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Bugle 4144 - Mo' moons mo' problems


Andy, Tiff and Alice talk about Coronavirus, but more importantly they talk about new planets, periods and Sclooten Malvein.

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The bugle Audio newspaper, a visual world, hollow buglers. I welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and forty four of the Bugle Audio newspaper for pestilent world. I zalzal all curing Gulf of health. Sadly, one a badly time sabbatical. So the last couple of decades, in the all too human form of Andy's ultimate now, I'm in London, where dangers Talks on every street, no danger Cuba The failure of the virus, Download Google North, recording studio here at something else. With its super hygienic virus, proof microphone, submitting their totally safe on Nicholas, miss our way could possibly virus through one of these things as hundred different people.
Into every. Yes, there was deliberately the poorest coating on top absorbing trap, the most. What exactly does the founder of the microphone acts like a maze? Ours is, as we know, they love drawn, solve a puzzle. I want to keep a group of neutrality and clever clever space, is the virus and where they can make but excited by the fund. Microphones- and I think this is a hell of a lot more fun than a nasal cavity in and they get lost an unattractive within them. Within the mice at the microphone. Then they disappear into the microphone itself, whether eventually degrade and transformed into commercial radio, you awake We think that the virus is like Jack Nicholson at the end of the China. It is anyway so much let them join me in the still on calves, recording what, if a few things that is still happening in this universe, I I'm just hearing here tomorrow afternoon has been cancelled.
They run the strips skip straight from mornings evening so mid tomorrow. Things will just moved to six thirty p m. joining me right now, new guest on the Beagle form a well chest champion Anatoly cop out he's he's been cancelled as well. Just one week is the brazilian Football Legend Goringe Oda. He died several decades ago bench time into the brain, emergency short notice, Alice, Fraser and Stevenson hello. I I have some: has the world been cancelled because its problematic, if does not work, but it's just the planet, have been struggling for awhile and our food is probably the best for everyone if it just takes a ten year sabbatical. Frankly, maybe this is. The opportunity we ve been waiting for, because really I didn't plan is caught up with stuff, since basically, Yo David got took off at the end of creation. all those years ago, six thousand years ago,
do dinosaurs die thanks for bringing me in the last night, as I was going to spend the morning, writing jokes for this hilarious podcast, but unfortunately I was going out with the news at the Melbourne. International comedy festival is canceled, so am I my plan in chaos. Decide whether I have to predict what the world is going to descend into absolute chaos, in which case I should go back to a stranger and be with my family or they're. Turning it ascended to moderate chaos. I guess I can sort of out in London and take put shots at scavengers from my window, Yeah, I'm supposed we go to America, but at gone dark guys. Let's talk about the real issues: blog it's getting dark and then I was gonna go to, and I would have cancelled gatherings of over fifty people What's really great is seeing comedians originate with two fifties. What we ve been seeing is a lot of american comedian showing off that they set out to fifty plus rooms by going guy
as my show, not happening that the chosen the smaller reckon it is still a way to make this whole thing about ego. When we'll find out, I mean they shouldn't, while the cancelling gatherings of more than five the people they should both cancelling gatherings of people over fifty Bart. Given those are the high risk. Demographics and you know it should be old vehicles and isolate themselves. They don't have problems with loneliness at all. We began to push them into the fringes of society where they belong to my parents, who are, in the seventies. Just went out in a restaurant yesterday lot they give zero if we put on ice, I think my plan later this afternoon is to spend an hour teaching them how to do online feed shop or how to feed on line, after which, I know will need about three hours of therapy. When I do I teeth like landowners and as it is painful
until your mom about online Poland, deep well, she won't come out. We have money boys piece of advice about the global, maybe nothing quotas sagacious is that health family shows who keeps as always, we get more onto the the virus and later in the show, as always, some sections of the bugle going straight in the Bin along with basic the entire world this week in Albania very difficult issue at the news. Melvin festivals been cancelled, Jack, just Whilst I was on the table, the why Hey England's cricket tore Sri Lanka has been called off devastating. Come I mean
the thing, is you allowed to do full screen for a minute? If I wasn't doing on the inside, that much restrain muslin aquifer, I'm not a little about the last fifteen years, the premises german tumor correctly about men so dominant they got. There has to be seen in the key areas as a sports fan formula one season suspended until might make no difference. To me just go was the trafficking outside imagining a lot quicker, but if a little off even our ice hockey and eight shell is often the british elite league is offer if the stress and red hawks charge to the nation, ice hockey, Lake South Division, et de Royal by this virus. There will be riots on the streets of South London. I'm telling you that free blades at dawn, yet it's gonna, be horrific, but that the problem is for me to be over it. I could just sit and watch you
videos of sporting events from the past, but generally know all the results of ever happens now. Is that watching without knowing what happened that Sir Gonna miss it. The pain of amnesty ass- you, oh god, oh god, please, Interpol leavers, really exists. If God is That means he watches Pooh watching this pope, and that means, God is a pervert sorry, for six months only viz enjoying watching it might be a protagonist. Anyway, if God in the Bin this week, a odd, was up your bad summary, Sorry enough. In the bin this week, a travel section, but not any travel section. I thinking about travel, searching. We give
the trend is travel desolations to think about going to the hype hotels that you might not be staying in and they all this wonderful journeys that you could have had were it not for this goddamn virus and we review skewed milvains new corona virus pop up non brass, very medical aid say a restaurant as Movin calls. It acknowledges, restaurant, where for just two hundred and twenty dollars a head and both my service for the non existent starter sexual optically. If your american- for that Bronchial receive an email telling you but the meal that you might have experienced at the restaurant existed. The call you UK, join the wine. Mr Monti, peruse was thinking. How can one ball calls that much before plumbing, for the third shape is not a second suspension was out there Gaza, dazzlingly, inventive menu, unthought of comestible wonders to emerge from the mind of the the waiting star.
That you might have had a surprisingly potent one evening crush on and the fifth thought you might have on the fistfight you might have had with the prick on the table. Next to your six, nay used without covering his snapple area, the star dish. and in the restaurant, night, is rampant, decoupled aficionado of longer staying served on a fresh counted, twelve of sea marinated seaweed strangled by gutless, alarmist, celebrities Larry. I can furbishing because I was in for the non vague and markets might have chicken, the third section in the brain we're. According this on the thirteenth settings, we are voting on the thirteenth of March, which, coincidentally, is world blame someone else day prisoner America gonNA day day early on that one and some obvious blamed, I'll stay were giving you free, bugle scapegoats, blame for anything you like in the world the virus or
issues, including the french literary Celebrity Voltaire, the. because civilization egyptian TAT, God s Basket and Pablo the non existent mexican wrestler. Also today's world sleep die it's going very badly from as early as evidenced by the fact that I'm talking tomorrow the fourteenth is, as we record crowd funding day and in national. Ask a question die. So the question we are do you want a voluntarily subscribed to the bugle to buy the ones, then go to the bugle website and click the dough night button thought story this week the world is in spluttering melt down. Well, as we ve already touched on, it is sir: it's affecting notched ordinary people comedians as well as a man who would have thought it
Oh, she were immune to the virus, because family law, that is the best medicine. So we have a natural immunities are all all diseases the it is true that logarithms medicine which is based on the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, are taken out patents on the gig over snigger before them handles, and the Rhine chuckle. Even to let people in the world less amused. Nations use cheap generic laughs. These Australians Tom. I think it will offer us a fount. Just celtic watching just feeling sad all week, the usual world my main fiscal, my distractions, having ripped away from me, but the thing is shown the fragility of everything we base our entire world on the finance is the distractions the delusions, the hopes, the assumed differences in the basic necessities of existence like food supplies, medical care and support of the whole thing just being shown to me
a movable is an egg in a tumble draw the problem, as my dad often says, that we evolved from fish, sir, Our whole will blame the fish. So I also affront to head area is is moist. It has to be moist because we evolved from fish. We ve just carrying around our own little horrible breeding grounds in front of our heads. What we need is an extent an evolution were, I think, so that we just become Dry and Senator trooper, drawing solitary there we go are we not so good on foot for Tampax? As I hear the United Kingdom is a pet petition currently being debated in parliament temporarily change the country's name to the flu knighted kingdom, so that people in the public can better understand the extent of the virus pandemic. the under Secretary for Disease, Timothy Hyphen Amazon, said quote: no problem. We british counsel for the application of weak as piss wordplay hasn't. He
listed, his favorite song is Billy eyelashes, I'm the bad guy, but then he plays it. While rubbing it loudly by saying hi, the bad guy. I'm dad Genji as we should the reactions around the world and yet political actions that might be a big suspiciously lefty or to suffer the harsh reality of our great commercial planet or not really economically advantageous. Like employment rights, health get free when needed. Demanding and expecting social responsibility from big business. They ve suddenly become accepted and mainstream almost and why is that? Because the markets are collectively shooting themselves. So this this is ironic circle of economic necessity. We ve been pushed into leftism.
by a tiny little via. I think it's nice didn't people, you know cause there's two options: he at one is that we all rush out to get the virus as quickly as possible, so it's over and done with, instead of an economically feasible timeframe, and we haven't chosen to do that. We just decided to try and protect the weak. We can members of our society, which I think is great, I think it sort of predicted my initial impression of people, which is that they are play a video game in this non play, a characters, think most people Look around London thinking of everyone else's an MP. As someone open mouth sneezed outside Tesco. There are tweeting about this. I saw from about thirty
see away and we can put in places as many measures as reliable. We cannot legislate. Forest gives you a gallant, fiscal and over mouse knees, I'm not not bother to even cover, thereby its origins affecting our lives, particularly. We normally begin. The bugle episode with the traditional round of open mouth hand kisses, and we ve had to dispense with that for today, which I see as terrible. Sometimes we might even tongue yet, and I tongues come out I mean if no one's cost is China United Verizon back up United will often just whisper secrets into one another's mouths like toddlers yeah yeah. This measure will podcast all One is immune from this Tom Hanks ask, as is got the virus coordinates going. Full Hollywood. Lively who is doing is PR we're gonna, get songs.
I'll be at least a hundred million openly weekend. Roy, I can't believe he's got it even though we spent at that all that time on that island Bhutto isolated for many his own me company was his wife, slash, basketball, misread greater Wilson, I mean ate it Thanks can get it. Anyone get like ability is no protection, were the only show that topic physical, better placed than most a ride out the virus, because no matter how bad I've got it, they can really convincingly pretend that finding their way out of a minute spluttering, they got out calling for oppression having flashbacks to the first on myself. trade and child. Thank him. It does show that the virus is no respecter of Box Office in a less land who can live. It can get a Hollywood superstar, whose films of gross round ten billion dollars that sends a very worrying message to us. the it seems, attack celebrities far more rapidly than, for example, the legal system in government.
I would urge you saying them in a straight in your your home country and they worried that lives but the virus, because, like country to a lot of very faint, people they seem to be quite genuine and down to earth, so they re leaky person was he's where these will take their value, How do you know she's out? She sees popsicle interact with their farms, bigtime accident or palm, but Tom doesn't want to be a lady killer. You know he's not going to catch me if you can always caused way in the birds. It's a real drag net, something something all those that do not go together Well, yeah, number of other celebrated was celebrities prominence prominent people Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of the canadian Prime Minister, just intruder the Arsenal Football Club manager, Mikhail our tetanus
dean doorways a british government minister, the children's cartoon character Yogi bear the NOME King Lear. These shakespearian Super culture contracted a virus. After an infected drama student sneezed on a script, no one is known, safe and, as you say, in the sort of acting Broadway has been shut down. So my planned Broadway Circa stand up to Turkle crossing show trophy easy targets. Isn't there has been a slight change or not to day? Some shows will be allowed to go ahead, but only a guaranteed not to draw a crowd operating by the following shows are still on Ferris, the unstoppable shitting dog musical rat radically.
Which is a Broadway transfer for the city. New York peep show involving mating wrapped, who were in luxury made of cheese, a history of Turkmenistan Tennis Stage, Mr Havel, who doesn't know a lot about the euro spectre Jehanne by removing the number five hundred and sixty eight in the idea of junior singles rankings back in twenty fourteen terrible person, I've watched at the long, slow death of big bird. only harrowing up before everyone particularism around Adam Adults, snakes in a theater but Theatrical Fullerton hit Samuel Jackson Movie snakes, an opinion which is really struggled about described by one unhappy punter as wait. You realistic still treachery was made bandit, also left Donald Trump banning travel. From EU member states, excluding the Republic of Ireland and also excluding recent EU member states, the United Kingdom on the grounds that no one knows
on the grounds that he has golf courses on them very goes either on those grounds on the grounds that he has grounds there on the grounds of his greyhounds. Here are we I any speed She sounded eighty reasonable or ill. I don't know which may be both, or maybe I've gone crazy at this point, but he's into em. They seemed just kind of quite common, reasonable, laying out the plans for what they were going to do, and that's think you know that case. President. So he's gonna speak on it, but here we just getting everyone pop up. We ve got ferrars, pick up on these night, like in his opinion on Corona, which in many ways is suitable, cause, he's the physical embodiment of minute monthly. Parasitic, obsessive, not just with self isolating isolating an entire nation on about this, but like more than that, The people, I just don't need the takes from United Facebook like post this
a friend of a friend who works in a hospital that knows your uncle Billy Bail and his opinion. Stop trying to panic me a month from did seems attempted on the wider, uncertain nation and in doing so, as you might expect, from a cannibal in a car home as box, widespread panic ends and stock stock market may have understood. The stock markets. A minute very hard, really talk to understand this non economists, despite the fact that, on the published economist The funny thing is any you are, but it does not work it out. We coped Troy hearts that they all of our you shut themselves and persuade the prospects of troubled times ahead. Platinum of baby emerging there still the sums will keep leaving our entire economic system totally dependent on them. I'm sure some day, they'll crack. I had DOW Jones was life but most Welshman. I know depressed anyway, even the poorest.
The north? It came out of his most This was an instinct because the world is full of Can a clown pseudo leaders who accidentally got into power and are now having to dig out serious face. It's as politics has been dragged, kicking and screaming from its comfort zone of deception and family role, like into the irritating reality of pandemic pneumonia, Boris Johnson warned Britain up would lose their loved ones before their time, which has been different back rising to the tens of thousands of british people who still dying of other diseases, hope Johnson. Obviously things about a and things and deserved a puppet. Ellie someone's had a weddings and a but sports Johnson's wasted, really scream? This is the kind of serious shit that I did not only for our is treating Boris, calling him and ineffectual leader spin gray on Twitter Kate, you Hopkins
quoting that tweet telling ferrars he's useless so she's, quoting a tweet between retweet, which is section whom I believe will not watching three rats fight and have been when the ban is on fire. Why am I watching? It is probably, is probably a good question, but we it's gonna, be on social media. Now relentlessly when we self ice- and I am looking forward to a deeply love- aflame Allah will have a technical error apparent did you know that masturbation she held her immunity. So you, if he must debate, you can ward of various decisions on the government to end up as the latest gum. self regulation? We are things I don't think the boys masturbate so much as has unprotected sex and just you know, Knox women up around the country. He evidence pretending that of their. So, if I I just This is why teenage boys think they're invincible. While someone somewhere
splendid to this news with gave us like bears dancing, saying boys when they heard the news that, but that is to assume that girls, don't master by just it just less obvious. You don't have the cracked socks when else do it, but you do have like cuddly toys that in decimate edge to a lot of silica that coffee, like care, bears, turns out. They really do care like I know how aware men and boys of the fat lit teenage girls. Obviously I mean on
ever heard of this is suggesting announced for I am already british things I I talked about. It showed the other night and it got a big laugh of recognition from women in the room. So Alice is China extra as may be used. A book is finding it as if somehow, payment cats family show and they found go by the farmers, but apparently it does a boost. Your me insistent man, I was doing chosen Manchester the weekend that were like five hundred people at the early show five hunt The night shows that they must have all been Lanka's as they looked him route. How, from a polish eyes up on the Richter scale in life expectancy back in the fourteenth century, when such single frowned upon was what mid twenties. Oh, she, those does proof since the life expectancy around the world to shut up since masturbation was discovered in think it was one thousand five hundred and fourteen.
Was it before Christ to hysteria after after a while after chasm in the Victoria, cease do if he were depressed as a woman. They believed it: due to hysteria and eat, to go into the doctrine that Frank you off with a big vibrator which light which is not fair. Not now. If I am not well, I'm gonna get pro. back. I wanna get flicked off as though that's one where time there was actually better back when you lose money. So how was in America, with health insurance, Amazon daddy gave through your employer. Can you have we'd have to us I'm doing opening day about some political rather than a man made, nor whereby the very concept of safe should not have to suffer
a joy to fish too has decreased significantly declining rates of infection, and has partly open up a robot hospital. Now this risk is clearly where the world is going to mean huge human doctors, notoriously still a lot of people die, whereas the robot doktor, of course, We totally infallible was robot or you have a six different kinds of robot up does in this new hospital, which is in which hang in will hand they. do all the sort of dirty work which is nice, it's nice to take that up and the whole hospital is equipped with five five. Gee Wi Fi, so people can tweet from their deathbeds just handy. I'm I'm super excited to see the new sit. Come the drama, That said in the new robot hospital and can be called e r to day to just the road Hence the drama. The complete
lack of em, I shouldn t like house, but with robots. You don't pick up a wonderful all of this. A fascinating thing about this hospital is that was set up in less than a week and the robots would donated by chinese Cloud, robotics company cloud mines and the fact that they could that they had robots on stand by to set up a hospital in less than a week implies a huge robots. Worry. To me, yeah, I would lost any of those using those Boston. Tat. Video is right. You have the advance robot there, the but dogs here have a thousand were here, have a thousand robots? Don't ask any questions as well. It does look increasingly like this. Planet is no longer viable, so attention, as always turns to a potential other worlds that we could live on. Some very exciting news come through recently
Astronomers have observed distant planet called wasp. Seventy six b, where it rains molten. I am, I mean, that's not bad at least if it rains iron iron, might rest in the rain good point, we'll just get more irony. The irony is that if the perfect planet for four british people also real, whether to complain about number bloody right, that's a lasting more. How drawing just need the mountain on patient now, don't get me stone on the bloody win over ten thousand molin arrogant. I've got through six on beneficiaries, nor even the end of March Training ion! That's fine! If it also reigned vision be six riper flood in nice in black ass. It very well, I wouldn't be more in the morning. I be very helpful, gives a broader perspective on global warming as well. Is this planet was seventy six b daytime temperature
all still position. Does he play outside central one of the junior to him to come out in the yard? I temperature tempted two thousand four hundred degrees celsius and Yet here we are now getting our global nickels and a considerable twist about did a little two or three degree rise sounds like a big. It's good tourists spot I mean literally hot spots year on this planet, is only forty three hours long. But a day lost forever lazy. Ass, planned economy bullets, roadside Milosevic processes. forty three hour long year, means that would be an Olympics in earth terms once a week for having a toddler yeah lost over two weeks that permanent double olympics. You would be so happy thereat, they will just be analysed more hours, only someone and picks up, What
current of ours doesn't transmit when it gets hotter schools. So people are willing- and it's Christmas, every data, because it as it is he's lost forever life, as is also Valentine's day. Every day is, while these, but the seventies, glum Rocco's wizard, who say that they wished it could. Christmas everyday that which is granted on wasps indexing display and, if not, why. I imagine how they envisage day Santa thanks for the scale extract sadly instantaneously viper doesn't want to create any chance of a heat resistant, reindeer ones. A it's gotta be functional two and a half thousand associates thanks, PS aspersions nose out of the question I cannot imagine anything worse than Christmas every day who wants the drunk on voting into the kitty, pull for eternity, still over. Turkey must slots MIKE about my kind of my candidature.
I'm into it says I wanna sandwiches, you been Suffolk, a very hot Plata ether, probably benefit I drink in some kind of liquid in a glass baby. How follow something wrong info? Half a glass of molten, you're, gonna Moon NEWS now Alice you're, the Beatles Planetary Satellite correspondent, Yes, apparently we ve got a new moon. We have it. We have a new moon that is rotating in the sky. You can't see it it's about the size of a car. Elon musk is already looking into sending a car there to Park of Knox, so close to the new moon and play Grimes tracks as a tribute to the pending Grimes Musk baby. Oh yes, come on. We got a philosopher plea to the count was a moment if its society the girl her maiden I mean you have, though, the master right, those
the size of a star, but only if the started the size of a car, that's good, very philosophical. I'm I'm worried that two means will mean more periods that something make uncertain about the two means of our young extra time small periods, yeah more crying twenty twenty two twenty eight days more, so we every fourteen day be every two weeks, and I did you are the more you are in tune with the moon. A really is the during your body, moves with them in the moonlight just doing some unrelated water. Related research are different project and worried me. Water does sound like a great fragrant three to release the or very bad euphemism. For something else preventive and I are really bad and call umbrella sentence by centres by granting gravitational pull to the Gatt.
Let us almoner outdo war about this new Micro Moon, that we're gonna go to rewrite history bacon. Neil Moonlit Veil, Armstrong, was the first first human on the larger of the two major, whether I was not justified, on the moon. The first on aim at the first on one of all, to my mind, is a race to get people to the tiny majority mode mentioned it can be moved to see if there's more than four of them one and have to ride in the moon, but that the moon to can't drive a moon, the sequel, but but Buzz Aldrin still alive. As some in his children, killed before the off the silver metal step. onto the gold fire him into space here, what a way to go? this weekend in Britain, the tea new challenge for the Exchequer riches, eunuch issued governments first budget since the general election and
what I pay off to sing off the conservatives, theyve uncorked hard left spend spend spend budget in a desperate effort to camouflage the ten the devastation of the head have inflicted on on Britain strange time, but very excitingly particular context of all. This episode was gonna. Have the government is planning to finally scrap the tampon tax? the attacks on the luxury that you Ladys get to enjoy the metal regular. Alas, I am not even on the rat he'll. Take full advantage of this was not my surprise comes out. Almost all It does take some of the glamour out of it, though it before you know they were a luxury product categorized in the locker regional languages, military special, but now not the cheapest jobs,
I don't believe there were luxury, because then there would have been dodging the battle with wings and a home. Yet I imagine you go into the toilets like what you are in the Agro, Barbary, Barbary out there might yes away wrapping led the the tampon tax, which was supposed to happen. I think about for you the guy five years ago, they seems light in itself. Could you thought it would have soon, as anyone had noticed that it came into existence because delight yeah from the case currently. This text is going to save every woman in Britain approximately forty three pounds a year which dozens like a lot of it. If you think about it as a whole, part of the budget is also now been calls for the government to pay that money back, perhaps to something that would be nice for women flowers. Whatever women like film produces the own. Rapists could fund a whole film producer for a wholly here. What we we haven't gone, Archie, sorry
depends on how much you ve got in this cause. I utilizing I'll UNESCO swift. We, I don't think we ve gone far enough because, because actually scotland. They ve made some cheap products free in a bid to tackle period, profit poverty. Success in Scotland, I'm not the best person to explain this so so I have got scottish boyfriend explains a hang period, So the government has finally scrap attacks on disposable, minstrel products and as a by catch time. Tampons luxury items and taxing them suggests immensely in is a conscious decision based on self going for manicure. I'm Tellin, you sell fire, I thought then a few days in pay and should, in my view, an enlightened and shellfish cotton wool. Much off just Chile, you know meet again, I still get CSL hen
isn't he a choice, and then he forget: if it didn't you, stop, and none of us would even be here so to be forced to pay for the privilege is popping of the only thing worse than having to pay for bodily function is being which is why great attacks, has been scarp up. In Scotland we ve gone one step further in an effort to eradicate Peter poverty. The scottish government is to provide three medical products, the women of all ages, get it up here, which we call the copier plunge bullets american black lives. You ought to be three put all no longer will within you up. I mentioned the struggle and have to improvise their family ammo or shop from backlog, a single step forward. there's something I stepped forward. Hopefully,
It is the use of non euphemistic language when describing the plaudits summitry part of its being a term is a problem, as it suggests, a natural Boggley function is unsanitary, either call it the disposable menstrual product section or change the sign about the toilet I'll too horrible unsanitary, big, smelly, shit, waken people that you white, actual shit up just like an asshole with I'll, find it shocking when people are discussed in the z list. Now, if you are disgusted by no discussion of the usual lining or interior recreation, as I like to call it you. Well, that she does a hat for nine months. Wegg calm, TAT show out chill out. Hopefully, pre both drinks news now Alice, Yogi, bugles, energy and carbonated drinks. Correspondent
um a massive news from the energy drinks industry, yes, indeed, Pepsico is planning to purchase rockstar energy drinks for three point: eight five billion dollars Pepsi, as you know, has been sinking into relative obscurity and most english speaking countries since the color wars of the sixteen ninety seven nineteen sixty is a whenever they were fighting, but now Pepsi, on taking back a chunk of market share by expanding into this energy drinks market. You might think carbonated drinks. Colors were already energy drinks, but I'm here to tell you that if you thought that you're, an king idiot who doesn't know anything about anything, rockstar energy, things have more caffeine and more other sort of via being chemicals, and if you drink too many of them, you smell like plastic. I know that from travelling in a car with Brendan Burns, If you drink enough energy drinks, though give you hop palpitations. If you mixing with alcohol, though keep you upright long after your self preservation instinct would have rendered you to unconscious to make good bad decisions anymore there. Therefore, the price
a choice for young people who don't have access to cocaine. There are good stuff he's Doin up to cocaine or down from cocaine footing as they basically cocaine, but with more sugar on the sum has cut your cocaine with sugar, which is excitingly the original recipe for call the drinks. What fun Energy drinks is extremely valuable market. They ve fill the gap over the what twenty five thirty as it used to be catered for by, for example, sleep, proper work, life balance nutrition, whom the likes of of red ball of stepped in that now read proposal energy drink made by rising alive, Belinda, condensing the demonstrators gaseous remain a parking as well. It does not view that is not vague and friendly, naturally, carbonated, of course, because any vaporize, the outgoing old Bob leap of faith, one million cans the year in nineteen. Eighty seven lay eighties early in the there're, their existence, tolerable,
selling, not that many until whereabouts naughty naughty for you. I started expanding internationally and what does not coincide with the euro. the Bonn Jovi Song Sleep, what I'm dead, also the end of apartheid element, Vinos always didn't waited contributing, basically alive and I'm alive or asleep. When I did say now be racist when I'm drunk a punch, you that was not built, an efficient lyric of that some now read both cells. Seven point: five billion cans a year clearly on Jovi spot in use in such an global influence upon jive, either pay before well, note no longer need to sleep, because my spiritual girlish VON Jovi, whose knife and post but interestingly Not only is energy rings cannot, but more people are dead now than at any point in human history. You can read it that's what you want. I think
I think by driving is fine with it because he's one a dead or alive. Well, just a famous candlelight shouting his cap, Madame many people, have said that makes it makes riches on board. One of Aristotle, hedge always win, Yes, bunch, ivy, very famously as old above Bonbon Jovi Swedish. Only coincidentally, asked. Any hearings have gone up mantra. Sales over the same period have collapsed by ninety eight percent. That's a lie: but it does explain what matters we companies advertise on podcast and energy drinks companies and a range of major sports and turn over a billion dollars. It fungi, You ve got a lot to answer for Muslims. Are we can't drink a mattress adieu? My mama, my mama, she thought much reside. Was death from being pushed off Abed unduly strangled at that as a very,
objective mine, glaringly what none Iphone I'm interested in the fact that the Coca COLA was originally sort of cocaine, heavy and its recipe, because I just try to imagine all the gold rush era, guys coketown talking about what nuggets they got that day in how they shall go into business with each other, because I've known you got no mugged get will get love nuggets, open up bank ton, travel good, acted too That brings us to the end of this week's bugle will as disgust and nobody must have plugged be honest people show and nourish on the fourth of April is currently still schedules to go ahead, but without remains the case, I'm not sure I will give you updated. Vivier, twitter, feed and future future broadcasts
at an eagle plug non non life, show a compliment. My probably council, shuffle on on Sunday in New York, am I probably council, Malaysia, or actually I'm plenty of emu. That's what I'm doing. I've got a special and video call man. You can download it for five, and I think, if you want some Oh, you know perform as an artist when this is happening by some much download their specials. I think I shed both because as well as has one on Amazon Real, my did want to release a back still available. Yes, your guy false destroy, you know you can fly to every one of virtually barbaric most. Yes, I have trilogy of put cost available for free on put gases to call the last phrase: a chilly g, my Amazon, special of Savage, which has a solid. I was coming out on the nineteenth of April on Amazon, Prime. I also have the resistance up on Amazon. Prime settle be two fold, Yo Amazon, Prime his subscription, or you can sign up to my patriot, pidgin dot com, Slash Alice, Fraser,
five dollar level and you'll get ethos and the resistance which are two of my one hour, specials for free with that subscription, so not for free for two and a half pounds each. You can unsigned at the end of the month. If you want to be about eurobonds for Listen to the bigger we'll be back next week, even if I have to record it in my shit, but also the last post, how this programme that's about gas, happens every day, It's a pug customs being done by another Alice Fraser, but it appears in my email inbox every morning, and I put it up to take credit for hello. You know you were coming from its presumably a parallel dimensional, it's quite close to our own, but one so diverged occasionally sending your emails could. Obviously I'd prefer to have her permission to put up this content, given that we have very similar voice and on taking credit for everything that she does. This very similar to the plot of Kalsaken contact group.
the same guy or will we lack next week is made a shed talking to myself. putting on a silly voice, pretending to be my own co host vehicle woke out. Do this virus, we call catch you through headphones. Remember that view.