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Hari Kondabolu Day: Bugle 4084

With perfect timing, Hari Kondabolu joins Andy, just as we all get ready to celebrate Hari Kondabolu day.In other news:From Saudi Arabia, the Jamal Khashoggi case continues.From the UK, the detailed arrangements for a royal baby are explained.From the USA, Elizabeth Warren has her DNA tested and Trump weighs in with his verdictFrom the world of Technology, cars seem slower than ever.

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The bugle Audio newspaper, a visual world law, bugle module, messier men, I wasn't be lose all our buglers cross, cutting tank mine, a clatter pupils, Nixon anyhow, buglers and hello buglers. That's restlessness and New Zealand welcome to issue four thousand before all the best I am on these also in the buck stops with me. Sorry, I came our own and he's also have just ordered a whole roast venison. It amounts to the same thing. First by the eighteen October, two thousand and eighteen, I'm here in London and I'm Joe from New York City, almost pro actually two years since he help relaunch the bugle backing episode for a thousand and one by we can't about Lou hello. How are you,
I'm doing well have has the bugle been launch, then? Is it? Is it currently orbiting? The world is a desert doing when it was supposed to do? Well, as you know how you know everything the launch is necessarily stays launched, so it's it's kind of. I think it's just bring just off the launch pad worse, basically been since two thousand and seven so launched, but not entirely. Stratospheric This is episode, four thousand icy for hurry, all numbers divisible by four, which is chronic because you famously I've been waging war against the Simpsons, who only have four digit on each hand, so probably find it easier to account in full. Therefore, much more likely to listen to this episode, sell things could get extremely awkward ass. This as the Chagos or man, there was a lot of work to get. The Simpsons
it was not, I mean I, we ve never really talking about the Simpsons in great depth as wondering when it would come up, and I did not expected to come up in such a bizarre round about fashion right enough of weaponry vendettas against you, since from from other animated cartoon characters or well South Park, had an episode recently called the problem with a pool which is about their character, Mr Hanky, which is a talking piece of being kicked off the we being sent away from South Park, so that was kind of weird someone. I know my eyes. Was an obviously somewhat racist. Cartoon character was races based on very obvious facts about said, cartoon character being brown paint invoiced by a white guy. That's all I said, and I strongly out for food
eighty seven minutes with a bunch of other information on a basic cable network which is only available in the United States and somehow, I'm learning- would slurs for indian people are in Germany, Austria and Denmark, where a word movie didn't even play their own. Are you heights animated, yellow people so much hurry because what they did to my village? But I wouldn't do that very, very bizarre and at its very it also that leg MAC greying Hank as area algae. The show- and my Greece is one of the head writers of letters written for the Simpsons forever. It's weird that they all still talk about it
and that they all know about me in the only satisfaction I get out of me having to talk about it. All the time is that they have to talk about it all the time that little bit of torture, the fact that were met grading is promoting his Netflix cartoons years. He has to talk Abu that little bit of toward it pleases me Andy? Why do much about crusty? The cloud comes up honestly: jewish people in showbiz, with the last persecuted minority, We are back in calculating studio here in London which, as you may know, bugles from previous episodes is nascent pulse Israel and instinct story behind the nameless impulse cathedral its Colson pulls MECCA? a load of mile from simple end up being dumped that in about fifty idea, our citizens and also the Corinthians evasions. Iraq's all kinds of people have actually got some of it. Here we have a letter from simple to the roman fellow
Your statement Seneca asking for a picture. If my latin is still up to scratch, it says love your work. Could you make it out to poorly? Letter to the last vagrants telling them how Jesus would have gained the roulette table because he was magic, elected Local newspaper from simple complain about grammatical era and a report about a sheep sharing competition something's, never change! That's why it's not a simple was and is known as I cathedral, because it is a mathematically in shape a perfect cathedral Aragon, its effect we are calling on the eighteenth of October stay in nineteen? Sixty three, the first cats spice was well became. The first captain spice space, having been one of many many cats, nothin spice fairly sets. I a parisian stray cat. She became the first cats inspire launched into space by the French Liker, these still orbiting Soviet Cosmo dog. When absolutely
not fully to actually landed safely with a dead mounting, a corporate then got quite cocky for the rest of her life with a fellow fate. Feelings are well done. You ve jumped onto the revision of the shed. Did I ever tell you about the time when I went into space for how to get out of a cats psyche. There are pictures online of fully said with the thirteen human members of her launched him. When I look in her catty eyes that very much says you cowards, this moreover, the wheat, beginning the twenty second of all of October and on the twenty second October in eighteen, forty four. That was the day of the great anticipation, the followers of William Miller, the notorious Christian. man were expecting the end of the world too. With the second advent of Christ and the day following it, when this did not happen, became known as the great disappointment but
Is it so to reassess the failure of the Miller lights end of the world, because on the twenty third of October, one forty four, they were French actress. Sarah Bernhardt was born. She became one influential figures in modern drama, starved stage in the early days of screen, playing mile roles, including hamlet, Jews or painter, sculpture, sentenced the evidence she was skilled at turning. Things into something else. She was criticised by people who didn't really believe in her skills at the times of whom viewed are something of a fraud. She had a book of our thoughts and philosophies up and published after her death and was generally surrounded by Google of adoring men. Raising the question: did Jesus come back as a french actress,
am. I don't see any reason why he would not have done that. If you are a male Jesus thinking, you can have another crack at it. Surely I you'd come back as a woman just out of curiosity and be, if you spend all your life eating fairly unadventrous middle eastern food, you gonna go French you're, absolutely deafening undergo French, so was Sondra Bernhardt. The reincarnation of Jesus was the spice, as always a section of the people streets in the Bin. We have, in fact I am abreks it section going into bins, weak, including Asia, commemorative bit of Europe. Each day from now, until Bridget Thy next March, we will feelfree Momento british membership of the EU, beginning with number one, a cappuccino. I were illegal in Britain before one thousand nine hundred and seventy three we also look at the hidden implications of bricks it, including the irish border. Might we have to move Hadrian's wall, so the board between Northern Ireland and the republic, if so, who's gonna patching up. If all a
I'm going back to Poland, we look at food, will pizza be banned or a compromise be reached in the final stage of negotiation in which people are still allowed, but only when talked with battered fish and CHIPS We look at wages, assistant potential, big issue. Will Britain have to change the way it pays its workforce of amusing money using a combination of internally bottle british goods on a vague sense of national self determination. If so, will the bank in the city of London, get a disproportionate amount of indefinable patriotic bride compared with ordinary workers pulled up with an air of rule Britannia Digestive Biscuit, and we look at language? Could british people have to give back all the words that we ve taken from Latin the ancient Germany, and is greek and french leaving his own with a smattering of Viking terminology and whatever gibberish we will wintering on with before the Romans arrived with them properly structured sentences? Also, we review David Cameron. trilogy of new books on his role in the breaks at referendum and its aftermath, beginning with Bucks engage with Jordan, Boris the funny side of digging around with a nice future instalment too comes.
when such small sequences subtitle is no use crying over spilt milk, when none of the milk spot is on your own trousers and the final installation of the trilogy? Do I look like I give a shit that is an excellent rate from the former prime minister, including very informative chapters on how to deal with non discernible feelings of guilt, how to outsource responsibility and get went out of the way off the screen, something up and also havoc avoidance techniques for the wealthy and entitled. Also, we have an audio bricks. Its advent calendar counting down the days until the train on March twenty nineteen there. Now, one hundred and fifty eight days until breaks it, and how do you go about it, do not open that Monday, the twenty second of October that section in the bed. You know Andy, you know what other special days are not over twenty. Second, I don't know that no one is its hurry kind holiday in the city of New York City. Is it well yet last year invited to devalue event to speak at a d
play, New York City by the mayor's office mayor, build applause you here in New York initially. I thought this is cool. This is a bit last. Second, somebody must have cancelled. It was about the week before you can suspect somebody council, so I go there. I have to give a speech. I think it's for a couple hundred people. I give the speech it's for over a thousand people that was a surprise and then after them given a plaque. The mayor comes on stage and says from now on October. Twenty second is heard kind of holiday, so happy hurry and about today, to all googly listeners. and I'm in a house is being being marked by the good people of York, because I was in New York on Halloween last June, offline fancy dress of the ESA everyone dressing up as you or on the on Monday. Twenty second set out that's funny Andy, apparently after it was recognized the first time it's never been,
agonized again brought not in any calendars. Schoolchildren. Don't learn about me, actually see is most ceremonial and worthless, but it Hurricane Abode in October, twenty second, the day after my birthday, so I get a two day birthday every year our ultimate hurry. The twenty first and twenty second October always set aside as hurricane. The polluter in myself, manic calendar on the twenty first, not only your birthday, but also the day that we recorded that first relaunch turn off the bugle in New York, twenty first of October, twenty sixteen so frankly drama that vat is. That is what those two up. I think they should be global holidays on those two days for the rest of time. I completely agree with you. I am also very surprised that I chose
to celebrate my birthday via recurring, the relaunch of the bugle, very generous of me that, on my birthday I gave a present to the world brought out. That was your birthday present altogether. I would lay for an hour a studio shore. Top story this week and while it's all been happening in the world of extreme, visual slayings by the saudi governments spend a terrific weak for that not not not only of the first on so far touch. What this recording is. Not yet been interrupted by the saudi Secret services, into our studios and disappearing either me or hurry. Has it hurry hurry? They are used to let the end as is regularly arctic us a moment. Maybe just
I'm the to get together, trouble it. This is an extraordinary story. Hurry October, Alison's worry no the details, but the allegations that the sound government have just murdered one of their own citizens in the embassy in Turkey, the international community as well, not showered them with compliments for these, I think- that's that's fair to say, yeah yeah, especially the turkish government, is also frustrated that happen. On their turf and also they accuse the saudi government or whoever was sent by the side of government, of cutting costs yogi into pieces with bouncer or as Fox NEWS put it making more of him to love, The committee is a hell of a strange how to spend on this, but that's what a good up it's very english of them to cut a mental pieces. If I remember from several weeks,
you told me that is a british tradition while yeah that's how we might make things palatable without having any any national calorie skills. These saudi arabian reaction has been understandably confused, so to receive this criticism from their international allies, because when you look at in Yemen I've been bombing school buses in refugee camps or the classic targets, Debbie, thousands and thousands of civilian casualties. Fifty thousand children starve to death essentially result of salaries. action in Yemen and all other western was barely even twitching eyebrow in reproach, we in brief, in America how we ve totalled our thumbs, we whistled a ninety nine pop someone looked ugly out the the window pertains. We really interested bypassing cloud shaped a bit like a budget management. As Saudi Arabia have collateral damage, thousands and thousands of people to death, and even our friends and business partners have executed numerous,
It dissidents and conducted a regime of de facto gender apartheid. We have talks the saudi billions Demille into our underpants elastic and undone a couple more buttons. For them, but they disappear just one journalist, one why, for a thin journalists, and all of a sudden we are up in arms, is no wonder that so confused. I think that the very fair point- and I also think that were not looking at the positives that came out of this right- ok- is really hard to look at. but if you need a ride but a reading, the person who drove the getaway car with the body was a woman what about that. Nobody, nobody talks about that. You don't think that's progress is someone who is one of the first fully feminist extra judicial slayings ink in global political history. Correct you haven't, said trot. giving bumps off by by lady with an ice at Donald trumps. Reaction has been as always curious,
a sort of say, thou. Well, I shouldn't have done it and then he said well, maybe they didn't do it and then he said, even if I did do it is to make much difference because they're worth of level of money to America and if I think you have to add more trump for this. There is no world leader that is as prepared worthy fools. Gold Lama crush LE panties of economic prostitution, quite as brazenly as Donald Trump I mean yes, it is wrong to ill hack up and vanish journalists. But it's not long enough to lose sleep over sorry, lose lose jobs over lose jobs or or sleep over. I guess in comes moral universe that that's really all that counts. I mean it's obviously, there's not a conflict of interests
from both the saudi government and the? U S government in terms of their investigations, from the? U S end there, an administration that hates critical journalists, that's investigating another administration who hates critical journalists, and also the saudi governments in investigations, clearly going to be a little compromise since their claiming their making a concerted effort. To prove they killed us man cure you may like. We are going to prove whether or not we did it. So that's us back only. I also question tromp, because its trump and here he made a claim cause, he makes claims and he makes lots of claims he claimed it might have been rogue killers who killed could show he rogue killers, then that perhaps the same road
killers. Oj Simpson had mentioned many years ago, which OJ has unsuccessfully caught as claimed, but he heard between his time on golf courses and imprison and again these road killers. We did not stop and ninety nine before have killed a saudi arabian journalist omens of that coming up? Maybe you tell the pages- is on Saturday politically, because there, in strong rumours. That's prince I have had been salmon, is looking to buy, just United Football Club and there is no shore away in the twenty first century, have known that someone has got something serious to hide and for some serious enemies to hide it from them that they are too. to buy a prominent british football club. That is a classic reflex reaction for Elsie Modern Oligarchy DES bought, get yourself out there when the pale battle show the west but you cannot be all bad because you ve just spent sixty four million quit Paraguay holding would fail to. That is the best way of trouble
it's great news as well, for Liverpool and the city, the big rivals of most united, because they really should be able to absolutely corner the lucrative markets for replica shirt sales in Yemen and IRAN handed. Do you think that if they do by Manchester United that they're going keep the roster intact or divided into pieces and scattered clothes everywhere. I feel I mean look all tasteless jokes aside. You know I do feel bad for for my muslim friends who have to deal with this because of course they are these terrible stereotypes about about Muslims in and being barbarians in. This is obviously a very gruesome attack and it's ridiculous because it's like this was this, he government. This was the saudi governments who doesn't matter what culture from who you are. This is the saudi government. Yet everybody gets a piece of it like no one thinks french food is bad, because british food is bad. Those are completely different white cuisines. So how come because the saudi government
the shit. All Muslims have to deal with it. So you know my heart. So with your friends, America, NEWS, Elizabeth Warren kind of almost proves she's native American. No one happy shriek of summer reflects that, after it Thirty thousand that that's tat sound a little bit like a nineteen, thirties, telegram or essentially pinned was Elizabeth Warren for four months and months has been
I voted on by down from whose claiming that she's not actually native american ass. She once marked, I think of it, and so on something and grad school. I guess looking for an affinity group or other people who have heritage who- and she claims she did- have some heritage from an ancestor way back when and tromp immediately starts making fun of recalling or poker hunters and mocking the fact if she has any heritage whatsoever. So in order to prove that she's not completely White Elizabeth WAR and chose to do the widest thing possible We just take a dna test to prove she is not completely white like for my understanding in America. The only thing why people hate more than being called racist, is being called white. It's always with Warren, fell right into from strolling.
and as if she learned nothing from the Obama birth certificate stuff like he does not take long form, birth certificate still was not pleased that it has nothing to do with the truth. I mean Trump even claimed. He would give a thousand dollars to Elizabeth worn if you proved she was native American achieved, he's not going to give her the money, that's obvious urdu, think or do you think he will Andy, because if there's one thing trump is known for its fulfilling promises to very much these calling card. Isn't it an amendment? People have said that is using sexist and racist. With these further disparaging comments, I calling bill as before in Pakistan calling stormy Daniels horse face as well as you, but to be fed from many standing up for ordinary american voters who want to make sexist and racist comments to women, but can't because jobs have got overseas because of the muslim refugees were forcing big business owners to employ
Chinese machines to manufacture american stuff is standing up for his call vote. When it comes to the dna tests hurry Ethel, I should rather as a white person for not exactly who I am I've had a dna test on this morning and it turns out that I'm sixty percent chicken, I might have a distant ancestor, who had an affair with a shock and or a banal about all about the way you interpret the data, and I am so happy. You told me that an as one of your friends, I want you to know that there is nothing to be in the end that we ve all known your chicken for quite some time, and we were waiting for you to tell us so after the dna tests came in, what it proved was. Elizabeth, worn is between one sixty. Fourth to one one thousand and twenty fourth native American, so
he's either native American or a margin of error rican, I'm almost as native American as Elizabeth Horror, I am not native American, not yet never say. No, it's also really messed up that she's doing something. That is this a classic greatly grace by blood quantum daddy that raise can be defined by DNA. She did not even go to the Cherokee nation to to talk to them to talk to them about the idea of identity. She just put this out there because trumps said it and it ended up leading to a whole bunch of other terrible things. As in Lindsey Gram wasn't, I believe, Fox and friends, or one Fox news, show and said that he would take a test to prove he is more native American than Elizabeth Worn, and if he is
He claimed she would have to buy him a casino now, the gall of Lindsey Gram, the Gall Oven, a feminist single man named Lindsey to make Anyone else. Do you realize Many tongues must be bit, do not make fun of this man on a daily basis. In it, he had the call to make a joke about native Americans will such is politics in these confusing times the trumps horse face a tweet to Stormy Daniels, I believe, is the first time an american president's has called a woman horse vice whilst in office. Although I have not read through all the transcripts of Grover Cleveland conversations with Ladys to offer,
happen with flowers with Warren, with with Stormy Daniels with Christine Blasi, for it is quite hard to know what more Donald Trump can do to confirm his massage interest credentials short of having a salt statue made of nineteenth century woman suffrage start Susan, be Anthony downing fifteen points of water waiting for good see and human anatomy to take their course and then urinating on the salt suffragettes until it completely dissolve into a symbolic puddle of man, was that I know, he's very unpopular with a lot of women America, but not all women in America. This this. This baffles me as a man confuses me. Self aid is a very powerful thing, handling the I also don't understand it. It's almost like people in
country, don't read and only get news from a singular sores that agrees with everything they believe already. Ah right, yes, the older workers to christian country. Otherwise what has been done? But I mean how do you feel as a person from an asian family background that trumps count focus on Macedonia is really taking life is racism, skills and stealing some of the spotlight of asian men such as yourself. Luckily I feel leg is not complete: ask asian women are still getting you know, shit on as result of since they are both people of color and women so as long as some of us are getting it. I don't feel completely out of it. Oh God, asbestos reassuring to know he called stormy dangles a horse face I mean you know what this means he's into horses. This is
Catherine, the great scenario how come no one is running with this. This is this is this: is the the way the man's and a horse made. I would even Thus, if anything less than just just shore up is core support is clearly that their crews, partly miracle Electra, who want a president who will the horse and cart? How will it truly crucial as well that history, by the judge, that's key? What you just said is very key a president who the horse but not be followed by a horse. You understand this is a homo phobic countries, there's something, even though its the same gender cuz it's a horse, but I guess that you could be the same gender if it's a. If what I'm saying is, if he's doing the he has to be having sex with a horse if he is gets caught, having a horse having if a horse is having sex with
Tromp is presidential careers over I'm gonna. Put that up. That's not going to take right. So if there are any horses listening, for America, for freedom for human rights, for the love of God, please seduce Donald Trump Royal weddings, news now and well hurry what luckily, whatever happens with breaks it, and indeed everything else in this country. We always have the royal family and theirs in some bonanza bits of royal news. This week there was a royal wedding. Princess Eugenie, who I'll admit I thought was a Disney character and alarming and turns out we nineteen lines of the british throne and she got I too am someone absolutely and it was on the news because if I know
why why that was so much media coverage of an event with slightly less national significance in the first round of qualifying for the wealth, Nootka Championships has mystified men. People until you remember I something happened and be it had nothing to do with breaks it see It got something tangentially to do with royalty Andy. It is unlikely to provoke Donald Trump to ram his vinegar coated, Painting vision into the bleeding Isaac into political dignity, and you think, put that on the news that will do for a lead story that can take our minds off from all the other shit it'll. Do, let's just pretend you might make Queen one day, send forty five camera crews and Tranquilizer Beggar outside Windsor Station, so you didn't. shit about Oliver Cromer when the greens riding person a bare maggie that, although this will do for news at the track global at what we do, how each this claim cleaner beggars off the streets. Vanessa based,
Windsor so Eugenie our she's, not topic in one to the throne So I went to get a royal wedding on the news. I think it should be at least a call to finalist and who's going. Why go out cept, annex competition, incomes, she is royal enough to have those unsightly beggars, hoovered off the streets of winter, but not right enough to order. The execution of a prominent right from across the Atlantic, because, let's look at the evidence, William and Kate married twenty three April, twenty eleven thirtieth of ice the great argentinian novelist and essayist Ernesto said: Bartle died, Harry and Megan married nineteenth by twenty eighteen. Twenty second of my fill it rough iconic, american literary figure, passed away, and suspiciously on suspicious circumstances, Eugenie married to whoever she got married to the other day all I'm saying is Canada's Margaret Atwood still alive and kicking join. If those people.
In other royal news, Prince Harry losing Quota finalist, nobody Megan Markel the woman who could have been the one to Time Henry they ate of history turned out have announced that they are going to shut Eugenie and the rest of us further down the rankings of makes an under the front by having a baby next April. Are you sure this is so incredibly exciting? Another roll babies really the only part of the british manufacturing sector, still working testicles of our royal princess and beautiful timing baby in April, so into distract us between breaks it on the twenty ninth of March and the cricket woke up on the thirteenth of my that is true. Patriotism from Prince Eric. through patriotism and thank you, Legged, Michael of stepping up an proving you are truly british. Now, by having your baby directly off the breaks it
Can we really wanted to White actually have a couple years of happy, unencumbered wedlock, but clearly the queen and the Prime Minister got anthems at first sight. This is the only thing that can stop a civil war. Have a baby one has to happen for their baby to be a key, the queen? Is it like a king, Ralph scenario short of Sir kind of nuclear war or about guess with breaks. It is talk of the United Kingdom crumbling apart scottish and its possibly then mommy, nor an origin, penance, welsh independence, wickets wicked, easily split into what seven different countries and then you'd you'd need your seventh ranked royal to be King Stroke, queen of one of them. So strange things have happened and less unless the city on the Premier League Service, this baby could easily be king of the world one by back and be able to undermine sixteen when they happen. Users royally undefiled that Prince William and Labour
Kate were expecting the baby, who eventually transport, be microphones. George Libido reported on exactly the site where the signs and the ceremony behind our future king o king, it is conceived about, of course, very different for four Harry Deputy Chief system, printer rule, Britannia, mathematically, Grand Duchess Excelsior reveal the Americas saw him and how Zactly is a baby conceding in that second rank of Elsie, while ass a second on some of the primogeniture aid programme of the come running. Monica Harry procreates, far very different technique to his booby sibling, he took it will in the fifth Harry's spare mule empathy all is an ocean. Our Norman term are produced by the prince, marching up and down the royal vets the garden and ferret area, at keeping strict time with the guardsman to the tune of the national anthem, the irregular really prompting a second formal from my prince Inga appendage. Him the contains a report,
the critical Russia seminal commuters and greatest once the precious grotesque expulsions has been plunged and enveloped into the golden drink at by the agenda, Moreover, it is taken to the Royal Environment Windsor Mega having had a common as you too area and associated flow bills, upgraded the role status after an incentive to weaken motion course in which she wore the crown of the famously multi offspring, Queen Victoria, and The North sea, underwear of Elinor of Aquitaine, the twelfth century queen who spoke out you King Henry, no fewer than eight sums, three of which were daughters mega. But here the tooth fairy had felt recompense Victoria for lost motor, who played ovum coated with melted down rupee sent Queen Victoria by the maharajah, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two off the heat of the tooth fairy had felt a recompense Victoria for a lost mode off that she fits into a no realistic painting.
She got you like the ovum with Harry's much vaunted in cemeteries and the resulting royally chromosomes. I gotta Micro majesty, is amniotic sized in a soothing machine barred from the quadrangle. Michelin start role kitchen at Buckingham Palace, it will now be just stated, international rotation by the cases of non twitch sky, Agnes Uncommon Old, before the ceremonial birthing scheduled company for Wembley Stadium on April, the eighteenth of next year to be hosted by Jimmy Car, with music by Marine five and the Berlin Philharmonic so very exciting times for royal watches in Britain? Em I step at first, I can get you get. Can you go over there? first call news and will always be the distressing, join full speed. Freaks Lee Bloodhound project has gone into administration dishes and aim to develop a car. They could go over
thousand miles an hour and does raise serious doubts now of whether humans will ever achieve that long held dream of going at nine hundred thirty miles an hour faster than the national speed limit, the United Kingdom of in where now for humanity and transport will. Apparently there are twenty five million pounds shore to their hoping investor. Put the twenty five million pounds in to see a cargo so fast that you can't see it there it, but I think that by stats basically that's basically, it will happen to a good old fashioned. Dick measuring contest. Can't we just can't we just take em out, take a tape measure out and get this is just so expensive when it can be settled, as simply as this is the worst thing to happen to supersonic since they moved to Oklahoma City.
Became the thunder body that is basketball, and that is a niece joke that I've been aware. I am all in favour of new judge on the bugle. Not basketball ones are. That's it that's even outside might result in reference fear I like it here, are in looking at two thousand more than our car short. Any remarkable feat of pointed engineering, eventually trickled down into civilian life in some way is practical. Lost count of the number of times that are being stranded on from salt flats being pursued by a swarm of steroids up killer bees flying at nine hundred ninety miles an hour thinking, if only I could never in the car and our drive these bastards. But beyond. That is the disappointment of the unfulfilled go, I'm struggling with I'll drive. You Michael yesterday hurry when I heard this news about that I'm project go into administration, just pull over to the side of the road and walks. The remaining thirty eight miles home thinking was the point. If I may,
our longer spider, drawing from London to Edinburgh in twenty three minutes, twenty eight seconds. What born in driving at all? I think that brings us to the end of this week. Bugle now filled with cover kernel of different stories as well, I've enjoyed it. A people has been a delight to have you have you on your coming to London in SAM Italy, so how better do feel free to alert almost now to exactly when you weigh on any other date. You gotta be in London December third, through the fifteenth at Soho Feeder. So I would love to see: booby lay fans their November, twenty eight and twenty Ninth, I'm in Berlin November thirtieth em in Oslo December first, Stockholm December six teeth after the London run, weaving Copenhagen, seventeenth in Amsterdam, eighteenth in Antwerp, Belgium, and in the U S a finishing my touring schedule, Tuesday October twenty third, the day after her conduct
who day I'll being Columbus of Columbus Ohio at the funnybone, or indigenous people, Ohio like on October, twenty fourth Providence, Rhode Island at the comedy connection October, twenty sixth at the Wilbur in Boston, the twenty seventh New Brunswick New Jersey, the stress factory and asked over twenty Eightth hemmed in Connecticut, which is their new haven not too far from Hartford Connecticut at the space ballroom? So I'm hoping some bugle fans come out you some of my favorite people, the audience
and you don't need to lie to me and tell me I'm your second favorite bugle host. You don't need to lie to me. I know I'm not it's ok, but come to show anyway, if you're listings this before Saturday evening, surrounds us on this week, I'm doing a gig on Saturday evening, Toronto time into runs out at the royal cinema. Do come along to that. I won't be on film, or will we actually live in my one night only talk of the rest of the world back in the rest of the world. At some point next year, don't forget to comes a bugle live on the fourteenth of November. In London the letters were theatre, witness, Kumar and Felicity Ward. I show at the Soho figure more review of the year and is ultimately twenty eighteen. The certified will. History runs from the eighteenth of December to the fifth of January, with a few days off, nothing like Christmas and New year do come along to every single one of all of our shows. How he's been announced. The lights have you on again and well: you'll be back you'll, be here
equally in the studio in London with me in just a few weeks time in December, I M very excited and we have fun time my board declare that hurry kind about who dies well until then Douglas Happy, arrogant about dice and I'll be back next week. Good bye, bye.