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Episode 31: Leftism, Liberty, And Lightsabers With Dave Rubin

2020-01-08 | 🔗

In the thirty-first episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle talk with Dave Rubin about freedom of speech, his journey from being a left progressive to a classical liberal, and how Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a total cinematic failure. Dave is an American political commentator, YouTube personality, stand up comedian, talk show host and total Star Wars nerd. He is the creator and host of The Rubin Report, a political talk show on BlazeTV and YouTube.  

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Show Outline

Introduction - Kyle and Ethan discuss the stories of the week.

Story 1 - San Francisco Dogs Begin Bagging People Poop

Story 2 - Democrats Call For Flags To Be Flown At Half-Mast To Grieve Death Of Soleimani

Story 3 - Thousands Of Panicked Terrorists Surrender As Trump Deploys Jack Wilson To Middle East

Interview - Dave Rubin

Kyle and Ethan discuss with Dave Rubin the differences between the political left and right, his journey from left progressive to classical liberal. and how leftism is destroying comedy, journalism, and movies (like Star Wars).  They also discuss which private mega-corporation should run the government in a libertarian utopia where everything is privatized.

Hate Mail - an iTunes reviewer isn't a fan of our giggling.

Paid-subscriber portion

Story 1 - Woman Who Scoffs At Your Religion Still Checking Her Horoscope Every Day

Story 2 - Woman Slapped By Pope Sells Hand For 1.3 Billion Dollars

Story 3 - Castro’s Campaign Fails As Democrats Realize His First Name Isn’t Fidel

Dave Rubin Interview (continued)

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Although this is news, you can trust news so controversial. It's been banned on seven of aid, planets your listening to them, Babylon, with your hosts file, man and ease, and nickel welcome to the only podcast. That is one hundred percent fact checked and verified by all the factors that seen in slopes and Buzzfeed Goddamn does a sick, cultural reference bro trying to be on the cusp of things that are happening the other day by Son MESSENGER not supposed to be on the internet. Ok, Well, if they say hey dad, can I googled surfing just search just randomly surfing and
I saw them in IRAN Buzzfeed taking a quick to see which Harry Potter House they were stupid. Buzz is telling reap real people and that's that they built their entire empire and two because, as you know, it's crazy do. Have you clicked on Buzzfeed lately and looked at her with his there like one of them is like What do you take me for wilt, we'll tell you which Harry Potter House you are and based on what salad you like, like you tell them what salad you like. There's an in what lab, where they can cocking these quizzes airily. Drawing this conclusion is dumb, but, unlike Thus we are. We are verified, so this causes the people she words like. Oh, I guess I'm a genius issues like yeah. It's like you fallen for this lady
because if they know your share anything, if it tells you that there is it tells you you're a genius, your share it with your friends and then click on it. Nay wanna see their genius. It isn't the irony by sharing it, you surely do you not see that all the time on Facebook and staff. Here you see the person and soon you love shares in a busy. You said so sad. We should do a quick on the Babylon Bee like take this quiz and we will steal your identity to celebrate We'll call you a genius while equality steal, your identity is also well. We have some kind of a ship plan for today I'm, impressed that where this far the shown you have made a, I haven't, seen you since last decade I forgot well,
Can that, although our last punkahs was published after the new you're right, but we didn't recorded- and that's true from before this offers pike as we recorded in twenty twenty is very it feels like a new year. You know, I think it is, but it feels like Yeah, it's weird birds are singing. It fills similar known, it turned two thousand or its very futuristic sounding here. If you grew up here, I need Yet two thousand and twenty is a very weird when it turned two thousand, I feel it everything was being called like. It would add two thousand to the individual. That time, like movies, cuz. You never spelled out one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine yeah. It was an exciting two thousand two thousand and five the whole thing out. Every time I think there was windows, two thousand came out, although I guess they always do a year. Would you ready windows, ninety five, when using Amarillo,
when they rarely air and why and people are calling those that decade, the arts, I think the arts weird answered, not very sounds gonna hillbilly or some two, thousands, twenty tents, Tony's or twenties. Now I'm actually happens, it's easier to say twenty. The twinning Cm Mason tens, doesnt yeah apostrophe, twenty either the twenty twenty. So we're gonna have a prohibition, this decade and believe I think we're gonna have flatterers and gangsters Little underground, tunnels, yeah and the species look afford us good speak easy, and so I think there is a speak easy down like in San Diego. There was one for awhile. Is it count if its legal know what it was like put upon social media like you have to knock and say John sent me. You know that was the whole fun of it. I don't know I don't get. I don't necessarily get the appeal, but Dan goes to a reformed church, which is basically like
you just the press, a button and, like all the panel's turn until the sir microbrewery shaking his head, you can hear him, but that's ok, so we have a financial plan for today. Yeah we do and what's going to happen on, the show is that Dave Reuben is gonna come on with us yeah, you might have heard of him he's not quite as big as we are in the pot. Guessing world is up near his he's up. There he's got some fans one or two, you tubes, some Youtube, so you tubes to vans you tubers, amid literally big Van de Reuben, here he's he does great interviews like long form. In depth. He'll. Have anybody on or come on? He said he's peace corps. Towards libertarian, as may think or because of,
ask liberal butter from me more left, leaning in the past, and I believe he consider himself recently he's come away from being completely secular, is in terms of an atheist anymore. That's good! I think has do with hang hanging out with Jordan Peterson so much and when I Jordan Petersen, so. Anyway, would we haven't intervening at what rights we're talking at this moment we're going to, and hopefully in the and yes, I am looking forward to see some boys went to meet Costa said, and I heard yes chickens at his house on seed is true I won't get to meet the chickens, maybe maybe forgotten we meeting and I'll meeting out. So we're gonna, vicariously interview, Jordan Petersen through day Reuben. Let's talk about some stories stories the week every week stories these are. Some of them are first story,
this week, San Francisco dogs, begin begging people poop at China to laugh. Why read the phrase? People poop people, Boop utterly gets a technical scientific cos creation? Young? Is people poop jars with that label on them in the land of some amazing jar with Libya and asking me This was an idea submitted to us by Babylon, be Subscriber Randal, labyrinths and submitted in a while ago, and it's been sitting in my draft folder and I was on vacation. I said you know what I'm gonna throw this Then edit, that's rare that you allow poop and headline. This is true unexamined, Cisco, broader on themselves and what was glorious is actually found an already done, Photoshop of AIDS. Holding it back to you. Now you are going to adjust pasted it lamely horribly on a background.
I called it a day and then it might star wars, Jeddah fallen order, the rest of the day so worked out. For me. I we're thinking about taking a trip to San Francisco this summer, me my family and I'm a little frightened by the stock of feces yeah I'll bet. It's a certain area, though they may just the downtown. That's how it is like a like people talk about huge homeless problem and you can do you alone be like senior that, but he dragged out certain streets during the streets of the city, and now we went to that event recently and it did you guys, drive by the yellow ten sitting so kind of defence yeah. SAM people pooping in the streets of Philip go. I should I should have more to say on this. I feel it is like right up your area may we're talking about poop humor, toilet, humor, my daughter has decided purpose endlessly hilarious.
She is the union aged honour that my other girl, like I, don't know, systems context of in store. I would tell of Calvin. Keep saying that you never Samuel before I I don't wanna carried away. I was right, you you saying he say somethin heaps outlook as there was ass for songs on the car. He d start asking the poop song, there's no such thing, but then she disliked if so hard for like five minutes and then she said What song you wanna hear his Boop song, Ngos again and as the cycle continues, we woke up the other day to my three year old son. In our room. Talking to our Alexa, then saying Alexa play raining, tacos, nice, so again to wake up to its raining. Tacos seminary. You know that guy, don't you he added! I make that up in my head. If you listen to my other pon cast audio mullet, he did the theme song
are you move, it can be seen hold them suffer as a result of moonlit avare. You smashing win. Ok, well, so go to San Francisco. Have you ever had the bathroom outside on the ground? I mean p numbered number two: when we would do like men, I have a horrible stir overnight driver only portion of remind me out of touch with the camping. The campaign, my camping, will have done a backpacking bad. What is with you and like bodily functions as having a story about it every time, one great one. I done it in like a lake before like swimming in your I go. I can't make sure he added that an we weren't creek. Can. I thought I had gone the right direction
but we owe our battery assuming an insult me, instead of it floating guards ass. Play trying to get out of way. It's like it felt like it was trying to attack everybody while we'll probably popping a bunch of people's Monical's right now. We were talking about the girl right next to it far when there's a dead counted, it was broken our Congress Creek like the idea of the monocle. So that's what's happening right now, often well to the highbrow babble hung with people upon a cast iron extorted. Next story. Democrats call for flags to be flown at half mast, degree. The death of solely money, stolen money, its proud column? Is it so I say as a throwback reference so hours from Lester Greg Opel agreed episode, but a problem because in sea that listen to absolute gaps in it was great. So
honey I haven't heard and pronounce out loud actually happened yet I'm only when reading it. I never watched news broadcasts or anything. So I never get the princess the guy and I ran from exploded. That would you know, like in other languages like in the past in the Bible. It'll be like in his name, meant one who sits upon rock or whatever, like that's. I like the idea that that's what set him on his name means What did you say? One who trumpet exploded? The one who was blown into tiny bit spoke so I'm just a guess where the story is not true. Neither is a ring this one up his cause, there's a tweet from oh Lady of when her position once, but she was very you're, not yourself like an internet fact, misinformation, expert, Ireland or something like the Scruff Mcgrath of the internet.
I am she said. I just want to go to see that this are you maybe can read the tweet. I can actually so you in a female voice. Sure ok, opposed from a secure website has been shared more than five hundred thousand times saying the dean you called for the flock to be at half mast because of solemn honey. Some family members just called because their republican friends on Facebook, or circulating like it's legit. We have a lot of work to do all you selling pulling the Humane rather Nostra Ozma Kip things you can pretty soon. I was so distracted by the voice beat it in many more attention to the actual her. There was a concept that, because
This is being shared a lot, it's being misunderstood along elegance. All people thinking is were true and I'm sure there are some who were treatment or whatever you want to come, but then it was so. This was shared by seeing in reporter. Yes, her tweet, we share by Singapore, and he was upset that this article was shared at least as many times. As I see it in New York Times, take their top now there are large echoes of the week and then he says having a disk having a disclaimer beer somewhere on your site. That says it's satire seems like a good way to get around a lot of the changes Facebook has made to reduce the spread of clickbait. In this information. I assume he talks like that. I don't know
three requisite. Second, it blew up this morning and it is good to see you I'd be fans were defending Essen swarming. It's like this idea and we're like doing this insidious treatment of people in a sense, though, is the same thing. It's the motive. They assign that motive that you are because we don't get dishonoured. Dont and because targeted the wrong way slick yet strange way wisely asking why wisest believable its again. You mean in the sense of like maybe the response from some people. Left was so likewise, and so we will that they will get If I a mast, why are they so close to setter, yeah, should be the concern that you have bigger concern now everybody says whenever
Whatever I got, that has a unit whatever one's, probably better. My hot take. What is probably true. It's hard to get you to care about anything yeah do I care has like either was. Will we do care about things alot this stuff? I do really no care that much flash in the pan. We care about eternal things. That's right, we're too good, for that was because of answers. What am I showed you so many more qualified people to talk about the stuff in me. Nobody can make punts you. Can you help I'll make some economic ponds and stuff. So so anyone yet is weird milk. So to me I am not sure that that striking Solomon, it was a great idea. I dont know time will tell right. I was like a military stuff, I don't know, I don't have all been tell them
went into that decision and I don't you Samuel. I think they could make all decisions from their armchair twitter foreign policy experts smell like, but at the same time I think you can be sceptical of the decision to kill him without, like sympathising with actual literal terrorists. We heard it just seemed. I got some weird line that people understand that allow people cross anyway, on this bizarre thing, retook trumped, like announced that he's gonna bomb, fifty two or yes, oh yes, ice its fills a gap. Batman comic, This will be the fifty to reside Sylvia for the to see a vote now trumpets twinning back forthwith, Kim Jong legacy thing. It's is so bizarre. These world leaders like tweeting, truly I know I envy the threats,
I ran like foreign policy guys on Twitter, which it is crazy to me. You're he's got a million plus followers and he's tweeting back in Actually Bob. You don't think our than cats that this weird me to see this guy in this country way over there. That's, like you, know, Tweet, Mr Back, I don't it's it's a brave new world. It is also the name of a novel nineteen. Fifty four I'll just huxley- this Huxley eldest Huxley. I didn't like it much. Ok, yeah. I read a tune and an Iphone nineteen. Eighty four was much ok. Let's move onto our third storey, thousands of panicked terrorist surrender as Trump deploys Jack Wilson to the Middle EAST refresher Jack Wilson is the guy from the Texas Church, the Texas church shooting yes,
three way, church of Christ. So this is obviously one of those things were. A lot of people are saying. Oh maybe this is too far. Maybe shouldn't joked about a shooting them, and I echo sympathise with that. Guy, I told you especially if someone actually did die and any guilt one gun two things a too and ended up into earning was one originally than someone else. So I think I was more trying to give it tribute to the sky. The stag Wilson is always the ottoman. I hate it when the headline says like two dead and the murderer, and yes it and wondered when dead and then another assigned to do that. For now I didn't really so I'm guy, I agree. I am using those situations as far as fodder for a joke. Toys feels like it's a fine like family,
I was Texan, Bang Forthwith Dan and I was like we have to have some kind of tribute for Jack Wilson, because I also I'm actually and off people like that they can just totally keep your cool and secure. Even if I had a gun, I would be like just firing in the air, and I would know what to do. You know this guy thinking, it's it's you router. It's like, mental issue must have no one is going to die. He had come to the church before I guess and Triassic for help and he was having issues in the present. This whole thing happen and two point: five seconds is crazy. The guys like a Jack Wilson stood up just through his one shot. As I had you anything really, I don't want to know why I am crazy and there are like six other church members that pulled out their thereof, revolvers, pistols or whatever. I wonder if the people, the girl at church, Philip there in living in a prison
like dishonest people, guns are error. Will you know that's the argument when now must be just having bodyguard that schools? I know, is: what's the school, a prison prison? What kind of horror to live in their guard. Guns standing around. Every government building in existence. One is an exciting schools. The difference in prison because they're gonna shoot the prisoners shooting someone has never been. So what is the police state is weird where that act like that's like so out landing, but then you this is such a example. You know I mean if I gave these. Locked into it, but what the church it would not have much against their nature here, the southern California, with like windows, hipster a church, flannel girl, annulled church
yeah beards and alive coffee, collage of hope is needed. Mosaic, that's a little commas illegally are confirming Mcmanus yeah. I'm not sure I make money As you know, this church mariner is our marriage. Can. I also went to Ecclesiam, which would also be a very the gun free zone, the other hipster Hollywood church. You D, gotten Lula, probably got a lot more Shelton yeah. I don't mean to me it's a totally different culture from us here like on the left and seeing like six people, poor guy link, and yet I forgot to pick a church and evident now just a minute kind. I grew up in that culture in small town organ, my more guns room. But I gotta people are afraid of them aren't around. That is a We did not know about you here. I mean, like two people, think
if there's a lot of people walking around that have guns than what we're shooting is going to happen on this just generally, not how it works, yeah, swell, the news has been thoroughly covered and you don't need to turn any other new sources, because we ve just given you all the most important during the week as we are highly and and educated, and we're going to talk to Dave Reuben now here comes presenting an exclusive Babylon, be interview beautiful everybody we are sitting here with Dave, Reuben now like to just read is insured, but it comes off early wooden because he has stirred up Wikipedia psych we can only already addressed all Reuben Day of far right extremists. Nazi that's a good stuff on Wikipedia out of the it hasn't been vetting of information there, but the Asia and american political commentator. You two personality, stand up comedian and talk, show host.
This. Doesn't this isn't really pain of picture here yeah? This is just you mean it didn't say: Coke there's funding. That is not the first any there's a whole section on that in the middle. What a crap factory wicked They turned into right, like what is what a great idea Wikipedia was this idea of really crowd sourcing and finding new ways of getting to some some truth in some information and it's just become a place for Botz controls and adjust the worst underbelly awful people of the internet to manipulate him information that they want, and sadly the mainstream media and the other, as I was put airports around journalists now they still think it If you look at eight of everything, I suppose, if you're gonna, like hippopotamus assumptions, still not too bad, it's not too, how are they haven't been deliberately skewer two. How are they haven't been politically secured? There are rhinoceros.
This is definitely all right. It hasn't. It has hit hippos rhinos, answering rhinos tat. I was a good one. Yeah, they rhinos, they got it yet. I was totally intentional browser Exxon, if anybody does no Miss Garabin converted, He was a Prager, you yeah, You used to be like Joseph Stalin, and there you name were like Adolf Hitler, so I any sales a little bit about that. We now have you did. You have become Dhahran Paul moment has value the winners in the way he said Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, your hands, weren't that for now hold limit. I made a horde of emotion and very close together your hands couldn't a little further audio. What you know it's kind of Yes, I was a lefty. I was a progressive. I was a bird supporter I worked at the freak and young Turks. You know,
I still young whether I am very pleased about that they're, not young and supposedly the name. The young Turks has nothing to do with the actual young Turks who committed the armenian genocide. As a total coincidence, coincidence, but here I was, I was left either way I describe it really is that leftism is sort of the the factory settings that we're all sort of brought up. If you, if you grow up in America, their swords and you go to public school and you listen to mainstream media and the rest of it were sort of brought up in the idea that left is good. Right. Is bad Democrats, like poor people, Republicans like money Democrats want peace. Republicans want war this this completely false sort of crazy thing that you know that we all just sort of, except that we just accept as the base level truth, and I think that's why so many p young people are attracted to the ideas of leftism and really now socialism. Goods is just stuff that you kind of accept that all sounds right. Give money!
to these people take money from these people. The whole series of those thing and sadly I bought it like most people bought it and then, when I was on the young Turks and now this is after about a year they're. So around two thousand and fourteen I just saw a series of things I was like something is seriously, not Eureka and not be that every single person that disagrees with these people is a racist and a big it in a homophobia and Islam up open and the rest. It is nonsensical buzzwords and then a couple. Things really happened in a row that that broke it. For me, first one was the same Harris appearance on real time with Omar that I'm sure you guys are aware when he got into it with Afflux, where Afflux refused to understand the difference between people and ideas, meaning you shouldn't be bigoted towards people. In this case they were talking about Muslims, but you can criticise Islam the same way. You could criticise Judy.
A more political platform or anything else, you should be able to criticise, but not a banal. Christianity, not are you can definitely criminalize dressed. He added. I won't be back not well for these people that that that's their name living mantra is too endlessly criticized Christianity and, sadly, I sort of bought into a lot of that nonsense. Until I had a couple breaking moments, that was one Charlie Have no is another one were suddenly the left with saying you can't do satire, I mean you guys. Might that might we ve? Never. That might be never doubted tat ever that might be personal to you guys and then they couple others. I was on air ones and we were they were shown, a clip of David Webbed. You guys know David web he's a serious Ex M gag conservative who happens to be black. We were friends from my old serious exam days and I'm watching and they're talking about how he's it, because he's a conservative in his black he's a sell out and he's an uncle Tom and Bob. I am thinking
they don't know this, but that's my friend I, as the guy that I've been out to dinner with many times, has been to my house in his wife's, been here and all these things he's my friend. I know he believes these things, but you guys as the taller and left ease and the people who love diversity. You see a black guy who doesn't think the way you wanted to think and now he's evil. Well, guess what racism. So so there were theories series things like that that that woke me up, and then I was just kind of open about my evolution. Suddenly. I realize there's a lot of people that are feeling this thing. So there there's no more. You go from that being internal to coming our external you. Actually it burst Where does that happened? In your life, like reacts, legal, I'm in a publicly be seen with despised people. These hot people will first of all you know they would. Why was this the effect on you like yeah war at first, I just started
slowly. Talking about what I thought was happening. So if you watch you know when we re branded my show and it became really an interview shown I sort of talk more about free speech. This is now fall of twenty fifteen. I just I still felt I was a lefty. I still felt I was a Democrat and all of those things- and I was really just starting to talk about from at from lefty perspective, what's going on here with this identity politics thing: what is this really pernicious new racism and an monster? That's coming out of my side and then suddenly it was like all the liberals, all the remaining good liberals, like I can't me too, I'm here to I'm here to SAM Harrison and Peter Bogosian and GAD sad and a series of these people better- that are true, liberals, classical liberals, but not cry
He left these and then I started finding some community around that and then the show really started blowing up, because there are a lot of people see in this thing. But yes to answer your question directly, it's it's a crazy moment when you just start saying things that not only are true but our right and our really what you, what you feel and then to suddenly get call all of the worst things known imaginable, nazi and big it. In all of these things I mean I grew up around Holocaust survivors, so you know it's not just like throwing these flippant words, people and getting called these things by people who know you forget, forget the internet, trolls and the enemy avatars, and you know all that massive. I mean literally people who were invited to my wedding. You know texting me saying: you're you're, racist now and then be responding single, I'm not a racist. Could you point out? How am racist
Then they can really do it and then they get angry. So they start yelling at you more. So actually, my my book, that's coming on April in that really is what it's about, not just the evolution part, because I think a lot of people get that now it's how to survive after you sort of come out of the political closet, but yeah it's crazy and at every one has this story right. I'm sure you guys have a version of it too. You know unless you were basically a conservative from day one and you ve been called evil. Since the day you were born you as a white christian mail at say, everyone basically has some sort of political awakening in if you leave the left and especially for minority by the way, some meaning, if you're, gay or black or jewish, or or something like that. They can't have minorities walking, because if you and that's why they, he can do so and so much cause she's, really she's taking black America in many ways and saying I'll. Do I'll be Moses Let's go guys get get, and let me let me part the river and let's get going so they
They want to extract a really high cost if you are a minority and walk and then again that really shows that they are racism in their obsession with those immutable characteristics that I think conservatives and right, leaning, people just don't care about is also a kind of zones is also white supremacist. Yes, I know I was at her wedding and it was always premises in the priest was a white supremacist. There was really something and we interviewed oeuvres shocking comes in with the swans, whether armband, you know she's? great girl, you don't it addresses, like you know, sometimes some of my more lefty cruel say to me: did you shouldn't be so closely associated with her lonely with her cause? You know she's a little over the top and whenever it it's like. Do you realize that this girl, who is basically a nobody you timber two years ago, when I first etc? My shown that's the one that really put her on the mat she had like forty thousand subscribers. She was just scrap, invite it to see if she can make some inhabit. The girl is truly a world
I'd phenomenon right now and we become very, very good friends and it's like does she'd, sometimes say things that are a little over the top or like things that I disagree with a poor. She does as everyone might, but it's like it's not my job to control her eye. What she has done is such a net, good, that if every now and again she says I'm a little Mary. You know she said something about. If you burn the flag, you shouldn't you shouldn't, be. Citizen intercept worthy of it, and it is my word you people who like to eat. You have two. You have to say something about that and it's like I'm not in the business of policing. Every one of my friends spots I know that a good business to be it, but it's not the business. I mean what looks like, but that a little bit free speech Association now I'm always curious. Your big free speech advocate I'm going, look curious like where that line there. You know, and as we are talking about this just before we came in and out Nazis on the street corner, let's say that say we ever would say we have eight an uprising in theirs.
Million, Nazis, margarine but they're not doing anything right. They're just saying nazi things, so where's the line for you, yeah. Well, I boomers, but I do believe in the original acl. You argument, which I m sure you guys are well aware of the case of Skokie Illinois, where the NEO Nazis wanted to march in one of the most heavily populated holocaust survivor. Our cities in the United States and the ACL. You defended their right to do that. I do believe they should have been allowed to do that as long as they're, not directly calling about you're allowed to say
awful things you are? I mean this is the trade off of what the first amendment is. Everyone says for free speech and then someone says saying offensive in the needle, but not so do I want horrible people to be able to say things I do because otherwise you just push all this stuff underground, and then you actually also give them the victim complex and they ate then because of the internet. Now, especially, you got all these people who can anonymously create whenever groups therein and then now their victims to and you you ve done, you actually added a lot of a lot of fuel to the fire. So for me personally, the way I do the show I dont want look. Also you guys were my house right now, like rain, were in my garage. You guys now know where I live. So I would. I want a white nationalist who I would defend his right to free speech. Do I really want him in my house? Probably not maybe I could do and off
interview if I felt it was a worthwhile conversation, but there are some conversations that I'm not that interested in. So if your position, let's say, is purely you want America to be some sort of white identity, Marian country or even if you want American, be a black identity area country or something like that. That idea so counter to everything. I believe it so counter to the ethos of what America is. I really have no interest in that conversation, but the direct answer, your question of where that line is its tricky, because everyone's got a different ever got different threshold and tolerance for it. So I try to bring in into this very room as wide a group of people across the board with interesting about it, though, is I can bring on a far left the there's. No, the left has no guardrail right when you talked anyone on the left. There's no left that's too far, less right, so Linda's our sore is pretty horrific, but she can be associated with Bernie Sanders and then she can also be associated with. This far, Canada's like nobody really gate, keeps them on that. But if you bring
in Shapiro you're, suddenly too far right now, it's like actually Shapiro just saying this stuff, Ronald Reagan was say in twenty five years ago. So if, if the Britain window has shifted that far we're in a lot of trouble, so a That's also why it's like everything that we're doing right now in talking about I can trump really has a great understanding of this is that you have to stop playing by the left's rules because they don't even play by their own rules. They set up rules for basically conservatives and right, leaning, libertarians classical liberals to play by, but they don't play by among themselves and Trump is basically icon in a play that game in and that's pretty much, why he's winning is also a genius Annie's. Obviously, a very humble Julie or religious and woe landed with its theory. I invite them to enable I mean seems like the right does it? Maybe this what you are getting up at the right as a better job of self policing in over the right will say: oh you're too far right, but the left. What say you to violence
you see this all the time right, so all of the main stream lets it not only mainstream. I mean all of like the. U two pod cast people that are popular on the right say to ship Euro and Jordan Peterson. Me. If that's where a matter aid, I call on all of those who still have that body. They ve let amounting Itunes, store it's weird, but all of those people, it's very clear. We, have some limits of who will talk to its very clear but, as I said before it, it's like the left. You can just talk to anybody. You can bring on or easy crazy conspiracy there is? I mean even look at me. Look what's happening with ran right now, the level of insanity that these people are spewing and Emma is literally. Did you see this last night's MSNBC had analysed on whose repeating uranium state propaganda that thirty american soldiers were killed? It didn't happen, so you. Literally MSNBC repeating uranium in propaganda. You know you have so
Simply it's like we're in this very strange position where Podcast Youtube shows in the rest of and regular people. People come up to me on the street near like they were. The only and I trust my flower bed we're here rob you know I really like that should not be I'm not a journalist. I'm telling you what I what I believe to be true and am interviewing people, but that really shows you how far they ve burned down the institution of journalism. At this point stressing the me just looking at a couple years ago are another we'd be having this conversation is this. You talk about strange alliances on Gaza in a word to christian guys, start making jokes in there
is that legal? But I have the, but that's actually you know one of the things that I have really been moved by and last year is what's going on with the christian community at large him, and I spoke at Liberty University, which is the largest christian conservative College in the United States. I spoken from fourteen thousand people. I was a legitimate. It felt like a political rally. Just to put that in context when I'd toward with Jordan Petersen, for we did not a hundred twenty stops it about twenty countries, the largest theatre, that we did with six thousand people. So really I mean fourteen thousand people and these people were incredible of every single person that I met. I wandered I took a tour. Our camp is couldn't have been nicer. I get invited to churches to speak now and all sorts of christian events. People know I have different the illogical differences, they lifestyle differences, whatever you want to call it and what I see
just consistent tolerance ability to deep disagree agree to disagree. So, there's something really nice happening there and its great that's the light. The judge guys. Could you just ease up on the agenda, because they cannot you people being funny and that's how we reverted yeah Magus. That's an sing into your that stand. Meaning comedian stand you to be funny before all there in what is that, power of jokes? Why is away what? What is it in triggering yeah Oscar Wilde right if you gonna tell people the truth, you better be funny kill you, I mean that's out of the basic idea right. We don't want to be levelled with the truth just every day in some dry fashion, but where you can smuggle truth, then I'll get it security is by being funny. So that's all What's so interesting right now about how comedy has crumbled, as were watching all of these institutions crumble. Now we ve got a couple good comics right, your palace, great Romans, great and writ what Ricky
it did at the golden. Globes was aimless humor. The name issue more is amazing and that in a diet of Chelsea handler is just like she's just resurrected Joan Rivers. Those that no, not really very, very comic common criteria, Then the comics who are intentionally not funny of UNESCO stupid, but but it's not a coincidence that all of the institutions are crumbling and then at the same time, comedies crumbling and another. Comedy creativity. In general, I mean you guys: Pine Alma, huge star wars guy and it's like star wars has has just imploded on itself, even though the last movie was fine and J J tried really hard to fix the massive last yet I buy, almost like you know, Disney now, own star wars end the Marvel movies and it's like we're just regurgitating all of the stuff that was written
forty years ago and we we need new experiences. We need new adventures but to relate that two comedy comedians for the last thirty years. Basically just all became lefties, and if Europe, if you're, left the in essence your for the power you know this is the funny thing about what the left these do is they always say there against the power accept all of their solutions, to give more power to government a government is the power, so they'll be yelling at people on the right. Who generally are trying to take some power away from government, often fail at it and don't do it and combat campaign one way and govern another way, but leftism is the ultimate suck up to power. You know, they'll tell you, governance, horrible blood all we have to do is give it more money. You know an and then comedy sorted got bamboozled by that, and then you ve got comedians that were black face. Like Sarah Silberman now calling everybody else, racist and and Jimmy Kimmel, you know column people racist and he's been in blacklist. They also dated I, if it was just that
black face or what are making their. So there's a weird state, a comedy, but I can tell you this that in the last year, or so, I have got back into stand up a little bit. So when I was on tour with Jordan, if we had an off night, I would just do the local club, no I've, nobody open for me. I do about an hour and I'm really more dumb doing more, like a circus act then stand up, I'm given away things and I've audience participation and you and I and I bring people on stage and I'm just having fun cause. I dont really needed anymore, so it's not really traditional stand up in that way, but we sold out every club. I do it, it's really weird to go from. You know I did the struggling stand up life when no money and nobody shown up for you work in a crappy clubs and that whole thing and now it's like I dont, really need it now. People show for he is really strange dichotomy or something. But I guess that's just the artists adventures. I you know, I'm not. You know you brought it up in Europe.
Speech they're gonna executed in that very wrong scenario: science. You started talking about something really serious that we need to get into so the last. Yet I yes right of Skywalker not yet will last year is one of the worst movies ever made, and it was very clear that Ryan Johnson doesn't like star wars. I mean his whole thing was to burn down star wars. That's what he tried to do anything, ending of force awakens that brilliant moment, like I've, never seen it so you You never even seen a commemorative nobler together If you wanna go, get a water, something this wicked its playing. I lied. Heathens laid my bedroom, Malta outlawed. The star we're thinking to Quicken Button, but this belatedly brilliant moment at the end of force awakens with with ray handing him handing Luke the lifesaver and then to have that horrible opening of last year, I withdrew its general hawks that that phone call it doesn't work
the bombs, the drop in debates- and I didn't you know- that's how I can get over though, because they ve got some technology that reverses gratifying jump into hyperspace through a capital share might come up with that. Stupid and why was it purple haired lorry dern? What you just introduced or a burn out of nowhere? You give her purple hair and it's like why she do it should have been Akbar. It should have an app the aim of fitting, give him again today that we kill em off camera like just every level of it was lazy, nonsense fin. Could it died in it the movies it wouldn't mattered? What's her name at least they took her out and, lastly, the erosion of road. Well. I guess you start talking in their like one and I dont want. I want you to stay over here, and would you But then I got a jar jar by the way at it. In the second priority in an attack of the clowns, but I think J J did everything he could to fix it as much as possible, but it's just irreparably damaged that. Being said. I keep tweeting this out and more and more people are starting to agree with me. I think, as the years go by the principles are gonna, look better and better and better
you put. You have to put aside a little stiff dialogue to put away a little of the I'd say a terrible ass, a I don't sound its gritty in Burma. You have to get rid of bad acting he's a horrible actor, but if you get rid of that, be the story of the pre cools, putting aside the Jedi the idea that palpitating faked a war in effect to work both sides against you, some universal about that yeah. There's the it's: it's a great libertarian story actually and it shows about accumulation of power and why you should be wary of politicians and all that so and also, I think, general Grievous was a cool character and I think revenge ass. It is actually a pretty great be in and of itself, so maybe they'll relays at other. I'm either release those where you come again: prickles yeah! That's what I got it. No see g in acting that he always intended back back. That's a great, but also that you know what I was saying about. How Disney now owns all of these things. It's like it. The new
I feel very much like big Hollywood things and, of course they are big Hollywood things, but even as biggest star wars was when George Lucas did the pre cools. It was still here operation his shop, where an original creator of all those things and by the way. That is why some of the flaws there, because he becomes biting off he would euros. Georgia is the first cd character, fully CSI character in a movie, so he was doing technological jumps while at the same time trying to tell this massive story and directed and produce it, and maybe he just needed a little more help cause. You know he didn't direct empire strike back a return of the jedi, but for the people's he directed all of them. So I think that I just needed a little more help. Perhaps, but I have nothing but love for Georgia. Lucas and I all these people that aid everything all the time and George rose up in hot shot, first learn that is like dude. He gave you your dreams
he didn't do it exactly perfectly. He gave you your freak and dreams, give him a break, and he also starting to look like a star wars character. It is critical that a big neck he could be read in the tat in those tattooing bar. I was surprised how much rise of Skywalker like pretty much specifically apologized for things. The last General Walker. That's what I'm saying you are looking at the screen and say: hey sorry about the last movie goes. You know we were going to move on with a real star wars store in literally did that I mean win, win, win, Luke catches, the lights ever you show you that they were not what he really crackers anchors. We know that I believe it I'm leaving aside heat the movie was a flower bed. You knew it was a flower bed, you one more time. The movie was a flower bed, terrain and you could tell J J did not like any lemming, even the fact that that watch where words an emigrant
air and road girl Rosa. I remember you are so much like when bad memories block of the additives, but even the fact that he only gave her two minutes was telling Ryan Johnson you're a fool united me like all of it the snow queen. When you know he walked in, I created snow. It was like screw you do. We must take care that molest. So I like J J, he did everything he could do, there's just no there's just not enough magic left in the in the whole of the eye. Kindness of it there's just not enough magic left unfortunate and it's like Chewbacca should die. I didn't want you back at a die, but the idea that re was going to use the dark side and and the electricity and accidentally killed, Chewbacca They give you our emotional moment and then they take it away from minute later and then see droopy here. Mind being erased. That's an emotional moment cause it's like a death, but then what happens? You get it right back so, every time they have a moment where you're like oh something, greedy happened. Something shocking happened, they just hand it back to you if it feels kind of empty.
So seeth repeals the robot Ethan. Yes, he's a nice guy row by airlines sailor, I back as the bear yes, that's. It sounds like when you sit around like there's like filipino people and their all. Gonna keep going in and out of it at this very much anything really weird words. Sound can aware. So here you know in star wars I was hoping we could be done with flowers yet cuz, I'm the baddest nerdiest guy, but I don't know why I don't got in star wars Look like this complicated line of thing. This week's complement what you think comics he's in the whole entertainment industry, the whole com? industry, Danny show industry and tourism STAR wars does, among other things, you don't you didn't. I watch me what movies and that it is. I got my leader indy comics thing for similar events, have you ever heard of the teenage mutant?
Gotta go up on him. Yes, I remember the fry remember baited sixth grade I was big comic book. Katy made senior comic books in May in the green room over there at, but I like star wars are, like you know: spider man, an ex man batman. All that- and I remember there was a super nerdy kid named Eric who had his locker next to me, six great. He walks in with a copy of teenage munitions. Alzheimer's. In this original blogger. I wonder where they, black and white at the time before they came like a big France. They started his black and was so maybe it maybe it was black and white, but he Blair do this. They were really so unless it must have been so. This is probably like. Nineteen. I would think I was in six or seven greater dislike nineteen, eighty, nine or That's a really right at the beginning of it, maybe a little bit later in that and I really like teenage mutant. Ninja turtles like this is literally the stupidest thing. I've ever was gotta work. Ok for those as India. Through so, can you give us any candid, Jordan Petersen stories from the road of no one's ever heard
that no one's ever heard before crazy stuff him complaining about the eminent in the green room. You know you don't need eminence yadda nutritional needs meet european jerky in words here I'll, give you the carcass of a cow and sign the roads, while arts can give you a we were driving from Like Kansas City to DES Moines. You know people think it's like we're flying everywhere. First class and it's like all great, but I wear it with us and the tour manager and we're in some your rented that's you be, and the car got a flat on the road and no Jordan I had you know, Shit, Danny is sitting in the parking lot with the gas station and all thing indeed just he just roles with everything like what I what I can say on the nice. I could say a lot of things are nice. I but everything that you guys know of Jordan and the idea is that he puts worth. I never saw him do anything that was counter to those ideas. Like you really tried his best, I think to live up to those twelve rules. He really did
On the funny the funny side, there was one night where you may have seen the picture where we were in London and we had dinner at Douglas with apartment with Douglas and who he does might know, and their wives or girlfriends friends whenever it is we're having dinner and you know rule, is it rule eleven a rule? Twelve is. If you see a cat on the street, you should patenting up. The idea, basically, is softened smell the roses. You know and Douglas has a cat and we're in there and I'm I'm super allergic to cats, so I'm kind of snipping, Naturally, in my eyes were watery- and I just I don't like cats but whatever and wherein there for a couple hours might have whiskey in line and everyone's havin a great time, and now it's like three four hours in like manner. Jordan has not pet this cat, like if he doesn't pet, this cat, like the guy's, a frightened? You know in a letter pet, this cat man announced
five hours and then we're leaving, and it's like one or two, a dot m and as we're walking out the door, Jordan literally sits on the floor. The cats bad was right in front of the door. He sits on the floor. In the cats bed. You can cut, it admitted picture Georgie's email, it really tall lanky whenever he gets down there and he sits therein for like five minutes, just strokes, the Gatt, my got our right he's the real deal he bathed with his tongue. He licked the cat. The whole thing now he's just you he's a good guy. You know he's going through it right now having havin some issues, but he's missed I've Diana. Do you guys feel that I sense, there's like a little bit of a hole in the internet right now that you know- and I think that's caused actually a little bit of of weirdness and a little bit of extra trolling in some bad ideas flourishing. Could I think he did such a good idea of of fighting. At impulses for young people who are really wouldn't have this issue, and I ran if Jordan Peterson,
No are you, and also he was a foreign policy hawk I ran would be wiped off the map and we'd have no problems more about. That is a thank you guys, mightily for coming here during world war through again. I'm sure there was a little extra traffic because of it but other than that man Then you need to know that how stupid these journalists are. In the end, the blue check twitter people in every thing. It's like you, people could not do anything. You couldn't employ anybody. You can barely Tyrone shoes. You don't have to do anything but talk about all of this nonsense as if you're an expert or pretend you know things that you dont know it's like. None of us know about what's really going on and what trumps plans are in an all of the personal relationships in the international policies and all these things and these people that ramp everything
so that so that good, decent but confused people think that were going into world WAR three, its eye trump, actually just reinstated deterrents like we killed a mastermind of terrorism and around the basically nothing. You know these rockets that they shot didn't, kill anybody. Although MSNBC said that even today, thirty people- but you know we reached we're starting to reinstate deterrence and that's how you stay out of wars. Don't stay out of wars by the being like, oh, you could do it. Every want were really nice. You know we stay at wars by saying you know, if you do some bad stuff, we're gonna do some worst stuff to you and I think in that regard, Trump has actually done a major policy shift here, but you know I guess world where three too
even the blue check on Twitter. Just your your check that are of little blackjack hardly travel checkmark. He could be a blue check. He could be enables easily. I hadda when their hand them out like candy than the old days and easy to people that have fewer than five hundred followers with the blue check. Yeah come on what an awful on any bad you get that jack. That's that's! Always an author of published Amazon Book nice. Very that is now me us. Making fun of people alone awesome Well, we don't have to tell anybody here to find you because. You're, not bigger than we are beginning. My you want a pump is, I was I was but come on out. So my books, coming out in April, is called. Don't burn this book at the copy we haven't. Copy here he took him, though she took it out here so that coming our neighbour you get that on Amazon or wherever, but more for that, take go to locals dot com and just see what we ve built. We can build seriously slick, custom, apps, you'll, get push, notifications,
you know right now- I've got a million to Youtube subscribers. I have no way of communicating with those people who, as we know, if I put a video out the algorithm, just crashes, it well. Congratulations! If you, if you join us on locals, your people will actually get no difficulty to their phone. When you're content comes out, you send the rules of your community. So if you want to be more strict on speech the me you can boot people at subscription basic, get rid of all the box and trolls, and I think it's a bottom up way of fixing a lot of the crazy internet stuff so that world send people locals dot com, it's not a dating site, a lot of you dating site it. I guess you could. You're dating site. As we get out, I would tell listeners if you haven't heard day, Reuben Show before Joe. What you do you you hear about somebody and you hear that little still may about them, whether them Tucker so or just anybody see people on your show. Look up the video Dave talks. Don't you get such a broader picture?
pursue still mean. I agree with them. If so much healthier to see, people can have ended, just have the sound bites. Now. Listen to me. That was me expanding my mind. When I start listening and I sat watching, videos are people. I thought I hated. Nevertheless, I hate that guy or against them again and then I know, is actually human yeah. I appreciate that, and you know in a time when everyone's burning bridges, yet let's build a couple bridges right, we're not let's see what happens, combine our thanks. Thanks gonna it let it and ongoing by right. Now is great, but that was not the entire conversation. As usual, we're tricky were scheming. We put, The rest of this conversation into the portion that debate subscribers access. We have who'd covered some more stories this time and We put those into these subscriber portion, long story,
get to a later. We are, but we do have some man Dan Frantic, scrambling for the hate mail button, because I just I don't just lowly build into the transition and are just dump it banana dumped. So you hate mail. This is a one star, podcast Review, and we're going those lily. What are we doing? You know we need to stop reading of people now. People want to get on with a view to the earth is not for me. Tried three episodes, and I just can't get past the immature giggling and inside jokes that these guy These guys start the show with I was drawn to the subject lines and was looking forward to hearing more about what was featured the wandering dialogue lost my interest quickly. Sorry, I had high hopes for this.
Perhaps they'll see some of these reviews and refine the show a bit give it another. Try in the future. To stop giggling. This hate mail, but it is like dislike male yeah strong destroy kind of fair. Can we, We set up front the shows not be for everybody. We are very clear about the yeah and I still feel like I'm happy that it finds people. It is far better. It's not only for everybody. Firstly, in the world of there's a lot of different ways to attack Ipod Cask and we just we're trying to do the most natural way for us, because otherwise it would be much work and we never got it done and I must I don't want to be you the daily. Why are people you already have I don't mean to be the prudence. Fucking has that have the answers for you here. We We the guys you're laughing sitting there, giggling and Ethan looking at things and say: hey that right
with this that's upon. Now Mister M: I'm self conscious certain my laugh now yet either the immature giggling, was referring to you probably do you get older, keen that Frank Giggle is pretty that's Frank's, Google's goal. That is called, when it was because I know that Frank was sitting alone in a closet, german word he was sitting alone is giggling. We use the word Was he laughing out in that Do you remember that little thousand waited. We there's an early episode, worry we read submission very bizarre submissions we had been given, as ever, is laughing at him. Yeah by remedy emphasised remembered that specific, laugh what it was about, so we'll have to go back I can really executive. Listen back to tobacco, Well, that's the end of our show. If you would like to continue on and hear full length episodes, you can go
Babylon be dot com slush plans. You can hold here full length every podcast. We have to a headline former subscribers can put headline ideas and you get a gift and more, but there- as you can support us about spending any dollars. You can do a survey on Itunes. It shares with a friend any feedback her love now go to Pakistan, Babylon beta com. You can follow even at ex cop on Twitter, exceed the british spelling or you can follow Kyle. If you want at the Undertaker Airlines criminals comment on this, So when you go out in his saddle on beef and puts a story that case so he signed up also Ella him too. Twitter, noise, landowners, and so he like, I was taught him about Twitter he's a good man. You dream really came true you're, like a word of Nazism butter Speaker, you sign up for it and designs in one of those names looks like a russian bought the annex
again coats, one two, seven, eight fire so just gettin, and then he was like you. I look like a Russian by Yeah I commented on something a unit posted in somewhat, have responded listen to this guy he's just a bought. You know I'm just like So then you just changes named Babylon beef. So that's the whole story and now he's Babylon, be worker worker me. So whatever Thenardier buddy I'll talk to you next week, Island Ethan, I would like to thank, says Dylan for paying bills on board for creating their job, the other writers who tirelessly pitching headlines subscribers and you the listener until next time. This is Davy, Andrea. The voice of the battle on be reminding you to go forth and rely on the Holy Spirit and also coffee.
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