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Episode 26: PC Insanity On College Campuses With Mike Adams

2019-12-06 | 🔗

In episode twenty-six of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle talk to Mike Adams who is a professor at UNC-Wilmington, a TownHall.com columnist, and a speaker on college campuses on first amendment issues and abortion. They talk about how he won his federal case against the university on free speech grounds, why college campuses are even crazier than you think, and how the bill of rights was produced by Hitler. 

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Show Outline 

Introduction - Kyle and Ethan welcome everybody into the Christmas season, unless you are a grumpy Presbyterian or something, with a discussion about Christmas traditions like seeing lights with the family, drinking hot cocoa, and watching sappy movies that make you cry.

Story 1 - Narwhal Tusk Surrender Bins Installed Throughout The UK

Story 2 - New Greta On The Shelf Doll Will Track Your Climate Sins

Story 3 - Judge Grants IPad Sole Custody Of Young Boy It Raised In Parents' Absence

Interview - Mike Adams

Hate Mail - A special hate mail reading by Dave DeAndrea.

Subscriber-Exclusive Content - The second part of the Mike Adams interview gets salty. Also Kyle and Ethan reveal unused headlines and give a behind-the -scenes peak of the creative process here at the Babylon Bee.

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News. This is news. You contrasting your listening to the Babylon. Actually inaccurate! Morally, here are your infallible hosts file man and he's a nickel welcome to the Babylon Bee Podcast, I'm Kyle Man and I'm sitting here with a jolly bearded man wearing a coat. Oh, that's right, everybody! It's me Ethan its Ethan they can't see me you. Don't need reveal that I'm, a jolly really it's code for morbidly obese
say that I simply a jolly in a co opening. We call your skinny guide, jolly the scared overseer. He says things like respectable woman, respectable woman, respectable woman is putting bad thoughts and people's heads by making them get that joke. Ignore they'll Joker money. I thought of that joke the other day, fidgeted in our little writers group, absolutely no reaction sweetly there. Mister I'm keeping up has actually been a little bit on the reactions. I'm not sure why yeah he's a little space paste for a lot of him. Yeah I get on their income. We missed the headline, our secret grouping rehearse headlines and I'm, like oh yeah, forgot, there's a new pictures there's a new new up because he delivers every week and through every week and I otherwise it's like Tuesday. I haven't looked yet and there's like sixty thing: man, it's a sergeant, Rinaldi's harder sift through more, but buddy anyway, everybody it is December december- is here and it's
this Christmas season unless you're a grumpy presbyterian. Recently we aren't like Christmas where'd, you did a Christmas thing went this mission and Christmas display of lights. Last night. Oh, you did mission in Emission India, ass air, and now we were side near cool hack, as my grandma was in town and great grandma kids guerrillas in town. So we took him and it was great cause like it was. We went so early wasn't super crowded, you know I'm I'm kind of a Grinch all the way up until after Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas tree and not by the fire and arrogant every up. I do like the Christmas season. I love it. I'm sap so merry Christmas, everybody we're meeting but Christmas for several weeks. Building up to our big Christmas special we're doing one I think, which were not really sure what is gonna be bigger. Should we tell people right now of sending Christmas stories yeah? If you guys Heaven,
great stories at Christmas, either heartwarming or funny cinema podcast any had an apple on be dot com. Christmas play stories. Christmas fails. Yes, epic. Christmas fails bribes at the Christmas winds or like when your parents try to make Christmas spiritual like our right over Buddy Gather in Europe one at a time and do a prayer we reopen it or if your mom was dying and you had to get the special Christmas shoes for her anyone. The store and a man gave you the shoes. Even they couldn't afford them ass. The plot of the Christmas at and others in me dying in the early autumn or listen to it. One of those happy songs like the country song you trying to tell a story, is happy, get you to cry out, but we're not gonna make it trying to sell so we're gonna, make you laugh and make you informed
interview with MIKE Adams, because we were finishing our trifecta waited Scott direction. We need Scott Atoms and our doing MIKE atoms. Do we didn't have somebody Scott? We dynamic way with less names got, do not yet well. How do we need a Scott and then we need a mindless about Michael Scott Meagre and then we need another, dare like a derricks, maybe a dare Scott, if anybody knows an atom Derek some recent like that, but MIKE Adams is a professor at you and see Wilmington and he won a first amid a look of a big first amendment case yeah having to do with freedom of speech in such he had the unfortunate experience of being a college professor on a campus and and then he ever eat converted he was use all EC left wing and everything you supposed to be an unlucky suddenly converted to Christianity and became more conservative bob, and I get it I was one goes without saying, goes out saying, and I am not cause my trouble. So if I want that and without lie lost,
we'll get we'll get to that the first. So red bears so worried for weeks. Every week stories. These are some of them. Buttery, smooth transition and Dan will fix it. We ve handed off all the editing Dan Norway TUSK, surrender bins installed throughout the UK and he'd have yet to make Narwhale jokes. The good time I was talking to Dan and I was like this joke would have made no sir. Just a few days ago and if you told me they call the big hit article that you're going to put up on Monday is going to be about narwhal tusk, surrender, Vince and you're like what- together yeah there was a there was a terrorist attack on the London Bridge, which is in London, London. Yet- and I thank you for the vat Jack
and there was an islamic terrorist last year, religious scholar, and I guess he was trying to go on a stabbing spree in these people chart he killed. He did kill a couple people and these people charged up. There's a polish immigrant that charged up music to her, while tusk, amazing, the like subdue him and they waited. We told Emma, I guess they had a hanging up as liquor decoration in a restaurant or something he used he snapped oftener. While I was just up there, yet he went to the he went to them. Waters of the river wasn't taxidermy now actually break monopolizing. Maybe what new additives like mystical like he went to the river Thames uneasily. I borrow your people that I can't sell in his eye and there's an hour comes up and it breaks the horn thanks, MR nor will certainly make was the second. I've? No, I can't believe nor Walser real sort of things porpoise like right. I guess it's like
so in its away like a whale? Is a women rarely that task as a tooth would make no sense to me. This isn't it hasn't monitor more how to get out of the mouth. The maybe a grows from a similar spot like in the donor. This has been a lesson in biology. I've been wanting to do now, as lovelady of neural, tusks or outlawed allocated, like add, acknowledge, are being booted from the zoos and the UK. Now sharp object. It's crazy everything. Every time I see. I know it's a different culture. Maybe we just don't get it, but there's like there are these police accounts on twitter. Then you know the official twitter account I don't know name of naval british Sounding town,
Winchester Shire, Yorks Villain T side were decide, that's because of tea with tee out their Tis Dale. Ok, so anyway, so, like you know, the police of Eads Winchester, Shire and end are like you to look at all these sharp objects. We just confiscated in it and sweep we'll take a picture of like an ordinary pair of household civil right. All state
screw driver. It's like this. What what what and I can't believe it's not parity item in the trunk it out as real as pared down when I went there are member them having there's people having conversations about knife islands and the Swedes weird just kind of just the casino not used hearing people. Talking Malik there's been a rash of nice violence. Lately, I guess it's because differently against we have. We have the best violence, maybe ever weaker we're top where the top of the violence food chain guns skinned, anyway, so I was rolling paint with yet another knives than what the next violence rolling pin violence. Yet another door, cooking, utensils, yeah Franklin, handmaidens frame,
given this imagining a few years. All than ever gone. They have the fry. Fair rivers are having their food with one another for our vision, you don't need a knife. Rent is nothing beginning unite for will. Yes, you are evil child vegetables yeah. You can just the dusty tofu. That's a squishy reduced eat, squishy food. We grant all his name's, what's like any other ciphers stuff, how eventually everybody just eating liquor nutrition cube on a spaceship, yet they just aegis flip on your you on your Iphone Negus Bluetooth into the food. What slavery one to be steak and then use either demonstrated, approximates the taste of state. It's like that. Gum on Willie, walk at TAT changes rang a formula I was out with such accordingly like all its its biscuits and gravy, but who, once he biscuits and grave it as a texture of chewing gum. Our understand the shirts, like those jellybean said, are like
stake your big anyone here. Popcorn, ok like popcorn when its crunchy, but if I want just the essence of popcorn and in its squishy being, I wonder how they do that because it's gotta be just random chemicals, yeah, someone just trying different chemicals or he was a space like zap ordinarily imagine that is having this petri dish. They escaped zapping it with. I would different colors of lightning and link. They pour different chemicals and, oh, like taste, collect violet. Let's make that the new Harry Potter, vomit jellybean, they wait a minute. This is avoided a great job Bob you did it Orange Julius on our inject whimsical tastes like real. Nor will you see how about that? did I forget what I meant: no loss, what tasks we should move on what it was when we want supposed. If those long was, I ve been talking about this for a long time,
I am sorry that I am bored and one more everybody out there we get. We can receive a lot of criticism for carrying on. We get more criticism for not talking longer. Do we know next story. New gretta on the shelf doll will track your climate, sins, Gretta, where the heck is or how dare you couldn't How dare you, prime? How dare you asked anger Joe this? I need to mention that this was pitched by a subscriber was one of our subscriber handling form my dears
There was a little bit different, but I kind of morphed it into this, and it was by March Mark Scheffler shuffler early, emphasise the Shetland more pressure on. If he ever do. If you every last name like that, and then you can decide what shuffling means and then you start a business and then your shuffler. That means I'm like there's a neighborhood Locksmith, any adverse store and scheffler use scheffler, as that is that a long lost we're going up. The topic again will like how Smith in ECHO's Alex Smith, in our motives, came from jobs Elect Tanner it s on a very interesting ass things like we intervene again in gene breakwater like what's up of people where you get break well from his family and around its broke wills breaking well, these are obsolete. We got plumbing now you want us to take your and I well for you or for the Erika
as other ones are thinking of a camera than there are in my brain. I now nicaraguans how's the coal. Let's French, it's like means Bear fight. They were all there are women or women cause you're. Well, because it it's a woman is possible, but anyway don't nuns in Abbe, so great on the shelf. So here we are much children. I just want to say you're Photoshop, awesome, great job marking, marking the little girl, but I really tried to not mocker me like. I could have gone crazy, making your uglier than ever as really trying to dislike, make it look as if her face turned into like a painted version, Viennese the accident like when he that can win the comedies like look, it look at which the one we have meditated of us. Ro Cassio Cortez. He looks like a naughty and others are doing around its like. There is enough to make fun of without saying you look like a dog
you are the Michael, more was making giant fat jokes, oh so fat fat is, is large. There's a lot of him. We don't think we're really gonna be successful. Until I get back and ate like having again, maybe we certain video, I would love to be made in family, Khartoum, but I dont know what they would do with me. What they do they, my crazy here, maybe right now, but can see Kyle's heretic I rolled out. I was like a crazy rush this morning in a rut in I don't even to the POD castle chair like a minute before we had a record, and it looks like one of those russian hats forehead like Marge Simpson, whose character from the subsidies which is a television show at which I didn't know until just reason, even watch- so anyway, Gretta will judge you and she would call your stocking but then took a matter you if you burn it, because it's a fossil fuel right to younger of creation is think it's fossil fuel. I hardly think it is
However, what are you if you are a why you are usually the letter I dunno, what the utter other working furious cut. Did you, sick God, you God willing? If Europe was created, that fast, the neediest injected it with a big surrender anywhere in the process? It was like basting in Turkey, yeah like big based just a luminous they're gonna have ass you, these immensely gonna need. This dinosaur syrup is made from fake dinosaurs than real. Well, we thoroughly covered that one story. Number three judge grants Ipad soul, custody of young boy it raised in its put in his parents, absence anxious to know my headline for this one. This was this was set aside you what so, maybe set stole your idea stole my headline did
What did you have I've been trying to do? What about my netflix? I said parents come home. This is an exact at length. New mess with parents return from date to find Ipad, making out boyfriend on the couch. Oh, that's. Why didn't you use your may amount, but that's right I repeat something like this: a long time ago within Doug, you brought it, or rather I do this that might have any one of them subscriber portions, very red lines some, but about nipples. Yeah, I wouldn t, I didn't mean damage etons houses, kids just had the ipads yeah I
to the gallery loaded with eight other corroded, Amazon or value. I panther other parents have those ones that, like the giant thing that they cannot destroy the destructible case throat across the room in Calvin my two euros at the age of that's heal. This literally do that rural regions thrown across the room. He has the big thick pink one. I used to judged parents that would have the universe kid sitting in front of the tv or whatever other time. There was a really smartphones, but now it's like you know what son here yeah, given the device have less yak and now it's like. I know what now watch tv you don't need to write your brains on you to watch an actual tv show that you feel like you're doing apparent as you like no watchword, some with a story. You watch the sopranos what breaking bad? What bring that certainly need to learn all about drug culture well
Radiatore interview I'll just meet you one more thing, I'm going to mention this with Seth before, but when he, when he was, is funny cuz. He pitched this idea when I was at his house and kids he's like here. You know you showed him the phone and they're just watching videos of like cgi spider man punching cgi hook for it's like Hulk and Spider man fight for two hours, somebody's did is really lamely. Elegant, really bad, see, really bad de I did it in a video game in the great had autumn, outer supplements punch in each other things classic strange people that you're, like I dressed up as superheroes in their house, just acting enemies. Weird thing yeah, thousands are spared a lot of my time, each other up a lot to really weird. My son is obsessed with pack bed, that's a Google search is Pack Manhattan.
Video just pack, yet we haven't even arcade cabinet and he placed Batman. So we need what goes on Youtube is like Pachmann videos and he'll he'll. Just why there there and there's thousands of unlucky research pack, man, videos, yeah people do things: were they just like Pachmann in their house and run around in Chase ghosts K. Don't you see gee, I ones real. Your pack. Man comes to life and destroys. The city is a cropper s crazy. It must be because he's kind of easy to animate like this round yeah things that people seizure Circle, scholar circle so anyway No, this is actually a sphere, but rounds reading shut up. I'm never heard Calvin like that. Year ago I was allowed to say, shut up. Will you let loose one
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it's got a picture of Mount Rushmore on assured, but it sir it's got G K, Chesterton Jarrod talking. In fact, on old and Louis on it so give that a look. Some cool, stuff, mugs, hats, lots of lots of one stuff so check that out somewhere. Talk with MIKE Adams? Now, let's do it presenting an exclusive Babylon. We interfere. We are sitting here with MIKE Adams. I MIKE how you doing good our you, I'm doing fine yeah. This is MIKE. I am what I love about. This is that first, we we record. We interviewed Scott Ericsson two weeks ago, and then we interviewed Scott Adams the next week and now entering MIKE atoms just need a MIKE. We just need a MIKE derricks and next week, and then let's keep it going. Adamson got Adam Scott,
That's a real name, raising the road like an accurate or some other person. We know my gallowses real person cause he's sitting re earlier and what and he's like? What is? How does it really is? In a sense, real names, so MIKE is a professor at you in Sea, Wilmington and he is Pro life speaker and First amendment advocate is an accurate yeah. That's accurate news not fail yeah and days a town hall columnist any rights for daily wire from time to time and so is basically a Nazi, if not problematic. Nazi adjacent outright, maybe we can use Ryan as it is the first all right now is that it is really earthy. First amendment is
it is as if the dog was alone. You say first member you're, one of those one of those guys. First, amendment guy he's currently holding his right arm up at about of liberty. I've degree angle once an Ex second amendment, and then you can high regard amendment insisted that the real slippery slope once you start so we We're chickened out your articles on town Hall, your recent ones, all my good man you're. Very you talk about guns, a lot that that was just you know. Just a recent thing by Rico. Don't try to distance. You haven't. You are a pro life speaker years, talking about shoot, no time, yeah and so we're we're. GonNa Wonderingly is some
about to go down that we need to know what kind of Zoran Apocalypse it's like when the properest on actually go on, moved in the hills, and you think I d say anything: it is good that we could you define about. To tell you mean in your lived their people living in the hills and are planning to oh, yes, I was about to go down but you were at the forefront of the free speech battle right here on the campus you get Yankee Get picketed goes natural of your story and we want to hear we think you ve got a conversion story out on urgency. We set out in the left right, it's kind of interesting. You know the year before I started at USC, Wilmington and ninety ninety three man, my dad, was freaking out some leftist and he's a conservative from Birmingham Alabama, and all this in
and he said all of you really liberal. You know you read the other side and I sat down and read a book dynastic Sousa, called illiberal education, and that was the year before I finish graduate school and I just had the sense that somethin kind of screwy was brewing on the college campus. And I read some of his stuff about political correctness. Anna in camp is speed you didn't do often read the work of felons, they did not see any fellows. Yes, I do, but I knew something was kind of screwed up about. You know the campus and I got there and sure enough. You know I found we had speech codes in place and you know I cannot felt like there something there was an undercurrent there that that the diversity movement was going in a direction that we can be problematic at some point, one a problem for me because I was a leftist and an atheist.
Working with a bunch of marxist feminine Stan Sociology Criminology Department and then years later. You know, after that I converted- and you know it's kind of was, two phases. I converted a theism in ninety six. I had something to do with some human rights work I was doing in South America and I kind of arrived at the conclusion. I had a really stupid. View that you know you ought not to judge the cultures by the standards of your own and I'm I'm sitting there. You know going into prisons and interviewing prisoners were their torturing them. Basically, you know and shocking confessions out and stuff like that, and so I got shaken out of my stupid relative world's you in about one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, but I didn't become a Christian until about three and a half years after that I was, revealing a mentally retarded murderer and rapist on death row and he was about to be executed and the guy had iq. Fifty three
and in that conversation he read John three hundred and sixteen to me- and I thought this is kind of embarrassing. You know this guy had learned how to read and write, and he actually read the Bible, and I was a tenured professor who considered himself to be educated and I'd actually never read the Bible, so I actually went through this thing in two thousand and sitting down and read the Bible in about half a dozen apologetic and converted. That's when things started to change shit that point after a first year in a book by Phelan, and then you said the elder refers in that. You know that it's interesting what you'll find coming together, but really after the conversion of Christianity, then it was kind of you know that the reaction from the colleagues was a little bit strange. And then I was quite a leper yet, but the nine eleven happens and if you were painted,
attention at all to the news. Then you know it wasn't just that we had all these. You know foreign affairs issues to deal with the campuses we're going crazy. I mean we had just deceased expire ocean and free speech controversies, and I was one of them. Very simple situation where a college student who happen to be a marxist who had written to me- and I think it is like twenty one other people- she basically blamed the attacks on a mirror. By saying it was Marcus fault? It was America's foreign policy that produce this situation, and I just rode back to a price ITALY and it'll just a stupid thing to right. Just a few days after nine eleven people were ticked, yeah, Minos, with the marxist blame America they take a week off out. You know, wait till the take up, couldn't rather wait until Manhattan, quick burning. You know just settle down with that, and I had friends who were missing at that point. It was for
days after nine eleven sire, your back and I didn't say, you're an idiot. I said I didn't attack her personally, I said I think your speech is bigoted an unintelligent and immature bought. I pointed out it was constitutional, protected, no big deal right except her. Mother is a college administrator, and she She does either what any good marxist feminist will do when you know her feet- Things are heard and she calls or mommy hook basically, and she tries to sick the Unity Wilmington administration on me and a mom is very level headed the rat irrational, very erratic. I assume now, but it was really just think as they did find an email use policy that said you're not allowed to birth rate people over email. You know terminate them or make them feel uncomfortable anyway. So there you go the campus speech code and so what
happened. Was they call me on the phone and said we're gonna have to dig through your email account and see whether you said any those nasty things about her to other people? and I said no You'Re- not You'Re- not going to do that, because we have actually have a statutory right to privacy even associated with our own email use with the campus computers and they were violating their own state public records gauze and I got on the phone call the foundation for individual rights in education in Philadelphia in those those guys are incredible. God above him, because it's one of the rare places where you have Jews and Muslims, and Christians and Democrats and Republicans all working together for the purpose of advancing speech and they got a whole my case and they John LEO of? U S, news a war report into a turn to write about it, and he interviewed the school and me and said we didn't read any busy mouths, and actually deny doing it
was awesome. He just didn't believe him and he wrote about it and Sean Hannity read his article and calls me on the phone at the office and said. Would you like to go on Fox news? I set out this skit pretty and I think that is the answer. Western, yes or no answer the question yes or no combs little alive back then me was nice. It was weird and because I go on the air and Combs is on my side. Do only this is a Show man I wouldn't expect, and both sides were supporting me, but then bar, saw this segment and he picked it up and just the whole controversy went crazy. That just all led to me, Rhine, the town hall, call them and it is like you step out. New challenge with the universities are doing is totally crazy and You do, a national tv appearance and all of a sudden, you start getting emails like that exact same thing happened on this camp is in you realize it's not just A few ivy league, crazy schools, wessling schools out there by
stretch of the imagination, I mean it is public universities in the heartland in the south in the MID west. Everywhere and even at the junior college level where these administrators are just enforcing these wildly overly broad and unconstitutional speech codes and to that kind of how that unfolded? And you know, thank God, omit the Yeahs Patrick COIL America's foundation and I think I've spoken about a hundred college campuses in the last fifteen years. Kind of trying to push back and do something about this, and what's really weird, is over the last fifteen years I felt like that went really well for about ten years. And then this weird thing that's happened. It has only been over the course of I would say about the last four years or so. Where you see in droves, the students pushing you back and trumps fall well,
You know what I noticed the election in Japan. We can redeem opening the massive melt down right, massive emotional melt down. My colleagues dressed in black at work the day for the election ripe. But I saw it about a year before that you ve gotta member. What the meltdown that occurred at Miss Zoom. When the meltdown that Yale over the Halloween com. Jim in earlier that was in the fall twenty fifteen. So at some point. You know that the students decided you now. I've got a choice between being free and being comfortable. I'd rather be comfortable. You can't be both, you know, If we were to design a safe space for you, what kind of things would we space, what I mean you're, like a gun magazines, hanging tigers
I guess I'm one of the rare people who actually just I enjoy the back and forth the discomfort and the tension that supposed to occur in a college campuses. But but that's that's a thing of the past. So you know really it's it's classical. Liberalism is sort of fading into the background and being replaced with something else that you know there. They want it that many of them one call themselves liberals, but it's not what it is. This progressive leftist movement is just kind of illiberal to its core rearing and yeah. It's a big deal casino. I can sit here and talk and ride and speak about the craziness that goes on in college campus, but it doesn't stay on. The college you know it's it's. The wacky is craziest thing that you see happening. There will become the norm in the society in twenty years, no sound, you in it of winning your court case. Oh yeah, in haste to say, remain, deserves a day and coordinate. Now I say decade in court
because that was just ridiculous in our we, we had to go on for seven and a half years and I'm lucky. I had the eighty F run representing me and David French, who jobs, better save the National review he recently left. There have been he's incredible. First, amendment attorney, and I mean we just had to fight for years to get just some kind of a representation in front of a jury just to get past all the legal wrangling, and it was such a weird case, because it was so clear the universe, getting fantastic teaching, evaluations and peer evaluations. You know when I went up for ten year and then the conversion happens to steer to after that, and you ve got these great teaching, evaluations and Allison. Colleagues, I tat
I mean I met the add. I convert I'm at the absolute bottom in terms of a young, become pro openly pro life, for example, and there's just this huge divergence. And it's kind of crazy. You know I'd I'd want to teaching wards before the conversion I university wide professor of the year and then in two thousand six. I go for promotion of old professor and the marxist Feminist Chair, who was responsible for riding the letter in communicating to me what happened. She says your deficient in all three areas. I mean it just didn't pass the straight face tat your deficient in every way, including teaching and damn you know. So I am real appreciative. The atm was there, I kind of you to foot the bill, the dude My own yeah, so we get into it and we you know, will just go in and go into discovery and
find them saying you know creepy inappropriate viewpoint, discriminatory saying in their emails, and you know in the deliberation process and will get in there and will expose that anatomy, end of it. Well, that's not quite the right went, it was just bizarre. You know been accusing the university of in my columns of being just anti free speech for many years and then all of a sudden when it got down to recovery in the evidence came out. The university comes back and said: well, you know his columns and his speeches, and all that was is clearly protected, was clearly protected by the first amendment, but when he mentioned them on his promotion application. They ve lost all first demand that protection submitted this weird theory that you can engage in free speech and its protected, but then speak about your free speech, think about it and then it
retroactively loses its first, a member protection. I mean this is just to a crazy thing that they presented to the court and unfortunately, the judge bought it and rose. My case out of court. We gotta go all the way up to the Fort Circuit in Richmond. To get this thing corrected and you don't think about it. It there really arguing that you know they should be able to. Engage in viewpoint, discrimination, their university- and you know it's as if years, I've been saying you guys don't support free speech in their saying. You can't say that, basically committed. Didn't am absolutely, surreal, so we had to go through this and and has highway you know. Finally, we win on on them. Go grounds and we moved into this process, for the court tries to force us into settlement negotiations for a couple of years- and you know these public universities are just their spending, your money, the taxpayer dollars they don't care at all and
they just go and they decide they're gonna insult me, and so that went on for a couple of years and finally, we get in front of a jury and man you didn't front of, like normal people who are working the university and they hear the evidence. It didn't take them two hours so You know it's like. We have a seven, a half your case and the deliberation I time did. It was an hour fifty minutes they select the four person they order, pizza and eat it deliberate on a seven and a half your case, unless one two hours and combat unanimous, he went out its extremely obvious there. That they were trying to say we don't want any pro life conservative Christian to have the rank of old professor at a public university. So that was a crazy thing that consumed what a third, my careers of professor litigation, Vicki again tents, a large of your life over have yeah. I love like day.
Like this is no self reflection that whole idea that they would say you can't say that, where against free speech like that, we're gonna, not allow you to say that I do not see the like did anybody stepped back and say make men put, maybe we're the bad guys. There was no none of its normal, though on a camp, as you know, there have been. You know there have been cases have been involved in working with students who were fighting against crazy policies like these speech zones. You know where the units are told? Oh, if you want to express your point of view, you ve gotta, go through a permitting process. In on their side, tiny area on the camp, is you have to stand within this little area? less than the size of a football field lettering. One percent of the cabinet exist smoking section I so far you have these gives it euins e g. Many years ago I was helping them, you know related good way to protest and, I said, will just go in without a permit, an
no tell the administration and the cops and everything that you're gonna be there and just wilfully violate this thing? To turn your court channel- right. So they decide this wasn't. My idea was their idea that their son, their libertarians and so therefore enough, but they had until we jangling they asian, they got off their couch. Their designs dead, said you in Fiji hates free speech so they're stepping out and the students are ticketed. You know for a while in this respect, compact in their body, and you know that they begin to convene the little trials. You know the expulsion hearings and all this before it all hits interrupted and Once again you hate free speech, not you can't say that you ve got. It just happens all the time. It's fantastic is the perfect bait, what we needed a satire site to run? Nevermind only there was in goods at our side, quality content because do the stew them stuff them. It's too bad.
Yes, are you in the case? I think the judgment was something in the range of the but load of money. We are, you say, but load onawandah being organised depleted. I don't remember that out. Ok and we have the legal right now. Let me give the paper ready, so you got, we do have the believer any. There are no longer find it. Gonna forget replaced we're very slowly on the draw. Ok, I was were aiming as uneasiness. Can I see you again so the judgment was that you got a flower bed of money and I didn't I fifty granted back pay my authorities. Then they got that the judgment was seven hundred ten thousand hours and legal fees. So so how? how many Johns did you buy. I you know I I actually the main expenditure was guitars. I did by complications, but I bought a couple guitars and hung.
On the wall in my house, and I actually yeah. I named them after a couple. The defendants That's rosemary. That's Kimberly their hanging right there. In the affirmative, spartan verily, they really well you to do so. What kind of crews In music, do you play on your coffee west? The whole thing? Only his own stuff, now I actually used to be back in the in the heathen days, so I guess I supported myself in graduate school playing music. So that was the job that I had and it was not the christian music or a Chris, style of life. Finally, deregulated imagination and erratic, not quite now- acoustic. We played the drunken college, kids all the time and and actually made a lot of cash money so in a report and all of it to the iron five just to clarify
Debbie Shaggy, I'm guessing the longer hair. It was down, oh my darlin was it was brutal urine. Past is ill striper or Carmen Lot allege Dublin illegible. Have you met Carmen? We left them? little garments whose Carmen religion Oh, we was a confectioner conveyed her here. Did you convert the two thousand Hey AMOS New EMS garment, We ask our guests: are you? Are you try to ask our guests if they ve met Carmen so that we can want these one of the most fascinating figures of the eighties christian? He was around created by winding White Christian, wrapper a white Christian Wrapper way. They too old to be wrapping aims. I promise It is forty. Is you somethin dune ramp and thirdly, white rap
and anyway, I do so. Anyway. Hang you that's a fork in the road right so that the natural Ding Dong about after Carmen is pro life active is now so you do a lot of pro life speeches where do you see that discussion going when you see that go on in our country, random? It's it's interesting the political realm you know it's as if we were Dividing initiatives reaction in both directions. Just in recent months, it's been pretty amazing. It's like a lot line, being drawn in the sand, and you have all the states, of course, in many in the south and in the midwest that one, you know trigger challenged. Rovers is weighed upon the other side, just dig in an states like New York Goin in exactly the opposite direction. You know that's where you eat you sort of look
the fracturing of this country, you known to be serious for a moment it. It's like you, you, you wonder in the long term how these different states, with completely different values, are going to function in the same report, look you know it's! It's really amazing! It's like the pro life movement, politically speaking right now. It really draws out. You know just the deep divisions in this country and I started off as approach choice. Her Obviously, and you know, thank God, I was fortunate enough to have a good family friend two chambers, my mother's best friend, when she was alive very adamantly pro life just got in touch with me in had a short discussion with me about the basic issue. You know the question of when life begin
and and before I had let go of any you left wing position that I had. I actually sort of began to look at that and the science behind what was going on, and that was my first flip on a political issue from the left wing position to the more concerned position was becoming pro life and over the years I had no intention of ever going out there and actually being a pro life speaker. You know when I started writing the columns and doing things out there in public. It was all this first amendment advocacy and then the other side, just kind of started to get really brace- and I remember you guys probably remember this- was around two thousand and four one plan. Parenthood decides they can start printing the I had an abortion t shirts in start selling them to college students. It's like okay
I'm never gonna. Shame a woman who has had an abortion- and I know so many women who have had them and deeply regretted them. But this idea that you're gonna boast about yeah and put it on a t, shirt on a college campuses? I am wrote a column about that in all of a sudden, the phone rings and its, I think, was Michigan right to life said. Would you like to do you know one of our pro Life bank, which and I started doing them and eventually met Scott Collusion door? Who I think has probably the greatest pro life biologist out there. He is just really nailed the philosophical and scientific aspects of the of of the pro life argument, and I got to be friends with him and started kind of do some of these apologetically lectures at various places, including college camp then. You know in recent years started to debate in a largely it's been just a response to the brazenness of the
choice position. You know, debated Doktor Willie Parker last year, the Christian abortionist, whose that he is doing God's will and in look, he said he'd Heap Don ten thousand abortions. He said he could do as many thirty in a day- and you know he was called to do dad and suggested it was the parable of the good Samaritan That led him to do that. It wants a logic of my how's that doing guns Wharton what what's your legs put on your Willie hat. He wasn't Thinking at all, of course, about coming to the aid of the unborn, it's the idea that there's this distressed woman who can't handle you know the socio economic hardship of having a child he's gonna, be the provider, they are increasingly in our society were heaven. You know pro lifers are shutting down.
Abortion mills, and you know he wrote his book. You know there's only one abortion clinic now in the state of Mississippi, and you know I've got to get out there for you. If no one else does this You know. If I don't do this, no one else will do it, and so it's kind of interesting, it's just absolutely clueless. Just like every one of the pro choice, movement about the idea of another human being and fall and so I see this brazenness. You know- and I think you know the first thing. The pops up in my mind is that the church must not be done a very good job of addressing this issue. If people are so brazen, we going out there and saying I'm doing this in the name of God. You know he walked into the abortion clinic and he prays with the women and joined hands with him and he refers to it as a ministry and it's just absolutely surreal, but you know you're every now and then I just find that unite. I never intended to be a pro life speaker, an advocate, but you just see stuff like that and there's something
they just clicks within you where you say someone has to respond. These babies would have been poor, so there you go Certain values were born into poverty and its Jonathan left all over again. How will we get a cure? China, poverty candidate, prevail. All the poor children sample pamby poor because they go only sicker would want children to be poor So what do you want? Children are before my dear. The sound you can do. I'm just gonna go for making a sense. We are we have indeed, how dare you where's? How dare you add area? We have a very good you guys ready. I wasn't ready for further there, Is it we're never ready memoranda? I got frank laughing.
I think I'm at last how very firmly Lulli episode on your raced. How dare you know it's on their? How dare you there was there? CS the window, the shift happen from so legal and rare to like shall ear abortion celebrate good times. Abortion come on. You know, I guess a lot of it has to do with with technology seriously this. As you know, this generation has been exposed, ultrasound technology, and back when I was in college, I mean people legitimate we were persuaded were reasonably persuaded when someone said. Oh, it's just a clump of cells. Yeah. You know it's an undifferentiated massive tissue backing. Nineteen eighties, you know
one that I knew had actually seen ultrasound technology and I just think that when the sides became undeniable. You know it really call their bluff and its force them to make very brazen philosophical claims. I really think it's just this first generation that we ve got where think about it all their entire lives. They ve grown up around ultrasound technology and absolutely no denying what's goin on site. And that's shifted- argued Iraqis. I've found when we talked about this last absurd. I found that the argument that it's a human life doesn't go very far with. Committed, abortionists write them. The right of the mother supersedes any definition of human Nancy RAM to different conversation, yeah yeah,
What will you know what happens? You know mean think about it. You ve got a basic syllogism. You know it's wrong to intentionally killers, innocent human bang. Abortion does in fact intentionally kill and innocent human being. Therefore, wrong, and we can only spend so much time on that minor premise. Going every single textbook in the science of embryology out their says that life begins at conception and there is literally no lack of consent, Is that all the measures it mostly? We would say things around cause. We say they're wrong. I mean that we can change that if we want, but they ve got a step back and there I have to say: well, it's not always wrong. Yan! That's! When you get into these strange bodily autonomy are. Imagine they put into that category of its not wrong to kill people in war if it's a for a good cause or whatever like they think it the category, they categorize it in that some of them with they accept that it's someone except the premises even but it seems like many will, and then this, though attack they justify it.
I just looked the most shocking to me. I got to like if you could leave if I point at somebody admitted to human and you got them, but that's the thing that shocks me the most is: is there plenty of people out there on that side. That completely admits human and say it's fine. No, I'm happy Victoria, fine with it there comfortable bizarre in every argument that they make philosophically threatens the born and I was just having this conversation the other day where someone you know he had placed all of his faith in the idea that they can feel it. You know the unborn can't feel it there. There is a lack of consciousness and boom as soon as I hit em with the question of whether rape is permissible as long as you sufficiently drug the woman before I can't feel it and then, by whom it's like works now you know every argument out there. It's really interesting. It ultimately undermine human equality every single time they try. Moving to that philosophical realm,
all these topics always like it, comes down to a view, as it were a view of the world that either it's been given to us in the meaning, is in its and were finding the meaning or making the meaning ourselves to me. That's like the divide it like the heart. Every transcendence sense and we need that is clear You're going, I don't know I didn't. I didn't write. What a human is. I didn't write. Where the where life means like it means something because it was written and I am finding it out and I respect that that's way different than going. You know I am I evolved from a mile, of stuff in the sea, and I decide what ever it? What is it? every life is? We did we decide what it is. You know it's just a different. My view that a different foundation and that's one way, Was I go?
Two sides there never gonna come together. It's it's just! You know. I actually had this conversation with no real Karachi a couple of years before he passed away. Great christian apologies to it, converted from Islam and tragically died of stomach cancer in just a couple of years ago, at the age of three three, and here he was saying you know. Philosophically what do you think is the biggest threat out there and a college campuses? I said what is it still postmodernism and he shouldn't you know: you're, crazy, postmodernism out, that's waned and we cannot begin to argue back and forth about that and I was singing like the whole campus speech Code,
is an outgrowth of postmodernism. There is no truth when every out a truth, you put scare quotes around it, and so then what is free speech supposed to be about? Then? If there is no truth, will you're not gonna? Have a free and open market place of ideas? Were you try to converge on some truth? It's really out there you're worried about you in individuals. Don't have rights, groups have rights, and these groups haven't been able to participate in defining the narrative, and so we ve gotta, somehow empower them in the way that we do. That is we selectively enforce these bans on offensive speech depending upon who was saying the offensive thing: what group therein and what group is being offended. So that's the game that we begin to play an that's out at growth of of postmodernism will postmodernism plays, and all of this you know
comes to the question of what is the unborn when it comes to the whole Trans mania thing: that's going on right now it there's this idea that things don't have essences. You know that an entity can be divorced from biological reality, and you know that's just a thing that they're trying to do to that. They want to have the power to define the unborn, to define myself I mean I mean it's, it's it's an elevation to God, game, that's being played in its being done in the name of postmodernism. I know nine out of ten of the conservatives who you talk to will say that socialism is the biggest problem on our college campuses that Marxism now it's postmodernism dancing's idols urges outgrowths at all. They were late. Absolutely. I couldn't possibly agree more that the two world views are just ideologically
their cousins. I mean they're really wedded to one another. I mean you know the idea that there's two groups out there. You know the haves and the have nots and we have to empower the have nots. You know that just really mirrors what I'm saying about the speech codes. Yet it's like the speakers and silenced groups out there. You know we ve got to have a power shift out there and it is dangerously political and dangerously on principle. Because truth has taken a back seat in this entire process. I think it was in t write. That said, he called the transgender movement kind of aid modern version of Gnosticism, where you have this secret, hidden knowledge somewhere, and you are the only one who knows this objective knowledge. You know you to simply like to speak it into existence. You know, I am really a oak tree or whatever you know, there's no, there's no you're, not coming
the two? Your actual essence at all, it's just whatever spiritual realisation you can gain in so doing this thing to me that that's now coming back and its behaviour, these cycles of these wrong philosophies that keep in view of the sun right right, you read in if you really want explore that anti piracy, loveless body, we gotta get her on her. Oh shit just she's, great and so glad she's at age, be you and there on them, and they're they're doing serious things there and a really like that. Their scholars there are writing books also for public consumption, and I I think Nancy is able to tap into an important culture, topic and she's able to do it in a way that links it to Foss at the end of history as well. The history of the church, the history of rebellion against the church, it it all comes together, but the gnostic. Important aright MIKE well, thanks for coming on as many great conversation
you want people to follow you on Twitter find any. Where can I will find you? I have fun or ship you MIKE S. Adams is the twitter handle and got a public facebook page out there. So what I'll do is working on a free speech, column right now great, and I do a lot of that stuff and that pops, upon my public facebook page and on Twitter. My columns, town hall dot com, most often in sometimes on the daily wired outcome. So that's where to find me Naso sounds good while he made some Carmen videos, you can. Why were you Amazon knew better, so good, stuff, good stuff. Thank you. Right. Now is not the end of the interview that was just the beginning. Well, who was things get salty from this point on Saturday you're a little crazy.
There is some were export of thrones, and this thrown snarled tasks were involved. Yeah, that's all you re in a subscriber portion, really my favorite James Baker. He's just letting you continue spare me Maybe there's little girl in your prayers and you're, like other tasks, asks gave out a waiting for me to stop. You will remain unchanged, have been here, Kyle, yes in the next, portion of the package, which is for our subscribers. We talk about lots of things it about the transgender, you which that's salty parent, my kids, salty lot out there. Isn't it salty subtleties, like your beer, is savage. No. This is too big. Darling absurdity on urban pensioner sorting out there, like me, you're mad about you're you're, so when insults you in your little growing area, very lucky owned and owned the let go you better, Do you hear bitter you're like Ben? Are you mad.
Something that is, they are getting arise out of somebody but you're, the cell person is the one who the rise was out and out of was begotten from year to year. Trash talking you're me insulting day. What is halting unanimity so being salting is when you are upset over something little, anywhere close, it's like all you're so salty about. That is why you are so it is that the new meaning. That's what he'd say no salty, that's what they mean. A person being sorting out the singing song book there crying. The is Your tears are coming on their salty. That's. Why assaulting it's like salty tears it? What? Apparently, you can buy a mug I thought he was going you're in on it like spacing that was the genius of urban dictionaries. They made a glaring find a mug of anything on their site yeah, and it's just like it's probably huge money maker for them. That's crazy. We need to do that like a button at the bottom of each be article, get you just get them. With that little. If we had some way to generate a like that, it's gotta be away: Seth
You listen this fire some programmer get oh yeah, ok driving around in your cyber truck. Let us know how we can do this. He's probably is gonna get us. I recalled that he's priority. As already. Let me I said: ok, if any we're losing him now stood. Miss. I will this is actually. I think this is an Ipod cast review. The correct Kyle, this message in south about the subject, The guy did it. Ok, yeah. This is from someone who was upset about are soccer comments with cured aims, which I don't and take part in his I penal sports. So you hate soccer to the stern, but you don't you don't unfairly hit sector you don't have any passion about it. It's over the way, you feel that Socrates, the planet, all sports, the title so this person says this person is
Finally, another sanely like our progress. It is eight your most recent, cast interview with Cure Davis's crossed the line on what is accepted in a podcast, so there's content guideline on Youtube. Mrs Ana Itunes, us this is over. The line is as many of them It is really of how dare you and firemen erratic it's? How dare you? How dare you I couldn't flower bidding believe. You would do so. Our bad could do something so flower, betting, belligerent it actually says flower yea, actually use next automatically farmer, economic tanks, are the most beloved sport in the world. Possibly the universe raises an act, God says the earth is my footstool goddess, currency to playing soccer. This is like a split like like the earth is down base So is there a dual bothered soccer, we'll take the There's a bar rights of man is financing has done by his feet. You seem like a stretch. I'm really continue to explain the joke
The b should be ashamed for going soccer communist, a more acceptable term would be fascist, and this was the sort of connected the great. Soccer Socrates gods chosen MESSENGER, Donald Trump MRS sincerely panda face and if a pan face soccer still terrible, but we appreciate your feedback right, have some, but let's egress real hemisphere, some actual hit Blanca. Are these all because there are you to use your fill me in this? Isn't it sports too, we did the other evil Political leaders sitting around Trump like the last supper area and they said which one of us is going to betray you down. Yes, surely not. I've involved Photoshop well an excellent solution. The best part was Eric Metaxas poking his head in through the window, which most people to none
I got a couple: people, email and SAM and say who's the guy in the Window- protection a lover, green taxes, certain you did read the book. Yet that none of this is not funny I have to tell you why it is not funny it. My explanation when file on deaf ears. I don't get the logic there if I have to say that it isn't funny than You wouldn't listen anyway, so I have to tell you why like so, we also have to ask why worried, dumb to know why this is not funny. When I read this next year you get arenas title to Mackay so that the subject of the email is Marionette Gretta Thunderbird Timbered picture not funny the machine regards who
Britain has appeared the peachy soon we can't repose full names year, but these decent, we did repair interfaces. I assume that was an alias though Mr Face I'm looking to find where, on your side, you have the disclaimer that this satire and that you do not back up your quotes with references. At least the union is funny. I feel bad for you and your family did you have a role in the mud prepared? That's like you can read it to a monster. What do you have to road? Murderously you wanna, take less, was ok, reason, general message: you are really really are caps, trying to be funny like the onion
but sadly modern times defeat you and you sound. Like fear olds, you try to imitate the speech of their betters, unsuccessfully, in other words, not the music. He try. No you're invisible sky God may be laughing. Who knows flower, bed, dolls, well timed tones. There was an artful one like now and the words and not the music I want I want I want. I want to have a. I wasn't I've David that one and like a poetic really this increase analogies in there must listen to a dramatic reading from Dave the Andrea. We are really really trying to be funny, like the onion
Sadly modern times defeat you and you sound like three year old who try to imitate the speech of their betters, successfully. You know the words not the music Try now your invisible sky, God might be laughing. Who knows flower bed that was classic. I was beautiful right wealth, We are going to continue on with MIKE Adams for another thirty minutes, or so going to read some unreal. Deadlines to write in working to read the writers Room headline pit from a writers and also from our subscribers in a little while suitably a for you guys. So if you wanna hear the full length, podcast but that alone be the coms last plan subscribe at any level. You get full length ad free podcast. We have had
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Do that, and we will talk to you guys next week I'll and would like to thank Seth Dylan for paying the bills Adam poured for creating their job, the other writers for tirelessly pitching headlines the subscribers and leave the listener until next time. This is Davy Andrea. The voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you to go forth and by a convertible, so you'll be ready for the rest
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