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Bugle 4051 – Trump and the motto of Brexit


Well what a stupid week it has been. The President of the USA is engaging with the far right, Meghan Markle is marrying a Brit of German(!) descent and there is sport happening.

Andy is joined by Nish Kumar.

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Audio newspaper for a visual world hello, buglers, unwelcome to issue full one thousand and fifty one of the bugle brought you in association with our corporate partners earth the must see death, elation in the solar system, the human race still one of the top ten great test species in the world and Andy Zaltzman, two thousand and seventeen the certifiable history. The forthcoming stand up show at the Soho Theatre May 18th of December to the sixth of January. Today is Friday. The first of December tickets available. Easily the latest in a year, we've recorded a bugle so far this year, once again for the umpteenth time this year, I am at these. Ultimately, so that's what I've been told since birthday, let's assume there's some element of truth in it and I am broadcast
Are you from London, where just twenty one years from now, The other day we will formally announce the launch of our first exciting new post brexit global trading block the Brit, and it was Becky, stun Libby, allows and Santa Elena Institute of Trade Starting times joining me at this week, a man who has seldom been described as one of the most influential figure in the evolution of punk music. Who is Jaron generally unheralded in the annals of major championship golf. It was barely even mentioned whenever experts discussed the history of 19th century Madison, bomb, afraid, sly, stone, Arnold Palmer and Louis pastor were all either SIRI or wanted way too much money. So instead we have to put up with this: go bar hello, Angie, hello, people's. I don't know what history of funk you been reading. Andy I'll. Have you know on Croydon's, Bootsy Collins? How are you Andy,
how I'm going to shoot us a difficult question to answer back it off for a weekend of zero sleep due to the absence? Yes, I have, it is watching England play Cricket in Australia comes at a price. It comes at a price in terms of just the the physical in George required it of watching top level school, but still submit, and the psychological insurance of watching England's raise an unusually large flag of hope before setting fire to that flag of hope and burning it to occur yeah. It was a real rollercoaster ride that first test match. It was a rollercoaster ride in the kind of rollercoaster either ends in a massive crack is the first of December
it is Christmas time Monday. It is an issue. It's what heading into cracker Ramadan he had a cut the volley full don't like to well. Indeed. Yes, you, I will recording the first of December, two thousand seven scene, not only the start of a of advance yeah. Also it's Rosa Parks date is. It really is on the stand. Nineteen, fifty five, the the Little box incident happened. Donald Trump is not tweeted about not yet important things for him to address, and we are celebrating that by recording this be with me, sat behind Andy, also in this day, one thousand nine hundred and ninety the channel tunnel met itself under the sea. Section started in the UK, and France met forty meters beneath the sea beds, building, surely a new dawn of brittle continental cooperation transport and I'm just a meat
exchange of ideas, friendship relationships and respect that should we confirmed our future and historic destiny is a true european nation. Well, let's find out if that indeed happened, I've got the envelope here how to this. This is also We build another tunnel, it'll work better next time. Well, I think we're one year away from this current tunnel being filled with spam. Well, so that there's no life, it's getting into the spam will halfway across cross with spam, and then we, walgrove the other side, the perfect visual metaphor for our mutual distrust and wildly different cuisines. This is the bugle for the week beginning the fourth of December, two thousand and seventeen on this. On the fourth of December, one thousand, six hundred and eighteen ish a hen laid an egg with a picture
of a comet on it, even though that comets would not appear in the skies until the 12th of December. What yeah that I read that on the internet, a chick in like a magic egg that had a picture of predict if picture of a comics what yeah blow me that's economy, the internet. This leads come in only one of one of three things. One God is a chick in to Zeus. Is God, and he had chicken wouldn't put it beyond in Gaza? Monster got away with stuff for so long, because people are scared of him and he will had so much power. Why do we never learn and three is a naughty chick in had sex with a telescope? I'm going to add number.
To that list. Your lack of sleep due to the offices, because you to hallucinate chicken bites into that story. It's true! If it is true in sixteen, it is true to life. That's the motto: Brexit able to price it fate, Cal American Gumbel's was, as always a section of the vehicle is going, is going straight to the baby out well you'll be, please is clearly a massive Christmas fan as we've a bagel Christmas. When I was governor, we have the first week of the Bugle Advent calendar of Christmas facts Friday, the first of December and King Herod's name, should in fact be pronounced. He rolled it
american style, shortening first full nine Hercules Rodriguez. You have to wait till tomorrow for the next one, so you can't listen to this, but for another twenty four house Saturday, second of September, no, no, you won't put it early. He looking for only two of three wise men were actually wise. Melchior was a total quit. He had a fake degree cert. If from the University of Nineveh Balthazar in Casper already most of the actual wisdom, while some milk was reduced large of the role of a prototype Heitman going year in the background third of December, the tradition of eating Turkey at Christmas began, when Mary in the throes of
labor in the manger, grab what she thought was a cylinder of gas and air, but was in fact a Turkey and Britt its head off the fourth of December. What we think of as Christmas day does not in fact fall on the real birth date of Jesus. As you know, this is a fact. Scholars now think that the twelve foot eight inch Messiah, that measurement taken right at the end of his life was in fact born in September, his parents, however fiddled his birth certificate, so would be eligible for the Galilee underlines Miracle squad which had a cut off date of the first of October. The date the miracle in season traditionally began Tuesday. The fifth of December John F Kennedy was a mass Christmas fan. When he announced the American Luna mission in nineteen sixty, he threw a massive tantrum when NASA said that the astronauts wouldn't be able to ride santas reindeer into orbit Wednesday. The sacred The reason Mary and Joseph had no money for the in was because Joseph are just splurged
one hundred and ninety nine shekels on a new woodwork basement drill in the black Friday sale. Well, that'll do for the first week. I look forward to listen to this show id so that I can re. Listen to that. 'cause, I voted for the I didn't hear anything after Hercules. Robbery, cats absolutely tapped out at that, also in the bidding are special advent, section uh. We we review the latest Christmas ads. Obviously yeah there is the launch of Christmas and seems to somehow become a new story. Yeah that's right, yeah for no discernible reason. Of course, the true Christian Christmas actually involves not laconic commercialism easily today by eating a healthy dish of hey donkey, manure in human after birth and the line for the cold winter season, then going for a cross country ski, like the three wise men did, as they would make their way across the snow covered Middle EAST that she
December back in north pc and or ad, and we look at the Christmas advert for the food outlet. Real meets a brutally graphic five minute film of the baby Jesus chasing can ritually slaughtering an escape. Turkey, with a chainsaw given to him by one of the wise men, which is the origin of the term anyway Donald Trump, is a plus six thousand four hundred and thirty three of the old ones able to Donald Trump retweets, two tweets from Jay to friends and the deputy leader of Britain for us a far right nationalist group. Before we go ' but he further Britain first and sort of seeing this as an endorsement of their views from the President of America and are using this as an opportunity for extra publicity. So I will now be referring to them as the kinks.
The rest of this show. I'm aware that quite a lot of buglers are pretty adept at altering Wika Pedia. You have their own Wikipedia page and if any of you felt the need to deface that, with their new name, I would have no way of stopping you yeah. I imagine most of us were sitting at home this week. Thinking I'll tell you what have been nice about this week so far, and that is that Donald Trump has not yet retreated any far right. Islamophobic propaganda videos. Yet is the keyword here we knew it was coming and it Julie Julie do but just when I said there were no more behavioral depths for the presidents of the USA to plum. He not only excavated a surprised. You underground, cavern, L provocative nincompoop re, but he then plump the living shit out of it. We're talking soup, Mario level plumbing in the video game stars early 1990s pump trumpet also much limb
codons, underneath the already low bar of just about to presidential morality. He lay underneath that bar pointed his dick in it you're a native at all until it fell off his perch. Before saying that is what am I Lynnwood do, and we cannot accept that, let's start with the actual video clips themselves, because various journalists were taking their time to debunk them. One of the video is a originates in HOLLAND. There's no evidence that the people involved are either versus him all migrants yeah, but I mean it does show a dark. Haired dutch teenager beating up a lot heads dusty ninety dot K teenage is a much more likely to turn into dog. Had adults, yes, and so does the dog had adults a much more likely to be Muslims than, for example, Belong had labradors, so
just have to be careful. You just never know what you're actually watching so the first video was had absolutely nothing to do with anything whatsoever. The other two videos, one of them, comes from some violence from supporters of the egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, and the other is a video clip taken during conflict as part of the syrian civil war. So at best Two of them have been severely dragged out of context on a lust. One of them is a complete out right law, but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if twelve Trump tweeted a video I, set of the Disney cartoon version of Aladdin with the caption Muslims are above. Buffets wearing genie fees. Let me we just check see if that come up. I was not is complaining about the american judicial system again another, As for the fucking. Well, they are a very spicy group of people,
and I use that term advisably, knowing that they have never eaten spicy food in their entire lives. Yeah. I also really up about Britain first, because they were quite recent organization. They were founded in twenty eleven by people who found the British National Party was simply too cuddly and progressive for their liking. Is the original founder was thrown out of the British National Party, for he was too big for the BNP? That's that is, that is an impressive as a high tariff maneuver, that is a quintuple cell. That's like Keith Richards kicking you out of the rolling stones for doing too much heroin. They. They advocate the preservation of traditional british culture, not entirely clear which bits of traditional british culture. They don't seem too keen on the shit like tolerance, open, mindedness, acceptance of others.
More in the old school traditions, initial age, old, bull walks of our National AIDS, such as Sinophobia Feudalism, Morris, dance, I guess talk for the life expectancy of twenty four for presence in which but cultural traditions in any country or a bit of a pick and mix buffet. But what is called what it's come old and frustrating about. This is that Britain, first barely even a fringe organization. They have as much electoral popularity is the I'm going to throw a bucket of sick in your face party and as much political sway is the revolutionary make penguins fly to the desert and see how they like hip party? There are basically a barely discernible turd bobbing in the british political reservoir yeah, but thanks to the President of America, they suddenly been thrust into the limelight. The british response, welcoming Theresa may was as outspoken as she is little bit about anything inside that Mister Trump was wrong wrong to tweet
and then he hit back saying, don't focus on main if, if only that were possible focus on the destructive writer, islamic terrorism, but is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine, he says from America. Now I mean he's got a point. I mean if you look at the stats as a proportion of terror attacks. Americas were much better than us at reducing the proposed radical islamic terror attacks. Yes or homegrown non islamic. Radical terrace are going to have to step up to the fucking play. This is exactly the problem with the Premier League, Andy as it is without terror attacks we got too many foreign imports come again we're neglecting our homegrown terrorists. Look at America, they've really invested in grassroots terrorism, but also initially but we did this to the wrong Theresa may now and he didn't even tweet it to the Theresa. May the Paw Paw
Griffin Ernest actor with whom the can changed previous occasions, but with a woman who had Theresa may's twitter handle who has treated nine, but I'm I'm has six followers and woke up to find the install media outside her house. Basically, he yeah she's, a full two of their old will bid for above bald, not in a good which, for american vehicles is unbelievably a real place, just one of the places that we have in our country and she was sort of baffled by the attention that she was quoted. The water, the british focus this week is saying it's amazing to think that the world's most power, full man, managed to press the wrong button, which is that is a lot of very Consetta Gonzalez from
as my yes she's, basically take any given what bottoms Bozell yeah, the the worry think about this is the whole world could end, because the President of America was attempting to write each tweet. Domino's pizza ended up price, the big red button that looks like a bunch of gigs what he was trying to send out the tweets like terrible pizza from filing domino's you'll, so called meet these days, Hustad fake news, lately, bread and cheese site after I might creates a great to guide. What do you mean? I pressed the wrong button, but anyway I mean thankfully nish we've despite the wave of radical islamic terrorism, yes taking place in the United Kingdom yeah, we both the Skype death at the hands of the. What now majority of Crazed, Islam Islamicist extremists who make up a solid seventy to eighty percent of the population of Britain who have transformed this country into a de facto califate. Disappointingly, though, that range
still shit, I'm gonna forward to live under a dictatorial rule of an autocratic, ideologically driven regime at least of king trains would run on time. I'm glad that that is how I know that we are still free in this country is the southern train service in common being light effects, are ever turns up on time, and that is a big off not to worry that I might never be allowed to read a single power never again so this is raised sort of serious doubts about whether, trump going to be able to make his planned visit later on in the year, because Teresa Base obviously sort of come down as hard as she sort of comes down against anything. But some elements of the conservative press in this country have launched a defensive, Donald from the daily mail publish their leader comment yesterday, where they but you know the walls have condemned his behavior
and the actions of the I'm. So sorry, Chris, this is going to be really hope. You didn't have any plans for your Friday evening. They said that while she was you know they condemn Donald Trump. They also reminded their readers that he was the elected leader of our staunchest ally and, most crucially, are most important trading partner. They then went on to say, because labor is sort of raise some doubts about whether it's suitable for him to come on a state visit because it might be of embarrassment to the queen. This is uh pyrex extract from the Daily Wales leader comment about this. This is the same queen, who was broken bread on state visits with maybe in mass murderer, Nikolai Ceausescu, Zimbabwe, intolerant Robert Mugabe is always quick to correct. It would be to say, say, say: come on series brought blood soaked, President Assad, not to mention Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump is a site compared to these men majesty will recognize. This visit is no about dosing. Mr Trump, it's about ordering
great, the great and hugely important ally. He represents one that will be more vital than ever after brexit. Now I got three things to say about this: firstly, the less the daily mail seem to have drawn is don't ever learn from history. If the person who wrote this had been the protagonist in the film Groundhog, say that would have literally gone gone forever with Bill Murray Landing, nothing over and over again item number two, just because Trump isn't as bad as a sad or Mobutu does not mean he's not still at outlook. I'm a little bit higher high in fairness. He's never used chemical weapons on his own people. I say get him round for a barbecue with a plus one for MILAN here and three. Thank goodness that we dealt with the economic powerhouse that is
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe, that goodness we prostitute it all our national values to maintain a steady trading relationship with that economic thunderbolt. At this point, we would deal with Darth Vader if he promised to bring back manufacturing jobs to this country by awarding us a contract to produce the next death star in Sunderland. Well, jobs are jobs. Nish amber at the home secretary responded in slightly cryptically. The importance of the relationship between our countries and the unparalleled sharing of intelligence between our countries is vital. It hasn't doubted Lee saved british lives. That is the big picture here, and I would urge people to remember that and the subtext of those words essentially is three years one month. Twenty one days just hang on everyone. The events of this week have
ended us if we needed reminding that Donald Trump is the Roger Federer of unimaginable stupidity and breaks. It truly is his Rafa Nadal, but it's not what he tweeted all the things that you said and done. That makes me not want him to come to the UK. Nish really it's more, what Lee Harvey Oswald did just means. I just don't trust white White Americans in cities where cars go I'll. Put you off Bing video link, if you think they're. Ok, I keep reading these articles saying all this is all of these tweets are just a smokescreen from the budget and everybody that's getting distracted by oh you're, really pretty body, but it's not it doesn't. You can be outraged by two things. The tax bill is obviously an absolute bag of shit, but you can't just breeze past the fact that the President of America is now openly endorsing fascists. I will you say that, but a lot of people have said just retweeting it without checking anything
well not constitute an endorsement and cold to the conservative commentator and what is the full title please and they was the in feed on the BBC's radio full today program this a flagship morning, news program on the radio and a pointed out: that's I'm a people who reach we videos do not research. The biographies or details of the people who originally shared them, and that is true, but then again. Not everyone is the shitting fucking present p dent yeah. I know I can cross Thank America, in which case HI standard behavior expected that will that should be the inscription above Donald Trump's presidential library
conservative Mp Nadhim Zahawi wrote to trump to asking when he does come to Britain to visit diverse areas such as Manchester Birmingham Coventry. to to be shown how muslim communities in Britain live peaceably with with it within the? U K, but the problem is NASH. What kind of proof does not count anything with Donald Trump, because he can go online anytime. Look at a video of all she's doing something horrific in Syria and know that the streets of Bradford are a flight, I think it's time to move one more tweet from Donald Trump he's as much of a Christmas family units for insight about this stuff yeah. He the Christmas story begins two thousand years ago with the mother of Father, their baby son in the most extraordinary gift of all the gift of God's love for all of humanity or on another interpretation, might be more relevant and Mister Trump's presidency. It begins with people giving
King Ranger with a donkey. Is the midwife because there's no decent public health care? Absolute spanner! Sorry, that's disrespectful, the obvious mister! You absolutely it's going to blow his mind when he finds out that story took place in the Middle EAST. He's gonna. I wasn't this. It is yeah. Thank you. If somebody doesn't captured one of those photos, he's gonna end up re tweet. You got a good Muslim by forces wife to give, but they'd shed its role. What big time I'd, say by gracious Queen's grandson Son God save the queen. now here in London, the app so I'm going to just run,
I'm the look on your face in the hall to show how to shift from your until I do not Coffee that close to a record. We are. We are here in London, the capital of global local, romance and uh. Well, I mean we are alive with excitement Prince Harry Lee Professional, Prince some man who can prince pretty much anything anywhere these days, so Prince Lily's. He holders in Prince ification skills over the thirty three years of his pro prince in Korea is withdraw to be be wedge to Meghan, Markle, the actress, humanitarian campaigner and no time Wimbledon champion. I mean how How have you been? I mean I've just been bunting stuff off in bunting the living shit. Out of anything, I can lay my hands on. Not your square inch of Let London left on bumped it or get more with Andy. I'm genuinely excited Prince Harry has gone on.
unlike life. We clicked on it and be with finally got a person on the inside. This is how it starts. This is how we get away in next, it'll be a black James Bond and the next thing you know chocolate. Prime Minister, it's coming Megan is our first person on the inside You put your love for a short of a of all. You read a tweet this week for a couple people saying that you know it's nice, that the Briton a sort of moved on, but in terms of his conversation about race and that you know this is the evidence of glowing progressive nature in our attitude and I'm assuming that those people are not in Britain, because
I was in Britain this week and it was an absolute shitfest of borderline racism in the media, the spectator, which is well see for yourself, it's a magazine, and you could probably guess its views from what I'm about to tell you. They expect led with columns, Meghan Markle is unsuitable, is Prince Harry's wife, for the same reason that Wallace Simpson was unsuitable, she's divorced and Harry a mother is supreme. Governor of the church of England now call me a patent, but the church of England was originally found did so that Henry the eighth could get rid of one of his wives. If anything, don't bring history, interment subtext of that headline is divine they unsuitable for involvement in an organization literally created to facilitate divorce. Well, as you say, she is, she is divorced app.
She is also a bit catholic. And she is american. We haven't updated our sound since the 1930s, because I mean that's that Triathlon of nation, threatening lifestyle hobbies being American divorced and Catholic was enough for or Wallace Simpson, to bring the empire quivering to its knees and a deep psychological trauma, existential identity crisis, but generally, I think I mean we have moved on as as a nation generally out outside of organs of the of conservatism. Generally, the response is being well. She seems nice, I hope they're, both happy rather than as it was when looking at
the eighth at the hots. For MRS Simpson, no outsider alerts, outsider alerts, I mean some people, roll roll correspondence and there are very few jobs in the world messed that I can look at and think my my existence is more relevant than yours, but possibly this is the only such job. Can you think of any other? I genuinely club but roll course quantities, amenities, it's royal correspondent, ass and social media manager. The three most use jobs in society, but someone said that how the lack of concern about Meghan, Markle's, divorce, Edness and racial backgrounds and Americanism shows how the how much the rule family says come on since and with that quip, the throne in nineteen thirty six, because so you would fall in love with a woman went over three, I'm upping American Catholic. I think I think it just shows not that we know so removed
amber how for infants really not very long ago, in common with, for example, almost everything else about society- I'm this isn't isn't, of course impressive. I don't know much about it. She seems a impressive in what what she's done to do with her, so humanitarian,
I'm pines and, as you say, a mixed race member, the role from in a family where, just a few generations ago marry your second cousin. Every stretching way would be ideal role, much making pull let's well. I would use that for the british monarchy to move into the twentieth century yeah this, absolutely not denying that you know as much as I get paid to be cynical about this there's, no denying the optics all positive of Prince Harry, marrying someone who is a person of color that there is definitely something positive about the and is disappointed when organizations like the spec type to solve what you did in this white. But then the thing about this bike, tight race- you know it's not the most.
I mean what what miles with, but I dug for favorite would turn miles rice and somehow turned my eye as a guide to the rest of my body. Right. Let's move on. There was a real entertaining subtitle blooper on the BBC I was I was up slightly Jeremy cool and saying, apparently how much he admires Prince Harry and his brother uh particular flavor. An Anti Corbyn bias. That's right! Rather his brother was really actually actually said. It's been a lot of detail in the press about Meghan Markle's, family she'll we've already bought the people who are in Mega Megan Markles family. What about the people who aren't here? Is your bugle guide to people not related to Meghan Markle Wayne model has a similar surname, but the professional darts bear from Dagnum was never in fact met Meghan Markle. He did what
episode of the tv drama suits and what she appeared and quite liked it Wayne is nicknamed her a five hundred and one for his flamboyant shirts or the some conspiracy theorist still claiming his shirts come from Kenya. It's not known the Megan like starts, but is a former calligrapher she might, making sure to see. Megan sure TI has the faint same. First name is Meghan Markle with an extra n, and it's also american, but there the sim priorities end for the former world. Eleven ranked tennis star and carved out of solid career on the pro circuit in the first decade of this millennium. Without really, trying to win a major grand slam title she. She is never married a prince, but she did receive Australian open singles quarterfinal in two thousand and three way lost to eventual champions champion. Serena Williams, who, ironically, is great friends with Meghan Markle and by you have winning seven Wimbledon titles is automatically set in line to the british here, just behind Prince Harry, who is fifth and now in time champion. Martina Navratilova,
Sergio Aguero the Ocean city under foot below on key component to the recent success of my G2 city is no relation of total of Meghan Markle, whether she might have seemed to fit with matches on the telly at some point: Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, also unrelated to Megan the 12th century, french priest famous for maraca sleek killing a swarm of flies just by excommunicating them from a church and having an eye infection cured by a squares of breast milk direct from the Holy WAP. The virgin Mary does sell. Fake news is not entirely a twenty first century phenomena and why Saint Bernard not known to be a relative of Markel, but what he live to rather having spent the last eight hundred and sixty four years only being dead circuit, he would probably have nothing bad to say about Megan, who seems perfectly nice. Woman seems like a perfect just he's like a cleverly lovely lady,
some quick Google breaking news. Now. Silvio Berlusconi has a new face. The disappointingly. He didn't go for the Meghan Markle, very disappointed that Sylvia I didn't go for that. The news about his new faces are overshadowed other news. For example, that he's about to stand try to get really big a witness in the Bunga Bunga sex trial, because well lock to trial involving Silvio Berlusconi, gives it shut down the middle. But his new face, Nish love it it's I'm exciting new frontier for the human head. Possibilities low with I mean all. I know we should not judge politicians on the physical looks particular notes. Politicians who have such an impressive track record of Al Right, misogyny yeah as well as go but he does look like he's a scape from a new reality. Tv show I'm a celebrity embalm my face. It does look rather have
by the same woman who restored that Jesus painting in a spanish church about five years ago and rather enthusiastic but artistically non Michael angelic, octogenarian lady, who turned the alleged, say drift humankind into something resume a joint pain, also the guerrillas it just it's like you, went into the all of the office and said: look, can you make me look like on permanently in a wind tunnel? Is there any way you could make it? Look like my face is on the permanent g for instantly his his trial, the new, the latest drought will begin in. You'll have to be more specific, will begin nurse Sienna in February and will see the prosecution lawyers race, Berlusconi on horses around the town square, At lobster needs now and Andy Pepsis marketing campaign appears to have taken a very dark turn.
because a lot of stuff has been found in the city with what appears to be the Pepsi logo. She was cool. This is this. Is it do you know whether this was of is? It is a voluntary? Is this a deliberate lobster? Lobster tap is what a massive fan of it's unclear, whether the the Seas way be wet Pepsi got the logo from abroad as part of the pot legal obstacle and John Pepsico Sore and thought. Well, I'm having a really, but, if he's to be because of the unbelievable levels of pollution in the city caller id now, just not that old, chestnut and yeah Pepsi logo pays to somehow found itself annexed on to this loves to school and the highest rating. That one of the articles about this and one of the environment to investigate is the said. The
It is now so severe that crabs are now making homes out of bottle caps and 'cause cosmetic jars and they managed to find a crab that is even converted. The inside of a dolls head into its home. The c is basically now a KEN Loach remake of the little mermaid Interesting Lee, with this lobster with the Pepsi logo on its on its claw when it was cooked, it change into a coca cola. Logo this is the worst publicity for Pepsi since their own lost advertising campaign, which featured Kendall Jenner, essentially suggesting that the black lives matter protest could be sold by an ice cold can of what can only be described, a shake your emails. Now this comes from an on. He writes. I noted that someone mixed up the old it's stroke, it's with an impulse
free rules and use the wrong one on the front page of your website, I'm at none, because I can't even imagine how much ribbing Andy might get from his sister over something like that I'd. I did not spot I'd, not spotted that throw in your website or the Bugles Bugle website on the beagle has a website. So I've been told, I imagine it's uh. Say it with the tenacity and frequency of your website or date. My website is currently giving details about. Two thousand six stayed till I'm I don't I'm I do need to update my work, because I have a twenty eighteen tour that I need to alert. People too, as well as here, so there was a rogue apostrophe or or can only apologize. That is that I've seen that I would have instantly smashed my computer. The pieces shall I change this Well, yeah sure I think we can all agree. This is the biggest five part
anyone is made on the internet this week. I could not live with the shame. This came from Dan Jude Robinson when the latest podcast dropped. It came through on my alerts. quotes australian marriage. Equality is now available from the pew. Well, that's true. I will be nice of uses the hand you could feel. That will be most appreciative. That's the kind of going for this book of wheels and yeah. Absolutely we still at the exact weight, we're also prepared with as a sideline business, to help, fundraise for the vehicle we will conduct. Australian gay marriages were quite happy to do that for a little extra cash. This just came in from Dave in Olympia, in where in the United States is that Washington State wow well given. What's going on in Washington, it's probably the appropriate sound at the end of the last podcast. You spoke with someone about what you said was going to be cricket. He puts, in quote, Mark
death, came right. Being the English is obviously not your first language. It is already difficult to understand you from the american perspective. Some big queues going your way down, but the utterances you made during the second could only prob we described as having the coherence of Donald Trump arguing with his reflection, about which one of them is faking, Nigel for Farage mutual Ising himself with an opioid addicted penguin source yelling at his hair. Stylist dark hair does not belong here. I thought he would snap without a serious health condition that my president says: you're socialized failing health care cups because they are quotes sad very concerned, says Dave well, good email, Dave Cricket has always been automatic nish. I mean it's not been ideal there would you know we did. We did play unusually well for three one slash two days and then collapsed. If I quote
myself, look up prim, victorian lady at the site of a gentlemans danglers more on this at the unbelievable ashes ashes podcast. What I'm doing through the ashes series with the extremely excellent friend comedian, Felicity Ward, you chicken not only in Cemex via what have you got your book, also on the ABC website this week, including exclusive footage from a post match press conferences and some very old stories. The that head butting store is just about one of the gun around in England, plies Johnny best of I have a friendly non malicious had bought to help a young australian cricketer. If that is that's how we greet children grow to testify brother sister, and we do keep emails coming in to how buglers at to the b will put cost dot com
just time for a quick sports updates, as we record in the drawer for the twenty eighteen World CUP is just about to take place. Yet the bulls are about to come out of the hats. We are hearing leaked musically. Eventual fundless will be Russia and Siberia, yeah, no surprise there for FIFA, but the rest of the drawer still to come to find out. The group stages are going to proceed that I looking for somebody who you call a big football fan, I'm a big football fan. It's sold slightly been tied to it. Yeah the the awarding of the World CUP to Russia raise false
my deal far from ideal, but I've got a lot more ideals on the next World CUP being awarded to a sample. That's not, let's not even let's cross, that particular ship bridge. When we come to it, the first one is yeah and it's it's going to be very hard to get enthusiastic about this world cup. If England end up drawing Russia in the group stages, given what happened at the last euros, we could be talking about a lot more than a football match. 'cause the somewhat enthusia stick major just the excessive enthusiasm,
some sections of the russian support. Yes, yes yeah, it's I mean we in Britain and not necessarily historically in a place to criticize the violence of other countries. Absolutely people in glass houses should not colonize other peoples stone, but no doubt it will be a thrilling staging post on football journey to order to spiritual death. Twenty six two Korea said it But again we will. We will have full exclusive reports on the World CUP between now and whenever it finishes in July, and that brings us to the end of this week's this week. Google don't forget to buy your tickets to my Soho Theatre, show Andy Zaltzman's, two thousand and seventeen the certifiable history that runs on the 18th of December to the sixth of January with
two days off, you can get them at the shows that a website nish anything to plug up molly, a two thousand and fifteen scoring show. He is currently available on Netflix it's on the on the line for the BBC, which is a series is available, and it's it's episode one and it's a survival right now on Netflix in some countries. Okay would be very helpful if I know what you what countries it was, it's definitely a viable in the U K and but I don't know where else is going to be available. Okay, a hug, the thick based on my interaction with people, funds national book do not save an obstacle to them. Saying things right, Sir three families will help somehow I'm sure you'll be able to track it down, but yeah. It's a it's a lot of the city and it's my two thousand fifteen showed in which, on a project, an optimistic future for the political left and praise the coveted Louis C K.
So what we don't have a wash of that. If you want to see a man who is unaware of the fact that he's about to be hit by the ME to your of events, that's it for this week, it was to send some emails to how to be was at the local cost. Don't come um and double back next week with Alice Razor and Tiffany Stevens. Until then, goodbye bye.