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Part 2: Bjorn Lomborg on Climate Change Panic and Reducing Carbon Emissions, plus Good Sports (ACS July 17)

2020-07-17 | 🔗
Adam welcomes Bjorn Lomborg to the podcast for a one-on-one conversation. They talk for a while about the realities of global warming, and how fixing our climate is also about getting people out of poverty. Later they talk about what it would cost to switch to alternative power sources, and why climate change panic is costing us even more. Later they talk about exaggerating statistics to make people scared, promising new technologies on the horizon, and thoughts on the environmental impact of electric cars. Before the break, they talk about the impact of shutting everything down for Coronavirus, why going Vegetarian won’t help as much as you think, and thoughts on people trying to dictate your life to you. Be sure to stick around for today’s Good Sports! Please support today’s sponsors: Crossrope.com/ADAM HelloTushy.com/ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Geico.com
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on podcast one. Second, I have one on one with the author and sighing is beyond Lombard beyond is a guy who's called like a climate change denier, but is really just a super thoughtful guy with tons of information. So a lesson- and I think you might change your mind about some of the stuff- that's going on today from an environmental standpoint, again very thoughtful conversation in a lot to learn. With Bjorn first I'll say about lifelong turbulent times out there and cyber criminals love that man send emails, including black lives matters. In the subject lines you install malware called trick bought on victims, computers, important variant.
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Randy Rainbow idea who, hugely dearly. Travis Estrada? Oh, my god, You can leave us a message at eight hundred and eighty eight, six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four. The strict alive with the orange lumbered who's got his book out. We spoke to him a couple of months ago and we we stayed offer this subject until the book was released and is now released available on amazon- is called false alarm. How climate change panic cost us trillions, hurts the poor and fails to fix. The planet could speak the again. My friend, it's great We back so before we get into the specifics of of your book and you disagree. Disagree I feel, like were end.
During a period in and on this planet were finally able to have honest, perceptions about things without being called the deny error or you hey, your grandchildren or being sort of just talk feathered an hour or racist or like a whatever, they were fine, getting to some sort of saturation point. Where we're able to say look, we all want the same thing, we all children we all of the planet might We have a sensible conversation. I would love to be in that place. I want my senses, actually the opposite, that couple years there has been ever more sense of panic on the climate change front as more and more people believe this really is the of the world. What other, A recent survey showed that almost half of the world population now believes that global warming is like
I mean the extinction of the human race when you think that kind of thing people get there a very answer by any one question. Anything you're gonna do also, my senses, actually why we definitely should have that Open conversation, because we're talking about lots and lots of resources we should talk about. Are we doing that? Well, I feel like we We are being told none of you can't how that conversation. There is only one right answer: it's the end of the world. We need to throw everything in the kitchen sink at this. I may refrain that a little bed and say May Maybe it's my purse, option that there are more outlets for people like you, their use, disrespect, a mainstream media and if you had an opinion that differed with theirs, then you are not welcome and now There are so many different outlets now that there are places that welcome a voice like your voice. That's true,
is both. Thank you very much for having beyond, but also, I think that is crucial for us, civilization tax get all of our challenge is right. If we don't talk, bothers how the hell are, we actually gonna make good decisions right. So We we agree. Are you agree that the globe is well there's warming and that its cause caused by man. So it's not. I got it to sort of situation its there is warming. Is being caused by man and The question is: how do we go about remedying this or how do we go about diminishing the negative effects as as as much as we can My friend and there's technology These were not aware of love of said in a man. Times when I was growing up, you and I are
are the same age, I grew up with you know the internal can She and engine is gonna, destroy and the sphere, but then but he came up with a catalytic converter and many other things in what's coming out of the tail pipe of a car. When I was kid. If somebody started their car in the garage and you walked in the garage you couldn't breathe, you can see your hand and for in your face can run my car in my garage now with the door shut, and you can't even tell me that's it same internal, don't ride home, though I well, but it's the same energy and its the same internal combustion engine which show much technology. That is so, cleaner. Now, so there's there's that tell let's let focus on potential technologies. Yes, if I could just add just before it, because you just said you look I'd I'd toe except global warnings happening and its man made, and we should do something about. I also mostly use the you.
Climate panel, the gold standard of understanding what is up and down. So this is A conversation about oh there you're there, these murky websites are, we should visit and think about. This is the exact stuff that everybody agrees on, but we don't have invitation on how do we smartly tackle these problems? So when you about technology, we are, simply not at a place where we can dramatically change over to or zero carbon technology right now it would cost us a fortune. Which of course, is why we ve spent five trillion dollars in subsidies to solar and wind of the last ten to twenty years, and we have I'd really really hard, still. We are only at about a little more than one percent of global energy comes from solar and wind. We need something else that is gonna, be much cheaper and much more effective if we actually going to convince most of the world to switch over. So
knowledge- is absolutely the answer. You were never. Gonna tell people don't drive what you could tell them is get a catalytic converter so your car doesn't pollute and that's indeed, what we all did well, I think sort of the disconnect is what once people couch. It is a life and death situation, they say it doesn't matter. How much it costs are? It doesn't matter how difficult it would be to implement this technique. It doesn't matter because we're gonna die shall we have to do everything and the problem with TAT is: if you have a technology that is clean, fish in, but it can't be utilised in in China. India are parts of the third world or whatever. If it's not going to be used within then its, then who cares how how clean it if its, not being utilised, if people are and so
burning, wood and coal or dung aware wherever they are within, who cares, hypothetically or or from a technological state point what a breakthrough you have if the world is an using it exactly. So I think you just mailed and had two points one. We need to confront the climate package. Because if we think this is the end of the world, where, unlike We need to do anything but say: let's throw everything in the kitchen sink does and we're anew. Only to listen to rational argument, because issues use pointed out. We need to spend everything we just gotta do everything we can. The second part is unless we can get the rest of the world. The law. This is not a discussion about Well, meaning rich people in the? U S and Europe and other places to switch a little. Of their energy supply to more green it that's all nice, but it's not really gonna make a big difference. It is about making sure that everyone, the Chinese, the Indians, Africa
Latin America. Everybody else will actually join him. That only happens. If we have technology, that's actually sufficiently cheap. We need to have both conversations and I'm glad we're having today. I am care and in a the United States kind of has this world revolves around us and think. A lot of that is because art and a lot of lot of entertainment sports, you know, sort of taste makers. You know you wanna, be our move stars are the biggest movie stars like I'm from the United States, somebody goes this guy's the biggest are in China, I got that sweet we got Brad here. We are real tsars over here. You know like, and we feel that way height of about everything, and I think that sort of
narcissism, sort of bleeds over into global warming. Like we keep gone, we gotta clean up our act. We gotta get one hundred percent silence like we don't represent enough of the planet to change things. If we can't get India and Africa, Russia and China We can get them on board than what is this one, but it's a very kind of kind of an ugly american thing, and I dont know if this Sweden certain have that that sort of Holier than thou can thing is well there. Definitely, holier than thou, but I think they know that they are not the whole world and we still what Brad Pitt and all the others. So I think we are much more into understanding that there is a lot of other big players out there, but you're absolutely right unless
we can get everybody on board to do this. When I actually solving anything we're. I we have this idea that we can just virtuous signalling our way to this. No that's gonna make us feel good, but it's actually going to solve anything for our descendants, and I dont think our descendants are gonna judges and how well we felt like a joke doesn't how well we actually did right. So No, when I grew up, there is a lot of discussions about. Oh, how dirty the rivers were and how polluted the air was, and I grew up in LOS Angeles We had enough eighty smog days a year in LOS Angeles, with with a population. Now listen! Kids! Don't check me on this, but I'm just gonna make it up. You know we had. Three million people living in the LOS Angeles Basin and we had eighty smog, daisy, air and nine seventy four and now we have ten million people and
one small day here or no small days a year. So how did we do that so many more cars, so many more human beings, what we did it with technology and and in the rivers were mass too. As I got the rigid, we cleaned up a lot of rivers like we're, pretty good at using technology to clean things up and to make things, work and so anyway. Sorry thoughts on that subject: wine I think we also need to recognise that it stems from you beating wretch. If you're rich, you can afford to fix many people. If your poor, you simply have much more urgent needs, making sure you, kids, don't die tonight or getting enough food or mere get a job. Get education So the reality here is: if we want to fix climate, we also have to recognise that for them, The vast majority of humanity. This is
getting them out of poverty. This is about getting them a life, that's actually worth living so that they can get to the point where they actually start saying what I'd like to have less indoor air pollution I like to have less outdoor air pollution, tat our rivers clean and then then surely also I'd like to not commit so much co2, that's funny as all the years. I work construction. Here in LOS Angeles and would work with a lot of poor latin guys and when there were done at lunch date finish off their cause. Cans and they go right near the garbage can arrived, go in the recycling, put him in the recycling band and they got a guy and then the next day they throw and I'd go you gotta, recycle. I realize that's not important to them. It's just isn't it. Have to get to a station in life where that's a kind of a first world problem where you can really sweat
in ring your hands over the cocaine going into the wrong ban and their world it's much more about survival. Then it is about these. These are problems that one day, God willing you'll get too but they're, not the kind of person at most a world things have now and we look at everything through our lands, so we're like water You just recycle our. Why you burning coal or would why don't you use renewables and it's like costs are not there yet and we can expect them to be there yet. So what are some of the things? You know I heard you talking on danish prager- show earlier today about nuclear I like it, but you were explaining that its cause prohibitive because of the cost of actually building a facility, so nuclear obviously is a great technology technology for providing twenty four
power, it actually give Chewbacca pow. Unlike solar and wind, you can count on all the time surprisingly, very very safe. So people think that this is really tell but no, it's actually one of the safest energy sources. Yes, there's Chernobyl, yes, the Fukushima they kill very, very few people and remember most other energy technologies killed far more people and on a very regular basis, the problem with room with nuclear right now is that its fairly costly, the nuclear power that you already have, because we, we paid for the power station is just run as long as you possibly can, because its incredibly cheap power you get from existing nuclear power plants, so you should not closed down nuclear power plants. That's enough!
credibly, dumb, but building new ones turn out to take a long time. They typically run vastly over cost, and so the total cost of actually getting power from nuclear power stations is about two to three times what it cost from. Fossil fuels and also from some, the cheapest, solar and wind. So the idea here is we need to remember unless we can innovate the price of nuclear down and we should and your bill gates and many other smart people are trying to do so. We are not going to be able to solve the climate. This with nuclear. Whenever there's one of those things in a kind of its part and parcel of what you're talking about which is. Let's have a discussion about energy and about the environment, but let's not a sign of a bunch of negative or positive trades too. One form or another. You know Here some idiot
one. Seventy four coined the phrase no nukes and now We decided we're done with nuclear power because some asshole said no nukes literally how dumb weaken bay and we decided that we like solar farms. The word farm and sun, and it does so. Solar farm sounds good windmill. That sounds good. Ok, that's good nuclear, no news and that for things. Let us remove all the stigma and all the baggage, and, although with all the theatrical format and really drill down on what is the most effective and which has the smallest carbon footprint, and I guess that is nuclear, but now we're years away from building, facilities and the cost is incredible, and so fundamentally we can
only get to this conversation, if we stop the panic, that's why that's the first sub line of my of my book, the climate change panic, is costing us trillions. Need to stop this panic. How do you do that? Well, if you look at what the? U and climate actually tells us. It tells us that by two thousand and seventy so about fifty years from now the net impact of climate change. If we do nothing, six bullet to making us somewhere between Sera Point two and two percent less well off as like deducting serpent two to two percent of your income remember by two thousand seventies: you're gonna be much richer. While you- and I promise because we're not gonna be around. But people like in our kids argue to be much richer. On average, we expect kids are people and by then on average across the world, to be two point, six three
times richer. So what they're really telling us instead of being two point six three times richer, it'll feels slightly less will only be two point: five six times richer and that's it puts it in context. This is- the end of the world, as many people are telling us, this is meet this man will be slightly less much richer in two thousand. Seventy five: that's a very different way of approach, and this is not me saying this is you in climate pal telling us what is happening Well, how I'm ok curious, it sort of like I rode. Work is well, and there is a couple of pages in that book, which recently out as well, which is they been telling us that one in five women would be sexually assaulted. On a college campuses and my
question, then, is why are you saving up for college for your twelve year old daughter? If, in fact, do you believe that What I'm starting to realise, as I dont think they believe a lot of stuff. There saying I grew up with a hippie mom in the seventies. Its we're gonna have live underground. There's gonna be an ice age. We're gonna be out food. Hearing this so I was seven years old in the seventies about the world- is gonna end ice age, famine out of food living underground. It's never happen. Then, there's There's Al Gore in between there's air sea now. Do they believe? that's gonna happen or are they sang it to? Like you talk to a child, how'd, you know, do your homework the buggy man's under the bad, for you don't do your homework. The bogeyman gonna get because I know what's best for you, because I'm smarter than you this
we will all but a both, but my senses. I mean I've debate a lot of these people and I think they really believe this is an x. Potential crisis. If you talk yourself into this, and if you start look on the world and you hear one new story after the other telling you this is the end of the world, then clearly what sort of get this confirmation buys news at yeah? It really is going to come to an end, and so therefore we need to do everything, but yeah. I actually go through a lot of these stories to show you how it comes that you hear a little better, a whole lot of exaggeration, so Last year, wash imposed on many many other papers across the country in the world, had the story an eighty. Seven million people are gonna, have to move because of seal of rise by the end of the century, and there some went further and said where there are gonna drowned, those hundred eighty seven million people. How did they get to that while they said
sea levels are gonna arise because of global warming. That's absolutely true, and then they set all of these people are going to do nothing, we're, just gonna sit there and watch the waves lap up over their knees and eventually they'll drown in eighty years and, of course, Not actually what happens so. The paper that looked at the hunt Eighty seven million also said what will happen if people do sensible adaptation, out that, instead of a hundred eighty seven million people being flooded, it was three hundred and five thousand people. They're gonna be flouted by the end of the century. Remember, train or five thousand people is the number of people that move out of California every year, of course, we can handle that move in the world over eighty years, so they were six hundred times exaggerated, but it makes scared. When you hear that storing, of course, the newspapers are gonna run with a hundred and eighty seven million, rather than the three hundred thousand see here, the scary story, these people believe
this is the end of the world, and so I think, a lot of really believe we gotta do something we gotta do something now and then of course, once there deadline run out, as they often have they'll a new one and say now. This is line and move. We don't get it done. We're gonna die while its I know the atheists rapture right like most cease. We're not talking about Christians are Catholics harming these are If he asked in this is their version of the rapture, which I understand there's a part of our brain evident, human beings that is carved out for some rapture thought and there's a religious version, and this is the New York Times version of the rapture. The warrant. The seas shall reclaim the earth and, as you talk about it in time, technology of averting talk about in a man and innovate innovation. Stuff, and I'm thinking well wait a minute. Don't we know this because
new Orleans is below sea level. We had see walls that were bell. There were not kept up tat code. Army core of engineers? Can't let em let em slide into disrepair, then train, a role around and kind of jumped the wall, and I'm oversimplifying this, but those walls were looked after and maintained in the core of engineers. Did their due deal genes, then we wonder, lot at every we have voices that are below sea level and we use technology, in building and construction to stave off nature. Of course, look HOLLAND, forty percent HOLLAND, those below sea level, the world's fourteenth large, just airport, Amsterdam, airport, is below sea level. It's actually the only airport as they like to advertise on their website. The only airport that's built on a former for sea back maybe battle but yeah.
The fundamental point. As we know how to fix us when we were much poorer and had much less technology, of course, we're gonna fix us today and theirs wrong with the argument of saying all of these things are going to happen and nothing, but climate is going and no humans actually gonna adapt again, this does not mean but there's no problem climate change the problem, but it's not the catastrophe, but you that many people like to sell because we are able to adapt. Is there, for instance, in Evian? I agree with any of this place place correct made by many p. Oh, I know now have fled California. They ve moved Arizona Arizona used to be a little too wasn't has. Biddable enough for human beings. I cannot just got too damn hot and book. For everyone had air conditioning in their cars and air conditioning Central air in their homes- and you know
miss there's on their patios that spread water spread out vapor water mess than cooled them outside and re circulating in, and you know going out to a movie theater with the air in the mall with their seven now you can live quite nicely in an environment that hey in the fifties in the forties in the May, you could live there. I mean a button was too tough to live there and I think the growth in population. It is proven that so year we we ve solved with technology. We ve taken a place that wasn't really inhabit a ball and we made it habitable and set that set accurate Not only is it accurate, it also shows you how we're going to solve most problems yet so so Clearly one of the things that a lot of people worry about is, as temperatures right,
We're gonna have a lot of negative impacts because it's worse, when it's really really hot, that's true, but we for most places fixes technologically exactly with air conditioning. So, while every focuses on heat. Obviously, that's the big problem with climate change. We have to remember that the vast already? People actually die from cold, a bit Studying the lancet a couple years ago, showed that every time one person die from heat. Seventeen people die from cold and so moderate temperature rises. It's likely that you actually see more people having benefits because I'll stop dying from cold. I hold the phone committee about some. Technology that I like Turkey, that's right, this ads
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And have a clean, but with every flush it still, she write. Dawson gotta, hello tissue, Dotcom, Slash Adam to get ten percent off. This is a special offer for our listeners. Gotta, hello tissue, Dotcom, Slash Adam for ten percent of hitherto she Don comes leisure, We are sorry, technology, sir any what are our or what is out there that were not aware of or that my list there may not be aware of that. You think is promising something a lot of promising technologies so clearly we should batteries for solar and wind, because the real problem not getting solar when the sun is shining a win win, the wind is blowing, but is what are you gonna do When the sun is not shining other women, not blowing, we need more more batteries and we need the much cheaper just to give you a sense of the size right now, the? U S, enough battery power to store the average. Chile Christy using you asked for seventeen seconds so clearly
We are nowhere near what we need to get. Likewise, we talk about. Nuclear earlier, if we could innovate the fourth generation nuclear to be much cheaper than fossil fuels, that being amazing, that's what gates and many others to try Do they trying to make these very simple, a basically nuclear power, she can build on humbly lines, you can symbol, unlike legos, and you can put him up and their very safe thou, be amazing, but again requires a lot more research there. And lots of other great ideas, and I learned a lot of them my book, but let me just give you one of them, so the idea that we can actually catch. See or two from the atmosphere so near. The big problem is that we emit alive see you too, when we use all our fossil fuels. Imagine if we just go along doing that and then captured, and from the air and store it as rocks, for instance, if we could
that really cheaply. We would basically be done. We can't right now, but if we innovate that possibly we could make this a very cheap and manageable. A challenge and then of course, the world. What actual you fixed climate change, while the cat lots of technologies. Sorry, capturing co2 and storage of co2. How would that work? So the idea it's a limit. What trees do right now, trees take up co2 and grow big, but we just can't do it because not enough land on the planet, but what you could do it. Essentially have scrubbers of the atmosphere just be standing out in the open king in the atmosphere, which has a little bit of co2 and scrub out the sea, or to that that's that's the hard part, because it's very very few molecules. You need to get out Then you have them react in some way and so them in something either just deep underground. Ironically, you could store
and gas chambers soup. First, we take out the gas, and then you store this year to down there or you could store as rocks, that is in our stuff. There's lots of proposals for how to do that. But basically the idea would be that we take up the sea or too, that we pump pumped into the atmosphere, and then we don't have a climate problem. Where are you with hydrogen as it pertains to like? automobiles, so hydrogen is one of those solutions that we ve heard for a long time it. Basically, if we could set with wind power and then juice at our cars. We would basically have a closed loop, the wooden him see you to the problem is hatred It's really hard to store it pretty dangerous and its failure. Sweet to make the transition. So it's one of those maybe it'll happen, but there's a lot arguments. Why probably walk but again the house? idea here, is to recognise if we have left lots ideas. We don't have to make that
efficient, we simply fun all those researchers, crazy and all these different ideas, because that's really really cheap and we just need one or a few of those technologies to actually work and do so the ways that we're gonna pow the twenty first century, what about by owed he's all our g things of that nature. So algae might actually be a really good idea, so Craig Venter, the guy who cracked the human genome back in two thousand he's working on this algae that you can put on the ocean surface and grow oil, so would take sunlight and see you too, and then we put an hour, tanks and burnt, and amid the same so you too, so we you two neutral, it's not commercial. Viable right now, but if he could magically make it much better than before, Then we could go on living as we did before. We have lots of oil and, if I beseech you to free with Bio diesel,
unfortunately requires a lot of land because, basically you take you, take your corn, in the: U S where you take some other crop, you grow it and that takes up face it. You could otherwise of used for making food that drives up through prizes. You all. Use up a lot of land, the otherwise could be used for nature, and you require a lot of land to just replace part of the? U S infrastructure, so it something that a lot of people use, because it's very easy and its cheap and it makes it feel like you're, doing a lot of good for the environment. But the reality is its problem, not the main part that you're gonna job do for solving climate? Or do you we're gonna be with electric car technology, and everyone thinks it's kind of free, but there's a heavy metals and a lot of batteries and a lot of things that we're gonna have to deal with down the line. So it's not really free, but what's your thoughts on electric cars
their their environmental impact. So a lot of people about the batteries and how we don't have enough resources that I think we ve shown pretty convincingly If you want to do then you can actually do that fairly easily. Of course, we can get those Romania it's gonna take a lot of effort, and yes, it's not gonna be free, but we can certainly do that bought think we have no sense of how little the impact on electric cars are actually going to be so the International Energy Agency estimates that, if we manage by two thousand and thirty two get about three hundred million electric cars in the world, without being an amazing feat. Right now we have about five million, so thou be an incredible increase, still only reduce, the global emissions of co2 by zero point one percent so This is a very, very small thing and on unfortunately, right now, electric cars are mainly playthings, rich people, their fairly expenses
and we subsidize am enormously because it makes people feel good, but they act he caught fairly little sea or too so to give you a sense in color you probably subsidizing electric car to the tune of that thousand dollars plus, of course, you give them right. Go in there and the above them high occupancy lane? What does call time and rain hr yeah yeah, yeah and an area free parking and you get free recharging and all that stuff. So its assumption the rich people? How much good does it do? Well, if you look at them of sea or to reduces. You could have reduced that on one of the trading systems, for instance the Reggie in the northwest? U S and it would have cost you fifty dollars, so you spend ten thousand dollars. Uncut the same amount of co2 that you could have done for just fifty dollars. That's a bad deal
like your guys, are going to come. We should definitely encourage them. We shouldn't be spend ten thousand dollars right now. We should wait ten years and have everyone buying, because a good, I'm sorry did you say tat. Eating deal of his answer. Yes, are so so for instance, theres many places. Europe has a big, trading system, but where you basically say to a lot of different power plants rinsing You can only emit this much and so they have to face. And away to just that, and then you buy permits to remit. You're you're emissions. What means as EU essentially have a trading place where you go in say I can buy in it your see? You too, I can buy that reduction here and somebody will magically make that happen by you're using a little less call a little more gas or that kind of thing. So you can do in the most cost effective way, that's what they do, for instance, in the Reggie in the northeast, answered
ideas. You could go on that market and basically forced them to cut. Ten tonnes of co2, that's what your electric car will do over a decade, but you could do that for about fifty dollars. If you can do it for fifty dollars, why? Why would you spend ten thousand dollars chief, the same while the electric car is we're very. I guess and I don't know what it's like in sweden- but for US everything is symbolic in a week, to do a lot of virtue, signalling and so celebrities? Who could drive around and rolls Royce drive around in previous is, and then we get it. We get on everyone's case for fly privately and not flying on South West Airlines, and we do a lot of service, symbolic stuff, but it its work we're very symbolically oriented just for everything for black wives matter to everything else down like a lot of gestures and symbolism, and now
not a lot of action or actual giving stuff. Don sewed cycle You know the mare is painting black lives, matters on the streets and five blocks away some black. It's getting shot, that's kind of We do it as a country. I don't know if you guys, through it So there's there's all there's a lot of that. An end, of course, there's two negative parts about that as well. If you I've around in your Tesla feel really virtues we need from research that that means yours, feel more okay to do something on virtuous. You sort of plus column. So now you can go. You can take a trip to Mexico kind of thing and then, of course, you blow your entire emission reduction One thing is just remember: fundamentalist constantly tells you fly a little ass drive a little less do with a little less, don't drive to work all the time. We just did that, what corona has done for the whole world, so we ve just had that income,
double shot down around the world remains, China almost entirely shut down in March, but we need oh, how much that actually saved at the most shot down day in China, they still limited seventy eight percent of their sex. Two because you still have to live. You start to heed your house. You still to do a lot of other stuff. So actually- and if we manage to get everyone to stop driving everyone to stop flying all this other stuff, we would only a little bit one guy who climate scientists to estimate. How much will the total shot down of the world actually matter? Why? Twenty one hundred in the answer is: first, You won't be able to measured bond models. You will have reduced temperatures by one five hundred degrees Fahrenheit arises we gotta recognise. This is not about you and me doing a lot, but by all means do that that this is not what's going to solve the problem, that's technology or what? If it's not so
We live here, in luck. Not only am I in the United States are not only mine, California in Hollywood, so it's a constant beating of a drop of like you got a ride, chair and then take your electric car and recycle your gate. I bought all that's like it feels, like you know, just window dressing and end it is people do it anyway, it kind of feels good and it feels like you're doing something when nothing is getting done. But if it's not Automobiles, where d, as the lion's share of the this year to gas, is come from where what would be what would be the most impact? One thing we could do in terms of reduction of that. Well, I think that, where frying yeah, I think the point does exactly.
We can't do very much now. People will argue you should go vegetarian, but actually, if you look out at you meet him emits a lot of the sea to I'm vegetarian by the way. But if you caught your meat production It also means that your food is cheaper. You will spend your money and other things that emit co2. We actually know that their right there is growing, to turn will probably cut about two percent of your emissions or the equivalent of about. Three dollars and the Reggie, you could meet you like and pay three dollars and you'd have achieved the same. Reduction. If you look at flying sure, if you actually got a lot of flying, you could reduce your emissions significantly for you, but remember most of the rest of the world wants to get flying and they has lots and lots of great benefit again, I think
need to recognize we're, never gonna solve problems by telling people. I'm sorry. Could you do with less? What you do fix problems with is coming up with better technologies. Can't you give you an example back from in Eighteen sixties, we used whales to basically harvesting. For oil, because the oil from Wales really really cleanly really really brightly so was used all across the western Europe and North America as the best kind away too, like your home That's why we started hunting the whales to extinction. The solution to hunting whales extinction wasn't to tell everyone, I'm sorry, could you turned down the lights? Could you go back to camp for all and all the suit in your sealing? The solution, of course, was here's a bit technology, thou provide all the interest you like, but cheaper and more actively- and that was troll. When we found oral.
In pencil, Beynon in eighteen, sixty two. Suddenly you get a much better technology, much cheaper than people. Stop funding else. These same idea goes today. Don't try to tell people, I'm sorry do with less. Be sorry, don't do this It's always ever gonna, be, as you say, window dressing. The right way to do this is through technology. If we can come up with cheap fourth generation nuclear power, though out compete, fossil fuels ever and was which, if we could come up with incredibly cheap solar plus batteries, everyone will switch and so on. So it's really down to technology. You're, not gonna get people to do with us, but you will then do with smarter. I can tell you, through certain anecdotal expense, It's a flying model. Airplanes Skynet, take a second, but it's gonna make sense,
twenty years ago they first came out with, like electric model airplanes and the bad. Repack was Abrek, I mean it. Literally, if you wanted to fly a doktor fan that was kind of a poor man's jet airplane had a fan in the middle of an ex when it was adopted, fan airplane. He had this Rick, What was like see cell batteries and he'd have to daisy chain em, and there be a brick of me. Be eight or nine of our men. If you good picture eight or nine seashell batteries, shrunk, crap or shrink wrath and picture the half that in your hand and then picture trying to fly that thing, it would be very difficult. Electric model airplanes use due account. For oh nothing in terms of them.
You'd see out there for the model hours in the people that were hobby us and now I feel it's more than fifty percent of the market, because the battery Scott, lighter and more power or fall and people are. Good or evil adjust. Just if you can fly that model airplane and do and efficient and not have to go out there with fuel and starter and smell the few. And here the noise in the expanse and so on and so forth. Then you have, we do it, you won't do it if it's not gonna, be Asia, and you will do it if technology so technology caught up to electric model plain. And now most people happily fly their electric model planes, because the battery got smaller and lighter and of pretty, period of time I made it went from On realistic in the year to thousand two, oh, I wouldn't you do it.
Ten years later, it wouldn't didn't mean, makes sense not to use electric exactly the same kind of dramatic and true, formational, innovation, we need for society. But again. Also, let us remember these size of what we're talking about. I mentioned before that you have right now battery power to store seventeen seconds of U S average electricity. We need dramatically ramp up, so that you can act story energy across not just sunless night or a windlass weak, but basically over seasons- and that's gonna, take a lot more. So we're not very close to this, but we should certainly try to become much more closer to it is the battery technology moving at that kind of clip again, I'm just going from the basic Electric playing model from t ninety nine to two thousand to today, where its now told
feasible and fifteen, or twenty your spanned! I do think we're gonna progress that quickly over the next fifteen or twenty years as well again, I'm not a material scientists. So I just rely on people who tell us we're gonna do much better, but even if we do much are. We will still have a very, very long way to go so batteries gonna be much much lacking behalf. And actually being able to have a totally solar and wind power society, which is why We really need breakthroughs. So it's not just about making the iron battery you mind battery, cheaper and more effective. It really is about finding a different way to do this and again, who knows I think if you look at any one technology it very unlikely that we can just throw a lot of money on and get it. But the point is: if we look at a hundred different, technologies and throw money out, and because you need to throw a fairly little money at each one of them
one of them to come through and that's the real trick to realise this is not ridiculous. You just try to do across a wide range of areas, but we to not get wedded to this. One signal you wanna things. I think this is really bad and the whole climate conversation, as everyone has their own favourite technology than it was hydra. Hydrogen very often, just be Solon women. That's the only thing that you can talk about, there's lots of different technologies. Let try all of them and see One works best. Do the I dunno Eo Caesar the Gretta Thun bergs of the world. Many many, I mean I think there used to be. Then you would better than I, but I think, maybe was the LOS Angeles Times that the biggest newspaper in LOS Angeles. The newspaper record right, live and grow up. They said we're not gonna print
any articles that disagree with basically went out. Or Gretta Thun Bargain. I see her saying, like a view have I thought that differs from our thought in terms global warming. We won't, we won't recognize you that's. In the for newspaper, the full, enabled people like you dangerous house. Is that still fact and in the how is it for you, whose sort of lived in the middle of this for such a long period of time? Do you feel as welcome in the community. Is you ever did or do you feel like in many oh all, all keep going for a second here and tell you. Why going on in the United States, is we have editors from the New York Times resigning we have folks in mission, saying I'm not go along with this any more I'm not gonna, keep go down this road? We have to be able to
a dialogue. I can't this cancel cultures. Not I don't be a part of it. I'm a liberal! I didn't get into your Elysium to cancel people, I got no journalism to hear opposing viewpoints. I know you are short of a more demand in this community, because you disagreed with the status quo, which was doom and gloom have, you felt the winds change at all. Are you still a pariah, I am certainly somewhat of a pariah. I think I am less so because I'm not actually disagreeing with you and climate panel, I'm using their numbers, but, as you point out, it's not just about that is also the my points are inconvenient there. They are uncomfortable. This is not We usually want to hear a kind of thing. It doesnt support the easy nuke green new deal so I've found? Is that an end and that's it reflective or do you just?
in the U S, it has become increasingly hard to have anything, but the same viewpoint presented over and over again, so I used to be able to write easily in the Washington Post or New York Times and that's become huh. And harder, not because I've changed, but simply because They have become more isolated. As I see it, that is a shame for everyone, at the end of the day. This has about how to do smart policy based on reasonable analysis, and that's what I try to percent with my book and I think that's what most people want to hear about. So, in that sense it become hard but it's not impossible and mere. We still do some things with with the USA those times, and we try to get out in all these areas? And I There is some sets in which people recognize what we are trying to do a really big problem. Maybe we shouldn't shut up all the people doesn't say, there's just this thing. That works, because just remember this
Last thirty years we ve been trying one way of trying to fix climate change, which is, if you will a little bit. The Al Gore Approach We promised lots of stuff? and then we mostly dont, do it and not surprised Only that hasn't worked and I'm supplies. People who are really really worried about global warming, say: let's keep doing that, I would say ass. If it hasn't work for the last thirty years, Maybe we should try and find another and better policy that is one that has not can cost us much. That will have greater chance of working and that will have a more greater opportunity to actually fix climate change, and that is, as we talk about the whole time technology asked dramatically more in technology, and if you saw what me abiden just camera These two trillion our plan, lots of things that are near. You really questionable, and I think a lot of them are just gonna lose money. He did do one thing. He also said: let some rest a lot more money in green aren. T in that is wonderful.
At least you there's some push in the right direction. Last couple questions because I know it's a midnight worry are, and I so couple You brought up inconvenient, convenient inconvenient truth and Al Gore that movie is fifteen years. Eighteen it. How will this sent me Fifteen years old, now, sportive fourteen and many of the prognostications come to fruition or not? I I really having studied it. Well, humming huh It makes all that many short term predictions, so it's hard to say that, but he certainly made a lot of exaggerations and yet he did say income combination with with with his movie, I believe, two thousand seven, that if we haven't fix climate change in the next ten years, it's gonna be too late. So now that was two thousand Jim and clearly there is also the year
can it shows a lot about the problem of making these promises. Ten years or we're all gonna be doing well now, a lot of smart people. I've spoken to including yourself seem- to an end? His history has as bore this out tech our were pretty good at fixing things with technology, even if you, don't know what it is now again. Like we didn't know, The catalytic converter was in nineteen fifty six, but we ve done a pretty damn good job. At fixing things I mean look at medicine for the love of Christ like we are pretty good at fixing problems, even problems we create with technology. Get safe to say that you believe will go down that a path as it pertains to the environment. I
think it's the only way that we can go down whether we actually choose that is obviously up to us. I think there is both a risk that we are going to spend all of our money arms upset existing inefficient, solar and wind feel good about it actually not fix climate change. I also think there's a big risk that we're not gonna, spend very much in research and development. Then, of course we're not gonna get many innovations we really need to get people back to realising the only way you can fix us in the long run this by dramatic increasing investment in green energy. Aren. T last question: I know you're nice guy, but how much of this feels like folk in charge wanting to tell you what to do a lot of this feels a little bit punitive for something like it's almost as like. Their partially partially interested the environment and in whole.
Interested in sort of dictating your life to you, that's kind of what it smacks of to me, do you feel there is a strong element of that. I said I think there is a strong element of something else when you, when you look at politicians, say yes, I like to fix the planet and there try and do good stuff, but mostly they want to get reelected. And why The ways that we have shown through time is for a politician be able to say you are doomed. You are going down the drain, but I can save you ve. For me- and I will save you and climate change, give you- the extreme opportunity to do that, not only to actually say I'm gonna If you vote for me, but also I'm gonna save you and the costs are going to come in the next election cycle. That's the perfect set up, politicians. I think a lot of politicians Morlocks just simply jumped on this, because it such an easy to say: that's all these
Well things I can save you vote for me and I think that politicians are doing and in that sense of course it's not very helpful because thereby decreasing vote for me to spend your We badly so that we can talk about the next election cycle has well well beyond Lombard. Are you a false alarm by the way how climate change panic cost us trillions, hurts the poor and fails to fish, the planet. Are you? Is this book being reviewed? Isn't gonna get up at the New York New York Times best seller lest I've noticed? But me I'm in the business of saying things that are unpopular as well and there Two modes: I've noticed it's either they attack you or they shone yo. So it's either. They do you for what you're saying or they just pretend like you were never born like is if you never came out with a book or came out with a movie, there's no reviews, there's no discussion, usually too, I compliment when they just ignore you
because that means your right and they don't want. The deal with you or your product is good, but this thing being reviewed is gonna get on the New York Times. Best seller list is the as the allay Times Gunnar Review this book, while they certainly should in future, you should tell them so new times. Actually just came out with a review David Review. Also in some sense I I guess I should be. I should be pleased that they actually bother to us to review the book. They asked Joseph Stiglitz to review, and they honestly admit it on twitter that they ask and he said yes I'll revere, but I'm gonna give it a terrible overdue before he read it. And it seems like you, never really bothered to read very much of it so yeah he basically just enforced. Maybe the standard view, said a lot of wrong things. He he told us a Wall Street
it's gonna be flooded by twenty one hundred, forgetting that it's already flooded today has an flooded bureaucracy, the press rings a walk around there don't actually need scuba gear, because technology so Wall Street and will also, of course, save Wall Street in twenty one hundred so there is. These kinds of reviews are also some great reviews out there. But, yes, there are definitely some people who like to silence this book. Do you notice the theme with the bad review from the New York Times? Is they give the book a bad review, but they don't refute that technology are done, for the information that in it I've no as they say it's a bad bach, and then you go our. I tell me everything I got wrong and they don't address that they just save they they go even further. They say it's a dangerous, baccarat iron and then you know where their weather had it, and also curiously, they are they move.
They pay me for using nobody, Lord, who actually won the Nobel Prize in class economics for saying stuff its inconvenient the day you go. I I think that the guy who actually got the Nobel Prize for talking about probably knows the stuff and probably has a point. And certainly should be heard and certainly shouldn't- be silence the New York Times, but they're not gonna silences and what they are actually saying, as this is dangerous, because if we All this conversation we're not going to have an easy journey with the new green deal and- and of course it is the day, if you want to spend a lot of money, you dont want that to be to scrutinise, but I would tend to set If you're gonna spend trillions of my dollars, I won have a say, and I want to notice that all of that money is being spent well we'll keep. I'm doing the Lord's work, even though your price Thirdly, an atheist, widely not that religious, Ramey, Simeon Scandinavian area- and I know where you had a house
we're all. Your Lombard, thank you all for joining us once again get some people under the age of under show. Thanks stand up late and again the buck false alarm. You get it. You read it you decide available on Amazon as we speak. Thank you beyond our Let me hit the simply safe appear. First number, one sign of a bad home security system, it's complicated, and yet every. Is it simply save simply well it simple and it's free Sir, designed to be easy to use while protecting your whole home twenty force. An order online opened the box place, the sensors plug it. In no technician are sales person will come to disrupt your house, no outrageous monthly fees are
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Bateson taxes- I think the twenty fourth twenty fifth of some like death and backed Texas again for some other gate somewhere sometime soon, Tony I come up July. Thirty, first to the three August, Pherson Addison, Improv July, twenty four twenty eight Tempi coming up gonna product come alive shows an example for grandma, Brian and Buren Lombard, Saint Malo, stick around to have damaged and Adam parole and return with good sports. Next. Just one sports prisons, good sport, Sinaloa sports fans. Welcome to the Friday edition of good sport stave damaged check here, Adam Karol over there yesterday a hearty breakdown of the state of fruit at the midway point just passed in twenty Twond
a slots. Let's talk about some real sport AOI end I felt announcement last week. To at least four twenty twenty and the Jersey swap too dangerous in the age of nineteen. How say it? oh really, yet with it. Out there, so much at all, and so much so my guys gettin in each other's faces in so much contact. I spoke. I thought that's what the players are gone. Crazy, like weight, we're in a bang heads for three hours, but we shouldn't give each other our shirts after the right again, probably just something symbolic: You know to say no to because you gotta act like you're doing something I mean. Obviously there I I don't. Have anyone ever thought about any thing over the person's face? I'm not I'm not a mask. I'm talkin about a little black sea were where were the mouth is because it seems like.
This there's a lotta grunting, huffing and blowing, and if you ever listen to MIKE top whenever you listen- oh my god, it's one big who worry about screaming and other people's faith arising in everything and have even if, in fact, this thing is trans transmit by the spit. All that's in the air burst of entire, we are men, I mean it's, it's unavoidable, everyone down in a thriving earlier legitimately, as well as they talk about what the what the plans are, and while these guys are all in Supream condition, and so therefore they should probably not suffer any serious health stuff but its but like talk about before often of line in the NFL up, almost all those your carry like a phoney seventy eighty pounds, they have to inflate themselves to the play at that level, and you see like six months or a year after they retired. I wait that
the same guy from the three hundred pound guy, how they lose all that way. It's because it easy for them the loose cause. It's funny way, you would take guys at her feet, Fifthly, obese like that are gonna, be susceptible to appear, Anyway, it's it's a funny thing that they would get wide awake the jury. Swap, I never liked it anyway, other pro football could learn a thing or two from W W after W W E. In my opinion, someone you get a little village It would be good. We thought that on Wednesday about changing the Redskins name. Maybe we should just change. They should just be like the Darth Vader or something like that, what a killer and out of our team that be the heel, It should be like the bad guys of the boys like that stuff. We grew up with you. No check They call me assassin and all in us the the steel curtain and and all these guys in these legendary cannot night train lane and they sort of bad boys of the law.
In the raiders at the time and again like jack Tatum in that and the way you get you gotta, you get a documentary out of it at least look Kimmel in and Cousin Sal or now producing the eighty six mats documentary and that they stand out because they were bad boys so to do the bad boys themselves, the Detroit Pistons they get stuff made about them to the Oakland, raiders or the stuff of nostalgia, an end there I conic lasts specifically because they were bad guys. I think I think a team should really embraces the Philadelphia fliers I haven't, want to stay in the cups in seventy five, but everybody knows there, the broad street bullies and that's our entire idea. Maybe there's some valued yourself positioning yourselves as a bad boy and refusing to change Jersey, slugger guy view from the other team, if he offers to trade, jerseys
yeah, I say, or do the Jersey Schwab then wipe your ass with it and lighted on fire and the fifty Ard life? That's it can about thank you. You got it. You know my move, you not a bad boy move as the boy boy move as we do. The move. Your own mean Joe Green Dead, where we go the Jersey, MRI and now the stadium and there's the poor inner city cared any hands you the coke and you shall get and then you pretend, Are the Jersey, Durham Ages, wipe your brow with walk in the and then he goes. He goes the poor. Kid who handed you the coke after just chug a whole couch, chug a whole lot coke, because, but I was gonna, get the Jersey, Unita, yeah, yeah the jersey? Any does where you go on Ebay, Bitch, like everyone else and you
the latter are put apply it now price on, therefore yeah yeah, I mean less it yet his brow. I always get creative have fun with it drop it right in front of you. You can have this year's come get it and then, when he's a walk, already used our peeing on I found it all yard static. It. I've got it so bad! That's about writing football players would get behind this. No more? This we're pals once a year that your friends and I were again we gotta get rid of the prayer circle to put players each team taking a knee getting an esoteric. All this is nonsense, warship, your God. If you want an out there I mean, maybe you never see jewish guys doing that, because there have been three jewish guys in the league in the history of the league. Maybe that's actually are. That's true- either how you pay the mice? What optical in my brethren in rows, what's in the last decade, her or two
ass, a little out of a little actual discussed. I mean that's what made for real. That's what made seven, these so much fun. You knew that the Steelers and cowboys didn't like each other. You knew that the raiders and Steelers didn't like each other that the raiders and dolphins were arch enemy with each other. Is it too much to watch grab ass after the game and before the game to it Look out about no good luck. I think we're gonna need look no further than the end of the last few Superbowl, like you know, it's city San Francisco, no bad blood, nobody, nobody hated each other each other's team? You didn't hear about? There's no love lost between these two great rivals in I've. Never hear any that step marries a here. There's no love lost the ice. Never under studied, but I, but I got the spirit of what note what the specific, what the literal meaning No love lost. I don't
believe you me they did asked as before. We will end up the week here. I wanted to thank you for one of your great life tat, bad advice for life tidbits. I now am too for two and with that, with both my young sons, Jean Claude Vandam check. Now I have dozen years at least ago, their debts, and now my little boy Hoover Damage Shack did the same thing? He's is five years old caught me was, it was gonna, take a shower and I said, are you can come in after me and I got out a shower nude. He saw me to put it. What did he say say dad you got a big wino then, who carry them
I'll carry that for the rest of his life, Jean Claude Vandam, unchecked many years ago, but I still remember like it was yesterday when I came out of the shower and he said dad that you'll we finally huge. You know some, so I'm too for two, and I think that his out now I have two sons who presumably are going to have some good self esteem when they talk with their peer group in high school, like my of oh man when he brain, look out well, but here's important here and here is a very important caveat. You can never let them see you again like if you go and cannot rang and are taken a leak off in the woods. You know why it'll be the same thing with your dick that happens to swimming pools when because you know when you buy a little. I had this talk like son their day like you want our old house when I was like five, he said I thought a pool with huge. Now wasn't wasn't that big wasn't pig, my grandmother had little pool. I thought it was a big pool,
It's you see that pool again as an authority on the cards are just show huge. When I was nine now it's miniature same thing. That will happen with grandma's pool will happen with your showed. If you ever, let you I shall say it again at about concerning to me and that's one, the grow up all right I mean we could press on. But I don't see the point. I think you ve said it all now I wanted to talk hot dog eating contest in the eye. New game for you, but you know what that will keep till next week. One quick to have real quick, neither one quick, because you are you- and I have talked about this in the past- not so its related, but it's always weird when the media doesn't tell you an important detail, because I know your big on specific said: that's a big, namely whether the specifics. In this Mary Trump Book about Donald Trump. She,
she said. She alleges that Trump on the night that his brother died, he had a heart attack and they were set summoned him to the hospital he instead Donald went to see a movie and then nobody said like what what movie? I think it's weird than nobody. So I looked it up these the movies that were in the theater that would have been available, which did he see body he french lieutenants woman, the evil dead, DAS, boot or mommy Dearest ongoing bought body. He. I think that was raised. On the other interview, I heard what the friend of the woman who wrote the book who is speaking on her behalf costs around, it has a gag order. That day when she was like twenty nine and shit, up at Marulanda like poolside trump like looked up and went Lamb, you're stack and
they probably that I gotta get could see this body he that Catalan turn right. Probably that's what I'm basing it on our good times aces always we'll be back with the some more Sports talked for area until then for Adam Girl, a Dave damaging with. Follow the Adam Carolla show on Twitter, Adam Carolla Show follow us on Twitter. Adam Carolla Att was a voicemail at eight hundred and sixty four one thousand seven hundred and forty four
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