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Part 1: Listener Calls, Reno Casinos, and ‘Unprepared in Quarantine’ (ACS June 8)

Adam opens today’s show talking about the twins birthday, and his experience watching Pearl Harbor and comparing it to his own life. Adam also talks about a steak dinner with Dr. Drew and how people are now regularly defying the face mask requests. Later he breaks down a clip from Brian Williams about social inequities being more dangerous than the Coronavirus. They also watch clips from Lori Lightfoot, and talk with a fan who works at two different casinos in Reno. Before the break they chat with other callers about Leaf Blowers, and what it was like to attend a Black Lives Matter rally as a more conservative person. Before the break, the guys watch a clip from a recent Unprepared performance from Adam’s living room. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com BuyRaycon.com/ADAM CoolerShock.com enter ADAM TommyJohn.com/ADAM Capterra.com/ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on Podcast one well lots of life lessons in today's first half in some clips that are pretty insane from the news, one that drove Mark Erika. So in saying that he actually gave me yelled at me to talk about it. So have that coming up first day about the life lock, hacker group called shiny hunters breach. Seventy three point: two million user records from data, apps delivery services, online stores, newspapers and their sell em sell it among the dark web. You don't want your information at their place in port and understand how cybercrime and ideas that are affecting our lives every day we put ourselves at risk because wrong and we're online and were shopping online and were put our info out there and
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inside the toolbars back in the nineteen, seventeen rock and roll scientists developed a new miracle drove the only side, effects were dancing and planning and a subtle feeling of euphoria hopelessness, wonder drug arena rock swallow. This you'll feel better. It's Boston on the toolbox
from one studios: Lindane, California. This is the atom cupola shell, with Gina grad on news and fall Brian on sound of acts, plus a spirit round the rotten Meno game. Now, technically he has been tear gas, but that was from camels and ass, a Vegas Roadrunner Adam added on to get it on a joyful mandate to get it on its return it in nature ran friend, good day, geographic, get data, you daddy data yeah, the kids birthday today, so I never they wish there. So their pleasure centres or so burnt out. I could put a cigarette out on their forehead, no genuine blank. Now that even what everyone I e we're gonna jump off
trampling on the poor that they did it. I mean it's like you, can, I was useless as an example, but I really do mean it if you can watch the Grange who stole Christmas, you can watch it on Blu Ray or on phone or in July, it's over your relationship with that is over it. It doesn't mean it doesn't make bad or make you pay the just ask when you when you when I was ten. If you asked me about the Grinch who stole Christmas I've got all my God, I'm counting the days. I cannot wait until that comes on a b c on Sunday night at eight o clock and the song I get to hear the song, or even that Charlie Brown song. Once you put that it everyone's finger, Tipps on demand. Then their relationship with it being precious is over. It the same. Everything spats all nothing special sort of whatever
Never fire was two thousand years ago now of big, lighter in automated stowaway that that's how we are that's our data birthday yeah and we have to be that way. Otherwise, we won't progress in only we won't have ex phone or the next piece of technology and the next we won't cure cancer wreck. We won't save things. We won't move for We won't have all the innovation. That's that's our wired, the. Problem is, is it can't be fed into the pleasure? Arena? Is good to go out and innovate and go to work all day. It's bad to go. I want crepes, just show up in Friday. It will ruin. Yes, it ruins your relationship with great Jesus. It's not a treat anymore. It's no big deal. Think about think of this stuff that we thought of as a treat growing up as a scoop of ice cream from selling HANS are thrifty, synonymous, something like that.
that doesn't even get near moving the needle my kids mind now. The other thing that I was in planning talk him nothing that it's down its so per its remove this sense of urgency from it as well. So when would go baby shit, someone's house I'd, go where's the fucking ice cream. Worship where the knell away for so my kids of this law so you're not, though be ice cream and on the move, their walk right pass it you don't really like its whatever whenever hand with people from you talk when it comes the sacks all the weird pornography versus a French. The Europeans are used to that hospital attitude there. They grow up with a glass of wine and a topless beach when their fourteen right These makes when you say that, like the things that we thought were big deal, I always think of we had to be lived early on our deathbeds almost literally, and we would get a madman,
Gesine and Snickers BAR to make better or a sprite. God forbid of your stomach us right, yeah sure that or seven up or what I well remember little adage is like well Member after you get your tonsils out. You can eat sherbert for to day ass light, so elective surgery and where the fuck and ice cream, then jello you can eat. The other would be a great trade off in my kids world. So I This preserves are timeline thing and I defy anyone Tipp to beat it asked Kalen too tell me when the Wright Brothers flew either oh two or oh, for he did not believe, write that down in my piece of paper here, but dad murmured the right Others can doesn't know the marvelling Wilbur said it get you Jimmy Jimmy Doolittle right and I said what year was the Wright Brothers first flight. Oh two or
or are you just said we. I know what you thought. I just set it right after it. There I said: do little and the Wright Brothers. Sorry, I need you to set two things at once. I run a three hour three, I would SAM border December night. You know there are different, almost so for our so I had this. I had this thought, which is so I was watching Pearl Harbor last night came on- and I wasn't reliving the movie- I wasn't gonna- I wasn't going turn it off China, Alec Baldwin Pledge do little and varied rated pilot led the raid over Tokyo fat people saw the movie that God, at the brief synopsis, is japanese it by Pearl harbor. We wanted to strike back. It was purely symbolic, we weren't we're gonna, do a lot of damage, but we need it.
A moral victory, so we thought we could get a carrier close enough to Japan if they could take be twenty five, like light bombers, often era of carrier, which they don't really know they could do back then cause. I was a big plain for an aircraft carrier need more runway, they famously the planes got him lie, got em out and basically did a kind of suicide mission, gonna Densher Land, in China. Hopefully someone nice should be on the ground to meet them. and we could then report too the: U S, citizens that we had in fact bombed Japan that we had brought the fight to mainland Japan, which they were would have been a big. significant moral victory, he was a guy lead that he was in Iraq or to another scene with them. He was. He was screaming data,
Lady has any skinny ladys, rather than helping all the parts out of that that we're right, I was. I was looking at that and he was like I'm for five years old. You guys are young and I thought yes, Jimmy Doodle do little is for five in like forty two and then they I'm gonna raid and I thought her window when he died. So anyway, here's are but will contract Jimmy, do little life in flight. and my life in flight, Jimmy Doodle Jimmy Well, I was born in December of eighteen. Ninety six, so he was born before the aeroplane was invented, which is crazy. That at some point he flying those things off a carrier dark and Japan. vat learner and and for the first I mean there are the first,
seven eight years of his life. This thing did not exist and when it did exist, it was like The Wright brothers we are laying on the wing canvas fabric. You'd have thus didn't have like ailerons or anything they steered it by like pending flick, flexing the wing like sing ended with lean this way. Only in that way I dies in one ninety three he was It was ninety six years old. He I'm gonna run. Think about who you are from no aviation when he was born. Exist. No white and if in and then you're the one that happen when he was eight years old was a couple of guys who owned a bicycle. Herr Shop, like laying on top of this thing that was flying twelve feet above you know, breyer gliding down a hill.
All the way, through all the way through the supersonic in the current cords and all the veto still fight, stealth bombers, all stealth, everything short so all military peace prize, re ships, everything I've. when I was born, in nineteen sixty four. They were developing the right in the middle of developing the Concord are our first supersonic commercial airlines. When I born they were ongoing in shaping it and building prototypes of it and so on and so forth, Santa I should it says: may twenty eight nineteen sixty four at the bottom left of this picture I sent to MAX Pat on which you can see I'm sorry, look as I do. I was born, may twenty seven nineteen zero the day after was born there. There are high work in earnest on this
supersonic transcontinental flight of you. Don't from New York to Paris and eighty five minutes. Why? Ok, now, let's go sport where we are now southwest flight sway between two did Michael is eaten jerky the time it takes me to get to allay from New York is exactly the same time it took, except for after leave for the airport two hours earlier, because we have to be passed down and cavity check that everything- and I thought what Palmer man, look how much ground Jimmy do little covered here. What no aeroplanes to flying a be twenty five, often aircraft carrier embalming drank too then all this all the supersonic and all the staff and all the craziness and, of course, Brion said the moon and satellites and everything else and
All I got the southwest like New York. That's you plot abide away in six. four. That's when the Beatles we're getting off the penny imply the bars and the pubs and go go checks in the high boots and the tight skirts. That was one was born now it says so. We really have pretzel stance. We do not have peanuts guy and ask you to go and sit down for me. Go ahead, sir. That's whereat! Now now and you take it. Step. Further, you didn't get on a plane until you are. What, in your thirties investor have your life. Yes, I saw all the commercials for that. The pub it was like the seven forty seven with upstairs part, the lounge and all that cars. I saw all the commercials. I know I never flew one hour. So that's me Jimmy do everyone, kindred spirits, cover or maybe
ground the Jimmy due to learn that the plane was not invented when he was born and he died in ninety three, like we re abide. Ninety three were basically from a military standpoint, we're onto drones now, but mainly the airplane. It really. The stealth at all that stuff had come out incredible right now, ass pearl. A great example of a bad movie by any measure melodramatic and ridiculous. Unwisely along the Pearl Harbor, bombing sequence spectacular one of the best have report on film. I agree: good watch, our rights, that's my Jimmy! Do little situation I was add. A couple of things I want out mean drew one out, got a stake on Saturday night. Is that like it it was interesting. I always level I would
now. Let's see we went outside, we went out Friday. Night got a stake. I walked into the restaurant. Drew is waiting there for me. We got there about eight o clock. I of course came walking in with no mass, because I never wear mask. I was told to go, find a mass, so I went went to my car, my master, balled up and rolls around that, where the pass your puts a free, so I found the mass, backup put on Russia will what's the protocol with the mask, they said well where the mask, when you're not eating or drinking and then I said well, all we're here to do is eat and drink and they hide ethically sound here. They said, oh now, what you basically do is you just where it across the restaurant and then sit down and then you take it all so you're a senior and the clear in the green zone? It's just good science.
We just sat down and the servers where mask and and then they cannot tell you sort of like a forget it chow thing like if you want them to re, fail your drink, put the mask on. Allow us great. It's like Bubba Gump derive Randal available setting up here, then There is also a bizarre stuff here, like at a certain point. I said, get a toothpick, you wanna toothpick groaned. I said yeah I do and I put my mask on, I walked to the front of the listen, I said where the toothpicks cow, which are all eventually wrapped in cellophane. By the way like those had to be put away. I shall yeah get. Em out is like I'll. Get him out, doesn't get amount hands or mean that I just grab some. It's all theatre right. At this point,
and also started, noticing a lot of people. I went on I went on Saturday, two malibu and I've just look in it. Condos real estate, just kind of walking through places almost everybody, went from. Mascot in glove up a month ago two. If you don't want to wear the mass, we don't have the one amendment anywhere. You want aware, not aware: ok, environment just put their mask away and walked in So now I want to start a blatantly ignoring it I bet you see some little things that are stupid, like we're driving through Malibu Volleyball COS. Sir still down heroic. Still down like our chief on the beach on the beach. Ok seems like those good work a nice and I stake a nice conversation with drew. Was the restaurant? Did they like move half the tables young country when they didn't?
we want to Morton's and Burbank. They didn't Visibilium didn't physically move anything. I think they are usually have a booth that they should give me and I just sat in the boot that I normally stand in and They are there waiting, he went to the Martens in any Iheart complex. Basically, on all yeah, that's right downstairs. Yes, that's right down for where Gina worked right here so and so they did they physically get rid of half the tables. Are they don't do that? No, they don't do that. I think the point served on the tales. They don't want you to sit at and laggard staggered. The ceiling is right, the kind of spreading the kind of spread it out now. You know ass far ass the memory. was floating the again. It's all just part of the scare porn star. Which well when we do reopen. While people feel confident enough to go out, everything is packed. All the tougher dark period, dinosaurs, Dinah, go out had a funny move, had a funny thing
seems like it was out of up out of a movie after go into driving up and down in Malibu all day on on Saturday, one out to freeze or chaffering at Camp Jaffrey Java Rays, and it's beautiful it's right there on the coast. It's got a beautiful view to let people know how people are foregoing out. I made a five p m. reservation at some point during the dazzling run a low behind us, a demand, Matt final heiress, it hey! Can you switch to five thirty? moves like. They said absolutely not why there ever, I would underline the opera. The reservations is. The word was right away at about the popular places they only five and nine by the nine it only right that we had five o clock beautiful everything at this moment, Oh I'm we go in there. You know it's Malibu, it's a bunch of guys, drive and Bentleys rolls Royce and stuff, and I think everyone out there
feeling their white privilege feeling a little nervous about it. Who are our people looking at me? What are they think? I'm there they think, I'm down with the cause and there's one woman, whose work in their whose like thirty attractive and has her hair style, but the like many puff bonds. I don't know how to combine was called like the two pomp arms right and she's, looking actual awoke ride and and she's got that look, I think, was upon palm bonds or something and so she's look at me and a kind of at me, and I think our I d cheap, She saw me on Tucker Karlsson two weeks ago and that she's gonna settle my hash. When I walk out of here too and she's kind of look at me, join our everything and at the end it was like so that time,
the bathroom before we got the car and then walked to the table and grab that sunglasses and cell phone and stuff and As I walk past, or I really noticed- or I bawling me like- I just I'm I've hyper vigilance. I don't have to look at you. I could just I can really see the eye bawling and has a K. A boy here were here. We are here. We go rich guy Malibu Super woke check and have, as I was walking out, and she kind of got in front of me a little bit and she site I'm such a huge fan, as I mentioned just now, God we need you now you need to be president. You should be president. We need your kind of thinking right now, as I wasn't initiatives: mental patients when, when Adam came to him, they got another lawyer. This, like hey, you know David Alan Greer. Another word: why did she got it's crazy in your
Smart! You! You should run verse of those. I oh that's why she was looking at me all time course outgrown the palm palm woke sister math. Of course filing went MA. Am I wrong think of Malibu is that won't mallet was pretty conservative ray is a lot of rich folk up there, but the people that work at the restaurant don't live next door to rise, not your eye! I forgot you four guys you worked, there was the customer service and- and also. Well, it's interesting because You know it's also a bastion of like share and end bar strive San? It's got. It's got to alter awoke rich. Who is well? It's like the focus of the richest of celebrities and then probably some due to show this to, doing business in Arkansas and move there and that guy's that guidelines concern. but the celebs their maps and company, so I anyway. That was a funny.
change the danger. They right not a liberal Let's see so I had this stuff I was actually on cures Richard thoughts on this. I was talking to us talking to MIKE Argus about it. First there's this clip a clip when I talk to mark arrogance- and we did reasonable doubt last friday- heed fired out of a can any was so pumped up about this brine Williams, talking to Doktor Van Gupta that he was going ballistic instead, mean I have to understand his now, get this right. The Mcguinness, restaurants, stuff right max body of his restaurants does not yet not yet I'm gonna I'll get it the american Elijah? Nor can it well that's? Why?
call you on the right in and tell you that stuff that get there's a lot of stuff on our right, but this is the stuff That's on the screen. Man I'm going to get through the o Brien. Why marked Erica's has I may screw this up, but I won't mark Erica's has a hotel. In California and a restaurant in California and in California. The hotel is closed in the restaurant, is You should have at least two restaurants up our dahlia right, I'm just A just and welcoming the aid, the big guy in New York state. He has a hotel and restaurant too, but in New York it's the opposite. The hotel is open in the restaurant is closed, and that those are the rules. Now that's gotta be knots. Remark aircars cause what who's and whose rocks rise, so it doesn't make sense
I'm so he's he's beside himself anyway, and then he brought in a clip that he found on Brine Williams and the eleventh hour. I guess news programme from Thursday night on MSNBC Shiny brought. It enables us out of his mind about its listen to the emergency room, doktor sort of explaining that the science of whether you can go outside or not with us again, tonight used under VIN Gupta is any: are dark specializing in these kinds of illnesses? Also, an affiliate assistant professor, when the University of Washington Department of Health Metric Sciences well Doc, here's the thing. It takes a fierce urgency to March all day in Washington DC through a line of thunderstorms and then stand in Lafayette Park. All night social Justice trumped social distancing. We ve seen at every night on our broadcast. We know what's happening.
in your line of work? Do you now wait two weeks, because I also read that for the top twenty five corona virus cities, all of them that out door, protests. trying to see him and an embryo touching on an important question, The people are picked up on. How can somebody, in my case, for example, advocated strict locked out of everybody and the economic catastrophe. That resulted and then also say it's ok, to go protest. Well, here's the thing Brian we, as doctors, nurses, there was true there is we? What we value more than anything else is prioritized prioritizing risks by a deadly. They are. it's my oldest hissing, it's ok to protest, the social inequalities propagated by elements in our law enforcement institutions by our health care system writ large or simply
deadlier to the most vulnerable and America than the current viruses. The statistics bear that out poverty alone, although it was not just ex bear that out the cap killed nor can unarmed black eyes last year that the krona viruses, less than than this over a hundred and five thousand, the statistics will bear that out our I'd urban. Here we go to a lawyer, the most vulnerable in America than the current viruses. The statistics bear that out. Poverty alone has at least three hundred thousand that's a year in America We know there is a poverty across racial line. So that's why we're saying it's ok to protest would do so. hopefully do so outdoors, ideally with mass, given extremely toward the top you my bullets, tackle the deadly a rescue and that social injustice, as you just outlined, unpack at Brian all specious like her I mean other approach,
in poverty like you started the task at hand right well so if, if the number one killer of black and brown people are cops, going out running into M sounds more dangerous than their staying at home and sheltering in place. Do you have the wrestling max apparent I just as long as our guide, not like seen from bipolar thirteen rather like make this fit in here and like Hell, has duct tape in a much alike random tools it has like. I'm gonna make I gotta make these two thinks fit. The poor, brine worms. He can't go thanks, lieutenant, not job we're we're moving on. He Hasta then unpack with this poor guy just said in trying to be respectful about it. So here we go
the cause of survival in twenty twenty against all the forces that might be arrayed against several different communities, but those living in poverty. Various communities of color in this country are so vast and so grave that we take. We assume our risk. By going out picking up a sign and being next people. So let me get this straight path: the MAGIC dragon He lived by the sea fraud, in the autumn, Miss than a lamp called Hano away, currently premeditated ok just go. I don't know what you're talking about back you're, not job, hey, Doktor, Bombay fuckin blink yourself out of here. Let's get some real news, I'm so anyway. That's what the doctor saying so Now. Everyone else which is kind of it
nothing new tacked on this is saying luck. They keep turning the doctors that keep doctor the doctors keep going hey you want, protest. Do your part just I can't tell you what to do but be safe, disrespect safe. I can't tell you how to do it. You can't tell us to do? You been telling us what to do for three months now you can't that's like Botz, just little maid but put a mask on and Godspeed well, which is it you? Can tell us what to do, or you can tell us what to do. I feel like a have been telling us what to do. National element to do it's. Dont protests that that was not the wrong side of the issue or ride, but the notion that you can't tell us what the deuce incorrect as you have been telling us what to do
what are they march or you have all at anyway, you guys it's becoming pretty transparent. Let's see pinions and funding police- oh just talk to just just then they would set up going on why was the greatest upper limit? Zanuck deserve some guys summer. Shut up you police officer yesterday and people are not taken. Seriously for Sunday remember people think it's basically open. Season on cops. Any law enforcement general spray sickening, but are not just the same. Like living in the day were common sense is pretty much out the window backs. Don't matter, you know it's fashionable to wear, masks and protests.
the police- even if it's something you don't believe in you I'll, get you away one- is the grammar twitter Well, it's a new world order. I may now. Raises honest: thirty fifth apology: later she she's touring the nation upon rising to folks of color adds a look here an inch, here's what I've always said and I'll say it again. The cops! The training and equipment good and everything's good go to get them all the training? They can get everything they can get, but if, as you guys have seen, If people decide- and I've always said this, if people just aside we're hit the streets were ten, we're living things on far there's nothing. The cops can do what we have to create a society, and I'm not talking about this particular
protests. What I'm saying is is if eighty per cent of the populace or ten percent of the populace would be a good idea to murder people. It just be blood everywhere in the cops can do anything we as we the percentage you know where talk about. How many cops we have, what is their training? What is their equipment? Imagine if we had no criminals but I'm gonna. Reverse engineer, that's like why don't we start focusing on where the criminals are coming from like they go? We send these hops in their crime riddled neighborhoods. They can't we need put community policing, but what if we just focused on what creates Kramer, howdy. Why are there more criminals? What is going on now? dad's being out of the house there the number one reason: people do poverty, but I dont by poverty. People been poor, historically, quite a bit
and I I knew a lot of poor people grown up and that there is no crime about makes a little easier to like pinch again. but a supermarket or he added steal. A bicycle are shot like that, but by and large crime and we're not talking think about poverty. Ok, maybe poverty causes. You did steal a bicycle, poverty cause you to blow so went away to kill somebody what what's my it's also more likely it seems a mile and a half to imagine. Statistics show this that you are more likely to be in poverty without apparent in the houses we had at the income. After what I have it's all luck. It's it's! It's a simple, simple equation: the fur. there. The fathers did away the more crime.
the more poverty area, I have it your way the fathers leaving causes the poverty which then causes the crime. If you want to look at it that way, I Smithers correlate you you re likely to find the same. The same household right so discussion has to include the cops? Why, if you're, not talk about dad's, raising kids in intact families, its mood, you're. Never going to be enough pops to ever fully. and safely police if there's many criminals and they're. Not in this. This goes for any color, any creed, any any. nationality. If the dad's started meaning the family can be a lot of poverty and a lot of crime and cannot fix it from the outside
in the schools, the programmes at all that stuff. That's fine issues that kind of a second to fix it. It just its bandit's. If you look at, I was talking to doktor, drew giving people stuff, isn't isn't the same as fixing thanks. You take a look at something, take a look at something: Basic as a tablet are so Ella unified a few years ago was like some of these kids, these poor kids. They don't have tablets, they can't compete cause. I don't have tablets, so we go what's what's the plan? Well, give me blade and then they'll be the same as the kid who has the tablet, but you think about it. Of course was a shit, chow, Aramis hacked and look at and sold them or whatever- and at some point I guess we just collected all back or something it has, and they end they purchase them for over retail price and bulk. I dont. Let alone partnership. I think what the retailer- I don't
then say this, but fast in furious worked out better give. Guns to mexican cartels actual worked out better than handing out tablets, fella unified school Now the so think about it. If you're a kid who has a tablet Who owns one you're either come from a family? That's right possible enough intact enough sober enough and worked hard enough to get you the tab It's not a rolls Royce its of five six under dollar item. Maybe you could buy one used a refurbished or something like that, but if you have one, then you come that family and you don't need one if you're. If, if you someone who had a tablet, because you earn that tablet. You worked very hard and you wash cars and mode lawns and got that tablet and then some
stole that tablet. From you and now you don't have a tablet and you can't replace it because of how hard at work for that person. I want to give them a tablet, but That person is probably less than five percent of the group we're talking about either you have a tablet or you don't have a tablet, the giving you of the town. the giving you the bestowing upon you of any thing doesn't really make your good soon. It doesn't make you responsible. It just means your person, that's probably that responsible who shouldn't own a tablet. who now owns a tablet and that it doesn't work out sort of the lottery. You have to work your way up, that we should be looking for ways to work. Our way up to that it starts at. It starts at home. I was listening two are shocking. Go mare, lorry Lightfoot. Before I came here, they got the parks and wreck one max a pattern and ass, like we had a plan here in Chicago to take care of these kids and I like
Ok, I always listen because I always wait for the part where they too about the family in the dad's, in the structure and what's goin on at home, but in Chicago I got a plan to fix all this violence and all this chaos and all this poverty ready. MAX path. If we rely upon life, was only going to fail and that's what happened and way too many places across the country. Last year we stood up and why and all hands on deck approach to public safety. We got our schools and our part, our libraries, Social Services organization. That's how we bill healthy viper communities notches, rely upon the police and will continue to push forward on that front in Chicago, but you gotta get. and what is involved is while the libraries schools, the parliament's recreation, cops, fine
If you don't got those families involved, yeah, there's not enough libraries. Schools and councillors. Yes, that was that was really interesting coming from her specifically because she was the president of the Chicago police bored. So I I just assumed whatever you're gonna play- was going to have a very you'll have a very civic slant like look. This is the world that I come from. Here is how we fix it, but it was kind of the opposite, the up either way. It's not a good time to be a cop, and I was noticing this for a while, like said dump in the water pockets on their heads and stuff, it just is, it had time to be a calm and no one's talk, more shit about the cops me, but at a certain point, somebody's gonna, have to really take a earnest dive in two. Criminality where they're coming from and how that created, and I know where it starts. People
when I get into it politician so want to get into it. The third rail Gavin Nuisance didn't want to get into it. It starts at home, we need dad's, we need discipline, we need intact family and will produce a lot less criminals that why aren't let me hit the cap. Tara need software simply search with cap tariff free online resource, millions, use monthly defined software for their team or business filter software by price and features and features. I should say compared to top options, side by side and save your. favorite search for more then search more than seven hundred specific category, so your work in a business. You want some software seven hundred read over one. Well, don't read all one million reviews decompress Rome see how happy users check our cap territory Slash Adam. We use CAP Tara here,
a digital and curl drinks is well kept. Her right, Dawson, Visicalc, tear it comes out of today to find the rights of workers for your business capture. It comes Lodge Adam CAP, terror that see a p d. Are a downtowns lash Adam Captain a software selection, simplified I'll, take a quickie break, will come back and will take some time. Calls them will play the Random Anna's game right after this. it's time to check Adams Voicemail Margo corruption of a lifetime movie woman tried to save her marriage and her life. When a sociopath EC yoga instructor become obsessed with her the title of this movie, Psycho yoga instructor Ten transmission. You can leave a message at eight hundred and eighty eight six hundred and thirty four one thousand seven hundred and forty four
right. We got your phone calls up their subject that I was curious about, as I was talking to MIKE August, about I've gotta teasing before is process people. I've never thought this might cast some interesting insights every once in a while I was saying I don't get politicians or body, who does that thing? they go. You know, you know Garcia gets up there and he always goes together were better. When the people of LOS Angeles come together, we can togethers one, and we raise our voices one in unison than that. when were at our best, when, when we're fraction often pays off, we can't, but when we And I we think I don't know what you're saying what's the plant like: what's he gonna do I dont want the planets and merciless right and might shed.
oh he's a process. Guy he's not a get. It done. Guy he's a process guy and I thought well. Let's talk about a little bit, because I I know people I just want to talk about the past cs all the time, but they dont give you the nuts and bolts like their process. People you know it's If you listen an end, I don't I know I know we have that. So it's it's basically the up the opposite, of a sergeant in the military or general in the military like here's. What we have Jane Do little wasn't a process guy. He just say nuts and bolts guy, like we gotta get weight off those planes. We gotta get airborne within three hundred feet, and that means we're. Gonna have to be going two hundred eighteen knots and Bob LAW, but do you know what I'd just just talk about it? Just he's real results over and over and over again, and I thought what
that now. I do back to my chick thank I do realise that my wife is much Process, oriented than I am much more and are either do it. I don't do it figured out here we go in and cheese very like the process, the people it really want to talk about over a long period of time, but not really that order right. The book that want to talk about what is going to take to write the buck the object of this is shooting or your point is well you're points. I think this is a great idea, great concept. Let's call it something: because, when I think of a process like where you go racing process either you you reject the Thai were under MR stop. You do a thing. Do thing. Do think past inspection. drills margins of cross ass. You do to make this directive is about
this may mean by prossa. Why why why process was then like more spinning your wheels as opposed to result, oriented well like he in your example, you would never get in the car and do the re she would just keep talking on the process of prepping the car and the car although usually on their stock. In the press there stuck in the process, they never, they never actually implement things. They just a process that lets a constant psych Car Seti when said. He speaks ninety three percent of what he says is some good vibe, some feeling some right thing about how we should be or better angels are here, I'd like to speak to this community by here like times and dates in numbers. In what I mean like, I don't have ain't ever him. Sit in number were starting to school September. Night work. we start that school like it's? None of that it's just we come together with goodbye. and then there's
Laurie one! Then there then there's a ones lorry Lightfoot. Her second clip I was watching today, which is just basically we're gonna. Ten you talking about this thing case racism that that everyone Greece is bad. No, no! human being supports it. to keep talking about it and will never gossip talking about it and my thing, like we ve all a great it's bad. Let's rigour out, what to do about whatever residue in has left upon this country. I dont want to keep talking about this thing, was bad. We we gotta. What is there to do? It's bad. We can build a time machine and fix it. I'm sorry. This is another syrup process, but also I don't know that woman is a black lesbian who runs a major city in the United States. I dont know how much racism she can decree, but but here we go,
So I think very compelling words that we ve been fighting nineteen pandemic, but we for the entire history is country been fighting covered? Sixteen nineteen is absolutely right about that. We have to reckon with racism we have to do and how it has been invented into Germany Systems and institutions, and until we do that, we need to see this anger and frustration and boiling over in Chicago and all across the country. We have an opportunity to really take advantage of this moment reckon with our past and our present and nation. Racism does continued me fusion, We can do that, but we faced a hard truth. Not shy away from the challenges we face is a nation arouse original sin
I'm all ears farrago outward radar gets get God they do get clever points for saint covered. Sixteen that guy's gonna do right, What are you guys body will just keep docket. Have a nice, honest dialogue or fake, like drew breeze However, as I read, your brain will send a tweet out saying he stands for the flag and then you'll have to apologize thirteen times, that's not which called honest dialogue, everybody, but ok. We'll have an honest dialogue about racism. Let's do that, I'm all in, except for don't be too honest, you're gonna, be called a racist. its cloud inquiry lowercase days right, Let's see some body works at a casino in Reno, Caesar and they ve reopen he's gonna tell us what about that, the other the place after me. I know hey Caesar the Sunday School on all this
the point, is all going to get any. Obviously, with the demeanor, it's gotta be rough Brion said with seas with big seizures pass a pair of it. You got walking sign in preposterous, hey man clean those toilets outlay. Mezzanine Look man said maybe I'd make itself heard anything. I'm out of school, a fake name, hurry back next time, go James no you're twenty minutes and you never golden locks or go opinions Heizer. So what The protocol over there and Marina baking- Why did the commission not so much on how department that maybe.
you, I said the same capacity restaurant by fifty percent. Hundred dollar two hundred feet, restaurant! You can only put up to thirty people in you can play. When people are one table, but I mean You can only put another thirty four remainder of the night. Wait a minute wait, a minute how that we wait for the region. during the night or for the remainder of that meal. One and twenty people are sitting there was correct. Labelling is ok. Caesar Western. I do the work in the casinos and we'll get you I'll, get you to everyone's. I what's your age, gained what job creators lieutenant one and about where another the tender thing I've I went out to do Malibu and had my a beer on on Saturday,
control its sugar to throw the Malibu pop crawl here now that was my own shadows that miss Gibson did that not yes, and the bartender versus meal making dream behind the thing and other servers heading It's like a little table social sensing or whatever, but it still is its mainly a lot of wit window dressing until we kind of coast to stop in we're just kind of posting to stop. I think that I think the I think, the folks that we're out protests thing just there is a We were coasting to a stop, but we were coasting, don't stop that would have taken five weeks in the protest shortened. It too Evidently, there was just one I'll, fuck it and then the a lot of hey we're just gonna go. Do you want to do then we'll go, do what we want to do speaking too No dressing Caesar can answer this question, because I've heard about a lot of the protocol
four casinos, alot of a make sense for below the sauce to Disney distancing whatever what are they doing about ship because the chips change hand quite frequently and those who make a wash or sterilised or whenever right, if you can t help it imagine the problem of that. You can have your tea table. Games are being separated either. Is it Black had tabled a wet feet and if you know they plexiglas in front of deal with the issue of the kind to you live, actually got. Did he had all address your question? Rather not? Oh yeah. I've got lost in the car your direction, you're both touching the cards and ships, but then you so getting to grips with the ruler. The differences are no brain like scraps, but relieve you get a little shit they actually in some places they ask for your help,
and they send its Abraham forty. They would only add little red bottles while and spray your hands python bottom line you get different colored former lead in partaking chips no we're not getting to you because a lot of people you remember the calculated and then that still that's to you. If you want to take the kids get in your pocket, the dealers I don't even have glance because at the end of the cards, for example, sure- and they didn't basically that ships in London, you feel cleaning, let stand They are, for example, crabs you know how you get five guys Angelo to every time there, Shooter changes they white. my advice and then come back and play freedom exerts thanks you're out of your point as window dressing is like. Ok, all these things are great, but at the end of the day, or else is changing hands with the chips, and I liked it. There sprang you down, but at the end of the table,
I'll just touch on the same jobs I don't even the whole serve Thing is that even a thing any more like, I feel like we were pretty much obsessed with how it would live on. Tinfoil versus copper versus lad, versus wipe everything down and then at some point or one one now in touch people use Skype put the mask on because if you, if you take a look at the at some of those protest, I mean it just look like Woodstock at summit Spices and people's hands and arms are all over one another and everyone sharing things. I I don't think it's about the surface any more. I think it's about what you're either breathing in or what's coming out of you even if that's even a thing anymore, but we'll find out, it's been spent too since the protest. So here we go look for that. Big follow up, our health minister,
Barbara forever. Refresh gonna tell US doktor, biographer, Doktor, Barbara. I cannot, I can't get over her selection. I just I can't get over the fact that that we, the LOS Angeles, Anne and maybe the they the seven biggest can't I mean the world that we completely shut this place down and we tapped her to be the poorest and to communicate with us about what we needed it. You and what we're going to do what we should do moving forward at it. It seems unthinkable to me that that's the person but o k yeah. What happened? Do Jim Foreigny she's still alive? I can't get the Havre guy out there, because I would have much much more confidence other giving you deny me on humans, dude level, all the great
ah, ever hey Dan Boise. I'd have to stay here, yeah, just those I'm here fanny you guys by Adam you're my hero, Gina, about love, you guys. I just want to bring up earth Here I am alone cared fishing Applicator pesticide applicator, here in and slow down your mega aware, I don't know what I'd do it just picture that we sweet cart, you portion its, whereas the circle launder it ass. Shutting fertilizer has already shifting around we record that's right. Arguments do later. Private ends
are there any I'm a telegraph neared, I'm not bothered by lads. Waiter see I actually you. Alexander shrubs. My chest for most of my wonder, are smaller sire I mean nothing gravel when you bring up yet employees. May that you'll speak with an italian accent when you use the balance right and all my valet grinder. Tat I had. I had agreed with me I Beer or the Guide dukes last week, when I am my dad drove died. How a couple days ago, as I drove died, a get thirteen hours, we're making good time. You can drive Dinah though it's our make me about living in Idaho us like. If you knew Reagan, thirteen I means August can make it nine
I so day and go ahead. Let us hear Adam. I just wanted to bring a bleak lower, so you can a harp on the two stroke engines and I wanted to bring up you know a lot of the near equipment that made now, especially by the bigger manufacturers there she four stroke engines, they still used the to shrug oil mixed into the gas, but they have bowed Dunham which opened and closed the in taken exhaust ports. Because the problem with you search engines is the last in the intake a right there, the basically open at the same time, so a lot of that unburned jewels, keeping out of the exact now you're making me hard Rollo yeah. I've got the big polluters, yes yeah yeah so the two stroke engines deafened earlier might there are over five times? Is I'm gonna put out five times that
yeah. That's what I do my if you wanted thanks Stan. You would like to sort of. Take my life and encapsulated in too many many many conversations on many subjects. I've had it could be all I have explained by the flower, which is leave blower and I guess we ve all experiences. I've certainly experiences a lot. I have been walking. My dog scene the guy, with the leaf blower phasing out the street blown off the dry, Wage working on The sun is right. You can see just a huge pile of particulates right now. People people talk about noise and that's not a good by product of it.
People talk about exhaust two stroke, four stroke. What's coming out of that, that's all bad, but it pails in comparison to that plume of wet nice round up in rat poop and an cockroach legs and that's the park, your breathing Whenever they tell you the worst thing you can use breathing the particulates? It's not the smoke, it's the Dickie lets us a little things, get trapped and like the lining of her lungs and stuff, so the people always say to me ok, so yeah they should have. You know they have good. Electric wants a powerful electric ones, have electric ones that have just as much to our economic there's still blow but their blowing stuff in the air. I know, but the other people, if they mandate that people use the electric once they above that they reinforce that man to go. It's the when is the exhaust of a leaf blower
bothered you versus the actual plume of dust that its washing out into the street, but one is the physical exhaust. You know domain only one, my literally they're using a neighbour's house, otherwise its twenty two one idea: why don't even notice that be now whenever I can't However, what I do see this huge thing and I dont want to walk my dog through this. I didn't. physically want it on me. You know like in my hair, in my lungs or whatever, and so my in dating that they go electrical. Does not electric sorry does not solve the problem. I speak of a question. I am I was speaking of that. I have a question for Dan and and for you guys not to get to space balls, Why don't they just turn blow to suck? Why do they say? Why isn't just an outdoor vacuum as opposed to blowing it to end of the sidewalk? Are you still there reappoint genome and honestly, there is a lot of that out there already
mysteries going to be gigantic, especially for leaf cleanup up and the Father going to these gigantic vacuum that enough, but you start have to into hi only talk about sending their just tat. You know my he's with my job as a pesticide, Applicator Teeter led the pesticide all over the sidewalks and driveways, or below it to the yard? You know so I mean that's my biggest thing is I thought or are you the broom and then in that case you know it I'll be unemployed, so Why not I'd love to compromise, and I am always very very respect. One piece. Walking on the sidewalk. I keep my head on a swivel than the pesticide you put down is that in the liquid form. I wanna go, have moved to liquid form by I. Finally, granular fertilizer in certain granular pesticides work better. I now really past me
Now given a real dad. Pesticides are now getting airborne. Let me think which put on the lawn fertilizer bog killer. he'd killer in pesticides, whenever is on the ground, vulcanize robber from car tyres and whatever's, the ground is a bad soup and now it's air borne in if you're walking your kid through the neighbourhood you're just walking through that, and sometimes if you hear at the right time. There might be two or three go and, on the same street all the way down there. The here's that the bottom line- Gina the yes, the The leave flower, Israel Hike, it takes a lot time to sweep up rake pile up and then dispose of. Now you got two big hefty bags full of staff where's that going Euro verses in the pool, half the neighbors yard. My work stand here right and I
that's the lure of the leaf large. They are they are illegal in and allay. We just don't enforce those. We focus on bigger problems like the or way. Stop sign, that's a hundred yards from here and people rolling through that. That's where we need the cops and re unless it we're gonna polish police departments. The fund them we deepen fuckin meter maids too, because if I want to live in a world where there's no cops and just meter may tons of me now double down on the Meter- mate hey pair, thirty five Harrisburg Pennsylvania how are you guys doing? Good how you doing good, so I went to a black
matters rally on Monday and it was thought I I've been right, but I thought for sure from the conversation I had with the present, when was that it was gonna, be kind of just about no, the foreign police things like that and by highly orchestrated nearly sixty to eighty people had mobile people, who I didn't themselves of white veal marshals. If that makes up the out and as the day when on it, turned out that they were part of the protests group and they just had yellow bath, and it is to me with it was strange because here we have
vision, this idea and invite someone on the right and the boy like ivory fall behind a percent and then turning to top, we go tromp like this whole thing, like this whole message got scenes from. Let's look at the form- Mrs. Let's look at our. I go jetting hating, the opponent nigh I I've said this. You have start something is sort of like I we say about Peter. You know like there are like hey they. These factory farms, it's so cruel what they do to these veal in these little cages- and I go man, let's fix that a certain point. This ain't, we kill a cockroach, your Hitler right, then I got ok, I'm not on board with that. So my thing is: is least reform absolutely down with that
training and in many of the other planks of the platform on them If you just want to you I'll, get rid of the cops or pigs in a frame up whatever are not down with that that you're hurting your own cause, you're gonna, get alot of your message, you're, going to get a lot of like sent but people who do want police reform out of your ten because year I mean again If I think of you would have said to the amount of Americans. Twenty a guy like what do you think a p gather shouldn't be testing those shampoos on those poor rabbits, I'm I'm with them now you're about Peter they like an hour. They jumped the shark like there too. There too knotty they could they become today, when I had or jump a heart rather that occurred before they become very radical, so black eyes matter don't become too radical. Stay focused stay on the phone Yes, it is the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, which is he becomes across initially with some points that we can. All
agree with like a lot of sense, but the more because he and really as followers gotta get they lose a lot of people who would otherwise be doubt that the overall message I you're good example. I agree- and I said it's a progressive me. Meant it doesn't. It goes wrong. We need justice for these bad cop. For this handful of bad cops too, we gotta define them to get rid of them like it just keeps going like now. We need training and we need to take the bad cops and they need to be brought to justice, and the other cops need to be tweaked in trained and financed, and then there's all sorts of a community staff and all kinds of, but it gets. It goes from justice for to abolish in a tenth of a second and that sort of problem with the movement, because they just don't stop at a place. It is literally keep rolling along our right. We have fun stuff for us to play like the.
Run tomatoes game. I gotta unprepared, this unprepared from my living room yeah. This is proven to have had prepared for quarantine from quarantining, see from quarantine, we're going to another one of these when MAX apparel. Next Monday, a week from today's, you hear this June fifteenth Sevenpm, Pacific and you're gonna registered serious Ex m dot com Adam grew to be a part of its others, not a large crowd there, whose not laughing there's nobody there. So we'll see I've never heard unprepared without an audience will see how this goes. Max badge picked a three minute Calypso Erika MIKE M rights. The word fold fold will come and write off our or currently discussion. I like the fold. I like the bill, fall I like working your way into the fold I like holding this into that conversation, I like following an omelet. I like the idea of the island.
Folding part of my eye of the armlets and the guy love the most is the guy who works the omelet bar at the buffeted at the resort that the hardest working human being on the planet. Dat I deserves a God, damn tip I know tangent here we were talking about folding fold, she's folding, batting folding tat folding chairs. I want to talk this hero who folds the omelet that guy stands. He's got four plates go and at once for plates that guy juggling and it's it's it's a beautiful, Agriculture Symphony of omelette making because there are all different stages. This one he spraying the pass on their this one he's doin the pieces in that
One is crack in the eggs this one he's just slipped over and he's got pressure. He sweat and man he's always sweat and because he's wearing three layers of clothes standing over open flames and he's got some Yentl pitch going. I one egg beaters in excuse me is that jacket or Monterrey Jack Cheese, because I'm Jack toast intolerant guys Louis, that bitch he's cook it up everyone's given the whole thing, our march rooms I want once I don't want onions galleons, you have counted you every day to purple any of the propriety and I'll do I'll. Do toe forky do a chicken sausage, but not a bacon, sought, Judea Bake. India. Bakers is a fresh outbreak of any state and on his feet and east it is ass off. He never takes it.
A key doesn't blink, he doesn't stop sweat poor down his face. He doesn't say a word. He dutifully makes that muddy. Folds, it slides it slides it on a play, my God deck guy, the dexterity, the sleight of hand he's a ballerina he's a magician. So the way the guide to pay. Does the moon so wrath, slides it right on your plate? Do you if that guy fuck know you cowards, you don't the hot check, at this day, cows hoop Gee over a state that the other guy was swept over. Oh that chick she gets thirty percent. The bill was three hundred and eighty five bucks she's flush, the fat dude. Its first live sweetness, ass, off, folding you're on let's goes home with a broken heart and empty pocket. My kid you're here, kids were hiding in the room.
I'm gonna get you really got off. The deeper now is valued yell at its own action and a sliding glass door, no kind, actual what I was doing MAX A lot of trouble. Man We're going to do another one of those coming up a week from TAT and then I mash Rail, Tennessee zombies this weekend, twelve and thirteen live podcast adds up, some will be, don't alive, show there and will be doing stand up, shows there as well. I let me here Guy, go Geico Man everyone's broken up in a part, these days, but we're sharing, sharing all are bad home haircuts and dance moves. How about that guy?
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