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Part 2: More Greg Fitzsimmons, plus News and Good Sports (ACS June 12)

Greg Fitzsimmons is still in studio for Part 2 of today’s podcast. Gina reads news stories about the chaotic situation in Seattle, a FedEx worker fired after mocking George Floyd’s death, and more Coronavirus updates. They also talk about the CEO of CrossFit stepping down after his comments to staff about George Floyd, and Greg’s experiences working for Ellen DeGeneres. As the show wraps up, Adam and Dave Dameshek bring today’s Good Sports. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! TommyJohn.com/ADAM JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Legalzoom.com enter ADAM HomeChef.com/ADAM Geico.com Download the Postmates App Check out The Verdict With Ted Cruz podcast
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I really want, is small classes sound. My professors actually know who I am with the title: campus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio for scientists is big enough to expand your horizons small enough to feel like home. I always see people, I know when I walk across campus and last week my economics professor, invited the class ever to your house, her dinner resign. His college, odd name, perfect, fit visit us online at U R s eye, and U S got a deal more hilarity ensues with their fits dog. And also the news coming up as well: good sports common all coming your wipe first verdict with TED crews. Twenty two any impeachment corona virus race riots. Who knows what's next? What TED us we'll talk about? No better time to get it right from the source
senator TED Crews and Michael Nels get back together in DC for first time in months. Verdict would TED crews topped the podcast church earlier this year with their inside look into the impeachment hearings and now they're back twenty twenty gets crazier, go behind the scenes in Washington and see what's really happening and TED Activity, and so were Michael. also while it check out the vertical TED crews subscribe on ample podcast or every a lesson again. It's the verdict. Would TED crews subscribe today. It's a great pod lots of information, and in these days you need that info so check out verdict, wit, TED Chris,
You can bring all those crazy talk too much trouble doing the news with Gina grad I gotten alert right now. It is down eighteen hundred point. Hopefully that hemorrhage stops at some point of view both here about Chaz, the Capitol Hill, Autonomous Zone in Seattle. Yet it is this. Is it this kind of crazy so that this new area basic, That's popped up in Seattle, after officers left the Seattle police departments, east priests, but is precinct and boarded up the building. Amid all the demonstrations protesters just flooded that area,
an occupied it for about six around six blocks of that area and the sign the stations war doors Oh reworked, it said Seattle, police, Seattle, people's department, EAST precept, Now it says this space is now property of the people, photos, some barriers around the area, suggesting that those occupy the airy they're saying it's not co, cello bring you're sleeping bag. You know we're here for the long haul. The event that events there on like three or four now was Jude Tanned described? but everyone who wants to talk about life in the New autonomous zone, everyone who positions themselves from Lives matter and against police and able two demands of stories banner the long list, but here's a couple of the main highlights so suddenly abolishing the police department, a hundred percent hundred percent defending that includes pension disallowing the operations of ice in Seattle run control.
de gentrification of Seattle Free college education, mental health experts on hand for nine one on calls and on those propels health. This, when I was not prepared for I'm all right for skin restoration but I'm sure the down their lives You ve heard all of these sort of talking points already this when I had not heard yet. The document called for medical and care facilities to employ black doctors and nurses specifically to health care for black patients. They are now always works. When you have someone black working on like Don king in it, he would he represented black fighters, so they wouldn't get ripped off or hurt by away. That's outward, but sound, always but always work best that why there was a lack of any you know who would probably agree with that demand racists.
That's the way they liked it back, then. So why would we ok? I don't I don't Well, it's funny that when that the Mai and trying to say bout racism end up being racist. You not. We need black door, and we need black. Only graduations has caused a lot of evidence. We want our own drinking brown. on sweating counter the Dalai odd to me. Well, it always Edith itself, but it also always kind of turns back and becomes whatever it is. It was. It was railing against. I there's a couple of things about this obviously it'll never work, there's no math where this ever works, but the other thing is, I saw some pictures and they had put up a smoking section in their news, and today there is like a cardboard sign
George hurrying like smoking, section I dislike it. They ve taken over they ve they they planted. Flag in the name of Spain, and it took him the first our business was smoking section, I thought that's how, where we are and scarce smoking sections ban this, I dont JANET Reno still alive, because we got duster off and get her on this shit cause. I know she's a woman to handle this one and it's interesting to because they talked, of course, the police department and they the whole think about this movement. Is their leader lists and there's no like there's no one in charge. these willing to say there in charge. So the police know who to talk too, because they don't want another. You know door man and and end. You know rascal people out there and make it a big deal. They want to talk to the law, nerves and negotiate she ate and just peacefully de escalate, but there's to talk to you. It's just like it's like a peaceful, thunder dumb, but people are
apparently walking around with with em, with God then stop there rumours that they won't let certain people- in or out Some news outlets say we didn't see that, but that's what the police are Bang, so you know we don't know how Harry this is. Gonna get orbits, just gonna be the new year. beyond, and wall, get on board her nose it'll be interesting. They don't you ever betel, I mean obviously camp. It can't work the problem with the The plan in other the new world order, words like nobody's wretch and nobody owns, lay and are everyone's ranch and everyone owns landed colleges, free and everyone. Everyone gets first class in our time a world class health care not cast up I will describe it as a sort of a Rubik's q except for aerobics cube. If you do it and you take some time, if you can line it all up eventually, this is a rule
Cuba or somebody coloured in a bunch of front squares- and you can twisted off a thicker, if you just keep twisting and keep me go, I got at this time and then you handed after another guy gets this guy can do any smart. You just keep turning it in ITALY. Never line up! That's that's the problem with this, but it'll be fun to watch. I love you saw this guy in the news. Fedex has fired one of its New Jersey employees after the man reenacted the death of George Floyd in front of a group of protesters, and you could just watch the cliff. Is I talk about it as one of its bodies on the ground? The theme and you'll see the rest of the snuff, the club, so the peaceful protesters they were flanked by These they marched past this group of man in the guise stand on this dude snack, tromp flags, american flags. We'll line flag, olives matter signs the group which Clearly, one man kneeling on another's neck, he shouted protesters, Fedex told DMZ. The behind you're depicted in this video which involved effects employee is appalling and offensive, employing
was immediately removed from our backs work duties without, while our investigation is concluded and all internal procedures are followed, so He almost around I'll, get a job in a world not hired him overnight, Joseph They are in a world where you can get shit. Can for not making a deck look Asian, about how you stand with black lives matter, kneeling on a co worker. While people are filming it, he had no idea it and know that I always wonder by its my theory that I developed Unlove line, which is like that go. How did you find out your boyfriend was cheating, it's like he left his phone out and it was open and there was a text on it and left it in the kitchen on the counter and like I think he wanted to break up like this guy, wanted, you want to move on right. He's got a country banned there
Miguel subtraction! If you wanted to leave that act, but even want to tell his wife he was quitting. I'm gonna throw a country. So here is right. We offer lucrative frontier gel. That's right, then there's been a few of these signs that, as you know, a few paces Facebook profile pictures that's been going around with people Ok, we kneeling on people's neck, so I don't there Is the new mean that that's gonna get squelched or not? thankfully, haven't seen it, but these people have. That cannot be there now I don't like a grandmother, deaf to be self employed right. She realized. Yeah he's a guys and if you could find out or not, we have the vow of need. Looking at the celebrity blow hearts in the proclamations now, although to say he's in the business we make documentaries, I'm a hit. The postman, the Corollas man, we're all
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within an hour right does for a limited time. Plasma is giving our listeners one hundred dollars a free delivery credit for you for seven days to start your free deliveries down, though the avenues code, Atom, Corolla, that's codes. Eighty eight m c r, o Ella for one hundred dollars a free delivery credit for seven days when you download the postman up anything, you need any time you needed both made it a name now look in on eight may dog man, unless an in movie, so he co, director of opting for director of apathy. Black lives, manners choices. Netflix are you trying to watch it? he should be better. This responsibility, The reason he was his only one person. Why take responsibility for a moment Return I was visiting Bell over. Her was oh honey joke. I dont know that guy every unsure stereotypes
just a second round. Niggers Willem grace every time, silence bad guy from the our daughter RON, Howard's blind eye black people on the streets of these rather's friends family, I know that paper, hydrocarbons by preparing a heart is higher, relax racist stirred. I know all these guys movies I will not Stanley Tutsi by the way for it. I said no more. I jokes, no more racially based shoved his I could stand for I don't, I don't reckon it. Italians are like there, I know I don't know say I want to tell you
disable I'll run your act or a to G in saving a tv show. Said he. I am a circle, a few jobs. You may have an issue yeah, there's gonna, be an issue when I play a game called guess the Asian. I did my last special where I went into the crowd and I guess the ethnicities of every asian woman in the crab with alarming accuracy stand finds that problem and yes, I would imagine he would do like I do like now celebrity. blowing so hard that their announcing that they're not gonna new and endorse any jokes of that could be anything close the racial or allow it. it's a third of all, comedy, I I'd say I'd, say: yeah, ok, family! Thank you I you know we should do get these guys out two years, those those win, this wind farms-
outside of on the way to Palms Ranger waiting to challenge, sometimes you're driving out there in those things, are doing anything there. Just sitting there frozen in item eight, not generally eighty eight kilowatts, let's get to tee and a celebrity bodies from this video to get out there get those flock and things moving with their fuckin blowhard problem. Would that be awesome? They'll get a lot of good you like clean, Green energy yeah you're my go blowhard right. Ok, I just made a fuckin Peter Buttercup what then we'll take definite blowhard as German and we'll get those put to look at those big guy. Whales, Movin will light up the sitting and I'll go half a day. Jake over here Hamleys and laugh. My ass, Sir Galahad, well in the in the Spirit of Shelly Luther and everything she's done. This is a very interesting story. I think you're, probably right. In the coming days, no kay
is of corona virus had been linked to two Missouri hairstyle less, who saw one hundred forty clients last month, while symptomatic going to count. He held the visuals and CNN while stylus worked at the same great clips location the clients. The style is all warfare coverings, salons had set up other measures, social distancing, staggering appointments of the one forty clients and seven coworkers potentially exposed forty six took the task. They all came back negative all others work, Nineteen for the duration of the incubation period, the forty days action period has now passed now current virus cases linked to the salon beyond the two stood eyeless. They also checked in with all of the people that didn't get tested and apparently symptom free. At least least, right now. Only a salon and nails specialists are technicians. I think I think she called them nail technicians I day and now tech,
nail task which right up there. You know when trash man got moved sanitary reeling and our yeah yeah. I know you from as and when I hear when I hear one started when they started calling comics comedian schema. So now you can look it up their max better but nail polish has benzene in it or something in it. That is noxious. It's it's bad! It's like its talk too. I'm not! one of these people, but I have walked in. I don't have you guys you ever experiences but I've. Why in my bedroom and my wife is like done her nails and then you walk in and it's like your, I start watering elected its pungent nail. Polish is off and it's gotta be a brain cells killer. It is It is not good and if you ever going to one of those places where they have like they do their cuts here and they got the lady still in the nails over there. If they don't have that thing. With this.
Super Induction Van Gogh and on. If they don't have Stanley too in company standing accident blowing toward an exit it. It hits it hit hard its things, there should be a little more ventilation, as I won't batch you just like we do. the NFL linemen, you know they die and then we do the autopsy on their brain and we find out that we're brown in there I guarantee, if you found these women who had forty years into the nail all day. That's all they do is paint that she had on our budget, examined their brain you'd find the same thing not to mention is the few. I'll come off some scraggly seventy year olds, toenails! That's right! the see tee to between two cheese, the fabric it has
the OECD to lean in it, which affects the central nervous system, right, yeah, I'd major uses, an additive and gasoline and then some or how the hide behind me till the battle. Eight rate, rate ill nail polish is kind of toxic shit and every thirteen year old girl, America's like in her room with the door, closed, putting it on with our friends its again locked we're gonna. worry about third hand smoke. We should we should I can't they make that stuff with her soft everything at home, depots, water based now like you, can get paint for your France or primer for your friends. That's not water based it's all doesn't smell like anything. What what's? What were these ladys do with their fingernails Everyone needs to be a durable as what they must. They must have some Inversion of that shit. Max Para, like there's gotta, be
soda water based Chemical free, low, odor, whatever nail polish it. Nobody wants to use, what you can do gels and they don't it's my knowledge from my experience. It really have that smell and literally you just peel it it doesnt ship, but but its very expensive. I think nail polish is cheap used to it Jack You know you're really go through a bottle that stuff fast pollen every other bugs with ten strokes of the brush. Not when I do footwear ship and I'm a vague, and I instead there's no animals used in the nail polish? Yes, I I don't want that in my mouth there for worship one wonders I mean you have low self esteem- are one without low selvas. I don't know what that no country. Can I ask this all the people who explain away all the bizarre deviant sexual behaviour
that all things like well, you know what it starts. You know you're a little. Your two years, all your mom is in the kitchen, she's barefoot right here. A father lighter, replied. Yes, we have all experienced were too and we will experience a tall or my morning passed us. I didn't stop beating off why wives always explained away that yeah right. That's why you dress up like a grant of all and end up, but clock and your name. My mom gave me a teddy bear when I was thirteen and hitting puberty right. She was powerful, yeah issue, been wearing dogs in the cash scramble, your brains. I think this think about it, though, that I admire, like when you wants, as each Bates be always has, though, shows late at night. Real
Surely for crazy, I don't I wouldn't talk more about it, but I have a class action lawsuit that I'm spearhead against them, because I always go real static and when I got array, some hot lobbying, competition, nurses to real sick mud resolution is now we go to Schnitzel Burg, Germany and it's like heavy the chick with the fat issues. The dew tongue based Nipples Seventys is like this is the opposite of jack I'll show you can I get the under sixty five version of real sex? It's always like. I saw and there was a there was a woman riding her husband they're both naked and there are both about sixty Annie and he was on off wars and she was riding him like a horse riding had on a horse. Bridle we're dead, end and a little saddle and then, as He was riding her. She took a carrot and she put, front of his mouth and took one bite and then she reached back and she
I caught up his ass and then everybody had an orgasm and I was like good for them. You know they are based figured that out that that doesn't come. You easily. There is a lot of trial and error. Maybe they could have been as a kid the first time and I pay off No that's why you took a bite that I took up, because that equality and got him a few I am they have. The orange are correct and the last time this flat with lap the order by NASA lie the by its dog, I'm going out of town this weekend disease. I need someone to watch the kids and you have a lot of good stories. Having a party where I can entertain, I think do in war too casual way. I'm sitting you start talking about real saxophone age. We tell you, leave the tale about the pony rider and that their unique really ours. Is the kids love hole? Girls like ponies.
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so we we touched on the firing and stepping down and resigning of mean of bone repartee in different places and corporate Amerika. I dont think we talked about cross, Fit Cross Bitsy yogurt. last month has resigned from the work out programme. He founded twenty years ago after he received backlash from a racist comments. Tweeted LAO and how large? How awesome is this for Papa John, the Papa John now arrive ran like this guy. We just sitting on the sidelines on an empty bench. He got shit. Candor me too, are black lives mattered in a year and a half ago, and now everyone it he's, got company now right, yeah down the well, they absolutely so spawning to a tweet suggesting that racism is a public health crisis, Classmen tweeted its floor nineteen The comment was immediately criticised and saw gems in companies, including Reebok, ending their relationship with cross vat. That company
an apology on behalf of glass member, then Buzzfeed NEWS obtained audio of him from accompanies zoom meeting, saying that now there. He nor his staff are mourning George Floyd Gladwin, ultimately cited to resign and issued a statement saying I cannot let my behavior stand in the way of head of h, cues or affiliates missions. These are too important to jeopardize Have you download video of the zoom meeting you can order. They only acted. Somebody from them. yeah, or audio your phone recording or whatever right Two. How does it work when you record your zoom meetings? Should you announce it your recording like? Should you know like what it really is, a God on it? It says rewarding scipio. Now your arguments regarding that they colleges their phone. You now and just put it right here and left it recording, like somebody probably from the zoo meeting YO volume. exit away to like it. Our news outlets heat that that's but he didn't have a lot of fans. Yoda mean someone that they may there
reason. It wasn't like all this is. This is used to be heard like now. There was a bit of a hitch up here. It's weird: when you start a company in that was the whole Papa John think that many started that company and he's out How politely out saying I'm do I'm doing what's right, for I don't know company that I'm no longer at tat means you got stock options or something right. yeah, I ain't he got well it. He started to come may, but now he's got a corporate in apparent company or something that owns it or whoever is putting pressure on him and then he's got stocks owed. Prouvaires went the stocks are go down, so he taps out it's kind of and I don't know how will the is, but I know a lot of guys: don't retired, I don't know when to retire, don't know how to retire. This is like a forced retirement for for a lot of people. I again lad because I did cross at once, and I have some fun and Nazi acts green Berets guy, and I did it.
an hour, and I hung you with it. It was the most painful our my life. I was sore later fuck. This guy glad he's out. Sixty three year I have centre it. I've never done os, but I find it shaming because there is a cross vit Jim, that's across the way, from a warehouse that I own went, and they have a lot of glass out here. When I see the lesions nudes in their homes, Staying in and doing the dead, laugh desires a pound and fires with a sledgehammer I'm taken another by off my hoagie little anything you'll hear confound like that indian by her side, and I would like now these people are so fuckin discipline and look at it. Now, there's a royal managed. They should do those places up like strip globs. You know what I mean. We read all the windows put up some slack, our napkins spare me an answer, aids die. That's right. He's doing wraps a hundred and fifty pounds in your face.
The who we get next, How do you guys feel? I know there sort of schadenfreude aspect of this I mean everything, boils down to a dynamic, a psychological dynamic, there's something flawed in us in human beings. As we like to see other people call thou and suffer an element of I'm glad. You now glad it's not me and all kind of shit and we used to keep in check wasted, Tampa down waste. To pretend like we were above it or over that, or evolved past it forward a new era where all these horrible of inclination to these horrible facets of being a human being all the shit they try to. work out of you when you are nine in autumn. Like you, can you can't do this in our like?
Somebody would slip and fall in smack the ground and when your nine, you just laugh your ass off and then someone said: hey you're not allowed to do that, but you know in our someone would go. Here's your ball Of eminent share them with your sister nigger fuck that which any just take em all There are all these things. We attempted to kind of push out of young people. We I've been doing a good job of that and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We got a whole bunch of working people that are dig in it when other people are getting fired. cancelled and losing their livelihood there are announcing that are digging it, which is what we that's the jumped the shark part. The part where were Vulcan, about it. You know we all have feelings like oh good got rid of that guy. I didn't agreed, him, but we didn't announce it wouldn't work into it, place now where were announcing it and
celebrate in celebrating it and we need a real it in a little bed cause the whole cancel. Culture thing is dangerous, it doesn't really have an end. It'll eventually get. To everyone in the regional eventually get to everyone is. If we are going to change the rules constantly, if you're gonna, then everyone is gonna me too, or black lives mattered eventually, because we're just gonna find a picture, the guy, ran property, gesine and Bay, phase from seventeen years ago, and then he's gonna be shit. Gand, lighten the weak. Everyone eventually will be get what we'll catch up to ever but look at porn on Degenerous tonight women. In an era we are she's an angel how she got cancel just because you fired her production company during the pandemic. She's a deer were first off. I don't know her personally, but I've seen her dance
and that that is can join me didn't just its is without what it is, its the expression of unbridled joy and taken here, tainer self and I'm sure her segment, producers and others around our approach. It do not dance and she won't. I must. I must, thank God how I know I'm alive situation connects to the universe and housewives at the same time, the ass, and you know when I worked for her for a couple years, and I can tell you just how wonderful person, at best best. I've been saying that from afar yeah you actually work in close and personal and the joy she danced the hallways. It wasn't just uh yeah she saw somebody was down, make You know receptionist she go over. There did that desk and others
store, always open your eyes open, were pulled the pins on the hinges and physically remove the door where a move that the door on vat and put a pass through window. If you just needed a quick, a quick can't melon, you may get that Britain guest on the show few times I felt segment producers, I've never seen people more comfortable and relax relax some would come in and I say I'm going to talk about my family vacation. They go or not whatever Zambia and then, and it was also tier, of joy. I saw a lot of employees crying and I just and its tears of joy out, don't invite
Wait, don't sleep on the french death. They had a carving station and out of it was you know, a craft serves out of exist today I was, there was a Thursday I assume, but if they do a french dip, they haven't carvings and least slightingly slightly out of this world you're Oscar Cookies Year round, not just the spring. She finds other cause. It's in other trees. Girl scout season is different times I heard, or talk in two and in turn, first off. I and there were four new in terms that day she called them all. By name and assign you took the time to remember everyone's name right and in an unwelcome to the set was over such a felt safe, and I don't know why you earlier, we're just gonna show she. She goes introduce you the internet when you asked,
you ever leave that the warmth of that in ingratiating hug do you know where I went from writing on that show. I went from writing that show to the following week. I rode on the man show it was the biggest eighty in show business history. MAC Breaks, really he I rode after it has left. I wrote for our own eyes consent. We had. You know: we'd have guys like Jeff Raw, some guys you can afloat in and flowed out right at home, and you not like that. I didn't know between put right let's bring it home, Gina Grand you guys I'm doing bad and that's the news That was the news with geographic Last but not least, J B. Well, man, I've been telling everyone get out into that garage and get a project go and it'll. Make you saying big or small repair
as homer garage, ordinary houses, louts got word ordinary in it. You need some strong, you need some better. There is a better choice, should be well thereat, proud, sponsor and the great I know the owner. I am possessed Sima. The big Otto show enough. guess, I'm walking around and I walked into the J B well Booth and I struck up a conversation and I've been into this stuff for years, Gus, in the automotive world. We use a lot, but now they do everything they do the quick dry staff and the crazy glue style stuff, and they do the two part: parties, wood, metal, plastic, whatever J B, well that as available Jamie well, that come home Depot, Lozada Zone, Vance counterparts around warmer Michael's and more J B. Well, Ah, ah right, let's see here.
Design is, might be a cup tickets left for that Madonna book signing it. I think, for thirty five o clock, I care got two different yeah. Let's lets you for thirty eight. I think it is safe to say no overt Amy's we're gonna first batch of books over there so come on out, say: hi also fits dog Sunday papers with Gibbey yet seen. Maybe tackling the news stories of the week and a funny way goes out on Sundays, available in ample part gas spot. A fine of course fits dog, video as well in Youtube, Channel, Gregg, Fitzsimons and got his website fits dog. That common look for some of those dates come out. Good sports come up next time times and crawl out for await Shelly monsieur she only Luther and fits dog and Jean involved Saint Malo
the ground there are shared out. I'm return with good sports right after this. The contrast, one sports goods sports, I've, allow sports fans, welcomed the Friday episode a good sport staved damage shakier Adam parole over there a swear one day closer to the resumption of our beloved sports. Yesterday courage, everybody go back and listen to the very fine conversation with China. son, and we got in there all manner of subjects, including fight island, good stuff. With that with him, I think we're we kind of figured out some goods. I like his sense. A Whimsie MIKE Tyson, maybe get back into the ring and who would be a good. There fell for him to stand across from the
tat were- were- were written with the one thing I've learned from being on this planet. For the last three and a half months is, I would not they anything was impossible or any idea was crazy, anymore. Denominating, there's no such thing, EL caused bees in jail. The mighty have fallen you never heard of her art are taking over there there's a pandemic. Is it just Donald Trump as President Outcome we say no to anything any more. I mean. Can you his could not allow us there are going to have another. That's a bad idea. No one's gonna go for that. But can you talk about the future? See that's the the future. Ramifications are fascinating also thou? You also love your old movies and you love your old insane stories to an
everything now everything that happened in man's recorded history up until the year, twenty twenty- or maybe this look, this decade, Irish or so like it's kind of like that's gotta, toothless by comparisons like yeah tell me about Joey Butter I am not at all a one figure: skater hired a hit man, the knee cap, her chief right Well. Like me, that's a that's. Gonna be minus compared the twenty twenty. What's happened here, you're you're, absolutely right! Things are never gonna, be the same, and everything that happened previously kind of pails a comparison to the incentive of our of art but they always say you want to live in interesting times it. So we did. Why was laughin just like twentyman ago, people are up in arms over Jimmy FAO and in black race ride. Like we're like this, This is an outrage, think about picture the outrage of that verses. What's currently the climate since that lights, the ethics
What good about there's? Not enough for you to talk about value to dig up five years ago, I do my favorite term as they ve on earth. Video, like you may that comes in a box at my dad's house, like that. How on earth newly on earth by the rights that it really is? It's it's a little bit too much credit. Is this like? Yes, rescuing a dog levelled out maniac you're, not an archaeologist out in Egypt, digging tat their fifteen feet below soil tat. You want. You surf the web for a few minutes. You? You could have been waiting at Starbucks and looked at your phone and found that video from the time from the I'm, you put in your order, your free but GINO order to the time, it arrived, you could have found that video on your goddamn phone
That is not a doctor. Please call me doctor from now I'm from now on, I'm a doctor of archaeology. I wanted to get Asia or opinion before it gets too much further away. Obviously it's a week pass on our about nine days passed. I guess since drew breeze, put his foot India into a mess that he didn't have to. We are a few things about drew breeze obvious. I care more about what you think, but I just want to say about the breathing. We we always pie. for athletes dare to be unvarnished. Tell us what you really think but drew Bree says something, and then now I mean legitimately is the rest of his life is going to be different them, otherwise would have been if he wouldn't have and the most
writing thing to me is: he merely was toeing the line of the league from two years ago. The lead banned you kneeling because it was a shell of disrespected. We don't want to buy the misconstrue the patriotism of our player, so we're gonna require, if you're out on the field, yet the stand and show respect for the flag drew breeze repeat exactly that led the stated led policy. He must be like that if a member stripes when rustles ascii like, but the sergeant hawk is like everybody step forward who had they. They do this and rustles ASCII and Bill Murray. They both caught us have a bill. Murray stepped back and then Russell this concept, the hallway foreign right. It's Harold Ray Machines like what happened every that must be drew breeze right now, like what you said, what we were supposed to I thought now, I'm the one is going down for all of this. I dont support, drew breezes, remarked for the record, but he must
feel like a man on an island like what would have happened. I thought this was what we were supposed to say per the league no weird. While I always have the sort of thought about you know the twilight zone. You know you're gonna get wished out into the corn field. That's that's always been out my now chief of what's going on. you say something and little Billy mummies gonna wish you out a cornfield. You have to come back and apologize to like a no Billy you. U turn that man into a jack in the box. It's a good thing that a real good thing, that's a real good thanks I'll. Everyone needs to be apologized here. Now. Here's my thoughts on it and, of course the coach the Denver Broncos made up fair the benign statement about the about meritocracy. And the nfl meritocracy and b and were an example of how this country should work that the, if you're the best that what you do- you you're out on that field. If you're not like, he made a very sound and fairly important statement,
It is then avail we're all about maritime she's, the best players play That's that's the way we all want it. He had to walk, one back to so here's my question all the dingbat in the media keep explaining from Mount yes, where they reside shack. If you, if you idiots organic explaining that we need to have an honest dialogue about race, race relationships as it pertains to this country and then every time some. open your mouth. You demand Apologize otherwise there get wish out of the corn field. That makes it difficult to have a honest dialogue. If we're to have an honest dialogue which lets you know race. It's a hotbed issue. Let's talk about, An honest dialogue We know that the snare candy
birds and raising. That's ok, we're gonna have honest dialogue about goobers, versus raising that I like goobers. Ok, you like razor. You like raising, as you may know, longer have a job you're on viable now you're going to contract. Ok, Had no scientists, dialogue redone with our this dialogue, that's an dialogue? I think, honest dialogue about their suvs. I like Malva, I think the Ford explore ok, you're gettin fire you're out of a job. And I hope that our honest- that given bragging for an honest dialogue about this, but every time somebody brings up a point. That's counter to your point. They must be removed from their job. It's gonna be hard get start that I hear it, but it's like I'm sure you and I could go
the round about this for hours on end, because of course it's the same thing you know like glorying rehab last week with the like, withdrew, but just as opinion and as an I get that, but that's not just in a vacuum, though, because Column Capron, it lost his whole career for essentially sharing his opinions. So it's the same thing and its also the parsing of each other's words constantly the to warp. The argument like whether we are talking about now, but you can seize on an element of something somebody exactly whether its Denver, Broncos head coach or you know, while the ones I protest March. Is it like no, but it's the looters it's like, but that's not what talking about whether the pointed out at is no you're not allowed to weigh it. That's the wet! What the Denver! That's! That's direct boy, the Denver, Broncos coach shed something that is patently obvious and
made. A lot of sense. Like you said you know, Vienna fell, We do it right here we run a meritocracy of. Obviously you see some teams, the entire friends of side of the ball is african American they're, putting the best players out there. That's the way it works, and- and that's all should start a hope for the society. He said what was his comment Gary, but it will wait you're the full context you are right about, but if you start lifting and says from it and elements of it. Yes, you can definitely warp it and I get why if you're, looking at certain elements like well, that's inaccurate what he said, but but what fan GEO set? I get you in a in broad strokes. Yes, this is something to aspire to. The things are determine based on your talent and all those that was his
Why? But then people get stuck in the weeds on people get very nuanced when it serves their purpose to combat somebody else, but they, but they can accept whole cloth. Other things that that's the thing, that's crazy as our inconsistent area into two shacks point. This is the this is from an ecological, and this is what they identify as the problematic section. I think our problem in the end I fell along those lines are minimal. Where illegal meritocracy, you earn what you get, you get what you are, and I dont see racism at all. In the end I fell. I dont see. Discrimination in the interval we all live together joined is one for one common goal and we all intermingle and mixed tremendously. I find that problematic air he's a football. ouch due by the way, is not a politician he's not here. He was making a statement abroad statement about the value in the same sense that Adam Corolla waxes about the meaning of football by him in middle school in high school, is what fate
yeah I was, and I will gladly wanting twenty National Football League hiring policies, and there are enough men of color in in coaching positions. Is that talking about? They talk about the meaning of football and doesn't awkward writs, that's what he's talking about old Parson words he's also giving his experience in his opinion, it's his that's with his experiences. How We take that away from him. You know I mean that's what he that's what he has gathered in. I talk to people. the time they go That's so, and so a douche bag, or is that so and so bad guy? And I always go, I don't know My experience with that person is they ve been good to me, but I really don't with their like, with their wives, behind closed doors. But I'm telling you my sphere
am I not allowed to share. My experts are asking him. What do you think he doesn't speak for all of the NFL he's telling you his experience with the NFL, and we cannot have an. We want an honest dialogue and we're going to shut down a guy who's, giving his experience. That's not a
to an honest dialogue. That's the vat right. If you have an actual conversation about it, you can get to what fan GEO met by his statement, its disingenuous to pretend that you don't know what he met. If all, of course take five minutes to read it, but it works that works both ways. We could do that forever. I think the bottom line is really. I don't think there was a better statement and not with words, but really I was safe. My favorite picture of the twenty first century and sports is Chris Along, not just a white man, but a white man. A privilege is how long son, after all it out Malcolm Jenkins, was raising his fist to make the statement he wanted to make Chris long didn't way in per se
He just put his hand on Malcolm Jenkins, shoulder like I hear you, that's that's all you know that, be it out. That's you keep hearing that were currently I'm here and I'm listening. Chris long put his hand on. I hear you I am not weighing in either way on whether you're right or wrong. What I think about it has let him be heard. I don't think it's that hard to get away with its very difficult on your right to answer any question: when there's a microphone in your face, you have now been a million times over, seeing guys get burned by that a better offer just do what Tom, Brady or or the best at doing that like just if, like the or a bill, Bela check, doesn't say anything like yeah. What incentive does he have in this in this climb? Nobody here yap check. They look just talk about the game, whatever games decks authority without Grummet Multi, what's next true Nigel been taken, this daily supplement called the true knowledge of Toby guys about. This has been a few spent about three months now I love it. I know the owner.
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hope you have a good one and that will pick up that sport stock next week, thanks Jack, I am Curlew Dave damage. It gets bored. Follow me on Twitter without Ambrosia followers on Twitter. can watch those broadcast Youtube. Dotcom Slash Adam guerrilla. voicemail at eight hundred and eighty six, three hundred and forty one, seven thousand three hundred and forty one forgot eight hundred and eighty eight six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four every order. Adams book it comes out on the sixteenth, it's called by mere emotional support, animal links it out and growing icon.
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