up a fragmentary. Your Europe, your creating the bylaws, do all the shed and it's gonna call joint work Jordan, Reunify. I wasn't no, and in honestly I can say that I should have been because one people, critique of the Jordan arbiter shows this guy just sounds like a franchise that annoyed me in college, but I got no benefit of annually being frank, I that was annoying. The other. The other thing is if it was fight, realise back then that it was about the experience I would have studied far less skull shapes of Austria, low pit the scenes and far more going too. At parties and actually making friends and, like you know, talking with women, and things like that that I put off because I thought it
doing great, I'm studying, and then I went to a grad school and studied more, and I realize now it's like an I've really spend a lot of time barking up the wrong tree. My merchandise boats, My first boyfriend was my first girlfriend was an eighty pie at USC, so as Christie wow their own Bangor yeah bread. Should there right across the street from our house literally across the thus knew you walked past our house before was our house obviously many times I went to their house, I went to a value of like the sorority parties in dances instead It was so weird cause us from North Hollywood knows all poor and I'm working construction as like, DR and a pickup truck and everything it felt. Such was sure possess our world to enter into and I really did have like one of those eighties rich, add moments where we want to
our farmers are going to cost free to go God. I've hyper. I mean it like his dad. Her dad was name like Gore, something the third year. Now I remember he added, nor did he go by what was it like Al Gordon, but even by Gordon does that's always a power movements oppressor richer by him, who he was a rich attorney with a moustache, and he had a golden now get watch a kind of watches that have the now it's all over them now and a point, because this year they lived in a big house with like in others. There is no doubt that the master bed, had wall the Wall Carpet with a sunken jacuzzi like near the clause, my blowing stuff. They had a ball room in their house, they live. He was the bees from here to the page, what part it's about where they and he was in god- appear outside
Pasadena hombre now The data now gotta get all think of it. This is called city of homes or so thing is what its vows exclusive we'd never heard of it. It just one of these big sprawling kind of dumb white Guy houses like nothing architecturally, interesting about it, but the circle, Dr. Why, in everything, better design told him that had it and one of those rooms that you can walk and because you would leave footprints in the car from the wreck, the carpet behind you out and pass Pasadena. It's right where the track is its right were right were set. Neither is its whenever this minute format sand and then tried up in there anyone what city said Anita and MAX Van that'll that'll tell you anyway. I showed up I'm driving the pickup truck with the boss. It off creator out our King Arcadia
check the tape sorted God you're here the toilet still make it on Cyber Arcadia and in it when it did someone out When I would barked I was a bartender you I see it. I was like my work study job. I got paid like no seven dollars an hour to learn how to Bardell and we'll do private events up in our case for the president of the university. That's like that, like the governors mansion you're, like the President's mansion and all the donors with com, and I would do no check codes and make drinks adjusting to watch it the eyes. What have I just got: a big sprawling in current, not a lot of personality, but just there was- and we would use I want to, for dinner a couple of times in the mom was real proper and the dad was real, proper and there's gotta. Give me
the guy the whole time, and I didn't really think much of it. I didn't realize what was happening. They had their like dab of a daughter who was going to U s c and in eighty pie and her boyfriend was this dude who lived in a part, with three due to North Hollywood and basically slung stucco all day, and I'm pull up a bit pickup truck and I'm not really getting the part that I'm the dude from the wrong side of the draught she didn't save up and send her to college should get hook up that he could. She could take up the dew fell. Like me, and then he took out the pipes hike but don't worry she wise up, and that was that I did end up getting a sexual sofa. Add other deal at some point after she dumped me. She then explain that their parents were get rid of the blues.
Jail cell phone, I could have it. I figured that I ice yeah look, there's a parting gift head and cried out by beat up there where you're going out and got and got the and got the bees and got the beater sexual cellphone put it. My crap, Britain that that was, it does Vienna that, but she was a Stephanie, was an eighty pie that probably got pictures her maxima. I think I am of me. I'd heard at an event like she's, when she's, wherein, like gold may now we're like a tuxedo where'd, you get a tuxedo, I pray We rented it are barred at or something it and oh, and I are very distinct. Conversation like how how dumb I was I was sitting there in amongst the college, people and the frat sir in everything and I was like twenty four twenty five or something and guided tables like.
Where's talk, jobs are going to do what it is like from taxes and I and my family from tax about here going I see, and he goes he I go. Oh, what do you do or their taxes for fine, because I will go down to the beach every once in a while ago. Beach a beach and tax I've seen the tv shows, taxes over all desert and tumble, weeds and and and ghost town every page I started yourself Hydra Island. I started laughing maniacal because I thought Texas was like Nebraska there. We are well, isn't all domain diamond ball: nineteen, eighty, seven diamond ball: nineteen. Eighty nine hundred still have that on behalf of doubt, the annual there very are I memorized fucking dumb laughing at this guy beach in taxes checks the middle countries its lion, lock them
I do not want the Alamo Now I remember the house, the eighty pyres the sword. Housing there's like nine or ten or wherever you see the gorgeous beautiful architectural marvels. Huge wine like to state that was on the corner out a massive long? We're gonna play football, or rather I remember parking. Certain next to it behind it- are suited to the side of it and walking walking up and I do know some meeting that was goin on where their deciding who is doing the cooking and then they all clapped enchanted. Zol, very bizarre for me and where I came from of Edith Cresson, ragged mean headlights man she my ear and stuff like I was all a weird world. I had no idea
any of it work? I didn't even really know how you got to go to college like the paper work needed to fill out the tasks you needed take paying it all just seem bizarre. I felt like a cut her from the movie breaking away. You guys can look up the look up. The reference, hey, Jordan,. Thanks here, I think, for a rest, spurring or talk to me like. We had, of course, we're gonna now trow reply that guy what a wonderful of business Jordan are granted by next week at thanks, Jordan and thanks net sweet yeah I'll, get to see when natural, your free product or in your right now get a free guide. Seven key strategies to grow your profits at net sweet that term. Slash Adam support this
pat gas in this sponsor in Jordan, you can check out the Jordan Harbinger. Shall veil blonde Spotify in five cast. One is well thanks. Yarn preach idea, Oh right, good news during all this craziness out their av. Add tweeted me a picture last night that he was coming through net flax and my movie uppity has made the black lives Matter- collection, admiral, oh you're, so got range or a conundrum wrapped in a riddle.
They don't have what everyone can get a lot of Zanu all evil movies exclusively about what it is all right. I've made the black lives matter, collection over men, men show guy was always on technical, said collection, well, let's take ourselves a break and welcome back into the news right after this
That is why the stubble abroad, everything going my brain, is evil bit that is, corona virus may still be raging outside Europe. Drinks is hard at work with another month of atoms. Monthly not this month includes a beard, Bro beards aping tool to attain that unruly corona facial hair and achieve face mask can silently protests have king stupid. All of this is the six foot premium beer, bong by beer bond dot com, chicken, slug bag, a few cold Endless Rance when the world efficiently opens up again and of course, a body
of your choice. We know times tough, but we had girl a drinks I would remind you to take a breath, have a drink and wait for all this shit to be over my hollow You can try to bring all those crazy trot. We travel Gigi the news with Jean Grad. I don't know if you guys on this last night, as we record this, but I thought it was very worth bringing I just happened to glance at the tv when it was happening bags on Sean Hannity show on Fox between
commentator, professor Doktor Coronel, west and civil rights attorney and talk radio hosts to you might be familiar with LEO Tyrrell Adam. None of that name brings about ok before I know all the local radio guys yeah. So thank you now. Maybe they mean, we're coming on to see eye to eye on some stuff new, sir? They got do a heated argument on Hannity show Tuesday over the wave of protest across the country, attacks against police, and especially the topic of defending the police. So I'm, just I mean holdings, five minutes. Why cut like a minute of it? I'm gonna let it role, but first Sean asked West why there is so much violence, basically in big liberal cities like Chicago. Why were failing America's children when it comes to cities like that was said that it has to do with us funded under educated communities? He also said it was. Under the leadership of rum manual, who is not a fan of an tromp who eat you, obviously not a fan of- and he said, ok, fine, you know Leah what
you and when Harry us to raise the question, he went right back to corner West and went on for literally five minutes, but we have about that ninety seconds of it. You know, John. You have got to corner where so tat the question asked in a court of law. He will answer not because he just came you old talking point. I will speak to you. Doctor Coronel was black and the black man you're looting, going on as you try. You try new credit minding my flight. We tell you just leave misconduct, shame on you, you absolutely wrong Dr Weir cheer you up for you deliberately actually follow you you're, not my brother you're, not my brother, you are you, are you are get hurt? You
people like you did you look pretty. Does it know my brother, then please claims that cloud. Do you all my god, you have lost control, you're a dinosaur ground, and so are you have lost it serve that party you're, not party group, you what your I'm in sore. You know what you know. If you don't. Let me you are wrong, my friend. No, I don't think so, because your position is so way off. I will not in this way. The people you do me you may do so here. Rise, to show me a few times and finally just goes to break
So we owe to an interesting inflection point were aunt now LEO Terrain, all was a guy. Who is a civil rights attorney. He thought o J was innocent. Hughes, you know is far to the left of the equation, as you could possibly get, but the lad is going so far left that even guys that are worth pretty far laughed are not that far left. You know that the ideas you know the Joe by means of the world, Bill Clinton's and in things like that, think most like makes sense, but a yo see doesn't make sense the Leon Corral, but quite bill potent makes sense to LEO Corral, but but I see bran dozen and it's gettin, it's going so far that now there
I, with each with each other and there's a lot more victory. All if you think about it think about the. Mayor of Minneapolis there's, if you think about it this way, if there are two brothers or two sisters who are biological brow, there's an sisters and they have a falling out. There's a lot more there than co workers or frat brothers. Or just do one day or high school there, our history, I just mean- there's a lot more than those arguments you know. So as it is you think about it. You know Tucker Karlsson, de NASH. The Susa could have a debate
with Anderson Cooper, but there's not that much there after work now kind of go home is nothing these guys were brothers. You know I mean they're on the same side and that's when and then when that cracks and comes apart, that's really get the crazy vitriol. So are you we see the right and the left. Are you go out greater disagree and sometimes it gets heated, but it doesn't get passionate and also. I have watched Coronel Western MAR show many, I I generally like him, but you see, that look in his face. That's a guy who has been told the fuck off in Thirty years in a light, let alone by someone ostensibly aside right. So what it is like he goes on Bill MAR he showed a holds court he's this guy. No one ever goes shut up, you're wrong there You want some other go well. Let me push back on their lives in a bogeyman. Down with the cause below when LEO well some shut up. He gleam
neither the camera- and you could see like a bit of a crazed, look on his face. I experienced it as I told When I play the celebrity softball game- and I told what I thought was just the manager of the mud- hey fuck off fuck himself, right a kick his ass. I didn't know that I was the head of show business when I told him that when he came, with me. I could see it his face that he had been told the fuck off in thirty years and find a guy like I do not like to do I'd like to get one of those police body cams I would just like to walk around and I've go in front a like bar restrain, sat in our logo, pay old, can't fuck off and not just watch your face like just explode, because the second look of confusion arose and looking at what I've been told, a fuck off since nineteen. Seventy four, like you
and tell the people are just kind of use, that's that's their permanent pockets in place. Korea was western like he went his face. She couldn't control his face. He couldn't controllers energy and he can tell that is the face of a guy who been adored and and worship, and not told the focus for thirty years, so that action, if he had, an argument a completely derailed it, because, though, the rest of any it's very hard to hear, because he's kind of a similar keys on Skype CALL but LEO to rescue zone So the question I am answering the question: can you answer the question and all corner? Where does it say you're disrespect and your disrespecting me? So he could even functioning get the rest of the answer out. If there was one I don't know, I've naughty with. I have noted the substance of their own rules even about as it was all just yelling now they, I don't think we were chalk that up to the honest dialogue were trying to get into
it is a bizarre world where arch enemies, like Larry Elder and LEO tyrannical are now on the same side of many many objects out there. Many topics outside boy live long enough man. Only at all, so it this there were rumblings about this a couple weeks ago. It didn't seem super reportable at the time because we are not just there wasn't enough detail, but now it's up on my news alert, so I guess we're gonna have that conversation, especially when this trial starts so the former Minneapolis Night Club, where both George Flow An Derek Shovin worked: there's a guy. From there and employ from their who says the too often worked on the same night. Infrequently quote bumped head though he was speaking with a boy CBS News. His aims, David penny. He said flying Java and definitely knew each other pretty well and had a history of friction. He said it has a lot to do
Derek, being extremely aggressive within the night club with some of the patrons, which was the issue, and I thought oh, it stops there, but it doesn't flights. Family, an attorney of state that sharpens aggressive arrest of Floyd, which led to his death was personal, and she either should therefore be charged with Degree murder, but somebody else within the club said at sorry. Maya, Santa Merida. She owns the club that they worked out and said that and had an issue with black patrons and believes he was afraid and intimidated by them or not sure how they would have interacted cause Shovin. I guess was more like sitting in a cop car up right, Floyd was inside also, if you're the owner- and you know that the guy outsides Rough- your crowd. I don't know why he still works there. So I'm a lot of this this, I think, laying the groundwork for what's gonna come out in a trial situation. I would imagine so definitely new, whose neck his knee was on. That's why it sounds like again. There were like couple weeks ago, but it didn't it.
Didn't seem credible yet, like we didn't have enough, but it's I mean this is coming out news alerts now. So I am very curious to see what this relationship was. It either user couldn't tell him the video we ve all been shown that there were the history, but wouldn't makes sense if they knew each other. What chauvinist first name dare Derek error? Would you make sense if they work together that at some point, Floyd floored would say, Derek hey man like like a dress him in a way that was not AIDS. We are familiar generic yeah again, even if he hated is God's in whatever like at a certain point. His name would from a mouth that yeah weird to me that the part seem strange well in the only I mean. Forgive me for being a cop, could be wrong, but from what we're the only video we have with odd
is when he is. Struggling and then, when he is no longer struggling, so you'll have audio from the stuff that we have video from he's just sitting on the carbon stuff right. I've heard audio its heard, heard material and allusions to body came footers does not being released. I dont railways that exists or fats apocryphal, but see, I was in relevant at this point. I am just saying about the actual street security camera. That's just video, so we are now what the back and forth was right and in that's true, but even when it is me as honest neck and he's having difficulties apple. That is able to get out a few words it just you think that guy's name would come out at that point we shall I can I guess yeah and when I was first in a reading when I was reading the first part of this article, I thought, oh so the arguments gonna be this had nothing to do with skin color. These guys just had beef. You know their own interpersonal relationships and then it and then
The owner herself says you. He was very intimidate and afraid of our black clientele. So we'll see were all of this goes but definitely keep it on your radar speaking of HBO I can tell you who the loser. If I guess we could call nineteen, but this time period is be. A hundred thousand people have lost their lives. China, the azure louse she's, cries where we all this gone with the wind I also MAX has removed gone with the wind from their streaming servers on Monday, They time's up ed, successfully convinced atrium acts to shelve the night Thirty nine fail because it romanticize is the horror of slavery academy. Winning Writer Director John really said. The civil war drama perpetuate some of the most painful stereotypes. Are people of color this one picture. Eighty years ago. All time high is growing film, adjusted of course, and consistently ranks among the critics
as one of the best movies in Hollywood history, but it says tough watch. You know almost a hundred years later. I was going to have either we Cnet I've that I have now is nice. I'm old thing we talks on the show ever saw the thing it's time. There's not a moment spectacular, difficult, three and a half hours lies the fears we talk and build on the federal about certain feels really homework. Spills one can homework, but at the same time we talking the shoulder about like gum like films. Of films and musical whenever, like they're they're markers and where we were, and how far are we talking on a mean like? Yes, this depicts a period of time, the driver magazine away the we wouldn't do that, but that's how the film laws and nineteen my were to turn out there, and I would ever was sorry. I forgot the eighty years audience together. He got so I got my point. Is its market if its areas like overtly
He says? Are calling people to arms? Like you know, like mine, comparable only our invitation, maybe even more of a nation that, by my point, is like this is out of an how much a slippery slope guy is one step towards like Bernie blocks are banning box. Like no movie hadn't banned, but it- but this is this- is this in solving anything? Is a marker where we were enough? Are we ve come yeah? It's interesting. You say that because the first thing I thought of is when people want to take paintings and stuff out of museums and statues. I don't care about you, get rid of em, don't get rhythm I'd at, but like music. That are there to preserve that moment in history and say this is this: is that snapshot? I did wonder well? Does that pertained to films to or now well it is a slow. Ray slope, and I don't like the slippery slope guy, but this I think we have ample evidence that the progressive movement which, as the word
progress in movement in the title is not slowing down at speeding up there. You know these, you start, you know you kind of start with stuff like what. But the confederate flag, or what about the Washington, Redskins and you're gonna go yeah. I can't get that, but it's ever satiated, you know just sort of on to the next thing. I mean that the the aid, the editor of bona petite magazine just had to step down because of brown face like Porter rican outer at seventeen years ago. I mean If there are any signs of say she Asian are slowing down, I might be more, for it might be. Promise I haven't seen any signs of it slowed down by. I also don't feel like I make the same argument with black face Chris. When Jimmy Fallon does Chris Rock that's, not black face
and we're doing a thing where it's like we kind of go well, was one thousand nine hundred and forty didn't really know what they were doing, but it wasn't one thousand nine hundred and forty was one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. About. They were happy hearings. Wrong was going on in eighteen, sixty six or what when it whenever they have or sixty one eighteen, sixty one that that that's that's what they were capturing right. An the same way, you couldn't drive a fuckin press through a shot. You can't you have two: you have to go. Here's the technology, here's the weapons; they fought with. Here's how they treated black people here how the women dressed here's, how the man dressed it's in its attempt at a the creation of that time and also I I seeing gone with the wind luck. I watch all eight parts of routes. I mean that was
point meant v GER rests was appointment, viewing for the court a family, so my mom could look at me every nine minutes and go. Can you believe what we did? Can you believe it? I got us I don't have a fucking chamber part. You think we own people, so I watch every bit of it and in in every every bit of it. I went God, that's horrible! That's all what we used to do and then also, let's not do that. Again, there is a big element of that. And I was in our ten- and it was imperfect contacts- I got all of it and that that movie was rough like of them whipping em in the hold out? I did see the whole nine yards and it was tough to watch. I felt really bad. I feel bad for them. If a path for myself, you know I've played with playing football with the point brothers by two black Rennes use, a good state, their house and stuff. I felt bad that ended their ancestors
I ve been subjected to this, but you weren't haulage eyes and the huddled out of this right up it was it was it at at at at at at with. It was all in contacts I understood very well, it didn't glorify anything. It didn't make me think of how well now I must participate slavery somehow, and it was as all of us all in contacts easier if you're looking to solve whatever problems you're looking to solve. This is not the direction the go. As a matter of fact, I you probably I started off the show by saying you learn more from seeing people watching people do stuff. You don't want to do or you don't agree with verses which are not inspired. Inspired inspire, eyes. I you know I watch Brian song about the same time and I was inspired. I like football and stuff, but I I watch routes. Probably learned a lot more. You know who
penny and I'd be curious about when it comes to pulling this off HBO or not Lindeman. Well, Miranda, because when you too about you, know the creator of Hamilton and the the debate. Yet I would not only is it. You know this triumph of musical than billion or historically, whatever the diverse casting his what it will so always be norm for when that's going to be very common place. This kind of blue, the lid off the whole thing, and I would think that someone like I don't know. I have no idea, but it would. I think that new ways of looking at history, and you know it when you're performing balance the you know the accurate prescription, the accurate depictions so you kind of need them both for context. You don't just completely get rid of one or the other, also handy Mcdaniel, one the best supporting act or a terrorist african American and when they ask Take that thing down. I wasn't gonna be allowed to go to these ceremony that, like rigour like upon a favours, basically Aurelia yeah
another details, a story that is just what I've read about the of the top line. Well, either I'm stoner her statue, one of them's at the Hollywood forever cemetery, will extend the bring back drive in scary movie, inflatable green eyes, set out. Also There is also another part of this that I don't like, and I've always spoke about. The symbolic say she asian enough spoke about it in terms of the American Indians. Nobody needs help more than the American Indians, so we can stop calling that team, the Braves or what stop? Calling a team, the Redskins that doesn't help the crazy die ladys in that community and then group or any person better off today. Another gone with the wind has been taken off of HBO Max or whatever. It's called right. But there's a lot of people I live and work amongst them on on occasion where the
get satiated like you go hey but ever happen with the guy that was supposed to come over work on the air conditioner. They I call them. I go when two weeks ago and don't like your satiated, but he never call you back in condition stolen the threats, like there's association, that you have to be careful about, because this eighty eight at the times when o K, for God, awful those now I'm gonna, move on to the answer mine serve bottle our or whatever, whatever it as Ireland whenever neck right, but that's not what's that we should be talking about reform and and vouchers and and school vouchers school choice in like things like that, but you feel satiated, because you ve done your fucking job with a movie it scare, scary part, or I got this. Professor shit
and from its job. I got the guy from bona petite magazine. Fire. Ok, monsieur accomplish nothing heroes, but yet you feel good that yourself, that is a scary impulse just thought of this visa? We you talking about people who were formerly enemies are now allies. In a weird dignity, in a word way, like the bat like getting there, you know I gotta when removed from Israel MAX or banning box. We ginger story about till a mocking bird being like banned in Texas, or something like that. I live in Alaska. The alaskan I was on my point is the extreme We must move both sides and I think that donor shape universal. They come in. They meet at the point where their banning things- you don't owe me like its rights- are very far left at a very fast right thing to want to ban like ideas and works of art and books and movies is like Europe, solving innovator, helping anyone you're wrong attention to this cause, but it is not moving anything well.
We're gonna, be it feels it feels scary to me You'll be happy. Ants are well in you'll, be happy to know that I just read an article in today's paper that SAM both in Santa opera is no lawyer, SAM both imposing Kansas, something that they grows are rather guy tarbaby easier. There remain with what they have done. Is they ve tried to replace all the letters on the sign essay embryo ass with the peace sign and sign, and the word love this alone, they kept falling off so till they can get a permanent sign and a new name. It's just trash bags, but they don't need just just the letters like Bam, AUS vitriolic they did with Johns. They turn violence the Johnson Animalism rag bag, cod bosoms
salmon mose. That was indian kid. What was still lack indian of what was tat a little by little Sambo said I had a tiger. Did you have a tiger? The funny thing to be fair? The funny as they say in the restaurant was named for SAM and his brother. Those last name began with bow or brother, enlarging the yes now inside the restaurant. The walls were illustrated with this story that you speak but now now they're saying that they did they. Finally, they they finally hear the words that people are asking them to change the thing soldiers was problem solved, we're gonna, be good boy with the tiger. Raby aired Albanians, something that indian boy who lives at this father, mother name black jumbo and black mumbo, while out fucking, sambo encounters for very high,
we tigers and surrenders has colorful new clothes shoes. An umbrella, though not eat, em. The tiger vain and each thinks that he's better addressed than the other. They have a massive argument chase each other around a tree until their reduced to a pool of g clarified butter say then recovers is closing, collects the key which is mother used to make pancakes. That's the plot, wait a minute pan lookin out, because they then have good pancake did have. I must build here. But just you problem solved as black. I still no south, indian aright. Let me hit the recurrent problems, I've got the stuff, you don't wanna, clatter up the house where the kids baseball glove does fit the dress only warn once the old phone, the draw all that stuff see my thing with mercury. Is I don't care about the money,
The way sets of scorn and landfill and ending up on a beach somewhere in India. You don't want that, couldn't be on a Texas B because their land selling it requires a shelling app. That makes it fast and easy to sell. Almost anything simply take a few pictures describe your, item and ever get it listed. Mercury even email, you a shipping label when it sells no meat. Ups, no hassles, no problem of six hundred thousand plus reviews. Four point: four point: eight star average rating: don't let the stuff gonna waste salad and buy, sell em
anything on mercury? That's mercury on the app storing just go, get it recovery, dotcom, that's m e, r C, a r I requiring the selling out yap it so weird young. I just think about my show limited world of every the Texas Beach thing like everything I shall Texas the gun, fight in a desert- and that's that's all- I knew and then yeah thou, sir. Well you when yeah really confused about Missouri with a ozarks. Oh god, it's huge you! This probably feel like a footnote at this point, but if you haven't heard not just but the wind. Its cops show jobs come into an end deadline. Reports was pulled less week in the aftermath of George Floyd's death, a premiere on Fox nineteen. Eighty nine aired for twenty five season: The show was resurrected and twenty thirteen, when spite tv,
ordered at new episodes, and it was going into its third third year, but has been off here since June. First, with no plans to air. Any the absence in the can. Also the same for life. P d bear essentially a spin off Now it seems in type a shout on any that was pulled June fifth, and they don't know what they're going to do with it. They know what they can a cop. We talked about getting show very ago. I talk to their. I interviewed Producers are parade whenever and there were like well. We actually try to balance out the ethnicity of the people like if you go hey, we got three brothers in the row can have that slight. White boy in there everyone's once date, that is thing they were sort of on. There wasn't just catches catch. Can they were doing it there
trying to give it some balance already. But I guess any cop in any arrest is SAM, no brainer led by now, yeah, listen about and unintended consequences, cops arrest. People in jails in prisons hold people, so do this weird thing that I've been talking about out loud for a long time, which is when you go hey? There's too much of this like there's too many black kids young black, suspended at too high a rate, and then you go. How do we fix it and then the answer is: stop suspending young black men. I always go well. That'll. Definitely changed statistics and that'll. Definitely stop you black boys from being suspended at a higher rate. But I dont know that it's a big picture facts the notion and were kind of getting
into this world words like we have poor people. How do we fix it? You give everyone a thousand dollars, that's how we fix it or colleges expensive. Some people can afford it. Had fix it. You may college freight and then you go there's too many arrests going on and there are too many people behind Margo. What do we do? Get rid of cops and first off mission accomplished? You will not have a rest Will you decrease by their unintended consequences, big I mean we already have the Ferguson effect. It's like cops, don't want to the cars there, not pro active, waiting for the nine one. One calls and there's a more murder and a lot more crime
in those areas where the cops don't feel like it now that cars who could blame, I'm saying I always think about that episode is kid when I was watching Sherman Peabody, about your body to remember the way about energy and the way back behind and they were doing a car race and the other car was like bees, may I come on German, go fast areas like again and at some point they mash, the glass of the speedometer they grab the arm. That was showing sixty miles our and they turned it two hundred miles an hour every now and then the race and remember that very clearly is a nine year old watching that lot arrange that night routes, Thursday Sherman Peabody the Wayback machine, but I thought yeah
but amateur says a hundred and yes, there less arrests and, yes, there's less in prison in yes, there's less suspensions, but did you fix the problem? And what might we look forward to? in the future, because the reality, as is the car needed to be fixed and modified, so it could go faster. We're doing a we feared approach to problems, which is we got to many people in prison. Let a man a present to many copper s, Rather, the cops have em stand down. Ok, just watch out clause the one thing. I've really learned from studying society over the last twenty years is unintended consequences. You know you we were you known, Lausanne like someone is like English. Only People gotta, learn English as young kids. Gotta learn. English are now teach him in Spanish. Ok, so you teach him in Spanish, but
Now you don't have a good grasp of the language that everyone's speaks. How limited our your employment opportunities, if we didn't get now people go? Oh, that's cruel! Come on those kids! Wouldn't you wish that but he got hold your kid in the third grade and gave em gave the english verses. Easier rout. Maybe the more respectful round is teach him in Spanish. That's great now give now that person thirty five in their English. Isn't that good? How does that help them? Now? How? What are the unintended? whence I dont know all the nuts and bolts of that rule. I remember it was something people are debating some years ago in our lab. I M saying is yes, it seems fair to make those kids, whose first language is spanish, to learn in English, and maybe it's gonna be more difficult for them and so on and so forth. But what about when a years down the road when there and
The join mainstream society work, the kind of jobs that could only be had by people at mastered the language unintended consequences about it's kind of her? It's kind of a rich man, poor man, because when you think about like oh well, I we send my son to a private school and he spanish immersion all day they're not even allowed to speak English. I know it's crazy, I think, does fits dogs kids go to the spanish version. School vote tomorrow Is it coming into my eyes against war? Bow we gotta talk about even know that I didn't So weird- and I mean it's not like He'S- hasn't been on the show, but he's coming into my well remember hearing that story. I listen I'll give my it's some spanish immersion taken down our very straight down the knock themselves out for twenty minutes and then back of a car. Ok. Well, then, we'll talk Spanish immersion works
spiritual emerged over Sunday to sentiment your backyard. That's right! That's Roberta! That's our Verona get again! and should we in chinese emerged compounds outlay, rigour out which way the wind is blowing. Yes, he does go to spanish fits how'd. You find that out online or just Texan gear remembered night. That's one more grand! I will member of the beautiful bar Raphael II. Not only has re Caprio show a nightclub, a beautiful woman will she's known for that. But she's also know now for striking to deal with the feds, but not of good deal for her mom, so she reached up. A bargain with israeli prosecutors in her tax evasion case that she is going to have to serve nine months of community service. So she was too
I was trying to hide six million bucks. You earn between two thousand ninety two thousand twelve and lying living with Leonardo to copyright at his house, while her prime residents as in TEL Aviv, so she's thirty. Right now she has three kids and she was to avoid time behind bars in exchange for community service. Her mom, however, her best manager, Cp Raffaele was charged and unconvicted it she's going to jail for sixteen months. What I have always thought. The palm saying take me instead or barbary, like her. Let's talk and she has community serve she has nine months community service gotta sure we're like whose fuckin hatchet picking up globally By the side of the fundamental jobs there smoke. It man yeah She out here an hour she in TEL Aviv. Well this
I'm not sure, but her primary residents is Israel. So this all went down in Israel and one of the articles I read about a couple about him. It was all done in shackles, so I think, shouted out a whole that their serving their yeah. I want if they put prisoners and shackles, and then, if there's a, whose on first typist, your way to get em they're data, men, shackles, sighing either. Here or shadows enough? One taxes, shackles shackles, show another scenario anywhere sugar. Where shackles I mean shackled putter, we're gloved bar where'd you go behind bars bar bar white ribbon. Many shaggy mobs bar sorry bars Kate, the one whose names bars gonna, be free your mom's gonna, be behind bars, she'll, be
and shall stands behind or on a reactor. That's good mama shares pirating she's rain, shackle, dammit I must admit it's sorry wait a minute before you MA before you go by bars. I just do a side bar over here with drought get her out of her shackles, inlets bar. Let's do it. Bar before I forgot go, my bars or not, and how many shackles? That's just dismiss this movement on air promise not to the high anymore money. Ok, I believe you ramshackle move in this region geographic. I just one second literally two seconds ago, got this notification from the Washington Post. It says NASCAR to ban display of confederate
flag at all events and properties, as we were speaking about yes, I know, brine, your very sad, I'm dead add and that's the news with Gina also. I know everyone just has the ice now, but how down with the car laws were you ten minutes ago, then how down are you now you gotta means like hey all right. Yes, go you been in you ve been accompanied by a hundred and twenty one years. I've heard anything from you apply obliged rat are now you send out all of a sudden, very important sent out a tweet on Wednesdays what, if you are being pressured worthier sent a tweet anyway, I have I it's. It's basically use screaming at somebody. You know it's like somebody called you fat in your screaming apologize and they go for a sorry. You you're not fat, but do they think that.
Would they apologise on their own? Would like my old thing is, demanding that everyone do this. It's not that satisfying, because you want them to do it all you want them right to think about, and what this isn't right. Not you know when there's a when there's a higher everyone's into fire safety when you're when there's a fire, but you want them the kind of practice fire safety before there's a flame. You don't owe me like. You, want these companies to sort of practices stuff before in all fields. We're the just an avalanche of this now and doesn't it doesn't smack of sincerity to me? That's all I'm saying I let me hit a guy co these days well- are sharing more and sharing your dance moves, your d, I why hair cut back,
how's, your inner lip sink star all online and now Geico wants to share, and I in gotta Geico give back the Geico give back fifty. Percent credit on par motorcycle policies for current new customers as Geico committed to the long haul. Fifteen percent credit lass, your full policy term visit Guy Kodak come slowly, give back aright J Leno is gonna, be coming coming up. I did an interview with him: it's a long and thorough interview and am very happy with it, and I think you can learn a lot about the man and I was gonna great jail, sun and good sports coming up as well, so
I will take a break, will come back with great J Leno right after that I really want to smoke classes. So my professors actually know who I am with the title: campus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio or scientists is big enough to expand you horizons, small enough to feel like home. I always see people, I know when I walk across campus and last week my economics professor, invited the class ever to your house, her dinner resign. His college, odd name, perfect, fit visit us online at U R s eye and U S got a deal, today or like little cities full of different internet in borrows, like the entertainment industry or the virtual fitness centres in the garage and extremity internet keeps it all running smoothly, with reliable speed to power all your devices at once. You get coverage around town from the financial District Home Office. To this far extending internet keeps your little city humming, with reliable, speeding coverage. Not that simple, easy awesome find great off
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