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Episode 30: How To Own Atheists With Greg Koukl

2019-12-30 | 🔗

In the thirtieth episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle get ready to say goodbye to 2019 and ring in the new year with a rock-star apologist: Greg Koukl. He’s an accomplished author, speaker, radio host, founder and president of Stand To Reason, an adjunct professor at BIOLA, and he guarantees he can convince anyone to become a Christian in three minutes or less. Well maybe that last part was a bit of an exaggeration, but Greg believes that when Christianity and its values are clearly articulated they can “stand to reason” in the public square. They discuss apologetics fails, how to bring your faith into a conversation without being totally awkward, and what the goal of apologetics really should be.

Greg Koukl’s 10th anniversary edition of Tactics: A Game Plan For Discussing Your Christian Convictions is available now.

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Show Outline

Introduction - Kyle and Ethan open up some bubbly sparkling water to ring in the new year, discuss the Babylon Bee’s top ten stories of 2019, and make bold predictions for 2020.

Top 10 Bee Stories of the Year

10 - Bernie Sanders Arrives In Hong Kong To Lecture Protesters On How Good They Have It Under Communism

9 - In Genius Move, Trump Supports Impeachment, Forcing Democrats To Oppose

8 - Disney CEO: 'To Avoid Filming Among Depraved, Immoral People, We Are Moving All Our Georgia Operations Back To Hollywood'

7 - Portland Police: 'We Wish There Were Some Kind Of Organized, Armed Force That Could Fight Back Against Antifa'

6 - Ocasio-Cortez Appears On 'The Price Is Right,' Guesses Everything Is Free

5 - Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents

4 - Georgia Lawmaker Claims Chick-Fil-A Employee Told Her To Go Back To Her Country, Later Clarifies He Actually Said 'My Pleasure'

3 - Husband Daycare Now Available At All Hobby Lobby Locations

2 - Ilhan Omar Withdraws Support From Bill To Save The Earth After Learning That’s Where Israel Is

1 - Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Predictions for 2020

Interview - Greg Koukl

Kyle and Ethan discuss with Greg the Babylon Bee's 10 Arguments For Christianity That Are Guaranteed Mic Drops and get into some listener submitted questions for Greg.

Topics Discussed

How did Greg end up becoming an apologetics guy?

How do you start a conversation about God without coming off like a total tool?

What do you do when Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door?

At what point is it a sin not to share the gospel with a stranger?

What do you wish Christians would shut up about? What are the WORST arguments you hear from your own side?

Hate Mail - We get podcast reviews. Also, this story has been passed around as being real and the comments are interesting: Trump: 'I Have Done More For Christianity Than Jesus'

Paid-subscriber portion - The interview with Greg Koukl continues and he takes some questions submitted by Babylon Bee readers.

"Can people of other religions that don't know Christ or are so devout to their own way they never even allow themselves to hear and choose Him be saved by the grace of God?" -Jonathan

"Why doesn't God reveal himself in undeniable ways like he did in the Bible? Why does it seem that as mankind's ability to test and verify supernatural claims goes up, supernatural occurrences go down?" -Daniel

"I’ve always wondered if there was a rebellion in God’s pre-human heaven, what would prevent the possibility of another rebellion in eternity?" -Michael

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Who is this is news. You can trust they say truth. We say your listening to them, Babylon with your hosts file, man and he's a nickel we're sitting here with. Bottle of Martin lilies. Yes, our fleets. Of ringing in the new year bringing in the new year Nellie, Isn and Lacroix bubbly has trying the other one. What's the other bubbly water has lasted I can remember names, airline pair
parry area per year, way more fancy than it needs to be yes, water bubbles it has like Sultanate, though I guess it s, none that look Lacroix, Greeks, his Leia fancy names the crisis. Just wonder this should be a Ritalin brand redneck brand of sparkling water, complex, hey, jealous of Jos bubble- and you, Greek cricket bubbles responded in Jos, letting manly sounding one now Cricky guessing Jos out a quick water. Ok, no we're having in the new year today is actually new year's day that we are recording is Israel. I've lost, on vacation recording on New year's eve, but nobody needs to know that you have, but they do because, as far as they know, it's new you're right now, but that's what we are celebrating as many here. So there's a matter that New year's Eve it does matter because that's the first
still, it is our last recording of two thousand nineteen year that the Babylon Bee Podcast was minted. This matters very very much I have been immigration for, like we can apps I've lost all track of time as no less Goya you have been in and out of working when she bound we like it or not. I start almost wanting to work after have been linked at home with the whole family like they again, yes like to go hide my office. It is hard there's like his natural drive and by office I mean cigar. That is, your walked into the office today. This is business cloud of something and I'm liquid, Z, thins natural odor. He wasn't smoking in the office. Just to be clear is just as a natural like. What's the big pin with the cloud of dirt around these?
it's a cigar smoke so where a ringing in the new year- and we have a very special show plan for you today- where we're going to count down the top Babylon, be articles yeah here and we have a huge interview with Gregg Cocoa, who is one of those might drop master, atheist, devastating apologetic, kung fu, black belts owned and that's what you do that's what he does, but that was a very interesting observation. Obvious has great was very long and in a good way, beefy as little. Intimidated going like he talked to a guy who's studied and deleted lick amazing mines, I think we did a good job at noon. We may we convince them to become an atheist broken down, so we also have our predictions for twenty twenty. I ask that we're gonna reed.
So if you want to know, what's going to go on two thousand and twenty one for the smart money on something, I want to go gamble in Vegas or whatever listen to this episode. Cuz we're going to give you all the information better than going back in time and stealing a sports almanac right. I'm ready, are you Eddie, I'm ready, every year. There are stories. These are ten of them, so these are the top ten in terms of traffic. We're gonna come down backwards, so, let's take turns, I guess, number ten Bernie Sand arrives in Hong Kong to lecture protesters on how good they haven't under communism. This this was right arena, Hong Kong protest, we're gonna, think they're still going on, but when, when that was kind of flaring up the nuisance, big story this year, Hong Kong, democracy. I still not understood I all the ins and outs of that. Neither but I know
that its ongoing and aids weird I we're gonna turn right articles about Hong Kong. Its work is there not really part of China, but they kind of on yeah. That's part of the ninety avenue authorities become staging like gives them some autonomy, consider what kind of their own thing which I was weird like. Why are there even protest? What what one they just run? With tanks, you know like that's what China is right, but it's like there's a little bit of their own thing, so yeah, gonna from that I've, nothing interesting or serious to SAM I'm a friend what does make it on cosmic some pont upon than makes him China ponds for everything I could save Europe must have. I scared sale I turned my turn. Ingenious move. Number nine ingenious move trumped supports impeachment, forcing Democrats to oppose absolute classic reader. Yeah. I think you're, one of the sad things for me. Look neurons list not single one of my stories made at the top ten, you know you you have,
few that were real close and you might have had one that was on here, but I had to pull it off because it was it swearing. Now I think it was like a twenty eighteen article, the gist you're gonna Gary shared or something? So it's what I actually had the number one yet you are all of you are actually hold targeted and I wanted to make sure that it puts oh yeah. Yeah did believe me up. Because nobody goes already too big Europe, yes, but how many of these Photoshop studied? but I should only one night: each check that you love at one in this one is sure make you feel. Zeb with the guys that I'm the guy monitions danish accelerator, and is that these are all articles most these articles of people share because it was a bit current. Yes, can I never do the big Krit about you, don't even know what the hell you're doing better yeah you do. You know that there's a presidential election coming up next year, I suppose figure, there's one coming up soon, sometime
Like I said you know, when we went over to Ethan's house, he was just living in the 1940s. I think about what he's still like wonder how Eisenhower's doing you know that's going to let you know I was playing red dead redemption two this morning. Browser your proudly you: how far do it are? You d know how many hours you ve longed have? No, no, I that whether the fund, the funding is my my author, has decided. She loves watching me play that game, which is not completely appropriate for children, but he's like play the cowboy games and like ok, she wants me to it, gets off to play. It heralds you're, not organ. Five. I've met through Europe likes to sit on my lab. I I've been point I every Christmas vacation. I basically pick like a video game like I'm gonna play through this, because I never I play somebody against, but I don't get tee. I d never yeah, so this I'm flying through star wars. Yet I fallen order and my son sits on my lab in you know you, like cutting people, half of your I'd say he's he's, so he is gonna run ass. I am.
Kill. You missing in alarm, like yeah, there's like shoe A guy like? No, no, that's he's a good guy. We got to wait till the bad guys come in I'll shoot them. So I say, no you don't say, kill you say, get I'm going to get you get you all right! Number. Eight! You Disney CEO to avoid filming among depraved immoral people. We are moving all our George operations back to Hollywood, those he was in the context of what abortion she's an old gang Disney and other movie studios, we're saying that they were going to move out of Georgia due to the heartbeat bill. If I remember If the seller is an abortion thing, you am I I is funny lonely intelligence was that's funny that is humorous. Humor did laugh procedure initiated ha ha police, a number, seven sin: I do numbers for employees, we.
There were some kind of organised armed force that could fight back against Anti VA, if only you know that the the of what the heck is, the name of the dutch police chief of poorly, like that law, or something I have no idea how names like names like lawless, sir outliers, really looks like you're going to write this article Eleven people whose names line up with the job an editor back when I was working on comics in your last name was edited aided it yet that it intended to injure that's good. Poland was a good source of humor this year. I think yeah, handover I have spoken more Portland humour in the coming year. Aren't I read the number and then only the headline, because, unlike Ethan, I am good,
the number of the numbers like areas. If I no good again number six Cassio tis appears on the prices right guesses. Everything is free class when bananas banana Lama ding dong- and this is a big slopes- one too got snowplow. Actually, let me look back see how, because of the forest up condemned so confusing that I'm a switch the random phases of the women there are like what. Why did you do that as was nobody even notice. The effort, refresher for everybody was really funny. Slopes, contacted us and started ask like grilling Ethan on how he did the Photoshop like or why they thought, there's a deeper reason: can we remove the heads around or yeah for something like that? Each ease, a screenshot from a tv show I'm always cut him. Not quite What the legality of that is, Brazil. I am just a kind of cover bases. I incase somebody
Like that's my face in that you know. That's me. I didn't want to be in I declare whenever I just I took a re eye face up a different contestant. On this women's bodies such as the second apple, No, it doesn't exist. Sister weird. I try to do it seamlessly enough, but you can't really tell him this. You know right, but figured nobody would notice her saying I didn't tell you guys I did I did it is awaiting the only people who would notice would be the people tat in order to ensure its largest, avoid. That is even just more out respecting like if the person, on the picture in a careless air sea- and I want to be in this on your propaganda Website- www, jokes, nice guy. So anyway, suddenly hope this emailing. As this I had just come on this on staff to oh yeah: that's it could get in trouble. Seven sets targets label. Why did you do that? These heads around? We can explain it to me.
Foma than might have overdoing it in the Abbe knows why let's go so crazy, but I manders, namely the fact that it was funny that they were like yeah. I didn't even put it together that we are up to something they put together, a gift that showed the original shot. Yadda show unlike transition, yes or no goal to protect the people's identities and just make them leave them out of the leave them out of our joke. Snopes took it away and like now there up there thank Snopes Snopes. This was a year of Snopes man. So that was not I dont member of entities, others did the Disney see one might have been stopped in Irma. Ok, number five! You remember if I'm not good within a number five Walmart discontinued Otto part sales to prevent car accidents. But I'm phenomenon as though we are not trying to come
Rather we tell an american judge. We need to see what the joke is there. This is like yes, like a bad stand of actors, something you see, cause because all his guns and static, a joke is over and you just keep talking and it's like a step tell you could I mean it's a context in case people forgot Walmart. I just give the current event contacts up selling air Fifteen's, would they do something under no then stops on guns altogether it they stopped selling ammo, if I remember rightly even in states where it was legal, also thereon voluntary, just fine, that's what they want to do. Do they want so And that was after there were a couple of shootings in Walmart, severe remarry. Ok, so you know shootings of perpetual source of humor This is serious.
I was gonna, says you're article on the wife, not knowing about the movie I want. My thing is, I think it was really cool. To this list, and it might now be on the list because our me, because we repose the best articles of the year so anyway, We can give you an honourable mention: let's do that end. However, the honourable mentioned, because we give our favorite articles, but I haven't thought about ok number for Georgia. Lawmaker claims cheerfully employee Tilbury go back to your country later, clarifies he actually says My pleasure this one has been discussed extensively. Oh yeah rim, we had a whole episode about you, don't know about it, just listen to the backlog act. This event go back and listeners knobs episode with yeah yeah, because we talked about this thus knapsack. They didn t begin this huge thing in this. Would that's why this was the earth's notes, so yet anybody's confuse this is satire that Georgia lawmaker did not do is number three.
Been day care now available at all hobby lobby locations. It's the only non political one book. It, isn't a non nude and I'm not gonna venture the job Kaliko, that's your joke rate. That is what you say. It is a lot harder. It is hard mode to do something. Not Colonel Munro yeah will exist. Is less predictable, literally as much as many shared. You have no idea right yet there's a base number of like shares and collects you'll get just writing about occurred event. Yeah yeah did there's gonna be a thousand. People that will share it, because there are hey this horse. My viewpoint, instant, even if you didn't, good job on the joke necessarily, but I think these are all good oh yeah, of course, so husband acre, they will not have. I would definitely take advantage of that I'd. I do like
in their certain things. I like a popular you talked about this year. We talk with your hobby stores, you like because of patents in or something I get a very ever get very, cited when they see empty sketch pads. I get interest on the possibility of a thriller goes up. My it sounds very Chestertown. Like my daughter, you like it, that presents. I got alien talked about Christmas. We experienced Christmas. I think its meaning some daddy does a know, luck, gifts, but my daughter got me a blank. Look a little tiny when I give it my pocket and those parliamentary gift. Gazettes I'm excited by blank sketchbooks, but we did all such stupid throat voice and that are then I was lapping. I was living it I'm excited by blinks. I'm excited my blank sketchbooks sound excited. Now the hobby lobby thing the heir time the I did go to store the had a special room for men
Well, that's a racket does not slave picture of milk or art, because it was what a woman's idea of what a man would like a room to be. She put it like on the one using a woman's version of men. Like still I get that occurs in this cute little circle that they can all talk like this. We would want our own, like you, I didn't ask for this. Anyway, we ve covered that number two Elan MAR withdraw this frank article alone Omar withdraws support from bill to save the earth after learning. That's what really does is beautiful, speaks for itself really really does need to click on. I need to go. I need to read a frank cook as you so funny. I wish we had we found some of the responses to the threat of real yeah, we'll
I d gotten shared by like Ben Shapiro. Whenever that happens, you get people that dont know Enid's know so set Timer Cortez was very apologetic, the bill saying she hadn't considered how our plan would affect Israel. She vowed to your plan, so it might save the whole planet, except for Israel. This is like a learning process across Yokota quarters, told reporters when I made the green new deal. I thought whether, like I thought, weather storms and earthquakes were caused by climate change, but now I've from Omar that lots of that is actually from Jewish controlled when their machines, so for the next version of the green new deal. We have to keep that in mind. Excellent, excellent work, Frank thank you for listening, fractured right, whole books. They declared his written about. I actually started because I had abandoned sidekick It's a book. You wanna, say quest for my when I was a guy abandoned the cyclist and, like your problem, red, didn't redemption dog, cyclists MIA.
Not on purpose. Just because I had a lot of things to read. I got back into inside got kind of to the Bible studies part. Now there are neither this group debts. Yeah. Don't honeybees understand together the analogy there. That's pretty allegory, so it's very funny there. It gets gunnery cyclist. It is very funny. Ok, so you get number one motorcycles to identifies as bicyclist said cycling. World record, that's crazy, took to me this one, because we ve done that joke like a number of times before we lay down when thou dislike anew and enjoy imposed to that when he said that I think he did. Who did that's big that'll help, I'm not infinitely help yeah yeah! That was one of those undertaken offers like this huge. There was something in the news this as a basis by can people
a transgender cyclists that set world records and she was kind of a far left radical activist in for that. Anything so ready, monsieur le Baron banks over that of than we did the motorcyclists, and there was something about it- just the Photoshop and just a guide zoom in past every honey that he had made her work. She did so So that's a number one article of the? U with lots of views so The other honourable mention, of course, are we have new the honourable mention from Asia, which is making one is man, no wife unaware I remember wife unaware that movie will answer all of her questions. If she just pays attention
pretty much insulting network and the funny thing about it is that has nothing Myra wife, because my wife and I like that, is really about my kids. But if I had written about my kids and it's not funny, that's a kid unaware could hit you stupid. Why did you not? Husbands are probably the same way a lot of time, but that Japan is funding. Yes, is funnier if you're taking the wife down a notch. I'm weird like that. To be honest, like my wife yeah, I'm like, I think I've been hesitant because who's that guy yes, I was hearing in the movie theater and that's why who's that kind, she's, like that's the guy from the beginning, the way he's with them. You know you just pay attention. And reading my daughter. My book Raina rebellion.
And because her Sony pictures and at every single time a picture shows up its near. The text has reached what that pictures about yet length its latest coming here and it's a couple paragraphs away, but she always has stopped the reading and what's happening here. What is this? Why is this happening? The books gonna tell you. If you just pay attention, will answer all your questions. You see the way that stories work. Is they introduce question executive that the speech I get my kid there is now actually pay. Why blah blah blah the movie will answer your questions. That's what they do. They put a set of questions and then they you answers by the the movie unless it's a star wars trilogy by many, either give you any answer: ass. The sun like art Felderson. I did like Roscoe Skywalker, but it is. He was very weird because they went like the they'd they throughout the entire second moving basic. So it Just all the reviews are seen a man like carelessly for less than yet I had I I guess
that is the last Skywalker, the rising a jet ire, which can arise but he s like every review. I seen him like it's better than them, whereas the last Jeddah, yes, which ones anyone rises, I welcome the presence is better than the last yeah yeah. That's the measure. This is the lesson was terrible that it's a little blended demands and that one, that's all that matters. Are you ready for predictions? I am ready or any other animal mentioned in really know this year. All right. Let's do this predictions for twenty two every year. There are predictions. These are some of them bonbon. They gave them occasion which, but Cynthia in yes, if you Is only for subscribers, but we had. We had a voice now most used
The title was, but what you didn't talk teens, introduce yourself ass Cynthia and we have a robot Nip Cynthia who is take that generates you bills and produce yeah. So automated said Cynthia, I hereby hello. My name is Cynthia. I am far superior to Dave De Andrea in performing efficient voice, overwork back to you, Kyle and Ethan thanks. While she wants us to be loved so you're our predictions for twenty twenty duenna I'll do the work. You do the first reading playlist the first is the twenty. Twenty election will be extremely com, civilised and courteous. That's good! That's good! No actual risk! At dinner.
Cameron and Kevin Survival, STAR and Samson first blood and strengthened it think of a good title. It would work in the word ass bone jaw of an ass right. That's what it kills. Him well think they caught and S book. That's something about Google even keep that they are better than worlds as well as a job idea. These the aid. Such were the man that's a clear and we all know didn't say donkey bone anyway. Your turn! No, it is my turn that future. Under the number it. Isn't a number than these one cat means be declared racist, it's gonna come to that and then they get it. Back everybody who ever shared a cat mean
Now the always explain yourself. What is this law cat, like cats, are racist. I wonder how it would be, I think, would probably be like of something to do with You know that you know they have that might dialect. They write the cats. In that time Oh yeah, I Ella cats that are like. Oh, I M in here I mean it is likely that English planning. I mean your room sitting in your shoes. European has chats agree, it's making fun of like foreigners who can speak English room, The way the array says we already figures, we're gonna start this right now cat means races, Michael malice will get saved and it will become The recent Michael Mercy- that's right now, Michael Mercy, my mouth then, I guess we had on previously vehemence and absurd early episode and like absinthe, three or four one of our first
views smear second nervous and he was really good nurse. My guy. And he's he share one of our. Let Cristiani articles either. Do it's happening it's putting a chap o the one it was like the one about, or maybe shared a meme, Something was about how progressives will use the Bible to argue for their, thereby, I don't believe the unbelievable. Yes, there's a verse. Just in case you were interested. So as I come on, Michael you didn't clinic complete they reject Jesus and Oliver teachings, but he was a socialist just in case. The argument when we're going away, but for you turn Billy Gram will leave off his cloud to perform an atomic elbow drop on the entire christianity. Today, at a total born, I almost made you smile and a close one, so he catches the Billingham both for Trump
that were still so Christianity. They had an editorial calling for trumped to resign and then to be removed from office. The empty lerius DNA to adjust the vault those sketch of the magazine, because Christians today do not read Christianity today Savage, I mean you're. When I saw a post I can set out there. We can, whose New York Times when the big and aid to boast the massive numbers of Christianity. Today they said they reach, four point: seven million reader the month or some kind of like now, which of course, when you, when you list and emulate now, that's your highest possible number. That's the memory, Mademoiselle sound good spike in in this, isn't a gloat, but our traffic is much higher than that. Dick kind. It depends on what measurement there yeah. What made me because you get what you desire
when you promote to outlets. Look if you got your highest bedside saviours a higher than when I finally medallion. Only above that, we offer a lot and I M just from it. I the Babylon Bee Unknowing, like we couldn't put we put out something about trumped, should be removed from office, would be a joke. I guess. If who cares? We have to say right? I feel like word this big mainstay in christian culture. Like you and me, we are the You can go in with the other, where this rudder that guides years that humanity it is a huge suggest that respect amount. That's ridiculous! Well, this they called for it. So You have it in any way narrative they wanted it to be so Franklin Graham said he he pub he's got about a guph. Wasn't I'm stupid if others, if they say, actually my, but I don't want anyone to reveal who voted for, but he heard of her trip Billy, Graham founding a step he founded Christianity Day. So it's like now. That's right answer. I forgot about that. He would not have approved so he's
then tell me I'll drop and its modern Go Disney release over four hundred New star wars movies. They will all be mediocre, but they will break box office records at least be just a bit better than rise Yet I Walker we run it was we we star wars, fans. It's like. I didn't like the last. May I see the new move em like was okay, and why I better go It again just to see how I really feel about U I go see at three or four: that's where they make someone today, monies have an idea for a joke. Now that, like you could have hours fan who is not left a line for a new star wars movie for three years. He gets a long line that you can't bout him he get into them. The and when someone is over here to get the back of the next, and the next minute that's gets, spend his entire life.
In STAR wars movie lines on the how I Disney how much they were doing our direction in a back off a bit that I heard they were because there They did like so low, which didn't do as well as the whole didn't their spin off movies. Weren't, you as well as they helped in a job in the hut gets gut. Think about him. Getting fat starts awfully skinny legacy. Depression is like a Joker movie, Mozilla storage sites or its job starring, walking, Phoenix, reject, lacklustre or no foes flimsy, more often would have been. A great concern is not with us anymore. He would have been a great joker, her job against a drama dramatic, Philip Seymour Hoffman than her. You know, who is the modern day? Twelve zero happen is who goes hot pockets geographically. Did you hear he did a movie recently a drama like a crime movie he's a good actor government.
The film is titled american Dreamer, starring Jim gaff. Again I found it very disturbing use ruinous Real movie is actually really do. How is it so coin? Flip for comedians, they're gonna make a dramatic actors here once in a while there, either really good terrible. Ok, when I turn yet has two wheel kind. You are right to be more of a spectrum gesture you're, either good or not, The world will finally get an action movie with a female led. Finally, highly I mind, then, hopefully about clean, but you know nobody or see it, because people don't watch movies with an unknown acknowledges. There's a woman in lead time. It's over. All the men don't go and then all women for some reason either I saw people that they were complaining that men didn't go see little women like there was a New York Times at the New York Times opinion they had a my wife took the fan.
And took mice are son and his friend and my colleague in the handling of their pretty rare yes, but they still etc. They hung in their gathers There is a New York Times up at that was like men, snubbing little women or something, and then it goes. It was like, of course there. There was the data limit. The EU is just like a twitter rant as a up it. I don't know. Well sometimes like those old books written by women like Jane, Austen, yeah, I've never had a full June asked if they are to give my wife she just she devout, shall read print precious asset sensibility should is rip the Roman like two days ago, my private Rita and regulate our tents, the way through a mannequin, it's good, but must have woman authors that I get into our cold writers. They write about cults.
Yeah? They were in them or their differing writing. I read a couple. A good bangers by. Women recently, like Don Girl, my wife just read that ask it: it's got some bad stuff on it. I was I will get gun girl and gone. They began mixed up. Yes, business came out because together there's another one to let's go like miss. It miss Eyre gone with the wind. Yes, them think that our next one, the term on its you read the female leader on the new veggie tales. Reboot will flop S, bans protest, the virtues, lack of eyebrows new generation, thereby hey. We grew up with the Netflix one, this. What is crap you ruined my childhood. My veggie tells her eyebrows. My budget is: did you Have you seen the ads for the Newman on Facebook
all the time it will really advertising unto me they must know to filter out from my feeders gods, Ethan Exclude, I meant what, when the first announced. Came out. I saw it was all about the whole. It was worth it was funny about having worked on the bankruptcy of the original. This whole idea a whole push him. It was like we know, that everybody misses the original the details and we're bringing back the way you love on the river that really sorry about what happened with Netflix are pushing that hard, India. It's like on a weird streaming service. I saw like their lot one you to sign up for a GDP Epa Tv or something like that. I'm pregnant you episode, sometime yeah, that's a lot of people do now they're trying to get you on the stream service, with some some nation elusive, but it's like to meet a thousand
Netflix is trying to do with vegetal threaten us, but it's where that is. Firstly, this big reboot and they're, not unlike Netflix or something nobody's, gonna sign up for you pity and he tells hasn't rabid vans. Browser rabid, so vegetables has apologised for even the thing is, I think, maybe a handful of a couple thousand people even less than a couple thousand may mean a couple hundred people. I once you vocally complain about this stuff on the internet and the related health, washed by millions and millions of people. Even our show us, so the people that are planning or not the voice of the masses, most of the time, even the bad weirdos between those who get online the complainant. Betty tells you don't have that kind of weird and there's a lot of even the bad, which tells me watch by millions. It's right. So it's your turn any ah, yes, finally, babies will finally get the right to vote.
The matter dang time move their voting age down. Moving on down, it is moving. Smoking age up. I think every twenty one now I think you wrote this prediction and are something like it, and I did I change last minute, no data was turned to remember O. Yet to did you read that tweet that was like about them? no, so everybody was dumping on this tweet. I was reacting to the courageous, because smoking ages got right, tracing twenty one, so this, but that vein, there was a girl on Twitter that was gettin dunked on cash. You treated like voting age here, are all the ages that everything should be in like voting age? Sixteen you know we would like it was crazy. Her spread is, as like. You know how the she I own wishes. Millennials she's like smoking, twenty five you now have only Thirty you all. These likened she's, just like equity random, like two things I like should be way. Yes, very
should be when you're young and the things I dont like, should be when you're very old we're so anyway, babies, user political and it is still a lot of them. I mean I think, a lot of that system you feel as a junior higher, but I feel like that attitude is more more pervasive and younger men millennials The ideal egotist could make the stuff up like Butterfield way. Wait. I think. I did that when I was in community college, I had to write a paper on something I felt passionately about, so I didn't throw this paper and I was eighteen or seventeen whenever I know this paper on car insurance and it is real very impassioned paper about how we shouldn't have to if we get through a year and we spend less money on car insurance, we ll get directly. She got all the money back and Babylon does. Is this whole thing teach it besides? He goes you haven't thought through. The arguments at all in this haven't considered at all like why a coward
the company and they run if he gets all your money back like she's like I just thought, because I was so passionate, something it should all happen. Link seems like a very common way of thinking. My thirteen year old sitting there, passionate about guaranteeing Nokia. No, she hasn't started. It's like it's kids eyes, on a start, a business and allow me to restaurant, where everything is a pity and then we cross their dreams were like Germany and thought about operating costs. The dummy How about your employees? Are they opinion? Our don't think so I didn't think so. Dummy did you really I didn't I read the baby's wanna get Portland. Will the world's first organic non GMO concentration, I do believe that when we went
We will work to a horrible time and I do believe at some point. We will go through a certain another horrifying time like that, but the concentration camps will, run by bro guys it like a man come on in, we got nothing. No coffee, overhear political, there. Then I go in step on into the meat grinder. It's not me, grinder, it's a veggie grander as they were met. I can't believe it's not meet your sister leave it. An individual parties and it's like a humane cage, free concentration camp case, freedom. Caused urge another great another gates, Azores of humor. I've been reading, Viktor Frankl mansard for meaning minutes good book. Ultimately interesting. I've been reading star wars, the throng, ok, so you good Trump Cash
Trump will be slain, but will rise again three days later, Cardoza who's gonna run over the line is not mine here. Slain on Twitter, but then on twitter you hard for three days will be silent. The rise of terms Hocker Eleanor his enemies, the world will collectively wake up. Eliza, lacrosse, terrible Lacroix Roy. I see the crop the craft, a crown look. I'd rather invest the southern version wrapper Locri. So there's the gray lacrosse Lacroix, the creeks lacrosse, is what caging guys call crawdads across my vision, the cry refreshment across guarantees, good money. So these are all our predictions for the year. Yes,
So go to Vegas put money on these works when we don't gotta biggest you silly I have twenty dollars here. I would like to place on the cross thrown rising from the did somebody with private take it that you are sure you can give me twenty bucks and start again. Right now, unless it's illegal in your statement, so what now attics in the room. Right now, though, gambling anything perfect. Ok, you wanna talk to grow go. Go oh Mary. I see I hear Gregg walking up right now. Harry cannot stop Gregg, culturally amazing apologist we get into but followed genocide sex apology to sign an apologist, apologist colleges income. Dive in presenting an exclusive Babylon. We interview where here in the studio with Gregg Cocoa, the Rock star Christian upon,
just stand to reason, he's an accomplished, not speaker, radio, host any guarantees. He could give its anyone to become a christian three minutes or less Is that correct, alas, three minutes in three year. You know why tell people now and there's a reason. Why do this that I have not prayed if any one to receive Christ in over thirty years- and I know, makes us may sound like a total loser. But then I split has to do with the tactics, material and also what the politics evangelism pride looks like or to look like in my view in this day and age, but that's it that's another issue, but so I do not like cop to that that great away my music, it's been thirty year, so I'm store where occur so you're, not a big alter, call guy now. Can you at least just blow them so they're speechless, Ah,
generally there? Well, actually, when you do radio, that's great cause, you can say these things and then to hang up on you know it's there just pause yet see their speech stay there, they're just speechless, so you gonna grab him audience situation. You pretend you silenced everybody. You say the profound thing and then just pause. Let the dead air hang yeah. They can't deal with their scary Cavan deal of it. Why don't we get our earth? I haven't, you give us load your story. How did you get into apologetically what you have that speak to like? What are you doing yes and the new act I wasn't, I ran all wherefore it at an altar car. Allow I wasn't, we tell you what your story, what do you know it? Now you re out. Ok, I was out not an atheist brows, pretty dirty noise, like everybody else in the sixties, narrowly Seventys, which is where I went to cut Highschool college. And when I was on the West Coast in and it was during the Jesus Movement, and before that I was raised Rama, Catholic, you know and when I was in high school. I just blew that
several? That's not for me this: is the sixties when the counterculture movement was happening, a whole bunch of new ideas were coming into the culture like the idea of free loved each area. That's raise before heard of that. Basically, the hook up culture, but they called it back then, because then at least it was sexually still associated loosely with love, love, yeah yeah. So so they call it free love back then, and look at near Minos, seventeen and eighteen years old, you're, not really interested in like spirit relief.
Gin and purity and self control and all that stuff. That's not like the appealing message, and especially when the whole culture is being transformed, the Beatles and rolling stones in transcendental meditation and who are not the tsar. Those rights is one of those that movie you oughta, see by the way called yesterday, and that will bring up this argument, but but anyway, so I just I just the religious thing off and partly I thought I was too too smart to become a Christian. You know my experience Christianity was enough to. Let me know that that wasn't words happening. So I'm off doing my own thing and then about sick
years later, I'm on the West Coast, a group of Chicago, are now on the West Coast, gazelles chase no woman out to the West Coast, my high school sweetheart- and there was the end of that relationship is, but I didn't get the girl with the Lord God may, because my brother younger brother Mark and become a Christian and he was kind of the jacket family and I figured ok mark. You need that kind of thing. I'm too smart for that right. I was the only one in five kids too, to go to college in. You know, go to university and get a degree in all other stuff, but in any event so but London just over time. I wasn't like I said, or an atheist. So much I don't know that figure there's some going on, but I didn't know what, but I I want to do my own thing. I didn't want to make tell me what to do, and so on the one hand I was a relative is like there's no right or wrong. It's only up to the individual to decide, then that lets me do what I want to do, but same time I was marching against the war in Vietnam an imminent war in what's interest
for me about that is that I was aware that there is a contradiction I was. I was actually consciously aware that when this doesn't work, but then I just brushed it off because a pay- for me was so appealing ya know can do whatever I want, and I could still march against the one I'm not gonna pay attention. So what end up happening? Those is that the simple way to put it is I just want me down in his mark was talking to me about crime it was like a long apology. Anything like that. I know we went a camping thing once and we're hike into the woods and one of his buddies. This is Cosette player he's carrying with Walter Martin tapes on it? You know what I am hearing Walter Martin in the woods, the late cult apologists, but uniting care about it that staff at all a call to wasn't my deal so anyway, but eventually got just me and I just knew towards endless, attend
Seventy eight, I said I I think this is true. No, I couldn't I told you why, to be honest with you could have told you it was until after I became a follower of Christ. That as I'm engaging people and westward village, where you see allay Jesus Movement, counterculture lots of things happen in a lot of folks walk in the street lots of openness to talk to none of this put down stuff that you can experience today, but in so now I have to give the answer for what it is that I believe an item for myself too, and so that's when I started studying apologetic six little here little there and then, as I got my teeth into what I thought he'd stuff spot is pretty cool. I likeness and one other first guys to have a huge impact on me. Was Sir Francis Schaefer. And so I read you no law his staff, especially what has come to be known as the trilogy, the God whose there he is there in his silent and escape from reason
members sitting in my in my study oars like actually, I was living in a christian community at that time in this bedroom head, but ten guys living in it with bunk bids sitting at a desolate, over westward village reading this book, and I just pause Frances Schaefer at a hut man. This stuff is really true There was some sense that, even though I become a christian believing it was true coupled T true true truth is away, shaper would put it on ice. Had is deepening deeper sense of conviction and confidence in it, and I was really live changing for me, so and that was just a start and early on their work- that many people to draw from Joshua Doll was due to staying JAMA Cumbria and Walter Martin nor Geisler was around, but they weren't that many, but I was driving. It will see us Louis from across the pond. You know- and I was great- will learn from him. Lee struggle invented apologetic surround the originator had affected
he had a big made. A big splash was long after my time he was a big influence on Cs Louis, yet far less valued, significant note there. Many are Christianity's where we need to break it to you wrong about your faith, wrong about Christianity? There are dinosaur bones loss. True, there are jobs, Therefore Emma what does one have to do with the others? Are now more? I'm just Goin entered the game at Land tactical game plan here. What is we have to do it together here s, one again, ask you know Satan put the dinosaur bones there. Why don't? I? I noticed tongue in cheek, but there are a lot of Christians who are especially if they're kind of schooled in one understanding of weapons that think Manna how do we take seriously this part of geology? You know- and I think on some views. This becomes more problematic, and this is one reason I don't hold that view, because there are significant problems with it.
And there is no theological requirement biblical requirements me to hold it. So you, dinosaurs, bones, don't pose a problem. I think they're, pretty cool, ecumenical yeah. I guess and therein around be cool, have a pet dinosaur yeah, well, sir. I love you. Maybe that, moreover, like my faith is more challenged by the fact that we don't get tat pet dinosaur. Than it is today exist na too good point spring of good points we want to present you and let the Incas yeah you're an expert in this field. We posted our ten arguments for Christianity that are guaranteed MIKE drops, and I appreciate that you had
ask is what it might drop all Galea way these are for or against ten or christianity area. You can use these if you feeling ok, this is a really let me kind. I wanted women get your feedback and see how effective you write these things down there with her, maybe also squeeze men with without having to foot. For you guys get. Is this three workers here that bring us into the next version of tactics you, but I don't think, there's me a second. This one is substantially improved over the last of it. It could a lot of work, but I think this is the crumbling crammed now a correct are we'll get in will make sure plug your book to ok, we'll take turns Hira. So first, what is to say so this is a somebody is opportune argument, and you say you know who else makes that argument Satan Clunk MIKE
you're gonna get you log in other states. There have blowing up. You hit him with the surprise, hidden with surprise gods, not dead, flash mob. The other services That is prohibitive man that powerful evidence there. They are. You know the mob dancing and singing where the eighth, yes lies, did in this warmer atheists. Yet for I cover aimed at the last second, while at her late than never write, the Elise became a newsboys fan, I'm not forget saddled think he heard the whole song. You know he just the intro in the background and I'll bet before he shuffled Jordan, COIL, you don't think that was an accurate depiction of converting in it. Is well, you know I could do anything you know by by the way you know raises a kind of objection. Satan is getting you pick it up. It belongs up pretty quick
not as dumb as I look, which is a good thing, but this is one of my personal favorite ones, so they make some pig science, a pointer? Whenever you know you look like you looks like look like you, ve lost the debate and you go yeah, but we still got his apparatus. So if you don't have rugs Zacharias Leon, we him he's like the best robberies away what man he is pretty girl scared every single Allegro nice Emma tactic against that against that approach. Common road scholar like when we say we got this guy got there's a scholar in it. If it doesn't work on the other side, it doesn't work on our side at least the way it was offered No. What matters is that we have Robbie matters is whether right what Robbie says house
makes any now. I think it does, and I grab the amnesty obviously, but and he's a poet you know he can so they set up with a real, I mean, is awesome just to listen to him, but matters is not that he is an awesome speaker, Khazars, awesome speakers all over the place. What matters is what he says and whether what he says works that there's no atheist, equivalent rally the accuracy and that's my employed- think camp is none. I don't know. I always, it always not guess, has a lot if you are just so angry. You know all the time and neighbours isolate like Michael Shermer seems like a nice guy. Well, yeah, I debated Michael, like three hours behind a micro three hours on national radio show how you he would show ya, hear kind of a nice guy. I only and I yeah he's. Ok, he gang I'll get her leave here, longer Harry wears a leather jacket. You know he's gonna get this this cool vote.
Be drives. A motorcycle, I think rides motorcycle whatever you know, but still the issue isn't weather is cool. The issue is whether his ideas work Gallia now, obviously the it Joe. But I didn't. The bother me in debates between M Christopher kitchens. He always one of these answer being this, like taxable witty british back, boy yeah yeah here, even though we ve made a horrible point, not make any sense, he just what all these points. First charmeuse hard not to like it here. It'll just was hard not to like him. I agree, yeah yeah, that's that's a liability in a debate So I don't do so many of many more just because of the best ideas don't always went. Gamesmanship plays a huge more here. So next point how interesting not arguing
I'm thinking about becoming an atheist. Now that I learn that he's gonna, motorcycle and under Jack by closer really does mothers Nerli menace to so you know, you're, not gonna, be cool just by being leafiest you're already pretty cool. These guys like a kind of hair on your face. I can I do want a hare faces. It isn't over the Santa be renounced Christmas. It's like spiritual gives us our powers will be cut our beards win. Lose them or wither away. Did you say the Santa Bear Santa Beard O beer to read it I thought you said Santa Bear like those little baby. Is that would fit you better. If you like, you look sign language. You look kind of cuddly, Gregg Cocles and come with me this is awkward. Should I stepped out of the Ex argument, next quick gently and spent the next argument break out into cares
Matic gibberish used are rolling around on the floor and boom my drums major area. They might drop the mighty bedrock, unroll Wagon Maria positively shout get. They may hide, may say well assuming candles classic. You shall not pass per year logos which there was it that yet have this, do you gotta have them the staff just now with me at a bang. It down break marriage. The whole deal. That's a good argument for the existence of God that Lord of the rings exists. I think of your big lord of the rings. Love it. I love it. I'm trying to see the connection I want. If God didn't exist, you know how can there be Lord of the rings? micro management and that's a bonus argument or that's the bonus, my trouble, but then again the habit movies were made. So I select those it goes. We will write on this. I'm still.
Confused. But that's where you tell your logic evades me here. It is usually don't counter arguments of this level. That will let you You can't union over out of my can Oh, my gosh medic our eyes up so I'll settle the argument with the chick fillet verses, atheist chicken sandwich blind, Tastiest can't do that anymore. I known yet a veterinary actually wrote that the leader of the dark side of this awhile ago so doesn't work anywhere, is so sad. I talked about this of my own show, I'm Johnny come late anyway. This is old news, but it took me a while to get around lonely of two hours a week amount you, but in no other things that were pressing, but now this associate, this is said so, unlike Lynette, like chick fillet anyway. According a the food right, but I was kind of written form because the rather they plan, b and big guy
in it and take out and still willing to stand for what was good right, drew kind of thing, but not more. In fact, its worst I just kind of back and down there there given beaucoup money to the bad guys- and this is this- is It adds massive insulted entry. As far as I'm concerned the angrily Serious gonna that I went down we're supposed to talk to a guy from the Salvation Army on the show coming up soon hear so I'm gonNA curious to see what, on Tuesday, read their statements on the year and they were very gracious, a very generous, which is exactly what I expect from them and they said and if you guys are enter like given your money, more people or help in the homeless. People need to eat, nor that's what we do and where the guess ones in the world. So we were a little confused about what you said, but when
No, my wife and I we support Salvation Army because we don't give money on the street to people. We give it salvation army. We know, what's gonna help people on the street, but this can be done right anyway, so this is a yacht. My recommendation is instead it and I said that on the are no need the chick fillet, take that money and give it to the sand with the cattle now there's its there's a second Jeff. We write and we found the kettle near you- lay data together, well paid jobs with no problem. You get a cut, you gotta, jangle some out of their shift, but then you can never run for president as a Democrat, because you'd get cancel Eagle Saddam yet here we are with Asia like you. We got three with therefore say, stealing, all your moral arguments from a judeo christian worldview. I'm calling the cops then call the cops
my job after you drop the MIKE. I think there is a merit in the end in the kind of response it offered, but I wanna hear this wave of Meda decided. I got that any from I did see debate once cause is indeed truth. It is true right by others that there is an argument. Is there any truth to saw guy? Do this? Second, everything the thing atheists said he doesn't mean the exact same argument about morality. He never values for faster. You write red, Frank Turks. Stealing from God, which has a fabulous about by the way, but there's an hour to using these arguments and by the way I had a conversation like this with an atheist and what is doing is complaining about the God of the Bible. Doing all these nasty is right, especially estimates they find these things and they don't understand the circumstances in any way. They complain all right, and so A question was where, where are you getting your standard by which, judging God help me out here I mean I can answer
question get to that later, but I'm just trying to make sense of the question coming from an atheist air, and that was my and that what ended up happening is he acknowledge that really what he was saying is that the God of the Bible did not act. The way his evolution taught him to act at that's what he ended up while I it s. The question that way. He said he agreed to it wishes to. You know it. To show this is kind of observed. But there is a there is appoint their yeah, but it can be done him handedly. Apparently the person you are listening to know as a video sour guided had invited atheists to his church to perform a debate for his congregation. It's almost like
Just read one book in any use the argument about every time they ve said anything as embarrassed for the guy. But ok, it's a number. Nine colleagues whom I think one number eight answers skip. This was what people say. God bless you when his knees. I await brief silence and is a case. Closed case closed. Gesundheit, it didn't repeatedly bring everything back to the Caleb Cosmo logical argument until your opponent is Glaston, then hit them with second Lothar thermodynamic. Well as clear you're. Not a player here. Could mispronounced Cologne alarm Leyla Maccallum. I thought it was some old.
To my guy, the Caitlin guy. He alarm, he isn't gonna, get Colombia targeted the donkey Kalen. That's right! Columns answers the color, which also, I think, is a good argument, but I get their sense of devising there's a way to use it at last. One Blind siding with along pensive pause and then finish them off with one word. Sad at the trouble. It weighs add. Sad are not good Well, that's two words. We and I only know the parsimony there to your guy stock. Undressed gum confirming column have you looked at? What does she know they do. Is that Canada, right as yet? How do they know how these people new year
I believe this Ellsberg some very well see this The deal you know when you don't know you could say it anyway, you have to be like the column, cause logical, org. So like when you read these names in the old testament you reach or somethin. You can Butch you say it anyway. You want just do with confidence, my password other that the island no throw letters and are even in their amazing people. Don't know I love. You know how to say that, while we're healthier really something is clearly not even up their luck. It's shockingly funding Lebanon we names or I will let's get into some actual actual question- goes out evangelism or that when the serious don't know yet, I was well that was this, the more of your users to help you out car. I just give me some blitz. Little tricks I could use you know are I'm a super awkward guy and united. Well, I don't know it's hard for me to let socialize a girl. I know the actual eternal interview we are and says why you're in a room MIKE. What exactly are we just lock ourselves in you? So you know it's like
Hey? Do you like football? I guess I like football or not and in its dislike, hey you believe in God, and a super weird I'm not good at it. So had I you you bring up God and a conversation why brain unguarded conversations in that way: you hey, are not good there's a guy. I rest my case kit behind You know I just I I'm trying to be a regular fellow, you know, or just an ordinary guy, and this is a concern I have by Christians that they kind of go into this religious mode. The closer they get to a church the more in the mode they go in the worst. Are the pastors standing? front of rowdy live lot of respect for pastors, but they have us because they're doing a hard job, but they have kind of a script that they go by and then Christians pick up the script and it's it's kind of a church script. But the problem is it's hard to talk
to people like that, it's kind of, like I remember, seeing a comedy routine. You know how flight attendants used to talk they don't do it so much anymore, but they had this kind of way of talking. That was really annoying and go up at the end of every sentence or somehow to did this. Ok Andy so then there's a gallon this tv show which kept talking like that and then, as you locked away. Somebody lead over said what she's a flight attendant, in other words took curve, annoying fight it the voice and was using it in every day, conversation and so a lot of Christians take their annoying to and sometimes annoyed insight. Annoys me Christian, The voice and the need to carry out out in lino alot of your kind of tongue in cheek might drops right. There were kind of exports from church environment. You know who I am and as if this is going to communicate now we can. I fly a lot, so
who, who listened to flight attendants anymore? You no matter how they talk. It's way to explain our law, that's what they say in the round mom. Unless, unless you fly in Like South West, you know that they have been. On the flight times as high were here shut up by some to say you know they give me having grown comedy routine, the air they do, that you're late, you land as they were here, get out. You know that so, but people and start laugh and in their pay attention, because they break that they do just broken the mould a little bit, and so they, then, all of a sudden people become conscious of what she sang. Simply he with Christians who wheat, we get into this scrapped and people their eyes glass over. It's it's like of debts, its blah blah blah Christian Christianity I get it, so they just they tune it out, but if we begin to engage people about important topics that have spiritual substance or ramifications, but we talk like a normal person, will that's gonna make a huge difference effect in the tactics book. The new one did
tenth anniversary edition of at a lot more material to, in fact, forty percent more Gerald and I had before six new tactics and one of them ass? It is called watch your language and I like any way like a knot. Novalis I'm not advocating that, but I about is kind of Christian. Speaking politely anyway and not the vulgar fashion, but what? look at about. Is this this christian script, this christian lingo deal because it's such a turn off to people, and I want I want to be considered like somebody has just an ordinary joe who give his thinks about these things thoughtful and can communicate with people shall not gonna beyond enthralled. You know. Are you washed in the blood? You know. I talk to you this morning you know or something like that- I'm just go to try to size up the situation. Almond engage and use question to do that ended. The game plan tactic old game plan that I talk about the book at
The subtitle is a game plan for discussing your christian eviction. I really have a kind of a step by step thing that I can can't keep in mind that allows me too maneuver, maneuver, graciously and without without being awkward Letty, The largely the circumstances come to me and then try to take advantage of of the circumstances, principally by asking questions by drawing another person out. So you know, if you we. If you meet a new person to person, start asking questions, will that's kind of flattering? are the showing an interest in you, and there is there listening for the Mobley And- and so this this is a pleasant experience for the one who's being questioned, and it's not hard on the questioner. There's no pressure on that person. You just draw people out, but when you're drawing people out with questions here, listening to what they say their home and to step up on the table and then
you may be beautiful. You may see things on the table to give you an opportunity to ask another question to direct the conversation. The way you want it go here. We're on a radio show wide or podcast were behind MIKE's. Ok, I'm doing all the work you guys are directing it by the questions you ask, but you know hard work right. I mean you're allowed funneled out, but you know we don't ask me a question. That's my turn to talk and but but your your control, censure, you're in the driver's seat of the conversation, the show it your show. How do you manage it by the questions you ask, and so this sub more people to get their mind? You know you could be in. In the driver's seat of a conversation. Unifil, not talking very much by the questions that you ask. Other people then that's going to provide information that will may be stimulate other questions and allow you to steer the conversation in a more productive way- spiritual- maybe maybe not
since no noise. Happily I, but to me, that's it that's a much better way to go. Then. Did you know The standard will on a Christian, do not that we can introduce things. Do the conversation but a christian Judas too timid for that mom unsympathetic. The game plan helps him there. I feel like. I should the question you have. I am waiting at their rank. Look here. The rope like I was going in under had like I'm on wait, I'm in control and managing next. I am losing control of these territories control by telling us all this is taking over. I feel the power coursing through my veins and ask what has been said and it is good the owner, thought of that when you're asking questions your actually guiding the our yeah The driver's seat under that's what you want to be in Athens, the Christians, don't feel the way most of the time it, especially when their gauge with somebody that's a little bit aggressive in it's, not hard finals
nowadays and they feel their belief find themselves back up back in a back up because they get pushed push push with challenges that they don't know how to respond to an attitude and stuff like that, and they start thinking a man. I wish I would have never open up my big fat mouth and I want to sit on the bench next time around Seattle, we need. We need everybody in play here. We knew about the field and this way make a distinction between harvesting leading people, oh Christ and gardening. Ok, you can't have a harvest without a season of gardening. Okay, this is obvious as certainties tune, evangelism as well. I want to teach people to get off the bench and garden do a little here, a little there, a little here, a little there and maybe not even get to the gospel. You know, Jesus didn't get to the gospel in every conversation, all right. This pressure in some circles to do that. I just don't think it's the best idea, especially our culture right now.
Times, there's a lot more tilling and we'd pulling. That needs to be done. That kind of thing. So that's why the the question asking game plan approach, which I outlined in detail in the book tactics, I think, is going to be the best thing to help timid people move forward in an effective way so at what point? Does it become a sin not to evangelize, as we are called to witness into share face? That's the thing lies I struggle with as a Christian I hate and ended in school. I think, as I do feel soap super decent. You. As my has tried to find a random person. Sarcoma Jesus exist not only function. I feel they can tell I'm making them into their little project and try to win Heaven points or some I don't know, there's a weird there's a weird offers us
Britain's there. That's not natural. Now, if it be idle- and so I don't know, I worry, whereas that lie I dont, where you actually should have done it well, two things: one is: I dont experience that kind of sense of awkwardness, because I don't feel like after force things, I'm just looking for opportunities. My game plan and my advice is adding. I don't you. Do it the understand now entirely. As far as your first question to be honest with you. I've never been asked a question before quitter and I never thought I never laid questions. I never think about that. I don't when it is a sinner I like to do now? we can see? This is what some see it as I don't think of it. In those terms, I think you might you eat you in what someone might construe it that way if you're, just not, interested in sharing the gospel and talk to people. You know, then, maybe we ought to be doing more and if you're not doing what you ought to be doing, then maybe that's a sin, but I just don't think of those two. In those terms, I I I try,
to live the life that that that I think the scripture identifies the guy He wants me to live in those given taken all of these kinds of things, so I dont know if there's one instance, oh you're, sending now, because you did say something that person under that circumstance item. I might think Armenia Mister an opportunity, but I dont think just a broader issue about the way understand God, as a follower of Christ, now under the cross, as it were, in it having been rescued by the rescuers? Now it's now, I'm I'm in I'm in the house, I'm not on the outside on the inside now don't have a sovereign judge. I have a father whose loving me moving forward and helping me to grow, and so I picture it in that way and that's why I'm not always thinking condemning thoughts. Did I do this just right yeah, or did I witness enough or whatever, and because I don't I don't term, I think there are those
kinds of times, maybe when you will be reflecting well, maybe I should be putting more effort into this, but I am I'm not on that kind of works. Now mill are alot of people happened to be on. Fortunately, I was very rich sense. Grace of God in my life, and so you know, I tend to be more relaxed about the out. I want to grow in grace, but I know that every an idea, turn out to be cruel in the end, because they can never be fulfilled, and so I have grace of myself of grace Francis Schaeffer, said once he said, all utopian ideals turn out to be cruel in the end, because they can never be fulfilled, and so I have grace with myself at grace. I tried it grace with other people. You know on that regard, so I'm not king did. I stand for not saying that right. What I'm trying to do is what
also try to make the most of the opportunity cautions for you know, conduct yourself with wisdom towards outsiders, be nice to amino beacon. Your speech me with great second step. I think my goal is to have a huge you try to live a life that is exempt rough, exemplary. There were, but, like oh I'll, bet, you're living differently in writing. According your faith in that should act in itself. Be noticeable. No have no effect on you, I agree should be ready. The thing I'm concerned with his is like you're, like a consists, basis trying to measure yourself against a standard bearer. I think that's that I'm idea when I try and I'm trying to define you. I think that in the inner with that calling to evangelize and to share your faith, people and every hour Emma carping out by saying I am
You know I try to live a life. It is different from others. Also, I'm always ready to give an answer. If somebody asked I'm willing- and I have some real aim now- I will have the conversation. Is that a cop out, then I think that it might be a I there have been more there I'll be back. You see, I understand attention, okay, so I can try to be good. In nice and have some answers if I'm asked ok but Ino taking initiative, while that scary, ok, I understand that so it's part of the job of other christian brothers and sisters. This is disciples discipleship to provide a way. Four guys like you who may be now the bench a little bit with. Your concern about in a push in too hard against somebody in people get me to give you a way to get off the bench in a safe fashion, and so this I mean just go back to simple asking questions you know, so I dont it. If I
environment. I will look at. It a girl, who's, a waitress is a great example. Waitress in Seattle is earlier this year in our hotel- I just on the Friday night, all day, Saturday conference. I was tired. Sunday morning. Doing Sunday so morning, services right, so I get up I'm at the check it out of the hotel in a few minutes, I'm sitting there getting my coffee and some food there before I go to the church and I'm not have a joke. It's like before my first cup of coffee, I'm an atheist. So I'm just like want to talk about God right in this flight it enough when it is what the waitress comes up to me and she is just way too ah buoyant for my mood list, put it that way: she's definitely a morning person, I hate those canopy, my amorous in Ireland. Trying to yeah just coffee, the, as scandalous go away. You know that so what's going on inside of me, but then she said you know she said something.
She's, yes it. What do you doing? I welcome teach at church later on in a couple hours. I figure that what Thou William and then and now she's. All that's wonderful. I said. Oh, are you christian church Oh, no, no, no, not a Christian, but but you know the universe takes carry well. What's that mean I sure I really I'm not sure universe, a person, no God takes care of me- always does God to carry it. Does the universe? Will God is the universe, but how does it work noticed I'm just all, I'm I'm I'm I'm not interested in engaging, but she says these things that that steam Wait. My curiosity enough to ask her a question. Okay. So now I now I've just there's a bridge there that question of me drawing her out a little bit, no pressure on me, no tension in the discussion or anything disk. There's a bridge now from four from me to her. To now.
Be touch a little bit on the spiritual things, but it doesn't take any courage on my part yeah. It just takes the awareness that that happened now. I have a way to respond. I can ask a question about it. What do you mean by that? As the first question in the game plan? What you mean by their that's variations that you can use but but notice. How? In that circumstance I what a sheer Christ with her. I wanted her to go away. Leave me alone YO, yet she's, this thing that was so odd. I wanted to draw her out a little bit now I never witnessed to her. That is never advanced. My own view all right, but I kept asking her these questions because her own view was a little bit crazy. I mean it was somewhat borders, An incoherent jaws asking questions just trying to not to make her feel bad or anything or you do me. That's don't you know now I just how does this work? That was the main thing
and so she kept going on and off, but he's different things to us in the sound fine, just let it go all right and then she went off and feel somebody else's coffee and I promise five minutes later she came back and she said that was really interesting. Talking to you, nobody has ever asked me these questions because and I said: well, we had more time it ask more questions. She said it got me. Thinking is what she says. I say we had more time. I could ask more questions and you could do so we're thinking, but ass. It turns out. I had to go but notice net situation there we had kind of transferred into a spiritual conversation in a somewhat effortless way and when I was neither, I was negative towards it. The idea not just neutral so that this I think is power, is the power of the tactical a plan that allows you someone like you little timid about about these things. You're you're ready to be in a
ass, a position to respond if your ass, but you dont, want to you no step out. You, don't know how to do that. This is a way of being able Do it pulses clashes for make the most of the opportunity and asked for being get like a really nice guy and Libya Tokyo. I think that's great. We ought to do that, but if that's the sum total of our kind of witnessing then I just want to remind you of something that you will never be able to out nicer, Mormon gesture. We have the jokes about that. We were you ve got you ve got severe very stiff competition. That attack me. That's why I think it's good to go a little further and that's Why? One of the reasons I wrote the book tactics and so did you then drop a million dollar gospel tracked for your did. I
I don't leave. Tracks is just not my style, a union of values of the no. There was a chick track that was actually very functional in my own conversion, the Durban conference. It was their generals and dragons were now. This was discussed from numberless forty six years ago, so they have dug. J was right. Then they it was called creator or liar, but I was done. Do Ikey getting law gross he's out of my grocery bag. Tat was all paper back, then you know and there the bottom was attract and at no extra cost the grocery back them here right today paid me with a grocery bag. So but anyway it was a. I read it and it really did have an impact on me. It's so those are. Those are useful, I think, but no it. What I wanted to doing is, if you're going to leave, if you're, going to leave a track to leave a big tip at least twenty percent. You know and the Christians are bad tippers.
So that's my recommendation about tat, but I don't usually leave attract other I'm, not discouraging people from do it. It just make sure you got a big Tipp along with it, and but what I did do is realize. Oh, you know what I always liked it. If I could something that I can sum? Who knows what is sometimes they have? Then I really hey. I got a copy of the story of reality right here in my bag and always carry with in case. I need some. Eighty, the plane us Booker or three years ago, really is meant to be a kind of a mock, is awkward to say this, but kind of a mere christianity for the twenty first century. Now it's awkward, there's only one CS, Louis there's only one year, Christianity, but it's an attempt to try to give the big picture language that people now could understand, because, Amazingly some people think that Louis is hard to read. Yeah, that's just that. That's crazy many vat, so I had, I said, do if I hadn't gave you a book, would you read it?
in a water. I feel as if you say no, so I told her, I totally genuine shit. Oh yeah I'd read it s, okay, here it is, and I give it to us actually, I I wrote the book and then she almost fell over she was like. Oh my I am legal red and I wasn't trying to get the two to wave flag or anything grandstand, but so I did was able Lieber with something, so she could think more. About the issue and that ass actually is a good part of the thing. If you could leave something with people that will be meaningful to them. Sir, the books, Caroline Smith, each that's right, you just pay you just be a modern decency is Louis near you do no worries easy and right now point there is. I just I did have something I could give her a cry. Wasn't an author. I might carry something that I'd give to say. I get him thinking. You know I'll. Give me your book. Would you write to write a book called bears want to kill? You
it is true, as you asked did, you really bears want to kill us like flies as one Well, that's just what a malaria little drop in every guy load Rottweiler he's like a modern to educate, Chesterton you're like us, yes, lower, that makes me cheap knocker. I gave an hour a modern day Nicholas sparks real by that guy for MAD Magazine Osage, offering a human, the cartoon girl you always on the covered magazine of writing me more? What me worry, Yellow Mary sue me robotic. Borrowed when all getting I'll take what me word Let us meet they had that guy looked exactly the same. When I was a kid, no, what is eaten by saying an older he's got some really good die
something just let me just seat and a lot of preservatives. Just like me much about lay here. While we talk, I see it right. There, ok, so latter day saints at the door, jobs witnesses at the door. What do you do? I look? man, I'm thinking, I'm tigers, either one year periods or theoretically, I know what most people's I hide. I just might That's right! You hide turn the lights off, making like an ice. You know what I did, but it people have to count choose their their opportunities in of times. I'm writing something or I'm off to some thing, and so that's. Why would it be set pending my time? But but there's a lot of other people, don't have other engagements and frankly, income through our neighbourhood a very often hardly ever
We have your door mark that that now that it's great to ask him to come in and it's a great to sit them down and ask them questions. Oh, come on end glad to talk with you help me help hell. I I got lots of questions about Mormonism. You know now you know a little bit about warm. It is a major hope, as witnesses actually do talk about an encounter in the last chapter did not go well for me. I made some mistakes but- and I talk about at the last chapter of the tactics book, but I'd be I'd, buy I draw them, ask them questions about their own convictions and how they, basically they know that what they believe is actually true. I know where the Mormons are going to go, they're going to go to the burning in the bosom that you pray for and get the witness about the Book of Mormon, but the book of Mormons not theological. You know so
What I like impulses, oyster, take up. What questions? Would I ask? Ok, so I would ask them well how do you know that Mormonism is true, a well read the book and pray and you get the burning in the bosom okay. Well, this book is not the alert logical, even if the book a warm and is true what about the Pearl Grey price in the doctrine? A covenant, that's where they get their theology. How do you know that's true you're saying, but the Mormons ideological, because it's more its? Is it was beginning history of Jesus visiting the north american continent and strange things in their it's like it s, got horses We already know there were no horses in North America there's elsewhere. The standards and part me, I think, there's elephants to I don't know about that. There are also my areas: there are also cheery And there were no wheels in North America where the Europeans came and went with genuine. When elder s work,
wonder with this they, so I was really a horse was more like a deer and it wasn't really a chariot was like a sled zoom here, especially this time a year or so you got reindeer pulling us lead. Ok, that's why I'm I'm not marrying! I'm not sure if this is really respond because they're kind of cot there there were problems with understanding that book as a rude. But if you pray about it, get this feeling than than you know, from God kind of thing, and then they quote James Chapter one as their proof text for this thing, but ask him: have you ever read James? I mean the chapter her oh yeah, what what's the chap about what's going on right there at the beginning of that chapter, with you don't know it's gone, how do you know that the way you understand that verse is accurate. You no kind of thing now again is not embarrassed them, but it's too asked them legitimate questions that go to the heart of the kinds of claims that they're making. They are missing
strewing this passage out of James he's talking about about how you find out what books or from God he has stuck up for wisdom to survive, difficult circumstances considered our joy, my brother, when you encounter various trials, knowing the testing your faith, produces nerves, etc as the contact so but the big Point is I'm going to start asking questions to them now, if you don't know anything, about christian theology. That might be contradicting their view. Wait you're gonna be limited as to what you could do, but what you can do is you can get a clear take on their view so that the in the game and the first question is, is gathering information? What do you mean by that? Tell me your your deal, what what's what's? What's it all about ok and then once they tell you there deal whether its Jehovah's witnesses
EL the Usher, whether it's an atheist, then there's another question we're supposed to paternal nothing. I've got a hostile reside back on the killer. As trying to why you talk as an exclusively by my elephants book. A more will prove your one, how an attitude pantheon so yeah, that's right, so so now, alas, verges on. The second question is how did you come to that conclusion? Okay, so when you get a clear take on that point of view, now you asked the reasons why the point of view is true. They think it's true. Just listen to what they have to say, so you believe that although all Mormonism, is true because what well- because I have this witness really what were you know So this is gonna problem, more questions for me when, when used Eddie physics. Do you pray the plane prayer to see whether the physics book is true
Why do you use one standard for this? Are another prepare for that now look at. They may have something to say: ok, but I am try to navigate the conversation to get as much information from them about their justification for their views possible. Before I started fancy my view now, I want you to think, as my goal is to put it Don't someone shoe that's it scintillating Christ, I'm just to put a stone and there she would get him to get him thinking. Basically, so I want you to think about your listeners can think about this to how many of you Ben been confronted by somebody who doesn't hold your view: atheists, skeptical, whatever, whose ah asked questions, and then you could answer it Now, you might have said well, you know something you know Get behind me Satan or whatever you know like drop in out, but but you might have acted like it, didn't bother you, but I bet
There were times were inside your thinking. Maybe he's right, maybe he's onto something. Maybe I mistaken in this. It's a terrible feeling. It's a chill that goes up your spine, but what are the easiest just do all he did his asked a couple, questions that put a stone in the Christians shoe a stone of doubt because the questions went to something that was significant, that they couldn't respond with. This is all I'm talking about doing in the other direction. It is a legitimate thing to do is completely legitimate thing to do, and it's very, very powerful as well. Are you when I was when up and always seemed like when people were teach me how to evangelize there was. The purpose was to pray with somebody to get a conversion. There is a big emphasis on numbers close the deal yeah almost a sales pitch thinks of sounds like what you're talking about a something where
You're not necessarily concerned with numbers per se or getting ache. Version or making the sale. It's not it's almost like you have a bigger picture view of what God is doing, and you understand that ok gone sovereign, I'm giving some questions this guy thinking about it right later. You know thirty years down the road. You don't know where that person's gonna be on my business gods in charge of this. So if somebody wants a very clear biblical picture, this go to John for woman at the well she's gone. She goes to back to cycle, to talk the people. The apostles are common in as she's leaving and Jesus says, the apostles you are about to reap. Were you did not so so he's ignore. Watching their in just one sentence that there is one field. In that case I car but their two seasons. That is it.
Going season and in a reaping season and two kinds of workers. Somebody else did the sewing: they're gonna do the reaping they're gonna get the easy pickings, okay and when the fruit is ripe, it just drops into the bucket harvesting is easy when the fruit is ripe. The hard work is the guard, what I call the gardening and and it's the gardening period, where we need more workers, and I think because that's where the most of the work done- and I think then. Probably most Christians are like me, gardeners and so content to garden, and most of our are Angela, some techniques, though our harvest oriented, that's what you're just described in a moment ago. Kyle harvest select close the deal you know swing for the fences. You'd only get him to sign on the dotted line. How many people did Why, when I say I haven't, let anybody Christ you're prayed with they may receive price in thirty years- is a shocker to audiences, because o Connor Intuitive, given the way the,
given the model they receive the tradition, it is come down to them, and so when I, when I offer them a way of gardening, doing a little here, a little there like, let God worry about the increase, which is precisely what Paulson first Corinthians this outcome, yet on their faces. The what I the other faces, as I can do that I could do that. That's doable, especially when I get home a technique of a very easy to use technique that allows them to bullshit yonder, step by step, three steps, basically for this game plan and you dont noise, get through all three steps. You know it just depends on the circumstances not to give way and lots of examples in the first six where I have the game plan of how these things played out in my own life and actual conversations and that's what gets people cut cut excited thinking. Oh, I can
What I'm supposed to do? What you're saying about me to go yet I can't get into play, but I think I can get into playing a lot of safety and still be effective being a gardener get into the shallow ended the pool so to speak. Right. Well, that was a great conversation. If I recall correctly and ass, we do to him some more in the subscriber portion. So if When I hear some more great stuff, they needed subscribed to them now we ve got anything to elevate begun questions that list that you guys submitted and from the group, and I wanted it one part of that conversation, that kind of stuff with me that I wanted to defend myself on cause. I member I asked Gregg this question where I kind of I feel like as little exposed myself a little bit as little scared to ask it closely. I don't
go out of vandalizing a walk around street. With a tractor like I don't stand on the corner. Where I don't know you don't like feeling today I've heard of Jesus, you know that is just survive like is that wrong, and so I like, and so I brought this question up about. Is it enough that That you live a certain away, you're willing to talk about. It, comes up all of law and he said no, but then the anecdote that he gave him being in a coffee shop and it got brought up and he talked about it. For me, his example that he gave was what I mean when I brought it up. I like, if Sony brings it up, you talk about it, but like a man, this black I'll. Have one black coffee by the way? Have you heard of Jesus? Look there's a certain, so he was saying that what you're doing us find rain. Will he started up is saying no, I would say No, I doing isn't why you're using thy harshly. I don't it's more nuanced. I, since that he was saying joy living your life and never say
anything is probably not oh yeah, but if you're willing and someone brains, lebanese trot darn thing about it, then you're doing useless. Do anyway, this request cases where men, maybe I'd in that way, but my was trying to say was if you're always willing and you have always be ready than skippers, as was be re with an answer, and I think the thing I think about com Selena, I want to talk about it like I can help you look at people in your like. I want to talk to a guy about this my story about the Mormons again amateur did you. I don't think I did that I certainly fist when you were talking about not being willing to die or being willing type about, but not bringing it up necessarily here I feel really bad because some Mormons going to my door and is given a couple of girls and women, Clark, innocent girl, Mormons women. You were seen. Girl Mormon enables those sex Come girl, Mormon girl, Mormon, female women, Mormons Women's, and they came to my door and I usually like.
To them. I have been invited to men. We ve had like several our conversations unites this moments with them the different one son and out these. Came to my door and eight o clock at night on a Sunday with Super weird was dark. It was cold and thereby Goma doorstep and, unlike. And my son was locked in his I chair and his crime, from Morn yeah Romany arouse like no other days Why do you want to talk about, unlike known well? Can we just leave some of them like no, when I just causes or I'll tear about a terrible about it for a couple of days? If I had a chance to talk people and it didn't rents in time it was. Like yeah yeah, I say baby crying in baby, crying the background and I'll bet there. I could have a nicer felt that not so if you listening The two girls Mormons account of to my door, come back. I liked Socrates, I tried that was some jobs.
Guys near really nice, but we kept going on and on and they keep coming back and back and back and they become a star coming back over multiple times a week and just like, I think I was there prize. They thought I was maybe they're Cumbria the White Whale. Yes, that account has. Finally, I wonder, do that, and that is an inch by those in and Bilbil tasting available, Ailer, finally enable guys, I just can't I'm not gonna compared to Jos Witness and we're gonna go in circles. This point, sir. We can be friends of your own. Hang out, have a cigar, yeah The funny thing is, I have to make you that's that's one like thing about culture like you can actually have friends outside the coal it's like a cholera like things like you can just go cash. And now the tests that goes like working. Oh yeah, we can have friends outside so I sent the one afternoon I said: hey we just be friends outside when I want to talk about this anymore, never heard from again
nothing I can do that, but that was my experience. Brow said so yeah Greg and we're going Amer Gregg. Ok, then, you have just described, expanded it end of it so we're gonna go into hate mail Yes, really you miss aired, then they went at a meeting later that we have to keep it. So you want to lose. You hate me first and then explanation. I have a pot get isa. Yet again I it's on the list. We can read a first can we gotta renew review and we ve had a lot of good, It is for a while. So we were, it were overdue for a bad one, and we are couple bad ones and around if you didn't bring down our rating, as we were like four point, nine I'm sure did so. His name is publicly on,
light in silencing William Hubert, says Hubert, which actually kind of sympathise with this, but one voice on this guy talkin. I can't stand their voice, I literally had to stop listening because of how annoying their voices are below the cracks indifferent pitches these, I sound like a couple of preview: Besson, homes, scholars toxic gleam nieces and using amazing voice we had to stop listening because of how annoying their voices Our wives are nodding. Yes, this, I know it's the way ass, the guitar when we did the money just posted over Christmas file, your heart you're way more Kermit the frog, even though I think I think when we have a guest and I'm not feeling like in it's kind of like my young men, like each other thrown open and my group are talking more movies, deal
doing so. Would you like it? weird. I knew ass, I'm thinking when we recorded that, but I must have not been in doing something weird. It was like our fourth episode with him. We, it was comfortable with him yeah, but it was weird it was like near I can say anything on the other: the voice, the cracks and thirty nine years old That was our him ever given recent knows it. Ok, so Frank Fleming wrote an article that said quoted trumpet saying I have done more for Christianity than Jesus, and we were kind of. We were kind of skewering Christianity, the deeper kind of virtue signally with being virtue singly with their trumped up it, and so this was kind of our like, but we get what you're saying you know like our
we're balance it out, and they look at took me a second on this and that an error that Trump had said something sit. Kind of some Denmark for even GEL Kokushi is something what any other an obligation on something so kind of plan. And selling some excrement safe and less. You think but only the right gets confused by that tire and such the left took off with this one and it just got snoped to this morning, so it was pretty as respectful snope, it was very the Snopes doesn't want to. Their tiptoeing mean from their walk on eggshells around us. That's that's where the family, like all my relationships,. Talking just turned process some, as you require some extra process, and I so there was a bunch of tweets on the twitters about,
but people who work, if used by its ability, are all responding to Trump saying I have done more for S. Reasoning. Jesus to these are people that are sharing that article on, and this is like the common that they leave and Leah citizens that her over the first one was altering he's our trump I've done more for Christianity than Jesus. Ok, but did you die share? My turn? It's a good point. He's lost his grip on reality and unreal. Feeling like a school of thread over this threat? Is just a guess: sweater coming apart, tromp is just a devil, We we got it wouldn't unravelling, be usually a sweater announcing on a school of thread. Right threads doesn't puzzle, motherly, rabbled, spooks, reddish spool. This rabble unspoiled and its
So that's what it's supposed to at analogies almost up job is just a devil. We, as a people, needs to the things Quaker Trump visited the things he say, isn't just entertainment it the true of the matter. What are you a cat mean? This is like a racist cavalry raises Ilulissat. Those are sick, essay the means that the mistakes were in there with the little love brackets, yellow brat little sick brackets caught princesses sick sick.
I'm sorry, I seldom comment on this guy, but it's no wonder America is the laughing stock of the world. The leader is an idiot clown. While we got we were glad you broke your silence, he had read it out. I don't always common on Trump, but when I do I'm mistaking satire for real, I want to hear it hears alone. I want to hear the evangelical attempt to explain this away. It said if I say this, oasis. The way that it said, I do not know the race of the person who yeah I don't either, so I will try not to I'll try to be as neutral he bout to be stuck by lightning. Yours, but he's stuck, and then it says later you didn't say lightning, yet lightening, yellow ie and I d like to skin is gonna start
the morn lighter bailouts struck by lightning Now I don't know whether to believe this or not, but if this is true, go ahead and nail the coffin, you know what is gone. I'm trying to figure out this like already in the coffin and they're waiting for confirmation, suing eldest they're, all that the hammer yep it's true, or I push him off into a hole. I want more. I tried to fact check this with no luck Yet she said this than he is the Anti Christ. How did you try to fact check this? Yet? No one, I'm curious out. What did you just look at the website and goats at work is clearly its. At least it only was it the bare minimum you can do is read the name of the webpage and I click on it and say: oh, this is,
on twitter is right there in the fake news, the big bang. It actually says fake news. You can trust now, so we call ourselves fake news. Proudly, ok, it is our show for today and if he knew you show a baby near show with lots of cool predictions and top articles and grow cocoanuts economy, long episode, gas, epic episode of that's good, and we are actually can continue for a while longer with great cocoa, and that is just for our subscribers. Those of you and become a subscribe, if you want, if you want your new year's resolution, to be subscribing to the Bam Lamby. Go then, go to Babylon beta com plans and to get full length ad free, podcast ahead inform at certain levels a gift and more benefits, add no ads on the website yeah. It's the number one buildings are the worst man ads are horrible. I don't please
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Can we really are less good? Ex cop would have bombed horror me. I never would have taken us, ok so anyway by but given the highly they would like to thank, says Dylan for paying bills Adam forward for creating their job. The other writers for tirelessly pitching headlines subscribers and you Know- is now until next time. This is Davy Andrea Voice of the Babylon Bee, reminding you that
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