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Episode 32: Testimonies, Hot Takes, And World War III

2020-01-15 | 🔗

In the thirty-second episode of The Babylon Bee podcast, editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle discuss this week's stories like the outbreak of World War III, CNN settling a lawsuit for defaming a teenager, and the recent geriatric beef between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Producer Dan Coats joins them to tell our stories about how we all became Christians. So, tune in to get to know the Bee boys. In the premium subscriber portion, Kyle and Ethan discuss Epstein conspiracy theories, Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, and the internet not having it with Vince Vaughn shaking the President's hand.

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Show Outline

Introduction - Kyle and Ethan discuss how instagram is designed for the kids, the new format where going forward there will now be two separate podcast shows (one for the news stories and one for our exclusive interviews), and how Kyle wasn’t murdered by an internet stalker. We also take a moment to mark the death of Sir Roger Scruton.

Story 1 - As Part Of Settlement With Nick Sandmann, CNN Hosts Must Wear MAGA Hats During All Broadcasts

Story 2 - Everyone On The Internet Awarded Honorary Degree In International Affairs

Story 3 - Warren, Sanders Settle Campaign Dispute By Playing Chicken On Mobility Scooters

Topic of the Week - Kyle, Ethan, and Dan talk about their stories and how they became Christians.

LOVE MAIL - An email from a listener warmed all of our hearts and encouraged us to keep going.

Paid-subscriber portion

Story 1 - Tragic: Footage Of Epstein Suicide Found Hanging In Cell

Story 2 - Man Driving Alone In Carpool Lane Informs Officer His Preferred Pronoun Is 'They' (From Babylon Bee Subscriber Robert Johnson)

Story 3 - Hollywood Celebs Shocked To Learn Some People Do Not Adore Them

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A world of fate is this is news you can trust exposing cancel culture through dogs, thing and dog piles, your listening to them Babylon, be with your hosts file man and he's a nickel. Yes, I am Carl Man and I Ethan coal. As always yeah. He has now changed who we are ass thing about change. My name this week, but then those like me with loud work in and then everybody, but it would be so confused we'd- have to explain the egg change all your facebook twitter and then not even know what Instagram. I was an answer on this morning: you know like how Instagram instantly starts a video up. Does your scrolling starts to play? But in some you all that interesting, so you unmeet it than theirs oh controls to remind it
I'll try pushing? I try to noise different swipes to think what the kids do you like what and how they programme so that it works and catching the kids do this shit. I do those ripen things they do and this works. I can't figure out so just turn off. Think ceramic male away. Why am I in you need why they set up like that. You only option. Stay here? Five, secondly, the video. You can't hear the begin owners beginning a things but doesn't keep cycling Circe. You have to wait for the whole minute and then you gets all the spoilers and go back to the beginning. I think, as I say, if this is so ok boomer here, might my plate It reminds me. What's your story to the other day and when the pig is in the channels- and he passed. The channel they want that go back, it's too late now to go all the way around now. That's like her really old school, and you listen. You like your car. Is automatically searching for stations. You know like play: leech station relief, ASEAN and the scandal, and you hear
I'm gonna, miss it and like all of act through is gonna. Wait can withdraw the evangelists tuba playing mexican stations, so there you have a guy's instagram. Is these skein button of the young, the three people, and is the scam I do not understand the obsession with apps and social networks. It simply take away features. Yeah good, trying to really skin slimmed down? That's that's what the pushes towards these minimalistic apps. You had vine, which is like hey. You know you guys. I too share videos, Well now you can share videos, but only seven seconds worth, It's weird and Instagram really struck me. Let deck instrument that here but for me I was struck me as elsewhere. Twitter. It. So only access it on your phone right in can you share like a square picture, but maybe there's something we're focuses you share or shapes, the content among people must like The same kite kind of thing is like when you, if you get it
store in a little shopping Strip Mall, and they make you use like the same font and in TAT color is everybody else. They want to format sobering those with a getting when they come to your instagram. To two instruments right, some, so maybe you're its addition by subtraction. So everybody, this progress is the Simpsons Old man yells Cloud Gyp, but it just on four like an hour changing and simplifying yet, and we are so we are, we are also adding by subtracting to the Bologna pug ask, as is our first episode. We are trying a new format where we're going move all of our interviews. Two separate YA episodes which basically means we're gonna be doing to episodes weak, this one will be there for a home right now. Will. Our discussion has been that this news show cordon quote news: cars are really not journalists at all or just telling you stuff, you can already google or dust talking about it will
stand up, so they mean Kyle most the time you have screaming for, like a fifteen minute, segmented, something or a co host to come on, but, The interviews will now be moved to their own special episodes, still be subscriber portions on all of them. It'll in a lot of ways to be more content and what kind of make clear, so I think some people might want might not want to wait through. In child giggling, like home, schoolers further to the interview, most people will want that people want there just that our most see we like- and I wish it was just Ethan and kyle- and none of this, Dave ruminant Canvas Owens be voting, not that I think that anybody actually thinks that, but I I kind of agreeing that I there's a few pug as I listen to where they have their normal chatting format and then, if they do a guest or a weird thing or an interview, it's like it's to me. If you like something separate, so we want you to be able to cut a pick and choose what you want to listen to her basin.
Copying venture brow. He does he do it. He does is talking one any does very toxic someone else. Every business is here with us popular businesses will ever business decision that we made at the Bare Mombi, we basically just Google. What does others, I do yes, what do other people do and ensure they are well just cut in each other. Anyway, so how we are weak, but I'll my week was good. I think How many times good Disneyland this week twice? That really is yes, twice a week, you're getting more quiet about it and so on. Then you post and social sciences that quiet so we got season pass into southern California. You get a decent count for nothing and sitting ivorian buddy. X out all the weekend. So you can only go weekdays and since you know I can creating over Wigan No, so it was my birthday this weekend Olympic thirty three for you in San Diego and we went to San Diego and did a lot of fun stuff there. And then
he came up and then what Cyril who actually we basically just went on budget thrift stores, ok, I love that is a favorite thing. My dream, United Limp San, Diego, has great fear of stores they have. They also have a huge swap meat on the coast that son consumers want swap mean I do I found good stuff. You know I'm aboard Namer found some discount word. Games is very excited about events in books. I got hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, the ultimate company giant hardcover version for hucks, but I got a simple price yeah well you're sucker, so Good good, we again and then my wife yesterday I was working, it was like one or two or somethin issues like the younger Disneyland Fitness visit I can imagine that you guess he so useful just lose my mind as often as you guys, I'm getting to the point of work. I'm tired, like I got being too Less than eight hours sleep over them,
Two nights combined because of well asked me My childless, my child was sick coughing that weird that weird sounding coughing, only electoral where they got croup, yes, comes from then the out so is really scary. Sound ran ass whole them anyway, the night before has plummeted. Redemption! That's on me! I'm tired right now, but I'm not nearly as tyres be would be if I went to Disneyland as often as you guys do, what's really into the castle of anatomy, his lover here and it's nice have some just after work had had over for a few hours and there's a lot of pressure. When you go to a theme park like empty, go somewhere else and secular and spent two days Disneyworld, you like, we had to see everything yeah his blood pressure, we gotta, be add openings Davies. Eimer is thinking like yeah. I took my my best explained. It isn't. As I took my daughter, thanks for the time three or four and
you know, she's really dizzy princesses and just the two of us went for the whole day It is this all about her yeah, that's great! Oh man, there's the. It was so magical for her when she walked met. Snow I'd, have the video but she's a slick in shock, handling, couldn't believe it she's hugging away, and you too silent what's happening right now, My son was huge into tangled and they they had just built like the tangled tower. Her report Tower and you can meet proposal, Phil Adams was ten years ago. Brought em these three. We brought him to Disneyland, What we want in your proposal, so stood in line four like an hour and a half Well yeah. I would certainly like that for like frozen forever to meet ro. The Earl sets it. There were similar that, but not as crazy as frozen is crazier, but we, up to the front line we walk in and he just complete. Dear and headlines and will not talk to her. This puts his head, put his head running liquor. Smith said, and this is just another.
She tried to coax him. It's ok, civilities pictures of him just shoving his head into the destiny in the sofa doesn't know a reasonable kids really fall. For that the whole thing, the clearly not the characters from the move. Oh! I also met. I met a barrel and be fan yesterday, so that guy on Twitter, noticeably Disneyland, taxis. Here, oh yeah, I saw the have Jason mobs he's a kind of a twitter buddy him, one of those guys, exchanges, tutor Bang for music, moreover, by the millennium Falcon Zone erode the millennium. That one can don't scare you So we flew the millennium Falcon together, Arcade, Scott along and went and flew their own millennium nice. That's a wrote, the star wars. It's nice meeting, a nice story out Twitter, it's nice meeting. You get a nice story twitter so that in you didn't kill me wasn't an ex murder, which is always a good thing as good a human happens. So in this episode we're gonna covered stories as usual, and do we have
half of the weakest of this kind are going to do now. Try to do it, we made we may switch. It have a bit Borg and try to stories a topic that discuss and ended in a subscriber Porsche. We have longer discussion and more story so The topic this week is we're. Gonna talk about our testimonies. Get to know us than we have done on. For that part, two yeah Daniel he's right, I am he didn't set up, is MIKE now, but his heel meal beyond that part and what we talk about. You know how we got saving stuff yeah. So it's good, but let's Go into the stories of the weak everyone stories. These are some of them. Well. This is actually one of our stories, but I just want to mention Roger scrutiny, which uttering even know how things name right died. So we can here was a great thinker and philosopher defended classical thinking and the kind of anything I says he did a video series about fact modernism had an art size
We read it with very reading a couple coats of his just to honour His passing He said a writer who says that there are no truths or that all truth is merely relative. Is Can you not to believe him? So don't from my point the general? U turn on the star. Wars only is it deals and absolutely urinating on his grave already too soon. And one more. It is not enough to be nice. You have to be good. We attracted by nice people but only on the assumption that their niceness is a sign of goodness great stuff. Thank you. Roger scrutiny,. Feeling a slideshow should be playing in the background. The like the Oscars Phil wholly and on cloth. To bring that up. But I Edison, I what bothers me is how little attention to God that he passed. I did feel like it's really important voice and I was like I should have read more of him, and so that's the great thing about books to read
You're still there can, but we could If I had been reading ecumenical, we gotta have mine the podcast too late. We do. So I like do no was it you we'll get me again. The joke at my expense account first story that restore zero. The Arabs, the pre story here story, one. As part of settlement with Nick Sandman. Cnn hosts must wear manga hats during all broadcasts, so The refresher Nick Sandman is not a care. Your created by Neil Game, and he is not a spider man. He is a key who were a hat. He's not a metallic a song. And he is not an old fifty song. Mr someone,
anything else and combine the metallic song and they all and is probably a good man Does it tainer San manner enter Sandman enter? in their Salman Rushdie. I have never known home with us That's always takes me back to junior high the news that they would play Emma like the plague. Bull, dog news. I gazed school Scotland in the UK. They play that over, like some eighties effects. Larry my moment, Emerson, Benaco, multiplying on the school news I think bought the rights please ensure that big money so who is an examine we know, who is? recall that video that went on a place at least on Twitter, which nobody is actually on.
That an abyss him in some other high school buddies, worried front of therein washing DC right given from the White House. And they re installed in our are new year's resolution is to know as a story to clear the facts of the story, not ask visitors, we always criticise it. We were on our selves, but we're always like dance. The guy look like so guys always have that Ghana back on they like, was it Bob LAW than the delay going around oh yes, yes, it's the it's the Charlie Brown, both no longer in the back. Sudan's than why one Yes, they were on a school trip with Covington Catholic and That's right, Covington, schooling, He's gonna the short video clip of him standing their face to face with an american native american guy. Being an interim he's making known he's, smart looks, Ikey, smirking, Adam and Eve done about a tenth of a second of the video yeah. Or do I really like a snap? Surely, as green examine grab ripe of that people, rushed all kinds judgment about when it was in you
he's here. Women always talking about this whole conspiracy. I say this on the baron. Be Bacchus resting, be face like this, like you, can't judge a person by their resting face or ever since I think this Nick Salmon Guy, he has a schematic What he's got a nervous when he's nervous, he smiles, he has squint you kind of twenty eyes and a wide smile and it looks like and he's trying to just be cool. But it's weird who'd you off the whole thing. This is all review for most people the thinking I cameras, name are you doing the smile audio pockets I was doing the smile. Let it be met this guy came. Came to him right. There is this whole thing on under the EU, just as Airbus High, yes domination people made were was that they
glass into the other kids ganged up Adler Guy right heads basically gathered around him and chanted item and yeah there's a terribly waller, something they were doing their school chant in then. He walked in and got right and kids are being in his German. This gets face just kind of standing there based on that. One in there is another group right off off camera writer, this, sir, the black pearl there were some little yellin things out on right. Thank these kids were nervous says allowed nervous when you, when you re frame it, you look at unexamined. Let you and then he has no idea that he's about to become like national, the images enemies of ivory come a multi million That's the story right now. Settlement Apparently, he hears sued, multiple news organisations over this and seen in at least has now settled with him so I assume some of the others will follow suit. That, at this point, CNN settled with him, and you know these losses. They always name. It
Nicholas number and it's kind of to scare the organisation into the future young. It do not yet have to be more careful. I fully support it honestly. I'm always supported supportive of these big lawsuits, but this is one where I like it. So careless. What happened that really reckless and in There is like this attitude that, because he has that red had on it's ok, you can do kiddo with anything. New to murder is not just so here that seen in different animals now how much seen an ex ante Peg Zita resettlement right. It was a settlement. ITALY's out in four is if he was asking for five hundred million or whatever you gotta figure at sea, decent preserves or send that right. So. That's my expert legal analysis of the potential, for we have the right means you, Google, real news that you and the more you think it's a lot of money. Anything! Ok, that's ridiculous! Just let it go!
This kid was absolutely be thrashed. We are of the original comments before making about him. There was a guy named Reza as land. No relation The true as land is given. He gives I've got a bad name, and he said honest question: have. You ever seen a more palatable face than the skins, and this like where fifteen sixteen and let them, even if the kid was being a jerk yeah. What is it you're, an adult in talking like punching kinda face so do was that there was a tweet ever deleted, or did you pull that in so doing? I still stand by it. Do you want to realism on your favorite actors? this morning. Fun, to say it's, your favorite of the charmed actresses, if you had after rank them all she's the only one. I know because you just told me that she was on how it is now it raises is now as deleted, deleted
as lent deleted the deep magic before the then did you say that this is a minor one was after they found. I was fake nano. We don't know how to read Let's not forget this entire event happened because a group of boys went on a school sanction trip to protest. Just a woman's right, her own body and reproductive health care is not debatable. The bigotry was a play for start! Yes, it sounds like she's back peddling from me. Because they are in protesting abortion? Anything goes yes she's doubling down I'm unoriginal doc, even though the kid was you know, even though it wasn't the details, we thought you may ask me morally true, basically Asturias, disappointed. I will read and like a kip from Napoleon Dynamite, but we do a kick them for we get Some gay and components military marking, gay people stolen, is given
it may be going here is not gay Kip married, he appropriates not sure what the heck was within. It was kept away from worsening the maximum, ok shiny, clear them. You know you ve been there ass. He Griffin names please and stories from people who can identify them and vote further Hetty algae original names? Please lorries from people who can identify them and vouch for their identity. Thank you I'll get the context in their name. She has the image of all these guys in the red hats, and she saying now lets people give me your name. You want to do something to be docks. These deep dachstein got it. That's a psycho, Then he is, I can't imagine, re, agree image of our aims of these people. Gotta too Bergen, her friends or something or something on the left in this. I want all these kids names and addresses Posten publicly
what is that What are you gonna do cycle, but so we got Chris Evans, a captain, America. This is appalling, the ignorance, the girl, the disrespect itching have, sadly on brand when something like this isn't even surprising its evident to our place in the cycle of we creating our darker chapters The native american man should incredible strength and dignity Then he read so much into that. That's what I'm saying it's like a hot takes on twitter would like by there's a second here, but the hard takes on twitter. Just like we fuck bloody deals. Yeah, you know maybe a factor to nothing watch the whole video you two lines, it is while it's so careless. This is a kid, a random anonymous child and
It makes sense to me that the loss it makes sense that the massive get Chris evidence writing a commentary on your face on twitter hair. It's crazy, just to give you I just saw you snapped a picture of a random facial, especially made, and suddenly like Chris Evans, is wrong. Into an underwater nor would change forever. Just in that, and therefore the less it makes sense is because these these organizations, like the Washington Post CNN, were pushing that narrative before there is any fat and they pushed it for like a week- and I was on the they were really dreamer new cycle without it became a double downing harder than I did for you, Salmon always want to sit still for the record. The Nick salmon is an hour examined police risk, as Chris Evan they get a mixed up. Chrysanthemum Nick salmon yearn upstanding individual and work on the battle and be until ass. You say story or not hate full at all. Please do not suit us our second story of the weak everyone
Internet awarded honorary degree in international affairs, nice good, I'm. I agree in principle principal diploma here. Good job everybody which everybody we. I guess world worth three was announced two or three was announced and his we talked about the bombing of, or is it? What is it called bombing or missing already called when you take out that guy coming up with Miss Eliza, you sunlight Trump, like I think Trump written. Like thank. You is very black people. I can, if we're in this meeting each leg during this intelligent meeting and he's like what to call again Missile bombing the figure of a few. Do it you're the buzz cut through them easily? I do the best muscling than the strike. I guess it was a drone strike drone strike on through the money. Is We ve got accusation now, but I meant to say with confidence and so the money
suckers you'll this in Europe? I guess we'll just eat it up a believe that, where authoritative so up on about be progress? This is misleading. The missiles of Solomon, that's good we'd, like a book, you can read the mishandling of the money, the terror than ITALY's the heartache. Yes, oh, when this soon money was exploded, which I believe probably should apologize for the very loud office. They we live in a very loud people. We don't live. You might I sleep here, but I like to hear how you described this bombing before the party most denounce. You may think legos like a surprise party, maybe he doesn't know nobody knew this coming right, like anybody, Super Zephyr like intelligence and there's a sea egg Betsy I was on Reuben shows watching the kind of catch up. We grew interview him
and he said that there is no way this guy sought coming. He hid. Things against the USA at a whole list. He went down and all these things the sky had done so the money and you don't was misleading and stuff. And he paid no price, so he had to Edith had no idea that, like he was probably dislike, why and around in this house's bathrobe background, and it was at an airstrip, around the airstrip bathrobe, so this is worn a glass of wine. This. Surprise party thing cracked me up when you sit like they pull up, anyone gets off the plane and see how it came up. Places is banner. Is that you guys you shouldn't have here The thing this is a sidetrack thing, but with the whole surprise, anything Jerry Seinfeld has it been, about? How, when you walk into ruin the lights automatically come on? It's like a little many surprise party I, It was a bit about em airplanes because he says you go into the year. I ask them:
That's where the airplane may comes on, like you're, a little surprise party but anytime. Walk into a bathroom where the lights do that. I immediately think of Jerry Sign, veiled. So weird, it's almost almost every time I go to the bathroom because the cigar shop has that Light Jerry Sign building on hearing of Jerry sampled. Every time ago, the bathroom weird we're going to have him on Yahoo you don't need your Seinfeld comedian for the homes goes, but actually for anybody. Thirty one younger, but one of funniest dealing sample yeah. I think it's hard smells audacity. There's that effect called the Seinfeld is unfunded effect? Have you heard of the because I held invented so many structures that using sitcoms now finds in people will go I can watch, and so this isn't funny like its derivative yeah. What was inventing the young people ass, an old calmly you see like if you want, live even like old,
Kaplan movies is full of August. Everybody recycles at crazy, not about De we make up everything from scratch: totally organic cage for our kids irish cage for your Babylon be writers. So you everybody was kind of saying that World WAR three was about to break out a song. I gave a list that with sand like here's, what about happen over the next week. Republicans, the drums of war We will invade Turann within the month. You know, and that everybody will drop impeachment under the new cycle. This is all a plan. You know young and inanimate everybody areas like up here. It is a result that spending Donald Trump distort actual war evolve and waiting for government as he my fear that right not kept me from wanting to vote from us like he seemed like this guy who's very takes it. Personally- I could see him getting little behind hurt in a twitter dispute, and leg calling for nukes? I just wanna know another.
Is feared. He so far has not really been that way. In the end of may not young. We also have the intelligence that a lot of officials have and I'm not saying that means they make making decisions, but it does mean that I can't really common those like such a yes man when it comes to military stuff but like I dont know they're, like you can get in the philosophy of is right or wrong to go to war, but lick on the intelligence. I dont understand people they act like they have all the facts: This is no way you do see, no really knowing what is that being Provender donors. I don't know it's those extra jet like a fool's errand to sit there talking in opining on these details was this quote. We have Michael pregnant, a former president, pregnant. You leave me hang in here.
A former until his point of what we're talking about about missing a form intelligence officer who studied the Middle EAST at the Hudson Institute, put positive that I ran launched missiles at U S bases in Iraq intentionally nonlethal manner in order to save face after killing of general, so the money helping to avoid several retaliation, severe retaliation from Washington, I see how the struggle of assent. I was hard. We get them off the search by the wing Yasser instruct you bad for real news, It does seem like that, though it does seem like so many collar, not someone he couldn't made any funk us at the time. It does seem that IRAN's leaders called Washington and, like hey, you gotta, do something: we're lookin, really bad We're gonna lunch some Rockets, you guys, maybe you just Poleos Europe's stay home tonight and placing Dundee yeah pleasant, dungeon, dragons, Vermont missiles will show, at that time. We, while you guys, got the unitary anyway, and then they like.
What is it that was one of my headlines pictures that I ran When you're in reaction responds to salami missing, is the new, and I have to use her errand, some three thousand Rick's, because they did. Which is kind of a horrible joke in the sense that they blew up a plane. Full of innocent people seem like a mistake. I demanded the many elation that I had at war wasn't about breakdown yeah down a notch windows. Add their civilian, pointing missiles but the fasting whole thing is happening with the IRA in which I have. Followed very closely. You probably have more than me, but the protests breaking out it really because the wagon to government really kind of covered it up fairly and in red yeah dance nodding covered up the one dead. What happened the plane? I guess the candle light about what actually happened first and then the shoes came out right. Yes, because they blew the plain of innocent people.
I guess where they paranoid or something that was drawn up at ignoble, lizards explanation for that. The claims that the of that the plane took a sharp and unexpected turn towards one of their military bases, but evidently in IRAN from the flight path suggested that that was completely not true. The sharp and sharp straight line, but busy atavism Catholicism bombarded gonna get us, has a big plain to a sharp, unexpected turn donor skid there like get acquainted deviated from illustrating women up there in the sky. Ghost right with music. My little ministry, Jargonelle ghostwriting, the whip. Isn't that, where you get out your car except ass anew the cargo and asylum will you be harder in a. I think they are
Didn't you say: there's something related back to the understatement of the century. It would be harder to ghost ride a plane. Then it with that's going to Are you too now goes right in the plane boy. Using the saying is is it a school or something, and I ran when is like american flag on the ground and their encouraged to walk over it? But then Kids are actually going around it. Wasn't you told me that no really I was damned Antonia. That's that's interesting right, I actually saw a guy in Twitter in Burma. Is generally left leaning and he is like we have to admit that this is kind of wine for Trump on this whole soul. I think as if this is all about IRAN's response and then this old new thing with the. With the protests glum it Sir its fastening, the me that this is all from playing at the way. It is it's not the way it's been predicted at all. Yeah. Actually surprised me. Not I
probably more suspicious of foreign. Intervention and stuff than you are. You know, you're like the pacifist We never got into it, but will genuinely diamond episode wrong. I witness the interesting I'm kind of fuzzy, but I would lean towards now: let's get let's get the troops. I would kindly on my when a hero we bomb somebody nigh rents, fire rocket, I'm lean and short sighted sector. This is horrible. Does Yang ordinary? I actually woke up at four in the morning and check twitter for some stooping reason, and I saw you it's happening and only Zip Unum. Yet it. And so I can't Therefore, and in a way I wonder how much fear and I was leaning that way to thinking I gotta be in this new or limits in bits in be see, ran with iranian air, our iranian state propaganda. That was saying that thirty, you are soldiers had been killed. You know they are running on anyways. I didn't happen, so we can confirm this butter sounds like
Thirty, your soldiers were killed. When I ran tvs in excess, you think this is a unique because if they killed thirty soldiers, You gotta imagine you know condemned in Washington. I yet more bring our next big and weird thing it. We talk about this last week other with the weird thing where Trump said with: Fifty two sites we have targeted or whenever you were, I will return he's so so same days. It feels like a bad man story said the Riddler if the terrestrial exorbitant Whitley bomb next year clues leave includes some of the puzzle, velcro poker dot. Ninety three: does your cookies Jack, Ryanair, sovereign here Again, as he's a man. I guess he's honours Jaeger aims on Romania movies on around I'm sure.
The new Dc Comics universe. That means I ran side. I have this Batman Comic, where he advocates for gun control in this whole, there's like two pages, where he just talks about how great and control we banned as well. I think actually gets him in Catwoman and early Santa gun right, nearly punches. Depends on which ensures battering depends on which Batman writer, you know, which era he was originally kind of a detective that just shot people back in the day. Batman, yeah yeah he got way woke. I guess something happen to get woke. Go broke next story Warren Sanders settle campaign dispute biplane chicken on me building scooters, the joke is they are old and Do you know them really right? Mobility, scooters and really your people know either
or in or really from Lebanon. As I was drunk. As you know, you I'm to Photoshop, and these ideas are proposed. Ideas are proposed to find an actual video of saint I'm just trying to find some of the same body shape is theirs writing. Immobility, scooter is putting fighting picture them like they're sitting in one in putting an over somebody. That's in one's gonna be hard. I got lucky with. If you look at the picture is mean the and click on the story. I found a picture of a guy from behind whose hit his head looks so much like Bernie Sanders. I didn't. I didn't get going crazy, it's like balding and interests these crazy tufts of the White hair shoe you, the devil no almost every day. I found their body was much more. Bees. So Think there's a bit of obesity that comes hand in hand with mobility screen. There might be some skinny people around, but it's not very common one of them, How do I get there? I could have nobody type two. Did you just sit in an opposite there,
But more in centres are pre skinny. I actually had to go and unlike traded roughly like skinny at the legs and lady that that worn was sin I put her because I just put her tongue. Happens other lady so yeah, I think so the challenge no problem this is a Frank Fleming article naked pockets from Yes, actually there are some great poor courts from now to be its Frank Fleming article, eighty four asking it says who get to first, I'm here I put Bernie Stationary Vermeer's, perfect, by the way this came about because of a real story. With that now, oh did. The gloves are coming off between worn in Flanders, they are only the material dropped outright Coy Booker's gone yet so they had come this truce to not not attack each other. I think now that the realizing we're down to the wire with the ILO Caucasus coming up signal now, I'm gonna savagery and so Think Warren said
in a private meeting Sanders, had told her like a woman, will never be president like nobody's gonna vote for a woman. He said something to that effect. And so I should say well, he's is neither sexist can vote for everyone. If your status, look as if they women attack. Me as Anti Feminist Sanders shouted ass. He rubbed his scooter I'll show you Tutsi my butler informed me, you called me a leader, EAST yelled warrant from her blue high in Scooter Uncle to tell you in the trash like day old caviar. I think you know what think I'll have a beer mobile Eddie Scooters can reach speeds of up to five miles per hour in a collision at that speed could break off Her feeble old people bones also erect their scooters, they will be forced to walk around and then they need even more naps on the campaign. True
every line is insulting all people. Now every line is a classic with four, including its true. That is true. I'll, always wonder if I'll be on the very seriously by trying to laugh hunger, that'll be me will go. Do you want to know what does that noise. If you want to be part of the party of love and diversity both for these old white people the loud day here the office he's like talking on a similar to another speaker. Phone right outside our draft cellar door is fantastic quality, you see the big on the air sign that we have. We should put a sign out there listen says the regarding glowing. One year on air recording They shut up at Frazier Greenhouse, adding impulse it stands because it has never to do let's go.
Top? Could we can talk about how we found Geez or rather how Jesus found us? It's very good, put some sizzle homer, the boundaries of the way. So let's do this, let's start out, I want to do a kind of a rapid fire. Did you grow up in a christian home Dan, not really so. My dad is, can ratify work. No real. Now we will have have complicated answers. It's complicated, it's complicated yeah, I would say no you're dead. So you can go ahead. I was just being funny you're network air, some I would say my dad's, but more of it he's right now, more bay, bitter agnostic. I guess easiest? Maybe an ivy talk, downhill test our time on aliens and stuff, so get him on
and then I'll on my mom side, they were raised. Catholic Roman Catholics are actually baptized in the roman Catholic Church, I remember, going to church a handful times the kid so wasn't really. Maybe maybe nominal token not so does in the background, did you to listen to our bill? Was that wasn't the guy's name that used to broadcast late at night activity audience I will reply? Would he ease he's passed on hasn't he has her bill, unhardy all known holdings occupants retired, though maybe retirement age, when I heard Arthur, will velvet. Third was an american broadcaster, author and conspiracy, theorist who died April, thirteenth, two thousand eighteen at age sex de too, since he was the flesh, which is perishable. Ok, so aliens Ethan. What's your answer, I've talked some about this in past episodes, but my mom was catholic. My dad was very pentecostal
and they went Canada, when I was an answering church, maybe church of Nazareth there's something in the small town May divorced they, both when their separate ways so my moment full on Catholic, putting us through everything, My dad was a homeless charismatic and he was also a ex opera singer. If I mention this, but I think you did a charismatic with an up train opera, singer boys who prayed and sang and tongues it is. It is wild. They told me to stop thinking that guy, but there's one time went to church in the past or came out and Madame it goes. Tom you're. So loud in there that known asking here, that's brutal yeah. He says I need you to tone it down or of my data. Having though he may have left it that church at that point eagerly faculty fella. Spirit was leading him to dust, and you could hear him outside the church to be studied IRAN is going out he's like a beggar, it's a little.
Little plastic community in the cops are shattering crumbling Kyle. You Kyle I grew risen christian Home, yes A bad. A large is obviously mainline Baptist church. And not nominal me were like every Sunday every Wednesday, the whole no dancing We weren't, we were fine on dense, no drinking Definitely was, it is a kind of note. No drinking culture kind went the other way. I met one. My parents, listen uh, that's what I remember past your growing up to breach the sermon on social drinking. Give me any said, one in six kids of people who drink socially become alcoholics. Said so you can drink socially, but it's the same thing is taking on revolver putting it to you, its head and firing shall really
and some that I remember this. Maybe I made this entirely up, but I feel like his thoughts You make them with a lot of things. Yes, it right. A nasal. Isn't everything kind of Asia risk like and I guess he's holding in a blue chair as opposed to soon a lecture. I note the stats are on that so. Everybody has a. Come to Jesus or ever christian? Has there come to Jesus like moment right right? So from a speech your perspective, we say: that's when God saved you, you know. That's when you were regenerated everyone who sat did either you guys cover, as kids decide. You weren't me didn't believe in God. You're go through like period no, doubts when I was like early teens Galaxy I died worried about the other, what it would if I go to hell or in one of his this he and the actual out of a lot of apologetic in a lot of just three
the Bible. Having good bye, will teachers at specially good, viable teacher in high school that just really helped, but he had never had like I'm an atheist dino moment. Dan yeah I guess I can always felt like. Obviously there is some kind of God So, if you ask me when I was a kid at Blois am agnostic her. I would think it ever be a militant If, yes, I remember was a kid I was going to your hard times. I think I get mad at God like how ya you allow this, how you? How can you be good this is going on, but I dont think We're Windsor, like oh yeah, obviously No god like the Geese is always in the background I think that I came, I went feast for a period of junior high and high school, because two parents, one for my mama- think there was a tradition and a kind of a thing. It just kind of kept order for things, but it wasn't.
Neither of them could if you sat down and asked him how they know, there's a god or why they believe it, and we can do give a very good answer me I was very emotion based and in their there. Two versions of God were so different that I just made me think that Clearly, gods made up his look at how different there two versions are you and. I just trying to be rebellious shocking, so I went. I went Flavius through programmes for years from like age like eleven or twelve to sixteen. So there serve. If there's a theirs, a conversion moment right. If there's a I I feel it is a lot of people who say you know I know them in the hour like I was saved when I committed my life to Christ at six hundred and five p dot m on October 11th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two or whatever you know mild. My store is not like that, like I can't really
to day yet exactly I have one of those testimony to start telling it at testimony niner whenever people are to say: ok, it's time to go, fill up the coffee cups and get some don't get another ex gang things, Jack I'll, have you know I have like a couple small tattoos, but nothing is obviously not like me, where you were grazing by bullets now known When you see the voice again, I don't have like. Works for my heroin needles. My arms, you shoot, get some of this aid can probably orderly details. I had it I was like the total, like white, suburban kid I drove a nineteen. Seventy eight Buick Park Avenue and I bought the bullet hole stickers for it, so that was in high school driving around this now- some people get anxiety or their me. Feel anxious, like they dont, have this dramatic.
Conversely, I am, I am trying to add, as all man I'd committed my life to cry since and then their made to feel like well, maybe I'm not a christian maiden and say the prayer, maybe in Singapore the right way may be you can t get this anxiety about your salvation because your made to feel you're supposed to have this dramatic in in christian culture pushes that, because of even in defending your Bible, it's like. I gave my life to Christ on this day and is like an airline and useless near. I do not remember you. Yes, I do, I think, My story was kind of. I don't know what there is evidently a moment that God save me and I unregenerate one moment, and I was your dinner at the next moment. I like it. There is definitely a time where I was spiritually dead and then I was spirit, a live, but I couldn't find night or that day or that our. But I do see progressively working. You know. On my heart, all the way through I would probably like early high school was that's all I got serious. Echo can and I don't
That was a re committing or of that the moment that Gaza me, but I got baptized in ninth grade and I would say that's kind of the time I was like this is my parents, religion anymore. You know, MRS Mine, To me, that was my moment of a little bit more about like theological and what would drove that decision. But, you guys do you guess ever? Did you guys? in the Bible with the date or are you? Are you a little more of vehicle? Like me The short version of me as as young Life Camp Convert but there's a lot that led up to that for me. So you like walked forward I don't walk forward. I there is one night where they tell you to go out and find a spot of all your own down the wooden. Yet so I just spot out in the field and just lay and look at the stars, and I remember the moment I wear, but I prayed the prayer and it was a very significant moment for me for sure you think it's all part of the process Simeon yeah, that was a
it's definitely a moment that changed my life. But I ve gone through. All sorts of peace doubt sense and I've done a lot of wrestling in all these offsets by their Egypt in you. Some people think is right on that moment for their entire life and of monks and nuns. I wish I was like that. I think that that lofty expectation can can be discouraging. Romania you'd, give it your life, and now I'm gonna be different forever, like Agnes. Ups and downs. After that, I have to be willing to. To say that that all could have been. An emotional moment for me in and something I created or because people all the time in every other emotional moment, my life is generally wrong. So I don't want to be Allah go on. I guess whether what led, Me too that moment it's kind of interesting. Some kind of sad so I do best friends, amazing artist.
In junior high altitude, junior high kidney Kevin, just one those guys who he could pay traditional. He is so young even know how to do it. Even Emily teaching high disfigured out He listened to really good music rather than liquid arouses into a programme in IRAN on something that can heading down that that path just dislike, wholesome guy lived in a complete, horrible house of drugs and abuse. His mom was constantly getting taken away by the police fights with random. Friends gonna holes in the walls the worst lighting it imagine so that the accounts are the actual ruins the abuse. Like I said drugs and I was an error that was really com and I was actually I was one of the very ones right didn't have abuse and drugs and how calls me in my life- but I was near suicidal. There is actually moments work, considered suicide, so depressed
mostly about my life and Mr Generation axing Alec Zoning do high school and I really gone foreign Kirk obeying the ice. Not that I was like I'd grow. My hair out. All I did is right. Dark poetry and I thought the mythologies talk about how Kevin MAX how horrible I was you. A horrible. My life was in When I turned sixteen, I think it was sixteen was like a summer After maybe up my freshman year, we came up my family camping trip and found a newspaper Kevin- had drowned in there We missed the funeral missed everything as it. We ve been gone through them I think that it all happened. Kevin was gone social media age red sit here, yeah Sweden, violence, we got em found the newspaper on women. We found as easy as we look to the newspapers like. Oh my gosh that's Kevin. He drowned next paper. There's an interview with his family. There's the funeral like
the stack of papers built over the to each other s size. Devastated by that, but it had a lot of handsome somebody dies leaves like an empty spot in the world. The thing is, I dont think cabin was a Christian, I don't know if you would have been, but the fat and he had such a positive. Way about him in life despite circumstances. Really made me rethink myself because over that year did a lot of thinking, this coming here may stop trying to identify- and this is a distant sent me on this path which I believe that doubts with me on my path towards my faith was, though, when I lost him, Sir, It's interesting how a loss can create something like that I don't know. I don't know what I'd be like if that that hasn't happened. There really was a turning point for me, its interest looking back and saying these are the moments,
I feel God really was pushing in at the time. You don't know it cuz. I look at my daughter's thirteen and she's going through all this real negative stuff. Looking off the way she's weight. So it's like I was thirteen and, unlike, if I never had them, and I want a reference to die, but what in a weaker up. I hope some weeks her up from this. We disregarding a siren, my boys, the horse and his boy Narnia book the whole time as land is like directing where the boy goes. And a one point like a lion comes up and scratches them and it causes them to run. Sure to get where it needs to go. You know, big reveal, and you can see it coming, if is, if you're an adult, but as a kid you don't, you know, is that As long as I was the lion, you know the whole time he was like the cat that car What's up with him when you scared- and he was the one who chased a parent directed Amanda, it is kind of definitely how I see my life is like I look back at Tara stakes, I could have made it need places. I could gonna need a fork in the road.
Where I could I laughed and our right and you didn't see God in retrospect and all those even through tragedy like them. You do Dan any thoughts. I already forgotten the original question I was. I was talking about at the moment of having your moment of commercial India. There is, he was tired and said he had kind of the camp fire nor mountaintop as a young life Piazzi. Unlike would leaf camp and cut of exhaust things. Building up to that, I had a bad. Type in the ones. You know that without charge camp, which I would I kind of the moment that I can myself, so I think for me I was in high school already. They know what I've been a sophomore, maybe as a junior by then and one of my good friends was a christian and I really looked up to the sky- and I know was really proud. Like he's my buddy he's my friend
He seemed always had a really together in New is a Christian and I think his mom. In prior years, said: try to hammy a bible and invite me to Bible studies and things like that, and so I think they were. Influence on me. In a member in high school, he was, they were talking about a high school room. They were going to and it was all the way out and Riverside which for are listeners. They might not know the geography of set out by that is like a thirty minute drive from where we were We started go under harvest she fellowship about an riverside for every they neither Highschool group them, met out there and number standing up during further services. Young dinner, the altar call type deal and Denis are going to another church and those more close by and-
Yes, I think so. You had to walk forward and yeah yeah except Christ. Hold the whole competition having experienced a t, shirt and the free booking I might add, I might have got to give baggers give beggar duties. I slammed on not to allow that there are amended. Obviously it is to all right now using something like that. I think my main criticism of the author. Cost up is most suggests the over use. We emphasise that a lot where it's one method among among many, but we know a lot of you they ve gotten, save that we obviously yeah yeah. Interesting. For me, at least, my story is that I had that experience in high school started going to church. This is all new to me in high school. It's like what is a call it. What does a high school group? What is a pastor where they do I had no idea what church, even Was her what what do you do in a church? I when a couple years,
backsliding in in struggling you when you become a Christian? You learn about your sin and then it's almost like. I became a christian right at the time when you being able to explore lies in an kind of do what you wanna do is, I spent a lot of years struggling and then a little later on its like a lot of those things are starting to hear about his eye score. They started to. Me where I was a girl you I need to, Are you start actually live in this now Ola, we read a little bit out of Philadelphia three, I am I always if, after my test. Monument arose red Philippines, three, because There's, a probably a lot of people. Listening now too, who are in a group and the churches? You like you, don't have a great conversion story. Like you, don't have the cooling I was. Atheist and let in the courage to Damascus store, but I think pulse story in full, the UN's three is just as powerful, so it talks about how he has
Most reason to trust himself for his salvation out of aerial any. Because of all his credentials and jewish culture and then but whatever were gay to. I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. More consider everything a loss because it surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus. My lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider. M garbage, then making Christ and be founded him not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith so that's always my conversion story isn't like I don't believe in God, and then someone comes along and now I believe in God, like I really did airplane guile, imperative. Lemon juice is, but a growing up in a chair culture- you, like you, start to feel like your earning you're salvation like not you. And put it in those terms say yes, iron! My salvation you my answer the question about salvation by grace. You know you my answer that correctly yeah, but you start to feel like
going to church every Sunday being on a worship band, going on the Bible studies on earning gods favour you start to fall into their trap, so at some point I d, like any other after I got saved. But this is the lesson in that car. Taught me through those? First, few years of of being a Christian, was that I had it. I almost had to I was at a time my back and repent from christian culture, because I would judge MIKE Non Christian friends yeah you listen to using the second of music and you smoke. You drive like I was like, believe it. You know I can't associate with you and I was like I'm so proud of myself yeah so to be able to turn my back on that and say I repent of christian culture and I accept Christ. You know that that's my story. So I don't know if you guys, something similar in terms of what you had to turn from, but for me and I just wanted to offer a word of encouragement.
People who think they have foreign testimonies. What God is done here, life is a miracle worthy, and I think that got the process of I'm going with you belief, unguarded or finding it and becoming more real overtime, mature to testimonies and ongoing thing at amen and Jack next step that was one in training are being part of young life was that my next step is a Christian almost immediately after became one. I was influential among kids. I was also an entertainer. You know as a good at doing music and stuff, so I was put into a leadership position almost immediately after becoming a Christian, and which is great, but it did become very insular and, like you said, I became very judgmental, but I also hit I had this point where I was giving. I was the minister is only three years and my faith, and I wasn't he-
who asked me to help them with their problems and I'm heading this age, I'm like nineteen ornaments of volatile age, eighteen, nineteen and high I beg you, I'd, be interested in doing a show about this topic. Maybe at some point better. I think people ministry hit. My gay. Of a nervous breakdown. Is the right word, but, like you hit a if he, if he, properly, have accountability and people who were you're not seeing you as in the higher position now Calloway celebrity, is like you get you get put on a different level, just to eat it. Blindsided me when I had the honour of a nervous brightest had one day where it is cried. The entire to go is just like a mess I ass. It was. Long after that that I. I realise that my entire faith had been part of. Being part of young life and
I didn't know how to be a christian outside of that context. Aye, sir rising, like we weren't? Can I my faith in the normal life a day to day like living among normal people. And I started realizing how important that ability is and that a lot of people can't like they either our very compartmentalize things, and so I became a big challenge for me to do, and I did it to a dead end. It shook my faithful ought to try to make that jury whose, like we're death when I left young life, there's a weird rumours that went on around about like some girl too, so that I was doing heroin. I saw him doing heroin and a party opto it. I already start, but I going down doing here and they also- It's scary, like step out of your club whenever your little group, when you in some kind of a religious
God has a way of breaking down idols. You know their that'll happen in. I grew up the same church for eighteen years through a painful series of events. I believe it you know and and is now. I realize that this is the same in the christian life is like nothing's cynics Upper Christ, so you have to make him your commitment. You know I'm not saying it's I received and find sullen church stated for a very long time. Do that need to be faithful to the local church, but you have to undergo there are human organizations and did like put your faith in that is so, I guess this transition there. Let's talk about that, it was God teaching you now. Lessons, you learn recently or lessons that you're working in the coming years- and I can answer first, if you can now ass the questions and getting them for me, I'm a new father, my my daughter's almost too and I feel like you know, if you
my God to sanctify you and start changing you then getting married and having kids, the biggest tools he probably uses, discuss that there's no a lot allotted There were locked bought of dying to myself. It's like well on color had a b dad and be husbandman you, although I will say like sometimes people will say that you are you get me. To grow and another. That's true, Leah yeah! I do you kind of clarifies and ITALY to separate the wheat from the chaff, You may nine around grow or die. Yeah yeah, I'm saying that if your characters very odd and you get married soon, kids, I mean That's an you're saying this, but I guess I've heard people use the other and you think, if your dense enough to have kids and not grow from it, then
you shouldn't have insisted you shouldn't, haven't you shoot, but then you should exist so that we get idea. Tell us more about your and then about the timing. I got Mary, we ve been married for seven years now. We We we started attending a reform church, so getting kind of plug to the historic creeds and confessions of the church and really getting rooted in the gospel rooted in Christ, I using you know our only comfort is that we belong to Jesus he's these are high priest. Our king he's are our profit, He teaches us what He wants to know how to live our life in what our lives Must be a bows I just then getting really rooted in that historic church tradition and I feel like that's Yeah, I guess you're tradition could be good or bad Amazon about the tradition, but
I've just been really Sudan. Really growing on the vine. I ask your question: what does your only for in life and in death. That I'm not my own, but that I belong body and soul, life and death to my faithful, Savior Jesus Christ, you and the whole thing, or can it be said to have his reports? It says they Heidelberg, catechism one question: while how did they get him? so kind gonna hangs the whole catechisms like what's your comfort ultimately or comfort? I do love that humanity onto G catechism starts. Like then where's, your only comfort, it doesn't sound with us the meaningless theological, but it starts with a very personal yeah and then the holder, your the whole structure of that catechism is guilt, grace attitude. It that's the whole christian life is like you're you're, Multi year, a sinner gods group This comes to you in your saved and then how you live. Your life, a lot of a lot of Christians. The wise, like what's wing
down really in the catechism, how we live in as well as by obeying his commands power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ. So clarify having all those categories and things that people have done already in history. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. That I am able to go by ok here so here. So I live now. Some ya think there's Classic Bambi article of like armed with just his Bible man, several new heresies. Look, I'm gonna have this crazy new idea that does everything like worlds probably heresy. Well, in what sir the loud teaching, yeah yeah, I mean, I think I've been on a process from after, like I when I, is talked about. Post young life Life
I didn't have to rebuild my faith at that point, and I went through a long ago like my early twenties. So allow long time ago out I went to this whole like I started, asking questions all questions I had actually asked, and so I got into the sole debating heathenism thing and the apologetic stuff did so we can have done a dark path where I sorrows and you can you can almost an argument from us anything. Fancy for your words and I went through period doubt of pretty drawn down for a while, and Couldn't I couldn't get away like even I trying to. I was almost had an agnostic. It you for a while- and I couldn't anymore? It somewhat like was to real me right. For me now, I think,
I'm having too. I'm tram I'm doing thus to find each other. There there is. I I got very dubious about the person relationship thing because it gets easy to play around with and increased to his make fun of the whole, Christianity is a religion. Its relationship what kind of his religion like that, Latvia, that that was, I think, the marketing of we always use a young life and stuff there, maybe if you rules yeah- and I thought I was silly cuz- a lot of people are really are having a relationship with kind of the imaginary thing run ahead. It's kind of disturbing and I decided. So I was so cynical about Tat were so long think part of it has been being. Father and getting Marian stuff to God big Sesar thing so much but find
their true relationship. I find that I this will put. This is. I demand of US evidence from God constantly but I dont demand the same level of evidence from myself for my opinions and my maybe you can I think that every realised that, like there's some things I got in a lemon or I just accept them- has it suspend better off. If I do anything, that's one of them is starting to. I say this importance to just embracing the like I don't have all the every jot and tittle figured out comes to act. How God work slander, bleep, terribly tittle. Couldn't Jesus Are you drawing Jesus Kevin MAX Now more than enough and totally Lizzie doing
find you listen to sermons better, while doodle yeah. I did. Don't do it alone, but professional yesterday, match my Carmen new. Don't you agree carbon tax sovereignty anyway, just that I think, that's minute, I'm trying to help myself up to. Ben too cerebral Hampshire Nope myself, up back up to. The Lord does speak to us. There are there. Is these living living relationship there and I've had a cynicism about that for a long time anyway, is Alec tour then we saw not now it's gonna pay, for it sounds very unfair. I guess for me
I've had to learn about ordinary faithfulness like an just perseverance and sometimes god. God is ok with me just getting through the day and being a dead to make its and being a husband to my wife, I was, I was actually a pastor of a church in San Diego for awhile for several years and due to some crazy thing, Add in believing leaving coming up here and that's when we, basically it all worked. Timing was perfect that I was able to get hired on at the Babylon Bee full time right. At the time of that happens, I came here and it was like if you ever been in ministry and the non it's kind of your time life. It's like, I feel like you're, sitting around like still again at an end, feel like I need to accept that God is. God is pleased with me because his son Jesus lived a couple.
The righteous life on my ass indictment licence and got he's pleased with me. I don't need to sit here and go now. How many I need volunteer for the worship banned or I'm not good enough for something it's weird, like plan a whole church service every week for years, and then all of a sudden just be like Shown up twenty minutes late cause, your kids are crazy. So I think sometimes I don't know if you like. A lot of people are pushed in this radical ministry direction that we have to go out and be missionaries. We have to go out and do any that's good. I mean that's not a bad thing, but I think sometimes, like cause you to be faithful to your neighbours and to the people it is put in your life into what he's giving you and I'm ok, that season. I'm ok with this is so gonna what I'm learning assesses ordinary favours. Always radical faithless important might occur. Those are the idea that done a mere one point after young life was that,
as we load, where would the world look like before it had been a fall or whenever or what was the gods intended world like there wouldn't be any ministries and preachers and stuff like because Let's be life we wouldn't have Conversion would be this big thing, so there's a whole life that were supposed to live the God intended for us that, as many do any of that stuff that's almost like damage control, so I did can a facet me. The idea that there's a whole the answer had first things of converting people. But so much emphasis on it, which is variants of obvious important Christ brought it up. I said, do it isn t emphasising the ads are devastating, insists that there is an integral part of a whole series of part of the Ets, a piece of things, and it's actually it's. Consequence like we have to. We have to engage in it because it's a consequence of the fall, but God had a creation besides that,
in a life for us to live. There would be a meme was wholly, if not more yet an idea, God design the family guy S, eye and us to have vocations and working Adam and Eve in the garden. Adam still worked, so we all stuff is made good yeah, so, It is good to hear that ordinary stuff, a life is good. I wish them my creative things. I said it is good, as often as God do neither. Heavens and the earth destroying have given MAX child who lifted up his dry, your cabin max and said it was good well you guys want to hug it out. Ok, and get to know a little better, their Babylon Billiousness. If he gets, however, testimonies that you want to share sentiment in Liberia, Roma? Well, there was good, cumbersome,
I really going over that. Your mother was like literally anger, is one of our best segments and people. They will come. They probably come for the big interviews or whatever, but I thought I was one of our better. I felt like it got deadly, not real transcend transcendent, as Godiva would say. Prying Adela the endless gun baculus to our movie episodes. He is smart guy garlic this. So we do or hate me every week, and but because this is such a deep and touching and heartwarming up a sir, we didn't want to drag down with hate yeah. So instead we are, owing to do love me, love. Melbury celebrating the very way we're gonna have demands into in Lille Interview with them and maybe in the subscriber portion and annoyance at some point have Mama will charge to meet him. His great This is actually a very long email we got, but it was like a
a good one. It made us both feel so happy too much. Let me sum up aid cables. Because I can not gonna up. This is by a fan of bars. Recent fan, I think, and I love her. Last name is love. It Jessica, love, it we were trying to debate. If she wanted her name run on airports, can do it too late because her name really has to do with the because she loves he loves, I'm only said Jessica love, it thank you for this kind email. So a lot of what we do. You know we tell jugs on the internet. We poor lot of our heart in creativity into it. With our Pont gas, now that's sucking up a lot of our time. Put an end to this. We talk to people were like. I think I think she wrote is because we had said something in response to the grave ok, so I think the effect we Don T really know what kind of an effect were having any. I feel like I know I, like I dont Sherman thief right enough or Don't I think I might look at my live an organizational resigning about shares his face. Cheering if I don't share the guy
sport. The Dennys waitress have any on any thing: so, she says she is. She said she wanted to address that, and she said You have no idea how incredibly encouraging it is faith wise to have the b and to have the bologna punk ass. Those of us who are more. I T J fish Christians. I think it's coming Herbert in its Asia. Its one Myers brings Hacha that Mars gracious. Thing before any a grim became a thing those of us who are more. I and Christians never had an outlet before long That's you may people who feel lost in the sea of absurd Crazy leftism this fee understood and validated, which is no small thing very encouraging, exhibit I know that's kind of the pod cast out looking for like I want this minute coming from that Christian World View, but it's a gear, you get it
really polish guys like there. They know exactly what to say in their legs prepared remarks and which is great for certain you on Incirlik, people they just gonna. Think like me, but also. It have all the answers. Are you When I tell you, I guess I do appreciate that I'll think about the idea that it is easy to forget that Europe, twenty thousand people are hearing or saying right now you try and think about it. This weird and we feel down. Sometimes it's like I known, share in articles that episode and get as many download. Yes, it's easy for us to be higher. Ok, well, we're not really having any effect, and I we try to have it. We try to see are working in perspective like we done. We think there people out there who do really good work like apologists christian writers and for us when we were telling jokes so well in and also its a weird it's worth, it
in our job all day long is were interacting with a thousand if not millions of people, but we are really doing. We work in this office and we see people around and is a couple people. By us that actually know what about Mombi is and know that we do it, but in general, is not new. Such a quiet existence, really cute, and nobody knows about it. It's bizarre, this desire to. Be reaching some people within really not. We both are actually kind of generally more quiet, if we are both counters intimates or not, I think I would probably get myself interviewed yet salmon injured I was so it was weird was when I lived in my own home town and I was like an abandoned stuff. I thought of myself as an extra effort, but then, once I moved away and out of that night that What's it have abandoned man as total introverted, actually really hard to just.
But I think you misunderstand the thing, because I feel it like an extrovert sometimes, but it's with people that I to entrust or environments anew in trust is like. The life of the party here. But then I go like. Two Mcdonald's and, like I don't know any dispute, flower, Mcdonald's and Mcgowan's either does go hide in this line and hiding the bombs online for victims so love. It says. God has blessed you with an outlet to encourage and looked up others with humor and wisdom new or doing a wonderful job spreading light into the universe. Shield says you make Christianity cool, tat an over again, oh about one, but we appreciate the sentiment anyway so anyway. Thank you, Jessica. And make so much that that letter touched as both very deeply
but at the about will was we have our little african common on a mountain in his comments incidentally, this is encouraging. Well We don't really get that much of that kind of message so, This is long to those snippets and that's not us begging for more, because we don't really need information on the time We don't need big, haven't not fragile snowflakes, but it is nice. So thank you Jessica. All right well for the rest of the show, we're going to be doing a subscriber exclusive stuff, we're going to be talking about a little more Epstein stuff jokes about Epstein Pearl E, Elizabeth Suicide, jokes and then The more we were talking about a guide rhetoric are pulling its actually beautiful, we ve got an Epstein joke. We have pronoun joke. Yet soprano we have jokes about high, would celebrities. So as golden glow, things you may at last after,
but that's the subscriber version you gonna pay for that. Everybody else talk to you the rest of this far gas is in our super exclusive premium subscriber large, if you're not Babylon, be premium subscriber go to Babylon, be dotcom. Flash plans for full length, ad free pod gas access to our headline forum, twenty percent off the items in the Babylon Bee Store a gift and more. Please drop us review on Itunes and share the PA gas with a friend feedback and love male go to podcast at Babylon, be dotcom, follow Ethan at acts caught and Kyle at the Underscore Kyle Underscore Man on Twitter.
I would like to thank says Dylan for paying bills Adam forward for creating their job, the other writers for tirelessly pitching headlines subscribers and you the listener until next time. This is Davy Andrea. The voice of the battle on be reminding you to go forth and finish last year
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