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Part 1: Mark Geragos, Deaf Frat Guy, and filmmakers Eric Vaughan and Patrick Lovell (ACS July 31)

2020-07-31 | 🔗
Adam welcomes DFG back to the podcast right at the top of the show for a round of ‘JV or All Balls’. The guys also listen to a clip from an upcoming episode of Reasonable Doubt with Mark Geragos, where Adam rants about his ongoing odyssey with the city. Up next, filmmakers Eric Vaughan and Patrick Lovell join the podcast, and Adam chats with them about losing their jobs during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Eric and Patrick then talk about the 6-part docuseries they made about their experience, and they reveal some of the shocking facts they learned about the intentional deception that destroyed so many lives. Before the break, everyone discusses the importance of educating yourself beyond just common knowledge. Please support today’s sponsors: BlindsGalore.com let them know ADAM sent you Download the Mercari App Hurry To Your Local Dodge Dealer SimpliSafe.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Geico.com BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Feetures.com enter ADAM
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from Corolla one studios and Glenville California. This is the atom Corolla shell atoms gas today from the calm, filmmakers, Aragon, tattered level, with geographical news ball fry and on sound of acts, Dave Damage Ex back for good sport and the deaf frat guide, robs vipers J, we're all balls and now heading back to taxes to lay there and what the facts is Adam it'd on got to get yours, you're gonna get less to show before we hidden do our best of weak, but thank you and now is the time during the best of it and so when under the show at eleven years, plus a great great products, ocean with a friend good day. Gina Gran Good Data you bob F g is here, so
I shall be true its parent, I just knocked out something sort of colossal with Mark Gara gas that we're gonna slide in here. That has to do with them me in the city in the government and mark is going bananas the whole time. So I thought you guys my when enjoy that? and so will will love, we'll? Let will share that with you. This is a main mark Garriga us from a half hour earlier. In this same studio, from reasonable doubt, of course, so enjoy this and in it's not that it's not a two minute peace, its. If it's a long form peace, but does it really hits gender so enjoy that and then we'll come back with the De F G enjoy, I from one house to another and there were an issue with dry the house. By the way the new house is quite, quite a house quite a street- I mean just it's one of my favorite places. You don't hear the do you really
the freeway from really not not inside ass. We go out inherent a little, but if it's great so there was a drainage issues are discussed before and it wasn't my fault that all I did. I did nothing, there's just the old houses at asserted. Dip in the road occasions got some some pictures, but there is a energy issue and it needed to be taken care of and the city wooden, wouldn't take well a video of of its working now or now, there's a radio having of its screwed up right. Ok, so I know the videos are followed up. it lanceor saying that radio rights, but this is a picture of the picture.
When only video we have is at work. Several partners, I screwed up, there's whatever the picture is you make an insurance claims? It created a lake. Now I midway nine ten notice to the municipality for claim, see. Mark here's, my problem, everyone thinks I'm an asshole, but the reality is: when shit happens, I just go fix it. I don't know- and I do I That'S- Our goals and never filed insurance claim of now I just go, I'm gonna go fix it I'll, go fix it. It's the city's fault. It's I'm totally the city's fault. I can see it right there. That's. The whole thing looks like the city designed to flooding here you're at the lip or the apron right riots may that makes it it made when it is. Is it flowed through my backyard? It flooded the backyard and then it flooded the neighbors yard and the neighbour behind me. I'm looking at? What is the drainage right? I've got a neighbor behind me had issues and claimed it was my fault, even though it was
The water passing by my house flooding my backyard than flooding his driveway, but either way I love out. It's your fault. I won't you ve been there You, like you, invented rainfall, writer right so either way, and what are you five hundred, maybe a thousand yards from devils, gave them right right, the largest to come, action of war, canals feeding into one area in southern California. So the neighbour claim, because I put a pool in the back yard, I had screwed up the drainage, even though I never touched anything. I simply put a pool and there's no drainage anything just do everything was the same. I added a pool. He says that's when it started either way: voodoo science, fine I'll, take care of it, so he got himself a drainage engineer
the drainage engineer that was the first thirteen hundred box came over. Looked at it and said: here's how you fix it. I have drawn up a plan, have a schematic. The city was not interested in fixing it. It was on this breed or my property. I didn't bother. I just looked at a ski man, and you tell me on that picture where the drainage engineers said. The issue is, he said. The problem is this: there is a big square dry, ok, the square drain over by where the carbons yes, next to the current and the grain it that drain is just a girl in the grill is too by two foot and a big iron grail when it sits on the ground and it works- momentarily, but what happens is all this super sticky oak leaves come rolling down the hill and roll
Street, and these are these very sticky thick, not of the same problem. You know in our submerge garage area here, there's one drain there and the same thing there's nothing but oak trees and when I drew its filled up all the sudden, its flood or a bad name, a Diana. It gets failed almost immediately because the leaves fall and they sit on the ground and its dry. and then the rain comes so the first wave literally just leaves in the club immediately and then once it clogs, piles and piles of water just over the top of a flood, the backyard and right blah blah blah. So the new labour armor guy our most typical, Is it the fat Arma now? yeah! No, no good! This good arm good arm good Arma he's a hot rod magazine I'll, that's a good god! I'm gonna get about actually may not be armor, maybe that other guy phony funny guy who wears, though the fact I with flip flops
you on the trail fast down there with thought. Flaps stop. You see this guy got these confronted you ever made, so this guy's Arma is where the good ones, and so here what he would do is he would get up whenever start re real hard, a go out there and take the grill and we lifted up. With slight it out of the way about six inches. You believe, like a six inch open and then The clogged up oak leaves couldn't do it anymore and all the water would just go now. The opening ok kind of like a drain on without the drain problem solved. So what I did as I said, look I'll take that grill others have one of my guys cut six inches, often what this place it back and create that slot in all drop down the slot Lee was colonel. I come I've things like that, better design that way in the first place. Well, it's essentially it's the grail
that's, causing the clock, it should remove the grail. You limit this guy, just slipped back, but I cut it off and dropped it. That was smart. I said problem solved and then the pain in the ass neighbour behind says not I've gone Arma. Now pain, oh Diana ass pain and he's like you're gonna, do you gonna, build this and I said already fixed it Where is he said this? Is the guy you hired the drainage engineer? Well, hidden Hiram HEAT sent him over sentiments. I essentially hired him as I paid him, so said it's already fix. Now you don't have any conversations I have with people who don't fuckin believe what I'm telling them all the time. The drain sky the pain in the ass neighbour gone. I dont think this six inch slot ideas, gonna work and I said I know, what's gonna work because the dude who lives here does it time. There's a big rain and I drive past it and it works perfectly and they go. I don't
Have I go? I do now cause I've seen it. I've seen I've seen. I live in this house and I come out and I see how effective it is and it goes and they both go and they go here's the plan. Just just do the plan. I don't trust, of your the everyday. Maybe liars think you lie. I don't want to fuck it s. So I just look at the plan. I got guys and unlike fuck it I'm just gonna knock it out. As always. What of the planned? The plan built a little, and behind it, there's pictures of it? Kalen of of the front side of the of the thing that they in there even closer pictures as well there, the front what it did is about the little dam in the back. and put a lead a con lead on top of it, and then we picked up the gun. Got rid of it altogether. Ok out all out Girondin open, nobody can fall into that whole. Now, that's why you ve got the little cover every
kings, sure and the entire street is built that way. Right. You see, the curbside sue arise, got that it's a frank and open. It's a slot like you would normally have in the side right. So I did it I expands and I did it the same way. We should put a little bench on engineer. Told me: do I put a black masses were Adam, who killed him, he'll be mass, so star, then that I went past it, and so then I so now what happened is ice. all the house. the city, the core, then the pain in the ass neighbour in the batteries lenity in everything. This is right on the health, St George Berkshire Yeltsin Burka, so I said everyone's a pain in the ass. In a course they had to do this. thousand dollar escrow, where the river put five thousand dollars now grown till the city. Signs off on this guy
now I go into the city, and I ll show on the planned certified, engineer drainage, engineer, drew, drew up and I say this is what he did. This is what I did may You then sign off on their sewing, get my five thousand dollars out it s grow and they look at the plan and they go. We don't think it's gonna work by the way Europe by Some of the class make swift three thousand dollars a year. Engineers disagree with the guy who works in the fuckin open market and has to produce our we go to suck your port and you're here. Court appointed attorney disagrees with marked Erika. Well, that's a fanciful thing, so you episodes of basically bought into socialism. I'm supposed to listen to you, exports or fuckin wrong about everything, but ok, so I don't think it's gonna work. I say I No, it works. I've seen it I've been there. I have. I have for you
of it working. I know it works. I indigo. We don't think it's gonna work. Ok, how could it not work? I pull the thing back six inches at work, perfectly now got rid of the whole thing and put a dam and a little I. Why do does Europe did the clause in the five thousand for the five thousand say it had to be signed off by the city, the athlete date they they file, Canadian Wild deserve a real sailor. Do this are real estate agent? I think there's a agent at the agent that make a claim on the agents policy. It's so valve, I'm gonna get shot by the ages. I they look at it. They look at the plan and they go. We don't like it. We don't think it's gonna work by the way stone what if he ever move the fuckin guerrilla put a thing in the back and the guy's a licence bonded Drink
engineer- and I just executed he's schematic. Why was it not anymore? They got there had a bad feeling about it, but the girl, you didn't, get a permanent first They said I'll. Tell you what I should do you want me to do Jack the whole thing put it back to how it was when it didn't work. somebody some some sensible, normal mine, the kind of mine that would work in the private sector, but rarely works for me. An ambitious assholes over their says. You know why! Why don't we just wait till the next rain and will see if it works? What are we would start doing idea it's too late, pursue that those gotta downside is you whose five thousand bucks is Reimer, but I say this is
This is a rare piece of common sense in reason, ability coming from an office filled with just people who are drunk with their own fuckin power. Ants do pivoting, otherwise there would end up there, so the guy says always wait for the next. The rain we'll see words and if it works then will sign off on, and I said well now that sounds reasonable and by the way, no cost the you guys. I bent all the money on this right, but fine, So I got a call from the real thirty four months later and it's like I, the owner, the house gets laughed with a thing a permit The violence that was gonna have argued civil court. I should know what happened to the part where we're going to see when it rained and then we're gonna see how effective, unless, meanwhile, in that time, did rain, it rained hard and it worked perfectly. I said what happened to that
probably rain perfectly when my place flooded. I said the where's that guy he's on medical be has not arrived. He drove because he went running into a cement walk. He couldn't take another minute of working for the city, so I said: ok, so where's the new guy and it's like he says he got it the ETA they they're gonna. an engineer that, when meet over there. Well, how long the emails go back and first, I've lower glitches, show the tape of its working by the way I I just went. I just drove over their during a rainstorm normal, they're, just be a huge damn there be huge lake and it's all just flowing straight there, normally there's a Sri Lanka. Georgian there's a huge lake on that at birth sure, that's Georgian, that's the Georgian as Georgia. Now I normally this massive lake there's no like there. Now it's draining perfectly ok.
Film and why you do not eat at the city. What's going on so So I can try I'm in here with a timeline for all this. It Reich, so the neighbour originally sent all those pictures of the drainage issues that was January. Seventeenth, two thousand, team there you are working with that engineer between, like January and March, to get the grill the front of the girl cut off like you talked about, and then in June twenty nineteen while you're trying to sell their property rights and s girl. That's when they're talking about the storm runoff issues in July, that's when you are doing you're nice. So many questions here, number one I assume somebody either disclose the drainage issue in escrow. Yes, you would fare. Still prior to the sale, closing Prob boy prior Zanu Timeline, yeah, that's correct! Ok,
of its prior. Do closing, and why was there? Are five thousand dollar hold back? Fuck now, let me say just fuckin idiot sorry, but it's not all city people and lawyers and and and real estate people images covering laid. You should have told you know how you want to solve this problem, just little unsolicited advice time, tell the real estate agent to hold back the five thousand from their commission we want to see this as you thought I may be. It is because I would have asked this question, but my question: why Adam holding back the five thousand oughta is bunny. Do it out of your stinkin commission, which was by the way a stage, will about money and we already disclosed it in its and, as is sailing, get on my face. Well again, if I had a time machine I'm I'm not kind of. Let's finish: let's get it done mode all night. I'm ok do it. Here we go here, we go what's next now, if you work-
Fuckin city you're, just gonna die in your shit cubicle and you don't give a fuck about anyone time money. Does the cost of business you don't care your IRAN, unlimited you are, unlimited time zone, because you don't care about me or my five thousand dollars or you and your licence in the business and reopening or whenever it doesn't matter. None of us mouths do it. You guys have a Fuckin Metro, NOME, that's been dipped in liquid nitrogen and you don't get to Fox, but here's the thing: hey fuck. In turn, with polio, we want to go out, live our life you chose in this sedentary life of sitting around in a shit box with other, like minded idiots in doing nothing. That is your. That is that you chose that life. I didn't live your post, your fucking horrible live decisions on me, so your fuckin hundred twenty eight in your junior college classes- and I now have to live your pathetic, live habit.
Get your shit together- start mimicking my life. That's per part of the reason we made the argument of Zion Times here on reasonable doubt that that you should give ask uterus a budget. I think to do the same thing with the city it. Shouldn't be where you should be allowed to deficit spent. or our there: can exceed your budgetary thing s face. have they should do be made too. They get laid off if they can't get it there You can't get it done dad you don't get to go out on bullshit medical, we re I'll get to go out on bullshit
disability leave or any other than have no interest in getting anything done, and also they become adversarial, with all its exact, dare to do something without us granting you permission and without his highness coming down from his golden mountaintop grant. You didn't decree you and by the way you didnt pay us even pay ass. You fix the problem. Why? Why we get paid the fucking money I guess I never becomes adversary. Like I don't know, I don't know about that. I'm handing out a plan that an engineer I don't like it. So what happens now, though, what else a lasting and another innovation was last thing. Nothing has been agreed is nothing happens for six months and then eventually I reach out to the real turn. I go. What the fuck is going on. There are five thousand dollars and my money it sitting in an s, grow up. It is going on this problems when fix where year, why the city just fuckin site off on it, and I want my money back
all right so again, just What was that we actually reaches out to the guy in the city, and he doesn't he's not reply where we're Mason some goods that are so that the second fix project completed in September that video that we just watched of the rainfall in everything working perfectly that we win the little bridge the will bridge on Georgian, not Berkshire that our active policies for the confusion there. Ok, as I recall, confuse where I live, I wait a little while straits. That's right, maybe edifice guy, that video shine late November and of nineteen nineteen and then January, two thousand and twenty of this year. This is when the real two says to bother you with this. We need to dress it. The new owners keep getting mail from the city regarding violation of parliament on the drainage is finally there Johnny on the spot when it comes to keep sending fuckin notices that the current outer, when I call em they don't pick up the fuck out
their Johnny on the spot they regenerated young, you, Canadian, Jack rabbits internal, just alternative. When I need an hour, I saw you reply. So what is the? So? What is the violation when their semi? No now they do. They cite anything. I don't know I reply The drain now works perfectly, there's no more lake forming. If we put it back to the way it was, then it will go back to flooding. I dont know what but the city, because the city said they were going to monitor it and see if it works, and it works perfectly. I video of it working perfectly in a hard rainstorm. Can you deal with this forward along these ideas, you know why they would tell me they were going to monitor and see if it would work and then send summons to the house in February the two replies, sorry see below there saying no to the correction you made in order get everyone off your back and get your five thousand released from S grail. I believe it,
how to remove the work that you did and have it put back to its or or condition. Can you wrote a vivid? Did I love my reply to that old and golden reply here through her in the city? if somebody in your office has sent to realise that this is completely solved a huge and ongoing problem, the lake that had formerly formed in that dip in the road is now a hundred percent drained during the heaviest rainstorms. Why would you brainy acts want to undo a problem that was fixed, a hundred percent idle. care anymore, all sledge hammer out the word I did and replace the drain and you guys can enjoy a lake after death next time it rains. This was not something cooked up in my garage. This was professionally engineered by drainage expert. But if you want me take a sledge hammer and put it back to the way it didn't work all be happy. Do it, although it frightens me to live in a city where such conclusions are drawn. Good luck
I pray we never talk about this subject again and for the record. I have two more pages of emails. Ok, go away you! What data was that that email was basically the first week of February and then silence all of March. All April and most of May it's not until all point out, That is the real estate agent, that your communicating with Adams, agent or the buyers. My agent, your agent, Adam rights to this lady on his bird. his mind moral achievement at Arthur Canoe. When do I get my five grand right down before I excoriated right down? The aid. Its name before I say it out loud Erica, She then says it. Pain to the city, I'm looking other evils on May twenty seven June fourth June twenty fifth,
We asked what was happening and that's when we found out the guy you are working with is on medical leave. Now, as I dont know, how to spell out last night has lie. Fifteen, I don't know, that's not true. I thought it was from Miss following our eyes by July fifteenth she's working with someone else at the city July, twenty Eightth, here's an email she's why twenty eight? This is right. You know just a couple days ago Adam I've, been going round and round with the city. In the engineer that met with us at the property he commanded, the dam that you bill The city is not letting the scale they want to make a bigger deal with engineering reports and permits. At this point, I think the easiest way to get your a thousand dollars- is to have it removed, and then she forwarded on email from this public works Guy
the director of the public works for the city. It was I who recommended removal of the tired. As far as I can see a way can we identify the energy data sharing is. I reside, makes forty four thousand dollars here and lives in a shit box is deemed this? Is it? Is he who community who overalls community very couldn't afford a fucking out? Hats could afford a fucking outhouse in this fucking community, Prince Dipshit, put in his he is he he's down the mountain with a squirrel, a golden sprawl Betty's rule- is that create that all the subjects in the land must suffer because it is he who pick they horrible path in life and never gets lay it is. He is he who chose this direction and now we're. Since when
just humble south you're. All this humble deserved retarded kingdom. Now we should all being hunted because your knave, you You defied me by doing work at your own, a friend of correcting a problem in my kingdom, without coming and bowing at my hem asking his highness is permission and you you shall face a gala because of this. This trades crash that you ve done in front of me. Where's my button shot, dancing girl. So one draw me a bath paling, my brave. This is outrageous. rage. You would wander in my kingdom with Europe, Capone and and, diverted to act as an American in my kingdom, without first checking with me and giving me money, I want I want pieces of eight. I want a piece of the rain. I want to bring your maiden, otherwise he shall decree
as transgression against his honor? Sorry, skip over more busy email that it ends with, as I previously offered? I am available to meet in the field to discuss my observations and recommendations. Have your seconds contact my seconds and then will endeavour to meet in the field of battle in the field of I don't know this guy realize you know when we say about weapons. Is engineering staff. Based upon my review and observation, I could not find any records that the existing drainage system was designed to any standard, as it was I recommend removing the top so that run off at this location has a free path to travel. previously did how about the fucking observation of showing up on a fuckin range, your highness and taking a look at an empty like how about that? After that, be a keen observation will not remove the top which, create the liability for somebody hauling land a whole
Guy is obviously never run this by the city attorney of law, of locking out, because the city attorney would would go apoplectic with this. so now ends with atoms. Reply. Jesus I'm moving to tax, I'm not fucking kidding right. What? What am I to do? This that this is one letter met just forward it to me. Foreign Ganda documents, you scare about large airs what I'm saying live, not arise where s rent paragraphs are regular people, they just want to pay taxes and do shit. You know no saying you know the problem. The only person who gives a shit is you and the reason you give a shit is because it's your five thousand bucks, that's one an alien sent cry everything else that I have two shadow give to shit. They don't care that money out of their part like I get it, but when you work for the government work for the city does. Do I have to pay you to care
can you do the fucking job like now, when I'm sure, when you call the fire fighters, are the paramedics you have to stand in your bathrobe at the end, your drive the cheque book, or can they just do they're fucking job? You know it's amazing. If, if everything worked like the fire department is one of the reasons I love owning the fire station because the way they are the ultimate they make it work You don't hear a lot of excuses. They gonna call. They show up your work, it is government at its best and if you take that model and lay it next to the permanent, the building is safety. It is fully exposes just what a problem. It is well, there's no urgency. The problem is the promise, the relationship they look at you as basically they look at it. Is there hops in your criminals, yeah that's the relationship, they should be. It's like workshops, your pop Pay your sour right, that's the relationship! You should have
everybody should be. Government should run like player departments and I've loved you. I totally agree and a pox on everyone who wants to grow government, because this is what you get. They have dumb people. who have power and when you have dumb people with power. This is how they are. The problem with government in what happens is that there is no course correct. The gravest correction tends to to get away while Mark this guy the worst day ever for you, because Mark showed up footloose and fancy free talking on the phone haven't a good old time and ten minutes after it. drivers borrowing is yet to going to tax. I said now that he has do while you're, yes, I hope very high worded letter to send to the city and lock and yadda threatened them by five thousand, but I'll tell you that
style. You do one of these deals and somebody proposes a whole back of bread. Do me a favor text. We are email and I'll tell you who to hold back the money from because that will solve the problem. Mark you know I've. I know your time is precious to utilise YO, especially for free, but make it too that if we could get that letter out if my while you're while you're fly in reclining on with Ricardo fly you to San Antonio. Don't worry I'll, have the I'll be dictating that letter to Margaret like didn't know it was out before we are just before wheels up, I was gonna, do admit ere, I just I don't want it weighing on many in our area where relax enjoy the many bar. Listen to my ear, but not really have is a heavy heart. I just wanna hear certain know that it's been We know that our eye so back to
earth with that Neverland frat guy. Thank you by the way best best ever I was, I was then here an hour ago, Mark was sitting on the sofa and he looked at me and he goes where you guys gone, and I said that we're gonna San Antonio egos, ok, having and take my jet, and I should Ok and then you know Chris and my guy you're on your own and he's like not out to all three- and I said: Ok, when do we leave when we have to be the airport? Is I don't know when you want to go Oh I don't know, I don't know, I guess around eleven thirty eight at the time difference is fine, eleven thirty or eleven or twelve. It doesn't matter. And then why is Burbank Airport as my own? Fuckin, a Burbank airports Antonia we couldn't even flying to San Antonio we're going to find Austin and drive to safe Antonia Southwest
EL I ask: how should the penthouse, whether he, whether he asked for not, which I'm sure he didn't you, are going to have to grant him? Some serves actual favor? I know. I'm gonna might even I might even bank a few further next ass. That's that's good. Now, using deaf rat guy is with Us D. Oh yeah, I might do not eat term. Hang on you're right yeah. You do not disturb shade on right. The line that I aware that as a mass, the where a valued as a quarantine, treating you wear it. Three. My meat freeware beating, like the raw you vain! Your made a lot. I think. That's that's not rarely discussed on Rachel mad out, but that has to be a subject that
near endeared, most people's hearts. I mean that that's got it's. It's gotta be up Ninety seven percent right there maverick hell yeah, where we going to do a little lad, J B or all balls, and I got a set the table with that maverick cave. It was a cent Dear Senior at USC. When we met you out, maybe over fifty, fifty or when we match I knew was an odd number and and then, but two years later, when we spoke, do you were seventy or senior at that an end you started your own fraternity house how we build the food right, because you couldn't, did you rush utter other houses, and you too, you couldn't get into I'm, not and I was in an already know how at usb are cast their name. So by add, but it was a schism and.
We broke away and we started our own thing. Many bunch of milk quotas porcine moves Smitty shoveling, my gas, my l. Didn't bagel, he always might be mighty So what I always said to you is like Bobby you right here. Had all these guys, nay, MIKE and you didn't give them a nickname, had big ol, inch ugly in an individual energy pooch. Indeed, given the MIKE's, a nickname you know, domain, you won't have to separate them by basing MIKE Owl and MIKE W in autumn, sank with coal or go was like who was comin over here? as my greasy did give one of them. came right here and it just him just
blogger. I is he still with us yea them it dont really! Well you dumb a day. Train There's a date right also exists at home trader. So you started your own house dealt the foe your hair, I like your coat of arms. What could you describe that coat? I should say of arms. Yeah got the look hard right here, but the code of aren't you basically the hour, with the wisdom how being on the Jack Rabbit Rep this, like, Lucky, I believe, really big and the owl is puking done green file to represent the best? they serve to purge, but this hidden
most people just live animals on their crass data that and have them vomiting or shitting doing any. Yet their green green is filed, represented Baden is up. I understand will put that up and Adam Curl of that council people can see the delta food there. Is it disappear on at a potato gun right? It needs like fond in you and I All right now would ride beer long project. I get it, it's actually one of the best crest ever if you think about it,
so we're going to do some J B or all balls. Their area presents the Deaf rat guy and J D or ball at my right. Will you make the call will will see if we're right, Jake, you're, all balls, farrago, now Jamie's, obviously ban all balls with great God had outside antagonize
outside antagonize, just people who come who join a rally in an agitated but not they're, not it's, not their city. outside I cause other causes are even cause right right could be the cause they that yeah they could physically come from somewhere else or they could just be going out saying. Therefore, black lives matter in burning down liquor stores, element Brigham, yeah. I sure that's good. we gave way, I mean that's an easy one right. I got Av Brian. Honestly and upside of this, rather than making the situation worse for everyone juvy. Yet definitely J B, because then not only is the city and shambles, but the wrong people may be getting blamed for it right Javary across Bored man, oh yeah, is Jane.
I remember when I told the guy that they did the stigma mood, I'm gonna, do a dance on a paper without clean about pumped is right. I got to get you did it wasn't. This was another frat out like Jane like chambers, I hate that guy. So chambers, no boy chambers is the guy, throws the segment new pumpkins and then blames in on you guys. Yet they take that basically deaths on up bakers until we. You know a shitload of potato rights XO boy chambers in this example, would be an outside agitator. He started at war between the house did not need to happen,
stood still fresh after all these years. Back that's death like yesterday. Did you not tell me that with poverty and right yeah? Well, last time I checked it, you can't go. It's a little harder than a prompt in now yeah. Well, that's tough talk, low but you can as that is at the ballistic. Round you use in your potato gun you calm yet, because the almost Jane gives a good on arrow. Dammit Goodman Good, muzzle velocity. All right. Let's go to Iraq I've round with data on ok, I gotta go in the new. Potatoes are no good. The round months are not gonna run two starchy to beg. Auto love, my memory going on me, but can we do Hickney last time now for vessel, like you Hickey is at the one
zero age. I used to be a kind of proof, positive that you're making now making out used to be such a thing uneven. No God that the notion of just what base did you get? It sounds like to me what based you get to sexually is one that is too sacks why a pickpocket is to cry. these days right like now, it's like those guys just beat the shit out of that old woman for no reason- and I makes me look back and in wax poetic about pickpockets or for that way. I feel the same way about the bases, the Hickey, I I don't know a hickey, Circa nineteen, seventy nine cool in today's day and age, specially with all the me to stuff going on, I'm going to say Davy David does not start our edge
I'm going all balls and here's. Why Adam you you kind of alluded to it with all crazy shit, that's going on in the world and all the horror? If Somebody walked into the workplace with a hickey. It would the talk of the town we'd be laughing we'd be joking about it. We need the story, would take our minds of all this darkness, for you know in fifteen minutes talking about the person with the Hickey, it's like showing up of the puppy or or a bouquet of flowers so we have to add Jamie and one all balls, the f, I'm sorry I'm going to be shocked him one well, look I wanted. I wanted lady to treat me with respect, not make me look like. I just went fifteen round with a bright you, I nevertheless ray
yeah, I'm worthy. I well with one in one Regina to know with being bald here we go. Ok grappling whore Grumbling hawks grappling hooks were a big deal when I was a young kid, every movie started off with guys in a rope and grappling hawk and swing around and thrown over prison wall or thrown on the roof of a building, and it would catch the pair head or the man's ardor. Whenever was on the roof of the building, and then they scale up the rope did. It will be successful in the first her eye, the always success. One, the first dry by the way, good luck,
if you're not successful with the grappling hocker, because that is a that is fifty angry long darts coming down on your head, but like a few, do the swing around and then throw it up and it comes up six inches short on the parapet of the brand. It doesn't it's coming straight down on top of you and it's nothing it's nothin, but I ain't giant. I think the proper one has like three three big big hooked, but all, oh people used to climb rope with ease. Ah I dont think criminals. I've seen a lot of criminals. These are big. Do how I mean the rope was a half inch thick grave and they? it swing around in the throat on the roof of the three story? Three building, and then they just grab the haven't rope and start walking up the side of the building. Like justify this thirty foot. Just here we go I don't. I don't know that that today's heavy shit colonel could pull that one off, but I like the grandpa,
look, it meant a lot to me every every act in figure had a grappling who came with it. You know gee, I Jos and Action Jackson and all that kind of stuff so it's a it's a happy memory as positive of my childhood, and for that I am going to say all balls now We want to see more of the same page here because I am sure in reality the rapporteur does not fulfil the promise, said tv and movies. That said my image of it as superpowers Batman unifying uprights, it's all its cause, Diego above all, about yeah I'm gonna, also up to say all balls because, like Adam alludes to a lot, you know criminals to their lazy, they're doing this from a basement. God knows where they're out of shape. They can't even up the stairs this. This Harkin's back, a better time more sportsmanlike way to do crime? Absolutely all balls earlier all ball
around the grappling. You know near real now that the Basque, the grant that then the the best version of the grappling hook was the powered one where they fire it from the gun. Inject proof, you don't go up and again I always it always grabbed it. It grabbed every time. we do it would do in IRAN and no one. There is never any discussion on the ground. You know it's like they shoot it up. If grab some that year, we go stew and if no one ever went well, maybe talked on a piece of pvc piper event for like a toilet or something I've been on a For fear die as like there's a lot of shit up there. You know you know they had that plastic owl up there who was trying to scare the seagulls away. Maybe it's hook on his ass, like maybe we should be going on in a couple times or maybe you should go. First they never have. Any discussion never any thought too
could be ten guidance patrolling the roof and Russia grappling look a lot than there talking their guns. That's right! You don't you have a good to make those out more. If you have it happening. you green via the air like like every thirty seconds, the scare off the birds. as I think about it- the worst guards the war police force ever are the guys who guard the outside, the mansion at night, any movie like that guard the guys like walking by their passing into those guys, always taken out immediately uncleanly. They don't make a sound, they don't sound the alarm, they never return a shot. They don't put up a struggle, they just they just take em out the taken out there virtually worthless, there's a good price the others like fourteen guys patrolling the outside of the mansion, and if you go at night, one guy Chuck Norris with no weapons can take out
all fourteen guys who are heavily armed and ostensibly fresh in old guard, but it's not like What do you do? I do I do some my balloon animals at birthday parties, but on weekends. I'm a guard the drug Lord here this guy's always taken out immediately like I wouldn't. Even if I were the Oh Lord, and I've inside the house and somebody said we have security. I back I've even count those guys every single movie. I've ever seen the scotch are taken out in ten minutes. of a memorandum tackling dummies defensive dreams with all the other day. My soldiers not be. There are sure it's like a figure of a really do good knights errant at what do we got one more day, F, g g. We can do want more, let's do them, but the two good was, but I get what about adults who were over all the from my boy?
adults that, where overalls it can be hot on the right check, Oh shit show on the wrong dude you know hazard. I started bull side move aside, I feel like overalls, something you need to earn like there nothing worse than Hipster Hollywood dude, whose wherein the big line both you know what the big he alone in that the steel, shank and steal toe and they lay saw lap and then he's got his tight genes and there like rolled up at the bottom. I hate that that food has no business where in a boot, he's never use it at its base that, like the same dish with the cheap and the big lift, can't the big Nobby tyres on it, who's never been camping and never been off road that guy always the guy who's. Five. Nine and a half and he's a brute guy, but is really just I need another two inches guy, so that do
walked around and I feel the greatest story. I have ever heard Danny with a cowboy booter, but, yes, I lose. You wrote a motorcycle vs, I worked construct in and I feel like. I earned my boots and I feel like if you're gonna, where cover all you gotta, earn your cover. All you gotta operate a train, you gonna work on a farm or something For that reason, I go Jamie. I wish you go differ on this link. Us we're tired. So I'd rather you sit here. However, the better outweighs the negative in the sense that polluters earlier, the hut India and overalls that that's worth Twenty of those douche bag is walking around with the boats in the browser I'll take it on the red change that I get to see a girl were those of us. I always thought overalls on adults were ridiculous. However,.
When I stepped into the pre school classroom the first day taking a child a preschool and saw all the hot seen our moms and are high little O Morales. I didn't realize until last September. Apparently overalls on adults are all balls. Oh well, let's not forget taxis midnight runners, There is out there was a heavenly I get the heavenly laden with. Overall I clean up your screen and it was a bad. Please I'm here Go Jane to all balls and one shaving or I'm gonna go visas for my love of rattling much and what am I but those he'll be repellent village. I gotta go ball. I got killed ass an overall, I didn't even think about them. The loudest big about hillbilly job. Well, protein, maybe
gayest thought ever, but it could be the straightest thought ever simultaneously. You know what a velvet he's nineties wrestling with steeped in homer, eroticism, Hillbilly Jim. Wasn't that how more radically reduce Vulcan, hillbilly or overalls the penal beard and show you earn? You knew what they were, so just a solid do well be mass deaf guy everyone and, by the way, his friend, Josh Gardener has a new single out called Mr Macho man, and you can listen to that on Youtube, and you can shoot em a tweet give him. Some Jamie are all balls at dead, deaf frat guy
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anyway, they got a fine level, gagging to five part Ducky Series, which is really good called the Khan, and it's about the crisis. Then financial crisis. Two thousand eight. All this big scary people had made all the money, while all the little guys got screwed spoiler so we'll get all into them and by the way, how it may lotta similarities to what's going on right now and will do that with those two experts right after this
Why are there for all my everything dick it's time for a brand new mode of atoms? Monthly, not shipment includes a plug by saying to suck out any mosquito bite. You get bored drinking man, Greece, this summer, sun, you can freeze, we hear frisbie perfect for tossing beaches, Newsome won't let you go to sea ass, cruising gold. Most importantly, let people know theories yours, but ready patch. For those you get a little rosy from drinking too many call beers force a bottle of your choice. This sixty dollar value is yours for only twenty five box. Forty one forty two shipments coming during stop represents definitely on the lower Nazareth, Township Pennsylvania. Fifty one man was charged with making threats disorderly harassment after we speak well, we got a couple of film makers here. Patrick level is joined.
virtually the con is the name of the five part Doc you series, which all be in virtual cinemas August seventeen variable for digital rental on August twenty. Fourth, first, I should say thanks for joining US guys, beg you. They ravenous I, whose was this Patrick, this The initially idea is God, Java two thousand a great financial crisis, and I was trying to figure out what happened and years later, we did What do you mean what you mean by wiped out in areas like getting the nitty gritty? What did the formal and why this closure, like millions of other people? I have been a producer for a long time and I was in the actual that's about about before two years old and I was there stolen, thankfully it in an ashtray, as it is a miracle that I still am considering what once you get married young at the time it in
like millions of other people, man, it was like. I went from live in the american dreams, american nightmare overnight and You never know it does I will get to that and how yeah. I had young twins at the time, and I love my job and I member thinking my entire radio career, that I was gonna, get shit canned because of something I said, but then just move to another job, so I would say something horrible on the air, possibly about Asians and then have to leave and then at. But I was We are picked up by another radio station like so. I would be player that would get cut from one team and picked up by another team, because I was a good player, but I didn't know the whole league was going to collapse. I didn't I didn't count on that and I had the same thing. There is no more. I worked in re. For fifteen years towards zero jobs. in radio and- and I had a gas to europe-
are one year old twins at the time. So no one or two anyway Eric out in February of online. where a boner shit say there. born in. They all now, whenever the tobacco another. Who cares about their shit and Eric sorry what what brought you in well, capable of funny thing guess, you could almost say that Patrick and I were some the first job losses from the agreed financial crisis. Europe actually produce There is now a reality. Television show that was about giving away homes to were young or whatever deserving people that Canada is hope. Even so no longer around, but obviously, and the well, we didn't realize at the time was that it was was underwritten, written, biased, sub, prime lending. so when we had just finished
like our most successful season ever we year the best numbers every back, Patrick down there, He added you had to say when the US is a like, killed in New York and the we're flying high were buried renegotiated contracts in this than the next thing then exit? You know it's like you find out o we'll let you already go we're stopping production and I have a nice day Brian Elles March, two thousand and seven, right when all danger has started to do it? strike that brought Brian found out. He was out of a job and then found out. He had inoperable brain tumor, ten minutes after he found out. He was out of a job so that Brazil was about a month later was not a month and a half later. If we really want to be a one upper Gus, they get an issue. I want to show you this star. So could not ask a regulation. We know we have to ask, however you what where were you when that when that
occasionally collapsed, run the same station. We lost our jobs. Oh that's right! Sancho! Oh, oh, I was I was left in the ay. I have no natures, I'm sure you have a mural somewhere, you know I was living essentially skid row. Bordering ECHO park in downtown, I was kicking chickens away from my Georgia had to asking bankers to please get their slurp resolve my car. I was scored at home at night by police officers who would walk behind you, so they wouldn't people. I know I was with them. I was there. I was flat out bird raw and I was on a little bit of unemployment- are things like two hundred bucks weaken just made it until my axe, radio gag? It is the job of work and I hope you're right it appear begets. I don't know what one I don't know what I do know that up with whatever behind an eye caught at the gene,
rocky Jade said hoarsely forgit, so So what happened? What what? What give us their guiche stalled, the readers digest version of what happened with the financial crisis of away. While this call it well, let's see any try to give us the third. The quickest run possible. So you had a bunch of non bank lenders. You no place like and she wider America through a have you who had just transmuted themselves from the Roma a lot of the fraudulent s signals from the economic crisis that can proceed things back in the early eighties, early nineties, so we basically learn their technology during the personnel crisis? Why the managed and make it out without being prosecuted that words America worst enemy,
Requests started you would take. It may serve this Friday. they're using the US in our prices and apply it mortgages, and so. In so doing they had to drop their charter because iridescent knowledge means they their federally regulated. so in order to avoid regulation dates at their insurance, which means that the federal government was no longer get ensuring ladys deposits within the ESA now and so that put them effectively was caught. Him quote: Cobby shadow sector, Where there is easily no regulation, the law enforcement that sort of thing managed to create this? Third, we create that same Ruskin with mortgages and start off bring mortgages. The people who quite often through fraudulent names, and the way that they got their money since there are no longer, in short, is that Wall Street Banks wig what are called warehouse lines
funnel money into these borders. Companies oh and sell all these bad mortgages so that they can make money on others. you really interesting thing about. That is how they make money Because you're selling bad mortgages sensibly those mortgages are getting, might not get tee right, which the money's in comfort help lever. That's where accounting terms That is the only once he saw the mortgage aging. You, like goes through the whole process of getting at you know, were tied down a wrapped up in underwritten blah blot in there's a whole process for that, by the way, you're able to call those profits. Right, so any bank manager being CEO who ran any these places, were able to extract bonuses based on these profits that had not realized tat space we haven't made money basically, rather on banks, Do you guys have been sorry
Yours is Rihanna. Overall, Guiche, Dorothy societal, psychological question of often thought about. The dangers of making money invisible and monies invisible to like my kids, my daughter has a phone and it was a funny thing I was I was putting. A dog fail. hundred ten pound black lab, and I was lamenting that failed doesn't really like me anymore. He hangs out with my son. He doesn't see sleep with me anymore, he's not cool with me and my son said that's because I gave him all the treats I'm in charge of giving him the treat. That's why he loves me and I ll did fill, and I said I she could understand who pays for treats because then you would love me right now. You got no time for me. You got all time for the guy hands out the treaty that the person who pays for the traits- and I said
by the way, that's universe. I wish my daughter understood who is paying for the trees we transition from real tangible dollar and change? Or you know, its are pieces of eight or what our pelts. We want right through to this digital world, where you just here, ten billion dollars got transferred into above I'm a guy, ok or the debt to could billion dollars, that's gonna every american thirteen thousand we're just like it's all numbers just flying all around and more so we're not made my kids Obi acclimated. Do it where we weren't ready for this. I started off with a sparkle, its bottle filled with change. In autumn, like as a kid and our written just electronic transfer and assign something on your phone and press sand like. Are these able to get away with murder, because society, you don't
Congress they barely know how to work the internet. You know that there? Do you hear these guys interviewing mark Zuckerberg and there like listen, Sonny, I twenty years to do now? they say I got up. I got a flip phone. How does this work again? We're sure far behind they know, were behind the smart guy, with the digital shit and the money. No, we don't know the fox going on as it is at a fair statement. Nailed it with you into it. This is where everybody knows everything those decisions rigged. Everybody knows that somebody's crow. They just to know who did what, when and in what our story is really it's a murder story. It hits the store it's the murder of the american dream, but its car tangible phases every step of the way you guys You're. Talking about your own experiences in two thousand, eight yeah Why don't? I was
the edge of my fingers, man, you know I didn't know which way was up in nothing made sense, especially from media or the government. Right on your point, Adam was like. Ok, look, I'm a guy that groups in time period, listening to you quite frankly and allay alive and bad. Now I would like think I wasn't naive. I've been out, I mean come on drawn up in the eightys we know of, like Pablo Ask Supplier and Michael milk. It involves replacing, we all believe in the end one arm, Why would catch up to criminality at least that's what we saw in Hollywood? Felons rate, was, it turns out. No, that's not the case man, the bad guys to go, and they ran away with it because nobody understands who did what when and how and what they got away with until now Brian had a question then gee. I think I'd follow fair, or can we were just talking about when you talk about the executive, taking bonuses. Done, unrealized put off its future progress, and I'm guessing is that kind of ponzi squeamish or what was
sensibly, where they're going to do realise those property. Had everything going well in the bottom, not felt like we would have been worth. been like a legit thing or where wasn't always doomed? none you're exactly right. I mean as far as my party scheme yeah, it's it's it very much well. I got like a policy scheme in that's exactly how they treated it. I mean when you know that you are putting people into loans and quite often projects currently putting them into loans and, like every talks about like a you know like all these, like homeowners, we're trying to get to my house I'm so dont know what did what need was required on the paperwork that was all coming from the brokers that was all coming from the mortgage landed.
Though, when there and when you know that you're putting up bad loans ignore never gonna be paid, then of course is a posse seeing of course you're here your purposely extracting those whose profits, knowing that the bank is never gonna, get it. But you do have this not because a back in and at some point Mr Greenspan in an announcement basically said fountains and purposes if the banks ever failed, we got your back you're all good. Tell that, to a large extent that provided cover so now you're gonna steal from your own bank. All you want, because the federal help pay that will pay back anyway Has anyone been prosecuted as or anybody who gonna take or those for prosecutes? there's fabulous bad was like a good level trader, that's the exactly and- and I think it was a small family owned tagging Chinatown
the major players their eyes. S kind of my question- and I think I speak for most of Amerika when I say that it, especially in our age group, our first look into this and really breaking down was the movie big short, so curious. First of all, how close you think they got it really trying to distil this for the for the rest of us and also you just kind of proof of what I was thinking which were as well when Tony soprano sits down and you talk to him. He immediately gets up and leaves the table and brings in his underbrush so worthy were the ceos, stow com, Lee insulated that you're never gonna get the guy at the top. this country's more and more run off of a simple phrase. In that phrase, being plausible deniability reign in so that that's the beauty of her work, the office of threats that tiny, though regulating no regulatory agency in the government there during the no crisis, is that the idea
What was going on as accounting control fraud, and the beauty about accounting control fraud if you're like one of these fosters is that who likes accounting is like them. Boring thing ever, nobody has asian, the girl was sitting stacks the papers in order to find out what the extra going on in so Leslie. Major duties in you. You know we don't even know how to look at these who are pushing the buttons I'd ever governor love brand. You guys are documentary film makers and is obviously an area of expertise. At this point you spent come out. I don't even know how many hours going this together have you you mentioned. The prosecution has been a lot of mid level, not the big near the big fish vs, or have a documentary Racine advocates too small to jail yeah, it's great documentaries of adamant about the only financial, this institution that was prosecuted time and twenty seventeen.
During the crisis. Was this very small family run asian language or basically, right at this late hour, only dealt with like asian community there very important part of our community cause, while the speakers couldn't go to the big banks, and the funny thing is: is that actually got busted because they self reported one, rovers was doing something they give the right, itself reported in so then all of a sudden, the feds down now get here Answer the question that you asked about the big short no look. I am, I love the big short, but that the judge its categorized as a comedy. I don't know funny about tens of millions of people losing everything and all the colors did, you see but you're going southern California with homelessness alot of an attributed to this by the way I'm a bite. You know in terms of pay solutions, that's the whole point of what we found through a tragedy Eric had the presence,
mind I've actually relocated. It is production. Company women partners were locked. Somebody was located in southern California. He went back to higher, and we had gotten the top heart. The sword was colors. Sweet doom. Lord some things that were happening in new no we have written and, quite frankly, a fundamentalist way like the big short and Eric had saying now guys this. This is a crime is this is this? Is a street crime was figure up with that like in so stirred exploring that need found a woman became the tragedy are protagonists. In our view, this issue is an african american women. Ninety one years, all on the data, are, they came to a vector from a house and she lived another five decades for decades that she and her husband had worked incredibly hard to own because they have migrated from the Agrarian south in industrial midway. This part of that worldwide or to generation they own their house sounded outright and in the end she's getting after her husband passes away with a ship
I've come to a vector chains of shooting yourself in the chest five times and trying to avoid home. No, I guess, is one way we can think about it. and ass. We started to investigate the story in what it led to Morocco obviously open up this door to us that there was a white collar task force in Ohio Summit, County Ohio, this within about two mile radius, where Eric put his new production got up. and job as it turns out. These guys did multiyear investigation, put all the pieces together correct, we came up with a Rico conviction. Of the same coin, and that was happening throughout the country into your point. You know the exact same crime that the CEO of Wall Street were perpetrating, but in this case there we go in the Department of Justice decided to let him get away with a big big, big, big Billy, the you know it's kind of it in first. I hadda
change with attorney Mark Garriga us that we played a little earlier in the show, but I was explained some trials and tribulations. I was going through with the city in going through with this in mind, always says once you just right. Alchemy, I would, I would have been able to take care of it I'll handle it and I always say to them. Thank you What about all the people that don't know you? you know domain like no one has this this people, realize they will have access to this information. They don't have someone. There have the connections. I have the relationships, you know part of having some success is knowing a mark Garriga us are and bring all that call them and go hey Mark here. What's goin on giving in indirect, I will save your life or calling doktor drew and go and hears what's going on? What do you got, but most- people and especially financially people just don't
have those relationships and neat, they don't have anyone their immediate family. You answer me there and it just sign here and you just signed away at twenty two percent loan on a credit card that you could never possibly pay off and so much so that credit. Laurie Behaviour and it's also people No, you know why when you want to get your shoe shined at the airport. You go here's ten box and then you watched a guy shine your shoes and either does a good job or a shitty job, or maybe you don't given the tin box until after IE does a kick ass job and then you get ten bucks and we can all do that. This fight Actual shit is an Enigma wrapped in a mystery to almost everybody. I know nobody has any proper financial education. Most people don't know that. average between gross in net and it should be taught it should be taught starting in the fifth grade. It is a voice.
We talk about wars that took place on three hundred years ago. We never get into this subject. I dont know as part of a conspiracy to have all these, MIDI, financially illiterate people, just a walk on a college campuses are go on, go into a home depot and sign up for a credit card they can afford or whatever it is, but we are crying hang out. masses of people that have no, illiteracy, financially with finances at all and at a certain point, we're gonna have to start focusing scoreboard like at some point UNESCO our teach in some of this stuff. You have to talk about it. I took ceramics classes, I Tacoma classes took a thousand. You know history classes I never took anything to do with finances are, was complete legally literate, an preyed upon the second I I left North Howard hide. Would you guys, like the address that? Well, I think of
there is a new Nobel Prize Winning economist, stirred seal. George Apple off, and was it roamer yeah lead? who were had described. This concept, really kind of funny, because you know they have like these genius brains. Do You describe something where, when you really think about it, this kind of common sense, but what they describe. called the asymmetric information and the dangers waste metric information within a market of. Basically, what that is that you know more about the poor, the guy you're selling, then, the person that you're selling it too in you don't convey information- you are in a position basically to defraud that person, and so am I,
whether I mean I don't wanna some subscribed. Some sort of you know crazy. You know plot against America in this regard, But there is certainly an advantage by having a naive, Nuno public right in that you can take advantage of them to take advantage of people who are too. Who do not have that kind of knowledge. What, when, when you know- and I were our respective freshmen in college- I- U sovereignties, boots stay as like all sign for this credit card centre for this credit card and there's no the others, there is little or no doubt my mind that that the financial institutions benefit from ignorance. Now, if you want to educate yourself, that's up to you and of course they benefit more from year to year, eighteen years old, the arena for credit, Cardella Godfrey money to Brian's point, and I can't believe they were ever allowed on campuses, especially during freshmen orientation week, which is when they really set up in the quad. My mom the banker and I
eighteen and came home and told I signed up for a credit card and a mom. I don't approve illegal no card and she freaked out choose. What are they give? You angle gave no slinky, it's you just like three times the size and she lost it and she, but she wasn't yelling at me. You don't don't yell at the five year old that you give the car keys to. You know she was so. This is what they are doing on these gaps as well. Good luck to both of you. You know she was the opening and she was. She was right to be fewer than a pr was like. Would he person? I had no idea what was going on so two brains point they set up college campuses, they give out charge keys, and you will only I got guessing at five minutes before the next orientation starts work. To do that a meeting also possible to bridge that's what Eric was talking about. This guy are Aquila his his his you know Incredible worldwide recognition came from the title of fishing for fools,
exactly what you're talking about in and ass, we pulled this threat and we went down this pathway. I'm united years ago, I got a brand new education. In reality, I had no idea. This was the things that was happening behind the scenes right as our country of all from the eighties onward, we learned was this was all part of the administrations in succession from Reagan all the way through Clinton, particularly that lead to what we call the three days deregulation, these supervision and decriminalization. What that was I just to enable this black box of stop that out of your time, In fact, while others have spoken about this deception really and what is, if you don't understand you being set up right so, for example, after the two thousand, financial crisis, most immediate, particularly on the conservative side, were blaming people by using their houses atm since effort. While there is Add to that matters, because, frankly, History itself had in there
words, a business model and it was too predate on the weak, the meek in the ignorant? was in their words right right, and so they went after literally Africa. an american widows that bad equity in their home, was a business model, so they literally target we ve got so much more information about that, but that little, is like the domino in I had so as we want this battle over the course of years. It was like we opened up. One pandora's box to the other in the end, what we found out in any really it out, and you know it you. You should all of us, should be educated to this because we are all affected, no matter who we are ass. Well, did this, we ve got five and a half hours that will show you exactly what happened, and you did when and how do you go from common knowledge? In fact, I'll ask you to comment about that.
And I say this, I think, there's a stigma around money and we all grow up with it and it's kind of the problem. As I experienced hosting love line for all those years. People feel weird about talking about sacks and they feel equally, we are talking about money in its. You know you got down ass, don't ask you known, you start asking. What do you make are how much of what I would say that that that that don't be rude? You know domain and so money. little taboo iii and it is a little energy around it, and so the society kind of like sex, we ve kind of, went like don't, don't don't ask too many questions its rude to ask any questions, and so we can grow up in that religion. In a way where, if you just apply it too, being more men and sacks or something like that. It's a kind of the same thing like it's. It's it's a touchy. Subject, don't ask questions and much exact some. You know it
relieving properly taught and its school, and so then you have this public who thing you can you not pull out and that's birth control and You can sign up for platinum credit card when you're nineteen, sorry, I got it Oh, no, no, no, actually bring up early point in that very much describes the situation that adding volcano one of the main subjects of our entire series, who followed a story from episode. One always brood episode. is that all her friends in the people within her church describers somebody who was just kept yourself about personal things and the intuition there was that it was my she never talked about the money and that you know she was left at the two pensions. Her husband Robert had passed away, but he had worked his entire life. It
she rhetoric factories, and so she was drawing from that and then wait, but yesterday the point that she never talked about those things, and that was one of the reasons why she so isolated when the shares will come into effect and she had nowhere to go nobody to talk to you because of that taboo. She would not talk about within buddy, and so she was basically left alone amounts to around Starck, coming about common knowledge versus specific knowledge, absolutely so when we were designing how we work to build this documentary. One other thing: that I did it. I looked towards the idea, the story about spotlight now: the Boston, Elsie, Morrow, priestess, sex abuse, rhymes gamble and one of the things he talked about. There was about common I'll help, you know there's always and in a group catholic I you know in, and I still go to church every now and then, but I remember
others that I was able to steer the rivers. It's like you to be a joke right about. We see no messing around with all right. You got it, you certainly his joke, thereby sort. Aha, and nobody really did anything about these are no names- are not delay. Sir places well then said: play, it occurs and all the sudden there's names, there's dates. There's places in this common knowledge that everybody had about this thing happen became specific knowledge and when it begins specific knowledge than all of sudden there. Something to act upon in people came out of the way I say this as long as you know in also became a movement right, so we very much like entered in our deepest, you know parts are. artist. Souls hope that that that's a big help with this is that we are taking the common knowledge of their windows. A banker observed screwing us in blah blah blah. In truth, men into specific knowledge and say
These are the actual issue. This stuff, that's actually happening. Let's do something it's it's an interesting time. We're living in and that everybody you no can do up cast. We don't need there. and ten on top of the hill and that in the broadcasting I sense from the EP c c and you can drive goober, you don't need a medallion from the city, Any more. You know, I'll A we listened into what we're doing you know. Bill b is in jail right now, has Hannibal Buress with speak about him in his stand up comedy act, I don't know how much of that you guys know about, but he would he started grabbed stand up, comedian starts about somebody's behaviour in a night club and
Three years later, the guy sittin in a court house in Philadelphia. You know I mean I've, maybe the the people should be doing it for themselves a little bed here I mean maybe with social media and everything I obviously the feds are whatever its countless first off when you can. Sued by the patent roles, as I have been, you realize. Oh, it's a big fat fuck insists that you don't have sought like the path controls and the judges and the attorneys in defending me? Then they all go to the same country Club on Sundays. They're, not love there, look out for you at their all in there in that snow globe, in your outside of it and United, really think this judge is going to do something for you or the share for this council, men or or where's, where, where gonna call my senator they're all in it there on the same there on the same side, we it's like it's like theirs,
there's cowboys and Indians in a movie would watch when you're kidding you thought there were fighting, but when lunch came around now just sat at the same table they craft service, that's exactly what we're dealing with their but we're watching the movie we're going, ok guy's gonna get their guide. No, no, all the same guy there wearing different outfits Maybe it's time for us to do it for ourselves, guys, like you, guys, a cannibal, Paris, guys who start. Maybe this is the countless other examples I think now. Maybe this is the new world order out of you nail demand in this such a plan d? For that, because it reminded me of course extort Carlin right in his stick, its a bit club and you're, not in it, if you ve ever that, if you haven't, please go home line and watch it on so we ve found ban. I mean look over the course of Five times the particular The collapse of two thousand eight that circle just gotten smaller and smaller, and it's a noose around the neck of Agri of LA and also free.
In terms of everything We think we are right supplied a man. Do we think we have demand right now in the covert age runs paying too but this this country right now What is it? What is the money going to go into the thirty million people that are unemployed Are they charting and burning? Now, they're gonna reduce that bit If you really understand the numbers in this correlates to what our stories, because it wasn't me in two thousand and eight we just got worse today, this is an inevitable conclusion of what didn't get fixed before. So we all know right that if you like a gangster on the side of a quarter get away with it. and you take. The cops ought to be the criminals when every time were in. To your point Couldn't I don't mean to sound so cynical, because there has to be a way out of this eventually, but when brought up- and I was thinking oh Cosby wine stated when you're talking and when Adam cause. We I'm thinking yeah, but we didn't have to start by. Making rape illegal.
So at this point we have to start from. way behind the starting line. So that's what that's? It We also hope that it will be addressed. Our real quickener exerted every second, but we were actually the mix of this right now. So in our series just went all the right people that got this thing right. Sir trust me there's tens of thousands of people throughout the country that our heroes they got this right. There were just bored, so we're not just talking about average everyday Americans TAT were victims were talking about people in the system that try to do the right thing, every step of the way there whistleblowers We have whistleblowers that are the most crucial whistleblowers and his entire story, guys that went to see sweets, countrywide, see, sweets of Citibank, the sea, sweets of securities and Exchange Commission inquired. Frankly, the former director of investigations for the FBI, certain commanded, the FBI runner, needs at that time, mauler and done and acts. Toby
and this guy, others think their rights as early as two thousand, for they were trying to do a national sweep too in this and what happened. Was you gotta stop by higher ups that are all stolen Congress today, quite frankly, they stopped the funding for it. him on camera well, I have another gentleman from the Department of Justice who is third actually is. Charge white collar investigations for the Department of Justice is right under any brewer, by underlining brewer during the Obama administration, with her a colder, and so you know all of these administration for its complex two degree, but really it began its not rocket science. You just have to see it and it is just as is the chronology of it into under Sudan would let you in really in the end, will, when you have powerful system that tabled a circle, the wagons around it, because as you mentioned Gina. I think the perfect analogies Epstein on Wednesday All of those scenarios took place over the course of decades right, so we know that the price
Computers had information on Wednesday. We know that guy's and forehead stuff on Epstein. Why didn't they prosecutor? Well because it was powerful people preventing them from This is a variation of that as well, but we're not talking about something that literally devastated tens of millions of people across trillions of dollars to try to clean up only to take its way back to the same story. do it prepare for a break here, but I want to give you guys a plug before we bid. You do the five part, Jackie Series, the Khan, and it comes out on virtual cinemas, August seventh and thence available. for digital rental, on the twenty first of August, and you can go the website, the con dot, tv and YE. I think it's time. You know the people edgy themselves, and we see the physical version of people sort of taking to the streets, but
we now need to do. A sort of digital version of taking to the streets were people educate themselves, are going out, marching and tearing down statues and shit all well and good. But if you go home and turn on the tv and judges, is, as you were the day before are chest. Is it just is Yet you need some. You need to fluent in a language which is a financial language it no one is fluent in. Everyone needs to speak, fine, This is a second language and nobody large at everyone learned, spanish, french or german. They don't learn this. second language and were in a new world order where you can all your banking from your phone and if you start learning. This is a second language. It should just be taught my daughter's going into the ninth grade, she's taking spanish elective, which is great but take finances it should he taught us a second line which we should all be fluent in it. For
apples around this great planet of ours otherwise, at a quick you'll be victimized by yes, it can. I just quick, positive spin on all of this, given all that's going on thing is so divided and divisive, and it's it's. We ve never been farther apart in any way and I'm going to put posit this too arrogant, Patrick I'm going I guess that when it comes to all this criminal behaviour, Congress and the feds I'm in again, That is something that the Republicans Democrats are working on together, nothing that they're both at equal criminal, the old internally devices, the only by partisan agreement. You ever give us on corruption, and I say that normally bipartisan agreement, you can have an polarized America the moment it is people knowing who stronger, yeah then and its in its both our yeah. That's it's baked in to the bread Eric.
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