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At the top of the show, Adam talks about Ken Miles’ 1965 GT350R Mustang selling at auction for $3.85 Million. Then the gang chats about the lack of culture in the San Fernando valley and Adam explains why he should be paid $5,000 just to walk through someone’s house. This leads to a caller who’s planning to renovate his house and wants Adam to do a virtual walk through. After the break, Adam talks to a listener who was sucker punched and injured his head on the pavement before chatting with a couple of other callers about a Makin Bacon shirt in Karate Kid and a way to create equity for renters. Please support today’s sponsors: Legalzoom.com Lifelock.com enter ADAM Meguiars.com JB Weld – World’s Strongest Bond Geico.com Hurry To Your Local Dodge Dealer
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on Podcast one first day, We get into a record setting me staying in how many millions had sold for with an interesting angle on that also paid to walk through someone's house and down no culture? What does that mean? I grew up in a place called the San Fernando Valley, with no culture that affect the people who live in that place. We'll get, and all that with your phone calls as well. First I'll take about lifelike were criminals taken advantage of the pandemic, sending malware to scam, p, trying to learn about cures that, even now devise a counterfeit online pharmacies is important understand how cyber crime and identity theft factoring are lies. Protect yourself, people you're Information is out there protect it. Get me
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We're inside the toolbox. Word always rocks, but we never forget the role here. To help us a little metal is working out. September comes early on the toolbox thanks the long John Silver is now serving John Bonham Combo, black cod and fries, but it's always serve. It makes all the difference Ladys only on the menu and long John Silver inside another. Forty three ran coming up. My gown ones. Dude fully takes us over the dogs, you think slice apply it. Does it bother anybody else vast times, Damone says the place. I do the poor and the car listening to Kashmir. You're not getting laid come on, ran birthday party for me here. That's right, zero granted for being born, put your achievements. It should be celebrated like when the guys in zeppelins said we got enough material, double allowable, so make a loud and frowned use. You stand apart from the ground from physical, revealing side on the road.
from one studios in one day, I'll California. This is the datum. Corolla show bottoms yesterday, Larry Miller, Gina grad on news ball, Brian on sound effects and will play the hypothetical quarantine game now, with his twins not going to school next year, the state test average already went on how to get it on, got together, no choice with a mandate to get at odd man, procured and Anne and think through town, a friend love that about you, write, Gina, Grad, that's right, ball wait. I was employed in Holloway, say bright again, and by going, Therefore. After birth rate will try and ball
how are you Larry Miller's gum, I'm gonna zoom in will play the quarantine road trip or whatever call that game, but I'm looking forward to that. well, no, I don't Florida sobered him and accordingly I have a thought about. Society. I realize ever the story we ve talked about this before people. Don't wanna show up at the barbecue with the six pack of Budweiser or even Jack Daniels. They want their own thing with their own story and that's the new world order. Is this story and I realise that I've always watched, however, car soul than vintage car, Solon Old Car sold and pass they were really that interested in the story. Therein trusted in the make, sounds like you wanted a Ferrari Daytona
or you wanted a Ferrari Super America. Or will you wonder for Irish, something or Lamborghini something but Now it's all about this story and it's all about the kind of one of one so the race cars, never add any value to them, but they always had the story, but I don't give a shit about the story. They give a shit about the value, not the story, and ten miles. Who is? by a christian bail out Mustang just sold a couple of days ago at an auction in Indianapolis. Now this is this. Mustang that sticker eyes for this Mustang and nineteen sixty six thirty, four hundred dollars or or something like tat and
Formerly, no one even knew who can miles was until about ten minutes ago because of this movie, because Christian Bell, because of forty four hour because of our documentary, the deep deep cuts- Guys knew who can miles was, but nobody knew that story but now people know the story, this a This is a car that was just a Mustang that there shall be got hold of and his guys got hold of and there were cut out. It was like a test. for all the modifications there we're gonna make when they went racing and it was there. the ten miles Mustang and They found it in Mexico in nineteen. Eighty nine a lot of stuff gets found in Mexico. Ever whenever everything gets found in Mexico and or places weird places where everything is lost in Mexico around. that's right. Sometimes
its founded. It gets lost in Mexico, they find this stuff. Sitting around. It's a patter has some old pictures of it are as it was when it was at the shall be museum. It looks like ass, the old it looks like if your neighbor had a project you lived in a shitty neighbourhood like you, lived up in fortified wine country up north and like it looks like a Mustang like a sixty Mustang with some Rothstein Ed and is. Is it if your neighbor had that project? That was in the act that was the driveway that he never seem to work on, little bit of an eye shore now Maybe squirrels make an a nest in the back of the place. sold for three point: nine million dollars at right because of this story because of it because it can miles started. Somebody restore
started by, but by the way, restoring an old Mustang like that lost about a hundred hundred fifty thousand bucks a solitary spent three million dollars for storing as pretty easy, pretty cheap, pretty straightforward to rethink restore. stumbling upon it in Mexico helps with the story. I heard the story. Dove helps It's all part of the story, but the main orient them. stories. It was ten miles and it was his car and they drove it in the sixties and it was sort of a test mule for all the high performance parts gonna put on, but anyway before we get into the weeds, I'm just saying we're living in a new era where people still one p. Use the one that this standard or they used a won t get along go along. So when you showed up to the party one, a brand of beer. Nobody heard of you want
the brain and beer that everyone had heard of. So that's how we used to be right. We used we used to be the the scotch. Did everyone heard over the wine that are one of in and you wanted the Ferrari you're, the Lamborghini or the majority that this this this thing now It's all individual! It's all about story in everyone's paying for the story. Yes, It's a great observation. We see that all the time when we do are Hollywood memorabilia game, where we guessed, who gives a shit about a hat for DORA? No is Indiana Jones out a word on it doesn't come inherently more valuable is invaluable about it's a dollar item, maybe at first shock but a war on Non on the couch camera on Saturday as the one we will now question for you you as a collector, an auction enthusiast. How does it? How do you feel about this out? Imagine it's pretty cool this for a shift towards more interesting. More knew of it has something to this has opposed to its just
the valuable or just rare, like I, this was done. This was done with this law. This version there is found here. How do you pay Vila well a kind of used to be that the car sales for shorter, like home sales like well, if it's in Beverly Hills and its eight thousand square feed than its this much money, and we didn't really care who lived in it. It was just of the sale in a kind of square. It shows that a lot That's always how it was with the old car. cars and now stories are starting to come in and, of course, I'm a fan of the stories, because I have the old Newman race, cars and those have those story. So at but again They didn't care about Jimi, Hendrix Guitar in the palace. It just. Everyone wants the story now, and I think We have shifted, think about the conformity. so think about. When you see it, picture of
Major League baseball game from the fifties. Everybody in the stands looks exactly the same. So the same, COD same cap time. Time co? But you think the hair style, think about this thousand web chat room. You look out into the stands at enough. You just pick major league baseball, thirty's, forties. Fifth is it was all your uniform uniformity was like power. pow? That's what we wanted. We wanted the white picket fence. We have one wanted the Ford, the Chevy in the driveway now, there's a sort of individual expression and its in its it. It's it's its engulfing us like we all want that store emigrants trying to carve out their own their own story and so you're buying sixty five sixty six mustang that is worth thirteen thousand dollars, but with this story you know it's worth three point: nine
million box, it's worth a little more in thirteen countries are three fifty arm but by but we're paying you are paying for the for the story, then I should be loving this. I am. I am loving it because I have re scars and these the the race car are all cars are all about the story who drove it. When what did it do did it? When did it run? Daytona did run Lama, so but I like the kind of look at it from a cultural in point two, which is this you showing up and up and up because you are a house swarming with a bottle of scotch nobody's heard of verse. A bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam The same is that that's why this car three point: nine. I only want to show up and you want to tell the story. Which I'm not! I have no judge against day I like at their head,
Interesting thought has nothing, do with their the ten miles mobile, but the the also There is a lot of timing out. There remain its great when christian bail can play can miles and you have an onus car. The the I was talking about a sort of the doktor drew, and I started. Like all my dumbo friends from the Valley and China However, we must assert drifted through life. did what they wanted to do that, never really figured anything out, and then we too about the vacuum that was that is culture in the San Fernando Valley? There is no culture, there's no there's no culture in the valley and wrecked, and if this zero culture ad to everyone, just sort of leaving all the guys? I knew graduated from high school. This sort of floated on to somewhere did something. There was nothing there. Was Culture there's nothing there
stem this direction or or that direction? And then I should it's interesting the number one export of the San Fernando Valley for a long time was porn yeah I knew girl They got into porn and they were runaways from Indianapolis. I mean Christie, Canyon, which you know she went to north hollow and high. She went the Walter Reed. I knew her sister she's Valley girl me If you have no culture, then why not just do porn who did I ever ask? Everyone, looks good nor underwear, wanna get paid to fuck like dirt. Wasn't? Oh, she was strung out on age and she ran away from abuse, a step that is like in a vacuum of culture. Can you this kind of do whatever you want again. Why is it that that that part of the valley became the porn capital of the world and a guy.
A lot of people are indigenous, have the girls were just from the valley like there is like? Where am I gonna? Do poor girl get paid like a look? There's? No, doubt my buddies re increase would have done porn if they could have got paid to do porn, they did construction, but it's the same thing. Just go you your body over there. They probably could have in good shape football players strapping guys like if somebody the person in the right direction. I boy myself for not push, them toward born so I want to talk about tat. The making bacon t shirt make an appearance outcry kid. Ah her someone else will start about her on a payment pinion on idea, So how does this over the He can which was a funny juxtaposition I was. I was up
I was visiting my dad. He was talk to me about nothing. He was again discussing one in a hang out with Danish Prager right. I asked them for the ninth time if he'd seen the movie, he and I had made together, then Breyer and I he said for them. in time wide her now her or whatever and then at a certain point, I look you're my watch and I shed oh, I gotta go. Where are you going, and I said well, some he's. Gonna pay me five. Thousand dollars to sit in their house anyway, wide- and I said you know that Joe case to say all the time where I say to learn at you ought to pay We five thousand dollars to walk through your house, so much better. fuck you you go get the fuck out of here who cares or shut up and go knobs years? for me to walk there. Your house, you should pay me
five thousand dollars should be a deal for Europe. Somebody called MIKE August and said I'll pay, Adam five thousand dollars to walk through my house, shed the fine and out gate like eighteen hundred dollars. Further barbecue the guy's house, but I was literally irresistible whatever this incredible juxtaposition, because I was sitting with my dad who's, never won't! Look at Parker watch a movie or listened opaque ass. You do anything, and I was like hey, guy who I've been boring for fifty five years? I gotta go walk through someone's house for five thousand dollars and he was like, I will pay someone five thousand was in the house: pay valet's and Kojak boys, five thousand dollars at somebody's house. Yes, that was a funny juxtaposition and so Saturday, night whenever the nice couples house and walk through the half,
for why did you give them now? Did you give them five thousand dollars worth of advice? I like to think so it's your luck, it's who paid and was one of those things where probably wouldn't have done it, I've just set it on the air ten times you should pay me five thousand dollars to walk through your house and I, Dont forget area, of course, MIKE Mike wanted ten percent of of that, so he was here He was all in all right. Let's see what line forest products egg, why he wants to are basically the same thing line for sir. Renovating whose new House, with Adam, do virtual, walk you out there for thirty eight hundred They met a word pretty good. What do you want to do? I thought he'd be like it would be I don't know where the new content in that's my my approach. Where are you the year in Colorado. That's right,
mountain houses like eight thousand two hundred zero elevation, while left and centre. You know it's so so so came home last night sunny was online. Looking at apartments in Denver he's like I'm gonna move to Denver LIVE in Denver welcomed in Denver, you know with us to do comedy we traveled around, and I think he just but like smitten by or he it's us answers were either way. You gotta mountain home, eight thousand square fight. You guys are eight thousand elevated and bony. Though I get funny the pike marathon jacket when you're in December last is now is, as you do Have trouble at eight thousand at that out the two like boiling water and things of that nature, hearing haven't you well not like a practice, I think, might break up
yeah and shelter in place for so many months, but water boils faster, but yet you could think longer hours on role that really do effect. Life of coursers, less air by me and you start making you read, nowadays like that, what does have a drink, more water? Look there's! No, I mean, obviously, for I do now fifty years fighters have been training at elevation. Go to elevations to train. That's why big bear their fight. up there. You know they do their camps at elevation for that specific reward, physiologically so Obviously it's it's it's something. Obviously you're, not you know you It is our aim as an elevated and money, though I get funny replace the marathon jacket when you're in Denver last oh, is now is, as you have trouble at eight thirty
forty miles west, so right on them highway? Because these were they got highway and I'm only like, What is a mile off the highway, but as soon as you get off will you go up hundreds and hundreds of feet, but yeah it's now covered from my house in July. Nice and is that it is your permanent residents resident, sir, you is it like US summer place are winter place. It is the type a guy to only afford one, have, though I can work on there and I had to go and older Colorado a couple days a week for my job, but I can work Just all I need is the locked up. You know that I get funny full circle. Here was talking to my daughter. Today we went to a target and she was talking about taken a trip to see a friend in Colorado, and I said how long is that take She said you can drive in sick
ten hours. I guess she looked it up on the computer, but if you think about the kind, modern cars we drive today there's so much more comfortable, reliable and safer. It actually makes sixteen hours, obviously my mom, Dodge Guard of redoubled square rack. I mean physically impossible. You die carbon monoxide poisoning in a car which make blah blah blah but think about how safe, reliable and just comfortable I mean they're. There have half the cars that man motor rate or dandy or brings round have like massaging see. You gotta me like outcome that what is sixteen hours in a car these days I mean, if you trade off with somebody or or whatever ever China between the two Well, G, the automobile and like jet, sweet acts and other places like that. These places are going to be within striking distance. Pretty about
now. Right, like you could commute, you could have a second place. You can do whatever model. So what do you do when you ran? I do what are you doing? What are doing to the place? So this house is nineteen. Seventy events in when it was built, and it looks ski chalet from the front yard. You noticed a big sharp triangle with trappers. When triangular windows in front nine hundred square foot deck. You know, which is just amazing, but every postage is put in the dirt and you can just see monk living inside it is both reaches need so much the pink carpet pink jacuzzi. think toilet, mean then room which is up. In the last summer Are you thinking about renovating? Obviously, not those things? you know you're not to touch the pink alone on the roof.
Pink yo near the idea of some european showed never heard of a window curtain, so any carpets and there are faded from you- be raised. Thousand feet now. I wanna, go all hardwood floors can be really expensive. I'm on a budget. Of course. I want to pull up every carpet tomorrow. and near just live honour of oriented strand. what, if I can, until I can afford hardwood wars you, proud, I own arable. Sorry, you probably don't have always be furred sub Loring priorities that plywood gas. It good point MIA, I don't think they had always be oriented strand board- one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. It's a newer thing. I think it's probably just three slash four ply pull it all up Paul? The attack was trip up, fine, live on. They live on the sub floor,
you need a swap out all those windows like: don't they all need to be dual glaze than stuff. Now, I'm in considering the temperatures you're you're hitting in that in the winters. It's a great point, so many someone has been replaced. You can talk to me that are single, then another expensive trap is shake him yeah. What the heck do I do? Can I just like the glass? the digital, our value in some transparency? Now, you ve, you gotta bite the bullet and just to have more custom made You're gonna be a ten year project. Well with you at the helm mark. I am telling you go down a home depot, I mean you can am all ordered. I mean me, you can do it. I couldn't imagine living at that out the tube in that area and that climate with just a single piece of gold,
ass everywhere and the part where you like well, we did have the house, but we didn't do the other half of the house is sort of like while we we pay some of the holes in the titanic, but not all of the holes in the titanic, like I think you just have to bite the bullet and normal, but yes, guy and roll up that carpet. God knows what it smells like seventies carpet, some of them made some of the worst decisions ever in the seventies, architecturally yeah. I've been looking at houses and stuff and, like I said before, this is not a buyers market. So, but I am keeping sort of tabs on everything and theirs, giant like five thousand square foot, Ski chalet in Woodland, hills which serve up the street in the valley- and I looked pictures and like I need it, I want it. I have to have it inside all original from went. The first build evergreen green carpet everywhere, dark, green, yeah we'll
green. We loved green carpeting, we loved shag. We loved oh god, oh appliances, client orange and then we also love innovation minus any real innovation like that had like the blender that was built into the counter top with that switched. It was on it you could set. It was like the future that the toe stir that you would pull out of the wall and slide back in it was all Murphy, tester the I was like a Murphy toaster and in it all, but what we didn't, pull it off. you know I mean it was. It was like we thought we were innovating, but we didn't really have the innovation to do it, although it, kind of I do think about, it it gives the I watch all these architectural shows and they have all these big cast slam, marble, bathrooms and air, and everything looks beautiful, but looks the same, and I want
we're going to look back and judge twenty years from now. Not look, it's gotta be better than the Fuckin burnt orange and of a cottage, but are we still gonna be all ago? I know when you did that bathroom. We we will because think of the eighties. The end you know, like you say how the pendulum vastly swings the other way we went from these. Dark rough he colors to Pastel and Miami vice and everything's, pink and power blue, and that's awful? Now young for sure. Send you to sir we're all the houses, at least in the in the South Bay they have in Belgium. A few years and I think it's it's kind of Oliver Ally is that white. Deal, and would you like me you want. I would trim and it looks really pretty and then I got sick looking out at men of any one is gonna look ridiculous to us. I don't know it's was it possible seven year in the moment, but usually markers of this era like the sub
title in the background, or even like the glass tile. You know that the long thin ones looks good, but people will be able to tell forty forty years, where all the other twenty tens Those are the coda we the counter that are cutting boards me not to cool trend, but that stuff at the moment, the programme last too long, the sir, the eighties and nine be allayed. Lay nine these sorry, lady, these early ninetys, was glass block, everywhere? Always using you guys last blackmailed I like what they were like the last squares were kind of opaque. Jimmy Glass Black I've seen it in the thousand offices is thousands of those kind of frosted yeah locks and the added all made a kind of we're we're all the kind of driven by a kind of my army lung, then everything looked like a Nagel painting,
and Doran Doran was playing in. The back requires the ass off. There's your glass y yeah, but It had. Whole renaissance. I bill I built a house. I will got a house in Beverly Hills or it had a whole big glass. I'm the guy Communist Set, the glass block was a big deal. It just seems A dentist office, he there I don't know how I dont know how stuff works. I'll give you give you the latest orkut actual all via and they did it at the side. stadium, that's a cross on the same. At the same, the same grounds. Is the Colosseum and I've seen it narcotics staffing. You guys tell me if you can buy, but this or not This is the latest one though old locks like when we go You stand outside the Colosseum. The cup
LOS Angeles Colosseum. Both the Colosseum was built in the twenties, I think, and the did not have ply, would in the twenties so any time they wanted to poor, conquered, haven't, go up ten. Stories- they would have. pieces of wood, like one by AIDS or one by tens, and they would back a mob make a form and they'd poor. That concrete into a while when they strip the forms off, and you guys all know this. If you go into any those old time movie, theatres or the energy we played attic around the country from the twenties from the thirty should go to that back. While you stand side can see where the more you can see the lines You can see the wood grain because, when they rip that thing off that there's a not hall there, take on the shape the wood and
every six or eight inches? You see that line that little line where little bit of the cement push through the crack, boy, you, because now it's all just plywood, there's no more stacking in cracking anyway now the new thing. So I know the guy who went in bill, the soccer stadium, that's a cry. The way from policy and they were, did to replicate that that form that reform with the word grain and stripes, where you could see it pushing through. You can find the soccer stadium accuracy have seen that in some modern architectural homes now, where they're not actually yeah there the dead, the Troll Stadium, but the part I'm talking about MAX where there actually using a form. That is
not really functional. It's more of a pattern: we're there now creating this lock, where the wall outside of the cool house looks like it was formed in the twenties like Colosseum was in the chair so they're simulating this luck. Russia, luck, the retro! Luck, all right if so interesting story by them the same guy sent me a text. day. That said tat work. The huge firm that does like ally acts and a soccer stadiums does because we're doing north Hollywood, high literally the place that places bill. nineteen twenty eight there. Finally, in two thousand twenty there. Finally gonna hit mild my the high school things you don't like little barracks peace, the resistance of your careers that Boeing stadiums- yes, he said he'd make sure there was a statue of May place prominently
That's where I dont know what it would have been. I don't know what you'd look for, but you you'd be able to at its whatever that whenever that callous, whenever that back or stadium, is and then they they did- that I don't know. I don't know what does cement facade of cement veneer sent like Daniel, safe it pops up? It's interesting. They had to like take the old wood and they had to use it in such a way with modern forms and everything but use it to create that same, that same luck, I them about their legal over here ass a whole new world challenges out there. If you The legal help to overcome some challenges. Might I suggest legal zoom mark? guess always points people towards legal zoom, an uses legal zoom himself if he can get it done at legal zoom. If one of his clients can get it done, they don't need specific help from Garriga ass. You get
those billable hours and you go with illegal zoom. and for the rights you right. Solutions for over nineteen years, protect your family and, if when you get a will or living trust, start a business yea LLC Nonprofit. You can find it all legal zoom Dawson visit, legalism dotcom today to take care of some important things. You need to get done. That's legalism, dotcom legalism where life needs legal let's say we'll, take a quick break. We got couple calls, wait, will get to Larry, will play a game of do all that right after this it's time to check Adams Voicemail we have a shout and saw a friend or how good market, how far the intro that he's doing the toolbar
went from being too oh yeah You can leave us a message at eight hundred and eighty eight, six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four thank you. I wholeheartedly agree. a way too often forget to stop and marvel at just how God, damn good their tool tunes they set ups, are for the tool to living trust start applause from the front, sell the front cell, and also it says it's it's a sad testimonial too. How were we were wired because you go. I acted as a good one. Every time. Move on saw I shouldn't. I should stop and marvel every time good. Let's down to the radar, if I don't get you talking, I know I'm doing it right. staying while you, you are right, but it works out.
I say we got someone's gonna question about that We got knocked down on the pavement. Devon Thirty, seven Boston involved. You know how to talk to you as for keeping they showed them pandemic. Empires really really ass, a great escape from all that crap that were going through our pleasure. My favorite story closer to that. That light. You know the two year old in the house, during the show with you guys, is really actually are really cool escape like it's an hour and a half or two ardour rulings are being arrested for to his nice, Israel or talk to adults and not to do star wars, games while also law by ever three year old and a seven year olds, I totally hearing his hand body feel the same way as well, and then also that you get to so many different,
people you know we were. I was talk in it. cow their own asserted expert on security in all things, max gone cartels and, like remember and it'll play next week, but I was in here just fly on the wall, while our Dershowitz and marked arrogance were going at it, not not in a negative way, but they were just both talk in a mile amended at each others. I gotta get to hang out. Listen to these guys talk, but. Cow their own. This air, but Brian Gentlemen. I heard it. You know you sit around and hear those stories like day Day day. killed twenty seven people, the Rehab and Mexico like what the hell I'm here. I don't know why would they do add that doesn't make sense like oh l, a county, come and explain to those things. They call rehab those who were a cartel guys, ray
Those are those any those aren't rehab. That's not true. I have Malibu now and not passages in Malaga. That is that not that, and so, when you want to know why would somebody come in and slaughtered? Twenty Evan souls in a rehab in Mexico. Those are, our tell guys staying at the rehab and now there is they wouldn't now. Yes, now you have you have your answer wit witches, which is interesting. I mean its interest, to do that for living, but sorry go ahead, knocked out Devon, thirty, seven, boss, yeah, so I figured I'd call in and I share the story with you. Guys in fact have a story goes quick. I've got a creek. How was your bread and butter lorry first I am talking about the way the way blowing in society, these days in Africa is mentioned
people with care could and they were getting a heightened streton knocked out abandoned payment and die and that has that happen me, I another dying part, but I was. I was soccer. Punched outside of abortion. Bruin came back in twenty. Team and Job I keep Madame payment. and I like to think the kind of guy used character, I am therefore not there he just type. Just one arm and trigger derive beyond tomorrow and I it took me about for years, to get back to semi normal life and I had to leave my job at a due attention. b and you know my my message: everybody out there would be no for Islam,
brain injury. This everything and you know the additive cod- caution, but even Aren't you cause you to leave you as something that people are I concussion syndrome. yeah and violated, deal with that for years and its it's crazy drier either end of the story. I ve been a sailor. I've been saying for a long time a lot of these people running out like soccer punching people on the street and stuff. We don't make. what kind of weird as a society like the stuff we care about and stuff, we don't care about, but sucker punching people on the streets, and it's been in the news. A little bit over the last few years, you go down and whack your head on the sidewalk, and that way I may well know what happened with. I think stolen dodger. Stay anyhow, rise to read. This is a big. This is a big thing and should be looked at
very seriously and we don't really do do. You know we're not really like gather that has the issue is walking down the street. The young teen came up behind images, cold cock them. Demand is gonna, Evanna Guy back there it's super dangerous and we really were not really and I've seen you go the internet, you see a thousand minutes Will this coming up behind people and cold cocking them and knocking out or whenever specially, what's going on in the streets today, its soup FUCK and dangerous, and I We spend way more time talking about you know yard fireworks or, in a third hand, smoke or some that really something were indue, but It's a really violent assaults that and the part of the violent assaults where the guy balls up his fist and smash issuing the orbital socket is the least of your worries. It's the pie
where your head hits. The cree, that's where the dam it comes in the other guys to my husband sites like injuries, yes, Larry Miller, had the exact same thing. That's right! right, yeah, don't mean had proposed to be calling on the same day as Larry Miller bet. It's it's one of those things out of your right and then a payment ITALY does serious damage, but the am I in what I have learned a lot for years that the biggest thing and as we know from these football players you have The city is more concussions and waited concussion syndrome actually works. For that the damage is increased by a number of questions you have sold her isolate United played. I play baseball across soccer swam, an idea tat of our city. Sports probably you know Small minor, concussion along the way nothing ever really was diagnosed with, but
caution, because in in theory, you basically getting caution from there the strength of the jaw and then falling back where you Amelia another concussion. naturally back to back incursions thing, has a dam and why somebody their steel got what why What is there was the biggest out If something is very important, because I began to think that that I deserved it matters like argument in the street about an goober car. You know we ordered my wife and I went to the game with another couple. We ordered and humor car, and somebody as a group, a guy for five guys, John in front of the junk The car and- and we had an argument about it and these sorry drive down the street.
And I am I can I took off my own european figure. I will not a car, and I guess they do. You know him. Kind of like group a guys. time, I was thirty three they're, probably twenty three decided that they wanted to have it out. down the street and came up behind us, you know before we knew it No, I got away on a job not be out did you ever find out. You know these guys are brought to justice. Now. I wish, but you know honestly, at the time it felt like one of those moments of the day in on it, I'm an avid listener, and I think at the time it s not like one of moments like listen. I don't wanna. Be that guy. we ve all been out yeah beers the things I e did, I've never had how farms my whole life, I didn't even know, oppose precautions and was so
May I, like our go home I'll sleep it off I'll, be fine. Tomorrow, no big deal but you I mean it stole my life You saved stall, your your life did it. Did it steal your life. Well, I mean at the time it felt that way and honestly its end, and I dont want to compare the ball situation because, as I said at the life situation today, but you know I say the time I ve become in Japan. They didn't unable to work. I can with my kids, I couldn't I miss my grandfather funeral You know how are you today? How are you today I'm I'm good, I'm I'm getting back. You know belie the artists the span of being able to increase my ashes. level and get my heart rate. Up again.
Those are the moments where I have not seen since a crop up by the law here I've I haven't had any rather spend holding. It adds up to thirty nine. When enough, David. I am call us back and tell us. You know, update us on your health and I'm sorry. This happened to you and I'm glad you're on the men. So to speak. I I calling a funny story of wine Larry Miller, fell down and hid his head and he was in a recovery sort of halfway house for lack of a better terms, it's over the house in the valley. Probably next to the Chalet, Gina was lookin out Hunter Green Carpet, a hen I told you that I haven't millionaires
he wasn't there under the name Larry Miller, because I had a recognisable name and I think he wanted to be private about what he was going through in and also it could hurt you're standing in the business you now baby, don't get jobs or whatever it is. I think, use being private about it. So was told. I could go visit him bite is told he was not registered there in this little. It was a little house in the valet probably had four five people all in it. It was almost like those like one of those guys. Cares. If that was done in a house, you Now- and Redstone was the name then, so I through the policies? Third wife, I came her, but it's like it don't go in and ask for Larry Mailer, Ass, her friends, don't I again? of course I forgot the name Fred stout. So then I knock on the door. and and
like is shared Fred I am here to see Larry Miller she's like yeah there's nobody here right now, I'm like ok, I don't have it. I know he has a name- that he there's a there's Larry's registered under another name. I I can't recall the name, but I noticed in their work I'm here to a free, if, as I just want to pay visit. He knows, I'm paying him a visit. Yeah, there's nobody here about a name alarm like ok, I don't have the number I dont have a name of the I don't have a name. I know what's going on. I appreciate it I get what's going on. I understand I'm not from Tansy, I'm just a friend, I know Larry's in there. I would like to pay a visit there's. No one here name learn. Well. I, like I
call his wife. I guess there's publicist or something of that all, the name of the person who is Larry Miller and then you'll. Let me come in and visit Larry Miller, Do what everyone? Okay I've like We were walking back to my car. Looking for someone phone number and everything I've I should have written it down, it was. It was my fault. I thought I was just going to make my way. There is a funny conversations have on someone's porch. In receipt of Baghdad. Give me horrible to go to speak easy with. I now got my password and let me drank how Larry's Zone Whole gale, Zono I'll. Ask him about I first let me committee about Dodge Summer best time to join the brotherhood of muscle, dodge Power dollars, you get ten box off ten bucks, based on the total horse power of renewed
Joe every two than twenty Challenger Durango and Charger enjoy the sweet sound. So the Dodge charger S, T scare pact, four hundred and eighty five horse power, and you do the math that four thousand eight hundred and fifty box off. So power dollars are back with the dodge. Durango performance driven Suv. Make sure that rip, sir Breeze. In this said, Durango you can now fit everyone with the seven personally haven't passenger seeding capacity and the thing halls, but get more power Get more off, it is simple: hurry terror law. Dodge dealer now take advantage of the Dodge power dollars at is Dodge. All right. Sorry, I don't just blow through these calls has been on hold for millionaires, Jack, forty Monrovia, Lily
Ask your middle school. That's where Mr Bertram taught and lower pass your middles, Monrovia! That's right now! So there some corn is you mentioned and making sure numerous times, written elementary school in the seventies? Many kids war it, but you ever mention it appears in the corral kid movie. You not only for he did not mention it glided I knew you'd be ended. Having you gotta, that shared is a pig raping. Another peg and people working as a smile ass, he s one of those things are as they use their just where those to see all you know the other online, though good one was fly. United ever fly united yeah
when it on top of each other to dogs had like it was a couple- were killed the Wye River kids, an elementary school worrying like a playboy shirt. Now what the money in it was that was: ok, oh, but so, I gotta say word had levies anyone pulled up, but if we design were when macho shows up at his new apartment, yams to allay- and he received granted by this kind of friendly hispanic guy who helps unload his bag by his empty suitcase. I've noticed that, yes, the guy that helps them unload he's got them they could vacant. Your question is never mentioned it Cresswell now I have and Chris just pull that for us, so I'll sweet. Thank you, Jack from Monrovia and, last but not least, I might from Omaha my opinion on apartment renters. He calls yeah my got any other, nothing I'll make a quick
My little girl, like you, re able to register for a really long time, and I actually about twenty years and at the end of it I end up in a show for it and trouble. I thought about learning recently, is possibly proposing something to current research governments about a renters equity programme on registering actually build up before I care a bank account toward the house some day, and then they had himself where more than the others, the wind will where the Lamb, benefit from an renters I'd like a basically I for one care, a banker count towards the house after granted for twenty years. I like I'm, I'm for anything. My my whole thing is: skin in the game. Police have skin in the game. Everyone in this country needs to be involved in an owning. Something gives you skin in the game. It it's really it's so symbolic, but it's so important, and whenever we talk about this
generational poverty. That's what that's what it is in its it's always It's always in saying to me because Rand Hasty, Finally, is the same as a mortgage payment at least here in southern California, win win me court, land and Ralph raw living in a house and percent the rent was fifteen hundred bucks a month them it was probably twelve. Fifty if we could have gotten a day payment together for the house, I mean a million times, I'd rented houses, apartments, and things like that. Could easily. If someone had helped a little the down payment, but mostly with the co signing in the paperwork and all that kind of stuff. I could above first house when I was twenty six of the same thing: roommates in sweat, equity and in all that kind of stuff, but
there was no it with them a generational poverty in nobody's parents enough my kids are thirty and the renting a house in the valley with three other dude, I'm gonna be like. What's it going to take to get you into a house with your name on it like? What would we gotta do here like out I'll, take? and I'll give you a match every thousand you can come up with down all Matthew. That thousand in an all co sign for the loan. But let's get you owning something you already paying the the rent rent is the same as that is the mortgage oftentimes, it just its the generational thing. It's a poverty thing and I wished I wish was more. This is where that intact, family. She comes along because the intact family sees this and starts working on it and then it snowballs vexing. You know, there's some wealth, there's something accumulated in other something to leave
Behind you know it's like I was talking to drew the other day like they have up Pando, in whatever beach Ike per most be Joanne Hen, Beach or whatever deleted. Yet Laguna in Indian over their parents, probably paid thing forward in the seventies, but now it's in the family, and now they are hey, owns it half with his sister and I go well you could. you could sell that make a pretty panting biogas yeah, but it's for the families in the family. Our kids are gonna. Haven't you noted gent, that's how you build that wealth or you go fuck. It live just rent until you die, who care and it's a mentality you know my friends ray and in me they'll with theirs? discussions on ownership or how do we It's you into this place. You know we were Carpenter, so would have been easy to grab some fix or upper in the valley and work on it
do the sweat equity Sis II, which is that we never had the conversation that the thing it's like, never having the conversation. That's that's the criminal part of this. Larry Miller's on hold and we will take ourselves a break. We will come back and will play are what