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Bugle 4143 - Official Coronavirus Survival Guide


Wash your ears before listening! Andy is with Josh Gondleman and Anuvab Pal to take a global look at the pandemic. Plus riots in India and the Democratic primary latest.

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The laws allow? Listen! You sell everyday, including today, half a glass of water. It speaks for itself, subscribe now and apple, podcast, Spotify and all the other good places place. Isolate slice, canoes review, audio newspaper, a visual work. Our view was welcome to wish you four thousand one and forty three of this most August and widely respected of all one audio newspapers currently operational in this strikingly visual of worlds. I am Andy's Alderman and affairs, thing in the world. I know than I probably rate up a bit more about the world and be it's almost certainly something about sport. I am in London, a city,
damn it little. It has not moved from its place by the tens for upwards of two hundred and fifty years, maybe more and joining me from across the palms from the city, that's never sleeps! Well that that's the word since people always miss out the city never sleeps well or is it not enough New York? not one, but two guests, co hosts from the USA itself, just gone Dublin and from India. Currently, delight in the USA due to a topic we will be turning to shortly about POW, Wendy, hello. I our house has America. This room is terrific and butter. Oh shambles, Iraq. While each do you stay safely ensconced in that's, comforting studio, in New York, over three while Europe, while you're still in America,
Apparently Andy. Nobody told me, but there's this virus going around our ok yeah. Apparently it's a thing. I can I guess I should talk to people more, but I wasn't look Valley doing the Show- and I dont know if you No, but Silicon Valley is now mostly a part of the Republic of India. It's a place called the Bay area, its. We do all the technology it mostly because the sound so us now and I have gone there- and I was just supposedly over of one night in your city but the airlines, apparently don't wanna, take people across oceans, anymore so now I am in the studio I'm living in the studio with Josh before the whole. Again. I am this year for the company s great story of fear when you re bridges,
When you said that you can view, went to Silicon Valley and were delayed by a virus at first, I thought computer virus unworthy of all the plane stop flying. It was like a White UK type thing that have twenty years later. That's that's! That's that's what it is judged. It's the flu that matter, Microsoft, bugged. What happened at the start of Roma is as is a section of the bugle is going straight in the ban this week, a home schooling section. I want to teach children whose skills carnival iris off a few, as parents are too busy with your own stuff, too ready pay attention, hashtag, twenty first century parenting, hashtag Phones, don't check themselves, so we have official it will to how to keep your children educated unoccupied when their stock, Homer philosophy class just get and she writes a ten thousand, what essay entitled? What is an orange maths? Make them count? the surface area of absolutely everything in your house then
by the number of units of electricity used, if you switch everything on at the same time, language you have our language, cautious, get to coal random overseas numbers and pretend to be from an internet provider threatening to cut off their services if they could not work out some tea. Entertaining international as well as that will inevitably come back to them, and if you want to reconvene all in one lesson feel at home temporarily, school children and comes in chemistry. Ex biology, sociology, economic geography, history and politics just get to cook an egg, basically a bakery everything right enough into it and know that section is in the Bin. We are, according on the sixth of March, in another, Twenty twenty on this day in eighteen, sixty nine, the periodic table was launched by russian signs Boffin Dmitri Dmitri Mendeleev. Up until then, when men life laid out when I will load of different elements, known really knew the metal wasn't just metal but was in fact lots of different types of metal or that gases couldn't be categorized as the air,
stinky at Graham my things, a hell of a lot more complicated and things been unravelling ever since so we pay tribute to the motto a hundred and fifty years ago, stop stuff from just being stuff thanks a lot you dead best, also on the tomorrow this. Kamakshi's the hundredth anniversary of the seventh of September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven a day which, for some reason they storing still don't understand, half of thirteen and one slash two years like dont story. Once again, the corona virus is dominating this planet, which is pretty impressive, given how small it is, and yet to make an official statement made signs are already having to interpret what its motives are as a virus.
A very elusive these, these little creatures, creatures that this planet is in full quarantine? No aliens have been allowed to land at Roswell this week that the first week with no eighty landings at Roswell since nineteen fifty six. If my sources are to be believed here in Britain we are panic stations, obviously it's Britain, so annex stations, the panic trains are running lights Avant has just said living grumpy on the platform muttering? When is this bloody putting she got to arrive, probably one. To go away when it does will support him. He's gonna give up mistaken for the day this country, colony and bloody panic on anymore, the british government's released Twenty eight page battle plan to take on the corona virus compare as we mention lost, we gotta thirty page plan for the breakfast negotiations
The corona viruses mathematically. Ninety three point three percent as toxic as breaks it. That puts it in perspective. It is bad, it's it's! It's really be can't fight mass. What do you do for Mass Maths will chokes? Let me too the canvas and start differentiating. Some calculus is all over your face so That's the states the world's is in Josh and an anti web. I was in the american reaction to it being Joe It is a people fully on board in the battle against the virus. It's kind of going to ways over here. Some people have been washing their hands every six minutes, but then this morning, on the way here, I was combination, coffee shop, Slash ice cream parlour and they saw a woman order, a cookies and cream milkshake for breakfast. So, on the other hand, some people are just going straight, get the essential
I believe he s a value that the protocol, I D, rather not what about what about in India, because that means that many cases in India yet but they ve, been quoted some criticism of neurons Romania's attentively beyond, basically just for him breathing, which is generally a fair, fair criticism, script and I M a couple: Well, first of all, you know with special since fudging numbers? So your fish? the official, reported cases, are thirty, but it's It could be anywhere between thirty and fifty million, because So when you go one point: three billion people, you just abbreviate and say thirty it's all around an error. It's it's a number thing and Prime Minister movie the moment he heard he's very with it he's with fat with whatever fashionable you know just like.
The scenario in Brazil. Just like you know some people here. I will name because I'm in your country ducats, so when he heard the colonel vice was a thing. He said. I, Part of this game. So do you know, he's pray. He got himself a VIP corona virus because he's alive to bet. I just like to mention one thing: you know we're in ancient culture, we ve had Hubble remedies front of. Nature for thousands of years, so I don't know, nonsense about washing your hands as a remedy. Andy Josh, I'd like to read A few indian remedies for corona virus, please that were discovered in. Ancient Hindu text of the authority of the five thousand years ago, which is of either I just made up of One of my favorite is so these new things that. The last time the current virus hit India, including a b c. This level. We did ask before Cricket
DE. I should emphasise that Europe needs exactly at a week before greatly this is what we did and it was. It was all good in one month it was gone, so this is, these are the best remedies are currently so don't wash your hands but help other people wash their hands as beautiful. That's that's one. We did. Shower out in the open red Plato that worked listened to the bugle rising or less go goes back, awhile yeah. Maybe this and you know each Hindus law of you, work less ban avocado and yoga. I will get a lot of support from a lot of the right wing media that that's, it has and it's a kill and the last one is banned. T twenty cricket circle.
I dont about the western world, Andy Judge, that's pretty good. I mean I grew up. I grew up outside Boston Massachusetts in your method, sound better than our methods, which is the panted. Art, Wahlberg, method of being racist asian people, Venice, how he avoids Verona viruses, if not just drunk Kate, the the rupture, at least for the duration of this episode. Josh, if you could, this is not. This is not my methodology about it. You just go about best practice of the hour I ve been people know I'm from us. I grant if I see if I see someone with the attack on their luggage lives as they were recently in China. It gives them on them out. I want to show em like hey, look, we're ok What do you think you ve done that unrelated to the virus. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I just Emma. I I travel that much inside
kiss changes done them up. You have a major area of absorb the travel throughout most we're all learning some valuable biology today without yesterday, history of motives, our biology from justice, is the most educational podcast. It could possibly listen to what I these people, who have recently been to other countries to punch me him if it is well, if you, If you kissed them, and they are not aware of it gets out to be the reaction. I guess they could be the extra out of Bravo Gandhi, whose yes prominent opposition politician in India advise Modi to quotes quick wasting. It is time playing the clown, which does right a question what of circuses has rattle Gandhi been going to because there's one thing: sinister clown:
Starling. It was great mom the acrobats, we're incredible those as guy dangling round on a rope waggling access everywhere there was a woman doing one arm, handstands on a big rusty metal spike. The cossacks horsemen hats, things we believe and the clown killed some Muslims and foster their aggressive nationalism. That sounds like a lovely day out daily He also said that said what the government should be doing. Ral Gandhi said that focus the attention of every indian on tape. The corona virus challenge. That is, forget the world on board, this fight against the virus, making internet sensation likely ice bucket challenge celebrities hilariously challenging each other to wash their hands really thoroughly I thought you were saying you dump a bucket of corona virus. On your end, the Dutch Friday, night out in Mumbai. And that was a fairly good summary of the history of India for the last fifty years,
elsewhere around the world. Italy has closed all schools and universities, further evidence of the decline in for the roman empire and in the Sistine Chapel, the creation of Adam Bit of Michelangelo's Mickey paintbrushes famous paint the Sistine chapel. That's been numb repainting, to show Gordon Adam, both wearing latex, gloves to reduce the chance of infection. Should their fingers touch. Sower gets ITALY taking it, yeah. I got them should they should just bump elbows. That's organisations steer exactly twenty three members of parliament in IRAN of tested, positive, which I think might be it a tribute to Michael Jordan, David Beckham. I'm am not entirely sure what the south korean President Moon Joy in has declared war the corona virus them now that this this often fast. This is that the military terminology to get people want declaring war you throw the Miller those looking that's some of these,
the writings in some sues out of war. Now, what would the great two and a half thousand year old military strategists Sun Tzu have had to say about this nervously, so all his friends called him. Sunny tea was from new hand where the corona virus was invented, VON enterprising Pang Golan. Who wanted to raise awareness of animal rights issues in chinese retail, I'm so just to be on the side, side. I have translated some sues words into English, so you can't catch the linguistic versions of current of ours from modern if he still infectious, but he is dead. So, let's not take any chances I don't have that. We need to think you absolutely though he said is this a number of things we can learn from sincere about left the fight against the current of our said. If the mind is willing, the flesh could go on. And on without many things, which is essentially, funds are telling us that the severest bakery illness, is ninety nine percent psychological. He said
your enemy you, you must become your enemy, which I think means fancy dress, so just dress like a virus with a crown and you'll be immune be extremely subtle. He runs even to the point of former streaming mysterious even to the point of soundless saw another. Since lesson on, follow ups and out of seduction the art of for pay said move swiftly wind and closely formed as the would attack like a fire and base still is. Mountain essentially volcano, he said. The deliberate before you make a move. Those have now also seduction, I think, condemn the worst strategy of all is to besiege walled cities which could become the author seduction with small misprint. I guess many things we can learn from the wisdom of the ancient.
There's something I was listening to judge Andy in this country, where governor of New York said yesterday, All were telling you to do. If you ve got the virus is still at home and watch naturally how bad yeah, you know, I'm Ethel I because I guess the death rate is pretty low. It to three percent for maybe eighty percent of the people there saying don't talk, anybody stay at home and watch streaming. Forms and I'll have to hey. This is, if that's the thing it's my favorite disease, sofa yea rate. There really give the step of the hospital also for percent eight percent of the people that alert finery by two percent of the people are gonna die watching. Stranger,
It is that significantly lower the people to die watching it. Normally, I dont know you right back there. Probably people have done that already Trump has been been criticised, some of his opponents of claims. We reacted slowly than gratuitously blamed. His political opponents play down the threat by belittling scientific evidence and Lebanon shoot the messengers but strafed anything that even look. It might be a messenger. Then panics, belated through money at the problem, so many not explaining how it deals with every single issue from climate change to the syrian crisis. To what I have for dinner said, the ominous is absolutely classic drop me more beginning labelling, so what the jobs people are like. This is definitely this is classic tramp. Like he's telling people don't worry about it. He absolutely seems like the kind of guy who had put off telling people they should get tested. Just went to live figure it out on their own. Does there was a further whereof
Josh Andy. I have a question to please so resident from the moment the crisis was announced past it off the second in command. President saying this is now going to be my pencil problem he's going to deal with it. I understand: It's a very indian way to solve problems when a massive crisis hits find your closer. Friend and say, he's your guy yeah and immediately retreat and run away to some vacation. Would you say that that, The trump is adopting eastern techniques of leadership that we in the third world are so used, and I think that I think this is his kind of more holistic he's like really taking their points of view and to respect their drank things that are outside the comfort of, I think, is just an idiot and a coward. He he It's not even virus specific radially, he's kind of pushing off the pudding the responsibility. Keeping
information of keeping the cdc from releasing information. This isn't disease specific. He just doesn't like people knowing things now just didn't he's against it for himself in his against it and others We ve people talk about low information, voters he's a low information present. Patents works very well in Ghana, welded very little comes in very little comes out, and he now in in Britain, where the latest Caesar in Power Mr Morris Johnson, as in the document I mentioned earlier, the people might be still getting paid while at home. Yes, a year he also this week called on the media to be responsible and not to for this. You scare stories and false information which the I'm just
What is more, the birthplace bulls of that level, of flagrant hypocrisy? I guess this crisis is brought out different aspects of things in many ways. Actually I think Somebody really respects the corona virus, because in some other kindred spirits they play on all basest fears they do. They work unseen, there's a lot of very unaccountable stuff going on behind the scenes and then already fussing about em. It's not very much these are the disease written thought breaks. It is just a free quarantine right exactly here. They have this layer now, Andy it. Oh. I have heard you monologue and diatribe your he's a philosophical writing. On the invisible hand, if you those among Us- and I think, the place of the invisible hand seems to be coming in the airline industry. The head of the Airline Trade Association said it's very hard to make money from the airline business. If the plains
who fly and that that's entirely accurate. If, if people are not going to work with It is hard generate any revenue. I think you would agree. In Europe as an economist, Andy and judge evil. You look, a Phd in economic yeah deal it like. I dont have a lot of fun people don't like me. How do you think I'm gonna think you're gonna happen to the world economy? If people are physically not doing anything, economic see well, I think we ve a granted down to a full hall rate. If some people stop doing things and other people are still doing things, that's going to create an imbalance, but if we all stop or going to create and stomach stasis, wherein everybody just keeps what they have and I think we can weaken lived there for a little while also, I think we need to take inspiration from the likes of Elvis Presley who
died in nineteen. Seventy seven was it and in many ways he's generated more business since then. So this is what the airlines need to do. Is Anita yeah really get people starting? nostalgic style Jake about those old airlines that are used to use. They had to shut down Andrea, buying legit much some going to things. Restaurants, where an aeroplane. Impersonator will not pretend to be a flight from it, no longer resisting airline in a medium, and they need to adapt to the changing Similarly, they could do it the way, though, to Baghdad after his death rate, they could release. At times of kind of lesser quality airplanes and then start rumours that there are actually aeroplanes flying to Cuba, even though no one's ever really seen them and then eventually, they would just be a hologram of an airplane that people would be to see that we go already providing the solution. Human ingenuity. I just like to add this. Current release from
the Chinese from the very liberal objective: two he's medium visas in who I am? have put out a thing today. That said, don't touch your face during their. This thing as a remedy, dont atrophies for that matter, don't touch anyone else's face will now, when I think is more important right like if it's on my hands, if there's a virus that wants to get me in its on my hands, it's gonna get to my face. My arms connect right. You will not, I just into a step to keep yourself safe in the corona virus. Pull out supplement well, alot of people said she mosques only of limited use. I would say we all wearing a mosque anyone we all hiding behind some kind of mosques. I would probably find we have it. We will guide to how to stop yourself touching your own fault one of the things you can do to stop yourself. Your face, one is: keep your hands busy, so you gonna
make sure your hands have more important to do than scratch. Your face, struck the right. What have you got to do with your hands on your face? I perhaps try bring alive snake on your personal all times. I generally requires a fair amount of dedicated handwork. Alternatively, smile hand in molten tar you know want that. Getting on your face, you vain hypocrites. Nothing can do is to go to sleep with one the following recordings playing on a loop, your ice is so beautiful. It dissolves fingers, your face is magic. If you touch it, it will turn in Steve Balance, vice batch of subliminally had, I believe, to wake up for with a lifelong fear of touching around face. Another way are not touching face of avoiding the current of ours is prior, obviously, one of the most efficient and effective forms of disease avoidance historically, but what type of bread is most thank. Should you ask your chosen dieting to save all of humanity, which is a bit of a structure
daddy these days, no matter how complicated world just I've, just you and your family, which is it a bit shellfish and your own personal Bobby things, I've special or your top level elites postal thanking the almighty. God gave him a gold medal anonymously, Ternata or should I say, We appeal to your daddy to save the stock markets. I think that probably the best thing we can do at this stage- just pray to God to save them. Because I will not say themselves and also should you'll, probably accompanied by sacrifice Who is but it's on the safe side and the sleigh at least some animals to curry favour with the almighty. But remember if you do, Please wash your hands thoroughly after slaughter. Your hundred head of auction. Guidelines for me, National Association of Animal sacrificial offerings is to wash your hands thoroughly after each five option. Slime. Superstitions now that traditionally the fourth before we have
you ve got a modern medicine that Turkey does not like to thy superstitions were hugely effective and super nothing, I genuinely work very occasionally. Could try putting your left shoe on first before all your other clothing You can try throwing salt over your shoulder every five seconds and you will find that people stay well clear view that giving you went away from potential infected. Then, as the famous Oldham superseded, saying find a penny pick it up and all day long you'll be worried that you might get viruses by the penny, whose thoughts that penny God knows me and tell him. Patient company geography and all that, but the pay back on the floor and wash your hands one thing that people have been saying is that you're supposed to wash your hands fur for twenty second right. That's the amount of time that is supposed to take to dear. I don't give a damn if you only do it for eighty or ninety seconds, the germs have no respect, they know you,
commit to anything and they destroy dirt. They walk all over you. What I've been doing is instead of washing machines for twenty second, several times a day. I I wash my hands for two hundred sixty seconds knock the whole day of handwashing overrated. The beginning with the slovenian washing gloody will, in its decision, have minutes growth. So, like your loading up, your metro, cod, correct, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Why would I want to pay every time you do? You know? I have a problem, though, that fingers get quite wrinkly, and I see that gives us ours is the place to hide Yes, that is that is the problem, but there there's a clean and then, by the time their smoothed out, I can spot the viruses because they are cluster D. I asked I just Go back for one. Second, dozen remedy Andy mentioned of animal sacrifice. Yes, oh yeah you're that always works in
Paul for the longest time they used to sacrifice goats before any important family event school exams, elections, any sort of event, marriage, the sacrifice either oxen or a good. They found really interesting, odd situation where they ran out of animals because you know, and then they passed a law. That said, you have two only sacrifice and animal for an important reason. So I think if we adopted the nepalese technique when the western world, everyone does given one animal- and you said face it only when the virus- God really bad yeah It's all about rationing, isn't an abode prioritize. Yes, that's like that old that finally put settled and nepalese piece of wisdom into context of sacrifice. After wedding. Never been sicker sacrifice before wedding in the clear spanish bit of top. Time for religion, the these, the shrine
enshrine laws in France Attic close some of its pools in which pilgrim swim to be healed from diseases as a precaution, because of the disease out small, the great pay off the miracle healing industry, if the polls that you buy then to get better now to train Europe's well, how little brightly. I think this is an even this is speaks even more to their powers. Now, there's a powerful you don't even have to get in them to have the healing a fact didn't have said that pilgrims are still welcome, but lords without the healing bar. That's like vague and friendly cock. Fighting is never going to this will say, tat those underground, say Dan fights I've been attending. Just don't have the same. Zip do texture is weird well in the south, indian town of Third Party, which is considered one of the most holy sites for windows, and they decided there
they were not. There are not going to allow mass congregation, so the temple is now being evacuated. It's completely empty which in It means down to the last four million people virus, showbiz news now and will now aspect of human activity has escaped the microscopic invisible clause of the corona virus. We ve talked about the tragic side effect of sport being postponed or cancelled, or generally these board. If I'd. I started on the world web as many pointless reality, numbing distractions as possible, and now the film industry has some being forcibly jumped onto that back. Why wagon the new James Bond film, no time to has been delayed by seven months due to carogne virus concerns, as was rescued
I miss bond phone because in that seven month period one of bonds, many sexual conquest in the film could have become heavily pregnant. Anthem is never really at his best when forced to face up to the consequences of elections and take some responsibility. What he's done after all, these years of James Bond having unprotected sex, it's unbelievable that the corona virus is the one that set them back It's amazing, Daniel Daniel Craig. I keep saying that that's going his last bond move. Your eight every time is like this is the last time I do interviews and finally, because of a global pandemic, he might be wrap it up Why delay a just cut? The first word out of the title: call it time to die, and if you like, an extra contemporary, there has been a significant culture. Response even in the world of of comedy a number of new come comedy, acts have sprung up damage the corona virus
global concern, including new character acts pandemic, lay the contract. Super spreader, sell that stadium tool in Britain and then cancelled the entire ran on safety grounds, thus becoming the first. El sat comedian in the universe is covered is apparent the ancient roman poet obviated very understanding based on doing poems in Latin, about who, like diseases and the social fabric they cause and mine, the jemmy german petty self explanatory. It. All uncompetitive handwashing has taken offers a spectator sport as well as traditional freestyle and, of course, Greco, roman handwashing already packing up lady in the in the world of comedy, I found that shows I've been doing, have had been fairly empty and it's either people caution, please staying at home because of kroner virus or business as usual, hard to tap the threat, Mama Crab Worth twenty
is ahead of the curve of our rights to get richly humiliated by Donald Trump over the next few months, news now and while the democratic grace Josh's sir, rather dramatically clarified itself over the last two weeks, or so Joe Biden has surged on Super Tuesday, and biting him. Bernie Sanders left PETE, judge, clap, Amy Club ashore, quack Bloomberg Collapse, with worn collapse written- and its ruled himself out returning to acting instead, Roosevelt fell dead. Bum Ghana, sticking with by baseball Markel, well joined the dots people jot join the dot that. Surely that's what this whole thing Mega Marco for president. It has to happen, mouse. If american ready for female president is not ready for an automated mouse, either he's out the rice Putin let's not ruling out Trump, what he could be any person who could beat Donald Trump,
ineligible, most, must rule condom. But we still money over fans. Gentlemen. They gonna stand. I you know my service, the american people, is not running people, even if only more people have that noble public spirited attitude than that might be very, very different today. So remaining we have Biden, Saunders and tossing yeah body still officially in the rice. I believe it is rumoured that she'd entirely forgotten she was still running and yet to come, Laval in lessons in general, but Super Tuesday till she gathered is the kind of the like all this kid left playing with a league. We're like you can still do it, but it's embarrassing at this point. It just leave and find something else to do with your time now, just Andy. I have a question about the concept of who produced it? Yes, I spend with a time watching it. It seems like it's very complicated. It seems like the
it should remain- have to impress a bunch of delegates and those delegates then come over in clusters. Or as individual saying you're, my guy or lady now, I'm just going to pass on some sort of eastern election techniques that we ve tried to India for a number of the euro. So when we do a lot of horse trading for members of parliament right and one of the techniques that work when you when you want delegates to switch parties is to lock them in a hotel, room and bride. With caution. Food ok Super Tuesday. Have you guys thought of trying that just out right bribery heights. I kind of like vat is that something The president has looked into in various other capacities line. I bring it into the electoral system. Thank you so super Tuesday just to clarify Andy. It's a lot like what you said about superstition right. It's like the same kind of super lady. Sometimes it goes right, but it is
a total coincidence, It's a super makes it super, I know, is the prefix meaning large, but I dont think they did make. It almost has two positive connotation, rakers someday oftentimes, because very badly and people every depressed afterwards. I think we should change it to like big asked Tuesday to convey the same magnitude, but without the sense that it's good will watch board behind Joe Biden, sudden Lazarus, like recovery it in this context. You know, I think it is he's just he seems kind of like a grandpa and He has charming on television persona made a lot of people forget that their grandpa make a bad president. I love both of my grandfather's may they rest in peace, Never once was I like, let's elect this old fellow too,
well that's what we want is a fascinating aspects of this. Is that new? What now, what two thousand night We had the Obama and I'm going for the democratic nomination. It felt like the landscape Ethics was changing and what we ve got left now, his trump and the two democratic candidates. Seventy seventy plus your old white men. What what's happened well it's the same as in entertainment. In that we're doing a reboot of something that kind of worked ten years ago Bloomberg at work, Spectre, essentially, was a one day campaign was that at a cost of half a billion dollars in credit and I because he's a billionaire when he quit the race. He gave himself another eight hundred million dollars severance package Facebook over half a billion dollars. Bottom
American similar and a family size portion of ridicule. Now, the democratic I've got a donkey, our guess. What Bloomberg learn is its approach. And your nomination is like a donkey in that's. If you try to steal it, you mind that with shit on issues, you can't you throw money on it- and I hope it turns into a motorbike- and people will never forget if you found it just what you think about with modern politics is going, but I was just looking at political speeches and you know like in we started with the Mahatma Gandhi, who was slightly were alone for saying impressive things, and now we have Minister Mouldy, who speaks of himself and third person. Like Ulysses in this country, it seem like you went from Barack Obama who used to court, real and good an end. Socrates, too.
Gentlemen, who won the primary who got confused between his wife and sister. Let's do it is hard to call it a sea produce day when you end up sleeping on the couch to this system, God Pierce, but they got the grandson of George Aged Wash lost his congressional race in Texas, just shows the shift in politics. The United States, like that's, how much Texas hates the environment. Now they won't even vote for a guy named Bush anymore. But when I read it, I got it must have been a literal bush. That's how popular the family was. I've other everything's, bigger in Texas, come back when you all a retreat visa is the first member, the Bush family, to lose an election in Texas in over for decades. It was a big last for a member of a big unexpected last for a member of the the Bush family and people are talking about it as historic glass to its Al Gore replied Motherfucker white.
India, news now and that will unavoidably. Since your last autumn, India has been well treating itself to one of its periodic bouts of mass rioting current. Can you just bring us up to date with what's been going on and, if possible, in the complex, landscape in politics. Why it's been going on? Well, you know I'm glad you brought up the hilarious topic of riots with his Olaf's work he simply when Donald Trump was visiting India, and he was doing this mass rally stadium four hundred thousand people nearby in Delhi. One of the suburbs of these daily broke into Hindu and muslim rights now rioting happens in India, and there is in the right wing government, a very anti islamic five going in the country just like everywhere else
where there is rightwing homogeneous leaders that are so. You're poisoning the environment would know what that's like you, I wouldn't so we have rightly leader in India Josh, it's just a thing, maybe it'll catch up in the United States, but he comes from the beach j. Which is the ruling party and they have sort of thought leadership. We call the rss so but the rss are pretty rightwing people by pretty rightwing people. I mean they had the then the one of them. The party with the gentlemen that shot Gandhi, wow Sydow, yet that's that's much slightly rightwing there we saw the areas, as has been said, going to really cool muslim neighborhoods. In saying you know what a clean up daily. We had it. You know, we had a citizenship law that there was some trouble over, so a lot of muslim people were were protesting against it, said a basically trump is coming, and if you don't
The streets were going to kill you now what you tend to say that two people they tend to sometimes get upset Andrea. Yes and it gets worse when large, into mob sharp sticks. Saying give the streets of the protest, we're going to shoot you and give you and then they pay to do exactly what is it: though, that leads to a muslim retaliation and their rights in such a situation, one of them elements in democratic society of the police. You know everywhere else in the world. Apparently the police. This was to break up such rights what happened in Delhi's that the police joined the Hindu mobs, which still reduce the famous a little bit yeah I mean that goes against the famous end, WS on trust the police maybe listed, so it led to arson right looting on both sides, but there were just a significantly larger number of muslim casualties. Now, if
want to be bigoted. Let's say you want to be right wing and bigoted. That's your big o arms! That's your away! If one wants to be that's your business when you do it in India, which has three hundred million muslim people, so each of them the entire population of the United States, it looking be slightly the so of this when kinda backlash this would create, but while tromp was going on Mister and names of great indian spiritual leaders? Delhi was on fire, so I'm looking forward to the outcome of this work, you know things have settled down and the Muslim community in India realises This wasn't very nice and and what the backlash of that is going to be. So it's good to be really peaceful. Next, twenty years in a row, in the United States. I think there's a dim awareness of what's going on and that I think people
especially in this New York City, are kind of lost a right at the beginning of this story. When You said they wanted to clean up Delhi, and you think here no one ever could the daily he beckoned. So I think that that is the first sticking point: it's not just our complete awareness of the global landscape and the atrocities committed in other and other nations? But it is, Bodega thing as as muslim comedian colleague just said to me recently, I've tried EV, angle of this. And there is nothing even grimly earnest. I can see about it. Let alone funding and this is on a pug has to repeated forty minutes on virus. So a but but in the great thing was Andy Judge. It happened at the exact same time when President Tromp was visiting, I present drummed collapsing and is a great country and is very peaceful country, and you know, as you know, Andy
He named a bunch of indian leaders. He named the great indeed cricketer such into Doha and he pronounced it as soon gene to look or which is also a very prominent Chinese. Restaurant in Mumbai much better chance that that's what he actually him? That's it! That's all you want to do that. He mentioned the great the spiritual invading scholar swamp- if under a tough named to pronounce. But he beware with the special pronunciation he called them, Swami Vivere, commandant Endow, which again is an Orton type, one d class in Bangalore that I have attended. This should be a spiritual leader calls, or maybe they come under Judar. So while this was going on about forty minutes away Delhi, on fire right, so hitches, It just seems like we live in a political narrative now, whether thing that is set and the thing you
watching a completely different on that happy note that will only way I'm gonna go. Get a milkshake for breakfast epithets sufferings, individual people, just Yoni Forthcoming, stumble children living. I should like to alert all this must now do Albion in Boston on the March thirty, the fourteenth, and they still have a book out called nice, try stories of best intentions and mixed results and that's available in many places and you have your doing some some London Jos eminently that is correct. Eddie I will be at the Seville Theatre doing losses, Edinburgh showed democracy and disco dancing from April twenty seven to me second, and if the virus exists, I would be doing it by hologram
don't get there is alive, be will show in Norwich on one night, only tool of EAST Anglia. On the fourth of April, I do come along too That's any buglers in that part of the universe. I'm thanks so much for listening until metric stay virus free and we will play out with them- lies about our premium level. Voluntary surprise. Daniel grace once jokingly, trying to convince a friend the origin of the term, do they is, from the french words: do vet meaning of the vet. This is because, in the fourteenth century, claimed Daniel Vets would make extra money on the side by pretending people's pet dogs were terminally ill having them. Down and then stealing their feathers to use in bedding. Hence do vet later further francophone decide to do vague.
His friend didn't believe him, but a light is another. Daniel was accidentally correct, one of these illogical. Logical developments that David Clift would like to see is a device which can faultlessly tell the difference between a cucumber and a javelin, follows a severe embarrassment at his local athletics clubs. Annual all you can eat Regan Bullfight pole is unconvinced by solid greame as a source can't even see what you'd get salad milk from complains pool. I've never seen a lettuce with others. I think the whole thing is probably a fraud by the big condiment industry Amanda Lama believe the time has come for all news outlets to include a plausible
but he percentage on any article published online or in print at least let the reader factor in the precise likelihood of what their reading being bullshit requests Amanda and then make an informed decision on whether to believe it or not. Based on that Jeff Martin, having been surprisingly given a pantomime horse, outfit is leaving present from a job that had nothing to do with horses or Pantomimic used to thoroughly enjoy wearing the costume. Amongst other horses at authorized me, things, for example, or in pleasaunce units and military parades. He gave up his we'll be. However, after a near me at a fringe, abattoir, have Conroy wonders why the ancient Greeks was so obsessed with viruses from some museums, notes, Kiev you'd think but all these old dead bastards did was make vows, is put things involves and then look at policies. No wonder they civilization collapsed, Alex see, link, does not see the point in white lifting as a sport, its head, stolen blasts, Alex at the very least. It should be a buyer flown in which the
if this should have to prove that can work of forklift truck or crane and do so I can always lifting as well as manual lifting otherwise it's an almost futile skill in the modern world Rick Snyder, scoffs Alex's, suggestion saying yeah I'd like to see what happens if you ever get pinned to the ground in a natural history museum when a fossilized BO constrictor that died when in an absolutely straight line with both ends of his body, stuck in John Watermelons, falls off the shelf and lands on top of you and theirs. Limping white lifting a boy. I imagine you'll be saying: don't bother taking this off my rapidly collapsing ribcage I'll wait for the fault have tried to do it. S Benny Thirdly, whilst paying tribute to derricks night as commitment to nominative determinism wishes, the world was, I com a place and the people not descend into needless arguments about trivial matters and hypothetical scenarios such as white lifting impossibilities. Even when this disputes are entirely fictitious, here ended this week's lies
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