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Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes, plus The News (ACS June 8)

Part 2 of today’s show opens with a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Gina then reads news stories about certain Republicans no longer backing President Trump, the latest ‘phase’ of Coronavirus recovery, and Buffalo officers charged with pushing a 75-year-old protestor. They also talk about disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department, and the shows wraps up with Adam warning about unintended consequences. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com BuyRaycon.com/ADAM CoolerShock.com enter ADAM TommyJohn.com/ADAM Capterra.com/ADAM
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Thus, the gangway debts we need now is a MAC suppressor. You be a little homework from looking down by list. Was there
a article in the New York Times, or that allay times where they were talking about cancelling some cop shows like guys, like Dick Wolf, had all this cop shows on the Chicago all that stuff like the one. It there's a call now to get rid of a lot of these cop shows, which are I don't know what they're doing, but there's there's at all we also call for everything in one of them to get rid of. These cops shows dealing else. Dick Wolfe was one of the producers or I'll bring it full circle. When you do go ahead, does I movies, ease of always served as a mirror, showing us a warped reflection of whatever issues are currently troubling society and so the rotten tomatoes game strives to accomplish the same lofty goals this week. We're dealing with movies that depict syn. Unrest and large groups of people generally pissed off
Our first film is based on a true story back and nineteen. Seventy nine has the iranian revolution reached its chaotic climax. Fifty two Americans were taken hostage, the? U S embassy in Tehran, six m and managed to slip away and find refuge and get them out. The CIA devised a plan so bizarre incredible. He could only happen in the movies. From two thousand twelve storing Ben Afflux Argo? I love this movie really funny. I feel bad that I've dive knots, in the whole movie. I visited an item crawling out of this. Guy's was granted movie tear ass. It was purely as a couple of tea scenes. Yes, I know I gotta see other than theirs. I love that european citizens, since the sunny nutrients anywhere Lancelot Jack Goodman, is fantastic Annette. I do so they this about getting there trying to get this hostages smuggle thou. Sometimes they really had to think outside the box.
try and get them out and get based on a true story data of this realm, but did they love? love it or was it? You know it's gotta, be it's a boy maybe for, but is it hundred per. Is it ninety shaven? Don't I was probably little political baggage here somewhere, I don't know could be. Some controversy I will say they loved it at ninety. Three passed ninety three and rod. Ninety one icons, ninety wide programme that neither cake, if all three of your wrong certified Ninety six do this when best picture. I have a word that I should know this, but the grids very water signal Yeah, I'm you'd love this movie, I'm gonna watch it or next well, might be based on a true story, but only have things get even
Better society has plunged into chaos after the human race has lost its ability to reproduce. when twenty seven years since a child is born, and now it's up to Clive OWN, to ask a mysterious pregnant woman to safety through the streets of a brewing civil war Julian, more Michael, can also star and two thousand sixes children of men. It one best picture by the way our goaded I did not see this movie either. I don't tell them about how good it was. I I felt it was about none. I got enough for that to last me for, while prime, what do you think I'm I don't love this as much as most people. There are people who will profit twin US tomorrow, love this movie. If I was, there was good Reserve get there's one crazy shootout sequence in the metal- that's just so so so good here
a long one on broken shot of this crazy he's running through shoot out trying to save this pregnant It's amazing Jeanne, where where's this movie sort of politically. What's the message, women strong women weak. I can add a few points How are the women's rights only sought once and frankly when, because of what the premise is, it does get serve. Criss crossed my mind with handmaids tail the series, which is very Ah, the angle is very you know pro women and women must revolt against the society, but I don't remember: Unless I'm on? I don't think, that's really to be. No, if I were a calmer posed a pocket leaped at guy, if our colleague releases till disturbed in future, we're like doesnt oppressive governments are like this revolution going on, but women against man, yet other gets men. Women, origin, black, we're right, but strong, strong women that'll than has.
I mean, I don't remember, never want there is, but one girl whose pressures dragged me: the first pregnant woman in twenty years and she's not she's, not the hero. I think like this movie, and so for that reason I say eighty eight, all right, they're worth yes at ninety. eighty nine, while we're gonna do. Game, ladies and gentlemen, children of man is certified fresh at ninety two percent, don't like the way Things are being run. Why not? Try a little resistance, work for Gandhi and even one some Oscars Ben Kingsley stars in one of the most exhaustively, thorough bioethics ever made clocking, at a hundred eighty eight minutes, we really do me, exhausting from nineteen eighty two Gandhi, highly inappropriate casting these days. Locker wealth and I saw the theatre
Oh, why a meal and on a day like one of those going to westward our century city, like that, the busy I might our, whose movie choice that life is whether Europe as well would be oh really realise harking back to the very top of this show was before Gandhi I have add the guild, the Lorraine and the airport, how the are the leaders that we're shorter within striking distance of my house a ride, my bike or walk or some whatever movie landed at the Guild Theatre shall be the movie. We would see it matter what that movie was or what that theme was it didn't matter? Just a one movie landed there. It was therefore to have minds, and if you it's an air condition arrogant sing and some rascals you would go there is, of course a rascals. You'd have
by outside and smuggle them as right. You would have to. gotcha, like one of the personal moments that I have that's one of those whence where you go like us? Oh, my god, comments that I have as is apparent, is when I imagine going to the movies by then we could we opened the Fuckin movie theatres. Now, let's just do it. Let's get on with this, I want to put a mask on its it three seats apart, but anyway I want to go back to fuckin movies. I will that mine blowing things is when I take like Sonny the movie and an it'll, be like while waiting, I can eat dinner is even better and like Lionel Jospin like up by a couple hot dogs at the moment in the theater, and it's like engine buying hot cooked food. In a movie theater like, literally.
Dude you bees were a bridge too far for us like hard candy licorice illegally have to smuggle that shit, the notion of buying a hot dog and likes. For enterprise in a movie theater at movie, theater prizes and eating hot food like watching the screen was unimaginable apps now there are a great many actors. The arc light Sherman Alex has a hell of a chicken thousands of unimaginable aright, so Gandhi. Now, if we, doing these world class. You know blockbuster movies that all critics love we're not going to be a separate ourselves very far here, because this endless Bergen. I'm sorry, I'm looking at the casting Martin gene in Kansas, Bergen hairs, in places Goma I would remind you that the called aside peace now or something out of Sharia has had decided a theatre
It's all areas mentioned x. I think I was pennoned tellers bullshit, who didn't episode. Unlike basic Gandhi wasn't that grade. Mother Teresa was kind of adverts, unlike Lagarde apparently had a bunch of Mr Smith's whether one The one thing you learn, whether its Doktor Martin Luther king or Gandhi, the when guys have power, one of like some guys, get a lot of money in a lot of power and they like nice cars and other guys want a yacht, guys want a ski chalet or are other guys want to save the world or other guys. Wanna erratic malaria this agreement on you know I have money, Mark Zuckerberg as money. Maybe more than me, I dont know. What point is this? How can we ever tell movie thrives on our way to know he drives a previous. I, like re scars, we
use. He eradicate diseases. I gotta vintage races whatever, but the one thing historically, all powerful men could agree upon is strange. Pussy, The one thing they could agree on is getting late. I don't care for your Gandhi, Kennedy or document the king, you wanted something other than what you brought to the party. That is the one thing. Historically, that's super consistent. Who else is a lot of different directions, worries us. That's right, those that's right, very strange the deadlock, everyone this movie, that how could they not. Ninety four I'm right about United for railway. Ninety four, while.
For no change in the game, Gandhi, a certified for educating five percent arms apprised, does wonder picture again right, yeah dead. Yet comes another best picture worldwide shortages of cause the planet to descend into madness, violent baker, biker gangs, around the streets of Australia and it's up to one on hinged policeman fuelled by revenge to bring back some semblance of law from nineteen. Seventy nine melt, Gibson stars as mad max is the first one of this is interesting. Report The second one was could but Rad MAX. Wasn't that good? This is pretty rough around the edge of man. I saw this like five years ago for the first time it some thoughts. It's not a smooth pillars. Paul is a distant one, with a little kids with the crazy hair and they're all dirty and there like the Neverland kid
the second one. That's why dont gazing on thundered on no I've, never Scotland, if one then this is the very first What was the son of God on the road? I was the road right. The other road warrior is good. This one does not hold up but it was innovative, indifferent and sort of foreign. You now in male Gibson didn't have the sugar Sir Moon shadow language- or you know, is the nerds liked to say it's an origin story. It's an origin! True, now. To my mind, this thing could be in the forties by its who'll and staff and in and in its innovative, but it's really rough and it seems like its low budget. You're gonna get some some separation here, I'm going to say I say it's: it's
I say the critics are nerdy enough that make it just fresh at sixty three play it safe because I think is consider a classic, but it's really rough. I said seventy barely fresh, sixty one. Mad is certified fresh at nine new adverse and I lost one of the hardest to wash ninety percent. We round to man. That's fucking critics, given that now, when are you gonna find em movie like this at all violent movie, that's ninety percent, with the critics and seventy percent, what the audience, but ok, maybe they are This is a rough film, that's not very fond of him! such an. It does not hold up well at all, our other, that it should be no eight percent harry. Final film. All of our nations prisons have been filled well beyond catch capacity, as crime rates continue to rise exponentially in response to go.
and is officially sanctioned twelve hour time period every year were all nine including is legal, will Ethan HAWK Ba. the protect his family and the hunger dome from tooth? thirteen, the purge the original Boy of her is still the best so much about this movie and I've never seen it. I've only seem like fourth wine or whatever they put on Netflix gotta. Say: Mozilla! Ok, it's a movie! That's referenced all the time, but it now but but was it good? This is the first one and then led to many many seagulls theology Monica doesn't always mean it's good. Just me right people saw us Can I nodded up Pierre Brian may have a slight lead, but it's gotta be slight: Prince gotta go for I safe score, probably sit. None about five six point: lead
maybe a little more to protect that Gina you and I have to be a little ball there, but which direction this movie. I could not tell you if it was in the forties or fifty's seventies- are eighties being the eighties. I have no idea and for that I write seventy three member for a while. fairly good I've, been I've been burned by their strategy before, but never, as anyone said to me, do you gotta see the purchased, just kind of was one of those movies. That's out there if fifty five wow, No, I can't put too much weight into the spin offs, but there they ve been so many cycles and it's kind of anti government anarchy, and I think that get some points. I said seventy two- Jesus zone to help the purge.
Is rotten forty percent, while Avenant thirty six years its rise. They talk so much about this. Oh I'll, buy that such fun games the aerial Gina. You are back on the podium. Congratulations with a score of seventy six. And, ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie. Adam Corolla, your score, there is also happening, is also seventy six so you and Gina tie for second bald takes the wind at fifty one, last one we weren't high, Baldwin low it shouldn't. Should we at least both get a five point. Deduction I agree I'd outright.
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through this break, all those crazy trot, we must see the news with Gina grad. Sorry, quick piece of unfinished business than I thought I I smile when I hear these kind of story, so I will. talking to my friend Kevin Hajj, who right all those tv shows. I think it was on a Thursday evening and He was kind of telling me you know this cancel culture, its not healthy us too many people being cancelled. You know, and he said TAT. There was a story of a guy
Who was a rider and he worked on those Dick Wolf cop shows Chicago this or whatever that in now and he posted a picture. Of himself like holding a rifle standing on its front lawn and free. This house. I never saw it. I dont need to see it by saying, like hey looters back off for come, get some or such like that. You know like basically saying you come to this house looters you gotta dude, with a gun and then Dick Wolf, who has his paws, saw the picture unjust Hired- and you know him like I'm, not a gun guy and I'm not I'm not a and a guy, but this guy's should be able to take a picture of himself and not get fire and then also,
I don't know. What's the message through messages, don't loot, my house, I have. I have a gun, I'm also fine with that. Very second, it's got a little too far and this guy Dick Wolf bigtime producer how far the guy prohibition of item and the next day I woke up, and there is an Ipad in the Washington Post, what was it? What was that our path, so this came out June forth by Alyssa Rosenbergs titled, shut down all police movies and tv shows no fuck now, and the first paragraph is like many other industries. Entertainment companies have issued statements of support for the protests against racism and police brutality now feeling America streets, but there's something Hollywood can do to put its money where its social media posts are immediately. Halt. Production on cop shows and movies and rethink the stories it tells about policing in America, and then the part about Dick Wolf is a little we'll deeper and there is no question that,
would be costly for networks and studios to walk away from the police. Genre entire entirely. Cancelling Dick Wolf's, Chicago franchise of shows would wipe out an entire. They regard The point is that night potential? an analytical should fire that guy, like this cancer culture. The next morning I wake up they're calling for Dick Wolf to be fired and there's a part of me, because God get while shows font, getting fired fire the other guy fuckin fire him, then. our sights cartel with one fish? That's always bigger eating, rather right on our someone coming via will cancel all capture Than anything, that's currently in production will shut down. Thank you. Problem solved movement, foreign and, ironically, you're, not hurting any kind. you're hurting, hunchback girls, a hundred hundreds of unemployed people working with behind the scenes, are everywhere right, we'll get.
Getting into some news of former President George W Bush and Senator Mitt Romney will not support president trumps reelection. That's according to the New York Times several republican leader struggling with whether to endorse the sitting president, his re election go with Biden, who, I would imagine they ve all known for you don't five decades. Meanwhile same goes Colin Powell, former Secretary of war, under debate here. Sunday morning that President Donald Trump has drifted away from the constitution and that will be voting for Joe Biden in the twenty twenty presidential election, all of Things should end with, and I'd like to get laid in two thousand in twenty one a half hour. I thought I'd like to get the occasional sporadic blow job and then four years after life want argument. That's quite already waiting. So fine yeah- I wouldn't you
to imagine I mean I didn't know research into this, not didn't even google it, but you think Biden, W Romney. These guys are the old guard they ve been around for decades. They have to be friends. I mean it's not like caught the pearls there on two different sides of the like. Are they height of moderate old. Do you know what our islands Dc Romney if very moderate he's, not a fan of Trump already, oh no end and by you have to know by discuss how to go the same places in practice. I may perhaps the eye, and I don't now in the probable formally wasn't much of a difference between Biden in a guy like you. NI politically, if you wanna gotta hold, but those guys fifteen years ago, or even ten years got another discern that big, a difference by everyone.
pulled to one side or the other so you're, starting to see differences, but fundamentally the same older, rich white, gas fields. They yes right, saw this last year's questions. I saw that's true. I saw this turning this bill. Had the news today and then I'll be. people occasionally make jokes about you know, hey Mark, You know. I know there is true tapes of trouble, Andy and word on the apprentice release the dates of semi jovially, but also semi serious thing, like none this? Will none of this will sway his base? What would it take either to do or happen to trump to like literally swaying like because truck support of a kind of right or die. I mean I'd better, that's their guy and it's not gonna. Take back and George W Bush to change your mind. now I don't know. If there's anything in this scandal department, then I had sway the base. I agree the base because here's how the Base WAR
The base on both sides sort of as I say, I don't care what foibles this person has he's gonna save the country, so it doesn't matter how many skeletons or in a closet. Then the boy and base is like I will we don't even care if we fight and can string a sentence together, he has to stop this guy from destroying the country. So when you kind of right If the stakes in Irene that it when it becomes. airline pilot you, ve lost all, can we're all evil. You was all hydraulics on the plane and it's always go. You know this pilot, a bad guy, even talk to a step zone I don't care on land. This work and waving get out. One pays. I nobody's repair dude. If you take a look at, tweets or before the fly at its bang. The porn star rights are both of em. Both sides are like if this plane-
that mountain world dead and that's where we're going in each side has a feeling like if Biden gets hold of this thing. We're gonna hit that mountain and of trumpets keep told thing. We're gonna hit that mountain with that it states when it stirring when right, cruising outdated and they ve turned off the seat belts. Sign that's time for discussion about the pilot. You now have a cocktail there I were hairs. We we we ve, created a We ve created a narrative on ice side, which is, if that guy gets into the captain, see we're gonna hit the side of that canyon wall, we're going up in a ball flames. With that in mind, we don't care what they did with their secretary or what they did with their hooker or what they want they did. You know that up. Sure hope her piano, Merv or whatever and bombs it there's no scandal that can do it. In May crisis
maybe there would have to be something that actually, it would probably be not for free, lying or you know like. He said he was gonna build. The warm protective border turns out he's fondling money to the two narcos over their whatever some something of that nature. I dont know if it could, which would be a scandal but not a. I know I know recital nutritional sense and call camera. I care Amber Camembert if it was an Coulter or Lord Ingram, but one of them not too long, what kind of you no doubt non trump and it was be either I'm a halter and God, because he didn t basically didn't fulfil the promises of going far enough, so make so to your point that
have something to do it that way now at work, then, if the guy who takes its place goes half as far as the person not going far enough if your age then, where are you write the The other thing I can think of because I think I am in Sunday, you I don't know, but just kind of being and saw the world of both a kind of all the time. I think both sides consider themselves to be. You know they He loved this country, whether they want to completely you know, re, modify it or keep it the way it is smooth, sailin they'd. Nobody wants to be accused choose being treasonous and if there was some serious hard, clad, solid evidence of treason of actual Putin. Whatever of I think you know someone super conservative or somebody loves Trump window.
Topical, how could you do that to our country because everybody loves this country right? I think the problem is, if you couch it, is each one is going to destroy the country, then you will look away almost any anything, because we have built the case that the other side is going to ruin the contrary. so much like. Oh, I love this country and I hate treason, but the trees and this guy's going to save the country. So he's getting my vote. That's the product coverage. What else. So we are in white, face three and a quarter, maybe here LOS Angeles, with open arms who knows very hard. To tell by ETA Congratulations New York. They will become the final region to start phase one in their city. going to start on July, eighth for their multi step, corona virus,
covering plan their stolen total lockdown. Well, they eat. mean to my knowledge: they dont have restaurants or anything like that open. I think you know when it comes to carry out that kind of thing like where we were three weeks ago say you're too yo a geek because and theirs is called New York on pause, which is what they're still dealing with that shut down schools non essential businesses and what kind of a little bit ahead of that now d, blog oh also determined at the city, must see three threat thresholds for the cities are key corner virus. Metrics! That's hospitals, hospitalizations. I see you bad capacity and percentage of positive corona virus tests. The number of hospitalizations must stay below two hundred per day. The city must have three hundred seventy five available. I see you beds and positive seeing rate must stay below fifteen percent in I wish we could there's a problem here like we get more. In the one we gonna have a vaccine. What about us
second wave, how much testing, testing. Meanwhile, this means more positive people. What if you were negative on Monday? then positive on Tuesday, but you got tested on Monday, All I see is hordes of people on the street shouting at each other and marching peacefully and marching on peacefully and looting on peacefully and just so many pictures of exactly what they said was not gonna happen like we just can't do this, whatever concert you're talking about you, talk about burning man or whatever outdoor concert or whatever series or whatever, but gamer that's all gone. It's all gone cause, that's the worst. We could It was put a whole bunch of people together and I'm looking at pictures from Washington from New York from airline I'm seeing mass. Of humanity just packed into the same area. If I
and were now at pretty much the two week mark if start here in something right now, I'm not listening to whatever else there were discussing cause, I'm seeing all of us do many things. They said we shouldn't do and on hearing anything about hospitals being overrun, and I get the shutdown for the hospitals not being overrun. You know, someone goes, why do need a lock down. While If we all went out and we all got infected it same time, and we all want to the hospital. Then the Oswald would be overwhelmed and I go ok, but that make sense that makes sense to me fight. If the hospitals are overwhelmed now from something that kicks in enough the seven days after exposure, I think that's it. I I don't think there's anything more. I have not heard I've watched the news and
a lot of concerns about this, but seen anything of that guy's heard any stories about hospitals ring overwhelmed, not yet known. From what I mean I not at all, not medical. I don't think I think we're done and I am only because you haven't heard anything about the next wave either. That was a hot one. I'm not heard anything about the next wave come about yonder, but I, like you, said to Europe about you can kiss sporting events in cars good bye? It's like we're, in a parallel universe? At the same time like no, though a thing of the past? That's never gonna happen again and meanwhile we are an aggressive phase for when it outdoor gatherings, so it like we're living in this dual universe. Simultaneously I had, whisperings that goodness sake. Historic race was gonna, be cancelled, Watts dislike I
who hears that race is in the middle of August and its outdoor enough people are all infield of the track. think about where we are now middle of August is anybody, you gonna be doing any of this anymore. I mean it's over. It's just, don't worry we're moving on I literally wrote the guy back, like I said it's over its already over by the time we get de Mille August, William, remember what it, what were taught, what we're doing or talk about, and isolation Thus, in the now cookers Knapsack Razor Andrea, who also also varies remark- I was now we re going. That's all I can do at the end is go. You cancelling this raises an American. My life, I just went on american girl out, I'm gonna it's on American, it's a bunch of guys you want to raise in and by the way who have have a relationship with danger? They decided they want to engage in this sense
dangerous event and were dying to and its two months. It's all outdoors anyway. So does it feel psychologically? What's your passport the July that's on weekend, that's me a lot of people, our doors alot of people want to get together a lotta people. One of the beach I've been going too far to do is like a feels like us. Ideological hump, like sit on me like an insurmountable one. Owes me like on the other side of it is going to be you don't, like him, said, Laguna snake us up the world, yes middle of August my. Let me hit the right kind here, working from home work and on your fitness, make what you're listening to what your listening to not with your kids are listening to your not bleeding through get the good you're buds. I got there the newest model every day, a twenty five year, but six hours of play time. Seamless blue tooth pairing, more base, more compact design for noise isolating fit. These things are in a great prize and they work.
I have em, I love my son, sunny handsome. He loves M stylish indiscreet, no dangling wires or stems cofounded by RE, Jane celebrities like our party being snoop dog worm as It is a re kind right dos and now is the time to get the latest in greatest from rake on get fifty percent of your order. It by Re Condon COM, Slash Adam, that by re con dont coms lashed out over fifteen percent offering on wireless here, but by re con dotcom, Slash Adam What else do you grab well, a couple of days, headlines in the past forty eight hours. So I'm sure you ve seen the video we have it. If you want to see it, but the two buffalo officers. The officers and Buffalo New York were suspended without pay ass Video showed a police shoving. The seventy five year old man to the ground at a George Flay protests, Thursday night they ve been charged with second degree assault and R. U S familiar the story about big argument with paragraphs about it won't get
You saw his tweet. I have that So that's it! That's an interesting point. He brings up so this guy. currently the guy they shoved lose right back on his head and he's bleeding, and everybody cannot walks walks away from him. He's an activist and you you can't tell what the words were that were exchange. He does seem to be holding one of their helmets. He does see. Did you guys notice he's holding something his hand? It looks like he's holding a camera sideways. I was reviewed. And to take pictures, a badge numbers or something with his camera when he got shoves couldn't very hard to tell but officer raw Mackay whose thirty, two and officer Aaron targets, ski or two girls, gay, whose thirty nine pleaded not guilty to those charges, which is a fair. and will be released on their own recognizance they're, both scheduled to return to court on July 20th. Meanwhile, I don't know if you all just talk like six
fifty seven members of the police to Bub Buffalo police departments, emergency response team, all resigned over this because they fear in pretty thereof listen how their knives with luck. Werner, weird place like yet last week, where time out there's a couple users. Patrol cruisers, driving through Manhattan and have crowd, gets around them and starts pushing a barrier in the thing and they learn for knock. The people and people are jumping on the hood in areas like this. She, these out of control, cops like I'm sorry! When you come at a cop like there eventually someone's gonna happen, they have guns, they have weapons on them. They need a a distance between you and then this guy. I hate that seven five year old guy. By the way, I don't know why I just saw a camera that I could never have a beer with that. I had the cops going one direction. He comes like at the cops number one:
call me old fashion. These guys are adequate did twenty six year old deeds with weapons like don't go at them and then his right hand feeling around down low. I dont know what is right. Why doing that's why I thought weak Actually you hold a video again. I think it's a phone in his hand, and I ask that is really what arrogance daughter. I think it's voters have to buy. The cops have guns, and you can't fiddle around with their shit. Like I don't know what he's what he's doing and the guy pushed him We push through art that that that's true, he was trying to create something any or separation, where you push him too, are also if I was thirty shit. You wanna hit the ground. He was old and feeble and and went down. What I'm saying is whether, it's you being in front of a cop car, because the beef with the cop The cop car was well, the cops could
surrounded by angry protesters and have their car set on fire, but they did too much. They went too far. They buried there. What too much and it's like, That you guys super scared guy with his foot on the accelerator and its partner, probably yelling, go go, go or something like that. Shit's gonna happen like when you go running at a cop, everyone agitated and failing around you're gonna, get pushed probably hard Then he should push you. I dont know how we regular I dont know how how we do it. I'm saying don't run that don't go up to the cops given some space battle. Somebody somebody in that group needs their helmet according to get hurt us throw up that tweet, please, because I didn't notice either until it was pointed out on Twitter. Can you put that thank you? Garriga put. Meanwhile, it appears the seven I feel victim was returning one of their helmets Y, see who he's lying its them areas. If he's
He has hollowing candy and then helmet returning it John. I hear have their helmets, but I dont know these returning to because it doesn't seem like that's what he's doing well, if returning there helmet than I apologize so there. Another really that's going around today, where he's cod and other another person's live stream from Instagram Caille put it up, but you could see him and his whole Mohammed in kind of talk and other people and is rolling up these other than this group of people that's coming autumn and saying camera planet itself here, if you're looking So you see he's the one with his he's, gonna, leaning on that ball, yelling Adam and then came when you share audio for the last part, because there's this has anyone like it was, like I say, new and the guy Isaak, another guy with guaranteeing that guy, just trying to cause trouble is looking like a punch in the face
Ah the buy it now I realize, and on the old gang about seeing also think well, I was just trying to wonder how cops whereby slip by better at or now by luck. He walked the cops with purpose and he's a seventy five year old Guy, and the cops are marching one direction in your going, the other direction theirs, it there's a chance you can and upon your fanny I'd like the cop pushed him too but at a certain point everyone if you're gonna jump on the hood of a cop car or you're gonna walk Adam with purpose. While there come and the other way you could get pushed that's out but the only reason, even at that, even
and put my mind, is because you ve talked about it, which is- and I know this is not a one to one comparison of course, but you know you you one. Would be charged with attempted murder. If you clock someone, they hit the pavement Ohio. So this guy put got push oh hardy, cracked, his head open, you know you're a fucking old that him. When he was pushed moderately hard. He fell over that of not us knocked any already whenever possible. by raising. I doubt the part that I that's the reason give these guys badges and guidelines on the authority to do this is because we trust their risk assessment scale dry, like an seem aside from being charging out them, but it is an old man. I got an allies denied by price, I agree, but you you said we they have guns Then you don't want lethal force are weed out. We don't want a gun coming out that environment are pepper, sprayer taser he got pushed, which is now
normally legal force, its dissidents and again the guy's hand, was fiddling around the guy's waste. I don't know what that means exactly, but cops are super particular about your hands around where their guns are. They in fact had guns during that, so an abiding. I'm sure the old man was being a douche and the guy went fuck off or somebody like pushed it. My I get it. What I'm saying is you have to Six year old, dude sure the dumber dude from your high school football team. Why think we were expecting too much of them. There not fucking Carl Sagan. These are just dumb dude that guns and shit. We want more from them, but what I'm saying is: don't expect it if their ads. Hated don't go marching Adam if, by the way, your compromise, like you're a seventy five year old guy who would lose its balance of somebody pushed you don't march at a group. going the other direction you may get pushy.
and upon your ass and you may smack erhead yeah I have a new theory and if his attack me if the old guys attorney would like to use this it's free of charge, you can have it gurgles my new theory is that this guy is phone out and had one of their helmets and was returning them to me to make one of those videos that it was helping was gonna, go viral about You know all old activists. earns helmet and everybody embraces in a warm hog, like cattle conduct Jenner, giving that com, but Pepsi daddy how it ends up now. Dare us pass that he got push down and then it was pissed We pushed him down with like trying to help em, but moved along. I moved along, but I'd like put the guy trying to help and by the way, garrison. I have disagreements all time and he's he's fine with that, I'm fine or that the guy,
trying to help em first things. First, he's not a paramedic like the other guy called it in, like buddy, was like keep moving Were you go ahead and do what you're doing it all I'll call something in the one guy reach for radio or whenever it is? So I don't. I don't know where they tried to help him and a supervisor one move move along. I don't know what he could it down for that that guy, but the other, I got on the MIKE or got looked like he grabbed his radio right after it. The other guy to move along. So in a world where, where everything is Optics Point was that bad objects that, like a one to pinch of the shove and there everybody just stepping over I'm Just- is bad optics well with the whip watch, it the one guy like trying to supervise- and I now move and then he called something enery got on his gotta squawk box. So rich Josie, so many well. The first thing I thought of when I saw this video was, I wonder: if
Adams going to compare the doktor from the flight. So he he reaches furs, radio upon his left. Whatever thing- and I don't know what the fuck is doing, if he's calling something in her or whenever it is, but my luck, it's bad optics, but I still think the cops their human beings. They're all fuckin stressed out other mind, there's a couple: bad ones, mostly good ones, tissues, Trinity, escalate alone. That's all well on that note, because this is all again, this is all just big sort of headline news from the weekend. Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council announced their support for disbanding the Minneapolis Police Department at a rally Sunday afternoon in Powder Horn park. They said they would divert
those funds. Latin american Powder Horn Park sounds really aggressive because Daniel Boon with keepers powder furs, Moscow, that's right, horn! That's that's blank! Oh! By the way, I would remind you that black powder matters they pointed That's for shooting people, we gotta problem, Acme rename the park. It goes saying we're renaming. The part that goes with has definitely been so they said they would divert those tat those funds toward community based public safety model, the nine council, where's make up a veto. Proof super majority of the council, which currently has twelve members and Minneapolis mayor Jacob FRY made an impromptu enhancement to a crowd of protest turn on Saturday that he did not support the Minneapolis, the ending in defending Minneapolis, please I actually have that clip and it is. It puts him in a tough spot, so basic demand thirty, eight. By the way he looks like a Trudeau type guy, your tag, it looks like the
young son, he basically like the young, for modern family key. More like that actors, tickets. Look at twenty year old dude I carefully Gaza Mare, but anyway he's gonna he's in there and so he's he's. Basically in the front row of this black lives matter rally and everyone's kind of you know the lip service both ways. And yes, it's great- and you know this- this mayor seems to really high The backing of the people- or let's say he did until you see lip and a woman to set it up, because it was great opening, but then it took a minute to ramp up. So basically this organizer Asia, whose on stage everybody stop stop of the planet, in the end, as several conversation, whatever you're doing, I have one yes or no question for you. I just want a yes or no answer. Will you d find the Minneapolis police and I'm here raising shoes- I wanna yes, are now so this is. This is where that goes.
He's up a real action and guess what they'll do next, we gonna child dollars all type situations, animals that assists there, that that ain't, precious up there I checked looks like one of my mom's friends when I was so. I don't know after the look ethnicity, but either way she once ants and who's gonna give his answer. Here we go Why did you not that he has to do that?
through the crowd of everyone booing and and the whole vibe put all of angry checks in charge and see this whole shit. How this whole shit out, he's gonna burn down in ten minutes, put them We look at our method by large we ve met about in charge for most of humanity and look that's why baby. I back to back War, world war chance- perhaps abolish boys. I lock whatever intended circumstances every of everybody. Unintended circumstances a never ending, fuckin broken record of unintended consequences, git The police, a vat we find for rich white in a double gated community and they'll start getting their own security and Adele Fuckin start drive and especially outfitted armoured. Nicholson. She had made its already on with that.
The Hollywood guys and in a bullet proof, glass and shit, but Richard We will take care of themselves, underfund the police, the inner city, young, black, kids, that's where the by count is gone, knew why it's gonna start adding up, so the unintended consequences be careful for what? Yes, that's it that's happy can allay too, because marrow Seti announced a few days ago that he's diverting funds from the LAPD that are going to go basically to community outreach and it's a lot of money. It's like a hundred and fifty million dollars. Oh, Do you think there's any chance? I could get up our Seti Press conference and then he'd go. I'm gonna. Take someone. I go get the fuck out of here. Get out get fuck out he's now, guy Tall unites, get dislikes, hit the pricked branch Gus. Sorry. What about the gray haired, not job? Who has given us the reports about stay enough to take that bitch with their adios, though,
door had shown the way out yap. Well, yeah, I know it all give it a go. Sounds awesome: community, policing, policing! Well, we'll see how that works out. I would suggest that we start modifying some of our training for the cops always you have I was gonna, say like if anything it shouldn't. We be funding the police more for reform, and I had a training and, like the others, the steps to be taken, but you're going to cost money, but there the pay off in the long run it and six point three there's, there's a there's: a restrained call back I did restrained. I believe that that basically it sounds like everybody's doing away with an that's. Basically, the chokehold was the other big one. There is no more no more children. People out here. It's not dummy, Debbie off, there's a few good ones. The deal but just screaming at guys to pull the plug shouting out and by the way homer we're going to have an honest dialogue,
that didn't show like an honest dialogue to me that sound like an angry mob and it's out like a guy who I'm sure, a progressive guy and If you listen to how we stated it, he stay in this sort of measured way. If you listen, if you could hear what he said, he didn't say he said he's not we can play it again in support of. for the full refund awry variety. These sort of measured at he said not, the fall out remain and they won't get. The fuck out of here so I don't! I don't know. If that's a constructive honest dialogue, or at least he speak His truth, bitch, like you, ask them a fuck, in question. He gave you the answer his answer. Does. He have to be shouted out of them out of the room and will hear one more time I shall write the full abolition right talk about unintended consequences. You vote him out whose clearly wants to be
massive friend of the community and Anna. Here of many apple, is you vote him out? You know you're gonna get a nice, the devil. You know the idea, one rule the dice on that. Let me hear the end where they tell they get the fuck out of here for the fire. I love it when a lock, I like it when Dick Wool fires a guy and then the next day, there's an Ipad p saying he needs to be put down. I like it. The guy is trying to be as Europe and he's on their side in their site. I love it whenever one eats their own. That's that's! My favorite part of this whole thing. Get the fuck out, said to the market the fuck out of here. she's wearing an Ike he's wearing, and I can't breathe face covering the fight. Their protests no keys of the city for her.
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