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Part 1: Matthew B. Crawford on Working With Your Hands, Avoiding Guillotines, and Owning a Karmann Ghia (ACS July 2)

2020-07-02 | 🔗
Adam opens today’s podcast talking with Bald Bryan who started his 4th of July vacation early. The guys also talk about how things have changed or not changed since ‘Good Times’, as well as corruption in Chicago. Later, Adam and the gang chat with callers about the mafia, and what the next generation thinks about the military. Author Matthew B. Crawford is on the line next, and the guys talk about all the benefits that come from working with your hands. Adam then tells Matthew about putting his son to work, and the guys talk about fixing our relationship with danger, bringing back shop class, and what we can learn from the French Revolution. Before the break, Adam asks Matthew about owning and driving a 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Meguiars.com Geico.com TruNiagen.com enter ADAM CrossRope.com/ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale on podcast one I first half we talk to one of the most interesting gas. We spoken to him in a long time. Matthew be Crawford his written box, but he's got a phd in political philosophy from the university Chicago and as is so many deep, interesting thoughts at or so pertinent to where we are right. Now is a society, so please listen and enjoy first I'll, take about true Niger and I've been taken cellular health, vitamin called that true knowledge him for spent come on about five months now. I feel great, I'm not letting any the stuff affect me Bruce when taken true knowledge in for God's sake.
Years now, as we get all their bodies, experience in your fifty percent decline in an aide de which negatively affect the health of ourselves and then the health of our body, lifestyle. Stressors, like intense exercise, lack of sleep stress on the immune system over over eating. They also d, and I d cells there expend more energy to function in need to take care so especially specially. Now this stuff is back by Nobel Prize winning. Scientists coal, research and global regulatory approvals, if you get a little older in need rebuild you need true knowledge and skill cellular energy and defence visit t. Are you am I a g and dot com use a code Adam get twenty bucks off any three month, plus supply through July thirty. First,
from Guerrilla one studios, England, Dale California. This is the Atom Corollas John Adams, gas today times by selling other Matthew, be Crawford with geographical news. Bob Brian on sound of acts, Dave damage. Egg is here for sports and now celebrating July. Fourth early before it gets, cancel Adam get in on that to get a Trojan mandy. Yet it on thanks for tuna. In thanks. A friend would love that about you ride. Geographic, that's right Bob Paul brine doesn't have a sound effect machine on the Moluccas, ease on semi occasion for four fourth of July
you want to get a guy, got an early start Christiana couple days off and her brother got it today. Actually, just now he is walking past me wrong. We run her parents place Babo I'll call you. Of course. This evening we are still less than six of us there actually are. They all got test within last week, so awful be nice to have in laws in place on Balbo Island which may there how the storm of organ heard crises. Grandparents were very, very good with our money very good through investment. They bought this house than sitting in right now in like needed. Blotted like nineteen. Seventy ought to get around seventy six for something like two hundred thousand dollars Portugal, hedges worth a lot more, never rebuilt there when they retired and periodic what how many homes are on Balboa Island, personal figured, I probably google damp ominous, say, lesson Now, there's a bridge right.
Before I look up the average on one side and as a fairy on the other side, it takes me back and forth to develop Opponents alone have the flood. Ferris wheel and all that stuff, nice. But nobody, I know fireworks this year. I gas here in cancel all cancelled fourth of July itself, fading that the fourth of July been cancelled, all right, I got the only give you an idea earthquake. I do not have time to do this, Brian or if you have any interest, but I started panicking, I said: will we have a four year old he's expecting fireworks, supported my favorite holiday. I love fireworks. What are we gonna? Do you know we can't even by sparklers sparklers our legal. So what are we going to do so? You, wouldn't it it's a political body, a giant box of like three huh written neon, vendible sticks and I have here, get rave we're gonna, take them all over our and turn off the lights and have a neon dance part of the think of something to do
I think a tweet and I think of his Gina that forwarded that too by. Maybe that was a richer race leaf blower twenty ass, the parent tweets, which is kind of in making the rounds from vat. M P, I, but it's on earth on earth. Nineteen, eighty, three etc. Megrims got a gun and lady has a gun, and the lady evidently has a trained parent ride, gee up. She then summons the parrot to attack Magnum who is holding the gun, and obviously this is a lot of Hollywood in here, but it's still a real parrot flying at a real guy who's holding a gun, and it's it's it's it's. It's a rough draft, a kind of a walk through of my attack, crow scenario, but in a world look there's two things
we talk about, is stand off with the guy It started off as an innocent traffic stop or this guy was high on bass. All cities in the street, in the cops are like they're, like He didn't have a gun why'd. You have to shoot him in and capture like. Do you know how much damage is sprinkler key could cause to a human body. So there's always that thing and then fire the being bag, the guide and agitated, and then they fire, the pepper, re, evidently pepper. Spray is not worth the fuckin. Can it comes and ride? All it seems to do is agitated votes being spread at and it's like, there sprang creating at them. They get stronger and they get moody That's a great movie. Tropez, like I'm gonna. Take him out with Bob Lot. Don't do that nearly make. I'm angry right right, so
peppers re, doesn't seem to be effective. The peppers right doesn't seem to effect a nineteen year old Czechs who go to Junior college or inflict flaws much vs guys. You play football in high school, who are out of the mines on on on pills, now so peppers rain the non lethal starve, you get out the stun gun and the guy wrestles it away from you and uses it on. You may think about just the concept the concept is always like: hey the gun, hey, they could use the gun on you once they get your gun, then they they have a gun and you down or once they get there sprang, their vessel, the pepper railway. You, wrestle a bird away part, is either going after your assets, not UK command the bird like mid flight, no whole. Hey Benedict burn old
another of our work programme. I deplore it. Verdict aren't alerted Dick. I knew it was in there somewhere bird dig. Arnold turn on your master turncoat, your usual a bird literally of a different rather go after now it wouldn't work, and in this clamp it's one parent gone after Magnum Match. Five or my tat grows going after anybody who had a gun, let's so we'll play, let the old woman who has some sort of dominion over fowl.
It is true that brains, member referred stave off a burden. Answer lies in the chopper boy. Disappearance. Do everything to the second, this top five, perennial top five television show. Could you imagine what we had to watch and the day. But why point is this big bird attack this guy the gun he couldn't shoot? It has its part to shoot a bird flying at you at that speed. If you dont have a shotgun and then because job on that guy's arms I mean we,
the dogs and we were all sit around trying to figure out the leaf. Force in the non lethal force and too much lethal force are not enough leave of wars. I don't know man every day that goes by I'm getting a little more in my tat grows. Especially, is all these armed sort of standoff. You know whatever think about that couple in Saint Louis, on the lawn with their guns they re. What if they had attack, rose, that mob could have got that. My move in the other direction real fast dry, no harm. I knew tat We want to give them the tap room. I want to give any Homeowner any citizen. Anybody attack grows item the initially I wanted my own attack rose. They would sit up on the parapet of the building and of when I walked out to the car for anyone accosted me boom. And when you throw when you the seven eleven are the market or the liquor store. They fly as the crow flies. The giant
you have a giant rainbow tape. Crows occur on the roof of your car The crows can understand. Doesn't even need to be a girl could just be adjourned. Balls I now just a big big rainbow a balls I put it so the crows can see you when their shoring up there. Five hundred above the ground, then Poland and liquor store at night. They just land on the parapet. Then, when you come walk out, God forbid my gangbanger cause you're even but once money bomb right on the hand in a flash and done, So I think who found that clap such as making the rounds Argentina saw going around, but as long as the US So there you go this, I maybe now, do you guys think anyone is working on this They are my life
The army, traditionally, you know, uses dolphins and whale since stuff. Like pretty Rick, history of us using dogs and police dogs and army dogs and stuff, like that and by the way this stuff people have come up with over the years to experiment on has been insane like. I said dolphins used to like mines on ships and stuff like that. You're wondering is one: is the logistics of training, crows, possum, you're, obviously very intelligent, but on an over train of also now counters train bird slow there, then they they They can identify pattern. That's why there's an aircraft will hold on? Do we talk about all those stories? Were they train them to pick up cigarette pots and trash in the arts and thrown in the receptacle? That's pretty tradable, don't you think this? because of just wrongs and- and everything being you know that so, where electronic that they would consider
grows more analogue, and nobody cares about that anymore, even though they should I dont know I I I I I thought about. This, obviously for years years, deck expecting twenty years now I ve been talking about, doesn't think about. I'm just like. When there is a guy and he's got a weapon, maybe a knife, any standing in the middle of an intersection and there's five around twenty feet away. It's hard to get him to drop, that knife also hard to get the cops. Not to shoot him if he won't drop that knife, but I don't know I like it. I just saw it. I saw Magnum P. I illustrated I've been re energised, that's what I'm out. So I enjoy that clap. I took a picture They are manhole cover that was so agreed. Yes, yesterday on my walk,
I've seen we ve all seen the manhole covers with stripe, going down the middle of it, which drives me insane and their little bit off to one side, and I chalk it up to well made it's been there for years in cars have been accelerating or breaking on it and pivoting it a little bit This one up, I'm on the benefit of the doubt. This one had the white lines going north and south, and it was waste going. The exact opposite directed literally made a cross in the middle, the intersection it's a white line and a liner white line and its baltic feel better. I was gonna say that that's not just was workers being in a hurry or cart. Nothin Bolton down it was noted down the wrong way to now it's Baltic, its bolted, the wrong way. I know the bolt pattern works the right way because that's the direction it was in when it was painted
there's as you point out that the bill the bolts like have, aren't, we call them grooves like they're, not just randomly bolted as now to secure it like theirs for a naughty see? No enemy with a horse would fit and make it would be good line. Are perfectly abacha has headed in Hungary there counter sunk as they would say, hot and the, ripe is ninety degrees off so makes an ax marks the spot and for some reason, there's a dark stripe and a lighter stripe which makes it even more courageous. There's two stripes: it's going opposite way: we're just put it up. Girl it. I can't be ones it. Do you I share this and in peace. Think I'm not when I whenever I open my mouth, I one thousand percent mean it all the time if I was in charge of that patch of land. If I was that's my city or that's my beat, I would find out, who put this manhole cover back and then I would confront them, and I would say evidently you have no regard for your job. You just don't care
I don't care or you're angry Either you really are that far checked out or yours super Passiveaggressive, and this is a fuck. You devil, it travels aside way either way. I gotta believe you the reflection of a general for of out of it. Like you said, and if, if when we were there back is so out of it. As too even notice free cut, groove legacy of the counter song. How good job they do down below me down on that continent. We shall do it is like the green, never names in the rider. If you can't get, did you getting wrong? I would I would do my stupid or liar, I would say, look either you're so far out of it that you should never handle power tools which is party or job or done this intentionally, in which case you're the world's most disgruntled employ, and we must look you go by
I've said my stand back. I would take it a step further. I would call it a national holiday. I would fail staple center. I would bring this guy right down to centre court and I would Kane his ass. I would came in yeah I'll any other fuck up city employs one of tasted, the cane, Dr Dean Kane do it just because I like the like going roles, often came Velasco. Clean would sit there and applaud, try all right. So there's there I also had a what'd, I was look you so we're we're talking about good times the other day in the bahraini green. The housing project in the theme song and in blah blah blah that now Teen seventy force when this hits the air. I will play a little. The theme song just cause its cause. It's fun sounds good.
From television city in Hollywood, Megan withdrew, and I use that long based on love line, because it's it's there they hanging in an adjoining, but It always sounds like they hang in a jar line, no not in a chow, lie low hanging. Chow, I'm sorry yeah. Oh then it sounds like jaw line. That's that's them with that!
was hanging in a job. That was that there was a contrast. Anyway, Nineteen. Seventy four so nobody here was born. No more than seventy four awry watch go to your grown up as at four month, all now However, I think it was already and repeats ten years later, while, but that it doesn't matter winterbourne. But who is born first good times are Dawson and we'll get cocktail never heard of the sad fact that to us in Georgia in good times doesn't may twelve March marched. Ralph comes in it was more first cause those not those usually debut in like late spring or summer, good times they beat February further, so that you buy good times, be dos and so no body here. So my speculation, when I'm trying to put together my thoughts and my
calculations. My first, it's like, I think, I'm the We person here who was born when good times hit the air and technically that's true So nobody here was born, except for me when you're goddamn shit, the air I thought, and I watched every episode and ever since the them? Hang out and subsidized government housing talk about in a job at the docks and economy shocked in we don't have any money in our ones on welfare, food, food stamps and everything- and I thought ok. So now it's been forty five years and are forty six years, and I know how much is things change, and then I saw a new story in check. Cargo, a horrible news story- you got the clip their MAX Subpoena MIKE
When a report- and I just I saw this horrible new story out of Chicago couple days ago and trying to figure out How much things have changed? Also you should know, as I was taken, my deep dive into Chicago. They had last hundred years- not Chicago but Illinois- has had a Democrat republican and then a Democrat and a Republican, sometimes too in a row and then too, in a row, but they ve split Democratic Republic in Illinois. For one hundred years. Resting right, like its literally like ten on each eye and ten on the others. I was whipping and enduring the thing, so they all between corrupt democratic. I propose a totally corrupt yeah I'll. Tell you a story about the last republican Mare of Chicago coming up the second by first I'll play this new star
Between people killed over the weekend in two of them were children, one, you could say a baby just twenty months old, sincere guess stone was his name, you strapped into the car seat in his mother's vehicle. Apparently that was a gun battled down the street with two other vehicles, both mother and baby, were hit by stray rounds. Little baby never stood a chance at below what right, through his chest, one Chicago police officer handle this case posted on social media. That he's never had anything this difficult in all his time on the Chicago PDP. Also, sixteen year old lay a ten year old, I should say Lena Nunez was in our uncles second floor apartment. When a stray round came right through the second floor window and her in the head. Chicago's new police uber intended use the phrase. Evil bastards described the gunman and he pressed up public to end this code of silence. He says someone in the neighborhoods knows who these shooters are usually the motivation for the gun. Violence in the bad partnership. Cargo is gang wars, drugs, money, turf battles perceive slights over social media and the endless cycle of and debt. As over the weekend, a person was picked up for shooting two teenagers because they asked him how tall he was. An extra twelve hundred officers are expected b on the street, the fourth of July holiday, weakened because historically, that gun bag on violence has been pretty severe over the fourth of July. So
not down with defining the police in that area number one number two: it's been forty six years, since I was watching a sitcom about how bad that side Chicago was and outside. I dont think things change that much well, it's actually probably a lot more violent than it was back when John AMOS in Florida were hanging around in there in their apartment. Brain drain in your right. Gina they didn't say, was, could brainy green housing, but it was implied that was that the notion so again. My theme is: why do you think governments gonna do for you again? I mean thing is: let's see if we can get a job, get married, stay married and get the fuck out of there. That's that's my plan. I dont know not sure that the government is doing a great
job with it, because I feel like that You know my whole thing is I one time. One time when Donnie had his bronco in the back of the shop just sort of rusty, hawk and wait The push it around and everything and at some point I said, do on MA. I need to get them go out of the shop because it's in the way were pushing it all over the place it is park in the parking lot put a cover over it, and I said dad I'll give you two weeks to get that accomplished and, of course, he d and I was upset, but if I said I'll give you forty six years to do that, still there am I really do not have a whole lot of trust in the man anymore, and I would like to think about taken care of my own self, because I just don't think the government's doing a good job. Are, irony is, I know it was just from last year, but Lorry Lightfoot, who
the mayor. She was on the Chicago police bored, so I thought devoted her into like really kick this into overdrive, but I don't know: that's the king well worth point now, or some of the shootings over our our new one. If you heard like social this in our like online social media, beef- oh wow, that's frightening. So then I started thinking, I know democratic run, but who were as the last republican run that place, and I thought about twenty five years or something like that the last republic in to be the mare of Chicago MAX pattern. Was what ear lets you not but not here, nineteen fifteen, nine, nineteen twenty three and then he served from nineteen twenty seven to nineteen thirty one. So the
year. Chicago republican mare was nineteen, thirty one, nineteen thirty one like I would have said. I dont know since that nineteen, seventy seven are someplace. Dr thirty one Assange it up and I thought you could try me couldn't hurt What do you got to lose from star said once upon a time? Will hail Thomson and you have- and I started looking down this guy's wiki page- and it was awesome so go ahead, so is known as big bill because he was really fat and really tall he's one of the most unethical mayors in american history, mainly for his alliance with Al Capone, He was largely respected throughout his career until when he died and if couple: a safe deposit boxes containing over one point, eight million in cash. In nineteen, forty four, that was worth twenty six million today
what year was born there, born in eighteen, sixty nine, the last guy the less Republican to govern Chicago Archer. To be. The mare sorry of Chicago was born in eighteen, six, wow the crazy. It was one anyway. That's some the upset, computer is having a few pop and taken a little allow waking little the walk You know that you know the last time Atlanta had a republican mare now. Eighty in seventy nine are further hullabaloo. Why it is also true as credo, gullible aright so good times to Burma for six years ago: everybody nobody, nobody invasion this future. By the way, when I was sitting around in nineteen, seventy four watching a blackened. Zenith television news.
But he was sitting around gone in the year two thousand twenty employees can be the Jetson cycle, there's like ITALY, housing projects and people shooting each other in the street for no reason scary. But no the idea that this was the future. The future Ipod same an appeal and how rewards that's right? a say see what I maybe like, if the mafia still had a big presence, La Jason. What we do hey item about what would today be like sorry, what's goin on changed so much Nepal that you guys doing here other. The reason I am, I bring that up his Brian, the other, the other night out. We watch the movie gaudy, not that John throughout the piece of shit. From a couple of what the item you the eyes, the gradual and ninety nine has always off The worst thing like that
at the beginning that movie, you know he goes on little monologue and said something like in others, He now there's no respect, no feelings for his country, and he says in five or ten Now the gonna wish there was american costs in Austria and they're gonna wish, It's John daddy- and I was thinking like you know these major city, where the mafia used to have a much bigger presence. I wonder how much of this chaos would be going on today if they still had as big a present Like you know, Harlem was a much much better. For the black community when people like Frank Lucas, were there you know keeping clean us aside from the fact that he was not producing drugs, of course, but you know that the fear The mafia, kept people more in line is where my mind was gone, Are you now? Here's what I hears, I'm starting to understand I'm starting to understand that their needs,
to be a presence and a key. Be the police and that should be the and hopefully the police, but if it's the police, then I'll, be some other press, since that is keeping some form of order among starting to learn now, is zero presents doesn't work. I think that's that's! Just chaos, oh, I don't think anyone look I've wouldn't draw a big distinction. I don't owe you hear about it with gangs like you got the mafia or maybe the crypto, the blood, Sir M S, thirteen or something where you go can travel in this part of town safely. But you can't do this and you can't do that because they don't go for this and they don't go for that, like. Let's just picture a different country I mean like what you say, you're going to Central America, and they want luck, The cartels are here, but their pay. Leave me alone, but here you can't do kind of go. Ok, I don't like
the cartels and charge, but that's a form of order. Yet organise something there, some there's something to it. It is a chaos. I think it's a chaos that scares us right of physical definitely fears me yeah. The early unpredictable. Where are you how close you'd eroded Lana I'm about to custom about two and a half hours away on a massive scale yourself Bitch reckon the drive outmoded land every day arrived. I'm glad I m God. I don't have to make that their ads in it. Thing it's an interesting god and I think when the ship goes down I'll. Take the cops first, but I'll take the mafia second, if the shit's really going down yes. Thus, we had a real world example of this a couple of weeks ago in long Beach, colonel put up with video. Yes, that's right here we go
Thirdly, what really forlorn reach tracings detail, but I thought I thought better. I don't know TED slaughters, appoint their I'm, not a huge cramps ran unama blood guy, Oh god why? Why? Why the Scientology around four, but that they you see you kind of go first off when you see a movie, that's my kind of when you see the movie. Do you like it and then, if you like it, then it then it's good like
others movies. Where they're, like hang someone on we're back, like I'm gonna drop me a veto on their going. Ok, ok, Susan. I thought you liked affection, Eliza Count, it's a good thing! Well, when you, when you, when you cheer for in a movie like if your watch a movie in a bunch of these idiots, came into town and these brothers one hit get out of here and they generate you go no good in that That was errand whatever that's what I'd be intended for anyone, If you ever want to good like a fun bad watch, the John Travolta Gaudy movie is terrible, but it's for better or worse than the dirt which will is now and my father genocide. They love. You lose your good, not fantastic. Miss gray opponents moves fallen, demonstrating the dirt odor great movie overhead movie of that Mariana wives, trying to get Travolta. You horny our somewhere so. Yes, if we don't have cops, we I'll, have chaos and or what
have more crimson blots, like I think so, figured out like the whole deal about. Policing the neighbourhood someone's going to police, the neighbourhood, ITALY there be the police or it'll, be some other group that springs up that doesn't have a bad but they're gonna police, it trust me? I understand that this is not an apples to apples comparison, but wasn't that Israel looking back the problem with this hang out Saddam Hussein that it left this vacuum. And there's always gonna, be somebody ready to fill it. The opt out, things chromosomes, like the police, let's bring us exactly Rosanna real quick Rob five North Dakota. Oh Adam, awesome, the dark man long time. First time collar. The new life, you listen to me emotional support animal two times that is right. Thank you. Obviously I don't know. I don't have much. Also every thing go ahead,
So I was listening to some old love lines, specifically the ones around nine hundred and eleven, and then the next day, nine hundred and twelve you and dark drew obviously went off format coupled aid and talked about the attack you. Kept reiterating that he kept saying in all this military dinner Terry age of this generation, they're, going to step up there. Until recruiting station than they're gonna handle their business. Do in the same way today of like eight in the twenty five year old. If you know someone attack that's they be hadn't regarding station during their business. I think, way to a lesser degree of I'd like to think they still dead, but I think, probably to a lesser degree. But then she kind of think about it. The way things
then become kind of mechanized. Now we don't need armies, pardon upon of people piling two into the recruiters. We need a bunch of guys. You ve been playin fortnight and not get laid for the last seven years. Go over there and work those joystick for those drown. So maybe we'll get a lot more done with a lot less. I see I don't Europe. Thus reasonable answer and a short amount of time are, I guess, if you'd be Crawford, is on hold this guy's, a man after my own heart and will tell you about him in a second first. Let me tell you something else: that's about my own heart cross rope. Looking for ways They fed, while spending more time at home, cross rope awaited jump up system, makes our homework it's fun. I use mine on a nightly basis. No time no worries get a full body work out, just
thirty minutes or even last combines high intensity cardio with full body strength, training. I've told you guys how important it's good to do. Strength, training but rhythm train it is good to I love. I love rhythm and I love balance and that's that's the thing just thrown around the iron you're, getting the rhythm The balance in there is well it's You could get started disorder the ropes and that download the app enjoy the results app gives you, three any time access and it's fun. It presents any challenges, but ones you're up to their Europe to the town Today, the Sith Sixty Day risk free trial cross I doubt if you're ready for a new cardio in full body, while more cowed viz across Europe, Duncombe Slash Adam kid up to forty dollars off Crawford Cross rope sets plus free shipping when you check out today had cross rope, dotcom, Slash Adam that eighty eight on cross rope, dotcom, Slash, Adam Quick Break, come back with off their Matthew, be Crawford right after this
It's time to check Adams Voicemail, Adam Josh Phoenix I watched operates today and it was fantastic. Goose formed the whole movie that man is a hero. I watched every bit of it After the credit and the job. Keep up the great work. You can leave us a message at eight, eight, eight, six, three four one, seven four, four CNN, just in a whole big spread on Willie down ass somebody forwarded mean now work in our deal gone with show time and who knows. Maybe it all worked out what NEWS Matthew be Crawford for being gas is a writer is a philosopher he's. A mechanic is well which I love
why we drive is the name of his book. It's available now on Amazon, also as a New York Times at best selling off there for the book shop class as sole craft and inquiry in the value of work. I've talked about the value of work of talk of this. All I do is talk about shop class and work and put a stop to get a good do good Jeff Egg things around me and you have a p each day and political philosophy from the University of Chicago specializing in ancient political fall. Hut we're gonna get a second as well, because I got a feeling allotted stuff that seems new might be old, to explore the ethical and practical importance of manual competence as expressed through mastery of our physical environment. So let's talk about working with your hands and how that pertains that everything in life.
Yeah well mean out shop class was pretty why they dismantled in this country. Back in the nineties because we had this idea that we're just going to be gliding around are pure information economy but some people, including somewhere plenty smart, would rather be learning, build things or fix things. Sir book shop! All crap is really a case for the skilled trades and and why a young person might want to consider it's a livelihood Y gotta say couple things. First off when the ship was going down twenty years ago in their get rid of the shop glasses. I kept saying PS says that talked about in oh hi, I'm Cheryl Crow. We need to fund the music. We need the music back and schools, it so important to give these kids music class and those like who the fuck gonna, be professional, cello player out of this group, but there could be a lot of hers and this can be allowed electricians, and so there are concern
fuck and how we would all these assholes. They get everything wrong all the time they are always on the music. No one brought up the shop class. I think we need to focus on the shop class, but sorry imagine yeah, what do you mean? We had this kind of dumb idea that there's knowledge, work and there's manual work and are two completely separate things, but I mean I worked as an electrician. I worked as a as a mechanic and sometimes that kind of work is more caught negatively, demanding more intellectually demanding than some of the way jobs. I've had ire go ahead, I can say, as an example is a little stupid. Little example, my son, who just turn fourteen who hasn't done Jack squat his entire live about two weeks ago, a guy who's been work and, with me Peter said, is a weird way eyes. His daddy, probably one of accepted it Peter risk,
hey man, you gotta, get to work around here. You can't just pots around all day, playing video games and you're going paid. But it's not be easy and here's how we're gonna break it down, and he laid this whole thing down for this kid was, formally lazy and he's got a minute back yard swing in a pickaxe unease. Breakin starfish work in a sweat up and I see him in the evenings when I come home, any satisfied totally satisfied he's telling me he's making seven. Bucks an hour he's Workin six hours a day. This is how much he's gonna make at the end of the week taken out. Twenty percent are gonna, put it in a savings how he show different amounts, neatly, just ten days of physically moving sweating being out the yard getting surname gun earning like he's, proud of himself he's more confident, it's a toad totally different than if I said, sickness, cubicle, undue data entry yeah.
So what s going to work you can actually point to it in the world is visible to hey. I did that, and everyone else can see it, so it's biggest becomes the basis for a legitimate pride which is very different from And a bogus self esteem that they try to in schools are, as you know, this is something you can just give to sound, One self esteem. Yes, you have to have their expertise in there This man- and I have also floated this theory on the show. But year your professional self floated to you. I'd been tried think about why people are so unduly panicked about so many things in our society service. Being scared and saying that worried about this. They fear that- and I said we don't have proper relationship with danger, because we're not picking up tools anymore. When you pick up a chainsaw or you pick up nibbler the name of that tool boy, nibbler nibbler, cuts sheet, metal, nibble nominal bioethics is like electric scissors. You have a nibbler. I do
bad ass, to have also waiting to happen. Oscillating spindle sander, knowing another word gamma metal, guy, How you could do try to one up mean front of my country. Are these people? Worship me? You will get some use out of the Oslo Lading Sprint Whole sander, with dear she aluminum as well, but anyway, doktor, Seuss, piece of machinery and relating Spindle Santa Rosa, Laura you she oscillating, spindle, sander in in use. It is exactly as advertising spindle that pins in oscillates lewd, adding it in an action. You put the right attachment on there and get it get enough ring Greta area we got an evening so so
I have a relationship with danger, because I use tools alot a kind of no what they could do to you, and so I'm always processing that I'm guessing you do, and I start to find that the guys I know who work with tools are not freaking out over. Same things at my White Collar Hollywood friends are freaking out, over. Do you think, there's a connection? I do I'm so ice, yet so back moving early in the lock down, and everyone was worrying masks. I am often going into welding supply shops and ATO supply places and there nobody was wearing a mask, and I thought that was really interesting, now. They like they're they're, forcing everyone to do as you don't see that differences much but a kind of wonder liked for think these are very small businesses. You dont have this layer of each are which kind of conditions people too. All kinds of trade here too? It is rules right working in us in a small businesses, is all on you and then
like you say, working with physical stuff either you had this immediate feedback. Loop were lets. You know right away, you ve gotten something wrong and it kind of education of character. I think the What do you figure in pain is a good as a good teacher. They asked for if you lose a digit along the way. Like now, it's a very good, Why, when you pick up a tool, you pick up a drill and you're gonna drill through some metal, and you put the wrong bit the wrong kind of bit in it, and you start to drill the metal. You know immediately pick the wrong been the eel. It'll feed it right back you or would like. Sometimes you pushing and a little bit of smoke or becoming up, and you got this bits dull. This wrong bet. Second, a worm like you'll stop and about a ghetto physically feed it back to you. Certainly, if you're trying to caught anything- and it's not- you know it's not
really cutting. I had I had a guy rob who was who, in some cutting for me with skill, saw on the floor and he's like the o, it so hard to keep smoking. The blade keeps breathed burning up there. Aids, and I said oaks, pretty hard and unlike, but aren't you gonna carbide, tipped blade, Mason, you are using plywood, blade or combination by these. Are I got a good? I go, go get a good carbide. Brainy put it on again and it was commies like still smoking. It still smoke in the play. Us is a brand new car by blade yeah, it's just the oak yeah rob is the blade on backwards now hold on. Let me luck. The sea at the blade was sit down, and it was not the business. I did it was smoking when you do, but you'll know a meal neatly. If things aren't working, if you get that feed back right man or yeah yeah I mean
Is it if they were talking about this? Is the the book why we drive really begins from the hunt that risk is somehow fortunately bound up with being human that's something worth thinking about, especially now where I think the ideology of safety is, as I call it got a little out of control there seems to be this feedback loop wherein the safer we become the more intolerable. Any remaining risk appears and I see part of it- that makes us a little more susceptible to the claims made on behalf of automation. Right is always this problem of safety and convenience and where's. The side effect is that its economy, skilling or skills atrophy from lack of use, which leads to demands for further automation, so
gopher far enough down this road the whole world starts to look like an assisted living facility, musingly you ever see that movie Wally yeah that is where their hovering around, and these are self driving, pods steering their screens. From enormous cup holders, and so these people who are completely safe and content but somehow less than human, and then you can't you can't why's that feeling certain revulsion, o Brien at a question? method. It sounds like you're talking about like acceptable risk. Obviously, though, you're simple risk and everything we do specially more dangerous things, construction or whatever if I'm really incorrectly. What how determine a level of accept more risk in forever activity profession or whatever people, obviously very in in their acceptance of risk, but is
a true that we all depend on other people taking risks for, as you mentioned, construction- and maybe you know- maybe you are- I don't want to climate. The scaffold The end some skyscraper tethered end with a little guy wire and a windy day, but we all depend on the guys who do so, there's a little weird way in which that the risk gonna get off loaded onto a different part of society and may be invisible to us, especially if you ve never attempted that kind, worth your south and have no visceral sense of what's involved, so I think the fact that we now Kind of ten to outsource so much of our sort of daily physic requirements to other people, whether Sir Immigrant guest workers or manufacturing things overseas means we have less acquaintance with this stuff and at first what it's a kind of narcissistic sort of
of deluded sense that were masters of our world, one really were not. Work were dependent Tina. I don't know, I'm not sure if you have kids or not, I dont know how far down the child's psychology rabbit, you'd tat. You usually go by any kind of de off of Brian question. We he he and I both have little ones four years old and a constant debate in this house about and accept no amount of risk like I don't want him to be afraid of everything, but I don't wanna get hurt. So do you have thoughts on that in terms of raising little ones here. I've got, it got. Two kids are now twelve and fourteen, but I remember that stage when you're you're just hovering over them constantly- and this is- constant anxiety about them hurting themselves. But, of course you know me
to the time they they fall down the stairs and they bumped their head and they're they're like made at a party. They seem to be indestructible and they're not actually know nothing. That bad happens, and I think that kind of experience of failure. When, when something bad, happens to a kid. In the end, they get a load that hurt an indispensable part of development in it EL psychologists. Now will tell you this right it's the only way that you kind of learned the limits of your body and develop skill, You only develop skill when the world is pushing back against you in some meaningful way. Well, I you know, there's notes, Gordon Pearson and and and these conversations we spoken to him about this- I'm a broken record on where's. The shop class get the shop class back in a garage, get your hands dirty, get busy
there are some there. So much of an unintended circumstance are unaware. Consequence, I should say for us outsourcing, everything all the time and I don't think PETE, I don't they were prepared as a nation? For this I think sort of onward in upward and I will get the self driving cars and then everyone can work from their home and then you never have to go out and you know, hunt again, the food will be brought to you, it it sounds. It sounds like progress, porters, on a b of fiddler to pay at some at some point from us societal standpoint, and I I think we're I have this dart self posing manual labor on ourselves as a society, and especially the kids. As this where we do the I've a rowing machine, and
male in my basement, it's a simulation of rowing and it's a simulation of running and I we all understand you gotta. Do it it's too Lebanon to softer world you're gonna get fat. You got here rowing machine I mean I sit on that wrong machine. I watch a video screen of a guy rowing in real life. I've, fallen in love with you of my mail in Iraq there. I can't stop thinking about there, but we ve, we you're saying that with physical fitness, it's all a simulation of carrying a water bach. It are built hoisting log in building a cabin or whatever. It is what the simulation of the manual labor? What about the manual labor? We're gonna lose it yes, reminding me of back before French Revolution Marie Antoinette now that the queen right, apparently the dress up, as in we made and go play at being a peasant,
yeah. Well. Imagine that this exercise formulae calling jugs waters like we're, we're late, like aristocrats? He then they do a tough and ourselves up, true I never have. I heard they Lena. Let them eat cake famously, but I've. Never. I never heard that part session inky actual that oscillating spindle sander out them, expand its gonna. Tell you so what what would be the plan. So I see my shun he's in the back yard he's work and it is working up a sweat he's getting paid he's he's he's transform. Feels great about himself like immediately Firstly, what should the schools be doing? Cuts were constantly talking about what they dont ETA. They don't have enough books. Are they need a tablet, our computer, but it's like I don't know. Maybe they need a drill press you and I You know. I've made the case for bringing back shop class, but I also kind of wondered this is really have to be in schools. In Egypt
these things that your dad would force you to do than you hated it, but you earned it and eventually had this kind of transformation. You're talking about centres, this this Ganem, William James, a famous psychologist about a hundred years ago I wrote an essay it's called the moral equivalent of war so what he was arguing that in times of peace and prosperity, when we become so soft, we need some way to keep hardness alive toughness and what advocated was just what you mentioned a moment ago. Sort of forced physical labour, he had this idea of only a national service where people would now get sent off to go logging are cutting you have trails stuff like that, just as a way of building character. Sounds cliche about it. I think it's really a crucial thing. Why? start to think about yeah. What do we need the schools for? Do it for your dad's, but think about all in the
growing population that doesn't have a dad. And then who lives in apartment, I remain something you live in apartment and you don't have a dad. How is this? heart, gonna work out and may be. Instead of that, you know the after good programmes with their basketball courts. Maybe we should get some shops up and running and some of those places as well, I don't know, get nick- are formed on the flower. Let's get to the bottom of this shit. Saving a west region kill two birds with one stone and have having asking our four kids to be our teenagers, to be voluntary habitat for humanity. For example, like a living thing, everyone's and more good work. For that, my wife did. I was a teenager and sheep Ottoman, Junior she's, a woman of high character and high achievement, and, I think a lot of the region and if, on the other, the self you now, sulphur life cycle, but I have no doubt that parliament, part of the reason, is because she built thousands for for poor people than she was sixteen. I think
are the picture here is that we ve got these kind of separate tracks for young people where, if you're on the you now, the sort of I they drag, or even just the kind of high and college track Paul youth is spent padding up your resume for that year, with internships and yellow Can a volunteer thing. There's your do. Good ISM started it as this one line business is allowing yes all intended to please the college admissions on this earth said: that's the merit craxi who become the managerial class. And so the idea of just kind of hard unpleasant per doesn't really fit into that picture for its own sake. What what do you think but the psychological implications, because, as is I look around over the last ten minutes and I've seen ever all the Karen's Goin back, she cried z in everyone on the news going fucking insane, especially over the perception of danger, like everyone thinks, are endangered, nothing going on the fucking nuts and they
I look at all the guys who work with their hands They have a certain there, even their level there, not panic that we, I got a bunch of guy, in that shop. There are two hundred feet away from me. I hope work on my cars and working in the shop, ass me how many covert nineteen conversations we have had, the ants is zero zero zero conversations about a pandemic that everyone has been working and not even a conversation except. I cannot believe all these fuckin people have gone and send those the conversations we fat we're going. There's a psychological in patient here and it's gonna. It's it's bad ready here with reverting been thirty years of a vast. What what do we do to turn the ship around this? about this whole safety thing is it becomes very moralistic rates of year out and you're not wearing a mask. There's this guy virtue signalling you know the easy people writing
bicycle, in the wide open, with nobody around with their mask on a hot day and lick what are you trying to say you're, saying that I am I'm a good for a rule follower I think, and thus become a very prominent part of our psychology Brian, nothing. Why? What do you think the honor you think that's cool, sending who is intentionally sending more of a message person who wears the math while biking, which is silly absurd when the person doesn't where the mask in Accra place or chooses not to wear the Moscow when law logic dictates, you should. Yeah, I mean it's the you easy, both obviously in its its delicate thing, because I was just reading yesterday about stirred shine that mass, actually they don't stop the really true tiny particles a virus. So there's this research saying is probably that effective, but but
and if it is not there's this social expectation of doing it. So you now put on the mass. When I go into a store now you dont want to make people. You know ass people working there Bertha, You know that the virtue signal you seem to be more in now two: it is no demonstration of of being a good up the upper whites and the lower wages. That's like this sort of civil war between the young Whitey book in I am you guys are all just the pimentos love slices of wonder, Brad Pitt used here, yeah. It's it's funny. It's whiteside at either end of the day, the extreme and, I think, we can all agree that I, like the live somewhere in the middle I don't want to hang out the guy who's jogging alone with the mass gone and I don't want to hang out with a guy who goes FUCK Ya'Ll going into the trade
Jos, with tide us and no mass. I don't wanna hang out with your one of those guys. I like I like that. I, like the middle folk But I still, I still think this. Danger thing as it is a big issue. I think the processing of the fears, a big issue. I think the new agencies and the politicians have figured out of this is a good way to make money and get reelected or get elected so they're, all in on that of the moth. All went on the fear and its ready in its pretty insane. When you hear politician speaker, you hear news anchor speak how how much you know the grim milestone of a hundred and thirty two thousand word for eight hundred and twenty six and a half or coming up. Grim milestones. I get the grim miles you really If the building a filter, everybody you can no longer just sort of taken, the information and process it has to pay through a little happar filter that you put near
years, and maybe maybe some glasses with that with a happy filter, and it is well because you're gonna complete be overwhelmed by or you need to start a process. I don't go rock climbing or something do something that puts a little better, that into you process. Yes, so in this book why we drive. I I take these scourges into different motor sport scenes as our grass roots motor sports. Where now. It is pretty dangerous stuff and what use what was really fascinating about it to me is the spirit of play. I would call it is competitive- is like hostility and friendship, combined, Calloway now like think of the rat battles of the nineties, yet whether their their insulting each other, their boasting, and what
in that spirit of play possible, is kind of a willingness to endure risk intention and that very much against this. This need, throw everything. It is very much part of the sort of progressive mindset is: is wine to sort of rational control? and eliminate chance beyond this. In the project of kind of social engineering. You now for for years now, while I've always thought part of the problem was with phrases like we have a zero tolerance for zero. What what do you mean? You have a zero tolerance for everything for smoking, not one child left behind, not want like these these proclamations that don't mean anything and that the zero talents always bothered me I've, never known of the fuck. It meant that we just seem like sharing domain but yes be prepared, and to be some bones, broken along the way? And it's good for your kids as Ike
I think we can all think about instances when we were young and we fell off the roof or we busted are something playing football or did whatever I don't know I feel like it helped. I really feel like I got something out of a lot of it a good sort of side. Example of that a little boy that I was really good friends. You know just played with all the time in kindergarten wanted to impress he had a little crush on me, so he jumped off the roof of his house onto the driveway and embedded tons rocks into his face. Took him in the leader they had to do with all of that and guess what he is today. A plastic surgeon while it says you are on the right path that just science Sheena heads good science, also Matthew, we're talking about ancient political thought you have your phd in. That is so well
ironed out put you on my short list of guys I want to get drunk with, because I feel We could really open up a conversation. What let's talk about? Ancient political not what what's going on now. That maybe going on then, or what he's got on then. Pretty much everything the same, so it out steadied, ancient Greek, so so we now Plato, Aristotle, my stuff, you ve, probably heard of So this is the origins of democracy as the origins of trying to think through what would be required to have a society that governs itself rather than being governed by tyrants, or you know some very small elite at the top That turns out to require certain kind of character, the democratic character and requires a certain kind of ah well yeah, so
in any Greeks it with the Greeks. They actually tied it too, like Mayo virtue, in particular. In fact, the word virtue, comes from the word for male. The echo courage today that I thought of it the top of it? Well it it's funny, none of this, is is new and I never thought about whether, where all we all think its assent, Narcissistic thought like hey we're alive. It's all happening now like what what we're doing the cheering when being your an animal you're, not so different that be, where, a thousand years ago or two thousand years ago, your your brains, work in the same way or having the same thoughts. Everyone fuckin shit about their neighbour wreck whenever it is the same way sounds you never see it depicted that way movies, but were the same creature. It's I don't know how much different or dolphins aid years ago, you know I'm imaginary, pods doing the same shit there doing now. You know- and I didn't
know this, but Peter the guy at my house, cracking a whip. My son is a swing in a pickaxe here, philosophy, major studies, philosophy, and so when I would say to him, hey man, certainly in my shit out on Mugabe s game being played out set whose ribbon off my shit. I stand up. Why? But it's like all these thoughts you're having their just the thoughts, the guys had long long before you Lately I've been studying up on the french revolution because, with all the others, That's going on now seems like we're living through. Another moment were neither, it means you're about to come out while the one on how that made it out too bays us is property whatever. They mark up a gear teen out front of businesses. Condo there, like eight Japan, such a guy, see that story
yeah, I'm I'm not inclined to two laughed him. I guess it's gettin is a little bit real with the guillotine reference. It's getting a little bit. It's gonna low, but real doktor drew as another guy who's been on this sort of french revolution. For quite a while he's been talking about this for three years now, it's it's kind on by day, yeah, just the other day I saw, picture of em in the limited our carbon cardboard plight. Why'd, I wasn't gonna work, but it's it's a gayety in its amendments on the level of support our poor communities, not our healthy man and that without foreign businesses, no, I guess or town home or whatever was I'm sure he more than one didn t see home is DC home everybody. So we're getting there or maybe maybe we're there. Tell us I've never studied the french revolution. I was here it through the through
conversations. I have a doctor drew, but what have you been throughout his seems, like you could call it the first civil war that was Idiot logical where people go completely inflamed with this idea that half population is traders, and- and so These are. The jacket bans are the most radical revolutionaries Rule essentially by emergency is always an emergency aid is always some hidden plot then has to be out dug up. And the traders executed ends. We have held into their territory were as always, some moral emergency. That requires spending the rule of law requires suspending the cost station, and It now seems that caused the major organs of society, of sign down to that of the other big corporation,
ends media and academia. So an it. Also in social me, sort of cancellation culture right where this is gonna hair trigger people trying to out one another and add. We are where's that divide between the good people and the bad people traders, so esprit poisonous well fear is probably the most prevalent component of human beings. I mean I mean a lot of stuff varies. We have a lot of many things very a lot I really like working with wooden and Matthew likes and with metal, and I like work with metal too and then by meet many people that much Jimmy all loves cooking. I love working with what I don't: love cooking we both can agree on fear right, I mean we do
no one wants to be taken out to the public square and flogged are having their have. Their livelihood taken away from them are shamed or whatever. That is We can all agree on that thing everyone in a world where one has a team and they have their own craft beer they like, and they like the vacation in this place, and I like the vacation in that place- fear very universal and is, and it works, and it seems like we ve- become increasingly governed by shame, and in this sense I think it's just that The grovelling public apology in her how over the last ten years or something does become such a fixture of public life there are almost as which you already have to grovel and apologize for something totally argue, as there is a kind of Oh for misinterpretation, because it You can get a lot of power buys are invoking. You know certain
nostrums, Anne and shaming people, and we just automatically collapse, and you rarely ever see anyone stand up and like not apologise, spread and end. Articulate why they're not going to run. I think an apology to me. Some ice Sorry, this sort of look at this stuff a little while ago I had had this this sort a watershed moment with my daughter and my when there are heading into the car for you. Ago, maybe five years ago. And something happened in the morning. My daughter is upset. Damn. Explain or what was going on in there are certain hurry now them.
I hate when I wish people neither argue or leave, I don't like when they leave and argue have had a lot of conversations with people were arguing toward the car you're, not a man like I don't like this kind arguments. I think a lot of time target, but there leaving running late, I've insects standing in the garage and a certain point, my wife did Let me just apologize for your daughter, and I said I didn't do anything wrong it. She said, but she feels that way this away. She feels so she feels that it must be so do it and I was like I'm not going to do it because of Do it that's a kind of admittance of guilt like it means I did this thing. I don't like these sorry. You feel that way, but I never did it form of apologies. That satisfying, but to me. You know if, if, if o J kill a call, then he should apologise, but if he didn't we should apologise to him. The hurry he shouldn't go. I'm sorry, but I didn't do this or in
the case or in any situation Europe. If your neighbor accused me of stealing their habit, she now come on we're in apologize. Well that if you can, steal it then down. Yeah, but they wear. It gets kind of political as when you accuse somebody of violating some sensitivity when in fact nobody was actually offended assertive play, acting being offended just because as an opportunity to sort of crush someone with her in her eye with this demand I agree it's it's a slippery slope, the politicians have figured out it's good, it's a good way to get real, acted so they're. All in the news Let's have decided. This is great ratings, so they're all in the part that scary is the public. I dont know why the pub because all in I don't are there not seeing what's goin on while their sort of, aiding and abetting this stuff I don't have any inside on. That is mysterious our how public opinion guess form.
Mean clearly guess- is pretty easily manipulated right. Propaganda works. Well, yes, media works, so our Let's see aim acts a patter. I wonder about on from our cars for a second you drive a seventy Volkswagen Carmen Gaea separately. It's gonna driver. That's it Molly, Ringwald, drove in pretty pink is Oh, let me use my car, that is Europe. There is red C mere. So is also I'd. Have you know the car Brad Pitt drives in the hour once upon a time in Hollywood, the great scene I and the I think, as I think about it, we're just talking about the great John Adams and get smart. He was it's cool. He had a cool car and one season. I think he had a sunbeam tiger,
and the other seas in. I think he had a Carmen gear MAC. Perry and luck, but now MAX batter I at speed of driving, and in so tell us your theories about sort of driving and endanger in why you chose driving a sort of a metaphor for this. Well, It was what there was one episode: they kind of corridor clicked into focus. For me, where there was a report about it. A Google car driverless car came up this intersection of four way! Stop it's ok the start and waited for. Other cars to come to a complete stop before proceeding through, but that's not what people Do they don't come to a complete stop and so The car get confused and did know what to do and it just kind of got paralyzed the Google engineer said that what he had learned from this episode. Is that human beings need to be less idiotic,
by which he meant they need to be more like robots and need to be strict rule followers, and What I found interesting about this is that he was complete oblivious to the kind of actually going on at the intersection. Were young people make eye contact, maybe one person waves. The other through there's always ambiguous cases of a right of way, but this kind of Social intelligence of people working it out on the fly is impossible to reproduce with machine logic, so it was just invisible to him so conclusion is that either we need to become more like robots or get out of the way and make room for the driverless cars. And so that seems to be the logic, is sort of an all or nothing. You can't have driverless card sharing. The road with human beings, because these are just two different forms of intelligence- they don't play well together, so
You know if you think that the mind is basically an inferior version of a computer. This is this. Is the road to go down. This is a new, improved version of driving, but in fact look at that same intersection, and I am impressed with what humans capable of Firstly, look at an inner intersection in Rome now looks like chaos, but in fact Italy has a lower accident fatality rate than than we do. They just improvise and they work it out and to me, that's a picture of a function kind of self governing society John Adams and get smart drove in season, one into a red nineteen. Sixty five sunbeam Tiger lot of people kind of think of that could
in an alpine out, which is therefore cylinder version of the tiger. Thus the tiger that has the forty eight. Ah, you know how that was what made that car special two hundred and sixty cubic inches at the beginning. The two eighty nine later this is why we're gonna get drunk together, math and then season three and four one with the light blue redoubled Carmen Gaea because oaks wagon became a sponsor I will I will concede that is a step down and I would drive the tiger if I ever get aboard one sorry, the car, the Karmann gear is gutless compared to the compared to the time by all good examples of all their cars. You could have worked on yourself if you're driving around a press, you can't really get out there and mock pop the hood and deal with it. The Karmann Gaea you must fiddle around, a thing on a daily basis. I mean, if you're driving it on a daily basis. Yeah
as the old cars that cannot invite tinkering, they invite doing stuff because ourselves, like you just open, the Ahern is perfectly plain what everything is and what it does but temporary cars. This kind of weird design mentality of hiding in the works The sight of an alternator might offend our somehow in some I don't even have a dipstick. Dad you're sent an email from somewhere if oil gets low That is another debate. Creepy, was one of the moments I I realize of jumped the shark. As my dad pulled up in a house. I don't know, a three circa, two thousand and eleven or somethin and he said I want to check the dipstick, but I cant find it and I I gave that go, get out the way old man. You don't I'll check squad pop the hood. Let MR good! I tried it and then I spent twenty minutes. Looking for
can dipstick this card. I know where they're supposed to be so I was really a flop. By, but also envision, a car that didn't have a dipstick right and we used to have something called an idiot lie, write em, but we called it an idiot light for a reason, because we the kind of low view of anyone who is so uninvolved in their cars that let it get to the point that the lights coming on the earth, but here's this weird cultural logic whereby idiocy namely being completely clueless, gets redefined as progress max in the other room, there said, picture me DR and in it, and am race, and I just had this picture cousin said, shot in car shot it's basically what, what I see during this. Trans AM race. That was it there Laguna sake I and I,
I wanted to share it with you, because if you look at the speed and you look at which way the wheel is turn you'll see that it was turn seven. It adds sorry at Willow springs and if you the speed, oh, you can find the speed of the car. Just see, there's it's not an oval, not a bank. Every river Brenda Willow just a flat, the big long flat flat learn, and it's just a cool. It's cool picture that all up and I'll see you I'll see if it works three guys I'll see. If you can read it, why I will put it your copy upon that up on the screen, so you can look into it the. How are people I'd? It strikes me that that we're going to just break off Ngos separate directions, I I feel it politically. I feel it spiritually. I feel like
as I have always said, half the group is heading for a safe room and the other half is heading two. An act of God. That's that's the way I feel just were just getting. Are there are well, we all use the kind of live in the middle, because we're kind of force in other talk about like oil where's, the middle class, the vanishing middle class, but it's not just the middle class like for how much money you make it's like people just go and fetch extreme and I'm gonna upon guns and the other ones like. I want a polish to police and we're just moving, and I dont know if you felt people heading toward the garage are heading toward the mechanics barriers are trying to you I like almost almost survival s organic, I'm gonna stock up on you know, tried food and cans of water. Could we is there more that reaching a movement towards the garage and toward the workshop I don't know I mean you know that the people who know how to fix star further private ones we're going to survive the apocalypse
and those who have a good does stock of parts. Cars preparatory back there are now I mean that the spirit of kind of self reliance, maybe there comes more appealing in times of travel. When you don't feel like you can count on institutions to take care, needs anymore. So yeah and I will be interested to see what happens interesting. I have that pick, sir, put it up digitally for you If you, if you blow it up, you can see that this product at her, which is a digital, but I'm at her on that the digital read out there. Should, I say, fine, does the asked fifth gear hundred fifty seven miles an hour and that in turn, Cars heard an at that speed and it's not banked it flattish shit, that's all force aerodynamics down force its keeping the car stuck to the track, but
you gotta figure out and have the faith to do that. A hundred and fifty seven months, but our to turn in on it. Turn. I only did it Khazars to professional aunt. Em drives your ahead of me, so I figured enough good enough for them. I could pull this off, but it is a crazy, crazy experience and your wide awake during this entire experience. You do not drift off. You don't start avenant thoughts about the trumpet. You? Just all you think how it is where exactly exam Equally, where you're you're out, I would. I would recommend some version of that for everyone do you like that? I have in your life or quarter mile editor. Yes like then these are you can take it down MAX ratifies kind of cool. I want to go. Ass you I plug why we drive its new book available came out dad last month, the about June
Then I go on the available now on Amazon and also he has other books as well. Shall we go to a website? We go to Matthew, be Crawford dot com, you may be sure thanks Interesting conversation will continue it soon, open that well we'll both above all, the old man screaming at the young kids do at fixed, yet them themselves sounds get. Ah thank Matthew.
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