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Part 2: News and Good Sports (ACS July 31)

2020-07-31 | 🔗
At the top of Part 2, Gina reads a news story about politician Herman Cain dying from COVID-19, which leads Adam to talk about his upcoming trip to Texas, and his thoughts on possible vaccines. The guys also watch a clip of Adam testing out his race car for next week’s big race, and they discuss the small earthquake that happened at 4:30am this morning. As the show wraps up, Gina talks about Joe Rogan moving to Texas, and Adam and Shek bring today’s Good Sports! Please support today’s sponsors: BlindsGalore.com let them know ADAM sent you Download the Mercari App Hurry To Your Local Dodge Dealer SimpliSafe.com/ADAM MadisonReedMr.com enter ADAM Geico.com BetOnline enter PODCASTONE Feetures.com enter ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corolla show on black one I'll news and good sports tonnes too much showed for you, guys, first I'll about dead, Dodge Somerset time to join the Brotherhood of Muscle Dodge power dollars. Now here's outworks ten bucks off based on the total total horse power of your new dont, show every year two thousand twenty Challenger Durango charger. You can save ten box off of every horsepower, not outweigh networks. Joy. The sweet sounds of Dodge Charger S, Archie scant packs, four hundred and eighty five horse. And get redone the math. Forty eight hundred and fifty dollars off see how it works and summer power dollars are back on the Dodge, Durango performance, driven Suv
make summer trips a breeze, fit everyone with the US seven, seven passenger seeding at the durango and say: money get more power, get more power, get more of its simple hurry to your local dodge dealer. Now take advantage of the Dodge power dollars, You can bring all those crazy it's what we must do, the news with Jean grad. So Women came. We use a one time republican presidential candidate in former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, which we had the Midwest and our know how many of the people are familiar with it. He has died from run a virus according to an obituary sent from his verified twitter account. He was seventy four and was hospital
earlier this month and is Twitter account said this week. He was being treated with. Oxygen in his lungs. As a co, chair of black voices for Tromp Kane was one of the circuits at present trumps, Rally and Tulsa June twentieth, which sob at least eight trump advance team staffers in attendance. They detest positive for grown a virus No one can confirm where Kane got at though Kane was vote all about not having to where mass at the tolls rallying Mount Rushmore for the July festivities in commentary? Videos- as website that out in June, can called on Americans where face masts, saying that the guidance shows its effective mess. He was there as well. Talk about him not wearing a mask, but the mass mass was always sold to me. Is preventing other people from getting you? Not you not getting it
rather it has had a other people, are not working. It's really other people, it's not working mass, not regarding he hung around with people didn't wear, masks, yeah and the distinction people say I guess you know now. Breaking down more. Finally, these days, there's a mask and face covering coverings bandanna. You know it's a courtesy, Damascus and ninety five. That battle keep you pretty safe, so you know it's it, but who knows Mom get ready to go to Texas by the way everyone is everyone's freaked out about taxes. As I was telling my family when I was way going to taxes. California's doing worst in Texas, bye, bye, the numbers I've seen em in terms of war hotter than Texas right now? It is it pertains to this The news is all about taxes, but California, statistically or from a pure number standpoint it might be better off going to Texas
I don't know I was away there's nobody slights that most reason uppers I saw was that over the last seven days, taxes in California had almost the same amount of cases like sixty thousand sixty nine thousand, but California's population at twenty five percent bigger than to access. So You can't. I mean it's a number of ways to partially numbers, but that's that would indicate that the text is doing worse per capita where everyone is marginal costs, I think their little lower new cases, but there are also entire numbers of this could be a couple days ago. But there is sixty. Eight eyes is lies. Look this morning I was a little it it's it's it's kind of a lateral move is what I'm saying are you can max panic and look see what's up there, it so lateral. The point is, as all the talk about taxes, California, doesn't get hype on the news, so everyone thinks going to taxes is bad, but if you live in California,
centrally a lateral move. Now how you get there on South West JET Italy's formally that mean that may be a different issue The worry about that now slime priming of that. No longer applies to do. At least this trip by this might be helpful, a helpful to four for us and for the listeners on trees, and I have a pike S, easy listening and she found us How rich role which I haven't heard of and it said episode, they have a dog, Doktor Gregor who talks about krona virus, one other things he taught about is like will what about them? horrible air in the plane, and you will want to make sure this venture off and the doctor says, No, no! No! No! No! You ought to have been on you, you wanna, take your neighbor spends you appoint their met, you and he said, but essentially that they do have happy filters, which is very helpful and the more air the I'm not you. It's coming off of you, so the around you isn't thing stagnant. So if you could point those months, it yourself, your blowing everything
away from you and it's helpful if you have to travel clerks, a clip road here from a ritual than I thought of we have- and it's it's it's. This is, I think it's a lateral move where California Soucis MAX bad as of two minutes ago has almost five hundred confirm five hundred thousand confirmed cases for ninety on and on about. Nine thousand das and taxes has forty two, so sorry has four hundred thousand and so forth. Twenty three and twenty three thousand. I have this thing. It I don't know you guys are with me if anything can come from this thing, but when we are doing statistics and people are like,
Since March twenty third, there been four thousand eight hundred and twenty six nude confirmed cases and then there's two hundred and ninety one. I want no roundup era. I won't ever hundred four thousand. I blame yes. They start with what Margaret wanting to have the other guy since it to say since the end of March, there's two hundred deaths and five thousand new cases, all all there's a margin for error baked in I understand about it, I'm swimming in in numbers anyway, of Borneo has like three quarters. Sorry Texas has like three quarters the populace that California has and they have nine thousand DAS and Texas has seven thousand DAS M M rounding up and they have five hundred thousand cases- and we have four hundred and change the point is, is it is pretty adjusted for Papa nation, it's pretty lateral. What we were going through, what they're gone, thorough and fuck knows anything about this thing I mean when all the
through New York when all the way through New Jersey. Now there's no problem us over there. Now, the he was, kill it murmur that he was A girl tat I was gonna, save us all and we're gonna die off, assumes a God above eighty five outside and now you go to the hottest places. You know it's July, in Texas and so cow. I mean it getting hotter, and this and now it's now there's a spike. I mean down there go away now back, I mean really one second way of second way. If this is the first way a baby, I don't know anyone knows anything anymore, but our before we move off with parliament can make an observation. Deceive. You guys agree with me: you're, fine, the only one who feels those. Why we're his account as draftsman? having seen allude to it through go up there, the tweet. I actually saw my timeline. And was not remember. Thinking like liked, or rather their duty, with oxygen stuff, like yourself, pretty banishment for three months
Deanna says he really is getting better he's coming home soon. It he's Israel excited come home. That's true, but whatever that your I screamed was positive thinking that and then over the next three days ago, over the net three days. Up till today account desires, speak thing. Going on here, works cleaner him, he's, probably commentary or dying this time, the three days does. Its has thing is for what those capacities to squirrel dozens of hyper partners and, like you know, tweets about how these people are able in these are off all and can people just just the touchstone for four according to our discourse- and I just feel like that so distasteful and so gross like this guy is literally dying or TED. As your hosting. These are somewhat like from last night in this morning, so foolish and gross like with a book is doing that. I assume the rumour that knowledge, the guy's, literally dying over the course of these three days, and I just let me
too bad taste in my mouth alone, upon our soap box or anything but is worse than I ever saw disrespectful. I agree. I come picturing myself clinging to life and limb? That's talking about left turn arrows and your twitter on all these are still fall upon. His back up be heard in the garbage truck at six thirty in the morning she said kitten all the usual spots and I'm wondering people who don't Signal click at our ticket, yeah then gets in its in poor, takes its we're. It's it's weird it's weird and whose snaking we gotta do we get these while away now, while the guy's Lily fly lining either I don't know any this is born. I really don't I grades press will a minute. Just stay, I covered for one more thing and then were actually to go back to Texas. So what
scientists have determined and of doctors talk body that that there are six different types of cope with. Nineteen distinguished by specifically stars of symptoms and I sorry covered don't be. Don't be this person and don't be this Asian, we all this person, where someone goes hey this weekend, where go and raging waters in the coming year will see us see a believer. I see in other c4 you just gotta gay. I we're never gonna. Do that not just means this person fox up all the time or later doesn't do anything, don't be that nation like Russia, like hey, we got a cure coming out in two weeks, we ve got a vaccine forgotten where, like pair his label and loves, you show her come back and then we can talk, as I Russia's that way max goes a little bit that way. China's definitely that way like here's, a library, I sure so, if you like
in Finland or something I viewer. Finland just said two weeks: we got it you're for carbon idea, we'd all be fuckin chilling the champagne riley more her that story floor days ago at a Russia, which means we got ten more days before the cure, comes at an error that well, I'm not gonna. Take the mask off just yet like don't be one of those nations. We all it's it's it's easy to figure out. All you have to do is say this, and then you go this nation and if its the China's other, Russia's or the new, two areas of the world. Are the who members of the world Kay, what isn't that sweet now Have a competent nation verify this we're really listening to you. So, but if you, if it came out of Canada, can cope with, No we're gonna go and it's the same news. Its we're gonna have Reg sensation in two weeks and if it comes Canada, we're like this. The canoes ever here out a rush hour. I will say, and that story
broke. I don't know three days ago or something when the vaccine began. Available and were again do we have the entire world working round the clock, which is why they say it usually takes ten eleven years and now we're looking at a year and a half Willie. Who will you take the first round probably I guess so, I guess all its ass doktor drew about it, but I'm sure I'm sure I will I'm not. I don't take the flu shot every year, what I should do by that thing. They said this. This may be one of those yearly. You need your yearly covered shy, boosters, right, yeah cause like a flu? It's that strange changes every year. What if China does come out with a vaccine? Will you take the first round did. I I I I never even think about this dove under, like I'm sure all be vat. It before it gets to my main vain, so they have to approve it to be now about what about me, the you know, go to www firewalls you for it.
Babe. Unless some was an really start, a fire all right, I love that song, but that's the thing it's like that, which mostly just be a can, you know, wasn't like a convenient drug for morning. Sickness Bobo, no I don't know- I mean that was back when athletes would smoke into commercial, chesterfield and stuff. Like that, I don't know, I'm I'm not! I'm not. You know unlike my relationship with the government in their decisions, is a little dubious right now, but in this department I'm always just line em up given the shots, I like it max a pad. I am I'm getting ready to make my pilgrimage to Laguna sake. I come up and in the next week- and I realize of talked about it a little bit, but I dont know who knows what what car I'm taken? I'm taken a car, that's different than the current, normally take a little. P shooter kind of a car and
the vein of inspired by my trip to Chicago or all the guys around clods buzzing up and down the street. You really think I took the thing out tat just get out a little did you know when build a race Carney having driven it. You want to see how tracks I can, when a kind of let go the steering wheel in secret pulls the rider pulls the laughter or however, and I just step for thirty seconds- is gonna buzz. The buzz the shop and Malta player play a little shot. I got an crawler common watch, it bacon is here it while others are vague and status good one I may go and buy the thing. I think his arm to allow an apparent figured you taking each year,
making the one that looks like when kids learn how to draw cars. I downside doubt its many little shooting box by it, the same thrills of dry. This little hollowed out little the rims or thirteen inches now add a note Gina. Here Subaru has sixteen inches rams on? It are a teenage rams? It's like a thirteen ram. It's a little for cylinder, japanese Box by when people want to know like our goes, how fast you go and how fast you gone. Well, I don't know, but there's twenty one other boxes that'll be right. Next to me, going as fast they can and that's where the excitement comes, the the sound and raw kind of rough feeling. Of having no windows in the side and no everyone's on the same tyres and doing the same thing. So it's
little. It's it's a fast fun, little shit box kind of grouping and will be like twenty five guys out there and all just be going forward at the same time and its every bit as exciting as big horse power, crazy multi million dollar class that I normally run in. It's called the different drummer five ten and then the whole story about this came was on the east. They started on the EAST coast and the guy I bought it at whatever dealership any strip didn't build that for risk. Others scars all have story. This is the story starts in nineteen, seventy one and all these aims of all these guys, half of whom are dead. Now how it competed on the east coast for all those years and bubble blonde than you bring him here, you resurrect them, and then you you tell the story, I'm sorry go out, we gotta they that we get the buzz by sea
Why is there a menace? A menace to society are worthy. Did you have to do that at around three. I am and Valley village last night, because that something I, that noise that monster is noise. Your car scared, the shit out of me, I finally back to sleep and that our house almost got knocked over fry. We are very close to your life. I ve. Never, I have never been prouder, of myself, then when I had the earthquake, where an earthquake last night at four thirty in the morning or thereabouts, yeah thing, I got up this ring and I've been I've been pissed as for a long time, been here since the seventy two Airth, the seventy two earthquake was like
forty five, maybe six a m but you're. Still your jaw, your ear, complete earthquake when you're up in your honor and have a cup of coffee and you are wearing something- is a completely different, experienced and dreaming about. God knows what being waken from your sleep, you don't when I was a kid during seventy two earthquake. I was just a little kid. I started dreaming up like war and Nazis, and I thought someone had blown up. I members civically ahead, while its creek blown us up right, yeah. That was might and then because it didn't make sense, because if we blew up, we wouldn't just be shaking. I immediately pig mired, a giant bomb with a fuse that, late in the fuse was like were shaking and then we're gonna blow. You know and that's my my brain was like trying to make sense of it when I was eight years old and I woke up and
it was dark everyone's completely disorient, because everyone was asleep, then the next one that here was in ninety four middle, the Fuckin night middle the morning everyone has passed out and urban is fucked up. You know dishes falling from the cabinets kitchen, and everything totally historian and I've said I can. We have an earthquake at noon or one p m on a Saturday. Can you Know- and I think I fuckin went- that shit up last night was forthwith dead dared on song, thirteen, the M is you're you're you're, never more out of its special. We got a bad about twelve thirty, one o clock. I do every night for thirty, I'm as far out of it as you can pass, boy get last night for twenty nine in the morning the the one! We had twenty years twenty five years before for thirty brutal I looked. It operates at four thirty, unlike fifty five seconds, or rather the point is
what less than a minute apart, like the two biggest ones we ve had here in the last twenty five years of both taken place at four thirty. I am one took place, or twenty nine a m and fit fifty two seconds and it took place at four thirty like what's a flock, don't tell me, that's not it's not something going on theirs We hours blown the lid off a shit man going on. I all the times. These could happen what the fuck's, before thirty one, on the phone but the window between like three. I am in six aimed wise at the window for an earthquake. Sorry, their earthquake, that hit right before the World Series and five fifty report. First TED's. That's a pole. Earthquake, five p m as a courteous wit given all three of us, I think I was we closest to it. It was like a four point: six, so each shock are house it it
was terrifying, we run in idleness jirga. We got you gotta. Get we run into his room is just sitting up because war, terrifying. Does it go? He's gonna starts aiming are crying and I go on ok, did you feel it any goes? It was just an earthquake, That is a California boy, he's not afraid it's an earthquake in it's no big deal. Well, ever since I've core parts, many houses and down earthquake rehab for a job and got into the bones of so many houses. I've just You live in a dwelling that is framed with wood and has stucco or siding outside or anything it's even close to modern or anything that not masonry its. Only on reinforced masonry. That is all that is your enemy. If you're not uninformed, reinforcement masonry than your one hundred percent finds apartment building from the sixties house from the fifties,
doesn't matter the only thing that ever falls over the and in an old house the chimney always falls our but other than that on reinforced is it anything else? You're completely not only find, there's nothing, then, in that I. There is never any damage here when they go to these cuts phrase where they have to build everything at a cinder block and break and they're gonna get destroyed has masonry is what is what goes its all? Flexibility all engineering is, I guess, suspension, bridge, sorrow and that's the fight, the irony. I would imagine, because our house, which is all wood and you know, when were at work and tall buildings that care fine, really feel it Jake. I guess the more you feel it shake the safer Europe. Because it's moving well at the earth. All I mean yes, it's all you wanna be tat. And not Martha sergeant. I know that's a hate crime enslavement I wanna be leavened. That's right. Wanna be leavened. Obviously we all do
Let me add that Madison read, MR here man. This stuff is good. Now they ve been making hair coloring for women for a long time, and they do pretty kick ass job on that and they spread it out to the fellows and it's nice man specially. For your like mean, you got some of that great kicking up around the temples and ambition, and you don't have the shoe polish luck. You have the natural luck and I just wanted a more pepper mixed in with my shawl, and I used it and it worked nicely. The whole package comes comes into. A box comes got the gloves, but the gloves on you just take the color gel comes along like mylar packing to put a little colored Jelinek loves, you can wipe your hands back more than just run. It run your hands to your hair, just random through your hair, then you do the activate or same thing. Just some cream or in your hair sit sit there. Ten minutes, rents it off and
in its natural looking you get that the gray goes away, but it's not that sharply carnage and Travolta. Look it's a natural way to do it and they got you cover Were there at Madison, read Mr Right Dawson gotTa Madison read Mr Dotcom. Let em Adsl and our Edi Emma dot com and you go down over ten percent offers free shipping under first box again, thus code item, one more Tina grad, our sorrow, cut you off other covered K. Now, then, that's! Ok! Let's, let's move onto this case you haven't heard. Is there one more seat available on that private jet, because Joe Rogan might want to go with you? He says: he's moving to Texas in search of more freedom According to my San Antonio dot com, his podcast, he said this on the Joe Rogan experience. He announced the whose of his relocation from allayed attacks on Friday and rogue incited overpopulation traffic, economic despair and his need for more freedom. Among the reasons for his decision,
he's fifty two. He also does the EU have see commentator. Hang you reportedly stands to save millions of dollars in taxes and just to give you a little example of that Rogan. So The deal in May with Spotify from more than one hundred million dollars to air his podcast exclusively on the streaming servants beginning September that securing the Wall Street Journal the Houston chronicle dot com says, while the deal would be Rudy subject with thirteen point, three percent income tax rate in California, Texas, four goes individual income taxes resulting in thirteen million dollars in tax break there. Everybody. I know that's got a couple, a Nicholls. The rub: togethers cannot looking toward an exit strategy. I was talking to MIKE August about this earlier today, not about Joe or Texas per SE, but Conniston or are we just gonna keep going down this road and then what happened
when you move to taxes, but then he says, Texas in some of these countries are gonna, see like they're gonna, try to break it up at at at at certain point it'll be an interesting next it'll be interesting lifetime for my kids, but- you people really a foreigner and and allay has seen it before with productions that left town runaway production. We we we just the exact same model applies. I just got a little grab me with the taxes and a little overregulated and they made it a little too difficult and people who love this country and who love a sensibly keep talking about. More in taxes and are always very charitable on that side of the Isle they'll picked up unless they came back to where their houses were, but they dropped off all the money and-
Carolinas and so on, and around everywhere and and so they fled, so if that group, if we would will get on an airplane and leave to do business. Eventually The Joe Reagan's in the mark era, guesses and folks like that, are just going to get up and leave. The just did is gonna work, and we ve proven it once and not too long ago. So I don't know why they don't have those Discussions like there used to be California used low, but of a monopoly like hey we're, gonna go like you're going anywhere. You can't it's not even now impractical. Well, you know, Mark arrogance, has a private jet at his disposal and Maybe the internet, maybe air dish Ning eighty inch plasma, TVS you
corn and the internet general this and in doing maybe maybe this matter where he lay out the colored lockdown are proving that you can work money, work from a lot of jobs and you can go so when I was growing up. If you are, how What guy you can't outside to allay there's no good steakhouses, there's no good night life or there's no or maybe maybe you like chick fillet or in others it there's a there's. There's a brand that you, like you know what sort of like you could by Levi's at a seer. She had a by tough skins when I just by Levi's online, and you can go where everyone and all these play is the same kind of PO donkey, though not so potent any more nationals, a big, beautiful town, lots of good restaurants, lots of good entertainment and the list goes on and on these, these pious, yet no
okey, Kansas City, MRI tons of these places are great right So now that all the other law cows have become a little more attractive through taxes. Or regulation or the lack thereof and or the culture in a way in Lausanne, LOS Angeles, California, sort of on the decline go to see a lot of this and when they see a lot of it, they're going to see a tax base, go like right now. Thirteen percent seems pretty darn good, not to the guy who's, cotton, a cheque, but soon where'd he go to California, but you're gonna get Oh, I know five percent sounds low to you when you are thirteen percent, but you know it's like then five percent zero. I sound like Nancy Grace Nancy over that sound like
I know that five percent sounds load you, but guess what I'm not a mathematician and are willing to bet that you're not either, but guess what slower than five percent I'll give you one day lee Raw. That's! What's lower than five percent there, sometimes I see a shape inks and I realize I I shall like people I make fun of what I'm saying it in the middle of it there they're gonna get their New York's having a problem with them. Heavy hitters, leaving the big tax base people get now going to Florida. And stuff, and I think so maybe a year or so ago, but Dad Cuomo was. She was just laying out is like a man. We need this tax. What are you guys are leaving others like yeah? That's that's kind of what people do now, and the notion of travel is so much more comfortable people.
Was no air being be there's no southwest, there was no people did no one had a second house in palm springs, are in Nevada or wherever, Nobody had any of that, and now it seems. Also. Applause both now right, legal, it seems doable now in California, is going to have wake up the notion that they're kind of live in twenty five again. This is now people work from home travel time do whatever and there's gonna more this and unfortunately it will be your tax banks. It's gonna, be there. It's gonna, be people are paying the most better that are leaving the the you're getting the most from you're gonna get zero. From and the people who rely on the state they're not going anywhere so there's gonna crate there's gonna be a math. That's might not might not work out for the state. Aren't you know,
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rational monitoring, day and night ready to send police fire medical professionals. If there's an issue get going with no long term contracts, and I get it up and running. Lickety split and no sales guys know fine print started. Just fifteen bucks a month simply say right, Dawson that simply saved outcomes, lash out and get a free, hd camera lizards that simply safeguard com, Slash Adam Nature. They know our show, send you ah right I'm gonna, be in San Antonio for brought that up tonight tomorrow, night life podcast will do those Friday today bench pair on and then great get fella be uncertain. Whether the livestock them will do stand up all these stand up. After that, so you can, you can enjoy that That'll be shows. A lot, though, shows our air on Monday and Tuesday, by the way, so will have some fresh material at the top of the week
over there you go to an crawler, comparable alive shows and you can get down emotional support animal. I think that it is not Doc my head on a name on Burke, better, give it a rate at Amazon I read em and I enjoy. Am I wanna thank Erika and Patrick level for When in hair, the five part Jackie Series, the con, you can catch it and at the con or catch up on it at the con dot tv and, of course, a deaf rat as well check out Mr Macho man. This single Youtube sung by his friend close ran. Josh gardener right so tell next time this item four arrogant, Patrick death and gene and bald same Marla stick around good sports would damage. Economic role is coming to MAX.
The contrast one sports prisons, good sport, Sinaloa sports fans, let them do the Friday addition, a good sports Dave Damage, Shack here, Adam Coronal over their quick reminder, make sure your check out Dave's of thunder available where real, find your PA guests and or Dave's of Thunder dotcom good times with Fini endeavoured bad Gary and Little Donovan, the whole gang ace. How are you doing on this Friday? I couldn't be better check. Excellent. You know we were talking with them with our pow cousin sow on yesterday's episode, havin some fun and one of the things in baseball. There really is striking. Of course you can't turn it on for thirty seconds without feeling how weird it is. My opinion is beggars. Campi chooses I'm glad of sports. We ve been shut in for five months amongst our bellyaching immediately about some of the
ball stuff around them, but the weirdest these is these cardboard cutouts their herd. Have you seen those of your watch any baseball yet yeah? I think they're not being a creative enough with them. He feels very sergeant. Peppers too made feels like it had a picture. The outcome of the cover art of sergeant peppers- that's kind of what it when it reminds me of sites like it too it's it's a bygone era. It just feels a little off pudding and I'm trying to kind of figure out who's out there. Sometimes as it gets almost a little distracting but a little unnecessary? I know the dodgers you're doing it, but not everyone's. Do it right? I'm not sure how much that thing. I don't. I don't like is that there are some networks are some but they're they're like doing I think, computer generated fancy like when there's a home run or a ball in the outfield. You see these like video game kind of.
People in the army are bleachers. It's very weird. I think, though- and I really think this would be super funny- and why would you do? Is teams like the celtic allegedly used to keep the visiting locker room like Super ha, though in the water wasn't warm and all that kind of stuff. By playing into that spirit shouldn't they, like you, shouldn't the teams to her team find out about like all the ex girlfriend, so the other team and
parole officers and other wasn't just put them right over the dugout. So every time they step into the batter circle there, like that, I allow these aims. It would spook him alone. The odds are good. That's a good idea. I mean they kind of do in obviously there's a version of that with the feel goals and extra points when you're the other teams upon their feed smack and the thunder sticks together and all that kind of crap it's you know, it strikes me as I think about em I'll, be the difference between the so bad.
Small players. Don't need a crowd. I would argue that don't need the sound effects, they don't need. The cut out spying on play- they don't need any of that because take the three take the three major sports. You know you take basketball, football and baseball right. I know this just four in small effect, from playing baseball and playing football in high school first things. First, you play high school baseball. There is no crowd, it's usually during the day, I mean I'm not gonna go there may be places in the country where it's a big deal or something like that. But by and large you play during the day you play. Often. Times during school hours like we'd, have games to in the afternoon, or something like that? There was no bleachers failed. There's no stadium again, I'm sure, there's some stuff that goes on in taxes. That would you know that would, upon this point bouncing by and large you do Friday, night lights, you'd have home, come
in the whole nine yards you have our audience out there, like you, play in front of bleachers filled with it's Friday night light. Then you go off to college and you play the next level now you're playing in big and use and big stadiums and whatever, even even if your, not with a big time programme, look you're a big time programme, you have more p, oh there than you do it in and I fell stadium if you're in a big time Michigan their Alice you or some stuff. Valley by twenty five thousand yeah. That's right. And you go to the NFL. So in baseball there's nobody at the high school level. There's nobody in the crowds you college I mean maybe the world Series, but not day in and day out of college, even if you're a good school with a good programme, I don't give a fill out other give swarms of people out there. So bad lol, I would argue, doesn't need it. Then I used to it.
HU. I agree the nature of it and also, I think, we're your kind of thinking about that. The thing that is relate of all about it, this experiences last of these first handful games. It strikes me as like the kind of fields like us off ball game. You know like when it was your birthday once in get out twenty of I showed up and we got some pizzas. It beard we place up a could feel that way they almost really should MIKE. I know you can't might the skipper first strategy and stuff, but we would be fun. They hear what they're saying beach other football is gonna, be the most negatively impact that of all the sport. I agree with it. You need that entered of the whole crowd tat. They had NASCAR in that kind of spread it out the audience and seem to work. I mean they're doing all this stuff, where, they just now spread it out. I mean that the that just take of IRAN,
thirty thousand arena lead in thirty, thirty thousand people are whatever the math is and in spreading out also. I believe that the thing that is, maybe the silver lining ACE is may be. Your dream will come true of shortening the baseball season. Sixty games, if we get even that many for every team, like maybe it'll, be so satisfying to the consumer. That, though we like enough with this a hundred and sixty two guys, what are we doing that for any more that it be it be nice? I saw my fingers transport centre last night, and then the umpire was John with their skipper and they had to put their mass eye on what they ran at each others. It's cannon same also
He threw a guy out, I think, was a pitcher on the pirates came through that door. I e through that guy from a hundred feet away. I don't know what that guy said admitted that it did this and are they the ball? Back? Now, because that's what their job should be is lying at the hecklers. In the crowd also the ball. Was seven inches out of the strike Joan like. I don't know why. I don't know why the guy sitting eighty five feet away, complaining and game number four of the endless he's in there. That ball was in the strike zone when it was well below it. It seemed like a civic, a weird thing to argue scene, but he was too far way to make that argument, I dont know why we needed. Why did this, for. I have to run out onto the veal the eyes and all felt the little unnecessary to me. It's weird announcers, where you get. What what who deserves the shout out are the broadcast team so far because it can
hard. If, if you do, if I didn't know in advance that they are not even there at the ball parts, I I don't think I would know, but I got it. I would think that's gotta be super hard, the fake it like watching on tv. It feels like that movie eight men out or whatever was forever Gov like them in a completely different location. Calling the action is though, or live yeah. It's also the here, and what are they doing? I'm trying to think like what are they doing Japan is the baseball season going on in Japan. There they letting people out of the sky ends and again I feel, like I don't know It has to be on on off like a toggle switch, I feel like it could be a dimmers which I feel like you know: hey Yankee, stadium with ten thousand people and it seems pretty spread out to me, and God bless the ten thousand. Who got the? Have you no, no, no long lines at the beer and the boy
gardener any that stuff like why in our the Sky Box, why not open the sky box guys there with his family, whatever it is, I agree with all of this and I the, although it is very strange that some places of our he declared we're. Not we're we're not gonna have home games here, like a jersey, has said that the Jetson Giants will not have any fans. I've me, that's gonna be crazy. So so conceivably. I've imagine home field advantage that if you're, if you're the chiefs and you get to have some percentage of fans, but it's completely empty that such at the side. The whole thing is gonna be weird, but you know back to my original point, beggars can't be choose. We got sports
appreciate, and while we can, I gotta say I agree. Japan was back in June with cutouts no no humans and crowd, and also after seeing a couple, a U Fc, bouts on fight island with no no crowd, it's not heard it thought, hurt the competition or the experience at all a tail was what does hurt is on the paper view during the fight they have live reads now they have tens. And I realize yes with a little corner of movie, that's coming now. You know you now Greyhound with Tom Hanks Communist Sony, plus this weekend and like during the during the action like I'm. U can conceive We missed some action in their yeah, they do it.
I've seen it too and though the like say the fight clog sponsored by and like the fight is just started. Rights did very distracting there. There's advertising all over that again and all around the acting on Iraq and stuff which, like I get this part of the world where it all kind of seeps in I get it, and I also get the part where it's like, hey I'm watching NASCAR and then that the car sponsored by I'd Anne, but I'm sit at home watching NASCAR for free. That's that's the deal I paid sixty eight, where the paper view and I'm getting the commercials tween the rounds, but I'm getting commercials during the rounds during the fight. That's crazy. I hope that goes away the Dodo bird much like usually once they go. What what's the market shares in the advertisers get their grip on something it's there to stay. You just have to get used to it. One thing they didn't hold up very long with remember when the win win, boxer
were wearing like it was an old man under their back how's the upwards, that went away till they get Ebay does out anymore right now they don't they, Do that anymore. They couldn't stop it for a while, but an gara. If you can find a clip of his problem, Men are often online, but it's pretty interesting that they literally ran it wasn't crawl. It was spoken live reed for movie in the middle in the middle of the round hats re taught. You have seen very hard core about their paper view stuff, so I can imagine that it, sir, point we're just gonna evolve into the actual fighters. Having to do the live reads themselves during the round like they're, just gonna have to go ahead and yell. You know after this fight I'm going the golden corral, Parfait Reich and load up shrimp every yet at the other guy Ortega's crews,
what easy victory here. Spigot accrues top gun to come about right leaders to you this Friday, like back, that's literally what they're doing now. That's that's ridiculous. Our right listen good times. Sports is back, and that- and I appreciate it s good times- is always gibbets him with you, we'll be back with more who in applesauce for yet next week, until and thanks so much or expanse its board. Follow the Adam Carolla show on Twitter, Adam Carolla show followers on Twitter, Adam Carolla leave its voicemail at eight hundred and eighty six once and for all.
Think about it. You ve got more emotional support. Animal debatable everywhere, get allowances. Adam Corolla Doc welcomed the fair debit twenty twenty presented by that online on your host brand Weinstein's, we have an amazing panel of guest. Today you see Harold Reynolds, blatant fielded, major league baseball for a number of years. You could see him every day on the emerald be network these days it is prestigious broadcasting career, any George, when the high control
after the nineteen. Ninety one of the best running backs in Houston, orders, Tennessee, titans history and Robert Ory is one of the most clutch basketball players in India play off history. A dumper of deeper championships with three different teams over sixteen years hide all of you picture joining us today. Thanks for having me also look, let's switch over to fancy. Let's talk about. What's that looks like with that feels like any play. Little who states you played at one of the most iconic legendary then use that there is an american sport played the NFL as well. So, let's start with you here, the idea of playing ball games without fans that that feels like what do you know what it feels like and it is not is not fine. It's you need the energy to feed all
off of your you're you're with your home in your home with you, you need the fence, supports. You, wonder we're down you're, trying to figure out how to force through adversity as a team, you need the fan, support and also what you on the road to oppose the teams feed off the same type of energy. So the fans are very much a part of sports. Like anything else, there are. Definitely they play a role in it and that's the whole point of the given say: that's why they have home field events or homeward.
And build a ban is a deadly, a field to which I want to see it's gonna pull light like a sprang practice. If you will want to feel like any awe of war, fights grimace if not gonna, have very much meaning without the thanks. I wanna be a different view: robber for yearning for your lead, their going right into the play off and there's no fans on what was jerked periods like having fans in the stands for play games, and what does it mean to you? Do not have them in what is the biggest moments of the season for the NBA work? For me, a federal bears energy in other also love goin in two different, like the division teams, arenas shut him up because it was nothing was satisfied then said in their work in India.
The net that real, but I think sometimes people understand how much is athletes. We need friends, we love fence and we appreciate him greatly. An hour later. We can act like we don't by NASA an autograph, but we really appreciate barriers because they give us a region or on at any level at the excited to get over mountaintop. I think about we played on the Portland, engage several was accomplished finals and gave war against seven if what poring over dollar twenty point, but we get those barriers behind us too to come true and make them nervous. You know that helped us, that's why you play for home quota vanishes bodies. Moments like this, when you need those bad behind you to get you over the top, so it is hardly play without fair, but I will say this without pay. As you go see, who is the best you can see? Who has the heart and the mindset to get over the top, because data
Is the pushing a given an extra mile so now the truth, the true time that people are going to come through at the end, I got to take it as a fan. That is one of the unintended consequences here of all of this here the things that we always want to hear that we weren't sir, was ever really going on Eddie, I'm curious worthwhile in football, some so much the vocabulary, certainty in the team. Osborne plays and stuff like that help about play its invest. Ass, a great poet, because you know the arm the patriots they got trouble for dinner, audible, the getting there the signal their knowing their checking the given. So that's that's gonna be interesting because it had other the proud noise knew TAT out helps. You can't pick up my things by me to pick up like up. You know,
check with me, you know it going right. You know wrangler in in let the whenever it is a meet you get. You can pick up on those things, so I think it a bell and in terms of gay planning we too weak, they're gonna have to change up. There will cabbie Larry to communicate with they want from plate of late, and it would be interesting to see how that happens. From a health perspective. We must establish you guys to some level witness the fans in their presence, but What concerned you have about people being in the stands in general law? I think if you want to get through the season It's gonna have me without France. Does you just you can't risk a fan, coming down second somebody's hand, unites reactions or by society. You you're reads out your hand right first part, whatever what happens if a player content? discovered through a fair you gonna contract cod. All the fans and you're gonna sell team down. I just think is dead.
Cold enough to keep. The two clean and healthy and not involve fans, and I know that's not what but it wants to hear what I think That's where we're out right now and Like I said this is a revolver and who knows by the time we get the September. Might told it be different. But For now we're starting up and try to just get players, Phil. I find it difficult they're, not gonna, interact with fans, is a natural thing to do so. I think that complicates the global justice Martha. Eddie. What about you? You said you fell off the fans liked having a there with the public health in your personal health. If he were playing at risk. How do you feel about the idea of fans being in the state can be done? I think if you can find the right past it, you can begin to kind of charcoal
restrictions of the stadium he's not every even in normal times that everything's gonna be full anyway, so is only certain markets and places it. I think team did or at full capacity on the average needs to have those plans out a big things come come in with mass law. They provide cancer advertisers there, their leader, a protocol that there are no ah player fan interactions there. No autographs I'll lay all the rules outward people. I think it can be done appropriately. I think if you can somehow managed the concessions. You know, sixty distance,
the guests were people go in one way up all the time it not all over the place, and we can provide that in terms of a state and environment that experience it can be done about take the players can as a surly attract Kobe, I'm not an expert, I'm not a doktor through fan interacts, despite being, there is more on the field that from other player thinking here well, friends of having fans understands it can be done, is done appropriately responsibly and has to be well thought out and they had to check the able to check the temperatures of people do alarm testing screaming. Prior to that I think it can be the hell. Would you would you when I play the apply, would have you know a single throughout most of my career, I mean through all my career, saying, like marital after a baseball, so yeah my would play. I
can understand gas and other challenges so because of the fact that when you look at my trap it his wife is expecting the first sound and I remember being spent ran before the sat down target MIKE and they were so static about been home and ask me what was lacking the delivery Roman. Your kids were born and use enthusiastic about all that as something you think about forever, particularly with the first one, and so now known that there's gonna be an August. He was like a fine mess, a couple gains, probably back then the pandemic. Kids and he started into this whole decision of what is he going to do are those that you guys real, quick. The challenge for these players is not take. Carry yourself. It's all your team, everybody's in it. So I dont know what they're doing when they leave and who around and everything else. I think that's what present furthermore, the challenge with contact testing
and so, when all the sudden outside you're smear has had cards somebody now also you gotta, get quarantine and soda the challenge is nonetheless, what my trousers, Israel struggling whistle That's a long answer being single, no kids, all through my career yacht apply play, but it had. I had family like Robert was talk about, presents a different towns. Robert. Would you played if you are still playing now would you play I'll, probably would have because you know it. You know it also depends on where I am at my career. You know if I'm like five years ago, Ten years later, like you, it was like sixteen years that, in my career I wouldn't do it because I know I'm odor. I know my wife had hard issues and I got a young kids at home, so our parliament play for
I made an of made out in it, have to play. So if that makes a big depends on where you are, my three was established, so you know it is hard to say in reply, I sell champion if so that we do not know what it is hard to say may, because you love became a best buy. You love your sport. You wanna get out there, so you crash into your cracked. The possibility in it will be one of the things he had a really sit down, which a family and discussed it and see what they want you to do, and it'll be it'll be hard, but it for me- and I know MIA and my wife, I would have said no, I'm not playing because you know I've have played enough and I buy the life and my family life is more important than getting some. You know playing the basketball game.
I let them know, I'm a big picture question and I optimistically all of the leaves are going to play all I'm going to climb a champion Harold and wants to go, laugh because baseball is touching unique position with how they're structuring their schedule and in all of that stuff this year. That start with the NBA, since they would be the first to literally crown a champion in play. Is there an asterisk Robert who ever wins and think that you're here you know as the play in night Nightingale as he is aware, you know you wanna play asked by the Santer your spurs season, because it was as alike out. I think any time you wanna tell me ship is a greater cost. Me solution being asked just now like a happy guys, uncharted competing
play everybody's got to complain. Everybody has the same advantage that you have I'm not one of these guys that believe in the astric. I think if you get out there and complete compete and you do what you're supposed to do to try to win the championship, you win that championship. You played hard as individual. You did your thing. I know a lot of people. I guarantee you
your tea doesn't mean it you're, going to say that we need to see the weaker. So I figured I'd think when you say aspect as this. That is bad because everybody had the same opportunity. They go on competing wind championship and you should it could just seven position have the best vanish possible to imitate the ship. I pick thank you to our panel today held Reynolds. You can of course, see on the end of the network played a number of years in the majors. Any Georgia Heisman trophy winner course rate is running back soon. It more wars, tenancy tightly Esprit and Robert Ordering shooter in the history of the NBA having championships in a direct them so jealous he's got a guy, so much joy, you tonight
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