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Part 2: Jeff Cesario, plus Rotten Tomatoes and The News (ACS June 2)

2020-06-02 | 🔗
Jeff Cesario joins the show and gives this week’s Sports Update with Chet Waterhouse. They also talk more about the recent looting, and everyone plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Gina then begins the news with more headlines about civil unrest, extended curfews, and President Trump going underground. They also watch a video about Denzel Washington being a good Samaritan. As the show wraps up, Gina reads a strange new quarantine restriction happening in the UK. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Geico.com BetOnline enter PODCASTONE MethodMen.com enter ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corolla show on black one? Well s death! Our chat, Waterhouse, IRAN to me, as in the news all come up. First, life lock, corona virus spark in increasing cybercrime, complaints to the FBI, like domain name, spoofing, ppp vendors scams, scams, scams, promising government checks and fake covert charities. Its a mess out their people. Your online. Your information is on your online you're buying things all day, you're you're, making reservations, you're doing everything on protect yourselves important understand how cyber crime and identity theft are affecting our lives. Every day we put our info at risk on the internet. That's why you need lifelong right, Dawson, lifelike,
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Thus the gangway debts we need now is right. The scenario is having some technical difficulties now he's back. I didn't even get to finish saying the word difficulties how you doing Jeff I'm pretty good luck with the sole our whole together, we'll see so well. We got Chet water.
Which we always love, and then we got the random ass game, but I feel like as long as we can hear you. Maybe we should do that. Chet Waterhouse, and then roll into our rotten tomatoes. So are you fire that up and then will roll into our run, tomatoes suggests as our by the way new comedy outlays coming out on June. Fifth, so look out for that. Where do we find that Jeff I think, initially its exclusive on serious exit, an pandora and then it goes wider wherever you can stream albums. What was I really know? What what what thinking is the name of it and Jefferson super funny and are so please enjoy that. I, let's get Oh, I chant Waterhouse shower supports with one oh brother,
for the water ass update, brought you by the thunder burps the air force, belching team nasty Our thunder valley, five hundred chase Ellie Joey Lugano crash near the end and bread has allowed ski forced to win James Woods with half a fact need just keeps coming up said Lugano, I'm italian, I don't we know how I got here. Race deal when leader, Jenny, Hamelin sneezed with his window open and his potential covered cloud Blue back five hundred yards next week there at Knuckle River race way for the bottom feeder, four hundred wrap up rocky the line musketeers if you're gonna, following not shoot high to South Korea, ass giant baseball. The way showing what markets with red the womb change, shot, guns, eleven a turn on a walk off home
by many Randal that can't be right America's past time, a loading winter, that she is a woman who left a ransacked, cheesecake factory with a single plain cheesecake forget advantage or to reach them. Discipline wrap up sponsored by Carnivore Riyos that chocolate cookie what the White Meat Centre. I envy aid going right to the players which trims nearly three full games off the scheduled out. Fighting Dana White announced. Do you ever see two? Fifty six will be held on the head of a pin in an obsolete unit, Reggie aid, John they're classics been cancelled, halon boy, I see an opening and finally, this weekend sports history, the year eighteen, seventy two, the Place Saratoga New York, the six Belmont stay was won by James ROW, aborted Joe,
Daniels men said they were just good friends- water, separate you find needle and thread the amish. The DAS lurk appeal want marmee this weekend, Albion change smokin about the annual spit ball in vocational. It started as each wrestling ship, but with social distancing. This is as good as it gets to. Theirs is chat. Waterhouse remaining Europe, with my friend? Is a veteran season the professional, and it's just that you will hear that coming through his how many out what was I thinking out on the fifth and coming coming? a fifth available and by the way the podcast play with pain with their Chet water
oh available ample pack ass. Well, yes, right maybe a bit of a love terminal because as timely, we have Jeff on Jeff. You live in now westward and the West, where it does you here, there's a planned protests just down the road from your house is at the thought. I believe the National Guard presence in Westwood has done that has made them decide to cancel the protocol that they persuaded them here. That's the Information were getting off. Our expertise et cetera. Those kinds of neighbourhood done news watch kind of things, so there or hearing there, but needless to say, Adam you'll be proud to know. I have my twelve pound pipe rynch ready to go. Nice system
I know we can someone tries to come in. We have this thing. We're like an hour said he was talking about during its press conflict. Now we're not going to call the National guard. That's nineteen! Ninety two! That's not what we do like that's what he said in a press conference than ten minutes later called National Guard, and I think we're all like nobody. Like the idea, the National Guard. I don't like the idea of an error Marshall, but I'm gonna Kay with one on my flight home, and I gather that way in a cave. I have I live in a nice neighborhood and if there was a lot of marauding folks running around this, like what you wanna militarized, I could militarized for two and a half days go away. Nobody wants but it's a nice often having your back pocket like chemotherapy. It's like note all at once that, but it's nice to know it exists. Especially if they go. If they do ass if they dress like Gulf prose it. My take it down and urge khakis and Palos yeah
a guy, but in Bagger Vance ERA, to not a modern, never allows any Nicaragua the watch it. When you talk about bagger vanity, you can say it sure we should play the game we are. Did the intro guided us if you haven't already pre ordered atoms new book? I'm your emotional support animal! Do it now it comes out on June, sixteenth, so order it and get yourself or your loved ones. The perfect fathers day gift to celebrate. Your latest accomplishment s. This week's rotten NATO's game is based on some of the chapters. Titles chapter, one support dogs and the death of pretty well for one foot, its honour, a dog who actually does provide support on the basketball court. That is, but my own hard line steam produce this kid's canine, classic that currently us for Tina signals and spin offs well ninety? Ninety seven air bud
I had a big litter. Poster is amazing. He sits, he stays he shoots. He scores the dog is done. In and by the way, K, nine knots, some Whoopi Goldberg, Burger, where she was riding the cop bike on the suspension. Cable of the Golden Gate Bridge. Have I been Van by moving. This only ever lays when you are, when you see the movie boaster from cop a bird We should really by Whoopi Gulliver's on a police by riding on the table a you know. I've said this many times. If it doesn't. When in the movie, you shouldn't be other show it on the poster. If the dog doesn't dunk, you can't shown on the poster we ve all what, if
born work. This way, what have plunged just had a bunch of super models on the fuckin vocs. Anyone how k I'll get this one and then nothing nothing four and fives in there you burn down the video store I may be dating myself: ok, here is what is is on. This is unbelievable as as a benefit like a falling in love. Anybody on a moving poster, that's happened. I love our of wine steam was consistent, like I wonder if he called the golden return. For up to his room and man hat and be like it. I could go with us now Do you, like my balls, are like years? That's their way, whether business work? Do you know that this dog ironically, tragically whatever lost the limb, later on in its career, because I did not know that. No, I I remember,
certain weird things like Jedi Judge eat. I had a bunch of our glasses on as it is ask- and I do remember hearing a story that the dog from air blood had to have a I can't be Plan wheelchair basketball employ had probably heard of all people gone by now that body only positive moves in ninety seven, the articles written about body a seven year old golden Retriever, who also peer America's funny, some videos and late night with David Letterman began dumping toward the end of filming air bud in and he lost. His leg lagged cancer, he is still able to shoot baskets disease holding back, persevere in, but not at the bereaved not at the high school level anymore arise as to who should cease doing it for fun. These are pick up games and the dog barked right he's not helping work or high sketchy would see
these guys are all team. This, the starter, junior high team, I don't- anyone say Chris, please not marry ARPA side by side, the poster for burglar and the poster for a view to occur a year and a half apart both are top with a golden gate bridge why I am all these movies do served up set me because I watch him. I see that dog gopher triple double in a play off aim and then I come home and see my dog laying on top of the fucking lab in front of the front door, and I go you worthless, sack as Shit Luggage, yoke. Move, you don't work. The pivot, you don't the ball around aright. He can't even beat and here this is. This is a this- is now good movie, that dizzy movie that kid's, maybe maybe they out it's got some heart. I don't think anyone seen it it's a kid
it's probably a nice Disney kids movie- and you know it is probably not fresh, but it's not fifteen at such a nice Disney kids move, I suppose I'm gonna locket in at thirty nine Bold move here I said just on the possible sixty one cancer, It may be helpful levers of pleasant story. It's a movie about a dog, replace basketball guy. Think it's one of these issues where you don't want, be the critic that gets caught dead thinking. This is ok, it'll, ruin cried, I said twenty seven I'm gonna go with this. Seventy three and that's right by conundrums the drums set. No one can figure out. What's air bud is rotten at forty five percent higher than I bought jumping up
I salute and critics what I know about Dog Basketball Geneva. I'll dog basketball and it's not easy. Jeff forgers, gorgon. Seventy three seventy three later I ask you right Whoopi yeah now. Least. What James Bond was doing. Is the erratic we pass of all I guess, even though he is he's wearing a smooth sold loafer and his gallus, wherein heels are she's burial at in their walking on towns, are being issued with Christopher Walken atop. The athletes up the complicate bread totally doable its highly unlikely, but I would argue if EU wide now on burglar, Not only is what would be doing of all you're a cop are high health driving on the right side of the car. I
allied now on work. If you max apparel is there, kind of sanctioning body. For these posters, like, I feel like a virus for paramount when they showed me the poster I go You know we gotta issue here, because you have cop car chasing a two wheeled motorcycle, that's riding on a one foot wide suspension cable. How is cop car doing that, like us excited people going off their movie. I was to perform well the parameters. Stan member Joey chit? Would the stunt driving the thrilled themes I I only had about? I know but even he said, I'm not doing this show it. She ordered could run I'd on two wheels, but the car had to be up to forty five degree. Car flat the way the left side of the cars where the driver is we're in America say I have a few hundred pound cop sitting on it
Don't think this scene is in the movie. That's all Lena misleading Is there a spoon flying out of her motorcycles? You're gonna have to see the movie she's Fargo our can Can we remember? How can we members are super lazy, easy days of summer. How naive we all were in how wonderful world that is when people would break in your house since, He'll silverware, somebody air now, it's like all they brought when they break in your house. Just a vandalized have sex with the kids like no more stealing of silver. She was stealing silverware she's, a burglar, Karagwah Cereal Burglar, our cereal burglar, jumping out of job or three: it's not all good in the victim hood. We talk a lot. About self made martyrs who benefit from your sympathy or next film takes that notion,
to the extreme showing you a victim is ultimately transformed into an iconic super billion from two thousand nineteen Oscar winter were Keen Phoenix stars as Joker everyone love ass. I I haven't seen again. My son loves, it says its great. I I feel like they come from, and now I just don't want to be all this is not, This is not the time I'd rather watch precious and see. If I could get myself back, do homeostasis, I I don't know how you guys feel, but I feel a lot like. I feel like this way with, like the videos on the internet like this guy gets a compound fracture in the sea. Gotta see economic, none, I don't I get it. I get it and I'm not saying it's like. I I want to say This is a very good moving. A skilfully executed movie, I
we'd rather watch some fun and stupid right now. Yet this is not it ok Y know, critics or of dead. I think So I'm going to go you guys locked in the second case, nine What I said, ninety one as well. Was going to say that they want. I want a couple: it ticks lower at eighty nine. We watch this, I think the same day or maybe the framework. As it happens, the driver- and I said Has anyone drawn parallels between these moving Andy? He goes. Oh, yes, everybody ninety nine to array nine as well or a joker. This fresh sixty eight percent, a girl, I'm surprised and not surprised, really. Really not. I didn't care for young people. Have this picture. Wasn't it yeah,
the evidence. Eighty eight. While I stand corrected next up, we gotta chapter old, hashtag heroes. We live in. Where everyone thinks there a hero, I guess our necks, on his way. Out of its time back and ninety nine and all our cast of wannabes superheroes the shovel the bowler, the spleen and Mister Furious teamed up to take on- and over Frankenstein and superhero Spoof nine ninety nine mystery men, other than the rioters God. I love this movement. Janine Giraffe love was a brain. The lie loved us with a good Castro. Yes I'll cut. There's that there's a montage these grants were there trying out new superheroes for the team and there's at least two or three notable? faces who were not famous most the time, I think maybe Dame Cook. I think data
what might have been in that really you guys can try it down the mountain sequence but yeah well, this is, I didn't see it. I think I member hearing of this kind of I I think it may have been a little like what Galaxy Quest was the sigh five like me. It got some. Oh that's surprising. I like this self aware and smart. We have no yeah? We don't know brains doing right now you do. I I am not going to say, was bad all the I'll go with the barely fresh at sixty one. Yeah, I'm right there with is a really good movie. I think the critics totally missed the town it's in its irreverent. I said sixty five, a wow, I I think the YAP forty seven Jeff jets are closing himself Jeff, locked
Jeff unerring as you have ongoing. Fifty six One of you is on the button, if I'm still even around, Mr Mann, is barely fresh sixty war, everything that went and data Gould was we man, Danny goals, really, though their trial like absurd, superheroes and united squeaky. Next up this chapter six in the book, academia, nuts, As this chapters title suggests, all of our teachers have become entitled. Narcissists then Maybe it's always been this way. Our next film takes place in nineteen. Fifty nine we're in conventional teacher, Ribs chapters out of textbooks and tells us bribes, students to stand on their desks and stand up to their oppressive fathers
car pay some deal with Robin Williams and nineteen? Eighty nines dead, poets society, oh captain, my captain. They love this movie right. They loved it you say, was eighty nine. You know what s interesting about this, though zero woke points looking that cat a lily white gentlemen. What's prob school or the Euro, They look ass. His first best act. Your nomination, maybe with this first trying to think of cod. What was the movie where John Lisco Players France, gender garb. Is this world yeah well this morning or that world according? Is that while there may be, in effect, this might be after good morning we had not, so I could be wrong, maybe yeah yeah. This is a second abbess actor nomination good morning, and almost two years earlier work. Ok, so now they love this movie
ready. They love it in the nineties. They love in the eightys. We we ve got, can burn with Joker Org. For going a little high I'm going do lock at an inn. Eighty nine! I gotta make a move here, so they behind so behind so actually little low. This move is really melodramatic almost savvy. So I said seventy interesting as eighty eight. I'm goin. Eighty one brought to buy for now. The cab I was number one adult store- a good journey dead. Poets society is certified. Fresh tang at Eighty four percent o guy gets the tight gale. I might be back in this level. The finally chapter
It is titled from primates on to post mates. The deal evolution of species in honour of this after his title. We turned to the law standing Hollywood tradition of pairing movie stars with monkeys, glint Eastward stars is trucker a bare knuckle brawler and the lover with motors again on his heels. He and his patter rang a tank Clyde set out for the American West. Jeanne seventy eights every which way but loose? you realize most when you watch this movie, you realise there were eight guys who played bikers in Hollywood and the seventy, as they would show up on a Sanford Sun and they would show up on Clint. Eastwood modes is like one guy with bad skin. Who was husky another guy. My beard, who is husky theirs is the same eight guys and if there is any shit, where there is a situation where, like that
going guy spilled the coffee at the guide to counter the diner he stood up. It was just one of those guys, that's how we have like five biker guy and they're all one this movie, because they need they need em. All So I quit so entreated me clean What turn ninety the other day? Thirty years of Certified Frankie turned fifty three, my eye, dad is gonna turn. Ninety I'll tell you what, when my dad remind me MAX batter when my dad and ninety, let me which shop at his house with a list of clay. They stood accomplishments and then we'll have dad's written down on a cocktail, napkin and then I'll. Just compare and contrast the two lives as a celebration of my dad's life. Yes, the I'm down and argue turn ninety on Sunday, the Moslem
our own poster is fantastic. Now this is me half. This is tough arriving Brien's a little behind here, we're pretty that's pretty pretty tight at the top and the these these were considered like fun in rollicking. In whatever back, when we didn't put our jewellers loop on to criticise, movies like I was fine, No, why he has a chimpanzee gotta know, but it's his chimpanzee, is named Clyde he would ride shotgun in his truck and when he wanted to punch when he wanted to punch one of the bikers that, like pulled up next ominous truck he'd, go right. Clyde and Clyde reached rack his arm out and punched biker scared that he had turned signal. Humor. Yes, so out of more subdivision. I gotta protectively migrants is ignoring my kid. I can't believe this is fresh, but
also like fun and who cares and Clint Eastwood was not caring. This sort of political baggage, Poland, now I'm going to go with my when I press to be a safe, fifty five the I d go Little Bolgia Twenty twenty, I too with a safe. Fifty five go in thirty eight and that brought to buy the tough factors bikers king Lot They deceiving everywhere way but loose. Is rotten at thirty cents. Now. It's real Klaus yeah like it's not enough for me of a unfortunately well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a streak broken today, Dammit Jeanne grad poverty.
Party, I'm after weeks successive weeks of making it to the podium you come out in full. The place where the store? Seventy five f, F man. And it's gonna hurt a little bit more when you find out that bald Brian beat you but one point for domination: don up up up up up living, Jeff scenario, lad roller separated by eleven points. Jeff you're, coming in at fifty eight meeting you the winner of second place, because Adam takes the cake at forty seven Yeah nice
I I would deliver my except in speech. Will we have to get to the new saw? I'll moving along the south can I say something else is aryan sportsmen and all that's gonna reminded me that I brought it up once maybe a long time ago Can we stop this thing where, at the end of the boxing match or the? U S, fight their civil like close hard fought battle, five rounds. The raft stands between the two fighter. She holds both their rest in order to raise the hand of the winner they're talking about Judge Marquez. Has it fifty five fifty or Judge Garcia hazarded dad tied. Fifty five. A m guys raising his hand. Already it's like a butcher, in hand out? Let us can we get nervous so so,
times one guy or oftentimes. Both guys will have their free hand up and it's like Let me explain how they work. You stand in the center of the ring, the guy with the boat. I hold your rest and then he raises the one who wins you don't raise the one while the reading all the judges score cards. It's weird and at some point you put yours down and the other guy puts his up or sometimes you're, both up we should eliminate that We should allow a gun, here's the new protocol, you stand there and you wait to have your hand raised, not raise your free arm. That's all makes sense as though it now go to influence. The referee tell why is already at one end up also their reading the judges scorecard. You think one of the judge goes home, giving him all again give you up. I like that guy's armpit, I'm gonna go ahead and change ran for
dna round. It will take a quick break work back with the news right after this. Break all those crazy trot. We do the news with Gina grad. Well, I can believe how little corona virus news we have. Suddenly it's like. We walked off one of those walking escalators of being at the airport which in gears of course again just to give an overview, because I know we're all we're all pretty sick of hearing the same size. Over over again at least forty cities in Dc Adam the curfew Sunday night response to violent protests across the country over the weekend. Additionally,
Sunday, approximately five thousand National Guard members activated in fifteen states. We were one of em here and allay also Washington Dc. Another two thousand prepare to activate if needed, Arizona, the governor said Urgency declaration, which they activated emergency and disaster relief at will allow police to be to make a rest of individuals were planning to riot loot or cause damage or unrest? citizen allows the federal agents to service peace. Officers Virginia. It allows the mobilization of resources, including the National guard me, while the sea Chicago closed. The central business District, no kind of like we'd. We just heard about palm springs. That's loop area too Only employees whose businesses are located in the business and residents who literally live there, Cancun in or out otherwise major highways closed Minnesota, just sort of prepare, and we talked about this a bit
but some of the looting move. John, we were dealing with downtown LOS Angeles here and allay, and the I'll rose area Sunday night, it turned to Santa Monica and long beach, hip pretty extent Sadly, Santa Monica looter spent hours at the upscale business districts, stealing stuff setting fires long each an outlet mall in some downtown shops were hit, as and and this was this- was in the news as protestors Did the looters and begged them to stop, which we ve been hearing a lot of hundreds arrested. In response to the approach has to cross the nation alike. R L, a county sheriff Alex Visa Waiver, announced this cut county wide curfew. Six, P M to six a m, but of course the Lou What long into the evening I personally haven't heard of any weekday curfews yet, but you never know you're gonna get a little alert on your phone and
in terms of tired all the alerts on the phone, guy. Behind a talk. Do man on the right in the other day and they learn consular get this what an amber large all the time which again it's fine by as the time I'm sitting in my Dan Watch and sports centres. I don't jump up and all gas up the rig and I started acting on a helmet and flat jacket, I'm gonna bring. This, down, and also this is a day. Who got no a shitty custody battle with his axe, and now he kept his nine year old for days longer they should have Europe, that's between them. I don't need the alert. We don't need to be fuckin deputized unless you're on the five year Breyer, the de facto there lies,
where a GEO Geo target a little big opportunity over alerts. Fer you now the aforementioned proclaim our God knows where the fuck ever. It is well and also a kind that it always reminded me of the weather, sorry of the traffic reports, well, then opt in or near the slots and cut off. There's constructions like what percentage of people are driving their car are heading for this loss and cut off in what percentage. If, We one percent percentage or even in their car. What what why we show specific with this? This is the part by the side of the plate? Nothing, nothing! I should hope and listen to the radio there still giving traffic updates. There is no traffic you, look you're going to get you out of the very oddly upland and replaced it with a much more attractive Upton up in our opinion. Up to now ethical on your right so speaking,
retail shops, alot of people are go, and you know what we better get out in front of us so tat c b S Apple and Walmart. All but rarely and quickly adjusted their hours and though those we got alert for that. But I got a news notification about target first in some places their stores been burned, Lou Dead, don't turn very violent as on even said Sunday amid the curfew, it adjusted its roots and suspended deliveries to keep driver the safe in cities like allay Chicago Seattle Minneapolis. So if you pay for primary get your package last night! That's why, but again you know I knew what I think we all knew leading up to a Friday and Saturday all hell was gonna break loose. I really dont know what to expect during the week Do you guys have a prediction for the week I'm trying to kind of figure out how many of these people that are hitting the streets and looting or
violent or doing whatever live with their parents or a parent like. How many is is it possible that there's a mom and dad and then this young person is leaving to go. Join the group and vandalized and loot and set fires. I mean, then that meant. That number must be decorously Larsson right far faster and how you gonna bring all that shit home without anyone noticing and then what percentage of them? mom and dad and moved out three years ago to go to college or to get a job or have a roommate like. I just would love to get statistics on intact. Families looters violence and in a in starting fires, I think there's a direct correlation. I feel like the dad's or the discipline Arians, the dad's are gone, there's no more discipline and now
discipline is kind of left up to the cops and that school teachers and the security guards they have become split Arians and the problem with that is, if the day they are doing it at home and it starts from the time you come from the hospital and the dad is this pointing you along the way. They are Thirdly, when you become an adult, you don't need the cops, the security guards in the school teachers to discipline you if, in fact, the cops in the school tee There's are disappointing. You and secure The guards it's always gotta Horrible outcome that that support from the outside. You know what, with your dad and mom, but which your dad we can do with the time now it's or the sorry you don't. You ve lost the use of your cell phone for three days, because all that stuff like on the inside out worked pretty good and then you become nineteen in you enter society and you have a pretty good
relationship with discipline. Like you, ve kind Nordmann carry authority, you ve kind of calibrated. You have no calibration, then the sick thirty guy pulls out the pepper spray, and then you yell you're, not the boss of me and then Jane, you know you guys are rolling around on the ground and the outcome is always going to be bad. Yeah. Sorry, Mary, so just to also in terms of a doing things in advance for the protection of others, secret service agents, rush tramp to the White House, Bunker Friday night, when protests became very crazy indeed see what others have fallen. Yeah rub spent nearly an hour in the bunker which is designed for emergency use like terrorist attacks, that, from a republican source close to the white has definitely not able to speak on record, not immediately call.
If the first lady and barren were with him, but a secret service protocol would have said that you know whoever's the roof and with the family should go to the sea in underground shelter, Jeff, seven, some technical difficulty so he's for he fall off, but that's that's all right, because we know how much more show to go, but I was thinking about it. I wonder if Trump gets good sense, connections itself service from the bunker and maybe if he is enabled a tweet from the bunker then maybe a one for us all. Yes, maybe, but I'm
during one of his aids like looking out the window and six months, gonna looks like there's a storm broke out there. You, Mr President, to be say: that's the gardener that you don't know what the skies is. These people show up it lets cyber sir, very clever. Let's let discretion be the better part of ours go down into the bunker. I can't tweet in a bilateral right, you'll make up poor when we let you out, composing drafts will bring us some food. What do you like through the Goebbels yeah. That's great! Well He wasn't in their long because he did tweet very soon after that that he does black anti for all this and has now designated it a terrorist organization according to one of his tweets science far short for anti Fascists is named loosely for with his left, leaning anti racist group that have been involved in some violent clashes over the years. The
but has no unified structure, no national leadership chambers, railed against the left wing agitators at other times the presidency referring to them as the all laughed and twenty seventeen following the violet, invitation between white nationalists and counter protesters in Virginia, so are now on the terrorist group, but we know there is very good people on both sides, so we'll see, The terrorist group designation get us as it mean the F B. I can question, I think what it does is it opens up what the
behind the CIA Folks law enforcement can do so. If you take the crypts or the blots, it's kind of up to the police to deal with the groups in the blood, but a few designate them a terrorist group. Then you can get the feds involved or others involved, and you can start. I don't know wiretapping their phones and things like that. I think there's something to that. I think it opens up the parameters and other words that the that their law enforcement and federal law enforcement can use the tools they can use, because now you and your terrorist group we can tap your phone. I think right and many more We have more to do with the Department of Justice now, instead of just you're you're local law enforcement, yeah right, I'm just like you, as ours as all our curfews and stuff in place verve here I haven't got any and I learned, but I just now learned TAT Long Beach scheduled for four p m and then one p m for businesses
Four p m to four p m: please about victims, so I of course I was driving like a bad out a hell. So I dont know if you discuss this with my garriga yesterday or not or the other day, but I've alchemy. No Roderick Adele, being accused of hypocrisy and insincerity. In his response to the death of George Floor the protests that followed now. Every big business on Instagram Twitter everybody's, putting up statement now every big business at many Big businesses and critics pointed to the leagues handling of calling cap or neck and his protest against police. Charlie and twenty sixteen sang Adele and the league had deliberately stifled for an egg, and they really do have a right to appear to be siding with protesters or anything right now I added I love the idea that everyone has their way in, like hey, hey, where attack. Let me get your on this horrible senseless killing. Well, we who manufacture plastic rugs for your automobile and cup holders feel that
our number one priority is like everybody else: it just luck Eagle Way now, yet yes, so what he said. Just part of what he said. The NFL family is greatly saddened by the tragic events across the country. Now it's up on my screen, one second, the protein does reaction to these incidents reflect the pay. In anger and frustration that so many of us feel deepest condoling. This dimension of George Floyd to mark Aubrey, Arbour, Brianna Taylor. As current and dramatically underscored this remains more there may, much more to do in our country and as a league blah blah blah people like, do who is whose director Michael Sean? jogger or who writes the Atlantic their dislike. Are you kidding me calling Capron aghast the NFL the care about the lives of black people? They banned him from their platforms. This is designed who is this insincere, so they could establish this one out. Probably you know once they're gonna have to get a black commissioner.
At some. It's not a shocking, haven't yet right and then the problem for Whitey problem for Whitey is once you get black commissioner or you get a black police chief or whenever you can't go back, you go back to black. You can't back to haunt the once you get the black person in that position, then it weird and political if the redhead guy taxes, place. So I understand NFL. You should have a black commissioner, but once you do there's no turning back on back more, you can get a check you ma We also get a white check in their necks. I dont think you can get. Another guy looks like Adele. I fear that this is a they do more harm than good ride. The king, they just kind of no comment that justice What's that I don't know we all eyes wandering like. What's he had avows take on this? I know
said old adage, it's better to keep your mouth shut and people think you're dumber than open your mouth and confirm it was now This is not the hill for him to die on world. Look no further than what is the shit. What's the James Shit, James Roland goods. Now a young andor got me TED. James, Anchor, Frank, Frank, Frank. I go I James Go. The reason we don't hears his name anymore is because he put like me to pin on his look pal and went down the red carpet, I dont know, rose Macao and saw it when you weren't a fuckin me to paint you fucked up, you fuck tons of checks or whatever and you're acting class. So he put appear on. Then he got there and why are you wearing that pen and then they ruined his career? Essentially but
I'm saying is, as you make this statement you put, the pin on you, ve opened the door leave the fuckin painted home, though, make this statement. And it's not like anyone's watching the red carpet, the Oscars and see, James, walk down the carpet goes, where's is ten the higher the satellite? Now that's that's new world order. Like don't don't worry, it's like a kind of Mine's me of light. We're in this kind of frenzy and this mad mob and your job. Bitches blended with that mob, don't stand up on an appetite and start preaching: you're gonna get hit with a can of paint. Yes, you might the man in the bad mob reminds me it was parents who tweeted. Obviously you know we, we we all stand with will always
and for the right of Americans to peacefully protest and let the boys is be heard and the mob obviously jump tell over like mother fucker. You took this whole fuckin start where you want Donna Military courts, game cholera, outbreak, kneeled, and you left before the game like that I'll pre planned start. You obviously don't stay like support their rights. Are what you peacefully broadcast, so just looking this one out, no comment exact address it out exactly. Why are you here? thing that did not get a lot of press because we ve been a little side tracked, but normally this would be a headline news just because somebody actually gotten on camera Broadway Frere. He did watched a kick off announced. It was flow out while the ball was in the air last. Items argument. I don't know that showing is I I can climb into the man said Now that's what I get for following too many. You know people are one side again, as I saw you open it out on the outright
actor Denzil, Washington, now being hailed as a good Samaritan. Came to the aid of a distressed man and allay the other day. So somebody shot this video last week and posted it to twitter. You see Washington, we not see this part, but why should I pulled over his car to help this guy? Who was at risk of getting run over? Basically, while standing in the middle, the busy intersection He then intervened when the cop showed up. Try to prevent the story. From escalating between the guy in the police he standing there with them. He there their hand covering the guy. Without incident, then it worked were watching a bit of the cliff right now. I believe they end up taking handcuffs off him. Adele gives them a mass to where he buys a meal, and but he goes about their way. Basically, He was. He was just this sort of random hero and even the sergeant appreciated at here's, a clip of Henry capping. The situation,
obviously, can you tell me what has happened on myself? We saw that Denzil Washington was here. Would what appeared to be a homeless guy? Yes, our Denzil against role by solemnly I individual in the road where life over the individual losses by another person was driven by the southern cell with we intervene, spoke for the individual and determined that you didn't, I wanna Harmon Self or others, and he was on his late Intel left in providing a mask to protect itself from Ireland. Big e gave a meal and they said Diana Good Samaritan. It was a nice moment. I'm surprised, like brine, only says that there's not a whole bunch of people named Denzil gives the should not it's a bevy of twenty two year old black men, name
and so a beloved actor cause controversy free. As far as I can tell and universally admired on all sides, the color spectrum speak. Of that especially having a four year old? Now you know like little or kids, that you know they ve been the last say for five years no little Brock's to be found here. It's weird, I I guess in all in a way, Maybe they're like we well we're going to make up our own name, we're not gone with that stuff off the shelf were gone. I like you we're going with a name, it's never been uttered by human being ever ever again or because we think it may be. You go I if here black community maybe go well go with James, we'll go with Cavenaugh Nicholas or such like that, or what have you, but then you go
then that groups gonna go with traditional name, but if you're gonna go non traditional name, then maybe you make up your own name seen why maybe we don't have that luxury. We there, no traditional name or non traditional name, but but spoke name can I enabled doesn't exist? Doesn't it is it going to traditional and down right, but here we could do we Do the code is? Are they? Surely you, Sir sample? Yes, I like that, but it has to exist. We can't make it out a whole cloth. Lets the amount to be founded nature one. Why should write at my next book should be called rules for Whitey? Oh, that's good boy! look at that popularity, Denzil His name popularity out spiten
three but look how low it is like starting in two thousand this. This is one of our finest actors and regeneration did he get nominated and ninety three or not you not? Ninety, nine. These on glory came out. Ok and you him really super famous, pretty quickly well may look at all the folks who name their kids after John Wayne, I ever now, after John away do first named John Middle Name lame. What was a real is doubtless a real should a quicker and lady like John Wayne beside John, why am I was making a joke, but ok, I'm sick and about John family John Wayne, German, our it he's gonna shoot President, isn't like that's murderers now! Well, the data one more thing, the grand our eye, so some people still take social distancing seriously. They might not be in this country, but so in your house, with someone from
outside of your house is literally now illegal. In the UK, the governor and is introducing new lockdown measures in England that prevent people from socializing with, person from outside of their household in a private space. So up until now the peace visiting your house for sex would have been a brief of measures, but now both people woods quickly be able to be prosecuted under the law The amendment regulations being introduced in parliament for those couples for a little work around having sex in public already illegal and Downing Street said. I may insisted. Police would show discretion and common sense, but they are calling this a serious crime. The guy the disgraced guy who came up with all the model hours for all our fallacy, man, cat mad cow disease and how millions of people were gonna, be rapid in the global may I am again. Body counts as those who turn out to be more
then a hundred percent wrong. That's positives way wrong. That's the guy got busted for her having sex with his yet girlfriend inside his how's yap, no again with all whatever riding is going on in all. This is a kind of time to lose These things I am feels like a violation of civil rights, also like I've. I've heard anecdotally from why people have worked in prisons like your security guards and whenever, like we the kind of tacitly encourage the inmates to smoke marijuana because keeps on quality. They don't fight. Did you know about alive? It's a gag, see that that was one of one of the best and only arguments ever heard for conjugal visits on, like these guys are locked up. Why they having sex. You know, what's with the conjugal visits and the guy said, comes from down
what do you care and care of the under the stair? I like it good for a month. Yeah, don't don't start race ride on the handball courts and you get the fuck your old lady in three weeks and I was like ok make sense. I get it. I was right, Jane. I grant you. I'm gonna grab and that's the news with geographic ride guy these days, everyone a sharing more their share in their dance moves, their sharing their d. I why hair cut fails in their inner lip sink star Geike up thanks a scientist. Do sharing with you, the Geico is gonna, give it back man, fifteen percent credit card, motorcycle policies for current in new customers.
Echoes committed for the long haul. They know you not driving around that much these days and then are willing to kick some back the credit last year, full policy terms or visit Guy Kodak COM, Slash, give back for info and eligibility as Geico that calm, slash give back. I am re on the show tomorrow, always good. Zany is me in Nashville. Coming up do live, shows there and stand up, there's well tuned, twelve and thirteen, so tickets. Viable for that priority that I'm your motion, sport animals right go now and check out the stand up on the Youtube page. Youtube account Slash M Corolla, and until next I'm SAM Crawford, doktor drone, Jeff Tsar, YO and Bovine and geographic San Mahala, probably Adam. Carolla show on Twitter at Adam, Carolla show followers on Twitter, Adam Carolla. You can leave a voicemail at eight hundred and eighty eight six hundred and thirty four one thousand seven hundred and forty four
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