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Part 1: Willy T. Ribbs Talks Protests, Muhammad Ali, and John Singleton (ACS June 9)

At the top of the show, the guys give an update on the GoFundMe setup for the liquor store owner who recently called in. Adam also updates Bryan and Gina on the progress of turning the Willy T. Ribbs story into a feature film. Willy then jumps on the line and talks with the gang about how he’s been experiencing the protests that have been happening over the last couple of weeks. Adam also asks Willy about hanging out with both Muhammad Ali and Bill Cosby at the heights of their powers, as well as updates on Willy’s son and Willy’s thoughts on Dan Gurney, John Singleton, and the old animated series, Gumby. Before the break, the guys take fan phone calls about having a Race Summit, Adam’s recent Houston performances, and a new phrase for action movies. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com HelloTushy.com/ADAM CrossRope.com/ADAM MethodMed.com enter ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale on black ass, one of the great Wilkie Ribs joins us in the first show to tell all sorts of great stories. You know him from my dark uppity story, his life and we get to lots of good fun with Willie T. First about lifelike hackers called shiny hunters. It's a group culture hunters have breached over seventy three million user records from dating apps delivery. services, online stores and newspapers and their selling while on the dark web. Don't let this happen to you, people in need to protect yourself as to them
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dot com and get the live by live app. It's all happening this week, eight p m Eastern five Pacific. My Houston, show had over a million views and be stopped if this one could surpass that number. So we can do that view. That's gonna be a great shout, make sure you tune in this Saturday. A pm Eastern five Pacific check out live acts live dot, com or download the life. I like that
from tomorrow will want to studios and Wendy California, this the atom Drollest Yo Adams, gas. Today, Willy De Ribs and Brad Williams, with geographical news involved, Brian on sound of eggs and now peaceable pod, CASTOR, Adam Corolla, get it on your mandate did on those who came in and thanks for his little share but known you I can see it when the ratings Kobza thanks in advance that good day grab data you handball brown hey, I'm goin, but you're in laws house on the land laws house yeah our power one hour. writers, we're going to bed last night was a huge. So there was just power go, and I was very windy, analogy right and so as we like. Getting ready for bad. Does
the bad news is big. Pop and also the lights go out? Everything goes out. I was in the dining room walking to the better. Christian was already in the bedroom and she could see outside the back window, which is why bedroom is the big explosion. I transformer like explode right. Like the pole and then over the next ten fifteen minutes. It happened like or five more times than other poles around our house. It was crazy, so I dont know Christy thou electrical now all, but like a several farmers either exploded or something or showering sparks down on everyone in the pool blocked. All neighbourhood was out and yourself that well, aim either black law lives, matters or trump. That's my
that's my name on everything: that's not blame to go around. That's my new world order. Our Willie Tee is going to you. I will, if you read some person, we did the dock on up he's gonna be joining us soon. Gimme the names on the go fun. Maize. Would you please max Para? Thank you. I had an interesting thought. Willie Willie He is mentoring. The Kyle Larsson, the guy dropped the end bomb on the e race now yet funny, in a sense that we, about winners of the covert nineteen that guy's definitely a loser because he would have been in a car talking, to his tea, not on the internet, doing it virtual version of a race where we could capture and end bomb being drop at it. these times these troubling times, Willie, tease gonna help bring it altogether the asylum
thought I was thinking about our friend Billy Yang in the Saint Regis. Save the saint re just go fund me liquor store, and I thought last we spoke. He was there, thirty thirty, two thousand now they're thirty, six thousand five hundred- and I thought oh that's promising, and then I started thinking myself, wait a minute speaking to go. Fuck me for all that shit went down, didn't live. David start one for the Riviera camp one for the golf course vague about the optimum architecture. Reverie era. We need, and will, in this day and age of all, the small black owned in minority owns businesses being burned to the ground and black lives matter that everything else. This is a goal. On page four categories and one of the most school elusive country, clubs in the United States called every era.
Well intentioned but doesn't look great they have raised. Whilst rational. If some ass, all the podcast, brings it up luck, I'm making a joke obviously, because you don't you keep me boy for she had when then shit happens after you did the shit out of me, like you, write a book or you make a movie or make a tv show, and then she had happens six months later, the time that on you, but I still made fun of it at the time, because. the well. I remember your angle, which was spot on when once again Larry David making. This go, find me in you know donating five hundred bucks of his own money in this guided five. Under this guy, you just take care through the average. I don't with the over under is on the average income of a person who belongs to the Riviera Country Club, but either
have a lot of those guys make an four hundred and fifty grand a year. You have many more of them making you know twenty eight point, something or fifty point one of the richest individuals on the planet, those those country, clubs, are hundreds of thousands or die the joint anyway just say you know all right in the universe. Poor bill Yang and his family owned liquor store after dad was basically executed by robbers there and no force up the thirty, six thousand rear, Riviera, Caddy fun is a hundred and fifty the eight thousand palm oil pound for power by donating, that's, probably about equal, so you got the goal- was round fifty exceeded harmonise good for them. So all this right in the universe, our ally, that's just something had been broiling around in my head for like two weeks, I just been thinking how we're the house at work with the fund
also, then see Willie's calling up in a few minutes. the latest with fully story. You was in various stages of development. In the last couple of years. the story with Willie is as best I know at the time your hearing this is they had so in the in the end, these series department. It was going to show time because O Brien couple. Man in his partner wanted to develop it further next piece after billions, I am billions is going to rise, its course at some point sooner than later and they're going to move on to their next project and they wanted to do Willie story as episodic. Oh weekly like living areas in the yard.
Of its limited. I think that when it do it as it is a serious which would be super cool Well I saw on home, I will bring, will bring William Williamson outside ass. Then I think, but not much not far out and asked him. Sir, is your max support? just active in other came out of so that's the we're trying to get the deal done with the show time and then there's Marcella Alleys company and then there's how the other tightened or whatever that I can't think of the name of it. That does, the woman and all those big big movies, and they went on a well. I can you hear me he's myriad idea just Take your mute off on you, Yeah yeah I'm gonna, make you got you got curly hair and how
so really our how you fair and with all this stuff, that's going on in the last twenty minutes in this country. Well, it was a matter of time. It was just a matter of time was its tipping point. You lose one, everything has been going on over years decades. and now I just think that time for a readjustment in a now is where are you on police, abolishing police, educating, police retraining, police? What are you where you add on that subject? I think you got as I said you gotta readjust funding, especially for training, and there's gotta be.
there's gonna be a relationship with, but the police on law enforcement that that is I would say warm and fuzzy, but respectful you gotta do is back and then you can. You can have real raises a narrow, some trigger happy, dumb ass. I can't do that and eventually ends up the way it is now Well, you know it was, it was kind of finance Think about it. I had this this joke. I've said a lot which is like you think about pedophiles. You know: and then my joke would be I which dad wants to take all the kids camping this again in the first guy who raises his hand, you go you're out right, I don't trust you cause, there's a good game. There's the steelers are playing the calls this can he should want to watch it? I was kind of thinking that one thing to be a policeman,
means I don't want you to be a policeman just literally going. This is what I want to do like I buy start about. I never had a job at a high school. I was. I was. I was rudderless, but I went to go. Try to be a fireman. I didn't want to be a policeman cause didn't want to have that dominion over people. You know what I'm saying. Well, I want one thing: the film uppity which you produce, which is a film for the air force. or the ages. Why would it be erased driver? I knew at nine years old, you know a lot of Oh you know. I don't know if I would want to be in the end the career of authority
now that in this day and age, not all but first off. First off one has a phone in their camera and they're, just filming you and every interaction you ever have another human being and use it used to be a homesick stones. No, no, not that nowadays. I know you no more! No more! I'm sexual is its role in police had to explain to my kids about the salad days back and when we were you're nation, when we, when we when we are more naive and me, I could just sit around and watch time easily steer a houseboat with his pack now You turn on the mirrors into fire everywhere, hydrogen young and anything that I now Hey Willie. I will talk about you and in your career in your past, in making the dock with you with really one of the most rewarding Things have I've done in my career by you
stories of Omaha. Well, I'll Lee and then is Jenner in an all that I, why would tell us a couple? a couple Mohammed Ali stories that we might not know or that didn't make the cut one of them was Zalm. we were up, I was in Vegas and now he was there. It was for a fight. And it was the London Hilton. I came up to his room. He was on the eyes a lap and sweet and his is His valet says Mister, the champ is in in the bedroom, go on Again we had already had a great relationship trusty, I, and so I walked in his room and he was in the bed with two women
One ought one on each side and It was sorry Champ enemy. This is what a jail supposed to do. and when you become a jail, you're gonna do yes, I thought that was just the classic. Now was classic. And then another time was in London where none We were going to a crowd in Gaza the airline in London He doesn't it. A girl called Rick's them, which is predominantly jamaican. Trinidad Ian and now we got out and we nearly got stampeded right and he looked at me and he says man
they do more crazy than the United States. we ve already got travel and everybody just wanted to touch Challis. It was. It was incredible, to be around him and energy that he gave people and energy did. He just gave you we're in presence, and he made you feel like you right on the same level with him, it family, you hang around with Ali at the height of all these powers and cause be as well at the height of their that their powers I don't know we're looking at a picture you and I'll leave from back there. I you know was more popular than those two guys nationally or internationally back in those days, and one thing I did want to the about is fighting back. When you would fight
Speaking about Lee when you'd fight in the pubs of London make money when you're there doing for me Ford. I think that at the beginning, instead of going to college, can you tell one stories or how that began well My parents gave me enough money to raise I soon be over there, I'm, U Danger, lasted Media England and was I had just enough money to raise and I kept thinking well. What do I do to make action so I can eat. Buddy of mine. We just happened, goaded this does palm The innocent or the pub was roped off when anyone it wasn't a man. It was a hard wouldn't floor, so you got drop. You re either get knocked out from the pint or get not you gonna get knocked out from getting war. we were watching.
What do you guys is these middle age, guys gonna start Draken it any better Bet, gonna wind and there is big bang who on and so my body says me says- want get in There- he drew with gloves eyes: oh yeah, had reckoned states still want to get in there and in mixed up with those guys, maybe make Euro keep weaken Windsor. Why? One about me about a hundred pounds right back then that that are bound to take me to a full. We were they just Leyden gloves had just taken old box and gloves and Putnam swap from one Guy Putnam on the other guy, They were, they had holes in it and the party the fallen out there. They were all. They were almost bare knuckles right. And thought it was that
I am. I had a lot of fun with that because the guys were drunk with my was I wasn't rock, I will only drink milk and knows that I'll drink at all. Key and we were able to come back on subsequent weekends and make more money or did they catch on India. After about the war I always go and every other week right, and about the time I was there. They were like this. Tankers is that you know not miss out and taken our money, so they did but dates so that doubt how long I know I did the dock on you, but I dont know what was your total period of time in London went? There's a eighteen nineteen year old to race and formerly yours? We therefore fall two years. How do you want
seventy. Seven. All year came back in snakes and seventy eight and then went back again and seventy nine. and what I just heard that Bob Wallace who are African American NASCAR fain it after he was suppose we on the show today, I think he fainted after race. Yesterday, Atlanta do you know Papa. You know anything about that story at the store. I don't know impersonally like I do Louis Hamilton, but you know I guess The fluid ran out yeah, the cholera. flew in in the media. Baby. I hear apparently, God dehydrated to the point where he was having a hard time stand
How's, your son Theo, doing: has a world class set traps? Shooter? Many issues really actually sporting clay by sporting. I'm sorry, is doing well well, money he opened up. The season were to victory. In February one, Flora and one in Georgia. He never opens up the season when you see halfway? Do the season down in his way stars come on soon as he opens up, would you when we get shut out binder here either Brad too soon and we we have a ranch facilities to another. Seventy seventeen acres, we train did he trains on so I'll, go out, there in training, whether men and I'm shop, so we'll everything's dart happen again because they shut your honor raising down. They shut all sports down equilibrium, so long you here
does it, make you out and put a shotgun. In your shoulder Muslims. It's not my mouth, I would I'd love to go, shooting shoot on your property, rain oil, or you can shoot your decision gay judges. You're right. We we are, we use our guns Iran are cornflakes when you stupid Do you hear a little outside and ass a sorry a little outside Austen Ride, but you're sort of in between sir of the Americas quota. Actually, I'm I'm I'm actually a little nor a little nor of code quarters little bit south western me.
I mean what I say a little bit thirty five minute dry and attaches very by many drivers like a walk across the street. Did you are? How did you end up in taxes because your California started out caliph? well, I I wanted to you. As you know, I got one ranch and when written when my Where was over. I wanted to get back on a ranch again by I wanted the California was changed. And it was not changing the way I've. I hear it used to be fun. California, in sixty seventies, Eightys was just fine place and you it was free for everything, does nothing free there I mean, when I say free, you can, you know just law after law, after why tax, after tax after tax
and down the taxes did Bob you lost. It did and Bessie with deal start new shooting career, new, for him to be a world class shooter. He had to be in taxes so I remove I ranch. and I dripping springs status and set up a practice great for him, and I just like it out here. I mean the majority of people are just fine people and now and then the country in Africa like they did the. However, About driving did ever driving. It seems like a we're, since we are to go from driving the shooting, well honey. That was my hobby I mean the answerer Junior and buy out, but they all I got and ready. They all gone
I'm here I grew up on a ranch. I sought the shooting as kid but golfer just to quiet. I got ass, you funny. I got asked the same question by the BBC. agony so how come you're young it Groom. Your son to be raised. Drivers should well, I said, is true now so lot harder for Do you see any answers in this sport anymore? Like the old days? You know you got one Andretti get there I had to hand me down was no longer in sport because become so expensive, so I will use the glass shootin indeed let already pushed buttons for me and for the targets to fly he wondered start doing it and white away. He disliked golfing. I pick up my time would pick up a golf
shooting, as the same way it very technical. And in any straight away- and I put him into competition these time went on and now you want to talk shooters in the world. I have a semi Occult question to ask? I was viewing Dan Gurney. Shortly before he passed, and I said, do you want to talk about Willy De Ribs and he said no, and I thought why didn't you talk about Willie, P ribs. And I know you raised form and I had a lot of respect for him. I know you won for him. Did you guys have a dust up at the end with him. I would you leave on bad terms. He was team, alright ever raised for alone to death damn damn
really stays away from what he might think might be controversial, where I ran out one. How is lily? How you were you know was he did you give him? controversial? Was the up welcome Dan. Really. Dan does MIKE to get into you know a lot of people of Uncle Bobby, well Bobby here earlier, I hardly and- and I talked to Uncle Bobby least twice a week at least three times a week and he's getting on Eighty six years old now and I I I don't ever want I want. I want to stay fresh with him right to the Sudan, where it was more about. I dunno avoiding some controversy or being Miss, Miss construed in some way, shape or form.
Other than any kind of incident you had with him. Oh no, no that we know that it was the best she'd ship I'd had with any and pride, nor I had great good relationship with some owners were we add it was it was The elder awesome experience in it and it showed in the fell John John Singleton. Sadly I know you guys got together and where will spend time down at the marina, maybe on his boat. I can't recall, but you are telling stories and starting to get the late great, John Singleton, so today loaded on on your life story and sort of phase one yes and then he died some weeks later. Did you have any recollections of that.
yeah. I we met three times. What once honest, An end to four to other time for dinner. in Riva Del re any just wanted to briefly as to how we saw that the serious gone right. this was produced a series of will to be produced by Brian Common right, I am sure time and He was given me his ideas, did he had web with calm with work. I've do doing Bane goblins clydesdale. So you are yourself those two together they be formidable Campbell, but I hear
There is another guy in the works to tee, was Coppermine. There is a bad can actor yeah, we re able to convince TED Nugent, come come of work, so he's gonna put his name on this baby Morgan, a single right through all the executives at Showtime, with that of microbes out to the ranch Michigan, not dimension, colourable music people, which is a european issue, and not only as an entire catalogue we stranglehold will stay away from for now, but when at this season three yeah, I don't know who they are, we allowed to say who the person is because I don't know who that person irony dawn, sheep, oh yeah. And she had all that's right early was gone. She said
and she she was a brilliant actor now and he directed before I'd I'd. Take the tooth to piggy back off your film, Adam and everything to do with you get slightly. It was in front of spike. Some of the other big negro producers nah Annie, I said that big leave Rowan you just you're, just like it, so you know for you to do that and no one else stepped up, because I was available. And you ran with the ball and not just want that's an enemy. We haven't an Emmy, you have it on your hand. I do with a message with the methods I mean it's not the last case in the last damsel whatever
no one cries after the last dance, but they cry after they watch operating aid. What thanks credit will, after last, his spear opposite. I gotta go you guys. I I loved the last I also look forward to it every weekend, and then they went right to lance strong, and I want to share our alliance Armstrong and then the other night. They went to Bruce Lee and I kind of found myself look at my phone a little bare angry, I as a liberal. I love Bruce Lee and I'm all and on any these can adopt, but it was this it down a bit or whatever was it didn't? Pull me in, like Georgia did and land sounds good firstly, Doc, was a sunday and start that they bought. So I dont know if it was made with me
the european document around a lie. That's and everything that I remember seeing it not seeing, but seeing that it was at Sundays and then seeing all you have been acquired itself. They ve got a sort of thing third- that's a very good point, because I found myself luck in terms of subject matter as in two I'm not into bike sing per se. Martial arts is cool. I grew up with Bruce Lee POE There's you now all cool so wasn't. The subject matter is shorter You know what you're saying so I crave your he used to be a little boutique jerky and I loved crave Jerky, and then I had some
year ago, and it's like ass a little dry or maybe I got a bad batch and then someone goes o nationally bought crave, Cherokee, I'm! U like open, so I was all lay on the dock. Last stance, I was all in unless armstrong- and I was watching this one like it was thirty four thirty produced from the same crew and I found myself twenty minutes in kind of gone on. That is I'm not as in on this one, as I was on the other ones. Maybe you just explained it Baldwin Kaburan Willie Tee. When you are when you come out to allay next. When you call me I hope when you ve been our knowledge. I might go out the allies when you sorry are you gonna, be an alien. Are you gonna, be they may this year, yeah yeah, oh go if they levels in and they let me an hour, let their let go,
general public and dont limit amount of crew members in and guest. Then I'll, be there oh good. Can we from the hotel to the track together. Like we did last time, yeah oh yeah, yeah yeah. We did that. Did we do that a year Oh yeah, we wouldn't say in car really? Is it willing to Damn leginn at Indy, so when you're trying to get in and there's traffic cops and cones, Erin Barrier, however aware as you're all thus pass. That's like it's like being say is playing the Superbowl half time show and she's in the back seat of the rental and you're trying to get into the stadium. That's what it was like. Not that beyond phases, hot issue Willie, but that's what I was talking about
They say pesky says it will only run any five hundred with plan so though push it or if August doesn't work Don't push it two October last question What is the heat gonna do to those cars in the tires and the compounds? Remember the number the cartoon gambie yeah, yeah yeah, that's that's what it's all that girl, cooing be too much of an issue the drivers now or sort of in it those caught that I know I just saw yeah yeah. Configuration- and tell you what has my dad used to say hotter than little sister near. I don't even want to go. There really t documentaries pity
You can find that over at chassis Cfcs, why and gets get a dvd. It's got a bunch of in content on their get assigned poster or whatever you like can now it just help always go to talk to you and I'm really hope and we're going to see you at the five hundred this year will hang out we're gonna. Do it will party to say now most the outer saying of it thanks. Well, I appreciate tat years thanks everyone here I got there. All right. Let me hit the cross rope. I was just happen up and down with my across Europe a few minutes ago. Looking for ways to stay fit. alas spending time at home these days, while nobody can tell you about Skippin rope like me, I've been doing this for years and its good I'll take what's good about skipping the rope, as I always talk about
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interesting to listen to you what a great perspective, what a great sense of humour, what great stories the out there. interesting, guide and you in you. I remember we're making the documentary it's like Kate generous in Essen. What about cars being done? King and Mohammed Ali and it's a man put em all in I'm I would love to me This thing a series and have the actor who was weighing the twenty nine year old, Bruce Jenner, witness in this in this field are we got some calls coming up, Brad Williams going to join us, second, I shouted quick break. We write back after this.
represents definitely day my poor lord? During our stand off with police mobility, one year old man was charged with shooting, with my dwelling, the man to old officers. He was in his yard is right right next to the report. add here at home now do that at home. Your neighbours must be held. A hearing to I built here we have a poker screen.
definitely not a geographic into the neighbour, a dual glazed windows and there stood a burning, let's see p thirty seven. And from mass sacramentos gotta question PETE are thought PETE go ahead. I do other thought and I think that they can make our guys love you are so here is my I think that there should be a black of prominent black leaders. We discuss this raises You answered in this. I don't know pocket cynical gin or figuring all out here. A white guy. I can't really tell people that the eldest daughter, air out evidence of out of court killing people more than white people. We need some prominent people, maybe if broccoli, Larry, elderly
David. I Greer hidden in a room together and and talk this out and put on Tv Oj. Simpson, the as yet great as they get going ass. Well, There's a! I think there is a problem. Anyone who has ever had an argument with their wife or even daughter or possible son. the are wired like other. Why, for their daughter as If one side is arguing feelings in the others It is arguing numbers, it doesn't really work and I think that's where the disconnect is you you're you're your hard pressed to get your statistics in numbers absorbed by the people that feel a certain way and good luck. Getting the people who have the dad
statistically to feel like you feel when they're looking at numbers that don't reflect the way you feel so. That's that's the cut off our that's the disconnects so that the question is, who might fill the void in the middle between the feelings and the statistics and or the numbers- and I think, there's some some room there I think, there's. I think that is the crowd that is going to have to come together and if you're on, If you're on one side there I'll if you're Larry Elder black conservative talk, show hoses been on this show once or twice you're gonna for a whole bunch of numbers out and those numbers are going to defeat the feelings person, except for not gonna work and then, if your AL, sharp in you're going to talk about the
boot being on the throat of the black man, since sixteen nineteen and his message is not going to work on Larry AL there. So maybe just like government, maybe The time is right for a third independent party may be an independent, maybe a racially independent group that kind of can get somewhere in between yes Gina yeah, I was I was thinking along the same lines when, when Peter had this thought of You know you get. Somebody in I say in the middle. I hope I'm not, as you know, miss quoting what I when I think he's about, but somebody Van Jones, or somebody who you know was in like say, sway This documentary, but also sure, has feelings about african American. Oppression through the United States a reference, of sorts to sort of disarm both sides ago granted yeah We hear you now now
you ve been acknowledged invalidated now here this person in someone literally has to be the conductor of the middle, this orchestra. What are the referees where we would have wanted and then, why out and that man is Quincy Jones check your ego at the door, because if you can get people to enjoy Michael Jackson and Huey Louis on the same song, then you're, U Niner, might provide an accurate than you might have. Rand are united yeah. it's it's gonna be. I think I think that middle that that that would be nice. If there was a burgeoning middle who came about. I don't know and I can add that gonna get anywhere with all pops- are key. And we're not gonna get anywhere shouting statistics in in number. Also, you know some tweeted me the other day like and then some we need there's two things.
Think we need to stop doing one I said you know: when people go, I disagree with everything so and so says. Like you know, one one of the deposit brothers have their say something nice about bench appear on then, but he asked a preface it with. I just ray with everything he says. I know you don't you agree with ninety three percent. of what he says and then there's seven percent that you disagree with. So stop saying. I disagree with everything the person says: we none of us that why everyone loves pizza people of this country. We love sport. We love our family like world bout. Eighty and the same it's, the twenty percent were arguing about, not the eighty. So starting off with. I disagree with everything that comes out of fill in the blanks mouth, your ear doomed for failure. How could you How is it that you could start a dialogue with someone? Were you pray? have we announce you disagree with everything that comes out of their their mouth number. One number two
this notion and somebody tweeted me they're, like ok, male, like with your opinions like convenient. You have an opinion about the black commuter whenever you like. First I'll, fuck fuck, Stick Ivan opinion about ever thing all the time. That's how I work. I have opinions. Chihuahua COS chihuahua, our I don't happen to like them. I formed opinion on shore waters are formed, an opinion on food food, I've, never tasted, IFOR, an opinion on everything, that's what I do be racist. If I withheld opinions about the black community, or I'll sharp in that. That would be something that have never about anyone. I've opinions about men and women engaged strain black and white, this country other countries, some good, some bad. I have a different opinion. Bout, every automotive manufacture, I think of all them differently. I cannot way in awe You drive an infinity. How can you talk about Lexus well easily? I have a
guys a pretty shallow argument. We go. We see a lot on twitter, which this union black, how on earth opinion on black, like I've never been a space. Can I still share my thoughts Oliver Data they got the great movie. Yes, I down early. Yes, I'm sorry, peat is still there So what do you do? In Sacramento, I owed a small machine shop machines What am I going Jamaican make all kinds of stuff at a metal, thorium undone abused, that of user, out now. I know you and that workers- you know. I was having a thought about metal workers. not them aside some of the worst people on the planet, the people machine. Just some of these some of the worst I didn't have this thought I thought every
almost every guy who I've come across. Who does real? Well, then like wells for living. Has a huge mountain man beard most well their fabricate or guys have beards in big beards and wouldn't you would only I laughed professionally what the beard for right, very flammable and its attack your face and sparks are always lying and I've always I started thinking about it. I thought that the only higher percentage Beard group were that his seat of Jews, who are constantly kindling the Sabbath candles. You know you got fry candles everywhere and a huge beard you got spy swine everywhere in Europe, where these are the two gigs you shouldn't have a beard for, but yet across the board big. words but PETE you don't sound like the bearded variety of metal. How are you closely trimmed beard, but still a beer obeyed, yeah beard, Very neatly trim genocide.
one guy at the other shop a beard out of the guy's make fail and do the additives and stuff like that in a shot. The guy who does the welding and it's it's well cap, but it still it's still there, but a lot of the big biker beard. Dude you see on tv and stuff from all those car shows. I don't know it seems like a claims, Campbell among you who else you come here and there and who they are, ash loudest have done by candlelight the the a knight, Sir, like we like, we have a good relation ship with candles, so we're just gonna lose the mustache. Let's compromise that's right, we're sort of in a fire safety or the upper lip of air safety. People, people laugh but Dan Haggerty famously Grisly Adams, man was set up birthday party for himself and went full Michael Jackson and Pepsi commercial. He had that
big mountain man beard any was plowing out his candles. Speaking up a thank speed, I appreciate its. We can apply the candles. Ah, I e, as you know, I'm not a germ of foam by the kids Birthday Party was last night and Mama was rolling out the big apple tar and the and the brownie I mean at what point? Could you guys? age and a birthday party. We had two different desserts because the one like this when like that, but anyway only if it was, Egg and ice cream- that's as far as it goes shake with frosty. She was yeah. She was putting the the candles and the thing- and I like. Are we really going to do this ritual where the kid spent all over the cake like it? the middle. This pandemic, like they do
carried it out there there blowing it ass. They came over and tag team like one of em. They both hit one side of it and I thought I write again: I'm not uptight but Natalia is her Mamma outlook and I've been I've been getting lecture to buy the two spittle queens over here for the last three months about how its weapons an error supplies. Then all everyone needs, but a mass downward. Just all blowing over blowin on everyone Bacon whack ended up. Ok, old habits die hard it for you, but feels incomes. Inconsistent to me. I blew Frank from Houston, wants to thank me for come on out there by the way I'm coming out to as any in Nashville this weekend to shows Friday two shows sadder will do a couple out live pods and a couple of stand up: Chaz, Frank from Houston. A man going, I allowed a thing so much for others these then deny me yet
oh yeah, sorry about that, I'm sure they were excellent. Though there are great again in the future, with great God. He's got good timing. The other guy was It was funny onstage. I growing feature was yeah, we went out afterwards had a beer and took his eyepatch off any. He had is crazy, glass eye with, like fourteen carrot, If gold like the marine insignia was right across this, then table Looking at this thing capturing the light he does glass eye and the herbage yeah. I asked him and I I felt because I had a dream about it The dream was, wait. A minute is, wearing an eyepatch over what is sent simply you know. Look! one of those that plastic change this is from the seventies like. Is there just that a whole there is. There is our thing any said: science
about it up on stage, and he said now puts the glass eye in and then puts the patch on which I get it's it's a sick sure it's a look. Also, the glass eye is a little the end up. It is its deals, focus a little bit. None of this is like the great granting Crenshaw like the guy, but is not a little bit, but the right. version of the rock and roll you know a guy with the banana, not literally rock and roll liking. Today about a duty with their worth the risk bands and everything. It's like it's a look right. It is this. Is it this is feeder out the fields where the meat I and the pact Well, if you could go Roy orbits and fight Well, if I don't know, if you go out without the eye, then if the patch comes off, it's gonna, looking pretty weird like, if you I don't know washing your face in the bathroom or something if the patch ever eat
now by Egypt, Nigeria or what it whatever it is. It's it'll be a little off putting, but if you go out with just the iron out without the patch, that's a little bit off putting too, but I think a patches stuck a signature. I think that's a sitting. that's what that's, how he got out ass, an owl, true, tight sigh Franco's, wondered, say thanks and also they came in sight. You guys in October, on Santa Monica, when all was doing his warm up tour things become rank you have my daughter's USC law student. She made up towards the idea, Joshua with you, yeah she's got they're going to school, she's she's apartment. All loud roommates, like businesses should also turned, is locked out she's. There alone. I wonder why so have I we are bringing normalcy. You don't come to Houston much, so I had come to Europe or shows we saw
for them. She knows I'm trying to think they're all by EVA Britt, all guy with the goatee affix with your courage are right. It s got a lurking, billet payments, fundamental, while I believe Is doing well and thanks and I'm glad all four shows must have been very different, so you're probably find with that I'm guessing no absolutely were different sure or thanks a frank and will help us to see at the neck chef mixing command actually went out to ask when you're supposed to raise a couple years ago brought my shimmy, but you, demographic are so Well, hopefully I'll get out the circuit of the Americas soon and they were having a vintage race there. At some point I was gonna get out there and then I couldn't their rescheduling. That,
insane race? I think I was telling you guys were came remember that they cancelled at the beginning of May that put her on the beginning of December at Laguna, sick of that step, professional rights so as to see if we can re sponsor mean that do all that in the year and the vintage they're going to decide as we speak, whether it's going on or not so hopefully get that going, well. Let me add one more call appear with MIKE online three MIKE Omaha Harriet was going on. It's gone on, not too much. It's gonna hurt to follow that those calls for shows appears one weekend. I now what's in air give me my voice is a little horse, I lost it recently I'm just saying that anyway, in screaming at the may live with that You should have a protest. I that's what
I gotta get my rather savages all over. I gotta protesting. Thank you know, I'm sorry we I think I may have coined the phrase, but you know that may exist in the phrases. Shouldn't boner. I'm not sure. If I anybody's experiences mom, you probably out basically is seen in a movie. That's so awesome action act that almost makes you out matter? Of course, YAP O Brien drop right, For me, it was in the last adventures movie. When Captain America got source Amre like beat up on I don't know about that. Owner inducing scene, out straight straightaway. Gay boner I've got off right. Well, you know it's kind of thing. Now this is what am I
Now it's funny about that is in that movie. You talk about the last one for the true yes fat. Unlike hundred how so he likes a bare, that's, ok,. everyone's a bottom to Thor. I know it's been said many times that there are no tops with thought. That's so. Here's how I'm wired- and you guys tell me how your wired I love an action sequence by if it's so incredibly fantastical. Sort of takes place in another universe, I'm less boner ized by I look at. It is a lot of sort of down on the computer versus kind of executed. You know so I take it. Take a look at the beginning, pave If they look at the beginning, I, like saving private Ryan, For me it is actually happen, so I have half a boner cause. It is historically it
happen and then also theirs, some see July in there, but there's a lot of just straight away: Higgins, landing crap water and all I can stop pride and fast and furious, is insane is that shit is it's a tunnel stunt drivers thrown about? crazy shit when it gets in it. We'll see gee, I spider man LAN. I have less of a boat, but a little. I amateur action, vs that like mad maxillary roads, Grady unable to practical effects near lively, data from a horrible side of a car. There's flames all around. That's crazy, the beginning! if you MAX Apparel Hooper, there's a car chase seen in Hooper, there's a scene in Hooper who cares that, like how medium stunt man film like? haven't ease.
Bert rattles is the old stunt man and what's his name, is the young stunt man a Jan Michael Vick, It is the young starred in everything is just done analogue and there's this thing at that movie where they have to like drive through a town like blow up a smokestack like an old break. You know twenty: story high smokestack and they have to make it under the smokestack before the thing. False and it's all just done with tat, rivers and a guy blowing the smokestack and at some point they come job a bridge broke and they just fire themselves. A car off this bridge Nothing, like the events at high tide of their power?
smokestack, just blowing guys I've motorcycles, and Mother stand. I know hospital and I think the union's rural, strong back, there's a smokestack. Having things went past smokestack rob had you not admire and lower than those came through the day of their just blow a memory, but here comes the smokestack. I think
Where'd! You find this about cracks bad. I think it's it's covered up. It happens, fast, obviously, but they there's a smokestack. I there it is. they must smokestack timber trial under real mother fucking break smokestack. They didn't build that that just some place at a pence out of Pennsylvania where they went out, guide, destroy it and made him ride the whip there. There is somebody in that car,
No, if smokestack by about half a second, no folks ghosts rid the whip back then, but that's a good, that's a good question, but that they show us smokestack whereby it it's a fun movie. It's out support, rattles, fun, movie, gotta, lotta humor and some tidies and stuff like that, but that fun analogue seventies, earnest, small and how made a man the late, great hell, Needham hey my coat. but I went home, he got inaction owner had like we'll leave us Nike borne up everything. I've ever seen, Hooper Bond, That was before my time by Argentina, example from a movie. You do like. the rock,
When that trolley the car chase. What is it asked from wherever seeing the mailing there, that's a fun, that's a fun seen as well. The only thing that Bonneville believing that bumps me on those kinds of scenes at a certain point when they're gonna destroy the Ferrari three, fifty five, when their guns a straw hat and the trolley like mashes into it. When they do, you see, like the fiberglass body kind of pop off of war, is a replica of a four hour. Emu costs are not really gonna bust up a real ferrari, three, fifty five, so they do like a rapid with wheels and a kind of roles said, but when they get crunched, it's like catching a fish with no gots in it to you now, it looks like it on the outside, but the inside doesn't and it doesnt bump most, but it rob this podcast or the wrong way
my I noticed that do you did notice that they did going to women in Omaha these days in almost had understood that it was going to check Families are enormously, greatly! Actual didn't really it locked out saying as Canada Gonna like Starbucks I like to do sometimes the work. You can't really Until recently, you could really hang out and restaurants someday. Recently opened a back up at it. the same, but it also different. I haven't really things are moving in the right direction. Thanks MIKE I add the ultimate in on how we always start a laugh about that thing, that people do, which is they say, You know your meeting, somebody at the airport and you go you call me, go hey man! Where are you you're, you're, late Nego? Ah just
not the freeway support, but I'm just get off the freeway in the U K. But then you don't see him for half an hour and it's like what you wait a minute you just getting into your car and Van eyes: you're, not just getting and it's a math did. You can't really lie. bowed because if you're just getting off the freeway, then I will see you in a second in our homes lie about it quite right, run. Why the comedian has a great joke about that about housewife's, always lying in doing that when there are the car together and said, you know, wool We're at the bread, no state line bridge would ever will be there in ten minutes, because nowhere and we wouldn't be there. If we were at the place, you just lie about it. I had the old, one yesterday I told the kids. I was gonna pick up. Some like mediterranean style, food, for their party, that I was gonna, go to work and pick it up. and bring it over.
We have a little saying around the Corolla House called all by all fly, come on I'll pay for all the fuckin food, and pick it up as well, but I said I'll just pick it up on the way back from work in it. Glenn Dal and man like when did in, and we had a time to pick up at seven thirty, so I typed it all out and I walked into the restaurant at seven thirty and I was like standing there behind the little porn teen area. Whenever not like my name and Bob I and the guy went. I am there just add that just wrapping up right now, there's just boxing it up the just box and also another second, ok that I stood there for twenty minutes. Now, it's not their fault for being late fault for telling me three times and then someone would come around like ten minutes ago. Can I help you wanna? Go I'm waiting to take out Nigger? Ok, let me check and then they go to the back and then they come. I think there's just box in it up.
no they're, not just boxing it up. Something is happening here It was kind of the ultimate because, when you're in the car you can talk about traffic or whatever, but when your fists really just standing there in front of the kitchen, and they keep saying there boxing it up and and then at some point. It went from boxing it up to their cooking it by just one more minute and then their boxing it up, and I did that thing that makes me hate loss. It shows that even more than already do, which is, I have J paranoia of parking tickets in LOS Angeles, but I was like it's a pandemic I'm just gonna run in and grab this stuff. I dont know what to do with the meter. The meter needs an atm card or credit card, or something it's not that sought to seventy five cents. since the dealing with the modern meter and undergoing a park by this meter, and I'm just gonna, run in and grab my food,
run back out, but of course deigning there for twenty minutes was getting. We allow paranoid hate, let the turkey shelve hands. You have a but whole well, if you do than this and is for you for years, but days have been available but expensive and I'll tear man. Once you go the till she ran, you never go back man, you can cleanse the button and precise stream of fresh water for just seventy nine box. That's right under a hundred box attaches dear existing toilet, no electricity or extra coming, so anyone can do it on any toilet cuts. The toilet paper used by eighty percent- and I gotta tell ya man once you get used to this you'll, never go back, hands free, baby, every hello to she. Buddy attachment comes the sixty day, risk free guarantee and twelve month warranty self. We ve
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