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Bugle 4138 A Long Tradition of Sedition


Andy is joined by Al Murray and Anuvab Pal this week.

As India's government uses colonial British laws, Scientists look into the possibility of Human Hibernation, Invisible aliens may be amongst us now and Jeff Bezos is not sure about clicking Whatsapp links anymore.


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Don't forget to listen to the last post I am the last post. Is it daily cast his pipe. But to my email every day from an alternate dimension, there is an alternate universe, Ellis Fraser, host solicitor, police podcast, and she talks about all the news that's happening over there. I think it's groundbreaking, I'm like links and scientists to figure out if we can send and emails back to her, I enjoy listening to it. I hope you do you need a guy. I think this is a quite successful Andy's ultimate on that side of the just came out and celebrities subscribe now in Apple podcast, Spotify and all the other good places place eyesight
the Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world hello buglers and welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and thirty, eight of the world's foremost gallery of the news. You know: pod caustic arts is Thursday, the twenty third of January. I am Andy's Ozma for now at least, and I'm in London, where it is you're, starting to feel that we haven't house didn't Olympics for almost three quarters of a decade, and that is not a feeling. I'm enjoy even one little bits: we're recording today in the Caucasus studio. Let's hope my guess joining me here and complained enjoys the street. Rather more than seventeenth century, celebrity writer, John Bunyan, who came here in sixteen eighty eight not to do a recording, I should add, and probably died so better,
it's our Murray things from Bedford was Algeria boy. It's gonna bet believes what are they so people whose dangled overseas and examine their thing about cut line across his when you put it into Google maps its says people also sentenced for Middle Street. Any earlier well. Well, though, there was a famous haunting here by a ghost called scratching family, which think probably the first time we recorded in this field. We have talked about it, probably it almost infantine. Let me come to the right place. Absolutely! Yes, coincidentally, As I mentioned this, the sort of the wooden feather fraudulent holdings turn out to be here to be a fake, like so many hauntings. Coincidentally, our second guest today is from the other side of a skype cool two Calcutta, India, its annual pile, allow Andy hello: how are you
how are you and how is how Calcutta, while speaking of ghosts, I'm doing this? That call from very good the Victoria Memorial, a large white thing left behind by going Victoria, India and, and it is rumoured that a ghost haunts the building, even though she's never visited wilderness kind of talent that you get with with royal, so I can. I can homes over a distance, thousands of dollars fantastic if she can, if she's doing that, and let us both sure I once you ve, died you spirits free to wander so maybe This non Serbs are global toward the places you never got to write off the brick, several pretty Ghosts can be restricted. The haunting in Britain only, we ve. It still now we are recorded on the twenty first chance I use the twenty seventh of January, which marks a twenty first anniversary
of the twenty seven, the generally ninety ninety nine, which was the day I did my first proper stand up, gig not far from it. Oh street, at the the comedy calf We'll sliding doors moment for me is applied for job at a cricket magazine did didn't open. My they give you haven't Gondwana, probably given up comedy India, things could have gone very different. I could have easily end up spending way way too much time watching cricket. Fourth of January tomorrow, Friday is Belly Loveday, but luckily we're. According on Thursday, the twenty third Sower slice Niggers We ve been away for imagine how much funding the shell would be if it had been tomorrow the twenty fifth Saturday, which is when up dishevelled essentially be released. A room of one's own dykes, even listen to the show, with nobody laughs, as God, intended in court solitude as well, Secondly, the beagle going straight and I've been this week. We have a vague and fashioned section
including the lightest Wigan fashions, including foul offence. Mock ivory, made from consensual elephant shaped trees painted with left over out of date, my nice, such as what they meant and the new year. Material, sweeping vague and fashioned to foot. Is it turf it fur it's tough, but it looks and feels like for green, for but feels like girls anyway, and some must, however, must have material twenty twenty January is hobby month. We review the latest hot Hobbes, so being the world's material free knitting, all the relaxation of conventional warning, but without any actual young. Not only is it easy to get those tricky designs right, but I also know unwell, it made its piece of half assed clothing at the end, and you never know you might be able to sell it to an emperor bridge slamming that's a great new were fitness exercise, say, got your meares bridge and then not criticise it for its architecture, its traffic capacity in its inability to change before running home. In fact,
an extreme pessimism very popular hobby these days, but we are focusing on perhaps the hottest hobby going around the world these days, freestyle blaming with especial you in your garage section, its bring the end of January, and the optimism and excitement of the new year has thoroughly worn off replaced with a numbing realisation that you, your country in your species, irredeemably started a self perpetuating cycle of under treatment, failure and self justification resolution hoo hoo right this was was it cage one eight, nine in room? Sixteen forty, three again, oh sodding monkeys, no thought right it s, your pay them pay nuts, but I don't seem to mind and be pay actual money for those peanuts in way. So, but even though the inevitability of disappointment and yourself and the world around, you has hit home by now in the air like a heavy weight boxer who wear for a run on a snowy winters morning in nothing but a spade eyes, but forgot to take these case within the monkeys, but, but even so It brings fresh exerting an unpredictable. My concocting for yourself a new ground,
to hold a new target to blame, feel Pussy and nor invented problems, a new straw, man, political scarecrow. To pretend to be terrified about, and this week in special supplement, the bugle, his pet up, America's top finger, pointing recrimination, publication, the Grosch report and its added Denunciatory gripe, Austria's each to offer you a special price you can win. Brand new resentment fuelled cop. Usually invective obloquy, the Kabila Bridge, the chagrin sensorial. They Mitsubishi myth, math or the Boris Minor. All of these, always helpfully and often ironically, amongst the most environmentally friendly vehicles available today, how by pure resentment symbol please, the following sentence in less than twenty thousand words for your choice: to win the bugle blame game. I blame the blank for blank because blank choose from one of the following targets: the greens, all children, but it The nineteen sixty three, the card game Chase, the lady, the past Romanians, Maroon five small business or Megan and Jews.
The following global problems: climate change, climate change, denial de declining attention span of whoever is disposed of declining attentions bands these days, but woken up. Many that no one is allowed to shout racist abuse on public transport anymore, I mean. Where will it end infestation? giraffes Antarctica? They are in football, these sad decline of sun and resentment and killer sniffles, which shirk currently doing the rounds in that with considerable excite me in China do send your entries into either hello buglers at the Beagle Costa come or the White House Washington DC. They could do with changing things up for election year. Or any newspaper at the media, dot com there was on the look out, for these things, entries will be locked in contain and fired into space to deter aliens from bothering to come to this debate. Natasha Saloon other planets. The deadline for countries is the twenty. Seventy four that section in the bay job story. This week, India NEWS Oliver Bum India's Baden. Well,
generally the case in a bit of a strap with itself recently the various things, including the citizenship law, can you just to explain what Sir, what was pink rising up? The one three billion people of your country. Well, and I am glad you you bring this up euro. Fortunately, the british left behind a lot of good things: the english language, Ferris buildings, the railways and some very cute sedition locked. There is one particular section want twenty four eight from eating sixty, which is basically to quell rebellion against the British, and it said whether by words, either spoken, written or by signs of visible representation or otherwise beings or attempts to bring in April contempt towards the government and the LAW of India be punished with at. This is about those confused me imprison one for life and a fine folios good
cover bases, imperialism, newspaper self, exactly pm and that's what they had arrived at overheads come on top of that you have to sum up the constable and what we families we ve got that law for seventy places at now India's embarked on a national citizens register which is lovely if you ve got four or five million people, and you are Finland, but if you ve got one point, three billion people at your had to embark on who is and who is not a citizen in an otherwise completely chaotic insane mess of a place that has a hundred forty religions. Five hundred and sixty two thousand dialects and language. You're gonna run into a few brought him. So I understand: what's in the state of yarkand, three thousand people have been accused of sedition for protest against the sir. These Citizenship Amendment ACT
That's quite a lot of sedition of long round that the law, is, it being contrary to swallow. Time its amended these citizenship that nineteen fifty five and made religion. The basis for citizenship, and it said that up religiously persecuted minorities from some other countries can become citizens, but, for example, Muslims from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan cannot on the ground they are not for minorities and therefore everything is fine, as is another exam, of the unique logic of of nor Indra Modi in his hindu national government exacting, and that's exactly the law again, you know at the basically like you said, the new citizenship law says: if you want me,
I think you did anyone around India so if you'll be persecuted in Pakistan in Bangladesh, in Nepal anywhere the incumbent, India, as long as you're a new Euro seek a Buddhist Jane your policy and a Christian, but if you're a Muslim, you cannot that's lovely, but if you are in a country that has two hundred and fifty million Muslims and the second largest population in the world and some of their relatives are be persecuted. Who just happened to have during the independents chosen to live in a neighbouring country? they'll, have to tell their cousins and and in laws, however, is on that side of the border. So you can't come. You have to go to do by having this sounds to me and about your having another blasted us over the whole partition business, which was eight years ago ages ago, in short next time. Next, next time we we partition somewhere, which might be Scotland.
The future will get. It will absolutely nail it exactly exactly. I mean I think it all you guys data as good as a job that you could in the sea. Today's that you had to draw We carry on like this, I'm not to issue a fine, but I have to say as the anti, even though there was some inefficiencies inviting forty seven, we have perfected those inefficiencies over seventy years have sought to have made chaos a bit of an artful so the way I can explain this, this new amendment, is, I guess, Andy in cricketing terms, all right, you have my full, undivided attention
where's that no family. You left that off the list of things Britain left by getting the not I apologize. We we do a cricket, but we ve made it into a varied friend, gave that you won't be able to recognise. So basically, it's like if you set in Britain, We will accept all Indians to come and live in Britain as long as they happen to be opening batsman with Beards Anderson. D. You happen to have an australian wife and whose last name is. Do you want your basically I only want she caught the one in Certainly not only that, but I welcome the army. To be honest, I mean that's less needed now off during these last few tat, much as I've done a couple of promising young Batman out moment. If you a few months ago, would have taken. It was this: what's the threshold four sedition. What we talking here and you ve got a lot of something or the holding a placard. I mean what or is it? You know grumbling in the pub to mites about the gut government what what what
sure threshold sedition, so this noise that sounds like released, Valise published a pamphlet elucidation or maybe Donna Podcast I mean yes, Mamma S. Edition is another army. We all right here, sedition central from caught Lane sedition central aboard support the threshold. That's a really great question so Indians. The longest time were very lazy protest if it takes a lot of very hot takes a lot of work to court. The sheep, a public transport, is difficult, come by so to get Indians to protest over long beard, five extremely difficult to you in a way not to IRAN. There aren't like nice little squares, were you can gather and shouts? You have to navigate a bunch of cows, french people yet or delivery.
It's a hard everyday life, and you have experienced it absolutely, but not not. I've been protested against anyone working on it. So get Indians from cities across India to continually protest over what is now almost couple of months, and you know in small towns, big cities, they definitely government, definitely peace, some people off the they continue to say. Ah you know this is my thesis view, students they shouted scream and then they will go away when the protests have continued unabated, and these have just basically out been gatherings. I mean I've just been small numbers of people and their small numbers of people are basically what I mean is the size of all of Denmark is just a tiny bit. People gathering and singing songs, protesting, saying you know your dividing Hindus and Muslims. By making this refugee thing a religious thing, that's all I've been doing, and so the common sense
right. For the first time the public have shown some tenacity. They have started showing up and placing songs writing points. We are going to bring this addition law. Just a clear these crowds, the poems opposite apparel euro, these caught up It would be like when they emanate protest times, Godaddy, maybe my The government I'm starting to start to change my mind about this, down on forest didn't world behind it, and this is what the most commonly seduce and represent the think, though you're absolutely right, the one that's most popular right now, that's being submit all the protests is a point which loosely back you translate still. We won't show citizenship papers and it's got a very strange schemes, but none of which reigns, and one of big issues is couldn't the protesters with all this education come up at the time thing that police right, you just don't want free, verse being challenged by thousands of people at once. First rule about
especially when India pops into so many limerick. There was a man from his dry itself, so Roger question. What they're doing is that basically rounding up anybody? That's in groups and saying you know you ve been dug damaging government property. You ve been breaking cycles of constables. You ve been throwing stones, the police, cars and we're just gonna go. The weapon for your prison and basically, there is no law in India, the post independence. That gives you the right to imprison someone without Habeas corpus witches they have to present do before a magistrate and twenty for us, and the magistrate could say my god you're disgusting and throwing you enjoy the freedoms. But you have to go for the magistrate. What this addition law does. Is you don't have to present them in front of anybody? You could just keep them in jail to just teach them a lesson about bad poetry and that's what's happening and they didn't have a law. That said that, so they looked around the desperate disruptive, we don't have a law
if anything, the British did they found section one. Twenty four, the hats what's been going on. Cities, big and small, in India every weekend, especially pleasing Delhi. This listen delicate shopping bag, which is almost like a protest. Central bollywood stars are going, the actors are going the right way. Their business to people to sing songs are going there wrappers of India and the government is really losing the. Full of popular entertainment, but we ve got here. They just sunlight the liberal metropolitan elite, those Surely it is absolutely correctly trust me about because one of the steps that the greater social media is the Prime Minister saying because allow these protests are led by college kids and the prime minister at some point something to be locked up in Rome where he was deeply still said. You haven't been to college what the hell is. The big deal college,
anyone can go to college. I'm set off. You can argue with kenyan Army logic, guy that simply impenetrable yes Mommy's should we should shut down all universities, much of the money saved and the poetry that will be averted terms of them. This register of citizens in NAM Sam last year almost two million people were left off and basically described as illegal migrants out of a population of around about see millions if you stretch across there is a whole fats. Eighty million people who will essentially cease to exist, it is a concern. All old remedies is not not enough to amend. It is the way to deal with over popular
around the world is just to tell people lay no longer exist locality. I think I think the best way to reduce population erect. In one point, three billion people is just to tell the world we ve got. Six hundred million people who's gonna check then just put the other half in one big house, because I'll tell you little bit about the citizenship registry. That thereafter, so they want is national citizens register. So, basically, what they are trying to do is go to a billion people and say you are you any means? It is in an almost like a Monty python scattering you say yes and they say what you have to prove it and you say: well: I've got a tax
about this texting from India. I've got a national lady got up on a passport and this another. That's that's not enough. We need to know you were born here. You have a budget figure it out. You have your parents, but to do it and most Indians. You know with at least sixty percent of people being below the poverty line. Still large parts illiterate in the north, they turn around and say and have my parents but significant, because I dont even know my parents. I barely note this is my name, but this is what this what's on, the document that we should work like notice is not going to work. We need you to prove that Europe is it. Is it so, naturally, this this citizenship registry thing is going to throw up huge problem. So the reason all these millions of people got left the mist with it. They didn't have anything to prove that their citizens and then the government, I did that now they were going to put all these people in detention centre just because they were saying they were Indians and they didn't have proof
the difficulty with that is. I don't have any proof that you cover my passport and my indian idea. The all I have had the programme as it isn't of India is a photograph with such into LUCA We thus that's worth a lot in India, and actually I I have a question for you guys does. Maybe you could help us? You say we might be able to help you and we ve had a bit of an issue in Britain with a whole window ass. She model, which sounds not entirely dissimilar. Its orbit. Arguably more racist, so I'm not sure if we can help well. You know at this curious to know what would be the most british thing that if you could prove if someone knocked at the door and said none of these documents your red passport is knocking over I've never been to India had supposed British.
You may spread of Queen Victoria and presenting us off. I've never been there. We looked at you. In fact, we love, and if you read for private use, if it seems like it's a free for all, you could be of art. Can you could pass for voice royal, but why? I could probably the It is, I imagine, that the three hundred eighteen votes, I got a funny into a scaled, those to an indian proportion of the electric light, like Gillian women, also Lillian Minimum We ve got to prove I'm british, some one. I don't know. Maybe you ve kept me, I believe at what unbeliever that's a deleterious more than any of them. Let them most, if not dominate in a night knowledge of the history of tests cricket on that motel that palaces anymore. That was possible british thing about you out, o the fact that my gun, mothers from Austria area
science news now and well, some hugely exciting scientific Newsome. I'm an obviously is quite possible that IRAN is listening to the spot. Got right now is already dead. Take if you listen to five billion years from now or two hundred years. Depending on how Armageddon Panza or if the coroner virus What does allow by next Wednesday, This is yet another virus. Before you don't do this, That is apparently hopped across to us from the animal kingdom, and yet the vague and lobby wants us to stop eating away through all our mortal enemies until we achieve safety. Honestly, Benny Laminate, how worried you about its Grandmama, lapsed, hypochondriac and actually be court. Nor have I get the juices flung again with a within us does Basically, if you wanna, if we want to skip on a pipelines
specifically decisive, make at the time of Johnny City flare up. We call it mouse flow. I have died. Forty effect it is easy to say. I mean how do we even know fight flues fight By contrast, anything these early, I mean about I'm not that wherever there wasn't a word about the rebuilding plaguing early thirteen hundreds in that zone that really bad if we were at the time. But still the point stands runaway one way around this out and you are so its corresponding costs is hibernation. Yes, with scientists, say I'm gonna at a cost that those there's another great great bugle phrase. Scientists say they be looking into the possibility of of Highbury, if human, hibernation and dumb, because rats and bats and their animals. We know about the hybrid bears and door, my Sophia in I've dinosaurs behind them
to go to some, pointing I like up at some point and they ve looked into whether you can Sidney get a human to hide the night and the scientists involved in this, and that there were knows what the thing the eastwards he's going. There are no show stoppers around the issue of hibernation and the measures for me that I want to rent a car might may rise. The problem is the next makes them and others will become fashionable when it I wouldn't have to. I've been idea I live freely brigades, pc Berengaria, before saying? Ok, it's October should be binding just some point, he's gonna have to stop right, Draw a line, gave up right back no need for this. Is that warm? I disagree entirely. Album and I've been calling for hibernation feet four years, mostly when I'm about to go to bed at blank self interest. Aside to me, this is most exciting sized emotions, TIM Berners Lee thought what, if I can help people all around the world, anonymous
abuse each other on instantaneous basis. Maybe even since Isaac Newton invented gravity, that's me. In tennis away, but a sport or even since Archimedes had the first inkling the idea for the bath blog or even since Pandora that box in the pockets of big farmer. Of course, the ancient greek trouble makes respect lamented hibernation for me out of its good for the environment. Does she indeed on negotiating on in the winter. For harmonizing here, You can massage unemployment figures Connie. Why be, if if you, if you without a job for three weeks in a row, compulsory stay I've been I'm out of ebbs this entire indian issue. You could have a video, overnight? Couldn't it when that exactly while they get their people don't be so exactly exactly. In fact, if you look around most old people in India do happen, which leads me to a question direct
What about the definition not resemble after eating a really large bury army unusually knocked out from about during the afternoon till about to the next day. Now is hibernation, or am I just a fact, lazy personally, Is the tranquilizer that planning to use February parliament most? is actually only hibernate after eating left Overbury Annie. I have been one of the few things that is not really discuss with our ideas. You get the eager, really called Isabella about my colleague, MS heart. A hybrid in India could never it's never cold is melting up into the into the Himalayas when its net. It's ever. It's never call when did it snow in Mumbai and of a well improbably the DORA long memories. In your case we know, is tat to me. I see hibernation Melias, an entry point
really you wanna go long term would listen, go full suspended animation. Fifty hibernation when we talked about it on a bugle before bribing nation people by the government and really If taxpayers money is what politics is all about and solve, the declining birth rate western countries that building only when it, when I have enough children, but just pop, it's all generation in the freezer ten minutes. Life, bingo new generation to look after the world come here for ideas to dine here, they come anybody could. The incredible also does not a nightmare vision of the future, but it is not my autumn reality tv as well. Fourthly panel has to decide who to thaw out this week Erik the genius scientist who might be able to solve world's agricultural problems with a new high yield, vague and sheep spelt hype. It is also a serial killer
during a nice old lady wouldn't hurt fleeing used to work in a charity, shops topical in other signs, news, invisible aliens could already be among us According to an another scientist comments from the british astronauts Helen Showman, who was certain peak before Tippit, was TIM Pig, but was a woman and not paid with taxpayers money, therefore, and also before the age of only Alex. I she didn't become to unpick which can take to become simply anyway, Helen German, the pre TIM peaked in pig. Said she believed aliens do exist and could be living undetected, am It is already here on earth up. She might be thinking of communists, it's out itself and Samantha Ralph, who is an asteroid biologist, a watch by what eulogists you ask and Astro biologist she if invisibilium do live amongst us, their most likely living in a microscopic shadow,
biosphere by that she I dont mean a ghost realm, but they are undiscovered creatures, probably with a different. I owe chemistry, which means we can't study or notice them honestly because they are outside of our comprehension. Honestly, I made a. I think that to prove me wrong. Honestly, did What's she online with forty five grand age? Can we ass a big conspirators? May that is an easy life in it being after biology, lies in the IP listening, Big Astro, biology or so not easy lie. Intently images shadow round, not one, not shudder. I want to call it that, but like a parallel system of MIKE, if psych I mean that from invisible, alien, some ages, woman ass, she cipher films is really where's your. She unproved appropriate physiology would like not gloss over here. Well enough,
occasionally always Berengaria, something you know did turn down the kitchen. I offer you had a bad something useful, wouldn't it, but this is like this is. This is up baloney, I'm sorry, I don't know I'm taking on after signs here after biology Islamic. While I am prepared to make a stand for the extra bodies pc Gus, anything any more, but this idea that you can't notice them because they outside Comprehension stomach is glad to get ahead, ran August what I think of them very much like the victorians using of children. All my elbow private school used to think of women, or even as render Modi things of Muslims. So bite illumine. What the system is. We got invisible aliens Purvis on us in the shower, and I'm not all happy about that. I'm coming around here
couldn't also be because you know these aliens are very victorian and polite and british and don't want to bother our world so leave me the little thing of theirs and they have the Roma. Clicks and everything right, the polite aliens, you never see the polite alien if you don't mind I would like to stand or plan. It does not do much trouble here yeah. I could see that I mean I mean we live in everywhere. We were we won't use up. Any of your natural resources is also beer hang around. That's. Why are you running Johnny Good, your your triggering indian yesterday, Do we have any of the vote a just peace or having his phone, how explore the crown prince of Saudi Arabia NEWS Now- and this is one of the most extraordinary stories of the author of the millennium, any MILAN
the Amazon, Billina Jeff basis at his phone hacked, apparently crown prince of Saudi Arabia, with an infected. What's happened, video link four star. Why you know? What's our group with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia? Well, yes, that prick the interests of their PAL Shia, and so this treachery in this, as well as in their like normally so, first of all, it Scylla, hey, you know, let's be billionaires out together on the groovy cod prince and you know, and young mink is very odd- it's that they should not. Where do people they pretty may at Davos Tunnel, People like that the pretty met last year at Davos, didn't I hung out and that and the crown it says. Yes, you can bring Amazon to my country, but this do these things. You can't sell a business coordination. I'm not sure and then,
next thing. You know that piles and exchanging funny video, because, as a video clip, wasn't it there will be less it. This is the intriguing thing: what was what was inevitable, Jeff bees or expecting from a video from me crampons would expecting a cat playing with a cucumber doggone escape board. The new ever Levine Video, perhaps by the Youtube footage of Garfield, Sobers, spatting lords in nineteen. Seventy three, maybe top ten spring break epic files or a cartoon instructional video about how to clean up after an assassination in an embassy or even deep fight, hard core pornographic ulcer featuring Steve Bannon, Martha Washington to in common and controversy nineteen, sixty tennis STAR Court, who knows who knows video. He was. It is I mean this is was. It makes me think the all royal family mixed buckets ideas up, because I can't imagine our equivalent
and Charles, even having a technological capacity to send a text message. Let alone hack into the fold of one of the most powerful commercial here beings in history before month. Two orchestrating the assassination, the gentlest, I'm not saying that the crown prince or Saudi Arabia would do I'm just saying he's got logistical shops to hypothetically and actually pull it off. Menaces this concern. This could effects. Your rabies attempts to Leah Western Business and investment into the country which. What lackey normal while we won normal is normal, shabby western baby. I think this is a major breakthrough for the credit prints send someone they sent someone a buggy message. I welcome aboard welcome body. A royal highness is fantastic to you, I mean this is the next thing those l l be sending out a mouse going five million pounds in a bank
said thanks, ITALY, how already the work? We have you not put off by the illegal war, the gender apartheid that political repression that de facto slavery the questionable wreck on press freedom and the targeted assassinations. Having phone ACT daddy's in there the territory sadly passed away the water a thin ethical meant. It is said that the reason that I am a bit someone hacked into pieces telephone was to find out any doubt on him, because the Washington Post, that repeat those bones, was doing a lot of negative stories. And how do you read it, and it appears that the thing they found was the fact that Mr Business was involved in a slightly illicit affair and details murky details of his
life came out in the national Inquirer Bunch a month later, and it seems like it was seated here that this burg led to some information from his phone, which led to the special enquire story. I just tried to make a list things they would find on my phone, and I just want to know what happened to bomb had been some movement. The offer is what I've got am I not section on my phone I've written from many months ago? I do know why? Are there any fact Nazis if there was a race between a shocking leopard who would win I've, got a note from today. Remember to be clever parentheses, bugle shock versus leopard without so much depends on who gets home advantage. One hell of a traveller shit on the body,
it means can meet us out your idea. They gonna pull out all the stops to repair the reputational damage which took an absolute deluge of top Will sporting events, the watch this went away and Olympics are super? Well, they could even housed Wimbledon next year. Just a smooth this over We are where we have run out of time and we have not had time to turn to the devil's climate squabble or impeachment on imagine the impeachment stories, not gonna completely go away with the next seven days. Next week we are recording on the day before breaks it, so I will be happy one. Our thanks very much fairer. It's my pleasure has ever for coming on board My breakfast pin I've got three now three endeavour. Then stay pins, Thrall identical except for the date right, well,
gonNA, be one hell of a balloon this time next week and of our very much as always the aura insight and wisdom on the wonderful speech with the indian Paul Examining the eight never never stop giving does it. While you know I'm glad I give but a pleasure Andy. But I have to say it is worth Rudyard Kipling. One said about India. He said it looks Quiet but something's always on fire will, I think, I mean that those opposite words first endlessly speeding on. Thank you very much for listening, buglers, we'll be back next week. Until then, Dubai we will play about now with some lies about our premium level. Voluntary subscribes.
Yeah colleagues Cassie Molly is of the opinion that helicopter is not unacceptable. Name for a child is borderline. For a dog but absolutely fine for a budgetary go? a colleague would never own budget concerns about the ethics and, more importantly, the methods these smuggling industry surrounding the birds. Jeremy Rebecca, who recently overheard a heated argument between a couple in fancy. Restaurants concerning the ethics of testing, new luxury mattresses on the Elks, which culminated in the woman saying to the man. This is Actually, I'm never using tinder again and the man Making an endless on it as he stormed out
Ray and Jason Lewinsky in the same restaurant, also overheard around between a young boy in his grandmother who refused to pay out for the kids sponsored vague in January. Because- and I quote, I saw you running through a cobweb with your mouth open it certain was a cranky evening. Chris car was dining on a separate table and his death It was a thoroughly spoiled when a physical fight broke out between them. Rational mountaineer and they had chef over whether, if you please did an egg in the crevice of a glass here it would happen. An ice chicken. A burly was unconvinced by late night tv advertisement for an inflatable chopping board, but by morning, convinced himself that it would actually force you to cut your food very carefully give you the added bonus of being able to bullying your food directly from chopping board into frying, PAN Christopher, oghee and men glass be who had never met until appearing in this light together. Confided
each other they had both for several weeks a few years ago. Had it covering nightmare in which they found themselves pitching ideas for increasingly unworkable and tasteless tv shows to a roomful of approving former american President's Christopher pitched the show, surgeon sturgeon, a fish based hospital ready to a stun faced Zachary Taylor, whilst men proposed beggars beliefs and which I of celebrities, have to guess the religious and philosophical leanings of homeless people. The idea tersely rejected by brotherhood, be highs, our who, by coincidence, was having exactly the same recurring dream had Morlock his idea. A children series for religious tv channel called the church, doubles about a fridge full ecclesiastical vegetables trying to avoid being made into a salad feature in character. Such as archbishop turnip, cardinal Carrot a very reverend reddish absent
a charmed, the usually implacable, Grover Cleveland ended. This week's lies. Very carefully and give you the added bonus of being able to buying your food directly from chopping board into frying PAN Chris, but for energy and men, glass be who had never met until appearing in this light together confided in each other. They had both for several weeks a few years ago had current nightmare, in which they found themselves pitching ideas for increasing the watch and tasteless tv shows to a room full of disapproving. Former american President's Christopher Pitch the show surgeon, Sturgeon, a fish based huh but a comedy to a stun faced Zachary Taylor. Whilst me proposed beggars, beliefs in which panel of celebrities have to guess the religious and philosophical leanings of homeless people. The idea tersely rejected by brotherhood, be Hayes
our kids, who by coincidence, was having exactly the same recurring dream had Morlock his idea. A children's areas, for I religious tv channel, called the church tables fridge full of ecclesiastical vegetables trying to avoid being made into a salad feature in character. Such as Archbishop turnip cardinal Carrot, and the very Reverend Reddish absent, he charmed, the usually implacable, Grover Cleveland ended. This week's lies
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