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Aditi’s Intro to India


Andy is joined by Aditi Mittal, in India. India is big, and has a lot going on, this includes ID cards, corruption and the legacy of the Brits and the caste system.



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The bugle audio newspaper a visual, allow buglers and welcome to bugle issue four thousand and eighty one and a half on totally income India, the city where the british empire he's tomorrow large war, job this planet fool. You meet british trademark, honey combination of job violence, big building, big states and people were so much paperwork. Did you know the poor? The paperwork generated by the British Empire now makes up thirty five point: eight percent of the mass of this planet. No, of course you didn't because, obviously it's a fact, but in this day and age, let's just run with it, it might
true more on this in the forthcoming two part, BBC Radio, forty region, doing with out of our power, come into a radio or virtual radio near you in October. So I could not record a full bugle this week, a shaman such an exciting weak for american, patriarchal bullying and the german carbon choose one of the following three functions: to finish: the sentence, depending on your political preference, speaking to the Labour Party conference dressing up as Lenin and singing I'm gonna knock you out in russian stroke saving the entire future of the world like the returning and now, understandably gray, bedded Jesus, so obviously is instead, Lhasa in Mumbai on match up with indian comedian Dating Mitchell, who you will remember from one of evil live, shows in Melbourne early this year to talk about me. stories in India this week and I have been some big stories. It's a big country and full of big stories and on ending fascination
is made talking to a lady in Mumbai this week returning to the bugle after Spectacular David, Melvin, comedy festivals, going to see you again about the more familiar surroundings. Might I welcome to my sweaty humid or legal gap? district, and I welcome its growth device. My first visit to indifferent, I think, for years, quite finished. Is it as a as not yet getting then we're getting back? We What would you say has become more chaotic in the last four years old? Is it as it reached the collar plateau in point, You know I sometimes body that India is existing in a permanent state of chaos, like the discussion that we sit down and have right now. I imagine that pretty
similar discussions will be held in the seventies where it was my God. These countries gonna collapse, the country's gonna die but other than, and then twenty only to the next generation that, my God, the start of the other guy This is the basic state to exist with limited it. Then. I think every time I come to India, I'm stuck not boy how chaotic giddies, but anything works at all. Given the number of people of infrastructure that we very generous. left the parting gift, it's a extraordinary We have been following the bugle critically. The last company is that some of the space Turkey, the rulings of the Indian Supream course of move, had annabel on quite a bit, and he said we have big fan of the language These are either by the Supreme Court on about more than just the language of, and will raise. A couple of recent rulings are will will will we'll talk now, not explain. This originally came today on the planet.
modulation of of of words, keeping to a y all binding for loans down? Didn't you be funny ardor? That's rather we go see, see so yeah. The dream was a pretty big. The others have been called because there was only I and not heard of me base in English and the idea was supposed to be advantage of unique identification. Number I was wondering with which you would given your biometric information, your eyes and your fingerprints, and it will be said, of the base off every EU citizen- ah you know to be able to sort of getting to the digital Revolution As- and you know that data is the new. Yes, I am I that reserve by the end of this up, it was free, coined by Mr Collide Humvee a UK mathematician an object of discourse club God,
didn't I didn't do. Those of immunity of that fact is quite mind about somebody's is the world's largest biometric idea. program as challenges challenge has been imagine as we speak, Dubai there is no one knew how to make an even bigger biometric idea programme with of all living creatures, backed by the world's largest idea out each car twenty metres. Fifty meters wide for no reason just feathery, asked a break pointers Russian Guy India's biggest they come about. he is. In summary, it seemed to him this its voluntary, but you can't, do anything without it which is a road yeah, I'm so another initial intention or other war. To be able to block the leaks in welfare. Distribution from the state to the people
Having said that in the pros and cons, of course, activists went after it all when it started becoming Daddy Teresa mandatory in random places. An optimist went off. This is one unconstitutional and do it violates fundamental right to privacy. God responding to that by saying Do you even la la la la la. I voted for two years before deciding whether the indian citizen had the fundamental right to privacy those two wheels everything's Roma biscuits to unlock seduce had to be linked by other things. They wouldn't give you a death certificate. If you didn't have an onlooker forever. Last lay I'd like you to maddening. You know, I'm in the sort of the hindu mythology believes in revolt.
Ah, I am pretty sure that reached that point, when you will not be borne, if you don't come back, I been rebuilt gone and at the same time, this was being sort of pushed by banks by telephone companies by literally anything, for you to give it as your one point identification of course, activists are concerned. This is sort of pudding all your need time, one please and what happens if someone's do you do biometric data? Do you won't get new? I do you forget new thought. Nobody knows I'm listening new commercial market, isn't it organ drink. The law we could go, see celebrity eyes and with every huge market, by Shari Coms eyes. Oh my god, there will be a meeting
this desire, just there's a lot of money would he goes was eyes. I do not want to steal goes. I dont know what only have c and fun. I don't wanna be lived, but also answer. The decision made by the Supreme Court to deal was all whether was unconstitutional or not DA. We have unfortunately, unfortunately upheld as The system that we continue to function as something that plugs leakages in the welfare system all but has taken off the pressure off. You no good opinion. bank account and connecting your various telecom. Everything do it on. But, of course, may I say that I'm just earlier than stated that there is nothing to do with anything that has happened in the past pulling this giant collection of data off the giant, this collection of The number of people in the world
Open Gandhi opened a lot on the yes, I'm not going to look through history. Have governments and big business ever misused. This continent of ours delight and leaves I don't play democracy. You can trust in my personal opinion, is the site if they're gonna have online data and they gonna use it the same stuff. Why should somebody else be making money off of mine? I want something I walked in on this whenever you're selling it to what are they doing with it? I won't do. I could actually, as sadly enough, you know, I'm in one of the most terrible memories off to doesn't do people who was that on nineteen. Eighty four and two doesn't do, which was to make prominent programmes in India in history. Recent indian history. You know talking about how people went from house to house that election lists in their hands so he knew where every person of a particular community lived. I'm going. Do more David didn't targeted moodily,
which is not something the stage would ever do so. You know your current leader ii does not a jackal for their activities, and so now that I've been information. I was introduced in India in two thousand five at that point in time. It is quite a robust and quite a lot of sort of Things came out of it, but now new proposed amendments state that information. That is likely to do harm and Oh. Do you public interest? means that unity idea can be rejected on the basis of that, and that basically weakens the right to Information ACT and how do I connect? It is actually quite interesting, because the government has been giving link has been so they just talking out, its governmental, posterior you're, giving fact about giving our statistics about how hotter than people,
but whenever you find in the eye, You get that information, whether its true or not, you're, hitting these roadblocks I saw I reckon that is about the citizens right to privacy from the government, and the government is right to hide information city governments right to privacy is one day you go musical, interesting things, I am strongly about what was it the these numbers, the autonomous that sternly twelve digits now. That's a shoe population window has not been a reach one trillion now Current right is, but one point three billion and its doubled in forty years, social make cars on the same right, we're looking at exert exam. and I have made up the mess it three hundred and seventy six years until the then becomes obsolete, running to many people in
that's long enough for us to build up a metrology cross mean three hundred seventy six year old, I'm hoping that another looking back and calling these the globally. even if you glitches as well. Some some agencies apparently were marketing the cards as smart cards. Despite they have no official validity and no chip day you are rigid. Amazing, goes the welcome. The indian colloquialisms I smell any laminated go onto the street right now, you'll be borne saying we can work, your bank got into a smart guy. We worry about, I didn't smarter. It's just a smart guy. Did you once much smarter all things big, relevant notes, ass night for the people who are getting into under the guise of a part of the Supreme Court judgment was the least.
What other gives dignity to the marginalized dignan? It's the marginalized outweighs privacy, but this is scissors papers, stone talk, game is nothing. Privacy outweighs Cooper, power and wealth. Overpower wealth outweighs dignity to them. What has no victory, that's like either way someone's gonna get aboard real bad real bad, Anne and also the m. This was a direct witness on and on one newspaper for about a foot from the Supreme Court judgment. One cannot The baby out with the bathwater come ass, a kind of language. I don't a lot of super uncle John, It also amenities through the throwing babies, our borders has become logistically more difficult. The invention of the blood began to play. Being smaller than the baby was shut. The whole thing out last summer, she used to get her to families in those days.
When you do there, I mean I know now I mean we're living in a time when issuing visas frowned upon. It is yes, overlaps with that sort of colonialism is you did another Supreme Court ruling this week. as a the election candidates. The following nominations for election should have to make public. declarations, imprints and electronic media about. Criminal records and ending criminal cases. an ominous, really music, they're gonna basin, absolutely enormous newspapers, in people become more in newspapers and other policy, excitements turned and eighty one pages long. Is this happening out? Those elections You know I think very easily. Strangely optimistic thing to Benghazi
considering how much or not are you expecting among its younger expect them to come up and be like? You did all is still vote for me and in fact I think, two thousand nineteen that heading towards very interesting time, because somebody God who was the accused off, ah more a muslim limit on camera. The video invited He actually decided to run for election on the basis of his are motivated right, so I mean well. Does he need to declare our did his declaration come first, then, the public office I wrote, who knows, I'm so AIDS, I don't know what to expect. People to come out did a key and see it, and if they do, I really want to see that make it interesting. You know I'm seeing unless you got the songs I want you to see you like acted out. Don't even longer
I thought I'd like a musical version of the time that you you know didn't honour killing of your? Not that kind of thing Logan politics, the army, and I would vote for you Well, I'm really has been a trial scheme room. In fact, in two thousand Sixteen! U S, election! When. Donald Trump laid out exactly what periphery There are almost always do you may vote today. Luck drive for none of them. So why wouldn't work for Betty Criminal, the idea of telling people? What can you ve committed, Why you're running for others might inform them as to whether the other you committed was in an attempt to be with the people around them,
interesting stop because I'm not like, I think personally, the Supreme Court Gonna send something to them down political body than a feeling in downtown. I mean borderline who what do the political bodies should be feeling models. Can agree on the world, but also similar debates Please have the idea the whole fell new policy. The grand alone will be very different so there's an election next next might yet another nineteen, so neurons remotely is, if you like. Peter is I'm going to stay in power then, and if so, what will that mean for in He is a leader who, I think, it's about his eyes. Its opinion in quite a bit? without an extremely divisive axiom watch What was your prediction
I think two dozen and nineteen is going to be actually of big you. I don't know the way that the elections are gonna, go because I was getting you. There was, of course, there have been several floating conspiracy theories about idioms being re done now. you know, lots of slots. A sort of I'm an NGO. Actually I don't know, I don't know about elections Ethel You can view of what can be bought for like a plate of big money. I hadn't saw so I don't know how you gonna vote as a country. I have no idea I'm down below. We hope, of course, is that you know you ve been out of northern visa went to the high of two thousand fourteen when they were all these promises, and there was always show shop and listened. be Otto Slick, diet and amazing to the genuine, gradual unravelling of these promises of development and other development is such a catch. All of all embarrassing.
and so you know, I think it remains to be seen as to what tactics are. Both bodies will employ closer to elections, or will there be lights up? Maybe to the right would be that that's an electoral tactic is right to pick up a little Britain of at least two. Please dog, Yes, I do doesn't doesnt. Nineteen can be Lucy who knows Roy Physical Protection could you do I caught in the care of his son State of India as the ruled in favour of a lesbian couple who want to to live together and earlier this month, the sheep premium de criminalized homosexuality Essentially, they struck down section Three, seven, seven of India's penal code, which out the colonial era, law Dignan
we welcome this was a visa sanctions reasons. It was fascinating sixty one? It was a british law based on another british law, fifteen thirty thirty, which Weeder Britain appeal in eighteen, twenty eight hours is one we no longer need. Just passed. Thank you thank you for that very well. I didn't know you had a Supreme court do get major drops. Ah you know during that time everyone was all like, like Do we aim for this important goal because Archie seventy seven decriminalize homosexuality, all which means it was just one less charge to solar put on young lovers. Ah, you know people want to roaming around in public life.
I was one last chance to bring to the table when they were taken in by the police and saw it was a huge laughing at it, and we need to do this. Report had considered it into doesn't thirteen and then put it aside, offering consideration in two thousand and eighteen on, which is when it finally managed to get past and what is actually happening now is going very interesting because it intersects with a lot of things. I it intersects with that to self determination. These two women and get it ah. Ah you nobody was done. What do the specifics of this case? Other twenty boiled with forty onward and and all his bones when the police said she's missing, to the window. The police found to call back home and detrimental asylum, then you know I'm interdependent fought. This gave him the girl. I got came in and said: no, you know what this is allowed under. It is going to change along like this is gonna bottles
Just this one. So the change in not even the act itself. It's just that one law is don't change a lot of things for the EU come on I think this is just the beginning. In that sense, I don't know, I didn't see anything funny regarding that, I just didn't. We India, modern noises, as account. Gee, that's all kinds of competing forces at by the recent release of these landmarks along the way, but also forces of tugging back towards. traditional ism and the Sir Clinic in Britain, Winnie legalised, gay marriage, I think the five or six, six years ago now, how come Well, he's India! With this, this progress to a more open minded society. So you do, I believe that for any change, especially for any social change in India right now, what's gonna happen. There are two kinds of
Our processes that we have a big one is, of course, the legal process and, on the other, the overarching process is going to definitely be a longer term process. But when you have all the constitution, others are being put on your side, it just makes it easier to set us call upon all when you're being you known drug for it, I guess you know: we ve had a series of in the past two weeks, a series of honour killings. Ah job gas to beast. Honour killings, and I love let me call it honour killings of it sounds like a really cute, like yours,
it's a bizarre, euphemisms and the world is full of weird euphemisms from lay. I think my dvds amazing deceived easing right, which is like her laugh smelling like sexually laughing. A woman on the road is going to be dealing with other something a puppy. Would lean boy tories, Eve teasing me when you're like screaming, I mean for me I'm wrong, but that's it it's called, and so the language about these things as well on a killing, but example, has been sorted out. He's been sided with the person who is doing about it. the other bogus for these last three ones that was set up. And they really can get much play in mainstream media was because you know They were basically women from other who ran away and looked with the men from new costs. Though our father, and the families of these women game these men to bits backpack. Today
that afflict summoned the neutrality of it. Doesn't he does any more legislate, walking down the street? And you see a cowardly you I unavailability, won't be anything anymore all but hacking. You someone debts, and these are just consenting adults disgusting there lived in studying the ADI lesbians. the other guy lustily. You know these are consenting adults but be Imposition of unknown is a strong and so crazy bad. People are willing to Malta for it, and I found it. you asked, demanded by the way. Well only superficially. We know the intricacies of how it practically you know so the caste system, Michael logically, the sort of origin story is that there was a certain god and now you know he was giving birth to different kinds of people, and so we give what's to the payments from the hand, which is why they are the ones that will not. He gave birth,
to those who suffer the, which is the one you blasphemous, all those which is why they like really buffer. Yes, under the dishes are from the start, the train of glass, so they do treating fought like money and then the feed, which was the shoe does? Which was the you know, those sanctions at any cost, the balance the OECD Agreement on the other to enjoy the cleaning up society. signs generally disagrees with the theory of human If now You know, I would say those things. I've tried to say: I've looked at looked off of Ebay, giving both their legs, and I have not seen a single regarding this. Often I've seen tubers definitely neither was through a leg. Neither is it not you not even saying little regenerates tie deaf and so the union is four times
The son of the lower classes have experienced brutal oppression are one of those things that actually nobody in and get automatic, and I personally have a son learning about it did Didn't talk about it in school? They talk about it like a thing of the past and it doesn't happen anymore. You know the kind of thing that you see like recently adopted member modern because he kept a mustache, and upload cost men in his village? Didn't like it and solely mordred him, another guy who was at his waiting and they will ignore. This is not a cost activity, and so they murdered you don't be media life or nor is any caneback pisses me off tomorrow. I really didn't ice cream and if a man doesn't like you didn't tell me, I'm not going to solve it's on it's one of the most unspoken and even the way I mean look at those it is really up to us. Is it does
acknowledging them. Let this is fifty percent of the population of this country you're talking about right now, but the way media structure them Sonny, I'm seeing nothing funny, I'm so sorry. I was murdered the we immediately structure. The we are all storytelling paradigms are structured the voices and the stories only beyond the August. The only I mean, that's why I am like. I did think you myself is allowing the unique butterfly woman comedy English or the stuff, but don't do that. There are millions! like a really, doesn't sound and made it, because I'm millions who just have not had access to the opportunities that I have just a function of bullets link this company, you crazy, it's all about where you were born it omens what life is gonna be like an arm, so these models have been taking place rapidly on, I think, These are of time. Do the same thing that the votes of the earlier is that, where d, I don't know indulge me it's all about maintaining the
Of the bloodline that you do is you did I of women euros will only be seated by the men and higher costs and Warriors Burma right, a thousand a diet and that's why they would literally motor the wife of the husband was gone because they were like. We don't want you ya, you did I to be available to anybody else. Still remain within the community and which is why does backlash unjust modeling husbands in bondage was a pregnant woman and her husband and it in front of her. I'm all, because he belonged to a low cost and all because it was just you know, I'm dead, the golden honour killing beginning. Oh no, killing on like this is like someone stabbing me tibetan things is a knife incident. No, I'm dead so you know it's all of you. around the world. This is clash of them. between spaces technology and yet many evil
religion tradition has now There's no easy resolution to it. You ought to mystic fur. India will be like in thirty years time compared with what it was like a thirty years ago. Looking at it now that's? What I'm? I don't think so. I think we're gonna we're all gonna, be it the precipice off breed every day, not good, if we're going to, I don't know That's it that's why they built over nineteen hasn't been cheated removable pick you up there, you go bugles. That is all do not forget to come to all the forthcoming. Be will live social vat on seventeen October, w only eight them up. London on the fourteenth of November, and also those my one off stand up show in Toronto on the twentieth of October. If you hear this in time and Macedonia
my mom by on the second of October, plus there's the third instalment of my certified history at Soho Data from the eighteenth of December to the sick of January, we'll be back next week to pick over the bounds of whatever is left of the american judiciary. Until then from Calcutta Goodbye.