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Bugle 4123 - 7 days of Transatlantic Madness


Bugle 4123

Andy is joined by Nish Kumar in London and Josh Gondelman in New York.

This week the Supreme Court says no-no to Boris Johnson’s proroguing of parliament, is Impeachment on the menu for Donald Trump? Labradoodle’s are rubbish and horses get punched.


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Newspaper for a visual hello, buglers and welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and twenty three of the Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual world. On this, the 27th of September, two thousand and nineteen I'm at his holtzman again and still you can't and I'm here in London, you're now city, whose name of course arise from the ancient hold the Brythonic language term of the pre roman times, which roughly translates as a place where people shout at each other for no discernable. But joining me in the capital of this disputation nation. Welcome back to Nish Kumar the hell out, I'm back yes, I'm people. Since the summer yeah I've got I've got
blue balls, I've got bugle bulls. Family ship strike him with that, and I don't get the opportunity to praise you often enough. Let me rephrase that I frequently get the opportunity. I rarely take the opportunity to praise you, but I have to say especially your capacity for pun runs. If I have to say, I'm in the middle of the series of a television show that I present match report in the UK and we got a negative review in the Sun newspaper, which is not particularly surprising, as the Sun newspaper has historically not reviewed my rice well, and they decided to lead off their negative review with a headline that said, not much point in show, with no sense of coma now, even in comparison to some of the- and I use this word entirely accurately atrocities you have committed on this podcast that, as a play on words, is absolute horseshit
Do they think the my name is an issue that strong work to slam, someone with a pretty much the logical end point of my career, satire and pottery. Joining us from the other side of the Atlantic and Ocean which has been besieged by political lunacy. Come back to a man who also appeared on LIVE bugle show earlier in the year in New York itself for Josh Gondelman hello. Thank you for having me I here I am in the the home of hunger, which is but the United Nations General Assembly and the noise they make when I read about, has it been, as everyone been sort of excited about, the Un be in town just for General Assembly fever has struck New York or it's just people sick from eating dollar pizza. I can't tell It's a fine line. Medically! Isn't it
the symptoms are largely the same huge. their naming countries that are present. You just go: oh ITALY, it's it's been. It's been a wild week. Um we're recording on the 27th of September. there are now one adversaries this week. None at all, absolutely none, because history restarted this week. According to some newspapers, as always, however, another vehicle is going straight in the Bin this week, a section on new podcasts there's going in the Bin. we review some of the the help me put costs in the the in medium of the universe. Right now in the catch with Filmon politics, the Newport Coast. What would James K Polk to in which top celebrity speculate on? What? Eighteen forties? U S? president James K, Polk would do what he define himself in scenarios from famous films this week, Nobel Prize Winning physicist David J, one and former tennis star, Michael, stick and x. Norwegian
mister and World Health Organization, director General Gro, Harlem Brundtland, discuss what Polk would have done had he been Three men and a baby towering Inferno and Debbie does Dallas the latest food podcast scooter. Vines. Slave flay play flambe, knew whole process cookery show from the renowned restaurator provocative, which offers instruct on how to hunt down a meal in the wild butchering skin it used as a family toy to educate your children, how meat works and then flame cook and Brown they recorded on location. All things hit New York restaurant? If, if me, which is not going to fight you, your food, you for MIKE it, no it's done is bring their own ingredients cook them themselves. And then have the resultant dishes named by malathion and his team of recipe pairings and served on automated trolleys. the religion. Podcast cost my prayer. This is an absolute smash hit in the making a panel of senior clergy from different faiths,
Listen to secretly recorded press act from top brands, virtual assistants and small speakers, the panel on the west of the face of the person who's issue. The prep then discuss whether their respective gold. All calls would be like to also that Pratt in question and if so, how old were they punish? The prey give up for some aspects of that way of life and sports, but golf be backdated. World coupled cost classic pulled kills this a panel if it will punish and historians discuss, based on global and national economic, social and political trends outlets on who would have won the football World CUP. How did existed before it came into existence in nineteen thirty this week, the thrilling, seventeen, seventy two welcome the one thousand two hundred and ninety eight World CUP and the four hundred and seven Bc World CUP engine Absolute classic showdown between Greece and Persia. That is going in the Bin
story this week. Well, we've got a very special top story section this week we're going have a shootout between Britain and America, whose country has had the more ridiculous week which National will resentment feel fear has been the more idiotic over the past seven days. This would be one. This week, in which I found myself shielding my children aged one thousand two hundred and ten from television and newspapers for fear of what they might say and making them watch nightmare on ELM street. Instead, not just setting up with the entire series of saw movies, because they'll be slightly terrifying and have the added bonus of being actually pretend also her only. It was a week The creek is a ninety eight, so there's really no escape from what has been happening. I'm representing the! U K, Nish Como ribs in the our site, Josh Gunman, Nick Jonas. Like claim for Britain having had the most ridiculous week. Well, I mean I don't even know where to start it,
session that no one wants to win or lose on Tuesday morning cool ruled the bar Stinson's. Pro rating of parliament was unlawful and sighed. Parliament had to go back in and say it again. This is also like the the the deluge of bad news, the and coming out to take a full out. Prime minister, I know you, you know I use those words like, as in I promise to talk. Recording. Who knows what has happened now, but he is but a deluge of bad news, because I've the weekend there's also a story that broke that suggested that he had provided favors for it, and this is the euphemism, was called to be used close right. This close friend was a a young woman who these five is designed to be reported. How to a pole, dancing poll in her flat and listen.
See we don't know there was anything else going on, but with Boris Johnsons History, I made the mind, love stuff. If there's one thing the Boris Johnson loves today, it's fun, be it we've been all the country the man likes to get his head, and so the less said about that? The better anyway on they ruled that the the part of it was gonna, be product. I'm just a let's take a moment just to briefly thank the Supreme Court for doing it on Tuesday, which is the day before I record my television shot thus giving us a little bit more time to process the insanity of the week, then well, right. She recording a Wednesday bars down to the pit in front of parliament and when almost to sort of take down the tone of the rhetoric, because the rhetoric is go out of control in this country. During rush, random campaign and Mp Pro remain Mp. Jo Cox was assassinated,
a man who lay a gave his name in the court room as being freedom for Britain. I'm persons was almost by a couple of female Mps to maybe take down the tone of the rhetoric, and you put this too easy jobs in big British promised. I'm not saying that it's an easy job is a difficult job, but there were two things that it is easy to do when you, the Prime minister of the, U K what is condemn violence and the other is to stand outside number. Ten Downing street wife, Boris Johnson, failed the first one, and if we were to translate the extent to which he file to the first one into the second one It would result in him attempting to wife and then tripping over backwards, smashing through the door of number ten taking off his hinges and washing Larry the Downing Street cat quite hard to see what he can do next to further debase our political system they can on the queen. Well,
I mean, let's not assume that has never happened. I mean metaphorically mean metaphorically. I could. It has happened that, specifically what the program was? He went, and essentially until the great, so he bullshit that the quite a large the coin, but definitely did not necessarily provide the level of service the queen is, would like to expect from her. A promise is one of the the gravest gravest accusations against Johnson people that he embarrassed. The coin embarrassed the code I mean that is her husband's job clicks actually she's. What ninety three she's had four kids she's been The parade around with the various despots and bastards of global politics and she's been married
Prince Philip for seven decades, she's immune to embarrassment. I think the only way he could he could really debase our politics. Further is November remembrance, day ceremony, masturbating onto the Senate off. We would never forget, never forget, indeed, I think. That's really. The only club left in his bag at the Supreme Court essentially called thoroughly justifiable Bullship on Boris Johnson rogue ing of up parliament and said that it hadn't even happens because that's how wrong it won't get in exit which okay, okay, Boris Johnson, a loophole. If it was, I all that power again it was it was. I was completely out of order. So what priority? Yes, the black one thought on it doesn't exist. It's not. We were in a kind of gold. Gold debate start situation,
the political equivalent of that series of Dallas that turned out to be a drink. As a result, the niceness continue to terrace of a pot luck. I'm running out of tearing itself talks like some over excited wrapping paper, that's being given itself wrapped in itself is a birthday present with the so well, and now, they've they've been pressed on this a few times. Johnson has refused to apologize for any of the things he said in parliament and he's continue to refer to the bill as a surrender bill and continue to use that language. Well, it's like the trial, which a lot people are saying it's sort of inflaming tensions so far, one of his advisers, Dominic Cummings, who is a was asked so we had enough of this technical legal terminology. I'm sorry I'm having trouble following from overseas. He! Basically he was asked again. If how we could possibly calm tensions. There's been a lot of talk about potential writing
he said. The only way to calm these tensions and to prevent violence is to get Brexit done. So, if somebody throw with violence. The only thing to do is to give into their demands, and that is completely. Subverted my understanding of every action film that I've ever seen. Johnson respond. As you would expect, with the contrition dignity and evenhanded inclusive bridge, building open mindedness of a drowning turd in a bucket of its own sick and said the ruling was was wrong. Now we're going to believe on this uh are going to believe on this complicated legal matter, gonna believe eleven of the top judges in the entire United Kingdom or a former journal. Unproven bullshit? That is a tough call made even tougher when Former journalism proven bulshit was then supported by Michael Gove, a former journal Michael Gove, said Boris Johnson this week that he was the pep Guardiola of politics as a reference to the current managed to sit.
Former Barcelona football manager, pep Guardiola largely claimed as being one of the greatest football managers of all time, the time everyone scoffed at this- but then later this week, Pep Guardiola defended Manchester City football of another silver full publicly, sharing I rice's cartoon, so the comparison might be more apt than we think when I first saw that I didn't know embarrassingly who pep Guardiola Was- and I thought it was a misspelling that he was the g already out of british politics, yeah that checks out this guy got that, and I thought maybe it's the Jerry Delis of british politics- and I thought you know- that's a pretty mediocre chocolate. I don't think that gets to it quite hard. I mean what you say: I'm in awe. I think they're awesome, some very great similarities between quality outlook, yeah and Boris Johnson. The successes bankrolled by unaccountable behind the scenes to mention just
club, through the conservative politics, the ceaseless Paul thing- is the hallmark of a football in case of Claudio's ripple teams of the Bach for Boris Johnson, both dependent on highly skilled people from other countries, Neither of them is very popular in Liverpool. Neither of it's been elected to his position by the british public companies. Peas in a they both belong. Why, from downing Street and neither really wants Philip Hammond in that same. So when is your They stayed. That story hits exactly at the alignment of you'll. It dress of politics, abs, bowl. What I mean to be fed to go the other. He has just unilaterally Council of Man City's matches for the next six weeks, I mean the only difference is results that Boris
seven votes in a row in parliament, since he became prime Minister plus African Great court case. That is relegation form, which is something that Guardiola's never had to encounter in his career. At this point, Boris Johnson be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. is like what would happen if I became in charge of the Ku Klux Klan, because everybody would be thinking, for God, sake quit now. But the larger question is: how was this allowed to happen in the first place, as you would expect, in this day and age, the Supreme Court ruling provokes a a wide range of reactions, some claiming the justices were establishment stooges in the pay of the European Union. The evidence being well, who needs evidence in something like that. You just feel in waters other stating that was a rare example of Britains, vague, unwritten, nebulous constitution, actually working for Engine is nonexistent life and not even
that one man on five live BBC five live phone in I'm wondering what gives a collection of eleven of almost senior experience, expert legal minds, the right to rule on matters of little saying who elected these judges? What makes them better than me, and you well, I mean other than decades and decades of high level legal experience. Nothing. I guess to be honest, if you are looking at that from that point of view, if you're looking at that Supreme Court Room- and you can- you can argue about how our constitution but if you're looking at that thinking, what gives these Supreme Court judges the rights post their opinions on matters of little then stepped away from any ballot box. Now you never pick up a pencil again. This is in fact, agree not you'll guy.
Is it would be a hell of a bold gambit for someone who had just been found guilty of a crime in gold trim who elected you? Who are you to tell Maine the? I can't take a shift on a train which goes place that power in your hands, sir, pulling Arthur full churches to reveal, and only God can judge me full back tattoo- just watched it with the american response to our constitutional self harming's. Well, it has been done. opening in that it has been mostly silent. I think there was, it was truly incredible. This story is amazing: I've been catching up on it, Boris and tried to suspend parliament, which I don't like just because I feel like Trump is
I see that and go. Can you do that? The answer is no, which to Trump obviously means give it a shot, and here it's been absolutely chaotic over here? Uh Trump went on the, It was on the call with the ukrainian official and basically threatened threatened, withhold aid plus they investigated Joe Biden, which it's like it I feel, like your week, has been so much more chaotic, because here that's exactly what I expect Trump to do because entire vibe is tony soprano without therapy. This whole deal so Trump and by dinner, going back and forth and like neither one's account of what's happening, seems right. Like the Biden scandal, nothing, but like his account It is also seems like weird. The count is like fully fabricated and it's really like watching
two men argue over who asked out a girl in high school. First, it's like None of you remembers anything. I hate you both there's also Nancy Pelosi. It seems like the Democrats want to impeach on this very narrow window of this one phone call with on one hand, is like I get. to go in on something. The public can easily understand like an easily digestible single kind of bright scandal, but so it's like Posey, saying, look he's holding the smoking gun, but what, if someone gave it to him after they shot it? Have we that So this week is made me think it's incredible that we caught Richard Nixon at all. Without someone like Rudy Giuliani, going on tv, screaming we're doing
Watergate. We did a Watergate were covering up the Watergate, which is what he's been doing all week. It's his whole mo. It's amazing that Trump hired a guide to go on tv and confess to crimes. Normally you pay someone to not do that. Yeah. It's a bold approach, to being a lawyer just to go on maybe, like my clients guilty as hell yeah, but he You can't get double jeopardy. I've already admitted checkmate check my No really is what he would change. These motto of the united
I sailed to Trumbull still going to not be taking it well, as you would have thought. The whistle blows complaint accused him up, and I think this number of hypocrisy flying around in the reaction to this and the whistle blows complaint accused Trump of using a power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the build up to the twenty twenty election. Now we cannot criticize him for isolationism, and we cannot criticize America as a nation for interfering in other countries. Politics and now give Trump when he reaches out across the oceans for international national assistance in desecrating his own democracy. Shortly. These are the two things, we've been praying for from America, It is true he's building alliances they may be taking an interest in democracy at home, which I appreciate the whistle
blower complaint is only fascinating 'cause. It outlines how many whistle swallowers there hanging around right. It's like watching the end of a game where the refs are just like. Let him play and one guy said he took his head off he's not supposed to have a hockey stick on this basketball court. I mean in terms of what might happen from here, but probably nothing is going to happen. Is it because, even if the articles of impeachment passed in the house, the We can still control the set it and they need a two slash three majority to make any sort of impeachment calculator showing the Republicans would not automatically do what is objectively. Ethical Just I'm saying that in the past few years, integrity has been a foreign concept to the Republican Party of we'll know how they feel about foreigners. I would say that that the Democrats I've been a little. You know a little soft at times, but the Republicans have a tremendous integrity about just. In the most depth thing at every juncture, it's like an unwavering commitment, which I think is its own kind of integrity too.
See this man, who is obviously a criminal running the country like a criminal brazenly and to be like that's. My guy is just like an absolute commitment and integrity to ask licking at every. pot juncture. They both address the you add this week add to borrow a phrase logs have fads of this podcast will recognize went full God, Africa just absolutely lost their minds. Just what was the reaction within the states to Trump speech because he looked like a horse? like they had been seriously tranquilize, oh yeah. He did see what with it he listed the countries that he was obviously learning or just part of the Un like hey, he was it was like he was reading a list of it. He was a. He was taking attendance at the? U N, to be like. Like a t, on the first day of school, mispronouncing name saying first names: first, it almost sounded like a quail,
it's version of a ludicrous song reads like I've got countries in different area codes, It was a horrible the recognized it as such oh Clay, Ludacris. It was right there. How did I miss that the plum sitting right on the Troy that, luckily for him and it away lucky for there are than they really do have each others back. Because Boris Johnson's speech to the UN was a sort of I mean it felt like I mean it felt like he had no idea that he was going to give a speech to the UN and had been kidnapped a week before and held in the back of a van and released into the UN and said right. Just let you go
it will synthetic biology stand for restoring our lives and our eyes with miracle regeneration of that issues like some fantastic hangover cure, he's thought about that too much or will it bring terrifying limbless chickens to our table, also known as chicken breast nuggets. but the poor is does it is, but it is of a socioeconomic bracket, the beach he is not familiar with the knock at he's loyal to the unfamiliar with the nugget, hey all I What will it mean? Helpful robots, washing and caring for an aging population or pink the terminator's sent back from the future to the human right. Now I mean are shouldn't, be the thing most But the terminator's eyes are famously red unless he's suggesting that the terminator's in the process of traveling back in time have somehow contracted conjunctivitis or may
So that means you just stop drinking he's. Terminators are high as Shin I don't look. This is like insane clown, posse level theorizing. This is magnets. How do they work? I can't stand it. It's like the it's. What does he do? Your spit values you just freestyling up there. You can't do that. Well, evidently, it's also like he thinks like yeah, I Not a suspended this, and it's like that's a different thing. We do is expected. Also helpful, robots watching and caring for an aging population or pinkeye terminator sent back from the future to color human rights are those two mutually exclusive If you were really looking to take over the human race, you would keep the old people alive because then probably vote you into office, and you would call anyone who might much let your master valley and schemes
look. Maybe you have a kind robot to care for your grandparents and then and then, when they get when life becomes too painful, you have a guide terminator euthanasia in the future voice activity will be in every room and almost every object. Your mattress will monitor your nightmares. Your fridge will be. more cheese. It's like Philip K, Dick suffered a major brain injury. His eye we have the future is like. I can't even imagine a future that's more than one step beyond the present. That's now Animals news now and clearly, there's been a lot of big stories this week, as we've already discussed, we had the Supreme Court ruling an it's divisive. them off. We have the the news on the impeachment proceedings against Trump with the the Ukraine story, five more you and reports on the environment and the threat of extreme weather events becoming more and
frequent, but what was the most read story on the BBC website on Wednesday night? Absolutely correct. It was the story that the man who created the Labradoodle says it is his lights regret. That was what most people wanted to read about on Wednesday. I'm not. I'm not saying that wrong on I'm just stating the facts as they are the creator of the Labradoodle, the of trust between the Labrador and the poodle. Has it created this dog thirty years ago in an attempt to upgrade a hypo allergenic guide to hook it in now? He now regrets it. I mean it's it's hard to live with that kind of white. The responsibility when you've you've done something on that. Well, would you commit a still of science based folk
or in that way. Also just to be clear, Labradoodle is actually the name of the inventor, but frankly, right labradoodle monsters. You've got to let reduce they got it not junk red. Does Molly Hoff the greeting entirely worthwhile and tax deductible, could, of course, have be cool. To, but that sounded like a medieval performance part with serious digestive issues, so it became the the labradoodle. Can I just ask: how did he create the dead he brought how the oil, as you were, going to go it's his job as a quote unquote signed to is just getting dogs to I'm I'm I don't know. If you may see a scientist or a doctor,
not quite sure or just a horny yeah titling pornographer Labradoodle is his partner. No, I think he was a. He was a pre at that. Don't bring a professional dog breeder right and was trying to create a got a guide dog that just as the flower of life for Dole's can cause. Allergies was put apparently don't for whatever reason. Hence the crossbreed Wally Conran? The creator said I find that the biggest majority of labradoodles are either crazy or have a hereditary problem. Now this is the problem when you cross breed different. purebred breeds of dog in a warning signs there, the british aristocracy is run. Very similar scheme for generations and generations of our app has ended up hypoallergenic
This is just a queen right. That's a queen king hybrid! The thing I don't understand, so the job of a dog breeder is getting dogs to work right. So I guess that means professionally. You spend your MIKE love nationwide presented in such. Does that mean that that guy is charging by your own standards, just sort of like slipping oysters into dog food. Getting brambles. Is it playing Marvin Gaye's album? Let's get it on at four times the speed, so it's can hear how much is something I think part of it is just not not. Other hybrid dog breeds tubing. Crated region include the ship. It lets the schnauzer with across the u brought while walk, which is intimidating, aggressive
fit in a handbag. The Spaniel Doberman Cross, known as the cock pincher and the half bulldog, half Shih Tzu. The bullshit think about this story. That really sticks out to me is that he said creating the labradoodle was the his greatest regret, which, like it is nice life you must have had. Then I have greater regrets before getting out of bed in the morning. Oh you're Mister Greg brought joy to families across the world. Lucky you! Yes, it is a bit of a yeah right, The problem is how large my penises, if I had to one thing about my body I'll see your creation of the laboratory, because my greatest regret certain raise you my entire mid 20s It's like Jonas Salk being like the polio vaccine, really got out of Control Hybrid Cross Breeze
and what that will Christianity and capitalism natural rapidly as a democracy in the internet could have been so good together, but it just isn't working out in no other animal news, um in uh in Britain this week, man punched a police or not just any man fan after I yeah Paul Smith versus South Hampton CUP match an angry pulled. A fast took out his frustration of his teams, phone ill, the free fall, a doing a logical thing and punching a police force on on this. Now my foot will really brings out the best in Britain the sources, let it too good for too long. How many of you have a punch to please hold on the no
because I haven't budged to believe hi. I mean I'm almost embarrassed that we told you about these with Josh all the light. If this is the soul of the egg that happens in Britain more I would like to admit at least in the pre today. you could be like I farting on your own. You like, thank God, no one. Thank God! No one else go with this, but now because the into that. Everyone, like our shame, is global and I would say is what we need to establish in this situation is: how did the man and the horse vote in the break? referendum and was the horse preventing breaks it, because if it was that man was well within his rights to throw his face at that Ramona High, who I think it wasn't. Wasn't she
she sing for Germany in the Eurovision contest last year. I think the horse just voted main, not leave or remain the podcast for this joke right. That was almost too many too much strong material It was in one minute that was too much strong material that is not with this podcast is, among the of that it voted by that was old too much. I'm just to people in America go towards sport games and become so enraged that they end up a King animals. Oh yeah, I mean, I think we fear our police more so that we don't try to fight their horses, and I could see a guy sending a civilian horse to fight after football game, which I think you know we have horse racing which is so brutal to the horse. The least
I can do is if we're going to abuse it just square up and throw hands one on one give the it's a fighting chance, also why, after football could understand, if you know someone's just seeing that their favorite horse or rider screw up the dress size at the Olympics, you can understand it right now in the horse, then, but defending horse based violence. Only in certain circumstances, You are as bad as dominate comings and barks drugs that well before we go. We have a free gift from to be able to all of our listeners. A free it could be worse. Sound effect Are you annoyed about the news down about the state of your my favorite planet will never forget it. Could be a lot worse,
whenever you're feeling knocked off let down or just generally pessimistic. Well, what's going on remind yourself if you are a different species, things could be way worse by listening to one of our free. It could be worse. Sound effects, sound effect, one your little antelope wondering why that large cat is running towards you licking its chops. You like cats, oh hang on sound effect, two, you are a fly in actually going about its in sexual business on the window, keep it in perspective, people I'm. Finally, you are a turkey going shopping in early November, so let's just keep keep off current troubles in some kind of
Thank you very much for listening to people that don't forget there are live, shows imminent in Glasgow on the seventh of October and Newcastle on the eighth of October. At the stand, comedy clubs, details and tickets on the internet niche. Anything to plug, please watch the mash report, even if you are if you live in the UK on BBC I player with the first four episodes are available online and if you don't live in the UK, continue to watch it in the way that I know you've all been watching it, which is wildly illegally. I don't condone it, but I do respect it. Josh have any anything you'd like to alert our listeners to please. I knew book that just came out in the United States last week called nice try stories in best intentions in mixed results, and I'm That comes out in the UK on Halloween? Not themed not spooky, but I believe people have been able to get on Kindle now. So that's so it's coming out on the day we leave the European Union.
It's something distracting north soothing are just completely inappropriate for the times jobs. I got terrible do for you all the fun by them, but id like going to be a two year old, hey, whatever sells more Gabi just have been a lot back on the show niche, as always thanks thanks very much googlers thing listening? We will now play you out with some lies about our premium. Subscribers now had various emails regarding feedback log and, yes, I will admit, Now I didn't realize how many lies I was going to have to tell there is a significant. I think we will get
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Mega Schnitzel Nick, enjoys in respects the sea, but does not like the idea of being a herring without He does, ironically, like working in a team to solve communal problems. Like herring. Do Tom Phillip Pinsky is bored my months always coming in the same order every year year off the year, and would to democratize. The system he's open to suggestions, CD rom runs outta hearing. This suggests that we let the people choose with an electronic ballot which month should come next apart from December, which the government should be able to impose in order to stimulate the economy with a Christmas, Margaret Ward, it does not understand why if the luge and skeleton are in the winter Olympics, there are no events on water slides in the summer games. Eric Tingstad firmly concurs and adds that there is horsey dressers in the summer Olympics, then they should be polar. Bear rodeo in the winter version you cannot.
With that Jc Vanocka. patented the design for face curtains to help people get to sleep. And out, and about during daylight hours. The dark velvet curtains coming from a rail attached to the wearer's forehead and keep out Ninety eight percent of all light, as well as entertaining facial privacy, Jeff Spec did don't enjoy eating vegetables in the past, but as overcome his reluctance to buy them in the shops by imagining that all veg, wells will wanted criminals and performing citizens arrest on them by putting them in his shopping, trolley and Andrew Corliss? is not approve of the term quad bike. He reasons that a quad bike should have eight wheels, not four because of bicycle has two wheels and quads are orders. So two four is eight. The vehicles things Andrew should just be called quote: sickles or quackers here and is the lies