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BoJo's got it, Trump's lost it, criminals are furious! Andy and Alice with the latest on Coronavirus.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world, be all the more giddy the Olympics is all rights that that's king virus can go, get self come here. You little Crown face Tata, where I must do it out. Man, o d viruses have has covered only like you want to do ye snaky little sub workers, gulping ship bag of gonna. Stick o work, you with my stick right: that's it I'm going to training rocky style, I'm running up and down the steps outside my shed militants. don't have about an inch I, but the boy stands behind. It was a much more crookedness had been the web, but still I'm gonna. Take you down you pathogenic brick. You gotta say me. I'm too fast, but above all, agenda could plunge is not only a gas I've seen scarier daffodils that you please give him most brought back
The hollow shell of a human being, formerly known as and these coming to live from the shed again for this issue, four thousand one hundred and forty six of the bees what you're newspaper for I frankly panicking well joining me this week from his putting production by fifty miles above the surface. It sir produce a caress hello, Chris Hello, I'm sorry! I was on mutes because I still haven't mastered online video calling, even though that you have done for the last ten days was just here. Natural state of existence is a producer on means where you belong. You join me from the other side of the world's putting me down number into locked down on the curfew. Eights Alice rise Andy of in full quarantine for six days, and I M not enjoying, is really support. with the snow,
Fun, it's no fun! I built this big and little room all of my own tens, I'm not that great company well I've had a fascinating, weaken them home schooling in which we'll go into more detail on this next week. I'll give you a full day by day breakdown of my home schooling efforts, but my to say that our little physics experiment to earth me to try to explain the difference for my children, but nuclear fusion and nuclear fission went very, very badly wrong. Apologies! living within a fifty mile radius of our house. They are recording on the twenty seventh of March two thousand. The twenty today in nineteen fifteen Mary Mallon, also known as typhoid Mary became the first asymptomatic healthy carrier of typhoid to be idle
divide in the USA. She was put in full quarantine for the second time in her life and was never released for the remaining twenty three years until death. Now, in the current circumstances, allowing that story, it's all a worrying mourning for any of us, not at all that way just ignore what let's just ignore it that I must forget about ever ever twenty three years in the shed a bit? I love my shed, but even that's just not enough old sport footage to go round on this day in seventeen. Ten was the. of Joseph a the belgian cellist and composure. He d, to the age of ninety five in eighteen, o five, so he's in a very high risk category do not Do any of his music unless you are at least two metres away from your headphones, as always some sections of the bureau. straight in the Bin. Today is what fear today and not a great day.
that around the world currently being as they are not allowed to open, but to help get through well fated! I, the Beagle present micro versions of the grey, works a fit of you to act out in your own homes. Firstly, Shakespeare's Smash it hamlet, bloody hell, might my mind up, equal is Agamemnon how I love you look cross. What's the matter jack, three sisters we a family. got all my sisters with me. That's bicycle no, but I want Sophocles Adipose Rex. Your rights he's gotta be in all good family Christmas, Mummy, stroke, darling and all familiar the crucible. Well, if you explain what you had a broomstick, a cat and the cauldron run letter off two out of three we'll be fine all three It just looks bad, also were in the Bin
home exercise, a section Krishna you are renowned for being here. Are you a keen exercises I have a reason How are you, how are you getting on stock of you been going out much. I've got my applying top to three minutes and era that that's that's the latest side plank dingo, like small plank what our bank one for a plank I just need to leave the house place. Acheson's you're allowed to leave the house for a sanction one hour, I'm not allowed to leave the house at all, and it was no good Well, you can do a home triathlon government advised home travel on his have above, do the cross, but an unsafe, you ve gone, it's nice left
means of keeping fit under under current blood lockdown conditions, including w and art, a new form of exercise which stands for wasps nest, really I wish you release fifty Washington's you're living at the time you sort of the loss of the mat sick, you buddy equivalent calories to playing eight consecutive sets of squash with a pig, Roger Hunger com. And what the French have come up with: gymnastic toilet, the N O known in British as Bogdan aspects that is going about your daily, shall we say to let you know rituals, whilst also getting some exercise set to do this. They are taller all your precious precious toiler house, now worth more gulled itself, not put them on a holder high up on the wall by you,
as a French would say: Shades Porsenna Days Ex flog Lucy. All these are money is forcing you to do some very important, lumbering and trans torture structures to reach Europe. Your paper on a hopefully at least daily basis and no tales of course draw your hands by doing two hundred and fifty consecutive star jumps. Everyday rituals can help keep Also in the Bin this week well, I took my home schooling we on the bugle over the forthcoming weeks. We will be giving you buglers exams. Even if you yourselves, all for your children, if you are hung schooling them over the forthcoming weeks, beginning with the key sub of mathematics. Here's your bugle, mathematics, exam question, one put the following numbers in the wrong order. I thought. A hundred and twenty one. Seventy eight thousand nor point three and three hundred and fifty six question too.
need a bit of historical, malicious one, but is primarily a mass problem. So multiply the following numbers together: pay attention: you can write down as you go along. They know of wives of Henry the eighth multiplied. the number of disciples of the prominent alleged Messiah Jesus H, Christ multiplied by the we're founding states of the United States multiplied by the number of words in the published novels of Dean, all Koontz correct to March twenty twenty. If you listen to this in the future, multiplied the total number of beats per minute. In the top, forty Uk Chart hits of rock legend deaf leopard multiplied but he total weight of plankton in grams that would have been eaten by celebrity, while Moby Dick. If the novel Moby Dick was allowed to play out in real time in real life, Malta, I buy the number of spanish innocent Chrome toolkit, multiplied by distance in miles travel by the starship enterprise and all episodes of the original nineteen Sixty STAR Trek Series Sixty by the number of,
snoopy champions who were born in the main region Journey classic period of main civilization in the first millennium. Eighty see if your mask skills, can get that right for you I mean I enjoyed. I will I enjoyed watching Chris trying to do that mass in his head. Her about the first three goes round of that the vote was excellent the way things like she stopped concentrating? I got to the end of it and I had she realized. I do what the HANS was at the very end of the show for anyone who doesn't want to spoil a dirty at Northanger. The workers. Next question: question three pie: there are now number this goal. Something to do with circled has been calculated to fifty trillion digits or something large anyway, but if because we're lest round by a factor of ironically, three point, one four percent, how many fewer dig? It would be needed to work out what pie was and why how much smaller would a football be appreciated.
Looking for that question for James Joseph Sylvester, the english mathematician said, mathematics is the music of reason, but the question is what type of music is. It is a free form, acid, funk tv sport show fame, tombs, see, Three on the singing a rude him d bite, Seven times Hendricks over Daphne, plus Celeste or a home in our own, ironically, partly nanogram, maths and Finally, I feel much question which of the question. Five, which are the following. Mathematical theories, has been concur. Jimmy disproved, I Kepler S. Third principle of toast dropping be Keith. What counts is lost. Their see two out of three ain't bad day before second rule, the law of Archimedes, scrotum at which is something to do with how quickly a naked man's private parts dry when he jumped out of the box and run through the streets
The board Mcenroe paradox in who so please write your own system and then burn them at a safe distance that section in the Bin next week, history job story this week, while it still virus news corona vigorously irritating Micro Boston does have the world into panic. Systems of mega gales continue You told one is Anti Mary way. The renowned pathogenic disease body covered nineteen has come up with the intriguing strategic master stroke of having a baffling range of symptoms, ranging from no symptoms at all to rapid and unpleasant death, leaving its primary. I'll get species humanity in a state of globally viral bafflement.
and has unleashed, and administrative shit allows that could take decades to recall, and as we came to record that I just minutes ago, Boris jumps in the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by repeats has announced that he has been diagnosed with the corona. and is now having shed mild symptoms not governing in self Isolation is an added concern. At least one of his girlfriends is pregnant and also we focus we prince Charles Add to the throne of this pestilent nation also has tested positive, and the already if someone is never got to where the crown being afflicted by a newcomer virus named after crowns, must sting particularly hard. Yes, by John, has the right now he's
when prey to the virus, which proves that viruses on no respect is of high office, we can only hope that he has a mild form of the disease because it would be terrible optics to have him need a respirator and have to kick a suffering. Nana often I see you bed. Obviously that would never happen. Khazar, probably special respirators for the cabinet in a bunker somewhere. You know they definitely have the hat you absolute. We know that Churchill got revived quietly at least eight times from various alcohol and cigar induced organ failures. That man did not look after his organs was a sort of ours in their respective states, is making a very on british virus without wishing to be from producing a phobic above it. God said to make clearly will attack the rich and powerful as much as anyone else. It is. If you will somewhat I Corona Classic an hour question. No, I will not ask questions may be.
about the wisdom or otherwise of the strategy of opening the stable door and asking the horse he not about to fall or two thousand to be back in Dover. Sugar plums at six p m and going those who had all his possessions, packed in rucksack sunglasses on its head, an airline ticket from freedom into his pocket book, We can say that for when this is played out and what, the tragedies it brings. For now we are in Britain, and indeed around the world in the F, F C stately fingers crossed and giving thanked. The miracles of medicine and sir equally miraculous workforce Alice, Hauser, immediate use, since your last on the bugle you have transferred hemisphere is Hauser. As of now iris going. Does it go Lee? I forget to rotate in a different direction: Bologna acquainted with the sun malaria. We're going into more and more lockdown, because they asked us politely and then we went to the beach. Can he ripped as even Britain was not modesty,
you, don't have a bates. You have little piles of rocks and sexism wet stuff, Yeah in Australia has been fascinating because Ascot Morrison of these strange government has released a series of very clear instructions to the people of Australia, which are incredibly confusing about what you should do and what should stay open. When asked what jobs are essential jobs categorized as essential jobs that you should stills still go to, he said all jobs are essential, he's also insisting he's also insisting that hairdresser appointments are an essential service that must be kept open, but you shouldn't go to the headrest of more than half an hour. I mean everyone's got their addiction, but I reckon he's just preparing for a full apocalypse. I think headdresses are going to be essential when everything goes to absolute shit cause. We all need to get our mohawks in shape for the funded
I've always wondered why stylus get so much work in post, apocalyptic economies. You got your thugs ye God's yet stroppy, you scrappy street kids, your warlords and you here and now specialists. half an hour in a hairdresser, is more than our spending a hairdresser in a year beginning with too so. I think I'm gonna managed herself the light from my coffee one and in Britain awfully licences have been added to the list of kind of socially crucial outlets there are allowed. to remain open, because there is absolutely no why Britain can possibly get through this level. Of isolation and social restriction without access to copious quantities, of alcohol, yeah Drunk trim other well leads me to effective Angela Merkel, and just intruder were also operating in isolation other they have not yet
not been diagnosed is suffering from the virus, whereas that both Gennaro of Brazil in the mexican President Lopez Oberdoffer, essentially going around Looking babies like ice creams and farting, a t, shirt kind of adaptive to fall out of viruses into their adoring fans. They are not giving in to the demands of sides and common sense will. Mr Putin is, though Vladimir Putin has been seen, making a surprise visit to Infectious Disease hospital in common aka, which is a settlement on the outskirts of Moscow. I just don't think. Let me making a surprise visit to anywhere is a good idea. I think he's gonna shop people at the heart of tax, but he went there wearing a fool. Hazmat suit. Which is led to some crazy names. Are these first another? The scene put in with a shirt on to
real benefits of this instrument for has brought out the best and worst inhumanity this crisis very much like other things, do, for example, war and law. in general, but unfortunate in the current climate. Many of those from whom has drawn the worst rulers of large countries and misery. Obviously a leading the way is Sir Mister Trump Trump who is this handsomer, while controversial things easier said that he wants America back to business by Easter witches very far away assuming these referring to this Easter, rather than on emotion, future putative at Easter, when at another the Messiah second coming, is ended by your crucifixion to the sequel. thinking, is that the economic damage is worse than than is necessary for the lives of its citizens. The cue what is worse than the problem said. Sir trampled still didn,
this week, which is reminiscent of commitments made an exciting while it's a short distance to poor? If we try to go through the iceberg rather than around it, so full steam ahead jumps out. We cannot the cure, be worse than the problem itself. Words that, in an ideal world, would have been repeatedly by every single republican voter they as they walked into those polling stations in November. Twenty sixteen and he added the whole concept of death, is terrible, Mama he's supposed to be a Christian is a support base. It on death was killed, pray offer your special boy wasn't jeez as his mates the public and governor of Texas damned Patrick pretty much advocated the sack price of the older generation on echo, what grounds he said. Those of us who is seventy plus we'll take care of ourselves, but don't sacrificed the country He said no one reached out to me and said as a senior citizens are you willing to
like a chance and your survival in exchange for keeping the America that America loves for children and grandchildren, and if that is the exchange, I'm all in before one assumes, setting an example and sliding himself humanely, of course, in a touchingly, humble active, penance, Davy, spiritual, Lord and Master and Savior economics. Perhaps he straight I offer that speech. He went and pumped millions of dollars into a tv advertising campaign target the virus, vulnerable community, showing himself wilfully pegging out for the greater good in a range of fun ways, drowning in advance of snoring jelly human catapulted across a beautiful appalachian mountains or hum to death by John Mechanical Sex Robot George Washington. There could be no greater acts of patriotism. Surely, despite the info, the vat and Patrick suggestions they cyanide for septuagenarians movement has not yet had that much political traction butter. What's this place You wouldn't consider that it would be a viable political position to just put an entire generation on ice flow and send them out to sea
Apparently it Europe will they get. They have passed an absolute walker. The rescue package had passed by the Senate, two trillion dollars the sun was an honour, the fictitious rapid to truly bucks who would, if he or she exerted caribbean self isolation with suspected symptoms. Their sacrifice would not have gone on pre under it shouted in that's good to know. I'm That's a lot of money, but I guess when you're twenty three trillion into what difference as an extra couple of trill. Do you just wacky on the tab, probably already some american eggs in american ovaries that are more than willing to settle up when the two then comes the Senate majority to Mitch Mcconnell described it as a wartime level of investment, Of course, he did come slowly off. The european governments did exactly the same thing: I mean
where is worse than a problem, is a reasonable thing to say, if you mean like the health impact of high rates of unemployment and economic shot down, is like that's a measurable him health impact, it's quite bad, but has not worse than the problem. If you consider that without trying to prevent the virus, you get an economic impact of lots of people dying of the virus and also of preventable diseases that could be cured if the healthcare sector was collected collapsing under the weight of the virus and also the population being centimetres by one and Andrew people dying and also everyone having London Tit lung conditions, Reverend ever ever like. I don't think he's It through her hand, although I I think you could say that about almost everything that he's ever said. over three million people in America. Registered declaimed jobless, benefits for the weak ending on the twenty first of March. That's a new american record. But try to add to his is supposed collection here in Britain, the governess forking out money. It clearly does not have to cover lost earnings and wages for millions and millions of people, the hospitality industry
retail entertainments bore all been absolutely appallingly affected by this, about those other industries that flight under the right out of public consciousness like crime, well, loves Gandhi and of Envy IP t? F, the petitions that you a bird was thieves and fences and Alan we are striving to see our feet. Grimm's UK pressure put on for my boss of the notorious Rivers gang issued. statements slamming the government for its lack of support for the criminal community. Just I've been reads with ever locked in their homes. It has never been tougher to pull off a successful breakin, but tell you what the government clamping down on people heading off to their second homes in the country or by the seaside, which is naturally a core parts of our members business models. This is a fact Did everyone in our sector, from large organised drugs gangs do small time petty crooks over because of our registered gangs about a laugh orally, follow their members in all forty two percent of gangs have been
Shelly disbanded or been forced to merge with rival gangs. Furthermore, these diamond continues restrictions on movement makes shifting stolen goods on for resale extremely logistically problematic and, as most fences are self employed, it has been devastating for them. Furthermore, They generally do not declared the exact source of income. They do not qualify for the government's new bailout package for the self employed Furthermore, with people increasingly concerned about their personal finances ending in these times of uncertainty, the average ransom paid has collapsed by seventy three point: six percent in less than a month, the option is that many of our members of info, to turn away from crime to earn a decent living, which in turn could have a devastating impact on the secondary dependent industries which rely on the crime sector police. Who were now reduces stopping people having unlicensed picnics lawyers, burglar alarm, installers, insurance companies, Cassell Rooms, psychologist councillors and mobile phone manufacturers who depend on people having to buy new phones when some bastard Nix theirs, and please don't have time or resources to get involved because movement,
to conclude the government describe this as a wartime situation, but for us in this ancient industry, which has contributed so much of the national economy, culture and tv schedules over the years war prevented opportunities amidst the chaos. Now we see only restrictions that government has long provided for resistance and even now urge the white collar criminals. It is time for that. to step in for the rest of us to prevent people we terminal decline of our entire criminal sector and with it a way of life that has been part of this great british nation ambition. Stonehenge had its roof Nicht and all the copper stripped of its source in stone for died before its official opening so moving words, terrible business, Andy and you'd think that the citizens would be all right because children generally don't seem to get the virus. But a lot of falcons have long conditions. It is difficult for everyone
no one really knows one of the difficulties, as you ve touched on peoples of ignoring the rules not known quite how to earth to go about it, and, as is the launch of the two meter isolation, distance between you and someone who is not nor a living in the same house as you? When you go out on how to America to ensure that our don't ruin the human brain is not really trained to work out to meet her distance? and by evolution, because I've got nothing. A cyber tooth tiger could jump from five meters, solemn and ass, the distant from natural distance. We we stomach. Also, I mean this is maybe a new, but maybe this is making some room for new jobs in the postcode virus, or during virus economic landscape, for example, basketball, is now no longer able to play against one another. Could good
I down in between you and another person to show you. The distress this little room for professional hand washes professional, cough explain as very important activity excellently cough. Then you feel you have to explain immediately why you will coughing than then you not from the virus. I was just getting a biscuit a lot of room for people who give out live injections. We're gonna go out of business in a mask filled. Well, maybe they can offer the injecting skills to the beleaguered health workers and also I think Mary condos gonna be out of a job, because it turns out a whole lot of things that don't give you joy of actually super useful to have around shut down the missing a little shit now and you're out of your mind, board and look at the craft supplies another leaving a relevant rusty old wait, said no business opportunities, work of the food sector the restaurant haven't had to close down the supermarket.
so over contain GM, is a new chain of drone. Contagious M is a new business that offers meals dropped by drones on edible letters parachutes from a safe height over one thousand things. They landed the right garden after enviously. What, neighbours shouting down on your lovely, lovely, Lamb, shank if you want this new government advice, has just come out? Mcgovern have been criticised for slot nebulous in their advice, which m is partly justified, but they have to the very clear advice on how to ensure to meet a distance between yourself and other people just come from. downing street. We advise people to buy a helicopter to then from the blades to Tunisia length. That's it's what seven and a half inches. If your choppers from the nineteen sixty three or four point three seven cubits. If you have these sikorski biblical avenger aged forty to chop holes,
your legs on the floor of the helicopter cabin and remove the tiles section of the aircraft and much of the frontal portion you can't as well without it totally collapsing attached its weight to the remaining parts of a helicopter frame. To stop it actually taking off switch it down so the blade doors close to head height as possible and Jerry Wrigley Engine of decommissioned military tank to your lead, waited chop assuming you have a move around when on entering an area where you think you might come into contact with a non sanctioned PH bracket, Sir, that's potentially infectious human simply switch the helicopter alms and oblige rotate. You will find it most we'll ground Judy full to meet a virus safety moat, if not considerably more. Exactly how to get around this. Of course, people about turning to the cause of the virus. Trumps cabinet, pastor, blamed.
on gay people. He said that the kind of ice is the result of the wrath of God, which is an excitingly retro way to approach a virus. I mean, if is true. If it's true is it going to close the coronavirus age in vengeance? The gay people live in God's wrath is come down disproportionately hard on old people with lung conditions or not washing your hands. Enough makes you gay. Entirely sure how that works out but sure. But if that's true, then pretty much. That was some bad. let's get every child in the world, is guy you said Children are guy, is now the episodes flow or prayer. Is I've been currently
actually and in terms of their disk of this disease is currently on curable by by medicine and prayer is achieving a survival right. An excessive ninety percent, some say hi is ninety nine percent now other site? This is the same as actual medicine, or praying and the control must seem on research and withdrawal. Praying people recite baseball statistics to a wax effigy of flu Nightingale is actually proving slightly more effective, it Nightingale. One of the great hand washes of history. You known new problems call for new euros. We need. The list of our great handwashing here is that the Florence Nightingale punches pie class, my lady Macbeth you how, queues? nickel since character in as good as it gets more expense the Olympics, women really taken too fast. That regulation measures
speculation about the potential availability of of tests, accurate or otherwise just give us its Esther vaccines and yeah Nonreligious kills Donald Trump. Just this morning has held a press conference in which he told people. I've heard if you drink a bottle of household bleach. Two leaders of the most than a chocolate milkshake you'll be cured within minutes. Give it a go function. Ascend recently led to some extremely dangerous incidents around America. Of course, our people are trying to stop the spread of the disease in different ways. Different governments of presenting people with different options are New York has given advice to people to only bang your flat nights, in those words basically, yes said to do not look out this outside the home for sexual contact. Only only bang people inside your household
Let's hope is either you especially a flat mate and not about something else. That is, I sit, come waiting to happen now. Only buying your flat mindset come, I mean don't turn you already have like nude and afraid dating show this Glinda. Above me, this is the thing we're having to place traditionally intimate moments with more hygiene. Equal terms is, for example, giving birth to a child into a piece of cling film, so you can hold them gently, but hygiene. Equally, if, at the end of weddings you, you may not kiss the bride, humanity tap elbows with the bright and of does a boom in the sexting industry, which is difficult some very specific. This was rules that sexting needs to comply with what not particularly good for people who are comfortable with expressing their intimate feelings, for example everyone in England and certainly
of tips for people who are now forced to engage with over the phone as sexual contact, and if you are sexting, an annual using language be specific, but not clinical, you have to be specific, could not clinical and commence. Lubrication is too graphic. Words like insert a to engineering time. Scales are important like conscious, be, let's have six we're having sex. We ve just had six that there is a beginning and middle an end, but moved no detail. You know tat. You need to fill it in with a little bit of color. Equally, content to quickly be also conscious, six back and forth for a week describing a singular act in minute. Detail: you're, not you not dickens and even the imagination can get chasing. You need to be very careful about singular and plural. Look at my boots is sexy. Look at my boob singular nuts exit,
You need to agree on terminology beforehand. You can't have a young person with a cop person there two different worlds. It would never work. Equally, you can't have evolved a person with a Willie person. They never respected if you're going to the world, pictural sexual- this, which have never really understood that the Hope Dick Pick thing is basically to Saint just look at it. No, I didn't write a letter written off right. Swathes of wonderful were nice ones on Well, there's nothing if you, if you're doing up a piece of art or if you are sending a dick pick, there's no reciprocal thrill other than like who read even, if you're, sexting, back and forth, with with your partner or friend, you, don't know, what's going on it and if it sort of contemporaneous it there's a little pause between your sent message in their response. You don't know how they reacting there either a passionate,
unfolding their genitals or they ve gone to make a cup of tea or their working on their Gramma. You dont know if they're gone quiet because their borders, if they're gone quiet because they D shoved their the healthiest into them. apparently this time, even for a million times in this, Despite the ban on intimate conduct, tinder usage has gone up because people love window shopping. so be careful out there be careful if everyone, Well now, for I corrode of ours outbreak person of the week this week, Draco, the man who gave us the currently hip term draconian measures. But who was it a drink I will draw come. I was the first recorded lawgiver of ancient Athens, sir. He worked in the light seventh century BC.
A key role in the evolution of athenian democracy, which was a key stage in the evolution of the political attack at which so elevates our species. Even today I came up with them. The first of written codify laws spoken laws up to that point will consider too vague and imprecise. If you can imagine, I, like imagine, maybe a prime minister being a press conference and telling you what you kind of cannon kind of calm and or should an shouldn't, probably do and or not do me was gonna write so a drug o replacing prevailing system of oral law and blood feuds. By a written code to be enforced by a court of law, athwart the bloody lawyers gettin a finger in the pie, as always argue married to learn. Well, yes, and is the recent years a finger in the bikers. You just made the delicious fine that got could quote
Draco introduce the death penalty for even minor offences such as stealing a cabbage. Now it is clearly a matter time of all that comes back in the care of panic, buying circumstances. Oliver Big days, Lord. How were repealed by the rather less cantankerous. So long in the sixth century, based He put his name lives on in the term draconian now, you dont know much about his personal life Draco other than the fact that he's definitely dead. He never did carry ok, all right, a big MAC read into that what you he played Snoopy very quickly, and I would have struggled to find a nickname in modern day, Australia to drag out DR, but for our rule, is noble, also regarding donning that what we do Go do responds we run a computer simulation or more Drucker would actually have done in the current circumstances and he would have imposed the death penalty but coughing more than three times in a minute he would have banned. Grandparents,
and afterwards emotional retires that make us, Sir, miss our relatives and obviously emotional thing. You know it as do Miss Herbert Balthazar whips, not Fraser. Now, though, nobody died in seventeen sixty five, so you have now emotional attachment over you, don't give a shit look without. We worked so well for my family only became phrases generations ago boil the joke. That's my job jokes boiler extraordinary and also Russia would have launched a distracting military strike on IRAN, so the Albania and see our how closely people following in celebrity news. Now, the current viruses affected celebrities by revealing to us how many of them are just completely off this planet without near the team of people advising them to do everything. There was a violent. I was saying this My time here,
Not you not a celebrity in dimension. Oh yes or forget viral video of a bunch of celebrity singing. Imagine out of key that's gone viral for the wrong reasons, in that it seemed to be just a very poorly judged. Video very its people imagining a world in which things went as bad as they offer other people, maybe something connection also Madonna, has come out with a series of videos, including one of her in a bath talking about have the virus is the great equalizer, while surrounded by rose pedals It appears to be. Milk. Also singing one of her own songs into a hair brush with then most people would sing that song into a hair brush
you know you know we can judge of the people and sure she's coming from an interesting place on the bright side, some things are still unchanged: Tanya West and Kim Kardashian still, apparently in a blood feuds with Taylor, Swift, which is reassuring either they haven't, noticed the corona virus or they think there we had. Beef is more important than the corona virus. ass. Well, ass, we need dropped out to come in to end, blood feuds with a written legislation to deal with the didn't? They were the celebrities ass, his problem It's a shame, but every comedian. I know his turn to live streaming, so maybe we'll have some news celebrities soon sports news. Now
It's not an right That brings us to the end of this week's. This week's bugle Alice said: have you ever really busy busy week in view I should like chamber, I'm working an enormous amount, but I just want a hug Molly. Now? What can you do that baffling story, Alice Technological there. Now you cannot tried. Believe me. I've attractive business do safe and rough, where these asked times are enjoying our coverage of this actually baffling. story, Alice. Obviously
There are no life shows in which Europe there it in person but What have you got to plug the people could look at other screen. Well, it would be the moment International Comedy festival right now. I'm doing it lives show on Instagram every evening in Australia. Slash about eleven. I am in the U K That's in the run up to the release of Savage on Amazon, Prime, on the seventeenth of April and I'll be doing alive watching party and public talking to maybe a celebrity guest. Also. I do, if you are not for if you ve heard of it, but there is a daily satirical news. Podcast certain alternate dimension that comes into report cost feed every day. It's called the last post, the hostess quite funny someone who sounds a lot like you on it Andy you might be about whatever listen. You get some tips from him. He seems to be quite successful right. They rather until next week.
Goodbye and we will play you out with some more lies about our premium subscribes to join them, get you to go to the people, but does not come and click the dying Germany wholesome genders how differently history of the world might have been. If rice and potatoes had been native to the italian Peninsula I don't think the roman empire would have been nearly is impressive, speculates, carbohydrate, aficionado Jeremy. They have had a much starchy, a diet felt sleepy after meals, and not bothered inviting nearly as many places Alexei. Strength hopes the current global hiatus will offer an opportunity for the world to contemplate many things about things, including the benefits of hiatuses. Without a good hiatus remarks, Alexei, we can forget how good a good hiatus can be. We should definitely take some time out from all current time out to think about taking more time out in future. At some point
Step Sinclair is never comfortable. Hearing religious leaders talk about their congregations as flocks Alistair comments, it always gives the impression that they only want just for a well Millcote flesh and the network they training dogs to corollas into small spices clerk. He Ho Orca Hawaii delete according to correct pronunciation, is a little disappointed that there has never been an instalment of these Spiderman movie franchise in which the upon most hero, who famously does whatever a spider can is killed. eaten by woman he met on a tender date. The franchise has a duty to reflect all the realities of spiders, argues, Clare Katy Red who has always been of the opinion that zebra chess would be an intriguing if confusing, spectator sport. one day that the international aviation industry will acknowledge, efficiency savings possible with increased use of eject disease. They could just copy
people out wherever they needed to get too says Katy instead of flying everyone to the same place. And finally, Julian Danton once wrote to the United Nations suggestion that they try air dropping harpsichord by parachute into war zones sometimes explains Julian. You have to break a destructive train of thought and events by doing the unexpected and a large seldom played relic of the Barrack musical era floating down gently from the sky. Looking like a piano but then not sounding like a piano could be just a peacemaking ticket. Zero