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Part 2: News and Good Sports (ACS June 17)

Part 2 of today’s show opens with news stories about Australian driver Renee Gracie going into porn. They also talk about Ron Pearlman’s challenge to fight Ted Cruz, big changes coming to the Playboy Mansion, and Kimmel’s plan to exec-produce and host the upcoming Emmys. Other stories include how Coronavirus has or has not been impacted by the recent protesting, the taking down of confederate statues, and details from ‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams’s divorce. As the show wraps up, Gina reads one last story about the Hadrian X breaking a new lay speed record, and Adam and Dave Dameshek bring today’s Good Sports. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! TommyJohn.com/ADAM Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Scott's Turf Builder SimpliSafe.com/ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the garage sale show on Podcast one where the Good NEWS and good sports all coming up in this block. So I'll stick around for that. First I'll say about that: lifelike April fifteen tax deadline was pushed to July Fifteenth, but extensions. Give more I'm too hackers to steal your identity. That's what they're out to do. Then. I'm gonna kick in a door bust, a window get bit by dog shot by an angry homeowner. This went to hack into your system. Still your identity and sell it. the dark webs important understand how cybercrime and identity theft affecting our lives every day I put our info out their risk on the internet
criminals can find a new way to steal identities. You could missed rats if you're, just monitoring your credit lifelike its insurance needed it's. Two thousand twenty protect yourself with live, walk right, Dawson, no one to prevent identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses. Lifelike can see you my miss on your own, join now in they represent off your first year by using promo code item, call one another live longer at the lifelike, our economies, promo code item for twenty five percent off. You can all those crazy trot. We must do the news with Jean grad Well, I'd love to start at the top of the screen, but that is not going to happen.
This moments who are gonna, we're gonna start so may I wasn't going to start with, but I'm sure you ve probably heard for The eight Super cars Razor Renee, gray seeds that name sound familiar? or a car is trillion. I oughta Euralia aim has ETA mad max thing: could ve AIDS eight series invades super cars, not not an american thing, I thing and yes, yes, I think we Eric Banner banjos related right and it's a big thing and in in Australia. Yes, a kind of a couple of issues: That's why you there's a was a big deal like that's that whole mad max thing was with this crazy car in the big fear. Whenever it yes there, she is well she's
she's, a good looking girl and she received a significant financial windfall because she just went public with a new career in pornography. So, during an exclusive interview with the Daily Telegraph Gracie revealed, she walked away from the sport because you learned he might hearing it. She ran away from this work hard and I have with an ice and after working in an auto shop, I mean this is the dream girl here she decided to cash in on our hardness joined this adult subscription site called only fans, dot, com, she's, twenty five she's make in a time, she's, basically selling photos and videos for nine bucks a month, but that adds up there say I gotta say this: there's all these stories going around now that a lotta women are making ends meet now with the whole continent, walk down and the economy in everything saying doing a version of this kind of yeah? Actually shelling selling body proud
not a good thing, but I never really judge, because if someone enough, I was too, before you got hold of me or twenty foreign sounds like a handsome. I want to take a picture. your scrotum sack and I'll give you ten dollars. I'd be like Ok sounds, Ghana, front, or I just last Friday. I just just pull Jim shorts and hang your balls out, then take a picture and then I'll send you the ten dollars in these showed me out. I would have liked five sounds good. better cleaner, carpets. Uk, the judge. In that case, I don't whenever they have these Paul there, like try to get a samsonite filled with friend now cross, the mexican border, whatever I'm like you have, you would offer me Twenty thousand dollars when I was twenty two to do something new, but I want to try it to have a boy everyone
you see the movie Maria full of grace, I'm sure Brian has sought oceans. of what a heroine balloons so she's Rene is on track to make about seven hundred fifty thousand dollars this year while from subscribers. So every bad path, seven, fifty a juno, I know you got two jobs are yeah, why this is then the our workload? incomes, income yeah. I know this has been floated not by my fiance but in pre, his years. We have had this conversation with people and I cant do and that's why I used to be you know, and I was a new model in college. I didn't. I have standards because I only did it for the sketch classes and like pencil drawing I wouldn't do it for the painting classes, because that was too realistic working. So we just freaked me out then- and I think those days are behind me- another anyone's the gunning for those photos it at this point of sugar.
That is appropriate or not but tat. When I closed my eyes, I don't see and charcoal I already arriving collar. Thank you very much just pointed out there something to think about the definitely about, ok! Well, I belong. You know what Mars charcoal Evan, that's forecast write them out of it now game yeah. Maybe what guy Maybe we should do sums are exchanging like maybe there's a porn star in Australia whose struggling, but who can drive We also had Mustang and get her in that way in autumn. So good idea, yeah are too great idea. There there I've been sent numerous times by listeners that there's this porn star, that looks like me and they conducted us on. Better, I would have to dig for it, but she seems lovely and we do kind of look alike, and I do too
as a compliment, but some some listeners are you gonna? U, like you looked just like blubber blondie connected us and she goes out genus lovely. I got what you're quite attractive, so this is greater. Implement so yeah, maybe we can all do some swappin You can have a new news barrel and I can go into the corner I love you gonna pouring porn industry we're just going to lop off the news. Cuz I'm going to need to shorten the show. So I can get home and do my research. But the point is before insists. Let me close my eyes again: This chicks got a of fire and upper leg tattoos. Yeah ended, as I don't know when that came into. When I started noticing that when I was out road last weekend, and I dont know that it's a good thing. I don't think that's ever really help and especially then, when their wearing the shorts and you see in the weird stuff,
dripping down underneath the shorts on the thigh. I I don't find that attractive. Do we find that attractive enough from now I think they're a rebellious thing, the another target audience the I mean I'm saying more of the fire tat the women and more of the calf tat on the duties, and I just I just didn't, don't feel like its help in their case it's not like that of the ban on the back pocket amongst certain community. You know get the tattoos in a certain place, the fire in the coffee like you're down rain. I know we are meant to be together as opposed to the dance. like. What are you into the air I don't know, maybe like this sort of tongue piercing says when for oral business, maybe that maybe the thigh tat, maybe mean something I usually just means you're angry at your dad. That's hasn't, let's have it
you know, I'd be the ultimate conundrum having a sigh tattoo of a portrait of your beloved father, very confusing, distracting up. That limits your position remains. Marriage is you're getting a position where your staring at the step, dad specially dear old that pressure, we drove our dear old dad if you drove in a sort of judge mental way and I made my arms folded you're doing wrong here. That's all the Italian she'll get a tattoo of me, my arms folded, one eyebrow raised could go. There were yeah, that's good, so run pearl man, he is buys D on Twitter. I think he might be the new. He might be the other side's James words. Lately the way he's been treating he wants to fight TED Chris. Fifty thousand dollars, so he and the tax senator of already Duke did out online. I have all the tweets after parliament
about politician, Matt Gates for criticising your Socrates for appealing a policy that require players stand for the national anthem, crews I then after parliamentary gates that he's the second ugliest politician working after Ohio representative, Jim Jordan, so that was fun words to cruise crews than tweeted, and I quote your keys actually put it up. Crews it listen Hellboy! You talk you hot good game when you ve got Hollywood, make up instead, man but I'll bet. Ten, thousand dollars to the non political charity of your choice that you couldn't last five minutes wrestling ring with Jim Jordan without getting pen you up for it. Does your publicist say it's too risky journalism drew a fight with another going ok, so that comes up so then, the mass to so right run had feelings about that. He had some thoughts. Let's see you. What teddy boy? Oh because he's talking about that a tweet before that said, you're, basically offering a guy to fight me who's
probably asleep right now, that's not really affair thing to do what he says. I tell you what buddy boy since mentioning Jim Jordan is problematic? Why don't we say fuck him Just you and me I'll, get fifty thousand dollars to black lives matter and you can keep payer money, you were thinking of spending text, although taxpayer bs sorry it's in there it's in front of my screen here there we go, take Greece's, I get it you're rich, but apparently soft, you sure seemed something there. we can see that I can read to wrestle Jordan, whom you keep insulting can't take. The heat need to get a man here. so these are polish, reconsider our actors and are of a certain age, and they go in for it so Rondon added. Let's get back to business Add Jim Jordan's too easy just a little bitch, but you teddy Utah Shit about New York? Every chance you get my hometown, it's personal lives go about where, whoever that one
roman well, rounded, never so yeah I guess These seven is the new thirteen. I thought forty was twenty, but evidently there's a bigger chasm here. That's why I I'd heard a cup things about, but not too much, but I always I cannot tell I we can tell what the whose telling the story and what the story is. As you can tell a lot by that ok, you know if they're right or if their laugh by the picture. They choose of the two guys that are fighting so I just saw it online and I saw a picture a Pearlman worry look like a start, and then I saw Matt Gates words, like thirty pounds, heavier than he has now like whoever this is. I can I get where there come from you can learn a lot by the picture enough. There, so there's there's the the picture tat
look at all weird and understood trump him there's one of him. Looking nobody like and whatever that you'll know everything you need to know about whatever the news outlet is by which picture of whomever I choose to put in their story your absence. Lately right and speaking of that I couldn't not go down. The common thread, rabbit hole for this, and many people posted the picture of that. I wasn't sure tromp or someone from the trunk campaign put a picture of TED crews. Wife and trumps, wife. So as Maloney verses, TAT, Greece's wife, just an abysmal picked of MRS crews and the most flat in angelic sexy smouldering Sure Maloney as though is hard to let their dead forget that that happened. Them he's he's quite over that now Willie why Jimmy and a basketball game two years ago. I owe you know. Fathers day was right when they played I
I remember the day before must have been the day before fathers day, because five, Thursday do I really now? here's what happen goddamn it, as is thinking about this stupid fathers day, which is coming up in a few days and there's no more softball game over God, damn it s fun in the size of play. You see allay fields. We play the girls failed, pretty made put that whole thing together, so the past, while game had to be the day before, because I showed up at the Father Stay game which is I say Sunday it allay and Jim He throws the whole thing as where's Jimmy and there like he can walk Asia? How he's like so goddamn sore that he just literally can't move and he was at home, then
Entire tightly out was the weak and the following day, two thousand and eighteen, so that was the lass. So ready politician, physic channel down. They wish to set up an obstacle course and just vote on on bills base on? Who finishes the obstacle course What are you gonna get the flag out of the Big ICE cream Sunday. Why tell you they took her life. time is cause. That's right. We stay used to have the play made Olympics back once a year. They have the Christmas issue for Playboy the big one. oh shit issues for Playboy was they would do that? a serious issue. Once a year is a big thick one was grade, and then maybe once a year, or maybe once every few years they do the play Playmate Olympics and
had the whole obstacle course in everything. Set up and bill can be bid, be up there with the cigar out. Judging Everything- and I don't know mine, seeing AOL. He hit that obstacle. Course I watcher. the girls ever seem particularly sluggish when he was hosting ah good point yeah during the air. He was feeling my performance de handsome draw their not as good a calling nine one one in showing me away with the three with my full choosing. I think so funny, if you find any those old pictures MAX of Like Playboy Olympics or the roller disco roller rank where they take the tennis court pull down the gnat, have not skein around its always an celebrity bill caused bees due in the gas commentaries like, I shall look,
when I was fourteen Golconda, so cool cars is because up there and he volunteered to use Carbon skylight. Cannot, I mean it? Oh doing a big thing and having the number one comedian in the world like come out there and add the colored commentary you're like awesome, but now we all know he was therefore the after party, It was entirely his pleasure, the play metal the gun away by my error, Adam, but that college issue was the one that was it goes. I was a thousand getting one too. Find anything with bill can be in Playboy and roller roller bogey, Playboy, limping and also I saw tweet that you sent about that the grotto yeah busted up get Lotto and the grotto is no MO. It's gone. Why there's an aerial shot. I want to talk about Ariel Sharon and the same person, unwanted hid
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and more J B. Well, are they tearing down the play, I mention that the homing down or that you now I'm just going to read you I'm going to read you the tweet by a guy named Chris Christie, not only thinking over, maybe see, seven, the grotto gone as you can see in these photos, if mansion is totally unrecognizable as top to bottom renovation? Continue at the lake you have nurse famous former residents, and Christian came the pictures, but just to give you an idea of the construction and then there's one more so you're kidding action going on in the back. It looks like crystal find it. What is that Otto considered a history called yes Mark Let us begin like all the monkey cages in many, I will not go ponds. Yeah there s really tearing up that whole that whole blot on land but Bilbil to see it better.
So speaking to Jimmy's some big Jimmy Kimmel NEWS. He is returning to host the seventy second and me awards and this time also executive do you think the Shell on ABC that's going to deadline the host of Amy late, and I talk to Jimmy came alive returns for the third time, not clear whether This year's enemies which are set to take place on September twentieth will be law I've in person or virtual no way to know yet what during the day September, whatever twentieth Sunday September, twentieth, I begin some emails next week or so They will announce the nominations on July. Twenty eightth- and this is this- is gonna, be Jimmy's third time right? Third time hosting all he did. Mommy's first, I think twice. and then it is going well eyes, twenty sixty yeah! and and so would a boar gonna be whatever for
man, it's gonna, be an he's hosting an producing this year about turn on tropical. What so it's funny I just went through this. I just went through this thing, which is we were submitted. Being uppity our movie too, for two to be submitted. For Mammy, they had on their website because all covert nineteen thing screwed up, everyone says schedule they had a date on their website. With said, you must submit by July. First, if ever there now we want to submit the other day and then I said: oh, your pass the lock off date, which they got long on their website and we, been saying certain negotiating with them. Saying hey your website had the wrong date on it and there like yeah, but what's
it's done an were not taking any more submissions and so Nate immediately. This literally all happened today, so nature like we'll call Jimmy and tell him to put it, look. I don't think it works that way. Department, weird piece of timing that I will literally I wake up. This warrants. A producing the armies and his is hosting maize and then ten minutes later needs like we can't get into the Amis, because the date was wrong and their website I max Van a clean up, Your screen here plays and I'll tell you about the play. Boys roller disco and pajama party was from nineteen. Seventy nine did bill hosted. Are you which is one of the people that are there, is actually host by Richard Dawson richer? labour law, the Ladys and the pictures of him standing around easy given off in the tennis court yeah. That's that's what I'm referring
yeah and then other people in the EU, James Con Chuck, Mangi, only Wayland flowers, whales in Madame Dorothy Stratton than that The others got the cigar. Let me tell you something: man, Pre AIDS made coke people the vast I think these reviving a good ass time playing tennis without all the aids in the coke was flowing there. actually film that I was just looking for the magazine version of it the magazine this other their pictures of from my online others like a dvd Nazi there's. No, live another internet. What about the Olympics? They have the Bunny Olympics, how many years they do. The Bunny Olympics Irene of the Playmate play Is that the same thing? Probably, why ear was it alum each eye they would have? I think it was called the
honey Olympics are, maybe they were allowed to use the word I very bus, their Latin America Playmate play offs and we just called at the pony olympics that would have been late. Seven yeah, money Olympics? It's just a bunch of rabbits doing our railway, feeds elements. Bunnies, sad state, sergeant, Do you know I was just thinking about this whole thing, you're talking about with the cut off date. This is not the year to tell us buddy, who produced a movie, that's being fee should on the black lives matter, genre tat of Netflix. We see up and we don't care and we won't take your submission This is really not the time for them to do that. I'm just saying I I agree with your Gina, but because it is now he's an important movie, but this is that that is not going to look good for them Well, there's a part of me: they would like to convey that pre nice to emanated we probably would get in nation if we could submit it. But again there
the Red sight was wrong. They should be cutting everyone slack this year because of all the movement in all the years right. But will that's like that The attack on a sweater saying twenty five dollars and you get up there and they say: oh it's, forty five, that we forgot like. No sorry it's on the tag, where we have like a screen shot of their website with the gap with the date on it, which was sent to me by name, but I didn't I'm sure you'll never work out, but will continue for I well virus testing. More than one thousand three hundred people who protested Minnesota twin cities after the death of George Floyd is showing very few new positive cases. According to the report, so health officials across the country of expressed fear of these mass, as you know, wondering what it's gonna do to the pandemic, but so far dozen like much Minnesota
the officials are conducting corona virus test for protesters in Minneapolis, Nan, Saint Paul, and so far more than thirty three hundred people have shown up to be tested. That number, forty percent, or about thirteen hundred of them, have gotten their results back, and the paper reported that of that number about one point: four percent tested positive for the virus. One point four percent ploy made Olympics as I call it eighty three days. The excessive max van as these I'm seeing. I remember it a little earlier rather could be an errand. It's like an obstacle course. send yeah yeah yeah, put it on our not sharing the shrink, as we put this up on Youtube and Onawandah era friend everybody my answer the up their projects in a girl that their basically doing The basically do the obstacle course at their AL does, except for their became ease.
And they scale waters in bikinis, I caught oh yeah. I remember I was like the greatest I I remember I remember being twenty year Eighteen, whenever discuss this the greatest, that's a grace, the Playboy mansion. You want job out in an era I would imagine Hugh half nurse just sitting there in his apartment, with his first wife in somewhere outside of Chicago. I guess any like I got. Idea for our magazine and I guess she goes and gets licence the pictures of Marilyn Monroe row and I don't know what he paid for those You don't like when you hear those stories about what they paid for the first super ball. You known to run the tv rights to run the first Superbowl Oda right,
still run Marilyn Monroe Pictures. I guess he buys them off the photographer. Something any starts. The magazine any runs that and then they have that Chicago Mansion, which sounded well in its own way, because it was like indoor pool and he'd have been met. Miles, Davis in their plane, the horn and everyone or be gathered around smoking. What time comes here and buys all this land on homey hills and build this crazy thing with he Cox running around in law, these memories and throwing parties hack? I didn't write, I gotta tell ya man and that's it no more hammer it may well be that now the Tunisian and but now not offend version. No other people aren't standing for that people be soon. I mean that won't be able to run that that's that's no business model
what are they may play that don't touch, I gotta do the obstacle course log jam. That's all its awesome. I went out to get China so turns out posted protesting, safe jeez Magda go showed up to the Robert E Lee Statue in Richmond Virginia over the weekend as out of a position to replace the statue of the Confederate general and the late Gwawl front man odorous Aranjuez, so Jim just MAC is inquire. I'm sure you know that when CNN I share the story. The petition had a less than a hundred signatures. I just checked it, and it has about fifty thousand signatures, which prompted a visit to the monument by Judge MAC himself. Here's a about
that programme running right now are not whores and already we strongly encouraged. What that guy serve framework They are no longer logical seem like just yesterday, where listen and John Cougar Melon can't make a statement about the bankers and Farmers, and now we got a guy dressed up with Fuckin styrofoam, the Alec FUCK that guy Today's music kids did that war guys die yeah is a run? Guess he's the one who died, I think so that they think that sort of the point there making that he was
front man him up there to honour how I see my Jesus. I got that wrong, but I think that's the point and it should be noted that Virginia governor of north them said he does plan on. Take this statue down, but no comments on when Gore up. it's weird is we are, so crazy safety oriented right. So now, if you said What did you take my jet skis and I'm gonna drive sit down to Santa Monica on this gonna unload the jet ski at the shore. They re like no way no way to dangerous or or even if you wanted to ride your jets gain. Have open beer or something like that too. Dangerous everything is way way way too dangerous. But when it tearing down statures ocean is nowhere to be found.
Joanna much a phoney beyond the necessary. You got people and they got like a toe rope on other guys head and they ve tied it around the pomp of our prayers and there's a guy standing on top of it swinging escape board at it, and it's it's too, tons of bronze and there's a whole crowd. That's underneath! It is like, of course, that fuckin things gotta come down and crush somebody. This is kid is it did I mean if I give you wanna tell me if you want to do this in a way like if you did this in a guy, and sanctioned way? It's like guys and reflective vast guys wearing hard hats, as cones zones spread In our whatever mean in terms of danger, and I know where no law, or policing ourselves, but having p
stand under giant old statues in him hooked up to tow ropes and rip down, while other people are smashing them with hammers. So it's gonna get fucked up pretty badly arrive, it's a little short sighted. That's only in terms of the government, I don't know. I know you're pretty hands off at this point, but someone got fucked up back we buy that thing coming down? How could go any other way of a group of people at night? You don't have any experience in the construction or he business just going? shit with escape warden, who the hell knew that the gate gonna be the new swiss army knife. I didn't write what you can do with escape or you can beat a reporter. You can vandalism cop car, you can you can start in the back when Jane you know. What's in key, take down a statue, use it for transportation, I mean that's, that's pretty pay tony hawk right right back at your brother,
well and speaking the statues. You know obviously the Gore ones kind of funny, but when it comes to Brittany, spears, I about her, getting a statue in Louisiana and Dolly Partner Tennessee, which we talked about these these. Are they think that makes sense? I mean apparently, according to reports british, has given so much money too. Louisiana relief efforts for different nonprofits. We note Dolly, does the same thing in Tennessee. They give so much money back to the community. Why not put Britney spears of as a good couple of a Louisiana, and I mean that's all the lot of the money she makes goes back and that community it's not that far fetched. Well, why don't? We just do what we do with the Hollywood walk of fame, which is like you gotta by your star, like you, gotta put up the other put money now, here's my deal or what we do with like stretch a highway like bet, meddler, adopts that stretch a mall and she's in charge of keeping clean. You know she's gonna pay more in effect for its main it. Why
We do this. Why don't we do a thing where we go these statutes you're like a celebrity auction. The statute Are all gone, the bases remain. We will put up the celebrity or non celebrity, whoever, this- is the most money that money. Go to the school system where that money will go to the inner city or that the food banks or whatever it is by who however, whatever it could be barbarous, dry, Shan, cutting a check or could just some unknown guy who's in orthodontist, who have to be family money, whoever cuts the biggest jack. We shall pay dear likeness in bronze. On top of that mighty men and then later on in fourteen years, when the kids, it problematic they can tear down eyes it right but either way, let's still bidding war, will get all that money and we will put it right near the school system gets
the less dirty version of the lottery and we'll let you like we'll let you like, What kind of talk about with vanity license plates and the like level look in your pass a little bed! Fine! If there are any yearbook pictures, are you in a clan hood economy like will get what they want. They light vetting domain, Nothin's nothin's hanging around on the internet, yet that's the whole point to take His dad used to have no clan hoods right, we'll do a little that will make sure you clean. if you're clean, what do it? I don't know it's like the F B. I daresay you wanna, be an FBI agent, our right, let's see, if you ve ever done anything one. You pass a couple, those drug task, then put you in the harbor and then may the highest bidder win and will love will make tat you and will leave it up to you. You could be on a horse be on a horse, its rearing back. You can standing know believe you could be holding up
think a flag will will leave it up to you will have to be imposed on the island of middle distant, live different motifs! That's right! That's good see haven't a rough year. Happy days, love Anson Williams has reportedly file for divorce from his wife for the second time in ten months same wife, second time filing the actor who, Really pay played Warren, Pat Potsey Weber. Why there was the Weber on days now but see Weber? Now I probably don't remember that coming up and you had to have kind of a square name, I'm thinking about the other day in sitcom, saying have that name like my ring My friend was like the nerdy name and so yeah you'd go with Dutch. I think Co Praties My name is Mary and so on right, right, Sylvester Stallone and that's
Marion, co brandy, don't call a Marian its right now by TAT. No, I didn't, know Ralph Mouth Warren Weber, our policy of singular met, Ravioli Ralph Mouth, the other one, so he filed divorce, pay, pork and allay last week, according to two DMZ, as has married, has been reduced. Jackie for over thirty years and Anthony latest final, comes just nine months after he filed for the divorce, the first time and September, so he seventy cited irreconcilable differences in his initial filing Anson. First went down. The divorce rode on September eleven and by October first he was back in court trying to dismissal. So how much yeah there's a jump, sharp moment in a series that entered There's this. Although the concept of jumping the shark fancy jumping shark happy
is jumped the shark, not when funds he jumped the shark, but when they started a band and aunts and Williams was the lead singer of the ban. His hair got hair dry. Do you know they went from if these hair to the seventies hair? And then started singing. I don't love you guys. Remember they had a ban on one day. At a time jumped the shark they started singing is well that gets at sir here's what happens at a certain point. They have success and its season for, and this shows successful so that chick guy who's in the show. Those hey man, I'd like to do some singing leg, yeah. That has nothing to do with your character and we never brought it up before they're like hey we're going great ratings sing in animal star blow drawing my hair and
wait a minute. This is Milwaukee. Nineteen, fifty five yeah I dont care nineteen. Seventy nine get my dick shocked after we taped and I so I'm not going to get the crooked with the palm aid in it, undisclosed our blowdryer, my hair, and if you look at ants in ants in Ralph math. They all started. low, drawing their hair and they started a band, and What's your name started singing and one day at a time, Valerie Wert Nellie. Now, I'm sorry her sister, I can't read that the Mackenzie Lindsey, fill up the ass. She started well. She started singing a cop out bout song, which is now gone? Would cotton rock, or are you better not as like? It's a song? Anyone could kind of thing. It's not! That it's no blood on this,
wound girl right right. Well, if you Molly curious, like I was and had to do some digging on, but why? Why I did, he decided to get divorced again. He apparently he said they wanted to state either for the kids continue to live separately but just not be divorced, all for the kids and after given a few months: yeah they adult Jello people throughout the weirdest scenario, file that aid for the kids after, given that it try for a couple of months. He said no dice can't even do this. We got in this hit our they are again divorced. Did you start direct in something like wiser and he's a prolific television director. I can tell you in I can tell you in the early nineties. He definitely came to Kansas City and was definitely cast casting something I audition for so I know he doing that around that time, railways packed it yeah, he would come to Kansas City.
And yeah look for talent still gotta suck, because because some raw, whom I try and think it. who sir his runner, has given us an hour not with three Howard, I gave her the wrong part of IRAN has got round when it is run. Howard goes on and become RON, Howard, the amount of aid lighten like in I be like like a view, data showing your partner, went on to be the executive producer of the armies and hosts the Amis got nightmare scenario. You don't like a pod card somewhere and DE brow. I really like it with sting yeah, but should be so lucky to be answered. Williams, think about air Moran, birthright, very tough, very tat God she she's I've rights issue. I mean I always do not well
was not well ten years ago, but I have heard that she died in this whole two thousand and seventeen. She was Johnny, she was a tragic the acid another sort of happiness was fun in its own way, water inter threats. Well, I mean it. Why it nothing! You know when you're talking about the office or Seinfeld are things like good things don't hold up to that standard communicable. you know any more, but it was like a little slice of Milwaukee in the fifties and of his father sort of fun for me to watch Israel be snowing outside and was a Christmas one, and it was like you know, going down to the mall shop and twenty two in you, you, where I have a Letterman, sweater and stuff like that, accepting show quaint to meet growing up North Hollywood at the time yeah that was always on after school. The block was happy days, Brady Bunch family ties
So while I go oh yeah, well I'm watching the shit out of love bout tat right now that we ve and I got doktor drew watch it with me and that where we bond over the love boat almost every week now- and it is awesome- it is just watch the beginning- the beginning of every episode is everyone being welcomed aboard the ship and doc is park. There and go for an Isaac and airlines just part that this ship, because you know when you enter cruise ship, the bar tenders, always Stanley? On the end of the day we ain't laboratories, rhythmic centre, has been near this ships, physician and the bartender, There are always standing there and they know our name and out and they're always aware who you are and Doc Always there scouting out fresh talent like here to kick. I could roofing bang before we get to port of Arta, like
literally explaining what he's gonna do to these checks once they get at sea. With them, but she's such with Tsar concept and if, in the fact that the princess rears its head, the sign off on the entire concept of doc, standing by the gang way as for entering the ship, commenting on the chicks, looks and hoping he'd have a good crews with that we're here by ignorance, it was named crews line princess cruises: oh yeah never have zone. I am. I didn't know that either the it was. That's cool! had we done in association with them. Are you know it wasn't like and Oliver Stone Football Movie where he makes up a bunch of teams? Dots, superiority yeah. They would show like princess crew. I finally that, finally, that oh
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up. We got all these summertime advance coming up in. You want your long look good front and back, let's go a Scots turf builder. Again, no quibble money back guarantee you not satisfied, get your money back, get thicker quicker. This is us yard are opening for the love boat MAX Pat, I'm pretty sure they just show the princess my shame at any time, exciting. Bobby shortly
special plane? Stevenson, lorry Vanderbilt Land, Robert Civic, there? It is low and everything that it flows and they did the whole thing in and second advertisements for princess Parizade. We got it unless, lest we forget, the apparent The happy days did not just one directing careers of Roy Howard, nurse and Williams, don't forget that we're pretty Marshall started before for ensuring the Jayne Kennedy was a super beautiful lack sports reporter was doing those sonnets weekend. Sport shows
and fell. Susan Tatcho fell certain before Aaron. What's your name is up in there she was like the hot Andrews errant in the super beauty all she, I think, had a boot leg. Horn video she made like one of the first like weird outed porn boot leggy somebody took, in pushed out there like way before the internet. She she Add one of those situations, its work. Erin Andrews sort, I a version that is there some story of my making that up MAX bed, Oh, was on the cover of play. Either way or just as is well- don t, what's the story and was it with actor name like a black actor, namely on somethin early on Kennedy, Leon Kennedy
I was a kind of semi famous black actor in the seventies and eighties, like what's the story, Shea from teams Leon Kennedy who coastguard in a real life sex ape with legendary sports Gaster Jayne Kennedy back in the eighties is suing the people behind every magazine, claiming they falsely idead him as the man who led the infamous footage. The media. It was long before the internet, sex tape featured Leanna genes, while they considered the grand daddy of the celebrity SEC. I told you, since land was a big actor at the time and Jane was a commentator on and I felt today they divorce in their early eighties and years later. The sexy mysteriously surfaced. I don't feel like thing surfacing, is that the stereo behind claims he was wrongly fingered as the source of the weak and speaking a fingered Alright, I figured if I ever you part of that sex day, part of the act that sex Naples
involve more than a finger, May I once had Looking at it are you in my due? I am called what are in our own, so he can learn about life This is its it's. It's Grady it's not you know of it. This is generally from yesteryear, but its heart. to tell did she know did she not out there camera I don T know this fund a cause. It's gone on in the film. Well, right now it's reverse cow girl with a couple of fingers in the back her air. She doesn't seem to be super issues, no one's playing to anything in particular, so I'm wondering this, but she has put in on quite a show, Well, you know this is covered just a little pass that Bob
brain era where you couldn't really sneak the many cameras into the room now was a try rod era in arouse cables to be run in right. Waiting to be set up. Aren't you come on people shall die, but can't I'm sorry I got. I got totally caught up. Let's something I've been meaning to show you for a while a brick laying robot. His name is Hadrian's acts and he's broken his own record for speed, which is now up to two hundred concrete blocks per hour. His last record was a hundred and fifty blocks per hour, and I just want to do see this. How this thing worked and get your thoughts on this, because you know I know you ve done some Brooklyn and that might be a job at the past. If this guy keeps, is two hundred bricks in our impressive to you I don't know a ton about masonry, I mean technically, this would be block setting verses
weighing it. I think our boy, while I may never there are even use breaks anymore. Essentially these blocks in a concrete box or cement blocks. How he's he's doing blocks- and I guess he's I I guess he's pudding border on their, which would be a type ass, mortar fear. along at home, and this is one of those things where, like It's not a new thing in the sense that when I work for a and b closets were there in Burbank California, not too far from we are, but Ferrero now, but Tom, the guy who ran the shop he went so so there's this kind of decision you have to make, which is he bought a bunch of equipment, and imagine, you're running a business where start your building a closet, company business and you could buy a car-
Tractor saw it. Sears, like a craftsman table saw in paying to run this stuff through the table, saw or Tron and melamine was what it vinyl coded white shit like when you go in your closet. Seeds, prefab closet that's right and you can hire the same guy to iron on edge banding onto the edge. What was wrong, you can hire guys, they use it a template and You hold one at a time to do multi halls for adjustable shelves and blah blah blah or you could spend hundred thousand dollars on equipment and get a get up. Multi. Whole drill earn an edge banner and panel, saw that was all the locks in everything, and so you go well. Isn't this bricklayer. Isn't this black sadder gonna put all the poor twenty dollar our mexican guys you're doing it around here out of business, and the answer is not really because the
that thing is one point: seven million dollars so yeah you're, going to save a lot of money. Big picture, a view of course of eighty five years. You got a bunch of guys you're, paying nineteen bucks an hour or two to set these things by hand by. initial investment is now quite large, tat, much different. Sadly, in two thousand and twenty, you start and you have like serious conversations about going solar, like with your house like Brian if you ve had any of those relations. Those conversations and at some point you're looking at you I've gone its eighty six granted to get this done and they go YAP and over the course of the next seven hundred years, you're gonna save and it's like you so there are going. Oh, you, that's a pretty big chunk, a change to put out. Initially, I think for my house. It was like in with the battery backup, in
fifty thousand dollars- and you like or are we just pay our nine hundred bucks a month for the rest of our lives like so Intel. This stuff gets too point, whether solar or whether its black stacking that piece of equipment. If that thing gets down to the price of a use, Camry weren't business, but one that things you know two hundred eighty six thousand dollars, then that the poor people that do set the blocks will still be there safe. I, let's bring it home, Gina grad! You got it I'm Gina grad and that's the news was with geographic lock April fifteen. The text deadline by the ways been bombed, July. Fifteen, so they moved it from the usual April down to challenge you, so I wish the folks at home. The Amis would be. This reflects their days
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Mcconville for coming in here- failure to launch worse resuming and fair here to launch is the name of his book available. Now my books available. Now wow I tunes and everything else max. Pat, let's go in there with the thing dates any that that stuff, I've show Tempi, Arizona, Improv that is coming up July. Second and third, and got am crawler com for other law, shows- and you can check out, are you two page and see some stand up over there? as well until next time the sound crawler for doktor mark engine ran ball, Rhine same Mahala, sit around Dave damage, shagging item Corolla are right back with good sports. After this.
Radio danger a cabinet contrast. One sports preserves good sport side. Allow sports fans welcome. Does some hot sports talking you're ear is here on good sport stave damage shack. I knew said Adam crawl over there s good to speak with you
we can. You are a natural Tennessee, a how to go over there. It's nice, I mean it's. Pretty opened up people around about clubs. Ben music is flowing People are out get a party on their doesn't see be much worry about The disease spreading cause, there's not a lot of social distancing in those and thus clubs as music clubs. I was doing stand at the club I was plan was supposed to be about three corner fall in attendance? There're I you know the thing about the social distancing part of this whole thing is, it makes sense, but at some point, somebody gets up the girl. bathroom and when the walking out the bathroom someone else's leaving their bathroom when you bump into them. So it's like
how you pull this off I've ally Axiom now and it's like you go into the bathroom and another gothic walked right past deal like it. It's then they believe they believe a seed open in the plane, but when you're loading your luggage and your over I think, they're so and running into you with their luggage shouts, like I don't think, there's a lot of science to it. I don't know either you're, absolutely right and the human element of war. Being around Emmy? That dates back to like elementary school days. I assume for most people that did that feeling of, like you if you're wearing the mask and then you're walking around and no one around. He was wearing the mask, then you start to feel like a child, even though the the medical people say it's good to wear the mass than you're like. Why do I? Why am I a sucker, and why are these guys doing it in that? Their keep up with the Jones is kind of thing is is always weird, but I will say I was it.
Shrill last year for the NFL Draft- and I was pleasantly surprised by I'd- never been there for a football game. I mean that there are many better set ups out there for a football Sunday. Then what Nashville Sky and you can sit on those rooftop bars and feel the five from stadium which is right next door to all those bars. I what's the famous street, I can't think of the famous street, thereby Hank, I'm still Your boulevard now ripe sat side. go with you, but I I I love the set up there and it is it. What's my appetite for a pro football common Addison which one way or the other I mean. I see no indication that there is not going to be a season or that everything is going to be the way. However, as you know, by now, at the start of the weak, Texans and now, boys players tested positive for the nineteen among them and against apparently
his wishes, Z, Galliot. Somehow it's made it out into the news that Z galley. It is one of the guys with the nineteen and that so do you aunt is I mean what what do you think gaze at it? How weird I guess, I'm the cap level on the cap or Nick scale? How weird and wonky going to be in twenty twenty. If, like Capron, it took me- and you know, people and crazy- how ere. He what happens if I'd like? John Watson in Houston, Texas, down there, to shine. Watson, says yeah. I guess I'm not going to risk it. What do you think happens with him? If you think I got a bad, I suspect Watson's gonna get at times TAT. Well, Think what we're starting to discover. I mean we ve seen all the protests marches in and all that stuff with the throng of humanity and everyone in this same square
or to gather making contact with one another. I think or finding out, is if you're, if you're not of a certain age. This thing, basically just ships in the night. It just goes it just passes through you. I I don't know that any these do these guys are twenties in the best shape of of their lives. What do you think I don't they're gonna be hit by this thing. I think there's gotta be a whole bunch of people that task positive and then are a ship symptomatic, thou. a seventeen year old line judge those guys are your be dropping like flies, but I dont think that I would just assume everybody had it. Everyone pass it passed through everyone whenever the herd, immunity, we're trying to go for is- and I dont I'm just not hearing stories about strong young guys getting this so yeah that's affair, point VON Miller Courses, Broncos
he had it and he says now, a month later, he still doesn't feel great from it. In his lungs items, resting point. I consider the the octogenarian in the in the black and white Stripes jerseys alone, their coach has some of those guys are older, very heavy set. Those are the guys that are susceptible wonder if there are to be. Where asks and stop these are these. I guess, smaller matters and the I'm really consider them. But I do wonder if, like even one guy, if I get up its Derek Henry Back got to Nashville Tennessee, one of them country whose the linchpin of that team. What, if he's like? I guess, I'm not gonna risk it. I guess I don't want to. I think it's dangerous and I'm not gonna go out there like I maybe I'll be wrong. Maybe I'll be room wrong and obvious stag creating trouble for the sake of great trouble, but If you like somebody's gonna, do that and then I wonder how it's gonna go like. Is that guy gotta be
because you know it's gonna be like he's a cow ease and he's. Patriotic. We need our football in these guys and step up either. Guy, I think it's gonna be a nightmare of anybody tries to do that. Maybe now look everyone's think, I'm crazy. They should just have a covert nineteen duck dung. in every locker room, just everyone's, it's gotta get washed in it and tomorrow, tomorrow you have two weeks are covered up. Let it pass through you get that heard immunity go and just give it everybody. I a team. I I I think I think they'll end up being fine, but may Just maybe maybe we're too, Maybe we're too, as a nation hooked on sports. Like we all know the sad well, let's alembic the extreme right
the guy he sixty one years old, he's a big he's, a big hello bills, guy he's got his van and all painted he's got the hard have with the horns on it. Now he's always wherein the Jersey, its bills, this bill Seas, constantly talking about Thurman Thomas is caught Kyra, Jim Calorie he's a beta. a Borgia shit out, everyone at work, his wife can't stand it anymore. He's got them here the shrine built through the night? these teams that went to the Superbowl three or four years for years went wrong I've got a loser. You'd have to be a real losers, but my my shrine is for teens it when they say that these not from the nineties at closely my point is their leaves continue. We collectively, I feel sorry for that guy and as a mediator
as a nation. When you see that guy, you feel sorry for my daughter because he caused peak because you know he wanted. The name is Doktor Bruce after proofs wrath and his wife. They argued about it, you know, and why can't we have a woman named Bruce and I thought I wish it was a son, so we could unnamed Embrued after Bruce Method a little bit. It's a little pathetic. Ok, so What I'm saying is that, if that guy's sort of extreme behavior is sad and pathetic. All of us who are not extreme but we're all sitting around Goin we gotta get the sports go and man we gotta. I gotta have some the talk about on Sunday. I need something I need a team to field on Saturday in my and my fairytale late. We need have maybe we're. as bad as that guy, but me
where a little too reliant on it, maybe Maybe it plays a little to bigger role. Our lives- maybe maybe our law, I should be better balanced if we If everyone didn't have a team. What? If? What? If your family was your team David this Are you really give me a lot to consider Adam yeah, it's true, but that's it! Nightmare version of John Lennon. Imagine I got a man in a world without football. The area in hard to do, but it makes me sick to my stomach Jane the Devil get these Well, that's out of my head talk about something good target: that bad online sports are slowly coming back view. see the other come back boxing. Nascar not virtual anymore. This guy's era on the tracks, actors back
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and dark energy use a promo code, podcast one. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe corollas dark vision, only don't need football sad. Indeed, all right, we'll pick it up and will try to have a son, your disposition for you, tomorrow's good sports. Until then for out and curl Dave damaging volume girls you're on Twitter, it out. I'm Rochelle followers on Twitter, Adam Curricula the phone leave a voicemail at eight hundred and eighty eight six hundred and thirty, four one thousand seven hundred and forty four atoms new book mere emotional sport. Animal is available everywhere. Now get the links it Adam, corrode, icon, business is around the world today is to restart it's a rethink. That's why they're partnering with IBM
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