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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world. I love you and welcome. She saw by besides zero seven known code name out, but also its weak off job, to try to give the world the opportunity to take a few moments without telling it also being a naughty and hopefully pull itself together, a little for the run up to Christmas, socio audio delectation. This week we have some more choice, motions that would think to choice to be broadcast at the time you with him, but now she decided to settle and, more importantly, safe levels of children's rights. Let's problem with this week saw by Miss out shop with bits of other shows christian drunk it up.
people feature section now. This week's beagle feature section is sleep. I would do so. many of my it and audiences have enjoyed over the years. Who here, like sleeping You betray us The words of John Bonn, Jovi Now a reporter shown inadequate sleep causes four hundred billion dollars of echo. losses every year in the United States, it in one point, two million last days of work each year, monopolies for four hundred billion dollars a year now the globe, Terrorism index puts the economic the terrorism globally at around one Hundred billion per year and bad sleeping four hundred billion in the U S alone,
so I would say, take that Bin Laden. You dead, Betty Bastard, people needing a snow, is more of a threat than you could ever dream of. Being you have been owned by the things that keep people alike at night television, good marriages and worrying about the future of tests, much cricket that school a number of number of common downloader people actually do blame jumble Jovi. Why? well, but because he famously sang the great work I'll, live what I'm alive and sleet when I'm dead in the sullen sleep when I'm dead, but let's look at sea yeah how his life is pan out. He released
In the nineteen eighty four albums in less than five years, then there was a significant gap to keep the faith which included sleep when I'm dead in ninety. Ninety two- that was one of only two studio, albums that Jovi produced in the almost twelve years between nineteen, eighty, eight New Jersey and, of course, crash in two thousand, this decline and, Productivity is a classic symptom of insufficient sleep. It can be caused by lifestyle and social factors, but in the case of Jovian is banned. Mites was the result of a philosophical belief in the point business of snoozing, since crush he's released only six more albums in eighteen years. So the evidence really is overwhelming. I mean. The thing I must also mention has one every three you that's what I see as well down on their well rested, halcyon days of the nineteenth of ITALY's we'll let nature and are almost one year, but there was no young young enough, then that when John,
Mother, Doris Jovi said John Bonham Pajamas and go to bed. I don't get your platinum setting, rockstar or not you do. Is you tell young man? They did it. I wonder when they got this move. dialogue with all its peoples, you cannot argue with science I have a feeling under John Montraville forgotten their career. They might call you in for a quick recap item. the stab how sleep, because the greek economy that way Obviously, the I've slept about three and a half hours in basic.
First of all, it is resolved. It may put so much money back into the economy in coffee and collapse. If I wasn't alike at three o clock every morning, I wouldn't be cowardly, pumping money back into the economy via Palmyra Nicholson straight and which is frank. You announced standing Kebab house and also the only restaurant currently in the United Kingdom to feature a picture of me on the walls due to consumption of shore warm under the minor ones. The business described as borderline heroic will, I think, that's the first time in Dougal history that someone has been applauded for eating a shoe warmer. On this day in nineteen, seventy seven, the big air, a radio telescope and Ohio State University- receive
radio signal from deep space. The event is named the wireless signal. After someone wrote wow on the paper Shouts of what was received. Those are seventy two second burst of radio waves needs to be a rocket scientist to know that you just need to have Wikipedia apparently originating from a constellation subjects areas and was represented on the printouts, the as the alpha numeric sequence. Six, a cue you J five! Now, if we got there, there is That is the secret that that was the closest we ve ever come to receiving communication from outer space, or that there are now very explanations as it. Yes, it was not an alien message once jesting, it's just a pair, com, it's no big deal. Another shifting was in fact it was in fact a plan, the alien invasion that The time the signal was relieved had, in fact, already happened around about the year one b c and then
twenty six EU you J, five represented the votes cast by the aliens for the name of the alien baby child. There was to be implanted into humanity to disrupt the planet. For the next two thousand plus years, there were six votes for Eric and Quentin fight for Jesus and also five Ursula. How different history might have been have that one we can't lose. You know some kind of recap or rubbish, ardour, costly motives of course. As we now know, Jesus did when others think that this is in fact a football school. from these subjects. Areas consolation that came through in the wrong order was the result of a match on such a terrorist between S party, both clearly occurrence and General United. Just came through a bit jumble after thrilling six by victory for coherence that was boiling the most exciting match in the history of the entire sagittarius constellation, and the signal was, factor, radio phone and after the game,
next week there is another bugle live and the sun would not work in a woodland clearing at midnight we're according ass at nine thirty p m at the Lesters Square Theatre. On Thursday, the thirteenth of September, I will be joined in all three syllable: surname cost representing Europe, the Northern hemisphere and all of the world's women will be Tiffany Stevenson and, on behalf, of the southern hemisphere, the Pacific Ocean, that everything in and on it and many General James Nikita and we will also be welcoming backseat, disembodied, cauliflower brain of Donald Trump, which will no doubt have some interesting things to say about the IKEA valiant plotting stew, bring down his presidency being waged against him by, amongst other shady forces, he's behavior and words. That's at nine thirty p m on Thursday, the thirteenth of September last us where Theatre tickets ATLAS worth it, I dont come other
he's coming shows include another bugle life ATLAS Worth eight on the fourteenth of November, with near Kumar and Felicity Ward on the seventh of October will be at the Lowry insulted, with Alice Fraser plus I and other TB see only a few tickets left for that. One and only eighth of oxen, the vote will be at the sugar Club in Dublin, with Alice and David out dogmatic and from the ice Of December to the fifth of January, I am back at Soho with the latest. instalment of my year by year, definitive chronicling of this planet. Twenty eighteen, thirty, viable history, tickets now available on the Soho Theatre website and I'll be doing. I stand up show in Toronto on the twentieth of October, that that's more details to follow suit. wait for the goat news all these years. I wish you all a law, goats, news, correspondent, yes,
Apparently, according to science, goats can judge human expressions and they are attracted to people who are more smiley, which is a great thing for goats unless the person is smiling in anticipation of eating a delicious goat. But as with all of these signs, studies is more complex than it is for us to be, as the effect was only significant when the happy faced photo. They put foot to photos, go chose the happy one, but it was only significant in the happy face photo is placed on the right hand side when the happy photos were placed on the left. Good showed no significance preference either way, so the researchers thing this is because go to using one sided. their brains to process the information. I think it's important news for right, leaning, goat mooring, aficionados in other go knew little Minnesota couple of pioneered go to yoga weather. Late. They lowered three dozen people to come to a residential area Ferrara in Minnesota on Sunday morning and just have they yoga repeatedly interrupted by goats. Apparently many said afterwards. They
could not wait to try it again and some have arranged to bring goat you're getting their houses. Charity compress of Alexandria said this was great. We just came to play with goats and maybe do some yoga. It does sought this this research on goats, responding to Happy or does a guess suggest that whole trauma with the trolls was very much a learning experience for goats as a species is also. Might you think what the fuck a scientist doing if we have time to investigate Though not goats responds to smiley faces before finalizing, not fucking cure for malaria concentrate scientists, we only scientists in what what kind of science do far pharmacy. That's witchcraft, isn't it's just Are you gonna just fans
Well, I didn't. I just got a lot of problems thickly with the with junior doctors, new government, such as breaking news that governments just announced a new scheme by they're gonna forced junior doctors to take their patients home with them at weekends. So then get a full twenty five eight three x x- and I just that we all dream, of course he's going to a lot of junior doctors, early nectareous carnivore there in places to live at home with their parents. Certainly some saudi awkward situations mom. Is it ok for bring someone homeless weekend? How have you met someone new darling? Not exactly his name is regional. is ninety eight years outside was an collapsed at me. Back, oh, very modern songs, you both happy down and that's all that counts, but I'm not gonna tell you Father, Salem, absolutely sure is ready for it rights
more good news. Margo news forward was the championship game of Cook burrow in Kyrgyzstan, ambitious egg there, which is a traditional sport popular across Central Asia, in which was meant battle to drag goats carcass towards a goal that sounds like an awesome. Spool Alice was basically rugby, but a bit less violent with a dead go. Well, I mean what the only sport we get to eat the bull have to and of I went to the vital with good going someone one, not the goat, brushy orgies these not only one of the most important phrases in the entire vocabulary of parenting, but it all there's something you should remind yourself to do almost as often as you are yourself to listen to the bugle. Both are unquestionably the most important parts of your if you want to stay healthy, quit knows that anathema dentists and dishonest is focused on helping you,
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you could have had that you had baseball, is essentially cricket for people who cannot or will not think as a body. Here's what you could have had things in America, for example the queen, when you would you rather have the queen or Donald Trump, your head of state. She is technically a head of state. she's, just not technically all listen, uncle, SAM or or are you just very intensively breaking from very important news, too
wretched for musn't she's. Still technically, our head of state has a monopoly post breaks, it could be called, is a good principle. It clearly is not getting any younger. Let's put it up, and I mean when looking to build global alliances. Could we be looking at some kind of romantic link up between her majesty the queen? and no render Modi. While I think I just lost my erection forever so easily, my favorite Kenny Roger some. What I'm looking forward to escape daddy I've got a few questions.
Like like the empire under this broadcasters, falling apart well, that includes this week's Bugle sub episode, where we back next week without be will know from the lesters with it in London. Until then, goodbye.