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Bugle 4128 - Official Brexit Freedom Day Special

Andy is with Al Murray and Mark Steel in the week Trump ended terrorism and Britain decided to vote although maybe on the wrong thing.

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The bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world, where the bulk of jewish thousand one hundred and twenty eight of the people or the newspaper for aid, which will well the publication which uncover the truth then covers it up again in the company. Abortion is just better that way of everyone. I am Andy's, often once again in all the bunker on the ground, the pub magically sales me outside world. It's a recording studio I want to see an old friend of his first ever stand up comedy cake at the end of a comedy course with a lot of other people, also doing that first ever gig tonight. Very much. The other end of the experiences or with my guess, stalwarts of the british Commonwealth I'll married. What think supported George form, but on is the art in forty
haven't banjo magnetic two year, did darted out for Georgia and Mark still who play the opening up of hydrogen. Luckily the reserve, let me there was no one there to recall a legal right to call. I said often I'll get a job in the youth policy on labelling. This is fully in our forty seven with some very much an activist users outside experts you got thrown out of South Africa, resisting black people, worries Gate and his wife dismantling yea and she was really not way from foot with us with it with it yeah yeah. She was also a militant atheists and he used to go to church every Sunday, a nice of graphic squabbles about as well. This is when you get to human encyclopedias on it will show us, but spent over decades, building up a bit. To be somewhere fast.
With no loud like no part in this when you I'm on the south african many Corey was possibly the foremost where the person responsible for all this said to Mr Mrs formerly one night you're not to have any more black people in your rescheduling great embarrassment, in front of a big crowd. She said it is recorded piss off your horrible little man, yeah and one of which they were excluded from the brilliant, That's the sound of the newest biggest sculpture, forward the riddle. So is issued forth as one hundred and twenty eight of the bugle career Shore, but yes, no guy here accidentally said, I'm very up to date, number of reasons to impeach Donald Trump first above Amber which is world Regan die, and to mark this, this issue of the
what has been written on meat free paper made from trees. Rather than the normal vellum parchment matron casket. I'm not write this doubling octopus. No animals will be drowned Julius recordings that Sir Lucky John all is not on the show anymore. He loved the submerged fairer in a large bucket, was performing what you think is always behind a desk join the dots people. Also, today's love your lawyer die parity. Close enough ever has everyday for text. My loyal wife is listening, wife, who is allowed to have a lawyer, wife and otherwise all the other minded professions on this day and fifty no free poked you The second was elected Pope. And for the Warrior Pope and the fearsome pope we're not traditional Pope qualities these he's being a warrior and being known. I listen, then he had to be bad ass if your pollyanna August so minutes when you published gotta Pope. What you see in front of you at the time of year, caused rigidly to assent
hoping tactic Pope on induces manager, all this, that Canada is in it, but he did commission the Sistine chapel ceiling in from making paintbrush himself and that was exhibited to the public for the first time on this day, in fifty twelve, and this is also the first anniversary of me telling you that last year, as well, a financially in order that a terrible for my life since I was a member made into a sick you're, with the other sealing off afflict flick that woman she's miserable. Why you paint out, of course, today was supposed to be the one three hundred and sixty three
yeah Anna verses of breaks, it happening. This was supposed to be the beginning of a freedom twelve hours into a roped free, two thousand and fifteen minutes fears about it, but I shouldn't abort those independence day over thirty, first bathes devasted, allow readable, biddable, remembered boy apply to commemorate calling cadres one hundred century asking too we will have a full June and he used to come when you state that only by openly probably big one life for our american business- that maybe that is quite a niece cricket references to further call encounter weapons without on the bugle. This was supposed to be be freedom.
And I d off the freedom that we were supposed to Brett blasted ourselves, so glorious glorious, new Future MOT Francois at a particular Britain would explode if Breton did not happen on the thirty first walked over the evidence. Yes, that that is not entirely happen, I think he exploded, yes, I'm told and the police have sealed off the area around his house and open wound, many of the people for the overwhelming furnace world. Ivy jobs, not Krakatoa peace, generic covered one sick, the fiddler shape with Francois Alive County currently the likely that you crying bitterly. We are heading for an extended winter at where's the sector decommissioning straight in the Bin this week, the charity month of November is upon us once again Movember
grow mustachios for charity, but there are more options this year there is a full member way, your spawned enemy might, which can be quite lucrative in and this Niger knows member not doesn't make much commitment to where it must offer month in this age of trinity facial here. Encouraging people to wear a large prosthetic nose for months but shows real commitment. Our fellow member where you and it's a medical care that would have been available to Florence Nightingale, jointly Chromium war quota is also available. We only listen to state, as quote for the entire month, do get psychiatric assistance if you to impose their coming next year, imaginary January way, divorce yourself from all reality. For a month that the other, different from any other monthly great brought, which is a worn away this month and comp tuba. Will you take pleasing Do your own hands four month by forming your own vigilante force and performing citizens, arrests on any one, you think might have done something wrong: Charity section in the
Well, we didn't get brexit, but we all guessing election. Can we about breaks it, but also leave potentially government in place for five years. We can avoid away how this man we're gonna vote vote vote vote vote until it goes away. By not actually voting. Armani exactly well most oblique election. Exactly you know, did that. I am in all actually solve alone, but love with what's happening at the moment. I love it's of dazzling over dead. The more with a big piping, ammonia, desolate dent, look, look alike as honey pot, for that is long since gone past. The point where you go out now: the equivalent of a guy in craft had left the street, the sober rain and stuff- and you are one of the main characters- turns out
You know I see so something we come. Why you why you pass that now with the girl knowledge written Nace? Now I wish I could read the history book about us from from under fifty years time. Yes and and and get our that's really walked. Thats really. What was causing organism is where the thick if it's a multitude of like south in love with a I'm in love with everything. I love that ain't know what it's for Parliament lovely do that. What a lover of living with surprise you exactly with feline, plus we're only lead to Europe through a flap, a mule result it nothing! I think just if they all our every Thornberry campaigned Nike Diana Canoe, really, that is that they were away the an all All the time backing these up has been assumed in other countries can explode. There would be rights if we don't live in it. That's not
but knows that it really got that grafter stow. That night yes, is an hour Even as I've got organism riots were organised. Yes, re smoke. I wanted my fifty PETE worth Zombie, also I'm behind this we had the conservative government came under Cameron passed a fixed term. Parliament wanted these necessary piece of legislation and the glory of british history of unnecessary legislation that was supposed to fix the term of parliament's hands. The name and thus reduce the number of times we were inconvenienced by the democracy. We keep erroneously being told aware obsessed with in this country another thing that parliament, as this May than other third election in voice, just what the british public is being icon for six weeks of concentrated bullshit bullshit it into their haggis, resigned faces. These are curious, Microscopic times indeed end as
the conservative slogan, which is Britain, deserves better which occur sweetly reasonable, Evanna Doin Slogan, if you are, the opposition had been in power for we d better stupid, useless hideous monsters, government that has been ruining the country, but ideas of all the slogans, look lay we were in. We ve been in, and we ve been shit vote for Sudan using case against in case it gets worse I miss Logan Isabelle Debate live again to be a terrible, terrible mess before my record. That will be it is either. Stability with us are yours without Miliband. Yet luckily we
Naturally, I also took a strong and stable, also VAT, Boris jobs and the aspect of absolute drivel. Who's been warning. People that's breaks. It would, delight, under Jeremy, carbon others is a man who delight Rex himself by voting repeatedly against Turkey's my circle, do and then delay breaks again by chickening up in his own, so called ill through parliament. Now warning people at home. Will you ever that's why this this is how this whole thing works is pay. It is is that they simply characteristic of what's happening. It's it's this. We lost control of our borders country it all in all. A worm got me and we gonna lose control or take it back at the borders we haven't, got because of another out it with a border. We forgot about it's like if it stood a perfect, I'm fifty one, I'm starting to one.
Whether this is an order simulation Dmitri yeah of bright in a jar another. This is actually happening. You know, because I here, they are running to someone who knew someone from school will. You know four miles. Go under this, that's impossible this, this more than fifty people in the world surely what's happening now. Just feels not if it doesn't like you. I mean Chucky by me. Just like a soap refills written meaning of parable about about the limits of the limits of, I wish there was one day they'll tell this story is an amazing. As an amazing fable? I wonder what was it like? This join the cool laws and stuff, but they need that was really. If we show was make competitor yeah yeah. Well, that's it! That's what I feel if you look a store it crises, they tinted, they tend to solve them end
the civil war is unethical of eighteen years from beginning to end was an area we saw this. Why why you go out and other people as yet not boom boom Play fool to you're, going to go under skins? No one really knows anymore, and I ll go through this ritual and I was like a lunch thing was tat. Think it's a lunch together just so many people, I was then came across a tactical was somebody showed me of tactical voting website turn off the well. I suppose they all commentaries that, if your brakes a or if you protect me, not forest Junction Weather,
because it seems to be in two blocks. There's only one end ferrars boorish Johnson support breaks it and I are of surplus suasion, and then you ve got everybody yet really that this disillusion could serve as liberals, the mesh listen whilst Scotland, liberalism and labour but there there or scrambling for the votes between them If I don't care, if they lose as long as, though you get so the liberal Democrats have seen that position seems to be weed care if a sociopath Rummel decapitated as long as we go up to twenty three percent in reading West yeah, also one went. One of these websites are technical boat and one which is how who's got the best chance of being Boris Johnson and the liberal when it said it was both these Somerset, thirty eight percent.
Thirty two percent, liberal eight percent liver and then at the bottom mate said this is from a pole. Where people were asked who would you vote for if the contest was on between the conservatives in the liberal Democrats had no other parties, her charms, so that style, because we're so you would you go over its assuming the labour candidate was where this is one of the great problems we have with our electoral system of basic means for the vast majority of voters as the basis for what a huge proportion of voting country. There is absolutely no point in voting, for you actually believe in Therefore, we have no way of knowing what the country actually
You're, not really as a nation or even Father Christmas in Asia by the stately doesn't like me, don't I'd say we actually fail. We ve developed an entire week communication, the relies on a obfuscate and and and a hinting and many marriages of survived decades longer than they would otherwise have done. Thanks to that, there are huge social structures for the avoidance of genuine expire, and of emotion and none is more and more impressive than our voting system, which could of forces people not to vote in enormous. What I think this is illustrated by this party election broadcast, which came out tonight
Do you care about the environment? Do you think the economy should be run sustainably, local, national and global levels than with the goal of social justice, fundamental to policy making do believe in electoral reform, informed, participatory democracy and a nation that demand social responsibility from its business? Then why not vote for the green, because its king, pointless boss, the both of you, might as well smear a dead ferrets blood on your ballot paper imposed. If the NASA marks plan for an integral active rocket, ferrets blood vote, green theology, Leslie gaping, hold your nose and vote labour, conservative look a good boy and a girl, we ve got it so up it's what we for the wars for may not like live in Brighton paid for by participation of vested interests, so its Armenian Oh, this is the public must have their say, and then we have to speak in tongues, beautiful,
but only if the red the actually reached a poetic scobie a first have a thousand one hundred twenty eight November actual hurt, you don't know, what's sometimes also of tat but TAT block weary resignation. Occasionally now there's gonna be one opinion poll. That's gonna show that the leaders shrunken labour, only thirty four beyond along with others, a bit of hope, but not under the figure. In August, everything becomes person in the end, right. This, please elections happening on my youngest daughter birthday. Why? The people's ruined is ruined. I want to spend a day with a totally you know having fun going to happen, Kingroot this government of ruin everything. My daughter little did not really,
you couldn't when I did I down to the polling station, but I suppose you, but that means the nursery shop. So I've gotta go that's the actual lay like a british parents. Another it's just actually ruin the dye gonna have to think about the worry about. Is she a birthday anyway boycott of night? You look awful never fails to grow up as when on voting disorders are still have that thrill of light. I'm trying. State with these depend on a horizontal partner cars. The thing that makes me feel mad. It may be the devastating picture. I've I've been in it by maybe these it. These are pretty similar. Actually, you know,
you're out alone, and yet I should just in voting licences. I figure, probably I'm your test, that the alliance should then be locker a phase where you haven't a provisional voting licences. You don't get all these kids. You suddenly call for the vote. Just go on yeah right around the world. I think what, if something worth the lawyers Zimbabwe could not the number of sitting Mps standing in this coming election, the number of decades long spirits conservatism basically kicked out the party for having a different opinion to their crazed. Lee number female politician: the quitting politics due to the Griffith abuse they receive on social media for the crime of, in the womb and most I wouldn't tall using freedom of speech before as well. By the way we should be in terms of
action between policy on eight April right corner family pave Aachen. It's my shop is lying harrassing, Stryver, Stradivarius, violin and using as a practice. Urinal I mean you, you can do it, but but you shouldn't do it a friend of mine but she tweeted about this this morning and the replies or a sewer Of you now and not just of not just have one, I should shut up. Then I'll get it. You know they Brodie on themselves in Christ. I think that through just remember, and then let the men get abuse it is well to just Refusing to address it up, and it is a pretty, is amazed, in the end, this over the state of discourse.
Moment is these old boys is really Oracle well set up for some time. I think it is actually possible to come up with any collection of words that you could put on twitter that wouldn't get a load of you could put on enjoying a delightful sunset across Dorset seamen and someone not so delightful if you suffer from some burgeon at all, I'm actually have a thoughtful sad suffered. So I put a thing: I mean ninth Street Thornton Twitter when the electric told that by sitting the choice is between people, the country, because they're sucks, you're, perfect in privilege, scientist and people You know everything up because they mean well, but just target is shit. That's what I thought I was so a being quite Paul is anyway, but a cold day. The abuse from the so called
been Doyle's. Dagger, actually way out What does the topic yeah take everything literally just our that's gonna work open the door, when you see that you know, that's really isn't election. That is really bad advice NL, I persuaded all forty people to do. As I say, they are going to vote in favour of enjoying the good Babby is I worked as it six weeks
she six weeks where it will seem Knocker Cavell along here. Did you know Christmas as well? yes and also a liking for survival. They got thought Chris. Christmas has been under tat, never really know yet, which is why swollen like a puff of fish to all this is under attack and- and this is gonna get in the way of defending Christmas, for this is that the problems are The logistics of the winter election has generally our elections. Are a problem lay a Christmas as had been delayed four days, because the 12th of December election mini advent calendar starting the 13th of December, so that it is not polished by even end by speeding up the time of advent. That means Christmas. The earliest Christmas conform with the twenty ninth of December and send a maid. In Britain off this well Santa where's, your red outfit, I mean come on us politically, then the well I read out fit with the office of Blue comrades Voice were different
Germany is not use, not only the umbrella, with electoral he's, not gonna, come round on the night of twenty eight through the twenty ninth and quote from was official press release. And get out of bed until January, tenth, be the official but gust of the british election for the next six weeks. Well, news now and well Assassination news, Abu Backer, Album, Daddy Thea, ISIS leader, renowned, deranged Maggie, has in the world. Are you not only source? What's the language policy may remember that there is an awful thing. It was John. Jumpy marvelous Chris John Cena, the wrestler, took my summer Bin Laden when we cover that is compromised to a permanent end
Sir killed in an operation a bag, daddy was tracked down using his own underpants. This was a delay. Full details of this aid is underpinned stolen by local syrian undercover spy than analyzed to prove that he work that it was definitely em They will then analysed by underpants specialist prove I with a kind of pants. The only a really awful terrorist warlord would wear his out by debt, Skip mosque in bondage, get austerity and positive samples and carry Oki machine hacked into, and his lair had a minute absolutely appalling. Playlists that proved they must have been. An error tradable shit had selling you who it was Well, she was then a killed in an american operation buried like his predecessor. As well shit of year, some have been latin at sea. Would you getting raises the horrifying prospect? Next time you go swimming in the sea of suffering, whatever
only swallow a molecule, it used to be part of one and if there's a France while fall out showers, we're just when they take them out when you're in a sick, Donald Trump described The the operation said they did a lot of shooting and they did a lot of blasting. What sure it is good to have a level of insight into the install military strategies its I mean this whole thing, even a blue himself out didn't he says it's a base in the American turn on IRAN's away gills himself. At this They killed him. I still a girl isn't. Even if you don't, I just really matter how you get those on both sides and ongoing low pressure from bright praised. This is more detail on the operation that even didn't go through the front door. He said now you would think to go through
If your normal person, you say, knock, knock. May I come in, but I've lost it. I went to the house every wall has not be they don't get normal people to do these operations, and this is why the special forces, nor enforces pursing learning the Esta, you use a door, don't legal doorbell. Some of us will have to be paid a form to rebuild the asked three two hundred trump added. They were like bigoted you gotta get. I got Kaboom dig it they get a comparable and that it was not found. It was so cool praised the dogs, in your brain that sadly got injured and even tweeted a picture that are so mark that pick. Of him, putting a metal round the lap picture. Dogs net is a man. Have you seen that picture It was a choice.
In Vietnam. Rescue ten people injured in a far fought blah blah blah blah blah get rid of it, but rather that it sucks. Bad Photoshop, that the annals of it looks classified one minute and then not classified the mix in terms too is it is amazing. The world wherein Natalie and less poor on it, as well as the level of a poor, is really really funny recent. What he says well wherein is it doesn't matter used to sort of older people. Now its autonomy go, no he's told a lie: put on waste your time, turn up bringing down by the explosion is told a lie: discover the weather. I was also national small minded invent exactly at this point, to aspire to care. How do feel sorry for the dollar very badly time? Take your pet to work day.
Most is barely times when I was working in that line. Sanctuary- and I have to add to look after Uncle smallest pet baby. Will the beast, but also Trump said, not easy pay tribute to the special forces dog, but he also said that our back daddy died like a dog So what does the dog community thinking now about Troms attitude? We now look pretty We left in the same state of confusion over exactly what trump things of them is: the human community she very confusing for the poor animals. Jerry was for time world body of the holy contested cycle. So much competition. These agents out quantify the different skills on display Milady containing his death, will no doubt bring an end to all the violence in the entire region and the war on terror in general, ushering in a new era of worldwide peace and tolerance just lightly death of Bin Laden did at the beginning
Politicians have done more classic old fashioned politician ruin gone, although we had many differences. Daddy was a colorful care. Whether was the whole thing wasn't there with it with the New York Times at Washington Post, where their therein bitterly had lied to start with was up. Missing footballer, angled, rosing footballer Devout cleric by God. He dies and like well. Yeah. Ok, if you people quick, quick, we should go that way. If you want something really the We know in four exactly as it really is really really funny in that they changed quite quickly. Cut with a transistor, but I mean you know based it is that thing of killing the little the leader did what what we
its peace, pierce purely symbolic as they did. I jailing may well, it's not even like killing the leader of the army. If you could have a session, I need it and renewing for iter beer, but have been worthwhile changed into another nineteen, thirty, two even more, not into twenty two. You might just got away with it. Frankly, yes, baby, the baby. The trumps makes the uses to us. Random people rocks, they become dictate lawyer. I could see in the future and he was getting really bad man from also said that that he died. Luck, a coward and transport from the operation just released exclusively to the beagle does confirm the outbreak that he's lost. Audible words were. You can't shoot me. I have bone spurs in my heels. How sorry guys love you whip,
what is replacement Jose Mourinho, it's they've gone with Abu Ibrahim, Al Hashimi, Al Qureshi, so disappointed Nineteen eighties british wrestling by not replacing outback daddy with our John, a sexy, Does it bother wondering earlier on today. There is now a big daddy is now being done in putting this using my rights impulses probation. Wrestler that was the probably what it really was when it was doin. Ok, careless of the new, the new leader, Alyosha the operation has yet to do. I'm on veiling press conference like, but we're gonna just obediently what fresh ideas he brings to the ices franchise because its staff
looking for Walgreen, okay, neutral fans on the side of this rather unattractive start of plight? So if you kiss the badge, which I now, of course cushion few gentlemen filling the blank a scientific report of gender blind. Have grandiose delusions about themselves on a complete absence of shame, empathy or guilt blanks infuriate other people, but unless lies be stressed themselves and have a tendency, Trump leave Office and leave a trail of damage around them will seem to be insulated against feeling bad about themselves. Blanks are also prone to high self confidence and a sense of self importance, so all blacks, a narcissist tories,
They all, however politicians a especially some current presidency, prime ministers, F movie Mobiles G primary school teachers, H nuns. I omen J, not all men, K, hamsters or l celebrity shifts What was lollipop, ladies, if you were reading it, nor is it, and if it is yes, I done a scientific report, Emily eyes a correct answer. I am also be to EL, yet some of bitter the number to the primary school teachers at Queen's university in Belfast conductor, the sign study into narcissism and then typically published, results of drama. Edwin say well done you wanted when I do piece of scientific research, so do the humble thing and keeping them myself. Let my groundbreaking study on the impact on me.
Human body and mind of going to thirty one World CUP cricket mounted and make sure that it works and also my study on the effects in this sector. Fighting a hundred head of oxen does use in order to get to win a Rugby World CUP. We will find that have to that is tomorrow and on one August, carcass Stokoe, eighty, hello in last night, instead of ninety nine trick or treating has never been so much fun planetary, strictly challenges. What we're talking about Rowan on that self, in dioxide actions, losses is near the report from the north autism is on the rise. How to see why that would be major encouraging us to show our cells of all the time in political and economic systems that keep telling us how special will butts menace. Is it If we all, we can to just keep get em in the garage the narcissism Groff is it going to just carry on until we are all just eternally self obsessed and sit by mirrors in dark and sheds and would actually be a step forward for humanity.
I am I'm such a review of the time and I absolutely love it, and so it feels like, if brought me on Talk about myself. Yeah, I mean Is it? Is it necessarily bad narcissism? This is the on this issue. This is what the report saying that it's it's not necessarily be. For you personally! As a nazi death, it does was whistling. I guess it depends how what you use your notices and full? Yes, I wonder whether one sort of possibility exists sites may that is so. This is still a minority of people that are really our selves and yet, and but so much of what we have to do in life is clearing up. After. This minority of really other no three percent of all The only one with a woman possible. While you are on this Easter
but also Doll Island. The only way. Right from the moment, I love the malaria. You're you're, like a cobra, be fair or go five million quit to anyone on the all about you relocate anywhere in the world, but by zero, and then All these are so to just go and ran Sharon each other we shape you went was right or wrong things each other on Twitter and Facebook College of Wang, as are not doing the watch you not until all of them. There is just washing up I was surrounded with barbed wire and snipers, and that's how the current gap, because here we go, was rightly darwinism- freedom of movement by war, we free of God, you anywhere come. It will go a lot more about a cover up this status and that now get a knowing their big perfectly happy. Oliver cracking cricketing, though, and I did Let's get a window, you know which just before the stranger
Erle Merlot wherever they live now is the rub. We woke up final tomorrow morning. This is, is very exciting about it. On me, listen to, it will probably have happened, views the beagle began its existence with an English South Africa rub we will cut fund in two thousand and seven. Will it end its existence with an inland cell of the robbery woke up for that purpose? Who makes a fine on the twenty two o seven, but in the meantime there is another Agnes had after a bloke final, tomorrow morning, as soon as we were, but the radio present as this morning to end with an appalling complacency and awful naga ways. The victory parade gonna be no. No! No! No stop now
We should say that they still work to be done here, but the advice- not that's no good, now Rob, Giorgio Yarns won't be given it now. You are being that will aid without their up against South Africa, who, generally by rugby with all the joy of nineteen seventy Soviet Miss operate at the growing their opponents. With this, the sheer also inescapable physical tedium, suddenly end up questioning the purpose of existence and force than these indiscreet conceding a penalty. That's aren't you, the way celebrated goes about goes about, let them doing and counter that then go a wide, the fool. But at other now, why can you got just I didn't? I you don't let them do the stalemate that they'll trying to exceed done was it that they should late, basically a tree,
well. Yes, I they bulgarian in doubt rides try to avoid a style. Might then that becomes a stalemate of its own bob called so strengths it all over again negative for their might. Give us another Captain Marcia Khaleesi, the first black captain of the South african Rugby team if they when it will be hugely symbolic moment for sport in South Africa, so for so long, a symbol of a part, The English haven't within their power to crush the potential iconic land, not human court, a singular. Why does that? That's the same spirit, and when you go on a thing like I did the celebrity chase. Last year- and I got I t grandad-
opening stage and then we lost the money pulse in her office is going well. You know competitive, ok, to build the orphanage. When I was going to go to school in rural Cambodia where that money, and now we can build a spell, the end Nokia off he wink as it is that you got the year, the sunset Buddha was by one year exactly you could see is relishing debating us
Cool stuff is because I was not expecting full scene house because an absolute the off the game of the show that will reply to this let Us Boris NEWS, the World Series was completed this week in in baseball. The Washington nationals were in a pin during game five and approaches going free to down to the Houston asked rose at which Point Donald Trump on the big screen in the state him and was booed by the entire crowd in Washington who stopped John of lock him up lock him up. She was hoisted boys on twitter,
we invented the third nationals are impressed by some higher being rewarded for their fans, jaunting truth, the power and won the final two games of a bizarre listen with the home team lost all seven Matthew, so that just shows the power of sport. That brings us reach. People do closed mark out. Thank Sir thank for my fur, always leisure, don't forget! To put your tickets to am I an adult in twenty nineteen to set up a level history episode Jose? Is it from the 16th of December to the fourth of January goodbye. We will now play you out with more lies about our premium. Voluntary subscribers If we
Abraham were to become trapped in a grand held the day type situation. He would like it to be on a slow, Newsday globally, ideally on a weekend when he had not much on so he could just kick back, relax absolutely milder, cryptic, crossword, an occasional make a consequence, free, prank phone calls to local radio stations. Simon broke things. The ninety ninety five hit, some one of us by Joan Osborne, should not have asked what, if God was one of us but should have also more interesting questions such as what if ducks speak Russian Stalin had become a ballet dancers instead of a desperate or more personally, What, if God had? I have like an orange need. A semi is pleased that we cannot hear the internal monologue of domestic cats and dogs knew how to I don't think we would enjoy what we heard and then what they really thought of us. It could do
reparable damage to the relationship between all great species. On a similar theme, Jessica, Resky suspects that most emotional support animals dont really give a shit about the inner lives of their owners. Even if that, twenty percent is anthropomorphic. As we like to kid ourselves, they all said Jessica there. You thinking about food sleeping sex, at least ninety nine percent of the time. Penske uses an internet radio to listen to travel bulletins from tourists vehicle clogged cities such as data in Bangladesh, it make Nick feel, like he's driving really fast wherever he lives. Matt Robinson wonders what terms were used for officious types before the term pen pusher came into being. Chisel chases a stimulus, maybe even quill quibbling we Don't know and offered wonders if they will ever be and unethical vagueness movement for people.
Who only want to eat vegetables purely for reasons of taste, but an absolutely fine with humanity exploiting the natural world. Could overseen be battery farmed asks Ben well. Why not? Cassidy likes to think that if she ever becomes a ghost positive, encouraging one love ones in the living room with motivational hauntings, rather than the hackneyed old pseudo spooky negativity that so many ghosts seem to go in for these days, Philip, thinks they should be a compulsory period of meditation before any one votes in any election or referendum anyway. Spirit of meditation should lost for a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of five years. If Rudy Millard ever becomes a member of the english nobility, whether by marriage, raffle also prize discovery of an anti seat, and we would like title himself: Baron Wilderness of the soul. So fuel prices, not looking forward to judgment day. If it ever happens, because he has anything to hide particularly
just sounds like that, would be a hell of a lot of hanging around waiting, notes. Samuel quotes, shitloads of admin to do for whoever ends up running the gig Rachel Scott Holes, wonders. Given that writing a bike is called bicycling a form of nineteen. Fifty first lady of the USA Mamie Eyes now climbed on her husband's back, while he was on all fours. Looking for something you dropped on the floor and shouted look everyone I'm icicles hey renders this week's lies the teeth, What's antimated goodies will be sent out, eminently apologies for the delay, my fault entirely,.
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