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Episode 14: Race And Grace With Kira Davis

2019-09-13 | 🔗

In the fourteenth episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle are joined by Red State's editor-at-large Kira Davis. Kira joins for the entire episode to discuss current news stories and then get into the main topic: race. How do we handle it as a society and as individuals? What should the conversation be like? What is the Christian response to the race issue? How does the concept of grace fit into an issue so weighed down by history? We dig into these heavy topics and more.

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Stories of the Week

(10:09) CNN's 7-Hour Climate Change Town Hall Loses In Ratings To 'Baby Shark' Being Played 185 Times In A Row

(15:48) White Girl Turned Into Pillar Of Pumpkin Spice After Looking Back At Starbucks

(24:18) href="https://babylonbee.com/news/walmart-discontinues-sale-of-auto-parts-to-prevent-car-accidents?fbclid=IwAR3RuA1zwt9ieXVlX-1sNW7Mrja7bjJCQOIuP2kfPJuz8OUV1-pWmRa27R0">Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents

(33:02) Main Topic: Race and grace

(1:16:06) Hate Mail

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In a world of fake news, this is news you can trust you're listening to the Babylon Bee. Here are your infallible hosts Kyle Man and Ethan Nicole, who needs drugs when these guys have Jesus welcome everyone to the Babylon Bee Podcast, I'm Kyle Man and I meet Nicole, and with this today we have a special guest here: Davis, hi, hey hi, hi, guys. We need to introduce her she's, the editor at large of the red state and on the podcast hosted causing market, and I also just started my own podcast called just listen to yourself with Cara Davis, so you can find all those things. I listen to stupid, guys, politics, podcast, stupid guy. That's why I didn't know about that. One stupid deal, yes, yeah! Isn't that we should try smart girls, so yeah. I just I feel, like
the whole town, better yeah kind of think that that's our territories in really stupid. No, really, we would name of our podcast. We should do like a branch of smart girl, stupid guy 'cause, we're just kinda guys around, and we have no right to talk about any of this yeah. We just make jokes about stuff yeah. We do. We are Beavis and butt head of Christianity, Correct great scription, wow curious. Thank you for being. Thank you for having me on cited to be here. A big fan of the vote. The Babylon Bee and my listeners over at smart girl are also huge, Babylon, be fans. So I'm definitely I mean they get some some recordings with you guys before I leave because I know my audience is going to want to hear from you guys, but I don't if that far away in this part of the country, a lot of us are in
same area. So I love to get to people in person whenever I think that's the best. We try to get people to drive out to our compound this luxurious compound. Yes like we're in so cal, but it's like when people when we tell people where we are they like they start to cry or, like sure can you please know by. I wish I could show the listeners, but this place it's gated. It hasn't been floors of gold. There's I mean the kitchen area is just insane and then the pool the pool side I mean yeah, it's basically t and the giant golden angel statues everywhere. Why don't you just take TB and what are they doing with that over there anyways nothing I went Tbn in New York was that when I was on Eric Metaxas- and it is weird, it's super high ceiling, everything very glittery and I it wanted so bad to go in there one day, but I'm scared a different world. I always lie lovely how they're like sitting on these golden and they're, like I watched one once, but this lady, I'm a little sick
guys, can tell my voice. Is I haven't named and claimed health and prosperity for myself, but yeah? There was this lady. When I was run up, we were watching tv and for some reason- and she was like a she said in one thousand dollars. If you don't have one thousand dollars and one hundred dollars,
if you don't have one hundred dollars, take off your left, shoe mail in your left shoe and God will take that as a you know: you're planting your prosperity, seed and, like he's a nickel and she's like sitting on this golden just like just meltdown the golden throne- and you know, there's probably a lot worse something yeah. My friend who's mom called that lady or there's like a couple yeah. I was like yeah and they sit on the golden they. I love them golden throne I king and Queen God, yeah I when at night, when I can't sleep, there are two channels I turn to. One is Tpn and the other is home shopping network and it's they're both selling something right, and I am fascinated by people who sell things, maybe my in sales and maybe that's a part of it. But I am fascinated by the psychology of like what you're saying is what a person is hearing and I love it special,
really home shopping network because they have so much time to fill.
I mean you've got a four hour slot as a host to sell red shirts. You know- and so I'm fascinated by these women and men, who top fill four hours of screen time, trying to sell the red shirts- and I love to hear all of like how they're selling the shirt- and you know what you could wear this shirt. You could wear this shirt to church or after church. When I like to do is. I would like to put up just a little pin on it and then you go out to here with your friends or yeah. You know it just goes on and on and then I'll wear it to bed. You know, while I wear it to bed, my husband doesn't like one wear, t shirts bed but away, and then, when you get up in the morning, you could wear it to school. You get in your car, put your keys in the car when you turn the car. Never what have your red shirt like all I did on the let's say the moon, the it's like house. I always wear this revision when you're in the star Trek. You don't want to wear the, but
you know- and you know it's amazing as you watch those and you start to like want to buy it. You're, like you, know this little trinket that they're trying to sell in your was so stupid and a half hour later, you're like actually feeling for three payments. Six hundred and ninety ninety like what is that it's not lunch. You know how much those websites were like it's tons of text telling you it's the same thing. That's text right, you keep scrolling and it keeps giving me all these things like, oh, and also you just like wow, am I still reading it. I really want to click on. This is me he sent here to do. Let the thought! That's what all that Texas? I like you know on the page, I like the parallel you you drew between tv and and and the home shopping network they're. Both Alan under thought about the well, sometimes I'll, look at those people to specially tv in people and I'll. Just try to imagine like what they're in our lives are like like we is Momma blue hair say when she gets up and like looks at herself in the mirror
going like I'm really doing this for God I really or is she just like? I need another one hundred thousand dollars today, like I don't know which it is an it's her business and anybody who wants to watch that and get something out of it is their business. I I'm not judging you I'm just. I just find it back, meaning I'm judging he like you. Do you get whatever?
I have met very sweet people at our tv and fanatics for sure. Yes, me too, I think they're kind of trying to turn it around a little bit recently, but I don't know they have they. They have a watch that so you really think the Mat Mount Crouch Guy was trying to make. It seem a little more respectable gathering interns past. But I, like I, love very much taxes and he's got a show on there now sure they're they're, bringing on a few personalities like well. Isn't it interesting that I don't know if you guys heard this week, but that Benny Hinn came out yeah and denounce the prosperity gospel and to hear that that makes? I think that's interesting. I there's a shift happening in the business of Christianity and I think people are people are starting to realize that the capitalistic part of it is starting turn people off so yeah. I don't know. I think I've got some thoughts tonight at eight. I don't know, I really don't have any thoughts for me. It's like I've seen because he's done
before where he says you know he turned his back on the prosperity gospel and it always is big headlines like in real in the magazine. You know like yeah, Benny Hinn, denounces yeah, it's like whoa. Has he, given all that money still has a mansion sank in many ways we could go there right now. I don't want to sound. I don't want to sound too cynical, I'm glad you saying those things, but you know that was my first thought too. Let's see the fruit, you know. I was like well I'll, be interested to see what he if he kills his sand. Clemen you cliffside Beach Mansion with homeless people. If he gives it to me, then he's really repented so we'll see. If he does, that, I don't know, I don't think so. Gotta be me in this case is because the whole black thing and stuff- you know, I guess yeah you give it to exactly the same way. Yeah I the whole black thing.
You should name this episode by the way. It's a great day of the whole. Acting that's perfect! That's not going to get guys any hate now. Will you give us permission to use it right? Then it's ok! I don't know how it works. I just realized we're pretty much DC talk right here. Yeah, that's right! We've got Kevin by my Kevin MAX you're kind of a hippy you're definitely would be Toby. Mac first concerts really talk to my first. When I went in like midnight you're way more tobymac than I am I was. I was Tobymac all the all the way, but what I should say that a lot of people listen to until we met we liked it, a nice guy, I'm sure you're, just that into his music, is just something with them. We live with in the extreme day day day, and that was his music like twenty years ago. It all sound the same. I'm a grumpy old man sure Fair fair. Now I got anything
the other day he's listening to stuff from what he's like he's like a guy that should have been born in the nineteen, for you listen to the the Imperials, I'm listening to like Sinatra like that, Robert Johnson, just old old old stuff. I will be there Lou Rockwell Bluegrass, like banjos, that's cool, I'm, not racist. A slick binges Que que the KKK. Oh that's a person. I've ever heard that Ling, Ming Ming Ming, not all Billy's, not all dangers at all, all right! So we're we do we're going to get into the hot topic of the black of the whole black thing. Let's do it. Let's go to the whole black paint plus two of white gendered. Hetero males are going to interview art girl here and he's going to tell us. Maybe your idea: no I'm black yeah. We don't. We don't during any hints segment sure yeah yeah hard up, but just in case you missed Yankees. You miss that witty remark. Yeah. I am black. Yes.
And so to me, we're gonna get into the whole thing yeah and we're going to go in this weekly stories. First grade buckle up every week. There are stories. These are some of them. Cnn's seven in our climate change, town Hall loses in ratings to baby shark being played one hundred and eighty five times in a row b to be sure did did did it did it? Maybe check me out there that there are you yeah. That song is like is like how long is that became really viral and everybody's talking about it a few months now, if you have kids, you been here in a way longer than that 'cause I was like everybody just loves stats on the internet. That's been on for a long time like a year ago it started becoming like a meme, and I think we have a mean, but it had been around for awhile before that yeah yeah yeah one million different iterations. There was someone uploaded like a Youtube video and it was
kids singing too and M graphics on the screen, and it got like three billion views on your super. So this everybody's kids, each kid watch- is at six billion times a lot of parents. Don't is that a Youtube works like every every parents, don't let their kids watch tv anymore, a few people watching tv about. I have a lot of friends. My kids are older now, but I've a lot of friends these kids. Just that's the tv. Is you so they find videos now they want on Youtube yeah. They have no interest in checking the cable guide. Imagine the reading of the text up there. Oh ST starting one, slash two hour trying to explain the tv guide to my twelve year old daughter, the other team. Our kids grew up with with flicks and then ah first time we like got cable because it came on an internet package and they were they started screaming at the tv when commercials come on. What is this? My son will not watch tv. You will not watch tv because of commercials. He won't sit with us and watch tv like what kind of Jen
Dictionary raising that won't sit through some capital fashion, good old fashioned. In my day, we used to watch all the commercial sit down and we'll like to remember like your sibling, would be sitting in front of the tv and you have to go to the bathroom. Where do something and they're like it's, I call you when you have to rush to the bathroom. Yes, I I remember those states well, I will really guys. I did watch part of that climate change you. Why did you? Why would you do well on the editor at large for red state? So it's my job. We just look at the hot takes afterwards and make jokes about him. Pictures of Joe Bidens exploded. I've always get to make your hot takes. 'cause 'cause people- I mean you, do the hardware and watch and's log. So these things I got, let's see I caught the tail end of Camel Harris. I got Amy Klobuchar. I got Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. That's the
I Elizabeth Warren was kind of the the big headliner and I had by the time I got through. Oh that was not just his eyeball. It was. It was not a Biden. I will tell you this. This, the one thing I noticed is that the size bindings I is that that crowd was only there for Bernie and Elizabeth, like nobody, those guys were working hard there working all their applause lines are very unique sampling of people that want to be in a room for seven hours to talk about climate change, seven out words, I did three and it was in her mid up all- and I was just like how can there possibly be another question like have has I have all been and how how many climate change questions are there, but it was. It was just. I can understand why baby shark beat it yeah
I'd, listen to bake shark two hundred times before. I would sit through that again. Have you guys heard the other one there's another? My kids always have come on on Youtube. It's Johnny, Joni Joni telling lies no Mama and it's always different. The one that's like Chai, these guys singing it and there'll be another one where it's like India and then there's like it's all different for language is really bizarre. The internet is weird well, I I miss all that MIKE and they all had like twenty one million views and stuff yeah. Why don't we come up with like a bay, the song? Why don't we do that? What are we doing this podcast, for we should be in that off this morning on a you, tube babies when I'm right now and then someone listening can turn into a cartoon, will team up with them, but the profits. Fifty fifty okay go little Johnny eating an apple. The third at the desk he's not kill
he's not cute. He really loves his bread, all right, yeah! That's you need! That's all. We need apples and bread. The covers two food pyramids, weird too 'cause that Johnny One has like a really weird lesson. Like the kid doesn't get in trouble, he just keeps lying on Johnny. Yes, that's why that's what I hate about most children programming life, but I'm sure you guys have talked about CHI Freaking, you, you was banned in my house. My kids watch the bachelor they can watch. Caillou. He's like this is just as whiny little bald kid he's like four years old, but he still balled and he's just like. He learned his lesson. He just like mommy, I want the torn you know, I'm not eat and he stole ruled the so spoiled that right out there
we've got. Neighbors is very loud people around here, just so Reno. Well, it's such a cayuse, which I was over there yeah we're going to crazy newsroom. It's the step back crazy, yeah anyways all right. Well, we will move on to talking about pumpkin spice here white girl turned into pillar of pumpkin spice. After looking back at Starbucks, we like to another people, read headlines cousin. They can laugh yeah we're just like stare right right. I've read this, however, that would be everyday at my parent this headline million times already I a million times, I don't get the reference with that reference. What's that reference to really just kidding out, I live in, I never know, I'm never sure. If I live in Orange County and and like its Starbucks culture there so yeah everywhere, I mean it right in the West Coast right are everywhere: I'm from the North West, like Portland, there's coverage of litter. That
block at least there's can little huts that you can drive up to to get the coffee. If you can't even stop and and drive through, like I remember back in the the early 90s mid 90s, when the idea of a coffee shop was really bubbling up in Seattle and Portland and going to visit a boyfriend at the time in Seattle and being so blown away by. Oh, my gosh, there's a coffee shop on every corner and there's these little drive up. Let's walk, I thought it was so crazy. I thought we won a weird place and you know twenty years later and it's like there's a coffee shop in every corner and yeah coffee is a culture yeah. I can only imagine the little huts don't work out down here, ' 'cause of like there's just not rude in parking lots. Well in the we've got homeless issues yeah, I'm just trying to yeah. I wouldn't deny be scared work in one of those late at night down like S central, oh, no S.
Central- and I know I don't know these days like you, gotta be scared. Everywhere you look down where Santa Monica or when the last time you went to Santa Monica with but yeah, it's scary. It's overrun, so uh pumpkin spice, I'm for it really yeah like pumpkin spice. Because are you mixed, you say you're mixed race? Right? Yes, oh is that your white girl? How? No? I would say this I'd. We are in a culture of contrarianism these days and so with ever a lot of Peop like then, someone's got to get on the internet and be like this is accurate. So I just I'm so sick of this movie. It's like people like pumpkin spice, let them like the pumpkin spice. It's getting to the point where companies are pudding out: pumpkin spice products, just to spite the anti pumpkin spice crowd and there's
it's fascinating, 'cause. There's a marketing value in that right. Work in spice air fifteen pumpkin, spice PAM. I saw the other day. I thought at the store nasty right. I mean it's already night kind. I wanted to get it though, but I just wanted I'll see if I get it for the gimmick but yeah now I'm for pumpkin spice, if you like, pumpkin spice, enjoy it enjoy your holiday, I'm not I'm not sure what pumpkin spice is like it's like allspice, but it's like the spice of a pumpkin or is it like supposed to be a mix like pumpkin spice? Is the spice you put in your pumpkin pie, pumpkin space? But what is that spice? Flavor allspice like it's a nutmeg or you can call me it's a nutmeg and move and something mix. You could call pepper chicken spice,
see that's kind of like saying it's not really pumpkin spice, it's just generic spice. It's just an interview associate yeah, but you can't sell generics by slotting. That's one saying as a marketing got it be it's the man trying to control us. We could just rename it to anything. Was I we? We have anything around up stuff from nature, latte skinny, please! I just dropped, so I'm for pumpkins place I enjoy. I don't really enjoy flavored coffee, so I would never never really get it myself that people want to enjoy pumpkin spice go for it, I'm not going to judge you. I like having around this to market. I can be said of his gun I feel like we should move on, though the pumpkin spice mocking has really. I feel we reached our peak last Christmas season. So we need a new spice to monk.
It shouldn't be salt, consults. We need it. What's the Christmas Starbucks drink that comes out, it's like peppermint mocha men, and then they did eggnog, but the eggnog. I I actually love. I love ignore it. I do like we can't turn on eggnog against it yeah. Well, we also like candy canes are stupid. Yes, looking intact, those make them problematic. Candy canes, look next pumpkin spice. I agree there dumb and they don't taste good. I don't care what anyone says taking too much. Yes, there's like mint, it's just too much. Why there's already enough say, thank you, I'm sure. There's, some kind of like satanic, tannic, pagan, pagan, meaning behind a candy cane, can Christmas. In contrast, why isn't the candy cross, in contrast to my anti Christmas co host here, I would like to come out as a very pro Christmas stands. How dare you
create a new penis? Yes, what it sounds like love. Christmas sounds like you hate, Baby Jesus. I don't like the court. I prefer grownup Jesus. You guys can be important. I am a huge candy corn pants wax like a ball of wax testing. Let's useless delicious. This could be an entire. So I you know I am a I. I guess I am kind of a contrarian like I feel like hi yeah. It's just everybody likes something. I have to find the share. Not too often that's. Why I'm a christian conservative Dragon Hollywood. We do I just like to go against letter saying maybe there's some value to it. There is like some actual scientific. You know I mean this is why your kids rebel yeah, my parents are, are super left wing, liberal atheists, hippies and I'm on right wing, Christian yeah, you know so a result like it yeah. If I'm in a group of a bunch of super conservatives, I want to find like the that I disagree with the moment. Yeah, you know,
and I said I want to be- the guy was like. Actually I don't buy into all this yeah, you know, but then, if I go to a group of like you know, liberal them, some like you know where to Magna had or whatever like yeah, I'm a you know you and that you own one of them. I know I know I don't know so. If anyone to mail us a mag had I'd like to have one just for the have a entertainment. Alright, we have a oil like make satire grade again. Well now you do. Everybody was on line the other day, saying you're not supposed to even wear the joke, because it only has a triggering the red hot penny red hat yeah. They were saying, like even baseball team, yeah, yeah someone. What about my favorite baseball team? You know the angels red hat and they're like it's not worth. She was like just basically, she was like you need take for the team like, like you, can your red hat, because there might be people around who think it's equivalent to KKK. I, like the one that says, made you look on it. I did get a. I did order 'cause. I saw this online and I never wear political stuff ever, but I did
Donald a Donald Pump minutes. It's like Donald Trump and he's all muscle make America strong again, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I was like. I must have this evens got the Donald Trump Mug he's freaking out over there really terrific, my wife got meanest mug for bothers day. That's hilarious thing, you're a great dad, great great, dad, very special, very handsome, really terrific. Everyone agrees when I was hired Donald Trump when I'm out in public. I was thinking that do a a hat, that's kind of a orange color with little brown speckles and they could say, make America great again and then a little text below it says pumpkin spice, it's a nice addition of that. That's a really triggering, but when the red dark side and no idea it now comes in
there's also an tipo was throwing pumpkin spice, ah molotov cocktails too. We talked about that on the site, but. We're going to move on to other things from pumpkin spice. I think we have more topics to talk about drink, your pumpkin spice, if you want to and if not then I'll be out, but don't be contrary and just do you, you do Walmart discontinues, auto parts sales to prevent car accidents. Thank God. Finally, somebody had the guts to do it time, standing in brave signing and brave. I don't get it don't get the job done. It's for us in a place like California is meaningless because you can't get a gun at Walmart anyways, that's true yeah, so this story is more story or the national crowd. People still live in free state yeah. You know, I think I went to Walmart with their guns.
No, I was it, but it's in did I tell my crazy story trying to buy again here in California like I went in and went to big five and to buy a gun, and it's like you go up the counter. You feel like the guys, judging you for like trying to buy a gun there like New Yorkers, like I just you know, run on twenty. Second. Will work for you know, and I'm like so I you know, I saw a good looking, but I have to do in in California. It's crazy! It's like! Yes, you have to take a quiz, it's as easy as getting Sudafed. It's is easy, is getting an abortion or whatever their stupid, compared you to any of those things were as hard. They wouldn't get over your quiz. Yeah. You have your! You have your background check. It's a ten day waiting period. Now you have a ten day waiting period for ammo as well. Yes, I I really for every time that just was the last round of elections. We just did we just voted that eh, but every time I hear somebody on line some like celebrity, be like it's
here for me to get out of some yeah some cough medicine, and my god, I'm like. Where do you buy your guns? I can go there and get one to you. It's nearly impossible and and and and in California. Even though we have a constitutional right to conceal Kerry, it is nearly impossible to happens on the county yeah. I and I've tried to reject. I tried as a as a commentator. I I get hate mail which mostly is meaningless to me, but you can use it as know proof that we're in danger- and they wouldn't even take that I was like well listen. I'm I pulled out my race car.
I am a black woman and I'm I'm in politics, and then they were like long on all we that we we do not judge. Did you need this can still care you're exactly we need to be gotten rid of. You know, you've been yourself, so you get so yeah, there's a quiz and then there's also when you pick up the gun, you have to show the guy the k that you know how to use use. Yeah you have to like show this. Is you have to shoot at you? Well, you have to like point at all the different parts of the gun and say you know this is the barrel. This is the trigger you know, and you have to show him that you know how to load it and unload it, and before your the take home I'm dying and all morning, and then I tried so I finally got some id had the wrong address on it. So they wouldn't sell me again. So then I had you have to bring in my you may have to bring in proof and stuff yeah so go to the DMV. I get my license. I come back at my license, says federal limit supply on it, which is you in California.
It doesn't count as a real idea. I just got them just went through, so they won't accept that as a as a as your id unbelievable to get my again, so it's like impossible to go back to the DMU seem to go to another. She go to Arizona, don't buy your guns in California anymore and I some buying one of my closest friends. Father owns a gun range in Orange County and he is like you know: it's been it's family business has been there sixty years and he's like businesses. It's we a lot of people in the range like it's increased, the amount of people that want to learn and fire a weapon, but he's like sales, it's impossible is he's he's working on closing out as he just can't do it anyways, I'm not buying my guns in California anymore. Sorry, California, manufacturers, but it's not your fault, but
mine are all either. I I bought from friends in Oregon or they like hand me downs from like step, dad and stuff by the way, if there are any California law enforcement. Listening to this spot, us we're just joking, not even have unregistered firearms anywhere no need to send anyone out to babble be and compound. We lost him in the in the big boating and yeah. We lost their losses so uh. I liked. We also had a story when I am resident. I will take away your guns, says man who will never be president, which is Beto Beto his teeth funny he is
Q does feel like you had oral resulted in body president he's straight. I don't. I can't look at him the same. I did I'm gonna, I'm gonna out. I'm just I because I don't think he's knows this podcast. I did the doctor during the show L Dr drew Pinsky, but you may remember from the love line yeah and he's like pretty much every bit as brilliant as he seems on tv, and we were talking between them in on a break on a commercial break in and big data was on tv, and he said you know, I think that he is. He has some psychosis and I bet if you he was being serious by the way DR doesn't joke, and he he was saying. I treated guys like him and when I look at him I see
he whatever. That is that that is a physical representation of the neurosis. He said, but I bet, if you opened his medical files, he's been on psychiatric hold several times he's like. I have no proof, I don't know it, but I look at b to differently every time now who twitch in the eye and kind of thing, a little twitch he's like he's a little super serious he's like his family's, not with him a lot that tells me that they don't care to be with a lot, and he said I bet he's been on several like anybody who, like runs for President a psychotic like like to look at all the people in the nation and go yeah. I am the one you know like it. Doesn't it. Why are some form of like ego?
Yes, you're, psychotic, yes, and no! This is what I tell over at ten years. I've been in the business of politics. This is what I tell everybody. I don't care what side you're on liberal conservative, independent whatever you cannot trust any of these people, because the type of person you have to be to get to the top of the political pyramid is the type of person that you would not want to trust your kids. What so, maybe you thought Barack Obama with peers are driven snow, but no, he came from Chicago any and he became president of the United States. You don't get to that level without selling out in some way,
and it goes for name whatever your favorite politician is. I don't care, George Washington call sellout. Oh my God, George Washington was the worst also slave owner. Then you put down that rebellion, though that was his big no rebellion like we have to keep hearing about the American Revolution like. When are you going to get any game? George got it. I kind of feel like we should just pick a random person like men yeah. Just please get drafted window. You see it's kind of jury duty and it just like you get. You get your summons in the mail and it's like hey Bob come with US president. You procedures and I feel like it would be better. It would not be.
Maybe I don't know who no listen. You guys like as much as as much as you know. I enjoy laughing about it. The truth this is the process, is the process for a reason. You also need the type of person who can stand on an international stage. Look at desk in the face and lie right to him. You know you need that person too. So it's just a man are fighting the politician that lines up most every politician is self interested. You gotta find the one who's self interests lineup most with your self interest and then that's vote for I don't think any care about me at all. You know, and they you don't need to care about them. You just need to make sure that the things you're interested in are the things they're interested in and then
I don't know I I I just don't vote at all yeah. My dad doesn't either he's well, he well. He was a big Obama phantoms first time you ever money to a politician, because my dad is black and he he said. I just never thought I'd get to the point in my life, where I would see a black president and then I think of your tune in he was like. I don't like this guy and now my dad's Trump voters. Well, let's, let's move into our main topic gets a perfect said. Well, you know that's great or main topic, and now the Babylon Bee's topic of the week show. I heard you on Bridget Fantasies Podcast and I really loved what I heard you saying about race and also you're speaking from your christian perspective, and it was super refreshing and there's even parts of it. Where I was like tearing up all really good yeah, I was kind of shocked. I got a little bit emotional,
I was emotional moment it was, but it was talking about broad issues and there's a lot of stuff like really hear the word grace when people are talking about race, yeah and mercy in just these christian ideas, yes, that we're called to forgive and so kind on want to, and from that perspective and just kind of go from there, so yeah, absolutely so! No it is I it is. I even told you and I had you on like we're too. I guys and hate to pigeonhole you on this. I actually wanted to say that I appreciated that. That's the first time, I've ever gotten that message and I I would have been fine anyway like I, it's not some, I think about very much, but it is something that happens a lot, especially in the conservative blogosphere. If you're, if you're black in your conservative, which I'm both of those things,
can you become the black considering it's all over it all everyone wants to hear about that. So I'm happy to talk about race and issues of Grayson reconciliation. Those are on my heart. All the time always happy to talk about it, but it's like I do feel. Like I mean. Maybe I just have a big ego, but I feel like I'm an interesting person like I have other things to talk about back in the day when we started this whole new media thing, Huffington Post, I don't think they do it anymore, but these to do Huff. Po live where they would stream a political discussion. Everyday in Marco, MARC Lamont Hill hosted it and when that first came when I was on that show once a week and every week, woman who is also black, would own only have me on that show to talk about why it was such a filthy, black Republican, like that was the the theme of every show that he would invite me to. You know please justify they're trader, yeah politics and I would say, maybe about the twelve time the producer called me,
and I was like you know what tell mark I'm not doing this show anymore, because the only thing he ever ask to talk about is race, like yeah part of the problem. Yes, so I'm not doing it anymore. I haven't seen or heard from him I like that nature of the health po, that it tore real team yeah. I see that so this it's like anyway, girls, liberal Blog three people complaining about black problem. Yeah, I mean to me it's like one of the things that you know it's just weird to bring that up. It's such a broad topic, so so, even just something I don't know very well, I can hear you say I get an uber and the guys black is just weird to bring up race like. I don't want all that you right yeah, but it feels like there's a gap there that, like there is elephant in the room. There is it's gotten worse since Obama. I agree, I I sense it all the time and I when I was on Bridget podcasts. I let her in on a few
secrets all at the Babylon Bee listenership in on a few secrets like black people. Actually don't really were not really impressed with how many black friends you have. That's not don't need with that. Okay, don't tell me don't meet me at this happens. Don't keep me out of party and then immediately launch into the last black person that you had a conversation with and tell me when she's so cool. You would love her. So it happens. Maybe it's the circle set traveling, but it happens all the time, especially in conservative. Does anybody like go Hollywood yeah yeah, like the Hollywood crowd and some? Yes, some conservatives yeah, you probably get more than me the immediate assumption that you're liberal in Hollywood there's I've never been asked yeah, very yeah yeah. Obviously it's an advantage is anybody? Does anybody approach you and ask if you'll be there by friend, I've never had someone like, but but
like kind of on the wider scale of black people, and my husband gets it more he's he and my husband. We live in Orange County where there are many. Like me, the black friend we are all this on doctor drew show. The other day I was like we do get invited us, the black friends to parties. The giveaway is a soon to say will be my blood yeah. That's. What I was wondering is that they just said on the will you be my bile rise like what is? How do you know? Well, there's some code like you're, so cool well, like I just don't know any other people like you wish. I could dance like you like. I have reflect or what I find, what a lot of white people will do these days and you guys did it totally, not meaning felt self deprecate. Okay, it's it's an indication that, like I want you to know that I'm noticing that there's this thing- and
I'm I mean I'm I enjoy wit and sarcasm, and all of that. So for me I it's not. You know alarming, and it is weird how like this self, deprecating or the like, there's a is a I'm losing the word. Just yours sing a higher place by self deprecating in a way like, maybe in a weird condescending, your condescending yeah yeah, but I think the intention is that put the other people I eat or to try: hey, listen, I'm giving up my white privilege here exactly that's it yeah, in which I guess the opposite is I guess in a way that is condescending, not that that was your intention and all, but I know is it: I notice it a lot more um and I find it every bit as offensive when I need why people who are like and people feel so bold about it. These days,
I guess because there's some social media value to it, but it's like I just want you to know that I am acquiescing my privilege, I have absolutely to say about this topic, because just a white person and that we are not not listen me and my husband are not going home at the end of those conversations going. Wow even is so progressive, like he's so we're going like. Oh my god, I don't want to be friends with the person who hates themselves that in twitter right that recently kind of they said uh. I hate myself for being White Rosanna Arquette yeah. I wrote her a whole little bot bed. I wrote a letter to her. The letter was a the letter just pointing out what you guys just said like there's. Some condescension in this also was a lie because you could give up all this privilege right now give up your house empty. Your bank account make your next movie all black cast. All black production company like you, could do it, but she's not going to do that. But the other thing I said
like this is the reason why a white privilege has no place in the church is that you are uniquely created. You are special and you are valuable simply by virtue of being here and breathing, because some buddy created you and no one else can be you. No one else can walk the path. You walk, love the people, you love be loved by the people who love you. So it's now just a matter of being condescending or elite or liberal or conservative, but it's also a matter of. Can God in the face and spitting at him and said what you have give. He is not enough, because it's not the right thing, so I think it as a church. The christian church has to be careful not to embrace this language, and I fear too many already have all right. Yeah, that's an interesting topic, because that's that is a big divider. I know in evangelicalism is kind of the people
weather embracing like critical race theory and social justice and applying those terms to the church. You know- and it's it's interesting because it seems compassionate at first right, like we're going to we're going to address issues of social justice, but, like you're saying it's almost, you know it's elevating race to a level that it was never intended to be within the church. It becomes an idol all on its own on its own. It's just a different. It's not golden idol that we can touch, but it's yeah I mean, like you, said that we're all individually created by God, individually, uniquely and that gets the that's like the first thing to go in culture right now. We are identified by the color of our skin or our gender, whatever whatever turns us on all these things that don't actually matter that much at all, but we
the idea that we're individuals is kind of fun at the window off the bat, and that was what was so revolutionary now. Christianity about Jesus was the idea that you would take all of these people from different backgrounds and the city's cultures genders. You know, mixing genders was like unheard of, you know every and that he did flew in the face of tradition and what was acceptable and we've backtracked from that in the church. We we it's become our own Pharisees on a lot of ways and- and we think were insulated from that title of being fair sees because we wrap ourselves in the terms of like racial justice or white privilege, but like yeah, like Kyle, said what we're doing is just elevating the above there's a place for culture, and I don't want to you know, say that there's not cold important, there's a as a mixed race woman. I have been embedded fully in white culture and bully in black culture, and I can tell you that there are significant differences that are simply cultural. That's
and you have that between you know, indian or asian, or anybody who is from a different culture is going to think differently. Like you have different preferences. Sometimes our churches are integrated, not because they are racist, but because black people and white people like to work differently sure you know the cultural thing. So there's nothing. We should be culturally sensitive, but the idea of elevating race to anything other than just a physical identifier, I think, is d yeah I mean if our identity is, as you know, do people of God and we are identified as children of God. You know and that's top priority yeah. Then then race can take precedence over that I went. I wonder like though I mean sometimes people go so far as it's like you know, I don't see color or, like you know what I mean. That's an over correction. I was wondering what your take on that wasn't. Yeah like I am color blind. I don't see, I I I think it's only ever said with the best of intentions. But again I think that goes back to culture like that. There was a time
when I was a person who was like you know what, let's just be color blind and eve. I think I even the eighties and nineties were kind of that was what the political correct thing to do was to not think about race too much um and see everyone is the same, and so I used to be that person, but then um once I became an adult really started yeah, you know living in in community with people that I
unnecessarily lived with before I realized you know thing: is black Americans speak the language of race? That's just how it ISS. It might not be fair. You might not like it. It might not make sense to you, but for whatever reasons, they're, probably historical and some smarter than me can probably trace us all the way back to slavery, but we speak the language of race. So, when you're having a conversation with black people, that is always a filter that they have on so there's nothing wrong with addressing issues that pertain to it. There's nothing wrong with me, king around those issues with with with listening to each other, about race, there's nothing wrong with making race a subject. You just can't make it the subject. I got some other things coming from being white. It's coming out of what the idea of somebody bringing up whiteness with me like bringing it up to me is like, as if I could be a
looks person on it or that I would have any just it's so bizarre. I think that yeah I don't like like you're the p yeah. I really always. If we could ask you like hey, could you let all the black people know on Twitter just sent out a tweet that we're cool we're nice guys and they would be like your your, not cool. So now, I'm not a cool black person. Five year old, it's kinda like when they say the LGBT community, like they all, hang out together and have like a meetings right right, white community. We don't ever get white community about this. A lot to MIKE. We do talk about what what is white culture is white culture could be a talent that could be scottish, it could be like, but then black cultures is black culture. But this brings me to the other thing I say often an all the time, which is that black american culture, I think, is the
choose form of american culture- is actually the purest form of american culture. It's purely american. It's not an immigrant street culture is not based in immigration debate and wonder sting black people were taking over as slaves. They were forced to give up the culture. They were forced to give up their religion. They were forced to give up their names, their family connection, so it was a blank slate, so the black Americans at that time had to fill in their cultural things with their own new traditions. That became gospel. That became wrap. That became fashion, that became so think about pop culture and how influential black culture is on pop culture. I think there's an argument to be made that move pop culture is black culture. Yeah I mean a lot of great art comes out of that. It comes out of oppression. Right I mean you when you create or not real place. Have you read um Thomas souls lack rednecks and white liberals? Yes, do you think of that?
This is Thomas souls of genius and crush he's what it like. What do black people think about this as it is like? If I start so that's one of the weird things that raises you crates if you try to even just say certain facts like like, if you talk about a shooting that happen between cops and black guy yeah, if you try to talk about the facts, you're scared to bring up actual facts right, like you, just wanted, if it's anything besides, it's horrible what they did in their racist, then you're bad and then with the facts of his book. It's like fills racist, even bring it up like that. A lot of black culture region out of really from the sleeve the culture of the slave owners makes a lot of sense. Yeah yeah the stuff that they're kind of protecting a secret black culture, which is you know, I think he was just want all,
making the same argument that I'm making now okay, which is that black people of always adapted yeah in this country and we've always had to and because of that. That's what makes black culture you that why I say it's the purest, not that it's the only form, but it's the purest form, because we are a nation of immigrants, so everyones brought their culture in, but a black Americans didn't get that privilege, so they had to create their own culture and that culture has become so powerful, so influential that it now is seen as pop culture yeah and I think that's valuable, and I think it's it's it's something to think about when we're we're talking about race. But I I do. I do question the it's like a religion right now and it's it's dangerous yeah yeah, I mean you know that's, but even talking right now, which you can use like. Basically, you know you. I know that you're like willing to talk about whatever, but even now, if I can still
might feel like, I'm scared to like yeah, say something wrong to me, not with us not just that we're recording it and who knows what I something wrong. I know and that's what every every time I talk about race. The question I get asked the most is: how can we have a productive com station about race? So, since I've been alive, politicians have been like promising we're gonna. Have this national conversation about race? Bill Clinton did a tour, he did a national town Hall Tour and then Barack Obama did the same thing, and I I actually am I'm actually kind of glad Trump is not trying to force an app
conversation about race on a lake and it's a relief. But the reason why I say we will never. We are. We are not in a position to have in an honest national conversation about race because we are not. Americans are not in a position to be honest with each other. For what the reason you just said so I'll give you a great example- and you probably heard me say this: I'm I'm Bridget Podcast, but I used to do community development in the inner city, not a conference in Chicago and there's a panel on race reconciliation. I went in there was a white lady on a chinese lady Hispanic on a black guy in the opening statements are really give us your opening statements on how you feel that race, where right on top of the White Lady was well. You know, since I'm in a place of privilege, I am going
two for her to the other people on this panel. I don't think it's a white woman that I have a voice. Conversation. Okay. Well, that's not helpful and everybody clap like seal the really talking about two signalling heat is: do you have a see you boys? So you can do you you always every time we mentioned an animal animal noises yeah. I did action soon, but they couldn't see that you soon. I know how they work. They were good though they worked once we get the video's test set. Are you need you need like a seal like sound clip? 'cause? That's let me see, look laughing. I wasn't good enough. I could do better know. You are good, so she acquiesced hispanic. Guy said something I don't even pay attention.
I don't like hispanic people, so I know pay attention were cutting that we're going to isolate that, isolate that audio and pull it. I'm kidding. I can't remember what he said, but it just wasn't that interesting insane with the black guy. What he said wasn't that interesting, but when we, when it came to the asian woman, she was chinese. Her father is a chinese immigrant and she said I feel like we are not having the real conversation up here, because we're all talking in platitudes but no
never talks about, like both sides of the conversation. There's a whole new wants to this. That no one ever talks back to my dad's, an immigrant. He owns a corner store in an inner city in Detroit and he's been rob six times and the last two times he was beaten to within an inch of his life. All six times were black this. In a black neighborhood, all the interactions he had were with black people, he hates black people she's like is my not a racist. Yes, I'm super embarrassed by it. I I hate it, but on the other side of that is he's had to cede this horrible representation of my community. It's the only interaction he's ever had with black people is, is violence and rudeness and and tension she's like so what about that side of it? What about the side of like how we portray ourselves to each other and what that does for our stereo types of each other and d? Black guy in the
White Lady immediately told her to shut her mouth while and told her that what she said was offensive and that there's no excuse for who her father is and if there, if this is going to be a panel of excuses, then we're done and half the room walked out well, and that was fourteen years ago. Add that was the moment when I said we can never have an honest conversation, because in order to have an honest conversation about race, everyone's got to come to the table. Already giving up the right to be offended yeah, and no one wants to do that. It's only gotten worse. Everything starts with the but yeah yeah, the national. Every time someone says we need to have a national station, it usually means they just want to tell you that just want make sure you on what to believe or virtue signal yeah just signal about it. I see every conversation about race that I see on tv or online I'll sit and watch it I'll, give it a shot. 'cause, I'm hopeful- and I have yet to see one that hasn't just evolved into
to listen white people. This is what your problem is and if you could be less white and less problematic than we would be better people would be a better country and trying not trying to be less problem, and it just isn't helpful, but I just I don't have confidence for having the real conversation 'cause. Even it doesn't matter who I'm talking to there's always somebody who has a, but I brought this conversation up with a fellow black co host on Fox NEWS recently and she was like, but you know she will. We were on with Charlie Kirk from turning point. Charlie was trying to say some. She she want want. Charlie talk, the white supremacist, the whites from I like that 'cause I had scared tp, you say beyond Charlie want to say and like whatever we want to say it wasn't offensive, but he wanted to say it and she didn't want a talk. She was like. You know what I'm mean:
woman you're, a white man. You need to acquiesce this time to me because you have a platform to say whatever you want whenever you want- and I want to talk now so Charlie was rightly offended, but we got through the segment in at the break. We all started having an argument, and I and someone had just asked two minutes before: how can we have a national conversation about race? And I said this is why we can't have a conversation about race, because you can't even let Charlie get a full thought out and Charlie can't even help be righteously indignant about you taking you know taking his time and no ever want to just sit down and say I want to listen to you. You start I'm gonna, listen and I'm not gonna to be combat you with
arguments right away. I'm not going to sit here. Thinking about what I'm going to say. Next, I'm actually going to hear what you're saying I'm going to repeat it back to you and then I'm going to tell you my response and the lady that I was with her first response with, but why people have had that privilege forever. Yeah! Ok, fine! Yes, why people have controlled the dialogue forever so like give up the whole constable grace right! That's what grace is you you make the decision not to treat someone the way they deserve to be treated right. So how has I mean you went from living on the Obama administration, which was just rainbows unicorns sunshine, to the terror, the reign of terror, of the Trump Administration, where
people of color are cancelled yeah? So how was that been? How have you been coping with that gosh? This is never been better, really enjoying the term presidency getting course, but I yeah yeah. It is weird. You know that the kind of we come into this this trump, where I'm in it people do act like that kind of, like it's so media driven, because that's not how what I see in my daily life, like I, I was not a. I was not on the Trump wagon. I was like anybody, but I can't believe when it was primary seasons coming up. I was like I can't believe we're doing this what's really happening. Despite this was really confused. Angry Iri, I thought it was a betrayal of conservative values, but I ended up. Doing was like I actually took a few months after he won the primaries, and I individually interviewed Trump supporters, and it's to tell me what I'm not getting.
What what you see that I don't- and it didn't make me a Trump supporter, but it made me feel a little bit better. I was like. Oh people are thinking about this people. If this isn't just the reactionary people are actually thinking um, but the truth is, is that I knew back then even like Thes polls were wrong. Every minority I talked to was like yeah kind of like trump like I was at the gym, and I was talking to my trainer once and my trainers like we're not going to elect Trump. We can we're not going to let this happen. This is mexican guy on the trip beside me and I was like. Oh are you voting for? He was like I'm over Trump and I'm like seeing dude, I'm telling you you don't know how many people out there and that's how I know so. Many black people who love trump most of one say it out loud, but also this whole thing of trumping a racist. I don't even know where it comes from. They just like slap the label on him, and now we all just accept that he's a racist. I don't know where it comes from.
Suddenly it's everything I guess. Even when Bush Junior was present, I remember how was just over the top all the time. That's why I insist even worse now, but like it yeah 'cause, they just scream racist, racist, racist yeah. I think Trump just says so many things I think it makes the at that he like whenever he wants yeah. He just says so many things whatever whatever's on his head, yeah, whatever is on his mind, and the idea is that if they want to be able to control that means, I'm get us and he's going to say something that seems races. Sometimes love, not not filtering everything through the language of race. Like I appreciate this is this is why by people have always loved Trump, you watch any movie from the 80s and Trump's in it will be in most black movies of the 80s like black, but we used to love trump 'cause he's a ball, the app baller and we love a baller he's Richie. The first black president, he he dumps one old. Why?
For a new wife, I mean it's like he does that every few years like this guy was, he was flash. There was not one hint and there's nobody that you would have found prior to his run. That would have said yeah he's a racist, but that I think that's what people appreciate the most. If you can encounter somebody who's just genuine and who isn't filtering their conversation for you, even if they do end up saying something offensive, you can just be like well whatever, like that's just how he is there's a moment when he was getting interviewed in one close to when he was him or if he was already elected or ah primary in or what but the question that everybody and they always get like. What is your greatest flaw, and it's always something dumb like. I guess I just work too hard love too much, and I just love too many people yet and Trump's like something like. I just think I get two angry it. Wouldn't
I get so mad or something he basically admitted a huge flaw that he gets very angry when people insult a Metallica, but it was so honest completely honest, and I was like that moment. I, like I kind of get it because he says what he actually bills and I can see how that makes people mad, but also like how refreshing it is for someone in politics to just say Lee Phil, that's the whole phenomenon. That's that's what it is every time somebody's like how Trump, but I just wish she'd stop tweet. No. This is who he is that that's what the people voted for. That is what they voted for. They voted for this bombastic sense of you know ego and they voted for the unfiltered. They voted for the twitter account they voted for all of it. They don't want to use a vote against Washington right. It was a vote against Washington. It was a vote against eight years of having our first black president, which we all should have been celebrating telling us that we're at
really not good enough as a country that we actually haven't made enough progress. When we've done about everything we could possibly went to war, we elected a black president with all kinds of programs for to benefit black Americans. I mean we've done so much and then there are so many good people out there. You know that they love their neighbors, who know that they go to church with people who aren't like them, who know that they don't judge each other, and yet they were being labeled as those people. It's hurtful and I understand why people were hurt by the Obama administration in that respect and why they felt like they should that they wanted to lash out. They wanted to burn it all down and Trump was just the match. Yeah. I wonder how much of comes down to like whether or not you approach things from a position of gratitude versus a position of like bitterness. I want to get revenge, you know now for all of us. I mean look at your life and say you know I
these disadvantages yes and I'm gonna, I'm gonna. Even I'm gonna settle the score now. You know yes, Starkey, we'll just that you're talking about the I think is the the Charlie Kirk Thing and her attitude seemed to be which I see it seems like a lot. The goal isn't unity and for everybody to get back on a level playing field. It's to reverse everything like it's almost feels like if, if white people were slaves and if it was all flipped around that actually be your mind like yeah, I know man, the people axing that x no feels like they would a there's certain people to fill. They would kind of get like a little smile. That idea payback like the paper I'll just set it payback remembered of revenge and that's right attitude for what you got and that's what most of the like racial reconciliation talk. These days is it's. The gospel of envy is really what it is, rather than yeah rather
and being Jenny. I all, I think, the greatest one of the best examples to look at in modern history for how to do it. The right way is Rwanda, so after their gender side that horror effect inside in the nineties, the continued into the two thousands a little bit, but they got themselves together and not one of the things they did when they got out of civil war. Was they set up these truth and reconciliation committees? So that meant that if you were forced possible for war crimes, but you wanted to reintegrate back into society, you could go before these truth and reconciliation committees. You testified to your crimes, your victims, their families will come forward. You have a conversation where there is a back and forth about why this happened. How it happened. You ask your questions of each other, then you forgive and there's no criminal prosecution. Now that I'm not suggesting that for the United States
for Rwanda, they had to do it because the country was in such chaos that they had a leader that understood who was a christian at the time who understood that only way to move forward was to do it with grace, and it took an extraordinary amount of human effort to forgive somebody who murdered your family, but they did they did it now, I'm not saying there's no better people in Rwanda, I'm just saying that the courage that to do that takes the average american citizen does not possess. Yes, I do not believe so. That's when you talk about. I keep going back to that. The Charlie Kirk thing, but the that's just not a place to have a conversation right like to have it on this national, like like on a new, show right, you're talking to
the audience you're, not talking to the person next to you, but even now we're a podcast really all talking to the audience like in general. I pod one thing: I think I love a podcast, it's the closest thing you get to like real conversation. Me too yeah, you know yeah, because there's no commercial breaks yeah, but I'm, I think, even like that's probably one thing that led to the Trump presidents who were like with theirs we're so tired of the false humility in the fall. You know the virtue signaling we want those real conversations and, like I think the issue is more starts talking about race, on media like how do we, the street, in real life day today? Have these conversations- and I think that's like that's where the change has to come in- I I feel like one of the reasons that we have something that we had Trump and Hillary, taking her hands off of a lot of the issues, because we're too afraid to talk about it amongst ourselves and so
extremes have kind of been able to be the ones who get the vote and that's where at so. I don't know what you guys. Think of that. I think it's incredibly racist, I'm working, I guess what I'm leading to is like that's. What I want to get at is how to have those conversations and day to day real life don't or how to when I'm in the conversations, that's not even then they just what do we do? We just go as well as we're going on or like that questioning. So I did just live well. Morgan Freeman had a great quote that you really hear you saying how do we how to have? Given you permission, Morgan Freeman, someone asked him: how do we solve this race issue and Morgan Freeman said? Maybe we should stop talking about moving yeah 'cause the thing you all three of us because of what we do, what we have tripped into this our world? We live a life
proportion of our lives on line, and so we see the things that go online. We see the twitters back and forth and it can start to feel like that's real life, but that's real when you leave this palatial estate to you know, go you're back to your regular lives with your boring old families, you're going to stop at the store you're going to go to home, Depol you're, going to pay your bill you're, going to talk to your neighbor before you go in the house, you can talk to your wife, your kids and not one of those people who is going to there's a chance. A good majority of those people are not the same. Is you and not one of those people is going to bring up race? One of those people is going to tell you that they hate you or they don't serve you until you can prove who you voted for. None of these conversations are actually happening in our real lives. Most of sir just living our lives loving our neighbors serving our communities. So whenever you feel discouraged whenever you feel like the conversation, is getting out of control and I'm sick
weird get online and go into your neighborhood, we are not having. I live in a neighborhood where, like mostly white people and then some Asians and then there's me and my husband and our kids can't remember the last time I had a conversation about race. With I have gone, I have never seen a person in a white hood at Denny's, my family and I, like not one k, K, K person has walked through my never. I did go to okay. He really wants to be seen among. I had the same same thing. Now I have a model. Will you come online? I know I know my husband got one at a conference or somebody was like. I can't wear them like all day. Ideas like now he's in sales, though so no politics, no religion every leaf, and it is kind of goes with my inclination.
We need to live in, do our best and be our best and this stuff is going to grow. I mean you, don't just overcome. You know the history of slavery and, just like you know, overnight or whatever, and it's amazing how in the span of history, how recent it really is yeah- and I do want to say this because- and I can say it on this podcast, but I do feel I feel a little bit hamstrung. Sometimes when I talk about this issue, because I can't talk about the real problem, which is the heart that doesn't fly on Fox NEWS or like politics like, I can't have a deep conversation on and off. Thirty five minutes show on Fox NEWS about like like the sin and heart, and racism is just saying: that's all it is you know, but the truth is is that racism is sin and we're all sinners and races is not a bigger sin than anything else. It is a sin and it causes people to hurt each other, and so
the only solution to sin is Jesus, the really so the I'd I can. I can. I have lots of really fancy and articulate things to say about how we talk about race, but the idea of grace is integral to racial healing and if you can't grasp, I think people who don't know Jesus have trouble grasping the concept of grace, but it can be done. It may can be done, but I just think it's hard to address this issue when we become so religious and and and bait has become so marked and so on popular, and it is really the only way to really help from any of the profound idea that Christianity, you know it's like built on the idea that we're all sinners, while falling from God and we all are in need in the moment you break away from that yeah no hope for us. You you become the I'd.
You become the subject of the Savior we used to. I heard this great sermon from TIM Keller. Now I don't know if you ever listen, some color thanks for your. If you have ever made yeah I'm no, we make fun of the means below. Yes, hello. I love TIM Keller, so he had this great. He has this great Herman about I'm just talking about even hurry up, grace well, centers sinners, we're all sinners were all broken, so horrible used to be your preaching. If I remember I used to be, there was a time in this kind where we were defined by the things outside of us. We were defined by our faith by our family by our flag by our our our God. You know we were all in service of of something either to our family or, like that's what you were. You were raised to believe
he's like I'm, going to grow up and I'm going to be a dad someday, I'm going to have a family that I raise, because that is your responsibility to your line to your you know legacy now we live in the society where everything has been completely turned inward, and now we only look at ourselves and it has made it made our own selves, our God, some said. Looking out work to God. We can only look in in the problem of looking in as were rotten on the inside there's nothing to look at its new evil gazing. So we're sitting around examining something that doesn't exist, the south you know and all of the terms that we use to describe caring these self care self love self esteem. You know the word self isn't so much of our vocabulary. So that's another thing with race like and grace you have to get outside the
self and we're raising generations now of kids who have been told that their self is the most important commodity, yeah so much good stuff. Here I agree. Yeah. I've often mentioned that. I read fairy tales to my kids, my daughter, especially right now, and we had talked about because you know the big c. It's railed against right now is greed, but the big popular since it's in and cool is envy. Ok, that's all I feel like a lot of breaks down to that is fascinated by this is the ending of the original beauty and the beast when the evil stepsisters, who want everything Bell halves. They live these lives of horrible envy, it turned to stone in the end and they they're, but they're told that if, if they can just stop being so envious, then they'll turn back to normal. But this said thank the fairy godmother, something
that says. I fear you may remain statues forever. You can correct pride, anger, gluttony laziness, but you need a miracle to transform a heart filled with malice and envy say that that those that those are the hardest sins to when it's beating the beast Bible, but those fairy tales. The thing we neglect to consider about old fairy tales in the mall here is that they were allegories for biblical principles, which is why there are a lot of them were so they last the test of time because the yes, it was, the only change them to mean yeah. You probably read fairy tales and now that the end Cinderella would welcome those back like it's one thing. I hate about DORA. The explorer yeah swipe, never get justice. He is never received justice. He everyday door asked him not to swipe swiper no swiping in every day he swiped something and then at the end of the episode, DORA and boots will be like you can come to our party.
I promise never to swipe again and sweater goals all pay, and then they go to the party and this waiver to sweats all like DORA needs to make. She needs to deliver some St Justice Grimms fairy tales yeah. If you get his eyes picked up my birds, then you'd be stuck in a barrel, full of broken glass, nails driven into and then thrown down a hill, see more appropriate, like we've removed all the consequences like why what consequences of swiper paid? It's true, no wonder he keeps wiping. No one he's never gone to jail, it does the record yeah I mean, I think we need the death penalty for first. Why do we need grace for swiper? No, we need the death penalty. The door is given him. Grace. He's he's just spit on it. At some point, grace must give way to justice. Justice is a form of grace I feel like if anybody deserves a horrible murderous, bloody death on DORA, the explorer. It's I'm the map, I'm not map, I'm the map like them now, murder. This thought murder go through him.
I can hear it in his voice together this voice that map. I can hear him hating himself too yeah. I hear it. Yeah, probably isn't hey when he's rolling around and all that money, though, eventually he'll he'll get replaced by like Google MAPS or Waze or something then out of a job. Surely there's gotta, be, I know the new DORA movies out. I wonder if there's always map in there. I don't know what they did. The map in that movie. I just love that we live in a timeline where there's a live action door of these yeah, really weird supposed to be really good. Imagine hobo map this, like laying in the street like the minor drinking beer at the Bowling Alley bar. I was the I want to map the bartenders like yeah. Ok, I was a map once and then he DORA the explorer come on the tv and he throws his beer bottle at it. I was the map once for the gps.
Hulu Hulu would ways wait. Where is Oman hate mail, we're going to keep this going, but you're going to hate mail and then keep this going. The subscriber portion? This is spicy great stuff, we're talking about door. They explore the whole time. You know how you all right. Let's do arrow are horrible hate, mail, jingle, a room, Miss Adam Ford, hate, mail time Kyle, we get a special hate mail segment we've compiled. This is like rapid fire hate mail. Okay is a lot of the hate mail we get. You know we have a line that language problematic. We, why is rendering? Well, I find the word triggering problem is a lot of that. It yeah refers to go yeah so
most of the hate mail we read or these like paragraph long, because we were the long, angry missives that we get people and ah hysterical, but so much slips through the cracks because most of the angry mail we get is actually short. Just people saying, like yeah, go Dino yeah, yeah yeah the day in a house fire. It was our first yeah. That was our version of the game, so I I could. All of these people are mad, that we are deceiving people yeah, so we're going to rapid fire. I think I got four or five hundred am here: okay,. What in the world are you writing? This is a bunch of garbage. What what? What are you putting out more fake news, stop lying to the public he got. Somebody do you like took the time they open to their computer. They pulled up the email and they thought about the
words and then they committed those words I did that was worth and then they hit send on it. That's incredible! They need to go think about there. I wish there was a way to like peek into that. I know did not head. Can I read the next one or are you high? Your news is garbage and not three, but four exclamation marks. I think that person's high, if he's reading the about your journal, is extremely dishonest hard to read and is please stop you're journalism style yeah like it's, not even the content in style style less. You should do less like not real parody and then do stuff like report on things and then get quotes from people
it goes down. I don't know that work for you guys need to get like a journalism for dummies book. Yeah book journalism, ing right journalism, ing so hard uh Carrie. Do you want to read the next one here um? I don't have hate no okay, uh satire is a waste of time. Please step they were gonna. Other stuff. Please stop. Maybe this is the same person could be satires of wasted time. Please stop using your time investigating and writing real stories. I think that this is the same person. That person wrote the first email and then was like you know. What I did is I need more like you know how, when you finish a conversation you leave and then you think about all the witty amazing things you should have said: that's what this person did. They likes hits and and they're like no wait. I hate when I do that. I spend like three emails in a row to somebody haven't talked that much oh yeah. By the way. Sorry, I'm sorry well, it's like
later on. In the day, you think you think of that perfect comeback yeah. That is, I do that, I'm the worse and I'll be up all night thinking. I might- and I say this this would have been so funny. The whole room have been cracking up. It would me on their shoulders. Hoisted me, where celebrated me get the wittiest guests at the party like those it's like those fictional things, people do on twitter words like. I said this perfect comeback, yeah everyone on the train collapse. That would have been you if you had just thought of it. I'm going to get my slow clap moment someday though it's gotta be real, all right, here's the last one. How can you claim to be a christian and post lies? How tell US writers devastated? This reminds me of the written to like Anne's christian fiction writer. Yes, I was
say I'll, so I went to college at a Christian College in Iowa Northwestern called White One, and they were that's America, there's a good american Christian, reformed dutch reform. These are two denominations that are. I will I I can't, maybe because the Lutheran, maybe is okay, very popular Midwest and parts of California actually and the northwest called was american reform. Typical Dordt College was our rival college and they were dutch reformed and into the Dutch Reformed church. They were not allowed to do plays so any dutch Reformed, church or school. You are not allowed to have a performance troupe of any kind on campus. You are not allowed to have like plays in church on Sunday. They didn't do. Christmas shows 'cause, it's lying, 'cause active is lying, so there are Christians out there who really do believe that, like act,
you're lying yeah, I've heard that's crazy. So weird and bizarre, it's so weird to saying it's so strange yeah like I, I knew of some churches who were like no. We can't even do like a Christmas reading it because it's like it's too close, acting it's storytelling huh, but if they do like a ah disclaimer every five minutes so like this isn't real. We aren't really these people actors here to sign up. I can it's. This is only tangentially related, but I like, when parents like our way, opposed to Harry Potter and then like, but but then like it dawns on them. That, like Narnia, is like all match in which is home in is Jesus MAGIC is magic, so it's okay, hey! So this concludes our podcast and the free loaders. For the freeloaders
and we'd like to tease what we're gonna do in the subscriber portion, we've got some juice. We've got what we call Dr Phil will Dnc in drive by yeah. You you're going to want was on Dr Phil and she got kicked out of the Dnc, and I have some experience with DR some deep threat, but we don't know on which side so now the experience well now but have to tune into the subscriber portion, so it could go off the rails even from there here. I people want to learn more about you, they're crazy. First of all, there crazy. What do they do if they want to get cancelled? Where should they find your material? You can find me on twitter at Real Kira Davis is Krai, am editor at large at red states. So, if you like opinion- and you like the stuff that you're hearing from me, you can see my stuff. I write several times a week, but I have a Friday column called unsolicited advice. Where I give advice to people who don't know me and who never asked for it
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yeah thanks for coming. Thank you. Thailand Ethan would like to thank Seth Dylan for paying the bills Adam forward for creating their job. The other riders for tirelessly pitching headlines, the subscribers and you the listener until next time. This is Dave Deandrea. The voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forth and do the.
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