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2019-07-21 | 🔗
British YouTuber Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad online, sits down with Candace Owens for a discussion on multiculturalism in Europe, online censorship, political correctness, and why we must preserve western values. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Actual ago, ok guys we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owens Show. I have a lot on my mind. You guys know I'm in my London studio at the moment, right now I am considering the topic of multiculturalism or the idea a bunch of different cultures can sort of exist in the same society peacefully without any disruption here to discuss all things. Malta Culturalism with me is car. Benjamin. I know you guys we're getting at me for not properly. producing my, I guess I'll say: Carl is a? U tumor he's been banned from some social media platforms which will get into an a bit as well Carl welcome to the Canso Unko overmuch, and you Will you also go by a minor sarge on
the sardine of card? So if you can't find them, it's got his understanding of the cod ok, so we were Saddam, I live in the green room, I was telling you that I didn't interview so here I am in London. I spent a considerable amount of time and in in about ten years ago, when I was working in private equity empty about about three months, While I was out here and ten years later, I can say that the demographics of London have changed. It just looks different than it did before and I was telling this to an interview- are saying to the guy that you know it's. It's a lot more muscle, there's a lot? Obviously a larger muslim population here and he wishes floored? And and and and sense that I would sort of say this out loud and it was basically saying that to suggest that there, the the betray sitting in London. Is Islam Well, ok, there's quite a lot to top up, because I think come this. This really came before the other day when, amongst both in committee,
John, please said the London is no longer an english city and let us jointly Zalm, clean famous committed and by all biometrics, us a true statement. If we consider a city to be representative, if a few to describe a french city would describe as being mostly french men is bound to be a foreign population of some form, but presumably it's a minority population which gives it a french character is needed. Some french city looks french and acts french people and now mostly french, that's how we determine what the city is want, surely and be the White English on our a minority in London. It's not the Muslims are a majority is non English. People are majority and as soon as you say, that you get this kind of howling disbelief. How could you say that that's racist, that's exclusion or some among us,
That is also what the numbers show and John please committed. The heresy just pointed out. I think that it's something to do with recognising the English is a people ass. A strange thing right because mean You're, a foreigner really, do you recognize English personally see? Well, yes, I do, and how do you recognize him access to guide the rhythm of mannerisms and knew the way they were the difficult away they dress. I mean they're, just there just a cultural difference. I mean now and I think also differ We were still a part of western civilization. So these these different, dont, really amount to much between the Americans and the British, but there are differ. yeah, you can talk finally met. Anyone watching will know who the American, the Englishman, possession, except in England, where seems kind of the boat and to say that the English are a people, because as soon as you say that when you realise that there is actually
something about England that is unique. The rest of the world doesn't have, and I think it's the progressive quite radically leftist multicultural, proud european tax sir, very much pro the European Union and like the idea of London world city. The the ones who react negative me when you points out Muslim English sit anymore because essentially that's it. Some admission that there was something that they have overtaken and that makes them some belligerent that makes them sound like they have an agenda for the country. that is frankly not in the interests of the people who already live there, and I think it's not. That makes them how limb rage, when you say that London, it in the city that yet- and I mean what I did, what he was. I guess kind of going through my tweets class of people what to do and find one that they considered the inflammatory and am I when looking at the models and a lot of the models had been predicting that by twenty
Fifty maybe a little later there's some dispute regarding when but avenge, eventually, this year, who actually a muslim majority continent just according to the birth rate, where these are just backs right. So this is not these there. Looking at just over the birth and an end. It just turn The Englishman are having as many kids the Muslims are. Having that's just a fact and incoming that you should be able to contend with, because it's the truth and I don't believe the should never be inflammatory and so what to call that Islamic oh Beckett's, like no? That's just Islam of realistic ray I'm just saying I don't have a horse Ray some American Rick's hell, I'm just saying that this might be something you want to talk about and what I was also what I also just in terms of saying why this something that politicians should be talking about, because I know it's on the mind. Do a lot of you know speaking events here, in London in the UK, is different, we also have, I guess you could say a migrant crisis in America in terms of people flooding over our border in the south right. But the difference is that if everybody from South America Flood into America. We were so
recognize our culture, because Americans are similar like we. We dress the same as people dress in Mexico. Guess it's it's a different When you see what you wouldn't deftly noted some changes, but it's not as much of a guess as a threat It is, I think, in terms of the migrant Christ, that's happening in Europe, which Angela Merkel is now speaking about, and you know Swedish, using that they have a rape torture and they just there? a different system, a different belief system. We talk about Syria to allowing syrian migrants to flood the borders and that conversation makes people uncomfortable. Do we have a culture that can coexist? with the culture that we are merging with right. Now, I'm in the city in this country, its discussion, I dont, know the answer. So as a foreigner to the Americans I would say there is a noticeable difference between mexican and american culture. Me I'm a very like it's obvious. I can see it in and I realized when you are closer to it. Maybe no plead distinction seem normal blood and overlap, but some dirt.
He is an outsider only livery, notably different. but it's the it is something that really has to be contented with. A thing is this: is this has been possible the diverse. The agenda me. My every thing is the birthright don't even that much more problem ready because the some communities actually do still succumb to. those same first world a fact when they end up moving us, two three generations down the line. You will find the muslim people descendants of immigrants don't have, as many children have to point to children, but I understand because it's it's a consequence of wealth. Frankly, in on it, Health is a liberating factor you're not coming in in in poor countries. I have lots of children to have come the child mortality rate and then to look it what's going to happen to them in their old age and any that children, sportsmen road accidents have wealth. I stay or pensions, or anything like this, but we do here and say: extremity changes, people's attitudes so much
not to worry about the birth rate per se. For me, it's mass immigration. Listen! problem because every year, more than six hundred thousand people of an a net who remain a vice three hundred thousand, and that a more aware- and I want to know where small island railway- we don't have an unlimited, myspace momentum. Those crowded places in all of Europe anyway, especially have come to the southeast, which as you can see in London, is massive. So it's one of those things were really is is the rule numbers of people that are coming under the problem really and it is doing damage the social fabric of the country and the question of the burka, ready as the one that's on everyone's mind at the moment. But nobody renewal speak about it because the sort of person who was a burger is a religious fanatic. Like that's nice, a moderate average Muslim, the infant the burghers banned in many muslim countries, because, as a symbol of religious extremism it how access would have their women live and
So when you have these women wonderland wearing an amended folks things on this I mean yes what's their objections, how ices runs country But what they say, voices came in and took over the boat will that's wrong, because what women shouldn't Rebecca, we shouldn't inflammatory, What's your objection twice a day and this and look in Syria, for example, when ISIS have been role by, You see the videos, the women throwing off the book. As you know the liver, some themselves from this text. amen position which isn't even really technically islamic, doesn't say this in the corona decent women have to be had to just letterbox viewing available it. It's just cover your chest effectively at which to me is not the particularly Take the stringent requirements- and so this is this- is this- is a bit of a problem and many european countries, like Denmark, France, just outward bound. The back and honestly.
I don't blame, I really dont. Yes, it is a symbol of a kind of cultural imperialism from the east in a particularly repressive and dogma. The way, and I think that something that we should be trying to resist but thing it's because we're very well very liberal in the classical sense and in England still. We think that the state shouldn't be telling you how to dress. We think that its inappropriate have a commentary on one another and it could be a form of like intimidation or professionals, and this it's pretty ridiculous, because the state already tells you how to dress this combination. For example, why did I live in, and I think that maybe that
that's one extreme, but about the other extreme? Will you entirely covered because one of the things barbarous culture is where our high trust society and requires us to see each other s faces. If we wholesale faces, we instinctively thinks about persons doing something suspicious life. You, if you walk into a bank with a motorcycle out, if you will come about clodagh you'll, be treated as a few simple terrorist Siena people. I was this guy doing it wisely hurt wisely covering his face, I think this is a very good reason. That's funny you say that, because I people always asked me: what are you realising now that your marrying a bright some of the cultural differences in in New York, people sunglasses all the time inside outside Newark, just kind of like a son last place- and I came Here- nose ring with sunglasses in the sun- was now my fiance. Why are you wearing your glasses and thought he was just saying like pay the sunset out, then I want more. Away. He was like you need to take your sunglasses off you're, going to myself. Why is
this year. Suspend he that's literally told me says, because you look suspicious is not culturally. It's a bit weird people to have their sunglasses on and, as guys asked me this question like how could this not be interpret does I'm phobia I lived with with a Muslim. No one of my best friends is muslim, but she's from Canada, so she's a western isles, westernize Muslim and she makes comments. All the time I am about you, know Muslims that come from the Middle EAST and just like all she she actually says as I'm. Not, that Muslims is a muslim person who who goes to mask every Saturday, who is acknowledging that there are cultural differences, and yet you have these. These in English. You know reporters who can't acknowledge that there are cultural. Frontiers. Your bring in something that is a bit different and you're. Gonna have to eventually contend with these chain Yes, it is going to be sort of a mass of mass migration. Now again, I'm I'm not. I think it's work. The discussion for them to be able to have a discussion see how people feel about that. I'm not succeed.
I find it very interesting me so that they can continue these cultural differences were an that's let's essentially, color, not true is implicit in the doctrine of multiculturalism that there must be cultural differences between different groups, What are you multicultural Europe so that the aid is implicit in it? Really? I think I actually I might we come to the conclusion I think multiculturalism is actually form of White super I would like here now. I can. I can back this up right, so the the implicit assumption seems to be that in English, individualist liberalism right which not american limitless most, because your liberals, Communists, No, they are every single one of them is a communist ash comment.
A face. I got a communist and I'll take. A look at college Maza, for example, means illiteracy and is twitter. By has the marxist pig Tucker Colson is a white supremacist list because of the world unite gas, but so yeah the the thing about english individualism is. It is about the promising in which you are sovereign, individual and you should be. You should be free to have as much self it. The nation of your life's possible now lead to us seems like a universal value, but that's not universal is actually very english speaking, so the English speaking countries hold that has a high value for the highest value. Probably, but there are other countries the don't see that as a value, they actually see that as being destructible degenerate or something like this, they see submission to. Islam has been high value in what way
the commitment of the family and things like this. You know these are these or other values above the primacy of Individual, that other cultures actually contend with and then how on hold, and they don't believe what we believe and so when you saying over, we can be multicultural. What you say really is our of english individualism is the chessboard and every other cultures of peace on the transport. But we are the board because we are a bit on which everything else can happen because, frankly, with better than them, that's effectively monitor saying they don't agree. They don't see themselves as being unfair to us, but that's kind of how the what the White Western left view them as like just inferior over. They can just have a low peace there and then we'll have a little peace there and all around the bits that connect them all
The US was if we're both, but why why why you think, there's a push for this push from all quarters, and why can't I just be a real, realistic conversations. Why do they have a problem? Is there something problematic about the english culture as it is these outside of the elections I have the problem, is we one got some problem, one? What the game of empire? That was the problem, so in all of human history. Up until this point, all civilised history was one one empire dominating another until areas in until they get overthrowing in the great solve the back and forth human civilization and the flow of power are among peoples and fur for most of human history me, the conquering force was an asian man with brown skin. He came in with a sword. He cut off the heads of the people opposed it. That's the the general. If you can choose like an average conqueror throughout history. That's what it looked like
and it was only to also be they, the under the middle ages and onwards. Whether Europeans actually started developing a technological edge on that international rights and so the Europeans ended up winning the game of empire. They ended up creating finished with sanctioning the british empire, colossal standing and as the world henchmen until well too. And now we assume that the westerners we wish him. It was inevitable that that was the case, but it wasn't. You know it wasn't inevitable. That was cakes and it was. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears and intense competition between different pay. and so they because we were the ones left holding the ball at the end. That kind of a signal we always destined to be left, holding the bolivian, never can be the Turks or the Chinese or someone else, and I think that again is an innate. superiority in eight p m supremacist narrative in the idea that it could only have been the white people. I know women.
it was. It was always up in the air, we didn't know how is gonna come down and it wasn't due to a lack of respect for our enemies. The this was done. It was done, because we respected the strengthened capability in power of these other cultures that we had to fight so hard for ourselves essentially, there's been a kind of hollowing out of the moral legitimacy of the West, because we ve looked around and said: well, anyone can say what batten these people avi someone know. We just one it's not that were better. Then it just happened when exact way and The onus is on the basis of the color of your skin over language that you speak. You just want exactly exactly it's very, very complex confluence of circumstances that lead to them losing in us willing and four for millennia We were the ones who losing you know we and you can. You can look at least the medieval expand expansion of the islamic Empires and say wagging their the superior race. If bottom history had started that they'd be left, holding the ball amendment, one's gonna got Univee. Are we? Actually?
they probably wouldn't correctly, and I promise that we asked us to get used to it, but that the fact that it was the English speaking world that was kind of life in charge of the world is very interesting, because one of the primary values of the into speaking cultures is fairness and it doesnt seem fair. The we won in retrospect because you look back with a bad things happen in history. No empires done by things mean an Englishman implies a been no different. Obviously- and we look younger was that fat will know, of course, of empires and fair game. want me to life has in fact been wanting it. If you are going to do it here, but the empire is not obvious: Burma, cultural supremacy of one cultural, one, racial grip over others, the groups as one empire is by definition, and so, of course, is not a fair game. But that's what we don't plan
That's that's why we don't do we realise that we don't have to do it this way in an independent, sovereign nations are probably good. Things continue to exist in peace with for trade amongst the natives grant bats are much more fair way. And so we locate at it from a position where we essentially feel like. Historically, they ve been treated unfairly. it's been by our ancestors that have done it and so We must essentially a we're we're going ashore in value. Something of what we're doing really here is now we're tapping at the door of white girl. The phenomena like girl judges to me it's Oh bizarre, its complex. Take it from me as someone who is a black American who supposed to be loving this a white guilt and tell him between the legs mentality, almond
when back and essentially saying, there's something wrong with the color of my skin. It's weird to watch. It really is just outside. Looking in its way to watch was like I could. Never Matthew weakness is being like I'm so sorry for being black like I just have to do that. There are now being day right now, I'd like to apologise for being a woman and for being Black America. I just I don't have that in me- there's a natural sense of pride and and yet Seeing people are a condition to feel this way before they even leave Highschool empty there that there's something inherently wrong because they were, they were just sort of born with the wrong. lives, gonna born into the board into the room. country ends is inherently supremacists. Now it is your dreadfully right. The way people meet feel guilty because they won this gale Almah. You have to accept that why people are better than you exactly what I want you around the black. That's why state of black Americans, as they too, have to be accepting this pandering, that's going on! You have two already accepts the white liberal, I'm talking about american liberal narrative that they are better than you, and I refuse to accept that. I'm a conservative and then I say no thank you.
I dont want to throw myself a victim and they almost you know they. They almost lose their launch. Its no excuse me, and that is but you realise is that when you do rejects that, when you were that mentality and you see how angry they get that you can't accept your status as a victim that lets you not not doing it, because I feel bad for you there do it because I think they're better than you and when you don't accept the day, though, though the white Liberal is superior to you, do you may get So let me show you my questioning your superior. What are you so angry frightened genders? Do what you want Asian you want black Americans to walk round their heads held, I'm feeling competent. No, you dont want that because it doesn't make you feel superior, so you're right, you're right. It is a form of white supremacy, and you know they do this, because those studies show that recently, the term left wing people white, left Wingers in America speak more simplified sentences when dealing with minority
I you can't say that you don't feel yourself to be superior if you're gonna, dumb yourself down when talking to the inferior only that they all knew Hillary Clinton didn't she had a whole escaped your scandal river. She was saying I'm feelin ain't, no type types away, and suddenly she turned to a southerner Slade. We have Eo City, I mean she's, not white, but you see when she had her blacks and, as I have been calling it exactly, we may jump into this all were its. While I have to speak, any bond actually won't be able, understand the apis to speak with slain unaccented herself, so in salting, believes it is, it is through a swarm of you know, I'm more superior knew. You won't be able to understand this unless I try to communicate this in a way that you, lesser educated people who would be rather longer is on Y a normal right anything unless it is perfect that Malta is how do I change way, speak arms being too toddlers right so
and when I use a nanny I'd say: ok, it's time to go to bad, because I actually I'm saying that I'm an adult- and I can I can grasp the english language better than this child can be re. So an end to know what they're doing that to people that are this speech because of the color of their skin. You're sure do data that is an ugly them and basically the the implied inferiority of foreign cultures is why the west, I think, has essentially lost the moral conviction in its own values and that's really disappointed because western values are the best stare. There's there's no requested the bass. Is it there's? No question of the east the least upper I'm just rhyming guys, don't take it. Don't take it personally if issues as these will see their own good cultures in these areas or anything about us
system of values that produces harmonious, productive, prosperous culture. I mean the western liberalism is the best option has been denounced it S. Just a multiple histories proven this. The statistics show that the fact that everyone is trying to migrate to our countries, not theirs, is just further evidence that we yet we do have a better system of values and any opportunities, and that because of our values, we present better opportunities for people on which is not based on the colors. It is based on what the willing to put out and to see like what we create be demonizing at the same time, their insisting like Albania that sort of the great paradox of of the this mentality in America, where it's like? We are there, racist, sexist, bigoted, awful massage in his country in the world, but open up, Prison, let everybody as they warning comment, longterm curse on like eyes: let's build a wall to contain ourselves, I don't wanna, go you family, the rest of the world rights of ass? If that's, what you should do and he should do you want complete one. Eighty in point twenty and say we're gonna, be the wall. To
make sure that we don't contaminate the rest of the world, because your right I've learned busy right now we ve Got- is a believer glean from us right of exactly how it now, because they imagine a meltdown that they would have it. They would that we were actually good thing or actually good bears limit values within an hour, and you know I won't actually about political correctness and actually the differences that I'm acknowledging or song to realise nab him political correctness and just being polite, so the british culture Another cultural difference here is that you guys are tremendously polite. it polite, I mean you, don't always say what you mean as part of the british Spirit. Unlike that's what he said. I'm, not sure, that's exactly what he meant, but I think that would sort kind of starting to be completed. Is the idea of being polite versus being politically correct? Goes One is just ok, I'm going to pull. I see you know a clinically, person there. I don't need to that persons. A high you're, really really fat right, but political put.
Correctness then says that we shouldn't even talk about the fact that being fat can lead to heart attacks and papers. We should instead create the fat acceptance, movement right and I think that, Dangers of the british culture is that you sometimes conflate being polite, which is not exactly being avoiding the truth, but with our political correctness, you guys are actually now kind of creating lies
I certainly have an interview with this guy about, like demographic, changing yeah, so the we Leffingwell being polite is its circumstantial conceptual. So it could be a polite thing to ignore the fact that, like some, how someone on the teeth lightly- but it could also be- if you know they're about going to an interview- say it would be the parking sailor you knocked. I said to you- and so it is Contemptuous- is not just an objective statement that someone can be trained into and then expected to in all circumstances follow the same rule set, but political correctness is land in others, a particular dogma that holds true for wherever you are. Whenever you are, it's always politically incorrect to be against fast studies, whatever it is.
But also the the idea behind political correctness and politeness that budgets disk of very different routes, because political correctness, inherently and implicitly assumes that everyone is a political actor at all times, and so, if you have to be politically correct that major constantly being watched as a political actor. Now that raises the distinction between the public and private life in. I shouldn't have to be expected the politically correct my private life, because I'm not being political, unless you think that everything is political which the radical left do
and therefore you can never get away from it. So you ve, you ve, allow these effectively totalitarians to politicize every area of your life at all times, whereas I can be nice if I won- or I can not be nice but one depending on the circumstances and talking to, and there are no particular consequences other than the reaction from the person that I'm talking to there's no outside forces, gonna come and say all you want nice. Therefore, we gonna take me a twitter account I'll meet. You lose your job or some other, but because political correctness is a dogma and it does have to find room they can absolutely do so. It's it's quite a terrifying thing. When they try cell is just about being nice, I'm you don't get to define the way it was. I think it makes me nervous here. Is that its it almost is just as if in an empty Let us, in terms of reading, what's being put out there, it's Leir, just deluding the population in terms of what actually going on right. So it's it become
in easier and easier lay up for damages to be politically correct does not acknowledge hard truths, and this is what I actually think political correctness laid. The groundwork for people like Nigel for Roger for Donald Trump to come through, because then they just below do the hoping they open the doors and they just start telling the truth. To start saying, hard facts and saying murmuring, Indeed, she bought the border than the politically correct crowd. Just can't contend with the idea of ever saying anything against an immigrant, and yet people are so ring in communities because nobody is willing to actually talk about what's happening, and so it become None of this sum this force against truth tellers and- and this is how that we're seeing seep now into social media which brings us you being banned, whether it be the whole thing, political correctness,
It was an invention of the Soviet Union and it was ironic as well, because the idea that you know you being a correct according to the politics of the Communist Party was running it's all. You can be correct to reality as your experiencing it, which is why the Chernobyl documentary neither wasn't graphite on the ground. You didn't see graph on the ground. Even though the guy's holdings of great rate document, one great challenge, the commission, essentially kind of- is a documentary in the way that this kind of idealistic political conception of the world ends up domineering over the actual real experiences of the people living under you can say, this thing has happened because you can save, but if the the pull the politics of way you're living doesn't accept that then you'll find yourself as some kind of revolution. and this is essentially why keep them banned from social media. I gather that Iraq is that's what it is. It's a created, the groundwork. This is the kind of lies. What I feel like Amerika was this great big lie right when a bomb was not there,
We achieved success, we shoot out and we wanted now everything's fine. We have a black. We have a black president We ve got worldly economy was going worse, racial tension that I never felt going up suddenly without the forefront we had. You know the war on police officers, things right, you going terribly- and this would have took this- I'd say no more political correctness, I'm calling what's what lay the groundwork for him to come in, just explode everything and it was so needed and it was so refreshing and yet bizarrely use they'll have people trying to sort of four this narrative done everyone's throats and it becomes a sort of all well there's just more racists than we thought or like. I know it is. If the radicalization of the internet, this happened, we can explain trumpets because of Russia. We can explain Trump and the Maghreb movement. It's because of Coral Benjamin's, you too bright and any sort of the bizarre it is anything but a mental disorder is just like. I just tell the truth: people one happy that sets its it it is it is. It is a fear of not having a comprehensive narrative
and so anyone who falls outside of this narrative must be in some way morally deficient. Even if that means in a like there was a labour and people now share in this country. The still isn't five, who retreated a joke party account had said in this tweets shouldn't molasses party account. Grooming gang victims should stay silent for the sake of diversity, and she liked him between this point. Our hang on that that's awful and makes you look like you're. Actually, hey with grooming gangs, as long as no one says it and opposition delete about- and I went on a merry way, but everyone had seen at the internet never forgets, and so it's everywhere on the internet now shot enables. But that's what political correctness We we haven't. We have a narrative of islamic immigration at Britain, that is all sunshine of roses and, if you're being raped by any, these people, then you're not being raped by them. You didn't see graphite on the ground and I ain't you should shut up,
That's exactly right! That's that's exactly the ads that I felt this person high, which is like there's no graphite on the ground in London. Hey, I don't we care, you know what this is. I believe your, but I just simply scrap that's all just locally. What does brought by wasn't here of ten years ago? That's all I'm saying just food and they started they started making. My people that have two eyes are just crazy and wrong and immoral, and, unlike lit literally what what what we have is just to seeing eyes, then the Milton runs to working with. You explain to me how diversities now strength, I don't know yeah and amend, and it's really scary thing when you start saying that the truth is inflammatory. Man. That's literally what this this person wrote to me. An email was like to: how do you not consider this to be inflammatory? How can the truth, the inflammatory, like graphite on the rapid Chernobyl explosion? That's? U notes in its it, it would be inflammatory food say that you saw graphite okay. Well, the truth right. So you at a certain point. You happy willing to have these discussions so now works
going into crazy land where there saying ok, how do we get the narrative back under control? How do we get people to believe you know what we? What we're project to be going on, and I actually say I can terms of CNN. It's kind of the only tv or that's broadcast here over broad is that you guys get CNN either. There is no fox or other perspective. Now, ok, gonna God, That's no Washington. American leaders with Armenia is bad. News worsens in tax. Will I hear is rising ETA myself. Why scene and still lying about what's happening in America? That's my thing: it's been two years now people can see his ease doing that. But he said he was gonna. Do America's great right now, right kind of feels like work work were coming back re warring. We are reward, our economies warn you. People are feeling good, there's paint the Spirit of Pages nets combat wise. July, why're you. Why are you trying to tell the world that America's under fire, is there lie because it's there lie, they created it and if it's not true them they're, not the moral authorities. All this is about
Viewer ship is asking. What do you have to benefit by this lie anymore, because it makes them feel what good people lately they believe, they only moral opinion centres of the country they ve and things they think they ve worked out morality on it. This is the right thing to do, and it's like none. Oh it's! You know. It is sometimes you gotta come along. They were actually there have been problems and then you're undermining their entire moral worldview. I've said that the pure, imperfect moralities handed down from Lord marks in Heaven was this this this list, and if you, if you can show me one arsenal, truth and I've got to change my time. Moral worldview and the thing is: if I've been sought, the saying you are racist, xenophobic piece of trash and I've been. Is constantly for export is publicly millions of people seen it and suddenly I get Psmith actually shows, maybe I'm in the wrong man. I've got walked back a lot
I've got so many apologies to give out my right and saw him. You know that's not real you're, actually more of a bigger than I thought. My look there try number white supremacy right now you just let me now, if it's true sorry Missy, okay, this more black support for trumpets like old. Call everybody that supporting him, a black white supremacist what's happening is that a black people are now white supremacist. They want to create a society that they can't live in. Just that it sounds like a joke, but they're saying it emits his on the person a thing. If there's one thing we ve learned as the white supremacy is really inclusive and everybody can feel body that will remove that, if these black people white supremacist, then I guess- welcomes every everybody. Is a white supremacist there's nobody, I mean they Amy they're they're down calling children white supremacist. They don't care. If you did, you see anything outside of the narrative right, you have that piece of graphite on the ground. You are a white supremacist and, its insulting and
I'm seeing now is this weird push, and I personally think it's kind of funny cuz. It's just there's something about its very childish that you're just gonna just ban any opposing opinion from the internet as if it never happened, and I think that there are thought. Assess is they. They think that by banning people, some of the people that work only that person or going to convert to their side. I think I think what look I don't think I think they ve written off those people went berserk. Why did get banned from twitter. What was the last? What was the the tweet that broke the camel's back? I called so Nazis. Identifying said the words there was an offensive word, but some I called the Nazis a slow for jewish people. You called the Nazis a slur for jewish people, care about you. That band judge strikes against your account before that. I don't think twitter strikes now of images
his banjo they don't do strikes are not MILAN where ok, some! This came out Wilma when diagnosing undergoes a further review. Everything is like, whenever one of your arguing with Nazis online there's an implicit assumption that you know you're not friendly in another and so used, though the most harsh language, if you can think of, leaves against you and also as part of the game you play and so they just repackaging their own rhetoric and using it back against which also banned from patriots sayin it twitter. Hatred in defence of the Nazis don't be too offensive to them, because you'll get bad that silly Two things are you actually attacking the other other side and then it sort of lead? This mass exodus from the peach Yon account people saying that we have to stop putting our you're putting our unease platforms. If it's going to start if they're gonna start banning people that are packing the actual nazis among those
and the thing is if, if it was just a market decision by Pedro saying, let were politically correct platform if you're not politically correct than we were hosty, then that would be fine, because yet another parliament sprang up like, for example, apart from, could make her support was created no prior prior to that spirit. It was a small playful, but it was a good clean platform and it look nice and other value system and strike shut down that payment process, inability, because people from patron going up to that, and we actually having to go to apply from coal subscribes style, which is not based in the United States to get away from this kind of corporate. Almost a kind of faction censorship. It's it's not enough that you just don't use one corporation you're, not much is another one. You ve got to go to a foreign corporation, just to be able to do the same thing that you did. When she saying the patron, has a monopoly on donation. You know it's funny that use
that, because there is on there's a girl in America named Laura Boomer, oh yeah, and she got banned from twitter for saying, which is kind of ironic. As now everyone is saying it. Eleven Omar works with a works with care, terrorism, innovation. I know now everyone saying and she called she called ill Han Omar Anti Semitic. seven olano harming married her brother and now Now is not a national will now acknowledge, honours Jews, yeah yeah she spied out there somewhere tat stuff there far too much of it by basically now it's mainstream information pinioned, so most actually most concerns agreed that the tweet that she got banned for it was kind of like there is nothing in it. That was you that was that was false. Actually, but then she got banned from Instagram. She got banned from Facebook. Should obey from pay pal you got banned from patron. She got banned from Goober, she got banned from was the opposite, but what's the other one leftist Japan from let she got banned from Chase Bank, she can no longer bank right. She got banned from Denmark Right so Jesus,
There she looked a little place. You can put money there's! No! I mean it's unbelievable to see that this is almost like. You know you you, basically I've been kicked out. countries do not want to be human being re its ostracize ocean from Sis in writing, as I think that that is the key factor in radicalization, when, when you is actually save, this person is not allowed to exist in society to get more moderate till, do they get more radical and away in inevitably all censorship least radicalism should say this to the all right. The moment- and these are following in the footsteps of crushed shooter, who is falling footsteps of Anders brevity, and I think that we so radical nazi fringe at this point have just come to the conclusion that they won't even listen to our concerns, which they won. The going
since you and oppress ruined and kick you out of society as a whole, which is going to drive you crazy integration, more radical, and I think that this is why, in the last few months, we have three old right, shooters language can things get more and, though, probably get more effective as well. Although the last couple had been fairly well, the last one was very ineffective, but some, I think, though, probably start taking more seriously right and going to see a more more often- and I think this is it goes one or two ways you either radicalized the president forced the person to become suicidal Luke. I can imagine up every danger not been you do anything everything I did today required some form of everything that I just said that Laurel was banned. Like enough like whether you're referring here lifting here doing it. thinking. So the idea you to say somebody you're not allowed to be a person any more because we don't like your viewpoints, it's it's. You know it. It's pretty scary and whether you agree with me that are allowed to bank murderers,
this patent, my also from a bank account. So what were were to look at green current people can do it. That's up about the platform of you. if you were a career rapists, because a saddle, people don't get out. You don't go to jail for life right for four raping someone you don't. If you got out of prison, you could open a bank you could do whatever you want into sight. You could have a twitter account. You could start a you to channel. I wouldn't Bonamy, wouldn't bad, they wouldn't bet a murderer. But if you had a conservative perspective to insult the night, you insult- and now I am you- can you can get banned? That's really interesting. Do I found most interesting about? Is the young lady, the thing with the thing that scares me? They saw the being done under the radar because nobody really thinks, but in these terms anymore, but some I answer, study fascism, obviously because you need to know what you're talking about when you're talking against something and one of the things that some miscellaneous Giovanni gently wrote in the doctrine of fascism, is that they not only one.
The totalitarian state was controlled every aspect of life and they wanted it to be what we called an ethical state which meant that it had a direction in which the civil They should travel, so everyone subservient to the state and then the state, to mould you into some kind of person to lead you into this glorious future yeah, it's terrifying and led the way that they can see that it is in opposition to the liberal state, which was a night watchman. As others have said, potential rights in us that's make sure the bad things than arbitrarily happened. He touched property rights pitch person, protect your ability to just live below and get on with your lives in peace and harmony and fulfil your own life. Trajectory that you decide. You know you ve got self determination the hated they wanted, an ethical state. They wanted. The state have an agenda, they wanted it to be able to push in a certain direction
the press, dissidents and everything was all or within the state, nothing outside the saying, nothing against the state. Some formulation, danish God easily, naturally becomes a diet, but is this kind of ethical conception as missing from capitalist fingers? Adam Smith, who put it lives, is the the power phrase essentially butler. moral, the moral benefit. Capitalism is the anonymisation of society. You don't need to know who you didn't business. You don't need to know more about them. You know that you're gonna probe present this money. They represent one of the good and if you agree and the price, then the exchange takes place. So peaceful muscle, tranquil and ever get. Somebody like you don't need to know anything about these people, and so when these corporations start taking this kind of ethical stones, I can't help but think of things that Muslim we would agree with misleading, would agree that, of course, these corporations should get rid of these communist or liberals or whatever
Beverly the political enemies it doesn't matter about. A fascist was murdered, some fascist rapes. Of that. That's ok, he's a fascist light. Therefore, in the ethical stake he's really not outside of the bounds of norms. a people, commit crimes and, of course, so he's not in we'll show some society, but someone who single, maybe the state, shouldn't controllable. Every aspect for lives. Well, that's against the ethical state, so maybe not present does need to be dealt with and it's the same. That's the same attitude. These corporations are taking an ethical corporation is terrifying thing, because their ethical agenda might not be the same as yours, you know and that's ready when you can think about there. So you have anti find that this is literally a gang antifreeze. Again they were passed. They don't even try to not look like a game there not coming exactly coming in collars and nice is rightfully show up they they were, they looked like little hinges. It's me little hinges. There they ve been physically violently punishable Dave Dave. If you saw what happened burned down Berkeley. Essentially, when Milo monopolies is going to speak there and they do
as calling themselves, the anti fascist right, so you're gonna come speak at the camp is needed. You're gonna say they are anti fascist. By coming to shut down your speech in using by any means necessary to do that, they are allowed to bank you're allowed to be on twitter. They got there. have their whole, they have their entire groups like Antipater Philly Anti for gone to earn. You can go in all this on their after legal, politically violent, and then they have to do with politics. We can't even say that that's because they follow the official agenda of the biggest exactly right units of the Muslims, black J, R, the guarantee and also of violence. We would have great with supplies, because they're doing that's gonna, guys unjust agony, write, em, we're seeing that happening decision, unchecked sanction them in the bank sanction them until they can do business making. we'll get? It then well these people that he capitalism, but who think they can go getting over? I mean, and and
two of the protocol on the right balance and coordinate with one another re every? That's that's the big joke at any rate, but it is gamble. Isms, terrible, hey, let's meet up using my eyes to get connected with you and they do. They do a lot of harm the lagoon thing. That's most objectionable antivirus is exactly the same way as the fascist branches of lecturers. Its is the the violation of the liberal principle of non violence. You can't be politically violent sleep, the the underlying rule of a liberal state, So when you see all of these light, leftwing verify jealous running round eyed punch Nazis on Twitter is there a centrally saying we are in favour of the ethical state will oppress a certain population in within our nation because we don't like- and it doesn't really matter why you don't like me, doesn't really matter today. I mean it
The the Nazis could have appropriated, progressive rhetoric against you, one hundred percent. They couldn't you so I'm hanging change you see when white and want what would be one to five percent, and so it's. But this thing this is the liberal, the liberal state as the night watchman. I know nobody gets punished. You dont have a legitimacy to do this. This is what tolerance and Mutual understanding is all about. This is about what a liberals they actually is and so ready in the twenty first century. We are actually going completely away from the liberal conception of state should be the night watchman, that's impartial you know what we re going away from exists is just exists on the right today will bear. Conservatives are of a liberal, that's what I say. Conservatives liberals were accepting that you consider yourself to be liberal. I always cheaper to provide a platform, the liberals to come to beat their ideas. Here's what I find launching, made a lunch you may want to scream in a crowd. They wanna put any want to pretend that something's happening one create the illusion that their fighting for peace? Ok, while if, if your these are more superior. Everything that you guys are actually fighting for goodness you would be
open to having a discussion with some, because then you can sland them ideologically and say here's what the group on this basis. We are that they were fugitive duet searching for a more. I will all my god. I would love to sit down with any of these left us. I would love as somebody who is a member of anti for to say, candice I'd love to comes out, you showed a peaceful dialogue. What I believe in worse what you believe and never would they ever accept? It's always the other way around. it's always the conservatives who, like please, come and talk to, please we and there is no conservative Antigua noted, but is not there's no liberal, that Congo speak on a college, campuses or university. I get shut down by a bunch of conservative gang members that are now adding. It will treat the proud boys as if the nazis- and I just supplement the proposed what we weren't attack, that they are there to to essentially proven protects. The right of a conservative or someone non progressive two speakers and place one being assaulted by that anything right. If the police, I'm gonna, do something about a bunch
lectures who, in her scream and about socialism and Nazis and from attacking people what what the options, Why will say that, in all of these all of these put it places that I spoke in the police to defend me, I mean Have you have liked insanely loose come here and there there there at least in America? They are, you know, I think they really appreciate the fact that we have a president there, that's dividing them and the conservatives are saying the police are not bad and they ve volunteer. I hang speak. They volunteer and there's a horde of police officers at just make sure and deeper contact me. So I could I Would it be more pro euro police? We shouldn't be online content position now may now to tolerate this kind of this or radical. Ministers and they all communists who will will just able I dont like that person. Therefore I am justified in attacking them that
to every every mainstream, centrist sort of mind. Right should be the biggest serve red flags in Slovakia vast, but those people about. I don't care what they standpoint until they tried to do. Procedurally the what they want. What did the action the gonna take, It's a complete moral wrong, there's no addressing it up. It doesn't matter how much with Nancy this Nancy is when based taking some on the police will arrest them to wait. You know it does not have the attacking. That is the problem only because you can change your believes that a whim so Archie on this. Now that cares. What you're doing is what we punish, because what are punished for crimes, or at least we didn't buy some crumbs- would do now of sight. So where do you? What do you think this is our heading? Turning
You really think so. Ordinar, I'm currently being investigated by the burning and police for a joke. I told because it is at the expense of one of our Mps. Ninety feminist academics, Mps and activists tried to get me d platform from being able to run for office because I told this joke, while legal, I'm not making contact lose arrested in charge a hundred pounds over this over joke he married and they didn't. Even they didn't even get the opportunity to not pay either. That's the thing is that it's one thing being charged for a joke, but isn't thing saying you not even allowed to Malta yourself, because that was the there was the great problem, the totalitarian regimes. Ultimately, is it usually Rosa Parks and, to some extent of say no, I dont care do do your worst, but I'm going this this undertook
entire regime prevent that from happening, because a monitors appoint around which rebels can start humiliating and see just disappear, and I would be the news and will be even be famous known, would know that you'd martyred yourself, and so are you really Martha? You ve just disappeared, and this is fatally what the british government did with count angular they didn't didn't Sarah. His bill for a hundred pounds would beat you. You ve got pay this and if you don't pay me one, I gotcha content Elizondo, let's ride because his dog did a white supremacy is desired. Cecily, yes, obviously a joke, but it doesn't matter because, where the point now, where we're coming for the comedians, but this, but this thing, like normally youth, you being Charles Dogs- have I'm no. I believe it still free. It's actually at large. Converting people to notice, as we speak, Melissa Magee should have been given the opportunity to say no. I have principled opposition to what you doing, I'm not going to pay. You can have to come and arrest me because that would have been
can also people run, say, look there's something wrong here and I'm gonna stand on principle and I'm gonna follow through the courage of our convictions, but instead they took the money I have his camp, so you can't even step MECCA, make a statement on its effectually kind of terrorism. In that regard began. Nowhere in Britain were at the point where we are so on free that it's the class clowns. That being talked it now and thus in meat meat angular the weapon we rouble class consonant with the guys who sought the back the class with border thing to telling jokes whatever I'm now, they ve come from. Someone, that's a great way of putting it they're coming for the class clowns. Now I mean that's happening in America to me, having heart you tweet aid, something homophobic years ago, right. And now you can't you can't hosted whatever it wasn't it he was hosting. I think it was the Oscars any actually enter an apology, and all this up I would never ever ever apologized for something that I said fourteen years ago, are you are you kidding me now actually probably laugh at the interviewer? I'm just be like
Europe's are you ve, gotta questions that has never apologise. If you think you did nothing wrong way and what even even if you did do something wrong right, we don't where we heading in terms of forgiveness, would like have aren't you allowed to evolve? Are you allow the change in individual are allowed to be stupid as a child? then go up being adults. I mean this. This is interesting because we are the only apology worth giving and the only policy with receiving as a personal one. So if I, if I defended you personally I don't care what the BBC, if the BBC was run, articles on net noted noted, massage nest. Call Benjamin says something terrible about condescends. I'm not gonna make a public apology, because the BBC are the ones who are affected by the people watching reading. They, then it in an incorrect. But if I was speaking to you now and you sunlit not really how much
I'd appreciate apology and, if I thought, I'd done something wrong. So we are really sorry about this. You I didn't think about, because on care about your feelings and interpersonal relationships, a public apology is a different kind of culture, because one I'm doing that with you, I'm saying I feel guilty, and so we wouldn't have to have an audience equipped to be mean you try and private until I feel bad for. Why did you know? That's all, I'm sorry and hold that goes some way to making social restitution. It would be a personal guilt driven apologetically may need a public apology is my shame exactly right, totally different thing. It's about essentially saying that the group determines your own moral compass and whether you like it or not, you gonna be shamed into an. If not they will make public spectacle of you and it's not about you than its about ever watching at thy hands about taking you down and then making use, get down on your knees and saying that we are now yet, but one that is. Is it about a demonstration to every single is right if you dont, for while rules rules of collective than that,
the EU. That's honestly, that is the way I felt yeah that's the way I felt when I first criticised me to him. I didn't like three tweets and they went nuts. It was trending on twitter and it basically were them. It was so as I, they were saying that I wanted women to be waived, because I say I literally side don't support them to him. I mean elbow room Ellen Degenerous, like our producers for everybody in the world at sea. Excellent, others, three and then Jake Tapir. You must lead between everyone. You must say that I did not like the two I didn't apologize. I sent I stand by everything. I said. I just put me to movement: you can not support this movement, but also support rape victims. It is possible, lives up happening eventually. The fires from I sit on my own two feet and then the four or five months later, the brick have nothing happened, and suddenly everyone realised that there was something wrong with me to movement right and at its heart. When you, when you're, under its there's, so much pressure that it's like jet. If your progress will just be alleviated, but I say to people you apologize
go away? You think about the good sized everything I'm sorry or I could have rephrase it better to make them feel better knowledge, economy and a half. We got her, and now we can always stick her with thing, because she acknowledge that she was wrong when he dies want women to be waived, no eyes as our I met. If we went that you're, probably sick right, I dont sport, the meter movement, you know that, but then, then will there also doing is turning into a mile away now you're. Not so I wasn't gonna lazy. I was learning rather that it makes women look weak and that we can can differentiate. We now have the ability to turn around and say to someone, because this is one they were starting to complete like a bad pass with. Like men are now monster, is like a guy kids on you. This guy should be made She was his career, and I said this is now is thus becoming something that's really wants. it's monstrous race. What I I'm a pretty strong woman if a guy hits on me, I don't like it. I can turn around and say: hey, I'm not into this Tino back up. There was like we were. because for me in the world and a part of that as you are,
talking about with what you had to acknowledge is to accept this movement is that women are less than men that we do not know how to do with men. Under circumstances that we want to hide, tell a man. No thank you know wasn't really feel that day and I basically to become a part time. Women would have had to acknowledge my own weakness and it wasn't nix Yes, I was having going opera. One differentiate myself and, if you guys are opera women. You should accept that we're not all the same. You know portions experience does not dictate everyone else's experience. I agree the thin and Ozma those its way never goes away, and so you are always going to have admitted that you're a bad person in public. So anyone any point can bring this up to shut you up to shut you down. It really is about silencing the other members and group, and it s really just comes down to work kind of society? You want to live if you want to live in a society where people stand around the street and point at you and say you're a bad person, or do you want
We live in a society this bit more civilised Christ. That's the worst, that's the worst extremity of like a kind of cold like mentality where its fear of being austrian from a group and the group is threatening ostracize Asia right under pain of certain points, and it is again at a part of a sort of like the ethical society where they ve got to take in the direction of MECCA. Kick you out of it. If you don't do it, you'll talk and it's the total upset the this all anonymous night, Watchman liberal conception of society, and they will all say that their doing the exact right thing. That's a lesbian- when they depend on you? Well, I'd take tablet. Miata, just retrieves make you you are scum, delete your account. I had every single person whom gauges and that its scope and every single one of you don't feel good about themselves at which they feel ashamed of themselves, but the concept, because what we gonna dig in a day all scum, every single one of those people who should come to the face,
I mean they would never sit down with a face to face are terrified me. I'm like I'm dead, I'm slippery like an eel. They tried to shut me down so many times and I fall through the cracks because they have to acknowledge that that there, broad right your whole, your whole brand, as I do it for minorities, I do it so women can have a voice and you have a minority women who says no. Thank you when you attacker, or so you have to acknowledge that wasn't about minorities wondered about women and it was about your own self, serving ego and narcissism, and that's it so we wrapped up What sort of the keenest I'll show you got to leave a video message for the world's ok. She This camera, which just you know, everybody tyro, watches measure, if you look at this camera and you get to men than you can say whatever you want, that you feel that every person needs to hear and you get that much time to think about it too,
minutes on the clock on your mark get set world. I give you a Benjamin. You are a slow, probably exercise more strange in your life and more figures people around here. I've people do the one sentence ones like a thing right, that's great thing. You guys were watching the latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you. I already know Prager. You is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making, a tax, deductible donation. Today, I would really appreciate your support.
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