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Bonus Bugle: A listener quiz for Andy

We asked you to write a quiz for Andy and here it is. A load of questions about puns and almost nothing about the news. Some classic clips are thrown in to remind you of the gold, including frozen cricket bats, hotties from history, and yes, puns.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual would allow bugles. I welcome. Do people full thousands of forty seven sobers owed. All of this is an extra bugle currently in Toronto, Canada having a bit of a week off, but we are providing you with a unique bugle was passed of largely non existent tenth birthday celebrations. Chris the producer is on the line from long. He will now explain what he's about. To put me. Well Andy, I thank you. Obviously, a very wise man. That's correct, testify You know you spend a lot of time. Writing this show ants. You know inside out, ass, correct,
well. The first of those things is probably more true than the second IKEA interesting, avoiding awesome hesitancy there, the audience the audience have collectively written request for you, Andy about low likely about your own show. We ve got caught. Provisions from one soon, I think from full confidence about my different countries and able they ve all got questions view as, as I said to you just before we started somebody's questions clearly haven't. Answer in which there are actually provided the answer. Sancho clearly have an answer, because I was able to research and find the answer some of them. Probably an answer, but I dont know what it is and run with its just bullshit. That sounds like an accurate reflection of the nature of the modern world getting so what Moreover, to launch the inaugural once a decade, bugle too is how radio you
I was born as ready as I am now what she said, not nearly as ready as would be ideal in the modern world archive sites. At this question is from an and forgive any pronunciation areas. This is from icy. How can you tell me what happened in Australia that caused you to go on a dog themed pine rang? what I do know this. They don't think program at which I am sure many gave was, will remember with a mixture of joy and horror. Of possibly both. That's was it: was Lou read on his wife doing the council for dogs. I was at the Sydney opera House. I think he was yeah right and them to get me resilience high into the air, the sign, extremely scientific creation process. We call monetary policy of the panel the golden retrieve upon which I called in what weaver emerge from it I remember I wrote that
four in the morning sitting in bed, and I loved out loud and woke. My wife ass ever occur. We shouldn't have share information. As a kind of life. I leave Lady number, thirty, five you don't like what shit, so I wish you wouldn't call or that there are very rude guy anyway. Why don't you like a well cause? She talks wrought Weiler Huge husband scares me, I mean he's a big ol, busted big obey go but last time tell the want of about one of my gigs. She just talked about endlessly work. She really bored colleagues, I programmes that they climbed into the cigarettes, the airports, Australia Well said: Loring I've had us. I have such a great day mates only
Lunch time hang onto lucidly we'd better. Do some publicity for this gig calibre twenty bucks for some posters, for it shall pay me back next week, replied his wife. Get me a boxer. Chaplains does I, my part is on the back seat, I'll just rage back and get it if you tell them ever music bodies about whose key has Keith Richard Schooled has keys. Rigid no said low, but I told Ex Velvets drama mooring Tucker all about it are really talks. It up second appears from He talks about our shorting whether she was well impressed said Lou, I'm so excited about this gig. If it goes well, our taking shouted all around the world. Well, there's just see how it goes. First, love cautioned his wife, don't start thinking about an elaborate tour, elaborate tool. No not yet it's gonna be logistical challenge anyway, aiming for a start, we have to Queen clean the auditorium, not offer a crowd of doses poodle over it, if only promote analyses are too big for cats
I'd be hesitant, I'll, say sham. That offer suddenly loosened on the brakes, gripes that indian after spilth load of melted butter on the road. That was how those core key. Visible ass. They all want to see as they please sorry before you get going to sell our products. Ok, aerial, Polizia so anyone's go. They drove first textile maker whose fallen into the icy Hudson River and just goin down, let darling said we read it's a cold and what we ve without worthwhile report, but we are resign.
Who says I need more degree, and I was quite early in the bugle when you did that and now at work to view on sporting things before him was quite sure what I'd Lamb. I myself in four when that happens, Well, I owes us, since it is a test to Ukraine, to sleep you, the required mental resilience, to take thirty consecutive dog pants without resolving the past. You pass the test of resigned many times better. Let us give ignored so you got one out of one answer. This is from the meta High just wanted to know what was the longest run of puns on one topic Well depends what you mean by long do, and most number of palms almost time elapsed. Aim is the well can you answer both for two points to rights
the pressures on items of number of puns I've. I know I did it all and presence in reverse chronological order, which at the time was Was he for one of the most well wishes it was still full of including the Cleveland twice for his non consecutive terms. I think be surprised with a more than forty foot. Forty four tonnes on this, we'll talk in terms of length of a dogs will pretty long to think about I'm not sure I don't wanna yeah you, at point. Ninety this is from Dive Morris, yes, hello, dive and it has been controversy over cricket back design and whether new models and legal or not what effect is that have a number of crazy bat made from frozen oil that stretched back off.
Yes, our one. While this is when the bugle got scientific, wasn't it the number? I can't remember what will keep this up. It was because no one hundred and sixteen right do you want with asean and frozen creative, otherwise stretching the moonlight was submitted stretching across the Atlantic, initially yeah, so it what it was about America having an oil shortage. I don't know why you, I don't know how I ended up getting crows and that it was Can you freeze oil? I think that's the question that led to the rights but booty August was it the length of the handle of cricket about relieving ashore and were long handle cricket, but forty makes it. The half difference yeah,
I mean what is stretching cricket back to the moon and back that's gonna, win that good. That's the difference between making it and not make an oar overshooting is a really good, Wanda Andy, whether the manpower put into coming up with she would analogy thought this would be better diverted into coming up with wise to stop this. Lake, because the brook complexity of a modular zone show seems to suggest that if successfully hardest. These could all be over by now. At the very least, they should all take this with milk jugs down to Louisiana and starts groupings of oil out of the gulf with them. I will these mill jokes made of whenever we listen, I'm guessing porcelain, milk jelly and they I'm guessing you classic porcelain milk junk you gonna be looking at some spillage. Isn't breakage is as well.
I just don't think the fact that India will benefit them right. Should they wanted a more impressive distance. I should have used maybe longer and thinner receptacles echoed of light end to end right. Maybe I don't know your yards availed Yo University of the yard of I'll give you have the kind of attitude that we could get a portable, nothing that that would have made me pay more attention or maybe enough if it frozen into cricket bat moulds, how many hours frozen cricket, but oil cricket bats with commissioner. If you could, can you freeze all Chris idea, I'm afraid not sign voice? I can look out for you I'll, be great risk. Any please ask if I can equally phone if you can freeze oil and therefore that all can be frozen. If the answer to the first is: yes, I'm guessing the secondly vs as well, I'm onto it taxes, but it does seem
stone was seventy one occasion when spending that little bit extra short term might have saved a big but extra long term. But when you buy a rhino for New Circus ACT in a dead, one might be much cheaper than alive one. But I saw what long term you know it straight. Man, stick will rapidly become tiresome and better pay. The extra to a respectable power, or importer of large owned undulates get hurt, get one that can do more than stand there, looking stiff and slowly decomposing, or even if you know that, and here the hidden costs coming upon the dead one than new stuff by specialist. I run gnostic taxi Dumbest mounted on Kostas by qualified relation and fitted with breaks by guy up Mccartin down the carriage at the end of the road
We're talking to me what is for free of yours nicely and you don't need breaks down a wild run on a sloping staging a musical caucasian bereaved orchestra waiting to happen now getting off point here, but the point being gay self, a decent life and authorise any the train. It reliable, psychic, we'll just work with its wildness. If you're animal off the cuff edgy genuinely Dangerfield good, by which I mean don't skimp on safety, because when you setting up and running and oil well, but certainly not when you make fourteen billion dollars a year, I mean you might almost sixty thousand dollars and the time is taken from me to say this is outrageous. F next on baby, because you're worth it as all your employers and plant
I think you ve made your point under what, whatever that Poland will remember, that they might have been a different one of them than it was at the beginning. Doesn't matter does about some bits of various points have been made. Crisis goes pendulum. Do in fact the album affect there's. No one freezing point for crude oil is. It varies across the world interesting back, but the poor, when it will stop pouring depending varies from thirty two sosius to minus fifty seven. Really most commercial oils in about the minus thirty two minus forty, and then he became a solid block or is it just a lot and unpalatable loop I understand, from what I'm reading and MRS Limited groups, but will eventually eventually you'll get something that might be motive. Quickly, but should you have done it? You can use as a basis to create the model itself, wouldn't bright. Through summit with may say that this is not the global response to the disaster that anyone is asking for. Ok, let's
clear calm. Could we hypothetically take this oil untreated into quickly, but I'm not sure how that would help yet, but it would be interesting to know, I haven't Barack Obama redress. This John were armenian journalist ideas off they ve all of its Katrina. The questions are big. Was one amount Rowena you're right this on some? Graham? What present the John get you to celebrate the Bigos first birthday. Was presented Joan, give me to set about the Beatles First ass. They ass I can only wonder we were given a cake at the recording studio in in It's where road, where we where we used to have thought they might especial be able cake. Without our logo on the front of end logo. John gave me I can't I can't remember it wasn't gonna ones. I was doing the shop and fully in the buffaloes it was. This has not got a birthday present.
I have absolutely no recollection of that's right. So this was before my time this person submitted the answer and you can Only this is wrong or not. He said It was a Hugo Chavez, a gram. Well, Yes, I might have been a virtual Hugo Chavez grab a doctor What are we to recording studio unless he went to the wrong building next door to a very confused proven, not shop, and that's that's how site well, that's that's that isn't that that would have been an appropriate birthday present at the time for the people living Chavez it featured court prominently. If the world Roma two thousand seven two thousand, I time Salem you're as a grandmothers, probably less demand for these days? Has anything- and I sat around- maybe less polluting the ground? I can imagine what the music would pay for that
the hair is at all. This is another one from Graham who was the personal pick up. Former Beagle the John Oliver Johnny showpiece. I gave a traitor for haughty from history, Jones, personal Personal, about an hour. I was too far away in full reverie about that Florence Nightingale nothing telling Attention who were John was retrospectively lusting after. I'm not sure isn't over Mary Queen of skills today was not account a conqueror, remember, apparently, identity. Apparently Joanna the mad. Oh you're one of them ass. Well, she, yes, I think come. She was submitted by listening wrong when once you ve come come in Don't ever joanna them at? Why? Wouldn't you wouldn't
it gets an hour of its when she's an intriguing intriguing character, any any woman who drags around the dead corpse of her former husband that Sir, Somebody want to get to know better over a you know a few caught, but he's in a sports bra with the with the baseball on. In the background, or you spend more time in the states. The mayor raising the idea. That's what happened well, that when that was yes lightly caliber, my region has been sitting in full as far as much spoke on my own. Essentially I mean it s written at you. Two weeks I look out below which all copper very present evenings with a maxim vagueness in bars after kicks button. Kingsport Solo could only be improved by the presence of a sixty century, deranged, spanish monarchy, and this comes from a man called John, who writes data bugle? What about Philip a handsome of spine seems obvious? Doesn't it
Mary Joanna the Mass of Burgundy Tiberius I think it is a shame that such a haughty was married to a self confessed psychopath, but ultimately it enables Spain stability throughout the early modern period, heart good email, John, have you have a picture of Joanna MAD police ended in? I feel that I might be borne hundreds. Years after my time. So do he built emails in on how different history and all other subjects and controversy has hit haughty from history, different email from cleaner Kafir ruler in Melbourne, Australia? She writes, I found a haughty from history, somewhat underwhelming
you truly human. What criteria we are using to choose these haughty from history. She writes. I cannot see the common thread between any of these nominees accept their dead. Let's have some transparency in the nominations, well aware against the wall, a job. I don't think that is a valid criticism. These haughty transcend being alive or dead Joanna. The mad is the perfect example. There we had a couple of pictures of emerald in one of the aims set of closed a photo of the infamous Joanna mad. That one does not recognise the flaming madness upon first gloves she does appear to be carry some unexplained ride. You knows crazy eyes of their intoxicating eyes and then Sarah wrote, while thanks for the tip John Joanna, the man is not only pretty, but my friend Aramis.
The crazy girls are better in bed and then she avoided I'd hate it. You get points for that. Nato deserve one he's from the anti. This one is actually think he self introduces either on the other. Chris does a young I want to. Thank you for ten years of an amazing is sometimes intermittent bullshit. Cast your welcome. So yes, my question going all the way back to the first pillar, the server number was repainted painted on Andy's been. Was this a first episode ever the third episode some members have made a number of people, even at my life. Gigs now sets out where then, let's not not a handful of money to be spent to deal with, think it was. It was fifty three things are people two doors down as were NIT Nit. My been correct
yes, they have long since moved on. So if the current residents of number fifty three listening there is nothing it gets. You is something very much against the people who live there before you stole my bed nets. I apologise that never ever apologize is one of the great historic legally justices of all time. I see a great reality. Tv show there where's my there one man's quest to recover lost dearly beloved, been markets. Has a question for you. I'd like to ask the burning class of our time how long as the congressman's payments, Thank you. I think he means Elijah's. Oh, how long is the commission has been in page is when I don't know I'm just assuming I mean you're welcome to interpret. However, you, like right Well I'm not possibly come in on family shove kills succumb to show people sit around the fireplace
so on the water with a great grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, So, although elaborated much on the exact length of a fictional congressman's Wang Box, in terms of pages, obviously was only accepts. That said that will read on the bugle we couldn't get right from the earth. From from my younger shift, the lists of Ferko Thou, I reckon it was a solid eight hundred pages wound. I was gonna run. Love was sir. It was sir here that was one of the great epic ethic there's a war and peace and a new policies. I would say- and now you ve all waiting for its power for all the congressman's painless aggressions, long lost, debut novel. That's sweet secretly hacked from his voice mile.
Last I Mickey Antonio pale. I was on the verge of uncovering the real story behind a missing congressman's plainness oppose it was where it was and why wasn't where it should have been now chapter four senator about Roger, had dropped the bombshell linen landed on his own foot out. She thought, though, to blow my talks if it hadn't been metaphorical the bombshell not at all I tell it be metaphorical with still metaphorically bone enough. I guess only that kind of philosophy to Malcolm Gladwell. He chuckled, but rightly robbing a soothing mayonnaise bomb under his actual tell just in case. I witnessed Antonio for sort of become a very physical disagreement with a coffee machine about what constitutes a cappuccino in which, for the first time, in its professional life as a copy iron, freelance trapeze out of state of the words. That's just bubbly in brown milk anyway he sat down with his no Patterson of the crutch prepared the spill, the most refractive all possible beings allocation. Far away shed. Making the senator took a gulp of water ship.
In the air ass if wanting to eat his own destiny. With aside odour of self analysis, so anyway, Mistress Antonio, I was tomorrow this morning and she said that daydreams being told you can't do any gardening anymore. What with her back Nicole's damages not long for this world anymore and produce been having an affair with the vicar. No, it's not good for a heart. What with him being sudanese criminal and his being a man and then well if she will get out of her right, gonna get but mind you if she must do She should at least do it on a horse, not a seminar on fifty Cecy motorbike at the very least put some clothes on as well, and I swear nor Iguana told us season when one don't go together, but would you since we, of course she would not tell you who I blame for Ashton, blue mythology, fancy recipes and anyway my hour, but yet again that resurrection really didn't go according to plan minded, probably wouldn't have worked out for Jesus either if it does with the garden spite smashed into his skull. Madame idiotic a little bit more interesting money and do not about our Abdul yeah he's got an internship with Hezbollah, wherever surprised me raise any presenting happy about it, what would they haven't? Just bought a house book islands and having a mustache agent at all.
It is not given six months and pour out at council these days and she's worried sick about the greek economy and the Looking into the Kennedy assassination again. Will that gun and wealth or a candid and do not show about my kidneys or in a terrible state? They are I'm gonna have to get some new ones completely over. Could they were Monday? The stake in the rest of the pie were first class. Mickey carefully took senator bulk, rigid and add look Senate it can you please get it point. Where is your penis and why? five wrist Na Rapid Bertha. Subtle, Charles Dickens is editing site. You jump, you know them. My most famous novelist brains are produced. There There is no rush, your novel Andy! Yet sir, it was it was an honour to to of exclusive rights to this body?
cereals, Asian Upper Gresham's masterpiece, their thanks to match employer able to pay back those rights week by week, always thanks D. This is from that and the thing you doing very well at the moment this is going out of it. Surprisingly well It's amazing the amount of my own bullshit that I actually remember across ethnic generally, I think that it's just disappeared, but it's all just clogging up in the right. Yes, he's mats hello and they Chris and hello buglers. My question is: if you could pick one historical figures to be your next co host, who would it be why were caught lots able to work with the with Aristophanes the legendary ancient greek comic playwright, those one of one of my Comedy here s our butts a bit of a language barrier. Yet I guess Obviously Florence
I think that would be would be up there just to see that this is the sizzling rule animals. Your attention first across the airwaves Julius Caesar Working Party over the temporal him, but he asked historically travelled of it sometimes replaces it didn't think you want. In the traveller Marco Polo worried about a few a few stories Mohammed Ali some of them went it century here we got someone was with us because he could answer some one hundred there is the only person who can speak English, I think you pigs well, maybe that's the next to the next fronting for the bugle. That's as always exclusively by an english language podcast that maybe you need to start taking to the ancient greek community? This is from Michel Kilo, Andean Chris. This is Michel from California. My question is this:
you had some one right in and asked to name her fake racehorse. What was the name that was finally chosen and what were some of the alternate names fight racehorse. I remember I threw off now. I'm doing a blank illness, ok island. I reckon if I give you the answer. You might maybe remember some of the summit that the alternative suggestions, maybe Ok, faraway Silvio Berlusconi. Yet now do you remember that hope is a real rifles. Call that at some point I can't remember the they'll tat when I open based upon based whores. I will not allow probably thinks Jpg wrote a young woman. What
We have great moment for the world if a bicycle, Silvio Berlusconi, one one of the classical traces are, you know, get points for that now fair enough to get it not right, so only appropriate Christian Right got two left. Two questions left Andy you doing well Andy. He was the last person to enter the sound proved safe when was the last time you checked on them back from by ah go off Ah, yes, the sound proofs has go air holes in it at all. They might. I might they might still be alive. Outcome of the last person to enter it come on quite a few. Very few came out separately, so, yes, the sample, cipher remedies have caught a long time ago. Now, Easter invite guests.
From my from major news incidents to come and share their views will be able, but we put them in a sound proof safe. I can't remember, think with Rumsfeld in their own point, but whether he was the last last person to enter into the cipher. Don't know of your answers I've got opened it now and then their common is king. Buglers. Please find my question attached I have no idea what the answer is. I hope this works an issue when it is Samuel, it is yes, if I thought were, could probably look up my computer for put some proof life and set out the last. The last evidence of that I think we ve put John Oliver and a sample of safe about a year and a bit ago he's on the show every waking system at the sight your last question. I you ve done give let this is the Michael Break between you doing average and well.
I wrote I Andy TIM here from Perth, Western Australia. What was the first ever ponder on you a show and bonus question. What episode wasn't in right, the first ever palm run. It might have been North Korea wow? We know refunds and our scarce. It was around about episode. Seventy five. Oh I guess do so well that North Korea episode seventy six though nothing you deserve it. Some kind of credit for that. That's pretty good guys a day the people live in infamy while I've come on the ridiculously placed or got that so close to one hundred percent accurate, its tattooed on myself and many other people, s honor, someone did put up a collection of all the programmes on on sound cloud. That now stretches too were well an unhealthy.
Time. Frankly, economics based beyond feature film like us and I have written a movie. Was about problems that there will have been worst movies and they will have been worth movies involved. People have been on the big Andy? Well, don't get regulations was my prize grace both my prize, you win the chance to tell Bucharest what you're doing on the sixteenth of November. All what no surprise at his Chris was funny should ask, because it succeeds in November in London there will be a life bugle at the Lesters Gray, theatre, featuring niche Kumar and Alice Fraser and its it will be probably the showbiz event of the entire millennium. So far out of sixteen November at the lesser Square Theatre, at this tickets available on the internet at last is worth it website and eleven. Above all, the bugle website is welcome, as I don't know, well anyway, but basically use the incident Domini
can't find the that you have deserved to beavers that that's the philosophy behind my history of my web page It's Holly works from a commercial point of view, but they go north american talk engines on Monday, the thirtieth in Chicago the thirty first in New York and the first of November in Boston, Fit in November in Philadelphia, the seventh in Nashville and concluding on the eighth in Washington, D C, so North America come to all of those gigs or else thanks very much for listening beetle enjoyed. This is dealt with in the bugle pastor, with some merchant classic clips and thanks to all those who were sent, your question do thanks for Greece. Organizing this for us, I forget to country, to the radio Toby a fundraiser details. Needs there, another radio Toby website, which I believe is slightly more efficient and the we will- and we will be back next week with full bugle
until then, buglers have a sensational halloween. Eighty, sir, quite ridiculous festival on dates back way beyond our testament times to the problem of very dawn, dawn of time. People looking up at the sun, the dawn of humanity thing on that looks like a massive pumpkin, How can we regret about us and crush you being sent a truly sensational Halloween pumpkin that we will love we'll put up a picture of a near the facebook page and the Google Twitter feed so keep an eye out for the pumpkin to end all bumpkins sexually maybe it until next time the.
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