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Part 2: Patrick Warburton on Classic Rock and High School Memories, plus News Updates on George Floyd and Scott Peterson (ACS June 4)

2020-06-04 | 🔗
Patrick Warburton is on the line right at the top of Part 2. Patrick talks to Adam about playing music with his band, and some of his artistic influences. They go on to discuss what he’s been up to during this time when production is shut down, and Adam asks Patrick what he was like when he was in high school. Later they talk about their shared experience at the Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix. Gina then reads news stories about new charges against the officers involved in the death of George Floyd. They also talk about Scott Peterson getting a retrial, as well as continued protests, and the upcoming funeral services for George Floyd. Other stories include Grindr removing the ethnicity filter on their app, Trump’s story about going into his bunker for a quick inspection, and Jennifer Anniston auctioning off a nude portrait of herself to raise money for Coronavirus testing. As the show wraps up, Gina reads one more story about a 13-year-old who just graduated college. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! JB Weld - World's Strongest Bond Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com HomeChef.com/ADAM
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Thanks for listening to the atom Corolla show on Black one, where we get Patrick WAR. In a very funny news coming up. I've invented a new job for my son and I think you guys are gonna enjoy come up in the news. First Geico these days, everybody sharing everything Geico wants to say thanks. Thanks for the dance moves in a d I why hair cut fails, but also there like a share a little something with you and that's. The guy co give back fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle policies for current and new customers, because Geike us committed for the long haul, the fifteen percent credit. Last year.
Full policy terms. This visit guy Kodak come Slash, give back I'm your emotional support animal. It shows just how fucking petrified of the twitter mob. Every public figure is nowadays the fact that they ve Good people who have never harmed anyone into giving pre emptive apologies to not jobs is outrageous. Narrated by Adam Corolla. Consequently, I'm starting with a warning, I'm not going apologize, anything in this book reorder. Adam to dot com, Patrick WAR burden,
has joined us always good to hear from Patrick Warburton inheritance. A movie were talked about with that cunning Nielson is available on Amazon, Itunes and on demand as well and also space force, which is a very wrong that flax, or to forgot about good, see a Patrick Z, Adam. I I see you. I follow your career because you're pretty ubiquitous like a pop up a lot in a lot of projects and rental car commercials and adjust You just have an air, but I I thought I had something. I talked a lot of people about because, as you get you pulling your eyes, you ve been doing this for thirty years now, and you think I've talk about this with Kevin Bacon. Sorry about this with Rob loaves like do you have to get up in short, a paddle every day
that feeling of like I gotta get out there and churn and burn? What is yours? Was your mindset? well, a little bit and probably not us. Ambitious, sir, massive as I once was, you know, shifting like the boy ball forever family. I just you know the guy. Worn out by the whole process. In our times I threw up it's nice when some good opportunities, you know, show themselves but often times you gotta get your fight for things that you d J get involved in.
Outside of what our Malea perceived. Do. You know about it, but you have ox in this town in our oftentimes, it's either to five Appertain. It is outside of the realm of certain things that you decided procedure may explain done that words. Well, you know it's funny. I was it's so much of it is a physical and I was doing I take any adversary, motivational pie gas, with their Eric, stronger and where credit Eric was, is a really good, lookin dude in and when he was thirty or twenty, actually was really good luck in he's been. Unlike you know, people say, CS, Manet, issue and stuff like that, but is also got a great sense of humour and it's got a really fun sort energy to him, but every single audition for him as a put on these. Put on they shorts and put on these dolphins
and take your shirt off and go do this shitty dialogue has were casting for this for Santa Barbara, the soap opera, You know, and in a way I said, you know the great new about looking like me or looking like Jimmy camels. We got to actually go sit around and figure out what we wanted to do and then go do it. No one was passing us in anything. Are telling us we want this, but we don't want that and Patrick is big tall, good, lookin, strapping glass of water and probably got push that way I might add that at one time would certainly, but don't worry, bigger, stash scissors and I've never had a stash. I can't even take myself seriously when I look in the mirror dies the lot to take in a light it it's reignite. The out I like it gives you a certain Crawford task
than the voice, sixty six three frame, I'm gonna believe anything. You tell me to do everyone there might be able to do my first last week. Would you would you like to do your first western I would mean. I guess I have now Flickr to doesn't really Canada Lester I'm always interested in those guys like you know you take eyes like Heaven, cod, now and they love that era. They love writing horses. They love the boots, they loved them. The guns that that the America that was, that in Ireland. So they go, I'm gonna go We create that for extended periods of time and therefore, in a weird way, you get the live that life, because you're a doctor and getting on a horse how, while passing a pearl jam, fanaticism,
and the ad Dodge challenger. It's a whole alive and well, you know, of course, of course, my garage banned. You know we have been able to rehearse supplant quite some time, but I thought you know where the one band that probably could play the any points during this pandemic, because I dont think we never had a crowded box more than twenty people. I think very much it down then a J. This point I want to talk about your bans. I was, I know Europe. I pearl jam fanatic I didn't know you had your own ban I I'll little cover bet a little dad band. On the sea Alice commercials? it's not like. I often my children by adults, children. What are you cover? What what's your sat, less
Well, we'll cover Ivan mostly better in a controlled jam tunes. We cover some Dylan tunes, but try to do it, the more in the vein of how better what to do it. We do a couple tragically, have song some doors, tunes and yeah, we try to makes it up a little bit so smart, it worth the bearded pearl plans. You know you? Don't you should make your alter Ego Navy just any better? there isn't one already clearly not their hands. I love my- I think my favorite pearl jam song- is better man. I just love, that's all I love the drums and that song says little raw overly produced and it's got such a great theme like when any kicks in just kicks in. I don't I like songs that have a little slow, build the burn at the beginning,
then kick and you guys cover better man. No, I'm sorry, but you know what I'm thanks for the summit do the band in veterans and doing everything that do so. You know from the crime. To his, is out album. Oh, you know the soundtrack wild there's just beautiful songs and sin and nasty wants to amend their sister. Gonna move. This is amazing. Libraries, but three decades is about music, so crazy that you know in a weird way I think of Pearl JAM as a new banned, as opposed to think about the doors and lead Zap linen can step, but the new band
its that's been around for thirty years right yeah. Well, it is strange to think about the salt somebody, those bans that started just you know, like we don't think Alabama, Zizi top we like as old as lead up one, but I think they are our day. I think they were making music the same time. What's up, one was back I use a visitor top no music, those in the eighties, and of course they have a huge you know. Does this huge I guess it's huge browser, another library, but I still Zizi top is a much more balanced says that what he out their ethical half it was ninety
or ninety five Pearl GM could be considered classic rock. Now, how does a classic rock thing go like so like they have weird rules like in California. If your car can pass smog, you could get a smog exemption if it's more than twenty five years old there, something like that, what it is there a class. Rock cut off like thirty years or twenty five back at the state. At at the sound where I worked, it was twenty five years interesting, Patrick! Let's talk about so about you. So what's a day, what's everything shut down in terms of production? Obviously, so what's what's a day like for you, why you know
I sort of feel like dorky the sounds, but we certainly lemonade lemons. Here we ve had all former adoptions under one roof at the first time in years you know and we got five dogs, so we ve out an awful lot together as a family, and I spent gray and watch lot of staff we ve, gotten drunk and then carry out get together and we sort of live on the outskirts. In our little and the country sort it so, the others doesnt nice areas to walk around, so we ve got to get outside so work. You know no applied is far, as is my feeling we ve been pre blaster our situation. I got buddies, how an ally middle about, like nobody, John Locke who is working on that, drank general show for years, he's better! That's the last twenty years now he was like a five hundred six hundred square foot apartment also now.
And has not had any contact with another human being for three months and he is losing its bite while so much of it is you know it I was going to say, look at the draw, but a lot of it is Where are you when these things happen? So the very first thinking about the riots? If nine ninety ninety two, I lived in LOS Angeles. I was pretty much tat. I was poor I were I drove into Zuzu trooper, I I was a carpenter and if this shit, what ahead whether it be asked surely the pandemic the lock down the whole thing. I would have been too wrapped in a small apartment with an green, lesbian, roommate and her and our angrier cat and had no income and been content. Lighting suicide somewhere around weak three and a half. Now I have a job have income and I
in seventy five hundred square feet, and I got a swimming pool in the background no preserved as you can. Mom. You can just do the show like you're doing, which is it the studio, but I can just drive from my house to the students. Ours was like your house will rise right, that's an awesome pad, got there well you're back in the early nineties, when that that I, like that, I was trapped in a little apartment and palms clover city with them angry wise, that's not the same wife, whose angry today, right now she was angry right. So you think about like. Where are you ain't? So it's it's! It's a lot about timing! You it's the this! This locked down for me. It's not came later. I was established so I'm comfortable, so for my kids,
It comes earlier, but if it catches you when you're twenty, three and you're just finishing whatever your between jobs and you have the roommate, the crappy little apartment in the neighborhood. No one wants to live, and then you're fucked shit out of luck at that point this out. So much of it is just that a great. I think the kids have actually been all forty have that their cheer you now and that we all get up. We ve all been able to serve if each other entertained for the last few months, because its now Moreover, while words rubbed the outside world was a seventeen year old, high school version of Patrick, more Burton like well within an area just just a process. When I was a thirteen year,
I was the small scale nice girl. I weighed ninety five pounds I had called our glasses and I mean I was. And I d get passed an hour to school to serve out, which is our boys score and Anna had so that's not fund set up fit in there. I can't play football, their reproofs about play about an academic, so the miserable day of school, and then, when I break it off a one hour, buster palm you're, diabetes boys. That would wait an experience, but when I be water, so it was pretty rough the main early days for its eye. For me, I had the growth gene and I started growing demand. Then it's got a little bit easier and also got a little bit easier for me when I was ever transports will open up a crisis also by time. I was seventeen hours at Newport, however Highschool did she clasped the serpent around our bodies and then
then in feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel, so seventeen and eighteen wasn't bad, but that What right, when things start to go a little bit better, for where did you did you go off to college? Was where worded the drama bug command where when did the acting kick in then I'll work, our doors for college as gay. Nowhere, I can transfer really worthwhile university and I knew that that wasn't really going to be. Just don't seem like the direction I was headed and I just You know I thought it was not galactic. As I fell asleep in every class, I was rowing route coast and I also latin discovered coffee. Yes, I wasn't drinking coffee. I was just fallen asleep in class, and I just I just bailed out after about the three semesters there and started in the brain like everybody else, does now they're coming out additions yeah
There was even back in the day when I guess. Even then, you are already on care. Outright majority doing or to tear up. I started with K Rock and ninety four ok wasn't went out when I end with than early, probably well before before its funding, Patrick out a crappy apartment palms. I too had a crappy apartment palms fears. I know what a crappy bargain bombs and here West side, but out lower diphtheria via. Place. It shouldn't. You shouldn't, be allowed a code name themselves as palms right or nice. It's a bit stucco jungle, its dicey right! We were unveil pariah. Did you know that yeah? I was on regent. I think right off of overland by them we're motor Motor, Patrick
because when you say to our folks I wasn't Valparaiso, they think it's Herpes medication. Just be careful, don't say it out loud, like a dinner back when I was a vow pariah, we're on Registry referred to yeah, I've, I still say the leader in the club houses, hawaiian gardens. I dont think there. They are going to be a better sounding war city than hawaiian gardens. I dont even really no five I think you'll Hauser spend a hawaiian gardens? Are there some hawaiian garden, something I grew up on the borders why how bad airline yarns real it's rough. I mean the other big highlight. Is that their casino yeah like Larkin walking through what do you think's worse guard?
hey, listen! How sorry! What's what's worse, is Gardena. Gardena sounds pretty good too, but God is Gardena worse than wine gardens. I think language no a little more efforts violence. By about it, I mean great mexican places that's right, you're right this samoan people are very aggressive, very aggressive. I agree and I want to categorized, but yes thank you and by the way, what more misleading than riverside yeah? Let desolate riverside that there has to be a sanctioning body by I I go and the DE envy and go I wanna vanity play called, kill the Jews my letter, sir we're gonna. I work it out. I use alone, my own rainbow taped or modified bread like do
they just go now. You can't do that. I feel we need to do that with cities really do palms Man Panel Rail Panorama city sounds like some sort of city of the future like yeah deal on mosque must have invented panorama. City of Paris is a shithole junior I palmdale twenty nine palms GAO derision, no more palms yeah! You not allowed a great deal. Charging you brought up there when I first got exonerate customized plates for it. You know just for fun. It's at Brok, sixty nine and then I do it do occur to call the venture brothers, the Brok Samson drastic
charger. That's all we got so my son said you gotta get this car, that's what we got the car and I had a jump through moves to get the wisest puts it brought sixty nine as they had issues with it. They thought that that sixty nine. This was that this was some kind of us that you know sex thing that it's just six lines the year the car and that a goal we gotta check enable the first at the empty when the ban, Jackson came back and eventually gave a guy there's a guard on his into some kind of Saxony. Well, it's it's interesting, Abbe! That's a perfect example like they have to vat. It now the thing that the thing that I do love about. It got. What's that, Patrick sorry, it's a damn job! You said the after that it. I said it's a dutch cat, the bad God I quoted. But I need writers- and I know
It is good I could even Beynon Eddie VAT or kind but the thing that so pretty ice about the science of the folks who work at the envy as they go not so fast. Sounds like a sixty nine section. Position and we don't want to send that message out to the public and then they go. We checked the vin number. It is sixty nine charger. Guy had put what difference? Does that practically make to the to the army, Kids, who are behind you in a public bed. That's right- and maybe maybe just does mean that maybe I gotta sixty eight hour, so I could get it but the snake, this number sixty nine my license plate. Diabolical but think dirty thoughts. So are still. I think we, I think I saw you brought one year chargers out here. First, some car CAS years ago was that the same dodge yes, I have
fun special car, I'm I dont have a world class collection like somebody else. I just haven't you got some very special Hey, I do and I'm glad I'm glad I do, and I am glad to drive home and I'll tell you something I take a very weird yet satisfying part of of that world, which is what kind of creeping up on the Laguna sake of vintage ice, which is always the big big circle on the calendar. Every year for all the vintage racers, an I'm starting to prep the car, I'm going to bring cause, you have to wrap up, there's always stuff to do before you go out and racism. And there's something really satisfying about the prep part of of what I have to
the car and then what I'm gonna do with the car, like I'm gonna get that kind of a race the shit out of it, but there's a lot that goes on before you get it out there and it's like we're. Talking before it's like occupies. You're mine has a planning ass back to it as a sort of mechanical aspect too. It has a saucer kind of like it's like your packing for a camping trip. Like you can't forget things, you can ignore things. You know you five cans of beans, whether we have no can opener you're you're fucked. Others like a lot of that, but there's something very satisfying about it- that more people should do on some level, this all listen. How much racing do you do? Well, I I had a few events cancelled. I mean a handle agenda sake. Trans AM race, a professional race cancelled at the beginning of may do three of three or four Venza year. Maybe.
Dive only done the two of the Toyota races every did one. I try to take out a wall and lost out now out of violent accident Messina downshift on our backs. Right away there and the other one around a very aggressive race where I spear Jus, like in a corner, How do I thought that was the year in a row? Adrian brownie wrote it. Yes, he had passed a number of us on a Carson. Why, as like, is the battle was the best of the best ways ever run for that year, because I sitting there on a guy you just went right by. Unlike do we not play by the rules? I know it's a celebrity car race, but are those other still not rules like replied by those rules I remember that as if it was yesterday as you want,
you will not raise one year that new I re. I won two years here: yeah bringing the pro division to then the next year, but not that year, that we raise Erika two thousand and ten was it right? Is it there's an age thing, the ad Adrian Brody part of that equation. To me with some I've thought about a lot in the ladies in are you here can be all our take away from that When you re saying you have a little little pink, Miss DNA like ear you're you're, seeing read their dreadful and pump in your you're going out, and their flags and therewith Tonia pay attention of flags, look for the flags and sometimes of people, a Hetty. You see the flu eggs, oftentimes people Hetty! You see the flag before you get to the flag station.
And there's yellow flags, which is caution and black flags and red flags is all bunch of flags mean a whole bunch of different things, but you have to look out for them, but there's a port and this applied any part of life, which is, if there's a bunch of people ahead of you and they qualified ahead of you been ahead of you for seven and a half lapse, and you find your son. A shouting passed all of them on straight away, drive the same equipment that there. A little bell should go off head and think. Why was I able to pull up next to a bunch of people who are assessed? simply faster than I am, and with the same car this wait in the same horse power and the same time. The same everything cross more wives able just to go past four of them, and that should let you know that, maybe they're not at a hundred percent may
They saw the caution flag and maybe they backed off, because anyone is that raise knows When you go around the hairpin at and the shoreline drive at the end of it. Does matter, if air, Santa and Eric said I had a baby with Mario and ready and he's in the car. Next, you once you. Eyes, or just flat out nobody's pulling Anybody here the exact same car you're, going the exact same speed and it doesn't it doesn't matter how incredibly scaled the other people are. They make it up in the corners they make it up breaking lights up, but if you're, just passing on the straight away, those people the straight away or not on it, and that probably should have been apparent to two Adrian yeah. I should let it go prevalent, devalues asking me to
the set of dark networks right, of course, everyone here I'll. Tell you one of my favorite stories about that set a is saw canoe. Tony can, I think I think was a Tonia Tony could answer a veteran indeed driver is driven it. The five hundred lot spinning here talk to him about on carcass itself.
It is very interesting thought he said he said our way. No, when I was a kid, I was a good go cart. Racer. You gotta figure out MAX bad. How much older Erin Santa was Antonia cannot. But when Tony Cannon was maybe brazilian a champion race, car driver and he shed arrogance. Anna had a track set up like honest property at his house or whenever and every year he would invite the best Go Carter's in the land, the best young guys, the best twelve year old thirteen year old girl Carter come those house and have a race with him against world champion. Air and Santa sent as fourteen year, fourteen years old, old ourselves, yes and it would have been twenty five and the prime and an Tony can on what have been eleven or whenever a champion driver, and they have a right. I said well but Tony is- is fast. This arrogance,
I was in a champion. F one driver Europe eleven years old. He would you are probably given away twenty thirty pounds. You had a weight advantage. You would have been faster and go cart with that limited horse our because air was a full grown man. Any wade, more Sue Ann, he won Tony cannot but one- and he said now, Aaron he added weight, taller, but as a fun charity, no car grams on his property with young, with young graziers. He added weight to everyone's cart affair. For reason. It does, though, it's true it's a huge advantage like the the the eye a nine year old could walk up on airlines ass in a go card if he was carrying around fifty pounds, less weight, easily
I just always kind or member that I just remember that storing it made it makes complete sense. Where was with that at his house, smacks upon are honest property, some like that man? That's all you're old, still be saddled with parts that where the same Tony come on now I didn't. I didn't verify it, but he did beat him with the weight added. But you also have to understand. All tony cannon is doing at that point. Is racing go carts, full time and all air and is doing is racing F one cars full time sets the kitten in no other piece of equipment in autumn say anything MAX panel. That story is silly. Aren't should we take a quick break and come back with Patrick undo the news that right after this,
ground breaking all those crazy swaptree. The news with Gina Grad Racetracks Erigena was centres family farm as a family farm, with a golf cart track on it. Just like your child, Well, we we had an overall it was. It was forever the thirty three bank of all right was as biggest how, about you. I get it saint. They re scar, track gap, idyllic right, so some pretty big news as we record this that that that just broke not too long before show started Minnesota attorney General Keith Ellison plans to elevate charges against the former police officer
Who had knelt on George plates neck? He now wants to add charges aiding and abetting as well to the three officers who were just sort of standing around the scenes. So this is pretty beg the other officers. It was to, though Alexander COM and Thomas in, will be charged with aiding and abetting second degree murder and there they spoke on conditions of an enemy. But I'm pretty sure at this point it's everywhere show. Then he was the now former officer who who was kneeling on George Ways neck. He was arrested last Friday, charged with third degree murder and and slaughter, but that has been upgraded and I looked into it a little, but I dont know how it varies from state to state. This is definitely a mark. Girgis conversation Atta Gina, grad conversation, but just a little a light research on will? What's the difference, what second to rape, murder and that's generally defined as intentional murder that lacks premeditation and in
did to only cause bodily harm and demonstrate an extreme indifference to human life, video dream, province scripted? Basically chairman? The only time marked arrogance. Mark arrogance should defend one of these costs. Just to make? Are person on the planet no to extend its leader? Please popular already getting air awry is our down mount rush work. As I talk, we did a special podcast yesterday at a reasonable doubt cause Scott Peterson's gonna get a new trial and care goes is a knee deep in that, but I got it It's an interesting story in the reason he's probably gonna get a retrial is they they had a death penalty, juror selection, so they say so:
Mark Garriga says, like you know, when a real sir says, location, location, location for him. It's jury, jury, jury, jury. Shall action, jury, selection, jury shall actually do you want to get what you want. You want to get the result. You want it's all about. Jury, selection and he'll. Tell you that you know black women are tougher on crime or white. Males are more sympathetic towards X, Y and Z like the he knows, and in its all, that's why they argue so much over the selection. They got the death penalty. So when you're doing a death penalty case, when that, when this, when the when the state is seeking the the death penalty when they do the Jura selection. You have to be ok with the death penalty, the cat, selective you're gone fundamentally against the death penalty. I'm never going. I'm never going. Ok that
I need to know that if you believe this person is guilty or we can convince you, this person is guilty and we're going for the death penalty. You you're gonna, do that, but what ends up happening as it becomes a kind of self selecting group that our lot tougher? on crime and you think about it. You now you have your further death penalty or severely of if you say that question yes, of course you could be you now tougher. Imagine if you just took a group it's like, hey, you like Herbert Q. Are you ve again you get a different group in there with different thoughts, stored punishment and crime and in that kind of thing, and so they got the death penalty jury and he got the death penalty. I think, and now he's he's not there not going who, by the I, don't know this notion wherever it gets the death penalty, and then you have forty one years later,
Ok, all right, so ok, bye gonna get a retrial there. They think they're gonna get a retrial based on yes, this got Petersen requested it as he got do we know all I know is that there's news and Garriga us thinks he may be in all. He may be on the mass singer next year. I don't know, that's that you don't look like brother in law. Is that was a young teacher university high school in
San Diego is now professor of Shakespeare in literature in Atlanta. That's why I need my systems like it looks in his class when he was a high school teacher had Scott Petersen and Film Mickelson, and they were both on the Gulf team together, and my brother law has pictures of him and Scott and Film Mickelson valve together hours why these subpoenaed, while will it asked it, asked for one point after the murders and conviction if Paul Woods and see your uses teacher for two years, if he would write a book and the african good money, the false that I just can't it's just too dark. I don't want to go in there. I don't want to spend my days and quiet and talk and just got to your sin, and you know with a guy who I know, did it and I'm not going to do So how did he know he did it based on understanding pot
back of his personality with the evidence. I don't think so. I think he noticed from from all the evidence that we saw and the guilty verdict by the jury. You know, I don't think I don't think he your eye or anybody else, I'd outside well, he might forgotten about rap everybody. You know The citadel, I think the system. In that case words, have one will keep you posted when it made me. Think of how will you brought up garriga- and I spoke to me ass- you know about Sorry he's been on death row since five by the way, Sarka speaking of arrests, protests and major cities were much calmer, the last night than they had been many cities intensified. Their curfews authorities in New York,
DC order, people off the street while we still daylight La County, it was six p dot m. It was four p dot m in Beverly Hills, some had one p dot m. At least nine thousand three hundred people have been arrested in protest around the country. That's going to be APA, MLA allay has recorded twenty seven hundred rest then followed by New York about fifteen hundred, and it was funny because I am sure you all saw the news last night, people live really downtown just waiting around to be arrested. They wanted on right heard that they were arrested. So people literally just like no now take up your neighbors zipped eyes. Yeah, I saw them. That then I realized, as are all being assured onto the modified greyhound Bus in their pudding. Forty five people on this bus is not the worst thing we can do with the pandemic, putting everyone on a public transportation. Confine himself that way. I thought that I got the plan was to do everything, but that I thought the people of France
does that great ventilation of sport hadda air filters. I think you miss part of Barbara for your speech, about that. She says as long as you don't drop them off at the beach we'll be funny? Ass is also not designing themselves on the Beijing law. I'm looking at all these people and you have to think that the folks saw the ones that are waiting to be arrested. These are like housewives in yoga. Pants, like these women are just hang out, go ahead and zip timing or walk at over here and watching them. Do it and many most the protesters have mass no one's wearing gloves. I don't I'm not a lot of the cops are wearing gloves, but many aren't the whole glove mass thing, a sort of catches catch can but the complex some of the copse have some of them have on, but they wear them like a kerchief around their around their neck, like it's like. I got this mask, but I just can't aware it down
Around my around my neck and and then many none of that catches are wearing gloves. I remember member of a glove talk. We only the glove up. We need to cover half the cops. Are their hands are all over them? I'm not saying this cousin paranoid. I'm saying this because we were four screaming at everyone to do this two weeks ago. The cops like escorting them their hands on him. Then they push them all a giant boss, which is the thing we said to stay away from and all the people that were being arrested, presumably where the people who are the Tipp of the spear the whole pandemic, crisis two weeks ago. These were the middle age women who are yelling at their teenage boys. You take your shoes off. You come back in a house. You wipe down, though she is now they're all just cause. Hands all over him didn't put in a bus. I guess there done with it s not done very scared of it,
Crises are like middle age, woke white women and duties. They are the folks that, are, you know, day tone a beach a spring break party. Are these people were listening over the last few months, I'm I'm guessing, but anyway, a flight may whether has offered to four George Floyd's funeral services. The family has accepted, and you think well, that's very nice. Ok anyway, will he does have a connection sort of so he's. Gonna pay for different service. In Houston, Minnesota, Charlotte and another location, figured out yet and may whether thought the right thing to do. After learning, Ansell Jennings, the ceo of his tea, empty music label, grew up with George, so there is a little bit of a connection there and he's going to he's going to take care of everything apparently were good for Florence, I can't figure out if I love that guy or hate that guy, but I like the idea of the scale a bet
Now wait a minute yeah! John Mare, Floyd may, whether good guys douche bag. What do we do when we think I've come round on John Mayer, John Mayer, I'm not convinces decent guy. I am might be moving towards Floyd as well. You don't mean that physically, but emotionally circled arms, regional, yeah, Patrick. Where do you think. Well to get move? I don't judge anybody and escape listen up. You can have about so everybody's playing their part everybody's trying to make a difference, push toward each quality and better understanding, and that includes grinder there. And please don't make me explain. Grinders I know that you know there were, moving its ethnicity filter in what they say is a show of support for black lives matter does, according to CNN,
so the gay dating a hooker app announced the change on Monday saying we will continue to fight race. Among grinder, both through dialogue. Our community and as your tolerance policy for racism and hate speech on our platform. As part of this commitment and based on your feedback, we ve decided to remove the necessary filter from our next release. Apparently, you could pay for an upgrade called acts extra service. That would let you filter in and out of various ethnic cities of duty to grind that all saw. Gay rang, grinder, yes, tell that. I check that the outbreak. Let us now I'm on have not great I'm on a special. I guess. Slab spoke mustache here and power Oh, I see I'll slide in my joke, which is by the time
I use one of these sad dating apps. I'm gonna for one now for old folks called carbon dating throughout sixty five and Only if your high risk for the covert nineteen virus should you apply to carbon data, breakin, hearts and hips since two thousand and seventy, when things really started to pop often dc the other day, news came out that tromp was waste away to the bunker we presumably by the secret service. You know. Sometimes I don't know that you, you have a lot of choice when the secret service has a job to do. We now get it and- and were you no concern for us personally think it can be wistful away. I think, if he's in the middle of a story, those guys are going to have to wait.
Similar aim like environment, the middle of a story and so a treasure with me away my along what gives Gimme a couple more minutes here? Well, he liked to say his piece about what happened. Eyes. Protesters are gathering outside the White House and he was reportedly taken to the bunker at the request of the secret service. He spoke to Fox NEWS and wanted people to know that the reports are false. He wasn't taken anywhere. He simply happened at that moment to want to go down to the bunker and inspect it. It's a coincidence please stop making it something. It's not really. Who said that he wanted to measure the drapes venues when the news was false and explained that he simply went downstairs to inspect it, he wanted to inspect the bunker juice here there. I shall. I didn't pull it sorry across. If you can find it. That's gonna, be comical already provide arid, keep Goin more fun all right! Well, some big news out of
U S see their. There seems like there the first to go, and while we know that I value Ryan yeah, the university Southern California will resume in person classes for the fall semester. They just announced that face coverings will be mandatory and schedules. A little different semesters can begin on August. Seventeenth, that's it earlier than originally scheduled and on the veto. The transition to online instruction in MID March, when everybody did all classes and final exams will be, will end before thanksgiving. And the fall break will be eliminated, said they're just adjusting everything they want everybody back in their at their desks. Organ a look like fuckin retards with the clothes, the schools down. That's just dumb fuck, an idea, we're fuckin idiots. We shouldn't ever closer school down. This kids get this shit. I had to watch my whole kids. Virtual graduation last night. This is it in the living room and watch a stupid thing with all the pictures and every picture, because I got a mighty houses in a kind of
achievement, neighbourhood and all the pictures would be there. Shadow. The kid and their next door made me like their activity. They play in a violent, and now I shall hold on paying a horse. I fucked a picture. My son eating. Hot pockets and playing fortnight like holding a video game, can you are like mine, kids were doing outrageous, active life- Sonny was shrugging yeah, like I way over me like these other, Kids were like one kid had to beef fifty metres deep you know, Scuba certified like shot him in the Caribbean, other every care. Rather kid was playing an instrument half of a more upon stage out doing some internal, dance there had won the horse. At least many on horses now
I'd and wheels on mountain bikes it out and I dislike Lou. I can't live. Hitler's cancer kick at what the hell's going on around here. The other kids were kick and ass. They had to be a tough one well was we area because it was it was they did it alpha practically now and I got twin so once we got pass the sea, as like? Can I leave, and now we have to watch the gradual shit like ok, but that you are the Zachary corns. You all I had to cheer on the kids that were coming later on that we're friends with my kids, I in its as well as things really go got a decision to make you get up and leave and then sort of pay. The price you now slowly for the rest of your life, or do you just sit here right out the next thirty two minutes, beclouded.
They gonna Saudi, comes home. As I say, I want to make what can be reimbursed red, Johnny Anderson pay off trust me, the average you're home Adam right get. You were just Philip a cocktail and then another cocktail, aye aye aye, said like at a certain point I did say: can I get up and go the kitchen like went once we pass my kids when what are we missing? So I was granted that permission out nothing, I'm gonna go. Kitchen, but we did, and then you know that the teachers, by the way I don't know in the last time you guy, sat through a teacher words like enough there sitting there and there, like a lot of you ever start time like when I met Rebecca. It was in the fourth grade. Smile could light up a room Rebecca They start of others before she thought of herself. It reminds me of a pie,
That is. Why can we move that shit along because, like I'm so fucking use the like? I want to see? Hey Armstrong Documentary and watching the last dancing like I everything to be as I care we go. Look you forget you forget how far Entertainment has come along and you haven't been in school and seen a non professional. Read that teleprompter man by the way you know G raided right down the middle. Nothing edgy then go on at all all the platitudes, all the stories about the kids in putting other people before them and I, as as it as a teacher I wish I had a class of thirty Rebecca Stevenson's. I it makes coming too for me it makes We know work, a joy when I see as a boy I, U guy forgot about all those assemblies and all that shit you had to sit through teachers. Are we
Indeed, man they. Are you really lights up around right, we'll think think about the job of a teacher witches like if you up on stage like if, if you're, if you're stand up comedian and you ve been upon stayed for four minutes, and you're not hearing in laughter. That's a lifetime, but as a teacher you do is stand all day. Seven hours a day in front of a group get no less After you have no metro now, you know to mean that you don't have this. I got a pace it up because Evans the shit you're not going anywhere in their captive, so your whole Fuckin Metro your entered tame it Metro NOME has been slowed down to crawl, yeah, let me know, argument new policy. You know those that can only use words the star with the letters of your name, self, its GINO Yos, like forwards in general
rightly or wrongly I ingenuity, new bile Roy, what I wanna governing mediator aid. We have the truck audio from the Garriga MAX penance found it act. And the reports were there was so weary they brought. You downstairs in a white ass to a bunker work. You tell me Sunday night Sunday and I was like for you and your family well The false report I was down, I went down during the day and I was therefore a tiny little short period of time, and it is much more for inspection. There was no problem during the day. The problem, I certainly wouldn't get whacked pretty good, but that was during the night and this problem. These problems are during the night during the day and I, down a gun down two or three times or all for inspection. I'm gonna bust. There really is well apologetic arena
Now that I very much I'll is entirely got about a dozen sped should work. Ok, that's a job! Absolutely its agenda first a mill there's an issue and bankers and if you guys, but then that way, This is very old there below the frost line. Man you gotta get out there and you have. The boots grandly got inspection, has he has a building background. Let you ride, you think he's been a lot of subterranean parking lots, their jersey in New York City now, no subterranean world like the trumps, do number one foundation and so draining world as well, these, these other guys, the secret service, guys well yeah who's who play football for the area,
Secondly, what are they know about subterranean construction venerated it nothing maxim that while there you go without saying others inspection governor donor, and so I did say that everyone seems to be doing their part just to help the world move forward right now that lose Jennifer Anna God bless her she's raising money for corona virus relief in her own way, Fox NEWS reports that she revealed on her instagram she's auctioning.
Of a nude portrait of herself that was taken in ninety ninety five, at the height of friends frenzy its eve, you may have seen this picture before we had it serve crossing her legs and in front of her self homage is definitely naked, and can you yet think you and a hundred per cent of the proceeds according to her interim posed, are going to end a f clinics? That's an organization which provides free, corona virus testing and care nationwide to the medically under served a good gig. In a way we think it a fashion photographers cool specially when the chips are good, naked and stuff, but the best gig is bathrobe wrangler, because the other guys, you know it's behind the tri polish got opponents, but the pastoral wrangler guy. That guy gets to see nipple and cuban ass an area because his job is just a sort of wait. Like the guy gets. The tenants
Balls when they miss the serve. You know whose job is to like a three point: stance with a with with a bath. Now and then it says a guy we're gonna break it down. He gets to go up and do the bathrobe, but he gets a fuckin front. Rose to all that is going on in the nudity, the hot chick actually walks toward him, the F the bath I'm gonna tell my shine, listen boy! I don't know what you think about it. This point your life, but hot chick, celebrity fashion shoot a bathrobe wrangler. Well, then, what do you have to be good at? In order to do that? You have to be good at being really good. Acting like you're, not looking at what you're right. Yeah. That's number one professional train, my boy, I would react, luck, I'm we would get my underpants and I have put my back
drove on the other side of the room. Ok, let's go. Let's start work in it now taught Marina Riches dad acceptable. With that bathrobes out my arm in arm golf I'm not I'm get ready. Underpants, I'm just gonna go full nerd, because I want him to be ready what I'm saying and Tell me again, eighty unity to think there's two qualities that that I need to bestow upon you. You need to be really good with bathrobes, need you really know how to transport. Bathrobe you don't hand we that bathrobe upside down and put my fuckin foot through the arm. Now you work on that we're going to drill, you're a hard on that. The other aspect of this game? Luck, I'm sorry for its cultural events. If you have to pass yourself off as being gay, you have to it's not gonna work. If Europe there looking like Patrick Warburton talk about that, on some hot trim the night before it's not gonna, now being alpha, you pass yourself office gay in your
we need to handle the territory, ok like the idea of a simulated, the game situation by being nude like a team, Is there going on the road like we're, gonna rain or whatever their turn? The sprinklers army is the western Balkans. Are you the pipe in noise, and sometimes it is Suddenly analogous, there's no dear heart of your exact you're, saying exactly what say not even in analogy. That's what I'm doing. Prima show that that's right where Europe, are going to stimulate condition, searched beach, outta you now sand that say it is very different from a footing standpoint Jennifer, I shoot that's inside, get that Graham crackers from the kitchen crumble him up, dry, we're gonna be, side like there s eye, Photoshop, in how they got topless all the time they paint gaunt figure you're going after work that we're gonna have conditions. I'm gonna turn.
Fan on theirs offshore breezes put some say heat. I want tat kid to be preparing an end when it comes to I wonder when the call is given out. I want an answer that call Vandams Kyle. Bathroom rang out! You know it! I do. I might even a version of the bathrobe we're like a bad going out on a baseball. I may add: wait till I may take up having gona entire around the sash, I'm going to say, although you like a bigger girl model that too, but I'm going. I will add weight to the bathroom, because I you know what I'm going to tell him come he's. GonNA is gonna bag, basically dad no more weight on the bargain. You know what you're gonna. Thank me when you get it deregulation Rob Schofield like nothing any idiot can carry a normal bathroom. Try to get on this immediately, Frederick, I actually wanted to train of the
well yeah. I work I'm already a little bit, but I would love it if I could get you to work with them a little bit. Sometimes you know they just want to listen, adapt the towns, twenty seven, these six foot, five, when our Trans European, for I monster houses game, has its gagging these work. That's what I'm here for he's. Gotta integrated, fabulous and a little bit more. What is right and then there's, let's see him. She said twenty six and are now Shane trained male daddy's. Yet every man I'll do it I'll do what I can I'll teach one of the boys, long snapping and then their boil a teacher bathrobe hustler, taking work like a coin for s so bascombe,
MA? Maybe the six five guy once the do, the long snapping down what he a nineteen year old. It might not be too late for him for better language. I would do well the above you know what we'll try mounted both will see, see what what the fit see. Now I want everyone. Ashen lies the hours, Pash Sarka our swell work. That's it that's a gift and Patrick! Please embarrassing Well, let's talk about another kid that seems like he could about non. Be graduation with sunny Natalia thirteen year old boy, graduated from city college in Southern California, with his one two three fourth associates degree making of the youngest
witness schools, history, little Jack, Rico of Lama, RADA, California, he graduated from Fullerton College Rico started taking classed as at the school, and he was eleven. He spent the last few years or for different degrees with most schools closed during the pandemic, Rico's families holding a special dry by celebration for him and he plans to continuous education in the fall at the union. Even a batter. Where he's been given a full scholarship, so little Dougie there will be fourteen and going to the University of Nevada. Sir wait you're broke up Patrick Register, he's the exact opposite of me. He now look. Maybe maybe things were. For him academically. Maybe they don't maybe the way the robe is not as future, but maybe this I'm not I'm not telling him what direction but I'm saying I can teach him- had a hustle that robe yeah, that's all I, let's run at home in a grass, you got it
Gina grad and that's the news was with Gina grad, let me hear J B well, Hair D. I why projects you wanna get through those D. I why projects we want to save money would avoid paying a repairman, big or small repairs, home or garage ordinary household glue, well its ordinary and has the word ordinary feed needed to be strong. You need a better choice and that's Gavi, while Gibby well their great sponsor of known these guys
lotta years. I know the owner personally and I hung out there with them at Damn Sima actually couple years ago and I've got to talk in them and I use your protocol with eyes once you come on board. This had fine J B wild man. I keep that if toolbox your kitchen drawer craft room, metal, would plastic or more don't blew, it shall be well that available at J B. Well, that come home Depot Lozada Zone advance out of parts O Reilly. Amazon, Michael's and more? It is J B. Well, all right, let's see me, they want alive q and a Adam curl on mass. That said, this Monday June aid that twelve p m central, so RSVP at TAT, Adam on Mass, that calm and books coming our priority, it I'm your emotional support, animal! That's coming out on the sixteenth couple!
Israel's Amy's June twelve and thirteen billion some stand up and sublime pod. There's a get some tickets and come say: hi, Patrick Warburton, inheritance name in the movie available on Amazon I tunes and on demand, and also a space force available. As we know, one Netflix is well. Do we cover it? Did Patrick you good all things out of your ass and thanks Mamsie love talking here, we'll talk soon and add got my stand upon: the EU to page until the exact amount of proper Patrick WAR burden and Billy and Gina involved same Christie, Saint Mahala, Balian Carolla, show on Twitter, Adam Carolla, show follow us on Twitter and Adam Carolla leave us a voicemail at eight hundred and eighty eight, six hundred and thirty four one thousand seven hundred and forty four temperature. You pre order
Adam Controllers, new book. I'm your emotional support. Animal is out June sixteenth, had available at Adam Corolla DOT com. I really want to smoke classes. So my professors actually know who I am with the type of corpus of fifteen hundred students and eleven to one student faculty ratio for scientists is big enough to expand your horizons small enough to feel like home. I always see people. I know when I walk across campus and last week my economics professor, invited the class ever to your house. Her dinner resign, his college odd name, perfect fit. Visit us online at U R s eye, and U S got a deal with the brand new. I bonus for less than a hundred bucks metro, you rule it's the most affordable Iphone ever on the number one brilliant prepaid. So whether studying online or based ironing MA? Am I as he has all union switch, to match wrong,
I se4 just nine, just ninety nine, ninety nine, after rebate redemption and six months, a service measure by T mobile rule your day,
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