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Part 2: Cousin Sal, plus the News (ACS July 29)

2020-07-29 | 🔗
Part 2 opens with today’s news. Gina reads some of this year’s Emmy nominations, which leads Adam to discuss the latest insane episode of Love Boat he watched. They also talk about Ellen DeGeneres still being under fire, and Donald Trump Jr. being blocked from Twitter for posting ‘misinformation’. Adam then discusses what he’s learned about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine and face masks. In the last part of today’s show, Cousin Sal joins Adam and Dave Dameshek for today’s Good Sports! Please support today’s sponsors: Geico.com Meguiars.com JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond TommyJohn.com/ADAM OmegaXL.com/ADAM or call 1-800-844-4888 MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM
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Jimmy came all would be back up stage hosting live with people crammed together in a theater, but we still out now but the nominations are out and boy Oh boy huge year for Netflix out did what did HBO this year, they grabbed a record. One hundred sixty nominations for shows like Ozark there. Around unbelievable. The Kaminski method dead to me, HBO Watchmen, received twenty six nomination which I have to tell you is up for now. in series, on marvellous, MRS Maes, all picked twenty nominations. I have the list of everything I could just gonna pick and choose if you want I was watching love boat last night. You are as worry hours realising what a crazy chow As everyone has now, it was an insane. It was an insane episode which is hey heavy literally this
This is what they will do. This is what they did in the seventies, one one of one of its stories that three stories going on simultaneously one of stories was that a young good look in who is sort of a man about town he with his girlfriend was barbie. Benton! oh sure in Barbie Benton- wanted to get married desperately to him, but he was like he'd. Do that move or they'd be dancing and he'd be looking over her shoulder and another hot check who was ten like making not wink at after the whole time and at some point she's. when we get to Mexico tomorrow, when we D Board the ship, we're gonna find a minister of the peace, we're gonna get married in Mexico, and he was
any some looked down at a magazine that was like on the floor and on the cover? Was a deadly disease like called the covert disease or something any luck you want. Oh, I buy cake it married. I have a deadly diseases, it's the Copa disease cycle. Reading it off the magazine and she immediately goes. Oh, my god! Why didn't you tell me that I didn't want to worry you and at some point this a true story. I mean the true love boat story. At some point she catches on that. He wishes to be asking and say, he had a deadly disease and that's why he didn't want to marry her and he couldn't marry her, and she said you know what I'm gonna bring you in the Doktor Breakers office: casinos, doktor, brick or cause she's, hot and doktor breakers- that doctor on the ship, and she's like. Can you just screw with them a little bit like pretend, like? You know that that that old trope they go
you're dying, I let me and they pull out a giant. Syringe shouted it's not gonna hurt a bet on the guy gets all scared, and we goes in to doktor breakers office with her blessing, so he can for a little pay back, he's gonna, she's, gonna, scare him now and breakers kind of like lock? Obviously I can't cut into I'm are anything but I'll scare minutes that move these to deal. Where they pull that they pull that napkin or the cloth? off the little operating table of the off the train is full of saws, gruesome, outcry in his eye. Woe and at some point he's like ah I was like bus and is chops and then at some point is like hey that he was like shoulders, a little tender doc. Anything really. Let me may feel that new start feeling its shoulders
that's interesting, hey, as do me a favor I hears about cold this book. Up with that hand hold it out all that I call drops it and pricker like looks enemies, like my God you have Lou Barracks disease that guy's like what Come on Doc, Gimme a break. I know what you're doing I get it now and it's like I'm sorry. And for me you have a alas, like you, you're you're, there's no cure, let us have the dark like walked out and Barbara is there there's like all boy doc you hit it out? Above Archy super upset, it's like I wish. I was Jean Luc This is cheeses. There's max rather I feel that as an watch is observed, I've been to trying to find it it's not on the internet yeah because its incredibly offensive, I'm like our right there.
Eleven minutes left in this episode how we gonna wrap this up, because everyone leaves happy when they walk off the ship there always her. There is happy that we work How you now- and he's in Rome and he's like drinking and he's like nobody wants me anymore and it's all fucked up and weird. He went out and banged a bunch of checks on the boat begin Barbie Brent, like blamed herself like I can blame him. If I had six months the live on one love as much as I could so fucked up, then some. while he's like drinking on the bed, and she goes, I'm gonna stay with the only like hugs him, and getting off the boat, and they're, all laughs and smiles and doktor breakers stand there he's not tell them to get us An opinion on these is diagnosed with full blown Lou derricks disease. No, no cure. the terminal Aziz, a terminal disease and they're getting off the off the boat
and there like a laughing it up and doktor burgers like laughing and they like they say it's the best medicine you're right about that and they start laughing. They walk right off the bat wow the Alice is that since my God, it's it's crazy course. I did that dive into the actor the actor who play. the guy was named Dac Rambo where is not that's also Jack Rambo? is his name in nineteen. Ninety four of agents of AIDS idea last yeah that was asked him, but the yeah. I was a boy This is what we had to watch is. This is what we had now. There's so many good God, Damn rose, I revenue and now we vat, but how about this the bank of Show so
why what we had was like we had so what the kid was like you want to watch. You went away. At episode, soda gillikins, island or the Beverly hillbillies are some green acres and all that kind of stuff. You know or even like these three stooges just now, it was all stuff that predated me, but you can watch they re run the three stooges they re run, kill in silent or the Brady Bunch or like that, my kids binge watching the family guy in the Simpsons and friends not only is there what's out right now there is a huge cache of great quality, shows like a go ahead, cover all set. Thousand. Episodes of the Simpsons Guy had now watch em off the
This is almost twenty years ago zone Sopranos twenty years ago you talk to these kids. What I was talking to him like in the seventh and eighth, raise like what, with whatever I want. You were watching the office and watch and friends in such a way as to watch great comedy. Full never have turned the watchword, all sign shoulders. It, oh God knows how many years yeah I'd. Let me hit how me John and then all will hate a few- these Emmy outcomes- if you know, if you please yes summer is in full swing. Tommy John proud announce their new essentials guaranteed to redefine comfort, no matter how hard it is new, hammock, Pouch MAC. Port for the manhood down their everything's amazing and their number one customer favorite second skin plus hammock shaped pouch for the boys made from ultra light, breathable anti odor air mesh fabric. This
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now, let s take a look at how about we do variety talk, series drama and comedy, though those are the big ones so for best variety, HAWK series. We have the daily show with Trevor Noah full frontal with Samantha, be Jimmy him alive last week tonight with John Oliver and the late show with Stephen Colbert. For the com, serious, curb your enthusiasm dead to me on Netflix the Good Place, NBC insecurity, We owe the Kaminski method, Netflix marvellous, Missis, Amazon, shits creek on the pop channel and what do in the shadows backs that was a vampire mock. Him they made into a series and for best drama, better call, sir. I am see the crown Netflix Handmaids too, Hulu killing Eve BBC. the man Delorean Disney plus Ozark Netflix, stranger thing that things, networks and succession HBO that Alex Bourse thing
nominated for forestry ear, sometimes right, Jennifer answer, that's a drama. Let me tell you Comedy: Christina Apple Gay. Linda Carlini, Rachel, broad and a hand from Miss May, as all cap n, O Hara, he's a and Tracy Hellas Ross abortion. I know she's. I think she's only for supporting I am looking at least that's. What I want God damn. It is Sheila, nothing it on him, but it would make that battle. Look yeah, let's hope. She's, not! You know she was Give me my kitchen many years ago, you guys now people forget, and then I am She is now in its wording. Actress in a comedy series out have that and then in our shortly after again, Bitch downtown kid. I became a big star, I have been here too much. Remounts bursting says I go well that the switch you get forbids me out my kitchen
maybe I'll give you a gig as a nanny are wet nurse or somethin where these days, you know when I have kids. The next thing you know she's all over family guy, like a nation, nomination, nomination and look at me. I'm doing a pod cart so here done lucky under some lucky, to date. No, that's right! She locked into that raw. You and she keeps lucky. Those Emmy Norms is what's right. You can't well, a little bit of an update on the current situation. These are a baby steps because you know it just kind of chugs along at its own pace, but Kim did Joe two while remaining on Monday to visit him. This is the first time they ve been in the same place, said The infamous South Carolina campaign rally this summer, though, is a pair. may this comes, you know, but there is soon thereafter. This comes a few days after Conny publicly apologize to came for over sharing. That's why
mentioned, even really want is, for the woman has a hard core porn tape of her howdy over share with that bird said earlier. I dont want out the problem of these are grandma, some girl dignity, vote Dmz says Kim and the family had been desperately trying to get Conny into treatment for serious, bipolar episodes, but he's unwilling listen and the cartoons were at a loss. How to help in me, Conway managed to submit signatures before Monday's deadline in Missouri to get on the presidential ballot there and still determined whether he made the cut, but the party him that is taking this seriously video. Time out. He had a record out or coming now coming out right. I don't know they come out. Did it so a lot did it get. Yours are too much controversy
they didn't sell like. What's the right amount of controversy or ink or whatever, whenever we're talking about, I dont know of it out. I don't even know. If he's still hot is the kids? Would you after hearing the new on a rock lose its tenth album. It was scheduled to be released on the twenty fourth, but it was unreleased on that date. So is called Wet Wikipedia says it's called yet it dawned up with child really yeah streaking o edge, and what is the and I knew I know, there's there's a whole beyond say thing: that's going on with the videos and all that kind of stuff and trying to keep plug. Then you know, Tansy, some trying to figure out what the kids erruptive enlighten us Stick, her yeah well, I don't
line king sort of thing that beyond says doing called black black prince by why go Yang black? Ok, that's all! That's a whole video thing going on and to check that out, but dad events into with Kenya. Now now I'm trying I keep thinking back to those categories like where they have variety host, but then what bill MAR land in and then also isn't that doesn't. These are, they showed a famous forgone, no bill MAR show falls under cabaret he'd, be put with musical incompetent. They re like why not just have all sort of late night, guys news guys, Sir Pullman one barrel and then we'll decide a white while why don't they do that, like? Where Bill MAR Show Bianca You got some Emmy Emmy nods, but it's not in width John Oliver or Norton camel
The US has monologue. Has debts has interviews amines tools like as in a category so that it just got no nods? Black? Is King Dubuque on Disney plus this Friday, so so says MAX apparel I'll? Let you were even go on MAX Paddle find out didn't kind of real time get and bill get nominated, a house limiting their Gina yeah. I was looking for it to answer chrysalis yeah? I have the partial that you know that the big the big ones right here so Ellen Ellen is not in the clear not even a little bit. The show is now the subject of an internal investigation by Warner media following numerous accusations of toxic work environment. That's according to buy variety dot, COM Kennedy.
we'll be ignored according to sources. Employees were notified last week that a third party, formal interview, current and former staffers about their experiences on the set. This comes amid reports of intimate. Asian behind the scenes of the long running show in aid. variety reported that the production crew was outraged when they were told to expect reduce compensation in the beginning of the lock down these allegations came. After Ellen herself came under fire for not being is kind as the person we see on camera, and then I think it was a week ago, possibly two weeks ago, the EPA came out and just fell. On the swords and none at all. If you're gonna blame anyone blame us doing anything they come to protect Ellen, but it's not enough to stave off this investigation. World measures golden goose right does. Ebay is really really well paid as long as that share keeps going norms for a bill march this year, interesting
You know Ellen, I'm not a huge ran of Alan, but do we really need to investigate and curbing mean I mean I mean these days. It's an investigation that toxic first of all, I dont know. First up our toxic admit: can it be theirs? There's this free food? You don't owe me that how toxic can work environment, be literally has a craft service. Will Hake, like you, can just go eat as much as you want? There's air conditioning too. for seven I don't, I don't know historically I'm sure working for Johnny Cash Person was no picnic and- and I am sure, I'm sure, Jackie Gleason was no price Look, I'm sure. Historically, Lucille Ball was probably a bare try, like people be chain smoking probably haven't a martini at lunch. You know it.
I say very one was nice at work. On the other hand, I don't think it's a crime to be Betty Do you know, and also if Boss is a consistent dues. I feel free to quit. Scope go somewhere else. Do another job Well, that's the thing it's like, so why so many investigations over and you find out that every but everything's corroborated now. What now? What? What? What does she gets? find from the nice believe I mean what or who we comparing or two and like the female Comedian Department, Roseanne I was the rosy like who brat butler who is it Engaddi crazed batch in the end they female comedian and mail for that matter, but I'm a what female communes aren't there all notoriously insane So what are you would expect? You know that was on You know: you're gonna work for Jeff Fox worthy over there, the Africa
and when you say yes, what what do we do now? Well, people did quit and then, when that sort of funny twitter through, came out about. You know what what is the deal with Ellen you can see, Your piece for an your peace has been said. So don't know what happens at the end of this investigation, but their investigating it. Under. So you know Ellen was interesting and that at the head that whole thing with she was it Texas Stadium and she shared the both with George W and then her fans rule rage and she had a kind of come back and explain that. That's ok, you know we're friends, your ladder, friends who disagree with politically, which which I applauded as I've said, I did find it interesting that he didn't have to apologize anyone for hanging out with a lesbian, but she had no its highest one for hang out with the Republican by shooting our time explaining
one away, because if the guy comes back in a dress, is it what exactly this is a tougher pie right, you don't she's, gonna have to do, she's gonna have to cry he's, gonna have, admit her wrong, doing, say: she's, not a perfect human and sometimes she's falling short of being kind to one another and she's gone. Strive to do better and you're gonna have to do it, a coil dancing with you regard maybe some kind of some regulatory above molestation victimization, some sort of form that would be going remind us how far come from being a fee
a comedian out lesbian remind us of her struggles and then and shut it here and promise to do better area were craft, and this has come along Isley up yet being a female comedian being a lesbian who was constantly scared of being of being how did in an all boys club I had to have my guard up, and I had to defend myself constantly. You know what that's probably true good, GINO got threatened thrive. There's you put on this. The you put this veneer to protect yourself. You grow this lizard scan because of that because of what you had to endure, Andy Head and- and you had trouble turning off, sometimes yeah I drifted too far from the shore right and and thank you for pointing me back. Thank you for being my lighthouse always be nautical,
I made a donation to you know this foundation. You know the anti bullying I'm undergoing classes or or Moliere, or maybe that some more specific, like there's a foundation for bitchy, owes huh like where they're like I don't. If there is such a thing, but saying, Arbour. Walter's bandit vs made it down donation undergoing this. Yes, I think should be our Castro struggling struggling with the material or substance in here. Like you know, nothin to heavy, like pills, then are for people. Take too much water or something like I erratic something so suddenly something that, through your chemistry off a little, but she felt an obligation of pressure to stay a certain size. That's Russia was up you guys, airtight Elden, that's right! Now, now sorry you're missing something! That's in plain sight. I dont know how old she is
men at eyes, free menopausal, I'm just discovering what this does your body guard I've discovering it along with you walk. I combine that with the medication that are quack doktor put her on stop the hundred lashes bachelor. So up the beach genus entails eighty better yeah. This is good. This is gonna, be he's gonna be out of every five. However, stop someone who, who didn't fair as well for twelve hours, was dull. Junior that's how long his twitter account was taken offline for posting quote mislead and potentially harmful information about the crew The virus he is the the son of the president. He showed a tweet, including a video people, claiming to be doctors and arguing you dont need masks. A twitter spokesperson explained Wheat is in violation of our covert nineteen misinformation policy. He will not be allowed to tweet for twelve hours. Then
shared the same tweet. He took it down, so he didn't get suspended. Oh you, young guy had suspended for hydroxyl clerk. did your daughter talk or promoting enterprise or something right and the doktor. Sort of throwing his support behind us Stella a man you well, I want to say your name is well there's a couple: those that suggestion after this that that's guide her, because she believes that my demonic possession and witchcraft- and there is like a big black Jamaica. that's what I'm talking about that there would seem to fit the demonic the haitian part of the whole thing she hatch might be. My Syrian. I got a lot she some cheese from a place that doesn't look down its nose, demonic, possession. We're here like special embraced, especially on the west side. You usually scoffed at. If you start talking about demonic possession
I was his was, is with EEG it did. He get down and for no mass gonna get down her hydrochloric. Will there there what they were all part of the same video so and within other hydra. I only saw the cork went, part oh and apparently she's. The reason why demons sperm was trending. All cool, the woman who was given the impassioned speech. Yeah, I'm just gonna trainer skin this as we go, but yeah. That's that The woman Stella Manuel is the one that's getting sort of in the bought light right now it turns She has a history of making particularly outlandish claims, including the uterine disorder endometriosis, is caused by sex with demands that take place in dream. I will now I gotta go back to my own. You said outlandish tuna supply from the outset that I need get ready to block all in my doctor. The video showed a group that has dubbed itself America's frontline doctors standing on the steps of Supreme Court
mean that neither mass nor shutdowns are necessary to fight the pandemic, despite a plethora of expertise to the contrary,. Yeah this from the Washington PO? They were so they're all the pro hydroxide clerk when zinc people, doctors, at least that's the vets off. That's who there it drew's stand by a hundred percent, I think Drew's on it by the sex sector. The demon now they are Hydroxide Clark went back and I oh, what the deal is: it'll it'll DR drew insane. If you bring this up in front of him, and very effective, and I I I then I guess it what we might have been doktor drew, but we also have some and it comes on twice a week named doktor RE whose apologist and he comes on the Conway show, and I believe the thing we just that the reason why there are claims that it doesn't work is there because at that point they were giving it to me
We who are on death's door if nothing was going to work the so that that was what guides put out into the news. Just because it drives me not when a drive to expression that's what we know is it doesn't work if you're down the road with this disease or particularly sick, it doesn't really have an effect. My luck, I guess lots of things, don't really In fact, once you in TAT way down the road wealth sir: whenever reduction, yet putting a broken leg bandy, will not work at that point right, but evidently the hydroxyl cork, when with the zinc in this is the rise in, I think, together works railway. But the zinc is really good enough Cologne drew says is, is good and they had Roxy. Cork is good in the hydrogen. pork. When is over the counter in many countries and sixty five years old and it costs, I don't know to box a pop or something you can't really cheap generic versions.
Crazily available and many populations are just on it chronically as of either very well. People, malaria, the though areas are on it and are just on it prophylactically and then, when people travel to those areas there on it, so that the part where it's like, there's all the side effects and all that according to drew, who said, screamed many times he's, given this pill out too many many patients and theres many more side effects to aspirin in Thailand all so I I dont know why so politicize and supersize it. It appears to be effective if you get on it early like when we talk, doctors, a link all about it and there was just a whole article in was it news weak yesterday maxim theirs article and neutral
are one of those publications that just when they did a bunch of tasks and turns out to be helpful. I donno second a cure you, if your deep into it, but it's good prophylactically and its also good if you'd just are showing some comes we're here. If the here's, the divining rod of truth, if at all, we're all of a sudden feeling covered gossip. or maybe diagnose. You know what the test or whatever would you want and take Hydroxyl Clark when YAP Blake, I heard probably want that the actual dressed oh you're, going back to Texas, your travel around, maybe I'll, just put on it like Boca mean sounds like a threat
I know that magazine article seven of the other. Five days ago, news weekly snorkel called the key to defeating covert nineteen already exists. We need to start using any talking about hydroxyl clerk. We look for clean and it's written by Harvey a rich Md Phd professor of epidemiology at Yale it just it there's a way too much controversy about it. It's just it. It's pretty safe. I mean it's very safe, been given out I've times, millions, millions and millions and billions of pills have been consumed over sixty? I've year so get on it. The problem is now that it's been police size, pharmacists, don't wanna ride it. Doctors don't want give it out or many doctors, many pharmacists and now people are having an argument about something that could be a fact but either way it appears as if there's a few other medication centre.
Are promising out. There is well I'd. I don't know, I think, before we find the vaccination will find that these steroids of these other decadent on someone was news, awry ordinary, everyday Sarah, when this this vaccine isn't moving at a pace that any vaccine has ever move. Before I mean the race is on their talking about having something by the very beginning of next year, the entire world is? Working? Twenty four hours a day around the clock on this vaccine, so its common and that's the other. My brain says, would you get a jockey clerk, one who's gonna be the first to take the vaccine cause a boy. I talk about politicizing, something true already signed up to be like part of them. First patched, hosting whenever summarily everyone who saw many phases of TAT day before they release it to the market that I feel After boy enough ever vaccine came out the whenever Kanab like yells has been tested. Quite vigorous, o surprise, you ok with having a tracking devices injected into your blood. Now, Canada I mean,
I have heard one around there's a scene in article- it came at a couple of hours ago- study finds Hydroxyl clerk. We may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts: then they hate I'd, love to see it tromp said it may show some promise. Is that ok, somebody would you No nobody! You didn't come up with that, like saying, as is CNN Trump, and think that, because he said, somebody fuck and told them, that's all parroting, something that somebody there was this studies. Somebody wrote a paper and then somebody told Trump and then Trump said it. That's all you didn't invented he's not smart. It doesn't make him a scientist, doesn't mean you don't even need to get many credit. He just said something somebody said: Durham, you don't need to launch a war on on her. Saying it wasn't his idea. I it's
it's insane, it's like it's like Trump shouldn't get credit for, saying something was effective because some other doktor did the research and then He just saw the article and I'll bet you didn't even see the article. Someone probably just told them hey this thing may be good and then like. When Joy Bay Har is yelling at the senator. What are you doing taking hydroxide Clark when you see me smart Guy, what's wrong with you, it's her. It's is doctor, he's not taking it. His doctor is giving it to em you're, not joy by our unite yelling at him, your yelling at the doktor. Why you yelling at the doktor. The doktor has given this person this medication, because in there rational opinion. It would be helpful for them, so this hidden there's no reason to politicize this one either
works are doesn't work and if it works, then you should avail yourself of it and apply the way that for so many things that Trump Fox up so many tweet, just somebody policies are so many snail manufacture right. Why do you have two points to this? One thing as the image you didn't say: I've invented something in the base, whether the White House, he too said the thing may prove to be the one he was trying to be. You know give people he's probably trying to go. You know this thing looks promising. I'm gonna get you don't need to attack it it maybe aid it is. It is appeared. Promising move on to one of the many many tweets one of the many statements, one of the many anything's that you can move on to and leave this one alone because it's been so polite size that a lot of people are able to get it now because we ve
such an issue about it? I don't. I don't yeah sorry MAX power. What what is that there's plenty to there's plenty that he says that you can pick apart on? daily basis once in a blue moon. He may be right about something: that's not even his idea, somebody and on the right information. Yes, he passing along study. Fines has Roxy Cormorant Corcoran, may have boosted as survival, but but researchers have doubts, ok, research have doubts. It's always show India has doubts. As always. I disagree that this part of the headline that part of the that should have been in the headline now, I mean I don't want to say it sort editorializing, but its close to just say other researchers, it. You know when you just say, study fines, oxy clerk when may have boosted survival, writes that unite us Just that there are differing opinions, may have usage vilely added that that does not as yet, it probably did
survive? Also you don't need the word may, but then you go, but others have doubts. If you ever, you ever look online any see, but others have doubts. That means we took a stand against this. Whatever was early now they France come in and turns out we're fucking wrong, but we don't want to say that so we go, but others have doubts and that our wealth. and I did have an area that came out earlier this month- not it wasn't right cobblers. How dare you can we just have sums, summit between the mask Karen's and the anti Hydroxyl chloric wins and tell them both to shut the fuck up and just let's on science? Yes, they both or effective, as long as tuna, broader glascock, philosophical tangential, Croatia. I've been thinking about for a couple days now. So what How many months ended this and locked for five five months and we ve been going about fucking mass for potentially for five months, whether this our role where them, whether they really do anything Baltimore
We have the same argument. I think I'm not gonna linear by saying the situation is getting a lot better. Like we're kind of you know maybe getting worse and more shutdowns, and where can we just as I maskers? How about just for a few, ex, maybe a month and a half where the masks two things one or two things that happen: one we're gonna fuckin this thing into the ground and there we go or to approve all of us working robes wrong either way you in true you don't think about Nancy Maskers is, I don't think it's about the effectiveness of a mask. I think these are just it's about God and control you're a hundred percent, although I know some things, you're Dugan on yourself that even if we want to hold down here on things we probably you dont, say and polite company what about faith? What about God people below even God and they believe in haven't they don't know. Oh, but you know what it doesn't hurt doesn't hurt to believe
Why can't we take the same principle and applied to something on this earth that we're all living on now kaluza massacre and drew? Always I always straightaway what what about the mask guys like where, where mass so after a says where mask drew says where Mask Andrew says, Hydroxyl cork. When is effective So there you, our body, both things can be true. Both things can be true, aren't let me his Geico here right now. Guy goes offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and are very policies that is fifteen percent on top of the money Geico could already. saving you. If your signed up with Geico so way ago, Geico never been a better time to switch over to Geico and save an extra fifteen percent. When you switch by October
haven't sir visit Geico dot com and learn more. That is Geico Dad come and learn more about switching over it. MAX a pattern of the haitian woman doktor. Can you find her clip somewhere the I'll get it she was up and passion Sorry, can I just tell you I just got a notification settings. You get em, you dont facebook you're following someone, the the notification that came up this second, is but a friend of mine. That said in this house, Sid six hours ago, but this notification came up during that red. I think there's some good added to show a good possibility of some benefits of Hydroxyl clerk when, as part of a treatment part protocol for patients with covered nineteen? This places me all too close to the side. Lead by the doctor, who also warns about demon sperm for the record have no opinion yet on demons bar. So you you can pick out the facts whatever you want and also bad p.
Both are allowed to say. True, fangs and and good people can do things better. bad on occasion and say things that are untrue and also bad people can be great surgeons and save your life or people you disagree with can be great airline. pilots and save your life and an emergency like this. Do you know we're all the the the baby out with the bathwater? Some people you can choose not to have dinner with, but you'd. They would be great if they were working and performing spinal surgery. on you or what have you? I mean there's plenty of that in this world. I saw one more Gina grant all right. Well at first, this seemed like conspiracy, theory or just a rumour going around, but there's enough evidence that put it in the news. This is from the done your daily news, agricultural of
shells in twenty seven states are issuing warnings about these suspicious package's from China containing schemes that are urging people to plant Bam people across the country of reported receiving these solicited packages from China in size, a little small packet of seeds, which states agricultural departments say they could be an invasive plant species which may destroy native plants and cry its unclear exactly who is sending the seeds but officials? anyone who receives a package should notify state authorities immediately and will find. This is a big hopes are not, but it is. It is make the news rounds here. I hope when this whole thing is done, weaken deal with China and a little more fact if whites that throwin work their way, because these people are fucking bad people, I mean they're, making faint Nelson in Mexico whenever we talk ahead, Galleron like fall, the fender comes in for Mexico, but it's all Chinese set up chinese labs
these cover their jobs out. I mean it's fucked up and we're way too. I mean we're fucked, because we got Hollywood in the NBA everyone's kind of got their got their back, and then And then you know, and then trumps I did what Theo whew hand Hong Kong flew in all that kind of shit, and then everyone just went to defend China, but let that sir, start lose our eyes on the prize. Again two things be true? Trump can be a buffoon, an hydroxide Clark went, can be effective in Trump can be. A buffoon in China can still be evil that, let's not forget that peoples, a video of the port and upon possessed doktor lady ass, a few months after you have over three hundred and fifty patients was not lost one, not a diabetic, not somebody I block. I shall not. Somebody asked me what I'm all present left- one patient.
On top of that, I put myself my stuff many doctors, that I know I'm just looking for prevention, because by the mechanism of actual he works early unless it Prophylaxis, we see patients ten to fifteen forty pages evidence. We give them breathing treatments really where such a grandma none of us I've gotten see it looks so right now I came here to washing beseech of South America. Nobody needs to die. I'm upset well upset, I simply cannot breathe. I say press walk in. I think diabetic sit in my office, knowing that this is a death sentence under Cumbria extorted, it's gonna be ok, you're gonna leave how we treat them and they leave
none has died. So if some snakes, I am some person, sponsored by always speak from companies concepts, they dont studies, and if that doesn't work, I can tell you. Category colleague is fixed science. I wanna know it's bullshit, that's study. I want nobody's behind it, because there is no way I country three hundred fifty patients, I'm counting on nobody is dead and you d better. Nobody needs to get sick. Guy has a cure. We got to the point Are those Del Roy Lindo from those out but also big farm. is out of the picture, because this stuff is been around for sixty five years in cost twenty cents. A pill are something so everyone, whose constantly railing about big farm and turn in a huge profit knock. being a marble does not want this hydroxyl clerk when to be ubiquitous in and be successful. I wouldn't think if there's investing billions in research and cures and all sorts of staff, so for you know,
If you don't like big farmer, Andy you like effective medication and you hate Trump, you can still like practical workmen. the more you now I let's bring it home, Gina Grand God, I'm Gina grad and that's the news with Gina grad last or not, we simply say two eyes and there never feel unsafe at home. Protect your home. Do today get free shipping, it simply safe dot. Com, slash, all right. Let's see San Antonio, the improv coming up, that is as it at the emperor No, it's not actually never hurt. You said laughing loud yellow. That is this weekend will do a couple alive, podcast there and will do a couple. A stand up shows there and then she great got fell but join our pods on Friday, sorry so enjoy that
I'm your emotional support animal available as we speak, Amazon and beyond and Tempi Improv. That is a September eighteenth and nineteenth reschedule, shows there so goddamn crawler com for all. You need or think Mark CARE, Gus reasonable, doubt a courses. Gas Maria kind of cover is well the biggest bluff name, her Bach and Jeff Fox worthy until they do paper. Here we go. What's it worth, thank you, and until next time this is animal. All them gene and saying La La Stick around Adam Girul returned with Dave Damage, egg and cousin sound good sports right after this
Radio David Ricardo broadcast. One sportsmen sports allows boards very welcome to another episode sure to be filled with some hot sports talk here. Good sports Dave damage check here, Adam Parole over there.
Ace what's going on, we're not close to sports they're here were actually into some actual squawking. Some of them are getting shut down here and there, but nevertheless sports NEO There can we give and cousin Sal's our guest today by the way they produce, guys either is that's my old, that's my ass, my new friend I get the Doktor Adam Corolla about sports and who in applesauce- and I get the talk with confidence our about sports, because just launched his very own, a podcast network gambling sports Hui Applesauce, all of it covered salad. I thrice weekly talking about sports and otherwise on extra points to make sure you track it down wherever you find your favorite podcast download it subscribe.
on itself forth now cause has now that's it. I'm here I don't know why we waited twenty years is the quarantine it has taught us anything. We should be doing ship that we want to do right, and I say this is terrestrial radio. I forgot. I followed your career, now look right like why. Why not do what you want to do for most of the week? If you keep your able to another night, I know people get mad, wonder when you're allowed to lecture wings, and Fine, but now I see it. It is a new world order. You do realise this is what South has been doing since he was in the ninth grade. Why not do it for living look? Maybe it's a bad example, but Jeffrey Epstein did what he wanted to do. I mean ok poor example, but I'm saying oh what I'm saying luck condoning the man what I'm saying you do. What you want to do. This is the modern they are the only example. I don't know where I'll see what I got right. Our women feel row
all does a show on travelling in eating. Ok forget about. Actually this is a better example. There are different Phil Travel. And a loves travelling, and then he eats and he loves eating so Phil Rosecrans scratch Epstein film, that is a good example of a guy doing what he wants to do. That by more so than I'm doing it with Dave. You know we watch the games for twenty years and sometimes in eight by ten room. You know you ve been down there with us Adam in Vienna. The conversations would extend an hour after football is over, so we're just picking it up. Twenty years later, will the conversation turned cousin Sal a couple of days ago when I was sitting with that MIKE August in Texas, eating barbecue and, I might add, by the way, MIKE's new thing as the washing ten former Redskins, the Washington football team knee. they have to change your name to the Washington generals and then
explain that's the team that never wines that plays the Harlem Globetrotters and then he paused, Then he says, generals would be an awesome name for the Washington Football team, and then I go there might be a team already has that name and their associated with losing perpetually because right, but they should call themselves the general so that we have that conversation twenty three times on the roll call him the general. So we're look it up Roy On June, you are fighting Thyssen, we ve all seen. Thyssen lookin, like he hasn't lost, beat hit those focus pads the other day and he said Look it up on line and said I you know Thyssen was getting. You know, I don't know plus one, but he was favorite or something like that, like that's insane against Roy Jones Right Jones element of legitimate heavyweight like that's insane, and then we should call thousand sow, and I don't know what happened after that. Potations patients should be a heavy
read if he issued, although you are surprised by that, I wanted to now one up. He was a dog in the first article I looked at and I sell. Let's get some money on Thyssen, Lickety split, they want to know you gotta now once out I'll? Let me look it up, because I have and look for a while, but you're right it at it did change and then there's Jake Paul over night. Robinson right is on the same the hour there My son was informing me yesterday that Detonate Robinson has won the slammed dunk competition three times more than three the ring he said. Times. I mean more than Jordan in more than Dominique Wilkins like more than yes, I have. Our friends a bet online as of this moment, as we
court on Monday they have Thyssen as a favorite at minus one. Seventy and Roy Jones Junior plus one forty, that's what I'm so it's that that would you call that close fish? They even yeah. I think so little money comes in on Roy Jones and I'll drop, that about one Ford and Then it's a coin flat, but I will say just a push back and I would certainly take the council of either one of you guys over my own about this fight, but isn't it like Isn t in fifty seven and Roy Jones, Junior, fifty one I feel we're being cavalier about those six years for two men in their fifties. We would certainly up I that if it were a thirty four year old, fighting a forty year old rye like while the younger guys that he's the hell now? Forty doesn't matter if it might thousands coming up on sixty, I think Thyssen's. Fifty four maybe ties that fifty four sets closer than I- and I would say- The recent footage of ties
looking very cress on on those focused It's me looking really grasp it as you eat, because when you get Oh there, you kind of lose that crispness. You know that snap and that poppy kind of lumber. him. Looking sharp. I dont know I feel, like you know, as us alone would say the powers, a lasting that that goes right. I mean if you still got that pop in your hands. If, if any, that stuff lands on Roy Jones who's been fighting, he's been fighting kangaroo, in the coming. I'm a burn, I feel like the last ten years on the other. They aces. Google images that pop up my mind taken on the other side, Roy Joneses last few fights E. He got zombie right, like you,
there were knocked out like you to mine. I wanna watch this more than once I mean he was just obliterated right, just didn't than the canvas and then like. Ok should not ever what fight again, and this was a does dozen years ago, maybe eight years ago, and while his last report they re our last meeting last thing in it in these desperate times we have you, no beggars can't be choosers, maybe and an ace you and me gotta tweet from a listener asking. Maybe this is just the start if these two fifty something's in the ring. When are we gonna, get deaf forming and Larry homes in their seventy? I'll I'll sign off on that. You know I'd non resident, is due in worth thereon. All people to the to the wolves aid these duke and to set up engine areas can slug it around why do we have to pull everything? Shall I say, look Now we all, let's give Don king, let's give the devil his do
don King may be amongst the worst human beings ever, but there's two things about Don King or maybe he's The ultimate example: that's a guy just doing what he wanted to do and getting paid for by our eye. The worst guy in the world. But let me tell you what he's inadvertently created a whole bunch of broke out boxers from our childhood right, who need to fight now? You know Ex Louis, doesn't need the cash in the clear goes: don't need the cash, but anyone who don King handled needs the cash. Thus they're going to. Fighting into their mid eighties and that provide
that provides entertainment for us. We get to see guys you recently when we were fourteen now fighting in Werner fifties right. We have to be so cynical about the who, when they went on tour in the late eighties Gore, these old guys lazy. Now now the skies development efforts at the June octogenarian fighting with each other this the kind of find Sal, and I also that I also also guarantee the first time I probably made fun of the rolling stones and how old they were foregoing back out on concert. I M now older than Keith Ai Weiwei rhyme. He won out that for the steel wheels to or when I was galleries old, guys up there with their depends diapers drink there sure I guarantee and worrying than they were.
In our view, remember a y know your bill. Remember the name like Ferrucci was a writer on the man shall, and he was a little older than the rest of us, and we used to have a joke are another writer, Jordan Reuben would come. Behind his chair and we'll I'll bet and say, ok visiting cars are over and we get our energy was probably forty and a half years. All right now in this sad is, is like when you start watching. Those show shows used to watch and you realize that not only are you older than the star, like you know, older than the star of B, which area are older than baron, but I'm is all this. His boss was like, I may be Larry Tate aid. In autumn, like like. I'm old was all this captain stooping was when I was watching the longboat. What was stooping Gary Love Boat, hit like seventy nine, what what captain stooping
you exact up you I'm another one, a tale from an old man and the sea when quick in jaws, more three of us are older than when I was in Jaw Alcoa, that's terrific, of Robert YA. I let me hit the road rail. Another wanna get a cart load or seventy five years, all! Oh, my god. Seventy five, God and yes do most so I Gavin Macleod must of what was the actor must a hit in seventy eight. Seventy nine start. Seventy six and sex. Yes, and by my I could be by a year? But I believe you around forty five, God we're all older than the captain from the love, but the old this guy on that boat, Roy older than he is either me bet, online sports is coming back and so your chance to win with our exclusive
now that online dot, a m l b as back but online, has all the odds, futures and prompt Why money may, whether it's gonna joined the bet online came for the the ice is right. O talking about his jewelry got a chance to win prizes and you can bet on the cost Displaying visit bet online, Dad Agee today, check out all the odds and the up to date, the sports NEWS forget to sign up and don't forget, I should say to sign up, take advantage all the welcome. Sports bonuses are going on out there. This bet on line dot. Agee are exclusive, partnered podcast one and don't forget promo code podcast, one for your sign up bonus today. It is our part. They pot gas one bed online. Your online sports book experts are,
forget or Jones forget to sign off so that they don't forget, forget don't forget to sign up plug our sound, William Unplug, the South South, you once you hate once you jump on the next show with us as well, I think this is work out what that was a shall we just then I know it's weird right: the extra points podcast network and its valuable o. First guess, hedge. If you must know camels published having cables Virgil, Sally, undamaged, check it out to be months Monday, Wednesday, Friday, sports, gamely pop culture, entertainment all all be there, and where do we find that we apple and everywhere else everywhere? You fine pod gases, thou follow on social media to videos coming out as well. If you want to see our handsome Putnams cubits about sports working life all right, good, stood out from cousin Sow S good times, will talk to you tomorrow with more hot sport stock. Until then for Corolla and sow,
sports out. The Adam Carolla show on Twitter. Adam Carolla show followers on Twitter, Adam Carolla, voicemail at eight hundred and sixty four one thousand. Seven hundred and forty four about a new book. I'm your emotional support animals available everywhere, get all the legs at item. Corolla dotcom! Welcome the fair debit twenty twenty presented by that online on your host brand. Once time we have an amazing panel of guest. Today you see Harold Reynolds, blatant fielded, major league baseball for a number of years. You could see him every day on the and I'll be network. These days it is prestigious broadcasting career. Any George, when the high control
in writing. I is one of the best running backs in Houston: Oilers, Tennessee, titans history and Robert Ory is one of the most clutch basketball players in India play off history, a number of different championships with three different teams over sixteen years high to all of you picture joining us today than they were Miata. I look. Let's switch over to fancy talk about what that looks like what that feels. Like Eddie, you play the estates you played at one of the most iconic legendary venues that there is an american sport played the NFL as well. So, let's start with you here, the idea playing ball games about fans that that feels like what do you know what it feels like and it is not is not fine. It's you need the energy all of your you're you're with your home, your home video. You need the feds support. You we're we're down you're, trying to figure out a hollow,
worse to adversity as team, you need. The spanish fan, support also Would you on the road to oppose the teams feed off the same type of energy, so the fans are very much a part of sports. Like anything else, there are. Definitely they play a role in it and that's the whole point the given say: that's why they have home field events or home for the bandit. Build advance is a deadly, a field to which I want to see. It's gonna pull like like a sprang practice. If you will want to feel like any of war, fights grimace not gonna had very much meaning without the thanks. I wanna be a different view. Robert for you. I mean for your league you're, going right into the play off and there's no fans on what was jerked periods like having fans in the stands for play out games, and what does it mean to you? Do not have them in what is the biggest
of the season for the NBA work. For me, I fed on their energy in, and I also love going into a different like visiting arenas shut him up because it was there. was satisfied, then said there must be no haven't met at three, but I think sometimes people don't understand how much as athletes we need. Friends, we love
is it we appreciate him greatly and all our tat. We can act like we don't by NASA an autograph, but we really appreciate barriers because they give us a region or on at any level at the excited to get over. That mountaintop, I think about we played on the Portland engage. Several was accomplished finals and gave war against seven. If what were you no doubt twenty points, but we get those barriers behind us too to come true and make them nervous. You know that helped us, that's why you play for home quota vanishes bodies. Moments like this, when you need those bad behind you to get you over the top, so it is high play without saying, but I will say this without fans you go see. Who is the best you can see? Who has the heart in the mindset to get over the top because they don't have the fans the pushing a given an extra mile. So now the truth, the true time that people are going to come through at the end
I got to tell you that as a fan. That is one of the unintended good consequences here of Oliver. here the things that we ve always want to hear that we work, Sir, was ever really going on. Eddie, I'm curious worth in football. Some so much the vocabulary served from team, the team, audible in place like that helpful that play its best ass, a great poet, because you know the arm. The patriots began before giving oddballs getting there the signal their knowing their checking that given so that's that's gonna be interesting because it had other proud noise knew TAT out helps, and you can't pick up what things by me to pick up like up, check with me. You know going right, you know regular n n N
they would ever it is. I mean you get. You can pick up on those things, so I think that at all and in terms of game planning, we too weak therefore had to change up. There will cabbie Larry to communicate what they want. Complete of late, and it would be interesting to see how the happens from a health perspective. We must establish you guys just some level witness the fans in their presence, but but what concerned you have about people being in the standards Well, I think if you want to get through the season, ask me without France? Does you just You can't risk a fan coming down shaking somebody's hair, your natural reaction, somebody says hi to you, you are reach out your hand right fist pump whatever what happens if a player contacts covered through a fair, you got a contract All the fans ended in a cell team down, I just think, is there cold enough to keep that quiet and healthy.
And not involve fans- and I know that's not what I'm wants to hear what I think that's where we're out right now and I said this is a revolver and who knows by the time we get to September, My totally be different, but for now. We start now try just yet players Phil, I find it difficult to them the not gonna interact with fans is a natural thing to do so. I think that complicates the global. Does this Martha What about you? What you said? You fell off the fans like having a there with the public health in your personal health. If you were playing at risk, how do you feel about the idea of fans being in this thing? You can't be done. I think if you can find the right capacity, you can begin to kind of charcoal
Restrictions of the stadium he's not every even in normal times that everything's gonna be full anyway, so is only certain markets and places it. I think team did or export capacity on the average need to have those plans out. A big events come come in with mass. They provide can sanitized there their leader a protocol that there are no clear fan interactions. No only brass I'll lay all the rules outwards able. I think it could be done appropriately. I think of you and somehow managed the concessions? You know sixty distance biggest where people go in one way up all the time. It's not all over the place. You can provide that in terms of a state in environment and have experienced it can be done about I'll. The players can necessarily
call me, Martin, the expert, I'm not a doktor through fan interacts, despite being there is more on the steel dead from other player. Thinking here. Well, friends of having fans understands it can be done, is done appropriately responsibly and has to be well thought out and they had to check the able to check the temperatures of people. Do alarm testing a screening prior to that, I think it can be done. Hell. Would you please would you when I play the advice, would have you know a single throughout most of my career, I mean, through all my career, saying letting marital after a baseball, so yeah my would play I can understand gas and other towns is so because of the fact that when you look at my trap, it is why is expecting the first sound Nargis an hour. Business right round before the sat down
how can the MIKE and if so, a static about been home and ask me was lagging deliver Roman, your kids were born and use all enthusiastic about all that as something you think about forever, particularly with the first one and so now no one day it was gonna be an August. He was like a prime minister couple gains, probably back then the pandemic kids, turn into their sole decision of what is he going to do those that you guys real, quick. The challenge for these players is not: carry yourself. Is all your teammates everybody's in it, so I don't know what they're doing when they leave and whose around and everything else, I think desperate even more of a challenge with contact testing If someone all the sudden outside, You're smear has had cards, Somebody now also you gotta, get quarantine and
so those are the towns is nonetheless what my trousers, Israel Stroke were so that's a long answer being single, no kids. Mercury outcry play, but had I had family like Robert was talking about, presented different towns robber. Would you played if you're still playing right now, you play I'll probably would have, because you know it. You know it also depends on where I am at my career. You know if I'm like five years ago, ten years it like you, it was like sixty, Is it in my career? I wouldn't do it is because No I'm odor. I know my wife had heart issues and I got a young kid you're home, so our parliament, playing Plaza it enough money that it will have to play. So that makes a big depends on where you are. My three was established in his heart is a plus I sell champion
so. We know we know what it is hard to say may, because you love became a best buy. You love your sport. You wanna get out there, so you crack. Do you, cracked? The possibility in it will be one of the things he had a really sit down, which a family and discussed it and see what they want you to do it'll be it'll, be hard, but it for me- and I know MIA and my wife, I would have said no, I'm not playing because you know I've have played enough and I buy the life and my family life is more important than getting some. You know playing the basketball game, I must underline on a big picture. Question night optimistically, all of leaves you gonna play all other climate Champion Harold. I want you go last because baseball's something unique position with how the restructuring their schedule and and all of that stop this year, but let's start with the NBA, since they would be the first to literally crowded champion if they can play
their an asterisk Robert for whoever wins its thing that year he know as the in in night making analyses aware. You know you wanna play asked his bite Santa your spurs season, because it was the up. I think any time you wanna tell me ship is a greater costs. Mrs Assembly, an aspect is not like you had the guys in shouted. Competing flavour error by the complete nearby has the same advantages. I'm not one of these guys. That believed in a strict. I think if you get out there and complete compete and you do what you're supposed to try to win the championship you win at championship, you played hard as individual. You did your thing. I know a lot of people, I guarantee you, our team does it. Where are you going to say that we need to see the weaker so I'd signal TAT day when you say asked as this? That is bad because everybody had the same opportunity they go on.
Being a wind championship and you should it put just seven position: have the best vanish possible to win the championship. I big thank you to our panel today held Reynolds. You can, of course, on the and I'll be networked played a number of years in the majors. Any Georgia Heisman trophy winner course rate is running back soon. It more wars, tenancy tight with history and Robert Ordering shooter in the history of the NBA winner, enchanted using a direct them so jealous he's got a guy, so much joy is today and for the better There was one of those referred to the cottage. What he won't you like the old line with the new I bonuses for less than a hundred bucks metro, you rule it's a most affordable. I spoke on the number one Brandon Prepaid, whether you're studying online or peacetime. Hey MA, am I dare the Iphone as he has.
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