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Bugle 4055 – New Year’s Revelations


When Trump and Bannon say bad things about each other who can you believe?

Andy is joined by Alice Fraser to discuss the latest controversy from the US, new years resolutions and the World's Strongest Man.

Hari Kondabolu also joins the guys from the epicentre of the snow-cyclone-bomb-thing and an Olympian emails the show

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All the newspaper for a visual world welcome to h two four thousand and fifty four for reporting live from twenty eighteen. Yes, this year is new pokey little squeak. That's how new it is that the money people have predicted that which is now elegant only about two thousand and seventeen becoming the last year. Every history. It has now come to pass happy new year to all of our listeners, Resp actually to those of you who are listening now, missed it bad luck in London. for the 218Th new year in a row the river to He drank too much not to be sick into the sea record spanker
joining me this week in a change to the published schedule there have been published. So I really didn't need to mention that have changed the schedule, but stepping in at short notice is Alex. Fraser, hello, Andy, hello, Alice, Alice, of course, best known as the CO star That is a twenty four who has been so. If it's a please come like the exercise really need bums happy new year. The new year to you any. I was thinking, people who came in the early part of the run should come again because it is a very different, very different, different joke. Yes, it's evolved, it has, it has evolved, it's great, it's great fun. I'm glad, I think the characters that you play Africa we've successfully stripped out the one that I mentioned they had at the start. Zero dimensional, commonly characters up Alex is replace
sorry come. Who is unable to record due to snowpocalypse two thousand and eighteen New York City addition, the first person wrap them up real life, actual life simulator, all of the so called poem cyclone for the big frozen apple is currently not specially. Enjoying a hurry will hopefully be joining us for a quick snopocalypse updates later are on the phone. It's the second time that I've been on the show where one of our correspondence foreign correspondence has been delayed. Unavoidable, weather events that I definitely didn't cause right, it's uh I've been doing the whole thing. I've been leaving the heating on in my house just before global coming to create just to increase my bugle time. Anything for work these days as well is the section of the bugle was guiding strikes in the brain this week. New year's resolutions. A special new is resolution, for you to section is going in the Bin. Of course, New year's resolutions happy in a fundamental part of the fabric of human failure is the very dawn of time itself when of the first
every new year in four thousand and four BC killed himself. The official creator of this planet, of course, so long ago, now, over six thousand is the thing that he made the first of New year's resolution, but was one year after the first general, the first he made his resolution. Two quotes get round you the thing off. You had the previous fifty one weeks kicking back. I mean for a rush job backed out in one week. It was pretty damn good, but I just think how many add too much power. Winter said it didn't buckle down and finish the job. One hit wonder to be fertile distractions, mostly peeking at the hot noodle lady who made for the garden dirt. the Boston, but anyway, let's see take a look back at some classic. Is resolutions through history, some of which have not what in the year nine hundred and fifty one the young M You check you also known as M in year and
solution not to be killed and typically, like somebody. New year's resolutions only lasted one day. He was killed to death on the second of January, after losing at the battle of previous date and being hunted down to someone's house in one thousand five hundred and twenty one LEO the tenth made a resolution not to excommunicate so many people. Out of the third of January, he X, rated Martin Luther. The professional feces wrote celebrity chef who pioneered in gold Williams only diets not later transmuted into spaghetti off the EU. U imposed worm farming quotas, nineteen that is elongated joke about historical event called the dog. It was like the name of nice, nice, nice way to start the year with a completely unnecessary reference, a piece of history that I understand some new is resolution to a nearly worked. One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight thirty years ago, this minute near Enough Mikhail Gorbachev,
made a new year's resolution to find two new center forwards for the Soviet Union National Football team. Unfortunately, his like to desire for a Paris strikers was misinterpreted, resulting in the opening up and subsequent collapse of the Shortlist Communist Empire and in nineteen eighteen hundred is ago, President Woodrow Wilson of the? U a resolution to give the drunkest speech ever by presidents within the first days of January. However, his planned- and it must be said much anticipated. Fourteen points speech was never delivered a misprint by her sexually turned into the fourteen points speech in which he delivered disappointingly sober on the eighth of January and which provided fourteen ideas that made a blueprint for a post world war world. They shape the global landscape of the 20th century. Beautiful cool, pics different some they have been very successful. One thousand nine hundred and fifty eight on the first of January, the European Economic community came into being Leah four runner of the European Union.
I made a new year's resolution to undermine british democracy over the next sixty years. I'm stripper why everything we hold dear in this nation MIKE, is it habit from Switzerland portuguese politician, billions of pounds, the right limericks about Slovenian, but on as an impose sharia, Lord all Sports Delf. So at least some some to work out. I'm I'm there's been some interesting new year's resolutions right new year's resolutions. I knew year's resolution is the same one. I make every year, which is to make no new year's resolution, so I fail real quick. I guess, if you're going to fail at something you want it to be instance, I did get it over and done with no damn. It made a new year's resolution, Bush or yeah. I wish I'd known that with mockery. After twenty years Chris, have you made any new year's resolutions? Yeah I'm going to release the world's biggest hip hop album this year. It's going to be massive, I'm going to get all the best collaborators it's going to be
I think we're going to do that. Ten million units- it's going to be it's going to have like it's going to have beats music is you're going to have the great british tennis player, Andy Murray, cause I've heard he needs a hip, hop I'll get I'll and you know, get Jamie on the future of music get my mom involved as well as yet. Matty one a few years ago of hip hop references. He comes up with a sports player with an injury you can't change me Chris, sit there twiddling in object. You special booth. You can't change me Britain, well as you no nations that now they have special parliament meetings on the first of January to make official new year's resolutions Britain we've resolved to stop breaking about. exit, and the only way to do that is to have an even more controversial referendum help. So we will be voting this week on weather, to change the national anthem from God, save the queen to MAX Bygraves, one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine Nobel to hit single you're, a pink toothbrush, the lyrics of which oppose your pink toothbrush. I'm a blue toothbrush have we met somewhere before
related gender essentialist, gender. Let me level it said it's all about. You know about gender stereotypes on another. It's dental hygiene is ravaging ravaging sets on empire and in America. Mike Pence has made a new year's resolution that, by the end of the year, every significant politician in the Republican Party will have his own hand made Donald Trump, the resolution that he will think before tweeting Now this this is exciting, because this he has rigorously stuck to so far, which you can see from the evidence that tweeting has got even more fucking nuts. So I think I preferred it when you just did it by Instinct Ward, Australia's national, resolute Briefly. She anything I reckon our national resolution would be something like stop panicking about the relatively small number of refugees who come seeking refuge in our fine country right because
that is never going to happen. My personal new resolution, is to promote my shows more effectively on the bugle starts in right here. Right now already mentioned the Soho so night through the 12th. Please do come You will live with Alice on the eighteenth of gender, the Leicester Square Theatre, also on the twenty second of February, Th Nish, my! U K so begins on Saturday. The 13th in South Portland Sunday, the 14th at the Lowry and soul. Many of the lights are off the oldies else. Internet top story, Donald Trump NEWS now again now Donald Trump is publicly DIS. Steve Bannon is the pass fail out over new book, revealing embarrassing details about the White House was written by journalist, Michael Wolff and based on two hundred interviews with Mr Trump. In his innocence, Mister Bannon said a meeting Donald Trump Son Donald Junia had with russian figures in Trump Tower was treasonous and unpatriotic he's also quoted as saying Mr Trump repeatedly tried to meet Vladimir Putin.
The russian president couldn't give a shit about him. According to an checked in New York magazine, the president is accused mister. And in return of leaking false information to quote to make himself. So it seem far more important than he was to which my fantasy is that better replies. I know you are, but what am I and then they get trapped in, and I know you well, but what my spiral until the end of the time- and none of them has time to do it day, jobs of being a pair of redeem, a plea press times made from disease frenulum or is it for any light in the plural, and he would not? Yes, this is Alice yep. You know you come to me for questions about the latin words on the global resource for old such knowledge. But you know it's a bit of a disaster for Donald Trump's, public image having somebody who was so close to him, basically just stab him in the back with the kind of unholy lead that Trump shows on the rig when he steps other people in the back. Yes, well I mean you say: damages is but
click image. I mean actually quite hard to do that, because I think everyone who likes him will think yeah good for you. Donald's myself who doesn't like it was going to make any difference? We're quite well? This book can adds to the sense of Celtic off the cuff off the rocker improvised unhinged miss that is emanated from the term rising since day one, although the front we could just published a book that was just the subtext of a single trump next on the effect would have been identical. It would have my favorite bit about posted revelation. Is that Trump that Trump after gets on the June and just says mean things about the people he works with. He reports. We believe that Mr Ben rules disloyal his son in LAW, Jared Kushner was a suck up and Sean Spicer was quite stupid. I mean say what you like about Trump. That is three fifty
A very accurate is a man with great insight into the human condition. Yes, you say a pound on who's. Viewed by many scientists, as the largest boil in medical history describe that meeting with the with Trump some and some lessons as treasonous. I would have remember just because Steve Bannon said it, it doesn't mean it is necessarily not true. So there might, there might be something in it and we're looking at the big Ticor people talk about takeaways, very trendy terms. What are the takeaway from this? The big takeaway from this are one big, takeaways, burgers, mostly cheesbourg. In bed. That seems to be Donald, Trump's choice according to this book. It's because he has a fear of poisoning so right he chooses his poison with Mcdonnell. He I mean what part of him is left to be poisoned. I mean beautiful. I mean this is so clearly is infective, sometime cheese bugs in it I mean we all like to pound Brussels. Every now and again, I was for some of my
a nice relaxing spa treatments, the romantic meal with a loved one in a quiet restaurant, a bottle of the finest fizzy lemonade that money can buy. Trip in a hot air balloon to take photographs of clouds when they least expected, or twenty four hours. Looking up cricket statistics alone in a dark and shed, you have to treat yourself sometimes never mind you're grim shores, but for Mister Trump. It's eating a cheese okay alone in bed was watching three civil play news televisions, two of them telling him things he doesn't want to hear on being the new equivalent of an automatic tummy scratch a friend over and gels Labradoodle. I'm take away number two if the old adage that it takes one to know, one is true than Donald Trump and State ban on certain work each other, and I do, however, and is impressed that I managed to deliver that joke without once using the word takeaway. Three Steve Bannon is not really in contention for inoffensive personality traits. Monthly mag,
nice guy of the year will take away. Donald Trump keeps his campaign promise. As he himself has said, he campaigned very hard on a platform of being a temperamental unstable ego, maniac field by paranoid delusions. That's what America voted for these delivered that from soup to nuts, he is the most honest politician in the also take away five for all the criticism. Donald Trump clearly under and the rest of the world. He does relate to everyone else, because, apparently not the vast majority of the planet. He was absolutely mortified when he won the election. Yes, according to this, these interviews, he what he didn't expect to win at, which is something that I think a lot of people suspected, but nobody had confirmed. Yes, if you can say that these interviews are confirmation apparently looked like you seen a ghost when he was told, and I think it was the ghost of his dignity. You sure you
wasn't that ghost of Abraham Lincoln saying for sake, make what have you done? Um I mean somewhere amidst this on an ng deluge of lawyers, counselors Hoff, truth coated truths, hundred twenty eighth truths. That might be one Tony chicken nugget of a recipe clinging to the caucus with democratic hope, and that's not gate. Is this. Some self seeking publicity stunts, have unintended consequences and ABC how do the ease? How would it so? Who knows how? Much of this is true? Well, I thought it was that element of the trump didn't want to wait for that really struck home, because it seems to be almost like Boris Johnson in the Brexit campaign, Trump wanted to lose the election by a one vote basically and bear in fact he won it by about minus two million votes. Instead, our point is officially wrote for I'm is lovely collect about Steve Bannon from a of his can
lives in the conservative media quoted in the book of saying, he's mean dishonest and incapable of caring about other people. His eyes dart around, like it was looking for a weapon in all Gallo g. Wasn't here, bludgeon all get out because of the two quite different weapons you looking get a blunt instrument or a sharp instrument, the two most famous police reports I mean, I don't think, there's anything that really surprise anyone. It was those a lot of confirmation. Bias is what they call it yet, but it's sort of what you expected to hear. Apart from the revelations about his hairstyle, which is apparently the hair dye that he uses a just for men, sort of more plebeian in his tastes, and I would imagine for somebody who spent so much time on its head. I wonder if the if the price of just for men, hair dye, is going to go up or down so that'll, be very interesting. will go up in some regions of America and down another, but really there was nothing it could have had
I've been an excerpt look the following, except I don't think anyone would have been surprised at eight pm, Trump retired Trump, his to his private and nine pm stuff became concerned when they heard unusual noises emanating from within the presidential bedroom up. Is all primeval cats will rent Washington skies and the president's personal to do led by Jean Claude Van Damme, specially appointed by Trump on trying to hammer down the door eventually using strategically placed explosive charge. They blew the door off its hinges and into the presidential suite trump wearing what appeared to the severed head of a bison, some kind of ceremonial MIKE's was wearing she metal body armor and a pair of nineteen sixties cricket bats. The ones belong to the Great England Batsman KEN Barrington. He was holding aloft a called Halloween pumpkin from which will killing hundreds of life, snakes, great would encounter the president's turn my enemies on to stone. He held up the snake pumpkin
so the twelve naked journalists who stood bound fast by ropes to the Sherman tank that as it not installed on his first day in the White House. What the this not working screen trump furiously as the close hacks quiver I'm stone early You said this would work Putin looked up from his desk? Can you be quiet for a minute? Please don't eat. I'm coping on nuclear codes into my pda, I'm going to patch the schematics back to Moscow. Then have you tried just having a not very how assassinated the openly on the streets of your capital works every time for me, you're, so fucking, lucky being Russian Lasky said Trump people give me so much shit. If I did that here I mean if that passage had been in a book and I've not read. books that may have been with been any more or less surprising. Body would be more surprising because he in your except I use the word unto
in a a pumpkin when he, when they would be any more or less Truman, Trump is never explicitly denied the. What I just read out happened. Where is he has contradicted what walls in the book that's true, and so maybe there's actually more truth in all versions. Can I ask why eighteen has a p t? I e L Williams rushes to look for the cutting edge. It was good technology for its time, it was just remember, was an awful lot in the early series of twenty four people. Patching schematics the pdas just came into my head, your head, my head. Sorry, sorry, the office that you're a trump from the as you would have expected in lively forum on Twitter? This?
I will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the here on Monday. At five o'clock, subjects will cover dishonest in bad reporting in various categories, from the fake news media stay tuned. Now this is my favorite tweet ever up big tells, I thought to myself: we better be buying ourselves are big King trophy cabinet here at the vehicle, because we've made in the fake news business since before the presidency was even a terrified Linda Melodia, trumps, weeping I'd, but that he didn't like the announcements he did not. He did not give out those, which is what I think would be the greatest moment in presidential history. amazing presidential award for blessed shake news will be president. I mean we call talk to think before about Barrack Obama, spending half an hour doing prediction bracket for the college by a basket full march madness, knockout phase, I'm suggesting that you should have a better things to do, but if Trump would actually don this award ceremony as promised it,
sensational, but he didn't make that announcement. Didn't do those words making this the most meter award ceremony, human history- and I say that with admiration, having been ecstatic to be five time, runners up in the World Silver Medal Winning Championships, but he announced dishonest fake award ceremony. which he didn't then carry out Memes means I want. I want one very good Andy. Thank you, even more strikingly than that, and an early frontrunner for tweet of the year was the nuclear in two weeks points in the history. Human communication Alice, let me read it see what would north grimly to Kim Jong. One just stated that quotes the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. Will someone from his depleted in food still rising? Please inform the ought to have a nuclear button and it is a
much bigger and more powerful, and then here's an my button works exclamation mark button with capital letters throughout their as in all of it all caps or just the just be of button like the Germans do for important or as if he has the british motor racing driver. Jenson button on this desk That was true. Am I mean even you would constantly get? I don't know about you and the, but I constantly, if I will talk about Trump, will get comments from the audience of like who's sick of hearing about him, but it is astonishing how he manages to consistently like it's a very impressive feat, consistently things that are, it doesn't slow. We make you wonder what the fuck is going on behind the scenes. He is distracting everyone with the most impressive display of endurance twice the rate of the modern world city. If the nun is anyway, as so often trumps jump to wrong conclusions, he missed heard what Kim Jong?
He said he said I have a new clear bottom on my desk special button that clears his desk. It's an automated desk, tidying machine that he was given for Christmas. That helps sort all his paperwork into manageable piles. Also, let's pick him up a bit of semantics here. Trump. Will someone from his depleted in food starved regime is not the regime that is depleted in food, stop and it's depleted in terms of the people shut down without the aircraft guns with fucking people that depleted in food and well I mean he says my button works. How does he know? I mean having said that, has anyone heard from New Zealand since new year? I certainly haven't draw your own conclusions: Belus just slightly make one hanker for the cold war. The other more subtle button boasting contests when the leaders of America in the would just kind hold up or single button, pressing finger gently to the cheek
stroke it with annoying knowing get threatening, look down a commons and everyone you would never blow each other up. We had had the subtle romance of of eighteen, hundreds court yeah. Now this of sending the Dick pics of nuclear button, the you to just sort of gently imply that you might you know your eyes would meet across a crowded room and you drink in a nucleus or away. How do you can you clear away an expo? Basically, I think what I'll in mixed news now, which I'm calling Maths NEWS before Harry comes on, because it's the right way to say it. The world's largest prime number has been discovered at more than twenty three million digits long, it's known as MS seventy seven million, two hundred and thirty, two thousand nine hundred and seventeen for short, which was my nickname in high school when it comes to
discovering numbers. I don't know if you can say discovered when you mean counted up to the new prime number was usually found on boxing day by the great internet Miller, seen prime search otherwise known, as gives it collaboration which harness the number crunching power of nodes, slash, volunteers, computers, all over the world and uh it's cold well and professor of mathematics, who runs a website on the largest prime numbers at the University of Tennessee, said. I'm surprised it was found this quickly. We expected it to take longer, and he said it's like finding dead cats on the road. You don't expect to find two so close to one another which I'm not even going What are your hobbies like, like prime numbers in cast taking that's racist, How many questions I mean to fly this number in the first place, took six full days of non stop computing on a pc, environmental Jonathan Pace, and it's the first time that his computer has turned out anything on the GIMP's project and he
eligible for three thousand dollars award, which is pretty good, but when he was asked about mathematicians fascination with such a big numbers, cold said they are exciting. Those of us who are interested in them. I mean I guess that goes for people who, like finding cats on the road as well, so more than twenty three million digits, I'm in demising amazing, to discover this. This number number never changes changes everything about the world now imagine this will. Probably cure all known diseases and stuff when he wanted starving to death. This could be the most important breakthrough in mathematical history, as you said, it's known as m. Seventy seven million two hundred and thirty, two thousand nine hundred and seventeen coincidence the phone number for the switchboard of the Bilderberg group and by it came in high school and button again. The figure was arrived at by calculating two to the power:
seventy seven million two hundred and thirty, two thousand nine hundred and seventeen and then subtracting one which left a gargantuan string of twenty three million. Two hundred and forty nine thousand four hundred and twenty five digits. Coincidentally, the exact number, of people who voted leave in the EU referendum. If you Adam six million and take off a bit This is a very technological enough and you know a highfalutin way of doing what we used to do in primary school, which was a infinity plus for her. What we need to come back to this. This comment, it's life on Bing dead, capsule, you don't. Like to find two so close to one another? So there's so much to her to unpack? First of all, who expects to find a dead cat on the road who expects to who knows the average distance between dead on the road family must have,
and works in he's a mathematician? He goes with you with provable facts I mean this is his home. What is the average distance between dead cats on when I run over a cat about three years ago, run out in front of car and it was very much physics, one cat, but I didn't see another dead cat within a million digits of that dead cap so with further away than these two prime numbers. Also mathematics speaking, you have to figure out how how did the cat is because they die ninths. Of course, yeah so is it is fully dead cat. This cat went through it's nine lost pretty bloody quickly. He went back and forth in world's strongest mom news now, and Britain is back on some of the world's strongest nation
in the world. Let the good old days Eddie Hole the British strongman has won the world strongest man, competition, Britain's first winning the competition for over twenty years. Eddie whole third place in twenty. Sixteen. On top of the pop you mean twenty. Seventeen first british store this man in the world so in search of goals, Gary Tyler in nineteen. Ninety three, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know that when I was growing up, Geoff CAPES double world champion was. It was on the biggest celebrity Britain when I was a kid literally they're, very big. The tree will so many could not pick up a lorry but he's safe and speak to to the moon. From for impressive, I was on a Sunday or Massey found it will soon. As my conclusion, I am I watched in the twenty seventeen world strongest man competition it and, as it does every sort of Christmas new year period and it was won by Eddie and I don't think you've mentioned his nickname, the based soul, who, like
Almost all other international level, strong man, looks like an aggressively large bearded giant baby. I love the world's this man competition, because it does indeed to tell you who's. The strongest man in the world is, if you don't know what the international strongman competition is, is a very big strong men do things like carry heavy things, pick up heavy things and drag everything's like cars and planes to prove who is the strongest man in the world? It's a great sport. I mean it's, so it's so primitive. like it, did perfect since the dawn of men that women who like I can totally pick up that big thing more than you. How can you not be fascinated by a sport with guys regularly lift things so big and with such strain that their heads spontaneously burst open and stop bleeding, not like a nose bleed and the like part of the head just springs a leak, because that trying so hard did that happen this year? Oh yes, more than once, a couple of nose bleeds one mouse blade and one just to help the sort of thing it's a better sport than so many uh
so I'm not going to say it's better than Cricket Andy, but that's only 'cause. I want to get booked on the Buick Lincoln think about it. This way, it's like the first sport after action fighting and pretend fighting it's lifting heavy things and dragging airplanes and then of sleep things like throwing stuff, which is, I guess where cricket comes in strong. It is always in some out of the Way Tax Haven country this year in held in Gaborone, Botswana. So you how to see the unusual sporting spectacle of a whole lot of very confused black guy watching giant white men, picking up inexplicable things, inexplicable reasons and the runner up this year was a fan, favorite game of thrones, STAR, Julius half full Beyonce who competed despite suffering from Bell's palsy, let me say It's is hard to remind yourself when a man is doing a sport where competitors regularly spring import, prompt you blood, fountains out of their skulls, that his half paralyzed face is due to totally unrelated infection and not the fact that he's currently trying to squat rack a small cow.
The disconcerting thing: Andy, the buses. Well, it's six! So on the podium, I was never one he's never world a is icelandic Jeff cooks, big rival, back in back of the jump, pull what are the only ones with the always landed people. The MIKE some so is its pledges. You thought picking out of all casinos in chucking them in the city before they go off strong, people, they are strong people and they they have traditionally been very good in the strongman competitions, mainly because there's not much else to do in Iceland and try and pick up Cal's lift things up. Donald Trump responded a tweeted to my new extra strong within your groups, but it's a I'm gonna do worry for the future of it, though, of a potion finish. A credible, credible seventh place by the way, I'm the worry for the future of the world's strongest man. Competition Alice, because
give many something of a relic of a bygone age and will be done on computer game soon will have the eat. Well, the strongest the man who could make an animated world cold. Grout clutch the a merciful lift up the titanic with his was twenty thousand idiots in an arena lose their. Is this the future people? Yes, I was once a team to the world's weakest man Compton. What did you have to do in that? Just yeah try, snap, a pencil. You have failed to put up a shelf and I didn't want to lose control of a lawnmower and put it through a fence, but more likely after wait for my full author.
Well, we are joined now from the very same. So all of the snow fall clips in Queens New York by the high coldness fugitive, already called about Horia how how all things in this mobile clips? What would get advice here right? You were getting bites, it will go the you look outside and it does why this trumps, America, and everywhere I mean, if you look at New York, you would assume that he was electable here. It's just horrendous, I'm stuck in a in my parents, home I mean it's really the bare minimum. I let let me say to you this way: I'm making coffee with the cure a coffee maker well run. I have no access to a coffee shop, Michael the I mean it doesn't even by by thinking about to think that this can happen in the
twenty eight saying puts everything in perspective. I mean I'm not wearing clothes, but that has nothing to do with the bomb. Cyclone smoke come up with the. So essentially what is happening is I you, physical, sat off of America, that if it's a you all usually cold and whites like the halls of government, maybe I can make fun of a tragedy like this were in the middle of something really intense. Like again, I I am unable to leave this home, I physically in a but it's just very cold. Are you in your parents, home with your parents no date late today? They left for work, you can you can get hurt. It's just been described as a ball
cyclone. So what what? What exactly? How? What? What form is this taken in New York? Well, a bomb cyclone in America is different than bomb cyclones in other places, because it's neither a bomb nor a cyclone. Well, there's just been a lot of snow Right, ok, well, hurry! If Christmas movies have taught me nothing being snowed in as an opportunity to resolve all of your family issues and find the love of your life. Well, I think that probably result 'cause. My parents are not in the house right now and I'm alone, with my circles, tell me at least hurry that greets is still running. I I wish I had thought of that. That would have been a good idea, as opposed to being forced to eat indian food or whatever it is. I think people make here
Well, how are we do hope that you managed to sell just threw the rest of the wintry Armageddon that has been unleashed on America by the force? fight and how it will be back to full bugle later this month. How are you thanks? Thanks for joining us to do, for Heaven's sake, put some clothes on. I I I don't want you to tell me what to do, but I might because I can't feel my number Regis that's because of the climate in the entertainment industry, love that will be. Those will be my last words on the vehicle. Hey, never mind creating a brand new island, so you can get drunk on New year's Eve NEWS now, and some people in New Zealand have responded to an alcohol ban in the area in almost God, like
way by creating a new island on which to sit and drink alcohol like some kind of cross between Zeus, Dionysus and whatever other god. You want to throw into the equation they built at that, like a tiny sand, the sea just off in an estuary in Coromandel and then claimed it was in international waters and therefore not affect the local alcohol ban yeah and the construction injected it admiration from the police rather than Sentra inspected. John Kelly commented that's creative thinking. If I'd known about it, I probably would have joined them which have got to say Andy. While it shows an admirable spirit of at it. Fails to fulfill his legal duty as a police officer to tell them that international waters is a technical term and to truly applied to this situation would require the tiny homemade island to have been at least twelve nautical miles and the low one off of the coastal state. What's up with each
So that kind of thing you want to hear from a police chief, I mean off. You know some massive great forty billion pound robbery of gold bullion from someone you think that was a good idea or thought I've been right there yeah. We should be part of that, but it's just who's the unending capacity of the human brain to find ways around attempts to stop them getting pissed. It's admirable ingenuity who says the drinking because the prime time page yeah it's, but it it it. It provokes creative thinking, maybe a balance each other out the threat of removing alcohol balances out the actual drinking email code itself. My real question is: if they built the island sober or if it then slumped into the sea halfway through what a history will be. The judge of that, I guess, but I mean it does raise a slightly dangerous precedent that if you don't like the laws of somewhere, you just build an island somewhere, wait for Australia.
Your eighty miles now and thank you for the emails you sent in this came in from Jackie who writes hello. Just a short note, I say that after drinking everything in my house on Christmas Eve with my mother and auntie, I woke up Christmas morning very delicate and rather queasy, as I often do in these situations, I popped on a podcast and laid down shut my eyes and tried not to hurl. Unfortunately, this was an issue of Google where Chris had fest, we replaced the bleeps with stomach turning burps the results with me spending all of Christmas morning, vomiting literally I've, not, Adam all hot woman came out in my whole time on the chart, and I don't think it was meant to be that way. That's the kind of how you will yes in the produce. Just here, as I won't hold a grudge rights, Jackie against the other possible culprit brackets wine.
I place the blame squarely at your feet. Yes, well Jack, I'd love to the christian looking chastened unapologetic. I've never seen a man look more triumph. He is the glee in his eyes that you have at the end of a successful pun, Radicati Smart, Quivalent, making listeners sick although that's nothing compared to my dear at the end, an unsuccessful fun run. I truly do say you Chris, and this extra really exciting email comes from Axel, who writes. Subject: bobsleigh in the Olympics, hello, Andy Initial, I'm going to take a guess who will be on when reading this bad do axle. Fifty percent right one out to my name, is Axel an I am a member of the british bobsleigh t yeah welcome to the show Axel. I would like to take a moment. Thank you for your ongoing bobsleigh references. They always catch more air. I look for your coverage of the
Critics- and we are- the beetle- is exclusively covering the winter olympics- were the only media outlets with full rights to cover the winter Olympics, though hopefully uh a tad too busy to listen immediately. I shoot your listening while he's sitting in the back of your balls and it don't just hop in and stick your headphones on and wait. Bang into something at the bottom is. I think you have to think aerodynamic thoughts. I think that's the technical term level, sporting expertise. You're only show forum where you can. going to a pun, run for US winter athletes. Well, this we've only only just picked up this email, but consider that pun run very much commissioned axle. And that that will be that will be, for that may be. Several pun runs to be considering Sport involves sliding down hills in the sometimes unexpected fashion, a fast paced through in ride along some bumpy puns seems fitting all the best and
team GB thanks Axel Bobsledder Extraordinar, which is a nice way to sign of an email? Well, actually, that pun, will be coming in the in the near future in the next couple of weeks on the strict can that you and the rest of the british bobsled team, all listening to it, whilst hurtling down the olympic Bobsled run at seventy plus miles. so dookie remote coming in particular, if your member of my just supporting right, two hello people is at the Beagle put cost dot com the winter Olympics. As I said, we will be covering the winter Olympics exclusively on behalf of this planet. The opening ceremony is on ninth of February, so we we covering it. Then it's being held in Pyong, Chang, South Korea, ironically Pyong, Chang is the noise that happens when a bobsled run goes wrong.
Well. That brings us sliding and sliding to the end of this week. So this week's bugle it could be a local radio to you. Please don't hi Alice's thanks as ever for becoming a particular such such short notice, pleasure and do come and see. Alice appear me in the certifiable history, at Soho Theatre next, Tuesday, next Tuesday, to Friday and see all of my to talk. thereafter and the like Google on the sing to generate all details on the internet. I have a podcast, it's called t with Alice. It is not like this, but it is fun not funny, but fun is very different to the bugle. I can confidently say that having appeared on it, but it doesn't solve. Thank you for listening. Google.
He knew year happy New year and I want you all to get out there and bobsled your way to work in honor of the british bobsled team, officially sponsored by the bugle podcast Giving them pun runs for free is less sponsorship, then it is sabotage and he can stick approval. Were people Google, low gold lamp on the flip problems, IOC Regulations right. Thank you. Listening so next time goodbye