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Part 2: David Paul Kuhn on Trump vs. Biden and Future ‘Celebridents’, plus The News (ACS July 21)

2020-07-21 | 🔗
Adam, Bryan and Gina welcome author and journalist David Paul Kuhn to the show. David talks about how Democrats lost the white working class, and how Joe Biden might be the type of candidate to get them back. They also talk about whether or not Trump and Biden will debate, and how Biden should be acting during the leadup to the general election. Other topics of conversation include what type presidential candidates we can expect in the future, and how Trump and the Mainstream Media feed off each other. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about Kanye West’s first presidential rally, changes to eliminate police check points, and a strange story about mask mandates. Please support today’s sponsors: Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com TommyJohn.com/ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Butcherbox.com/ADAM BetOnline enter PODCASTONE
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New York City and the dawn of the White Working class revolution. It's available as we speak on Amazon We can not nice to meet you David S, major too thanks for having me James Carville says. Perhaps the best book ever on how Democrats loss the white working class? What de la so, let's discuss that have Democrats lost the white Working class in and how did it get him back? Surely they ve lost the wavering class over the last half century? You know, since the Nixon error since the since what we call Reagan Democrats Joe Biden, two small step towards getting them back, is obviously a much more difficult democratic caricature for Donald Trump. Its clear how much your body will seize the turn. You right now he's sort of running a I wanna get
the way of a car accidents that election strategy. Basically, he wants a spirit like any one word of either party. He wants to be a referendum on the unpopular incumbent. That's you know he did this Maiden America speech. He saw to obey, manufacture back so he's making gentle forays into the would call the Reagan Democrats. The way working class at once certainly was. The bedrock of the after coalition, the old democratic coalition, in earlier years, we're napkins what sort of enough left to liberalism, but a part of it? Do you think there's gonna be debates and do you think Biden is an trump will will debate? I just asked the same question twice. They will debate and I think that again here to bite his play, this strategically smart sticking to norms, is waiting to see if tramp watch you know some ways? Try to avoid the scenario
think they'll be debate. I think that you know If you set aside all the peculiarities of Donald Trump, any incumbent president is likely to lose their first debate, you can ask broccoli as advisers. You can ask George W Bush advisers about that. And so biting comes out both for the eventual relatively low expectations, ironically against and I would say that tromp, neither debate more than Joe Biden, because he is Stewart over sinking ship at this point, be smart for Biden. Kid just go on. we'll do one debate and yet in typically them Someone has a lot more baggage to deal with because they ve been running the country and there's plenty of blemishes and black eyes in the past. You know almost for years. They come in so you say. Typically, the sort of fresh person comes up
I'm talking about all the things that person did wrong while they ve been running the country for four years. They win that debate and then don't do a second debate that possibility it's happened before It happened in nineteen eighty, it's on Finally, I think we ve gotten used to this norm of two to three debates on you It's really just like with everyday it's hard for the Genie back in the bottle on job. You know it's other big. If we're Donald Trump again to separate so what's book without you so generous about on the trunk is at present isolated and is there and they go they. They are protected for years from really what by man and yes, women and they are protected from just blow by and then not there, the challenger in this case Joe Biden always comes. almost always comes out of its march, was primary battling the just and they're just much sharper, and I think that you you know. If you look at your violence, nobody's gonna logic,
recent me of high performing those debates he performed well When I think you look at high performing the one on one debate with Bernie Sanders, I think he proved enough up to the tax. Donald Trump has a has a difficult debate ahead of him when facing each other, even though he again he needs a much more than Joe Biden because down need something if I can use up cliche of politics, some sort of game, Changer Brian David you ve hit on two things now that I personally believe must, I believe, anything these days in politics, but two things that I for a while announced I'm seep into the sort of consciousness. One being somebody, what this aid prompt and his supporters have painted themselves into this impossible corner. Now, by a portrait Biden as this dimension, riddled mad man when he comes out and has is very likely to be a very down. The middle, like you alluded to in the democratic debates, boring
like you, she was just kind of in the middle. He wasn't great, he wasn't terrible. He was just Joe Biden when he comes out in does that which is honestly the most likely outcome. He could trip over himself and say some nonsense, but, let's be honest, most likely outcome and he's gonna be boring Joe Biden. It's got that this whole this whole. This whole house of cards in being dementia retold insane is gonna just fall apart on us. its challenges, trumped to a push out contest the pilot, of course, we have to remember, was again spied and in when they went and analyze, though debates as if, because with a pundits forget, Did you know they're looking at witticisms, you know her sing, who fences better verbally, when of course here Mary could could give a crop up We have that they're gonna be favourable towards Joe Biden when inspired in restaurants. So I think your exact I bought it just play down the middle, you can be a little boy, he doesn't need to be. You know it's sort of like
someone like me if I'm on a communist joy, I'm not dare to tell the jobs by just has to play just asked. Lay it on a middling safe place. If, as it has begun, God he wants to be a referendum on the incumbent and as much as Donald Trump would wish it to be a choice, one One thing you have to give the democratic parties for is that in the end they chose a more practical option. Maybe borne solely load boy, certainly the more boring option, but at the same time they learn. Though I would say to my book. You know harking back to the late six nervous areas in its fair to say that There were some lessons learned from the Mcgovern tobacco at night and send me to what the other day The item is at stake is the other thing you mentioned. There was very pressure that I've seen former. Yes, the show that Louis wrote about the same thing, which is the problem. The Republicans is. The Biden has never been, though Conservative bogeyman he's not highly calydon he's not brok. Obama doesn't incite that kind of venom
Frankly, we drove him trumped a victory last time and he's just he's just so down the middle and so moderate than can be hard to work up. That kind of junior, versatile animus towards a will and anti or point to two pylon with how moderate he is. He has the support of Mitt Romney. He has the support of George W Bush. I mean how agate too, to add two brains question: how much could that well, I mean first, we have to say that the anti trunk coalition is much. Then, the democratic coalition right we have, for starters, General forest general siding with AOL, see right now, this giant a anti John range bedfellow sphere cell. So that's one thing that's going on here. I know it's interesting because, if you look at what binds proposed he's very progressive comparison across before him. He's just not is progressive, as the highly liberal activists left that serve dominated twitter right now
and also the right one. As you know, these very hard a character because you know Joe he's still kind of Joe Biden he's got an affectation that doesn't fit what they used to call the San Francisco Democrat. You just doesn't fit the caricature at and to some extent the character, often affirmed by many on the far left that you know that Joe Biden he's just not that he's just That is just not the aloof. broadly leaders that trunk, what I really liked her run against a few like by should be steering toward the middle as much as possible and I feel like sometimes if he gets the or do you feel like when he's like: I'm gonna have bade o or roar come in here. We're gonna get this gun thing cleaned up your own Beethoven like I want to take away your guns like there's, some pretty laughed pretty Brasses EO sees invaders and stuff
for you I don't feel like king needs them to win. I feel like he should distance him, I'll from that side of the, in that hard laughed and just kind of hang out in the middle. Do that That makes sense. Eu vessels proposed the strategy right. You run your flank in the primary and run to the central election. You know in the primary biting did make them say clearly. He raises tanned. Think objectively surpluses put this on the agenda. the way politically precarious position of offering free healthcare to anyone. cross border and all that means in terms of providing a social safety net to anybody you just anxious the american territories. Is, you know it's a hard place for Democrats argue, partly because they venerate western Europe but one reason the western, where european social safety nets worked so well as the very strict in a border controls, if you well so an inherent tension there. I don't wanna digress too much into that, but there were different mission in the democratic primary law abiding talk, there would be
hard in general action, but I would say indigent election has been pretty smart, not forget when the defined the police monstrous have entered our wider vernacular binding came out against that the already ethically now thoroughly affirming the ethos of it. Rightly everyone, however, that such a weird world ones like you wanted to refund of police. He was against it. Very shrewd should have minds, laws have a catholic factor and I would add, or remove what a weird where we live. Our world like mandible, possessed Sykes Absurd, a chess grand champ because he's like, I think we need the police. Why overall yeah lie. I I'm kind of I feel like he should just kind of going. four corner off ants, you know: do you? Don't you got a nice led run that clock out
you know really you can you can it's a free throws. You I mean for this, ports metaphor and on the ball, that we all know that there's there's theirs, It's like win win, but it's it's true. It can happen. So what happened when who LEO's says our job as not the guy who organise thick the radiant boycott David, probably knows about that says our job, as was like now indian o r, like eighty eight, Oh, I sent his record as a middleweight boxer was insane and I don't know who is fighting canal wit, occur or one of those guys, but the guy was upon him. Beat him every round. was it was the one knocked out with two seconds laughed and Lou do VA, was in the corner
ever was. Are all I'll bring this metaphor home, but you have this guy and you ve won every round, and now going into the twelfth around and even though its not a fan favoured, and even though its not a crowd police. All you have to do stay away from this guy for one round. Just don't trade don't get in, mixed up with them and he's in corner man who would be a horrible political, consultant Lou do VA, was like you, gotta get this round, you gotta go, take it to him and he took it to em and now wasn't Frankie ran say it was either prevail when occur or the tournament. many fighter has knocked out. It was did at the very last. Second, it was, it was yield. You'll see it no second anyway, he went after him and literally with three
I can still have Boulier earlier stage our shabbiness caught up job or because they were trading, and he knocked him out with no time on the clock. Down there with the wind and what I'm saying is if environs corner, I'm saying it, your bike. Move around just day away just pump that job out don't need to get the middle. The ring entangled in a tangled up come on MAX Pa. Well that boxing motive for because it's most sat right tie up time are pulling closed a heavy weight, continue flailing I prefer not to let him exhaust himself by flying away with those haymakers, that's likely right, and it's boring especially boy boy for foe fans when when, when combatants do out, but that's exactly the right metaphor for Help- in our. How any challenger would want to play. This campaign, when the incumbent so unpopular so quick question any you. Actually, you basically just answered in the last four and a half seconds
but but I get my own for half an hour ago. Melville do up come on Oreo have like a hundred something fight them. Now, it's like eighty eight mazurkas there's got knocked him out. Ten seconds are sorry guys, so we had the exact opposite criticism of Hillary Clinton She wanted to hang back and he gonna let this guy hang himself, but the exact opposite happened. So to put it in Layman's terms for the rest of us, what makes Joe differ, well in that strategy gets demand. Dynamic difference is dead our troubles and combat, and in two thousand. Sixteen, the Democratic Party had been in charge the white ass for eight years and hit and there's no there's just- was no divorcing. Hillary Clinton from the democratic establishment so, in that as an she's sort of acting as a Barrack Obama proxy and would have had those same issues and advantages. Yeah me, George
George W just gives enjoyed Age W Bush was, that's right on the Reagan era in nineteen, eighty eight positively right because Reagan was relative popular so but the problem for Morocco Brok Obama's inheritor. Hillary Clinton in this case was was twofold one. It was a highly pie eyes country into she was a failure with really them were stereotypes of democratic, sovereign right. The corporatist liberal elite establishment, which, ironically, is not, of course, her original background It certainly is where she had affiliated her identity in it and help when she called you know, half of America deplorable. aroused stereotype so on So it is a very different context. Now Donald Trump is the incumbent and its and his and for someone who just look at the whole world is an outsider. Despite his billions of dollars, it's a very precarious position for any someone, but his is other problem, is that he didn't govern in this fashion.
serious. When the Republicans had Congress, it didn't dance with the with the used and the people are brought him to that dance, which has the white working class into his tax cut, was Paul Ryan Tax got. It was a gift to the very people, didn't needed, Ascot, suddenly, also didn't play to whose base and select the biggest green Nineteen, seventy two and today is that when Nixon first, we ran in seventy two against Mcgovern, sixty percent of it. In its approves of Nixon. That's how the case with Donald Trump so down I was trying to emulate some sort of Nixon Playbook on many levels, but it's just a completely different contacts. Do you have given me thought You know you hear guys, like I don't know the rock running for president. You know I mean Now, if you have two hundred billion Instagram followers, I have, maybe you could get a few votes. I mean I obviously trump is president. For Christ's sake, I mean: are we going to that place where we're gonna just have
Folks who currently are in show business or other worry. I donno Elan Moscow. I don't know like I mean, are we going there? You think that's gonna, be a trend. Is there you heard of anything legitimate. Well me, clearly, you know, I don't know you know people who were a powerful and rich who thought well have done. Trunk can be present. If I can, I and they started thinking, they started. Look at those thousand see a presence in the mirror. Like much like most senators, She doesn't sixteen. I mean you know we thought in the error that it was television right and to be sure, television change presently and made a much more intimate show business cards at present, see it correlated with that. An avenue advertising the president impact. You know the presents a commodity, but I mean they cheat the loss of power, the establishments, whether its in the internet, age and the social media, age and really empowered any outsider with
you fallen, so I think we are in a stage with with the two parties solutions. We couldn't ever been in maternity? I think we are in an age where there could be a much more savvy media figure. Who could you know Seize this moment, I listen to both parties, the Americans are not a two part of people. I always try to point out there. Just to choose between the two parties and most about most elections for most Americans come down to the lesser of two evils. There often and against someone rather voting for someone and ended in no We must send a for a long time. People like me, but there is a hunger out there for someone who's not be betrothed to either Proteus. Meant and sort of as an atypical, Canada No Donald Trump could have been that if you said your clothes, the promise yeah, that's it If you have smarter solve your true to his base, it he had it as for that in after he won the presidency. Obviously that was our smothered within months, but I was,
He could easily be a beta task for a much more either worse, demagogic figure or a populist that comes out of our celebrity culture, which I would say sadly trumps. So much of so much of everything from Zagreb, general. Twenty. Twenty four NOS one on Zaire, Zaga very thinks he's presidents winter. I don't give a chance in Hell, but I do think I do think so. Like the rock or I may not it. Someone who has gravitas, who appears really well to be appears just genial and the huge following an So is sorry about issues its up, I'm not less, not the rock that someone who has a huge national presents supersede both parties. This pattern but we also have to remember that not even Teddy Roosevelt could make a scene third party bed and winning the presidency not interwoven Teddy was was a war hero, a national figure brilliance. So it's it's a very
hard road. It's we added a that. We got a tear statue down lungs were here. Sorry entire country think that Oprah was a viable? the debt and when she says she's out interested, then I think there is a collective is that that didn't seem realistic, she certainly viable I've been. I would say that whence I would say I wouldn't once she would she s a pretty far out their views on certain issues, and I would say you what's this person would have to be someone who sort of used aspiring in the daily media would be because I dont think what we need. This happens with on first. Ladies right, first lady, doesn't enter the political fray. These take honest, I must say into view both gas from partisans. size, but- and this happened until it, but once Hillary Clinton re entered the political fray that that general or around her really dissipate quickly, because she was seen as a part of the vigour, and I think that would happen Oprah. That said,
Opera is a unique figure in american life, and now she has opportunities. Anyone to use her celebrity towards a political answer. I think part of what's going on. Is The misery index is so high in public life, especially being the president that I dont know that comfortable people want to give up their comfortable, sometimes semi private life. You know the kind of a lot of people were talking about, wouldn't want to expose their taxes, wouldn't want to leave themselves open to constant barrage of criticism, especially also think about your family. Do you want to bring your family into this like you're? We're not about a guy who's, a roofer who's, gonna pay. by Kevin Cost, Neuron and eightys movie, which arrived eyes at or an gals that are super If your ball geared to go out
on David Deafens Yacht for three weeks at a time given it all up to just be killed by a thousand thousand razor caught by the media and society in Twitter and then have every, and God knows what these people have lurking in their closets some picture van, some tweeds. That weren't rate I mean Gallina. Let us now soon enough yet I mean I M saying is I think a lot of people are gonna preemptively go. You know what I am not going to go down. This road item Rocco derek- My family down. This road look: of all the money in the world, but I dont have it's time. You know a lot of these people are sixty. Seventy years. All that's like I got all I got ten years: Z, writings, or a billion dollars and see how much time can spend with Gaffin on his yacht. I dont don't know that all private
on a put herself through that go ahead. David, Sir David Deaf rose. I think that's true in a lot of people, I think that's to allow people. So I do you hear me truly long. People public spotlight. Do you hear yeah that's real are given as follows: where they come from media Hollywood clearly are afraid of coins. Got led up the tear down rose media and in that's all. in the case in american life, but in the twitter age and in in the age, where all we're all privacy is public and every surely every affair could come out if you well. I think a lot of people are afraid of what the of Holocaust destroy their star or blemish their staff and also scar there, their family, Medea have any predictions. As we start to our wine down. Do I made it looks like Biden?
the clear later. At this point, we discuss kind of what the strategy would be by God in this crazy world, where Lebanon, who the hell knows things things, change, stop on a diamond change direction and a heartbeat, but predictions predictions? Let's, let's, let's make a prediction for this election but then, but then, why? Because you know cause bind doesn't seem like a to term guy to me because of his age. Because of ISA feel like is slowing down. What do you think. While the one certainty of changes that change will comment on its where political eternity still with still from election day and as as much as their down from faces serious headwinds, those winds could share But, of course, of election day was today jumped down from with likely thing suffer significant the feet by election day isn't today
and we ve seen in the age of kroner virus how and on black lives matter, etc how quickly the new cycle can change this clear what will happen in the vote that I will say that you know it. No. I talked earlier about the Anti Trust coalition. That democratic coalition were to lose that Anti trunk coalition will disappear and the damn not a collision isn't as large and Democrats will face the same problems in with them. working class in and with how selections that they face in the past and will have to deal with the same democratic demographic difficulties that have beguiled. Then for decades, so swimming whatever. Will whoever wins this presidential election? It's the law. torn challenges of both parties and ivy. Second in them, for the Republicans as well. Well, we will out, will posted President tromp, just as they treated him MIKE August sent me up article. I think, on maybe CNN had
Still record profits for that this quarter gladlier, whatever bout. If, watch CNN, it is conceived completely just become Anti trump network. They delivered this dedicated their time to anti. Try. but do they want trump out of their cause? I you know, I don't know what is what is CNN gonna do the day after Biden takes, you know, wins the election. Honestly, I b I be curious. If you got hold of some higher ups. It CNN are many networks. Ego I know you hate this guy, but you want him to leave like wooden. Is this is the best business ever him around everywhere. Every story it clearly clear down Trump has clearly been good for the business models. Cnn Msnbc edition of the New York Times You know it's clearly lead to record readership historic ratings booms and we'll see
So there's been is odd relationship right at this, as as like at CNN, for ample did become really vociferously. The trunk and sort of way. if any leave the tradition, behind and become more activists. they were in some sense that there is there really on their antagonists right in that way, it's like extremes in politics. The far left in far right in some ways depend on each other because they feed off one another and I would say the mainstream media feeds off detention without trial, just lay down from feeds off the tension with mainstream media. Yeah, I'm worried I'm not really worried, but I I wonder if the best This model is good short, but not good, big picture. If you kind of this kind of reminds me I don't know another weird example: Bite That too thousands like the early two thousands stock car.
racing and Scar and Fox, like kind of took off like there was a lot of stock, are racing in the seventies and eighties and kind of cooled off and then at something it came back and when I came back foxes like we're doing Doktor weekend NASCAR Weekend truck Series Wednesday and they they put so much stockpile upon in NASCAR that kind of part themselves out on it and then they kind of took a decade off like people like our rights do much already like that's that's enough. They put. I worry that CNN is put so much talk in Europe that if he doesn't get a real action they're kind of just sit there with idle. What they'll have to report that come up with something, but I feel like. Maybe they made a deal with the devil. I don't know thoughts its they're gonna period like Oxted. When Barack Obama was no longer president right, gonna pivot, like any idea like MSNBC and Fox, do like they're just stage
entered the ideological media, foreign they're, gonna pivot. Once there Follow their ideology is, is no longer in the White House. It is true actively that the media, for so rightly put aside, how corona virus has hampered advertising across from Hollywood too, that the news media writer just ravening strange from Hollywood news media and in a high would can't shoot, but the news media suffering for advertising. So it's true. Donald Trump was mitigated what has been a long declining internet age, for many leading outlets and that little. You know that is gonna disappear. One Donald Trump disappear. So I think that what you will see, frankly speaking, even less ideological media. As you can see, some leading outlets soft some of the long term trends we're staved off with the heightened interest in american politics, it came with Donald Trump, because you know
Why do you hate him or love them or somewhere between Donald Trump made politics much more interesting for most Americans and when he leaves the national stage, and it's only been if you would prefer this, it will be. the many many much of that audience will live with him. He's followed at bay. Equally the same trajectory as whole, Kogi and started off, but I had a popular real America. Then it would turn a tiny amount at all if anyone Hollywood right right Brown, although to Hollywood, how again with a beard Maggie to save her eyes. I naturally so well well, keep will keep watching I will say the name of the book: the hard hat right, necks in New York City and the dawn of the White Working class revolution. It's over Well now, on Amazon thanks for joining us David, we appreciate it. Thanks for have me. It was a lot of fun with a heavy
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news and world Report named it best. Overall homes, security of twenty twenty right, Dawson had to simply saved outcome, Slash Adam and get a free hd camera for our listeners, that simply safety com, Slash Adam, to make sure that you d know that our show sent you. Thank you, David Paul for joining today and will take a quick break, will come back and do the news right after this. Break all those crazy trot? We must travel the news with Gina grad pressure the heels of a presidential le raised discussion. Conway was he's not done. He held his presidential rally Sunday and North Charleston South Carolina in hand
bit of controversy. Dmz described it as an organised and rowdy, adding that he didn't even have a podium or a microphone to address the crowd. He was just right up and everybody space and they said, on eight rambled through a number of topics: oftentimes income currently one of the most outrageous he said was about Harriet Tubman, here's a clip from someone in the crowd with their com. Jerry at the very end, That is why do you say? Yes, we leave arena, shows a lotta, a lotta rambling. At another point, he got very personal when he brought up abortion. He broke down in tears and admitted want, nor his first child with his then girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Meanwhile, West did not submit any of the ten thousand insignia.
is he needed by noon Monday to get on the ballot in South Carolina for the Essential LAN Adona sound like a doctor drew but remember when and in a coal Smith was sort of falling apart before our very eyes. I'm glad you brought this up, please bring this up with doktor. Do whose learning do this and that's what yeah I gotta get our shoes stumble at all. Over this day she slurring our words, hop she's. Alas, I got her she's dead in Vegas, like that's what I meant The other day on the show- and we are talking about kanye- I was trying to do it very delicately so make the point was made, but when I said you know the vines and Britney's beers and we can do. Is there a touch of mental issue that we have to deal with, and I mean this looks like an episode. So isn't this when the family comes into play and does something
I guess I don't know like when Conyers says: here's what I'm going to do. I don't know good luck, stopping them from doing it. I guess I dont know if he says I'm I'm going to have one of the Carolinas amendment around it is came, get to grab the key he's from the private jet and go now and like dropping, on a broader something whenever I used to do that. You suggest drops down there as those Yolanda right, that's my mouth, so don't know, but it seems like he's having an episode seems like you need. Some medication seems like something needs to be adjusted in his mind. Is that and when we tie about celebrities in politics. After you know, trunk the brakes them old on you know with reality star, whatever business man can do it do. We just think it's funny, how to go scorched earth on this country and say why not vote a man who cares it's all areas, and you know it doesn't matter.
or any more will there be that contingencies, as he has two percent of the vote, but are there people that are just looking to watch this moral burn, hilarious? I don't know We could have another. Richard came incident from my house, or from north how at high much explain a second hey, no max bad. When you should me, my yearbook from they allow grade, and they showed like this student council. You could. Richard came in there in that it makes any was like it was like making. Here you could tell him because he was making whose flexing I think making, a muscle or something but yeah. We had not a tory em We know you'd have events like the best there were there were. There were three good As for me, at school, there was walk in to your classroom and see the projection there.
the projector there were shown a film awesome. I don't have to do anything, for this involves a big, fat real, it was good that go. That's gonna eat up the whole goddamn class are good, and why is it so? There is more the day was a good thing, walk the class substitute teacher good day and then best day of all, was the a lecture government. Whatever was the auditorium Etons Yad Gambling, the assembly day, the assembly Diana go, we're not gonna. Oh we're gonna get up and go the auditorium and Richard: can we went to the basketball auditory, I'm at the north high at high and Richard Chemises, Craig the Asian Guy Funny the idea that picture of em there's that that the school Our assembly and
it's not a jewish kids and then one guys had is. Arm up any making a muscle and its there. On the left side. its Richard. Can he was kind of guy who are, like you know, a shirt and a tie with a short sleeve and stuff like that. a little bit off hand there's Richard care. But a video, and when he went when it came I am for him to give us speed for why he wanted to be the vice as it enter the treasure whenever just entire it in a big guph. The entire then the entire auditorium, just exploded into chance of richer, richer We love you ready with any thy com. Everyone down and like them principle would come out Calm everyone down now, no one liked Richard came, and we therefore know who he was. We. This irony clearly went nuts for Richard Camp so rich
Then he came up again is like I am. I need you, rode, never go route and that this entire auditorium was screaming like it was a lack of us the final of a basketball player. Sir, something and I don't know Richard ever thought of it, because no one thought of him. We just decided it be a funny guph. If we voted Richard came in to do something because we didn't know who he was or what he was doing or if we would do a good job ways out of its funny so We shouldn't matter related matter, make labour and Richard Kim moment. Maybe that's, maybe that's I venture to enact the Richard came a fact yeah I forgot. Can, a muscle and standing in that that group. I wonder what he's up do man he's gotta, be doing something very calm and well. We pay now is bond were long overdue for the I remember Brian, what you called it, but the
month long. You know Adam. This is your life, we gotta admit all out of history, moth yeah. The aim here is like one of those guys you're would rob walk around with a brief case. Now and then allow you serve. A backpack like yours is that that do You know our body Randy Wang, a Ryan Juan from the careless ex days he and high school was the August manager of any like food service, food court thing at magic, mountain, Had he warlike his short slur, short sleeve shirt and his button down bugs bunny tie. So he told me in high school and also, where that to school, to show that he's a manager. But I dont think problem whenever you just wait so it seems so so saying when you go back, and you look at those days and also it's funny that there were things that you did you do with your hair and things you needed to do it?
skin and nobody we're got involved like I know, had a conversation with any family member or any adult of like lock your hairs, fucked up you how to fix your hair or here's. What you do, the ASEAN don't go out with, apparently all those pliers you have to go out as it this white. Like Just so weird how just everyone to start was coasting your hair The EU must set hair issues Gina. are you kidding and I always water, every with an older sister knew how to curl their bangs, and you could tell who didn't have an older sister is ours were all backwards and catawampus, but reminded me: there is some that happened in our middle school. That was very common. We actually, I look forward to it that way. Be allowed in a middle school today, don't be such a class action hate crime lawsuit against this, and I was thinking about this the other day. There is no way These people are allowed in school anymore when you're in seventh and eighth grade in Jim,
ass one day a year, someone would and from the local modeling recruitment agency matter, modeling agency, but like one of those modeling schools united, mean far reside right. Something like that: come in then they tell these awkward gawky twelve year old. Teenage girls. You know what it to be a model and get all the girls all excited and then one I won, because this too is a special day. You would stand up and be critique, by the bitch and Shoddy mission Kansas telling you what's wrong with you as you're, going through puberty, so one day when she go straight in your hair ethics, your teeth. Probably going to lead a nose job make sure the hare stays team to like Thank you. Oh god, can you imagine somebody coming into the school and just take down little girls like that that have already have no self esteem. I restart to stronger. We are today, we're doing it.
he's on the house, and he said what used to be what we called hyperkinetic. I think back in the day, I just said now it's eighty or whatever it is. You can do things, I'd call that hyperkinetic that back in the day was, I is like global warming used to be ecology, our stuff, like that Different names for stuff- and I was young- I was your hyper die than ever right right. Cyprus, hyper well straw, Where was very hyper- and I guess he was in- I don't know- maybe it's probably in michiganders up then when he was in there. He had a teacher in the eighth grade that had alike Fr generator box that, like with the bottom, the top cut off and when he strode words down as debts he'd lower the refrigerator box over he just work out of this box, and started EAST started,
the euro during murals on the inside of the box, like that, could imagine having here, working out of a box now an undoubted that's a dunce cap, and it is essentially a dunce cabin its cap, eleven guns, calving. You live in that is good, lad and and by the way, the number one the it's funny whenever you do these guys, unlike in our eye, at the same time he was in his dunce box. I was in donkey squad with Mr Walter's at the Walter Reed Alimentary sitting at a corral with a bunch other dumb kids in our p class, and it's so funny We see it through the lens of twenty twenty. In also like you go stronger, which it Your parents, like oil, we apparently outrage at his dad was a creative guy.
Who would be outraged by this and it's like- oh you didn't Tell- Your parents are covered their first question Why do you need a box around down as you? What would you do? What you do, and I didn't say anything about the donkey squad either? Like you, ve no doubt said anything. That's just how at work, yes, simpler also, when I think about these yearbooks, like best figure best physique best. Looking, I asked and we had one in junior high and I think in high school too. We are the biggest flirt that sounds familiar now simpler turns to render time they can't have ass, looking anymore in modern day, could you best looking at best figure and in modern day nearby, what is best figure mean for a girl and only meant one thing to do is area. that's right there.
well it's like who, in the ninth grades, got two biggest stats than that to him. they ignore through the border, hats who wins the confrontation every year and guess what it wasn't me. What it wasn't me the language because uniform I was a leg, e flat, yeah business, the later thing man young No, I really wasn't thou. I mean there were girls that had you know like you. Could tell they have back problems that was not that go to college then there is the winner from your high school. Your book could at the news what else we got? Geographic, well e, there's a gift I'm above for you Adam, because Maxine Water is making the news. She is, of course, a California damage. wrap. She was seen pulling over to keep an eye on Use officers who are conducting a routine traffic, stop involving a black man and allay this. According to the report, I need you
video shaded second waters. was driving in her home district over the weekend when she Parker Car walked over the L County Sheriff Patrol car, and just one is a sort of see what going on. Somebody was filling her from across the street, and this is the exchange. What's that Gary from word size communiques, giving a key areas of his life densities she sees that they stopped a brother and I pulled over and I want to make sure everything is on the up and up and speaking of that speaking of traffic sobs rockwork INA with the police brutality protests in the racial and Judge
has never the across the country, some left wing activists is going to Fox NEWS, have suggested ceasing routine traffic stops by police officers, so who would do them well in Berkeley? California, they're moving for with the proposal to eliminate police from conducting them and how unarmed, civilian city workers? How are you I'll, go over. Think people just peel off I tree Termer pulls out good. Thank you up. Yeah. I don't I don't I don't they give at work by the thing about- or they the over for two reasons they either when I make money or they think something's up like they think you got something in the car that guts third, very they're. Looking for something or just a few cash grab it now and the part
where they're doing the cash grab. I course don't like, because I dont, like them deputize part punches to raise raise money by as I about it. You know they pulled over those guys, the north, however bank robber, guys they pull those guys over. Probably five, from where I'm sitting right now, like Eagle Rock, I think they pop the trunk and they found a police scanners guns banana collapse rules. all rifles ski masks dark day. They found everything in that car by they didn't Quetcham robbing bank, they just caught em planning on robbing a banking, so they ended up I'm a little bit of time and then, when they got out the game, all their shit back the king, the police scanners in the end
the game. The banana collapse back but again and again, like this scheme, asking the duct tape all their shit back and then they did the North Hollywood Bank bankrupt Mary. So I'm, even though how good I don't know what a citizen I don't know, it's a you know someone without a gun around on anything. What do they pull those two guys over and pop the trunk and saw a Aurelius, teens and, and you know, a k, forty seven, that's what one of them, but the police spokesman said they said he. It sounds, boring sounds routine b of literally no idea what you're walking up to you when you stop and pull someone over. So if you think you can do it better, in an armed person that's ready to rock, then you know go for it. They didn't get the fire Are there explosives back? I guess they have for an AIDS or somethin I got here standard in in in the car they found to semi automatic rifles to hand guns more than sixteen hundred.
the rifle ammunition twelve hundred rounds. Of hangin ammunition scanners smoke, bombs, improvise, explosive devices, body, armor, vest and three different California license plates near But then I get out a licence plates bag. Here's where here's, what I don't get those guys then shot an entire region of the and Fernando Valet, when they did the north. However, that the movie he was loosely based on that incident or eight way heat predicted it Why you gotta luck? He was not here. I've! Never felt he was ninety five This went down in nineteen thirty, eight name now this was this was earlier than this and I went down only six, six year may now. I was in college. I remember two branches of Bank America, Bank of America in the safe and Andrew Thou, o show he came out before this. The limit values on the idea I can't was based. I can tell you
God knows only five. It was based on a previous Michael man. Project called Ella, take down, which was early years earlier. So shoot out to shoot out, they happen nor movies or whatever, but now this was the other way round. I worry about Brian I was. I was heard at the other way either way They shot up everything and their game, other shit back and mine was always like who so you could cat. You could go into Dawson's house and you could find a pillow a full, a weed and it would be honest, bad, I'm not saying it's what he uses the slate boating via pillar case full, a weed, and you could pass them for intent to this. tribute, if he had over the four ounces or whatever it is, you don't have to catch dog sin selling we'd you just have to catch
with over x amount of wine, and then you go hey you, It's me selling we'd, but I know you are going to sell this red so where this got it for organ creature, treat you like. You're selling, the wheat and you could go. I happen to like a lotta we'd around my house. I don't have to go the park every two days, so I buy in bulk cosgrove and you go up intended so my feeling is as if the law works. If you get intent, you fill in the blank with drugs. Why can't we we intend to rob a bank because in that way the rule is like what they didn't rob a bank. We gave deity. and tell they rob a bank while they did rob a bank and they shot up everybody. That's the same thing restraining orders and with missing persons and kidnappings, They haven't murdered anyone yet well. Would you like to hear the messages on my voice? Mail? You know it's as well will have to wait and see right. So I got the story.
awkward that one of the shooters had a copy of heat and was like they were inspired by heat versus the other way around. I let me hit yes, the shooter took place in February nineteen. Eighty seven, Her hues of the huge brothers is developing movie, called North Hollywood donor sages and now because it locked down everything but tat of feature film about the shoot up crazy story. I remember where I was, of course north how it's right. hail from, and that was the bank that was down Laurel Canyon, and I just remember the shit going down- and I remember hearing about it and was it was crazy story, Garriga us, of course represented the love this represented the mother of one of the guys. North Hollywood guys and got an they settled,
They sued the city of LOS Angeles. The the noise I bank robbers both died in the event one committed suicide when you sort of cornered The other was shot by the cops and in black out the one who was shot by the cops and blood out They shared his mother. said, LOS Angeles fur, I look out of wrongful death, and- and I think one with the with Guess, leading the charge are Let me tell you about the life lack cybercriminals criminals taken advantage of the poor Dammit yo Senator now, where this scam people trying to learn about dick cures. They vary. Even devise counterfeit online file MRS it so important understand how cybercrime and identity theft are affecting our lives. Every day we put our info there on the internet. You could miss
identity threats. If you're just monitoring here, read it alone, lifelike the text, a wide rain my daddy threats, like yourself, security number for sale on the dark web if they detect. Your info has pretend, I ve been compromised. They'll, send you an alert, protect yourself. livestock right does, and if you become a victim of identity theft, lifelong can help you restore your identity, easier than when you can do on your own. No one event: identities after monitor all transactions that all businesses, life lock and see threat. You might miss on your own short, announcing a twenty five percent of your first year. Raising promo code Adam call one in her life lock her at the lifelike he's from a good outcome for twenty five percent off. all right. Let's do one Morgiana grad all right Well, we haven't talked about Karen's and a couple days, and I have I have a few, but wool will save the rest for tomorrow. So a while back. I believe we talked about it. There was a woman who
had shamed, this sort of young Starbucks employee, because she he asked her to wear mask it's part of their policy in the store and she went easy and she put it on social media and her face book, and can you believe this guy? his name is Lenin Gutierrez and he's trying meta where a mask and who does he think he is so a lot of we saw this video and instead of siding with her, they started to go fuck me page for young Lenin and raised over a hundred thousand dollars in tips or him. Ok, great nice story, well the woman who originally put him blast, Lynn, Gilad she's, not happy about this shit says she's now considering suing to collect her half of those funds, because claim so my right arm ass. He has you're lying health issues that make her medically exempt from mask mandates, and it's not fair that he gets rewarded and she doesn't the way. The two medical notes that she has one is from a chiropractor and one is from an obituary,
I'm not sure what she brings out of, but that is those were the two notes that she thought made her exempt, and she wants have that money from the kid she shamed there Can minimum wage? That's it. Could you please, but your mass God talk more about it, but Garriga representing ourselves, told me confidence, but he feels pretty good about this when he says Way. More than half and has taken a kid of containers, so Jesus Christ, you know what it's like: first things: first but he has to go in and get a cup of coffee. You don't have to you you there are certain things in life that we real as a sort of necessity and then other things like again, it's my same argument Ben Shapiro is gonna beyond the San Antonio show at the improv on the July. Thirty first and here's my point Ben Shapiro, speaking on your college camp, as you do not have to watch him, you don't have
a ten. You don't have to go. You don't have to even show up that day. If you dont want do, and you don't have to get a cup of coffee by if, in fact, you used to get a cup of coffee than here. The rules you have to put this mask on. And then you can go. Why have I breathing difficulties? Sir or whatever it is fine. You do not get to have the cup of coffee that place you get to go home and make your own coffee, the rules are the after, where mask when you You enter this place and and if you can't do it, you won't do it. I'm not a big deal. Ask where myself, but I dont look at the businesses who, by the way, I'm just doing it for insurance purposes for sure telling you to wear mass, that's part of their business, just like I don't argue with the people at the airport security when they want me to take my belt off I'd theirs, thing in my belt: I'm not a terrorist five. This is the protocol. Sadly,
You want a cup of coffee or you want to get on the South West. Why you got take about Africa to put your basket? That's it and right and on the other side of that coin, as you said many times, if you can't fly without a dog that may be flying not for you, if you can't go in this business without causing a rocket. Maybe going to this business is not for you. On the other hand, as someone who's never benefited from a fake online doctors, no may I could get a note that says I don't need to wear masks and then I would bat, although I would ever then call on all the people are travelling with the stars. You'll see Europe unless you I'm gonna know that's rise kid Gaza, I dont have you that mean- and you know whether you know like we talk road laughter, whether you think it's corrector, real grey or not. It's very funny to me I sent it to again essential Christa. Maybe he has it but where wearing a mask is just being with somebody who's paying. So if a guy is totally naked, and these p
everywhere, then that peace, and I get on you, but you're wearing pants, then he'll be a little less pee on your legs, but if he is during pants, the p, mostly he's with him and if you're, both right paths that peace days with him and you're not gonna get inside back so is very funny way of saying you know the fabric master no matter anyway well genes make a difference. When somebody's and all over the place the main expand his cousins very funny opponents I found a beard. My outboard motor. It's a day, I haven't seen not since our neighbouring our fabric masks sensible. I will try to explore. if we're all running around naked, and so one piece on you, you are wet immediately if you're wearing trousers. Some of the p, still get through to you, but not so much. You are better protected now if the one p, and yet you also where's pants, the p remains only with him.
And you will not get wet now. What do you think it's good but as a guy's been peed on many times, one number hiring sly find no quarter years. It's much better it peed on pool side when you're where's, your pants than in the genes, because it just hangs did But I can t get what they're getting add. I'm just saying something about a philosophy is made it a way of life for many years been peed on and that many times it's it's difficult once it hits the the Super Denham. Hit the guy go right now: bankers offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle In our view, policies at fifteen percent on top of the money Geico is already saving. You never been a better time to switch over to guy cones. Save a bunch of money now get saved the extra
fifteen percent of your switch by October seven plenty of time, but I don't know- let's not snooze and lose visit Guy Kodak, come to learn more I will be Addison Texas and that set the improv right there in Dallas Friday Saturday come up doing we'll do alive podcast there and then, whilst do some stand up there and bench: paragraph got, fell, they're gonna join Friday and Saturday and San Antonio Comin up the following week: answer gotta product com for all that the Tempi dates made up. It's gonna be made up at the September eighteenth and nineteenth, and you can check out. The stand up on the EU to channel you tube dotcom, slow Ash, Adam Corolla get the bark and add check David Paul, Coon's book, the hard Ride is well on. Amazon belongs here there until next time, the sad and for David and Jean involve San Mahala
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