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Christian Comic, Secret Conservative: Kerri Pomarolli Interview

2021-02-09 | 🔗

This is the Babylon Bee Interview Show.

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk to Kerri Pomarolli, comedian, actress, author of 6 books, and “out-of-the-closet Christian in Hollywood.” Kerri has worked with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, performing in numerous sketches. She has hosted the Gospel Music Awards and has a Dry Bar Comedy special coming up. Her book Confessions Of A Proverbs 32 Woman has been featured on The Babylon Bee. Topics include Mormon heaven, comedy in the Trump era, and keeping her ex-husband in her garage. 

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Topics Discussed

Mormons and heaven 

Jim Bakker story

Earthquake kits

Asian babies 


Being outside of the Liberal bubble

Confessions about Proverbs 32

Essential oils

Married people 

Value of ex-husbands


Healing through prayer

Honor students

Organizing moms on Facebook

Being asked out by a 22 year old dentist

80s entertainment 

Henry Winkler





Cobra Kai 

Trump voting

Mike Lindell having secret information

Soap opera acting

Working with Jay Leno 

Being openly conservative in Hollywood

Having to say no to films 


Touring with your ex-husband


Subscriber Portion 

Roaming the isles of Homegoods

Steven Wright

High energy Kyle

Jonas Brothers

Casting Crowns 

Amy Grant 

Meeting Kirk Cameron 

Dukes of Hazzard 

Kathy Lee Gifford 

Sean Astin

Hosting red carpets

Behind the scenes of  The Tonight Show 

Jim Carrey 

Losing the edge in comedy




Future of stand up comedy


Subtle racism of entertainment 

Hallmark movies 

Smiling under a mask 

10 questions 

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Real people, real interviews. I have to say that I attach strenuously tier yes hard, hitting questions. What do you think about eminence you like it? Taking you to the cutting edge of terms? Will last year is one of the worst movies ever made, and it was very clear that Ryan Johnson doesn't like Storm Kyle Poles, no punches ass count. How you're evil to sleep at night he's brings own shattering common sense from the top row defining level. Do you. This is the Babylon Bee Interview show Babylon these releasing an interview online. I should so incredible die, so cool cause,
We talk to the funniest people on the planet today, we're trying to a woman and she's actually funny. actually funny womanly, pretty woman, a female human female does jobs in their funny and are not about periods. I note the enemies, probity sarcasm, bread, but it just like us in pronoun jokes, he ever females. It's like There's a females like I've never met one man, I've heard of Wonder Nick Beard, the problem with three. We helping other people cause in cells on the comments it I'm just ain't leaning in, do it, I'm leaning into the character verity anyway, so carry Palmer Ali wrote a book called confessions of a proverb. Thirty two women,
featured on the ban on the website. Before we we vanguard. She lives relatively closer, which we brought her into till jokes, unbefitting person. She's comedians he's been on its right. Sure, though, must thirty times she's done a lot lot of the stand up and say: oh, it's been so barbours. She acted, soap operas and General Hospital and she has met Carmen Mc Carmen bomb spoil it, but in the subscriber portion we find out all the dirty secrets of Carmen Dewey. Well yeah. We find out some dirty secret. You gotta get me some stuff that use no valid recorder catalogue. we'll find out funding in remembering which I too have a hot might guns. That's how that sorry, it only they can drink coffee now, more or less Damien yeah, killing Erskine doesn't recovery when it comes to but I had a very long override from the Mormon Comedy Club back to my hotel, with a mormon driver who try to convince me for forty seven minutes, and it was a forty seven.
It's. You explain their religion. Let me get this straight. There is good having media have in bad have in Britain behold and tell you that the first time that, while the overdrive, Zadig Undemocratic Heaven you haven't been is bad Heaven, the over drivers like hurry and then at the end of the cab riding a would. If I have different belief, because some day, when your face to face with our Lord and safer Jesus Christ, I hope you remember. This conversation is like look Gavin some day when your face. Today, so they warned and Xavier Jesus grains. I hope remember this covers That's the first then we're gonna do is like half was right. I hope, doesn't my work, maybe on the other side of the gate or though we laughing ass, bad Heaven man there, and I really want to know about this bad heaven. Is it like David Busters or would meeting you feel badness and if you're old woman you're not allowed to go to Heaven unless some man bottled up in the city and then for you, but it is going to happen
I'll see you can get into bad. Haven't. There's three heavens right there. I agree that engenders like earth now probably like earth. Now you can't die like there's still dishes who should be automatic grand theft auto at the moment. It is a good first step on a very good job of this building or Canada. we can dine with. We need a mormon, so psychology, they die with God mode. Personally, I need more money, but women anymore, Mormons on record. I want to leave anyone. Neither Mormon writing, stir and pointed out that before you go to school, realized for not more monogamous regimes. In the comments as energetic Mormons,
flurry of hate mail now, thanks to the answer in this, produces a retail every under, but well working at this hour when we bring started we'll have wanted to be a part of the Babylon is that this is a grand snapper agreement, even though you ve had women. Give us your five that won't be headlines. Go out. your point beyond what is your audition? You know, why I met her favorite Nora. You Bessie area, give us your best pigeons. This is this. Is it not like hearing? I love you more than rail, expensive I'm an essay like mercenaries, actually prefer. Shop mean asked me: how do I get right? Mope we paid so
You know I pay guy from the works at fastfood. Restaurant does is on the side, can apparently, while an cow, I have to confess I've. Never even heard of you. I just say that to my private life, wherever it is, how do I gave a prayer circle? Eurocrats, prayer for rare handholding, skin disease? That's my number one. I dont know if it came to me. If you just look at the way, Lord, you know there's a picture of tromp, but he looks like a profit. I don't know I just bought. There's just so many and when you guys use Kurt Cameron and very busy and the same. one of the best moments of my life, and we had given Sorbonne podcast nice, you don't it's likely literally have Kevin suitable as salty, had listened
have you ever done. Anything with Jim bakers have a really good Jim bigger story. We have but jokes about him, no like a real store, like I've done a shower where're, acquaintances, biter, so he's venom, Christian, LAS Vegas, France in Missouri, and so I did I his talk show when I was in Prince Missouri, but he came to allay the visit. some years ago, and he had never been to an IKEA okay, so he and his wife got really excited because, as we know, Jim likes to sell things to the to the people like the bracelet of the golden streets of Heaven and like doomsday pepper, and where better coded minutes, he has his own, where better to get paraphernalia to sell to people, but I care so he got super. cited in bought all these picture frames and people were looking in the parking lot. As I was loading things. My trunk and they look like. I was doing a drug deal with James Baker June. I'm saying like they were kind of like wise. The strange girl loading thing.
so a lot of his heavenly paraphernalia is actually I q, I serve Nike in reality. Does things to me? what we saw in those giant sockets of natural gee. I seriously security than that whereby we know about this earlier, I have found it was the doomsday proper stuff and he goes on DVD, like that. He takes the lead only to scrap, We naturally that's like the concept. I would like to have it in secret. Now you guys with care
Where did any of you start eating? Earthquake kids like beckoned me. I think I have wanted him. Oh yeah, like I was a kid. It was a huge deal. We're gonna have to locate the disease from his so embarrassed. I do not know your way, my kids in March of last year's quota, like Miss Pemberley. We regret to inform me that Ruby ate her earthquake kit and I was like how bad that she had to have canned tuna like what are you serving in the cafeteria that she were got this doped up stuffing, like uncocked diary formerly responsible, for example, are bad guys, hack for your kids at school and though the teacher in the covered in case like the earth, the building filled in did you write a note. They told you to write a note unilateralism.
I might add a note of your buried under rumble right now. I know literally, would like sucks for you like me. If you're in an earthquake you're not reading this, like with clearly you have lights, you that's the weirdest. Like your buried under roughly a flat united to the earthquake by your mommy loves you. So I will let you know and by the way a soda doesn't start. Your growth, understood, dollar an earthquake I think we might have a letter from Jim bakers lawyers about this article that we run about imprisoning, unleash the gospel with that porn. Star explains Jane. A girl. I now you guys Wednesday and Diego had closed their churches and kept the strip clothes open. I did a campaign that we need to be evangelizing industry clubs and having church, this reply because they tied would be in cash and that's and tax deductible screw you, and I think there is a lie.
I'd, advise dance ministry that could be expanding our horizons as Christians. If we get out of our backs up, be so narrow minded to Shaka con could be a new member. I could see pull dancing, worship wounds, I get people, dancing more should be done. Some Babylon be Berkshire ability, Google to determine shirts. If it has a Google. I feel that we could make a lot of money. We need to stop being in boxes. only other places we need to vandalized aid. Actually, news is how your Christians pull dance for Jesus in Texas Nuclear Poor fitness for Jesus gets christian women to spin without sin, Kyle right added later irregular. That's amazing! That's the real struggles trying to steal ahead of you I again never write something and then found out that somebody else across the country had the same idea of them, and then you win right. You're, like
minor publication will try to make them we're trying to get ahead of the thing that just happened. You write the Jew Well, that's the thing about twitters everybody can tell joke immediately. We can have wait till the stories big and then we get we prepare with Photoshop and the article on. So by the time we hit it is too late. So we gonna, like I, have a unique angles I mean I've had sight of scotch. There was stolen from a youtube and put on the donation and- and then I was working on the tomato at not as a writer is a performer, and I just was like we're. Not going to claim that mountain and they don't wanna get fired, but writers would be searching Youtube. We did this thing called e baby dot com, it's like if you dont, like your baby, you can go to a baby dot com and get a better one, Adam and then years later resurface in I got in trouble because the Ebay that common my skin was asian because we were like we were the asian baby. Now my kids are half asian, so I can say that under an achieved at our taxes and plays the violin, and the moms club wanted to vote me off, because I posted this video unmask of that. It's really-
degrading to ethnic babies. It's really degrading to. the children out there that have been adopted and I was like well by self mail has Trump card ready, but I have a vision, but I knew long ago for sure I always use that lake I married in asian guy can drive that way. I want it so you could have the drunk or I Mary them, so they would be smart and go to college for free ebooks, and our day anyway, and their part native Americans, of their getting a casino as well so worked up For, though we did get ancestry Diameter Lion Palmer only we got answers compromise my eighty one year old Father, but we couldn't give it to him because we're not as Helen like he thinks we are or skin Navy in, and he would have a seizure like we're like eleven percent as Elene, but he's Tony supplant
you know they think they're in. I am braces amongst nowhere vikings and it's not a bit better. So we had to rig it. We're like dagger. Eighty percent for shock die but mob a mob head. So I find fastening here. an outspoken christian or this every Emily knows your Christian, but you ve, been on the site, showed almost three times yeah. haven't you ever get me like Christian in a hollow its net known for being kind of, not carry honest, Will I be done about that? I dont get that as much as I would get. If I were to publicly say I make cuts, are you saying now, I know dynamic and they shoot with these political lines where they get the guns, because we're not supposed to have on by I've been quote
Christian onstage for a long time and comedy central at one point: go we love that character that, like did see like really stupid, like air having character as equal? No, that's me like the there like met so greatly about the religion into it. I got a lot of backlash like I used to do Yeah no comedy anywhere. You ask me so I would just add a comedy: anywhere it. Yes, I well know the gay drag bars and end with the dragons and then I would have she's been like. Why are you there and I was like I'm not on the bar dora? Ok, I'm in the bark. He knows, though, in the bar. None of the bug. You don't like the way you thank you. You guys trumps me on that. Christians are given me more slack through the years then non Christians. I think nine whacker Fleck, oh yeah, oh flak, think he'll just check out the music major
I think nine non Christians dont care because you're not bothering them you're, not infringing now, when I would do comedy at the drag bars in there where my Christian Thy tonight, and now these guys were clever. Unlike what are you guys doing here, Jim it guarantees and honour summit guys backstage would be like boy went to church, but they didn't want me. Are you know they didn't they didn't want me in, but you seem kind and using loving so felt like them history of what I do is backstage at a bar or backstage Attica. many clubs? I never wanted to be in the bubble completely, even what's easier there, it's more comfortable but there's nothing left. The adrenaline rush of being in a secular environment and making people ask and being number comic twenty three in their wasted drunk and they don't care about your christian famer. They haven't looked up your as me, you're just common twenty three in you have to go out
Adam and if I make them left, there's nothing better than that feeling not to say that I don't love my people. What you're better merely sitting right, I would love to Junior Richard. Is it your Beth, more jokes, probably don't kill industry. He added, and I have that margins. I want to tell well it's not bad. jokes? I just get obsessed with her because some like it when you watch Beth Birthmark people that are eighty like me, I can't focus on both more because her hair is too pretty, and I just don't know if it's ever gonna move, you don't mean and unlike them, the elder too vague. So I get obsessed with you know like physical details and then and I said to God I said to God: I cannot handle it one more time and so in my head and, like others above more impersonation, where my ever going to do that right, you know, living on the ban will be killed. I said Jesus. I can not one more time that one time Jesus but ass a minute. That's what I did
like the picture, but my walking around hearing God and dislike shouting at him all the time. You know I've been out with no more tat. Yes, sir, I have a friend who is a very well known, impressionist and she's so much better than I am her name's Angela Hoover, and so when I try to do impressions with her on the phone, she just politely laughs at and we'd Yoletta housewives, Roma from all the house, vice of New York are thousands of parallels, I'm sure you haven't probably parity. them, yet I'm Babylon, they don't even know that world today I write the Ladys that have the reality shows like real housewives. Above all else, I've heard the name, and I knew nothing else, but I assume it's just a real issue about housework sounds But there are they re hate each other and they have cat fights and there's a lot of drama behind a lot of it. It's kind of a train wreck. It's like the bachelor. You can't watch what you can't not want just like
women. The show me again how many women writers you have your last three, how many women writers the percentage? Ok, ok, alas, retreat we had one woman, and how many are actively writing for Europe. I would almost the last articles written my woman was for a few months Man is so I don't get it out, I'm losing that actually wrote. I actually write articles with women but problems. The promised them are funny this highlights the main thing. So few women needs you considering that I've made you laugh and counting fourteen times since I started this chance to pitch airlines at you, you for a very nice literally day that site I had a you know: I've had those meetings of business. I That's because member the actor Charles journeying. He was like an easy you get out much
wondering culinary sheltered as you gotta, be a child and a warrior. But I was I first move to allay and there is this Pulitzer Prize. Winning novel is cut the pig man. It was about like to teach kids, and I was up for the role and I went to lunch. I swear used. The jug me so I went to launch of Charles turning who's. Gonna, be the lead of the movie any said: what was your favorite partner in the script, and I went below the level of legal we're just I M really. Aren't I nonetheless all moment is the thing. Don't ask me pointed questions giving us a good because it s really the middle tubes good. Do because theory. I mean I like Babylon, be like the idea that right click- I don't know what it is, but I'm really But you wrote a video on my book, which was very funny, so that was my fate
great Babylon, being November fifteenth, two thousand, while you proverbs their zeal agreement, really heard. Here's Oh my god. It's weird that are brought that out of fishes of a proverb is thirty. Two woman. Yes thank you is it is their problem no well. There is on how you it's in my bible. I never could relate to proverbs thirty one because I was like I dont rise early and they don't plough and it says she gather, Sir food from afar and also your that's over eats, and so I ve never fit into that. More than I've been in the church hold for so many years, and I dont crock Potter farm to table, and you know, like dress my kids. It's like a lot of work so I never. I always would joke. There's got to be a proverbs. Thirty two like a hot mess for Jesus, there's got to be that extra. This is how my brain works, like don't you think, there's always an extra person like there was probably a disciple who sucks and you didn't get name.
Do you know any man like Jerome like he was like a little job in trying to walk on water juices like Jerome, get back in the ball like send Peter you had so many fishes and love. So I'm always thinking outside the box, and it's always been a joke. it's not gossip. If your head is bowed proverbs, thirty, two euros making up these proverbs, I will submit to not going to work and fight really a publisher ideas that I could write this book because I said this, so we books about how to be more wholly, how to be more spiritual, hata- and I never at that moment ever ever, and so they let me right at an alarming rate, to books about it. One of my depot called she rises. Lee and her kids make her breakfast and intolerance or devotional different, look up their different books, and the cover of this does look like a crime scene, so I became did yeah. They did it all along writers, aerial Circular
Yes, I thought it was either transverse zero color and my people will know. You know that by doing so, I wrote. I sold some people down the river pretty bad in this book to the point where I had to get legal agreements, because I wrote about the mean girls that remind me in high school in college, you named em. I try Apparently legally. We can't do that, but I cannot my eyes look right. I know it's fun, Lisbon. He don't wear this vote. shoot, you ve got Lego, rolling, pin, ok. Can I tell you, I was really in my hands during that photo shoot I had to be. I was sitting under the table, causes Babylon be. I have freedom. I was sitting and the table as a mom with my kids on top of me and I had an empty vodka bible and I was like
motherhood photos shoe and like a big time. On the other hand, if we take the label off the bog cabana, I dont yet take the label off, because anybody who knows what vodka is knows- that's not water written. So we did really fun. Mom follow suit of being a bad mom, and so we had we. We got all this through this beautiful table in China and we let my kids of a food fight and we just shot it, and so is the negative fifties mom. Did some really fun for, as we were in bed, my my children and I all bed, together one was reading people magazine and one was under Ipad. Unlike one was reading the Bible and whistling home school, I mean that's really what's happened, so that's kind or that came from, Ok, so did they photoshop out the market model? Yes, they get. Yes, that's like nothing! I don't even endorse vodka, just sutlers Bunny. I do a lot
things like my business card that photo on it for a while, and then I had to get a second set of business cards because, depending on who I meet, shall I have them that card? Maybe you so essential, However, no thank you for asking, but I have been wondering where my oils people are during covert. Dino naming cash can't think you're covert as they can cure. Observing Elsie have been evidence, mysteriously silent and so does mild. Might you know they're always like Ivan Oil? For that you knew you need a man. I have an oil and so on Angela in her name, is Angela Hoover we're on the phone before covered and where's us to go to lunch, and I said I can't meet you think, I'm coming down with a culture of no. You just think you're coming where the cold. I thought it was coming out of the cooperative some siege put it under my nose. I took some a regular, I put it under my tongue and then they snorted three lines of cocaine, and I feel that this is terrible is, unlike you, just smelling and pizza sauce,
Just wonder why have they begin universe silent during covert married people in oils people, because we are all the married people with us? Jack blessed pictures right: you're, not as posting anymore, given the low shouted my married couple and other key shoutings with your mom no happening there, just stuck in the Kalis together and nobody's photographing it he's wearing your married in your married, well, an idle with my husband. So I don't know that counts, but I mean what do you do to get everywhere, solving mobile on for three days to hide in separate room, oh, I will live in a way that would mean ever to rule out of me. I d, just Owen, running Marty, you're gonna, rub that energy electricity, electricity. I mean how do you go well? Ok, so I live with my two kids, my roommate and my ex husband lives in my garage and
I know you are fine talk about that. Unlike other kinds of any of the Caribbean here was helping us move is definitely come on. He was helping us move and then you'd like I'll just stay around for a week because Cove it's dangerous and coming back and forth, but he just a lot of stuff around my house and I got used to ring it like you take that my garbage are super value on earth. It was a year of here like screws things like things to be known. My roommate constantly like hey. It's like short text RON: hey can you can even fix my cable MIKE eight without so he's kind of he and demanding the only real, so don't mind having him around I, like em, we're like most married couples. We live in separate rooms, don't judge people sell but he's yeah, we home school. That's a team sport. I don't have any because
you come here and we are now well everybody home souls now, but yeah we ve been Ascalon, for we were hipster home scholars. We were doing it before our attack. Now I cheated my weight. They sound like island had to sign her name. I learned how to do her. My fellow I learned how to influence sir and want to write on the tacit yeah you can be produced, without the online store in America ourselves this year we didn't she did at all and so to be some serious and your podcast for two seconds and then go back. I have a daughter who, ten years ago- and I gave you heard dvd- she was born very sick and she was born with what they said was gonna, be severe special needs, mental deficiencies, just a lot of issues, gonna walk with the Walker shooting is gonna, be really sick and where people apparent so we were just like not today Satan, and so we prayed and praying and praying and pregnant spending a credible supernatural healing journey. Her name's really
these ten she so he held that she got in trouble for jumping in the boys bathroom like over the stalls which I was that's an achievement. You said she wasn't gonna walk and but she was born with the chromosomes disorder and there's no care for that. But just for anybody who is listening like never stop praying because God never said, there's a care for the. So it's just a journey a journey. Is she going to pass math and we put our regular school she's in a regular christian school, because godson healing her brain and last year, as I was cheating my way through third great, it was just hard, and this year creature called me in this mistake and said. I need to speak to you about your daughter on Christmas day. Let's never good when their age or call and she's I want to let you know that Ruby has the highest GPA in the whole class re, so in humility the I made a video for all of social media guy who's spot is clear in the hall or a great, and I didn't around about it to be humble.
And ceiling. Stepping you're embarrassing me, but I I totally became that mom I don't even care. I became that mom that I hear that has like my kids in honor student, bumper sticker ugly, I'm getting a car wrap. This is MIKE it's better than but no such a huge achievement. I wrote about her and one of the chapters but to think that she had been barely passing. Some grades to having a young, I told the teacher- not cheating. That was a point. My story, we're are cheating at all, which I know you got something. Big deal way is it is it being achieving all like we did even like wink at her and she could spell. Finally, I can't spell finally end meridian
the two elsewhere on the matter? So now you re very spoke. Finally, a mile or so now this package is heartfelt EU funding and I get all the moms will listen now, because we have a sick, kids story here. I get the moms. You have them. How do you feel you reaching them on demographic, We are here to my mom's, where the decision makers You are my mommy mafia, read a lot of my home school families that yeah listen together. So interesting I've been working poor children, but if you see I was for you kids right now that owes me c c hairs. What's different about moms today were organised and we got Facebook. Ok in that is dangerous for months to be organised on Facebook, because now they can talk to each other and that all the crew, Demands can talk to each other, too. Has a lot of and planting.
the internet, is all you need your crazy, but you always like kind of isolated in your crazy, because every time I wonder to isolated crazy people buy them all those towns. Those crazy will find each other, and you know We also need to worry about the doomsday papers there. Organised union, organizing their organizing events, shall we say on Facebook, and I dont know why Facebook thinks that I need to know. some three hundred invited to deal with it in vote. I like I, don't you guys are married. You get those instagram with a handsome pro. I get a handsome man profile whose a doctor in Barcelona and hope, hey lovely, like an that's the whole using a private messaging, I always went back and looked like a model in Sicily, high bred over like like that. We, like- hey, they're, lovely.
lady. Like you know, what is there? What are they really you into their? I haven't guy we're gone down the path, but I did get asked out by twenty two year old, who is in dental school, which I was very excited about, but then I realized I can't date, someone that legally, I could be there. Mom like you, don't know that I live in Alabama like a year on, like Bulgaria was ETA Skateboard, and I told my daughter, oh Mamma asked by a future dentist because we're not doing hallowing sugar free, you can't married and you normative, its handing it to fixin little Russia's, while you're, not only the houses like Halloween's, demonic, but we're doing in any way were saved by grace the people I bet a church that are like wins, evil, demonic, but we're still Hannah. they forget Amazon harvests February the trunk of a tree with the sugar treat. Yet we do it. I don't know we had some good
discussions about it? My birth is unhealthy win, and so I felt like it was like a kid. Did somebody told me Santa wasn't real and don't even think about tony citizens, but like as I became a California Christian and got involved in different church, Is I grow catholic, many things demonic and out, but we just embracing and when they saw do, tell me how will we was in and give me these tracks in these books it's kind of hard to, but the problem is. I was on an airplane with my daughter who for the time and she met a yoga teacher and so the teachers like you're for it. You know you gotta preschool Because what do you do and the lady goes, I teach your gun losing. We can't do yoga. My mommy says its demand gray and our way of living. Mommy does one work out. I didn't you know: you're home school community right that word gets thrown around a lot longer sure where Us crazy cause, it's mostly online, but you can use.
I want to get out of anything. You can't watch tv past. Seven o clock is demanding a Yo Yo, you those there much demonic yoga he's here by our kids. If you bubble up your kids, the problem is at some point. They will go out in the real world and they were relays how majuba line and you get in trouble and then chop protective services shows up. I'm not saying I know this by backed by you. I feel like I caught the tail end of the demonic like suit enquiries of away. You raise that way.
no, but it looks like we just had the kind the after effects of it like. I wanted to go per dungeon, dragons mine, but but my parents didn't really think of his Monica was just like. Well, we had heard some things decades ago. Now you know they were like not sure, unlike Harry Potter, Harry LAD, air like well. Maybe you can read it we'd. Rather, you read Narnia, but probably man crazy about hokey man, the pokemon they let me do focus on. I had put em on blue. I got my parents bought for me, so I am like old school like garbage falcons, like I'm sure that one event gremlins my entire generation is tomorrow I mean seriously there's a lot of drugs, the latter drugs and eighty look at Sesame Street like who thought up Sesame Street that wasn't I like Larry mentioned, is a total hippy yeah like there's a bird has an imaginary friend who lives in a garbage can cause he's Hungary eyelids cookies. Although time sniffle up against
Finally, some kind of acid trip creature, something the Lewis Carroll, didn't end that, like definitely sassy mistreat, picked up the torch. now you think back to where how strange entertainment was in the eighties? Have you ever watched eighties cartoons with your kids and see how Jack like the last unicorn in order to lower the habit like the original habit, cartoon, Tyler, Yad and, like them, asked the unicorn ends and there's a vulture any threats eating animals and, like my kids, are crying and suck it up. We did like the army and therapy all ok my dad would have us watch the secret of new love and like the owls cranking has had all the way around remaining on rats as you, like. You remember, labyrinth with data. I love landmine arising in this neighborhood. You ve never seen I've never seen it so guide. It's actually cells argues David Bali as like the demon king and these likes dealing babies, it's so Chris.
the goblet, but my kids are like I'm like you can't watch tv channel, but labyrinth is probably is less damaging than the decision I came. I think they do the channel and is the reason this country's in trouble. I really do. I think you ve got to stop. stereotyping and the kids are always lying to their parents in every episode. This demand Yes, it's a businesslike come like Hannah Montana, another stone unit, a little little kids that comes in early June, yet I do think it. worse than like movies got some crazy demon thing. You go that guy's evil because it doesn't work, demonic, sever, always pretty good, wholesome entertainment. Could it's like really black and white about evil is real. You have to do something about it and use. It has to be some form of prayer or calling out to God yeah. They happen to have a you have to go there, but the problem is due.
Illicit give. You know Disneyland subject of horror movies in the eighties and this dating myself, but we would go to rent the dvds, like you had to go to the store to get even on the right and left my mom. If you like, I got you this dizzy movie, it's called watch or in the woods and its Betty Davis. Like dry in this girl swamp like a big stick and then bring your back to life in our name was care, and but they would write it backwards on the mere I'm. So are that's why I think there are massive. Stop yes near it, see you just editing. we have here and they got started its from watch or in the woods from the news. It all goes back to Disney Kyle. You said it year connected winded Dizzy, Sir Gawaine bad because they had like being done, knots, movies and stuff. Like that one point does ago, every indecent eighties, don't you think I meet her? rides again was fine, but I think after Herbie they went on ass before avenue above the law
Oh about was not always first and then I'll be right here in my kids, writers, lands and then her before we loaded came, and can you guess linked ever changing your kids old movies that youth our goal, and I await them. You, like I, should Lucy Greece, my favorite, like rom garbage, is like. Oh, I get it so I need you were tight leather and smoke cigarettes whereby to like me, I'm like no, you need to dance, ok and then she got all the dirty jokes. There were in Greece like that. I should like so Rizzo MR period, I'm like it's a typewriter like not she's pregnant. How do you know these things like just so gay just there and then, like? I showed you guys, are Jews but remember pretty and paying Molly Ringwald Ring, so she comes up with it
hot guide, the end, but there's always the french guy Ducky, just like y know. We end up with Turkey. Unlike this is an argument we ve been having for twenty years, so that women are still jobs that we get it. You should event with John Crier, so yeah, They're wrong comes. Are we urge? I hate them? I hate the new round comes and I think it needs to go back to grow, meets boy and she leaves the nice game, dates the idiot and then rides away just stick Revalue, Imala, Gabbett, later she's divorced and unhappy. I mean We announce imply yeah the dark secret speaking dark civil outbreaks, amusing, your package of sex in the cities, Jonah Reboot, and really it's called less sex they're kind of
yeah, but they are and then what are they going to do about Samantha because can control hates them and there is a huge war between zero, just a Parker and came controlling twitter, huge war. So now there thinking of killing Samantha character for the You heard it here on the babble envy. Thank you, homes gloves. I don't understand why certain events, what is before he found Jesus yes border does out. I prefer my testimony like so used to deal drugs. I used to have a dramatic testimony, the worst thing everyday websites, like the movies I did but
so funny now that I'm olden cranky, I won't let my want daughter watch anything given close to that natural, throw it back, and maybe we, U Saxons. Videos like that was pre. Jesus was finding myself numbering of my past. Am a thirteen year old wants to go through something's issues that can I shall isn't it a punk rock and cautious hooked up now gonna cut my hair and a war. No, you can't listen upon record. Here's a cutlass city. You know here it's like the relying on the same law. Only just rely gaze punk, you know, have you tried him experience? No, they get either go but they're like they were like what I was alone to rebuild two annexed if they were like unchristian but didn't, they say the word less. I've been trying to be other lying in Cutler. Sri Lanka is a little too inside the crush. You get a bubble because she's, comparing it to green day and night Chemical Romeo, though, and then expect is perfect for work is now I am, but you know those that the limits of the deal.
We'd like once, every couple records, yadda Gloria, I'm rebuilt neighbours to her about it, she's dying, Zira Val, instilling. Let me go. There's something I'm like cut your hair, Lincoln. Really, I feel sorry for christian kids, I I mean I groped Christian, but it wasn't like a big issue by christian kids today. I think she felt like she can't do any. She is restricted. more like she doesn't have a cell phone she's thirteen. I don't let her use the internet on her gone her up, I'm I'm! I'm I'm really mean because I know all the tricks and I've done them all, and I did tell you that we have an implantation in her right mauler. We can tracker like. No, you don't owe me, try me won't you try me one time. We do not need any more just or phone you can jerk. Why should never found or lead yeah? She travels but the ip everywhere from it. I don't know
I'm pass the stage of carrying. If my kids thing, I'm cool or not, they are president twelve ten and for your right with me. five: thirteen in turn and, like the twelve year old, knows everything right, look about everything about it you wanna call NASS ambulance. Would you harvest their brain there? So smart little, don't He knows everything about their never run like evil when you catch them doing something wrong. They're like awe and its she's gonna be an incredible ere. She once pillar and cheap. You kill anyone right. This is good news. I was at home. I was sent someone like it. I remember, I argue say there dumb No, no
Mayor Packard Gas deserve my wife. The limitless into my pocket isn't funny how you can be in the world of entertainment and the people that are close. If you do not care Ok, I was gonna, think that's good. Owing to its own shameless plug. I did a movie and it was only a museum, and I dont even know is an aim is on and I just small purpose. So during Christmas break I downloaded the movie for my family, my mother, we're visiting my mother, and I played my scene and my mother COS Oh, I guess that's it you're! Not even oh! That's nice, you just! Oh that's all you have to show you are in a movie like literally then my kids are like that's cool like literally and walked away big, but you just as she Miss plugin when you didn't tell Us- and I just want to plug that- I was in another that people want to figure out. It's called the Brennan Manning. Sorry, it's a christian movie, Ragamuffin Jesse Ragamuffin. It was the sequel that button kids don't care, but they do cousin. I know famous give legal value care.
look, I know the giant Jonas Brothers banking. Today, yeah yeah, I took my kids. Did they hang out with Sir Henry Winkler though they had no clue, although, as you might, airlines will doubt operate now. You met the funds. Was the amazing sewerage memory, nice obsessed with him straight in his book Children's books are using the thing I think videos of him lately is dancing on the internet and still oh yeah. Ok, so speaking of Tik Tok, my daughter was like you should go and tiktok and I got this predators. mom you're, not exactly what the predators are. Looking for. How do you ever How do you feel about tax? I sort of I dont sort of Haiti. I do hated link with everything inside of me. Kind of fascinated by lie. I like not that I love it but I m fascinated by what it's trying to. You and then like how horrible is for your brain. It well
horrible, for anyone that tries to put out produce content run another place because all of my friends have tried to transition to technic. We have a competition like winning. I have twenty one followers unto death, but you can't lifting you can even at all, wearing a song and be a middle aged mom and have four million or be like my my catches attire. make this go viral, and then it goes viral. So I m fascinated by its first diversities me and then fascinated by the hay my grandpa, no he's really my dad and their dancing together. Videos like I'm fascinated by all of these can concoctions of our team, but as an entertainment, its insulting do you know them further surrenders just in his bedroom unease that there can be any get anything like. He will clearly give us a continent and basic right.
That you're just producing content for the site is no one's ever gonna leave Tik Tok and go see your thing, and what does it mean that you haven't million tiktok monetize anyone even money and Tik Tok as all anyone's ever gonna? Do is really go. That's funny like next video You're, never gonna go like I mean it, Yes, they might like grab your patron. something! Ok, so I'm down enough to go to Instagram and try to followed they don't have followers on Instagram. It's it's a weird you producing and for them to tick document money in order. It reminds me of it reminds me of people, the goat, and, if you do excuse me, arrest. You people, the gutter renaissance fares every year, due to Ireland and cow I've been during its a world of its own and they have a hierarchy and they have called people and their all within the world of each other and they eat the Turkey bones and they sleigh each other and they don't care what the world thinks, because within the renaissance world they have each other, and I feel that to attack except their growing and there's got to be more of them than us.
We're all gonna, throw anything good all realize. I have an idea political idea, all the people on parlor they're getting shut out. She going Tiktok turn Tiktok and other concerns. I think all the conservative should start infiltrating tik Tok with our conservative tiktok, I think nearly everything I'm staying with them, like the one minute boundary wayward tiktok era are yours is the thirty seven. Some have Donald Trump is really. Secondly, winning the election was in power for one day and then I was like I'm bored have time and proper became a design. Very figure on the feed is that's made, makes you work too hard. You have to find people yeah, yes, poorly designed and its Did that promoting social media until you have a critical mass of people can use that you can have the best program in the world and they don't so
I think I'm gonna stay with the union's on Facebook. Availing my people are Instagram Instagram spheare people that can't read Genome saying what they does. Your hosts file, your my people, I love food, so I feel like every time you have a guest in the park as you should go through there s room. Could you can tell I've got a person by what they follow its not don't look at what they post. Looking put your mind is all slow cookers. everything is cause. I was on that covered diet. The whole body challenge, which is how much food on my eating and my whole body everyday, like homage food, can load up. Is I've been eating like a wisp consarn like a midwife, the way was raised when just like, let's put spaghetti and cheese and sausage in a crock part and then bake? It soon happens, covered everything is covered and she is gonna hold it together, like by the time I discover a social network. It's already like the kids have left it. You know like I'm
I'm at that age. Where am I gonna tiktok indoors? and now they ve already found something else that I don't know about you. Yes, I never did the sneer. I never did Snapchat unless that completely completely too, because I figured I did Meta Unicorn hard to be pretty like. I was like if you're, like if you're, a single girl and you're trying to being guys like you know, we agreed available, could donkey so then you're mediating, coffee shop in the guise looking burden can re. So the insight model for ease the guy he's like she's a fairy godmother itself, let our profile in so I I don't know. I think Facebook should stay wrong, so my baby pictures or on their my kids and I didn't do scrapbooks. I just tell them I cared about you. Look at the scrub oak through our finger first and then I don't think I don't alright I'll here. Other hug, you upset Facebook. Has this thing? Would they will capture you here and they will million book a fairy out? Yes,
another one that big captured the decade, and so you can go in there and see what your jacket looks like. It's all pictures of food and my kids. Yeah. I was, I kept really well every year, I'd make a photo, but for a family of all of our phones. and I just realized that I haven't done then last three years ago catch up and by the way they have services that will deal for you said so easy now, the out a yeah, I'm I'm emigrants, designer and steps, and so it drives me not to just Otto generate, but I do let it go out to dinner. Then I go in tweak it. If you could see the calendar I made my get for Christmas. We would not be. You would be appalled at me. I did have a picture calendar with no graphic design skills whatsoever on a calming Sands
We are a mole Jesus, Hats, Riyadh, reflecting water effect. I know I just filling people with graphic design Scots. Does it bother you to see all the horrible things that are out there, but it's only if it's my stuff on agriculture, I'm not like that. No one was hurt. People get some paying, remember I recently I have always believed that Psycho unites figure a unlike the party with technology. I discovered gifts a few years ago way after every, he saw a good solid six months I only communicated and gifts lake and now you get kicked up moms clubs all the time because they would be fighting and I would like to pose the give imbibe going now. Our like live so much joy in gifts, every just gimme getting gifts of having the time with a mood you like I just region,
We discovered that I, like a sad cry. I never used immodest, I'm at the Babylon big eyes and they all use M tonnes are just like a decade by like no worse confession ever is. I thought Lincoln was called Linda can for like a lot like for real. I didn't even know what it was like when they can all be countered by when I'm. So. Why am I not? Even? I think I'm too young for a link, then I'm too old for Tik Tok, I'm I'm Instagram. All the way we have here is what I had for lunch people. We rushing cobra kind, my My fourteen year old daughter, special is like a scene where the kid is teaching a camera in your names, the blonde hair instructor main character, Johnny Johnny he's teach that them gallery the Miguel. Ok he's teaching him. How use facebook I might add, is letting Johnny. So unreal
Thank you and me on Facebook, Mckechnie Cinema Thy scored area. So I let my thirteen year old watch season, one of copper com just confessing and saw the homes comments. As I love watch these and want to cover guy, and we were it not very firm the summer they shot the park dumb, but they had a food days. Things. Of course I went at. I took my children's lives in their hand. It was all food, no rights which is my fate in particular the most click. The best thing ever know you had it. Ticket and you would go to the booth and they would contact was give you all these statistics, so she got enough with the ten year old and she used a expletive were that I never heard come out of her mouth and I mean you ve seen the movie Chris,
story where the voice. I was getting a bar soap and like shoving where'd, you learn that, unlike COBRA Kai groundwater for six weeks, but the worst thing I did is no more coal black guy in she's still zone angry. But then I was a kid. I secretly one a letter logic as you. super end of the story, but I can hide because the languages atrocious yes, pretty bad things. biodiversity. We make our my tenure open, hurries, eleven watching it and, as the second he's not imitating good job songs. You keep it up. Thinking outright anything. She winder first forward from Goonies Greece, s pretty bad. I know back in the eighties, yellow something love it four kids. They sneak all this stuff in their like. Why I don't even No, that was sneaking rate. We those I agree in their those part, what they did and even area Gary Movie, had to have some kind of sexiness even completely out of place or just a naked women. Pop
up randomly and its silver watch. Those old like eighty movies it we were really really young, but they they stayed around like the John Candy movies and then the inaccurate, your supervisor, Do you, like I, arts, summer rental with them and their lincoln total? I dont a hologram mpg rating and anyway, super Ghostbusters has I became sate on this package and I spent a lot of things on this fact as I want to get in trouble for good Island and I watched over guy. You go get hate mail for them. Principally about cocaine but other than that didn't I I didn't say I d cooking, none of my friend in what you said. The work, ok Mackenzie com tyres will never leave you gotta gas. They will you got like massive, the likely for what you something like so over the edge we most absurd people get. You are always gets. You have said about tropical,
Frank, Cyrillic, Trop bashing, because we are joined by Solberg on an easy and it did not big trump. Then we get a lot of heat see. The thing that I like to do is why, if I ever had any sort of altercations like my brother, is a very, very liberal agnostic, a social workers any at all, and we got in some sort of either one you're, an adult with your siblings and years. Go by you don't have a fine. You just have some like raging for me this raging fight of years ago. over nothing, but I think it was twenty years of pent up energy and the worst hit the ETA go by the way. I voted for tromp right and it was just like his hair ass building. If there's one thing you could say to just put the anchor in the coffin of some tromp supporter and my neighbours with me, I could not tell my neighbors and I know you- not tell the neighbours, because they have all the signs and I'm sure, there's some sort of like button, they would push in my house,
like I've already got. I never liked with an your insurance has nothing yeah. I can't you didn't move no baby I know not how we have Trump blog parties zeros. I ever more, my pants on Georgia's. I know what that's like replied, so my brother, I mean seriously with families. today my mother had to bribe him for Christmas. We traveled were evil people, but so I went to see my parents and she said if you say one word mark one there's no Santa for you. You know he's like thirty five, but he's like ok, but no seriously. She was like don't say, and the whole thing is a little upset your father, it's gonna upset your father, but families are being torn apart. You I mean he turned on CNN. I felt my mom is gonna, lose her my lunch
We don't get c and adhere to get their boxers back now. That's even evil bets demonic, given in Zaragoza demonic. Now it's newsman, but yes, Oh, but now lately, I don't know when this is going to air, my friends that are who were who were over chump supporters and over over, like it's, an oil slick he's got like I get a liar. You two videos- and this is my fair. When I got one- and there was this guy- and he goes- I just wanna- let you know if he's in a private jet- this is just yesterday and you guys gonna. Look it up What is going to be a president for former years, I've some Dearie high in Intel meetings and I go home like us teach this is amazing. Is he a profit and she goes. I know he's the my pillow guy he's my below guy. We had a modest, but that's so he's mean, while you can have it set out my videos suing that's gonna one in the plane right. I thought it was like balance you ever somebody I bet I was like he's a wild character,
character. How did you get him? Is he could just yeah? We just email them the new, and I guess I was the other. He was the Abbe like most. While this interview, you telling me trumps, going to be present and he's got some high intel, meaning there's this day. There's a fervour of people that, because we have of body, does enable he said as you to channel just? He only said he started only talking about Trumbo in and talk about what kind of stuff like secret things about example, in his? U to channel shot from like two thousand subscribers, like three hundred thousand. What weight you guys, what if he is secretly a spy and he's a secret KGB agent? He secretly knows a bunch stuff that you don't know the Pillow Guy Theatre and the pillow thing is a front The points that you have a guidance
delivered his. We asked him about that. We asked him of his pills, could be used to kill people, and you know the very breathable air despise me about that. Guy, in the seventies you hosted, the gong show that he was secretly spied dismember that deliver some maybe my pillow misled in history. But my friends are setting this really is still lacking, The media is right. My mother in law was that the capital you sent me out of stuff and here I mean I- I am openly I jumped I'm openly conservative, I'm openly ever mobile again, but some of my kids friends, my friends, have taken the wagon pulled off, went into a forest and never to be found again like they're, so off the wagon right, and I I don't want to spend them by saying I don't agree with, because I've already offended all my liberal friends that so I'm stuck in a bubble with like
where people saying their owners room, yeah, we're still wages ever heads out, we're like right. It out just write it out. It is right and commercial Marilla says it's gonna be ok, maybe those linked to people. They really do. I listened to the Mai pillars, I cannot believe that you guys know him, and had a neuron amounted to their working about His connection was terrible. The guy was now how much money I billionaire and he's like talking to us on issues like Ipad, walking around one g you're something staring up Austria has a cock near old uncle tonight. Guess, can you tell us. Can you give us some advice on how to act on the system? Soap operas yeah. You have to learn, but you have to learn really big words, because when I was on general hospital, the actresses we're having trouble and they director would literally communities like just cut. The word is, though,
The word actually Ike here is my family was the crew? Is they ve been there? Twenty years are all chain slogan there like as it five year five and then it was it was sore grind, but yet I was perky in twenty two and happy to be there, but then the huge difference, just the huge differences working which a Leno and when you work on a comedy set and have lots juicy gossip about him, but he's just a delightful. You know he wears the same shirt every single day. we were all this juicy. Gossip will be in our subscriber portion coming up sure, ok, gazelles, who I mean whether their Corky things like he wears the same Denham Certain seemed Anna pants, but he s ten pet, but the same exact z, superstitious, he's never spent a dime of his tunic show money because he thinks he's gonna go broke
So we all know spends money and when my dad mammogram people out of the sky, while he does stand over a like a hundred fifty going tonight, is no. I really some sort of my dad met J Leno when I those incurs right when I was like twelve and he goes, my daughter wants to condemn a can of your other groups, who wrote me a note, and it says too, Harry, come to allay we'll make movies love you J. So was like a great story of in Asia, but he's so nice he's just so incredibly nice, but back to my point. This set on that show when you're smart use gossip when the strike happy we're trying to save this for the subscriber portion keep. What do? I tell the juice ass if you can tell when the strike happened back in two thousand and eight and the writer strike, and there is living J Leno said I will give my salary to the crew so that we keep like these are, and so would you would go on the site and
They would not tell you who the gasters with even if you're a nice to the heron, make up people who are always in a good mood. Another thing about J is he shakes everyone's hand every single day and every single day, hisses J? Yet we know you, we know you are you're Duenna, but he shakes your hands as thanks for being here, but there are a couple times where, in my dressing room one day was gonna, be J F, K, Junior, he was coming at one in my segment was at eleven and I just but to be hanging around the clock insurance, it may happen to be other out, but you never know who is going to walk through the door. It would be John Travolta, I met John. Malta, and I did the same thing that I did to you when you me for the headlines. He was like hello. How are you and others
let alone like nothing by out, but it was just a joyous. That's why look comedy the crew is laughing everybody's living? My first one of my first sketches. I pleaded Jerry Springer contestants and we had to do a fist fight with each other. This girl, dahlia and I we were just really enthusiastic, dropping on the show, and so she pulled my hair. Throw me off the chair. We go into. full rule around fight like a real fight and then J Leno isn't that they like print it. Take one we're fine, and then I saw the scar. My ankle from her. The old hurling, so excited Wait just a completely France via so I say from doing the heavy drama, sick, but the food. Is really get on the South Africa, but the actors can't eat it, so that no bitterly funny, when actors to be skinny, but the food on sites is like you know, doughnuts and Hoag Ease, and I mean I might have gotten
Putting some of my purse when you're serving act, your eyes are also voice damages wrapped, Diego. So isn't like you mere openly christian and conservative. Do you have a gazelle and colleagues and that some work a hollow like there's the relation before they realize you that and then me sometime, you kind of realize all they know now or the viewer had that. shift or already have they ships in high with that fully. No you in that space and like it's totally open and another completely disagree like. I think, that's the! missing defined in that culture like it's very you, if you don't think like we do them, while must either be quiet or at best turned down things. My daughter, my little girl got offered a sick, come and an Academy award winning movie, We turned both of them down and the second was produced by IRAN, Howard and it wasn't even real it didn't and it was up
you see. Gaza with Sir Sollermun was doing as they come and really Lucy was gonna play the daughter and it wasn't overtly dirty, but the first three pages where enough that we really gives or source of Anna just to be opened on your podcast every single time she would get cast for something. I was always like the daughter of the gay couple, and I have no problem with her playing the daughter that but, like I see where this is going in and she was like four or five, so the child auditioning at the time and so We turn them down enough times. The agency dropped her because they and then one time I was in toxic at my own sick, come and they loved this character. I was doing the christian girl and there, like you, know we want for episode one this true we want you to get a boob job, real id to get a boob job and then we'll put it on the show and then I'll be like am I still christian and I really wanted them to pay for my breast enlargement by the tailors. There really speaks to things that we Christians, but actually do so.
I have no real you notice, when Christians or tv there, the biggest dumbo waits like your pastors lake. That movie with the told me with wire, was playing the pastor and the one where her son, almost her son, that flat Leinen Chrissy met Centigram, but they just don't represent them. in the greatest light and I dont know how to write christian roots characters, but so I've had to turn more things. Down and down there they'll, say or ones. That the Hollywood Improvin I prayed before a meal, and I was meeting with some big producers and later the guy goes. That was really those really out their plight. How you like for aid before the mailing thou, as that was really risky. What you did their errand like what so I've had those? more so I've been sitting Estonia studio pitching a film and local love. What she does that talk to the God talk to the God. I go for
yeah I turned to the God. You try it and then data will open a really cool door, some more so on the positive side, I think I've just had a long history of saying no to things, but I feel The God is kept me there, because there's a lotta heartbreak and I could get on the soap box for another episode about how many quote fasten Christians are doing non christian material, but yet there still professing Christians in the pilot. In the pr. So then what I say My friends is what you just did that and you just said that and there's kids that look up to and are saying while she is a Christian and she just got naked in that movie or she's doing these. These tv shows that are cut compromising, but Yeah well go on press junkets, umbilical Jesus are all the time. I think you can get away with that. If your wrapper, you don't exactly like a football player but- and I ve a behind it-
some of you will is what you're doing and they'll say why I had to do it. It was for the show or ahead you it so I'd like to my career some day they gotta. Look at me. I didn't do anything. You know come rising because I had to look, there's no really ranch. You pictures out there on the internet any pictures I took her before the internet, Aren't you glad? While you grew up social media right, your whole time know about you, guys proudly It came out when I got out. I got my space like first, your college like Myspace, yeah, yeah Ezra, I wanna go got my myspace profile? I think we are all Tom Nigger Myspace is gone Tom Newt. While you can last exists now they accidently nuke, Dolly Old Moreau. We're moving servers we deleted, but is also really. I think it important that we have acted on Facebook. Our kids risk,
better starts? You are invoking, isn't everything like permanent now or something while ye have unusually the Wayback machine? You can go find it, but I guess whenever they did, you put on my way back machine blows up. I know there is ever I mean the sun's really pretentious. I dont know if I do it on purpose, but if you ve ever Hugo's your name fever put your name and governance he's got a programme twitter search that on occasions there is some jacked up stuff that, like there's a thing called Wiki feet. It's a Wikipedia thing. First, celebrity you made it on their. Yes, thank you, They pulled out of Jamie me on the streets, they there's a voter. We stand in front of a store like its wiki fee, like an angel eagerly picture here. Look it up, people put in the show notes
or they'll be a headshot of me on Ebay in its Ansel for four dollars and no one's bid on it. Not even my mom, you know, but no there's some weird stuff. The longer year and entertainment there's some stuff little, but my married comics. My proposal was online because he proposed to me in the Middle my comedy acts to the theme from dirty dancing, which was pretty epic even to this day like that. But no there's a lot of stuff that you just have to earn. You can't touch. I can't call the Winkie feet people and be like. Thank you for this big honor. Did you catch? You look better, didn't we the dance for its on Youtube and hearts. When we got divorced, I was afraid that I was going. Scarlet lettered by everyone in the Christian are really was very, very afraid, and so I went and made everything private, but it was almost too difficult
There is so much of we toward together reward for millions of people and now that we're such good friends, he tapes, my videos, I do these videos called cooking with my axe and so he's the camera guy. and he never comes on camera. But am I like my Ex husband Bellamy, but people that have followed me? the long term? They know Rhine and we did not have an angry divorces morning. Sad so he started I just through my hands in the air. It's been six years now and I'm like. If might have forests offends you? You probably don't want to hire me. You know, but I dont support divorce. I think divorce horrible and God has a funny way. I prayed when we got divorced. I said: please don't hurt my kid, not the gout hurt my kids, but I said please don't let my kids hurt. This is not their fault, and God heard my prayer no, my ex husband living and make her at its June. I nodded anger. I said crushing bank, you are organ right to the subscriber lounge, where we're gonna get some more juicy gossip in seen pictures sir,
We're all gonna pose our feet. Coming up next for Babylon, be subscribers all you want to hear about one ethnic. I came in yes and fostering. Ok, Anna! So as hustler incorporate ourselves, you red carpet like unduly interview. The whole spectrum goes
enjoying this hard, hitting interview become of Babylon. These subscriber to hear the rest of this conversation go to Babylon, be dogged Tom, Flash plans for full length, freefall, gas, Kyle and Ethan. I would like to thank Seth Dylan for paying bills Adam forward for creating their job, the other writers, sport tirelessly pitching headlines subscribers and list until next time. This is Davy, Andrea, the voice and the Babylon B.
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