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Episode 22: Scott Derrickson Reveals That He Cannot Say Anything At All About Dr. Strange 2

2019-11-08 | 🔗

In episode twenty-two of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle interview Dr. Strange director Scott Derrickson in reverse time. They discuss real cinema VS. not-real cinema, progressive Christianity, the horror genre, the spiritual themes of Dr. Strange, and much more.  

Scott Derrickson is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He co-wrote and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, directed The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves, teamed up with producer Jason Blum to write and direct Sinister, Directed Deliver Us From Evil, Derrickson next co-wrote and directed the film Doctor Strange.  Derrickson will direct the Doctor Strange sequel entitled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with a planned May 2021 release.

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Story 2 - Always Appeals To Men With Pads Featuring Pictures Of Monster Trucks, Pro Wrestlers

Story 3 - Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

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In a world of fake news. This is news. You can trust melting snowflakes like a hot air dryer set on high you're listening to the Babylon Bee, with your hosts Kyle Man and Ethan Nicole hi, hey how's it going good. How are you good Wiechmann Kyle, Last couple weeks, it's been a bit of a flurry of activity, yeah, but I know that you will. I think I think we're go to this little bit later, but you haven't had a lot of electricity. Lately yeah, stressing you out, like you have bags under yeah, I had four days without electricity last week, only count. That's like four days of. Pre Thomas Edison, tesla three Tesla. Sorry
we don't speak Edison's name around here, yeah and it's been hard, but we pulled through, he did it we pulled through what do you eat? Do you cook over a candle we went. We went to the lot of chick fil, a yeah to the store and You know we did the raid on the candle and flashlight I'll, and then this is all these people there yeah. I guess, I'm walking around generators or like sold out everywhere, really yeah anyway I guess, we'll talk when we're gonna talk about it a bit in a bit I update on brave Ollie Possum my my book yeah, because we talked, last episode. I didn't realize it's not going Amazon Amazon till the November. Growth is the Amazon date. We've been removing it and you can buy it. You can. From my website the best place to buy this from my website, I am now selling a package deal with like an extra
because there's like a hundred drawings that never made it the book that I did so, I made a separate book of just art actually more like twenty drawings and when we talk for like a long time about that, but you get signed all drawn. It's really. Cool axe bear store, dot com, a x e b, a r can- anybody by here can anybody by the spaghetti sauce. No, that was the special thing for a Ar The advanced reader people from the mind is its lasagna destroyed, destroyed. That was years. Lasagna sauce and spaghetti sauce. The second time no They just said: here's here's a book should we feel people in here they're promoting my book to advance readers. Like you know, fancy people they're going to give us cool quotes for the back cover. Kyle is one of these people in this remote, Little thing they put lasagna in a jar of custom, lasagna sauce in with it and a menu 'cause. Then my in my book, the kids parents are like italian chefs, but Kyle's
I think I saw book cover in lasagna, so they when they sent him to look back. He just got the book and no sauce, so he never got. The sauce said you guys could have been in the circle, by candlelight let's drink the lasagna sauce Chuck it did you guys, did you guys do for Halloween? Did your family dress up or anything uhm yeah? Well, my my wife. Just got a new job at a hospital or it's kind of new. It's not that new, but except that she has to work job. Kind of new, like you have to work when they tell you yeah, she loves Halloween. She had to work so I took my liver, my two youngest out, but the best thing with Calvin, my youngest he's too and so just registering what Halloween is so he just was walking around in complete shock and like he walked up to people just kind of and with John hanging open, he wouldn't say trick or treat he just looked in disbelief as they dropped free candy in his bucket
and then walk away. Just in awe like is this happening at multiple houses, wouldn't let go the bucket like you would let me take it or help him carry people bring up candy. This is amazing. Yeah, let's go with you guys do yeah I just stayed home and handing out candy I dressed up as the green arrow see. I try to get the heck out of the house 'cause, we don't. We always forget to buy candy well, we were worried that we were going to have power, so we had like backup plans and going to different places, but it worked out. So this. What this month is crazy. I've got like four or five different things going on. Like going out at night events. Oh yeah, which is not normal for me, so I have to leave the house a bunch so tonight I'm going to switch foot oh yeah, my my wife and kids are going to switch, but I'm staying with the two young one. Oh really, ok, and then I'm seeing 'cause. I only listen old time, music yeah we're going to go, try to see Kellen Erskine, I think yeah
that's, we can make that work, and then I got the following week. I have Mxpxo, please look so you It's like one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine all over again for me right before the apocalypse right I guess there's more, there's no electricity, so it's more like one thousand, seven hundred and ninety nine. Alright, let's do some stories Before that, let's get into a sponsor here we got a new one today, is brought to you by twelve audio Bible app recommended by Bible teachers like Matt, Chandler and boss, and many others wells mission is to. Transform the way you experience scripture when you don't feel like you have time to read the well. Is there to read it over you? This beauty Audio Bible, app comes with four unique narrators, peaceful background, music and loads of to help you dive into the word. You can browse popular path. It is our curated playlist that includes select versus by theme. You can also
use their listening plans to help you cultivate a habit of seeking God in scripture everyday or you could always take the traditional approach. Favorite book of the Bible and dive in best of all well, as giving all Babylon Bee readers. Thirty three percent off an annual subscription to the app you can visit, dwell app dot. Forward, Slash Babylon, be to get your discount and using your ears to renew your mind, we're so thankful for dwell, support, definitely check them out. Our list do some stories of do it. Oh, you know what I forgot. I have a button for that Where is not all set up topic of the week? No, We need to get in on this story. The was to so quiet a so quiet every week there are stories. These are some of them.
The board is supposed to make things smoother, but then we call out every turn. This we go here comes the transition, and then we press the button. I got to train them and then I'll have to do it. Yes, we'll be ready, s of Utopia of California becomes first state to eliminate electricity. Entirely: hey, hey so there is Kyle living in his darker is dark home. He has so I was like five miles from you and we haven't had any issues. It's absolutely bizarre. They basically are picking areas at random. I'm going it's random. It's there. Are there they're trying to minimize fire risk supposedly it's been really windy because the knocking over telephone poles that then over electricity, electric wires yeah. So The whole thing is we're going to just high risk, as we can turn off the cables, and then you know whatever, but crazy, because we've had worse wins by far like last year and all the sudden, it's like now
to turn off all this time, for the government blames them for the fires or something that yeah they're? Having a hard are they can pointing fingers at each other like they're like well governments making us do this in the governments like didn't. New some say this is all capital fall, capitalism, which is crazy because they basically granted a monopoly to p genie in our the state gave this utility on monopoly utility monopolies, as you guys have the power so there's no petition. Another electric company can't be like well we're going to provide power since they can't you know so. The government grants this company monopoly and then we we get screwed and then they blame the company that they granted the monopoly to I'm gonna start yelling like Alex Jones Car until she can use it because they like laid back the deeps. A lizard people running the electric companies You show me mad because they They didn't give us any notice, and I just
hours went off on a it was off for two days straight with no notice and I'm like checking the website, I'm trying to call and like well. We don't know when it's going to be back and They go and then I find some some generic press release on their site like we're, helping you by stopping fire risk, it's like that's all there is, they didn't tell us, and in there's a day with power, and then they shut it off again and there was a day with power and then shut it off again. Single time notice. Whatever I didn't like. After all, the outages in our power was back. They texted us and said you. May you may get some power outages all. Thank you more likely yeah. So I I usually work from home and I type articles and then I'll come in the office and type articles bit, and I just I woke up, like well. I guess I'm not working today. So I just said: fight my way to the office and traffic, and then I get to the office and lyrics you're already here in your hair that are all messed up and go like this is ambiance like going powers out of I would have been able to like blow dry, my hair, but I had
electricity? You do that normally blow dry, your hair, the government's fault, my hair is the government's fault made a funny sound he's pounding his on the table. One. Um, oh, these appeals. Always appeals could always ok, I'm driving always brand. I was I haven't had time reading this side, always appeals to men with pads featuring pictures of monster trucks- pro wrestlers I would buy some as with John Cena doing the elbow drop off the top rope. So that's a always women's products, thanks it's not the word always you came off like like a dad trying to trying to talk about experiences or something yeah
and these women's feminine hygiene products they use a women's product. Have you ever had to buy these things? For your wife? Yes alone, yes, like do you know, as it's baffling to me, that the whole action. She tells me like what she wants and I'm like what do all these do this. Is I don't? Even I don't let my mind go there. I just oh yeah. I just trying to well just sends me even just trying to find the right thing. It's like remember when you do it because I can't think outside of the exact words she gave me like. I can't be like oh yeah, I understand This is on lady Donora of hygiene products on yes. This is me a picture. She's takes a picture of the box. This yeah if they have a different brand that I'm lost as to be the exact picture like if there's like right or if they changed the logo or something yeah- I don't know these devs
But in your in this one you did and she needed the Photoshop on. This is excellent work on. Thank you. You had monster trucks John Cena Elbow, dropping guys cuz. This is a maxi pad for men. It was supposed to make fun of always. They removed the gent female gender logo from their products to not have Trans people which just seems silly but I ate at in this article actually like the little circle with the plus thing going yeah. I think so. Okay, but the the article actually ended up, Doubling it was like a double joke, because all the men are like, oh well. Now I can purchase for my wife, not feel weird yeah. That's actually true. So by that one, I don't use those ones. I don't use the monster truck ones yeah or whatever it is. I don't use the big flappy kind. They use the little other kind. I don't know they will need to string on something really work. That's not a pad
all these things there that they serve the same. That's right, but it's like what not all similar I don't know. I guess the same, the ultimate The ultimate goal is the same. Damn laugh out loud knees. Next to me, giggling. He understand female hygiene products better than I do not at all just checking yeah I am giggling so when I, animation, tell us or edited out of weed, know who we not my knowledge of how this isn't about your mom like piano you're, not thing, isn't my my mom, tell us anything about women the because we three boys raised by a single mother, and she was just terrified to tell us anything about anything so, like you didn't know that women existed in well MIKE how it worked, I found: that when I was like twenty five I thought my whole life and the whole purpose of these. Things that women. Where was that at some,
during a certain week of the month that things got shot at once, it'll be like your water breaking it'll, be a horrible mess and I'd I this from commercials, I'd seen in the way that women described it. Because I was on the only information I had paid attention sex ed. So I didn't learn toes twenty five. This has been therapy. My girlfriend at the time was leggings and couldn't last stop laughing for like a week when she found out that. That's how I thought it worked, and how does that make? You feel easy fun fun to laugh at yourself. I do like that idea of like, Here it comes again, we started. Oh, no, I'm not wearing one. I hadn't been wearing one,
but no Chevelle comes on lady in red. And that's on the red. I don't know, what's the time Chevelle there, a christian man, anyway. We could move on just this picture, a class full of like teen girls, and one of them is like turning. Oh no it happened movie about this entire flower bed I'm triggered by the use of the word gush like I'm sorry listeners. Well, we hope you've enjoyed the bamboo and podcast. This will be the last last one that we do We just appreciate your support. I'm sure some scholars out there didn't know about all this stuff, too
some guy, but there is somebody listening right now. They just learned something. The like home school parents that are in there forty past and their meeting with them right now, diving for the dial. Are you the next story. Michael, you, Michael Kyle, motorcyclist who identifies bicyclist set cycling world record. That would give him an advantage is like one of Mara, we do these ones, because I feel like giving clearly we've done this exact joke twice twice before only twice we did the the Madera wrestler. The Slayer in the six year old man who identifies a six year old yeah that yeah wins the tee ball game Ball guy. I'm always amazed how well they do
every time we could just do the same job same joke Times a day. Every week, all year like this one, we've done it. We've done this exact joke and this thing went crazy, Joe Rogan retweeted. This Edwin insane it's the biggest hit, but maybe the biggest we've ever had in terms of shares. I th I think you're sending monkeys has more views total yeah, but the top. Still, let's do the king, but yeah I feel a little dirty doing. It identifies joke because it's it's overplayed, I mean it yeah. It is over and this probably number one submission we get from readers is like you should do a worship identify noises. There's a church organ yeah, that's funny. I write that down real quick. If not bad yeah I like what's another one, Winky identifies as carrot so that people will eat it to be healthy
so ten thousand shares right there yeah donkey identifies as you go. He do something This tag. Team progressive Christian, identifies as actual Christian. Just now, Satan identifies as Jesus well, what would happen a trump as as MIKE Pence Rock Obama, Barack Obama he's now, the first black president man. These are classic, now we're killing it right now? We should do more in the sports realm, though, like baseball identifies as badminton racket. Cuz, like the two sporting out items, I know what they are those. The two sporting things I had a fascination and men, then weird I like the birdie,
man identifies as black men to play in NBA. That would do good. Anyway, I need to get the idea yeah, but yeah. The only reason I did this one is because of that woman setting the cycling world records by train sorry yeah bye. Vehicle male identifies as woman and she's, crushing all these women and she's like super. I feel bad for I feel bad people, the struggle with gender dysphoria again and obviously the you know that it's a challenging question for a lot of people, especially like in high school sports, when kids are figuring things out, and I get it. I get that kind of a complicated issue, but this one is like super outspoken activist and she's, like just as she I mean. I never know what pronouns would. I guess you identify that's the problem they want. I guess it's up to you, whatever she's always doing these, like you know, jeez doing this which is about how people are discriminating in store, she has no advantage, but it's like
if you're racing against Urias against menu would not be world champion. Yeah for sure so I think people felt a lot of when this story was going around. People felt a lot of like you know. I don't know any stories like this situation that, like. Forcing her to not say this obvious absurdity it's in the air. It's like the elephant in the room just say, even though it's a very simple joke. We all know it's common it just like it. It just like relieve that tension. Most of the pressure like Yes, is it: this is Laffer minute how absurd this? Yes, we we feel bad, for This person says you know where they're at and what they're struggling with, but we just for a moment. We just not point out how absurd this and yeah
I, like I, like that it kind of gives voice. Everybody like this is what I've been trying to say this is you know this is what I was trying to say this whole time, and it makes the point in like five or six words or what I'm actually more than that, but you get the idea so we got a cool episode today. This is this week. We have a very special guest cows and doing this taxes on his phone miss yeah, I'm a start over that we got a square, a crazy episode this week, I'm very excited. What are we do this week? We last week we drove out and your Tilly and got to talk with the Scott Derrickson who's, a Hollywood direct, yeah for those you don't know, Scott Derrickson started out in horror of exorcism of Emily rose is kind of like first big movie, I think sure, and then it went up from there. He did like mister, and you sinister,
from evil. Then doctor changes as big the big break. With Marvel? Well, I guess his biggest hit movie was a daily earth stood still yeah. That was a rough one, form yeah. I've never seen that any. I don't know if I'm a huge fan of that kind of Sci FI, so I need to watch it but yeah. I don't even know why I didn't do well. I don't people just wanted to see a movie at the time or what happened, but it definitely wasn't Keanu Reeves acting he's in it right yeah. Oh, that, ok yeah it took me, job thanks. It's always good sign of a good joke, big fan of the reason I've seen most movies and we got to interview him so yeah, and these are Chris, in in or follow. My twitter is like a he's like this left wing. Christian, that's constantly swearing like I said, progressive Christian identifies actual Christian all so with her without further ado. Our first first large chunk
Scott Derrickson interview Babylon Bee Interview, and here we are in an undisclosed location with the director. Extraordin Scott Derrickson. He said he's sitting right in front of the undisclosed undisclosed. Look in my top secret lair, lair underground, it's crazy in here. It's like. Have you ever seen those crazy scenes in doctor strange He made that into a house. Yes little baby hands, always lands crawling all over us right now. We're actually functioning in reverse time right now, yeah. This is this. Is this a recording is being played in reverse, even though it sounds forward to you tell us more about doctor strange Ethan. It's a comic. Can I do the interview? So when did you first read Marvel Comics, also Hindi, comics guy. This is I'm not supposed to be getting interviewed here
uh! We did want to know, though 'cause you started making like you know these like, And it horror films which are real cinema, but now you're doing Marvel, which is not real cinema. That's what I've said when told him it's over I just stopped loving Cinema is like I'm telling I I hate Cinema, I'm going go work for Marvel. It's just uh. I finished I was finishing working on deliverance from evil and I had been uh. Approached by Marvel in the past, I think Kevin like me, as a filmmaker thought, I was good director so I had been the the single siren back up. Yeah we're in Burbank Enhance, there's, there's, there's our secret idols and undisclosed location drown you out so yeah closer.
And this is just to add- to the urgency of imports of what I'm about to say where in the land of fires. Right now in California, yeah. I saw that was working on deliver us from evil and and I've been approached before for possible work on other marvel movies that just weren't right for me, but when they said they were doing doctor strange, I thought well that one's definitely definitely might write for me and I it's very hard to get the job and got it nice yeah, is that, like what job application process like, I had eight meetings to get the and use, pitching your take. Basically, first one you go in and sign a non disclosure agreement and read like a document of what they like about the comics that got me very excited because what they liked about the doctor, strange comics, was very much aligned with what I liked about it.
And then my next meeting was just kind of like my take on it. You know what I thought of the doctor. Strange movie should be, and they seem to really respond to that and after that I just thought I'm going to get this moving, I'm going to do whatever I have to do and the final meeting was a vision. Presentation, which I spent forty five thousand dollars on. I just decided I'm getting this movie, I'm going to I'm going to just outspend everyone, but it was great because when they gave me the job, the first thing they said is hey. We need to buy that presentation back from you 'cause. We need all that material so so you did like a cost play of doctor strange that this is what I see the care I went in and move them through time and you're. Like he's the guy yeah, all things considered, pretty cheap yeah You know, but if it was, you know, benefit I hadn't got the job, it would have been
it's going to leave it all on the field, that's what that was like. I was that devoted to getting the job and not because it was a big marvel movie. I just really felt like I was the right director for it, so you had to work hard I mean I always got the impression that people in just got really lucky. You didn't have to get a work out from from the outside. You think I'm a little disappointed a phone call. I get a phone call. Okay, you've won the lottery yeah yeah for a for there was, I think there were dozens of directors in the running pretty late. So I'll, probably all of us worked hard. It's like America's got like America's got talent, yeah, there's something like that: yeah yeah, hope it was more like winning the Lotto, but no, no. They actually try to try to find the right people for the right job in Hollywood. It's weird. Can we go back tell it again, but tell it the way
People want to hear that sure yeah I just knocked on Marvel Gordon said: can I do doctor strange and they said, come on in oh yeah man when they rose guy, get him in here that's good! Let's shoot as you can see, were super professional. Your scrawny, the internet scrolling through of his phone, make it one of the questions. Ideas, yeah Why do you hate America? you have that test and actual question, and oh my gosh will fire the intern who wrote that yeah we have an internal writes these. It's just another way of asking. Why are you progressive Christian? So I'm a progressive Christian, because I because I don't believe in christian nationalism. Okay
Senyum Kyle actually you're, not good, and I also. I also think that progressive thinking is more aligned with the teachings of Christ. Then then conservative, political thinking Those are my short answers and I don't hate America, I love America, but to quote Bob Dylan, I love America, but America is going to be judged. I think that's true, Bob Dylan, It is being judging off go ahead and go ahead and trash talk. Bob Dylan, I dare I quoted from doing on my twitter yesterday. Did you good for you? I saw him in concert the week and a half ago, yeah in in in Irvine. He was he it's like. Maybe twelve, time. I've seen him live, he was fantastic. He like his voice, or do you just like a song right now? His voice is one of the greatest voices ever you know, SAM Cooke, who is probably would my vote for the best most beautiful voice in american music, at least my american popular music history. Sam, when he heard Bob Dylan saying told one
proteges to listen, to the I'm sure it was probably the Freewheelin Bob Dylan and said listen to this album because it changes singing forever. From now on it doesn't matter if your voice is beautiful, it matters. If your voice, honest and that's why I love Bob Dylan's voice. Yeah. You know, people always say the covers are better than the originals with Bob Dylan. I don't agree. I mean there's some songs. That are, I think, that's something we could take on it when he said that whenever he sings all along the watchtower, he feels like he's, covering Jimi Hendrix Hendrix version. Um I searched stated that question yeah. Well, they get deeper later. Well, you redeem yourself after the progress christian thing. We were cut off the interview as long as you that pledge allegiance to live in America, I do love America I could spend very good to me. How can I not love? I think America represents the. A lot of the best and the worst in the world you know I have. I have definitely complex.
About it. But it's my country. I love it. It's kind, the implications of freedom right like the more freedom you have, the more freedom you have to go to. The two directions for sure right, so I guess in America, is kind of a symbol that but ask you can ask me anything. I have no fear of any questions. Ok, ok, alright, I'll go, but I didn't want to get. I was curious. You may have already talked about this on something else, but uh everyone's in this kerfuffle about Scorsese and Coppola, talking about Marvel movies, not being real cinema what are your thoughts on that whole? he meant. I mean you know I I think I speak now just for myself, but probably most of, if not all, of the Marvel directors you're talking about probably the two most influential directors on all of us. You know Kurasawa the japanese directors, my favorite director, but as far as american film,
there's go without doubt favorite american movie, and I think the best made american movie is taxi driver, my sex. Favorite, american movie and The movie I have seen the most times is Apocalypse now, so you know it was hurtful to hear that anyway, but at the same time, they certainly have earned the right, especially Scorsese, being such a student of cinema and such a grand teacher of cinema. You know his his. He has a four hour documentary on italian neorealism. That's extraordinary. His love for what cinema is. He has the right to say whatever he wants on the subject, even if Even if he's wrong, which is but I I respect where he's coming from, I think he's wrong in the sense of first of all, he said he hadn't
the question that was asked of him, as you know, have you seen these. He said I've tried, I haven't seen them and I've tried so there's twenty three mcu movies, I'm guessing he watched one. Maybe one one slash two so I think it's very difficult to look at a film like black. Panther and say: that's not cinema or or the comedic. Ambitions of and and and I think, sort of breakthrough, sensibility of guardians of the galaxy, the political power of winter soldier in the cinematic quality of that Scorsese's always been very disparaging about american action films. Anyway, you know, I think I don't think he considers those cinematic, but I think that- uh- that they are here's my overall feeling but like a Keith Richards, you know one of the greatest guitar players in in rock music history
for years ago, in rolling stone said that rap music is for people who are tone deaf, just they just play, they just play a beat and have someone shot over it and everybody's happy. I mean you know that's what Phyllis. I don't think he's, I don't think he's listening to Kendrick Lamar's records and the way I have rap is all my kids listen to, and you know I've gone to a lot of concerts with them. I think that the that what has to be respected is that you're talking about old artist mystic masters, Blizzard master source, says, he's a master master, Keith Richards the master they're all these old masters. What they do, I think that they earned the right to be disparaging about the when old man of these old masters have a right to be disparaging about the the younger generation that comes in late in their life and starts to redefine what there
median is and to to find it not only something they don't understand, but something they actively don't like in something they think is an act of assault on the the. That they have spent their life. Probing and defining at a level. Deeper than anyone else. So I didn't it was it was, made me sad because I admire them so much, but I wasn't offended by it, and I also think that anybody who's open minded about it has to take into consideration. They're, really saying, because I think, what's behind the comma, is a criticism for. How more thoughtful deeper cystic cinema that comes out of the european tradition that comes out of the 70s Hollywood tradition is, is, is, is and pushed into television and losing its theatrical life. I think that's really the issue that their uh
they're having and they're right about that. They are right to be concerned about that. I'm concerned about that as a student of cinema, and so teaches teaches a class, of course, all teach a class on the history of European Cinema. I wish there was. Stuff out there, when I see Tarantino's movies, whether you like him or not, it's pure cinema and- and I always feel relieved like off here. I am in a multi plex, watching something very cinematically ambitious. So I I I have I have no. I have no disrespect for for what they've said and you can certainly appreciate where they're coming from, yeah, I mean they obviously didn't watch the scene where Chris Pratt challenged the blue alien to a dance battle. Had they seen that yeah Not only would they not have said what they said but
They would have spent the rest of their lives just promoting that scene and they just would have written. You know long essays about it, documentaries about taught classes taught classes on it exactly. We assume that they're just meditating get signed for like squirrel girl or you know another of the x men origins gathers the there are there's a jealous of mind. There's a marvel. Comics character called credit card man. Yes, there is, and I I think that Scorsese's just better that they will green Light Spectra Card man. If any. I like the x men, character, puck in this little short guy that is rolled around yeah Francis Coppola X, men, origins, I've been reading that William Goldman Book adventures in the screen trade and he talks in there about like he makes distinction. I never heard- and this is like back in like the 80s and he wrote this book, but he certain kinds of movies, comic book movies and he's not
this is before this whole thing he just saying movies that are more about the action in kind of like a I the good guys always win the bad guys always lose. He isn't comic book movies and he says he makes a distinction. He says the word cinema. He means different than these- not holding them. He just make distinction and so on I thought- maybe that was what Scorsese was referring to when he was talking about that, like it wasn't as much of an insult as like. Engine to him like his things, taste wise, I I yes, I think that's what he meant, but again, I think that he, he hasn't seen these movies yeah. You know and- and I I do think I think- if the anything if there's anything that I take real issue with in the comment that were made by these two two masters of Cinema, it's you can't you just nobody has the right to disparage movies that they haven't. Seen. That's true, I don't think anyone has that right now. I am very protective of that idea. I don't trash
black movies that I had that I haven't seen, don't think anybody should Scorsese was really victimized by that with the last temptation of Christ an I think that to say that. Marvel movies or to think that Marvel movies don't psychological depths or human Depp's or emotional damage is is, is to not know what they are. I think you know the theaters- that where I saw twice end game that were just filled People are, it was Infinity war, an end game that were filled with people, weeping and don't tell me that people are not having psychological and emotional
variances, we can either way yeah. This is just a you know: yeah. This is so terrible, I'm not weeping in hand and ripping their eyes out, don't spoil it for reason, hasn't seen a sad. I don't know from me, I'm the one guy here the draws comics today and by the way, and even William Goldman this site hit. That's for that's that says to me. Is that that's a guy who didn't read comics! You know I I think, there's so much profound humanity in in even. Hot comics that I grew up. Reading but of course, in the world of comics, as you know, there is this there's as much wider range of of of psychology philosophy. Theology an emotion as you're, going to find in
in almost any medium. I'm guessing you know, I'm guessing the William Goldman never had watchmen. You never read axe cop for sure he definitely didn't read axe cop and he Red OX princess bride and it's a great comic book movie or is that cinema yeah? That's the point you made is that he's like keep in mind. I wrote princess bride like I'm, not saying that these are bad and just said it's a distinction, the kind of movie yeah. I don't I don't mind a distinction, I don't mind. The distinction between you know identifying cinema as being thing that is primarily, this is where a film's primary ambition is art, as a those two entertainments. I think that some marvel movies are very artistically ambitious. Some of them are less ambitious. It's a let's continue on uhm. You know
only. My left for Kerr, for example, comes from from the fact that I think more than any other director in the history of cinema, really striving to create high art and high entertainment at the same time across his entire body of work, and I think that Scorsese and Coppola What they're taking issue with that can apply the same thing to star wars, movies. You know it from PAL Pal George Lucas And- and it was really it in during their their heyday in the 70s when I have many Hey days. I mean I sorry Scorsese went on to have many hey days. He's had he's put out great great films for every decade of his of his career. A couple you know it was in the 70s and I think that they am They are in I was talking about what happened in the mid 70s with jaw. And
star wars and the beginning of a movie filmmaking where film, where, where movies became a different thing, where in and Scorsese reducing them to theme parks again, I think it's reductive, but I do agree with his thinking here that driving with jaws and star wars in the 70s cinema changed tremendous. And Marvel movies are, are part of that that thread of star wars, jaws thread where movies are not something that you go to two into lap to interact with as a work of art. You go there to be taken into an experience that you are out of control of it in the p. Let you get it it drags. You depict takes you by the scruff of the neck and drags you through it, and I I think that that makes it not artistic, but it does make it a different artistic experience and something that prioritizes entertainment over art,
supposed to the kind of films that they make even apocalypse now, which is so highly entertaining and that's why he put you know, Wagner and the rolling stones in it and and Jimi, Hendrix and all this great music and have this giant spectacle because he wanted people to be entertained by it, but but his eyes, still think that it with that found his prime ambition with just to make it great work of art and he did. But that's why that film is film. I've seen the most times, because it is to me the complete packs of the merging of of of art and entertainment in those the films I tend to like the most, and do you know, certainly the the the kind of thing I aim for in what I do. I try to make Something that is that is ambitiously artistic and ambitiously entertaining at the same time. And whether I succeed at that I'll leave to the audience. But but yeah, that's pretty much sums up my well. I mean let's talk about it in the context of doctor strange 'cause, that's obviously something you tried to do
Doctor strange. You try to explore. Things of you know, the purely rational versus the virtual interface and believe in a in a movie where wizards are punching each other. I mean that's, you know that's what you're talking about right is this layers of entertainment and art yeah precisely I mean and then again those the movies that I appreciate the most and and I set. You know I do. Scorsese does the same thing with good fellas, you know, and and some of the films he's made, that I've enjoyed the most in his own way but yeah. I I I don't see that Some people separate movies and films that way that movies are more pious and entertaining film is a word you can apply to more artistic, I'm not sure, I'm comfortable with that. On on a broad scale, but you know any kind. Broad generalizations about about Marvel movies are probably going to be incorrect on on some level?
when examining at least some of this Look at her films, sure yeah, all the same, so I would love to just from your perspective. From your perspective, as a christian Hollywood and working on doctor strange he talks about this, introducing spirituality into the Marvel universe six expound on that, just well. I think that when two. Doctor strange, that's what was the present in the comics. You know the comics already had such a power. Emphasis on spirituality and and visuals like a daily and and those were the things I loved about those comics and an ad just that that spoke to me- and I is very happy when I
read that initial document from Marvel that they were interested in that aspect of the of the at the comics and made it very easy for me to to go. Really down that rabbit hole, and they were very supportive of that so in You know it was also it's an attempt, and I feel this way about my work in general. You know I don't I don't Are there to propagate any point of view of my own? I go out there to try to first entertain, I want everybody who pays. To go, see a movie, no matter what their release Mister political positions are, I want. I want to make something that's going to make everybody feel like. Got their worth worth, who work hard work hard in this world and- and you know just take fifty bucks to
yes, when I cost now to go out on a date, I am you know, go go if your family had to move or take advantage you're talking like seventy five dollars for kids, yeah and science. I I I really respect that fact, that's very meaningful to me. I want to put something in front of them, but they're going to be excited when it's over there can be glad that they did that that money was well spent and I think that's always my first priority and I think that that can priority- is to also give them something emotional and meaningful an and something that can possibly speak to them as a human being, but not didactic way. I don't ever approach, activity. Is you from the position of I've got I've got understanding of things where I've got information. I've got a way of looking at the world that the rest of the world needs. Or can use. You know it's for me, it's much more of a
I'm going to go into this process and think of myself as the audience, and what do I want to experience and Comes to the deeper issues of themes and emotional storylines and Karen Character work. I try to challenge myself to discover something You know that, the regulatory to me in the process and and- and I think when you achieve that- and that tends to be the thing that speaks to an audience, because at you, if you end up discovering things, are very universal yeah. It's Doctor strange would have been more powerful if there was like an altar call at the end, we're strange asked everybody to come forward and other we didn't put up with it and put that on the deleted scenes. Yeah they got cuts. Anti Christian Hollywood at that scene, I was told I was told that the altar call would be on the dvd is coming out
twenty three right, it's gonna be much room trip. Altar call yeah, that's right! How many drivers do you have to do? The the acid in and and red wine communion service is not in the mood was with. I don't know yeah we every time we watch that scene where he gets flipped into the Astral plane or whatever we're just like how many drugs were you, in the writing in returning soon. All that stuff is, is you know from the comics, and it was it that was all done and then in the mid and late sixties. Also there were trucks online. You know, I think that you view try to refute, try to remove drug abuse from any art, great art from nineteen sixty three to nineteen. Seventy, three and you're gonna get rid of all the great art in american music and film, probably. So who are all the Christ figures in the Marvel Universe,
marshmallow! Well, let's see yeah root he does seconds are awesome Did you see that he's literally the tree e yeah as a little on the nose of Captain America? Obviously yeah? Is America, America yeah yeah boy I for your insightful comment at a good health is the marvel expert here. I appreciate this. Did you is actually cast a demon out of Emily rose in that movie because of the family. Really that's my faith in one six of them. Discount elite. There is six demons, they sailed the name. She says all the names Right Beelzebub. No, it's not little Caesar Nero something don't think of Caesar Trump. I mean who do out with Nero and who do with yeah
I thought saying Trump was a little on the nose like that was a little much, but you know we all over each once in awhile I referenced that in my 'cause I did a comic along time ago about a demon possessed pig and the pig uses Emily rose quotes. Jesus was not not much of a animal right, activists in that in story. Actually talking right demons, go those pigs, running the water and ground. Well, ok, sorry, pigs! Thanks for your sacrifices and my favorite, bizarre scenes in the Bible that, in the bears tax or two youths use yeah and that leads me to question. If you could make any movie the story from the Bible budget. Whatever you want, you have anything Oh gosh, I you know I'm crazy. Right. I can't
I, the only one I would do. Is the war in Heaven I mean I've always thought there should be a great story about the war in Heaven will Paradise lost? Basically, I would like do a movie about the fall of Lucifer in the war in Heaven. I think that's one of the great you know: it's in human history and and the mythic power of it is It has never been given a good cinematic treatment, early goal I think the bears mauling, the youth yeah- that's really help either that or or David killing, all the Philistines and cutting off all the foreskin, and I love to visit so that he'd get get that the checking on it and have that be a good short found that the real cinema, the sequel pilot
five skins in item number, six skins, the whole trilogy trilogy yeah on that I'm I'm really fascinated by talking about demons in this day and age. It's a scoffed at idea and so you did Emily rose yeah. I thought it was really You did an excellent job of making the movie really just yeah. You end on the question you just just it's about conversation like what do Make of this whole idea yeah, and that was the point of that movie. You know when I read about the real case: analysts Michelle, it just was very confounding: there's really no there's no way looking at what happened, in reality in that story that can make anybody comfortable. You know and what are some examples because I haven't read- I mean I think if you try to analyze it really
just lay or spiritually? You know the fact that she was conscientious of what she was doing and believe that it had a higher purpose and thought the world was going to. Know who she was and what she did, which ended up being true. Because of the movie that I made to filling process an you know, that's very strange, an itself confounding uh. If you are a religious person, I medically You know the if you're looking at it strictly as a medical condition that she had. There's also things in it that are very perplexed you know how her ticular elements didn't really line up with with the categories of medical diagnosis, which became part of the in the real case. Part of the defense, is argument, but I think that the but when it comes to the subject, the the thing that that
I believe you know, I don't. I don't really think much about demons or the devil. I don't think I should. I don't think it's necessary or healthy to do that for a lot of reasons, but I think that comes to possession and exorcism, then, let's that it's it's a it's not like mythology of vampire. Or where wolves or zombies possession and is fact like it happens and not just not just sporadically or or spare it is a part of every cult in human history. It's an anthropological reality, it's part of who we are as a species, and that makes it worth taking serious in fact, that every culture that's ever existed has phenomenon where people go into these trance states become self destructive and do all these terrible things. These terrible sounds and and that there's,
that they all have a ritual that that that is like virtual shock therapy that snaps at like a spell that's really amazing and terrifying, and and human, and I think that that part of My taking the subject as seriously as I do comes from that place you know- I think there's other reasons to take it seriously. You know as a a Christian, but I think that that's the place where everybody ought to at least look at it, as more than you know, anybody who's a who's, a skeptic or A strict materialist at the very least, has to take seriously the fact that these trance state is this trance states of intense suffering that people go into and these these these religious rituals that shot them out of it?
are as old as human history and and cross cultural it's really interesting yeah and it's fascinating and it's just been again it's part of who we are as a species. Yeah, I think I mean when you have to active and you can divorce yourself from the kind of cartoony ideas of what people think of demons and Satan and try to just think of just this idea that there's evil, in the sense that we, you know the kind of Well things people do in the horrible thoughts we had even about ourselves, and You know when you look at alcoholics, how, if you read the x it like an alcoholics, anonymous book. You know it's like it's almost describing a demonic possession. They can only overcome by going to power when I try refrain myself and thinking that way, it's like it does seem that there's an oppressive force, Something outside of just natural anyway for
It's like kind of the road that I go down, I think about yeah. I think I think you know that. There's danger in that and make that comparison that that you know all alcoholism is demonic. You know I certainly wouldn't want to subscribe to that. I is it or all or to consider people who struggle with with alcoholism as being in the grips of evil? But I I do that it is. The addiction no is, certainly the the greatest equivalent whether you make a direct connection, not disgrace, equivalent that we have in the west two to possession yeah that you'll see in third world countries. You know the self destructiveness the inability to control one's own body and behavior. And and the the release from that from that nearest prison through
faith and belief and and surrender to a higher power. I think that again, these are things that are just human, yeah yeah yeah and the way people so after themselves, and also the way people go after others who we see that on the internet, like it just gets insane these insane dog piles of hatred coming out and and that's when You know as mostly a horror guy you, talked about how evil Works well as a religious genre of film yeah and some curious, your. Point of view on that and yeah just whoa what makes you love horror. I mean I I you know, I love horror because it's the genre of non denial, you know it's something that is
is unnecessary artistic, John that that. Allows whether some literature or painting or or or cinema, it's something that allows the audience to confront. The unspoken and unspeakable fears and terrors, horribleness in the world and and that has tremendous value you it's it's a place with that you go to to face the worse things, in our in yourself, you know in in in an individual outside and other people and and in nature, and I think that that's that has tremendous value. Uhm you anything. Like I'm, stepping on you, I'm just going to leave. You guys keep talking
we should make some christian movies like left behind sequels. I would watch a Scott Derrickson left behind reboot I can't think of a worse and I think about it, just think about okay and how big of a check when they have to ride to get a the cage. I I I I was offered the first left behind and if I remember, the one with Kirk Cameron or the I think the yeah Nicholas the camera yeah. I know I think those movies are bad, everyone shocking and I don't believe in american ads in your arms right now. Now I just signed a thing. I think I think the concept of the rapture is a bad bad theological. That does a lot of damage, but that's another. I thank all of our dispensation Allister listeners of sorry. Sorry, sorry to studies a it's a it's a it's a it's, a teaching that didn't exist in the history of the churches, to strictly American made doctrine and
and what I don't like about it I mean it's. You know, any prophecy apocalypse, literature in the Bible is ever really understandable until after it's happened anyway, that's always been the case yeah, and but I think that what don't like about. It is about that doctrine is I don't like the idea of of of a of of what is an american religious idea that has deep roots in Mormonism actually and that that Bill gates, an idea that turns on its head Jesus teaching that my prayer for you, Is not be taken out of the world, but that you be delivered from the evil One and- and I think that then mindset of were all part of the select group on a launching pad waiting to be taken out of the world because, as it is just a fundamentally bad idea, easy to to be rooting yourself in
close to the. We are here to be salt and light in the world and and help transform the world into into a a place that is more in line with with what what what is doing in his redemption of of of this world and I think there's, two two very significantly impactful ways of thinking and one of them is fundamentally wrong So you could do like and arm left behind what would that be living in the yeah since the end of the movie? I never is there's just put the whole budget into the. Exploding, world or whatever yeah this post millennial love banners that everybody's happy every sappy is great. No definitely be cinema,
I also yeah anyway. Let's make this stop, it might goodness. Does anyone care, but we basically structured this podcast, so we can get our guest to say, controversial things. Well, let's need a title. Ask me something can't really controversial. Then, let's go and we just see like Scott Derrickson crushes all these directors saying that marbles, not a cinema so we talked about, then that reason logic did Marvel. Make you renounce your faith in Christ. Room somewhere. Disney. You Disney I think I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Actually. I actually there's marvel snipers outside the windows and she started to speak of it. I get double tap double tap. Just my head would explode and check my body. My body would slump on so best, not to speak about that. Ok, can you tell us what all the things you cannot tell us about doctor strange too.
I cannot tell you. And it's called and talk to strangers. Neighbors are, I know, still madness. Yeah! That's it your house alone right now, what's your house, but right now a problem yeah. We yes and you cannot pull your ear. If we guess right, like is MIKE Pence, the villain in I spawn is here so no I'm not. I didn't pull my hair. He had to take his headphones off to do it, though, so that wasn't very good signal, not an itch good Times a Scott Derrickson, startling revelations there about doctor which two crazy revelations, wow ISIS back to the marvel at ninjas. But I don't know that snipers because that the more expensive yeah I was near, but I guess the I guess
a lot of money. It did make the interview awkward with the laser dots dancing around all over him. Yeah, like you, think, two or threes. Given that he's just got sweat pouring down his face and his shivering, it was kind of terrified he's like task. Anything. I'm comfortable ask me anything I ever just shaking so we have more. I actually thought that the interview got even more interesting after this point, like we actually got a little more into his progressive Christianity, yeah and then go else. We talked about in that late Horsham they got is a lot of these. Stations. Do they get deeper as they go along so well yeah. Well, specially someone big name like Scott Derrickson, I'm a fan, you know I'm like nervous at first yeah. And then he's going to he's going to kill me or something if I do anything wrong, trying to get us to ask him more controversial questions, sweet and kind of tried to pry more as you want on. So
Did you see your stuff? Is in the subscriber portion? Sorry, freeloaders, yeah, our first questions always like in so. Do you like movies, yeah, he's going to go from there? What was it the thing? like I wanted to get into. The but stuff I really want to get into was the like progressive versus conservative Christianity and all that stuff. But I I don't know how many of our audience members know much about Scott, so I didn't want to get questions and they just kind of introduced him to everybody. Yeah was interesting to me. I don't know what segment this in, but we were talking about the progressive Christianity and, take on like why Christians conservative versus why they will progress. I thought I had some really really good insights, yeah, interesting when you actually talk about this stuff, how how much less you have not in common that's hard and we're going to put that in you. You feel so divided when you see just their most extreme things, they say on line. We actually talk about stuff. We that far apart on a lot of stuff yeah, it's a lot of stuff
really kind of agree on what we decide to fall on the certain one now to go in, we we have a picture of progressive Christianity, progresses of being outraged all the time you know he's kind of like not like that. It's like well, you know, I think, there's a good and bad yeah. I don't get one anything Scott, because I've known him somewhat for a little while, then he he I mean and just being in Christianity like actively understand you going to run against conservative people a lot your home. To find out they're, not all awful demonica, doubling up children of the night kind of people yeah? so more coming later, but for now. Do some do some hate mail, hate mail Okay, so we have a few heatmap. What's today, and then we have one a good male, a happy mail. It's like a question. Could we do a question yeah?
Ok, so if it's quick so will do it will do a few emails. I will do a question. Ok, we need to get the our been get the flower bed ready. Yeah, ok hold on or whatever words you have keep talking You keep. Okay, I'm ready, I'm ready, So this is a message from our Instagram on Instagram follower. He says there's a difference between being satire and, being Absolute flower bed, I think, you're the latter, have a nice day, he thinks we're flower bed yeah a. Flower bed, yes, okay, it's a pretty bad word, I would say of all the bad words: it's probably up there. It's probably the worst of the bad words what's around rhyme like using the Lord's name in vain. All right, here's another one for the signal. I curse.
With the power and authority of God. Oh I think we need some more intense music to go. I don't know I'm not ready for that, though. Okay. We need to get more flower bed ready for this one. If I ready your page, is flower bed? If you want to the page learn to respect people who differently, you, son of a flower bed, who's really took me for a wild ride, like he's your terrible terrable- here's a bad word to describe discover page. If you want have a page on Instagram He said in the mess. If you wanna have a page learn how to respect people who think differently than you you, son of a I was focusing so hard an pushing flower bed the right time. I didn't listen very well, the first time you read through so I'm glad you read, explained it well, it's
yeah! I really just the intensity of the n, like he's he's trying to say, we all need to learn how to get along yeah and you just can't, as as you, flower bed yeah all right. So here's a thoughtful question all right couple, questions from Let's go asking about the article where we said that the hug from bottom jeans, wonder if it's jeans, brother brother, to the police officer, police officer right that killed him that we joke, was that they would ruin years of you so once the job? It was like the media warning that outrage, narrative yeah, the outrage narrative could be root years of work, on. That outrage here could be rude. I can really exact, and so guy says. Well that was hilarious, but my dad said that that was a beauty, sing it that man that should be honored? I feel like the article you shared use the beautiful moment as a sarcastic mockery to attack your political opponents,
I, don't really agree with him, but I would love to hear you guys discuss when sarcasm is and isn't appropriate and loving. I'm sure you have so with that sort of thing. At times someone says we should not seat in sit in the seat of mockers and I've been can at times for being overly biting in my humor, interested to hear your internal process in this area. Thanks, Josh Hanson, So why did you make that terrible joke you I'm I don't know I feel like in a situation like that you either have the people that are praising what he did and then you have. The people they're, like you know, come like that we talked about when that happened. Is that back in the plantation or whatever you know it's like this is what he say slave mentality or chances them into and uh and yeah? I think that the the joy
as usual, with a lot of these jokes, it's saying, what's not being said, like a feels like bee. It goes against our cultures encourage ing right now. It feels like our cultures, encouraging uh, not to hug your enemy, not to forgive we're supposed to be mad process to be uprising and and so to me I didn't see. I didn't see the mocking this. Is should. I cite as mocking the narrative, and I guess that's action like is there stuff. It is ok to mock uh if we're calling people to be outraged and to embrace victimization and to be angry. I really do feel like at least mock that, if not, yeah, I mean I think, there's a there's a fine line between, like we see a heavy heavy situation in the news, a heavy political situation and we go hey. We use this to own the libs
that is probably, bad motivation, yeah, but I think he actually had this like a large chunk of people, at least on Twitter, saying you know I should not have forgiven this is you know, and I think I think it goes beyond just this current event right, because this is something that This is something where there's a whole culture of people that are outraged and they think forgiveness is not a virtue. You know we should not forgive. We demand restitution, we demand our enemies pay for what they did to us or what we think they did to us and I think so this was a moment that really crystallized those two sides that were kind of going against each other, so yeah. I think I think that piece of tire in particular transcended that moment and it wasn't trying to go after him. Transcendence in it wasn't trying to go. It wasn't trying to be like a cheap shot. I can go back and read that article today and I think it's still powerful. You know obviously it of some context. But yeah
cuz, I think of when you read a piece I got to go. Am I doing this just to get a cheap shot, or is there something really important powerful than we're trying to say you know? it's one of those ones and I feel the heaviness of it when I'm writing and like a yes, I do feel like. Am I making light of this, and this is a situation where a guy's brother was killed. This is real life. These are real people. They could read this. You know feel all that when I'm like submitting that story and. It is kind of thing where I look to you. I trust you guys, and I I look to you for accountability in that You're, saying L yeah, that's yeah! That's like I see this to like I the guys we all kind of pitch these stories amongst each other, so cuz. I do thing that I have that on the night of the struggle to mock into to put down and- and I think that we have a good circle of mines here- that you know we all kind of take it to take it to prayer and make it a you examine our motives. Yeah you get a
team entertainment Editing is important to get the better than singing. You know. I really need to get at her, and she is true that we, have a great one. I can't stress how much so how important having a good creative director is, though, it's not as important? I would say it's just under having ghost under yeah editor in chief yeah for now yeah I I don't know I mean I didn't regards to mocking and stuff. It's like you see, you see, Jesus mocking, he uses humor a lot. You see the profits mocking my only problem, people use that that argument is like. So you're saying you're, Jesus and the prophets you, so I'm not we're with that argument, but I do see that God uses God does humor and mocking, but he doesn't use it all the time, though, so we need to be careful, and I guess that's the thing like. Are you a mocker by accident scene being somebody who mocks certain things and doesn't mark other things and being somebody who's. Like that's what
Do you the position of mocker, like you know, just contribute anything you just yeah it's easy for satire to slip into that's one thing: I notice, when another satire. That's not from Britain from lesser lesser satire, that's not written from a Christian. Active or uh? I didn't believe in God. You know it's from a nihilistic perspective and it can come off as cynical like there's no point to any of this, and everything is terrible. We make fun of everything and it's like well what the heck The point is not that model to me a lot of people you can follow on Twitter. If you want to get your share of non stop mocking like Ethan, scoffers and markers try to keep on on my twitter so anyway, we're right. And your dad is wrong with Josh and we're going to write a satire article by how terrible he is, but we're sorry. He feels that way were Does that count as a very sorry guys for how somebody feels I'm sorry, you feel bad, I'm sorry. If you were offended, I'm sorry you're such a snow.
Like yeah. I'm really sorry that your baby we're not actually saying this to your father. I actually appreciate when people bring that kind of stuff up yes, the awful because you're so used to be like yeah man, hi, five mocked, the heck out of them, but I like there's some is like who are we dance close to line like I like, knowing there's people out there that are worried about that yeah. Well, because it's always the extreme. It's always you guys are amazing. Yeah or, like you guys, are the son of a flower. Flower Bing it instead of two. I said it too soon and so it's nice to see something. That's like! I really like what you do yeah, but what do you think about this yeah? I appreciate that alright. Well. Let's go into our subscriber segment is a hey if somebody wants to subscribe and get as to the Scott Derrickson interview and plus all the other, it just this ask this week. If you subscribe
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the rest of you guys. If you just drop us a review on Itunes or something we'd appreciate it and we love you, right and with that, I don't have the actual prepared. So goodbye Highland Pizza would like to. Thank. That's Dylan for paying the bill Adam Ford for creating their job. The other writers work tirelessly pitching headlines, the subscribers and you the listener until next time. This is Dave Deandrea, the voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forth and blast Jesus.
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