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Part 1: Listener Calls, and the News (ACS July 24)

2020-07-24 | 🔗
As today’s podcast opens, Adam recalls that on guest Romany Malco’s last appearance he was talking about making a movie, and now he is here years later to promote it. Adam then talks about investing in and renovating a classic car with diamond stitching. The guys then take listener calls about the North Hollywood Shootout, increased violence during protests, and getting ready for fire season in SoCal. Gina then reads news stories about the latest on Kanye, as well as ‘when animals don’t attack’. The guys also go on a tangent about Catalina Island, and before the break, Gina reads a story about someone getting busted for calling in sick with COVID-19 when they just didn’t want to go to work. Please support today’s sponsors: Geico.com MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM TruNiagen.com enter ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM OmagaXL.com/ADAM Burrow.com/ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on podcast. One got some listener calls and we have news and Romany Malka will become an up as well, first latte about me sing read MR working from home thirteen your co workers with the grey hair on the video calls thinkin about colouring it well you're, not alone Madison Rain Messner blending natural color for your hair and for your beard is well I've seen it before after shots, and they look amazing and Shoe polish luck. More nuanced luck- maybe one a little more pepper and a little less salt. That's all nice, natural, healthy, vibrant, look, Madison, read, MR makes it easy define your color match. You just hop on their website, match up your color, your hair, color quicken
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from Corolla one studios in Glenn, Dale, California. This is the atom Corolla Shell Adams. Yesterday, the writer director and star of tea or want to Jackson Purpose both present Romany mile go with geographical news ball, Brian, on sound of acts, Dave Damage Ex back with good sport and now a radically. He has repeated himself about not latherum endurance in Adam for will get it on gotta get a judge. You get them in a minute. Get did thanks to an end, and thanks for sharing, we love that about you good day, Gina grad, it daddy Barbara I didn't know all that Romany now go for a four old version featuring run He was super funny in that role. how to guide the movie Tijuana Jack
very well done and in it is impressive and dumb. I love I We realise that the thing a most the quality and probably most attracted to any human being is the I want to do this thing and then you go do it. You know like cable, was reminded me that when Romany was in here in two thousand, sixteen, he was talking about doing this movie, and now it's done and all that happens in between is a ton. But I love it. Don't you love You talk to someone and they go you know I would go to the park and play their. My kids and I take the dog, but there were like there were no trash cans anywhere in the park, and so no one knew what to do with their dog bag or their further fast routes. I won't bite you. No. I won T home Depot and I got a bunch of trash. Can I just I love that person right? What are you so I like to hear
play at the company who notices there is nowhere. Tension right fur toilet paper in the bathroom. Gaza buys a few on their Oliver installs them on their own children. Only I see only to see the total vapor propped on top of that goddamn rods. Yes, thank you we Danner Corolla did John. Yes, everybody to talks about it. But when somebody comes back having completed it, it's so rare. I think it's worth getting excited about. Yes and so I Romany did that with this moving. It's a very funny moving he's a tour de force in it. Yeah the cross over with the character Tijuana Jackson, who does have a personal momentum like believes they can do any They, even though you know bidding in Romania and to want is Verity wanted, doesn't have the not lending pencil personnel believes it. You got that person momentum. I got a couple calls appear when a car- two romanists going to join us in the second half of the shots along shift the news a little earlier something I've been. Thinking about for a law.
Time. That's gonna sound do bed, but it should kind of makes sense, max upon my arm, And a diamond quilting in mobile interiors. Ever we are ready with banner and give you a couple minutes, but I could do to time in quoting talk on toilet paper with the rights they are. What we all know. I go a picture right now the dark. I guarantee that children propped on top of the fucking rods. eyes reigned outside the same thing at home. It's like the the Pretoria papers sitting on the floor next to add or sitting on top of the toilet its you know what I have that would eliminate both of those things I like of, I think they're they're functional and they think they look better than the long ride that, like the nice likes cute, stand that since the foreign you just pile the rolls up on it. Yes, you have this
food tower of toilet pay as the idea that lay the cake tower yeah. I think maybe you could probably gauge a nation and the wealth of the nation by how ouch toilet paper is within reach of the actual toilet, if you're sitting in it. But I know you got a sum: impoverish nations, like you, gonna, walk six miles, Rihanna wipe your ass. You I'll read, figured out. Yes, the toilet paper tower is basically the version of when you go.
Mcdonald's, and could I get a catch up for my fries and they give him the one catch up long ago? How can I get a couple more? They take the parks and they just how can count but on how to get the fuck out of here. That's C4 boil the toilet paper tower. Is it's like luck? We could come in reply. You guys fucker shooting up a storm you're such outgoing Americans. You never stopped eating endeavour gaining. I could come in here three times a week or I could just build a pyramid of toilet paper. It's right. You know when I lived in Greece for a summer. They warned us ahead of time, but you never prepared for it until you see it, you actually we go where's the toilet, because we're living in this school house in a very rural community, in sort of mainland Greece and saw the showers and we saw a great over the showers, but we didn't see the toilet and when we ask for the toilet, They moved the great while I am on that also the toilet and because you know they, the Greeks invented deep democracy, but they never invented piping networks. You cannot put toilet
or in the toilet or the whole or whatever it has to go in the trash, can somebody's job in this communal school was to deal with that I gotta say again. You can kind of judge the society by the facilities, the bathrooms and and the closets. I you watch. I watch like million dollar listings whenever I like, I love watching real estate shows you now They show some of these houses with some of the closet, some walk in closets for some of the Ladys and the bath between the bathroom. In the closets like when their building these new homes- and these are multi million dollar homes, but I mean the bathrooms are flocking insane and closets are way bigger than the houses we grew up in, but not only square footage. Having a tree from european of the stones that the than the first in detail. The craftsmanship. I mean it's insane. What what
we do in this country for a clause it in a bathroom Europe and on the other side of that spectrum, looking around it houses and going all these virtual tours, hilarious. What they will consider a walk in closets when you're in the valley, here, we must hurry and it's a wagon closet argue over the first thing concepts like there s an hour. Someone should do a sketch like million dollar listing ally, and it's just a to better one. Back on the west side, like nine hundred square feet of my yeah I mean? Million dollar listing is, as a small condo in Sherman out. That's right, So this is going to sound weird and I've been thinking about it for a long period of time, but really do mean it, which is when too
of years ago, or so I used to go to all the car shows. I still do obviously- and I used to go to the Italian, our current course in and that people beach and I would look in all million dollar. Ferraris from the sixties. From the fifties, and one of the things I notice that was so aesthetically beautiful was the diamond quilt. the diamond pattern that they would have in their pulse three of the car I wouldn't be the seats per se would be like over the transmission tunnel in other places, and sometimes the seats, but the old vintage million dollar cars that you just love the best it like this the Bueller are Fifty g t and things like that or heads diamond pattern, and it looks better than just a leather going,
over the hump. It was diamond and they would quilted, and I thought and look so good and then I ll that every car luxury car Other cars, like nobody, implemented it into car, and I thought oh, it doesnt work cost anything to just show the diamond pattern, and why not? Look like a beautiful international ferrari, even if you're driving a little, you know four banger around like one, class it up a little, and so what I did is I had a lame. Gagne. Four hundred g t two plus two I bought it off, Ebay side, unseen, Pennsylvania fur. A hundred, and sixteen thousand dollar said it was like it was on. Ebay. Probably like Two thousand and eight and
was up the like ninety seven thousand dollars on Ebay or something, and I just called the guy. I sit like. What's it going to take to get this thing now. Look, I don't want to lose it to the bed and he said well, pull it off Ebay. If you give me a hundred and sixteen thousand a horse for it and I'm earth thinking well, I guess I would then be paying the most for this car. But then I would assure myself of getting the car and I thought maybe means I could get it four hundred and eleven thousand dollars our hundred nine thousand or something. But I just remember thinking I really want this car so about the car and the car was blue, Blair Blue, now tat midnight, blue, beautiful, but had this sort of beige, leather interior and was kind of boring. How were shown your picture of is like a beautiful blue car. the dear that wasn't that go hand tat whatever so I took. To a place and therefore I don't know
eight thousand dollars or something I said, our beautiful red interior in this car. But you know what I went time in stitching. Guy was like we don't do this car didn't, have diamond stitching anywhere in the car. Then I said I know, but I want you do a diamond pattern and I want you do it over the lug. train the back that use them. If you find a picture of the back of the original we're just a big flat piece of leather like that under the rear window, where they have that place, slide up. A suitcase or somethin sis is big expands. Page leather and it looked crap We shall I shouldn't guy, put a little quilt in it and then do like that diamond and the guys like once not stock, but we can do it as a good deal, and I M expand a search for it now, but it doesn't matter you can show my version of either the car. So I then well this pictures a little
offer. But you can see, there's diamonds in the hum where the transmission is and theirs diamonds, in the back, where the, where the package is, would go. The train would go MAX battle, find some better lots, and I shot of of of that. You can kind of in the back window, there's diamonds, diamonds on the hump. Were the rear, fenders comments the car agar after Poland a little MAX patterns zoom in or something if you can do that on that, like we're, but I essentially just put diamond teaching all over the inside of the car. This is about twelve years ago, at some point ten years ago. I just woke up or maybe eight years ago- and I said, I'm gonna sell this car think it's kind of like at the top of the market when a sell this car and the car sold fur Seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars a hand
it looks so amazing. With this red Terrier, but also the diamond stitching. It just looked a made. Now the price of those cars had gone up. Don't get me wrong, but there that hydrogen they that I and then I my new infinity and looked inside and it was diamond, and then I started seeing car tv commercials now. This is just recently started seeing diamonds everywhere, inside all the new cars and even cheap ones, like a key optimum. Sorry MAX max a pattern can find at our Nissan Rogue, how there it's all in all. It is key surrender, surrender Hon, hi and a positive cheap. Like what we're formerly cheap, japanese and korean cars are all gone.
Old diamond stitch everywhere now, because they're doing what ten years ago, I said they should do, which is its free. Why not look at pensive. Why not look cool everyone? Everyone likes it's going to cost. You anymore, you can't put a term charge re twelve in your key, because that's gonna cost here. sixty grand more per unit, but you can do this stupid diamond stitching, and here we are now All I'm saying is is It sounds stupid, But if you walk around, you have kind of your eyes: open, you'll, see Noticing things and more. those things you notice will come to four wish it and if you ve noticed them early enough and now, if you you're watching car commercials use seeing the interior, the cart you have to see diamond to diamond bitching everywhere my mind, maybe trucks, there's got it, and when I went to carnies hot dogs,
A month ago, the guy brought out the back a little hand. Romania just look incitement cool interior man, he just like the diamonds, it looks who'll and again. I don't know why nobody did it before, but they're doing it they're doing now side question. It seems to be You love. If I mean we ve seen it a few times. You love a red interior. I do and it's not comment. You know. I know that we are. We went back and forth a long time, about how the teslas didn't have it and how bummed you are. What is with the red interior that you love so much, I mean it's cool, but most people, obviously dont. Think of a red Interior YA, use them black and I used to like grey and then I realized I liked read by it I also realise, can be swayed and there's nothing better than a white car with a blue interior,
Oh, I had was a white guy with a red and outlooks awesome. Tube at white and blue are pretty awesome and in a black Cars with a red interior. Look goddamn awesome as well. I don't know, I'm I'm I'm I'm into aesthetics a lot when it comes to cars specially by dumb, but architect and stuff is well, I did but, but you definitely evolve were shown the picture of what the Tesla could look like with a red interior in it, a white one which is goddamn awesome, but they distant offer it out we have a cap dear up there got the real story. The true story about the north, hybrid bank robbers and the law suit Hector. Forty two LAS Vegas. Let them come on man. What do you know
how about I got the guy I'll read there, and then they all do gaping the back there. He asked all that stuff The reason it was returned to them what they Special reach and group Neither can I can covered dude we we can, we can prosecute you guys, like me, them happy like go there is really gonna get them around like. Let them go and they follow. These guys were almost a month, Tralee them like. Lately they have their own then why did you let your mom's played until they? Actually have you know that when they found the-
I bet they were they were. They are an off duty, that bad are we going on? I was not be validly in that effort, ailing in it. I never thought about. They never showed the scene in the movie, but it would seem like if you are in deep cover your sign to take guy watches, every move and surveillance at home and is phone calls privacy guy, beating off to three times a week easily, like the guy, the guys, always twenty seven, not that you know you never do it to the old timer. the previous parliament, I got these hidden in the bath ass. She had escaped the jerk, Goddammit is beaten off, is being forget If all your average single bank robbers are single dudes Twenty eight asked viola testosterone. Euro follows guy much you ve.
The guy around for a month and deep cover. You know, camp outside this house binoculars out and got the house might night vision, though, over under on times you seeing this guy beat off gotta, be fifty seven, maybe sixty I don't. I gotta you witness and beating off. I gotta cruncher couple numbers, but and then maybe maybe it's a It's a way like like they do like in those gangster movies where they go to the corner and if I called the newspaper over their mouth and they talk at the bus, stop because there's lip readers may The guys know that if they now they're gonna beat off it'll get the undercover cops to shut the fuck and MIKE's off the coffee, I never thought about they? Don't you don't highlight those scenes and movies, but it would seem like you'd have to be. With that: Alot funding, the real real you get. The real real Hector says they gave
guns and police scanners back, and then they followed him around but on the other hand, nice job LAPD, because you followed him to the bank and then they pulled out their uzis and started unloading on everybody like tell that to the people in the bank you gave them it s going to the to I always get caught and the other guy I'm the guy. They just freak out there, are also render they weren't expecting a firefly like these looking. I gave him at while the Chernobyl. There was no hand shot gun lobby had But that is all wrong. The reason why all these now an funded to have actual gear that they had body armor on, I think there were beat up on like methamphetamine or some they had pills in them and the cops had pistols
and these guys had a k, forty seven and they couldn't do anything. Who's got you stood around the bank and fired away. So the cops took off you are being be guns in North Hollywood, tore down the other place, ran into the gun, store and grabbed a bunch of high powered weapons and ran back to North Hollywood. Being guns is ice to live in that that neighbourhood, it's it's not across the street, from the packets, it's a little hall, you gotta go. You know down laurel and turn right on Oxnard or whatever, but road. Can you imagine the lane a gun fly with, went bankrupt bars were at some point when you're, like pinned behind you roll car in your totally out gunned you're. Staying to Their cops are pulling up with revolvers, don't bother,
find me some heavy artillery and the capture like we don't have heavy artillery, and then someone goes go to being guns in North Hollywood across from the daily junior and tear the Fuckin security, great off the front in Boston and steal some some high power. weapons and bring him back. That's crazy, That's crazy world, dried, yes, loving Father! What's that actor that that that can tell I wish it open, and I thought I thought I thought it was closed, a good deal of earth. They do not. They were knocking down the place developed, let them so we can get a function. ride out they didn't around right now. Obviously Weird. If you owned a gun store and a bunch of cops came in think it worth guys, dress this cops or whatever, but there are just trying to run in there and grab oil there just grab or theirs
You your countries been invaded and it's coming down your street Red October man more ready, Sorry different moment, our I dare Jake he's from here, at all words gonna question- would see to tee from an online one. J t dead man what's gonna die each had a question for you, I'm at them what's unfolding mainly appear in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle and for armed with the riots and keep her in all that now and what things I think, we're gonna see is just a matter of time. I went to see if you agreed, as that we're gonna start saying that the violence increase and seeing the town except they're. Using chinaware they're getting getting, ideas. I won't be surprised when we see a suicide bomber
engage with police or some type of euro categories and that a further instead the whole thing when you think about that. You think we're gonna see this Anything you want at least until November third, or you think, somehow it's gonna calm down before we get to that point. First things. First, like hey port. you're supposed to keep it weird, but that's a posts to be fighting burning, shit down you assholes, keep it weird that that's Tell Portland thing is you're the guy supposed to put on Superman Cape and play the banjo at the ball game. You know and fall of fish around a kick the Happy Shack and make your own born out of an apple. You get but we're not violent violent and looting and the destruction and the burning keep a weird, remember. Portland. It makes Hence the me that something catastrophic fact is gonna happen. That's gonna cause us.
of Loch. That's gonna cause the federal government and the the, reserves and having something big is gonna happen then Aramis gonna go. I close it down like no more that we can't do any more of this also, it strikes me that the people there involved. With this are often times cowards. I feel, and I have a lot of impunity like then I feel like the cops, can hurt them and they don't feel like anyone can hurt him or do anything to them, and I feel, like killing themselves, is not really on the them their job. although there is nothing to say that some allocate a guy or some other person couldn't just joined the group in a blow themselves. Up. That's exactly what I was thinking: it's not going to be some. You know kid from Portland, it's going to be some outside influence at least historically, but So you know it is breaking Matt Trump sending in federal agents to cities so
of the law and order thing we talked about on on another showers, so that is happening so enough. That's going to escalate or de escalate thing tells me it may escalate either way you know. I I think that The problem is the notion. The notion of, if you just can't get out of the way things are kind of themselves out. I was actually too drew about this the other day which, as we know, we should have that feeling with nature like a man gets in mocks, it all up Sophie, just certain step back and let nature alone. It corrects everything in it fixes everything, but now Not really, I don't feel like. I funny cause I was walking on a path ever go like on a path and allay works. Like man hasn't touched it. It's just scorched earth and weeds chrome, about a girl like it's much nicer when we get involved. If we do, a job. The
the thing: is it when it was just mass hysteria here, in LOS Angeles, for you now for five days of looting and burning and businesses, Santa Monica, calling the police saying you know their busting down my business like we can't help. You had just all the crazy as now they are starting to make arrests teenagers who are like all sweet the Van store, whatever unfair facts and business there. You know how you feel in not only invincible but anonymous. They are aching a rest now so loud and thereafter, blurred like some of these people are in real trouble, I mean there's first off, there's filled. of everyone in the one guy They found a charred remain like they found a dead body in one of them. I think they found charred body inside Jahangir, shop, yeah, sorry, Dawson and so,
and there's also a picture of the dude like standing in front of the broken window, with a shirt off like holding some kerosene gone. I look at me like I don't that guy was up for murder charges, but he is now coming up more, but I think he is up for going outside can raise. It will help having a good time, but sometimes you throw some oil rags into upon shop and sometimes there's an old guy sleeping in the back, and some guy I can't get out and now you're fucked up for murder, like that's they know they got pictures of the Czech like burnt down the burger king. They go. Starting to go. Look all this shit on film anomalies, own films, people are posing in front of the stores with the Boston winner of the problem with their impunity? Is it me impunity, but it's not immunity with
its neck. It's good for the moment, go ahead and burn the burger King Bitch. No one's gonna! Stop you! But a few months later the feds are gonna. Fuckin show up at your apartment and now you're fuckin world a shit. What, for he had a lot of foresight. I'd think said: Jane from Seattle? I agree something so begging and scary may may in fact happen, let's see, California's wild fire prevention, you work we're getting into fire season. You know, you're in bad shape. The city really. Could we please have a fire service, show awesome, just a good old fashioned forest fire fire, something in the news I just to see them. The majestic helicopter dropping the water over Malibu and the reporter standing at the reservoir. With that thing, sucking up the water and were DIA, were we
talk to the mayor of Canada is going to lend us some of his aeroplanes air sorry Scott. What do you got him in the eye? I worked up here in plenary, county where, where a log in community hundreds of peace, equipment out in the woods right now a little fire star, in the town over. they are not allowed to bring our equipment they put to work without a way for them to go down the. Let me call people in from hundreds of miles away? around and maybe one ball Berne and the whole Community, a paradise burn the idea that did not happen. I know I know Paradise wow and the reason I know paradigm, swell, which is up north Maybe I don't know what that? Well, how has it? What is it with
north of Zahm Fran. Furthermore, its right anything illegal state right now pretty forgot that I've been there a few times and am also there's a good old tall brow. edge over like I'd trestle bridge over river, that I remember too good jumpin spot liking, climb up to this bridge and jumping down thirty feet into the river, but the reason, the reason Paradise wow is, My mom's, seemingly only friends were the gravity, kids and they lived. Store to us in North Hollywood and there is a single mom and she was. One of the meanest people I've ever met in my life. She was unworthy Dorothy, She was a very angry woman and I remember climbing up her her
tree once out by the curb and pluck and a couple of plums in her coming out like screaming at me and yelling again, we're Talkin last shown that sort of her natural or things there she's, like young man, you march yourself, right home March at home, for a kind of our chamber. Could you imagine of Lynette like seeing a kid picking a plum. The fuckin front come out the cigarette screaming at the kid. I don't have the floor, what was wrong with our childhood, like every adult, with super angry at an end, this is how vain shit, like the reserves barefoot, I climbed up ass. I was by the way I needed somebody like we don't have any food, so never go. Wait there, There are, let me get you a toads call grub up so she was a super angry single mom and the two kids and when I was like nine, they just moved
and I never saw him again, except for they moved to Paradise. California, and of course my mom would be like Dorothys in parent we're gonna go to Paradise, we're gonna visit there, they moved it and I'll be fine, we'll see Dorothy and our member. said to me, like you, stay with Ed stay with the sun, he's up there too, and other ok living in a cabin with the sofa that was all caved in. dog hair all over it and awareness and like ice, had to sleep on the silver like? If it was it, it was a hell scape bite, Paradise is where they are moved too, and then, of course, because the ground judges dominate. All conversations have had with my mom as an adult in the lab. thirty years. Of course, Ike got every bitten piece of the fire sweeping through paradises as well, that also that it could have been prevented if the whole thing is that they do.
Environmental it won't. Let him cut the trees fire knew that down we're gonna burn the fire hit. Yes right and there's hunt The communities that are the same way they won't let it the trees they they have to follow the bureau. proceeded they now we don't your machine would bring in the machine all the way from Ally and we're gonna pay and drop it all the way up and in its your boss People are dying. I was burning the odd What do we do? Well? The first thing we need to do is I didn't a fire seems pretty old to me: of our older inventions nourishment and single Caveman holding up stakes yelling one iota, maybe prevailing and we all. Even now, can we just get a little independent group. Two fuckin figure this shit out this clear cutting worked as the old growth work. Is it bad for the environment as it cause mudslides? Let's just fuckin, saddle on something and then do it.
because, right now it's like we can cut the old stuff back, it's bad for the whatever, but then it burns, and then it takes out barbarous, try sans house, and then we have had a problem. We gotta get a bar of plain from the mayor of Canada. Can we just cannot? Go? Aren't listen, leather, just once you figure this thing out. First off, maybe we need our own plane. May the plane should be neck at the airport closest to wear the fires are. Is it a good, thing to do. The clear cutting is in a bad thing to do the clear cunning. Should we do some clear cutting? Can we do some mom some of those? fraud burns like whatever it is. I don't know you know what I'm sorry, let's out source to Germany. They seem to be smart over there. Let's just go: hey we forest fires year? How would you approaches and then we'll just do it all we do is like argue, we don't have enough money or they shouldn't ever done. This in the Sierra Club is pissed off at the outset that this group- and it's like I don't know his go. Here's what works
but just implemented and that'll yeah, but they in their studies, have already shown the couldn't you wanna go to the spotted owl, didn't volume and affirm their whole habitat hours, the fucking out going alone. That is a great point, can now can move into a motel six with the Dorothy Gravitation Salinas like that, Scott knows more about this than I do so. Please, God forgive my whatever. It's all about reveal, but it feels ca in the horse. I guess is the best now jack you up with the spot like to absolve PETE you of their responsibility because negligent amount. Company, possibly worldwide company of the last twenty twenty five years, like yes, cutting the trees back What helped, but its future needs the old as equipment caught fire, not absolve power lines there obsolete. I'm saying this that I blame, you know the trees, I'm sure there's something to do with it. I have no doubt that has something to do with it, but work will to absolve Tuesday
to imply an observer. solving of them for a fairer, therefore, include them in the convergence of views about. But I, like there's a huge number one reason and a small number to reason Europe saying well DNA was unable to cut the trees the way they liked this bill. they are not allowed to cause far enough? from the line or even if it's, why tree their weight and fall into the power once again be able to log it. It's just the environmental Regulations P, guinea, that there are huge cooperation They were doing following the rule and well now I think it's the bureaucracy, well. Well, rather enough blame to go around. They could bury a lot of their power lines. It's probably should, but again one more big accuracy and one more big monopoly, and then one more fuckin regulation- and I dont know the California a weird play spite.
When you it's like one. I was talking to Carson Daily about in wanting to put a swimming pool, illness backyard coursers the Jaw Mikhail version of this, but cars daily wanted to do it and he lived in like palisades at the time and he's like only conflict through thousand dollars elsewhere, Poland's like why, because it had to be done, whoa hold literally had to be like a tanker with a double hull, because the environmental restrictions, You are so insane there that if the pool leaks want to chlorine water. The poor water like getting into the on table water and all gonna shit- and I all for cattle let it converters and am all for clean water and in safety in all that kind of shit. But
California has a handful of fucking kooks they're, just shedding regulation for everybody and everything and in if you want to build you ve got a pass at all through them and, quite frankly, that's what's star being a lot of companies and a lot of people know a lot of the cost. the housing. I mean, look at the cost of housing here it just verse taxes or whatever were broken records, but I'm saying, as is like it is weird that I ve a small group of environmental last, who I would label we're all down with the cause to a point what the cause about littering I hate littering or down with the cause. You know, recycling in and so or power panels on the roof and capturing the rain, reusing like world down with the cause, but at a certain point it jack the shark and I'm not down.
that cause because now, There is a limit to the safety and there is a limit to the environment. There is a limit, there's a practical limit to all this stuff and when you pass it then save spotted owls. You burn spearheaded owls, because all fuckin place goes up. I'm sorry, we started Romany gonna, be on, and if you will do the news in a second first latte about borough, love your current couch or is it just some? Your sit non, I think you know answer to that as a perfect down to replace it with us. I, you will love Barra Unique features, won't find in the Big Box store sofas like built in? U S before, chargers, durable scratch and ass stain resistant fabrics customize, your survive featured the corn. Your needs pick your fabric, color leg, finnish, armrest style and length over twenty three thousand ways to customize, assemble
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away from Conyers stories. Cause things keep happening, for his wild presidential rally was headed to his ranch in Wyoming, where he got a very special visit from a man named Dave, Chapelle and the visit comes as his family reported fears. That West is going through a mental breakdown. Connie that emotional speech we talked about in a bizarre campaign rally in South South Carolina talking how he you know, wanted to abort his daughter north and saved her is crying a source, tells the Britons, the sun, that Congo fled to the couples ranch because he's very paranoid and is convinced he needs protection from Kim Her mom Chris, even though there trying to help em here, is a club
The video taken by West as he tries to get chapels say something profound, not lifting it's a little uncomfortable, but you know that the seams Dave's happy to be their form, living right now we gonna do it now divide I haven't you gimme a genuine on. It The storm worries talk about Chris generally, releasing daughters, porn, tapes and stuff like that retail GAD on he said my daughters are never gonna have been duped,
boy and then yeah. He had a lot of thoughts about Chris Jenner Nelson thoughts about another realise in this day and age. Everything is coming memorialize in the form of a tweet or video or Facebook poster Instagram, somethin or whatever comes back the day when you have a spell you're, not a you Europe is out of the eleven episode and your friends would be like your show. Fucked up last night. Do you know what I say you fuckin member, that Jack you're such a fuckin idiot he shed a cap. One capped in any captain explaining that we had to get back to Mexico and he kept you kept talking about nazis kept. You call the bartender Nazi and you're like fuck man, except for it wasn't cap. Did I wasn't there forever? Is this the sort of memory of you being fucked up by the way for money?
people are we're fucked up, though I must wasn't that it wasn't that bad. I don't know why, but this story just jump through my head. One on one of our many stay in Taiwan sleep the beach of Rosa read at tours. We, the go do every year. We just go there and trucks and flop out on the beach, and in one night we won the town camera Taiwan or not, but we want the town to really bad Strip bar one. Guy one white: like Sir four Kai with so glitter rated that he likely up on stage and like dropped his answer was waving. His dick around and security is like got him out of there and it was funny and just
a chance, the next day we're flop out on the beach and there's people flop, down surfer, guys and people drinking beer and just from the group of deeds. That was ten feet away. We heard like three that, I'll go and do your show ways did last night you're on stage he pulled your dick out stage do and the guy Defense was worn, met who cares nobody shod? No one remembers it and no one was there. So who cares a couple horse? course. We had to do go up and go had subdued added Dick out last night, which of course, what could delight his friends more now than in that proclamation. But now everything is just forever captured in a tweet or video or that snap, whatever picture whenever niches their cars in the in the past. Kanye or whoever would have an episode.
This year they showed a secondhand stars, aims out of his mind, saying crazy, shit or shed their sorry said that, but I was never there. It couldn't pop up antium, Z right, and maybe he did. Maybe he didn't lichens that we see said she said it was Is always you now. We could verify right, So when I moved to New York, when I was very very young- oh wait a minute yap. Would it be great? If We had high deaf. Video of like fatty are buckled. Drunkards shit like drop in and bombs out front of a club from ninety authority. To you now or ginger, Rogers or stir, crab or past or key shoving like any of us all. I old tie me Biggie,
barks brothers. I mean I mean amount, imagine Avenant custom, but just high death color vermin in their authorities like glitter aided and calling some motorcycle cop monkey nipples there's something that would be kind of cool. The have now right I followed Sinatra for years, Now you guess, I'm sorry go ahead. Gina knew your now. You actually save me from myself. So, let's move on New York. Not ok Of course, I used to go to these like gay cabarets, wherever I would like you just cavalry: in the village and get up and saying, and everything I may or may not have gotten up on a table and saying danced and looks three from coal, fine which everybody knows that song as tits and ass
If, at the crescendo of this on, maybe I took went up of media the whole all the top off. Maybe everybody was cheering and clapping. Maybe I got pulled off the table by the Lesbian who owned the joint. That said, I was about to make them lose their liquor licence, but your clothes on what's wrong with you, no record of it except you just got take my word for it: sprinkled a licence to the work The lesbian, I gotta believe pulled you off stage. There here is a wave and in the air she was Yuri, as rightly they don't have a license for that sort of thing that no let her licence. Now, king bazaars, assuredly video, you knows high Duff security, video I got from the bed do you have your cavalry the girl days so low when animals don't attack, because I have two videos that are really make the rounds right now. This woman-
climbed into an alligator pit and why third freely around dozens of gaiters. While she tried to fetch her wallet and by the way so did her young son, the scene played out Does the varied north while park you'd think in Florida, but no brain Minnesota people looking on watching the mom in the sun, just kind of me around down there with the gaiters Owens walls. Floating in the middle of the pond shock for alligators, the kid tried to get it and He came up empty. The mom tried her hand at it and you'll see in the video. China throws food out, some kind of makes them go, fetch its fishing and fish outer wall. It I'll show The video here we have right here there's another eight or nine year old Why would you do like? Your wallet fell over the railing and lay in London or she threw it knows it there? It is it's like tiny little thought the ramp
Mom gets up on the playing the waters. all have alligators she's dead, our reaction may be the ultimate. Can you may be the ultimate Karen Ray Tube, wherever this is she's going into the water filled with alligators together rollin and sure why her son is there but and why our son is walked around the ones who are concerned about ham and then she, climbs and chimneys herself back up onto the bridge the first duty of another really smart, move with food. My theory with that the wild animals- is when you approach them, they seem confused in unready. They gotta hit you when you're not ready, like, like any other Anyone
you see guys go down and they like swim with a great white shark and they grab onto the fan and its sharks. Like writing for their refine. The one. Get it on the surfer girls right when the sharp just fuckin jumps on em, it's like it. It seems like while the animals have to do shit on their own terms, and when you come to them there, like I'm, not ready to each yo. My thing is you go camping, you fall asleep, then I e to find you the other idea. This is confirmed its confusing to them. I'm going to show you one right now, but I am also sending one to Kalen because there's another one from this weekend that I forgot to include, but first this is a woman whose hiking in shipping gay ecological part an San Pedro, Garza, Garcia, Mexico and there getting there like three women. It sounds like one man whose recordings and all this a young black there comes up to then start sniffing around and
he is as cool as a freaking cucumber. This clip has been seen over three million times and he, spying at her and she doesn't move a muscle and I'll show it to you better. Up on its hind legs turns out, I feel it bears, could walk if they want to do that rock on their hind legs ass, a pop up really easily. I just can't stand around, definitely super lazy or they have back problem, making more efficient their faster and probably lost taxing on their legs and herbs. So he's Admitting it up. You know I'd mix it up like a bad or who go hid from the left side and the right side of the Box are boxer who produced orthodox in and who also do South Pass, which up the stance that drives affair add arise, a bear on walk on my hind legs. Half with becoming Umbria, please partner,
they're just standing still away from her, but the one I just send admit, there's a you know more. In you know we're on their turf, but you know that was a hiking thing and they did the right thing. the new one. That's going around from NBC News. I just Senator Kalen, it's a woman, trade, running away from a bison and use. everyone she's on the ground, and it was being played at in this device until I getting ready to like trampled- and it is like these people are terrified at I gotta show you this is from. I saw this last night, so I think this is brand new and I think this post- the day ago, but we May we love fucking with nature, and sometimes it's not don't go away, but so far these be learned very lucky where, while she amongst bison, I will tell you She was a woman with a yellowstone. When I was kid
very young, my dad taught at some special needs school like that, was out certain calabash system, I remember, I even think Danny Bond. did she went to that school for her while the cycle fucked up kids school and it was kind of honor was like on a ranch in like calibre Sissy Malibu. We cannot valley side area and there is a fence. Like a look. pan, but it's like fenced off area and theirs tire swing in this stop area, and I went with him one day just go check it out or something it has like nine, and I over. The fans and as I am going to fuck around this tyre swing- and I realized there was a ram inside that thing who used to ram the tire they would just ram just run in ram and run in ram the tire and rams
fuckin ram whatever's around like if it's a tire, though ram attire, and if it's a nine year old, it'll ram a nine year old and I'm evergreen scared lessons. They started like charging Minos, running worthy vans ram I was trying to grab for rodeo clowns. Yes, like a really really was. we have as see it yeah Yes, it's it's piled in open country. now there is a human being laying down you'll see. She just charged. have volume a whole on low. There's no audio in this click. Ok, so you, at least in the other clip you have broken down. Any the bison sniffing around this woman, and does a bit of a charge thing and the husband isn't everything as a good husband cause he's trying to distract the by sin and looks like he's a variety of Iraq.
Trying to get. Someone fired a guy that by Sir now, maybe likely we country by the way by its. But what do you think they're going to jail? yeah. I don't wander into a bison reserve. Even have I think, they're not gonna. Do anything, even if there's a three percent chance that something that weighs sixteen hundred pounds is gonna, be angry at me. Stay clear man. That's me, I've never ban. If you can believe it, but is it true catalina! One of the one of the trade offs or giving them the state Catalina was they had to keep it like ninety and per life in there's. Still a ton of buffalo that live on Catalina gather their tongues a buffalo and there's. No. It's were Wrigley used to do spring training and there's no cars of airlines and golf cart and it's really The waters really clear and it's pretty damn lovely, I mean
It's one of those, kind of weird for a place. That's as close as it is physically to where we are in LOS Angeles. You'd think could be. Like you, do a yearly trip. The Catalan, our even twice years like most people, live in LOS Angeles, either. Never been there been there twice in twenty six years now, but it's nice. Do you think it's possible. Why me maybe not these days, but do you think there's somebody who was born on Catalina went to school. There got married and has never been off. Catalina, like today, Hospital urea force nurse greatest raw, I don't know- and I don't know, there's a whole school system in all that kind of stuff. What are they gonna do? Take I've taken tugboat in every day they have to have schooling, we did a. We did a covenant. Beans. Singles party on Catalina once Mean Jimmy in Heaven and being in a bunch of singles when cavern and being used to do their singles parties. We one took off to cattle
it is probably some pictures on the internet of like Covenant being Singles Party Catalina Mean Jimmy when now the the boat I'd the slow bout there's like two hours by they fear ass. If Smart Yola. Do what I do it. My kids dead or my daughter did and my wife in their friends they took a helicopter two catalina, that's fancy tat our right. They picked a bad day to go. others k through twelve Yahoo or latterly in Ireland is part part a long beach, unified school disregard boy for your part, along reach. Unify you better hope, you're Catalina yeah was a funny. It was funny story by. They didn't know for me in life. It's not so much my life for their life given Dave, but it's kind of the job the position of the life which is
the day they packed to take a helicopter to go to Catalina and ride this, the lines: Catalina my daughter, wife and their friends, and everything that one of the trip I paid for that day we were filming catch, a contractor in Compton and It was literally like a broken down: seven hundred square foot house and the problem was in the bathroom re and me and skip unlike the camera man and the bad kind, actor in the mom in the teenage daughter were all packed, into a window, less bathroom in a fuckin broken down house in content and the fuckin After much like for Fort wife's four and a half feet and
Cameron is like trying to shut the door again his back and skip. Second, all the room and the fuckin homeowners crying and screaming at the contractor and the daughters, daughters as well, because you and I've just trapped in a bathroom in Compton with people screaming at each of the entire time, and I thought we were this guy's? Oh that's right there on a sip line, is supplying over Catalina well maybe they're still on the helicopter, but there was a bathroom and Fuckin Compton, and then I realized that's about it You just want to know if anyone wants to know anything they just go. hey in March, thousand in sight, thirteen. Where are you Adam gonna, bathroom encampment? and where is your family there on the Zeppelin? Ok, that's all we need to know I feel sorry for your daughter and why you ve got the entire picture. You ve seen it all
that's. All you need is a supposition. You know it all. You know my entire life, I mean they're pictures, I think max a patter of them like There are them hanging over whether definitely picture than we ever them. In a helicopter like like hanging out the Fuckin helicopter, Weird Helen, airplanes, don't have airplane air. have doors that shot and goes knots over their sheep out. You know you can airplane the doors shot and errors. Are you wearing your seatbelt he's not where the sheep, while you can't put you sleep on you, can help after a helicopter doesn't have doors, Evans's, hangs out of a Minoan says anything about seatbelts. Down: that's all I'm relationship with sea browser very much I've loan and helicopters of words like they don't say anything about your sheep out. They desire sit here, knows no door due to hang your foot Avalon guy, like it
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moreover, there is no way sunny got on ads and applying such a was when he was a kid he's got no right now that goddamn supply Catalina made weak? people say to me all the time they go when you gonna have enough money. I go when I can live the life that my wife and kids live. That's when all have enough money I don't live their life, I'm in the bathroom and in Compton thereon apply on a Wednesday. That's the life I won. no. I couldn't eighties police chief, like thirty the boss like as though his will wild card to turn to the agreed above are governed by the end of the wing. It was really I have said a million times. People think it's
o business show business, but when you're in the bathroom income thing you're in a bathroom and calm thing, I don't fucking care for show business are not that's where you are. That's you shot at spent your day in a bathroom in Compton wits, or angry homeowners and super angry remorseful contractors. Let's do another one gene, a grand and we'll get the Romany on cell. a northern Michigan restaurant loss Thou, of dollars and sales after a busboy said he had covered nineteen, there was a wearing planned. There was rehearsal dinner and everything was called off, because this busboy got sick, the other big problem. Is that the employee wasn't sick? He just like. Is he really wanted the day off? timbers, see food was forced to close Friday and Saturday after this covered nine in clay and cancel the wedding were Herzog party. The timing was before the restaurant, which is trying to recover from you.
ITALY losing their peak season with their closing orders the employee confessed. Last Saturday I the manager, says he feels bad for the kid who lie, but unfortunately this is now police matter, and this is not the first. I have another story. We never got too of a guy who it it got, arrested also for lying and saying he had covered debate during simple our times. You just like phone in a bomb threat. we didn't want to go to school, are your jobs than workin, mainly in the museum or some like day just phone in a bomb threat. I didn't want to go work at the Essen upon over Adele. I actually and I just like phoning bomb threat. Nato ale get out of it. What is the other story, sir? I have it let's see basically same thing. I will tell you right now: here: FBI, This is from like maybe two weeks ago, the FBI arrested a man for colleague sick with covered nineteen sand, Twond Davis charged on four defrauding his employer, your fortune, five hundred company, due to his fate,
I know, says they are necessarily quarantined. Employees close the doors disinfected, forget, Yes, you know very costly, an investigation covered. Davis's lie. It started They learned in MID March at accompany seminar that workers were gay. he to be paid if quarantined Davis called in an in unsigned letter from a hospital that did not performer a cobra so his head was in the right place. me and all my co workers get paid leave, but we did get caught and charged. Keep Oh, I do think about sports in football sees in when we're gonna do open. how we're gonna, open and and I dont I just I have this every year I just I just long for the opening of a football season. Part of it is the change in the weather. Another part is kind of the social aspect of it because it
nothing better than just even eaten at dawn, answer the wings and the beers with the deeds and crack and wise and in making jokes. But I are they gonna Ford, the pre season. Where we talk about that, and also you know you, it's weird tables weird thing to have in your life. you're thing to have in your life is. I have discussed to the Indianapolis five hundred more than five hundred times and the answers always like day may have it they may, due to the limited they're gonna, do it at a half capacity than it's like they're doing it in a corner capacity, and then it's like, oh, they had a flare up like you know. The part that they're not talking about with this whole situation, is arrogant. Some in a livelihood and locked down- and you know it's not business as usual and and all that, but also you don't realize how much your life is.
planning this thing. Like we're going to India for going to India, we gotta get tickets, we gotta get tickets or here get laminate. We gotta get a hotel, go yeah, but we're not sure if the things happening or not they now there's a tree. And unprofessional trans AM race. At the end of the year like I want to do that, Trans AM race in December yeah. They don't know if they're the power, That's really pretty frustrating. In a first world white guy, a problem is, is I'm used to planning my entire year out advance corporate events stand up advance, Ray race is indeed whenever it just goes, he goes out well months, months out in the future, and you can't really do that anymore. Everything caviar, which, as it could be on bad, we don't know you have to have flex, cancellation on Araby envy and, speaking of that, this funny meme is going around about Halloween. It says: don't fuck this up
between twenty twenty has a full moon gets an extra hour at too I am because of daylight savings is on a fuck. Saturday area they do their part to spread to stop the spread read because I will light you on fire of following is cancelled. I love it. hit Geico here and then was picked. The Romany Geike, offering you your fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and our visa policies that fifteen percent on top of the money Geico could already be saving you or your body would be saving if your sign up with Geico, never better her time to switch to Geico, save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October two sorry October, seventh visit Geico, dot com to learn more at Geico DEC. to learn more. Let's take quick break come back the Romany Morocco right after this here. Let me tell you about. It a funny show I've been watching the new peacock original series stirring
Mohamed, an Hence alumni David swimmer and a great honour, look ass if you like, if your fans of workplace comedies, this isn't funny comedies, clever, Blanda Office, humor care, there's- and I feel like the laugh well here in a laugh at these people and the fascinating backdrop, the mysterious personnel working in the shadows of cyber security at a UK intelligence agency. The work is serious and workplaces anything, but you can't not watch this new show all new episodes of intelligence are available now on peacock, the new stuff service from NBC Universal and you can sign up at Peacock tv dot, com to stream. Now pig Act makes a business a business circumstances of a world it on the wrong side of the bed that year good
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