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Episode 16: The Gospel Of Earthworm Jim

2019-09-26 | 🔗

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In the sixteenth episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle are joined by graphic novelist Doug TenNapel, creator of the legendary videogame Earthworm Jim, the artist of the famous Five Iron Frenzy album covers, and writer/artist of several graphic novels. Doug is one of the most outspoken Christians in videogames and comics. He and his old team are bringing back Earthworm Jim in a new videogame and Doug has a new Earthworm Him comic book in the works. Check out his record-breaking Indiegogo Campaign before it ends on September 27th!

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(3:38) Disaster At Union Seminary As Giant, Angry Carnivorous Plant Does Not Accept Students' Apologies

(9:59) Saudi Arabia Closes Down New Chick-Fil-A Location For Disappointing Lack Of Homophobia

(13:42) Liberals Clarify Their Racism Is Actually Democratic Racist


(16:58) Interview: Doug TenNapel talks about Earthworm Jim, the Five Iron Frenzy covers and more...

(35:50) Hate Mail: People think Trump window at Liberty University is real. Referenced story: Liberty University Criticized After Unveiling Stained Glass Window Depicting Donald Trump

(45:05) Subscriber Exclusive Portion: Doug tells his Carman story and talks about experiences working in the PC climate of Hollywood animation industry.

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In a world of fake news, this is news you can trust you're listening to the Babylon Bee, with your hosts, Kyle Man and eat the nickel drinking non alcoholic beverages and owning the lives and their all out of non alcoholic beverages- hey hey, we are here. This is the Babylon Bee podcast sipping, on you drink non alcoholic beverages. Kyle actually have one right in front of me here. This is a monster energy iced tea, that's drum drinking coffee, so I guess that counts. All organic non GMO gluten free locally sourced free range monsters. We have yesterday on the apps on the podcast and some will know him. Some will not. Some will fear him. Some will despise him. Some love him. His name is
old old friend of mine, Mr Doug Tennapel, oh yeah now that wasn't much of those it is a big intro but accurate to but accurate, and it covers everybody. It coach everything Doug is the creator. Of the video game, earthworm Jim, that's what he's best known for, but he's he's one of them like most insane creative. Our house is that you'll ever meet. He has insane collection of books, he's put out comics graphic novels so talk about that he's. Also in the world of Christians, he's known for being the iron frenzy cover art guy you see that word to neapol down there remember I used to look at that like that. Is that, what's that ten Napel yeah five iron frenzy cup, There were a big part of my childhood and when I put two and two together like wait, earthworm Jim Guy-
in five iron frenzy cover. Guy was clean, you my mind just expo. Yeah I have I I am promiscuous with my artwork, I'm everywhere spreading artwork. Diseases like diseases. I love the five iron guys they came up to me. This is when they were first doing their first record. I forgot what it was called whatever it is and they said you wanted to these guys- want you to do their album cover. Will you consider it and the son of his tooth and nail a five minute walk? I can't remember which, which label. It was, but I just said, yeah, let me listen to it and if I like it I'll do it and I liked it- and I just I did my first piece of art and said this is what I'm doing and they put it on the album cover now and every time they would tour anytime. They were in town over they'd, stop in and I listen to their music and they'd. Give me records
You know all that I just I love a good kids Jeff the girl and I were like email, buddies or facebook, buddies and um talked about ministry and stuff, and Reese is just a great creative guide. Uh Dennis Culp ended up being. You were like in a Bible study together back when that church Ecosia Ethan that used to go to too much that way back in the day when it first started, you know everybody's. It was neat good time, good kids get well, big into the juicy stuff and that we're going to get into the main topic, but we're first going to do some news stories are going to join in on the to tell you how this is going to be formatted, so you're finding out right now. Don't talk about it. Just do anything. So here we go we're going to do our we're going to do our story the week, everybody every week there are stories. These are some of them disaster.
At union seminary as giant angry carnivorous plant does not accept students. Apologies hey. Do you get that you got a fancy new soundboard? Can you do the little? Do you have like a Don't done or like a I have. I have what do I have yeah perfect nails, it total email. What I was thinking and then I wanted to like a dramatic- I didn't have that pre order. We only get a certain amount, a carnivorous plant. I thought this was the be. I thought you were going to play a bunch of joke articles and you lay down this actual no plant. That won't accept an apology. I thought this was to be close to the real story. Yeah, that thing was so bizarre. I looked at it and said: how are we going to make this just so people know crazy. If you don't know, there's this place called
union cemetery. Do we? What's that mean the unify all the religions? Yeah, like every religion comes together, it is the teachers were all part of the union, I'm a republican, so I'm against union seminary just cause. It has the word union in the name. You know it become like it's become like the center for all, like Christian Marxist, basically like there are like the very progressive seminary all the wacky stuff always comes out of it so- they all got together in their apologizing to the plants for their climate. Sins. There's yeah, there's a beautiful picture that they put up this tweet where they have all these plants gathered into the center of the chapel and this girls like kneeling before them, forgiveness for her climate, since I am the root of all evil so do we all have climate sins that we want to convert your latest. I use disposable diapers, I want side interview this guy, let it all out anything he was talk.
Think about how, like he interviewed a serial killer, and he like just despite his obsession with the serial killer, is like almost becoming his best friend 'cause. He said you know we all do bad things like, for instance, I use dispose diapers with my children and that's that's basically murdering the planet and he liked compared. He acted this if he was just as bad as the serial killer 'cause, he used disposable diapers. Well, I don't see the prob ' I'm from I'm from Tennessee, so we never sort are trash. I throw away so wonderful. I th mollway, recyclable, glass, bottles, plastic bottles, the beloved missed enable got a composter, I think just out of guilt, 'cause, it's purely optional, I'm just going to just buy more soil. I'm not going to keep put put my egg shells in that thing. Coffee grounds, compost area yeah. So we just we don't in Tennessee, I laugh at everyone with the Recycle Bin. It's purely voluntary! I'm like nope
Yeah, I don't know I mean. Do we have laws out here? Are we supposed to do it? I do it just out of habit, but yeah yeah. I do it just out of habit, but I don't know if it's yeah just 'cause I do. Because we just don't have room in the trash. Can we gotta like exact, separate stuff out of it overflows, She has struggled all rising to the cardboard boxes. Look yeah. They reached the are separate all the stuff at the recycling plant anyway. So even if you separate the trash out, they don't take. Your word for it, knowing that you Ethan will, must go through it and when he's out of room he'll throw a diaper in the plastic recycler, they actually go through it. So if you just throw it all in there doesn't matter it'll all get separated, I'm convinced with all the energy it takes to like send a truck around a second time to pick up the recycles to send out more plus bins for everybody and then make crosses this stuff, like I'm convinced that it's got to be way worse than
making it better it, it's got to be cleaning out or I don't know. I noticed how Kyle got away with not answering this public is afraid of getting shot by some environmentalists but Kyle, my climate. Since what you're saying yeah climbs your claim is in was the car compost. That's right! I guess it's my turn. I run the air, the ac. That is all just run it? I run the air like a madman constantly, like my my electricity bills like six hundred dollars, we learned that if you keep it on, you actually save money Is my wife would obsessively turn it off and then only turn it on when it gets so hot we were all dying, then then it's gotta catch up and yes to catch up, and so it it keeps the house kind of cool and you the get the hardest part is getting your kids to keep the doors closed. That, like I wish that I had like they need to make kid training. Bb guns like
something that is easy for the room: the Cold air had Ostrich Hank called errors in our queue I mean they may be, begins. Yeah. We begin there too, you can get it, you go to jail for sure, you're going to be big and probably what about, Airsoft gun. Could you see your kid with an airsoft gun? Learn enough in the leg if they're little enough that scares them like best powered, want it stings pretty good. I have one of those those bug assault, Rifle LT's, where you shoot flies with salt has been, it's been tempting I've used it on. My dogs before have been really bad alone. That's already an environmental, a plant! Wouldn't you for that. Even he shot a dog with salt. They will salt. So are there any? If, if you're feeling guilty tile about running the ac round, the clock, are there any environmentalists in Arizona because don't they have to run the ac ac
we all day just to live yeah yeah? We were just in Arizona and it's like you go there. You have to bring a jacket because you go into the businesses and it's like sixty degrees when you go inside there, so I don't know finger wagging environmentalist sitting. There go and use the right drinking straw, even though they're running the ac twenty four, seven Arizona keep from dying. This is a story that was going around were some letter with those in PR something that was saying the ideal temperature to keep your house at. And it was oh yeah yeah. Eighty degrees it was it was on. Npr is on NPR and they talk so slow that I fell asleep before they finish the sentence there halfway through the word. Eighty degrees is the optimal alright. Let's, let's talk about some chick fil. A Saudi Arabia closes down new chick fil, a location for disappointing lack of homophobia. Did I ruin the punchline by yes, but you go
William Shatner was black home. Oh yeah, this one. Does I remember the first time I read: it really catches you off guard the in there. I there like what we they were so homophobic, such a let down You know why I originally wrote this in this at the Saudi Arabia. Bands chick fillet for for homophobia, yeah. I never saw that one and I was like forget it and then, when we I mean I don't this joke doesn't make any sense. So I just changed the in no homophobia yeah. So if your joke ever doesn't work just completely reverse. That was a Babylon. The headline I'd to read two times and explain it to myself to understand it well MIKE are my most are the most shared story of the last week. Enough people got it yeah. The danger with This people always go. Wait did did chick fillet real,
Open a Saudi Arabia location, you gotta, try to try to set it up so that get it to the whole thing to joke yeah. I don't know what else to add to we have nothing else. We could. We could get we could add to that and get into something we could say we get in trouble. I bet Doug Doug has some things to say: oh yeah, I got all kinds of things to say like as for links like did it did they in still like all around the chick fil, a in case they're, throwing them off the roof. I guess so. We need a good things Kyle. Why does not make the headline who's there? happened that week, there's a bunch of people laying in front of a chick fil a in like Canada or something yeah, that's kind of what inspired this is that whole they were saying. A dead out or something yeah the dead and dying as a diet high in a dead out at night, and it was kind of like dying. It's like your dining at chick fillet. No we're, not dining, and for dying are you dying in or eating out? Are you? I liked
all the people in that die and they all just look like you know, college kids. They couldn't afford chick fil a probably have to get some for it was. It was like dial riot where they just like got the generic usual people in there It was like any sign will do like there. There is on climate change. One was would be like on rest, free, the rest refugees and they went out a rainbow flag like indiscriminately like what one. Really phone it in. I think it's real life twitter, like that's just they're out there, just expressing opinions, do in real life too. Think real life works like twitter. You just yell things yeah. I think they had an earthquake at the Soros sign sign plant and they all got mixed up. I said I just grab Anything just anything. Anything I'll do my mind says, go
go man kind of trying to give a good wrestler name. Mankind, mankind yeah, it sounds like it sounds like a really positive sign go mankind. One guy has like one of those lipitor signs is like, may cause bleeding diarrhea for something like exit. The better example just got the wrong one. There was an article in the Toronto star about this, this new canadian chick fully and they said eating at Chick fil A will increase. The suffering of queer kids. And then it said chick fil, a has released poison into this city. Wow life is turning to the Batman episode more like the Toronto Red STAR, all right, our third story of the week. Liberals clarify their racism is actually democratic. Racism. You're much better headline deliver the than what happened to the musical intro or is this all part of the same section? You don't play that between each one.
No, I haven't read the story. I get to die if I could find a good, sound effect to put in B. We story- maybe I do something, but every time I try something sounds like. Okay, so liberal racism is the good racism yeah. I assume 'cause anything if you have. If you had well what the heck I just got a weird text. But yeah. So on topic thanks the my phone over real quality Actually they were problems today, a little inside baseball on that one car Well, you wrote this one. You have something you want to say about it. This is good This is certainly this is rough. This is totally on the rails. The rails are threatened. His Doug told me at podcast sucked and so now he's listening right now going to try to get a job, and now I'm doing terrible, and this is actually much better than that other one. Like this thing already Well, it was a little rough early on. You know we were we're pretty. Would it so it's still rough with? No, it's not now. It's like rush Limbaugh
I thought I was referring to the morning becomes eclectic when I first heard first okay. Well, Well, I like it. So seldom will you had democratic to it. It's like it's. Not socialism is democratic socialism, yeah, so Justin Trado everyone's. Prime Minister yeah yeah, is it in its proper nouns true day, we did June halls. All the like a side effects on there. It's like there's this. He was throwing crowd, content her words. So how does it actually it like? It totally cracks me up when the would like the black? face, photo stuff comes out because it's like and then it just keeps coming out. It gets worse and worse and it's like people are like well, it was one instance and they're like well. Actually there's like seven of them and then it's like, and then they ask him and he's like. Have you ever been in black play since two thousand and one or two thousand and four or something he's like I'm, not sure. How do you not?
How do you not know me? I can't recall I can't recall that don't oh, I thought you meant face. Yeah yeah it just cracks me up like like he's got this some kind of addiction like this. This overwhelming compulsive desire to put shoe polish on his face, or something is just I'm thinking about it. Yeah I've never done I've, I'm a borderline, racist and I've never even put black face on. So how are these guys there- is so sensitive like always running around in black face. It is weird it's bizarre to me. It's just absolutely bizarre to me yeah, that's all we can say So with that, I'm excited because I have new sentence: I'm trying to find this button, I'm supposed to push I'm trying to fill in time, while I'm looking for the button Kyle could fill in the time
is the other. Where is it Kyle chemically edit? This guy are true professionals. Oh here, go alright we're going to interview Doug now straight up presenting an exclusive Babylon Bee interview. So here we are we're here with Doug. Tennapel the man behind Earthworm Jim in the fiber frenzy covers and the the most intense view the most intense twitter guy you could ever follow if you I should have written you an intro if you can stand it, if you can stand it yeah, so I I a follow winter and it's like my whole imo with people that are critics or just agree with me, I can usually ignore them and Doug's thing is like I'm going to crush them.
So it's fun. It's fun for me to like vicariously, live out twitter arguments through Doug yeah yeah. I just want people to hate on me on twitter because then I'm gonna turn it into an entertaining event So yeah you have fun with that. You have fun with it. I can tell you it does sting. You know all all critic, critical criticism, stings, but if you turn it into something entertaining, then it's become something wonderful. Like it: yeah restoration, some in the soul or had or d or agreeing with them like when they're, like dogs, the most hateful eighty a mean spirited. You know probably closet homosexual, whatever meaning like yeah you. Totally got my number. You nailed me then that's correct, correct. I agree. And like. I have actually noticed that you evolve in the way you respond to people 'cause back Today you are a little more aggressive and harsh, and and now we've learned you have come a little more yeah. I think you
making entertainment for other people rather than trying to. I think maybe it's just the limitations that we because you were an essay writer yeah in your time yeah. I would pack out all one hundred and forty characters every single time I think I think now it really is like you, I I would never respond if it was gonna seriously. You know if I was seriously trying to engage someone, because the internet just doesn't does not care. In fact, they actually think you're funnier, if you're taking it seriously and trying to push back on right right. That's our culture, the traits as an insult. So so the reason we're having you on at this very moment is because you are doing the earthworm Jim Indiegogo. You are bringing back earthworm Jim, we're work. Video game, but you're also give a comic.
Working on any of like broken records with the amount of money the earthworm Jim? This comic by one of the most hated man in comics and video games, yeah absolutely attacked by the Woke left in media like a month, so many blacklist, the video game magazines will not there they're told. Not to cover me right and it, and it set the number one record on crowd. Crowdfunding comics yeah. I I've seen that the amount of people that will start up a will be like everybody. We have to stop this. This guy has to be. Taken down and yeah apparently not work Well I I respond to them about five times and eviscerate him on Twitter and then they start writing to each other quit responding. To him, you're just bringing him more attention, so they start shutting each other down telling them not to not talk about me so it is amazing. The backfiring firing happens that happens when you start talking about when people on the internet talk about, should
somebody down that generally helps them. That's happened with us, yeah yeah yeah! Well, if you give them the thing that that I think this is the one of the benefits of Trump, is he really did wake up the idea of pushing back that yeah, it's okay to push back now with that end, up doing is turning us has as sour and bitter as the people that are complaining about us. That's my fear is that we we we went to the dumpster with them, but at least you have permission now to speak back and before it was just like you just kind of cower in silence. As all your work, dried up, hey, yeah,
I did not have sought after that, so long. Okay, all go continue, I'm just I'm saying yeah. I mean that I'm gonna lose work and I'm gonna lose followers. But now I grew up thinking of skin. Where I go, I'm just gonna, I don't care now. Now they can yeah they this some. I learned from bright part back when we were bodies. He taught me about how to respond to media. He said once they take everything away from you. They actually really awake in a different kind of drag it because they can't take anything else from you and I'd gotten to that point where I was just like: I'm not ever going to look good to these people and I'm not there. They're not gonna, hire me because they know I'm a christian, conservative or whatever so now, they've just freed me and that's really what and least meet up really not take into account what they say about me. If it's unjustified, if it's justified, I feel bad about it. If it's unjustified and dislike screw you, I will absolutely
rant about this ten times more now, because you're trying to get me to be quiet, there's a special joy in a special freedom. When you wake up from that, it's like they can't take anything else from me. I'm I'm free! Now, yeah, it really works. I mean the model for what you're doing now, doing your indiegogo self funded books. You've been putting out these independent traffic novels. I highly encourage people. Look them he's, got a amazing library of work and you You done the mall through independent, mostly through image, comics imagine scholastic and then I I started fearing getting fired from them because they do have some woke. Editors, they've been very good to me. Yeah. I understand it's gonna be a matter of time before their block cold. You know under he all this snow.
Anti chick fil a stuff that I just said, I'm going to go independent and start calling my own crowd of people who it's not that they agree with me 'cause. So many people in my audience most of them disagree with me frankly, but they're, not the kind of people they believe in supporting were regardless of agreement and that doesn there's why I want to talk about return. Jim is we're closing the store. This Friday will no longer be available after late Friday, and a yet the the highest rating landed broke. It's gonna be fantastic to it's, a nine by twelve hardbound edition, I'm really proud of the story. I've got a great team of artists that that are working with me on coloring, lettering and book design, so yeah hunters from Jim. No, it's it's one of your create. In that doesn't have a lot of spirituality. That's all
Yes, yes, I would love to hear that the secret truth of earthworm Jim's faith, sure the if I was gonna, pin it down toe a ideology that was going in me at the time it is. The meek will inherit the earth. So here he is this idiot worm that is totally vulnerable. Stupid kind of like US week, there's nothing weaker and you know to become a superhero than a worm, but he's in an indestructible suit that is destined to save the universe. So to me that just made for great
storytelling, it was fun, it wasn't deliberately christian anything, but it just did that stuff. Just courses through my veins, that's pretty much the gospel yeah he's pretty much. Do you say he is a Christ figure of a hero and it, and I think it is part of his appeal also if people love the idea of the the kind of a conic last of seeing the week worm with this big muscular impenetrable body like it, he works as a character because of that is kind of a conflict in a drama there and then, as a storyteller. When I write and draw this comic it gives me a lot of stuff to play with, because the worm is always vulnerable. So he he's using his body as a shield, but she hit him in the head. You know you could take him out, and so it creates conflict in humor opportunities and it was pretty easy. I've I've. I made this character twenty five years ago, so it's I'm, I'm very close to my can write him. You know it's easy,
It's you that is going great on the game right. Let's may I did his voice, not because I was the most talented voice actor, but just because I was just around when they had a microphone you the character what you sound like like I go well when he gets hit with with The story goes now. And whoa Nelly, and you know it's just: can we get a? Can we better groovy from you than the one that he can just gave us. I can try. Let me try here goes movie. I can't crack my voice like that. Now it's been twenty five years Ronald. I bring a lot of tobacco through me. I I thank. I got a gameboy when I was a young and we had two games. We had Super Mario Land and we earth when Jim and that that's like how it was when we got a game system as we got like one game, maybe two and we had those same games for years and we just played them over and over so that was earthworm Jim passed, the test.
Well I don't know I mean I think, the the colorful artwork on the on the cover. You know that was like my parents would just go in the store and, like I looks but yeah looks that I mean that's. That's literally like we help people by kittens. We suspect that this warm as a Christian yeah that that art work was done by Michael Kelch, who is doing that. There's a making of book with this campaign also on Indiegogo, look up at her job and you go. He did the cover a brand new cover for that and it's it's there you can see on. It looks exactly like the classic nineteen nineties Kmart, is beautiful work that MIKE did so. It was actually like that cover art was kind of ahead of its time for video games. Video game covers it like the early 90s were kind of. How is little cheese ball. Super realistic artwork for like pixelated games like
and then you see these like two bros with Melissa, and then you play the game. It's like eight pixels. They look like they're made of stairs stair steps that game adventure island. It's like a fat go with a little hula skirt and a cap on like a trucker cap, and then you see painted like I don't see that so one the weather in frenzy, covers you, give us a little background on that yeah anything any other cool five in frenzy stuff. You want to tell us about like this Reese Roper know that you're, a Nazi probably probably probably thinks I am 'cause he's he's a full blown communist. So he's a Yeah, like Mark Sister, something marxist communist, but you know it's weird because for both of us being on opposite ends, me very far right him very far left. You know. I think we knew better than to argue that so, but there's a really. I just am a huge fan of his. I mean I've seen him he's a natural. What I want
He can run a room and in fact I song just a couple years ago here in Nashville, where I'm so it had been like twenty years or something since I first started hanging with those guys, he can't go on like this guy's. An older man like his real job is a nurse. You know um. He came out here and he was dressed like Colonel Sanders. He had a colonel Sanders beard and mustache and white hair and the Y suit. Probably his commentary on the south or something- and he just came running out- did a flip in like crashed into the drum set. I'm going, that's the greatest rock star. I've ever seen you know they like known for being covered in stuffed animals or something like that for a while. They have all these stage shows there's always insane that was a thing in lexicon, punk culture for awhile, like you ever every band had their thing. Yeah, we wear funny: hats are we we play naked,
well there. When I was in a Ska band, I had a rubber chicken on my football helmet there, you proving the point their horn section was so tight too. Yeah, that's, ah, you know uh. What's it Ortega, Geoff Fieger room Dennis Culp and who is that Brad was the trumpet plan, fantastic brass, which you gotta have got banned, but theirs was really tight and like Dennis is like a the trombone player is, is really kind of, I think the musical genius the group as far as organizing arrangements is, he really knows music theory forward and back so just a real talented group. Great
and I, when I listen to him, there is nothing like it in Christianity, you know and they wanted something that was in art, wise. That was christian, but nothing like it in Christianity, which I think my arts very it's kind of punk rock and kind of unhinged a non sequitur, and it was just like a natural marriage. I felt like they were kind of writing the sound track to a lot of my work like it had that that feel to it. Yeah I am. I am. I remember looking through the album cover for five iron frenzy. The note you know the liner notes, I think, did you have a few pieces in there yep for for of the newest of member with the the guy with the goggles on yeah, and I would do it some. So I'd thrown some black and white interior are just to throw through right yeah. The demonstrations yeah Amber, I was, is trying to interpret it like other saying that these three is three like Wolf. Looking guys in the back are like Satan and the
has NASA Junior high. That was yeah. That's we want to get we wanna get Doug's interpretations cover all the scoop. Hardly enough when I drew it. I did think of those three will for you. Guys is kind of bad guys, they're they're kind of among buildings. You know there's kind of these weird look and Wall Street there in suits. So this thing tied to straw, which you know for capitalism- and I thought they could be seen as evil or they could just be seen- is kind of these bad little awesome, SCA, guys, which I thought I think Reese Roper like because he sighs like those are Wall Street wolves yeah. This is an say capitalism monster yeah. Definitely I was I mean I was need apply to him. It looked they were. They were greedy little business, wolves and the guy the main guys like this hero. He has a trumpet on his forehead. So, instead of like the market, the beast he has the brass switch to represented the five friends. He looks like he might be a skinhead though well he's got the street.
Jacket, so I assume he's trump yeah. I thought I saw him as someone who escaped in a sane asylum, so they thought he was crazy. The communists thought he was crazy, ironically Reese Roper's people and they and they locked him up, but he broke out with his brass and he's ah he's out saving the world. I don't know it was something like that. It was something like that it was fun. I did the whole all the art. In a day I did a sketch. I did. The art I sent it to him, and my rules were always. You can use this on the cover. You can't put it on the back cover s, so you either have to use it or send it back to me and you never have to pay me, for Oh see these offer free always for free. That was the rules. I would say you don't have to pay me anything for it, but you have to use it on the cover. You can't art direct me and if you don't like it, just send it back and they used them all nice
well, so you did. Quantity is job one and in the end is near. The end is here year, whatever The end is near. I did. I did a clay one to their live. Album was a skull yeah that guy at the youth are revolting. I love that one and in fact, that quantity is job one, that's with the little green guy. Eye on it right. Can you skank in that was like a moment of calm. I did that in markers and I sent it to him and I go. This is what I'm thinking if they go. Oh well, use that the Houston market like like go. All I I re, I literally. If I redo it, I probably only ruinous so they were right. When I was a kid, I would draw those those little guys that are following this ganking guy yeah. One of us get him out. He like he's eating one or something and he's up at night feeling guilty and
did something like that. There was like a weird that might have been inside yeah. I don't remember weather, like a rear part of the album. That kind of tells the story. I liked it. What are the band? Would let me do that yeah, it's pretty cool. That is pretty crazy. I mean besides Sandi Patty MIKE these men, besides Michael he's, got that one. Where he's in, like the argyle of those like diamonds and he's, he looks like oh my gosh, like what have I done, you know What am I doing with my life? I love that album that's his first one was talking about. I think it was number- I think it was. The second was Michael W Smith too. I think so. I love those first two albums yeah Michael, do Smith to my lesson this woman's. Well, in that I mean to ask every guest we have, but I always forget, so I need to ask you this. Does your have you ever Carmen. I have not. I have not even come to. I have a great Carmen story. We're going subscriber portal subscriber world. Can you you do?
The staff of the subscriber portion is a carbon story. Houses are we gotta chairman story story? That is absolutely amazing and you guys gotta subscribe to hear it 'cause. It is good and also less chance of lawsuits that too, because Carmen's got to pay for it to hear you hear that Carmen subscribe. So you can sue these guys join Snopes team, Snopes. Yes, escape, that's pretty good! Look at those pieces of album artwork, I feel like we could, really diving in you realize this is an audio podcasts right I mean there's no visual. We can see them. You have have the visuals will put him link. Something in the show notes, there's a link I can put in of all the covers on the five member and then we're going to see him, but we should describe them like this. Like the captions. Do you know they have it when I'm browsing the internet and they have the captions for blind people? If that does scribe the image, never listen to the green background. Man Stan
and holding five iron golf club. Has anyone ever clicked one of those links on a podcast ever show? No, it's always here. I'm talking about that like show Show MIKE. I can't even find that how many gonna that he sends the only one, I'm the only one who's. Never so I I don't I put them, I make them with such care. I don't listen to pop listeners. Everyone else is studying them and I'm the only one who's never collect on him, you're beating, alright. Well, I think we should move on to hate mail. Let's do it alright, let's do it it was no no which button is. This is gonna sound. This is gonna, be good. We it's the worst sound effect ever here. Goes keep going the the volume up. Do it again hold on Amanda Studios on fire? Would do it again? I really miss Adam Ford, some creepy, so terrible
thought I really miss Adam Fork. What did he say? Yes, I really Adam Ford it it's an ongoing gag that we get a lot of hate mail, say it people saying they, is Adam Babylon for main guy yeah, yeah, and so we were using a sound effect where you just saying. That and then it got suggested that we do auto tune in my friend didn't two so uses sense terribly bored. I follow him. Yeah Adams cool going on here at some point, tell me about the mail Ethan okay, so I hate mail, it won't actually doing hate mail this week, but this we're doing something that you pretty good, because We did this article a while back, I think Kyle wrote it. I did the photo shop. The headline is Liberty University criticized after unveiling stained glass window depicting Donald Trump. So there's this big
stained glass window of Donald Trump up there and he's got two thumbs up and he's got like these American Flag Eagle wings coming out again. Is that Babylon Beers that real and I honestly so even it's actually an old article and it went viral again, someone discovered it and retweeted it or something and people started posting it saying it was real good and so there's all these MIKE. Our friend MIKE me and Doug have a mutual friend MIKE Nelson of Rifftrax, who he said he saw it in the wild. He saw somebody posting. It say it was real he's like I gotta congratulate you on this one, that's good! I'm waiting for the Snopes next check that we haven't got no Snopes fact check it's weird. They likely agree with everyone, so they just glanced right everywhere, that's real! It doesn't fit. Negative that only conservatives are fooled by satire because we got a lot of people on the left here falling for it.
We get to see a lot of people on the left getting fooled by Saturday we're going to read some of the comments that people made when they shared this. It's pretty fantastic. Here's here's one alert, not a joke evangelical zombies that Liberty, university are now worshipping. The Trump stained glass window in church confirmed everything we suspected is true. I like when it's like a joke. There literally sharing a joke. Another joke: it's not a joke. I've done the homework. This one says: oh wait, the only one, I'm not a bible expert, but I think Staying glass image of Trump in the chapel at Liberty University would have really PETE off Moses. Just saying can we say the p word on the show? Why Moses? I know the answer to get a whole new cast. Maybe the golden calf thing. I love it because that's their favorite argument is they take Bible quotes out of con. You know out of college.
So now I could be wrong, but I don't think the Bible. I don't think Jesus would approve of you, know whatever and then fast then show whatever Chris and is doing yeah, I don't believe the Bible, but hey here's, an argument against here from the Bible. Here's one trump is a Christian now christian, spelled with a dollar sign. Instead of an s is Trump, is it Christian Lying, adulterer envy pride wrath lust gluttony and greed yep? That's Trump I like that with lying. He has the barfing emote Acan to woman, Jennifer, sorry, Jennifer, sorry, Justin yeah! We miss you just misgender her way to go Babylon date. We did. Did gendered her. This one is very simple, but I really dislike imagining the way that this person delivered this verbally, the name Sheila. She goes. Why would anyone do this
she's, like on her she's on her fainting couch, clutching parents. What world do we live in? My favorite is the lack of originality in all three of these that you know they're just repeating us for acquire that enter come with any content, just like looking at this. How utterly disgusting never caps ever ever heard separation of church and state waste of time and money there How would that be? How would that be separation? I well, I guess that's, It's making. Isn't it supposed to be the other way like the church isn't supposed to control the government yeah? Is, I guess it's the other way to state none I it doesn't doesn't work, so they would like if, if it was Obama, they probably be at wall about.
They all go to that list that I feel like. I finally found God's word. I look up the stain glass and this is the only non racist church in the world. I now know that I'm in right place, one with lots of laughing emoticons. You can't make this stuff up to visit this stuff and actually we literally made it up. Yes, you can believe it or not. So this one was one of the ones that went big in Seattle. The really big on this guy's, a ton of followers slaughtered a bunch, a re to me. He has a phd, is I mean, he's a okay and his his for Twitter, Twitter, his does omg no to trump yeah. So I like that, that's his I might just might have just them. Sorry, sorry, and he says if it's true, that liberty. University has a large stain glass window of Trump in a new prayer room that which it appears which it appears to be by
way, which there is billed oh yeah like a warlock to be there, there's no way for me to insult them. They already insulted them selves way more than I ever. Could it's absolutely incredible. I love I like the which it appears to be like the thing This link will but, but it's also like how far did you research this to figure out that this was true yeah? You know like yet. This appears to be true. I checked out the site and it's legit yeah Sinai, Confiance that side in this town. What can find it today under the deleted or what but there's somebody who clearly had read the article and they're using details from the article to say. I can't believe this is true, like anyone who opposes my opinion on this is anti science science. Their science deniers. Thanks, deniers that's not covered in pretty good. We had a lot of mean: some of these guys got a lottery,
and shares. There's some great threads. Let's do the last one I like this one, the same university we've bought a million. Bucks in jet fuel from since Trump was elected Universe Una. Cities selling jet fuel to the government tax exempt. Wait: Liberty, so jet fuel? I don't know: I have no idea: where did that If we had an intern we'd have on Google, it Liberty, university trump oil man- I don't know so yeah I was fun this little sample there. I'd probably send money have on twitter. I'd, send my kids to liberty. If they did send oil to Trump, It would be a positive it back and I know you're not trump enough. It's like the not in trouble. It's like was a good call back yeah
all right. Well, we're gonna continue the discussion with Doug behind our pay wall, which is our subscriber program. So if you want to get the rest of the podcast, go to Babylon, be dot com, slash plans and you can. Ah, you can join and he's gonna tell his You see Carmen story, but he also has it. I'm gonna throw it down, but I hate telling my stories to the poor. So we talk to the rest of you shine your monocle that now he has. From when he worked in home, to ask some Hollywood stories to really interested to hear what oppression so do that and in the Doug. How can people visit you in and check it out? Forget this initially go to indigo, go and put in a word gm and get the comic. That's what we want, or they can follow me on Twitter. If you really want to be offended put in at Doug Tennapel on Twitter, beautiful and bear do that. First, you and me.
Yes, so check out the earthworm Jim Indiegogo, it's going on for one more day after we published this, so you get about twenty four hours to check that on all right. All right. Everybody thanks as yeah we'll talk to you guys so next week once this loans up. I can hit this thing and do this here. We go Kyle and Ethan would like to thank sets Dylan for paying the bills Adam Ford for creating their job, other writers or tirelessly pitching headlines the subscribers and you the listener until next time. This is Dave D'Andrea, the voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forth and DR demons into swine, so that they jump off of a cliff and dying.
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