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2019-08-25 | 🔗
Free speech is under fire in America today. The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan, host of The Andrew Klavan Show, explains why we must preserve this fundamental right — whether in the media, on college campuses, or in the public square. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Are you ok? Ok, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owen show. Do you consider yourself to be a free speech purist, or do you simply like me? Consider yourself to be a free speech. Enthusiast Where do we draw the line or do we draw the line at all when it comes to free speech? And I personally being a public figure, it's really hard to wake up every day in red things about you that are untrue. who said no, that there is no responsibility whatsoever for importers and journalist who make up patent lies here to discuss all things. Free speech with be Andrew Clave in host of the Andrew Clavering show an author of another kingdom. Welcome to the can also ensure greater bigger
I now I we had to start by telling people are back story is April dont. Now I know I know I saw you on line. I don't know how many hits you have it. I wasn't I want now. Am I thought there? She is that that woman really has got it, but I have to tell you this. Is this is my special get this my superpower, I found Jordan Henderson when he had six hundred hits and had him on my show Fine! You, when you were there, I put Michael knows how much I will probably go to Hell for that, but I've had a bunch of people. I what, when I grew up in broadcasting, my father was a fairly famous New York. Dj famous New York, DJ was the famous national dj is a famous near tv, and I can spot a good broadcaster from a million miles away really been Shapiro that morning, shall I had never heard him before. I would bump into Bennett functions and shake his hands, a high and all the stuff and Wendy.
I heard him on the air, and I call them up- and I said you, you are a big radio broadcasting town and he was like. While thanks thanks to me- and I thought that couple years later, he was a big radio broadcasting. That's why I've got it gonna, people should be paying attention. You show to see what are becoming coming. Alan was, I was little animal. Nobody, let's see. I was nobody. I had made a couple of Youtube those didn't really know where was going to land, and you were the first phone calls you and day room ended, you invited me on your show first, and I just talked about my vision for Black America and everything that I believed, and it was such such a great episode and now we're too two years later they This is two years later years: two years later, and things have sort of exploded, and now I have the opportunity to have you am I shall go, is screwed, it is great, but but you had a special thing, never refuse it now, and herbs was easy to see action. I just happened to be paying attention and will not be left as they don't they don't sector not suffer
I'm so we were having a discussion in the green room and you are telling me about incident that happened at Stanford. I think it's sort of the perfect place where we can launch point by start talking about free speech and where we're at what I was asked to goods Stamford to talk about the Judeo Christian Foundation of Western culture and you I'm actually kind of sensitive to the idea that we on the right we like to troll the left has left us. Hysterical may take. Everything is an insult I knew when they asked me to talk about that. The left which you that is an insult to gay people, an insult to Islam. I was actually gonna begin. My speech by saying That's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm here to talk about how the so. We believe and grow up out of judeo christian culture. None of the student got any problem with me. I'm usually really civilized people. I'd like to talk to people in opposition, I don't mind discussing ideas and going back and forth the ministry to women in the administration of the deal religious stuff. I don't even order title wasn't some kind of other administrative woman put out a news
saying that I was Anti Islam, that it was unacceptable and deeply disturbing that I should becoming to talk about Judeo Christian, sure during Ramadan during the holy month of rapidly the latter review editor Crescendo Ramadan for those of you listening exactly as if, as if there were some kind of question whether or not our culture grows out of judeo christian ideas, which is ridiculous. I'm in Europe started out damn it was called Christendom because that's where the Christians were and that's why? all our ideas, all the ideas it go into our founding come from, and when I got there I stood up and I said you know what I was going to apologize and get kind of powder, a sort of soft soap opening, but as it is screw, you guys and they were sitting there. I didn't know the two women were actually setting them. They didn't announced himself because you know Islam is not a race. It's not it's not possible. You ve got your not born Islam,
you know you and I are both made in the image of God and it doesnt and all the rest of that doesnt matter. But your ideas matter, and a religion is a set of ideas. I have made fun of and disagreed with catholic ideas, my own religion, episcopalian ideas, jewish ideas of tea and islamic ideas, and we can't discuss and mock and disagree. And criticise ideas? Why have you Cities are all right. So it's part of this. I felt there strongly backed by the way they did manage to join up enough excitement that some students came and in vandalized room in which I was going to be speaking, so they did get at least that much excitement other people people had torn down my pictures as they almost always do when I go to these places. But it's part of this idea that you're not we will fight of Yes, I'm afraid of ideas. I'm ready to offer you my ideas. If I lose all change my mind, if you lose expect you to change your mind
If you dont, the voters will change their minds but very worth territory there trying to take away the territory in which we speak. Ok, You ever read anything about war. You know their war of ideas when you go to try to win hearts and minds, you do that I argue in talking each gesturing with goodwill, but when you try to territory do by force and that's what they're doing their trial, to scare us out of the universities, with riots and heckling and with this kind of intimidation, you're trying to hit us on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter Anti platform of my videos are constantly being taken off where they won't. Let them have. And things like that, so there actually trying to silence us, have almost been blacklisted out of Hollywood. I had a very successful careers Hollywood, screenwriter, so they're trying to take the territory away which we have this conversation and they wanted to force. Yet they want to create these topics that they believe are above intellectual debate. I see them doing it all the time. So you are now
without Islam right. We talk about Islam, able brand you as Islamophobia. Why can't we about Islam, we talk about Christianity. We talk about people that are jewish. Why can't we even talk about muslim people right? So, if you critique, what who happens to be muslim. They call you as October, which is poor. ITALY insane. What right that you should be able to guarantee people are black white, christian, jewish anything there should be no person or no topic. That's a bubble and intellectual debate. And we're seeing more and more of them. People don't really understand what exactly it is their after. When they try to platform, you you're after your entire life. They want to make or that no one books, you no one talks to you. No one buys your product, I mean they. They cut quite literally ruin. people's lives at. I was trying to pink them as extremists when, in fact they aren't, you could just a people that they disagree with, because you only have to take somebody off his platform for day to make him think twice about research to make him think. Or should I say that, or should I not and they invent these phrases? possible to argue with, like you used the phrase Islamophobia there's, no
thing is Islamophobia phobia is an irrational fear nobody's. Actually fear foot fearful of islamic people, we woke up one morning. He said you know what I cannot have this fear of his long people I saw the violence should invest the islamic community, something like over seventy five percent of terrorism worldwide is islamic, something like thirteen of the fourteen largest violent conflicts in the world. Involve islamic people, the fighting with Christians that fighting with Jews are fighting with other islamic people, their fighting with Buddhist. It can all be the other guys for something is happening. The initial so there's a debate to be had about whether or not the that violence here. It is long philosophy or is it a cancer in the house of his on the can be extracted without hurting islamic philosophy? Good debate expert should have that debate I had a baby. I had a mom on my on my shown. We discussed it and he said he thinks that Islam cannot ever be reform,
That is an a mom saying they can never be before he said there are Muslims who personally can be reformed as a religion. It can't be performed because it's written into the dna in the fabric of what they believe it and which we spoke about the Koran. We spoke about the high death and we talk. We spoke about certain forces that are in there on that are hostile towards jewish people. That you know are hostile towards infidels. Infidels would be me, and you write me: will that don't agree with Sharia LAW and to have someone like him say that I'm saying this is this is important here. That even within the muslim community there is a debate, and yet we are having left to censor the discussion before we can even habit in America. That to me is really alarming right. If, if there's nothing to hide, why can't we talk about about, of course lets the obvious question? Why can't we talk about why can't we have that debate? And why do we have all these words cut off the big because one is essentially calling him a big it and, which I really resent by the way, because, like bigotry is actually
Get it literally against my release. Us not against my philosophies against my religion. so I really resent when people clean up, but it does make you should pull up right. It makes you say like. Oh, I don't wanna be called that, and so you you started. Think twice about what you say, and that is the whole point. The whole point is to make it be silent, and you know It takes a certain amount of nerve to risk your career to risk your income into risk. Your reputation simply to say that you believe in the things that America has always been about, which are different, from the things that every other country on earth has been about, how we're not just here to be nice, we're not just going to be welcoming with you to be free and that's unique- that never happened before it never happened before the people set, the governor, is the servant of the people and they have slowly been turning that around and that's what the real fight is about lies about. These individuals in our communities in our states will be free by itself and investment.
Really the first amendment right so that that is something that is so core to being an American is our right to free speech, and I am totally free speech enthusiasts. I believe we need more speech, not less speech. Even if it's a, I you disagree with. I always say I want to a platform people that have terrible ideas. I don't want to silence Alexandria, Curzio Cortez. I want a hand her a megaphone, because I think your ideas are so bad. I would love to talk about her ideas and debate them when I feel confident that I can defeat her ideas, but I'm sort of turning changing my opinion when it comes to free speech in the press. Right and what I mean by that is the press is conscious. Lee, smearing, labeling and and saying things about conservatives it. They know to be not true. They know to be fundamentally false right, and yet, when you become a public figure, it's a much say whenever they want about you different in the UK in the UK, they can't they have to prove that they they said something that was verifiable truth
have. They have a stricter labour laws and I think that in Amerika we have to adopt that because its sinister and it's a step toward deplore, forming someone. When I wrongly say Andrew claimant he's a white supremacist right, so you could say, ok, free speech, I speech care, but I know that that's not true. So if I call you a white supremacist, not none the New York Times Right- and I say your wife premises. What does that do? Well that benefits and the signal to college campuses that they now can say that they are choice when they say you can't come speak that sends a signal to gangs like Anti, for they can show up and they can they can vandal you they can stream at you. They can in that they can act violent towards you, because they have just been told by the New York Times at your white supremacist. So do you believe that much free, these are. People should be able to lie. On almost close to free speech cures, Does you can get grains, you're, the White guy, to talk to you? I will live I lived in England for a long time when I first moved England, I remember being at a dinner party with a guy. Now
We turned round it. What is it with Americans in this written constitution. I must have Constitutional right, I was so taken aback because I never really lived outside of the country before they think it's silly. You have to write down our laws. I think it's really really smart, because if there's one thing you know if the government can get their grubby control, little hands on it. They will in England. They do in England. They have laws like that. I think is called the secrecy act, what's the secrecy Agnes, that's a violation of the secrecy I can also about so the problem I have as if you look at England there, free country there, probably the most free country in the world, they are nowhere near as free as we are when it comes to speech and you can be arrested for tweeting something about Islam, that they consider to be wrong get arrested for tweeting biological facts or as a woman in the UK that was arrested for saying A male who was Trans was a male right right.
We can actually make the argument, and I do make the argument. I don't care how you live your life. I truly don't you want to say you're a man and you are a woman- that's fine with me, but you cannot dictate my sense of reality by telling anyone pronouns, I can use once you start to say to the guy but he's a little bit of free speech of our free speech, because I want to be protected from the New York Times line about me once you give them that much. He give that mouse that cookie he's gonna come after the whole house. You know- and I think that I am really really worry, because of course your speech is them, you know in the book this is what comes out of a man's mouth is what defiles man would tells you what's in his heart? You ve speech is the essence of your freedom. You, like beaches, your ability to think say be who you wanna be. I dont want to give the government any ground on that
but then, if you don't get the government ground right on that and I'm listen, I'm playing devils advocates. I don't really know our land if you dont, if you dont, give it to the government, then you're, giving the freedom to the corporations to ruin, people and I mean to do to put completely ruined blowhole because some of these. Some of these publications have so much power and insular become to choose for people well, I read it in the New York Times right, that's noble! I went in the New York Times. Therefore it must be a truth so that it can be completely fictitious in May, as we learned with this presidency? can literally may up out of thin air and one about the little people who cannot defend themselves against that who get de platform don't have a job. Why should we allow? EL publications to murder the career really you're. Talking about you you're, putting together a bunch of different things here. Ok, first of all, the new or time catches lie about anybody
Answers lie about an ordinary guy is walking by there. So the idea has got to be a public figure. Public figure can be a broad thing and even then, if you can show that they have malice toward that figured even torches ideas you can sue I mean you can bring action against the New York Times. I would prefer to live in a world with a New York Times and call Donald Trump, a russian spy, which is the fertile I have and is complete nonsense. Welcome to the world is complete nonsense, but he's the present he's got a lot of power and I would like the press to have as much power, young and others. I would like them to be able to save virtually anything about our politicians end, and so you be careful when you start to say they can't do this and they can't do that You should have but deplore forming. That's a totally different thing, because then you talking about the power of a cooperation to limit.
We speak and I hear a lot of right wing or say well as a private cooperation that can do anything they want. I don't agree with that. I think if you are a platform as opposed to a publisher right from a publisher- and I put- I can say, I'm not going to publish canvas because I don't agree with her. I can say that from a platform I gotta published everybody the function, because what everybody use a phone right, they can't say. Oh you and I are talking we're taking you off the focused. We don't like what you're saying not Facebook should not be allowed to do that either. Google should not be allowed to do that. Twitter should not. So I think the difference in what you are saying. What I'm saying is that you view these are two separate points. I view these. marriage. So I think step one. Is you being smeared levelled by the press right and the left, the law, the press? Let's use out Jones, for example, right so lace paint they they say, he's a fire. Why extremists is ideas are dangerous, is inspiring. He in the world that step one to the press has painted you into a corner step. To is that that allows platforms like Facebook, Google and you, you know you to bend
Graham you then DE platform, you on the basis of they don't leave, looked into you and they research and determined that you are here. I figure we fell below. Do you think you can separate them? Would I can't you can, because I think one of them is one of them is attacking you and the other one is silencing. So one of them, the left used to know Just drive me crazy. The left is to know that cooperation can become so big that it becomes a government unto itself right, member that left when the left would complain about corporations or the evil. Bernie Sanders was still living. In writing. Thirty's, it's like still yelling about the evil corporations they used. Understand. Corporations can become power centres, and what we're all about in America is limiting power centers right, making sure it's, the power sensors play off each other when something is powerful as Facebook, which is now effectively in monopoly, says you're off the book you're at your off a platform
they become a publisher and then you should be able to show them for every lie. That's told on their website. That's the that is the answer. To that. Another was the minute they start to act as a publisher. You should be of the Sioux them if somebody else lies about ok, you're, ok with you have these publications that are saying horrible things you're, not ok. and you have these platforms are taken away, the integrity and and by the way, I'm not okay, with the new tyre lies largely to say what I'm talking about is the latter to retract we're not we're talking about levels of latitude were saying in the UK. You can sue people but pretty leave no matter how much of a public figure you're here you have to show that they actually came after you and meant to come after you very high bar to getting very high far. But I prefer on speech the border behind. Ok, because I mean But the other way where the guardian had some hideous things about me and said that I supported Nazis and you know I gotta worry to fire the Malerba whose prove it great, you said it. That's mine.
your lines. They would have you I'm ok with journalising whenever they want and also cute injection of opinion right. So I've had articles call me a sunken place. amen, right am miserable. A miserable was launched with the least tanning force. There was a headline calling me say: TAT occurred at its opinion that I probably utterly care about that. But then, when you build into that- and you say that Candice Owen supports Hitler, Candice Owens, you know, is hates black people wherever they, Prove it. You think it'll be complacent, listen you're, a journalist, yours possibility, as you can't just irresponsibly say things so prove it. You could probably go after the times, for even the New York Times were saying something like those defamatory rail would put the almost in itself I mean but like us, I want the bar to be as high as humanly possible because she This is the thing. This is why I say it's two different fights. One fight is that if everybody speaking If everybody's yelling at one another in the power is diffuse and that's where it, but I like ok, you have
voice? You have a power, you have a show. You have a website, we we all have is then use it. We can talk on. You can go after the New York Times, just as much as they can come. after you that's the way it should be with the left is really trying to do trying to say is ok for the times to do this, but you can't do it there. Trying to get you off Twitter or Facebook off Google. You try to get you Algorithm, go off. Google and that's the problem one is everybody speaking, I'm ok with some people being liars because that's just life, but when they start to take the territorial way in which we speak. The sleep platforms that we use that are just now part of techniques. What do you mean Facebook? That's too bad, it's a private company, but now its monopoly and part of technology. They have to. Let us talk that and not be able to take us off, and when you have your TIM Cook, who actually made a speech saying. We have no you're, not welcome if you're a hate hatred, you're, not welcome on the platform, and I have a conscience which was given to me by God and therefore I know what I think
really you're a billionaire cooperation You have no conscience with which the silence me, When did we suddenly think the TIM cookie? So so an angel of delight that he is going to be able to censor us with impunity. Now you know everybody, everybody should talk, I'm not afraid of anybody as long as we can fight back right and what we are seeing now is that you have these organizations like Espy Elsie and they put you on their less. What happens is that you can't do business at certain places. You can't if you want to rent a hotel room, they haven't you a deal or some sort of a you know back in business agreement with SB I'll see if you're on their less you're not allowed to rent a certain conference room- or I know there have been a few conservatives- have been banned from using certain banks from using Van more from using Paypal. Rightly bill people had gone off certain sites because of the right wing affiliations. Listen, I have still in Hollywood projects still moving through an in Hollywood
Obviously, the stand for thing will kill them. You know and that's gonna cost me a lots and lots of money. So unfair just so what life is like that life is unfair, but we have to start. We have to stand up for the territory because, above everything else about this is the fireworks. this fight is more is more important than this tax policy. Or that policy of that regulation. The most important thing is not to allow them to silence people, because that's everything you can win. We can win every single fight unless the gag us and shut us now. What do you think we're out? Are you up to MR pessimistic in terms the way things are trending right now, I'm optimistic because I'm am optimistic, because I believe in a certain strain of common sense in the american people, where they sat they to say like wait, a minute. How come he's gotta, be quiet, wait a minute. You know. when one of the reasons I think Obama lost the Democrat Party every seat, but his is that the people liked Obama personally but the expression,
themselves will wait a minute. You know why can't you used the word Islam when you use the word terrorism when the guy who's committing the terrorism is saying I'm doing this. Cause. I am an Islamic, you should be well to say those things. So there's always been drain of common sense that the british remember and all Europeans are used to top down government were used like leave me alone, bottom up governed right, and so when they come to you and say you can't say this there, there alone, people who get intimidated. Alot of people were afraid they ve done everything they can to make us afraid. But there is this kind of under current or America's like get off. My back you'll leave me alone to right this minute, unkind of optimism. I wish the president will take this on a little bit more. I think this either do it as the election is coming up, the silent ass. Their knocking people had here election met. Meddling is a watch. Him no question about it. This is the time when I think
promptly come out. I wait a minute and he did what he said the other day. He said you can report this with a website where you can report it, but you should be much more. anger about this, because they didn't mean it they mean to shut down and when you talk of the US we all see there are. They are your cue rating stuff on Facebook and, and there are totally left wing organization. I think my theory is actually that all of the censorship actually came because a chump, so I think that the mainstream media has controlled the narrative for the masses for so long everything that they say every person that they pay up Our society as a whole believes it rightly if they want to say that tailors with this amazing everywhere as a whole, thing's tailors. It is amazing. They want you to think Congo, western horrible ass society as a whole, the poorest areas, a jerk ray and and when Trot came along. He did this weird thing where the main she medium wouldn't give him a fair shake. So he went to social media started tweeting and the reason that from one is largely due to this whole issue,
Will this vacuous space where the mainstream media was no longer in control of which was Facebook and twitter an inch women? He got a message that resonated with american people, and now I feel in research they're realizing, we got to close that hole. We got to make sure that we have control over that as well, so that we can create a narrative, and so they started. I think, on the outskirts of banning people that most conservatives feel uncomfortable in terms of defending. So they start with Alex Jones right and and if you go around the most conservatives they say I do yet at the edges. We would then, I think, he's crazy this in that, and so what does that do and makes it so that conservatives won't say anything right? and- and I said my biggest regret was I didn't speak up. That's I knew it was wrong, regardless of whether you agree with him or not bit deep to completely banning him ready, Platt forming him was was a pretty extreme, especially because it happened on the same day. Was Apple Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, so it should alert every concerns. The fact that collusion-
amongst these companies is a very big deal. You don't like Alex Jones and know that collusion amongst these big tech companies are wrong. You know has been so successful at appropriating the term fake news. Did you forget? There was a left wing term. It was invented by a group called first round tour supported by Google ABC, which was a big Hillary Clinton border play. It was backed up like David Brok, one of George. Cirrhosis minions, medium matters and other sites, like that Obama than picked it up. Hillary Clinton, if it up it, was a way of of attacking right wing speech. on social media purpose of it. The purpose of it, as Brok openly said, was to bring in fleet people like the southern poverty lost, entered these left wing groups to curate.
the news on Facebook, and he one he was successful. Your people always talk about conspiracy theories and they talk about Peter Gait, which was this crazy thing that right picked up on the Hillary Clinton Smuggling child sex slaves through his peace, appalling Wendell. Knows. What nobody remembers is that the guy ran Peter it was a former lover of David Brock's and so has every reason to believe essential actions as books, books mere has every reason to believe that the consumer but she itself was away blowing back on them, I mean this has been a project of the left to create speech on Facebook on you and then let's face it is, all right wingers I mean they threw for rockin and there is a kind of fake flag, but it's all right wingers will be silent. There's no! You know my wash was on the daily wire he's. Sir he's standing up for unborn children, not killing unborn children and his people, threatening to read
this showed him online and their not being censored. But if you come out and say something about being pro life, you can get balanced right. That's really scary, when I say that I think the lab is trying to do right now is manufacture. Reality unsocial merely using social media the good and the other than very good manufacturing reality and one of the sky, various things is just how easy it is to brainwash people. I mean people have completely lost surmise. They will believe anything. and I never knew this neo. We say that growing up. I am, I remember, first learning about Yellow journalism, learning about a brain washing running about propaganda and not realising it we're living in living in the midst of it right. You learn about it as if it separate like overboard a study on World WAR two or we're doing a study on the great depression, we're doing a study on this and you're learning propaganda. Thinking more wisely. to realize. Obviously, if we're in the mists of propaganda, but we're not, you were not an end. Now I have people who legitimately believe there are scores of people that legitimately believe that I'm a black white supremacist.
Switch short sighted, and I mean I mean I just suddenly they haven't. I saw bonkers your end and to get these comments, all your black white supremacist and I think to myself. How can you know, have a modicum of intelligence enough to just realized that is pointedly ups or whether you hey media like me, doesn't really matter right, but you have to have just a little bit of sends a wish. You can't be awaits premises. She doesn't want to create a society that she can't live in the brain when you have journalist sure it must be a mean. This is obviously an estimate, but it must be close to ninety five percent of mainstream media journalists. For Democrats. and they literally don't know. I think they really dont know how biased they are. So, for eight years They cover Obama. He scandal free play this thing why sure, whether Dimas Montage people saying scandal for it now use the IRA to silence Sir his opposition. He you
He ran billion dollars on why wrapping billions of dollars into around scandal, free scandal and then when they go after tromp or something He clearly didn't do, which is collude with Russia, they think all which speaking truth to power and went from says you guys are liars witch hunt. It's like he's endangering the first amendment. Well, we living in it. It's almost it's almost beyond propaganda is almost an atmosphere They are living in a to veto, even know their propagandizing. I think that they are throwing off. like smoke, that we all of wandering around in this fog of democratic observation that the people like us who are using is kind of like the american revolution. They come marching in which huge armies of liars and we're gonna popping up from behind our rocks. Taking potshots at Florence. podcast and on our website and all these places at which is one of the reasons and optimistic.
Where we want the American went again, but but I think that they do. you're absolutely right about the actual thickly, even know its propaganda. I don't think so. I don't think it's a problem I think what we can only say that I think they think it's virtue. They think living virtual. the I dont see. I think that people like Don Lemon- no, he knows exactly what he's doing exactly what he saying he knows and he's completely full of it, and you just experiences that I have had with them in terms of how they tried to manufacture. They want to have me I'd like to talk about the sit movement, but they didn't want have me and they want to have someone junior like I'll. Just like a young kid, that's at the rally! No, because you're smart, and you know how to get the guest on. That's not gonna, be able to enter your questions to combat what you're saying. So I actually think that they are purposefully manufacture reality that they know doesn't exist? I mean I can't believe it Jake Tapirs, not smart. you have to understand what he's doing
what he's manufacturing? I actually think that they know exactly what they're doing but they're just here not to do it. You it's I don't want to talk about individuals. Can I think, on women I am not even sure diamond smart enough to know what he's doing that I find you anyone's higher. He walked into a corner, I think, with Ex three guys have to turn around and get him out of. There is like he's just a couple: leave the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but I think that the day so brainwash themselves. They really You believe that way I say, you know. I think it's not like up not I'm colorblind or anything like that- raises a false category, races of false category of human I really do what do you mean by that? I just don't think that you can gather people together according to their skin color or even their nationality and find out anything about them, except maybe what culture they came out of, because if you live in Rome, you're gonna come out of a roman culture. If you live in
go in there in the inner city. You gonna come out of an inner city, Chicago culture, but I don't think you can gather people according to their skin color or according to their of line and tell you very much about the mix it made. What diseases is prone to get you know, and so I think that when see the world like that. You're actually seem false stuff, so people say to me: well, what do you do about black poverty left sitting? I do but White Park in built families. You gonna build culture that gay people same thing I was like. I want the great difference there. I don't think there's any kind of, treating treating people according to which is damaging and- and I think that You say that they call you racist, but when they it creates segregated dorms on. When these this is the things happen in the creative industries is really happening in input. Any movies and tv that have a thing called own story, which means I can't write a character whose black or I can write a character. Who is a woman
they just a tap Elton John knew move because the cat got placement gay. Ok, that means, if you think about that, It means that between you and me, canvas theirs who block that causes me to be unable to share your human life. Well, that's you that's in seeking a completely wrong. It's completely what I saw, and so they they call. They call me erases for saying that, but for segregating people for telling people they can't write about people of different colors for telling us, different. We can't even understand each other. Somehow book both in Ireland, and that is the challenge that I think I will try to communicate to people is that they are there so progressive their regret. Britain is regressive. My where we realise were so awoke that we realise that black. we'll need their own safe spaces. Oh you mean like literally segregation, again believe gray, and I got me when I say that they don't know what you're doing that philosophy is so screwed up right. We ve moved on understands that, because everyone
disagrees with them a racist everything. He understand that he's also dating a white man. That's the present. I don't got a great Emma. I watch him. I remember watching his name and the moving about values and their biggest. So he said the biggest right is our white men. He said, but I couldn't have long lived all Simpsons revelation to enable the biggest when society is white men, who literally has a bright blue, eyed white male boyfriend adjusting astonishing to live your life so in authentically. Clearly you know this isn't true right and that's not that's no posh unto him great I'll. I am actually and progressive, I believe, in interracial relationships. I don't even think it should be a topic for discussion. I think it's ridiculous that people are even talking about her people say that whites and blacks- oh you, ve, sold out with you you of your marrying a white person right because actually Emma Progressive right conservatives, actually our progressive, but for him to do is to say something like that is- is pointedly absurd. Just to say, the biggest threat facing american societies is white men at the same
I'm going to be so hypocritical that you know you how you're living you're like private life. But that's what I mean I. I don't think that the women like puts one tie in the morning. You think I'm gonna go lie to people. I think he thinks that this is that he is sharing some truth that he knows that we're just to foolishness. That's what I mean. I know me to pick on him, particularly, although I dont really idea that guy navigation I think before, but I think the entire mainstream media has now developed this philosophy. I mean I don't know you. I read the New York Times every morning. Claret satire choices. Goose gives me good the material for that. Nobody. If you look at the new terms, it is just a heat site. Virtually it's like Trump does this and from those that an happened and firms for every single story, if you knew you were doing that it would be ashamed
think they do they no longer here who they are. I think that the problem right now is that you can differentiate between satire reality round area, but I love you, though satire. What on earth is really not because we it's gotten that absurd, that satire has somehow become reality, which makes a job really hard for satire writers like yours, thou, the yell maker on the Delaware we always put under my pieces. We put shutter than this
Who doesn't know the shutter anything like? Even I shall do all remember, with working Nujoma satire, because everything I've got inside of a certain up is down and left his right. You're an end were at this, this kind of unfortunate place in society, but I agree with you. I'm super optimistic about things, every single down to prompt mistake because there's something about how absurd it's got in that I almost all get had to get really bad before things got better, as as they make it to say that the most absurd things they could possibly say about me. It makes me think that their fearful, let the somehow fearful- and they know that something is about to break and really what but I'm alright, I'm selling there's just like it doesn't need three black and white anymore. We can. We can release this, because what I ve learned about the black economy is that we are fortunately bought into this idea that were separate from the american dream, so much worn fulfilling a horrible horrible. We, we are actively taught our own oppression in school before we even
out and tried before we even make an effort in society. We have already been brainwashed, believe we can it's because of people like you, because of white males, right and and- and that is what actually is the biggest thing against us ourselves- the right with you buy into the victim area than your victim. You're, never gonna, be able to triumph and do anything in life, and if you buy into the idea that everybody everybody has to like you and be the past has to be fixed which, by the way the past is never fix. The past we should never forget. The past is passed it's done, there's nothing you can do about. It is a tragedy as part of the tragedy of life. If you get into the idea that first you have to fix the past or first you have to get it, but, like you You're wasting your time like a writer, Lucian hatred. I think it's just I just bad advice. I wouldn't give advice, my son, I wouldn't give it to my daughter. I wouldn't give it to a friend. It's just a terrible terrible thing to say to anybody when I read out the His name goes out of my head with a guy who just one the Macarthur reward, she's right routes through the city.
The stuff, the black body, and we should have reparations and all the stuff, and I just think I would never give advice to anybody and all let it go. What are you gonna contribute? What are you gonna class reparations embracing a future really really been made to repair the passage to look towards the future. It's just it is very, is dispiriting. Let me tell you why. I am optimistic that, on this, just comes from being a hundred ten years old I was in New York when New York ship bottom- I mean it was unbelievable. You could not go out for those days. I smoked you couldn't go out for a pack of cigarettes without being afraid for your life. People would not come to visit because they were so afraid of the crime. I remember my birthday. We had a black out. The city went up in flames which riots and things like this and it was terrible. Rudy Giuliani came into the city and cleaned up. I mean it around and every day he did that the New York Times called him. A racist and you're caught tentacled, my tyrant, they said he was not They should everything they say about Donald Trump and he turned out around short became the most view
Applause, yours dragging it back down, preferred for like a good twenty years. More. He made that city into a beautiful, beautiful place, probably the greatest city on earth. One guy really administration, not paying attention to the two, but there were calling them. Think it was Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter drove this country right into the ground. I don't think he was a bad acting as a bad guy now, but I'm not sure he was a bad guy, then just incompetent. He just believe things that weren't true kind of like Obama, Bob believe things that just weren't true, I thought it was easy to think that the west was over in the night seventies and Reagan came in and they called him a racist every day they called him a tyrant, they called him a warmongering, an idiot. He turned the country, country then went into like twenty five years of incredible prosperity. You only have to turn the ship in the right direction and things get better and I thank them. from has done a lot of that, unlike I oppose Donald Trump tooth and nail when he the primary just wrong
I was, I was afraid of his affect because of that in a belligerent, convict, strap Russian. Or even boorish should be where you're from New York I was not, as is funny, fill in LOS Angeles, all too long how he talks. Just like everybody, I grant you. I knew everybody talk like that. When that that tape about him talk about women came out, nobody was so shocked, flicking. No, but I remember trunk from New York. I remember good things. You didn't New York, but I was I was worried about him. He's got a really good job and the fact that is show he doesn't care what they call even hear what they call him I think has been the strongest is strongest point, and so I'm I'm kind of cautiously optimistic that who win and twenty twenty and if he wins only twenty. I think our politics will not be the same for the next twenty years living. I, like your humility in admitting that you are wrong. I find without conservatives, really struggle with a
One word just wrong right when you just like. I completely called it wrong, I'm willing to change my opinion are willing to change my mind, and so many people were just categorically long, which understandable. He just was. You can have no came out of nowhere if someone we ve never seen before, and the political scene had no politics. Experience and was just his out you don't just really out there and people are wondering. Is he seen enough to do this? Is he gonna? U know actually do things effectively when other results are in right, so people that that don't stand behind this. Now, how can you say you're to me? How can you really say you're a conservative right, what everything he has done, but from a policy perspective, has been unbelievably conserve. Unbelievable likely is, it might be the most conservative president. I don't know What you definitely my lifetime right. I bet I think the arguments used more conservatism, Ronald Reagan, hisses. I think he's more successful in a lot of ways than Reagan is at least in the first most most presence by the way have six months. They didn't do everything in the first six months of your presidency, you look back almost all their accomplishments were in the first six months to a year, so he had two years.
really churning out important stuff. I mean that if only the deregulation and the tax taxes and the judges that's a stuff. The amazing accomplishment it has been tremendously successful. He's a tough guy to deal with for people like me, because one of the things about Reagan's they called Reagan- stupid Everyday Reagan, was deeply immersed in in conservative philosophy and you get the feeling The tropics is flying by the sheet of his pants that he's an instinctive conservative that he does. The right thing instinctively and that's a little harder to trust, because what, if his instincts go in a different way than he is, tough guy he's view. He is right. I really have have churches. His successors- As you say of admitted that I got him wrong, I had a video. They got something like seventeen million hits attacking him during the primaries, and I wish I could
take it. But you know what it's going to be when you grow and be wrong. They re, like is the only path to wisdom, rail when you, when you ve, got it wrong, but I mean it, but he still differ. because he's your mannered he's done things that in his life, that is hard to support? I mean I don't think that's a good way to treat your wife or wives he has and so you don't wanna like sign onto everything right, but his own is not mine, he's, not my power right, not your husband's, not you! None of those things raised just depressingly eyesight as the press, fifteen states he's duly Bridger. Why it's actually find that you say that a speak allotted
the morality and safe. If morality was at the forefront of why we elected politicians all that we tearing down the statues of every american presidential, otherwise and everybody lever, elected and thereby help my way, this would bring. We gladly all of us. We ve never lets anymore president before it up there all the time you may have thought so I guess maybe the mainstream media was on theirs. I let they weren't Obama. Everyone thinks he was all my god. This amazing men know do anything wrong wrong. You have really wrong really, we use half remedy We are now looking solely with the Pope. It whatever happens personal light. That, personally, is between that person in their wife in their family and their kids. And the question is: are they driving America into the direction that we wanted to be driven into and which is sort of conservative, like. You is easy abiding by the constitution that we believe this is the other thing about him, like all you hear about Authoritarian nazis addicted of the new were there and I
between show me one placed on really hypersensitive this. I believe in the constitution like that is a big deal to me, and one of the things I really disliked about. Obama is the way he transgress the constitution again and again, and nobody should a damn thing. Show me one place one place where, where of trumpets transgress the constitution, where he has acted outside the boundaries of the law, and I can't think of even one, I can think of places where he's kind of edged. You know that in the courts of slap them down and he stepped back- you know I just Catholic He dodge a newspaper ouch within the law. They been trying to get this guy. Look this guy's been at the forefront of American, the american imagination since, when the eighty seventies he's been around forever. They were trying to bring him down forever, had been investigating forever. They ve been auditing them forever keeping jail if he was as bad as they they said he is he's. Obviously noughties. Obviously you know he's got a bit. The corny Barker UNAM he's got a bit of the
Europe a big mouth, uneasy exaggerated, but even when they talk about his wise this one is raw. Like always the biggest crowd again was. I can't easy over exaggeration he's never say, lies relatives. He asked labelling system that helps the economy, because people here, like always she's gone over America, we're gonna go, invest in all that time has really been helpful, but here said you know you can keep your doktor. He hasn't said. Oh, that terrorist was just a guy in the neighborhood when he was actually backing his campaign he's he actually. His has been used four. His promises, his promises, is camping, promises matter to him I'm pretty well, and I think at this point the conservatives you dont back him who just will not get off his back and Wilma stepped back. It's not a sin to say some things that I say that their things about him. I don't like a lengthy but to say that his the opposition, at this point is so lonely. So
Anti american show Anti capitalism so aunt, I everything we have ever stood for he's the only game in town. You know- and I mean he's he's doing a good job, and I think that I don't understand why we can unify around. why we left the room, he left the media. We talk about the atmosphere to media, creates we let them the media. Make us panicked about a good example of good example, Donald Trump Stuffy set about women. That if you're famous women will let you do things back, that's a fact: the fat baby somebody, So when I hate when I say that, unlike that is a verifiable of ours, but ok you call him a boar could use bourse language like New Yorkers do when there alone, almost all of us who had when we're alone. We talk like that, but call him a boar fine, but do Clinton was plausibly accused of rate and the admin fear of hysteria around trumps remarks versus the atmosphere
Well, you know was really rape and was reap rape, and I don't you know the answer you're so different, and it's very hard. When I talk to my liberal friends, they all say the same thing they all say, while I disapprove of that too, but no, they did not. Today. And not in the same way, and not with the same hysterical, you know all that makes him unable to unfit to be present. So I don't know if this is just part of likely the the fight were in the right. It is to change that atmosphere to get a loud enough why so strong enough voice a smart enough voice so that when they, all the things that they call you not that we could silence them. Simply we can beat him. That's what I'm looking for, I'm looking to trust to beat him, I'm looking for us to have the courage the intelligence, the cultural awareness which were very weak on the to fight back in a way that they fight they fight. So well, they fight dirty. I really don't know what would you say has been the hardest part
for you. I just haven't when I see the hard part like whether its being called something weathered speaking like you know not being able to shop on a college gap is what do you think has been the hardest part, because I know People have something in common where we are failing numbers. bought into it there. You know the hardest part from use. Professional, though I mean my family members, they have bought into an I'm sure. They think terrible things about me, but but you know I'm a born storyteller? I was born to do one thing only ever wanted to do. One thing only ever want to write novels and mine. I became a film a screen. Writing career and I really enjoy doing that and they ve made it virtually impossible. I still do it. I find my way through. I have this book, another kingdom which I put out and podcast and was tremendously successful, but had but as a pot gas, because I knew when It has come out of the novel, but I knew that is normal. I was gonna be able to show in the same way, I have to dance at the shameless plugins, I'm nothing on supporting conservatives where they try to do this and all of us you guys, if you have not
now embody please go out and and support Andrew Clave in another king dollars. You can buy it today and its good you ain't gonna have through, like, I think, I'm one of the best popular novel. shut up, and I do I think I would. I would put myself up against anybody, the ridge and they made a tough. You know it. Things have happened to me like, like, I wrote a book for christian young people, but a series of adventure stories for Christian young people. Ok, so there were very clean, very they had christian heroes. The word preachy, it's just a few, but who is in the adventure, would be a christian present. I should one of these shoes to England for good money and putting it out this big way, and then they would mean said, but you have to edit out all the references to the Bible and I, but the a Christian he refers to the bible- has not yet are bookstore. Water. don't won't sell it, they won't handle it. If you don't cut it out, I am I gonna. Do it and I can't do that.
You didn't ask me. If I were muslim, you would never have higher jewish you and ask me anything else except collated, and I wouldn't do it. I refused to do it in the bookstore cut back their order to almost nothing and I haven't had a contract in England I mean, I think, that that's that's the tough thing and I listen I'll. having lost a moment's sleep over it because I know I'm doing what's right, I'm speaking up, you know- and I know one doing the thing up- I'm his who, in the garden, wants me to do, and also I won't tell you some painful. I mean that's that's the thing I love doing that's where the thing I loved making a living at and dumb and spin it that's been tough. They have that power, try and make them it's been a more personal. Some words like you, you haven't, you grow up with someone, your entire life and you know them, and they know you intimately, and you are just you know that there is no way that anybody could ever fracture anything between you and then there's something weird happened: you become a public figure where their whole vision of you becomes a they believe
The articles are being written value, I'd I've lost like a cousin who I was just so close where it was insane and I mean just like the closest person going up and end one smear p, This went viral or you know one one on something went what it was in suddenly my blog on Facebook and this person is actually saying something against me in saying that they happened to disown me, and I think that what to me was like I don't. about what they say about me. I don't care about losing friends. I call it like shutting You now coming out of a koona becoming a butterfly, like those friends, worn out much intellectual value when it when it hits close to home when you lose a cause in its brutal in that dialogue, has been the hardest thing for me. Like I see that I mean you know their their friends, come over the house anymore and relatives who will speak to me and all the stuff and they don't understand like they show immersed in this wise. They sometimes people don't even know the lies that on the shore immersed in this culture, they read the New York Times, surrounds them like a fog and in there
stop and say what the disguise oarsmen Recent guy, why is he saying these things immediately released lucky enough that my wife is showed you know like. I know I know what you want. I know you want people to be free. I know you want people not to be oppressed by the government, so at least when I say things that might shock her. understands that I'm I'm fighting for something that is good and decent right. You know, and I think that I think that I wish more people thought that they I don't like somebody saying you know I disagree with you. I think it's more important that we let these people for immigrants in than that the country keeps it. Sir, you uphold the rule of law, that's a debate, for, I think they're all all kinds of things we can debate, you know I mean this is one of the things like the tilt college students. When I talk to them all the time, always smart debates under the stupid debates. Ok, so that, like inside says, hey. You know gay people love people their own sex. I wanna be married and that's white and good, because
it's better than being promiscuousness and being and the other sites as well. Marriage is a pillar of society and you dont want to change it, because maybe that pillar will fall down and the ceiling will come at a debate to decent good people can have that debate. But when you tell me there's love in theirs hate the then you like him. You know you're in this kind of weird mythological territory where there's the good guys in the bag. How can you have a debate about the cat no right to like when you, when you tell me that some people, who are uncomfortable with their gender. I have sympathy for that. I think there must be a terrible thing. Painful experience tells me that actually turn them into women. And turned to him so stupid debate, you can have and if I don't believe that I'm a Haider and I'm a or something that's a dumb debate We were talking about Islam, the debate about how we want a tree religions with respect, and we want to be open to religions but maybe some religions are actually antithetical to western thought. That's a debate.
That's two sides intelligent sides of goodwill. We can come together when you tell me that if I say of killing being done in the name of allah- and you say well you're an islamic folk, it's a stupid access, decided debate set right so that the problem we have is when you have a media, a news, media and entertainment media, an academy all on one side right, the debate gets stupid. That's the problem, because we could we Americans of good will, which I believe is probably seventy percent of Americans. You, Americans goodwill, can discuss anything. You know I said The status of you guys should be up at three o clock in the morning discussing gender genders a fascinating topic with all kinds around them. talk about it all might yell at each other scream at each other. Nothing is out of bounds. Why Should it be your twenty years old the sought time to put borders on what you say what you think it's time to expand what you think you know, but we can have this debate Every single meat form of media is populated by
one side and is telling everybody that the other side is just hateful we're just Satan Did you see now, and it's just I mean they do it? They, even into the language like that. Like I said, Islamophobia Canal, racial, racial profiling, which translates means police work in a few things, policemen after due to an end the they do it all the time and objective five women. What does that mean guys like the look of girls in? Oh, that's, why we're all here earlier, because because guys like those girls in on you, when you put these words on at the minute, you talk about them, you something I me something wrong: the bake it stupid and I Just think. I'd like to see whether things I'd like to see conservatives do is is up the debate in our spring on people. I constant. invite people. I d be dry, they won't come. They won't come they won't come because they don't actually believe what they believe and by you. Now I we offered a hundred thousand dollars for hours and your cause, your Cortez debate me and unfair.
Asia. We almost had the same initial C. H. Albert is the aim of see. You know we are just. We are diametrically opposed right. So what better way? Ok, you are the ultimate socialist, I'm, the ultimate capitalist right. You can't use argued that you're you're, a female. You can't use your arm with a Euro minority, so you're just gonna have to thank your thoughts,
you're just gonna, have to present your idea. Wonder right! No thank you doesn't want to do that because issues she feel safe when she sees in the space and she just at anybody that disagrees with me is a racist matters raised me. The sexes, up all the public in white man, again disagreeing with me and the only with you're going to be with a feedback tat, someone command that is set to top of her on the progressive sack the about. While you might be a spanish, but by people having more processed, or at least according to your own leftist rules, you can't use that cardy more. Your card has been trumped, not least to beat your ideas, and they don't come because they don't believe their ideas. Of course, everything can be free right, that it is impossible to net she's even advocating for, but she doesn't understand which is advocating, for she has knows how to use Instagram, how to use twitter and how to drum up people talking about such assessing that are just so pointedly ridiculous, and I found this to be
true about all left, as they do not want to debate their ideas. They will not sit down. We had a PETE, I still can't say as last name who wage number. One reason is that the process is no one can say it, but I am not going to day. Reuben shall write, it is, has is not going on emanate. Reuben show you have Elizabeth Warren saying that she will knock on Fox NEWS, because yeah there, they are a heel network, the races, a hateful wasted downward meets, which means I'm going to stay in my safe space and no one's gonna. Ask me tough question: that's what the left has become and this is really embarrassing on my show, because, on my show I dont debate people I let them speak, I ask them questions my challenge them, but I let them speak and I never shouted anybody really. They still the just won't. Do it and part of it by the way it is because they have created a world in which, if They come on your show that could further by people civil
You went on that Nazi show another that cover the volcano has reared its white paper. Unless there is a world they helped better yet, which is ridiculous when they have to abide by those rules. No look, I hope, is a change. I say overtime if there isn't what this politician or left his thought leader. There might be a bit of a bit of an ox, more but we would like to come onto my show. We always invite them. Ok, Andrew, so we wrap up each episode with two minutes. You look at the camera and for two minutes you get you just leave of vibration with the world. You can say anything you want if everyone had to, since the two minutes. I just had to be written into law tomorrow, good, and they said you know what thank Goodness Andrew claimants, This now I'm going to now who, this into I'm, going to put this into my life and make it a thing he's gonna time you on your mark, get set Andrew claimants two minutes or to bring you up to
remember about free speech, is only two systems of speech. This free speech, in which everybody gets the talk and this speech controlled by the powerful and when I see the powerful any people have the ability to punish you. If you don't do what they say, that's the government that is, in large in institutions like corporations and The mob, by which I dont mean the mafia. I mean people of short and throw things and cause trouble. You either have free speech in which everybody talks, or you have speech controlled by the because once you start to say, oh yes, you can speak as long as you're, not hateful. The question becomes who decides what hateful is it gonna? Be there Mary Joe on the street. Would decide, was hateful or is it going to be there? head of Apple TIM Cook, or is it going to be the head of Facebook or is it going to be? The government is going to be the powerful who decide? What's hateful and what is not allowed to be said, and so you
have to have free speech, which means, including people that you don't like and did you disagree with your freedom depends on the freedom of the people you disagree with. You can't have one side being free and the other not free. Ultimately, that's just a question of power as well. The thing to remember is the people who are silencing PETE. the people who are censuring. People are all powerful people, so the ordinary people you and me have to talk to one, other. We have to talk to one another. When we disagree, we have to talk to another one at the dinner table. We have to talk to one another in ordinary conversation and now, allow the powerful to decree what we can and can't say the people on the left who vote democratic or not leaders there not the same as a Oshea and up and the people who screen hate and people who disallow right wing speech, most of the people on the left,
I just a sensible as the people on the right. We just disagree and if we talk to one another and if we don't let the powerful silence us the can We can turn around I've seen it happen before I've been around a long time are seen country go right into the trough and she had come. Again simply goods, because people defied the attempts to silence it'll happen again. Every girl, thank you. So much for joining the cancer cell in Chad was greeted with thank you, and I was also with experts so interesting. I still don't know rifle. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of Canvas Owen shall I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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