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2019-03-24 | 🔗
Brandon Tatum, a former police officer and Director of Urban Engagement at Turning Point USA, joins Candace Owens for an in-depth conversation discussing police brutality, parenting, Blexit, the 2016 Tucson Trump Rally and much more! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Hey now, another hate on one who can wait around now for like almost like? This are proud of our right. Ladies and gentlemen, we are back with the kind of Stalin. Shall let's talk about the war on police officers? This has been a topic of conversation and seized America. Over the last couple of years, we ve seen people weighing on all sides, fundamentally believing that black Americans are being targeted by our police force. Where I saw this conversation happening, one element was missing and it was black police officers. How has this topic and conversation impacted black police officers, and so today we are going to talk to form a police officer, Brennan Tatum, welcome today
in his own show. How happy to be here was ok understands. Where are you? Are you relax I'll be here? Are my studio, my niece, my shell? Yes, yes, the bars. The images Bellagio I'm cool. We have done a ton of work together in this space and trying to open up a conversation that makes black Americans uncomfortable different perspectives for blackmail pins and you have one of the most amazing stories and something that is definitely inspired me, I'm something that I refer to as the Tatum, a fact So I want you to walk with you, your a police officer at the Inn into twenty sixteen twenty fifteen. In a police officer in Arizona and Trump,
what's on the stage and says I'm running for president I'd states. What were your initial thoughts will at that time? That was when I first started. I guess changing my mind from being a liberal Democrat to being more leaning more toward the conservative, so I was a little bit more in favor of the Republican Party at that time. So if I take a few steps back being a police officer, and being along the liberal am, I said, you know cause initially when Obama was elected and twenty toiled about it for him and every body must go. I was mad at me, I mean they literally gave me a deaths there again I was only black person and musk squad. I was one of you know, maybe eight other black offices on a department. So would there be a say it kind of felt like I had to have an identity of my own, but then over time,
watching Obama trash the police department. I began so transition. My idea is to say- and I cannot support anybody. I don't care what political parties, in a case of port you, if you're disparaging police officer, causing our jobs to be a more dangerous than it should be the. What? What do you mean by that because I went to Chicago actually when this conversation is happening, and I met with the police pricing that actually, in the most dangerous part of Chicago, which I believe is district eleven and every other piece officers were black. I was wondering how does this conversation impact black police officers when you just say that police officer, tugging black American. So what was I like for you said it made it more dangerous. What do you mean by that? We'll? Because we were the badge and a uniform? It doesn't matter what color you are they project that you are I like or similar or you in the same room, is every police officer and a country. So african american people latino people, minorities used to target
me and say almost sell out and I'm a part of this genocide against minority sullen aside strong or is it is date which is ridiculous, because if you look at the stairs, obviously were not is murdering people for no reason and and doing things that a lot of people on the left, I think try to project for political gain in my opinion. But for me it was interesting to see that, even though I was black, people would still come against me as, if I'm a traitor on working for the other side per se see what you'd stop someone and and they would feel that they will lose to tell me I had occurred, which was the stupidest day ever. He was in a locker all school, Monte, Carlo ten, it out in those and his registration is somewhat expire, ran his play. I didn't know who he was lying in the tent was where illegal anyway, I couldn't see in a car. I poured a guy over
he rose the window down, he looks hispanic any say you pull me because I'm black ass, if I say eyebrow, stupid. You know it's all right as a resource as it make would be stupid and black. What are you talking about any you look mexican. What are you trying to promote deadly? Somehow exports are noted. Your black would sit it windows this illegal and adapt it to be and a right and a warning fort, and because I want the proved the point like even you are being belligerent in outrageous, I'm gonna correct you, but then I'll give you a warning. You don't say so. You can until you know that I'm a normal person in a human too, and hopefully that person learns the next time they get pulled over, but that was residual that continue to happen. The same type of and a result from the black community, so I'm watching this on tv and the media is running this, a narrative that police officers are targeting black Americans. It makes me feel at that time that that means that you,
get the call, and on the other end, you are told that the person is black and that Her whole attitude changes and you go. Saying I'm going to hunt to kill this person that I'm looking for that. Would it's like being a police officer. The diplomat diplomat, definitive is probably the most difficult thing in your life? you are a racist and your police officer flies because you you can dictate where you go. I will call you respond to you just respond, and what people are missing in this conversation is that it really does it matter what color you are because people of all colors, races background they alchemy can't they all came out of the way I was convinced that it was black people only that commit crimes.
Leave it to the left. They will tell you tat black people on. It was not everybody, but you, given us language or latina, believed that in its races in in a projection, is less obvious and planning or some because this is the thing if you what's your black community, you have these. Why offices they go into black communities in a deal with black people seem to suggest that they're going in down and races against black people and afraid of them would suggest at all black people criminals right now, but going to these communities in their haven't interactions with normal black people right mom and you know mom and dad who's been robbed or somebody who's ever lost child. Somebody's been sexually assaulted, not everybody in a black community, As a bird runnin around with a gun ready to kill somebody cell to suggest it somehow they're afraid of black people, it to me a sand at all black. It will somehow overly violent right here. Right now say.
is. Is it bothers me when I see black communities we wipe would primarily by police officers, and you hear the rhetoric of people sand out he's police officer. Racism is is troubling because if a person was to look at it for what it was, it appears that the white people, the white police officers on only one brave enough and care enough about the community, because why don't you go and sign up for the police part an idea and petroleum community? with the white men and women in somebody's communities. Worse primarily right they are the ones risking their lives, because african american people in these communities on tremendously more likely to kill a police, also, therefore, police off the cure, a black person correctness of Prager, your video. That might mean this is while of Prager you video, because it just strips down the entire argument and provide you with the facts and the rise you with the logic and the numbers ends. The truth is that a police officer is eighteen and a half.
Times more likely to be killed by a black man than the other way around. I also know that their the spanish men and white man, or more likely to be killed by a police officer them black men. So how is it possible to use it? that that the media perpetuated a complete lie, and it was believed, Michael so many black American, because the black community is one of them. all the communities they get so rode up. Promotional giddy, my most emotional community in the entire world and were being emotional right now argue casually. So we're gonna, you're gonna get a reaction out a blackfoot right. If you post has a don't shoot, always all right. say: does a video and what was it that she did with rosy legal redress, nobbler rank very brave. Will we come out on the street? We ve
bears all businesses were you know best solution is to bash your own business. All worried here. First of all, I should like here on business and sexual rights may remain viable gonna burn down our own homes and give it to the white man. I don't wanna know what we do. Those things would limit for media purposes ratings. You bet you. If you got obligation, is gonna, be our shopping come out. The closet and they're gonna be on the television cry streaming stated for the black cause. You don't like they're in the sixties, again you'll find for civil rights and is like We call. This is why you and I call them race hustlers right as they make money there hustling they oh, that there are helping to deter further deteriorate, our communities by inspiring people to react emotionally I'll ruining their own lives, because if they end up arrested at one of these rights, then you have a charge and something that's on your record forever and if you
in our burn down your own home, you no other place to live and an end. There actually inspiring chaos and opportunities as if they have an inspired enough chaos and our communities with their policies to listen. If the community has violence like in Ferguson, when they were Destroy businesses, businesses vow to not return that is their losing jobs, they lose economic growth, implacable, already have a problem. We reinvested in our communities anyway, let's go so these people are literally creating an environment where black people are more. I could say in a position to be heart more like a position to be heart more financially and physically, because the rhetoric against police, creates this emotional fill in an apartment right. It is justified to the person that that's dealing with its right. If you are thinking you see an articulated police also killing you
You are in every day at school, and you know what we were school. They tell you about slavery and Jim Crow. They also you nothin about think people be a successful businesses and doctors and inventions they talk. only the racism is an entire mentality being created from the time that we step into the public school system that teaches us that we are victims for their victims. That's every always been victims were always going to be victims and a hand us a packet of excuses before we even try, and then God forbid someone like your eyes up simply in says no. We can do without government hand out. No, I believe him myself, you know I'm a conservative. I hold the belief that fathers should be in the home. I have a belief in God. It turbine tell us our work hang our waste because we believe in us right is crazy to me because everybody knows what we're talking about right. This is not a myth. People and at the house talk about this. We grow Mono yeah
I'm in my room I should to my uncle's: look: you see the halo jail. If you could see you down a path, so we know better way. But what is the concept of like you can talk about your family with Nobody knows where to talk, but you gotta stop this assignment. I had a conversation with Charlemagne, the God and he said to me. You know I'm not saying that. I disagree with you. What I'm saying that you shouldn't be having these conversations in front of white people? What ignorance is that for we know that were really do in messing up stop, but we just like publicly sire, I mean, and that's a sort of leadership we have in our community were amazed silent and they'll believe us all. I have support kinda superadding when they're saying behind closed doors, but in order to have the converse you want me to be in often take you and that's. The problem is that, we ve been deluding ourselves. You been deluding our committee and we have not had real leaders have emerged by launch up to about your convergent gives, you are a burning blow was correct, nor was I was I was o bomber
Passiveaggressive Obama at dinner, grandma? I love my Obama to Big Carson I wasn't. I never was a burning healers. he was never Omar rate. I she was the high sauce in pursuit of the awful automata barbecue south. Maybe I could see do you find it anyhow Louisiana us we'll have to go back and figure, what kind of how to actually have I wish you that doesn't matter that does matter so there you? You start up at the bank, Carson Guy and then what will your initial feelings about trump because you get a lot of slots for supporting trump now I just want to understand the transitional and about Europe on this planet it was a joke about throb. Is the man disbelief guy, he's Abbas right, I feel like he was gone I'll, stay to say, look of I'm gonna,
crash all y'all, I'm going to show the world that y'all are a joke. I can't even run just to play and get some traction and then my brain and and they go back to being thrown away and then being Carson dropped out because he was a little he could. He didn't have the juice. You know he was a little too lethargic, but he dropped out those trump and I'm like a hollow because in his brain, Of course, it is a liberal brain surgeon literally two robbery and caution is doing things that nobody in the world has the right, let alone black American like because it is the main argument because in and we want to We will take his name off. Habiliments he's got a woman was impact or black people come from a hood Ray same way? They come on we'll do the ones, but there s another story, but when he had drop out like a fool?
never say he's a letter wrong when he sees it. Some is here, you know, because of an adult unanimity or that I push him over his wife. His wife is very structure, but nominal is whales. Unlike Let her husband is do some met crazy way. So I say: let me list as well as a grown man was responsible, I say, let me do my due diligence and going to set out what opposite Mr Donald Trump is having a rallying Tucson will even at the stay scenario would have as we see it. Donald Trump ensues faith so I decided. I worked before nice. If I stayed up you not way for nine o clock at night seven in the morning and US data to like eleven something at the rally man attracted. I want to go check it out in a blue mama. They blew Mama. What Williamite specifically to get there first day was the protests, and I will tell you just on scotch roof. I grew up in a around violence.
and I was a police officer around violence. But the feeling that I had took me back to like what I felt like Martin Luther King then went through, and this is why, on a slightly smaller scale, went when I went through the little it's a walkway that you go up and you go into the convention center. Very very small is not like Phoenix in a big city. It's a very small convention center. There's people who have protest signs, they didn't say, they never peaceful. But when you got a door, people were literally China Break passed a police ass. To gets worse, Ruby bridges, stream in it of you? races, you, your support and, unlike I don't even know what them just on chicken is. How do I get involved in it and urges imo may occupied right if they came across
people be drop in life? Ass are being organised by, but if I was like, if I was like a grandmother or if I was a little kid that will be extremely intimidating because you'll know what can happen in a police were Lulli locked doors but he's my boys I work for them. Well. I want to pause for a second, because the visuals and I'm getting here are really important. I talk about this all the time. There are some things
so reminiscent and its striking to me, because people understand history, we looked back. A history were shocked like what you we'd can associate ourselves of a right Sarah like how could people not realise that chasing black people out of restaurant they were? They were on the side of hate? How could we not realise that yelling at Ruby bridges on her on her walk to school and yelling at her and trying to break pass the the armed armed guards who had they had military to get you to get where we were going to school screaming at her and taunting her? How could they not realise that they were hateful rightful and yet they just don't realize as today that there, the exact same people were going after conservatives. I've been chased out of restaurants, as you are describing just trying to walk in two here. Trumps speak right, they'll has anything get what are they? What are they protested? I'm going to react to say right and you're describing something better, so visually reminiscent of what we were trying to get into school.
What she hasn't done. Anything just try. He didn't say you should try to learn from the euro which really trying to learn something. What is it this man is selling right on one american or have a right figure out, what's Goin on Bernie had a rally did the day before I didn't want to hear what he had to say: Saddam go to israeli right on our protest. Anybody I'm not going to scream and anybody. I just want to see I'm trying to figure. a way out of this world? We live in a free country, so yelling at you, yelling at me, they're good, looking at me and what are they to have their say? You're, you're, races, you're either you cannot use and I may block white people are right, of course, of white people, chiefly at a restaurant. Saul remission with animal rights era same soup warmed over the same thing. I could discretion and seems to warmed I gotta give creates Zimbabwe robs if you watch IRAN, ok, ransom landing, always happy to shout out sooner
this is always gotta could rob you still museums who wanted a reality, but is it is the same thing? Is so fail? I'm not gonna lie like failed. What what perceived at Morton the keys to deal with is like brought understand enough for my right, I'm just trying to leave and figure out what I'm goin politically. I'm just why didn't have a transport on up? I had a black shirt, all slacks. I was very important and screaming in a yell and in this light, if the police went their wording on do what they tell me like what I have to fight all these people. That's not right now, and so we get inside and it's like going to church was peaceful that is also used it. So you walk through a marble protesters you being protected by police drums alarm skying yelling, stop dreaming at you then inside and its com, so we're about at the same time to so, we can get back to this
the media is selling to us this morning, because I was unsure about trumped. You is telling us at this moment that Trump is inspiring hatred. True, but the heinous outside through it is outside right. See you get inside happened. What did you see a go in? There is a big arena, whole bunch of people in there you know. Obviously demographic of two feet of Tucson is majority. Why panic so is not a lot of electrical anyway, but are going there, and I don't know where to sit by China forgot worms soon How to show I go to a few places and I'm just meeting random people, everybody so nice and kind, and and in my mind, I'm like I'm waiting for that. One race has to be acting out against me or something and look at me crazy, like what is black man doing here because in the media they they literally perpetuated that they grow people out of these things, because her black, that's correct them is exactly the narrow
so I get in their management. Hey K, K, rallies right. That was how it felt like I was gonna feel ok, it was. It was especially pleased with our so it didn't happen anyway, everybody's cool. I'm talking to people everybody's joke and having a good time to young people, older people, people in wheelchairs, you know, there's some black people, hispanic gay straight
whatever is beside a whole bunch of different people. Here I get to the bottom, was: must walk ass at the time are still on the swatting, so I was the honor was in gas was what we were just talking at the bottom floor. These fools these these these protesters was sneak in weren't, trumped up and methodically like every ten fifteen minutes, one of a more just take the shirt, Donald Trump to stream in front of kids and I'll. Just like this is outraged. So again the tolerant people I have come inside. Snuck inside taking off his shirts- and they are shouting of senators in the midst of a tramp rally which is supposed to be a rally of hate, but there actually bring in the hay day or two only once in a hole in the second is that a lot of the percentage of people doing it were black people right? It was a black or at the tops you scream and yelling at whatever it's like. This is kind of why you get kicked out. It is this is this is this? Is a day that day
nobody is talking about is a private. Even right by law is probably been before. Trump I'm gonna stay. They made an announcement and said this is reserve by the trunk campaign. A private paint would reserve the right to make axially body leave at any time. Just like it, because I was doing a concert you store at an up, you're gonna, let you aren't you a disorderly conduct or if you refuse to leave his trespassing but you're, going to rest even jump on the stage and guarantees performing investors should be arrested. Is a profitable public space. They gave a disclaimer. They also gave a disclaimer that please do not be violent. Please do not yet protests as anything. If there's someone protesting and are being noxious pretty much the interest, year, USA, USA, USA, ass. They doing everything they can to everything: it can. The news is standing right there. They got the little set up they act like this never happened. I they even promoting, these in a rally in a given a lot of
all does the media planes, because when you say there are black people that are causing destruction, it actually makes me sad. It makes me sad because this is what I say is that the media and courage is black people to act like animals and we and we do it every time. One day they the the? U S like props, is aware that I feel that they they think that, where their emotional props end, they want us to be their shields. They say: I'm not gonna get arrested. Argentina hum I'm a white collar democrat rampant aggressive. But can I inspire that black girl to think that there is something so crazy on and she has to go, get arrested, Trump rally rate kinds via that black gonna show that she asked to go assault, a police officer at a Trump rally, and this is how I feel white democratic use, black people, because it will put us on the front lines when you look at black lives matter injected. The money came from white people, write about the people that were put on the front lines getting arrested were all black you because, like so that they can use the is liberty,
racism is a hot topic in this country? So they use Blackfoot go. Do they don't do this? All anyone to arrest you ate is put in a black and go act of food and energy is a is racism and arrogant paint. Europe is a race, but images works. I d yellin in front of keys. The one lady cover keys is black folks encircling lock and whole screaming. If gonna tell me using using curse words, but it gives works trump. Does this thing
he was peaceful. He was unify. Everybody was a spar. Do like these rallies now here I am twenty thirty. Forty thousand people come to these rules because they are actually pretty good. Trop is actually ex explaining what America should be and how to better our country far people, the worst part it is, was that the protests has blocked the entrance, which is obviously a far co violation. Banana republic has actually scary. I have a little bit about the anxiety lessening today blocked like elevators. We couldn't get out, and so am I want explaining what really scary it is. That's very scared, because What do you mean? I find my way, but other people can't, but not all of these people got weapons, but this is another Dana people to understand a media, sit on our hands and did so not because they have a sneak out the back. So everybody had to sneak out back exit, but you go ahead, The protests have gotten so bad on the police department. We have something called apple beta deployed, so everybody Honour Department is either our four or beta right. They give you a letter. So, if is
is it a shooting? A southern is tragic. They'll say is out for deployment Demi every person is label to ask. What has the response at his call in a beta would just continue to do work if we had. They are a beta deployment that me every body on duty has the response of this one location. Gabby, give us different things like that you everybody has to go. This was so dramatic and dangerous that we had a alpha deployment. So that mean half of the police officers on duty in the city of Tucson have to respond to the Tcc, the Tucson Convention Center, because it had gotten soul out of control to date in the war was not how well maybe you'd, never say anything. They were lot, they locked enemy. To me. Let me that's just that terrifies me. I have a little bit of cluster phobia and the idea that they mean I would have thought provoking to light the place on fire that would be the first thinking I might have been totally paranoia, Cardenas at the place on fire and and people, don't
people now I never heard, is the person I've ever heard. The story said nothing. They said not emotionally get out the back right and they said nothing. in immediately media. The back scared- and it is say nothing and this one I realized. I say something is not right here. Not only did I go and figure out that Trump isn't as bad as he was, I'm figured out, it does so by adopting the media is lying, because what I left out was that a black man, what was he was a trump. he was a military. It was in a military. Active military Y got comes up, clue. Close clan hooty. All these liberals, Clan hoodie y'all, the other guy. If the military side was two guys, as a crescendo abandons committee was a black man in a military right. Yes, there's a crescendo. This may I saw I saw the players point pretty much like this is by the get ugly because claim hoodie in if the military thing right, they gives it a brother
I know what they say it all, but he saw a drop in bought. You know he will also you the guy Stanton and everything it was bad. They got, it really get hurt, so he come obvious, also just write, he cried and whenever he didn't have any eighty really marks on space, but he also pressed hard is an auto media folk song. Was there s nothing TAT Katy looking kicked out of military law, but they, only focused. Not there is a right which was a result of a person, be race but weren't collapsing and ran for both timid do something right, but they didn't talk about what they were doing. Great and enlargement is their caught they're trying to provoke you in and where the hardest challenges really is to stay calm like when they can. For me and Charlie in Philadelphia, restaurant and people said to me where you scared another forty protesters. They were throwing exit trolley. They through water, and I said I was scared, but I was gonna get arrested. That's what I was scared of, because when you have a book foreign, this close to somebody's here and you're sure when race trader and your screaming Kuhn and your skimming Uncle Tom, you are ass,
me oh yeah, to disengage from where I came from road. You can't get away for with the stuff in a black When it s all about the way. The way we came up have to say I am now a public figure look a but just to you if we were anywhere else and there weren't these cameras, this would be a different situation. So the challenge is that their provoking conservatives, hoping that we react and at the end of the day we all have animal instinct. It's a fighter flight responds always, and that was the hardest challenger saying. Kindness is being for an end and the old Charley is smirking doing the Covington Smart, just trying to stay longer. That's all you can do is look you're either going to smile and stay calm or you're gonna pull a Brennan Tatum. skull. How old I am Charlie Kane is please don't I want you to these places. I cannot confirm or deny that I would start W W
you re all right, it's hard it's hard and then again because it was a black community. Is emotional reaction. Was our group? You do listen. You dont dish by people you mean you served rising, go to jail, the jail. I want to know about any surprise. You argue, Obama got one for no reason not chased out of a restaurant by forty. Why antique members calling me a racist Kuhn and I didn't get a Nobel Peace Prize? I didn't want me, I didn't hurt anybody. I the cardinal time, the boy, your ear pour water. We know that feels like to have like the volume that law in your irritable horn, some important, you know what that you can feel it on your ear, drawing blow years a boy you drop in this affair you. This is another thing that people should understand. As you have to know your rights right and yet another law familiar with Philadelphia law, but instead of Arizona, this self defense none are they. They asked us if we want to press track, because you can't because it was like you provoke. Is someone to violence is a saw in a state of affairs on. If you get us about his face
You call him a nation. I should punched us well in Arizona. Download it. We would not want to gonna like Arizona with me right in the area of the law, with your usual she'd, again yeah. He added you already know that that would work. No you're right to protect yourself because you may meet the fight or you may need to exit insulted, maybe have peppers freely in some states. You can defend
because the half, what were they go? Somebody asked me a question a minute: I'm gonna put it to you. Do you think I obviously you can't discriminate and and and crimes against Bobby suffer the color of their skin erase off of the color of obese off of their religion. Others, a classification for that. Do you think that the laws to be updated to include discrimination, ways off of your political belief? I think so I think so too, because this with whom we have a right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. So if I am expressing something that I believe to be true, which is my political identity, People should not be able to deny me the right as a constitutional right. I enter provoke you anti violence and while she gets a million because, like ok, what's the difference between a person's religious affiliation and political players, doctor, but fundamentally people believe in politics. That is a government you ve set us a gunman, establish thing that idiot you either are involved in or you are not about politics at all, but
A lot of people are involved in it, that's associated with a right of oak. You know all of these. Things are collectively rights for us and if any point you begin to impede, you start falling in the realm of impeding on my right to vote because of you intimidate me to the point where I'm afraid to express what I really feel will I show it to vote, which is my right. Will I be able to express myself, which is my right? That's why you can't hurt people on religious views because it's their right, And you know, I think that we have to make some legislation around is because political, the political climate previously is not what it is that I insist it is badly. People get divorced. Oldest people fight noticed ain't. You get a couple here by the way, but if we can find a couple that divorced over politics
this podcast. It would just be amazing and by the way I can provide therapy. I think I would be virtuous another therapeutically first get him boxing. Gloves of them, have a human organs of added ugly but MA framework of France. He wasn't Mary, but him in his girl been again for like a year that guy three kids and made the hidden got married, but they broke up because it is such a flame and liberal and he's super conservative and like she would be like to see it in order and he would be like you know it's mine is, but the explode like you're, just brainwashed emitter, it's a little green sailors. He told us use. Wasn't there was in our legislation, He was actually gave a little literal. That's a little brainwashing has taken place right now. Ok is brainwashing. Like we conservatives the money, you know we are open to other people's ideas. We just for like art is a bitter we're going to stop me from the new ideas we had about hard to in our gonna call you
There are not legitimately associated to your not signing up to stop. Liberals has now done campuses. Conservatives are not showing up to make sure liberals Cancun side to hear Bernie Sanders speak, it doesn't exist, result. There's no conservative Antigua doesn't know. There's no conservative gang that shuts down speech, because we believe in free speech, and we can't we actually need more of a solution if your ideas are bad. I want to give you a microphone so we can show people how bad your ideas I dont want to shut down such if you're jobs are shut down speech because you but your ideas can't survive, debate right. It's because you know that those ideas when Charlie you're, Brendan or Candice or or or will wit, goes to a college camp as they they. They believe that
ideas are so good, they might catch fire. So what are they haven't? You may have to shut down the speaking right and you ve been on campus planets on who talk to these people and they get they get to the point where they store Philip. They noted loosen aria enable what I'm not gonna talk to any more. If you try to back me, the corn I had to do was a doktor blog me. We win which, as you know, the day in which, on the walls of the walls or knock, you know, he's all professional. The walls are not legitimate. Member and unlike you're, so smart, you don T understand what ideas or I say if you had a million dollar matter, which was a brilliant, oh yes, I would say why would you do it or because they have to protect my property for people who come in taught me or homer, brought these great, and I say it say it: ok, then wars are country. Are countries like a million dollar property? We need to put some fits in around, so we can keep out people who brain and drugs and crime and all of the above how's that any different we'll have to go to
plus right now. I don't love, you know I'd, because the class you're, not learning losing medical school that, like the liberties right, they understand personal sovereignty, just not national sovereignty, they understand all there. That personal sovereignty, thou and and they really memory thing private? They want. Oh yes, they are they, they understand personal sovereignty, that's why they have the fences around their homes and they have the armed guards that are protecting them in their there, so hypocritical, and yet they believe that that their fighting for people's rights rights that they would not want to give the people at the conversation was turned about them, their personal space through it and the northern lift that way. Oh, we let everybody let somebody into your house one. Not one of these people have mentioned. We multiple rules, only dimly husband, the guideline keys, sooner Luman rooms you like little home, let listen homelessness and illegals coming out of eleven working. I mean us, it will be too much like slavery, but if you let him come your house and the work
a you. Pay, I'm really make it to live. There do want you do, is you can you can do that? I mean it's against the law, but also in our countries. Department of Eagles against. I law know what don't if they really feel passionately about it. what sites where citizens against allow barrel I don't know how Mamma how we ve been given another refining. I can't within it. So if they really believed in it won t, do they want to use their frontiers? Is why don't they pay more tax? Write like Alexandria, Causa Kutuzov? Isn't it he's ever deal. Somebody said between eighty million members. She said the ten million dollar you get tax at eighty percent. Give eighty percent of your team mail. You write that you may for Methley Bit. She won't and, of course, is not a question not only that, because, because it is when somebody else's money is easy to say, take their money now give you money not nothing to stop. You from from take
it's an end to the treasury. You know I love, I love those billion issue commercials I make a billion dollars and somebody should take more money for me right, a check. You need only the government to come to literally why to check and give to somebody else give it to the government it that's. What you want is right, United States Treasury, and why a check you don't need the government to legislate that just do it. You never do because it's all virtue signalling and at the end of the day, at its core. They just want to create chaos while trumpets an opposite. They consent.
Code yourself, there narcissists at their core. That's what I truly believe they dont believe any of this up there saying, because they refuse a shop for debates, debate their ideas. They squeamish the twitter echo chamber. When you say: let's does have a chat, didn't wanna, do it. None of it makes any sense of this whole all abolish ice, abolish right, ok, question: why was nobody asking to abolish Iceman about who is not, as I said, the thing he does more to more people in the port of more moving abolishing Iceland. If this is all about open borders? Why wasn't this thing when Obama was novice? Oh, I know, because nothing to do with you wanting diversity of there to be open borders is view what trying to establish chaos, absolute chaos so that you can say, look what's up its and drop gotten office, which is what you guys do every today's anyone, today's every two hours and Ivan two hours, every two minutes not intimate every
who sat in a new strategy, every military daughter. They figured about right right, but this is not working for the right. I'm telling you isn't working, I'm showing like this is almost you see to shift right, blackfellows, I'm save a black hole grown up, wiping the team of what have you got a right to say a word to table, get somethin song Workforce never historically supported abortions. Family was black. People have never supported anti Christian. behaviors right, we religious we and our dairy every Sunday clothes on Saturday charge on Sunday. Don't matter, unison and ended starts we America, and but so here's here is where the line is getting draw. These people on a live or common out for long term of office.
the common, our full throttle. You see women sit on our hands dinner state of uterus after a pat themselves. On a back all we got new jobs created what he's jobs are created. These are new jobs. These governments, our exists, so united in a part of this tissue to trot, was talk about, but better seven aback anyway. But when we talk about late term, abortion talk about immigration, illegal immigration, I saw the guy. I only want to mention his name, but I do want anyone to rig machine to get this movement alive and alleys language up and on board about the problem with illegal immigration, He seized one step further, say you don't like he told me, he agree with you and I only immigration anger. He won't you wanna go a step further say no immigration, because immigration is now he'll black people in America. Now
all these black social justice right than Trump just none, but all these valuable dropping it is well known. I brought this up, so what I said is that the argument can be made despite Emily, obviously understand, statistically that illegal immigration is detrimental blackberry and adapt. It particularly impacts black men from the age of eighteen and twenty one who have to compete for those jobs, There are willing to do it, I'm beneath minimum wage. Why are we say? Do you believe that black men between eighteen, twenty one should work beneath the minimum wage now and stop supporting open borders? But the other argument is that over fifty percent of the IMF, the immigrants that we get coming over the border- that's not diversity! That's making America Mexico Rank only
two to four percent, come from Africa, so that we actually are not allowing black immigration to happen at all. So I mean there's. I do regret. You should stop immigration, but I think that it should be more fairer. More of a merit based system I like to see some people come from Nigeria, maybe from the continent of Africa that are working hard at and want a chance at the american dream, not because you have of geographical predisposition to flood our borders it and that's what the problem is, that it actually is not fair and there should be a marrow basis. Some for immigration, which the present supports which would solve actually he does need to be no immigration. There needs to be a merit based system which would allow you to say were evening it out. Maybe somebody from Brussels, maybe somebody from Nigeria, maybe somebody from Australia. I don't know what they're doing over there you would agree to control are right when you start right, do you put a to say you can't come here to say you can't come. Are you like a or not you not accepted here? I'm sorry America needs to become
private school. We are seeing this practical, you haven't. Why isn't trunk running? With this? We I mean the next presidential, China lets you and I want, and twenty genetic loyally our slogan is be privatized. Remember that America is now private river country where the greatest private school ever. Ok. I want to switch gear here and talk about you as a father, because you are a father. Ok, you and I want to understand when it comes to that. First and foremost, you are your child is of mixed race, your by racial. Why is Mamma blogger blog? Ok, so I have a question: is he half oppressed her half privileged? the pact, does he pick one day he's like I'm oppress than the other day he's like I'm privilege not now to the people lack a brain. Stem they will say that he's have all press because is good for me. he's rusted. Anyone is time, do restitution reparations, he's, gonna have to pay himself reparations
I do I'm wondering if that's how it works when you're mixed with children who have issue because mom was going to pay, is daddy repression. So let us hope so I tell you, turn on Saginaw County using my money back now on this kidding, I'm just kidding. You know I have a virus or sign in racism to realise that he is just as much. Why does he is black his super q. Now you I, like them, actually kind of a problem. I actually want to get their use. That happening. I was everything. Is the blue eyes He was a little baby, any ground of a bad guy as if he blew up, he sees any little. I me but anyway, my son is it. My son is a beautiful child. Yes I raise him the job to understand. He's not a victim half elect you workers,
this he they'll tell you, he knew no victim. You work hard, you and individual. You carried a family name, that's what's your masa, we get in trouble school. I say you are. You are representing your father. your grandfather, don't go in a school act and a full is not judge. You you making us look bad, you have the name Tatum ass. It was your last night, you carry my name. You better represent me properly inasmuch as daddy guided represent. You represent the founding, probably much up. If I get in trouble a jockey far, you know eat ass. What I tell myself, even when he always up here on a stand,
but he goes to school in Seattle and is the school he wants a before. This was super liver. They didn't have a flag and class s case of actually made a video about. I was in fact news talking about it and I actually bought a teacher flag incidental because I said she'd make me just uses. So almost EU flag you put up in a classroom because there's no way Muslims not be to replace, will lead us to a piece of paper, a purple piece of paper with some kid chicken scratch and a pledge leaders on it is, I know you need a flag saw centre flag whatever, but there's no school is more is still Seattle. So my question, but it is a lot more like a flag. Eric Israel date there there lichens they like a conservative school to be honest, but anyway, don't out then mobs outside trying out of anchors Diana had the coroner. I won't talk about it because I think that one of the things
you know I've always loved and watching your videos, you have this, you don't get as much as I do. It's just not fair, but you you there. You have this dad thing that I think comes through. that you're you that your father ring America, your Father in Black America, where lack America need some dad's father absence is the number one problem facing Black America really and- and these boys are growing up with the things that you say these tokens of appreciation for where they come from and understanding that they do up, resent their fathers and their grandfathers right. How do you think so? Your your son, you
You split split home. Are you? Are you are you we were separated? Shaven, Seattle, Shouldn T move lives yet, and I live in Phoenix. We sure Tommy comes in the summer, rain holidays. How are you able to do that because I think there are so many black men that are out there that are going to the same situation, and maybe it's not maybe it's on a good situation. How does how do black man step up and and parent in that regard? Will you do you? First of all, you got an angle said a word. You have to have the view that the man up and you have to use possibilities. It all costs right.
the situation is tough. You know different state, you know, I can't see my son Irritabile wants it, and sometimes you know when you don't get along with other parent there's games that are plate. Glass people know what I'm talking about any becomes difficult, but you have to my faith in God, help me with this, because I believe that God is gonna, make things better. If I just continue to pursue being the best father can muster Skype me, I was actually talking on earlier, so we sky, we communicate. Ah, you know Flom out, take him out of occasions. He doth are taken a dismal Disneyworld articulates see world illegal land. We want to take him everywhere and show him that I love him, and so he erect is retained in his consciousness, that his dad is there, and then I love him
in people have the real last, even if you're not there every day you have to be available, and you have to show you a child at your willing to support them because must on a young enough. There is kind of like our daily lives here now. Nothing is eight eight, so he's not at a point worth really affected him, really bad and ultimately so so he's happy with this. He followed his mom and his grandparents and become a dad. Once we live in a best about world and when is never the sun is never sullen. In Seattle we come the Phoenix and his light. We go swimming everyday right so, but I think, is a valuable for men to step up and be in a child like no matter what it is. I care for thirty seconds fight. You did you get thirty seconds week. You better do all thirty seconds, it's the most important thing, and I am never ten applicant last minute wager concerning please come from. I always give one hundred percent credit to my grandfather and unhelpful ass Diana him moved me at a young age into his home and to see a real.
And, like a white, be Wanna householding Granddad there were rules, no elbows on the table and the fathoms Vanessa shows, like gardener gave out if you're watching, I didn't mean to do. You know they were all of these rules and an. But I had this healthy fear of my grandmother. I was scared of him in the right ways in the same way that when I say the black man he's a God fearing committee in the same way that you fear that that healthy, loving fear that you have the removal of fathers from the household takes out away. It's a fundamental structure and what happens when you don't have that that that Father in the home is that you will still go pursue that Bert that paternity elsewhere you go pursue that paternal example elsewhere, and if its now, if you're not gonna home, that major turning to culture
you're trying to hip hop and as that is at the right father, but you want for your children. It turned to the streets right, you're, gonna get young men will go, pursue that outside of the household there's, not a male, that they have a healthy fear of growing up. Will you grow a view groping and you don't have a day and you're longing for that that mail? Confirmation that I'm down I'm cool? You love me see the thing that may come and get afraid of his dead. Naturally, you seek love from another man. You know maybe not in a sexual way. You know I'm saying, but you see that in the NFL in a fatherly way, so when the when the dude in the hood is selling drugs or is your older brother selling drugs in a doing crime. But they love you they only when they love you, they the ones, bringing clothes home. They the one feeding the family. They got your back, they'll fight for you. They stand up
now, who you gonna, trust that person or another do that not involve the allied to say, hey, you need to get on who you should be involved in lifestyle. So that's what positive role models should be replacing these people. because if you dont have a role model and you did you try to be Roma sort of person, will you never had one big? You don't wanna be Roma. My dad almost Monday was, the greatest impact Mamma you dont Mamma, and let me be me right August: they would have eyes a curse and everything in Algeria for years because people Mamma to occur Baby do and say what you must love beg you mom, like you, mom is over now, but my marmalade, who I wanted to be even if they gave me a trouble. My day was like approach in his work I will kill. You know my clothes. When I get home your hand on close vote it I'm going to take you out of this world model they all went on Muff remit.
Can we play video games? He came. He said I didn't fold the clothes I forgot. I was playing the game he had that built. He said Nick y'all got to go home unlike aim nearby you're, get to work, told me what I respect my far right to this day. I have never argue with mother I've. Never arguments. Why am I dare say something not disagree? We disagree this great and I'm not are you. Haven't you haven't written about? It was combined damsel me last night, ground ass, a man may last my grandpa he's a man's man Monday, my dear dear little film and left them when they were. They were like Madame's. Like twelve p
the raise his brothers and my grandmother. My dad told me the story and interests it is made me want to cry. He overheard, my grandmother said it causes Carmody doom doses, nickname don't I'm alive, but she's a domain even help me. I'm just doing about myself. My day was heart. He worked. He gave up my daddy police force or not because he was working. Medea was buzzing tables and then at the age of eighteen joint, far format? Emma dare say it did. I wasn't racial tension on of our work, but he's always had a philosophy that you're gonna work for me one day. So, like your gonna work for me, so I don't care what you say to me: I'm gonna make it to the top and you're gonna work from seem into what are you treat me my dad? Eighty years old, thirty one years on a far upon a consistently a mom
Our used to have my mom was the fun in us as you go and alternative she day, guys got a lot of money. My day was grinding thirty one years he's now he retired from Fort Worth, as do the battalion chief. It wouldn't enough Ahmadi. Now he's the chief in the wake of harder. For me, my data they may six bigger retirement age steelworks, so he It wasn't just an example. In word he was an example. Indeed, you know, and in in a black community. We wonder why things are going to strike, because we don't have me like that, and this is why, though, Thou Declaration of feminism is something that I have tried to be the loudest voice against. I don't care, stop trying to make masculinity a dirty word, because masculinity is what saved me in life, my grandfather being a man's man's man, Ray
an ends having his rules and a me being terrified and of his lectures man. He would lecture us into indeed always bring God into abusing undeniably dear God. Please help understood this and I would urge our crying relayed telling We could have done what this privately now gods and it Grandad's mad. You don't. I mean him an end to have that. That is what masculinity is right. Men running the household is masculinity and to see society today, perverted to make. It seem like Macedonia is now synonymous with rape, and you don't even like now. These are two entirely different concepts. Right wheel. and don't rape, women, ok, another concept about another concept, Bobby Enemy is being able to be selfless as a man and being able to be laid like, for instance, you have got in your life.
it's a watch, my father, a real man, be subject to leadership from somebody else. learn how to take leadership from Somalia like there is more powerful a man, may you noticed, but learning see my day see and must not be a strong is an ok, I'm humble enough to serve I know, but they don't have to serve him. The man he the top of the food chain, but my dad can can say I'm willing to serve another person with my time and I think that's where guy comes into the black community and also fatherhood, it's like the. We need to have something in which we come under the umbrella and say we need to keep focusing on God. God sets the family structure don't don't be goin out sleeping around with ray renewal and are you got foggy as we know daddy? That's exactly what you have put your keys message away,
You don't say anomaly. Both voted a blank rabies step is game, but as some of the women in our community is that listen think about your children, format, Homeboy do I never been like he don't come home now. welcome home when you got your way, never been right, bub, home online everywhere, a boy still data, you need teachers right, like my homeland, never been right, and by that I had candidate who showed Dakar Moorish list rheumatism. So what do you know? So we got it. We can do better than you made the point earlier is: did we gotta stop trying to be closet conversations? because in the in the back of my mind we know we killed each other every day and we note a laugh was picking up these brothers off the street manner day at every day, and yet we inoculated waited each other up like you, I got into middle school, I'm bullied by black people, because I
AIDS, because I speak proper English, you sound white, you mean I speak proper English. Is that what you mean I speak? I speak proper english use. You act in white, you mean I'm, I'm getting ace! Think about the self, the lack of confidence. Our committee. Has it that's a thing if you speak proper English, you sound. Why? If you get good, Reed you act and why we think it they ve done. Such a number on us and then they attack and an end. They want people to feel bad about themselves for making good decisions for reading books, forgetting good grades for going to college. They associate that with whiteness who's. The racist you're right, you're races about yourselves hold up a mirror. You aren't over the racist, aren't you I don't love you Aramis embryo, but the most racist things ever set about me have come from Blackpool. Behold it go whore. Unlike the only why people anymore, you learn terms added to them war. They won't even saying back in the slave days
are now saying and throwing out. Maybe if I put up a video talking about real issues in our community right, if why people are gonna, stop saying we're gonna start ended again right. Why capital communists were no black people home Anwar? Yet why you don't call me Coon black people. Kindly they picked them already on a clean. They like trained black liberals to to use these words against black conservatives. The racism is coming from our own community and look look was perpetuated in do entertainment, women who was more popular Carlton or the fresh. That's right, listen this! He was, he was the bad guy and he was he was in trouble school. He s on principle to it, but carton came from a good family right. How to make a grave Carter spoke? Proper, English it? What do we do not look algal? I'm saying now article lucrative arpanet I've never on when you go
the machine has thereby with a good guy you, a smooth alcohol, smart right, any played an instrument that was difficult way. What is that is, what is missing is a? U we need to get him on the show. Is it a ukulele? What was it all I wouldn't want to come? I wanted to see vertical play. They already, and I don't even older you, aliens, zero million according to a sort of court- or maybe you think about it. What would a ph d? Probably? Will we get a phd he's too
why would a multi million dollar how's retiring? When all is money invested in properties and live in american dream? Everybody else is gonna, be quick money rich in a broken, a look of a handout. We are pushing our community to the ground and the people who are in power won't say nothin and I'll say it s. I asked myself this question: what happened to black tv? Because when I was was growing up, we had Huxtable's, we had the Jefferson's ICE Wash Aconite. We had the Jefferson's we had, because we shall we had good role models. The families were together. We had family matters, I mean black TV was about the family, it was about God. It was about faith, it was about the community and it was about. There was nothing different between one. King, a black family on tv and watching a white family on TV where the hell did I'll go. You wonder we haven't you be now Levin Hiphop is held with the most watched, black show or meaning Mama's strippers.
Baby daddy's women crying because the other man is cheating on them, empire, right about greed and lust and drugs, and- and this is what this is becomes idolized. This is what they only the realise that their programming us, even through entertainment, the entertainment industry- is resetting our goals. While I was gonna powers, I called on me, I want to be- I wanna, be like Doc. I wanna be Doktor MRS Huxtable, and have a nice family in, and that was the way that my grandparents lived and now we're seeing that the duration is exactly following what we're seeing on tv. True, I may look at the music. So how do we get back? I think we have to is very difficult, severe, difficult, complex thing, because who's gonna start, we have started conversations we have been in force, is newspaper water stuff. So we can start the conversations, weakest organ of communities and give the people.
Alternative that, because I think this divert distance the reality of us being successful ambient conservative Ambien black. What a history I think Opus people's minds say what kind of believe the way to, and it's ok for me to do a cascade MRS Doyle and Canada successful She's got some taken. Orders from people she can have our all. My issue can also build. So I can be a conservative, I mean. Don't people aspire to be like us, you know- and I think the best starting point, but we also do not reach and black sinister, like the Athens. Those things also helped to because it brings people and give them a community gives community you're, not alone. You not like this you're, not a coon you're, not a trader. Who are somebody that once a piece of the american Dream and you should earn it and you deserve it and there's an there's, no shame and being a conservative sattler and not enough in DES Gonna, be the starting point.
Getting people who are wrappers, who want to read more about conscious material by supporting it like the Ghak later than a lily, raise money for him a flaw flight to go and further his rapporteur, I gave him opportunity a young legacy of some. He did a rather than the kid is talented. He is leaning more towards rapid about conscious political context and things that help our communist at heart. Alchemy. Promoting people like that is something that we can do: politicians in some of us are gonna. Have the rough offices are you people do you say to me, but I don't know about bit something somebody come at me. Holy book. I wanna be Spartacus our steel from you because we could all violence, but I think that
look at what are these party got what you wanted You can't leave our team, our notified by work. What I'll say that some of us have to women We haven't anybody in Congress, how do you say I'm in the parking lot? But you know virtue hearing about it, so I think that some of us have to run for political position and show people look weaken our policies and and conservative as a coup, not months a racist cause Blackie, but think that is one reason why people anything we're the cartons. They all do gooder, uncoordinated that's a reality. Black folks disappointments and is like now repugnant lack republic. Is I've always liked by the way you every day,
take a break off with you. Some thoughts never took a brakeman doing of our life. Nobody s it tell me how to do it. So here is how we rap. We do a really fun game. Oh ok, random Tatum Bob! Do we have timer Brendan Tatum? You got to look into that
camera by a whole organs or minutes on the clock, and you get to launch of vibration. If every single person in this world could hear something from your mouth to gods ears and inspires something, what would be your message to the world ready set? Go. I personally believe that you can do whatever you want to be. If you poor guy first, you act with integrity. You back with selflessness, you can do what you can accomplish it. Not one person can prevent you, not one political party, not one career field, not not the ups and downs. If you trust and got you can overcome anything,
life is not going to be easy. You going to have pitfalls, you going to feel like you want to give up and quit, but you got to keep pursuing the mission at hand. I care about every single person. That's watching this, and I want you to be just successful as me even more successful than I am and The way that you continue success is to believe in yourself and surrounding yourself a positive people If I could tell anybody in the world it, I wonder, employed that, and I think that, if you utilised in your personal life, you will be successful in the world a better place.
Reed's blah. We should start giving them a minute. Yes, certainly raids, Brandons hateful to me thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a fiber one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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