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Bugle 4131 - Hot PUSA

Andy and Nish are joined by the excellent Jena Friedman for an x-rated race through billionaire kinks, election funk and sexy presidents.

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The Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual world, o the then and O. Then the hall a you Tus. Yes, I'm Foin Fice, you o. Ah right so I asked Efor Rese Crees right. It's business, im, Missus Bugle issue, four thousand one hundred thirty one I am and hi's ultseman. Lord of all, I survive your iges, my laps off, mostly with Cristato. I am here obviously LUT. I could a gommone outside, but, as I saw from occation to him but IV in London, where I am joined. Firstly, Y Lishcumo Orcum Batnische Hoh drew hello, Biglars, Haie, Onmer Imon, the quay,
whose wrongs hat's throng so well. I sa real sense of on way around you to that. Your hair is even slightly flattered than usual realy, then that event, as could I pull my hat down to elpo was quite cold on the way in right right, a it's I foarmy Ware Whe, still got almost four weeks, ha haf. The election come Han e, got up to you, Gar Wiut, this faggart, pretty much broken on day, one ireds of not not any less irritated ever since dealing with Yi Ye'Ll E, like a Marisan runner, who's called for a foil blanket of Myl one. Yes, yes, it's we feel a came about it R. I think em my expectations is so low that, You know if an Ythem stand up speaking complte Stinces arm. No like yes again, I ought. I I astil I've got I've got Somemit for the fight, I'm really that's good to her ha ha ha ha an tapping up ever see d ou this,
bat. I don't think I've ever seen you this sad, whilst England applying a testey, an Exeta, ha ha ha Happ well, owing luckily's. Do not currndly Pa O. I'm fully focussed and darlin adjoining us for a the other side of the Atlantic. It's a bugle dabu! It's a great pleasure to welcome Stime Undershow, on the show, the wonderful Hallo Friedman it Jenna ha ha Angri, Havergarry Hook a ah I she, I needn't, tell me we were bugling with Dick Van Doge ha ha ha that oh ho. He it's really lat to be herequired to Inspirit, yes really glad that your suberf DOI shows that the Edif Rufridge has played on with lawless accent, Ena, absolutely Flon, an the only thing. I know how to say from his leg. It's like it's not
For it's not me, Fal ha ha ha tha, my british accent well buck Aa very long way in this country. Having thus been our country's motto, ha has a's very much allright you to our own history. Jenne Whell, you got Slae now Ouder OU, Ol Hac is not Mefore Ye Un than Outornational Motho is due Undoar SAS Hyzin is Infrench and Batatly, saying Burds, God'Sfault, no ha ha ha, hahaha ha ha ha haha. I jelly. You are in ne you're in Alla Paiser. How is the I, the horber shall visber the hug of Jhogies is where af people who have been Wilma the house loss? Angeleys is those it's cool. I mean we had a couple fires I theire Gare now, which is cold they'll, be back like to Morrow, but to day you know you can run outside if you an and Superjero Lust. Yes, Gila
as always, the section of the Beager's goingstraight in them. In this week, an art section am ince we of you. I was very fine development in the art world that deep fakes howver the Notistic existing in tums of Ve Fate, Vidios, but now creat, entire new pieces of art work by great masters from the art past. Our deep fakes are in a new exristion include Er Edwar, Mannay's idiot primping himself before a night out on the lash for the haunting avocation of the hollowness of the. An twenty firt century vanity a new rembran. Ah, yes, Tensentry Dutch no make up Solphy, pineer and hidden easel bath from Snowpound Voyaperve as o Believ, his Officiallyta ham, a ea's that one newserieser self portraits more pouty and Smilieng than hes earlier stuff fur and twenty Firth century audience. Peteaple Rubens is sensuous leaf, flesh, filled new patient titled hands off to use brackets. Those days are over and your toes
we provide for new crucifixion Fresco depicting Jesus looking a bit board after twenty years on death row talking to a lawyer about trying to launch a new pod cost and, of course, ar not forgetting e er. Sixteen hundred italian Baroc ART Star Artimity, again tolesqhies slowly recoils in horror. After checking her social media, we are recording on the twenty second of November, am on this day in fifteen seven for the spanish navigator, Uan Fenandes Disk islands of chili called the Juan Fenande's islands. I udging. The look on his face at tha ha ha ha ha ha All that WI On this day. Ninety sixty three John F Kennedy was assassinated and the Beatles release their second studio, album. n, or wanted one to go: overshalow ha ha ha ha ha Reddyfields. I you'r connecting the two there and thehyo.
alleging that, with the beetles is somehow responsible for the death of dayevka um. We can't run it out. Come I'm ive. You had a better explanation. What making Doh ardestly Doge they go Hout. I didn't sae the Ort. I saw the Irishman this week, Rosov three, an of ours, of ve white men's suffering, which is is the my ideal afternoon. Here am Bey. Her is a silverial. A there is a real spicy theory about Ther Cannedy assassination that comes up in that film, a Butfortun otf my It was marred by a man who went to the toilet and then returned with a full glass of wine, really not learning the lessons of his own blooder ro there. It's just scomforting the Eugeiser, both saying that he is dead, cause somewhere ha to Ho Ho move men in our country on their rise. I currid on that a
thinks he still alive. So thanks for leading a record stray only that his american wishful thinking taken to this morsin Mataaer, There an an active of poitical segmine of the population, they might be a party sir, so Tayaph Kase not then had he's just announced his running as Democrice on Derday in the Hologramma visit Baka. I hope so. You would be so much safer for a counter what he would be be a hundrednd two now so, o couply, I Shor Bidin a though YO and try pressing the new Glari cudes when you don't have a finger, ha ha ha ha ha um, a twenty fifthan of im e Monday Es Blarzi die parly. Oh, is it really one tat blaws? I Thi beer, give you found thy house from that's here like the days of the year, Webside Aton each serve worman.
is the day we go. We blood ye about stuff, Tdhores, not much detail about it on line which Simsen, Iehha ha ha fella and Monday. Please remember one to set back hook your smart fhone up to the intellect Fang Ing, Yew Blue tooth head phones. Whace for presently ay behaving like the laboratory. Toplif us had a feator many experiments, don it and order a box of pickled eels to be delivered with with thirty minutes to your house and think yes Aond. All that is it camha ha ha on the twenty Foth November. Nineteen. Forty seven, the Hollywood ten were black listed as part of the red Scare, W and Dam Dat may think if Macartheists Comminis, which hunts were happening to day, which celibrities would be suspected of Dangerusly left his leanings. A Amin. This potgast would't be hastening from one thing: will oft I well. I see that this is essentially another section if the benbav examined the red crordentials of Justin, Beaver HA, ha ha ha haha Amined, his first Nama's Blace Ejoseph Starling Sison, Priised T Outnest felt wrong in the modern Wape
a selinaghomez whose most recent album had no songs entitled. I hate Frasenouh, an everything he stood for and a Robin Thick, a cuffig Rand, did it worse, which is classic come in his behaviour, so D, most my without for ow the leader, gomezes of Cokne, Siingent Pussifavor er thing about Selinagais, an m. Oh, what's he? What's your favourite saws? Letme go MS, oh er, em. Ah well er Urora Raspitim, I a head, not a grate quine. Actually, it's like of law of your. I like Hart of your heads, the state, Ed Injury and your popular culture and popular music capacity ended Outninety, Daiyhy seffered. I shall think it will be into the moment. I was Boha Anthree. Ninety per cent of the music iowns made, but Feaful for we died Cletarades R.
and Bonim and Anbonia. Of course, God rest there band still alive, so that ha hah top story this week, a huge breakthrough, for humanity. A doctors have managed to put humans into a state of suspended animation in a ground. King trial, where's, really Glay as an ha. What's the difference between suspended animation and just being Britishgrea Pilla, when this is a Gran Homwe Hel YE a get erer ES, Mi Hander hotes? Now I was a egy and first question to come in set on your hant, a dive you and a ha well in this case you ere, it's your brain, Thass Rosagos op is ed in order to be british, if your heart, Vasily fur ha H, ha your heart, Econo and Sai thats Noth Noral RA in looking at the
at of the World Yak. What would yout if you were offered right now? Ha ha ha thirty years of suspended animation. Would you would you take it and hope to work, wake up in a better world or I'd. No, I think it's goin to go even worse. I mean to be honest. This whole new story is slightly blowing e hole in my whole sense of self, because I had assumed that the entire world is just a dream I was having while UG when I was put pended animation in a bow two thousand and sixteen so January, two thousand sixtyen ANA Y current theories that I a metric UN of cheese. Before I fell asleep Genhi's benefit. That is a two thousand two hundred four pound ha ha ha haha, ha ha ha to Sanodorall Americans to be left out. They a units of measure and Fatha YE they'll cleang on to that bet of empire, haha ha ha o. I all go gazetta. I can't be picked tig. Three good am
I imagine Thit yore loter people in OS angelies would have seen Thistor and thought Yark can live for evern ha ha ye Defenly read H a ha ha haa, the Sammy. Would you like here to suspended animation now to wake up yond the morning of the election next year, Ort be on the safe side in January, twenty twenty five twenty twenty nine rather wake up. Then. Yes, so I think we're lithing wor like we're getting like a last gasp of like actual air that druwy the bull and I'm into it Sesar, a ha see to day. That is only going get worse. Yea you don't wun a you! Don't want to come out of splendid automation into a post climate change, a mad max apocalypse laid out in a
cop into that, you will ease or just like you delly right now. Yo have Ot offits on bars where they can breathe. Excepta in a bar, I can imagine, like Yijes, have to go to a var and be social just to breathe. Ha ha well, at's, look more than to stay over of America as a nation like some picseries ar the store T s. I started at and ready drigging, Manibers cheapened itself with ridiculously outlandish blot lines and overdrawn characters has become, Osy Self Indulgent Naval, gazing, an whole franch or I had totally to ship that's ye. What made it worth Ine in the first place, which Acuerse was being british, Bulilbedea ha ha, haha ha ha ha ha sim. I the impeachment, seedigs, Goly Hove grips the world's attention, a generwat of what Ofe you made of it. This week look
Thiona, Hell's, awesome itscoodages it to just such a breath of it. Fresh air da hear some une just like talking about things. A way that isn't so convoluted am I'm also inspired by the Republican's ability to just like twist realities the point where we're all disquestioning questioning constantly constantly. I think in terms of like oratory skills, ah skills have are so slippery, it's actually cool to watch drop my get and peach, but it might not even matter people are saying that they think he'll be impeached by like Christmas Ambow that we lovely Missus Brasiet E Hull, Wofe Nus Thery, now out of best Versune. is a wonderful life. S mat a. I know. I know I infingit with Fuador Hill Sus, but born witten Ahmy Fa Wen. When I gurgled er in preparation with his Voldgirs Thos. I I that those w
I suffise. You was rownhm when you say she told Genea in a pleasingly unconvulsive way. That's clearly what she had to leave. The country ha ha ha ha ha ha ire a last story about how did you hear the Serevah, how like she was eleven or something in some kid lit her hair on fire and just like padded or hair out and kept like working or Somethinghoth? Not t hear that world di a bit lo ild ask just it's so bright. If I keep cam and carry on, I saw Rede. He had Ade for sight that she Fedill had the et of Se Ver Presidten Tbly, but he said that she had demolished the republican talkimgpoits of the impeach. Bwetieis THA demolition, in the same way that you could demolish it eagerly with a head dry. I give o the republican talkey points on impeachment are largely consist of number one. He didn't do it not, but two Ber hereymows number three come on and number four quick look over there. A dog is driving Abouve seriously. Everyones self asvesed to GA up at a look about Bast driving dog ha ha ha am at one thing that Tyodor Hill said at. If my Methink visit that
if you, if you have been put in suspended animation, essay Ye'Ll, even say even ten years ago- and you woke up to see Fioda Hill say these words. I would ask that directing this to the American Great Nigod Ofmerican politics. I would ask you, please not to promote politically driven falsehoods, that Soc advance russian interests. How? How does that, as that sentence come into BEA Zai in did put it to ly Y de Nat Evotion twenty years ago Blori Atorney weeks ago, he o rad her like Twot. Two years ago, o me go ave. The Guyse she's talking about who is the president is that Blok for home alone, Turch ha ha ha ye. Are we living in thassimulation? Maybe what shee? We are that'sking hopes of KA a ha ha ha Attock a try, realy enjoyed this nihilistic phase of your career and hha ha ha ha.
Mo Career ha ha ha, ha ha H, Progressos, Semlessly to a nothing Daughtin. He Goden Sondland, the Formyuase ambassadors that you had been a trump. A trump ally stated that a de crying Chapin was at the express direction of the president, and he said we all. the president's orders and untramcing to take this as a full exolarasia. It was quite extraordinay extraordinary when Theke Coad publish a hundred videos of Donald Trump Slaying, an endangered Arctic Tiger CUP, with his bare hands and then violating its corpse, and he would say this proves that I did nothing wrong. Ha a love cats had he followed, up with I mean even again it hot I could wea all over used our hypermole too early in the pig's presidency, but another just in a string of
draw agreements when off the back of the sums he was solid, Terviewed again in this kid of paten of him being interviewed, Iner factory, the seemed to produce loud noise. So you came hear what he says on that Dephny's staring to feel like a tactic by his advisers, but he er brandished a piece of paper that was a transcription he had made of a phone call with the ukrainian president and a couple of Egalite photographers as she managed to get a picture of his note. I know this is not the point, but his notes. One air force one headed stationary and I really think if the Erican government is looking to cut back on its spending. They should maybe not start with things like health care and welfare and might be focused on the headed station rate of the president's private ha
the Democrats ad another debates a coupleof nights ago am in which they welcome all Harris TAN. We have a criminal living in the White House, which does nit look a great taglon for a film haha, Sadly, he shood Taglin for a documentary and ah Janneor Ayord Adempt Democrat Ter the Gahamber. I believe how ambered a what what swhat Yo'R take on Hawther the year. The process is going selecting Ther the curtaind to be abused by trump throughout next years, oh Pesengers WI. Just I shed am uell. I wasn't just the Democrat debates. Castilsi was up there also, if ha ha I'm but besides tilthie I, who the only thing I else I can say about her- that she wasn't on her periods pursues just in all Wight. I'm
Yo Gi just got t Sobo her ded. It help fi how we all rityly arrange about eight thousand miles an no. I just admire that she's, always in wit, so it's the only thing when a woman is to unlessed like Hilary, you know unless it's like clearly postmanopauzel or eleven does like all in a way. It is the first thing I can thinkboour period. I don't know, that's taking us back a you know: Centry River Baam, yeah, it's interesting I am worried for us. I think that we have too many people in the race right now and it's hard for us a kind of coalusc around. Like one person and a in I a'll vover
near them again. Tols is not a devocat, but any of the other one I all vo, for I just think we should even have debates we should aljust. Have them run together, like it like a captain, planet cartain or something I'm realy. Pleased with Tilsey running Americas, also er being exposed. As we in this country. We've got t telling Serge a Javid, and care is also being exposed to every agent, Kad's least favor on or Uncle Bla is really hor to know that the Diaspere is representing our worst acments ha. I Ser Bierre, hat thee. The boiden gaff was pretty spectacular, stuff er. He claimed that YE hat Ther Suppore of the early african american woman elected to you. It say: Senate E, to Heng, my head Daa Siaten. He hav evoing to Caromosly, Brougd, er and ignoring Erther fat. That Sir there is other? Why and she standing next day ever and some cavalharis se of love.
Through it was. You know it was a pretty extraordinary moment and you know something was will this effect. I bide Lyn, but if I'm being completely honest in the and what iv pident did was Ba a bumbling old white man who said something Gracially insensitive and an such. He has never seemed more President think we should all really get behind by hi. I be the for Reall. It might be the only way that will end up with a female president in my God, twenty twenty threes ha ha a cause of how time works ha. But I knot I would totally support Bydon or Burney am and then just a like Hino Camela wore in our clubartares, like the v p peplarily. Butty judge Grete. Now he has lie. People have remembered that even though his gay he still a white man, ha ha ha mam. It's like the his wakee rose, I oll no hang on he's still a white Guttet ha ha ha pierre. He
the first gay president, just the first one, his oul ha ha ha ha that's a fact that I think he's even said. We are really egain the Vegal exclusives this whwhate little Gi Day F K is alive and his gayert Self and Perthera ha ha haha ye the told my friend, Cin Pais D, ah Lincoln a I ese an absolute dream: boat wasme to be Fard one bay, it I'm away of. We reduce this Eprs to debating presidential Gager up. I mean tickly. Wengating man was like Teddy Roosevelt with that mustache yes, voice TA as Franklin. Pierse was quite how ha ha ha ha ha Sedo Gurgligaberish in my heants o shol rie bien, a relative otlets, no talking Yo
or coing sexual practice ha ha. It's not Ocin UN de Herc a ah. We atilliar a going through the election process ad ourselves and au politics. Niciuso have descended into some kind of the human sense, Eed of hypocritical sado massacristo Petard Hoistings, as am oh, do they eparty. Oh, what is I of a Sente of Hoiket points out the lies and wrong doings of the other parties only to have Theke those exact same charges hurled back in their faces. We are the Yeboris Johnson Jeremy, Corbin, to B and which was an absolute festival of Pointlessness Ere Britain responded bobbying, Stroppi, an underwhelmed as as always and em it was rowing for the
Rashe Forns that debate fror he was below am Yor Bob De Lonfanoni, but the enormouset almost to a fault end Wati seem dellan singing advertising jingles for a pick up. Art is Fisis so far away from what it could be ha ha. I mean as an American watching is just it's cool, that to see men not being taken seriously. Ba ha ha ha ha a ha ha hot supper up erat the fresh air ha ha ha ha e ye. I mean there is open lock o they were gangaffs proper derision yea was priv as properso of open derision. There I mean
Worse, our long shows Bungh you along ha ha starving onside for an hour than those two manage. Yes, I fand similar laughter, Certaenly ha, haa, haha, ha, ha, ha ha of scorn and Dritty fru and confusion him if it Izat. This is Britain, yet we should have got them. Peste and had them fli each other. Thus, let's get them to embrace our true national character. It's not highminded debates over policy issues. It's getting faced and so vaguely waving our fists at each other's directions as Gladsen and disraely all over again. That seeks and they caught the imagination of Tho public Anting Andha the the most notable things to emerge. Mister Bate was the a conservative pasty, a Trans, Oming, the ha ha the twitter page of their campaign, the headquarter sixceety, eight cu to the page, branding its fact check: Yukaea
and you're changin. The design of it, the color of Iqappe, the out Seasi Eghe, Ony little letters an us in off as a fact checking service Ellen and everything Colbin said and declared Boris Johnson. The winner ye of the are offered to by Andem even more remarkable than this naked piece of deceit and mend This was the way they responded afterwards. Installing rob a one man warning sign for future generations, about the dangers of neglecting your political system, ha ha. I did never ever Electe a man whose surname includes I a he allows N gives a toss about social Medites. I IND Eatit deny e done this. All that it was all you said. No one cares ye, I'm it's. It was in Amit. U it's all the depressing ments in our recent democratic corse. This this was er this
because it was kind of irrelevant, but at the same time it seemed to its symbolized just how awful Moses has become I'm going to say of this incident. What my geography, teachers D. On my school report after I got twelve per cent in a year, I exam. This is not the low point but one in a series of Leftha ha ha ha ha yeah. It was, it was a really Honordtifid doly rather er is the the foreign secretary. This country andalso, a man who once confused me for a differ sured man and afterwards refused to Apologihpiaee Dcile either. My expectations of th drop as he saw. Haf looked TOT me like. I he distlected mildly Condfer, I was Addig Murphy in Norbury and I was as playing too Sebraca. That's E Nass Egio in make? U ruam still go, your imigration papers and YO well, this is the thing I wasa Pointe Concerned- because I have I said some pretty
all Exexibit Hontelesir Abody became for its secreture was Concernedin by deport me Und that I remembered that he still doesn't know which one I m ha ha ha ha ha hahaha, so Yinow Mama ESH Rangela than Yugen De Boy, a so that the reason they did this? It was because they wanted an instant rabutl mechanism, a wich, Shawas, a Machiner, a machine that peace Feed, Tory Mps in the sex dungeon had in hear sex hes. an Innstant robuttle mechanism to the nonsense directed of the conservative party, that bastion of one thousand per cent tru facality. That is now that the things they had Ther Inzena battle Mechanism, which was the twitterpage itself here. Sat I but I didn't feel comfortent enough to attempt to put anything claiming to be a fact on it, because everon would just assume it was bullshit on the plus side self knowledge, e subit of life. Aint ant greakes were on time mackin
Dus clearly know th. If I stake something as themselves ever, one would just assume the our bullshi to go an order. Her tell the truth, or they consider be the truth, toconstruct a lie because if they tried to tell the honestly, they will be lying ha ha. Oh a binister, Nicky Morgan has said that only people in the Westminster bubble. I careabout her. The she's just another. In a long series of a conservative politicians, essentially treating people who died live in the middle of London as Bing. Pig, essentially they're, not thinking about the truth They too busy eating Ther own Sheersepe, Amry, it's EE, being real british people and having sex with blood relatives. The legger e have announced their manifesto and its led to a strig of all Menir yesterday and to day about whether earning eighty thousand pounds he's a lot of money or not Ae
one of the labour proposals would see a forty five per cent tax, a levied people who earn an income of eighty thousand pounds or above at per year, a figure which various estimates purt up. Speing, putting you basically in the top five per cent Vernis in the country this benloved to Bay over weather. Eighty thousand pounds is lot of money and er, I can officially reveav the answer there. It is Hamry, it depends on Contackts Lhot, easy for Jeff Bees os a eighty thousand pounds something that he makes out the star of the process of him, laying a dose ahem in the grand scheme of things. Eighty thousand pounds is coines a lot of money- and I read some extraordinary roing about this. So was E. I'm got right today if you are oarnlyng eighty thousand pounds not only to get Tacxs we may get taxed on your second home. Now. What say to that is. I would quote the economist JA, Kay Galbrave E, who famously said if you've got a fagking
Ican Hird sell DE, is not windy. You twike that ha ha ha ha fear Gawbrate is the Foulmouth Te Colal. He was. The a a good edtlot is, I should H, ha ha. Am I dis a mass Al Up Maths or of stats and a the bunk in contexts what wittle man o Ther, the Labour Manifestor S been costed, abounabout, some Minye, Bert Swon t billion and Urb TE. A hundred and twenty billion TE penny on who Y, who you AE, the time's Richlist Ar Day they list. The richest people in Britain are dont exactly Quat Havo calcalated, but that the richest fifty are collectivel. According to this list this year worth three hundred and sixty one point five billion pounds. They have over seven billion pounds each so far an Hus. Listening to this wondering how you could be worth seven billion pounds in your line of work. Well, it would take you just over a quarter of a million year, o ha Otho Vaal the Thys, assuming your sarage and go up in that time. A, but probably it would go off so it would.
may be taken. A hundred and seventy million bruing him Anoi in the time that Jeff Basus takes to jerkoff less lets just say is about three minutes. He could actually doing nothing and globle hunger, ha ha ha ha. And where he could feed every child in the world and the three minutes it takes for him to rub one out ha ha ha this osp they're, surely know why Jeddne Thu, please or sister in Ty himself, any more he's got someso of Wagiantran, because seventy does older. This diving of'st device from o, yet the Wankee Roburp from Tho primly? He orders that from his own website- and that gives him an extra unluscyme in extract, fill but can we could do anything I saw in the time it takes some on making no money working next to a machine making more than that of the thought of that is why get them
eng if you to stay the top five hundred by the time that jerked of em Shen get stails but Sorryer a I NAM Nover were half this ins. We ow, you didn't think through the logistics of to machines. Roms said the Superacialloas Giferyal Tok get into the ban said I somehow aw lhey take Flor Min a LOS Jeffams to the Chelveu ha ha n man. Hac took threw these oom with liter word. For us DEN im set, I've got the Yearbazos o Ankma Don'Th. Less here ha Hapa Adre the on and we've all been waiting for, YO of GOAT going on Jana's theory, which is what we call for now and then it would take Tream Inute Ahe, the Freedman Prince Hom Ising my ha I', had fourty nine thousand three hundred fifty three dollars per minute, so every plase of flank is the equivment of four hundred forty Enth. and fifty nine dollars, LU, Davy's
like that low Ballyhere. Dear that's what he galls it n h, H, some more contex on a Superwealth Ersm, that's machine Bonnac, the Indian Multi Billina estimated sixty billion. U S Dolus House in Mombicaled, and is a hundred and seventy Metrs high are are calculated an estimated volume of of his house comes of size and whether iffy, if he wanted the with portions of Tyrramisu from the local cafe where Elevin London, which cost four pound fifty each. He would need just over five thirty million terameseus. This would cost him two point: four billion a pounds, a is about the same as his entire house cost in the first clace that just gos, as you don't builst off with Italian, deserve ha that thow assuming the building then became uninhabitable as it was now for Thof rapidly festering true, Missos and Borney could afford
uild another six antillers fill them off. Ftyr Misuhasaaa an leave Uther and still have enough money left over to the personal army of sixteen thousand british nurses to look after him for the next fifty years. In allr words, he meant Itth, a poor armituwova, never of what har done. They've give a multi billyn their crazy ideas about what we might loke to spend his money. Ona ha ha with the inviromental damage of the ingredients or hose tyremasous at E. Twenty Outh Minly ters of Muscepony CHE ha ha ha ha, who I dare impactid from a quarter of a billion eggs, but he made every single egg laid in India on the day that they might do Cheafe its Crups Desservs, JO. He calculatve. How, eggs a lader daned Dear Albe, o
run out of crickets at DIS De Roabter Royal family NEWS now and Ma Hem well, eh as Holfo war. To begin with his story, Uness your our ral family correspondent, he Hugel AR close personal friend of Ther, a members, the raw family, all of them, I believe, a you would urt some of them fre and I'd like to be Goisas. If who, which Wov Krinska just thought just the one who killed Diana ha ha ha hahaha hah. Are you well listered mid an extraordinary Wek AR in royal use. Prince Andrew gave an interview to thee, B b c, a Emily Mitlis Whusan Ard used Gern like Jernistan present to hear and damn mean less of it was extraordinary
Ecoin, some absolutely fascinating new phrases such as, while such as, for example, to let the side down. Yes. Coined bat as a phrase er Andy. I played Der football with you on Tuesday and I Sfer to say I let the side down there. No an oldier than usual gat weld Domly that Wye ignormally, that, by which I mean you know yet I'd laid a few girls or at play quite Poly Buin. This occasion, I let the side down by a half time flying to new yolk stay, were they convicted sexfent at ATA, haha ha ha ha dear, will U Wontin tell him. I didn't want to see him an to TEL. If I didn't let to save any more or but it is this, let that them that that stat freighted jump out let the tea ho that scorsporting phrase Yere, must be particly galling off They mustn'vt had a specific Rall family TIM Talk, you're right, a Charle, keep its tight, keep at simple, don't bang on too much of moden architecture just be a bit of uncula. I hope Evan Foriy.
Which of Musicaa HA an turn up the robbing matges on time e, doing great er, Edward and Edward sorry, are you there, haa ha ha ha. Andrew a bedlock around in parts with convicted Peter Forl's hands id once WO three tollers, an Winsr, aha, simple, simple thing: butt his plea or quit over the decision. To give the Toview Presevably, bowing that what was about to have perd was a made a absolute. PE does now foe yo Dithey. Do they? Actually let him do that? Who let why Ah, there isn't no adequate explanation for that. I WA fumed in Buckingham Palace was in it Yeter Hi'M Tuff it get I'me fixed her for the lat They could have just been like. You know what you shaut was cool, but where an acanie, let you take it out of the palace Aspecad of Jistam? They could have done some defence after the interview of they. They probably were there watching up. It happened or terday. He thinks it went so well that he's apparently comes
indoing, a Secoha ha ha ha ha. He he's getting any a serioes, a Theed, a bit aboute acclaiming that he wasn't. That close on my close friend to a excellent Orbis ha been to stay at his house is Privere Island and flod his private plain and been invited to his Gessusa of jail, reveal Possha, ha ha ha Dat's hill here and then told HI's, not Reggod Friendhat. He was going to be Uge Gan, a friend Dumphim by flying across an ocean and staying with him for several days et all stacks up, in the same way that a house of cheap, plain cod stacks up on a rickety old garden table with wanky legs durrot during a simultaneous earthquake and Hurrican. This story has what you could
Anpast, a LA land Doyou think he was turned on like there was. I didn't eat this casit didn't think it was okata say that on twitter, but on year, Podgas some genag, you think them it wast like the way he was sitting it was. I gee was covering up in a r ha ha tha weirdness. I actually have a quot of his when she asked him if he had sex of the traffic minor, a there's so much more to it, but he goes without putting too fine a point on it pure man. It is a positive act to have sex of somebody. You have to take some sort of positive action. So therefore, if you try to forget it's very difficult, that's his defenc, I mean that's. make that up. You can't write that if you try not, I mean hit's eight year, Ave, the some of the things that he said. He said that his visit. Apsteed was the res. A ofhis tendency to be too honourable and thies. I mean thy sir,
evry spead. I am too much of a great guy Tould, not hang out with Pedos thy isn, the Holy Ye the whole interview. His fally gives a peptok to himself in the mirror after He'Ve had too much to Drisk, but it's on camera and were listening and watching I'l be out of had more respect for Prince Andrew. If he just come out and said two points, one Mafa. Schosen by God, so suck it up. Plad ha ha an soo. British identity is built on royal traditions, Everth the First Ba thirteen year old in twelve. Fifty four n, I don't see any one saying he should quit and Henry the eight married a sixteen year, older men chopped her head off an hiece of Guenero Lookon thought Kinnetics, also Mammamed Aglaire Wand, you put it in Contaxt Throrh, but absolutely righto a quick bite. Spors news, Er Crisioraspurs, Vuanis Harsas dispensed with their a manager. Monsieur Fortino after five year, offa
if Ight is Fraudiuse Escris, I have to take as SOE with either it's absolutely qocking Heleagh and hide the Joseh merino. Sir Batically, a one man campaign against the concepts of joy, a ha ha ha five years of spurs level success telled off a bit this year, cause, its sportin that happens pleasure, the manager who's telled off a lot becae a deranged egotist, the only enderful tactics, that's tha of ACR Sumary of a go and your kinds o ruluca, I don't he want we'll go out now. Jell him Wherehe knows that he is Mothe. Ortepresic is the former manager of a Vita majesty an I, and I feel very much looking Chris the ways Nwho was reasonbly, be her pace, ha ha Lork hat or the I knew Apons the Loaderil Fite, her Thesit Aviras, you have forever. Who is it he's Herbohe's? A murmur waswy, I don't, I got bean it Papia. What's what he GE live at Anrinh,
I think Joh can get rid of camittia at Ralya, thus well primmit, Cirl. Edy Lides of the Jog Ys Mothing, a WY ate the Stoglame being clemity going on a free, Transverss, ha ha ha. Hang rattling. You um e ha ha ha. A clomittee was what Dor I call of Anchorige ha an I conoiver to en the even that syllable, Jeddar jested, exactly was one I TI is good to be. Oh, you use cept, fun of it. U N! That brings us the end of this weeks, a bugle, a nish. Thank you. As always, any shows coming up a no I've got to I togh. Nothing. I'll jest Wat E Assessiny TAT merely to tell a little
here I'm going on. I have neeks in London and Brighton and Cambridge. There are quite good bales. I remember fully. Whom is on them a ocuk blat. They are all pretty good bells. A thing is one on Decemberhe. Fourth, in the bloomsbery Ther to that thing is main Bridget, Crestywho and then there's another one in Cambridge with Rob Delay in a and then this another Onen Briane with some other great peak rusin. It's just E. No, what you smart people, PO, we Conpe S, ha ha wack, my name into Gogal ignored the weird suggestions the like tore, Whyhaha, ha ha ha and, dare just a you know, Ag Go Nut son. It are a JANET, a thanks, very much with YO on the view of Bien Zolighte to have you on keep Awakem that Defires YE thinks
for, having made had been so fine an if you'd see the queen tell her thanks for murdering Geoffrey Uf MA ha ha ha hah ha a Cose he's going Uf to one o those tear drop brooches that you will intrump that's its E excreses crizs out of bad Wy with his football a is about a worse week with Moyer teserve Isaa FA, the redacted episode, HTA ha ha ha ha ha a o at Judg, genevione and e stand up. Jhos come up Do I'm at the Soho Theatre in London. I think March. Seventeen to twenty eight. It said gragio, I'm. I will Indulse Jedistad I won't let you yeah nest stand. You can come to my indignation at the sight of which
December, sixteenth, jouney. Fourth, and just hang around ha ha yo, not Extoven era. I Ess Inklnew YE has sought all his glandays for Urgio, even though by his own admission that he has yet to Finig Roy Agai. I thank you. Listening Buglis, we will be back Bob Amaabolygovhicry Ih, we'll be back in a couples. Of Jeffbeys Os H's death ha ha ha ha wil, be back TE. A beki, see that I cally public after fangelousness, and we will now play Woff in the time on a vision with eight Paro Oboses about bring involuntes of Oda, no some of the lies to day involve more than one bugle voluntary subscriber because while they got a little bit over elaborate and required more than one character for narrative reasons, also, this weeks lies a sayings and proverbs special
Kerenle wrongly interpreted the phrase to look a million dollars as an insult assuming that it meant that you should not be allowed out in public, but be locked away somewhere, safe and any one asks exactly where you came from and while being flaunted around as a party Chaney and Ean Adams would like to see some of the world's most famous proverbs up dated starting with, mana fish. You will feed him for a day. Teach a man o fish and he will probably over enthusiastically go outand by a fishing rod. Then go fishing a couple of times before realizing. He doesn't really have time to take up fitshing as a serious obby because of all the other stuffis got going on and then just give up fishing and tried to sell his rot on E ba. When I wonders if anyone's last words whilst being attacked by a crocodile and shouting to their colleagues on the river bank, have been don't worry about the crocodile he doesn't mean it he's only pulling my leg. Oh certainly hope. So at least that person would have died in a very good mood
go ogersou recently heard an animated dispute on the radio concerning the location of the annual formal evening dance for members of the british legal profession? It was scheduled to be held in the old Bailey in London when one of Britains judges who presided in the bailing complained about this. He was told the justice secretary. Well, that's your problem. Now the bulls or court but Mosely once got a holiday job marketing, forsed food, that en by a games in my ammy for Whih. Ot to dress in a ready Garrish over the top chicken outfit fellow bugle, voluntary subscriber andreashaler happened to be going to the game at the American Airline' Zarena how's th, Ofgoing Bart asked Andriatt recognizing him through the innate power of Bugle Voluntary subscriber intuition. Despite never having met him before well enjoying Andrea to be on his said: bard waggling, his shiny wings and half heartedly clucking through his golden beak. I just really hate the tame that one of my least favorite basket, all franchises anywhere. Andrea replied. Why
should quit. Then, if you sdown. The heat get out of the kitchen Ngon, Aaron Golson heard about a fancy new restaurant that had recently opens near where he lived, which was s to have an excellent chef. He said to a Abugle, bugle, voluntary, Subscriber Michael Bert, whistle, hey, we should go the chef both be amazing. We can talk about the bugle and food, but Ichael was not so sure why almost had lunch there, the other day he said but was put off, go in because these shefts sibling, who is the front of House Maitre D Ther, had a really angry unwelcoming face and intimidating Necktattoos and wore an aggressively slogan's tea shirt. So I didn't go, come on Ckle said Aaron. We should try it. You can't Jacook by looking at his brother, Gregg, Matti and Erictolus went to that self same restaurant and was so impressed by the food that they asked to meet the Cheff. It was an of Confident young man, who used to be a professional, strong man, challenge me to do anything strength related said. The strong man Cheff
Boqet said Eric a little confused and lift that device you use for weighing out your ingredients and to make a Ore, difficult added, Gregg use only the muscles in your lower forehead and cheeks as a kind of facial, clamp and then hold the device there. For two minutes, o Kay said the chef easy while he did manage to get the device off the table it was on, but he couldn't keep it up crash dragon, air, walked away unimpressed but sympathetic, Kedso sad at the realization that he couldn't do it and he wasn't all Hy cracked himself up to me said Eric. Yes, said: Gregg you could The scales fall from his eyes and finally er mercifully tat Veronica Joan, went to that restaurant also with Bugle voluntary subscribers Peter and Mat Findley. They all ordered the mushroom resotto with extra truffles and really enjoying this delicious dish, said Veronica. Ask too
said Peter and mat, then a waiter came to their table with a hair drier, switched it on and started tossing dried herbs into the jet of warm air and sprang them all. Over the place Hum said: Vrran I admire experimental, modern cuisine, its Tony is an interesting interact if dining experience said Peter a little uncertainly and it adds to the Arroma of the mushrooms, but it is a irritating, said Matt brushing the off his jacket a little angrily. Can you otnow waiter. He asked politely. Sorry said the waiter it's just at here time flies when you're having Fung GE the end