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Episode #29: Follow Your Heart And Other Hollywood Lies

2019-12-26 | 🔗

In the twenty-ninth episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle welcome back recurring guest and film expert Brian Godawa. They discuss the recurring existentialist theme in film of “just follow your heart” which always works out okay because our hearts are not idol factories or anything. In the subscriber portion, they go through the best all-time pro-life films (whether they intended to be or not).

Brian Godawa is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter (To End All Wars), a movie and culture blogger specializing in God, Movies, and Worldviews, author of a textbook, Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment as well as an Amazon best-selling author of Biblical fiction (Chronicles of the Nephilim/Chronicles of the Apocalypse).

Movies/Shows Mentioned

Veggietales In The House episode: Laura At Bat

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Stranger Than Fiction

The Truman Show 

Groundhog Day

City Slickers

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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The Fault in Our Stars




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Paid-subscriber portion:  Brian Godawa gives us his list of the most pro-life movies, whether it was intentional or not. 


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Merry Christmas, everybody. This is even end where all having Christmas two, but we just to release another one of our movie episodes that we had on the back burner without Mister Brand Dollah. So what we have here is an absolutely did about the theme of following your heart. A lot of the Christmas movies you watched over the holiday season. Probably had this theme in them. Follow your heart. Follow your dreams, so we get into that a bunch of movies, some good, some bad, and we hope enjoy this little side episode and quicker, minor the Czech our store out and took out a book which is priority right now for the Babylon Bee best of coffee table book, and forgive me for recording this audio on my phone. Merry Christmas and see the new year,
we're fake news. One was sent into the heart of this large said: John wicked people. S love was about gas, people have got corner part and upwards pop three glasses or on settling in,
me too, and here we have dollar with us a shingle, were shouting the people, minors that are kickin our seats in favour, had been spat on them with you never been spat on ice thrown at you really, etc me for kids, beaten legal jerks, and how does that make you feel even those kids, you I think I think them his error. It aside total he's drunk style to cooperate. If I can't find it so hard, so I know what you can do. Flower bed, firemen This is where slick listening, we're gonna talk about, the recurring theme in much entertainment, especially family films. Then, if you just follow your heart, you yourself
the dreams that you wish wish make you just waking countries wish in wishing you dreams, law contributors which really are fighting Yeah, so wasn't that we fully agree with that. Isn't it You just need to let it go. Let it go go, because there's no Hoddan it anymore. I point out my kids that song, if you imagine a whole songs about a girl who decided to far in houses had locked everybody in and then go outside all all lyrics work, almost every single Eric. We laugh our heads effort. If we listen to the wind is howling. Yes, I agree. I really wonder when something is about farts and, like a thousand, men haven't you. Is it a dad must be carried out and keep it never lose track its recent? You must have taken up. Yes, Europe. We have the honours, the my son's all liked frozen. That's really Is it right,
You dizzy does a pretty good job now, like they know that the boys need like. So there the heroic boy character, even though it's kind of always goofball always go back and but he's got that he's got the animal friend they did that and they did at in tangled and in prose and- and I think they know that. Therefore, into traditional generals is very sad. I'm gonna dress of my kids, as my boys is also from others. You, oh Well, I'll use my many tales of the food is a disgrace to launch this coming, it's a good set up so back on our early. Our first season of the vegetation that I worked on it but he hates Netflix. We had an episode that I really liked it she outlined by make Nelson of retracts with recital c two thousand and ten, I wrote the script and then dug table punched it up so let's just like the most name drop name drop,
it was. It was one is really our gagner imbibed by air. Like I turn but it is also the most sarcastic episode, because it's about this theme in kids entertainment that just follow your dreams and whenever you wish, will definitely true in your life will be perfect and there was a ghost Estonian, that's the rapporteur, put it, but speaking my language, you wanna hear so this is a scene from that Laura Carrot, she's on a baseball team she just dreamed that she'll hit a game winning home run and because we want to do any practicing anything She sees this movie, that's kind of a spoof called air Corky of NET Disney films, and this dog is, he decides, it can find airplane desgas, he dreams big and he could find no dogs can buy airplanes because he just wants to area tree really,
Is it try that felt like a dream again now no, I didn't, another huge voice. Actors minutes rob Paulsen, a rough I often turtles, kidding and an even more importantly, Pinky epic brain of amending the brain, that was bats Bunny budget, anyone, amazing maize and work with US genius. Land rob you know, I've got something to add to that. Guy with girls pick it up. Well, he's been awful quiet. This episode the movies yet, but It reminds me having should put this link on the Pike S and it's not my book but It is a fantastic video that really means a lot to me. My life ah made by micro and
Well, yeah! It's a five minute! Prager! You video all Prager, you that's the deal Prager, who was called a Nazi by Google. Yes, what do I do here, take anything away from the who need common sense. Downward control. We need micro. Does this thing about Tom following your dreams literally anew in and he got started off by saying? No So much damage has been done to people's lives. Because of this this belief in every area years on, the Oscars you see some actress come up there and seen the zero. I can do so. You can't do follow your dreams and the tragedy is that that so many people are have bought. That to such an extent that they miss their opportunities and then they end up can oftentimes lose both most of the time was both and I say that, because it really is a Hollywood mental.
A tea and an seeps into so many movies. You know and that's what I would call the brute boulevard broken dreams, because some that they believe this this notion of unifying the dream is the ultimate value of law and our following. Your heart is on your dreams that nothing and of course I am not against volumes of easier. I have dreams, I pursue them, but there's this of, were you cling onto it, so idolatrous Lee that when the operative, when other opportunities come, is no that's not my dream. That's not my heart, you miss out on something that could actually make your life better and go down a different path in you. Is that you really one of these isolated. The sense that, like you, deserve that you are owed that the world owes you that dream and that's it. It's your mental energy of like thinking about it and believing that makes it happen rather than going on actually doing something, and it is no surprise that that is a dominant theme in Hollywood movies. Because Hollywood is the answer, I mean was I love movies, but they are there. The dream factory right, and so it
It does not surprise me in some ways at those who are writing. Those stories have been able to achieve a certain amount their dreams and so in a somewhat that's real, but I've if Canada paused. The flip side of There is no God there is no meaning outside of yourself, so you create grown, meaning any beer on God. Yes, really what is getting it? Yes, absolutely so this is our job Wilbur here point will imply a good point: one Wendy Cecily. We wanted to get to that because the we get so Bonasera hasn't again here. We also but Astro eventually, but. Ah, I had asked her and I asked for the movie with Brad Pitt, Cipher say five, but its we'll talk about it. With color relevant, but the fight club in space countries getting Have you heard of a very lengthy Soulis?
tackle a bit about world view world. Out of my big words along image. Friends send in the crowd goes while he said the word, while the Eu Sancho are yeah our organ. Our fans are screaming. I so this notion of failure, dreams, notion of follow your heart, connected to a bigger wave, seeing things as well. It's it's not it's not always just that simple and and it's connected to one what is called the world you substantial ism. What is substantial ism. Socialism is a the philosophy of life that has actual historical people, philosophers who support, from John Paul Sartre to come to move, etc. But it's if I could boil it now, it's kind of it it it's a world view that might say
There is, no God existence precedes essence, which means a lot of us run around seeking transcendence, meaning purpose in life and what that what the desire for meaning and purpose is pursued. Of transcendence an existential, isn't denies. Transcendence says there is, no God there's no creator, there's no, nothing. They create ass, we just exist, and then we create our own essence, because there is. If you say there is in essence something we have to find. The net means something outside of us, and that implies God nice transcend so existential. Some really does dinner. Transcendence and there for it concludes. We just exist, and so we have to make our own since then, that's gonna touch on what you said. But it also is is a is a belief. That thing concludes. Therefore, if death tat is all there is to this reality. Then makes sense to just.
Pursue you're just who experience just pursue it are experiencing, all that this life has because there's no real meaning beyond it that conflict, so those some elements of the wolf and the heavy see it gets more technical. But would you say that the centralism is a tradition of philosophical inquiry which takes as its starting point the experience of the human subject like not merely the thinking subject, but the acting feeling living human individual, yeah. That's a good internet definition. Hang it was that websites that was outgoing ILO Media Wikipedia. Now, that's why? without just numbers, thirsting that came not just for no political sense. Absolutely no and that's why you know when it whenever you see this sort of, like you know, focus on the personal subjective, the feelings, the heart that is expression of existential something of this way that the worries big word but exists.
Existential some. So it's a focus on my existence existing experiencing that never think so. It's very subjective is very personal. It's I'm I'm I'm. My own way. I create my own values. I am my own captain of my own ship that type of our thinking that tub looking and some one of the consequences of that is therefore, I felt follow your heart. You know in what you know in my book. Hollywood World Views I bring it out I'd literally do examined existential them and humanism and various other worldviews postmodernism, and I talk about specific movies but the things that I I I bring out in the book is that you re really like you need to create your own perpetrated you. Thank you. Thank you really wanted to some kind of
got me back and gotten back stormy funny so my point was as giving the actual examples where they literally use. That phrase follow your heart. You know there's movies like over smoking. These are some older ones, but there classics the Truman show this kind of suffering and we'll talk about those specifically. But the idea there is that so you follow your heart, because your heart is the one thing you trust, dont, trust any! the trust, your own heart, and whether its frozen or any these movies, where you know they often pit- what the world, the people that community versus the individual- and this is a common theme in a lot stories. It's fine there's nothing wrong with. It does not right or wrong as individual. First The community you need both but Also, ah are also problems with both, but the substantial, tends to stress the individual to the EC to extreme its supreme. Why? Because there is no external reality that you are accountable to it is-
You and you create your own reality. So speak self. Follow your heart. That's what is because if you follow what other people, tell you to do like the movie sailing Z, leg. By Woody Allen. You know the story of the guy who, basically, he was others acted everyone. He was around. He became like them so when he was around out our fiddler hills, did you look like out of Hitler. We was Round Winston Churchill started, look like Winston Churchill. So is the silly comedy that that dumb, but the point of it wasn't needed to define himself by him, his own self of course, some truth in this and that denying, but centralism, takes that to the extreme and happens is then follow your heart becomes the goal of your life and to the exclusion of all others. That's that's where you can make it look like its. If it works perfectly in a movie, but in real life it industry
many lives so in a one example, might be on oh well, women. In this earlier Joe versus Volcano, that's one with Tom Tom Hanks and and a stranger than fiction is another one, with thumb, what's his name or for welfare. Fail intermeddling Emma Thomson, yeah, and so strange a fix, it is a good one, because that's that's one that focuses on following your own heart and and and where you were led you, but it's. The basically is the story of this guy and forgot his name in the movie, but he basically starts to discard. He starts to hear a narrators voice whose narrating his life and its it's like the narrator, is defining what his life is to be, and then it turns out that the narrator is an actual woman in real life. That's I'm a so he's training down the narrator, so he can take control back from his own life. You know and.
So the other. It's obvious dont, let others define your life, don't let others right your story, you ve gotta, Rachel, follow your heart. The true Michel's, another classic with Jim carry and that's why we're here Jim there is this guy's, a simple minded person has a very happy, happy, happy life and wonder he. Soon learn. Weird things going on any basically discovers his whole life. He was born and raised in our official environment. That's a tv reality show and he didn't know it that is being controlled by this producer in called Christoph and he's a symbol of God, and so it's its Truman's journey. As he's to realize his life has been controlled by others and he wants to go out and see the world, but he can't because its it it's a tv set. It's a lot right. So I was.
Do the clip? Oh, you did well, no, I must do without ways cartoon. Let's go to the clip, speak XO. Anything at the very end you he's facing the producer, whose God, because a representative sky and the creator it you are, you created a television, show the council inspiration to millions crying you're, the star, You think I'm doing was nothing, but you gotta keep pressing, need you major, there's, no more truce out there.
Then there is the world leader. We seem to see but in my will, have nothing to fear I know you better than you lose I actually really like that movie that amazing available yeah and I'm there's pardon me that is existentialist. I mean I really am. I certainly wouldn't. Good gracious converters us all only in the sense of There is another element of existential them that says: look if there is no God, no purpose beyond yourself. Then life is ultimately despair That's why in therefore conclude, therefore MC create your own meaning your on purpose, I say no, then you should kill yourself, because if there's no meaning no purpose, it doesn't matter dead forever anyway suggest hurry up and get it done with
but nevertheless I, like the impelled our roof. I like peoples, so so Truman shows of one of my favorites for existential cement in expressing it because you had this individual Truman, unease is simplicity. Person's life is taken care of and protected and the God FIG the producer is a symbol of God, because he controls everything, makes it all work, but its offer him entertainment and entertainment of the people, but Truman gets point where the end where he was facing, that God Character and basically it's a question of do you wanna have God and control of your life, or do you want to be in control of your life? and that's really ultimately against religion itself, because it's all about it'll stop having some fairytale. God figure control your life and control of your own life take responsibility and that's a very the senseless notion and therefore so he he's, he would rather walk off the set of protection into the dangerous world. And be free. Then stay protected in control. Now, there's here
I guess there's some truth that if you, if you understand, is soon context like you and I think with government like if the government control all your life and protection takes care of you, but then you have no freedom. If you're, free, the more free or in a country the more dangerous it is, and you can get hurt, but yeah. I prefer freedom more so there is there, is a sense of that and which, which I agree with, but then, when you take it to the full, article level of and apply to God. Then you, what you are saying is well. I don't have- I want to be on my own, I want to be my own, God take care of my own life and at that level, it becomes philosophically virtual. I think it fails and seizing the high of this philosophy is the idea that we're all unique and we have something to offer, then we have the billion as us to actually create a story that's better than one emanate. Anybody else could do and that that begs the question like: is there an author of us like? Are we gonna tell it to me that points a crater daddy that were discussed
he's had lunch. Unlike melting horrible, sound you did you hear that currently, my through Google, my throat? Doesn't it Gurgle nodded stomach. I was years our minds right now, my thumb on as mine, because I took a sip of the fire swamp. Let's go that wasn't Mesa good lunch? Astronomy we had they asked trot Certainly, we have an author yes, yes, that idea that with a capital to me, this This is the dividing line between so much is either either. There's a meaning to be found in the world or we make ourselves like that is dividing I'm on most of the culture war. I think that the whole yeah You the arguing about the highest. Ideal of our culture is you make your own path, yeah? That makes it the greatest thing can do
instead of their literally being greatest thing, you can do it in actual work some Ngos, often they wanna, go just to be a part of his money order This is possible life and get drunk as much as possible. That gives them their meaning that that's just as goods if they went off and had a family and one wife and you had some kids and no like factually, and we were God authored it so that you couldn't find knitting more meaningful them. Things he's already set up for us to find yeah yeah in terms of softening. I mean straighten fiction. Trimming shall Groundhog Day city suckers as a lot of new laws, allow older classics, but they eggs they express this this this desire and contrast like what you're saying of Arthur versus not in
the other day I listen to kneel to grasp Thyssen that scientists- and he was he was being interviewed- you known, is actually being interviewed by bench appear on and they ve taught them was asking about. You mean owned by venture bearer know who actually on this interview, show Ben does not attack people, he lets them talk and he thinks he throws out Chauncey questions, but he's very he's not he's not he's not debating on his carried his care, Dr Activity almost here. We also, however, is the absolute very polite o Alan factor. Anneal had a great time, but but I bring it up because he was talking to him. He's Ben saying, oh, if sciences other isn't, in other words, you give meaning purpose, unlike us up and Yogurt d Thyssen said what is common in all. This site is famous ones, the evolution and stuff, they always say in a well look. There. No transcendent meaning. There is no intrinsic purpose. There's only these material processes and so there is no mean
to discover what is what The transcendent or the religious person says we discover it. Why? Because its outside of us but they say that there is nothing else. I was therefore we created The problem is, you say that you don't think it through yours. What you're saying is if I created and I'm a serial killer, that's just as valuable as if I'm mother Teresa. I refer that more or less time you re Hitler. You do you yeah thanks clean and this time with all of these Kyle sedatives Veronica So you had one good job back then, I'm very like optimal. With my words, I only say a few things: optimized I'm very optimized, with your words optical optic, with my work, I see them he's the atlas, proud of jokes, but I think this is this is the this is the lie of it all and end in the live at all. Is that that
the people who say while there is no meaning purpose. Therefore, you create your own, but then they create meaning and purpose of their own. That matches with the notion that there is a transcended it I'd like they thought of it. So what it is they don't want to have a god over them telling what to do, but they want the benefits. Of the morality of that God in this system that that God creates. You know like don't don't steal, don't move or you don't do stuff like that, because of course, it's wrong, because this wrong, if there's, no transcended, meaning or purpose and soul. These movies, then I would say it like you, I ll them I love trains. Stringent fiction, Truman show city slickers ground day, Forest Gump, scope was another existentialist movie where it. You know that a question was: are we all just like us? their floating in the wind
or is it all, you re afraid? Sweden is just a part of life. We are all destined to do robots tat, they know it was destined to be your mom Deston among the best I could reinforce gum good. It is your destiny haven't believe you make your own destiny is make your own. You have to do that. I asked when we gave you what's my mom You're gonna have to figure that out. For you sail, life is a box of chocolate, foremost Ilona gear
but it's a little eyes lit enforced, comes when my favorite movies, but he's going I but where I went up to the writer of the movie when it came first came out, and I asked him persisted: were you where we live? Ending Laguna Wendy's knows at a debt, W J Meeting, hee hee, to seventy one, a bastard, you know will you deliberately brightens existentialist is essential, said here. You may is a guy others, and- and- and I again This is not all evil. What I'm saying here, I agree with some of the summit. What they're saying, but the essence of it is there is no God, so you make way in an end? What about. Four scope was at least try to struggle with the issue of destiny verses. She chant right? I mean us with feathers hour or so. Sneeze versus chance, and that, ultimately, is what what that means. If there's dusting, that means as a transcendence there's a god and they now of course, sob in his character
lieutenant. I am Lieutenant Diane his journey was. He went to find meaning purpose by dying in a war. And ah because he thought that that was the transcendence that he needed right ever person was looking for this thing out cited themselves, but they need to define it within. That was the point of the story and and that's all fighting daily, but that's assuming that there still a moral transcendent objective world that your accountable to so it's cheating, basically saying what I wanna be, have got out there who tells What to do? I want to a my own, but it's what I create can't be Hitler can't be genocide, can't be racism, as you well know, actually can if your consistent and that's the problem with this movies there never consistent and in and it creates a solution that you can find this or you can create good, meaning and purpose that's rarely. What actually happens if you are consistent bidding
Create your own meaning, so if Lieutenant Dan's going to find his meeting and being a war in the Warren serving his country, then, and if he was wrong about that, he came back and he was like you know, lost his legs music drunk and The now has that were cut you create your own meaning and then you're wrong about it. Well, better means of your entering to add another truth: it's outside yourself. Yes, if you can be wrong about it and by the way so, I think, makes forest cover masterpieces, because good art will will not propaganda. Stick. It won't have just one view. It will have a viewpoint, but it it it. It is fair. To multiple size and allows enough ambiguity two to four but to see the truth on both sides without being relativistic The story was very interesting to me because his journey was with God, actually is a young. Yeah well, because when he loses legs loses his chance to dine a war. He gets mad at God, and
and the hurricane as a symbol of God and he's your cursing God and in afterwards what happens here. He comes to peace with God, and he gets baptized jumps into them into the sea and that's a baptism and that's when he's happiness found his peace with God at least with God? Is he understands him and again, God can exist within an existential worldview, but it becomes one more of Malta. Choices of how you are going to create your meaning, you're gonna believe in some gotta give me ok, that's fine, too but my point is at least the it gave voice to that perspective, which I, appreciate it. You know I notice that he, when you got baptized, was total immersion don't worry like sprinkling diversity of certain like team is deciding on. Have you been like
been working on something just cause. I'm presbyterian is this. Is this you ve been trying to give voice to our I give voice, can record whom bandages listen, I gotta go. You out man by the way I was immersed. So I have no problem with the measures I say now when you, my version, is one of many baptisms UK her own failure are found he asked me if I want to talk about this classic greater. If you only had one day to what would you do, you guys know is about to explore. What do you do? I see no reason to fulfil it gave to the region just interested in years. What do you want? What do you like? What grounds my god. I honestly didn't
my mind was off: oh my god then give me the it's a classic. I love it. I love ground incisors. What it is by the way a bill Murray has an amazing cameo in zombie land to oh yeah into a large point to it. So Groundhog day is phenomenal, classic it's the guy who's selfish narcissistic in a weather reporter, who has to go out to some nowheres villain, do a report on the Tawny, punks attorney. And and what happens is he he gets into this time. Warp thing words: being a portal where he keeps living Groundhog day over and over and over again, and what happens is horses, a woman involve any. He likes. You like to sleep with her but nonetheless, we stress living it over and over again a day is not a lot of time to get a lot done and it gets life gets boring and dreadful. It becomes despairing and Grandpa Day is actually- and I read about this in my book- I would use background her day- is,
Erica Guardian Existentialist, literally in that one, the premises. You first recognise the meaninglessness of life and it's boring and its dread. Or dread you hear about that with carefully are the dread. What is dread mean? Dread basically means it doesn't mean dread of of death threats. It dry, is meaninglessness, cause. If there's meaninglessness, then there's no point up Mr gone right. And so by him living the same thing over and over again, like Sisyphus, right He realizes meaninglessness to his own life. Now, of course, he's a selfish narcissists. That's the reason why he's launched into that? He doesn't know that and then this relates more. How do I respond to that? Then? This she's responded three ways in the movie which happens to match Kircher guards, three, responses and staffing, and forgive me I don't have the technical term sir, but his first is, is he he responds by him just indulgence? You know childish response and in that of ok. If that's all I got them. Skinner eat food.
And all this coast, because after all on that, where we live today. Often over arrogance, miser, just hedonistic experience, of course, that's empty and despairing Lenny through this notion, but it's fun fun point that I want to watch No! Actually it is a fine because he answered becoming despair. It is a lesson to the spring and then I'll. Let you get a few seconds then it then he goes on in plain terms for the moment, but not for the latter. And he doesn't get out of. The despair is he's living it over and over again. He has to get how do you get out, starting Not that Wade figures well What, if I don't do that, I'm a gun on you, in the context of our term. Ikea. Religious man is the final choice, but the first one is the earthly manners. Physical and some like that, but Manila, Other choice is, you know he starts realism. There's no means, I'm just gonna keep killing myself so tries killing himself in many different ways in the crisis.
Doesn't give any meaning a purpose either. Then he realized one we're trying to get the girl and so it has a keep winning or over and over again every day. So all these things led to this despair. It's not until he realised that he has to give up give self. Silly of himself to help others too of two others, his real piece of his selfishness is what gives him out finds the meaning and purpose. So instead of at the woman is a means to his end. He he learns, He has to help her and help others and that's how gets out of the ground hot day. Think so, but my it is that it follows care. Our philosophy, and and again that's not entirely wrong. I wouldn't even necessarily I disagree with that That is one of the ways that they express this struggle with meaninglessness in despair and unity
the classic movie on, and then I got one more sunk. What we actually want. Ok, I'm happy now We should listen to the ground, how day club over and over again he really we react each time to be really. The radical drown hugged. You know those dreadful But the debt that move that that was point where he's expressing, where he real and not just that he loves her. It's then love is not what someone gives to you. You make me feel good bye, that's not that's a correlation to follow your heart is low. Right. What is love and actually lead to Hollywood movies? Get it right
love is selfless, giving not selfishness, because if they really did pursue how they really live. Their lives wishes love is how you make me feel That's a very selfish on sir It's fine story actually so the They do actually follow us quite a good. Definition of love, but but oftentimes. The view is that the people think love is how you make me feel so, I'm in love cause, I'm happy. You make me feel good He has to learn and grandma days it's not about him feeling good from her. It's about him, giving to her giving of himself too That's what the others, in Groundhog day he's finding a truth. That's that exists outside the sulphur. So that's what I throw me off, and you say it's actually Angelus, because unwise and just is the first to I autumn indulgence if that's his meaning fine You know what one is the outside truth, that saying so
most necessary answer. This this Kierkegaard, so this took a guard is a christian existential, so you ve got a sort or a canoe and they are while there is no true canoe now use making a of flower bed. Oh yeah such a move us come who its common looks like an angel Camus came Camus here, sorry did. The adults are too, but the atheistic atheistic is existential was and is the dominant mode, and that is you start with the out the existence of God. Kirkuk are represented, Christian Existential and which is a different version, but its similar buds different obviously could cure here. Believes in God he was like a Rob Bello. His time should be. The only limited videos, but he wasn't very- have he wasn't very happy. He was actually very critical of of Christianity up here, day, the way they did out in and
he's so his so my point is Grano days existential, but that's were if fallen Kirchner kick occurs, answer is that there is an outside meaning, in existence, so here too the existence of them is more tool was how I see it like, without God, in life in a life there is no meaninglessness imperviousness and that should drive you to despair, and I wanted to ask, to drive to the point of view, considering suicide, because really there's no other thing, that's anymore! Well, but but in your heart of hearts you know, that's not the answer, because There is a god and that's why you're feeling the despair? It's not because of Meaninglessness is because you don't have meaning cause you're out of connection with your God and that's why, and kicks centralism is a tool towards pointing people, the truth and grandma day. I think there is also the other side of the coin, which is no sir. You were philosophy, can be distantly lived and so the p
for who promoted are often the biggest hypocrites of all, which is why John Paul Sartre, the famous french existentialist, you know There is no God essence precedes existence, and I create my own meaning, there. He was in we're talkin and time of the cold war. I dont remember from screeched Khrushchev or or who, but he banging his shoe at the NATO meeting or something base, John for Paul Sartre, the existential being his shoe on the table, and demanding no, that was Khrushchev, but Push out was complaining that it was immoral for America to be involved in war. The existential some do, whose deny that there are transcendent moral values, saying it's immoral for America to be my boy here is that us? story to be good has, follow certain judeo christian principles or slackened, good story, whether or not their promoting it, and then
what I would say. An existential movie will talk about meaninglessness and despairing, creating your meaning, but in the end there create a meaning based on that. There is something transcended. Well, it's love or a god or whatever it is. So I would just argue: that's just inability Human beings be consistent with godless philosophies in their own stories cause. If you were it, wouldn't be a good story. Now be my argument what kind of American doesn't like war pursuing they wore analogies I'm August, anyone you can give me cause the resident Libertarian NASA ah, but are you true, libertarian from a true Lib another classical their time, perhaps or if these are all movies-
People are aware that there is an old man with a vision that that's when we really made movies, we had to walk to miles in the snow to see a movie there's a new movie. Keyser, blogger commonality is usually goes, the city slickers, the other classic one, and there is one where it's about find your smile. You know you ve got these three guys. There are miserable lives there selfish one single one's got, marriage problems, ones it adulterer. So and they're all mid life crisis is the class. Will why why? Why are they empty lives? They have no purpose. They think that I going on this exciting journey of this? What was it up? Cattle? they are called rowing is how dry thing they gonna cow drive. They tried different things had gone like a bull rashly, gonna cauldron. They think and hope, is, is to find your smile any defined or smile, find your happiness. Follow your heart that type of thing and
and then Jack Polanski Old Guy, the old cowboy their regos goes. Curly, hair what's the meaning of life, he says one thing: what what what What would thing what one thing one thing and by the way this is kick regard as well as Kircher talks about having purity of mind of one thing. Of course. He believed it was focusing on God to some degree, but in the movie sue. Slackers is one thing: what what what one thing tell me tell me the guy dies. Any we'll, never know the one thing that will give meaning to life and what it turns out. Is it doesnt matter just your one thing. One thing to be devoted to and committed to. Again. This is very similar to that. Follow your heart find your smile, this kind of a thing, but again, it really has no meaning, because Hannah lectures. One thing is just as valid one thing as mother Teresa. One thing fiction versus not fiction, but whatever restrictions real in today's world right there I was
documentary what was about Hannibal Lecter I will answer the limbs here could be documentary very accurate, yet city, slickers I'll member thinking that was really other parents went to go see. I loved. That's all you say, but I cannot tell them. It was finally heart. My grandparents were necessity. Slickers are Europe's demographic. He's thirty jumping answer. You young, buckskins, What movies did you say, tat in TAT was follow your harm, nursing, never seen the nursing that in what I liked it. I know I can get in trouble, but I like it I mean that's what they re really James carries be everything they don't like it. But but the box office never beg to differ
yeah yeah exact some degree, exactly not absolutely specific done. Ryan legitimately hate, Avatar Brian likes Avatar, and then we discuss uninhabited yes, MIT and they didn't leave release economic. Remember Emily So you know, let's let me also likes twilight point now. A lot of things so But but this gets to more recently, I'm trying to think of something more recent and its kind attention should worry. Its its tangential body, but it's connected I think this. This is this. This notion it does have to be a consistent philosophical worldview, but just this notion of you know- There is no transcendent God There is no Only this material Of course you know and um. Like I said near grip, digress Thyssen was saying you know we create our meaning cause. That's it. This most recent cipher movie at add extra starring, Brad Pitt. You know that
really is really kind. Of course it is a slow movie, but it's a cypher movie about the principle is that in its in the near future. So we got some space travel going ass, not STAR Trek, but it's definitely not now, and that Brad Pitt pays a place of birth. Please an astronaut who is asked to go out to the gets Jupiter is under no nothing better, Neptune, ass. His father, who went before him was a famous astronaut went years ago and never came back in his boss. Do some exploration and anyway now they think that that's here engaged in something that's creating these, these waves of energy, that, by the time they reach earth, are creating massive storms and problems. So he's gotta go far his father in in figure out what it stop it or whatever This is sort of like gum. The father searching for your father and inadequacy at a bad relationship with his father. Even though he follows in his footsteps in theirs, but there's all
so? A God metaphor, going on with his father is like a god. You know in any, his own search, forgotten. They bring in religion in the movie in terms of universal just space, or is there a got out there in some people believe in God, and he doesn't and dumb? So when he finds his father finally out there and you know, and they come come face to face and stuff. And the whole point was his father had been pursuing that that looking for alien life in other is alien I thought there and that's what he that's, what we're gonna find, meaning as we find we're not alone, when alone were not alone, and he realized when he got out there that no, We are all alone. There is nothing. But you don't want to stop. He doesn't want to stop it suits. We go mad, basically in that's what sort of stories about, but what's interesting is Brad Pitt has to face down and bring him back and he's kind of his feet,
can I'm going crazy, Canna going mad with dislike? Neither words there's nothing to find what he keeps wanting to find its ruining emits destroying them. It is also a metaphor: forgot right trying to find someone, that's not there, but what happens is he says? Basically, there is in a week Cites would give us the answers, but it doesn't work. We are alone and then Brad Pitt says well where all we have. So makes them that must make the best of it. In other words, it's the end is the same thing as movie contact. You know where, ah well, there TAT, there was alien life, but it's like one have each other and that an and just having each other is how we get the meaning and purpose that were longing for in some transcendent God or even in some alien life, and so that data would call would, I would say, would be like a humanistic world view that says there is nothing outside of humanity. There's, no God, there's no aliens are but were always
so let's just make the best of it. Let's let um find meaning and purpose in just loving each other, and of course I'm not. I wouldn't denigrate that. Obviously, but As a Christian, I would say: well, that's that good, that you love one another. But again there is no difference between loving one another in committing genocide against one another. If there is no God and there's no purpose and no meaning- and you can see, I dont want genocide. But it said: there's some people who do and only where did you can really find meaning and purpose in loving one? Another is if that love is rooted in a higher love or a transcended, love and understood. Meaning that gives it purpose that sir, has no genocide is not good and law. Is good. Because otherwise, if you'd just creating it, you can't have a standard, the job, you you can't do Judah, Kate, what's right and wrong unless it's transcended, If you say there is no transcend, were all we ve got like add Astro
you're just deluding yourself you're trying to get the benefits of the existence of God. Finding meaning in loving another loving other human. Unity, but there is really no meaning at your. Sickly living a delusion, you are following a fairytale eloquent atheistic media. Like that tries to find meaning you specifically with is inspiring feeling like this is really pressing there. The resists yeah there's a thing that I saw online or something where it was like the eulogy. Will that an atheist want to read at his funeral. Suppose we really inspiring- and it's like this- you know we die there is nothing we turn into Dustin and it goes on and basically says you know, then I become star, Stan, I'm all around you, and it's so know that when you see the winding on makes you saying that I'm just did like thirty. Second, that's the inspiring message that you're sitting in a funeral an atheist bitterly, listen you as you like! This is not
There's no inspiration in that you're throwing all ended, but there is no meaning. That's exactly my complaint them just like on you. Do you think that their by not ok, the critique Is there if there is no after life? This life is all we ve got, so, let's make the most of it, but promise is making the most of its no different than making least of it. But why there's no difference? What is theirs? None have I want the most it yet there exactly that's arbitrary and that doesn't matter and so so you're right. I get the same feeling the same thought. You think inspirational say we're just start us nothing, there's, no meaning in life and weak and isn't it wonderful like no, no you're, you kill yourself, actual again we go with the dark soon, that's existential syndrome, because there is a train, existential ism that does lead to suicide, because there's no meaning or purpose. So there is no difference between suicide speak in which Hemingway killed himself
cause. He was an existentialist and he wanted to have the final control over his Duff, so he deliberately can kill himself and that is how- Think canoe also no joy, four Johns, who was also a famous existential so german. He killed himself as well in order to to express the ultimate control, there's no known controls, my my reality, so I want my ultimate reality and has no meaning purposely kills him so is like if you consistent with this secularism. This atheists in this existential humanism, you no harm, you're just you're, just living an ill, a delusion and your believing in in a lie then you know it's not true. There is no meaning so I create meaning. No, there is no meaning so there is no meaning to even create cause. Yet what you're doing is your cream fairy tales and they talk of Christians following fairytales radio like no, if
create your meaning, you are the ultimate fairytale maker. So what do you think it is about this theme that resonate so well with kids narrowly cycle in is like one Disney keep going back to their algorithms. Well, with parents, more meaning, parents want that parents care when the story get out instruct characters going often doing all sorts random stuff and gives it be entertained. Me kids, watch the Smurfs movie. So you think there think, there's something here that has to do with and I see it as a reflection of of God in the sense of like Disney's, why that is encouraging teenagers terrible, I think. Ultimately,
It's the rejection of the authority of parents. In that view, in that understanding is an expression of the region. And of authority over me because set to become to become an adult, Isn T control of yourself, and there is some truth in that. Obviously, but in a software sense. Ultimately, all authority is an imposition upon the self, with filth, ethically speaking, so they sustain shells believes that Amy LAW any mortality, any God any system, any politics? he's an imposition of alien values upon me which is a violation of my personal autonomy, my philosophical autonomy, and so that that's how the The philosophy of existentialist goes. Therefore it likes. Encourage rebellion and teens against parents, because parents are the first step of authority on the on the programme
of authority up to God in any means. So it's all a pattern of anti authoritarianism, I'm sorry, that's like that. Anti authoritarianism, Anti Authority because we would be against anti authoritarianism, which is an abuse of authority right, but I think that now what ultimately is driving the secular storytellers, I think, of whether its Disney or what have you, I think they they They, as adults are expressing their rejection of authority by telling stories that can appeal to children who who'd you know becoming an adult does mean you start to have some more self definition, but I think, in a way through like another little mermaid stuffy. No words like this. The fathers wrong and pay Its are wrong and parents are bad and its content pictures of parents is being fools, are wrong, that rather than being right and being guides Jose
so I think it's all kind of a part of that same expression of them accessible using rambling when we expect secular entertainment to do the opposite of what got like what would be the God leave you you think like or what the biblical approach would be when it seemed more like there get there. They were just repackage. You know far your heart, you dreams will come true in really is another way of saying: There is a will and purpose for your life. You have eaten, it got away taking all it's like taking all the good stuff of the christian faith and his brushing away like that the minor detail that your created of actual meaning and I think, there's only one thing has were talking about is like a week, back to see the secularism more clearly than that, its passing me that the original sin, finding a good and evil outside of God, like that,
mining evil ways. We expect that fruit on a tree to be evil, but it's not it's good and evil find a definition of good and a definition of evil. That's not connected to God is alive, you can ask for maybe I did. I do One thing I find interesting, but these failure are things like it often backfire on the character, show you know, but does not. Part that we remember it's not an art that true they wanted, the size, you know you look like like the little mermaid where she goes often rebelled. Amsterdam and soya, the Israelis horrible things because it can listening on its like honestly, you could probably get killed if you went to the service, That's my thing about frozen is the the whole mean from that. They sing like let it go and she's like I can just could be myself and be I want to be in on it. Not to hide who I am anymore and she goes off and she, like cats,
entire kingdom into eternal winter. You know, because, because he's just doing what she wants to do, and then there s the story, Because her having to confronted, she asked part of the community again and learn how to control that and sure enough in the industry. I would say: Hollywood is not monolithic ended. There are many traditional values, values that do come through in a lot of movies plenty movies, and I certainly want to acknowledge that you know- and I think you're right Are there are movies thick thing about my most most? romances, you know weathers romantic comedy romantic drama, they're, usually opposites in one person as you like, I'm thinking that movie out on a wiser badly in his soul, but forces of nature with then African Sandra Bullock around with money. And parents saw that yeah vaguely year. You have one person whose, like the crazy while person whose was fun
person is always start. Your rule, oriented and organised write me that's classic and a lot of these set up scenarios right and of course, you know there are currently movies work where the fun character ends up teaching the rule or into character to learn a lot going redefinition I love, but their arms these words the opposite in and not as its though not desire and where that that fund care to go. It goes by the wind, follows the wind, you think that's good Bree Fun, but it actually brings you into disaster. And so yeah, that's, but but certainly exist. Both both versions exist of values and if a movies for sure I think of example. The time I had a can't I see so many sometimes forget the titles and we're talk to brine, so long is forgetting movie. Heading movies and justice
We ve done it, we ve accomplished it about for the subscriber portion. Yes, we are going to go into the most pro life movies. The brain has here you are hostile and what diamond, though, runs looking at us like? I do have a less. I just thought of this. He had said the last I can now, but Lee I will talk about movies at air pro life. Probably a lot of times not mind me great right Let's do it this way. Everybody just follow your heart. Follow your heart and as long as you end up at the subscriber portion than you were on the right track. As long as you try I believe in yourself. You can definitely do. I'm trying to quote Leveller Kara thing at an urban area. As I am aware, now dream really hard says. I will hit the baseball game winning homeland, oh yeah, and I noticed that sell dislike Donald Trump.
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