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Andy is joined by Nish Kumar in London and Alex Edelman in Boston for a look at Trump's visit to Europe and what this means for Montenegro. Plus, Brexit news, Chance the Publisher and what really happened during the 1st moon landing.



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For a visual world, two four thousand and seventy six all all- I am not I, the minister in the government, yet that is now likely to happen within the year just by the laws of basic probability that covered in the current rate of government teacher and one into office. I'm going to lick this in place into shape this place being the UK, specifically, as it happens, We are in the city of London what disappointing Is this a record number of people escaped the Tower of London last year? Two point: eight
four three million visitors way up. It must be severance mid, second millennium, celebrity hosting heyday, but the escape percent. Cadiz off at one hundred percent. Open total of zero executions? All mysterious disappearances last year for two point: four: three million miniature sneak out again before the queen could so much as re the dodgy evidence and probably thought confessions. Fish country has gone to the dogs, upload Brexit, all the snow. Flight generation two sensitive to put their heads on the blocks and take a decent beheading like teenagers into happily do when this country was great, you did not get six in your old lady, Jane Grey whingeing on Instagram about being executed on trumped up treason, charges as part of a political religious battle for the future of England did you she took her punishment. Did Catherine Howard, wife of Henry the eighth, FY were doing letters or numbers this week. She say no way. Am I putting my head on that that looks dangerous and this liking it on spot or ever app young people use today, no
now. That's why we rule the world five hundred years, give or take part in the brief forty six year. Hiatus will be greatly. Graciously shared are brilliant with Europe, which will in next year's we reboot the unsinkable juggernaut. That is a chat message Tonya, unlike this planet, back into shape. I digress. I am joined by a man who, I'm delighted to say, has never been executed for treason or adultery, which enables to be here with me in the studio to Diets Nisko Mall, hello date, hello vehicle as none zero executions race off around the? How are you I'm good? I'm I'm! Well thanks a month something slight cricket withdrawals Well, I was just about to say this. I've seen a lot of incredible things in my life, particularly a couple of years, Andy I've seen the sunset behind the valley of the mountains of c of the Sierra Madre. I've slept under stars of the australian outback, but I've also seeing the concern faces of a group of Peruvians, as I shat on a mountain, but none of them quite compares seeing Andy Zaltzman in his natural habitat in the Coventry Box at lords,
the a good. Then they will die out what what's a site on date. It was absolutely x. It was like. I was like seeing a tiger in the bangle jungle. What dangerously endangered? very, very few crickets in the wall of the home. To get to the point of extinction. Yes, I mean it's circus as as a gift, I'm adding the for the first time on the Beagle old wife from the US I coming to us, live from Boston Massachusetts, the city where it all started to go wrong for America. Back when I mistook a hub of rich evolves it for the first time on the vehicle Alex Adleman, I'm NASH, would you mind translating all of what you just said into baseball? Okay, basically, what cricket, how to explain this is for baseball for people who have a central nervous system call home,
How dare you how to hear you? I have never been tried for treason or sedition, but any gay in Dublin. Once I did one say it is good to be back in the? U K, I mean that's as close as I have. What is the danger, if you don't rightly new material for nearly one hundred years, I run a similar risk when I open some shows in New York. With that phrase it is good to be. Is that is gonna be back in the? U K, most Americans don't know what the U K is that all right must be must meet the oppose code here in lower Manhattan. We are recording on the twentieth of July a meaning that well it's just coming up to the MID summer, solstice for people who like to do things one month, flights, good good, good plot plan, ready, get some absolute bargain,
Christmas, I don't get you. Some very strange, looks when celebrating Holi the Hindu Festival of Color to be Capwin, smearing unsuspecting pulses boy with paint in MID April on this day in nineteen. Ninety four, life, the Football Association, legalize professionalism in association, football and Millot, basically pipe the wife applies, diving and getting tough. So just for some good service a big downhill. Ever since I live in nineteen forty nine on this day, Israel and Syria signed a truce to end a nineteen month war. Few glad that little political whole the data was sorted out once and for all way. Back then, and today is international chest day all is it really yeah? It is yeah a game, I'm notorious for describing as a way of encouraging slow tactical racism. If I briefly quote from my own material, why some sections of the bugle are going straight in the band. Firstly, I some hold
it's not obviously people she will be using some all alike to quite literally flock to Edinburgh. The the two like people shows that on the fifteenth of twenty second of August and all my show right, questions renounces fifty for the twenty, so that stand three might be even popping in to see some of the various people Co. Also appearing at the fringe. Present company include but what, if you're, not doing that? Well welcome to the cool tourism destination of the account countdown from Taurus hot. Ten thousand. All the way up to number one in two thousand weekly installments of five tourism destinations at ten thousand this year on the bugle must go to source, told polish cruising the wrong River through war torn Syria at one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and Envira Kacian cleaning up toxic. It wasted an african port city or maybe you'd like to go for holiday. Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety eight teach yourself free law journalism on a working holiday in Moscow, maybe two nine thousand
one hundred and ninety seven, two weeks, no expenses paid I'm, don't see in central Libya, I'm thirty three percent off, by which I mean there's no sleep, one thousand nine hundred and twenty six is pen pushing in Pyongyang and immersive life experience holiday as part of the n korean bureaucratic machine, also in the bay we commemorate as hinted at by Alex the study One thousand nine hundred and sixty nine APOLLO eleven landed on the moon and the sea. Of tranquility nail. Almost hum and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon. Six one slash two hours after it landed what the fuck happened in dogs sick. That's an entire day of test perky, excluding lunch and tea breaks what the fuck were they doing, but I think they wanted to be the first person to have a show it's a wine, can a map on the moon under yes early. What I do when I move into any new property that
your you don't need to say every there's, a bank kept of this six six one slash two hours between the time they landed in the time they walked out, and it's just each astronaut going no mean first no mean for us know me first, no, I go first unless I turn I'd like to know exactly what distraction trick and they'll Armstrong pulled on Aldrin to make sure he was first out that I must mean something, probably better than just look over there. It's a planet. I think there was a gentleman's agreement between Armstrong and Buzz that one of the two of them would get to name a character from an animated rv, some thirty years after the acute. If it could toy story, could have been so different Andy, it could have been the story of Woody on Mayo Light year. So let's draw
They all had the nickname buzz. That's what nobody knows: Buzz Aldrin, Buzz Armstrong and Buzz Collins up there at the lunar and the lunar orbiter is the brave one, at least at least they at least they had a buddy down there on the moon, Michael Collins was alone orbiting going. Oh yeah, it's stark on the other side. Ipod knows how how much he played miscou Mark yard during the only time- God. It's absolutely play in the walls. A lot lot lot, there's no official house show is supposed to be about college as well the of related to the bugs, because he's gonna hate what it was like. You know what you're all right, you know. Well, I've got to the mood of see the moon, I'm not going to risk it nothing to anybody films. I think it's funny. I've said this before on stage. I think it's funny that new, along with that, you know, Armstrong and Buzz. Aldrin are two of the most famous men who have ever lived and Michael KA
ones, isn't even the most famous Michael there's, a movie in it's called Michael Collins, and it's about a guy who never left earth and I'd hear an interesting also mentioned that the transcript from that that APOLLO eleven recently declassified also have the trial. In the lost Moon Landings APOLLO, seven saying and no one knows the names of the people involved in that without recourse to the internet or knowledge and the at the at the full transcript from whoever it was Is this another small step for a man not really much of a giant leap to be honest for humanity about uh anymore? That's now is really paying attention the novel tees worn off a bit guys. To be honest, there is a please don't shoot the messenger for this call to do up here to commemorate the 40th.
49th anniversary of the APOLLO squad, setting foot on the big round, bastard in the sky form, and I I've been away for almost five decades of of people. Looking at reflections and shadows flags, we are giving you the chance to be one of the next people on the moon. With a spell Little Bugle Moon landing competition. Whenever the next lunar expedition happens to qualify for an exclusive place as part of next moon landing crew simply buy a ticket to one of this year's live, bugle shows or Adam Ricco, then trained to, but an astronaut and re such a level of astronautical skill that you get chosen by whoever is far humans, an empty lump of rock next time, and if you play an episode,
the people on the moon, you will win a lifetime. Five percent discount off tickets to any live chat shows celebrity tennis matches. Will gonna film launches that I do for the rest of mockery? So what do send your the entries into the chinese place? I can tell I lost one hundred percent of that sentence after the big round, foster that this guy, that has the big round eyes in the sky. There are information from that because in my head I was like that's a great eye for the moon. What do you? What does he call the sun? Does he refer to this refer to the big around Basseri treadmill of the UN's banking, big round bottom of the sky, the big round tested in the sky? Is the least popular pink, Floyd out top story this week and escaped american madman leaves trail of Alex. Thank you very much for sending your
resident too yeah thanks of Kinloch Mayer once running it was all me: was it yeah? It was all me. It is totally me. I never thought turn on the on my cell phone. When I woke up in the morning and say out loud I would to know in a particular. My president said god damn idiot, just say it just say it all. The all the time it's just less light trees in every single day sundays less light than others. It's so such a night. It's such an embarrassment that people people look at me with sympathy abroad. They people aren't even angry. They don't know how to feel yeah. The sympathy turn to anger pretty quickly this week, because Trump told Europe. In the same, that the aliens Tord Earth in independence day in the he left a trail of destruction in his wake, was welcomed by some misguided buffoons and, despite it being over. There is a terrible sense that there's a sequel on the way and re
the I really faithful, who were opposing eight anyway well X, but some black people. I have some sympathy form sometimes because I'm like look, I I also don't understand these complex global political issues like NATO, ordered or diplomacy with Russia, but then he's like I'm in it, I'm going to handle this alone around the top of my head and I'm like well, I have my sympathy is very quickly. Turning to anger, the all in all, I'm I think I'm I missed quite a lot of it at at the time, because I was so we'll still working at their own cricket stuff and preoccupied with my age Molly my day, job the games and ends floodlit my day, not just all or I find the maratone what residue with the presidents, Europe Joint have left behind. Well, as expected, it was very similar to the residue left behind when you leave a puppy alone in the back of an ambulance for three days with nothing but a never ending supply of sausages. In that message it was very,
it was a mess season, obviously brilliant, but patiently for take footballer unable to stern aging fully structured national to help was running on empty after more than a decade of top level football, but never that's been curiously resign to defeat, but yeah he, yeah. He e d turned up in the U K and made some comments about Brexit, which suggested he has absolutely no idea. What brexit is there's going to be a lot of turmoil in the? U K and then off to woods, one almost about it. He digress into it on to the involved him Iraq esp claiming that he was the first republican president to wild with Scott said and everything he said suggested that in his meeting with to reason by, he was frantically in the involves. The meeting looking at the Wikipedia Pie just for Brecht, the United Kingdom, on to raise about an old. I certainly I put his remarks by saying breaks. It is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom brackets. U K from the European Union to raise my brackets born first of all type of nineteen. Fifty six is Prime Minister of the. U K and is leading the press extracted a citation. They did
alright Teresa mail that could've been avoided. If it's been straight, I don't want anyone. Who's missed. The show over the past eighteen months is president of the United States and also subject of a ten hour discovery channel special in their popular. How did that happen soon? very much the unwanted penis in the pickle jar of international diplomacy and, as once again fired a baraj of explosive turns into the pond of international politics, which is the delicate ecosystem at the best of times, and one thing I particularly enjoyed was- and this was often returned to America talking about about night- Basically, suggesting that Montenegro, a small country with a population of around about how familiar, could start the Third World WAR he he said. Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people. There very aggressive people.
They may get aggressive and congratulations your and world war. Three now have a great Scott dot com to be fat. We after understands all of what Trump does through the prism of domestic american politics- and I I'm I'm a I'm a. It is a fact the rust belt. America has been yearning desperately and justify I'll, be earning for someone, to roll over and be tickled by russian president on the whole someone to represent them by believing one of the world's foremost fat face laws over his own secret service services, someone to white into the brexit debate with absolutely no grasp of the issues involved to help their everyday lives in rust, Belt America, two on their Baja slag off the montenegran, because for two Long America's forgotten workers have
absolutely no one to court. Your justly provoke small former constituent nations of the p funk Yugoslavia by film crew stereotypes probably picked up from an episode of twenty four. Only now we will see an ensemble boost in productivity in the factories of Michigan. Now that the design for which I is labor is they have a president who will make people in the city of Podgor eats or stop whatever they're doing in saying what the fuck did? You just say yeah, so the quicker sort of pot did summary of what happened. Is he went to NATO and complain that the United States sends him too much money and then he came to Britain gave and to be on the day of his first meeting, with the reason might where he said that he had had brexit strategy would result in now try deal from the United States we're box. He was that forced to immediately walk back in the press conference. That happened the next day and then, like my one man, rest station of Hamilton after seven points at my cousins wedding things went from bad to worse, because then he went to Russia, and I mean Alex is
is treason on the table in America. I don't know if we know what it looks like anymore. If he said I am part of Russia. Now I am part of Russia. Putin tells me I am part of the russian government. I still think there be a part of the country that was like with still better than Hillary Clinton. I don't I don't know what needs to happen, and it's also it feels like he will just agree with anyone who's in front of them, because the Montenegro thing was, he was doing an interview with with Tucker Carlson, whose name is a bow tie, yeah and Charleston bed. So, let's say Montenegro, which joined last year is attacked. Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack and then Trump said? I have asked the same question. That's a question that Donald Trump has asked south: why should my son, Eric or Don Junior Trump GO, and, if
and the nation of Montenegro he's really thought that to himself that's something that he's which son would he send to defend the nation of Montenegro definitely definitely Eric. I wish, whenever anyone mentions, whenever he mentions a country, that Montenegro journalist should just have a map of the world in their back pocket and they go what points no, that Central America, Mister President points to where you think Montenegro is go ahead. Well, that sort of compliant conversational style is of massive concerned two american diplomats and, frankly, my most of the rest of the world, because he was on his own with Putin for a couple of hours with no other diplomats. Present and the only other American in the room? Is the woman called Marina gross? Who was his translator and generous of variously been trying to get hold of her notes from the meeting by assume everybody is trying to furiously figure out if they contain the words much of videocassette a which, according
Google translate is rush translation of the word your Nvidia Like I try to print it. I tried piss type in russian and now I think I have to set my the road fire. I always forget that I need to do private browsing before I start working on the bugle, I would say I think, about some sort of CIA list, but I think I might be on there anyway. It's another one of these classic days with the Trump presidency, where, just when you think you've reached the kind of apex it turns out, there was cloud cover and there is still yet more peak of stupidity, the use of a side, because he's now saying that he's going to invite you to and to the White House, and that was news to a lot of people, including the do director of national intelligence, Damn coats who found out dear
your QA with NBC and when he found out about it, Mister Coates said according to the New York Times. Ok, that's going to be special before I got to say if he had asked me how that ought to be conducted, I would have suggested a different way, but that's not my role, that's not my job, so it is what it is, which is coated, speak from the intelligence community, means. What are you doing you stupid? Did you see it is my favorite line. You've left out of coats is a coach. His answer was, he starts answering the question and then he closes his eyes and you see something break and then he says save again in the present, tell awesome the NBC news. Presenter says what do you think of, and he said, and he you could see him want to ask if it's a hypothetical but also knowing that, if he does, he doesn't have a job tomorrow. So I'm going to look for definitely visit of little Mickey Microstyle into the White House. That's going to be going to be
additional, the Ex CIA big Cheese, John Brennan, thank you for using his. Tight laundry, so he was on the ones. That said if this is nothing short of, treasonous- and I have not heard words as justifiably strong as that about anything since MIKE Gatting'S- reverse sweeps crucial stage of the nineteen eighty seven World CUP cricket final, never forget this is the hazard of can make in the summer. This thing also that there was a former republican chair of a Republican, can get congressional District Committee quoted in the guardian, saying that the idea that Trump would call the European Union of FO and cotton up to dictators such as Putin and Kim- and this is the glorious bit of the quote- makes me feel like vomit. Thing in my sleeve. So this is such a profound feeling of repulsion from a republican
so he will not. He will not even be able to get as far as a bucket or or a toilet or even a basin. Leave is the only option looking at what we do is vomit directly down. He should it's one of the most evocative. Maybe it's because it suggests a discussed, so profile did surprising that he hasn't even had time to my, The toilet. That's not bucket available he's just going to go in his own burberry. The upmarket fashion label has recently destroyed its unsold clothes accessories and perfumes by burning turns twenty eight point: six million pounds worth of products last year quotes to protect the brand the bo. Four of the vanity products
Why can these not? If we're only doing this action for you to deliver that joke? It was I think it was one hundred percent that is as good as big big Bang insert in the sky. I mean walking these not be handed on to the world's less fortunate people, rather than being but air drops of twenty five pounds sticks of lipstick good. Might the roving your refugees feel a little bit special and their times of straw if the absence of any genuine international political giving a well? Actually I one hundred and twenty thousand dollars Limited edition, alligator trench coat, will be appreciated by young, yemeni boy who just been bombed out of his home. I put it to good use. Burberry Burberry said that work with specialist companies who are able to harness the energy from the process, which is great news actually for all of us who do not war a Bioware Burberry product, because that is basically every time we don't buy a verb for that is improving the environment, because I'm making known fossil fuel and any every time or do not spend.
One thousand one hundred and fifty pounds on a one thousand one hundred and fifty bubbly rocks rucksack all I'm helping to create green energy also treat myself to which run amok among diesel cough in a race that is a bargain f one of the world's stock bond, one thousand one hundred fifty pound, but be rucksacks for him and one of the five hundred and ninety pound, Burberry cashmere ponchos for her. We could entirely replace coal and oil with rucksacks and cashmere ponchos as soon as the year, eight thousand two hundred and ninety it'll soon I'm worried about that. You talking about this idea id because I feel like the next time we, Google, the top story, will be easy. Musk announcing a birth. Three powered car Brexit news now and it's still in chaos as we head into the summer recess. It's the bugs, aside from anytime, I've spoken to operate with them lots of cricket, but is the most fed up of it, except
within within so great. If you're, if one day your dislike brags it sorted, then they give me the also I did some of it is pretty much tell you exactly what we voted for, which we yes on plan my ham yeah, I'm the whole life in this week about, apart from that, she could be a parliamentary vote. Cheating yeah. I have this this system in the in apartment, where, if you, if you call vote whatever reason fuel, you know incapacitated through health reasons, job with a new pair up with someone else from Ellis ought to call, but neither he votes and so you'll lack of of cancel each other out, and this is happening with Jo Swinson. The liberal Democrat Mps just had a baby. I think so right, yeah, I'm just gonna. Do yes, she's on the sensitive thought yet so this time with Joe swinging a little downtime, he was on maternity leave out and about the person
fed up with, did vote only a tory chief whip, a Judean Smith. Who is a he does this we should probably clarify the chief whip. Is a position in the british fall about death? I mean it's in the the whips. I just it's not entirely clear of that. Essentially, chief whip is a the politics little term full school bully yeah yeah. It is the chief whip, the that miners ones when he's up to threaten and pace to quality dot from up on the toll to steal their lunch money. In order to get me to vote with the government. Will you know with with what they need to exist in a mature democracy? Is one of the most baffling things in all politics, but anyway, this this pairing did not happen in the personal jokes and was paid with did vote Anne by he said oops. It was a mistake, I'm guessing this is in this era of what is not what Trump in levels itself
it's it's. It is a sort of british already like in some like it. So if it involves stupidity and very, very low level corruption, but it does seem like the chief whip was Pressurizing conservative Mps will certainly this one particular conservative MP to break the sort of agreement that exists within the House of Commons, and it is as we often disk. The when it comes to the british legal system, the problem when you never write anything down when you receive the things are going to get by on politeness in a chat over tea good to have a constitution that would essentially a hunch. This is still This is still backroom maneuvering that yeah I it's based in politeness in United States. This would be a deal like in the US is the kind of political maneuver that gets its own song in Hamilton and in the UK. It's out in the open and the complaint here is basically excuse me. We've had this back deal
that we've that no one is supposed to really know about. In my trust has been violated and chief weapons. Also a position. An important position in Donald Trump's, Moscow, hotel allege Blake. Allegedly, I can hear Chris is concerned, rising allegedly no. He he he got, he got the other prices or if the lake AIDS I mean, look, I've been pretty clear. My views of brexit, but this is the first thing, thing I think I've enjoyed like wholehearted. This is the best brexit story. So far, the government published a brexit white paper, which is the name that we give for the start of our sort of bills appropriately enough white is involved. It was they produced it and it was translated into twenty two languages only to receive. According to the I news website, Ahale of criticism and confusion from native speakers who
It is strange, obsolete or even made up words, so they basically translated it into a number of different languages and some reason. Presumably they use Google translate instead of an actual translator but they managed to misspell. The word German they misspelled? The word German in French. They translated, they meant to say Brexit in principle, but they translated it as principled, brexit, meaning a moral direction it which is the brexit. We may well end up, with after all of this stuff is done, and one one confused reader said that it gave the whole thing a mythic quality, which in many ways is absolutely perfect. I got a message: it wasn't a loss of jobs like that. All this is black gold messages, strange obsolete and made up words. We use leave that to cricket place.
That's my business, it's a real googly. They build their Andrew. I personally, how does how does Google Trans not know how to turn German. The word German into into Deutsch. I blame Google translate for that. Well, yes, it has to be fault. It's the same thing: you did. You use it just now to translate russian pee tape, yeah wasted too pretty good approximation, still not a hundred percent of the veracity of my russian and everything. We will show, I write I put through Google, translate and back again different language every week last week. The roof is that language- five, if you Well, I love with this. Is the brakes in process of the people in charge of it also would call button. The three of us have just accepted, as fact that they use Google translate that didn't even at the end
can stupid anything else. They've done what is fact- and I've got no problem with this because come 29th of March next year, eleven yeah. When we leave the EU, we will not need to speak to anyone in any other language. Apart from british, and if you can't speak British, your fucking problem world is not ask misspelling European were jeez them using way it works when british words might perfect in rappers Boeing NEWS Websites news now, I'm the nineteen forties french crooner shows thank I'm not I'm, not I'm not too too well off on the on the rap scene. You're lucky consistency depose
powder today, because you've already revealed your knowledge of the significance of the teardrop tattoo so Alex, is our as all right, hip, hop and rap music, yeah hi. I am definitely the hip hop and rap music correspondent total size. It me took us through this, this very exciting a moment in the the crossover between up to in rap music and local journalism. Chance. The rapper's had some issue with the press and his response is distinctly. Try in which is that he's decided to buy a newspaper that gave, but he got a bad review from MTV, and so he said, I'm going to now purchased my own news outlet I'll go it he's from Chicago and he's bought. What's called the chicagoist, which is very, very
beyond brand so far and and he is uh. No doubt many other celebrities will be buying their own newspapers, chance. The rapper, who is changing his name to chance, the rapper dash publisher will be posting chance, related news and many other and many other Chicago related streams of content, including including a focus on Social or Chicago, which is a arts education nonprofit based around the city, schools, which is interesting because you know not. There are not many jobs left in print journalism, but chance the rapper is decided that he's going to transition from hip hop into the news. Business and I'm sure many Other many other celebrity should follow suit. I mean I can't believe Tonya is not now going to buy the economist yeah. It so there is a it's a matter of time or not. People are
I'm impressed by this. A lot of people have said someone said, and this is a bit of the chance, as he's bought this in part because of coded racism in the in the journalism industry and as if to prove his point. The question the person New York Times ask about asked about this says A chance is young enough to make mistakes on his own. So I was that proves the point. It's an interesting response about views, I mean if, if I put on every media outlet was giving me a bad revealed MIKE Rupert Murdoch Locket to unite to writing a blog about. I on the first time that someone in the in the music industry is pull pull. Let me drive it because the nineteen nineties, New York crossover thrash band stormtroopers of death. Thank you.
Owned and edited the Tunbridge Wells. Curry was in control, see when they replace the very popular this week in the west. Can crime green bowls. Lee Cullum was somewhat provocative opinion piece by ghostwriter under the pseudonym Infidel Fadell, unaware, of course, of course, of the town had a long serving can to. Under the same name in the night, that was of course, Pronounced Coster and reminiscent of when George for me briefly on the Daily Telegraph, the a playing the comedian and, like Catherine, hot water was renowned for his hit song when I'm cleaning windows it for was written while working as an undercover investigative journalist of foot for the car off. I think a lot of these activities, just because tells is black, because ultimately wall is more american than a rich man with no experience in journalism also have a buying a chance. The rapper, it's just Jeff Bezos, with better breaks
your e miles, and this came in from a you'll go who writes hello on the on writing from Indiana over in the festering swamps of Transylvania. I mean just watch England against Belgium, her right to vote in the US to re, not the current political situation by slamming goal of to go into the net. Well smashing cleats, first into that teammates and instead merely losing a respectable to know much. I went back and listened to the two thousand fourteen bugle well couple because featuring Andy and D for Bugler John, the Apple state in it, and he is asked who will be blamed for England's future defeat in the twenty eighteen world cup. He correctly predicted Rahim Sterling. Now well rain, did not have a single
a glorious flame out, as I am the head into the mind, he did show comes in an infuriating need to double double post offenders, get deep into prime goal scoring area and then D flexible system it away from opposing plus a lot of the rolling off and continue playing the other direction being American. I don't have much of Shutting my english football. As as the toll war on, I found myself cussing sterling with a clockwork, regularity is he swallowed the bowl held off, though just if only to have it kicked out from its he's got it one understand we test the croatian Belgian so presuming on this level, internal things for life and one of his prediction for future world cups and if it will under him, stylings ability to lead to that of anything before does not really too late. Well, I think there's a good chance of sterling is going to going to. He had double scapegoat and in twenty twenty two he does seem to get blamed an awful lot, despite playing companies, might reasonably well well actually yeah. I'm I'm not sure that to a bushel of is what to the side. Guy was a lot of a good
What's also sterling played right, I mean, I guess the most likely made was not to be the penalty. Taika and flew goes off the back of his leg, yeah yeah. I think he also made of he was great. He made a very significant mistake and it really is a school boy. Yeah right he did not have the foresight to be born a white. To my it's a real, it was a I mean if he's shanked, any open goal is that one yeah a lot of this only is a bit rich coming from munitions in all make mistakes, and they we all make mistakes, if only could be Nick Cooper, it was so so I'm for those who have not caught up in France, a France won the World CUP due to a the instant combination of highly skilled at
it's extremely lucky yeah yeah. Well, I feel that, with the best team of the tournament yeah, that's no worries about. I was delighted to think that the final one I was delighted to see a table with as many black places from tough succeed in Russia and two. I was delighted and then immediately terrified full the riot protest as he got the base because it has been a really good will come up. But it's supposed to don't forget that Russia is up to some for king knows the shades of nose. Important to forget that that's what sport is all about. I was like that: Streaker certainly smiling a lot for someone who's going to spend the rest of their lives in a gulag yeah. So I mean I've not been so immediately terrified for a woman since Trump met the queen yeah. Just a quick other sporting
Is the open golf championship is on at Carnoustie this week at the moment as we speak, the Americans Chuck Vollmer tame the third flaxen Glab Arden public cuddles are leading the way at three on the will have a full report from the end of the tournament when we're back in August, so the bugle summer Break is coming up or we will be off duty. Stroke on holiday, for the next three weeks, and then we will return with alive bugle from Edinburgh on August the 15th. There is another life eagle on the 22nd which will feature net like one of the ones in as well. I am thank you yes where some of which one of the top of my head could be continued slick booking policy on the cell. Anyway, I took a long. I was Feisal's the fifty I think, you're doing the fifty dollars like. I call remember off the top of my head. I think so too. I think I think, is what I think I am as well so do to come along to that country, Nish and Alex and Alex and Ani Web and any other view will co host. You can find
in Edinburgh and me, if you want to as well, we will have some bugle sub episodes over the next three weeks featuring absolute prime cuts from the archives stroke other forms of bullsh. Thank you very much for listening to your emails. Coming in to hello, Google is at the bugle podcast dot com. Thank you for listening until the other side of summer, goodbye bye.
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