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Part 2: News and Good Sports (ACS June 18)

Part 2 of today’s show opens with a news story about how CHAZ (now CHOP) is evolving in Seattle. They also talk about John Bolton’s incendiary new book, some outdated logos getting updated, and reports that Coronavirus cases are still on the rise in several states. Other stories include changes to airline travel, and rape charges against Danny Masterson. As the show wraps up, enjoy the latest Good Sports segment featuring Adam and Dave Dameshek. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Betonline enter PODCASTONE Geico.com Truniagen.com enter ADAM SimpliSafe.com/ADAM Butcherbox.com/ADAM Casker.com to try any of the whiskies featured on the show today
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Bonus when it used a promo code, POD cast one visit, but online dot, Agee Artificer partner, podcast one, don't forget promo code podcast, one for your sign. Bonus Today Bat online, her online sports book, accurate, that's bet online, that a cheap Break all those crazy chopped, we must travel Georgi. The news with Jean Grad So we ve mentioned Chaz the last couple days, but it's no longer Chaz Chaz is now chop summoned to give you some updates on the chop situation in Seattle. Fox news reports that Sierra
police officers have agreed to only enter the Capitol Hill. Organised protest, the shop to respond to significant life safety issues that securing the mayor's Opis City, officials and organizers, occupying the area that was Chaz reached agreement to remove temporary roadblocks set in place by protesters and replace them with conquer barriers, however, shrinking the space, so that was like six or seven blocks. Now it's three blocks, but is that concrete bearing a little ITALY bridegroom. I got on very naive authors, but this presumably where there's a bunch of businesses over those get was the opening and people why some living at high rise on top. and they're just gonna tell hostages glad you have you at work, I'm going to touch on that. So, on Monday, Chief Carmen best denied that Seattle, under siege in any way after a business owner whose Otto
repair shop. Sits inside Arabs are about a block outside the chops perimeters, but it's they're called nine one one over a dozen times to record that someone had broken in stolen cash. Car keys attempted delight the bill. on fire she's a dismal and officers are coordinating with crime. Victims are collars to meet police on the edges of the you paid area and only go in if there is an urgent situation and remember that supposed to be a leader lists of that, but they have found people that are kind of rising to the top that they can at least negotiate with, or else there screwed others a fundamental problem that again it's kind of the death of after a reality which is famously when doktor drew nigh interviewed chamber Wamba. There were anarchists, you now and eight I just say: well how does it work in our go hey. You know what
one minute, your garbage man, but why don't you get to be a commercial airline pilot like we'll? Have that world like? Well, you be a garbage man on Monday in India Fly seven seven, seven on Tuesday in and as like, and then what about you're out. What about your music? Like you, you worked hard on it. You had to pay engineers equipment, you know space and time I'm in money. How would it work with material, you know, and in people with the right people just take it. Just detailing it just haven't for free- and I'm like, but How do you get paid are how does the engineer get paid and so there's a math problem that just never fucking works? Are signs adamant in their defence here they were. A very, very famous, successful musical group one day, an trash collectors the next day right, so they
live honestly while they got knocked down. I don't know if they got up again, but I'm really got knocked down, and so there's this thing words like. I always look at it again is the internal combustion an engine versus the wave of the future the jet engine it out. It's like. I know you don't like this old dirty way of doing things known as capitalist some people are going to have more money than others, and then there's gonna be people in charge of other people and people telling other people what to do and paying them for their time and service. But. All we can do is try to evolve the Sis We have, which has evolved quite a bit over the years, but we can continue to evolve. This system tear it down and start a new, never works, because capitalism is in a system. it's what people do when you leave them alone, it's Actually, I it's a piece of nature. If you just take people and
them alone I'll go hey. What do you good acts like I'm, a good word worker I? What, good at I'm good. It should horses hey, what do you good at blowjobs? Ok, We worked I'm out here. You need your roof Ass, I need my room. I need my dick Jacques. You need your. You need your horse done like that's just what happens. You know it's funny cause people kind ago, my will this thing is a sound love line which doesn't very interesting, but I'm always meant it. When people go, how come men build the bridge and women are the nursery school teachers. I'd go cassettes away. It is it's not like. There's a decree that came down the mountain and Mohammed are that the mountain came down with Moses. It's like that's what they gravitating: that's how it works like when you leave people alone. This is this stem. That's created a warts in all, but this is the system. This great you after you have to force communism you have to.
Force of these were living on a car, but ok, it's good for thirty one people, but I mean that's a forced system. When you just got for people to self selecting group the people on the complex wanna beyond but when you just kind get out of the way, this is the system that arises and there's nothing can do about it other than try to make it fair and try to make Europe make the playing field is is as possible and regulated to some degree. But that's about it. This is the system well, and you know the conversation we're just having with our guess. It rings. So true in this particular case, because all night I have two tvs on in in the news booth and at some point the night I turn on Fox and CNN, just because no more local news and at the same time ass, I may have taken a picture but at the same time they were both talking about chop or Chaz or whatever, and the takes were so different
me sitting in a news worth. You know it, and you know. Obviously I'm in a word were just reporting the facts, but I'm thinking I don't we're if somebody asked me, what do you think of this zone? I mean to say I have no idea because I mean the takes we're. So do and I don't know who to follow. You knows you'd, like you said you kind of have to split the difference. This is air there there destroying people's businesses in their taking each other hostage or the exact opposite is just like. I, and I feel like I, the people who consumed the most news. The least in terms of opinion, because it's just coming out you from so many different angles. Well, it's both. You know another try to spin it like it set out to some are fair like a street fairytale firemen and then another guiding Liane Spinnet like it's a militant dino parent,
Terry grew brighter control, gray, its press rapidly bow simultaneously its guys with guns and people. You know braiding gods, I'd after the day with yarn, but either way it shouldn't exists. That of the breakdown of the rule of law have been talking about this for a long time it doesn't work. Doesn't work in the family, doesn't really work micro, it doesnt work macro. It just doesn't work. Unfortunately, you need thirty figure. We don't like authority figures anymore, but whether to football, coach or principle, a cop or dad We need a lot more that jacket into our society. Well, Seattle. I think, as it is a case in point because you have people, I mean you I guess you could just go in there and cut a it all down. Interest is be like now, you gotta go but there, for the leaders there get there giving them cinder, block conquered barriers, just sort of negotiating, keep the peace, and you know we ve revolve, visited Seattle being on
years we ve done shows there, and there is a lot of tough parts it in Seattle, a lotta letter, rough and scary parts, a town? So this kind of it's a perfect place for something like this to happen, gotta, get JANET re now How do you get rolodex role? The tax the tribe administration does not seem to want you to read the room where it happens that the new book by former national Security adviser John Bolton, which is set for it to June twenty third released just a few days away. I know I have welcomed this morning. That was the only book ahead of my heart on all of our guy, but I take him down unfair advantage. Commodities spill all the beans about what our absurd Novo off as versus me complaining about people flying with their dogs. That's unfair! we're gonna need more than what he said on the set of the apprentice. We the overlap. On the same page. Now I. Why does want to get out there? Are we going to
believe what how what's in the book are going to dismiss. Within the background, it will be a lot of earlier massaging revisions. History going, I think, that's couple weeks. It depends who has their way, maybe because the Trump Administration claims that it contains classified information. That compromise national security, basically that they get in a first look at these types of things that John Bolton sign, something saying as such. So in a statement this week Golden said, the book include some earthshaking descriptions about his time. Working with tromp will also confirmed details about trumps dealings with Ukraine, which were a key part of the Democrats case to impeach video J K. the Bolton is sidestepping a government review that he agreed to for any book before he took his job and twenty eighteen there's their suing Bolton for breach of contract for breaking, basically, a confidentiality agreement, and its with Simon. Just I mean they're, not you know, I think they know a thing or two about book of publication and distribution
and it's very rare for the White House to sue to delay the publication of a book. Tromp is going to benefit so back in the day. You know. Would word and Bernstein would write all the president's. And I guess there was a book and made a movie about it whatever, and then that was the just sort of go. you Watergate below the lid off it? That's it carved in stone from your mouth, the gods of God's mouth. Your is what that was Everybody from Amr Rosa to any scare movie. Everyone now writes a buck right, so itself Why didn't diluted that? Even if It is true. Tromp gets ago, another Haider, fake, mares Cotonou cash in a Czech, make it a deal. So it is actually it's sort of kind of. We have always been saying about like stopped
Everyone, a racist wait for some to be a racist and then com arrays. When we start calling everyone a racist, then that now no one's racist remain like so there's been so many hit box on Trump, the last few years that now another another decided disgruntled employees gonna go where you know it's like it's like lawsuits. It's like all the all the slip and falls, and also eventually, that you don't have the persons a victim or not anymore, just another payday, and that's that danger of this difficult problem, of the era, were in words like other them. Are these things come out of the more than published or whatever it's like diet. The waters verses, maybe back in the woodwork baronetcy days, had there been ten books about whatever would be like. Oh my god, you just keep piling up. It just keeps going going. Go I I think there needs to be a kind of a definitive record.
of of of an event or in administration or or what Have you and if we get fifty different versions of an administration or an event or whatever it is. It ends deluded as I Think about it. I you I was. I haven't been on this, Amazon I've checked around around the Amazon best seller list for while cause I'm not an avid reader per se, but I have. I did go on recently to see where my book was and it struck me that it seemed like out of the top fifty box, twenty six of our more Trump Box and seventeen, furthermore, Racist box, like I am my white racist, or how to deal with your privilege, I reject all races, all tromp one one cook book in my book, like that. That's about it
the anarchist. That's all it's all there anymore! It's like that's! That's the new world order and go ahead brand new. funds, where things are followed question after that, I'm just saying I don't know how many books you can read about you being a racist before you this kind of two. Now a little bit like I either used to be kind of a definitive book on race or definitive gonna, Nixon Administration or whatever it is, and that we'd all gathered around it and use it like. It was a textbook like a history book like it. Could you imagine in the ninth grade having thirty five history books, all sort of different that, where our history books run yards eyebrows and now you out, and you just wrote a book- you ve written several books, I wrote a book and you have described this process more than once, which I totally identified both which is new. your books about cancer or joking, jokes, orb or dogs on planes, the lawyer,
we'll call you and pour over the details in your book and nowhere fucking innocuous. It has like, above its my story about my cancer like to this really up on this date or your hundred censure, but, like They are so afraid I litigious against the war and the word as but like what the chances that this further not to be believed. I mean: are they asked us for having already insane if this this pass by lawyers have been false, I don't know how works I know I know I went through that process more than more than once I was ass parents. I was as I must really only author on the planet. Ask their parents word litigious, praising saying you're gonna get sued by our parents of every this Bob yeah I don't know how it works with bold, nor a morose like they just go This is what happened and our maybe
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image. Quaker roads announced its retired the brand and logo. Acknowledging answer my MA's origins are based on racial stereotypes. There have been calls move the logo for many years now? Remember as I'm sorry, I don't think I I sent this is a picture. Show you, but remember up until nineteen eighty nine. That was the like, really stereotypical antium aunt met with like the headscarf, then it was much more secure typical after that they kind of softening Midge modernized it a little, but it still not working. Apparently the brand inspired by a song, titled old, Aunt Jemima, which was performed by and straw performer in the eighteen hundreds the logo created in eighteen. Ninety, based on a woman named Nancy Green. She apparently a storyteller cook and missionary worker, although the which has been modernized over or Heller Cook yards.
Story, teller, comma, Kirk out because, as you know, a storyteller Kirk, that's a lot of spit in your great yeah, remain cautious, wax and on over Thou in part How long do I want okra Larry? How before I go ban is on the cheap, black commands, rises following suit and will be changing its logo as well. Go well, lock. I say turn about his fair play: black people were get rid of the stay puff marshmallow man, sighed and island yeah. Ok, you loved him his beloved. John it's gone. Bounty guy you're, both out here you're out, because now we're getting afforded can guy and their wishes. we should stop tearing down other cultural white. I can find out about a guy that many These are clean. I was gonna size, long gone, gotta go gotta, go that's right by
I really wanted to think of this thirty five seconds ago, and I couldn't when you set a storyteller spitting in your soup, and I kept saying calamity Jane in my head, typhoid, Mary, life. Mary was a cook did know she was sick that might have been right, yeah MAX Batter Rights, Quaker Oats, guy that guy's got all these go any use. Gonna be number one, other farmers a landowner, these girls, leaders reports died away and I sat here so you know you have a bad childhood when containers become a big part of your childhood, the Quaker Its container is like you can't throw this out. No, no! No! It's round in its stance on its own we could use it. We could colouring. We could put other things like when you start looking just look at like, like you know, when our co
gas stations were like giving out a rams cop for every time you I'll die are just sums but I hop give away our collateral Lara blurs you get it burger, king or mcdonnel, or even even though they Shelly that came in a weird magua known you you can't handle just didn't. Even a shoe crafts container like a little metal contestants got a snare plant. You don't throw that out probably my grandpa s house was through a white man is jarring cells. I thought Christmas was cancelled. I'd know my grand for the same way. I grew up. That's the way I got back way back in the day My dad smoke cigars and there the cigar box. Our box has got on his lap. Wearing I mean that thing sturdy. You can have what high heels in their part later on, like containers were a big ass deal. Yeah
I wish that wasn't the case any more, but we buy this four year old everything he wants ebbene. He has more, poison, ivy, I've ever seen at twenty lifetimes and the kid loves coffee cans. He loves spaghetti jars. He loves toilet paper rules. We're gonna, throw anything. We could see luck. It's a drum said it's a sword. It's like a guy. I'll buy you whenever you want, can I sadly ceramics, one of the sound saddest days in my young life. After the time I will brush my teeth with vast sail was bad she's. A sad mistake. There was that I've made this joke for ourselves, like your bragelonne, almost pussy, you get out of Russia. These are the best spill smell Now these mustache smells like magic sale, so
there's another time do again in the nothing to do no money and nowhere to go department. I remember once fishing a tampon, applicator out of the garbage and using it like a telescope. The light is wrong with you. I didn't know what it was like two pieces of cardboard. There are connected, they moved it had a value to me like a raccoon. Was it multicolor, It was all why there was always who's. He came back to front of a barber shop Yes, why? How my mom would put a lot of english honour components? Evidently, Jawad Vive LA can rally fingers. that's right,
got twelve pointed out a transparent herwig, our mobile Kelly. I can see everybody there are times holy shit. I got nothing. That's terrifying, terrifying, although the vat just sell stuck with me because that they the tampon applicator, I didn't know what it was, then that figure that out later Regicide find out soon enough him almost immediately yeah I lost speaking of communicable diseases. Reuters reports that court where's infections, at a record highs in six, you as states on Tuesday, marking a rising tide of cases for a second consecutive weak, as most states move forward of real winning and one of those states, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon and taxes are reported record increases in new cases on Tuesday, after
We recording all time high. Last week, Nevada also reported a tie a single day. Talley they were up from made twenty third hospitalizations are also rising. That's really the one you focus on, because more more infections could mean better testing more testing but hospitalizations if their rising. That's it that's an end later hospitalizations and death, two and and Annie and capacities that hospitals Schreiber me as well, like the thing where the cases go up and even the hospitalizations got well, Sadly, we are opening the economy. That's that's gonna happen, that's that has to happen a be weird if it if it didn't, but it's the das and ass willows, and I guess I don't put anyone on ventilators anymore right. It's not literally. Do they do that. Saw story today that Arizona was eighty percent of their ventilators are being used. Chris can verify that produce some insane number. How I thought?
TAT we were not giving away out of analogue ventilators were certain death. I think it's coinciding with Wild I'd, be true, leninist coinciding with aware spiking like I don't think California is having a dearth of then later than Arizona is Also. Then. I heard about talking to dream about this another, not a vaccine, but another remedy. Is there's like for butter, even eight you're companies working on vat? means and its possible that we would get something akin to You know I've done now stairway before the recent Roy that seem to workers David offer be effective and in the whenever version of it there? Some new stare ride treatment. Now that adds on old stare ride that their finding right. Some some positive results about here I am
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in a grand or alcohol sales may a boom during the lock down, but returning to air travel is going to be. A very different story, really want your take on this item, I don't know it with you. I care of this affected Jonah plainer, not airlines, including Easyjet and Kaye alarm. Does Europe Delta Airlines American Airlines here in the? U S, Asia's version? Austria are suspending all or part of their alcoholic drinks. Drink service in response to covet nineteen was to minimize, action between crew and passengers. Met? And we know you had the can't can't water and party makes it so delicious airlines are limiting drink options to water. Only phase mass must be kept on wind, except if you're eating or drinking, and they just want to make the eating and drinking so unappealing that you just keep your mask on, I would imagine well, I'm always have said
I have an obsession with the place men of the backpack and it's not my obsession, it's their obsession with the placement of the back back as I've said. I always so duffel bag goes overhead backpack so in my lap, usually trying to get stuff out of it or deal with it, always a long discussion about where it needs to go. You now, if you are sitting on the Balkan, it's gotta go up and overhead. You can't have it on your lap, but then I thought well, if the world order. If the new one order is there's an open sea between me and my row. Make meaning MIKE's on one side and on the other, that seat in the middle is always open. One can't. I set my backpack on that sea nobody in its, where human being would normally be no and do it's gotta go
the ground and I can't go on the ground. It's gotta be stopped in front of the sea in front of you and there's always an obsession over. That is a matter of fact. In recent years, I'd say: there's more of an obsession over the backpack versus the seat belt. I have not been admonished about. The seat not being buckle there. Maybe they can't see this clearly is a lotta passes and explanations on where that back back needs to be and how you can hang on to it and how can it be on the sea to champion the bulk and it's gotta be stuff that far enough under the seat in front of you of of start about that. I'm not sure where the obsession lies. It's not like. We open the news for every Monday and go another air disaster of flight act for a good, and I might add, that plane the backpack yeah that someone tripped over backpack. They couldn't get to emergency exit and they, then they saw fiery death, airline wearing masks on your flight there
everyone is wearing a mask, but again it's very catches. Catch can, like you, have a lot of people with the nose hanging out over the top of the mass. You have a lot of people pulling the mass downturn like talk or take a drink and slide the mask back I mean there's a young seen a lot of daylight between the very edge of the nose and where the mass kids like it it's something, but it is not now, put it in this way. If ever see those clean rooms that space acts runs or mass runs. Are some pharmaceutical companies and you were sent to the people on that plane. Wooden cut muster in one of those clean rooms as far as that they be thrown they'd be shown the door they be like you, gotta put your fuckin mass gone right. This is not its not symbolic here today offer alcohol. Now there is theirs,
Oh there's, no more alcohol, there's, no more food, there's no more anything! And I suspect that most companies, airlines included, you know they have stuff they want, but if the key just do it, because then everyone would go what the fuck and- and I dont you know their pushing we're discuss. That's the other day, be interesting to find out your opinion and the opinion of. in Ireland, the actual math on it, but they push that car up and down the aisle it takes him alive, time. They have jack off like MIKE August order. His like crammed uranium or whatever they like, I want ginger, rail and orange juice and cranberry Jews, and it's all free. I mean that part of its free in their like mixing and matching and getting the eyes in seems like kind of a cat. Burner for them. Now they do sell drinks. Why you take those flights? If you re flying out of
ex at ten a m like how much are they make an on booze on that flight? often times seems like about half the time of order. Drink on the flight. The cottage issues like diets take it fine, it's ok, like I haven't been, I have a adding average for booze on a flight that I'd say forty percent of the time they gotta worry about it. Just they just keep going so I dont think is very liberal. The third coupons enabling our eyes up up up right downward. So I don't think it's a big source of revenue for them. I do feel like it's a big hassle for them. In any time you can slide some. under the umbrella of safety. Then you can. Get rid of it and then also, if all the other airlines are doing it simultaneously, then you're not going to be the one that stands out. So I think they're using this as their opportunity to get rid of something that would have liked?
to have got it right only anyway and my feeling is that's fine, but you just have to kind of reflected in the ticket price and seem like they wanted to do the meals they didn't seem like they wanted to do. The dregs seem like they wanted to do less and less. to that end, in luck? Think about what it used to be a sort of prey around a virus. I mean to think about how it was in this. Sixtys and Seventys you now pheasant under glass and in coach. You know rolling up big silver mars and everything like your lari. She and I are self aware, awry right that can withstand where a kind of use nine eleven to do. A lot of that too, like our came out, it's a focus on safety, we're not the handed out the drinks until we get up to till we get up the attitude of a good. So whenever I see them implementing something and doing it universally I'm assuming its something they want, children are far less alright. I'll. Just reverse engineer
let's say the airlines benefited greatly serving alcoholic drinks and turned a tidy profit on it. Do think they would be saying we can't do it now because of this close contact work robotic. What then bring only alcoholic drinks. You go to take leave you walk through the back of airplane and you bump into someone is walking out of the bathroom. There's, no science do at their plainest seven feet. Why there's always there's the airplane you not worth flying You know a seven thirty, seven, the seventh seven is ten foot. Why and there's a hundred and thirty people off that's. Why were we? Has this gonna work, some of whom are wearing mass others? Are you know getting the snake ex pulling the mass down taken a handful of that make Poland the mass rack up. I mean it ain't a science, its most when window dressing and assumed the boughs I'll take. This is going to benefit the folks it make the traveller
right like the little little, whose bottles you gotTA verifies format aims you gotta be armed. You gotta be armed with those relied on a flight. Familiar Brad did take the picture by the lantern if you saw it at any rate, the picture yeah taboos on the thin he sure dead, YAP was it a red. Thimble was yet my problem, whether the outright neither monopoly set them. But yes, thank you Brad appreciate. Oh they ever Arizona Info, yeah, ventilators, so corner the Arizona Republic, their biggest newspaper, and later used first suspected and confirmed positive covered patients with its highest on Monday with three hundred forty patients on ventilators, now they're governor said that the entire time they ve been focused on approach possible worst case scenario, with search capacity for her
no bad and ventilators eyes. You bet those are not needed or necessary right now and that a second stay at home order is not under discussion and also there is no requirement for everyone to wear masks in public or good gonna Tempi and we'll be at the expense of on the herd in the four July. Part. Guess aunt stand if there as well. Let's do one Morgiana grab it well generally wouldn't end with this, but I did just get a notification on my phone actor Daniel Masterson, Danny Masterson. You know hide from seventy show charge with raping three women according to Fox eleven. This is just hot off the presses which only yeah they're guy, that always where the aviator cool guy Scientologist, that's right is why yes and he so these are free two thousand one, two thousand three
and I'm looking for the third one. If convict as charged. He raises a possible maximum sentence of forty five years to life in state prison, but I think they're just getting the ball rolling on this while well, you know when we kind redefine the definition of rape. Once once we redefined What kind of turned it into you know? People were drunk or a fire. You know any unwanted advance or whatever. When we got pretty. Oh, when we broadened barn upon the definition of rape and then you take all these guys who from zero to hero go from nobody and unrecognizable on tv shows? I mean I gotta tell I was on MTV in the in the nineties. You would go if I went to us
club or even up even a bar like I want your bar in Manhattan when I was a no nineteen. Nine seven nineteen. Ninety eight, whenever, wherever that, maybe the height of MTV love line that too, six come after me and go like hey want to go back to our room and basically watch us in our ready with us are whenever, under the current deafened asian of rape. Any of any of that shit could have fallen under that umbrella. Now we'll figure out what he did and I can brilliant, I can say with accounts, are he was charged with three counts of rape by force or fear in separate incidents? growing between two thousand one in two thousand three force or fear force or fear them an investigative since twenty sixty and I have to actually read the article but Lucy Masterson into other cases, one for insufficient? Ok,
Originally, the DA's office declined to file sexual assault, charges against Masterson into other cases, one for insufficient evidence and the other based upon the statute of limitations, for crime a warrant was file for his arrest on Tuesday. I bet you not taken his calls anymore and why hasn't done anything since that shower has he did the eye? I did you do that and each year here has dropped from the show when the charges were big yet we're not sure of the re, with a good at got your on networks, yeah yeah. I know guy on that show wow well, to follow that keep it up more work, keep you posted I'll, bring it home, Gina grant you guys. I'm gonna grab, and that's the news with Junior
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of our unprepared up, there's only, thank God, Damned done For common in here, I want to thank our Skype here whenever zoom in here I want to thank God, Bob Gucci, Yoni, Junior and Daniel con pollination. They were coming in the air to with this ban until next. Amazon for all them. Neither grad same Mahala. Dave damage, arrogant, Adam Corolla, return for good sports right up to this.
The contrast once prisons, good sport, silo sport, five of them to the Thursday addition, a good sports Dave Damage egg here, Adam Karol over there. Yesterday we talked about what the nineteen could do to the twenty twenty and I fell season and before that there is plenty of talking tease our promises, their death, all the other big sports are gonna resume in advance of the NFL kicking off that, of course, the most important one, but baseball among them ass. We can talk about this youth. You ve fallen asleep on any number of occasions, when I start talking about moves in first place, and this division in baseball in June or July happening aims are laughed how far in front of the last place, are they three and games, terrific, Irish, I feel like baseball
doomed in in this way if they now play in twenty twenty, in the same way that the analogy I I thought of was in. Eggs in the city Samantha is the one who's who's the tramp right. She throws at all over the five boroughs he s manta, but she where, on she comports herself in such a way that she still sees herself a twenty Five year, old, vixen who's got the world on a strain and though I am heightened reality or fiction. She could still trade on sexuality late in life, but the reality would be like who? What you? What are you doing old lady stop trying to woo me, I'm not a baseball team, operate under this assumption. Like you have a were baseball America's. Could America needs, as I I don't think you notice noticed baseball people ready to move on Man trail Islam,
yeah sure that you know like sometimes when people when a pizza ray and they put world famous above it They go well, that's enough to get people in the door to fly, and I have to make really good pizza consistently. So being aware of America's Pastime and Anita everyone waxing poetic about it. All that all that that that was good for a while, but we're turning the page pretty fast. I mean I was just looking at their so sad, Maguire Doc, How you doing for thirty yeah I watched proudly first hour of it and those with it. oh go away? nineties. The fans were coming out. They were interested in, they did have a lotta competition and name tree again. I remember when there were getting down to the end of the seas and the sea, who would have the most dangerous and I not a baseball fan, but I was paying attention
As I shed my ship. Fourteen I dont know that he could name an email beer. honestly, I don't know that he knows the name. You know, It's an interesting, it's interesting. Hurry up Sonny. I was just going to say: get him on the phone and go see if he can go. Let's do in over under led that's a fun little thing to gamble on. Let's do that, now, let's bad I'm year on year, young son, SAM Aptitude, where major league baseball and sir I can allay the over under at. I think, you're sleeping I M a little because he likes fantasy sports at least fantasy football This leads me to believe that he's come across statistics I said: over under of major league baseball players, sunny, can name at three and a half you're going under that. Why you know him I get out like a MIKE Trout, type right,
and he's got to low ghoulish teams that he can kind of lean on. So he be able to get Clayton Kirshner, he might crumble under the game, show pressure people sit at home and watch, and they get so easy. But of course, once the white light come out and and that ignores Sonny ongoing desired at tat to please and while the old man at a glance at the kind of pressure that we can't even fab well about I'll put it together, why let? Let's? Let's do this: let's have fun. I hold on one second, here the world? You know you can hear your whole sunny can hear me fine here. The rules at say we'll, give him thirty seconds and will ask How many NFL players Kenny name in thirty seconds. Garral keep tally with the other timer up on your screen. ask him how many NBA players he can do
in thirty seconds and then or go to major league baseball and will see which how those numbers comport with one another and then you'll kind. I know where his injury, our. So even if you got five m l beers, that's why many have seventy one and a foul hours then and now it is interests I told I already against thirty seconds, Savio get twenty eight foul, guys, he'll get doubt fourteen NBA guys and he will get for baseball guys. That's my prediction: right now: I'm farm land out their Sonny I want what are you doing by the way? the thing in my room, I'm I'm probably deserves a studio. Mom preserve what a life you have enough, you're. Well,
say: that's glass, emails words common from we're. Gonna put you up on the clock, we're gonna fire up the clock. I will give you thirty seconds Gary YO. This make a check furry. Every NFL play Jack Jack Jack? You got across at five and I added a buzzer. Oh go off on a thirty second, today the higher wore white current players. Only anybody take any any NFL any baseball. But will start with the NFL any player. Ok, I you're ready hold on a second year guy. I write. And began weak Go back on judicious use. Tom Brady vaunted want is perfect. Caught Tyler Murray How do you go home to your Jones curly and Donald The uttering Hopkins drew breeze
rise. Man engage White was a Wilson ass. You shit, o shoot, but isn't it that whenever a Luke eagerly people- are like a promise that you're going out it regarded. The German was excellent: excellent. I know my most probably standing next year, the dry right- or that said about a lack on it- was pointing frantically, but he couldn't pronounced boat a lax. It was like waving her off, but I'd appreciate it was Edward lack of peat bog, a lack of care Pulled a lack when he had the Great Chiefs face Mass. They didn't ass, the tap the tower in profit, the real deal with a couple of screws, There is, however, a lack we were. Their names that I get like their dormitory
now. Don't reveal it now. Let's go now hold on. Let's go to the NBA will put thirty seconds up on the clock. Are you ready. Yeah and go carry Irving every day Lebron James, the honest Jason Tatum, go into town diamond boy grip, Roger Lando. Every Bradley, Dwight Howard doesn't butter. My calmly stuff Currie here and thoughts, Kevin Levine's Carter James downloading buddy he'll Donovan Mitchell join cards in tray on quite Leonard, I Bradley you You bother, I like in the football you got of volunteers, perfect. Now Do you want to know about a role model? I didn't
brown- and I was thinking about this barbaric price advantage. Rick. I like that again. I don't allow Sunday to put I dont allow solely to put up posters certain room, his room that are non biblically based, but they Volunteers, birthrate poster is the only one. I will allow him to display the new testament circuits. You could say the hanging around Sonny? I admire his nimble young brain. I think I'm so old. Now my brain doesn't function as quickly as Sonny's clearly does no they're all off the pop, your head, sorry you're, not looking at a laptop or anything like that, now does not without my head, and does pay what what? What this kid has? Besides, it he's got intake He doesn't alive, he says he's not looking at the phone is not looking at the phone, our one last,
round this time using major league baseball players ready, go babe Ruth my trout, my travel their leaders, oh poohing, whatever that guy's name is let's see, and. Evelyn It is you who, in the ethical, keeping pepper, serenity. Obviously bow was amazing. Now I was sort of thinking. Initially, I've sinking current players it now, but we just opened up the whole category with which is but I yes, if you factor in the Bay Bruce
I knew in do my trout for some reason why that that day the sad testimonial too. Where were we have two major league franchises here for Sunday, don't recall off of and Gary give us the final how I place yeah so art and with the weather rewind button, you know some of my I'd be off by one or two with the way we can I'm in here and I fell twenty two NBA twenty eight em I'll be aiming to call three and a half hours per week. Yasser Arafat will call for checks at, for that was, is over under Well, there go that's how the sports, now that that is real new I've legitimately anecdotal though it may be. I know sunny Sonny's, my guy. He knows sports he's a young guy, but can handle himself in a good sports debate and then he could set the first one was
babe Ruth per week, and the Yankees legendary cheater that's as best as he could do. That should be disconcerting for em I'll, be going forward Do you have many of your friends that play little League baseball yeah, a lot of money and when baseball they do. But you don't love and I don't see many of those friends who you play, reclaimed, play baseball I mean I know I can they I mean there's. A lot of them are just someone team and they always girl, Cooper, Cooper town. I think in they like New York, and I ve learned my turn. teach here, but not like my Friends like they're, not my chancellor Nathan, by right, I'm talkin about like out your good friends who you hang with what how many Sky utterly baseball like.
My friends. I hang out with probably like the like three or four I bought it. I never. You can name in the history of I'll see Elsie. The sturdier thanks for the help, worse Coopers town, Obscene York, upstate new York- where do you say, was he suddenly York? I said I am abstaining out. I thought we had a sad state of affairs for Major League baseball, but not to show before bet online, if you want to get away wagering in these days, you can do it better online. They have you ever see a boxing NASCAR, definitely back in a big way. Sakharov back. Better line has all the odds and all the lines for all the upcoming games and matches ago there and make it interesting maiden.
I'll bet on line has stimulated, and FAO Nba Yo see happening every day for you to check out. Also live casino games, poker tournaments, the best props in the business visit there were site or use your mobile device and joined. I get in on some of this stuff. It's fun and makes makes it interesting bet on line and socks goes a partner pot cast one sign up for a free account with your promo code podcast one and you'll get Sign up bonus, so visit bet online that age, forget, used a promo code podcast one for your sign, a phone but online near online sports book exports. I good times good, with that getting sunny and their coopers town New York named after Brewers first basement Cecil Cooper, I'm not sure. If that's true, it will check on it.
By deaf ride, a good sports commonality. Until then for Adam Corolla Dave damage, exports follow the atom corrosion on twitter that imbroglio followers on Twitter, that employees, boys, mail, id a six revolt, one, seven, four, four get atoms new book, I'm your emotional support, animal, all the lakes or it Adam Corolla, dot, com, well, we're all apart these days, but were sharing more that's good NEWS and Geico liked to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your dance moves, you d, I why hair cut fails your inner lip? lip sink stars and another like the share and little some with you guys. Gonna give back. Fifteen percent and fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle policies for current and new customers
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