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Episode 17: Candace Owens INSTANTLY REGRETS Babylon Bee Interview

2019-10-04 | 🔗

In the seventeenth episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle interview lib-owner-in-chief Candace Owens. They talk about her recent run-in on C-Span, children being used as political props, marriage advice, and more. At one point in the interview, Owens is left literally speechless. Kyle and Ethan also go over recent news stories in front of their first live studio audience: A guy named Joe.

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Stories of the week:

Story 1 - Evangelical Leaders Ask Trump Which One Of Them Will Betray Him During Impeachment Proceedings

Story 2 - Prodigal Son Kicked Back Out After Old Tweets Surface

Story 3 - Democrats Introduce Debate Strategy Of Holding Up Small Child Whenever Their Positions Are Challenged

Interview: Candace Owens

Referenced video of Candace at white supremacy hearing on C-Span

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In a world of fake news, this is news. You can trust all the news that's fit to cover unless it makes people mad you're listening to the Babylon Bee, with your hosts Kyle Man and Ethan Nicole. Yes, this is the Babylon Bee Podcast and I'm Kyle Man and I am Ethan Nicole welcome and we are coming directly to your ear canal in years. Right now who Tarian here wow you need to clean that place out clean these things in this gracious. I heard you action not supposed to stick. You tips in your ears, yeah that doesn't stop me and I use q tip constantly. It feels so good yeah. I just got to get something in there and and it does come out. This is getting group is disgusting podcast. This is quality. This is the quality content that are that are subscribers, enjoy your seeing those my hippie roommate ace.
Have you had those cone things that you like light the end of it and it's supposed to suck all this gunk out? Here's your ears! but it's like a lie. I believe apparently like it's just things melting and it's fake. It's totally like a placebo effect, yeah, it's something to trick a piece. There's a lot of things out there to trick hippies essential oils yeah. I have the mainstream trippy trick and I've done the like lie on your side and you get the little drops that go in there. Does that work or is that a loan? And I have a really gross story. I'm going to tell this story in the subscriber portion remind me that your drop story- it's disgusting, but it's amazing. Well, we've got a great show for you today. That's going to it only goes uphill from here, right and because we're not talk about anymore bodily functions until the subscriber portion. I can't promise but I don't think we'll talk about anymore. Finally, bodily functions, so we drove out to LOS Angeles, which is
I don't know an hour for months and we get is not bad traffic. If there's a big trouble, we timed it okay and we got to interview. Can this Owens, who is a controversial figure? Conservative firecracker, that conservative firebrand the live owner the owner, the libs she owns? Many libs she's got a whole garage to get a twenty four live garage and do we make a joke about that in live girl. I think we actually made a joke about that in the interview, so I'm just doubled the joke and ruin the punchline, but in in a it, was a very good interview and we had a back and got some delicious chicken, kebabs and Z. Thank you, chicken, veal and leave if you're in so cal, either zinc. It's my favorite chicken on the in the whole world. There's a gentleman that sitting next to me right now and he's a green of everything. I say he's nodding at the chicken kabobs, and so I actually haven't had a walk in visitor this morning from gate seminary so we're going,
say, hi, real, quick. The Holy Spirit leading here wanted to introduce yourself and say hello hi, my name is Jody came from gateway seminary and I served in the office of enrollment all right, indian roles, people yeah and apparently right now, I'm in the Office of Control meant hey, that's pretty good yeah! That's our office! The office of instrument, you're hired so we always like hearing from fans and Joe emailed me and said: can I come by and say hello, so he made the three hour drive out cs a live studio audience, so we don't. Even we don't even need a laugh track. This time, yeah we'll just have the LAN laugh really loud when all up there. It is perfect. Every time we we went on our own headlines all right, so we got stories the week before we go
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by by email or text, message sign up now and get a free one week, trial at inside the street dot com. That's inside the street dot com enter the promotional code Nope to Snopes. That's all one word nope to Snopes and they will make that a two week free trial. I'm really happy with the promotional code that inside the street give us that is very clever. Nope amazing, the Snopes. So thank you for the support inside the street and go check him out everybody. Alright, let's get to our stories of the week every week there are stories. These are some of them. Angelical leaders ask Trump which one of them try him during impeachment proceedings. Have we received this much anger on a post in the history of your posts while absolutely, but this was they are the most were pretty upset. The most angry I've seen people in a recent in recent times, yeah actually got a lot of
on the one I loved it. Yeah we talk, about, will talk about in a little bit greater thunberg. Is it Fun Bergen? So you say that Joe, how do you pronounce? He doesn't know, he's smarter than us. It's swedish right. So what's the swedish way to say that great, but it gumboro You gotta, like death meant great. Is that swedish The only swedish I know is is civ from an instant, be the brother. What about a time span? Yeah in frozen, the guy, the the the guy that like the shopping, a tension of frozen, come on. My daughter, watches it on loop, excellent film called the white noise. To me. Excellent film so yeah so anyway, the events local leaders are asking Trump, surely it is not I that he will betray you more girl. So I think I think people were upset that we like put Trump's head on.
Zedd yeah no yeah and they're like it's the sacred supper, the Lord's supper. Yeah supper. Is bounds out of bounds because I didn't even like I do that far removed from they didn't even hit me that that would be offensive to do that yeah. Sometimes when publish some like me this it's going to upset some people. I was actually more worried about the one we did with Chick fil, a like putting a sweater on two chicken breasts, fully clothed, fully clothed chick fil, chicken breast for the more moderate diner yeah that one. I was more nervous about one. I think what happens is like that, one got a lot of clicks and likes and stuff, there wasn't a shares yeah, because I people are like. Oh, I can't share this little edgy yeah that was the reaction there. There was actually a lot of verbal hate when this. When you got a lot of comments, people saying this is too far too far be so yeah. I think it's like you can't see beyond the the you pasted Trump had on jeez
and that yeah all you see is what are you actually saying, because what you're saying is some people have elevated trump to the level of God. You know that's what trying that's exactly what making fun of you know and that's with mad people, so it helps to explain the joke yeah. Well, you know we should also do is explain to voters, because that's what doing there is no no shots of trump. I found a picture of these guys doing like a community theater re enactment of the which, if, if my photo shop is sacrilegious than these random dudes dressing up to Jesus in doing the Lord's supper is probably sacrilegious to kiss their heads are in place of Jesus. When I just swapped heads of strange people, nobody knows about with these heads. Well, that's like the formed position on the second commandment. Is they won't? They won't actually like any pictures of Jesus or to pick in the diss, leaving in a way like that. It's it's out of them. I've heard of the I've heard of that no nativity scenes. Okay, I'm I am. I am into that. Make me
the logically liberal. No, I I think that's actually a fringe position within conservative Christianity Joe's nodding, so the double plus conservative, the seminary guy, agrees with the nose yeah he's not in this. Yeah I mean I, but you know I was, I think, there's a line somewhere with like second commandment things. Depictions yeah is right like no. I I completely understand and agree with the notifications of God, like I won't do it last people me to draw some depiction of God like a joke and I'll do jokes, where maybe there's like light coming down. Having nothing for this Dogo for God yeah, but I won't try to draw an old man or something like that. So, like money, pilot, no you've never seen money, but I have been a long time. They've got like God and he's like his mouth opens like a pile. I can, you know yeah. He just pokes out his set up in the clouds and stars yeah. No, I get yeah. I totally get that the weird thing is like the Westminster confession says you can't picture Jesus in
So when you're lying in it you do they say that you do it well, yeah, it don't think about Jesus, don't think about him, don't think about Jesus and then, if your picture in the Bible stories like what are your picture, like like because it blurred out or maybe they could release a video series of invisible man doing everything Jesus did so. I can picture that this is women approved depiction. Prodigal son kicked back out after old tweets surface. Are you a little sizzle on that? At the end, radio? He was dead and is alive again, but is now dead again because he is garbage another we will not will say is named in a listen. So let's talk a bit rank Fleming yeah, it's very it's a frank article. I'm an insert Frank's chuckle right here
some of your favorite writer. Let's talk a bit about this cancel soldier. Eight cancel culture old tweets and this is an old to either we we resurfaced not at an old, are it's an old post, about old tweets. This is very it's very evergreen because it keeps coming up people getting canceled for their old tweets. So we had a story this week about a guy named Carson King, who was holding up a sign at a sports game, make sure get this right and he was saying I need beer money or something like that, and then send me beer money you put up his venmo or Paypal or something on he ended up being on t, be so like a bunch of people like you got like six hundred bucks and he's like I'm going to take this right, I'm going to give this to a children's hospital like a nice heart warming, all american story and like it goes like a million dollars. Could he have taken the money and just but beer whatever I don't know. When did he decide? He made some kind of deal cuz he had the beer company Bush Anheuser
show me the agreed to match the agreed to match in a bunch of other companies agreed to match, became this big thing. I think you he picked. The hospital is like tweeting connect to the hospital is to do what I, whatever I don't know. It became this big thing. I didn't super, follow it until this thing came up because I'm more into troll stories, but at this, so I'm not completely sure on all the details, but I know this reporter or journalist named Aaron Calvin decided in his work in the in they call this the doing a routine background check. He dug through his tweets Ollie back to high school and found that he had said to racist things. Me too, racist jokes is like a sixteen year old, and but I guess it's, what actually happened is he he found out. I think
They told me that they found the tweets he they hadn't actually published it. Yet he got out. He got out ahead of it and and apologize publicly for it and we I'm feeling that maybe they would never would have published it. The issue here is still to me other than they did. They still didn't they still. They that's why they put it down on the bottom, but then someone contacted the beer company. I am in the midst of all this and say, and so that's I kept hearing say that that the beer company cut ties before right because they came because they heard about it, which what it sounds like is the reporter called the beer. Can in asked, are you aware, are you aware and they've kind of the the DES Moines Register kind of a you should have been telling this your way better on the details, and I am now did I pronounce them when right do mowing? That's the real question It's moines assess minus this. The does mourn register register. Yes will
please please never would have come out so, but they tried to say was a. We didn't contact the beer company they just found out on their own, like at the exact same time that we found them, which is like in a you know. They just happen to find him, but the best part of the story. My hair is just the two. Term routine background check. I mean that's, not what you were meaning, but no, that's not the best part. The best part is that the reporter who dug up the backlash here in Calvin is the name of the guy who dug up these tweets himself had post Chris is in the internet, found them, and then he got it fired, which is always. When someone gets fired, fascinating to watch play on twitter and people were posting, am copying the screenshots and like ok check out with this reporter said, oh check out these tweets and he got fired and then just see the DES Moines Register. They first had their apology about their explanation of what happened. Bars and then under that, then they had a new tweet that came up. That was like other APOLLO
before hiring here in Kelvin. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked, and then even I don't know if it's delicious, it's kind of like it's sad at the same time with that, Erin Calvin went on apparently he's an Ex Bud Buzzfeed writer, or something that going completely on internet hearsay here, which is really say former. We just make up facts. We just yeah, we know that over to you, we are set. Our the he did this interview and he said, and you have the quotes here on R document, I believe yeah yeah Calvin told Buzz feed news. These were frankly embarrassing, tweets that he would not have published today, but he said he had been taken out of context and the quotes are being used to wield disingenuous argument. It's me, here's the best part! If you turn this around, this is expert level. He says I recognize that I'm not the first person to be docks like this. When this whole campaign was taken a by right wing, ideologues and largely driven by that force, it was
you have done to him. It's right wing ideologues. This is the best part, is that it was just a taste of what soon that women and journalists of color suffer all the time. Since he's now a he's now become a black woman. He's turned it fifty, which is funny because he's in use the n word that was part of his. It around to all these races that are attacking what it feels like to be. A black woman is to have uses the n word in the past and they get in trouble for it when the whole thing with the register is like, they missed the entire point right 'cause. Nobody Most people in the right words saying firing Calvin. It was anyway even saying it's fine to make these jokes. The main point was that has nothing to do with the story: to dig up these tweets, yeah but why is that standard at? Why is that standard protocol to gf dig through and what it? What is what editor Bruce this thing and said yeah. This is a good idea. You you
like a low level guy there like he was yesterday at like two thousand followers- is just digging up stuff and I was his jobs, get in fact gathering facts just like wow yeah did somebody tell him to do that? That's one, that's not. The question is like: is there some higher place like Dick to his twitter history and that person got off Scott free when I'm sure it paid off for the register? They provide a ton of hits. You know, that's the thing, that's I mean we're all talking about them now I don't even know that was it yeah. Nobody cares. I mean that yeah you got them. A ton of use got their ads a bunch of clicks. They got what they wanted. So I don't know at the end of the day when he wins, because we yeah, we all try to tear each other apart when we come into this world. Well, yes, we knew the next story before you try to get too deep sure Democrats introduced debate strategy of holding up small child whenever their positions are challenged. Man. I love the photo shop on this one. This great work. You know what's funny about this.
When I just realized this, article idea came from warms mention in the Candace owns interview. No, no! I! I came up with that in the interview. We were very record. No. I think I actually thought of it. You thought of it, and then you mentioned, and then I can use that I acted like I just thought of it in the interview is press Candace and even says something about it's like when someone tries to punch you in you hold up a child, they get yeah every time I try to put you like. Why is this kid? So we but on that idea, and that became the Democrats holding up the child yeah we couldn't have children being punched in the face, unfortunately, is Kyle, so very legalistic editor. No, I would have been ok with a child, punched in the face? Okay, it was just more like how do you set up this joke to,
and why is a Democrat getting punched in yeah? I was trying to work it out in my head, gotcha, so yeah. This is linked to the whole graph. Thunbergii can't create a third bergensten sundberg. This is fun CERN, Thunberg area, thank God on our third birth soon, but are soon Berg from Berg guys learn. How dare you can't tell if it's racist or not that we're doing you You know you racist against Europeans. The reason is Jose is not racist and Joe is can we should revealed that he's got authority on racism? He is a minority yeah, not Fill me in calling people might well yeah. What are you, your career, green, yeah, some California? We went to win three. Okay, so so yeah, so we had a so
does. This is mainly a this. Was this whole week at a constant? It's just been crazy, yeah, these constant. How dare you attack at a you child? Did you see that that parity, video, those guys get onto it and it was like it- was like a support line for people who are upset it greta? No, it's like if you're an angry adult you if you're an adult his anger at a child. Please call this number. You know it was kind of funny, but it was but it's this holding like wait a minute. So you can't criticize the mission of someone said if your self up as an authority yeah, that's and then the other article that you did, that was really made a lot of people mad yeah. That's the one that made people put the marionette strings on it said marionette strings clearly visible during I don't I do this money or whatever I. I think people saw a picture of her and any criticism as like. Why are you hating on this child? That's a criticism of the people who are, but I clearly make fun of the people who are holding the puppets in your ass roll around. Everybody is not making fun of her, maybe a little
You can get a kid to say your position, then you can't it can't be criticized. It seems just ridiculous you're putting a kid on the fire me? We need to hire a person is putting the kid there's the jerk right now. This was her make fun of so we need to hire a child about when the yeah. That's a good idea gets tired, just pay mode monthly. You know we have. We have, we have an army of kids in the two of us. I yeah just says we see the minority get kids. Do you? Thank you not yet just gonna have kids some kids. We need jobs, kid when you well, we can we sign a contract like maybe when, when you have kids pull, I have a j gets pretty minority rights may is ginger minority. Do you have a ginger can yeah bright red hair me Bynoe, looking yeah, but she like she's crazy, so you psycho, I don't think it'll garner much sympathy he's four, but she
it could be entertaining ok yeah we will do it will do a special episode where anytime, we're going to say something. Controversial would have the kids say it. How about this yeah. If you have a kid- and you want them to be featured on Babylon, one to defend us send us a recording. Them? How dare you, how dare you attack the Babylon PA We will feature your child on our podcast. The Babylon Bee says I agree with the war, for, if you criticize it, you are criticizing your child or putting up a casting call right now, yes, police in this recordings, Are you ready to retroactively interview, Candace Owens CALL man. Let's do it right here come the door right now I see here she comes presenting Babylon Bee Interview and we're here was Candace Owens in our big Cry, Babylon Bee Interview and author, my head Candace Owens, is an american writer producer, and conservative commentator is very naturally in early two thousand and seventeen. I was just thinking back.
That is little while back Owens launched Redpill Black website do have to read this whole bio. That was very natural. It's not like you're, a really smart guy, I'm full of fun. Facts! Perfect! Thank you! So much for coming on our show for having me. So because we're doing an interview with you and your controversial figure we feel like we should get some stuff out of in case anything happens during this interview they could play back. We could just give them certain audio clips to play back right. We want to cover all our bases cover all bases, so people expect certain things of us because we're journalists we just want to say how, dare you say, the audacity. It's! I want to ask how how your go to sleep at night. If I may, how double dare you?
I would like to say that I'm literally shaking frankly, I just wanted to say the word frankly on what planet on what planet. I think we made a point so now we can move into the. I just think about down the road to think I hit him on the basis he hit all the basis. We basically just searched your name on Twitter and then we just just all the controversy, all the people that were angry and we found you know that's what everybody says so now we're in the clear and now we can safely. I love frankly frankly think I notice that in that is the video that's out right now or you're out. Unlike see spam, yeah and remember the girls looks you look kind of cock during his frankly strenuously within Us Lee Franklin annoying word skin you aslee. Oh, I strenuously object. I just have to say that I object strenuously to your use of the worst word.
Yes, one Us Lee Object sounds painful. Well, you know I mean you did say that white supremacy is hilarious, so I mean it's amazing. I think it's. It's amazing that they do it life now, they're, even wait. They just go. How are we going to edit what she said or what she did say that there are narrative and they don't we just go right into? It- was incredible to witness it live. What do you think about this had ones that come out like it just says headlines, and they just you know pops up in my twitter notifications, and it says on the search thing yeah you can use Candace someone's such cans and says, says the prince, isn't a problem, and I think funny I sent actually sent Twitter an email about that 'cause. I was so angry about it, and I've been one of those people. I've set the beginning that we have to change the libel and slander laws. They just need be updated in this country. It's ridiculous, so people can get away with purposeful
x, something to say something entirely different. I mean I think I opened my statement. Second sentence, I sat in front of Congress was white. Supremacy is and have at least time times hearing. I said that and twitter was allowed in with the headline says, Kennesaw and says: white supremacy is not a problem. Yeah yeah. This crazy incident, the and that's kind of what it is is that it seems like the left paints. Supremacy prince. Has this widespread? issue, you're, not saying it doesn't exist and you're not saying it's, not real you're, saying that there are. You know at least one hundred things that are at least one hundred bees. Anybody wants to hear them if you have the during lent its one hundred and one we'd like to hear all hundred literally anything obesity being tired in the morning is a bigger threat. I mean it's It's staggering in the funniest part was part two of the people that were sitting in a combat It's testimony was me where doctors like they got
hd's in bull crap. You know, but and they had not a single, stat or number, and you even here when Doctor Ballou, robots she's like I know I don't have numbers but to ignore the data now. The reason we don't have those numbers. I want those numbers as much as you do, but the number to say the numbers don't show something is simply not supported by the data which is it isn't that ignoring data, my gosh, so what I mean You think it is widening. Do you think the left? What supremacy is in this huge threat. In allows them to go out and stomp on to in front of black Erica say we got fix, say, allows them, then paint conservative and Republicans as racists, with that broad stroke and say that their perpetuation they support it because they aren't doing enough to speak. Against it and It's just absolute crap. I mean it's the same crap before an election cycle. I truly every
couple of years- and I just like- are we doing this again? Are we going to this up, had something like four hearings. Now my wife supremacy. This is really weird really weird. It is still feels yeah. It feels like, like yeah, there's, there's how many guys out there running around with swastikas on their bald heads, but you don't go street and like see it is we're talking about an imaginary thing. It is I mean, like we are like. I'm gonna get punched for, saying that you're gonna be on twitter, so yeah. Your story is not even the Kalashnikov them along these lines with the light for reading this, and they did this bills, like Alex Jones style conspiracy. Theory a lot of times when I hear people going off about it right I mean we, everybody knows when when those instances happen. Obviously, it's isolated, it's for engine, it's horrible when it happens, but to pretend this like every single day you walk down the street. We just got knocked sees supremacist is crazy and that's just the media in crazy in trying to division.
So this is something that's kind of visceral reaction of fear and that's why people are driven by that most people. I would say Vo based on emotion, or at least I can definitively state that about the black community for last. Sixty years is there's just there's no rational as to why we've been giving are both Democrats and they produced no results and are know. All of our communities are pretty much decimated, so I think that they play now Trump has done something like Trump arrangement. Israel like it is so real. That is not a conspiracy theory. I should have hearings on that. That is the growth of Trump. Rangers over the last two years is something that is widespread and now see them drumming up all these other issues, climate try. She got kids that are saying they're going to kill themselves because there was going over in ten years, not crazy, completely emotional, near rational include the crazies in got the black community all bent about white supremacy. You got these little kids that are skipping school because the the it's going to, and it's just not just k
this really is just chaos and we're going bring up, bring that up, because yeah that that rose at the Un N is today I would just like to say she's. Sixteen. I just found that out and she looks like she's. Seven, oh really surprised to find out that she's she's almost sixteen, so I just want to clear that up for anybody else out there listening in with your dad now, take on. You know you people being used in politics like that, like you're, pretty you know I I'm they were pretty young he's he's alone. It is a little and we, but what do you feel it would be? How do you feel like what it would do? Children have to contribute to the political conversation at what point are they being used, verses, honestly, contributing to a discussion? I mean they're, pretty much always being used. There's a reason. The left the Democrats want to lower the motor age to sixteen kids have no real life experience and, and
It's very easy to manipulate them because they have no real life experience. So really there when is idealistic like hey everything should be free. That's why great concept. I mean something that, if sat down a five year old and how you know, how should the world run, they say everything is free, because they think that that's just the way things should be, but you get a little bit of the experience and you in your in the world and you realize wait a second: that's actually not the way should work or they do work, and you all the reasons why you know you start paying taxes and suddenly a lot of your idealism gets wiped away that these kids like Greta. Unfortunately, she is being easy by her. Her parents might on global world stage right now. The thing that to me is upsetting, as I actually feel bad for her. You can't you can't wait that away like she's always going to be this girl in the same way that David Hogg is always going to be David Hogg. Now you know what I mean so when they grow up one day and they go off them really stupid phase. It's like oh you're. That girl
the side ponytail. I was like crying picking the world to end in ten years. Yeah it feels like you make. Argument and then the person tries to fight back in, like you make you say something dumb and then there like they try to punch you and you hold the kid up in front of you and they get hit, and then you like why you hit in this case. That's exactly. That is exactly what a jerk punches, a kid AOC in Burney nation. In terms I mean, did you see so I pose blue video? Was there? Was this it's. This is a white woman adult who shrieking about climate the client strike? It's really nothing to be seen like you could not see that in a zoo this machine and she was like. We are not going to take it. You know you guys have to buy them. I kept seeing the dancing guy and it was like I needed the eyebleach. You know to see clear of it, but so
Did you go to these things I mean: do you have to bring your own MIKE to drop didn't really provide it. Do they provide a MIKE if you're going to? the MIKE, which you probably are? Can you use this one? It's older I wish I I mean that would be absolutely hilarious if I did that make when you get fired up at these things, are you like, can't, you can't believe what you're hearing and I mean yeah It always amazes me that they're, like just doing this thing they're trying to I mean they're, obviously trying to talk over you and not, let you say your p and then it, comes and you actually fight back and they're like shock like like what do we do and it's it's kind of it's kind of funny to me yeah. So there Thinking Chairman Raskin, the Democrat he actually tried. They always try to play tricks during the hearings, so it actually happened was it they go back and forth. So Republican get some time. I'm gonna get some time and he was playing a numbers game as they have the majority and everyone had except for
him he said. Would you guys like to say something to a said today and he thought that was it these girls actually supposed to have the last word Doctor Ballou last second Mark Meadow the Republican walks in as doctor who going on her spiel? So I essentially only got to rebut because I was basically saved by Mark meadows he can and then suddenly he was like. Can I have my time at chairman? and then he see his entire time to me and Jordan jumped in so I mean they were act going to let those women have the last word and just going in attacking me and then say hearing hearing over. So it's in like invited on C span, get a call from my c span guy. I think they like me. They get a lot of use. I I have to do is I have to assume so because the ends of the spice it up on c span. Yeah, boring, yeah, that's exactly right! Well,
there may be dead spaces in our interview. 'cause we're not professional, but I let them out. So don't worry, Sir MIKE is her my cloud and it's all the way up. If can get a little closer closer. This is a new system. I don't know why. I think I may have fixed it, but it like it mutes when you get too quiet, there is very eighties feel like very or something yeah about about to songs on this song. Make things is search history nominees, it's the one, Mama MIA, Mama, MIA, Mama MIA. Let me go that's pretty good! That's going in both really good. Almost on the same key, I was probably off
So we were talking about what we talked about before she came in this room and now we're talking to her in person. Well, we were going to reenact the Senate hearing or the Leona reenact aggression and we were going to, but we couldn't. We were trying to memorize the long memory I object. Shamelessly I strenuously want to object. Frankly is pretty good and you can't make up having three white experts. Talking about the threat of white supremacy, yeah and, as a part of their testimony, the object strenuously to a black woman. Speaking, I mean you really can't make this stuff up, it's curry's yeah. That is the these things them themselves. You know yeah, that's the problem battle on bees. Gonna have sandy tire, is reality now yeah we can. We can make. It already there I mean, but you are a white supremacist black woman, so you have to yeah. So I've read.
I am the nation's first black white supremacist, so I brought it with huge because people talk about their back legs. The is a growing problem or like it's it's getting worse, but you have to admit like if the KKK is accepting black women now that's huge brush it's a big step for black women to make step in the right direction, even the KKK they're getting more progressive. I think that is what their definition is of white. Privacy is like when a black person leaves the left and, like you know this, the growth of flight, premacy, yeah, so you're I mean you kind of have like a come to dragon story right because you used to be not on the right, the screaming about climate change and testify. Right in front of you around the world on a boat sailing around the world, hot air balloons. And how dare you? How dare you, however, she said: how dare you
So how in the hell that happened, we like when it click for you like it, was the most honestly. It really was the culmination of little moments that really led up to Trump announcing candidacy for the White House and me seeing the media, who pretty much loved him celebrate, him for decades? Everybody wanted to be like Trump hip hop artists, actors actresses. He was the guy in Nyc. You wanted to get invited to his party second, he says he sing for president. It was. They just want to wipe everything well never mind about grace. Literally Hitler and I mean had even a modicum of intelligence during that time, you're just going right. Well, yeah suddenly become a racist overnight, like our Texas, in the misogynist nishana rapist and even at one we're him incestuous and saying he had feelings for a vanka trump remember this like they went really crazy, for me, it was just sort of a wake up moment. Like whoa, you guys you just calling everybody reset yeah defeat them. I just got
interested in it. Impala Nixon. Did a lot of reading for about a year really had my head in Dr Thomas sold. Books name is like wait time: conservative, hey man, I preach preacher of the gospel song. We gotta get him on now, my dear side. Note I realized that your headphones are turned all the way down yeah. I couldn't hear anything. That's why just open this. I thought this was right. Now I can hear you. I thought you guys were just like acting she's reading her lips and this is a brand new user for one other podcast and it still confusing me I supposed to make podcasting easy in this flesh, wow. What a difference in any way differently different! I thought it was just a prop as we know what we're doing when we're Bing Satire articles yeah, that's about all. We can do so. That topic that are kind of reminds me of during the action. My life was not going to vote and then like the week of who is the most intense like the week of the election. That's when like yes,
crazy, that's, and who do you think you are? If you vote wrong, you are, where can? How could you stand against and suddenly it's the most overall Hillary at all, there's no passion about Hillary, but for the one week it was like. I stand with her and I've. Never it's like their braveheart. You know my way got so overwhelmed by the you're, not a real woman. If you don't vote for Hillary kind of stuff that just got so annoyed by it that you voted for Trump, I like the anger phone screw you get here right now by saying that, but just cancel cancel culture, small town Pennsylvania. She cares I think the worst thing is post election, where people start again trotting there, kids out and their kids are crying in my daughter, I had to explain to my daughter why society doesn't want women to go all the way and I'm like, if your daughter, even understood- and I your seven year old, was crying in the in her life- is over and helpless, because one woman lost eight me issue.
This is the parents, always the parents, they put their k, kids out there, but the ones that had the mental disorders and the kid just inherits it. You know I have of the time magazine article bookmarked. I cried When I told my daughters, Donald Trump will be president and it's just epic I go back and I read it all the time 'cause I have a copy of the Newsweek. You know how they accidentally printed. They were so pompous and arrogant at all. We already have already had the cover rating go, Madam president, so people started buying him up on Amazon and I'm proud to say that I'm an owner of it we read some of this time article. She says I tried to keep the tremble out of my voice, as I woke my daughters and I'm getting ready, saying the minimum. I didn't know how to tell them. How do you into the eyes of the hopeful, youth and tell them everything they have loved is a lie. How do you answer when they ask you? If their friends will have users, I'm gonna, add music and dance?
do. You say when they stare at you empty and incredulous and scared for reasons that it probably just hungry for breakfast mom Kitty chill out, then we have pop tart mom were at a Wendy's. Well, this climate change stuff, I'm of like crazy fundamentalist. You know doomsday, consider telling the telling their kids the world's going to end and then the it's totally a religious thing on the left like if you're freaking out that much, then what are you telling your kids at home seriously? It's it's! It's all the fault. Parents and he's never trump. Women are absolutely insane. It's it's just incredible. He cannot get a single break and even one day in office, but I will say this he's the only president that looks younger after two years and uh I think he loves it. I think he just did the fountain of youth in literally, he feeds on it, but weitsman. Tweet see he he loves the tweets yeah could before became president. You can tell you like.
D. Do these ring running for president stuff, like he likes that relevance in Have a nice got it right. Right is he's lemon it in. He doesn't see the people that likes really likes the feeding the negative tweets to like they don't have them people, one that just loves it. I love when every times like a Democrat drops out of the race you too about me, too bad, the one about the mayor of New York. Just recently, oh yeah he's such a troll. He trolls use this stuff like that was the one that I thought was going to beat me too bad, too bad, so weird time to be alive. The president strolling everybody on twitter? I actually feel bad for people that hate him 'cause. It's such an enjoyable thing if you can actually appreciate the humor of it all absolutely hilarious, but they're so busy hating him yeah. They don't get that it's just having fun. How is there's an element there, that's kind of like the way that people get super like used to get. Well, probably will do but is not as well known now at rush Limbaugh. I lease
this kind of just the easiest, the jokey uncle like he has these just in this way that he's going to riled up he's just kind of punching the shoulder cock and Trump's got that and people just can't they can't catch the humor at all there, so serious right, every so serious serious. Do you think that kind of climate like what we're seeing is an especially the a lot of that arrangement on the left. You think Turning a lot of young people onto conservatism yes, actually. So what I've said is that generation z is actually remarkably conservative. I my each generation round at the millennials. We were the crazy ones, and then generation Z. It makes me super hopeful when I go around speak because there super air, the memes that they want to how offensive they can be and then it's it's the who's. The the kid was wearing Nick Nicosan, come on the kid that got called
Linkedin Carrington kid yeah salmon, yeah the I mean there is there yeah, they're they're having fun they like to offend adults, which is good, because I mean right now, even having a sense of humor or or being a comedian. This is risky nowadays get canceled for treats that you were when you were thirty years ago. Twitter wasn't even around Twitter wasn't even around then they'll still cancel you absolutely talking about them. You had some run ins with Facebook and twitter and getting your account suspended and stuff like that. We've had some issues with Snopes. We had Facebook a couple times shut off of an article we or something and can you go and go like? Oh, it's censorship they're trying to shut us down, but I also wonder how they just like really confused when they see Christians trying to make jokes in a black woman. To be conservative, but they just don't know what to do throws off. Although I don't know what to do shut off yeah, definitely just going completely mad. I've been '
temporarily banned by all of them and just yesterday I got an email from you too, saying that they were going to remove my verification, because 'cause, I'm not I'm not well known now, so the So they said they now have manual. People go in and assess all the accounts and mentally. I'm not I'm not well known enough! So I'm not at risk of someone pretending to be me and well on Youtube. Yeah. It's like your own Youtube Channel, yeah, my guess so yeah MIKE Pence on recently was that like and that well but MIKE Pence on extends knows here. You have three hundred and thirty four thousand subscribers yeah so a pair on human weeks there. Removing that little check is yeah. It's I mean it's totally crazy bizarre. Who else has it? You know it's going end up happening now. It is it's: it's going to be a David and Goliath, they're going to get a massive lawsuit and it's just going to be over and that's I really do
take that someone's got someone's going to win against Google and it's going to just. Hopefully they get broken up as a monopoly monopoly and they will deserve, and then I'll get my check mark yeah. So how how public was MIKE Pence on a scale from nine to. That was the first question. I asked him bearing question I mean it's so weird to sit down with these people and just how often he's got a bee, and I'm saying this genuinely. He must be the most honorable, decent man that we've had in in the White House. I really do think that about right I mean just listening: they've been with his wife since forever. He goes to church every Sunday and just I'm speaking, I'm going there trying to spin you. As this like say, tannic whore. Rebel Anti LGBT g b t with weird, and they can't they can't get a fair interview
You can't get somebody to actually wants to ask them questions about what they think. So I've been sort of doing it with my show up like let's just show a different side of who be super large peep actually have something to make up their mind about other than this polar Zing left to right conversations that take place. If you're between CNN or Fox NEWS, I love that you had a hawk Newsome on your show. Black lives matter is the guys stuff, the stuff I have locked too and you I see people that play disagree in there talking. I want to see that I am so many people on the left on and he was one of the only people that send, which is great. And to me honestly, if you don't show up to a room that you know you're not favor then you don't actually believe what you believe that mean why wouldn't if he actually believes in black lives matter, then great I want the platform, because I want people to be able to decide for themselves who crazy is it mirrors at him, and I don't think there's no way after that episode, people didn't go, ok, yeah or even though we can both be in this country. You don't have
absolutely talk about absolutely not. I object to that strenuously you are joking now, where the jokester yeah leave us with the join us. Yeah you guys able to have a conversation, and I don't think unless you guys edited out, he didn't punch other in the face or stab each other. Anything now bonus can't we still talk. That was the subscriber portion of the bonus kind of paywall. It's weird to me that right is the ones that were like talk to everybody now because, like I, thirty Two years ago, the religious right's like ono, were like yeah, we're we're wholly weren't. Well, that's it we're gonna shut down after the holy ones now, so they- and I would respect for guys like that- come out like that, because it is more dangerous. I think, if you're on the left to go out and talk to your side right now, cancel just for talking just stirring, noting that their human being it's so so I mean what happened to Mario Lopez, making on my show yeah. That's right. He said he. The sentence was so non controversial. I think people get
and should wait until they are older to make current decisions to their body and the way they just we want fire. Mario Lopez will response to the re written headline version of what they say exactly. Nobody goes and watches the clip of what he really said. That's exactly right! I think that's why I like stuff scares people, because the gatekeepers used to be able to control all that you know, and now you can go on Youtube and watch what they actually said, right and that's why they're freaking out and shutting down inserting and pulling things 'cause they they want to be back in control. I mean that that's my opinion of why they're doing all this, they want to be back in control. What people think is exactly how something happened and they are no longer in control. Yeah totally, this. This is our pause other new. I will have any thoughts to collect thoughts. She have you been in worse interviews?
Even a lot got to be really bad ones. If you have any funny in restoring, I actually haven't done interviews in awhile, because now I do the interviewing. So no, it is so there's when you become the interviewer right. The suddenly, like I gotta think of stuff to say, yeah yeah. I definitely the thing that I had to two was showing up me I have to I just have to just talking, although I couldn't that's the thing when you, when you're being interviewed, you have, the things that you always talk about, then you know they're going to ask about those things and you're ready with answers in Austria and then suddenly, when you're asking questions yeah, it's different So if you were me interviewing you, what questions? Would you ask you I would ask? never get out how marriages, because I don't know yeah you just got married, We are here even mention that yeah, I'm basically work so
Since you are white supremacists, he married a white man yeah in Charlottesville Virginia by the way home what she's, where they're tiki torches everywhere. This interview is over man and so how's that going for you know, it's been three weeks of marriage and so recommended I'm now giving marriage advice. What's your best marriage advice um. He didn't have an answer. Not crazy. She's never been asked this before we suggested the question that I asked. If we make a headline for this like Candace, Owens, speechless she's got no answer crushed and his owns destroyed by this cones immediately regret. Offering marriage advice to the Babylon so as though they shutter down the Babylon Bee shuts her down. Do you know how many clicks that would get from leftist? Just like we feed on it? I love it.
So when I got married I sound like I used. Come home and just bring myself like I'd pick up. Carl's junior! Well, a divorce me on the spot. No, so would do this before I was married, ok, but then I then I kept doing it over and I would just show up. It was so young when you got married. I was twenty. I I would. I would show up with food just for myself, and I think- and I know be like you know she just there at like what are you ask me. If I wanted any food, you know like. Oh that's, right! There's another person here now like it took me awhile to adjust Junior is a little overrated. Yeah thanks yeah read it at all. I don't know if people do people like it so much better parties everywhere else around TARDIS. I says bold that what the price like it's worth, it's six dollars or six dollars burger and it's four dollars yeah, but it tastes like the extra two dollars
I like I that's like supposed to be really as six dollar burger. Well, they say like a six six thousand dollars burgers pick any number because he just an example. You know I pick up all kinds of things: in my defense. It. What's your best marriage advice, I wasn't ready I'm speechless, two, you should give lots of foot rubs? No. Actually I never you foot right. I do back rubs, not allowed back rooms in the back rubber. This is Excellent. I feel like I feel like I feel like we should say something typical like never go to bed angry and I go to bed angry. Let's not go down and and live, laugh love.
I think she says repeat it back to her yeah laughing at them. We made it back to her. That would get annoying, though, if you repeated back, everything she says back to that's like a way to acknowledge that they're know that you've heard them like the other day we were supposed to bring my kids shoes and he told me that I got the shoes and then so what I heard was that she's bringing the shoes that release you meant she put the shoes on the mantle for me to get and we got in the car and neither of us have gotten the shoes and we're driving out for the barefoot child and so she's every time we have to like repeat back to each other. What the other one said so just be. With each other and so communication we're trying to help you Thank you for coming. No, I'm marriage seminar, one hundred percent, I repeat everything my husband says, backed up that will be annoying yeah.
So anyway, so we think you should change your name to canceled canceled. Is you probably heard that This owns like mandolins yeah, I'm sure that jokes been done right, yeah and then there's the mean take on it. What are what are they saying owned? I wish they were funnier. I actually appreciate when people are clever. Funny is rude to me and, like I have a good sense of humor, some ha ha ha ha. That's actually really funny good one they're, not funny. And just going that's actually just not funny, it's not a good day yeah, even if your degree. Somebody- and they do this, and it's like a come on. You know which one I don't like is there Alexandria, because he'll Cortez in this area, okay, occasional a single cortex. That's pretty! That is me that, for you, we yeah She doesn't think very much so it's occasional occasional cortex. Now I get it get it. That's pretty weak, though yeah this week.
There is just draw really funny with like weird eyebrows or something We can do better the country after talking about when I see there is a giant teeth. I see that they always do the deity. I don't know so anyway, you got something. I don't have anything you really sound like you had something I was like. I said anyway, and I hope you would jump in with something hum so imagine a world where you did not become. Can I icon Candace Owens? We you be doing right now with your life I probably a problem with still be working in finance, probably in private yeah for sure, but I really into really obsessed politics, and here I am it's weird. It's really think about that that your life can just completely change, yeah and you're, doing something you never
what you would be doing. I had no interest in politics growing up. I didn't major in political science. I mean just nothing, and here I am I actually say, though I think I do politics, because I hate politics. Actually he had North Naples, where we just joking she's like absurd to me like we're, calling here now. My turn signal that just makes me angry, so I'm showing up here at this very pull Cole convention and then here Congress they really their actors and they like people that just warm I've, this people that weren't good enough to make in Hollywood petition. So this is an just seeing the amount of theater and the acting that goes on in there were contending to cry, and it's just weird: I am Spartacus Iabs Paragus, no you're, not it's gotta, be bizarre. Alt in reality to live in yeah that all day everyday, that was the craziest thing, was the Kavanaugh hearings when all those they were based,
we all giving their campaign speeches and they were just like these written by. I am Spartacus and blah blah blah and they're supposed to be questioning doctor forward or whatever and they're like totally ignoring her and just getting messages they do. The whole country is watching. It was just a narcissism of narcissism on top of narcissism like it was. It was really bizarre that was. I was really weird the cabin on that poor man it's is very strange. Was that was one of those we can moments me like yes, like as bad as they say it is Gail busting down people chasing people down elevators, Alyssa, Milano sitting behind him, like what who are. Sitting there randomly it's like what is she doing totally lost or something like in her head over shoulders here see, Could you please show that show extras where he plays an extra but he's always trying to like get as shot in it's own. This is about me yeah, but I agree it's like to me. I do politics because I want
six to stop the great annoying my life yeah, so I did want to go back to being normal yeah, but in most of my life, so much I wouldn't care about. Is that I want people to be able to say I disagree with him, not he's a racist right yeah you just get back to that place of. I disagree with you. That would be great yeah and then create so much absurdity for us to make jokes about, because people always go to these extremes that are just so ridiculous, it's just it's like the layout for the perfect joke, yeah they're doing most of the work for us at the point your jobs are either really easier, really hard yeah exactly no as we can't. We have to exaggerate it, which is hard to do, because it's just all the already exaggerated and they couldn't get more exaggerative yeah, but at the same time kooky enough that there's a lot of stuff to to make fun up so well, Facebook listed you as an agent of heat
and the secret yeah yeah. That's exactly what we were saying. We were joking around we're like. How do you become an agent can't tell you what's the agent of starring Candace ones, with my pants he's that the man in the hands the secret document? the deal was it like a real thing like that they had some spreadsheet floating around. That said, yeah, and I guess they had me on the list of maybe investigate agent of hate. Maybe you think I was I'm just like possibly an agent of hate because there may be in it yeah, so yeah I mean I had no idea that I had that status They have a picture of you in their question mark that sounds incredibly important. You know yeah yeah, that's nuts!
now it like the crazy, that's so wild bonkers man. Did you like that all right? Well we're awesome with this. So I'm here at this as blacks going it going is on my list is on your list of questions. That was a good transition must be going pretty well 'cause. The left wants me dead. So it's always a good marker of how hard they try to assassinate your character. Had any like leftist ninjas Jim out of the shadows at you anything like Antifa, Yeah. If you actually had ronins with anti FAB Salute Lee. Everyone has a story you haven't seen this vegan coconut in the in no eggs, which really doesn't make yeah, that's not very they're. Incredibly skinny and paste data is kind of weird I that the choir meant to be in Antifa, but they have remember like a 90s trolls with the bright hair yeah. That's real, like super bright, hair,
Troy Dillon. They control. You have little need to draw a little gem in his belly button. That's basically anti for books that yeah way cuter than Antifa so gross Israelis were cute. If MTV was only a kid that look like those trolls guessing. I just cause everybody involuntarily envision. All of they discussed things for that. This was a program we appreciate. But the just there, but trolls The antivenin just can't get her 'cause she's, an agent of hate is ready with the crowd into the back and jumping out, and she like Razorfist backwards and there's definitely some creative person listening to the podcast. Who should turn that into a thing like a cartoon write it down. Creative people yeah, I can draw wrong side of the pen, not really only thing, and so
so you got egg surrounded by Antifa. Yeah they chased out of a cafe. Is here eating Breakfast Philadelphia, yeah and then they show up whenever I speak there always outside protesting and saying mean stuff. That makes no sense. The other kind like the like, usually is here about the Westboro Baptists. Yeah the new Westboro they should get together. West, I don't know if was would want to be associated with when you cancel each other out. Get them all together and we trick them into meeting in an alleyway, just punch, I mean the ridiculous thing is that they're allowed to cover their faces? I think that is just so bizarre to me as weird
it's weird to me that they think they're so brave, and it's like if you're so brave yeah there definitely paid like. Why is your face covered this old strange? Who pays the anti firm fund? Hey an anti fund? anti fun. Yeah, that's good right there down do they have an anti named Antifa. I was good he sorry when you write joke. Ten of the jokes, you know with our not gonna, be using and one is used, but when you doing live that'll bad ones come out, then there are we needs. Is this how you guys strategize? This is every time I'm in a battle on the stratus is okay, so that money is a sitting in an office pretty much because when we have other writers that through an headline ideas but like yeah around the clock, this is look at
We basically just telling a hundred bad jokes yeah and like two or three of them get published Kevin. That's that's! Basically it I mean that's everything right is like you work so hard on stuff. You find you what what's good rises to the top yeah, so I don't know I don't that's similar to what you do yeah you prepare for. You got paper stuff to owns nudes later today. I got three lives to own later today. Yeah, better prepare and you gotta get ready for Living my best life, you are just looking my best life. What are the the taxes like on lives. Is there any getting maintenance tips for owning lives? That's one of the! So anyway,. Well, I let's wrap things up and an interesting. You give anything you would like
to promote to are yes, of course, my book. Black out on sales on sale February. Fourth, two: twenty and twenty you can head to Amazon and you can buy it there or you can head to Barnes and noble and you can buy there or you can purchase the your book I haven't recorded yet, but it sound something like this. It's a good preview. What's the book about yeah, it's called black out how black America can make. It second escape from Democrat man. Oh man, spicy is spicy a blessed thing. It's a box, okay cool! So it's already on pre order on essential Amazon, okay, cool and noble we will also include a link in our show notes, for anybody wants to check that out, yeah and Kansas. We wanted to thank for sitting in LOS Angeles traffic for like yeah. We know you have like an hour life and schedule Also. We appreciate it so much. Thank you guys for having me all right.
Here folks, the exclusive interview with Candace owens- and we just like to remind you that we disavow everything that everything that we said this about All what you think of that Kyle, the Candace Owens Interview. That was our biggest interview yet I think, are most well known person. I was real nervous nervous. Because she is. She is so many leagues above us and the weird it's just weird when somebody walks off the internet into a room with you in their real now and also like she started off with a very serious looking face, and I wasn't sure if she was going to laugh, that was the scariest part 'cause. We had a whole plan to start with those funny stuff yeah and we weren't sure. If he's going to lap like she was like stone faced and then she started laughing. Yes, you started laughing very hard sounds good, so it was good acting on her part, yeah we were funny big laughing fake laughing. Yes great knows awesome interview. I really really enjoyed it right, we're Some hate mail
I really hate love, mail love. Now we're going to do well. We may have a couple of dates in here, but we're going to read podcast reviews from Itunes because we love when you guys write reviews and we don't acknowledge you often enough 'cause people that rate and review us on Itunes. You're very special to us, so you love you the most everybody. This is going to be an extended pitch for you to review us on Itunes, or any other. Stick knowledge there's some very well written reviews on here they deserve well, it's probably the most recent ones 'cause. I don't have time to scroll back through the very beginning, apples. So weird, it's like if you're, if you're accessing anything apple, not on an apple device, it's like impossible to find anything, alright, so heres. This is. I like this one, five star review from Brian Jimerson, and he says often the Babylon Bee is often fairly funny.
I guess often is the name of the title of the review, often that when these often fairly funny he's a very enthusiastic, but I do appreciate I'll take fairly funny, often fairly funny I'll, take it. He means our stories, so I know he's talk. This is a five star. You often the Babylon Bee, and that was the whole review. So I'm saying that's the whole I'm done! That's it June. I'm just gonna pick around one laughed so much amazing intro of the structure covering stories, the top. I can read it explaining our podcast hate mail. This is Kerry, K, hate, mails, particularly Clarice, satire, sometimes serious. I laughed so much aid to reconsider. Listening while driving Thank you, Kerry five STAR Review, I checked with Snopes and this isn't even satire articles great all caps podcast very good. I probably agree
the articles are a highlight. Every time I read one hilarious, keep it up. He's like hey Podcast is great. I love your articles the yelling and then at the end of this, when they say these guys know about Short Circuit and Johnny five, and I like that, finally found a person who got our short circuit referred to short circuit. Great movie, you should read some bad ones too was a good which ended on a good bad. One is careful, Palooka sixty one says be careful queue. I don't know whether the queue at the end of that is that, like, reference to some conspiracy. The humor is a little bit forced like it was supposed to be the main thing right thinking. Christians know the main thing is Christ. Jesus not trying to be clever just over fifty percent of the humor is fine. What over fifty percent is fine, I don't understand. Is it a one star review, it's a two star, so if over fifty percent is fine shouldn't be three star, you can't do two one slash two, probably maybe he wanted to do two one slash two
right thinking. Christians know that the main thing is Christ Jesus. I agree not trying to be clever just over fifty percent of the humor is fine, he saying half are jokes are evil, I think is what he's saying this is from. This is a person who is mad about the Bridget episode, oh, is what more usually recognizes the potential for satire in the hubris of others. This episode declines into the tired critique of older generations, Ethan and Kyle and Bridget to need some fresh Slash role, models in their parents and grandparents humor satire insider timeless. If you look be better, be that was the making an old people. I think so yeah I felt better with that by yeah, we all appreciate all people, I'm not making fun of me. I love old people. I like reading criticisms and myself yeah and we're gonna do this to an issue. But what do we call? It would only say about old people. I don't know. Do we say something about.
Old people. We love you and I'm sorry person who wrote this review she volunteers like senior centers. I will, I will be better fantastic. This was really cool. That's a good one! Five stars! This is like axe cop, but the Babylon Bee. It's that good, just do a couple more here: Holly Luya Landmaster, two thousand nine hundred and eleven said every word is like a delicious bite of a chick fil, a sandwich to my eardrums. Here's a given fast Doris lives dead with with a guest appearance, the Ben Shapiro personally destroying lives in a house fire with the stanky leg and an epic mashup of facts,
logic destroying all the libtard sandcastles. It's truly beautiful sandcastles. I think snowflakes. I never heard sandcastles, it's so great about this one carent. Ninety six says secret messages await. I played this podcast backwards into my a pleasant surprise heard the entire gospel of John Reading, a to Z, astic lie by these two white dudes. I look forward to hearing the Bible read in its entirety. Subscribing now so listen to it backwards. I like how do you say Babylon DOT Bee backwards evening Alabama, so here's one that says well. It says you need more editing, two stars at editing. Editing. Take your forty eight minutes last edited down to fifteen minutes. I was these people always ask me, tell you, who is this to a fifteen minute, yeah look at the top podcasts, and
There are any of them three hours long in our yeah. Are they like edited down? It's just people talk a snazzy fifteen minute sound bite like no there's some nicely edited ones, but I think it's mostly like the ones that are shows or audio dramas or whatever those are anything but yeah. If you have a conversational, podcasts yeah, this is a conversational podcast. If you don't want conversations, in fact, this is like what we tried to warn people at the beginning. Right like this, isn't like the site. This isn't satire articles and we're not going to try to pretend like we're being fake, where parodying a podcast 'cause. That would be really hard to pull off we're just us, and basically we were just lazy and decided. This was much easier. We tried it though we once we actually did. It was not funny. We really tried to do like parody news stuff and do this written stuff that took a long time to work up, and it was not as good as us just talking, which maybe just says that we are horrible writers.
Anyway. That's the show on right now. Well, we love you and write us a ride tonight. Thank you and write us. Some great amazing, maybe you'll be featured, will read your words, so we're going to go into our subscriber portion now. So if you are a subscriber, you get to keep listening and if learn to, then you will be thrown into the outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, so that cloth and ashes, if you're dressed for the wedding party come on in and if you want to be, as for the wedding party Evelyn DOT, com, slash plans and you describe at any level and you'll get you'll get access to full ad free, podcasts Add free. Now we ads yeah. We do that, maybe maybe so anyway, yeah, and I'm going to tell my drop drops story yeah Maybe in the in Kyle, makes me edited out all right, we'll see you guys next time, God bless you and have a one.
Full week. Thank you. Kyle and Ethan would like to thank Seth Dylan for paying the bills Adam poured for creating their job, the other riders or tirelessly pitching headlines, the subscribers and year the listener until next time. This is Dave Deandrea, the voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forward and scrape your boils off with shard.
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