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Part 2: Luke Bryan, News and Good Sports (ACS June 19)

2020-06-19 | 🔗
Luke Bryan calls in next, and Adam talks with him about the songwriting process and how it compares to writing comedy. They also chat about wrapping up the season of American Idol ‘virtually’, touring during the quarantine, and what Luke’s path to success has been like. Bryan also asks Luke for his thoughts on Blake Shelton and the opportunities that have come his way since appearing on network TV. Later, Adam tells Luke about his experience in Nashville, and Gina reads news stories about Colin Kaepernick, and soap operas resuming production with blowup dolls. As the show wraps up, Adam and Shek bring today’s Good Sports. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Betonline enter PODCASTONE Truniagen.com enter ADAM for $20 off any 3+ Month Order CoolerShock.com, promo code ADAM Butcherbox.com/ADAM JBWeld.com Geico.com
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well one of the biggest country stars the planet Loop Brian, is joining us he's a funny dude and stick around cause. He starts Tellin drunk Superbowl stories and he sang the national anthem. Edna super boy can two thousand seventeen that's falcons and patriots. Why should just say Falcons could serve? Patriots are in every Superbowl, but stick around for that storage. Pretty damn funny! It's all round. Good guy will do the news as well. First, a table true Niger, and he heard about an aide de boosters start getting older start experiencing a near. Fifty percent decline in an aide de Andean need well, it keeps you young. It keeps you energetic and therefore true knowledge and comes in I'm on this stuff drew his on the staff. A lotta celebrities and athletes are on this stuff. They just don't
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everybody hearing from here, but we do not know a little frozen in Germany. In clouds ain't. No rights can we fail in no time goes. Lack lost three more lives. Rhine is with us one Marguerite as the single Tamil will now, wherever you listen to music and God sold Lookin out here. Has twenty four number one heads or plant amounts to have gone platinum terms times to twenty two platinum single. It just keeps going and going when man thanks for joining us for having me, I'm glad I can finally
they get all you guys, you're doing good yeah. Now how you doing how are you in the Tennessee say yeah we're leaving. Gonna bouncing back and forth from our beach placed Tennessee. So we ve been, we ve been held up here for a little bit but making the most of. Thank God. You know we're gonna live in the country we do now. I mean I've been so sympathetic for certainly people there. Can I be in there all day in the Congo, of their their little apartments and stir up the amber a lot of fish in a lot of time and the outdoor so happy a process work for you because For me, I write down Joe then I d as all day, and I just keep a little pad and pencil next to me and if I was fishing at some point, not stop and write something down. The song writing process work for you will
I mean early in Nashville when I moved here, I had light little Sony tape recorder that occurred on a kip if only I could open the door. My pickup truck you forget idea? You know, and I'm sure you ve done is Adam Way or sometimes you'll have an idea about something. But you don't know why you had the idea you just did you right down twenty five horses as a sound title. Within what made you make a twenty five horses ass, the Santer, so Now with my with my phone, you know I'll go in my memo, my little voice reporter in saying the malady I'll, say: lyric. Or I'll I'll, say. You know I was I was running around and I saw there, sir or I was thinking about this, and this is why I had an idea is, if you don't really vocalize,
why you had the song idea in what sparked your brain. Then you know nine times out of ten. You know I won't even know what the hell I was thinking about twenty, I've horses sounds like a song about my dad. Sixty seven video I was growing up that literally couldn't make it up laurel can in it had twenty five horses, but yet it's why I write down little things that I think are going to say or something, and then I can't even free what I was trying to remind myself of its also in such a weird process? Sometimes I find myself on my rowing machine and I'll. Think of something- and I realize I'm right in the middle of rowing for half an hour or so I'll. Take my ass, is or something and throw them across the room. Later on when I'm going to get them. It's gonna. Make me think. Oh I had
idea! That's why that's? Why did that? with a major alot, more disciplined may, because that would just anything I can do to get off a rowing, She really ask us man, you know our aim is a mosquito by or something you know they need. I'm now realise and unmanned on my aquatic theme forget about the rowing machine. They need a fishing machine, guys like you, could strap yours, Sandro fighting chair, simulator, Marlon guy next year, dump and water on your real Poland back point he Elsie's go and under the boat you gotta pull back again. That's an upper body work out. That could be a woman. Will build the simulator looking for their sound for you, we? U problem! We had to cancel while I mean I know we're doing we're doing. American idol soda virtually now ran yet we fit state virtually
and I mean the paper She didn't amazing job. Just just putting together potent that together, where we can at least put a grace. Out there in the iron curtain You know we haven't physically announced the cancellation of debt ring, but you know what county in limbo, but I had on a message in United at say some some miracles. What had happened for Meda tour this year, while it so itself funny because It's like we're living in two different countries with, but the same disease I was just on the phone with MIKE August to guide us all my bookings, I was in Houston at the Improv three weeks ago. Months ago. I was in that Nashville last weekend doing shows its agonies and everything was fine
and so I said to him. I am going to Wisconsin to do some stuff for us snap. Tools wants. You book me show that night Friday night and he's been trying. You know MIKE he's try and he said everything in Wisconsin. Plus. There is no bookings there's! No! I can't do Brewery, couldn't do a drive and movie theater. It's it's caught. It's completely shut down, and I said, but I just got back from National- did Porsche Zack. I know that's natural, that's not as out with, As you know, it is fire. We ate some Florida is Mina Florida I mean, while their rocking down a flawed. But are you know it is certainly a state by state basis, and I think you know you have to get to. Search your mind and get prepared for the negativity. If you
do a show. I'm sure you you, probably if you ve been doing some stand up stuff, I'm sure you ve had some haters bill. I'm sure you ve already had that. Just like I mean well enough, but you have to stay but you yourself as and ass all and then everyone will allow. So you know I mean doing you're on deaf ears. Well, go but think about it. This strategy of I've. I put a lot of work into. Having urban think I'm an ass all and then once they think, you're and ass. All why doubled in Ireland that real, relentless when it comes to putting in the workforce is this nice guys shit is its of calorie burner man look. I've got to do a he'll turn back gave it on the block. What
you know he was. He was so purely was so nice. Any data parkers, Madame girl, in how the hell are. You need to follow the same trajectory that the Great Hall Coggan followed a trying wrestling Unita. You can block interrogate take a turn now, because once you lay down a rich history of being a douche in and ass. All, then, no questions. The next douche, an asshole move. You do. I I've been telling me I want to use- and I went to National Data Bunches- shows you suck at that then I say anything Did you ever think about when you were a kid racism? There's always that old mean guy in the neighborhood like the coroner how's, the guy with his old dog skipper, needs a deck and insists that mean old guy wants stably the mean old guy lived at the house at the end of this. Are you
Everyone is yard rang, but it was never surprise. No one ever went to guess how rude old man Drucker was the Meda get he's a is a dick establish yourself as a dish. Now I'll Adam years, that's just Adam being Adam. That's right. It's got away. Well, there's just a week up up put some stuff on Instagram and you have people are like myself She distancing leave no mother got that You know arm So are you I think you know I don't know what to do with shows a mean. We are the images I may just institute you're you're new. You knew your new path that maybe the thing for me. How did I get there? black cowboy hand die the beard and go full health. Haokah look. What do you mean you're become? Did it was still Hollywood Hogan
how are we about dry or go out to dry and thrive, look, it's easy matter that data is actually not easier. In effect, your show how works Adam Houston is getting Fuckin slammed with new cases new on occasion, hospitalizations they're getting killed. In fact they spy super hard right around the time you were there like Memorial Day week and we are beginning to dislike still going up drought. What that check glared? Does that that's dot the little diamond. That's when you are there, that's only got up since then. Here man I got my own problems, the fucker airline wasn't servan drinks, to bring members on the plane, that's how it's done their work. I needed a new pair ostrich cowboy. What am I gonna do we?
Marty hairs, not gonna cut itself there. So there you gotta say worked like a charm, Aer Lingus. Yes, very quiet and just let you stay and let your yeah I'll! Hang me! This is somehow and we'll get associated with all this year. Eric, and I had all the greatest gig. Because I had I I judged I shall once like, they brought back like garden of the Americas, got they brought back like the gong shore like somebody asked me to judge celebrity judge paid a whole shit load, a money said three words sat there and while people dancer ass off in front of me or saying there ass off in front of me like a judging, is the greatest celebrity gig ever am I right. Is it pays very large, also
The comedy bards about where airlines audiences like if you make a half light, is a joke. The audience is gonna love, oh yeah to figure out how to make I am in ass and make that funny than your golden I don't know what I'd John you did. The gong showed David tell in two thousand eight. Now as everyone they us even before the gong show, but I remember them. First off a member, the good chunk of change. Like twenty five grand for just half a day may last comic standing now did star surgeon. Two thousand. Three star search- and I remember super clearly indeed think I remember very clearly- is I've been paid a bunch of money for an hour's work, but I remember right before We went on there like look, look just keep it to like ten war, just just real short and sweet, and I was like kay you just can do you just pay me and I'll does not have out that that was
I pay you. I pay you to shut up other this year The title of the episode is the one where our man show House, Adam Colonel that was our search gap, which they brought back for for ten minutes. How'd you get discovered alive. Did you get? What did you get discover? like I'm thinkin about star certain our d just go out and play in playing plans. Can I read out the oh I mean I know it sounds. Can I did at the old fashioned way? You know I was a little bit colonel was was in the hours in the world of this kind of before american out of got kicked out. But you know that buying was, I was just plain, lotta shows in Georgia, college bars and and We live in a national and I was right in these songs and then would? You know I'd get em, damn Odin and then I go back to George and not just be about all these cities me I started going. You know some
about me and you know that they will make a c d in the nature. Sale, the damn thing twenty dollars at college bar and where so I would leave NASH your draft seven hours and play a show, and you know it was Five six hundred people at these bars, but you know they too, to college it would be twenty dollars. Sadia me there. They load listen to you but they're. Not in beer money to buy your day allowable I so I found we got city count me the print media Mercedes for about you know a dollar a piece: So if I was playing a six hundred, then you now six hundred venue. Bar son, and these six people don't be there. He'll I'd go just say: well I'll eat the five hundred dollars. The cities just give until the clouds. Kids That was a really really important thing for me to do, because
like I say I mean that I go back to that college. I did. I did at college three months later in all the kids. Head my music. It I've been living with it. And down the original version of maps. Torino Israel within I got discovered. China got him with capital records couple couple our people there and in the night? and count obey a developmental, the old aware. You know they wanted me to write. You know just Apple it necessarily ready and then finally, you know I started started on turning Is it that they really lie? Dinner just gave him, but it was really grass roots shaken hands. Meeting everybody along the way now Being an ass old, everybody really just me
ass, being the complete opposite of what you are crystallized. Every every story of success than I happen to have ever heard starts with workin for free and handed out your des in print Numa put your own expands and that is the real divide that the haves and the have nots never quite figure out all the Eyes and went to high school, with horror now currently still swinging a hammer, their role Is you gotta pay me to leave the house? I don't leave the house and tell you pay me, which is good, but your I never really gets, gets beyond many bucks an hour and all the their people. I knew did everything for free and even at their own expense, and it doesn't mean it pay off, but every one of those success stories just start with your store theirs. Amity version, there's a producer there's a director
version of that story? The outbreak- no, I agree that the do a boy lost five hundred bucks, but God knows how much you ve made as a result of that risk, like you may east, it's a common ass and I got the parent scene. I got this dad who you know, He's a lawyer: well the worst thing, is he he wants a child to never get screwed in the business right. You know you got to be stupid and naive and just doggie and cause you're gonna, somebody's gonna get richer you If you travel until these parents You know I'm like gas, you, not gonna get to the heart to the higher levels, without your not going over. Thank you can't you can't plan. You have to just go
You know I seen you know some girl, you know I've seen girls and guys. You know they. They think that they're going to go, get their hair and be all polished in they go play. Their shows in you know, you gotta go. Do the dirty war, you got to put any time you gotta go play the bar, where everybody Boozer nobody's paying attention you got to be able to. You know you. To be able to withstand rejection of nobody really give a damn about you, I'm sure student, comedy clubs and pick cash out and said you are the worst thing ever and I get their land Give them my living room forget about the clubs. I I just return home I get a hand and Egypt down to you have to do it, because that's what you do play me or you tell jokes and that's what you do and then if the money comes, the money comes, but if it doesn't then you're just doing what you would have done anyway.
Yeah. I mean there's her thought about it. It's like I, never even set it is you just get in the car drivers working plan shows in writing Much is actually I didn't say other than other than the bathroom a year and more people deal my music in and get in a twenty year contract I mean I signed some pretty you know, still sad one or two deals that are sound, but those those deals, even though they were great, they put me in the business. Every day, working in getting better bought awaited on the sweet? de all of the century that, where I made more money than everybody else, because I waited on a deal that ten years would have went back and you know she said.
France me up some of these people. They just you have some point. You just gotta. Yet the jumpy and naive you gotta be nice about you, gonna, be you ok Jimmy over educated, the good there. That's a good point that wouldn't that wouldn't be a bad name for your next feel like the country. France are greatly gravitate towards they not being of over educated you know. I was thinking it's more like an in alchemy, my whole political slowly, new as targeted doctor, at this the other day, which is you know when He'S- the do love line on MTV. We got their aim ratings. That late night show guys get now right, but they're, getting twenty million bucks a year and mean Drew's to get like eight hundred bucks a show we really didn't get paid to do that show and but we got the expense,
and of doing that show, and we got the recognition from doing that. Show and would then we'd go out and do college doors and we'd get paid. So if you Ricky Ragman from MTV was originally slighted. To do that show, and he said I want more money which he right really probably should have said because we were getting paid anything and they. As you know we like here, but not not that much so what we'll get someone else to do it and they got me who was you get made hundred box every two weeks for doing roofing size said, take eight hundred bucks a show and then You know we're often running so Here is a very interesting point, which is you have you know this ocean of like don't ever let anyone screw you. I don't know you might screw yourself. Ricky rack men got lawyer in there and may have skirt, is recorded career up.
Everybody knows the words. I want more money for words of radio suicide. There there, happy to replace you american idol. Judging next season do we know anything about that Jeremy, we know the show is Zalm. We know that that day they're making all the strives to get I'll go and now you know you don't about the money I spoke to me now we're working out the contracts I mean you know, they're gonna go to IRAN, waddling Katy in me and in Are you the money and will see you know my mapping? Is our love due in the show it I've- been there. You know when, when, when or any well alone, all that, but ah going into the show I was sceptical alone would. He's gonna, look like from my career. They gonna look like I'm, I'm like tat, to sail away and in enter?
retirement motor. Do I still want to really really be relevant in the business procedures. You know it make a big move when you choose at the time. I was doing You no ninety two hundred concerts a years in a year. An insult when I chose I had about my concerts down just to make time for idle and That was the big thing I told all the producers of idle online. Guys. You know I'm China at the height of a career in you're, asking me to deviate from what is creating the height, satellite anxiety gone into it, then, when you look at idle in the platform of Vietnam, D. You know him You got me a country star who, I'm only urging a segment of countrymen people and now here come get. No, you know your happiness, You know you you get on an elevator in New York City and in you you get recognized Bob,
lots of life. All you know all I know the people some some of these people, that normal Philip We know you, you know and I'm like I'm like yeah, I'm the I'm, the I'm the guy on aisle, I'm a judge on Idol and that sucks pretty man I never really vision? I didn't really see all that that coming on pretty amazing, to be able to have television element in my career and indistinct java, music in and on, and then certainly You know you learn a lot when you're in tv you get smarter. You know I mean You learn how to keep your? U keeps up, trouble when you learn how to be more Sadie, an indian tv as it's a whole different you it's a whole different I sat in the the learning experience as honestly use? You can be, how much did? Sheldon success on the voice. I am
your decision to do I'll because he went from you know three countries star too easily cover magazines. Here I mean he's using. It was say arm, I think Blake, really the way for M asking me. I mean, I think, the producers I think when the voice started, you know, Blake was just another, I mean he was kind of. In the background of what the show you know, his personality. His charisma, his! You know he, mean he went from cattle all flower to being really the first. So the show and really dictating arm. But the shown not they want to Can I also saw on that country. In a country. Singer could really be better and certainly I don't think without Blake.
I'm not sure. I don't know how serious american idol would have intervened me for the game, and I called lake- and I said a man idols, idols, the interesting and made his man you're, a damn idiot. If you don't take that job he's like he's like a cannon explain to you. The opportune he's a ban on that or TB lot that war. What will happen you know, and he was right- I mean it's been. You know when you were You go from. Play in your shows, and then some big corporate sponsor. Comes along that you would have never gotten otherwise is put at the start. You don't really realise. In the early years of of chicken off your idle and television stir, I called Blake and he said who the fuck is this at my only story:
we're going to the new. I am still call him and he says it may look. Hang out, do the news with us. Let me hit life lock and then will roll into the news April. Fifteenth attacks deadline was pushed back to July fifteen for that's coming up and the extension gives more time for hackers to mine for your dad and stuff Oh your info, its partner understand how cybercrime and identity theft are affecting our lives every day, but our info SK on the internet. Your binds up on the internet. Your info, nations out there, it's very convenient you can order your Croesus by what everyone on Amazon, but your info is out there and these hackers went to hack into it now want to steal it. They're gonna ruin your credit. Like a leader and identity theft, protection, detect a wide range of identity threats like yourselves of security,
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related reminds all that Luke's vision bodies, their heads are going exports rods in the war Tell me about your ear, Nashville massage. What is this about yeah. I want to Nashville Nashville has one of the things that drives me knots, which is they have that I have an eleven street and by the way I love I let me tell you what I love. I love song. It's that are numbered. I love it your New York and they got the streets and the avenues and you can go K. Seven more blocks asking you know what you're going the right direction and everything else I mean to that: The worst is out here out in instead your city when they have all the streets up and studio city and they all start with Donna
So are you on down a delors, Adonis, angrier, Donna angrier and it's like down down down a confusing now Israel has numbers, but the problem is, as they have Eleventh Avenue, EAST and eleven Seventh Avenue West, and I got that Buber at four hundred Eleventh Avenue EAST and that's where they drop me and the massage place was on Eleventh Avenue West and then had to start running in the general direction of the massage place and when I got there I was covered with sweat and there's a dude whose put his hands on me. Usually I'm not homophobic, I'm just scared of gangs, so You say stuff like that and then you'll your you'll get when you think you're an asshole and then no bother you when you go, do stand up now, a camp the brain just so that high? So
I went and got myself a massage and it was actually nice- and I gotta tell you- I don't know man, but guy got a little better grip than than women. I can't enjoyed myself my gone when you're on you're back mask off when, on your ballet. Sorry no sir, have links to pray. You brought it up the first man massage our guide on this. I was in green, they also Caroline doing show, and I got trade. Tat! You know I am Our role in the and down got comes out and light. Somebody said another forum where they live on the road Maybe it was just my first time ever in it just I just couldn't
you'd be idle. Let it happen you know are in, but it was just a dream. A large. It was a quantum leap for me Now I've gotten aware and purtier. You knows just all about the pressure. It don't matter. Well it's sort of like a sort of like cookin. Now man man can can be a pretty excellent chef for you. Grown up seem like a lot job when I got older. I realise a man do the job equally as well and when you massage the meat when you're need and that in Europe now tend arise and that flank steak your work in that kielbasa You realize that animal apply are generally that I am wrong. That's right, I, a man on your feet is, is TAT a comfortable
it's not, but when they are doing your temples in your ear love the idea that that's where it's just it's just it's different. Take the time to worry is when that man forget about Europe. When he leaves his red now it's on. Now it is on takes her. On the table when they, when they yell yet all shot, gun room for two girls screwed up jam. You you're here that make room for daddy Third it. You know yet to tell yourself I'm an athlete carefully finally, we know most time levels. Heartier athletes, they male trainers. You know just gettin up in their groans and all that, so they sat Sattler
use a word warrior, but yeah half little work, dilapidated, gladiator, roman area, lad, that's very eight or to eat right gladiators. In this. To me is like if the Colosseum smelled but surely and pumped in India. This would be my Colosseum they are by the way born here live here today at looks laid down by the way. Sorry Gina, gradual storage. I wonder! Do in the news Atley interruptedly is now you enhance the news in Africa. Talk about athletes. Nfl work out have begun in anticipation of the football season starting after Labour day, the allay chargers placed quarterback. Alan cap renege on its work out. Roster dean's, head coach, Anthony Lynne said he fits the style of quarterback that we want an
felt he might sign cabinet. The country's mood shifted a little better. You know, and people are still some are still mad at him taking any others. You know it's. It's started demonstrations across the country across the world, so there might be some interest out here in California Mommy ass. This is if, if, if, if of cap her neck takes the knee then they not there when the coin cause any goes out there and he's out of the shot gun and Joey Bowser It's a clean shot. It is blind side. Is he gonna launch? Is that a hate crime is a word about the implications I mean think about it? Think about at this a real question. I am asking you ball brine in lieu: do you a b that guy who takes Capron it out. Oh wow calibre only when all they would look
somebody his mind, the web, that one while your cap from me. Well. How long ago, as there are his head, We should remember maiden him. Ah, I think that was the first year of figures I see ends, and it may well be that the first year hosted a scene which would have been two thousand thirteen You sung the national anthem at the two thousand. Seventeen Superbowl Pats in Atlanta Falcons arguable out God the best come back ever sadness, but best big, as Europe is now, the drugs have ever mean. Well, you When you do things that are nerve racking when you, done with that nerve, racking endeavour you drink a thousand alcoholics like I re some, yes, sir!
No, I won't go along with this, but screwed up the national anthem, a couple of tat. You know in June cause you're gonna screw it up. You go sing it twenty times and you're not going to back a thousand. Only the amp, so I was like man. I got the call to do the super bowl and I'm like latin move. My us right I didn't move, my ass to Nashville. Turn down the ability. You know this kind of, like a man check for me that I'm like ok, I'm gonna, cut slay the beast and I'm gonna slay the beast at the biggest the better I guess most has level ever so so I go to Houston and they get their own Tuesday right. So let me First of all, I grew up in Atlanta Falcons fan and I'm from George I mean like she's Johnson State ARC
a ski all of them any so here I am somehow I lay it so I agree to do the at them before the Falcons went on their own and gotten suitable. So Here I am, I get to do the at them and I get to watch the Falcons play the patriot so I'll get to and all of my bodies from jail. You are in Houston Party every night you'd rivers. Well. What do you think you're doing Call me won't, go party teasing, I ass. We all realise that I gotta do the Damn national anthem. The I'm not goin out in getting drunk wisdom. They call me or maybe you know personal. There certainly sir said, sir. Nah button, the room for fun, days prepared prepared, get there do the anthem. Thank God. Thank you. Gotta crushed it. I felt like a crusted water.
The field drank by the time I got to the to the day. The booth the Falcons were up. Fourteen nuthin, my dad, My father in law were their Michael failed, mothers. I totally and Michael Michael's, a rod all these celebrities thirdly and after the Falcon twenty eight. What three a m I mean How do you not drink to oblivion? So We all adults we start losing the game, and then you, then you have to drink like you two then you're, just you're drinking He trotted literally kill yourself for what you just expire. Half their did ya. Sorry guideline!
the only reason Luke, you crushed our national anthem. I remember very well because you're the only one across that national anthem, our great sponsor bet on line, had a proper that that said, I will look Brian, where I have your very own for wearing hats. Going out right now, I'm looking at you were ass Alla time, we'll loop right where I had no like this fucking southern boy who who's it, there's no way he's just reflecting the fly by Werner Goddamn had while they say internationally them. I made a max that what was now most like a hundred bucks over the most I let you bet that was the easy of proper at ever nail that, Mr Barroso, thank you look Ryan. You made me a hundred bucks that they literally did forty five bodies from home, calling me asking how long? There were never concerned, never said good luck on the anthem goods. Above all they want to know was the day, I'm tired
the overriding body slot vague edge. Two days I guess he spent two days he's trying to get all the profits in that he can again he always get em like fifty bucks per brought bad said in a limited plan that he was gonna, be a millionaire app man and he is racket. Doesn't I I've been in this? near position, but, as our positions where you say yes to this big thing: ruins the entire week leading up to that date. It s all. You can think While everybody around use having the time of their lot right right,
It's a little experience like the first time I did a ladder. Men, like you're, waiting in the dressing room, your patient back and forth, and people start pouring in their laughing and they're talking in their offering you food and drink and staff and you're like I'm trying to go over all the jokes that I share I was gonna, do and Bob LAW, but then the second you're done tension just gets released. I can only imagine singing the national anthem, ethical goddamn Superbowl that pours out EU and all you want to do is have a drink. Now. All you want to do is have a drink before the national anthem, but you there's you and Phelps and there's a Alan and George Bush in the back of the boat they're, not so how do you think he drank that day. Do you even know monsieur? I said the map fails and light love. Ah hours lie outside.
You're the bad, a son of a bitch in this whole steady. I was like look around looking on land around. Now that we like the bad as one said, the five gold medals. You know you get caught with a day on in your damn over your head, you come in the new whip everybody's ass again, when nobody else like you didn't the next morning I woke up and outside. Zeb. I remember what the hell I said MIKE. And then I called him. Male and I think I like totally asked it. You know, like lonely life right. He finally. I got that way. You know it's like hey man, you know sorry just what go alone that these I his eye,
dude yeah man, you you were in love with me. You love me. I know you. I know I got up and left in this world. So later we actually went and did a bill of golf charity thing with him and we got. We got to laugh about it pretty good I call I called Michael Phelps up any said who the fuck is this just eating the joke idea, Baltimore sign reports that Luke challenged Michael Phelps to swim off the edge ginger Hollywood. Look I carrier luck. If you're gonna go watch super ball and sit up in a luxury booth and not be drunk. That's on you. Not me, it's not your fault for being too drunk its felt small for not being I think as well. You know what I mean. Well I say he was you know he was.
He was leaning into it. I mean I think he was back. He was going the path or whatever, but Luxor literally I mean bath midway through first. Midway through the first. However, in maybe do the second colored man I was just like. I was in we'll house I was, I was king of the downward what is your? What's your drink. Man, you know during the summers for unknown stage. All have a darker. Really read great fruit juice block a great fruit man. I have one of those before the show in then, the show I have about two or three of in the end That's my deal! You know it's far out on now during this
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To do scenes. We tried to write scenes without these stimuli scenes and they just fall flat so using blow up ta walls. Grandly bow is the executive producer and had rider. He said we have some life like dolls all sit around over the past fifteen years. We use them for other storylines, like when people presumed dead, thrown a creek or whatever were dusting the dolls putting new wigs and make a bottom that we featured in the loves Eames, but for the love scenes that, wire a real live body? They will be using the actors, spouses also use the spouse, If you re a lot about so those your choice says: oh really,. The blow your your husband stimulated I ve seen an american sniper Good King Tammy get forgot about the answer. That is a real davy
Some situation with the baby either didn't show opera wasn't available, are drunk out ass. He meant it probably colonies. What is a very famous for bringing movies in under budget non time is like fucked us we're not pushing back a day, shooting, I think, that's rats pretty much. Why why? Why would Bradley Cooper sign off on? Let's see how we could pull it off now. I know why well look I've done were I go? This looks weird and they got no believe me we're we're going to clear that up in oppose or cleaning. In post or clean up. As you know, by the time we wanted but time we do color correction, it makes this thing out our own, like people, and you go really things look nyjord right now, a brig clean that shit up impose this, but where the greatest acting Bradley Coopers ever done forget about elephant man he's acting with a cab.
Rag, doll and its believe he's acting ass off. Yes, I know I guarantee in Yoda everything that day they do to you. Go this way hokey or frank are stupid and there they walk around the camera and they go to video village in ago. Not looks great, looks right from over. Here looks great from over. Here, don't come over here and look look from over here, that's what friends and then later on. You see it and look really stupid and you get pissed off because they say imagine the premier. You know the premier now just for our own and that pops up. Then you lie. You want to know, if you know with trusting in the sea in the policy Charlton Heston in the I guess, the ten commandments, think where you play like Moses or something that little hid in the Wick basket in in
it floating down the Nile. That's his kid! That's his infant really! That was his new born go full chuck cast in that's only Bradley Cooper. He should a shit out a kid you wanna relay sixteen badly. You should have a kid you time it it out Curzon or some of them with a gear Mercer commitment yeah, that was it was charmed. The Haskins kid in the ten commandments, I think, was the little baby Moses in the in the liquor basket. I know because he's all six four two hundred fifty pounds- and he told me I was that there was a little kid that's on whatever Razor Frazier has Frazier. Then was the kid. So luck, I've OSHA had thoughts on that he'll, be they didn't rules back in the day. You know a kid there. Probably just have every area
the coveted everything even under the damn flotation device and let some thy hand tat. There are like there I'll just smoking cigarettes gone. If the king falls in the river, the dawn, we'll get him out. Material, correctors, floaters yeah. That's right yeah, he was. He was why year with that, in the fifties is now a little later proudly crises he's sense. Probably sixty found now I do we ethics is what fifty said earlier with nineteen fifty six nineteen fifty six year, art. We do. The news outlets bring it home. We did his I'm Gina grad and that's the news with Gina grad Lou. Next time. You want to go out. Drinkin reselling, you got drinkin with me and then
when you call me the next morning to apologise for the thing she said. It'll be like one of those sitcoms where you go. Hey man. I want to talk to you about something that I go. Hey man. I want to talk to you about something and then we both up Jai simultaneously for being shit, face and saying horrible things to each other. Keep that in mind and I can not guarantee that could happen. Leave leave Phelps off your Hitler. Second wears a speedy for a living last but not least, a guy go everyone's share in these days. How bout you Geico doing well share with you? There love they'll, give some back about fifteen percent. Credit on car motorcycle policies, current and new customers is well because I come committed. Long. Haul. Fifteen percent credit last a full policy term by
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what's your hands all over me. I don't care. Good sports is coming up. My book I'm your Marshall support. Animal is out, it's on Amazon, go, get it get the audio, get the hard back and Tempi Improv July. Third and fourth I'll be doing stand. There and you can watch all our stuff on our Youtube channel as well, and it till next Amazon occur, Oliver Loop, brine and Gina grad and ball brine san- MA love. Stick around Dave, Dameshek and Adam Carolla return with good sportswriter. Just one sports goods, good side, Osborne fans welcomed the Friday edition of Good Sports, Adam curl over their day.
Damage check here, ACE, let's jump into an, I encourage everybody by the way go back and listen to yesterday's grim news for Major League baseball as we had sunny Caroline and that the tat, while just until it naming NFL, NBA and Major League baseball players, and that an end I tore through time to check out there what the young people think over the one time ass time in there in the? U s away, ACE in the meantime, speaking of the? U s away, do you remember back and ninety four in summer time when, when Football Legend Oj Simpson went on his big derives, the was a very pivotal part of my in my life Khazar, so he won't was its summer. Ninety four, June and ninety four, you and I remember, watching it- yeah disposed to go, get belts with some some because it was around my birthday and and
or call my house like, where are you and as I like, I'm not leaving the house is things crazy whatsoever on tv and I didn't want to take the fifteen. A cab ride in Chicago they go meet Anybody for fear, I might miss sad. The demise of the Jews scary was early June. Ninety four memory serves with June. Sixth, Where the murders before that, obviously, but where they weak days. I always gaze, he they get, they got killed and then you heard, while Odin Simpsons Ex wife and somebody else got killed and what all got OJ and then Oji, oh he's in Chicago, so I'm gonna die like all no wait. He flew out after that is the next morning, and then it was like member like everybody at home, playing detective like either go Jack did have something- deal with their scary millennia a bloody hand. Remember that all thing my memory is flawed. I apologize de murders were the twelve in the chase. Was the seventeen I say five desire.
So I had just base golly finished. Ah, watching Jimmy in bleed and receive in the end as boxing match that guy me into radio in Shanghai, I had not yet being paid by Kay. Radio and Now, all in that that change took place, maybe four or five weeks after the the event so I was in radio to the extent I was in radio. I was doing like a week. Lee Free, Mr Bertram five minute thing: Kevin. In being so, I was at a place called bodies in motion, as I recall on the West side like hanging heavy bags up in this, this box in club, in others, fitness club and
Oh, I was on the radio technically, but I wasn't paid to be on the radio. So there was a time for me and I was like in show is this, but I wasn't really getting paid in show business, and I was still work in my day job, so to speak, so I was still working as a box in coach and still working as a carpenter and in doing so repairs on the guy's Jim. He had a chain of gems that that I worked for, and I remember being at that bodies in motion on the West side in a hanging. Heavy bags Ike, listen to the radio and hearing the nerve cell. For me, it's it's It's a time that all always remember, because it was really the very end of my civilian life after that, after that time, picked up immediately for me and in terms of show, bears and and career, and then it went lightning fast,
From that point on to the point where I was you know, I had multiple shows on tv and was is hosting big city. Hated, radio shows and and Bob I was like it was a happened like but there was right right at that moment for that point on it just picked up momentum. Now, I'm not surprised to hear that that day and out there the vacuum needed to be filled. We lost client athlete in show business in Oj Simpson. Someone at the step in Adam Corolla was that person, but, moreover, why I I'm sure this has been discussed before as somebody who was in an hour later at the time why in their when Thou White Bronco. Everybody knows that the four or five the ten always have traffic on how good there is no traffic. How can we ve been getting a traffic? should not have been the end of the chase. I what were they clearing the road and, what's the logic behind the police, clearing the four or five should they have just been like
What now you're stuck in traffic there juice? What are you gonna do now they were running a traffic break and you know my get my new balk guy. I'm your motion support. I am, I think, there's a passage in there were in the past told you that I believe is as a way to round up dead beat dad's. We do we hang the sign and from the council free cock fights raiders, It's only and whoever shows that we withdraw net on we. That right, like mine, percent accuracy, yeah rockets without a word the book, Well all right. Now, growth are caused by the way, but in the park I I think, there's a pass where I suggest that we, need to stage fake high. Bead pursuits and air
one who comes running out onto the freeway overpass with a cardboard sign that says: go juice. We arrest all of them and we We get ourselves like a white Bronco Euro Army we don't pick o J, picks Ellen more contemporary, like Tony door shut or somebody something that I have not that much, but ok go ahead. However, there are many other one of the poet brother Greg bright may we need a bigger name, our work, it out. As my whole point large Mc Cutchen Lawrence Mc Cutchen, Randal Tyler, I don't know who we are rate ram will have go through the city, we'll get the bird in the air and will announce it Lawrence Mc Cutchen, he's he's got an he's, got he's got his
Talks are fanning or one of the defence of line minutes is driving. Drive the practical and then we staged a whole thing helicopter we break into the news. Everyone We do it too afternoon. On a Thursday ever who comes pouring out onto the streets holding sides chair, we arrest all their asses. I don't know I don't know whose money are spent in how many of you are getting free government cheese. Why aren't you at work? Well, going on here and you, you claim to have a disability you're, holding a sign over your head, you. Do you many tears sign impromptu about eleven minutes ago. You can work you're, jumping up and down young, don't ride the clutch or mecca I don't know what I'm will come up with signs
You shall be you claim you have this ability, you have to stay home. Uk work, you're, jumping up and down on the sidewalk, happens I teach girls into wanting to what he was Angela's, making fun ponds about Number thirty large from a I love it Well, you know I don't know what day of the week it is. Maybe it is a Thursday coming up, but as it happens, ace this will be a great promotional event as while not just an opportunity incarcerate. The peoples by Dat July, nineteen, twenty twenty guess. What is common out a new Ford, Bronco I don't know red it's serendipity or if it's a of marketing ploy, but guess what the July night is also its J sentence birthday why at the early guessing afford Bronco, so that you can make that association, nice clean when you go in there to buy it They could have waited for John L Ways, birthday
I hear that powerful ya think we're large Mc Cutchen for the latter last question before we bring it on how I gotta be a famous bronco, I'm sorry, but all I Otis ARM strong, we're all Davis Fats, me why, under the feature back on the, I get you now at the way, our job, its name, timely Gratis shower yeah rainy grass time inside bagger, sorry term with the boom, Tom Tom with China, the guy who your thing we're zone with the crew burma our contacts and Tom Jack Cage, there was built Burgee Jack Lambert. There there's jacket luck. There are a lot of great defence of players, but you wore that orange.
Blue, like no one else like jeer eyes, I might, by Chris Berman's out a way to nineteen, has ruined and now I'm gonna get back. Are you know what I was going to ask you Just give me one word answered tad crews or not tat crews, the eye the beauty and the bees guy IRAN Pearlman V, Jim Jordan? Is there any actor out there that could take could be Jim Jordan? We ve witnessed Our pal sow wrestled down the likes of re to the ground, and the blink of an eye wrestling seems like that's the. If you know do that you can beat anybody. Jim Jordan could probably take down almost any Ankara I know it was a coach. I didn't I'm assuming a few coach. Rather, let me hear two years year, if you coach wrestling you half the after, had a pretty pretty extensive past. Now, I wouldn't mess with their Jim Jordan, yet anyway that sad that funds stuffed very much like a John used movie when that, when the TED crew,
is ordering other Congress. Ball. To beat up actors like go. Take em Sakharov, why wouldn't we anyhow raise another? Well, fine, weak overhead sports talk will out we'll be back for more of it. Next week, until then for Adam Corolla Dave damage a good sport folly. Girls on Twitter, that girl show followers on twitter it at an early universe. Boys militated eight six reform, one seven four or get atoms new book. I'm your emotional support, animal. All the links, Adam Corona, honestly, honestly,
Lastly, we should have used a condom, but we got distracted. No US uncontested rage, ivy, but honestly, I'm afraid to find out honestly living together for a while, so getting tested, never really crossed my mind. Honestly. No one wants to think about it, but there are things that everyone can do to help protect their sexual health condoms, our great star it test and ask a health care provider about all of your prevention options. Because, honestly, our health is worth protecting, find out more acute, honest about HIV dot com I really want to smoke classes, so my professors actually know who I am with the type of corpus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio for scientists is big enough to expand Europe.
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